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Good Job - Don't Stop
2004-01-13 07:51
by Jon Weisman

Bill Plaschke figured it out:

This problem reaches all the way to the commissioner's office, where Bud Selig has allowed the defacing of a franchise that former commissioners considered a treasure.

How could Selig allow an owner who has stopped spending money on the team to sell to a guy who can't afford it?

Frank McCourt can't buy Vladimir Guerrero because he can barely buy the Dodger uniforms.

And Fox, already loaning him money for the purchase, certainly isn't going to help him.

How can Selig approve of this?

The franchise with the major-league guts to break the color barrier is being treated like triple-A team.

The franchise that popularized baseball on the West Coast is being allowed to go south.

Forget Pete Rose, how come Selig is gambling with baseball's future in its second-biggest city?

McCourt will be approved soon as the new Dodger cough, cough owner.

He will come to town for the first sports news conference featuring representatives from all major credit cards.

He should first be asked, why?

Why are you buying something you seem incapable of improving?

Why does it seem as though you want the baseball team less than the property in Chavez Ravine, so you can turn it into apartments and build a new stadium downtown?

Why would you not allow the money saved on the Kevin Brown deal to be spent on someone just as powerful?

The next critical step is for the media to confront Bud Selig and the owners for an explanation of how they could possibly approve Frank McCourt's ownership bid. Enough with the off-the-record rationales of "we need to keep our national broadcast partner happy by letting them sell to whomever they please." Get Selig and the owners on the record explaining how they can justify selling the Dodgers to Oliver Twisted.

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