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Mondesi Forced To Pay 1 Percent of Career Earnings
2004-02-11 16:17
by Jon Weisman

Ex-Dodger Raul Mondesi has been forced by a Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic court to pay 1 percent of the money he has earned in his baseball career, plus interest, to former major leaguer Mario Guerrero - an amount totaling more than $1 million.

The story tip comes via e-mail from Raul Tavares, rapidly becoming a Dodger Thoughts Dominican correspondent. According to the report published on the official Dominican League website, Guerrero initiated his case in 1998, based on a verbal agreement he made years before when he became Mondesi's coach and advisor. Tavares added that bank accounts in Mondesi's name have been frozen.

A story on Listin Diario reports that Guerrero and Mondesi made their agreement before Mondesi, currently looking for a major league job, signed with the Dodgers in 1988. Mondesi owes approximately $640,000 in salary and $422,000 in interest, the site reports.

Guerrero previously won a similar case against another former Dodger, Geronimo Berroa, according to Tavares.

Here is a link to the story in Spanish - the humorous Google translation, in which Mondesi becomes a "Domincan gardener" instead of "El jardinero dominicano," should be here, if I could get the link to work. You may have to hunt for it - though I'm sure the American wire services will pick up the story soon enough. Or, you can try translating the story on Systran.

Update: For more on this story, see Wednesday's Dodger Thoughts posting.

In other news from Tavares:

  • On the 1030 AM radio program, Analizando el Beisbol, Dodger pitcher Odalis Perez said that he does not expect to be in a Dodger uniform in 2004, at least not for very long.

    According to Tavares, Perez said that he regrets the situation that arose from his comments on the team's offensive woes, and that he does want to remain a Dodger, but that management thinks of him as a distraction.

    Tavares said that Perez did stand by his comments, because he said the truth, even if no one wanted to hear it.

  • Tavares also added his own take on the comeback of Henry Rodriguez:

    In his last effort to come back, he and the fans had a very sad experience, so this time many fans did not want him to come back because of the success Licey was having this season ... [Rodriguez] did not want to make his debut in a large stadium, in fear of the fans' rejection.

    I've been a fan of Henry since he was a rookie in the Dodgers organization. Henry is now in the best shape of his carreer and very muscular. His swing is shorter than before; he has improved his batting against left-handers.

    In the playoffs he hit two HR in a game, one of them traveling a long distance and clearing a wall - it was lost in the lights. It could have landed in the second deck of the Yankee Stadium.

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