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Beltre Indigestion
2004-12-16 10:33
by Jon Weisman
Note: The Dodger Thoughts blog has moved to the Los Angeles Times.

Folks are panicking this morning over Adrian Beltre is heading to Seattle, based on this from Bob Finnigan of the Seattle Times:

With the Mariners having spent $50 million to make first baseman Richie Sexson the biggest addition ever made to their lineup, they are thought to be close or possibly already have reached agreement on a deal worth $60 million or more to third baseman Adrian Beltre.

And this ...

"There is interest," confirmed a source familiar with Beltre's side of the negotiations, which currently seeks about $12 million a year for five or six years.

And this ...

While Scott Boras, Beltre's agent, would not discuss negotiations, he was fulsome in talking about the potential for an agreement.

"While every West Coast team except Oakland is on our list, Seattle is definitely on it, because there is a fit for both sides up there," Boras said. "I will tell you right now that Adrian Beltre has a personality just like Edgar Martinez. ... that good. He is a tremendous kid, and a leader. He was a leader on the Dodgers and would be a leader on the Mariners, and we know they are seeking leaders on their club."

That's it. That's the cause of the panic.

It's not that Beltre might not end up in Seattle. But all we have is an article in which a single unnamed source says "there is interest," plus some pumping-up from Boras that doesn't even eliminate three other teams, including the Dodgers. That's the frenzy.

It might happen. But we don't see Tim Hudson in Los Angeles, do we?

Even if you're starved for news, don't wolf down everything they put on your plate in one gulp. Chew your food.

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