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One Year of the McCourts
2005-01-28 12:16
by Jon Weisman

Today is the 366th day of the McCourt ownership of the Dodgers. Dodger fans can be thankful in many ways - although mostly, perhaps, for fears about the McCourts not yet being realized. Sort of like giving thanks on Thanksgiving that you're not the turkey.

On the other hand, there definitely have been some "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" disappointments.

Without emotion, let's briefly assess the McCourt ownership:


  • Pending any hidden truth coming out about Derek Lowe, has allowed baseball people to make baseball decisions.
  • Made a progressive hire in general manager Paul DePodesta.
  • Facilitates a preexisting climate for female front office personnel to thrive.
  • Stadium reconfiguration could yield excitement for those in new seats.
  • Stadium reconfiguration could yield income that in theory could be put back into the organization.
  • Has not raised prices on cheaper seats.
  • Has brought more games to television.
  • Has not decreased payroll.
  • Has displayed interest in community involvement.
  • Team name not changed to New England Dodgers of Los Angeles.


  • Relationship with the public on Dodger matters is clumsy and disingenuous; credibility is not high because of stance that there is nothing to complain about.
  • Has overseen mishandled treatment of, among others, Dan Evans, Ross Porter and Nancy Bea Hefley.
  • Uncertain finances prevented chance of signing Vladimir Guerrero and remain a lingering concern.
  • Independent of the team on the field, stadium ambience (music, scoreboard, etc.) has plateaued or declined.
  • Parking fees are exorbitant to the point of insanity.
  • Food prices too.
  • No progress made on parking lot congestion.
  • No progress made on rehabilitating stadium restrooms.

    To Be Determined

  • The future, of the team, the stadium, of marketing, everything. One year is not much to go by.

    More to come, as things come to mind...

    Update: Perhaps anticipating anniversary stories (sorry, that's too cyncial), the Dodgers release some enticing information about tickets, via Ken Gurnick at One plan, the "Coca-Cola Value 12-pack," offers 12 tickets for $36 total.

    "We will be in the bottom half of the Team Market Report Fan Cost Index for a family of four attending a Major League game," said Martin Greenspun, the Dodgers' chief operating officer.

    I tip my hat.

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