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The Specter of Odalis
2008-06-03 15:35
by Jon Weisman

Almost exactly two years ago, though it seems more like two eons, I was making the case that Odalis Perez wasn't done as a pitcher despite a horrific 2006 season.

Perez has alienated many of even his biggest supporters with his body language, his susceptibility to the big inning, his dismissive quotes and above all, his overall performance, and the last thing I came here with today is any kind of predetermined agenda to defend him. Perez is 28 years old, young but not so young that he couldn't be facing the end of his career.

Unlike Erickson and Nomo, however, there are signs that Perez is capable of a turnaround.

On balls hit in play off Perez this season - balls that in theory Perez has little control over - opponents are batting an astonishing .395. So, there is more than a little truth to his recent shrug to the media that he has been unlucky. In previous years, the BABIP against Perez has been .292 (2005), .272 (2004), .299 (2003) and .255 (2002).

The BABIP is more significant this year because Perez's strikeout rate is slowly declining, down to 5.74 per nine innings. Perez can't afford as much bad luck as he could before - and he certainly can't afford as much as he's having this year.

But the thing about luck is that it can change. I've even heard it does change from time to time. It would be extremely unlikely for Perez's BABIP to remain anywhere close to .395 - among pitchers who threw at least 100 innings last year, the highest BABIP was .358. Even Jose Lima was only at .320.

At the same time, there are other numbers already in Perez's favor. Perhaps most importantly, teams are giving Perez death by a thousand pinpricks rather than a sledgehammer. Perez has allowed five home runs in 42 1/3 innings as a starter, the equivalent of 19 over 162 innings. That's fairly acceptable - in fact, it's an improvement on his career numbers.

Even though opponents are batting .353 overall against Perez this year - 92 points over his career average allowed of .261 - the increase in slugging percentage allowed by Perez is only slightly higher. It's 109 points - .522 this year vs. .413 over his career. Opponents are not hitting Perez with much extra power compared to previous years.

Although he's keeping the ball in the park, Perez is walking 2.55 batters per nine innings, a better rate than Brad Penny or Derek Lowe. Perez is also striking out batters more often than Lowe, and Perez's groundout/flyout ratio is 1.46: slightly below his career average of 1.62, but an improvement over last year.

Batters are getting plenty of Perez pitches to swing at, and they're hitting them, but they're not hitting them very far.

Perez is not going to make any kind of late run at the Cy Young award this year or ever again. But the stubbornness in Perez that we find so annoying could work to his advantage, because given the opportunity, Perez can perform over the rest of the season at the level people expected of him: at a league-average ERA or better. Producing six innings of three-run ball would make a big difference in the Dodger season - as you can see by looking at the other back ends of the Dodger starting rotation. ...

Perez never did turn it around in 2006 – or 2007, for that matter. Well, he wasn't quite so abysmal with Kansas City as he was for those last few months in Los Angeles, but he was still pretty weak. Only in 2008, with an ERA+ of 102 for the Washington Nationals, has Perez (who turns 31 Saturday) shown the barest semblance of regaining form.

I bring this up because tonight's scheduled Dodger starter, Penny, fits the scarily Odalisian profile of being a former ERA title contender falling on harder times. Penny's 2008 ERA is 5.66 (77 ERA+), and he's striking out barely one batter every two innings. In only two starts this season has he struck out more than four batters, and not once more than six.

Like Perez in 2006, Penny is getting hammered on balls in play. His BABIP for the season .332, and in May it was .358. In 2007 Penny's BABIP was never higher than .333 in a given month and was well below .300 for the first half of that season.

Of more interest might be the fact that Penny, who in recent seasons has been living off a stingy rate of allowing home runs while his strikeout rate has declined, surrendered five round-trippers in 32 2/3 innings last month – the most for him since August 2006. Not since 2002 has Penny for a season allowed more than a homer every nine innings. Inside and out, Penny has just been slapped all over the park. (Interestingly, however, his groundball rate has never been higher.)

During those times that I'm paying close attention, Penny still throws pretty hard – into the 90s. I don't really see him laboring out there. I just see him getting in ruts where hits against him come in bunches, no matter what he throws. Is it possible he's just getting frustrated out there during tough innings and leaving the ball for batters to batter? Don't hold me to that belief - it's just something that's crossed my mind.

You see, I'm not really working overtime to be optimistic about Penny – his falling strikeout rate has long had me worried he was a pitcher poised to implode. At the same time, he's been fairly effective for long stretches, as recently as April of this year, and so I'm not convinced we're witnessing the end right now.

My theory is that he is more a pitcher who is off his game than a pitcher who has lost his stuff. The specter of Odalis out there, and I can't be wholly sanguine. But like Lowe, who has oftened followed a bad month with a good one, I wouldn't bet against Penny turning things around on, if you'll forgive me, a dime.

Let's watch tonight and make note of how hard Penny gets hit, regardless of whether the batter reaches base or not. Let's see, just for tonight, if luck or stuff is the dominant factor.

* * *

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (501)
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2008-06-03 15:48:31
1.   Jacob L
I'm guessing Penny will not start the All Star Game.

Apart from that, I think the world really did need the word "Odalisian."

2008-06-03 15:49:02
2.   Jacob L
I'm guessing Penny will not start the All Star Game.

Apart from that, I think the world really did need the word "Odalisian."

2008-06-03 15:49:23
3.   Jacob L
2008-06-03 15:50:03
4.   jujibee
Penny's problems extend past Penny if you ask me. He is always throwing to a middle to outside target. His pitch calls are almost predictable. I think it has as much to do with Martin/Torre (or who ever calls pitches, even could be Penny to some degree) as it does with the fact that his stuff seems slightly less dominating than last year. If he can't blow a fastball by someone at 97, he needs to pitch it at 94 on the inside corner at times. He also needs to adjust his fatball between 91 and 94 while moving it around, rather than throw the 94 mph middle to outer edge of the plate ball that hitters are waiting on.
2008-06-03 15:50:38
5.   Humma Kavula

It might also be interesting to note that with a few changes, a similar column could be written about Jones ("young but not so young he couldn't be facing the end of his career") or Kent ("has long had me worried he was a [hitter] about to implode").

2008-06-03 15:50:48
6.   regfairfield
DJ Gallo's article and the comments that follow are hilarious.

2008-06-03 15:51:39
7.   Humma Kavula
1 I thought it was the verb -- Odalised -- that really took off around here.
2008-06-03 16:01:11
8.   underdog
I'm worried about Penny, too, and even if he did well tonight, I'd still be worried about him, but am not ready to worry at Odalisized levels.

Jon, or anyone, do you remember reading anything about concerns Penny was/is tipping his pitches? I feel like that came up at some point last year but don't remember where. I agree with jujibee, too, that the problem may also be the pitch calls, since clearly his velocity is okay and he seems to have good enough stuff. Either players are being tipped by something Penny does or they are just way too predictable in how they call his pitches.

Maybe he should talk to Chan Ho, who came up with a new delivery release point this year that has helped him, making it harder for batters to pick off what's coming.

2008-06-03 16:03:09
9.   bigcpa
Sorry for the rerun but I still have a pair of fab field seats for tomorrow's Kershaw matinee. Field 12, row D on the visitors dugout. I'm taking below face at this point so go ahead and lowball me.
2008-06-03 16:03:13
10.   Eric Enders
Here is what I think is going on with Penny. He can't control any of his off-speed pitches; he's completely lost confidence in them and so he rarely throws them. Knowing that Penny will be throwing almost all fastballs, the hitters are able to sit on the heater. Now, Penny's fastball is still outstanding, so what teams have been doing is not killing the fastball for long hits, but rather slapping it to the opposite field with regularity. This may account for Penny's phenomenally high BABIP; unfortunately, if this hypothesis is correct, then the BABIP will remain high as long as batters only have to look for one pitch from Penny.

The main difference between Penny and Odalis, I think, is that Penny hasn't experienced the sort of loss in velocity that Perez did. Early in the year he was maxing out at 90 and it was worrisome, but in his last three starts he's been the same old Penny at 95 mph and has still been getting hit hard.

Someone with access to pitch data (Bill James Online?) might be able to confirm/refute the theory that (a) Penny is not throwing anything other than the fastball for strikes, (b) He's therefore throwing more fastballs than he used to, and (c) He's giving up more hits to the opposite field.

2008-06-03 16:06:38
11.   regfairfield
10 I can't check his previous numbers, but this year, he throws the fastball 52% of the time.
2008-06-03 16:10:02
12.   KG16
Hey, Pee Wee gets the start, unfortunately, it's for Ethier, rather than you know who.
2008-06-03 16:10:39
13.   regfairfield
Actually, that entire post was a lie.

2008: 62.3% fastballs
2007: 71.8% fastballs

2008-06-03 16:11:48
14.   LoneStar7

I found this reader comment especially funny, this article at least briefly put Joba at Chuck Norris status

ArtimusG (7 hours ago)
I'm blowing off attending the birth of my first child to watch Joba's first start. I can always have another child, but there will only be one Joba's first start.

2008-06-03 16:12:19
15.   underdog
Hopefully he's not Trevor Hoffman, who the other day against the Giants threw 7 straight fastballs before future hall of famer Fred Lewis eventually ripped one into the gap. Not a single change-up.
2008-06-03 16:13:05
16.   Eric Enders
Okay, so much for that theory.
2008-06-03 16:13:32
17.   Humma Kavula
Joba starts off with a walk.

The greatest walk ever issued in the history of mankind!

2008-06-03 16:14:37
18.   Eric Stephen
From Bill James Online:

Penny 2006
Fastball - thrown 73% of the time
Curve - 19%
Change - 5%

Penny 2007
Fastball - 71%
Curve - 13%
Change - 15%

Penny 2008
Fastball - 70%
Curve - 17%
Split-Finger - 10%
Change - 3%

Could it be that the splitter is not splitting?

2008-06-03 16:16:46
19.   D4P
Or maybe opposing teams are fingering the splitter...
2008-06-03 16:17:11
20.   Eric Stephen
Very nice.
2008-06-03 16:17:16
21.   Humma Kavula
Scutaro swings and misses on a full count hanging breaking ball for Joba's first out.
2008-06-03 16:17:18
22.   underdog
14 I'm assuming that guy is joking, and of course, baseball can be Tivo'd but births cannot! (Although they can be videotaped.)

18 Yes, indeed, that's what I'm wondering, too. Either that, or again, there's a pattern recognition going on that's making it easy to hit off him.

2008-06-03 16:18:36
23.   bhsportsguy
10 BillJamesOnline shows the following:

2008: FB 70%; Curve 17%, Split 10%; Change 3% (Maybe they are charting the change as a split this year).
2007 - FB 71%; Change 15%; Curve 13%
2006 - FB 73%; Curve 19%; Change 5%

So he has increased his change or offspeed pitch in the last few years but basically his pct. of fastballs to other pitches remains the same.

2008-06-03 16:18:52
24.   overkill94
18 I thought Penny stopped throwing the splitter because it was hurting his elbow?
2008-06-03 16:19:12
25.   bhsportsguy
18 Eric types faster.
2008-06-03 16:21:03
26.   Humma Kavula
Rios got out. I wasn't paying attention. Also, there was some way that Stewart got to second base. I saw Jeter briefly visit the mound, so I assume it was a stolen base and the captain was chastising Joba.
2008-06-03 16:21:24
27.   Eric Stephen
So the solution is either:

(a) Stop throwing the splitter
(b) Let the growing pains continue (hopefully for not too long) so the pitch can develop into an asset...think Tiger Woods revamping his swing around 2002. :)

2008-06-03 16:22:05
28.   Humma Kavula
I'm really not paying enough attention to continue to provide updates. It's 1-0 Jays, though, and Rolen is standing on first base.
2008-06-03 16:23:38
29.   D4P
Jays and Rays each with 1-0 leads over America's teams.
2008-06-03 16:24:17
30.   Humma Kavula
You can call them Rays, or you can call them Jays, or you can call them Ray Jays...
2008-06-03 16:25:11
31.   Eric Enders
18 Okay, then, it actually looks like my theory was at least partly correct. The difference is, in 2006-7 Penny's splitter was lumped in with his fastball as the same pitch. In 2008 they are being differentiated by James (or PFX) as two different pitches, so the fastball percentage looks like it's gone down when it actually went up.

The splitter also appears to my non-expert eyes to be the main pitch he's been unable to control in '08. We do know that Penny threw the splitter in 2006 and '07, even though the numbers in 18 don't include that pitch. Here's a Russell Martin quote from 2007:

Martin, who extended his hitting streak to eight games, said the splitter Penny took out of mothballs has made a big difference. "It's helped his whole arsenal," said Martin. "In the first half last year, he used the changeup, then went to the splitty, then back to the changeup. In Spring Training, when he was getting hit, he was working on the splitter. Now he's able to mix it in well."

So if we look at the numbers on the fastball and splitter combined -- which, given the data we have, is the only way we can compare 2007 to 2008 -- here's what we get:

2006: 73%
2007: 71%
2008: 80%

He also has cut his changeup from 15% to 3%, a rather drastic dropoff.

2008-06-03 16:26:40
32.   Xeifrank
Couple of questions/comments.

1. Can pitchers control their BABIP? If so, to what extent?

2. Could/Is Brad Penny hiding an injury?

3. What is Brad Penny not doing this year that is causing his Strkeout rate to drop?

4. Is his velocity down?

5. Is his command of his pitches a problem?

vr, Xei

2008-06-03 16:28:46
33.   Xeifrank
29. Go Rays$$$$$$$$$
vr, Xei
2008-06-03 16:29:18
34.   Eric Enders
By the way, has anyone had problems signing up for Bill James Online? Twice in the last month I've tried to sign up, but my browser won't cooperate. Whenever I click the final submit button (after all the CC info has been entered), IE just kicks me back to the previous screen.
2008-06-03 16:29:18
35.   Eric Stephen
Maybe the lack of control on the change has caused him to scrap that to some extent too?

Or it might just be a classification issue on BJO. Some splitters were either fastballs or changes in past years apparently.

2008-06-03 16:30:06
36.   Eric Stephen
I signed up last week using Firefox, with no problems. I eagerly await my credit card statement with "Be Jolly, Inc." on it.
2008-06-03 16:32:33
37.   overkill94
35 It shouldn't be hard to differentiate between the fastball and the splitter. There should be at least a 5 MPH difference and significant drop unless the pitch sucks.
2008-06-03 16:33:33
38.   underdog
Hopefully after tonight people will be asking more frequently, "What is wrong with Jeff Francis?" and forget about Penny.
2008-06-03 16:33:38
39.   Eric Enders
Well, it seems pretty safe to say the pitch does suck, which is why we're having this discussion in the first place.
2008-06-03 16:35:45
40.   Humma Kavula
What I REALLY hope is that after tomorrow, fans of 29 teams are asking, "Why can't MY team have a minotaur?"
2008-06-03 16:36:49
41.   Jon Weisman
Farewell, Mel Ferrer
2008-06-03 16:48:52
42.   Daniel Zappala
34 Did you just admit to using Internet Explorer? Eric Enders is down several pegs in my eyes.
2008-06-03 16:50:02
43.   Eric Enders
Yeah, I know Firefox is the answer to all the world's problems. I've been meaning to switch for a long time and just haven't gotten around to it.
2008-06-03 16:52:39
44.   D4P
Internet Explorer : Firefox :: Ned Colletti : Paul DePodesta
2008-06-03 16:56:02
45.   overkill94
43 The heck are you waiting for? It's not like you have to format your computer to get it done, it's a simple install.
2008-06-03 17:00:24
46.   overkill94
Bob, you might want to stay alert for the cycle alert with Johnny Damon already getting the double and triple out of the way. It should be known that it's only the 2nd inning although Damon only has 1 homer in 70 career at-bats against Roy Halladay.
2008-06-03 17:08:33
47.   Eric Enders
Pitcher Chris Carpenter is the #49 rated draft prospect by BP.

Does the world really need another pitcher named Chris Carpenter? The first two were confusing enough, thank you. On behalf of baseball fans everywhere, I'd also ask that in the future, if your name is Alex Gonzalez, Jeff D'Amico, or Ryan Braun, please consider entering a profession other than baseball. We have enough of those too. Thanks.

2008-06-03 17:09:37
48.   ucladodger
For Penny, its all about locating, which is true for all pitchers, but less so for guys that throw as hard as Penny.. His fastball is good, but it is about as straight as it comes. His curve is just really a "get me over curve" and is not a plus pitch. His split has been terrible this year. And everything is middle-outside (as someone mentioned previously). So really, hitters can look to go the other way and gear up on the fastball. If they get it, great, if it is the curve, they have enough time to react because the curve isnt particularly good. I would really like to see Brad bust more guys inside, and hopefully that will change the mindset of the hitters.
2008-06-03 17:10:44
49.   Xeifrank
I updated the top 10 Dodger leaders in WAR (based on 2008 stats) and the bottom 3 laggers over at DodgerSims. Without looking try to guess the top three and bottom three.
vr, Xei
2008-06-03 17:10:47
50.   underdog
2.1 innings and Joba's already out of there. Only 2 runs scored, but I guess they were keeping him on a tight pitch count(?)
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-06-03 17:13:02
51.   Bob Timmermann
There are two Edgar Gonzalezes now.

But I think Arizona sent their Edgar Gonzalez to the minors.

2008-06-03 17:13:41
52.   Eric Enders
49 Kuo, Furcal, Martin // Penny, Kent, Hu
2008-06-03 17:16:07
53.   overkill94
50 They were saying 60-70 pitches and they cut him off at 62. I'm sure they wished he would last longer than 2 1/3 under those restrictions though.
2008-06-03 17:17:06
54.   PDH5204
In other news, for Vaudeville, C. Guzman doubled in his first AB today, tying him with Jose Reyes for most XBH by a shortstop in MLB.
2008-06-03 17:17:48
55.   Eric Stephen
Top 3 (in no order): Billingsley, Furcal Martin

Bottom 3 (in no order): Jones, Kent, Pierre

2008-06-03 17:20:08
56.   Eric Enders
Lesson: If your name is Eric, you will go 4-for-6 on Xeifrank's question.
2008-06-03 17:25:22
57.   Eric Stephen
A 2-run first inning HR gives AL triple crown leader Josh Hamilton 67 RBI in the team's 60th game.
2008-06-03 17:27:17
58.   Eric Enders
By the way, didn't The Decemberists already invent a word for this phenomenon? Here are some lyrics from the song "Odalisque":

they've come to find you odalisque
as the light dies horribly
on a fire escape you walk
all rare and resolved to drop

and when they find you odalisque
they will rend you terribly
stitch from stitch til all
your linen and limbs will fall

2008-06-03 17:29:44
59.   Eric Stephen
a question involving 57 :

Is it possible to acquire a triple crown winner and still be a clear loser in the trade?

VORP heading into today:
Hamilton: 31.3
Volquez: 28.1

But the Ranger pitching has been awful. Would Volquez be so good if he stayed in Texas (I'm thinking coaching differences here, not ballpark per se)?

2008-06-03 17:29:54
60.   Linkmeister
For all you "The Office" fans, Terry Gross had Jenna Fischer on "Fresh Air" this afternoon.

2008-06-03 17:33:05
61.   D4P
Volquez has an ERA+ of 305.
2008-06-03 17:33:33
62.   Eric Enders
Can you imagine how good the Cubs would be this year if they'd kept Hamilton and had him in CF instead of Edmonds?
2008-06-03 17:34:43
63.   underdog
59 I was thinking that, too, although on paper at least it seems like a win-win for both clubs, given how incredible both guys have been. But yeah, just imagine where Texas would be if they had any pitching, which.. they don't. Still, I wonder where they'd be without Hamilton, too. ... My head hurts.
2008-06-03 17:37:43
64.   bhsportsguy
More Simpsons at 400K per episode.

The actors for the Simpsons agreed to a pay increase from 300K to 400K an episode.

2008-06-03 17:43:25
65.   CanuckDodger
62 -- The Cubs never had Hamilton.
2008-06-03 17:45:22
66.   Eric Enders
65 The Cubs picked him in the Rule 5 draft and traded him to Cincinnati. Similar to what the Marlins did with Johan Santana.
2008-06-03 17:46:04
67.   overkill94
63 Normally Texas would love a great pitcher over a great pitcher, but their offense has been pretty dependent on Hamilton this year. Tex is gone, Blalock has been hurt, and while Milton has been great while playing he has missed some time too.
2008-06-03 17:47:26
68.   D4P
Normally Texas would love a great pitcher over a great pitcher

Who wouldn't.

2008-06-03 17:49:40
69.   overkill94
67 Obviously one of those "pitcher"s should be hitter. It is far too late here in Italy for me to be stating my opinions.
2008-06-03 17:53:20
70.   Bob Timmermann
And Mark Texeira is the key to any team's ultimate success. It's sort of like trying to win Risk without controlling Australia first.
2008-06-03 17:54:21
71.   D4P
Were you lucky enough to acquire Tex in your fantasy league...?
2008-06-03 17:57:53
72.   Bob Timmermann
I have Morneau, Votto, and Cabrera available for first base.

Texeira belongs to a 7-year old.

2008-06-03 17:58:20
73.   Eric Enders
I was watching City of God last night and noticed there was an actor in the credits named Harlem Teixeira. That's got to be the greatest name of all time.
2008-06-03 18:01:07
74.   D4P
I'm beginning to worry a little bit about your "fantasy" league. It's not being run by Catholic priests, by any chance, is it...?
2008-06-03 18:02:11
75.   Bob Hendley
Torre giveth (Pew Wee) and Torre taketh away (Ethier). Perhaps he will get in the habit of putting Young in the line-up occassionally, so when Rafi gets back JP can find his rightful place on the bench. Yeah, right.
2008-06-03 18:12:10
76.   ToyCannon
You really think that the Reds won the trade? I'll take the all-star center fielder over the pitcher any day. We are talking a center fielder putting up Willie Mays numbers and who has the skill set to continue to do so. I don't have much faith that the pitcher will continue to have such success.
I remember when BA wasn't sure that Hamilton would ever be able to recover his skills due to the time he lost. I guess that doesn't get brought up anymore when discussing him.

It used to be that the rule 5 draft netted nothing. Now when you look at Uggla, Hamilton, Santana, and even Victorino to some extent, you are looking at some sweet returns for 50,000.

2008-06-03 18:12:11
77.   D4P
Actual quote on's front page:

Joba Chamberlain's first (highly anticipated) MLB start is over.

2008-06-03 18:13:20
78.   StolenMonkey86
70 - I always pick the middle east first.

Looking at fangraphs, Penny needs to do what he did in 07 - less splitter, more changeup.

2008-06-03 18:13:59
79.   bhsportsguy
Quiz time

Chad Billingsley has started 47 games before he turns 24 years old.

Who was the last Dodger do start more than 47 games before he turned 24?

I had to look it up.

2008-06-03 18:15:17
80.   Eric Enders
Ismael Valdes?
2008-06-03 18:17:18
81.   StolenMonkey86
I looked it up, and it surprised me.
2008-06-03 18:19:49
82.   bhsportsguy
80 You are correct. Valdes started 90-91 games before he turned 24.
2008-06-03 18:19:51
83.   StolenMonkey86
I was surprised again when I read the numbers correctly
2008-06-03 18:20:32
84.   bhsportsguy
82 Its been 11 years since a starter as young as Billingsley as reached that number of starts.
2008-06-03 18:27:21
85.   bhsportsguy
Back in the day

Don Sutton made 96 starts before he turned 24.

Fernando Valenzuela made 166 starts before he turned 24 (according to his 1960 birthday).

2008-06-03 18:29:08
86.   El Lay Dave
84 For the Dodgers.
2008-06-03 18:32:58
87.   bhsportsguy
86 Yes.

Looking at Fernando's numbers its amazing his arm didn't fall off in those first five years.

He pitched nearly 1300 innings. in his first four plus seasons.

Kershaw and Billingsley likely won't beat that total prior to their free agent year.

2008-06-03 18:35:02
88.   El Lay Dave
I'm back from a 2 1/2 week vacation. Thank goodness for today's technology that allowed me to follow the Dodgers reasonably closely with a limited amount of time available for such things. A quick check of the box score, a game summary, news reports, and, of course DT (well, just Jon's posts - except for the Minotaur debut thread) allowed to keep fairly abreast of everything.

I think I felt a strange, almost supernatural sensation as we whipped past Sikeston, MO on I-55.

2008-06-03 18:38:34
89.   Eric Stephen
Braun just lost one in Milwaukee, a 2-run shot of Big Unit to give the Brew Crew a 2-1 lead in the 6th.
2008-06-03 18:39:00
90.   Alex41592
Ryan Braun Two Run Shot! 2-1 Brewers Bot 6!
2008-06-03 18:39:07
91.   D4P
The DBacks are doing everything they can to keep the Dodgers's division title hopes alive.
2008-06-03 18:42:27
93.   Alex41592
Hart and Hall take The Unit to the track but fall short. Still 2-1 Brewers end of six.
2008-06-03 18:45:38
95.   Eric Stephen
Just looking at the trade from the Rangers perspective, I'd say up to this point they have lost the trade.

Bradley could have been playing center, with Catalanotto picking up the extra ABs, and Volquez could have taken the 9 starts by sub-50 ERA+ guys thus far.

Obviously, going forward will determine the outcome of the trade, and long term it may very well benefit the Rangers. But right now, I'd say the Rangers would be better off with Volquez.

2008-06-03 18:46:31
96.   Eric Stephen
And if there was a warning track for the warning track, that's where The Vegetarian's out landed.
2008-06-03 18:48:05
97.   bhsportsguy
Alfredo Silverio has just over 100 plate appearances at Great Lakes. No walks. Otherwise playing pretty well.
2008-06-03 18:48:48
99.   Alex41592
I'm liking Ryan Braun more and more. He makes a great catch in left field to save a run.
2008-06-03 18:53:57
100.   Icaros
Beat LA chant breaks out in Fenway during the Sox-Rays game.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-06-03 18:55:44
101.   D4P
That's a good point. Keeping in mind that Celtics fans are also probably Red Sock and Patriot fans really helps me hate them more than I realized.

Go Lakers.

2008-06-03 18:56:08
102.   Eric Stephen
2008-06-03 18:56:54
103.   Indiana Jon
There is absolutely no way the Reds won that trade. Volquez has had a great year so far, but it won't continue. He's just not that good. Hamilton on the other hand may just soon be the best player in baseball. His skills are unmatched even after 4 years of drug addiction. Just watching the guy take batting practice is amazing. He's a freak of nature. In a couple years people will look at this trade and just laugh at the Reds.
2008-06-03 18:57:29
104.   Eric Stephen
Edwin Jackson v. Josh Beckett tomorrow.
2008-06-03 18:58:16
105.   thinkblue88

wow, so this is gonna be my first Lakers-Celtics Finals matchup in my lifetime.

Already, im getting pumped for it.

Go Dodger! and Lakers!

2008-06-03 18:58:18
106.   Bob Timmermann
Most people just laugh at the Reds now anyway.
2008-06-03 18:59:17
107.   Indiana Jon
Bad News: A horrible storm just rolled through here, knocking down trees, tearing of roofs, etc. A tornado just moved through about 8 miles south of me.

Good News: The satellite dish has not been affected. I will see the Dodgers tonight.

2008-06-03 19:01:02
108.   Eric Stephen
RBI double by Joe Dillon. 3-1 Brewers bottom 7.
2008-06-03 19:01:36
109.   Indiana Jon
106 Agreed, but they have a great young nucleus if they get them the right help before they leave for bigger money they might have something. Imagine an outfield of Dunn, Bruce, and Hamilton. I'm not sure too many teams would have been laughing at that.
2008-06-03 19:02:22
110.   Bob Timmermann
This will be the 7th Lakers-Celtics matchup of my lifetime.

Many of them I don't remember.

2008-06-03 19:02:48
111.   bhsportsguy
105 This will be number 9 for me. But fortunately, I only remember the last 3.
2008-06-03 19:04:11
112.   bhsportsguy
110 On the other hand, in my lifetime, the Dodgers are 2-2 against the Yankees in the World Series.
2008-06-03 19:05:53
113.   bhsportsguy
110 Of the NBA Finals that I actually can remember something from, the Lakers are 9-7.
2008-06-03 19:07:42
114.   Bob Timmermann
The Golden State Warriors are undefeated in NBA Finals that I remember. So are the Miami Heat.
2008-06-03 19:07:44
115.   Alex41592
Sac fly makes it 4-1 Brewers Bot 7
2008-06-03 19:12:28
116.   Vaudeville Villain

What a weird, wonderful world we live in.

I see that another of my fave players is in there for Colorado, tonight.

Scott Podsednik! He still sucks!

2008-06-03 19:13:19
117.   Bob Hendley
All eyes on Brad.
2008-06-03 19:13:48
118.   Eric Enders
I guess I'm the only one who still questions whether Hamilton's for real. I just find it too implausible to suggest that a guy who's out of baseball for so long, and who's never played above Class A, can be a dominant player right off the bat like that.

He struck out too much last year, and I thought that would be his downfall in 2008. But now he's cut his K rate drastically, although his walk rate has dropped sharply along with it, which could bode ill for the future. Right now a lot of his value is tied up in his high batting average, and who knows if that can be sustained.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Volquez is 24, while Hamilton, while we think of him as young, is already at the age where players begin to decline. I wouldn't be surprised if Hamilton ended up having a Jim Edmonds-type career, but then again I wouldn't be surprised if he collapsed in the second half and ended up having a Russell Branyan-type career.

2008-06-03 19:14:05
119.   Bluebleeder87
now that Jon called out Penny I'm expecting him to do well...
2008-06-03 19:14:14
120.   CanuckDodger
On the Blue Jays' broadcast of the Blue Jays/Yankees game, they just mentioned that it is officially "Canada Night" at Dodger Stadium tonight. No doubt the people attending the game are quite excited about that.
2008-06-03 19:14:34
121.   Bluebleeder87

Oh yeah...

2008-06-03 19:17:00
122.   Bob Timmermann
I thought last night was Canada Night. Didn't Martin get the Tip O'Neil Award last night?
2008-06-03 19:17:17
123.   Bob Hendley
Vinny mentions again, as in Penny's last start, funny hops with his finish that seems to be associated with overthrowing.
2008-06-03 19:17:44
124.   Vaudeville Villain
Why does every player on the Colorado Rockies look poised and ready to wrestle Kodiak bears?
2008-06-03 19:18:13
125.   bhsportsguy
114 Just to close this out, starting from 1970.

NY Knicks (you know the best basketball team ever) 2-3
Milwaukee Bucks 1-1
Los Angeles Lakers 9-7
Boston Celtics 5-2
Golden State Warriors 1-0
Portland Trailblazers 1-2
Seattle Supersonics 1-2
Washington Wizards (Bullets) 1-3
Philadelphia 76ers 1-4
Detroit Pistons 3-2
Chicago Bulls 6-0
Houston Rockets 2-2
San Antonio Spurs 4-0
Miami Heat 1-0
Phoenix 0-2
Orlando 0-1
Utah 0-2
Indiana 01
New Jersey 0-2
Dallas 0-1
Cleveland 0-1

2008-06-03 19:18:22
126.   Bob Timmermann
Nope, indeed tonight is Canada Night and the Tip O'Neil Award was a separate deal.

2008-06-03 19:18:35
127.   El Lay Dave
110 My lifetime and the Los Angeles Laker's lifetime are nearly identical; I was born early in their first season. My Lakers memories begin with the acquisition of Wilt.
2008-06-03 19:20:26
128.   Bob Hendley
127 - So you missed Mel Counts?
2008-06-03 19:20:55
129.   Andrew Shimmin
126- In the history of Dodger Thoughts, no link has been less clicked than that one.
2008-06-03 19:20:58
130.   Indiana Jon
118 Players start to decline two weeks after they turn 27? Maybe so, but I don't think there's a severe drop off in the next few years is there?
2008-06-03 19:21:25
131.   bhsportsguy
128 No Mel Counts was the man in the 4th quarter of the 1969 Finals. At least that is what Butch thought.
2008-06-03 19:21:54
132.   Bob Timmermann
Man, if the Lakers could only have a center like Ray Felix again.
2008-06-03 19:21:59
133.   Vaudeville Villain
A rabbit is loose!
2008-06-03 19:22:09
134.   Bluebleeder87
I still don't like you Pierre but we'll take it. :o)
2008-06-03 19:23:24
135.   Branch Rickey
I had the pleasure of meeting both Clint Hurdle and Todd Helton last night and am happy to report they are two of the nicest people you'd ever hope to meet. People say ballplayers are a bunch of jerks but people are wrong.
2008-06-03 19:24:09
136.   Bluebleeder87
walk of shame Pierre, walk of shame.
2008-06-03 19:24:11
137.   Andrew Shimmin
A rabbit has been stewed.
2008-06-03 19:24:25
138.   Branch Rickey
133. The rabbit kicked the bucket.
2008-06-03 19:24:26
139.   Vaudeville Villain
Well, that was a short-lived threat.
2008-06-03 19:24:40
140.   Gen3Blue
This post brings a particular feeling to me.
At least amonth ago I commented that there was a blank I didn't want to fill in, but I might at a later date. I realize this is the chicken way out, but at the time I felt it was a bit early to point this out, and it might not be fair. What I witheld is that the feeling I got off Perez is so very similiar to the feeling I got off of Andruw Jones.

Here I have to pause because it is too common for D's pitchers and specifically
Penny to get two easy outs and then implode
We got through that.

But I had this terrible premonition where Odalis' facial expressions, body language, body type, excess weight, approximate age, and many small quirks reminded me so strongly of Andruw that I once had a dream about it. I know---one is a hitter and one is a pitcher---but can anyone understand.

Hey this is not how Maury Wills played! What a joke.

2008-06-03 19:25:17
141.   El Lay Dave
128 No, Mel was still there, the first of a parade of, uh, interesting backup centers.
2008-06-03 19:26:10
142.   Gen3Blue
So Pierre would have scored.
2008-06-03 19:26:17
143.   Bob Timmermann has a cool feature which shows each players number and the team colors at the time.

2008-06-03 19:27:06
144.   Bob Hendley
131 - Self admitted Rule 3 violation (trying to get a rise out of Beaver fans).
2008-06-03 19:27:55
145.   Eric Enders
"Why does every player on the Colorado Rockies look poised and ready to wrestle Kodiak bears?"

Forget bears, they can't even handle wrestling dead deer.

2008-06-03 19:29:11
146.   Vaudeville Villain

They were too tired from bear-wrestling.

2008-06-03 19:30:54
147.   Gen3Blue
I'm a big fan of speed in the game, when there are not many left apparently. But what I have seen from Pierre is mostly erasing himself from scoring situations. Could he be getting too old for this lead-off stuff?
2008-06-03 19:31:15
148.   Bluebleeder87
the co-worker I went to see Kershaw pitch for the 1st time is going to New York (say his farewell to Yankee Stadium) the trip will cost him 2000 bucks not including spending money, the only reason I'm jealous is because I've always wanted to go to NY I told him to take many many pics.
2008-06-03 19:35:42
149.   Bluebleeder87
let's induce a double play Penny, what do you say?
2008-06-03 19:36:42
150.   Andrew Shimmin
Son of a gun!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-06-03 19:36:50
151.   ucladodger
Wow, what a great play by Jeff.
2008-06-03 19:36:57
152.   Bluebleeder87
tailer made, ESPN web gem worthy???
2008-06-03 19:37:56
153.   Andrew Shimmin
I hope Jeff Kent isn't randomly drug tested any time too soon.
2008-06-03 19:38:09
154.   Gen3Blue
The old and the new;
Something borrowed, something BLUE.
2008-06-03 19:38:23
155.   underdog
Wow, that was indeed a highlight double play, Vin! Lovely.

Is it just me or has Jeff Kent been playing better defense since he came back from his rest break?

2008-06-03 19:41:06
156.   Bluebleeder87
I like it that Pee-wee is in there...
2008-06-03 19:41:21
157.   fordprefect
OT I know, but did anyone else cringe when they noticed X on the free Directv show?
2008-06-03 19:42:09
158.   Gen3Blue
Okay, I am afraid I just got it. As much as I like Delwyn gettin a start, it means Ethier isn't getting the start againt the lefty?
2008-06-03 19:44:32
159.   underdog
158 - We've presumed here that it's because Ethier has both struggled against lefties this season and had very little success against Francis. Of course, it would be nice to see Pee Wee in the lineup in lieu of Pierre for once.

on the other hand, Pierre led off with a double.

On the other other hand, Pierre was picked off.

On the fourth hand, I need to eat dinner.

2008-06-03 19:46:23
160.   Bluebleeder87

it should be o.k. PW is a switch hitter that is all, maybe Ethier doesn't have good numbers against Francis.

2008-06-03 19:47:34
161.   Bluebleeder87
I'm picking PW to have a good night just to spite G3B.
2008-06-03 19:49:12
162.   StolenMonkey86
Ethier's had a tough time against lefties this year, thanks to an absurdly low BABIP. He had an absurdly high BABIP against lefties in 2006, if you would recall. It seems that his 2007 is a more reasonable expectation for him against left handers, but Torre wants to start Young, I guess.
2008-06-03 19:50:35
163.   Bluebleeder87
D. Young needs all the at-bats he can get, he hasn't exactly had many that's for sure.
2008-06-03 19:50:39
164.   Gen3Blue
Here goes Penny--look-out.
2008-06-03 19:50:44
165.   Branch Rickey
To say Penny looks uncomfortable is an understatement. I don't know if he's ill or what. He is shifting around, sighing, balking, kneeling... generally looking like he wants to throw up.
2008-06-03 19:50:57
166.   Andrew Shimmin
The 100 Jerseys of Bob Update: Props 98 and 99 are tied with 0% of precincts reporting!
2008-06-03 19:51:27
167.   underdog
Podsednik and Shoeless Joe, forever linked in the baseball annals. Bless you Vin!
2008-06-03 19:51:38
168.   ucladodger
Thats sad. He 3 bounced a 250 foot throw.
2008-06-03 19:52:04
169.   Andrew Shimmin
In the sense that "good" is relative, yes, I suppose it was a good throw.
2008-06-03 19:52:20
170.   underdog
That was about as good a throw as Pierre can make, and it was pretty good, and it still didn't get the runner.

That run was all on Penny, though.

2008-06-03 19:52:20
171.   Icaros
Even Pierre's best effort is worth nothing. He is weak like the Ukraine.
2008-06-03 19:52:57
172.   underdog
Good = better than crummy!
2008-06-03 19:54:23
173.   underdog
I hope Penny here isn't about to bring us all into a whole world of suck again.
2008-06-03 19:54:43
174.   Bob Hendley
165 - And yet the radar shows him still hitting 96mph.
2008-06-03 19:54:58
175.   overkill94
Aaaand the Italian movie channel curse continues. I only cursorily watched "Catch and Release" but the ending seemed ridiculous. Jennifer Garner's fiance cheats on her multiple times and doesn't seem to change much by the end, yet she goes back to him? I hope there was some sort of relevatory scene in-between that explains things better, but as it is it seems like an idiotic movie. On the bright side, they did play a Doves song as the movie ended.
2008-06-03 19:55:29
176.   underdog
Doesn't help that this ump has a fairly micro strike zone.
2008-06-03 19:55:36
177.   Bob Timmermann
The 100 Jerseys of Juan Pierre could be a box office hit. Just like "27 Dresses"!
2008-06-03 19:55:57
178.   Bluebleeder87
I guess for a guy like Pierre it was a good throw.

that was his best but his best just wasn't good enough.

2008-06-03 19:57:04
179.   xaphor
171 Give me something to break.
2008-06-03 19:57:26
180.   underdog
177 With just as many laughs as that fine film -- or maybe even more!
2008-06-03 19:58:05
181.   overkill94
171 Like a Risk board on a subway?
2008-06-03 19:58:16
182.   nick
it almost looks like Penny is tipping pitches...
2008-06-03 19:58:31
183.   Icaros
The 100 Jerseys of Juan Pierre has to be a Spaghetti Western, with Ennio Morricone soundtrack, of course.

Is Penny on drugs, maybe?

2008-06-03 19:58:36
184.   Pepperdine
im watching this on espn's gamecast and there have been some pitches that are pretty much down broadway that have gone for balls. how does the strike zone look on tv?
2008-06-03 19:58:41
185.   underdog
Brad-alis is having trouble in the third inning.
2008-06-03 19:59:12
186.   Icaros

Exactly like that.

2008-06-03 19:59:25
187.   Bob Timmermann
Penny's problem with out #3 remind me of Monty Pythons sketches.
2008-06-03 19:59:39
188.   Bluebleeder87
from what we've seen of Penny this year, he should be a reliever slash long man, the wheels come off by the 3rd, seriously guys, something is up with him, or maybe we're just being paranoid...
2008-06-03 19:59:57
189.   underdog
182 See my 8 from earlier. Wondering the same thing.
2008-06-03 20:00:34
190.   Bob Hendley
184 - Not getting the high strike (ball).
2008-06-03 20:00:45
191.   underdog
187 A giant foot landing on him might be best way to end his innings.
2008-06-03 20:02:05
192.   Bluebleeder87

as long as Francis gets the same K zone I'm cool with it, We'll feast off of him (salad tossing lefty) with a SMALL STRIKE ZONE I dig it.

2008-06-03 20:02:24
193.   Sam DC
Odalis rewards Jon by giving up 4 runs in the first inning and only lasting three. Only 1 run was earned due to two Nationals errors, and there's been rain off and on all night, so sort of a mess of a game.

Just now starting play in the fift after a rain delay. And Lohse bloops one to right for an RBI. 5-0 Cardinals.

2008-06-03 20:02:35
194.   fordprefect
Oh no, not the Ministry of Silly Walks!
2008-06-03 20:04:21
195.   Andrew Shimmin
Alright Debra Bowen. It's 8:04. Update the website.
2008-06-03 20:05:09
196.   ucladodger
What a hideous AB by Brad. I dont think Francis threw him one strike.
2008-06-03 20:06:38
197.   Bluebleeder87
take some pitches boys, come on! (make 'em work)
2008-06-03 20:08:00
198.   underdog
Boy Pierre really does own Jeff Francis. Now let's see if he can avoid being picked off, even with a man at second.
2008-06-03 20:08:15
199.   Terry A
88 - You drove through Sikeston on I-55? You were practically in my neighborhood and didn't stop in for some fried catfish and a handful of "y'alls?" I'm crushed. If you're comfortable sharing: where were you going, where had you been?
2008-06-03 20:08:43
200.   Bluebleeder87
2 on for Kemp with 1 out.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-03 20:10:06
201.   Sam DC
(And the Nationals score for the first time in the last 23 innings)
2008-06-03 20:10:24
202.   ucladodger
wow. 88 down the heart.
2008-06-03 20:10:40
203.   Bluebleeder87
nice pitch sequence to get Kemp, gotta admit.
2008-06-03 20:11:06
204.   underdog
88 mph fastball blows the Bison away for some reason. I guess it seemed faster compared to the 85mph fastballs he'd been throwing.
2008-06-03 20:11:41
205.   Bluebleeder87

it was a little high judging by sight a lone, but I'm thinking Matty was thinking off-speed the way he swang.

2008-06-03 20:12:25
206.   natepurcell

He was looking change up. That 1-1 change up that matt swung at was what he was looking for in that last pitch. So it wasn't so much the velocity...he just couldn't adjust.

2008-06-03 20:13:05
207.   ToyCannon
Eric Stephen - if Milton could play the outfield he would be playing the outfield. To say he would be playing centerfield if the Rangers hadn't acquired Hamilton is strange speculation based on what Bradley has been able to do this year.
2008-06-03 20:13:44
208.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. Penny give us a good inning, keep us in the game at least...
2008-06-03 20:15:07
209.   ToyCannon
You've been saying Kemp can't hit a fastball this year. I was at the game last night and didn't notice the velocity of the balls he hammered, only the velocity at which he hit them. Were they fastballs?
2008-06-03 20:15:14
210.   Bob Hendley
Sporky's right. These Rockies soulpatches are getting to me.
2008-06-03 20:15:40
211.   ucladodger

Thats one reason why I've criticized Matt's approach lately. Against a guy like Francis where everything is so slow, you sit on the fastball and adjust. Looking offspeed in a 2 strike count is just asking for trouble.

2008-06-03 20:16:15
212.   underdog
here we go... 2 outs... the giant foot is hovering over Penny's head.
2008-06-03 20:16:26
213.   ucladodger

He's hitting under .200 on fastballs this year. Thats pretty putrid.

2008-06-03 20:17:34
214.   bablue

Yep, they were all balls. And after he had just walked Hu on 4 pitches. Ugh.

I think the perfect example of whats wrong with Penny was the Podsednik and Seth Smith at bats. He has absolutuely no command.

He had Pods 1-2, then completely wastes that advantage by throwing a curve and then a fastball in the dirt. I mean, you have to at least keep it somewhat close to get him to swing! And then he throws a fat fastball and gives up the sac fly.

Against Smith, he had an 0-2 count, then threw a fastball right down the middle which Smith luckily fouled off. But then the next pitch he hangs a curve and Smith lines it for a base hit.

AOme might say thats dumb oitching, but I think hes just lost his control because of altered mechanics (maybe because of an injury?).

2008-06-03 20:17:47
215.   underdog
2008-06-03 20:18:00
216.   Bluebleeder87
little things little things can come back & bite you. sigh.
2008-06-03 20:18:08
217.   ToyCannon
I spent the winter hoping the Dodgers would sign Mike Cameron or Andruw Jones. Yuck
2008-06-03 20:19:16
218.   underdog
Woo hoo! Okay it was the pitcher, but still. He got out of it with a strikeout! Allah be praised!
2008-06-03 20:20:27
219.   Eric Stephen
That's my bad on Milton Bradley. I assumed he was playing the OF for Texas.
2008-06-03 20:20:36
220.   Gen3Blue
About JP's throw to the plate; it was good for him.
But then I think about a spectrum of outfielders from Willie Mays down to Del Young. And you know what most of them would have done. Throw him out!
2008-06-03 20:20:52
221.   Bluebleeder87
AOme might say thats dumb oitching, but I think hes just lost his control because of altered mechanics (maybe because of an injury?).

it could be a # of things, I'm a big fitness guy, maybe it's a combination of all of them, who knows.

I don't like this Penny.

2008-06-03 20:22:39
222.   Bluebleeder87
Penny usually eats these guys alive! he's a good pitcher against them no?
2008-06-03 20:23:34
223.   Jon Weisman
Kershaw to be skipped after off-days

2008-06-03 20:24:02
224.   Eric Stephen
This is from Bill Simmons' chat yesterday:

>>Peter (Tarzana, CA): Hey Bill, In the back of your mind, are you worried at all about the Celtics potentially losing their lead in all-time championships? If the Lakers win this series, they'll only be one back.

SportsNation Bill Simmons: You're counting the four from Minneapolis? Really?<<

Why would he say something like this, other than to antagonize Laker fans? I also heard him on ESPN Radio say any Laker fan counting the Minneapolis championships is kidding themselves.

Needless to say, I feel toward Celtics fans the same way Jake Taylor would have felt if Roger Dorn tanked one more ground ball.

2008-06-03 20:25:02
225.   Bluebleeder87
I really feel Penny is in that transition stage of his career were his body can't do what it use too when he was younger, I really hope he gets into working out & such, my 2 cents.
2008-06-03 20:25:32
226.   Eric Stephen
Crap! I'm going to the first two games in San Diego. Those were supposed to be Kershaw/Billingsley games!
2008-06-03 20:26:19
227.   Jon Weisman
No shortstop for Martin....

2008-06-03 20:26:37
228.   ucladodger
Vin loves the idea that Jeff Francis is 23. He always mentions how young he is. Too bad he is 27.
2008-06-03 20:26:53
229.   underdog
Pee Wee!
2008-06-03 20:27:46
230.   Bluebleeder87

music to my ears, thanks Jon.

2008-06-03 20:28:54
231.   Bob Hendley
Let's see a little gumption here.
2008-06-03 20:29:07
232.   Bluebleeder87

lol, DO'H!

2008-06-03 20:29:57
233.   thinkblue88

I think it might have been last year that Vin was saying Francis was 20.

2008-06-03 20:30:23
234.   natepurcell

who let the dawgs out!??!


2008-06-03 20:30:52
235.   natepurcell
I can't believe i just typed dog...dawg.

also, great AB from dewitt.

2008-06-03 20:34:11
236.   underdog
Sigh. Poor Hu.
2008-06-03 20:36:50
237.   bablue
Another ball right down the middle...
2008-06-03 20:36:50
238.   Eric Stephen
Since Chin-Lung Hu's triple off Adam Wainright in the 7th inning on May 23, Dodger SS are 0 for 34 with 3 BB and 1 run scored.
2008-06-03 20:37:36
239.   Bluebleeder87
I think it's safe to say we need Furcal back.
2008-06-03 20:40:11
240.   bablue
And then an 0-2 pitch to Spilbourghs left out over the plate and hit for a single. The gift that keeps on giving...
2008-06-03 20:40:12
241.   underdog
We need Furcal back and we need Penny phantom-DL'd.
2008-06-03 20:40:55
242.   underdog
Is Kuo available today?
2008-06-03 20:41:14
243.   Eric Stephen
Atkins hit that one to the Hu-midor.
2008-06-03 20:41:27
244.   bablue
He's done Joe. You can take him out now... Please... before its 5-0?

Oh what do I know, he just got Atkins out.

2008-06-03 20:41:46
245.   underdog
That was a gift from Atkins. Thanks, Garrett.
2008-06-03 20:41:54
246.   Eric Stephen
I would imagine he needs a day or two more after a 63-pitch Sunday (plus a 2 IP Friday).
2008-06-03 20:42:39
247.   Bob Hendley
If we were more generous, we might be saying that Penny is gutting it out so far.
2008-06-03 20:43:18
248.   Eric Stephen
I stand corrected. Kuo's 2 IP game was Thursday, not Friday.
2008-06-03 20:43:34
249.   ucladodger
Brad missed his spot by about 6 feet. Worked out well, though.
2008-06-03 20:43:51
250.   JoeyP
That was one dumb AB by Atkins.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-03 20:44:06
251.   underdog
Whew. Okay, now he's done with his spot coming up, I assume?
2008-06-03 20:44:18
252.   LoneStar7
how bout some offense boys...but i think we got the black hole coming up
2008-06-03 20:46:03
253.   ucladodger
Torre trying to squeeze another inning out of Brad. We'll see how that works.
2008-06-03 20:46:31
254.   Eric Stephen
I would have pinch hit for Penny here. 97 pitches. Not particularly sharp.
2008-06-03 20:46:52
255.   nick
after 97 pitches you let Penny bat here? hmmm...
2008-06-03 20:47:08
256.   jtrichey
238 Sometimes I have a bausted sarcasm meter. Was that true about the shortstops being 0 for the last 34?
2008-06-03 20:47:39
257.   bablue
Why not hit for Penny there? He only goes a max of one more inning, has looked bad, and its a close game. I don't understand that.
2008-06-03 20:47:55
258.   nick
....unless your pen is completely cooked that's a no-brainer bad decision.
2008-06-03 20:49:03
259.   Bob Hendley
That really seems like a waste, given the pitch count and the tightrope he has been walking. Don't get it. What is Torre seeing?
2008-06-03 20:49:04
260.   Eric Stephen
100% true.
2008-06-03 20:49:59
261.   Bob Timmermann
I was more surprised to discover that Hu tripled off of Wainwright.
2008-06-03 20:50:08
262.   Eric Stephen
Playing devil's advocate, the bottom of the Rockies lineup is due up, and Torre is trying to give his "ace" a confidence boost.
2008-06-03 20:50:25
263.   underdog
Sounds liek we're all in agreement that Penny should've been pinch-hit for. I'm assuming that has something to do with the long stretch with no days off and trying to rest the bullpen and some such nonsense?

I harumph. Harumph I say!

2008-06-03 20:50:54
264.   underdog
Not only that buut Kemp didn't make Francis break a sweat at all. I mean, c'mon guys.
2008-06-03 20:51:37
265.   sporky
Pierre is the only Dodger (I think) that wears a batting helmet over his baseball cap. Do they not make helmets small enough?
2008-06-03 20:52:09
266.   Bob Hendley
262 - I was thinking the same, but then I noticed the score.
2008-06-03 20:52:17
267.   underdog
Playing devil's advocate further, maybe Torre was seeing: Sweeney (sucky lefty), Ethier (fine lefty who can't hit lefties or Francis), Maza and Ardoin on the bench and sighed loudly and left Penny in there, who is a decent hitting pitcher.
2008-06-03 20:52:17
268.   underdog
Playing devil's advocate further, maybe Torre was seeing: Sweeney (sucky lefty), Ethier (fine lefty who can't hit lefties or Francis), Maza and Ardoin on the bench and sighed loudly and left Penny in there, who is a decent hitting pitcher.
2008-06-03 20:52:17
269.   Bluebleeder87
A short leash for Penny would be greatly appreciated by DT'ers Mr. Torre.
2008-06-03 20:52:22
270.   bablue
Anyone else think Kemp gives away a lot of AB's rolling over to short/third? How well would he hit if he could pull the ball with autority anf lay of those or drive them the other way? He would be scary good.
2008-06-03 20:52:31
271.   sporky
265 should read "baseball cap under his batting hemlet."

You know what I mean.

2008-06-03 20:52:46
272.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. let's get 'em out of there....
2008-06-03 20:53:34
273.   LoneStar7
thats why you go 100 perfect, and stay focused, that shouldn't of gone for an extra base
2008-06-03 20:53:43
274.   underdog
Weird hiccup there. Sorry bout that.

Hah. Vin brings up that marathon extra inning game in which Jeff Hamilton came in to pitch.

And Penny picks up where he left off: Sucksville, population: him.

2008-06-03 20:53:52
275.   Bob Timmermann
Pierre has an abnormally small head. I believe his hat size is under 7. So he has to wear a cap under the helmet so it fits well enough.

But I could tell you of times when it was common for all batters to wear caps under their helmets. Then they would take the helmet off while running the bases.

That's when men were men and massive head injuries were just something people shrugged off.

2008-06-03 20:53:58
276.   Bluebleeder87
if we don't get a DP here I really hope Torre janks him out.
2008-06-03 20:54:56
277.   Woden325
I'm back from dinner now. The Rockies should begin stinking up the joint at any moment.
2008-06-03 20:55:09
278.   bablue

Lots of guys do that at lower levels of baseball, but I've never really noticed how many pro guys do it. I'm sure there's quite a few others.

2008-06-03 20:55:19
279.   Bob Timmermann
Willie Mays would carry a cap in his back pocket and switch to it when he got on base.

2008-06-03 20:55:36
280.   underdog
With all the lefties in the Rockies lineup tonight you'd think Beimel and/or Kuo would be warming up, too.
2008-06-03 20:55:49
281.   Bluebleeder87
so watch Francis take Penny deep.
2008-06-03 20:56:00
282.   LoneStar7
276 torrealba went to second right under our noses, but at least we held the runner there
2008-06-03 20:57:08
283.   Bluebleeder87

those we're simpler times though Bob, It just wouldn't "look" professional these days, bah!

2008-06-03 20:57:31
284.   Woden325
281 Jeff Franchise has been known to hit some towering doubles. I've seen a couple.
2008-06-03 20:57:53
285.   underdog
277 - I think Penny beat them to that stinky joint first.
2008-06-03 20:57:58
286.   Bob Hendley
282 - He had doubled to right.
2008-06-03 20:58:13
287.   Bluebleeder87
It's all albows & knee caps with francis batting up there.
2008-06-03 20:58:14
288.   sporky
"Major League Baseball Players Association credits Pierre with the smallest hat size among active players (5 and a quarter)."

Wikipedia has lied to me before. Surely 5.25 can't be right.

2008-06-03 20:58:24
289.   Eric Stephen
I'm pretty sure Penny isn't the only Dodger to fill out a census form in Sucksville.
2008-06-03 20:58:28
290.   Bluebleeder87
danny long legs if you will...
2008-06-03 20:59:35
291.   underdog
289 - True of course, but this month Penny is honorary mayor.
2008-06-03 21:00:01
292.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know what hat size I wear (I use the universal one) I'm afraid to find out...
2008-06-03 21:00:05
293.   underdog
290 - who's Danny?
2008-06-03 21:00:13
294.   Eric Stephen
No offense to Jeff Francis, whom I think is a fine pitcher, but I'm not a big fan of the name Francis in sports being almost autmoatically given the nickname "Franchise".

I'm sure 99.9% of my ire is meant for Steve Francis, but my overall point still stands.

2008-06-03 21:00:56
295.   sporky
291 I think Tomko has earned the honor for at least two years.
2008-06-03 21:01:03
296.   Eric Stephen
5.25 seems like an infant hat!

I'm at 7.75.

2008-06-03 21:01:22
297.   Bob Timmermann
Sized hats aren't sold much below 6 1/2. 6 1/2 is a circumference of 20 1/4". So 5 1/2 would be around 18 3/4 or 19".
2008-06-03 21:02:49
298.   Woden325
294 I could call him "The Channel" if you prefer.
2008-06-03 21:02:52
299.   Jon Weisman
291 - This month, Penny's ERA is 3.00. Quality start, anyone?!
2008-06-03 21:03:03
300.   JoeyP
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-06-03 21:03:27
301.   Bob Hendley
OK guys, so your appreciation for Big Boy gutting it out by getting him some runs.
2008-06-03 21:03:51
302.   underdog
Well, gotta give credit to Penny for gutting that one out. 2 runs ain't bad, either, but he sure wasn't what I'd call real impressive.

295 No, no, Tomko ran unopposed as the governor of Atrociousatussets.

2008-06-03 21:04:39
303.   Eric Stephen
He can still be called Franchise if you want; I just wanted to get that off my chest.
2008-06-03 21:04:58
304.   Bluebleeder87
Let the record show Pierre WAS a valedictorian.
2008-06-03 21:06:27
305.   Woden325
303 Ok. My other pet name for him is "Scrawny Canadian" for what it's worth.
2008-06-03 21:06:40
306.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. Russell get us started!!
2008-06-03 21:07:33
307.   underdog
305 - That works. We also would've accepted Neville Longbottom.
2008-06-03 21:08:20
308.   Jacob Burch
According to the Joe Beimel line up a few months ago, Juan wears a 6 5/8 hat.

Not sure if I'd trust Joe Beimel reading a joke line up much more than Wikipedia, but for what it's worth.

2008-06-03 21:08:46
309.   Eric Stephen
Eric Gage recently was elected Prime Minister of Suckskatchewan.
2008-06-03 21:09:54
310.   Eric Stephen
Silver Sombrero.
2008-06-03 21:10:00
311.   Woden325
309 I hate to think what the capital of that province would be.
2008-06-03 21:10:30
312.   ucladodger
James look awful up there
2008-06-03 21:11:15
313.   underdog
309/311 - Hah hah.

Sigh, Loney.

2008-06-03 21:11:24
314.   Eric Stephen
Two straight starts for Pee Wee?

From Kevin Baxter in the Times:

With the Dodgers playing a day game after a night game today second baseman Jeff Kent is expected to get the day off.

2008-06-03 21:12:00
315.   nofatmike
312 Does James still have a few options left? Because this is just pathetic.
2008-06-03 21:12:15
316.   Bob Timmermann
Who's Eric Gage?
2008-06-03 21:12:20
317.   Eric Stephen
If the kid in that commercial was the "greatest pitcher in the world", he would have went high and tight on himself for talking trash during that AB.
2008-06-03 21:12:32
318.   Bluebleeder87
all 'n all I like Penny giving us a chance.

at least.

2008-06-03 21:13:36
319.   Eric Stephen
Didn't you read my news item? Eric Gage is the newly minted Prime Minister of Suckskatchewan. :)

Not to be confused with Eric Gagne of course.

2008-06-03 21:13:53
320.   Bluebleeder87
5 years younger & Kent gets that.
2008-06-03 21:14:08
321.   Icaros
When did Beimel join the Brady Bunch?
2008-06-03 21:14:26
322.   Bob Timmermann
2008-06-03 21:14:29
323.   underdog
311 - But Sucksatoon is still the largest city, and also where Jarrod Washburn is honorary mayor this year.
2008-06-03 21:14:36
324.   Bluebleeder87
Beimel giveth Beimel taketh...
2008-06-03 21:14:49
325.   Eric Stephen
All and all can only fall, with a crashing but meaningless blow.
2008-06-03 21:15:08
326.   ucladodger
The move Beimel pulled off was my favorite in high school. Haven't seen him pull that one out in a while/].
2008-06-03 21:15:13
327.   underdog
Taveras, you were Beimel'd.
2008-06-03 21:15:36
328.   sporky
327 Actually, Spilborghs was!
2008-06-03 21:15:52
329.   Eric Stephen
Kent might be forced to retire to Tallahasbeen.
2008-06-03 21:17:14
330.   underdog
328 - No, I meant the pickoff.
2008-06-03 21:17:33
331.   Eric Stephen
Loney has one option year left, yes, but to quote Gob Bluth, "Come on!"
2008-06-03 21:18:43
332.   Bob Timmermann
I respectfully decline to comment.
2008-06-03 21:18:53
333.   JoeyP
I'm not watching.
Did Beimel balk or was it a legit pick off?
2008-06-03 21:19:13
334.   Icaros
I don't want Proctor to pitch.
2008-06-03 21:20:07
335.   nofatmike
331 Maybe it will give us a chance to finally call up LaRoche?
2008-06-03 21:20:13
336.   Eric Stephen
As most lefty moves, it probably could have been called either way.
2008-06-03 21:20:58
337.   Eric Stephen
The phrase "cutting off your nose to spite your face" comes to mind.
2008-06-03 21:21:28
338.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know if this happens to you guys but every time I see Proctor coming in I HOPE he doesn't hang a curve.
2008-06-03 21:21:40
339.   sporky
330 I know, but I thought he was the master of the comebacker. I guess "to beimel" can have multiple meanings.
2008-06-03 21:23:24
340.   LoneStar7
315 no comment either
2008-06-03 21:25:53
341.   JoeyP
Nomar'll play 1st vs lefties if he comes back...
2008-06-03 21:27:08
342.   Eric Stephen
Tomorrow's Times "Dodgers FYI" (up on the site already) makes it seem as if Nomar isn't really close to coming back though.
2008-06-03 21:28:49
343.   underdog
341 - Sure, and Bill Mueller will play third platooning with DeWitt if he comes back.
2008-06-03 21:29:20
344.   underdog
Oh please bring in Herges, please. Let's at least tire Francis out this inning. Make it happen, Clint.
2008-06-03 21:30:31
345.   JoeyP
Nice Ab by Dewitt.
2008-06-03 21:30:31
346.   underdog
Hu needs to do something to prolong that upcoming trip to Vegas.
2008-06-03 21:31:04
347.   Eric Stephen
The crowd wasn't saying "Hu" there.
2008-06-03 21:31:16
348.   LoneStar7
nice, hu it to the warning track at least
2008-06-03 21:31:25
349.   Bluebleeder87
that ball is gone at 7ish.
2008-06-03 21:31:28
350.   silverwidow
The next time we need a 5th starter is 7/1 in Houston.

Kershaw back in the Lone Star State?

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-06-03 21:31:35
351.   underdog
Warning track power, indeed, Vin. Rats.
2008-06-03 21:32:52
352.   Bluebleeder87
Hu has some pop so maybe he didn't get it all. 2 runs ain't much, I really hope the pitching does there job.
2008-06-03 21:33:50
353.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers next need a 5th starter (after tomorrow) on June 14, assuming Kershaw is skipped on the off day of the 9th.
2008-06-03 21:37:08
354.   silverwidow
353 You're right. Kershaw vs. Detroit on FOX. Lots of storylines there, with the 2006 draft and all.
2008-06-03 21:38:52
355.   nick
fastball up in and in, breaking ball down and away--old school!
2008-06-03 21:40:49
356.   LoneStar7
c-wade looking good there..

2 runs, two innings...come on blue

2008-06-03 21:42:11
357.   Bluebleeder87
damn dude, I just checked my little calender & Vinnie is correct the game will begin at 12:10pm, darn it.
2008-06-03 21:43:08
358.   Eric Stephen
Obviously this is speculation, but lets look at the upcoming rotation and schedule. (Regular rest unless noted)

6/4 vs Col - Kershaw
6/5 vs Chi - Billingsley
6/6 vs Chi - Kuroda
6/7 vs Chi - Lowe
6/8 vs Chi - Penny
6/9 - OFF
6/10 at SD - Billingsley
6/11 at SD - Kuroda
6/12 at SD - Lowe
6/13 at Det - Penny
6/14 at Det - Kershaw (9 days rest unless he pitches in relief)
6/15 at Det - Billingsley
6/16 - OFF
6/17 at Cin - Kuroda (5 days rest)
6/18 at Cin - Lowe (5 days rest)
6/19 at Cin - Penny (5 days rest)
6/20 vs Cle - Kershaw (5 days rest)
6/21 vs Cle - Billingsley (5 days rest)
6/22 vs Cle - Kuroda
6/23 - OFF
6/24 vs CWS - Lowe (5 days rest)
6/25 vs Cle - Penny (5 days rest)
6/26 vs Cle - Billingsley
6/27 vs LAA - Kuroda
6/28 vs LAA - Kershaw (7 days rest)
6/29 vs LAA - Lowe
6/30 at Hou - Penny

2008-06-03 21:45:07
359.   Eric Stephen
This makes two straight PA for the shortstop position.

And now it's 0 for 36.

2008-06-03 21:47:38
360.   underdog
359 - Does Furcal reeallly need that rehab assignment? Suck it up Raffy!
2008-06-03 21:48:41
361.   Eric Stephen
I'd even let Furcal drive himself to the ballpark just so he'd get there quicker.

(Too soon?)

2008-06-03 21:48:45
362.   underdog
D stadium is so quiet tonight you could hear a knitting needle from last night still drop.
2008-06-03 21:49:03
363.   silverwidow
2008-06-03 21:49:14
364.   Eric Stephen
Well, I guess Delwyn AND Ethier will get some starts together in the OF now.
2008-06-03 21:49:25
365.   Woden325
Jeff Kingery sounds as happy as I've ever heard him. Must be a good tussle.
2008-06-03 21:49:45
366.   underdog
Er, the stadium is no longer quiet.
2008-06-03 21:50:21
367.   Woden325
362 ,366 great timing!
2008-06-03 21:50:43
368.   Spotted Owl
What am I missing , why a double switch to get Maza and at bat? Why not let Wade pitch one inning and put a hitter up and then have someone else pitch the ninth? Any rationals?
2008-06-03 21:50:57
369.   ucladodger
I dont blame Matt. Yorvit shoved him in the back first.
2008-06-03 21:51:05
370.   nofatmike
That'll be a 12 game supension.
2008-06-03 21:51:19
371.   Eric Stephen
OK, Kemp probably won't get suspended, unless it's for instigation.

Torrealba might get a suspension if his mitt to the face is deemed a punch.

2008-06-03 21:51:45
372.   LoneStar7
man did he really just smack bison! Kemp started that, but yorvit instigates the full on punch, then he just got wrestled, man I know its not right but i would of loved to see Matt uncork one (in self defense) : )
2008-06-03 21:51:52
373.   underdog
What the heck was that all about? Yorvit was still ticked off at being brushed back in previous inning, in what was basically an innocuous pitch. And then both guys misunderstood what the other was doing and shoved each other like schoolboys.
2008-06-03 21:52:07
374.   natepurcell
Yorvit sucks.
2008-06-03 21:52:10
375.   nofatmike
369 That doesn't excuse him from retaliating, he should keep his emotions in check.
2008-06-03 21:52:19
376.   Eric Stephen
I would guess that if the Dodgers are still trailing Wade will pitch the 9th.
2008-06-03 21:52:21
377.   Icaros
He hit Bison in the throat.
2008-06-03 21:52:27
378.   Jon Weisman
I'd say Kemp started it on the mistaken assumption that he was tripped. But if anyone is suspended for more than five games, I'd be shocked.
2008-06-03 21:53:21
379.   LoneStar7
haha did anyone see loney come up form the bottom of that scrum looking like he had just gone through the rinse cycle..
2008-06-03 21:53:32
380.   underdog
368 - Not that it matters anymore, but Maza came in because Hu made the last out yah, and I assume that they wanted flexibility in case Wade needs to pitch a 2nd inning if they're still losing 2-0.
2008-06-03 21:54:17
381.   lukemccain
It was Kemp's fault.
2008-06-03 21:54:19
382.   nofatmike
378 Fair enough, point is, Kemp overreacted.
2008-06-03 21:54:39
383.   Icaros
Kemp is just trying to get into the good graces of third base coach Larry Bowa.
2008-06-03 21:54:51
384.   Eric Stephen
Stupid regfairfield for saying earlier today Ianetta was doing well this season.
2008-06-03 21:54:52
385.   Lexinthedena
I think we all knew that was going to happen.
2008-06-03 21:55:04
386.   ucladodger

Torrealba bumped him pretty deliberately which pissed Kemp off. They'll both probably get like 3 games.

2008-06-03 21:55:26
387.   Eric Stephen
The silver lining!

Let's vent!

2008-06-03 21:55:52
388.   Bluebleeder87
I don't think this is the end of the story, but seriously why? I must have missed something (I was about to jump in the shower) oh well, I hope Matty suspension isn't too long, I think Yorvit will have a pretty legthy suspension though.
2008-06-03 21:55:59
389.   underdog
I love Vin's disappointed schoolteacher voice.

It looks like Torrealba shoved Kemp out of the way just a tad to get to the ball, then Kemp accidentally grazed him in the helmet with his foot and then they each shoved each other. That's how wars sometimes start, a silly misunderstanding. Or is that Three's Company episodes?

2008-06-03 21:56:17
390.   Branch Rickey
Wow, that was a very immature move by Kemp. He's full of talent and rough edges.
2008-06-03 21:56:17
391.   Jon Weisman
386 -he bumped him in pursuit of a live ball.
2008-06-03 21:56:36
392.   Duranimal
I feel certain that Kemp is going to frustrate me his entire Dodger career. If you're going to fight, fight. Don't push like a girl.
2008-06-03 21:56:45
393.   underdog
That was ironic, eh? Where's the irony police? Ianetta hitting one out.

Sigh. Well, 3 runs isn't insurmountable. Unless your the Dodgers today.

2008-06-03 21:56:45
394.   Lexinthedena
The t.v. and radio hacks are going to jump all over Kemp for this.
2008-06-03 21:57:26
395.   Jon Weisman
If Kent had done it, he'd be a role model.
2008-06-03 21:57:57
396.   Icaros
The Robot Made of Nails is programmed to attack all Giants and ex-Giants, hence last year's Jeff Kent run-in, and tonight's pleasantries with Torrealba.
2008-06-03 21:58:02
397.   underdog
392 If he fought "for real" he'd be suspended for a long time. Would that be less frustrating?
2008-06-03 21:58:07
398.   silverwidow
How long before a Milton Bradley reference?
2008-06-03 21:58:12
399.   nofatmike
394 Unfortunately, on this one, I wouldn't blame them.
2008-06-03 21:58:25
400.   Jon Weisman
392 - Oh, give me a break. Have you ever seen a baseball fight?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-06-03 21:58:53
401.   Eric Stephen
I like to think of Jeff Kent as the Ralph Ferley of the group, complete with matching wardrobe.
2008-06-03 21:59:12
402.   ucladodger

That doesnt mean it wasn't intentional. Yorvit was obviously pissed, and he used the situation to give Matt a little shove. Matt isnt going to take that kind of crap, but obviously he should have acted in a different way.

2008-06-03 21:59:51
403.   Bluebleeder87

that's how we do it...

2008-06-03 22:00:09
404.   Jon Weisman
402 - I think we can agree everyone could have been more mature.
2008-06-03 22:00:27
405.   Eric Stephen
Suspensions probably won't come down before tomorrow's game, so Kent will probably still get the day off as planned.
2008-06-03 22:00:30
406.   Woden325
I don't see that it's such a big deal, it's not like the time Pedro Martinez tried to twist Don Zimmer's head off or anything.
2008-06-03 22:00:38
407.   sporky
Oh well. At least Iannetta will get to start a few more.
2008-06-03 22:01:06
408.   Bluebleeder87
I think the best one was when David Ortiz started throwing phantom punches once, that one was hilarious, It still gives me the giggles when I think about it.
2008-06-03 22:01:14
409.   Spotted Owl
My point in 368 is that we needed a hitter coming up last inning as we are down two runs, not Maza. We have plenty of relievers, let Wade pitch one inning, let Ethier or someone not named Maza lead off the bottom of the eighth and bring in Park or someone else for the ninth, You don't do a double switch to get a poor hitter like Maza up when you have better options on the bench in a high leveage situation like that.
2008-06-03 22:01:43
410.   underdog
I think they should let both players off with a warning, a small fine, some required community service, and a three hour UFC training seminar.
2008-06-03 22:01:44
411.   Eric Stephen
Will young Kershaw be forced to comply with the machismo of baseball by perhaps throwing at Yorvit tomorrow? Or is this a dead issue?
2008-06-03 22:02:53
412.   underdog
409 - It's a fair point, but the problem is there really aren't good options on the bench with the exception of Ethier, who is now in the game anyway.
2008-06-03 22:03:48
413.   ucladodger

Ya, but that wouldnt have been as fun. You can tell that guys on both sides are plenty frustrated, and things like that happen. As Woden said, it wasnt even that big of a deal.

2008-06-03 22:03:55
414.   Bluebleeder87

Really good point on a weird night, I agree.

2008-06-03 22:03:56
415.   underdog
Oh never mind, Tiffee's in the outfield. What the heck... What a weird game.
2008-06-03 22:03:58
416.   sporky
I was hoping for Manny Corpas.
2008-06-03 22:04:39
417.   Alex41592
Yorvit will probably get at least three games for his throat shot, which will actually make the Rockies a better team. While Kemp will get two games and we will get significantly worse. Kemp reacted like any human being who got punched in the throat. Thankfully he didn't punch him back.
2008-06-03 22:04:42
418.   Branch Rickey
411. It better be a dead issue. I'll bet you that even Dodger players will agree that it was Kemp's overreaction. If YT bumped him it was purely in pursuit of the ball and it happens ALL the time. Kemps turning around and pushing him was way out of line and the Dodgers likely know that.
2008-06-03 22:04:46
419.   Eric Stephen
The Dodgers feeling was probably that they would need 9 batters over two innings anyway to score two runs, and Hu certainly wasn't going to bat again. So they would need two pinch hitters in that period, and since Maza could step in at SS while moving the P spot back a batter it still works.

Ethier is due up th in the inning and will need to bat for the Dodgers to tie (unless they win before him) anyway.

2008-06-03 22:04:58
420.   kguy
411 I have a feeling that Yorvit feels like he 'got even' for the Wade brushback pitch. Even steven.
2008-06-03 22:04:59
421.   ucladodger
The middle of our lineup takes some of the worst swings you'll ever see a major leaguer take. Not pretty.
2008-06-03 22:05:12
422.   underdog
I want these 3 hours of my life back, Dodgers.
2008-06-03 22:05:23
423.   LoneStar7
we need base runners
2008-06-03 22:05:36
424.   Icaros

Wasn't there a pitcher recently who was reportedly sent down for not throwing at an opposing batter in retaliation? My Spidey Sense is saying Ozzie Guillen in Chicago, but I can't say for sure. Could also be a complete fabrication on my part.

2008-06-03 22:06:36
425.   Lexinthedena
411 I doubt it will be Kershaw, but I could one of the relievers doing something.
2008-06-03 22:06:46
426.   still bevens
Ugh. Wanted the sweep but knew it wasn't going to happen. Even the worst major league teams don't lose 10 straight that easily.
2008-06-03 22:07:17
427.   Eric Stephen
Sean Tracy of the White Sox, in aught six.

2008-06-03 22:08:02
428.   Spotted Owl
Underdog: My only point was down two runs with six outs left who would you rather have up Maza or Ethier/Tiffee? As you said it does not matter at this point but the answer seems kind of obvious to me.
2008-06-03 22:08:07
429.   underdog
I didn't like having Penny going against a team that had lost 8 in a row, so, whatever. Fuhgedaboutit, Dodgers, it's Chinatown.
2008-06-03 22:08:33
430.   Lexinthedena
Pee Wee!
2008-06-03 22:08:36
431.   natepurcell
Pee Wee fo shizzzz.
2008-06-03 22:08:36
432.   Eric Stephen
And look who's coming up!
2008-06-03 22:08:38
433.   Woden325
426 There's still time. Gah.
2008-06-03 22:08:53
434.   underdog
For such a terrible firstbaseman who should be platooned with or traded, I'm stunned to see Loney get a base hit. (Sorry, I'm grouchy.)
2008-06-03 22:09:09
435.   Jon Weisman
418 - I seriously think, with the possible caveat that it's Kemp involved, that the Dodgers will file this under lighting a fire under the team.
2008-06-03 22:09:09
436.   LoneStar7
finally james comes around, and look at pee wee showing off his double power, well right now would be a superd time for a solution special
2008-06-03 22:09:13
437.   ucladodger
DY can rake. Its an absolute shame he hasnt been playing at all. Dude swings the bat with some serious conviction.
2008-06-03 22:09:15
438.   Eric Stephen
I jumped the gun on 432 .
2008-06-03 22:09:34
439.   Woden325
C'mon Tito. You can close one out, just like the old days...
2008-06-03 22:10:04
440.   underdog
The preceding comment was entirely facetious of course.

Nice, Pee Wee.

Let's go Solution!

2008-06-03 22:10:32
441.   LoneStar7
434 you too, the anti loney army is growing
2008-06-03 22:11:00
442.   Eric Stephen
They couldn't have made another row of seats!!!!
2008-06-03 22:11:00
443.   ucladodger
man, Blake just missed that.
2008-06-03 22:11:10
444.   Spotted Owl
Thanks Eric Stephen : Your explanation on the Maza double switch is something I did not consider, and that is all I was looking for. Some rational reason, I still probably would have went the other way, but I can at least see that one.
2008-06-03 22:11:17
445.   LoneStar7
where the heck is bartman in that situation, someone at least try and spook him..
2008-06-03 22:11:28
446.   Andrew Shimmin
Every fan within ten feet of the ball is responsible for this loss.
2008-06-03 22:11:30
447.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, the White Sox pitcher was Sean Tracey.

In case you're trying to track him down in any database.

2008-06-03 22:11:33
448.   Woden325
Finally! The good Jeff Franchise showed up! And Tito didn't blow it.
2008-06-03 22:11:43
449.   Andrew Shimmin
And Gary Bennett.
2008-06-03 22:12:01
450.   nofatmike
441 I don't hate Loney, my post in 315 was my curiosity in how to get him back on track.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-06-03 22:12:16
451.   underdog
Drat. Oh well. They didn't deserve to win that one, really.

Congrats, Woden.

Now if they'll be so kind as to lose tomorrow, they have my permission to then start a winning streak after that.

2008-06-03 22:12:25
452.   Lexinthedena
Pee Wee hits everything hard. The only silver lining of a Kemp suspension would be DY getting some starts.
2008-06-03 22:13:22
453.   underdog
441 Lonestar, that comment was seriously sarcastic. I was just mocking all the anti-Loney chatter here lately. I guess I forgot the ":-/" face.
2008-06-03 22:13:37
454.   Branch Rickey
435. Perhaps. But I wish they'd leave that sorta stuff to guys like Kent or Bowa. Kemp's job for now is to learn and get better, not start fights over fair play.
2008-06-03 22:14:38
455.   LoneStar7
450 yea its cool, i'm irrational with my loney defense anyway, I'll always give him the benefit of the doubt, I know hes been having a rough time at the plate, but sometimes I do think he takes a little more than he deserves

449 classic!

2008-06-03 22:14:52
456.   underdog
Sigh. Ah well. Looking forward to seeing the Minotaur pitch tomorrow, even if I'll miss some of it due to work conflicts. But best just to put this game behind 'em quickly, tip your hat to Jeff Francis, and move on.
2008-06-03 22:15:16
457.   Alex41592
Interesting, if Pierre doesn't move in the first and Penny bunts Hu over we would've scored two runs. I don't see the logic of trying to steal third with nobody out. Kershaw tomorrow and hopefully the Snakes will continue to lose on the road.
2008-06-03 22:15:24
458.   JoeyP
Bad loss tonight.
At least the dbax suck too...
2008-06-03 22:15:35
459.   Jon Weisman
454 - I agree, but I don't think it helps to make too much of this.
2008-06-03 22:16:07
460.   Duranimal
Underdog, my point is that he shouldn't have done anything. Kemps' a bonehead, and he'll always be a bonehead. This isn't about what happened tonight, but if you don't have good baseball instincts by the time you get to the Bigs, you'll never have them. I can't remember Kemp ever making a smart play.
2008-06-03 22:16:43
461.   LoneStar7
453 ah my fault, I'm normally always on the other side of those comments, leaving people shocked by what I thought was a clearly sarcastic a :-\ never hurts though hah
2008-06-03 22:16:59
462.   Eric Stephen
Of course I miscalculated the number of batters starting with the #9 spot in the 8th, it would be 10 batters not 9, and Ethier ended the game in the on deck circle!
2008-06-03 22:17:00
463.   Alex41592
Oh dear God Travis Denker just hit a three run home run in S.F.
2008-06-03 22:17:28
464.   underdog
I'm not even going to dignify that one with a response.

Off to do some writing, night all!

2008-06-03 22:18:05
465.   Woden325
451 Thanks. You guys have my permission to pound the Cubs into the dirt, if you like.
I won't be able to join you for tomorrow's game unfortunately. So, I'll wish you good luck.
2008-06-03 22:18:12
466.   underdog
463 - Ouch. Salt in the evening's wounds.
2008-06-03 22:18:27
467.   Eric Stephen
I can't remember Kemp ever making a smart play

Gob Bluth says "Come on!!!"

2008-06-03 22:18:41
468.   Icaros
I can't remember Kemp ever making a smart play.


2008-06-03 22:19:33
469.   sporky
460 You must've gotten the ESPN/TBS spark notes on the Dodgers.
2008-06-03 22:20:07
470.   LoneStar7
this is insane watching bison get hit int he throat in slow motion...

loved seeing russ and loney as the first two guys in there at least, you knows these guys have got each other's back, which is a good sign nonetheless

2008-06-03 22:20:49
471.   Eric Stephen
via WGN, of course.
2008-06-03 22:21:57
472.   Alex41592
"I can't remember Kemp ever making a smart play"

I think you gave Plaschke an idea for his new column!

2008-06-03 22:22:50
473.   ucladodger

That statement is so bad it deserves to be dissected and made fun of on FJM.

2008-06-03 22:23:31
474.   silverwidow
I can't remember Kemp ever making a smart play.

There's something wrong with your memory.

2008-06-03 22:23:36
475.   Eric Stephen
At least there's this good news. Via Diamond Leung:

Left-hander Scott Elbert returned to Class AA Jacksonville almost one year to the day he underwent season-ending arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

2008-06-03 22:24:00
476.   Bluebleeder87
Lyons said it will be a minimum 3 day suspension for both, we'll see.
2008-06-03 22:24:44
477.   Eric Stephen
OK, who was quicker to defend Kemp tonight? Martin & Loney, or 464-474?
2008-06-03 22:25:08
478.   Bluebleeder87

How did he feel, no reports from the clubhouse?

2008-06-03 22:25:30
479.   Branch Rickey
459 I think (..hope..believe..) that this will be forgotten by both sides by tomorrow. Both sides get that both sides are frustrated.
2008-06-03 22:26:33
480.   sporky
475 Yay!

Now we just need Andy in LA.

2008-06-03 22:26:55
481.   natepurcell

So what, Sweeney smacked a double the other day!!!

2008-06-03 22:27:15
482.   JJ42
477 Actually it was Ethier - he was the first. He's the one wearing the blue pullover.
2008-06-03 22:27:30
483.   Bluebleeder87
I can almost guarantee you the guys in the clubhouse are already joking about it. at least that's what I hope, little comradery never hurts.
2008-06-03 22:27:51
484.   Woden325
479 That was the attitude that Ryan Spilborghs seemed to show in the Rockies post-game interview. He seemed to think that it was a little frustration boiling over, and that it's done with.
2008-06-03 22:28:28
485.   sporky
Do grown men get fired up over this kind of incident?
2008-06-03 22:30:22
486.   Bluebleeder87

that's his on camera answer, or is it?

2008-06-03 22:31:28
487.   natepurcell

It fired me up so much that I punched my living room wall.

Then again, I'm 22 and a moron.

2008-06-03 22:31:35
488.   Icaros
Kemp was already laughing in the dugout about 5 minutes after it was broken up.
2008-06-03 22:31:43
489.   CanuckDodger
460 -- Perhaps a commenter with the word "animal" in his last name is unaware that human beings are not creatures of instinct. We learn things, and Kemp is still leaning the finer points of baseball, which makes one wonder what great things Kemp can accomplish once he is more polished, since he is already really good.
2008-06-03 22:33:12
490.   sporky
487 Fired up in the sense that it acts as a motivator, like Lou Piniella's infamous blowup/ejection that "sparked" the Cubs last year.
2008-06-03 22:34:17
491.   Bluebleeder87
I think it was cool how Martin & Loney came to the rescue there, somebody mentioned Ethier came over too but I didn't see him, maybe I was focusing on only Loney & Martin.
2008-06-03 22:34:30
492.   Jon Weisman
Kemp: "He kind of shoved me and I shoved him back. It was a lot of frustration ... and it was stupid. Not a good decision on my part."
2008-06-03 22:34:59
493.   Woden325
486 His on-radio answer anyhow. It didn't sound phony to me.
I really don't get the impression that either team is going to go headhunting tomorrow, but I've been wrong before.
2008-06-03 22:35:04
494.   sporky
477 I'm getting a Bison t-shirt. I'm too cheap to buy an ill-fitting jersey.

Beat that, Loney! Or Russ!

2008-06-03 22:35:11
495.   Bluebleeder87
I like the shiny green mic in the middle.
2008-06-03 22:35:21
496.   Jon Weisman
"It was dumb on both of our parts. ... It was frustration, no excuse to act like that."
2008-06-03 22:36:06
497.   LoneStar7
at least bison handled that with a lot of maturity, he actually was well spoken there.
2008-06-03 22:37:22
498.   lukemccain
I give Kemp credit for admitting that he was stupid.
2008-06-03 22:41:08
499.   Bluebleeder87
veremos, I'm sure they mean it but when your out there playing SOMETIMES all bets are off, players never forget, specially when things aren't going well.
2008-06-03 22:41:35
500.   ucladodger

Does that surprise you?

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-06-03 22:43:08
501.   Bluebleeder87
it was all reaction on Matts part, you can't blame him for it, I ain't.
2008-06-03 22:43:23
502.   underdog
Bad Altitude's own take on the game is up already if you're curious. Pretty fair account (except for mistakenly calling the Bison "the Baby" ;-) )

Okay, now back to rewriting the same scene over and over again.

2008-06-03 22:49:07
503.   LoneStar7
500 well I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly he called out his own mistake, realized it wasn't smart, and was apologetic toward his over reaction...I definitely knew bison was a good guy, but i was impressed with how he handled the press
2008-06-03 22:49:21
504.   Jon Weisman

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