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Kershaw III: Kershawker
2008-06-04 11:30
by Jon Weisman

Not only has Dodger manager Joe Torre told Tony Jackson of the Daily News and others that they don't intend to use Clayton Kershaw after today's start until the next time they need a fifth starter - June 14 at Detroit - he's indicating that Kershaw will only be an option of last resort out of the bullpen during that time.

"I think you're probably better off saying he would be available out of the bullpen than saying you would use him out of the bullpen," Torre said. "We could use this situation to save innings with Kershaw."

Club officials have placed a strict limit of 170 innings on Kershaw for the entire season because he threw only 122 last year, his first full season in professional baseball. He already has thrown 52 innings this season between Double-A Jacksonville and the majors.

Even with the resumption of regular off days - the club is off each of the next three Mondays - the Dodgers still will need Kershaw to start once a week, effectively becoming their designated Saturday starter.

Beginning June 24, the Dodgers will play on 21 consecutive days heading into the All-Star break, so Kershaw presumably will go back to starting every fifth day during that stretch.

It will be interesting to see how closely the Dodgers hold to this plan if Kershaw pitches well today. Meanwhile, some anecdotes from the past:

  • In 1988, 20-year-old Ramon Martinez had a 1.73 ERA after making his first four career starts, then only pitched 9 2/3 innings the remainder of the season.

  • In 1989, Martinez pitched a nine-strikeout shutout (125 pitches) in the first game of a June 5 doubleheader, then went back to the minors and did not return until July 17.

  • Just shy of his 21st birthday, Pedro Martinez had two innings of shutout relief before starting and allowing two runs over six innings in 1992. He was with the team in 1993, but didn't make a start until September. He became a full-time starter with Montreal in 1994.

    Update: Well, scratch all that. Kershaw will start in San Diego on Tuesday after all, Jackson reports today:

    He then would start again the following Sunday at Detroit. Joe Torre leaves this stuff mostly to Rick Honeycutt, who keeps a detailed chart and is very cognizant of the innings-pitched limit that has been placed on Kershaw this season. What this also means is that Derek Lowe will get to pitch in Detroit, his hometown, when he would have missed that series if Kershaw had been skipped the next time through. As it stands, D-Lowe will now pitch the opener at Comerica Park a week from Friday.

    * * *

    A suggestion by ESPN's Peter Gammons that Russell Martin will or should play shortstop won't be fulfilled, according to Kevin Pearson of the Press-Enterprise.

    Martin said he made the comment to Gammons in humor, saying he would love the chance to play shortstop in a major league game. But Martin and Torre refuted it, with Torre saying, "I'm not a part of that plan."

    "I'd love to play there, and I know I can play there," said Martin, who takes grounders daily at the position. "It was just me talking. It's a life goal to play shortstop at this level, but I'm a catcher."

    * * *

    Rockies at Dodgers, 12:10 p.m.

  • Comments (312)
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    2008-06-04 11:42:07
    1.   Sam DC
    I need funner life goals.
    2008-06-04 11:42:32
    2.   LoneStar7
    hopefully we're keeping CK rested for the stretch run, in which we'll hopefully be healthy, and making a serious run at winning the division.
    2008-06-04 11:44:19
    3.   Kevin Lewis
    OT: Lost Question

    Is anyone else annoyed that they did not go back to the wreckage in Penny's boat to look for survivors?

    2008-06-04 11:44:51
    4.   Axim
    Tony Jackson's latest blog post says otherwise. Kershaw to start next tuesday.
    2008-06-04 11:45:34
    5.   Kevin Lewis
    Tony J just updated the info, saying Kershaw will make his next start in SD.
    2008-06-04 11:48:23
    6.   sporky
    Scott Elbert in to pitch the 7th inning for Jacksonville.
    2008-06-04 11:49:57
    7.   Jon Weisman
    4/5 - Yeah, that's pretty irritating timing for me...
    2008-06-04 11:50:16
    8.   sporky
    6 8th inning.
    2008-06-04 11:50:20
    9.   kinbote
    Crocodile Kershaw in Los Angeles

    Honey We Shrunk Our Offense

    Kershaw Forever

    (yes, I googled "worst threequels")

    2008-06-04 11:51:03
    10.   Jon Weisman
    3 - That didn't occur to me, but wouldn't too much time have passed?
    2008-06-04 11:52:45
    11.   bhsportsguy
    It also means that Chad gets to pitch in Ohio for the first time in his career as the Dodgers make their second trip into Cincy (due to interleague play).

    Hopefully, Chad will have a nice showing from his friends and family.

    2008-06-04 11:53:01
    12.   Bob Timmermann
    And did anyone remember where the freighter was?

    Did Lapidus remember what his heading was before he crashed?

    2008-06-04 11:54:15
    13.   LoneStar7
    3 what wreckage? it was all demolished by C4, the O6 had been sitting in the life raft for a while before they were found by penny...unless they expected the rest to be floating around on scrap metal from the boats explosion, I don't think they were going to find anything
    2008-06-04 11:54:17
    14.   bhsportsguy
    5 It is only one more start in June.

    And it means that I may have to seriously consider going to San Diego next Tuesday.

    2008-06-04 11:54:40
    15.   underdog
    The Kershawk Redemption.

    (Okay, sorry, I realize Jon didn't ask for further suggestions.)

    Elbert 1 inning, 1 K, 1 BB, no hits. Welcome back Scott!

    2008-06-04 11:56:37
    16.   underdog
    There were a few dangling threads that you have to make assumptions about in that last Lost episode. And what the heck is up with Claire's baby Aaron, is he Magic Baby, needs no feedings, survives helicopter drops with nary a fuss, etc?
    2008-06-04 11:58:35
    17.   Eric Stephen
    I haven't ordered tickets yet but I'm going for sure.
    2008-06-04 11:58:44
    18.   Kevin Lewis
    From Diamond:

    "Basically, he just took a stand," Rockies manager Clint Hurdle said. "He wasn't going to get pushed around, plain and simple. I think if you've played this game for a while, if somebody pushes you in front of 38,000 people, I think he acted pretty appropriately..."

    I may find myself in the minority here, but this kind of thinking drives me insane. They both made mistakes. Kemp should not have pushed him the way he did, and he has said so, but why is it "okay" for Torrealba to respond that way just because it is in front of a crowd? What about being the mature person and just walking away?

    2008-06-04 11:59:38
    19.   Bob Timmermann
    I think the statement by Hurdle is untrue as I doubt there were 38,000 people left at Dodger Stadium in the 8th inning.
    2008-06-04 12:00:50
    20.   Kevin Lewis

    There was no real time line given to us...a day on the raft? But given Sun's loss, wouldn't you at least try to head that way to see if anyone is floating on some wreckage?

    2008-06-04 12:01:38
    21.   D4P
    He musta thought he was in St. Louis.
    2008-06-04 12:02:30
    22.   kinbote
    Great news on Elbert. Assuming the rest of this year is devoted to his just getting healthy, I'm curious whether they'll even try him as a starter next year.
    2008-06-04 12:03:54
    23.   dianagramr
    Kershaw III: You only pitch Thrice
    2008-06-04 12:04:12
    24.   Bluebleeder87
    there is a taste in the air when young Kershaw pitches, I'm tell you man!!
    2008-06-04 12:04:51
    25.   Eric Stephen
    Man, this 0 for 36 streak by the SS is a hard one to top.

    Dodger 2B in 1990 (Juan Samuel + 2 PA of Lenny Harris) had an 0 for 32 stretch in June.

    Eric Karros had an 0 for 27 in 1996 and was the only man at 1B during his futile streak.

    Right after the Piazza trade in 1998, Dodger catchers (all but one PA was Charles Johnson) had an 0 for 26 slide.

    2008-06-04 12:05:11
    26.   kinbote
    18 I think Kemp was 100% in the wrong, and anything that happened after Kemp pushed him was totally expectable. I don't blame Torrealba at all.
    2008-06-04 12:07:01
    27.   Jon Weisman
    16 - That, I have definitely noticed.
    2008-06-04 12:07:27
    28.   Linkmeister
    20 I thought (somehow) that they'd been on that raft for a week.
    2008-06-04 12:07:58
    29.   underdog
    Oh man. This isn't on TV? :-(
    2008-06-04 12:08:39
    30.   regfairfield
    16 I think The Island is protecting him like Michael.
    2008-06-04 12:09:55
    31.   underdog
    My mistake. There's just no link to MLBTV on the Gameday window for some reason.
    2008-06-04 12:10:46
    32.   JT Dutch

    "stretch run"
    "serious run at winning the Division"

    ... Thanks for giving me the biggest laugh I've had in about a week. It has been a dreary day at work thus far, and I needed it.

    I think the Dodgers better worry about being overtaken by the Giants before anything else.

    2008-06-04 12:11:58
    33.   fanerman
    If Lapidus did know his heading in the helicopter, would he or anybody still be able to figure out where the wreckage would be after x hours/days on the raft?

    No point going to the island when they saw it disappear anyway. The Island won't let Aaron die, as is my assumption.

    2008-06-04 12:12:06
    34.   Alex41592
    Braun RBI Single 2-1 Brewers Bot 3
    2008-06-04 12:12:09
    35.   twerp
    Too late for last thread, as I suspected. {But he plows ahead anyhow}:

    "I am no Pierre supporter, but how can you say with a straight face that the Dodgers' problems exist, in part, because we don't have Cody Ross? Jayson Werth, on the other hand... "

    This may not have anything to do with my original post mentioning Ross and his 10HR to go with Werth's 9. But that comment wasn't meant as wishing Ross was still around (tho there apparently are worse things). It was meant as "wouldn't you know it" about the two and their measly 19HR. vs. the power-challenged Dodgers team total of 39. ;)

    And "Ross'.202 BA probably would be the focus for some folks" should be read as folks like Ned, who'd probably only look at BA, ignorning any and everything else.
    What's done is done. They're no longer Dodgers.

    As for the decisions leading to their no longer being Dodgers, or any others Ned has made--it seems to me that for a team to be consistently excellent, the GM has to be really good and/or really lucky, then after a while just really good.

    You can make a pretty fair case so far that Ned is neither.

    There might be one good recent sign that he's learning: his telling Tony J. that he was close to acquiring a backup infielder. But he hadn't already decided it should be Lucille II. Yet it's quite possible that'll be his solution...surely not...

    2008-06-04 12:13:52
    36.   regfairfield
    35 Ramon Martinez is hurt.
    2008-06-04 12:13:56
    37.   underdog
    32 You're such a positive force around these parts, it's refreshing.

    You do realize the Dodgers will be 2.5 games out of first if they win today and Arizona loses, right? Just checking.

    Thanks for the good cheer!

    2008-06-04 12:14:05
    38.   Alex41592
    Fielder RBI Single 3-1 Brewers Bot 3
    2008-06-04 12:14:23
    39.   underdog
    There's Public Enemy #1!
    2008-06-04 12:14:41
    40.   D4P
    Gameday is not showing the SPD, BRK, or PFX on Kershaw's pitches.
    2008-06-04 12:15:09
    41.   Alex41592
    Hart RBI Single 4-1 Brewers Bot 3
    2008-06-04 12:19:09
    42.   underdog
    40 - All I know is the curveball that was ball 2 to Helton broke so much he ducked out of the way and then almost landed as a strike. It just missed.
    2008-06-04 12:23:04
    43.   Kevin Lewis

    I understand your feelings on it, but that is where I disagree. For me what is expected is different than what is correct. I know this is all subjective, but Torrealba in my eyes is accountable for his decision to not let it go. Of course, we live in a society that generally thinks he had to respond the way he did. I am arguing that there could be a different expectation in our culture.

    2008-06-04 12:23:30
    44.   twerp
    36. Thanks. I don't really want to say it's good that someone is hurt, but maybe injuries can have good unintended consequences.

    Of course, this probably means I gave Ned too much credit for not calling up Lucille II immediately. It's likely he would have.

    2008-06-04 12:26:08
    45.   Daniel Zappala
    Regarding Lost, it's entirely possible that they did go back in Penny's boat to check for survivors. Remember, the show is not shown chronologically -- it jumps all over the place. It's possible they went and found everything mysteriously vanished, like the island, and they will show that later. It's even possible they went back, rescued some people, and then hid them on Penny's boat, for whatever reason (injured in the blast, and that didn't jive with their story).

    At this point, you have to be open for anything to happen -- Walt being the island savior, Locke coming back to life, Aaron being a super-baby, Jin being alive and in the care of Desmond, Ben being a good guy in the end, whatever. The show has a history of keeping its viewers in the dark.

    2008-06-04 12:28:57
    46.   still bevens
    Today is gonna be a long day. Cook is no slouch. We also have 3 automatic outs at the bottom of the lineup.
    2008-06-04 12:30:49
    47.   Eric Stephen
    Vin drops the "Clayshaw" nickname, perhaps unintentionally.
    2008-06-04 12:34:15
    48.   underdog

    Was that on a fastball?


    2008-06-04 12:34:16
    49.   JT Dutch

    ... You were saying? Something about winning today?

    2008-06-04 12:34:49
    50.   ucladodger
    Well this isnt exactly the start we hoped for. With the lineup we have today, I'd be surprised if we scoe more than twice.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-06-04 12:35:15
    51.   Wilbert Robinson
    what happened? at work and these computers are dinosaurs.
    2008-06-04 12:35:28
    52.   bhsportsguy
    Again, he needs to pull be able to pull the string now and then so they just don't sit on the fastball.
    2008-06-04 12:36:22
    53.   Doctor
    yep, no point in having him up till he learns a 3rd pitch.
    2008-06-04 12:37:43
    54.   sporky
    Such a lovely optimistic gathering today.
    2008-06-04 12:37:45
    55.   ucladodger

    He'd be fine without a 3rd pitch if he could spot the other 2. The fastball and curve are that good. But, he still doesnt have that kind of control yet. Thats fine for AA, but not in the majors.

    2008-06-04 12:38:56
    56.   regfairfield
    44 Better him than Maza.
    2008-06-04 12:40:39
    57.   fanerman
    54 I wouldn't expect any less from us.
    2008-06-04 12:41:24
    58.   bigcpa
    Fanboy alert! Helton just tossed me a ball which was fouled off a Kershaw pitch.
    2008-06-04 12:41:46
    59.   scareduck
    53 - it occurs to me that (and the unnecessary starting of his major league service time clock) may be the single most compelling reason to keep Kershaw in the minors. Good point.
    2008-06-04 12:42:25
    60.   ucladodger
    that thing was at his ankles, and he called it a strike? Jeeprs.
    2008-06-04 12:43:00
    61.   Eric Stephen
    I knew I should have taken those seats!!
    2008-06-04 12:48:03
    62.   Eric Stephen
    Loney ties Derrek Lee for the NL lead in GIDP, with his twelfth.
    2008-06-04 12:48:41
    63.   bablue
    Another bad at bat by Loney. Ugh. Stop rolling over the ball!

    If he had just struck out we'd be in pretty good shape.

    2008-06-04 12:49:34
    64.   Eric Stephen
    So does no TV for today's game mean I will get 9 innings of Vin?
    2008-06-04 12:51:45
    65.   bhsportsguy
    64 Its on Prime Ticket so, I would say no, you will Charley and Rick after the 3rd.
    2008-06-04 12:52:24
    66.   scareduck
    64 - Charlie Steiner had a sub for his XM radio show today, for whatever that means.
    2008-06-04 12:54:11
    67.   scareduck
    64 - let me reconsider that comment. The schedule shows this game on TV, on Prime Ticket.
    2008-06-04 12:55:39
    68.   LogikReader

    12 consecutive innings without a run!

    2008-06-04 12:55:41
    69.   Eric Stephen
    Loney is on pace for a staggering 33 GIDP this season. The 30 GIDP plateau has only been reached 14 times in MLB history. Interestingly, 11 of the 14 offenders had an OPS+ of 112 or higher. Pudge II even owns an MVP (that should probably either be on the mantle of Pedro or Jeter) during a 31 GIDP season.

    2008-06-04 12:55:53
    70.   bhsportsguy
    66 He doesn't do the shows on travel days, days after a late night trips and day games.
    2008-06-04 12:56:58
    71.   Eric Stephen
    I blame underdog for my lack of post-3rd inning Vin!
    2008-06-04 12:57:44
    72.   El Lay Dave
    65 The way some of the games have gone lately, I've been Charleying and Ricking before the third at times as well.
    2008-06-04 12:57:45
    73.   Bob Timmermann
    Billy Hitchock's 30 GIDP in 1950 has always been an outlier. It's sort of the Brady Anderson of GIDP seasons.
    2008-06-04 12:57:56
    74.   LogikReader
    Nice Double Play?

    I only see it on Gameday.

    2008-06-04 12:58:14
    75.   Eric Stephen
    You know what they say, 37th time is the charm!
    2008-06-04 12:58:38
    76.   El Lay Dave
    Good time for the GIDP, but Kershaw is already up to 67 pitches.
    2008-06-04 12:59:31
    77.   LoneStar7
    If we have to sit through another 2-0 stinker, I'm gonna be angry, I'd probably rather get blown out...

    I hate sitting here all game with a manageable deficit not doing a thing about it, come on offense!

    2008-06-04 13:00:05
    78.   Bob Timmermann
    The hits just keep on not coming from Dodger shortstops.
    2008-06-04 13:00:33
    79.   Eric Stephen
    I should also note Ernie Lombardi (catcher with a 153 OPS+) also won MVP with a 30+ GIDP season.
    2008-06-04 13:00:38
    80.   Linkmeister
    It's on Prime Ticket out here, with Vin. I heard the homerun while scrubbing down our (orange) front door to get some mildew off the thing before company arrives.
    2008-06-04 13:01:44
    81.   Bob Timmermann
    Two home runs today for Hanley Ramirez! More weeping 11-year olds.
    2008-06-04 13:02:14
    82.   ucladodger
    That wedge checked up nicely.
    2008-06-04 13:03:18
    83.   LogikReader


    I'm so glad Florida made the right move extending his contract. Can't speak to any 11 year olds...

    2008-06-04 13:03:32
    84.   ucladodger
    Laz Diaz stinks behind the plate. so inconsistent.
    2008-06-04 13:03:33
    85.   Gen3Blue
    Thats a JP texas leaguer--over the pitcher but not as far as the infielders.
    2008-06-04 13:03:40
    86.   LogikReader
    Bob, two home runs does wonders for my fantasy team. Go Han Ram!!
    2008-06-04 13:05:02
    87.   Eric Stephen
    I don't mean to call you out, but it seems there is not a single home plate umpire with which you are in agreement.
    2008-06-04 13:05:14
    88.   LoneStar7
    was that an infield single, im on gday
    2008-06-04 13:05:43
    89.   ucladodger
    Juan was out by about 5 feet. That's pathetic.
    2008-06-04 13:05:43
    90.   Gen3Blue
    Good, Kemp gets an extra at bat.
    2008-06-04 13:05:44
    91.   bablue
    I wish Juan would steal. Then at least if he gets thrown out, we have the good hitters leading off. Otherwise we probably get a Kemp single , and then Eithier gets out. We need those guys to lead off, not bat with two outs.

    Oh hey, it happened!! Ha!!!

    2008-06-04 13:06:13
    92.   fanerman
    CS, eh?
    2008-06-04 13:06:44
    93.   bablue

    Yeah, it was a little nubber over the itchers head. It was pretty pathetic.

    2008-06-04 13:07:00
    94.   LogikReader

    13 consecutive innings without a run.

    2008-06-04 13:08:32
    95.   Bob Timmermann
    Oh no, Gameday has lost its pFX functions temporarily.

    I need my pFX!

    2008-06-04 13:09:33
    96.   old dodger fan
    So Pierre was CSed and then picked off yesterday and CSed today. The one thing he does well, suddenly he's doing poorly.
    2008-06-04 13:10:12
    97.   tjdub
    Wanted to share a good somewhat baseball related customer service story while the ongoing game is thrill-less.

    I sent my son's defective bat back to Easton and they said they would replace it but his model (a 2008) is on back order and can't be shipped for at least 2 wks. Rather than making him wait, they're sending him a brand new upgraded 2009 model, a bat now worth twice as much as the one I bought him 9 months ago. They were very nice.

    2008-06-04 13:10:18
    98.   El Lay Dave
    JP drops to a 75% SB success rate. Most observers consider that good, but watching runners thrown out 1/4 of the time irritates me no end.
    2008-06-04 13:10:59
    99.   LoneStar7
    not looking good
    2008-06-04 13:11:32
    100.   El Lay Dave
    97 Plus they make nice youtube videos.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-06-04 13:12:19
    101.   underdog
    71 Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was indeed on TV and to hear Vin, but that was 4 innings ago. (The pleasant feelings I mean.)

    But I also left to do some work while keeping an eye on the game, and because I frankly didn't feel like being caught up in a small vortex of negativity here. Hard not to be when the offense is so woeful these days, mind you.

    Ah well. Another meeting coming up soon will mean I'll miss the end of this game, so I wish I could bequeath Eric S some Vin Scully for those missing innings but alas I do not have the power.

    2008-06-04 13:12:55
    102.   Gilberto Reyes
    The bright side...Arizona is getting pummelled 10-1 by the Brewers again.

    It's still early but it doesn't look like a wilcard team will come from the NL West this year. The whole division is playing horrible right now.

    2008-06-04 13:13:42
    103.   underdog
    Although Vin seems especially senile today, but that's okay, even a slightly spacey Vin is far better than a Rick "I don't know the score" Monday.
    2008-06-04 13:13:54
    104.   bhsportsguy
    If the Dodgers win 50% of the games started by Kershaw, that will be a good start to his career.
    2008-06-04 13:13:56
    105.   El Lay Dave
    How about a nice GIDP from Quintanilla here?
    2008-06-04 13:14:27
    106.   underdog
    That was just what the doctor ordered. Nice dig by Loney.
    2008-06-04 13:14:32
    107.   Jon Weisman
    If in fact Kershaw isn't throwing his changeup anymore, why? It wasn't ineffective against St. Louis.
    2008-06-04 13:15:37
    108.   Bluebleeder87
    it is only a 2 run deficit & to tell you the truth I'm glad Kershaw isnt having it easy, these things tend to be good for a still learning pitcher. He knows now that he should really develop another pitch.
    2008-06-04 13:15:45
    109.   Gilberto Reyes
    103 Vinny is not senile yet. And don't forget, he claims to read Dodger Thoughts! We don't want him to retire yet.
    2008-06-04 13:15:48
    110.   El Lay Dave
    Well! 82 pitches through four IP.
    2008-06-04 13:16:38
    111.   Eric Stephen
    Kind of a Billingsley baptism by fire, if you will.
    2008-06-04 13:16:53
    112.   LoneStar7
    for a second i returned back thinking we had turned a triple play lol..but i know read it was a fly out followed by a GIDP
    2008-06-04 13:17:44
    113.   Jim Hitchcock
    73 BH was a bum!
    2008-06-04 13:17:44
    114.   Sam DC
    My 7 yr old has so far been brutally let down today by Micah Owings, Mark Texeira, short Chris Young, Brian McCann and Dan Uggla (who didn't even bother to suit up, slacker!).

    He needs big nights from Edinson Volquez and Josh Hamilton!

    2008-06-04 13:18:17
    115.   Bluebleeder87
    all these things tend to fall for the good in the long run.
    2008-06-04 13:18:29
    116.   LoneStar7
    was the ball he struck out on a sinker low and away?
    2008-06-04 13:18:33
    117.   Bob Timmermann
    The AZ-Milwaukee game confirms for me that there are two Édgar Gonzalezes in the majors.
    2008-06-04 13:19:09
    118.   Bob Timmermann
    But Uggla was off to go watch the birth of his child.
    2008-06-04 13:19:31
    119.   underdog
    109 We love you Vin, don't retire!

    I think he just needs more coffee today.

    2008-06-04 13:20:28
    120.   underdog
    Uh oh, look out if you're a batting helmet in the dugout. Andre was robbed of a hit.
    2008-06-04 13:20:46
    121.   LoneStar7
    119 what was said that causing this retirement upraor?
    2008-06-04 13:21:22
    122.   dzzrtRatt
    We can beat this guy. Come on, gents!
    2008-06-04 13:22:13
    123.   underdog
    121 - I just noticed that Vin's made some odd goofs in speaking today, nothing big. Move it along people, nothing more to see, move it along.

    I suppose the same applies to the Dodgers offense, alas.

    2008-06-04 13:22:29
    124.   LogikReader
    A-la Peanut Butter Sandwiches!!


    14 consecutive innings without a run.

    2008-06-04 13:23:19
    125.   LogikReader
    Even with the lousy offense, I'm pleased to see Kershaw deliver another strong outing (so far).

    Are half of his starts so far day games?

    2008-06-04 13:23:49
    126.   Sam DC
    118 Oh sure, who does he think he is, Cesar Izturis?
    2008-06-04 13:23:52
    127.   Bob Hendley
    91 - I have no love for JP (and don't believe that he is a very good leadoff hitter), but I can't go so far as to not wish him well in the game. If Andre can't hit with two outs, well, that's another problem.
    2008-06-04 13:24:36
    128.   dzzrtRatt
    Maybe Vin needs to be treated like Jeff Kent: No day games after a night game.

    Actually, he sounds like his effervescent self today. He always makes a few goofs in the early innings. He hits his stride after he's no longer responsible for a simulcast.

    2008-06-04 13:25:05
    129.   rockmrete
    By the Dodgers limiting CK's inning, they are also not allowing him to build arm strenght/endurance.

    Then they allow him to throw 100+ pitches in his first start, close to that in his second and now this game.

    That seems to offset the value of limited inning, and venture into dangerous territory.

    2008-06-04 13:25:37
    130.   Jon Weisman
    Where's my lighthouse? I had it here somewhere. Maybe in my other pants?

    2008-06-04 13:26:27
    131.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
    This is not the bunt you have been looking for.
    2008-06-04 13:27:20
    132.   Bluebleeder87
    It is not cool when you don't know what's going my radio dose not wanna work (am anyways)
    2008-06-04 13:28:35
    133.   Jon Weisman
    129 - Is there something inherently wrong with throwing 100-110 pitches in a game? That's below what's generally considered to be the danger zone.

    I think the danger for a young pitcher is that he throws too many pitches too often, not that he throws a normal number of pitches with solid rest.

    Kershaw's turn was skipped once or twice in the weeks before he was called up - it's not as if they had him on ice.

    2008-06-04 13:29:11
    134.   Bob Hendley
    128 - He called D. Young "Peanuts" last night, which is fine with me.
    2008-06-04 13:30:34
    135.   Eric Stephen
    Just because Ryan Spilborghs is batting 3rd today doesn't mean he some uberhitter to be feared. 3 walks by Spilborghs!!!
    2008-06-04 13:31:02
    136.   JoeyP
    5 innings
    5 hits (1 HR)
    4 bbs
    5 ks
    2008-06-04 13:31:39
    137.   Bob Timmermann
    Spilborghs had four walks in a game against the Mets two weeks ago.
    2008-06-04 13:32:08
    138.   Eric Stephen
    Am I on a delay on MLB Audio? I have 0-2 to Helton right now.
    2008-06-04 13:32:43
    139.   bablue

    It has nothing to do with wanting him to do bad, I just thought that would be our best chance to score. Isn't that the whole idea?

    2008-06-04 13:33:24
    140.   Bob Timmermann
    Time on Gameday Audio moves differently where you are. For example, you could call up someone in the Dodgers press box and find out that the count is 0-2 on Helton, while from the perspective of people at the game, it's all over.
    2008-06-04 13:33:59
    141.   Daniel Zappala
    I feel misled. I thought Kershaw was going to be throwing perfect games every time out, starting the first day he was called up. I blame Dodger Thoughts.
    2008-06-04 13:34:02
    142.   rockmrete
    Not that there is anything wrong with it. It just seems that to make throwing 100+ pitches normal you need to build up to it as they do in sring training, or like when they come back from injury.

    I'm no expert...I did however stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

    2008-06-04 13:35:22
    143.   JoeyP
    104 pitches in 5 innings is Brad Penny-esque. Its pretty amazing he threw that many, and got 2 DPs, and only gave up 2 runs.
    2008-06-04 13:36:23
    144.   Jon Weisman
    Kershaw faced 22 batters:
    5 strikeouts
    6 ground outs (including two double plays)
    4 singles

    1 flyout
    1 line-drive out
    1 home run
    4 walks

    2008-06-04 13:37:12
    145.   Jon Weisman
    142 - Right. You seem to imply that he hasn't been building up to it. I'm not sure where you're getting that.
    2008-06-04 13:37:52
    146.   JT Dutch
    ... A lot of empty seats in the ballpark. Good. Perhaps the owner will get the message.
    2008-06-04 13:37:58
    147.   Daniel Zappala
    Rally time.
    2008-06-04 13:38:53
    148.   Bob Timmermann
    What message will the owner get? The message that a lot of season ticket holders didn't feel like skipping work?
    2008-06-04 13:39:39
    149.   Eric Stephen
    The message that school isn't out yet?
    2008-06-04 13:40:10
    150.   LoneStar7
    Loney's hitting hasn't necessarily been bad lately, just untimely
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-06-04 13:40:52
    151.   Bob Hendley
    139 - Understood. 16 innings without scoring.
    2008-06-04 13:40:54
    152.   blue22
    149 - The message that Clayton Kershaw doesn't bring the crowds, and is therefore expendable.
    2008-06-04 13:41:00
    153.   JoeyP
    Its not out?

    I dont think I ever had a school year that lasted past June 1st.

    2008-06-04 13:41:03
    154.   bablue
    Sigh. I can hardly watch this offense anymore. Can't they at least get a couple of runs?
    2008-06-04 13:41:11
    155.   LoneStar7 we lead off the inning with the black hole...except I dont expect kershaw to be batting at least
    2008-06-04 13:41:43
    156.   JT Dutch

    ... Well, other than the part about the bad baseball team out there on the field, yeah.

    2008-06-04 13:41:58
    157.   JoeyP
    150-- He's got 2 extra base hits in his last 19 games.
    2008-06-04 13:42:50
    158.   Eric Stephen
    The UC system is on the quarter schedule (late Sept to mid June). But I was thinking more of younger school kids. In college, having class wasn't much of a deterrent. :)
    2008-06-04 13:43:12
    159.   Jon Weisman
    So, no takers on 107 ?
    2008-06-04 13:43:27
    160.   bhsportsguy
    Historically, Dodgers don't draw well to day games during the week outside of Opening Day. They give a lot of tickets to school kids on these days.

    That is why they don't schedule that many of them.

    They have only 2 more scheduled, later this month against the White Sox and another in August against the Rockies.

    2008-06-04 13:45:10
    161.   Eric Stephen
    I'm on audio only, but I would guess he's just having command problems much like Brad Penny right now.
    2008-06-04 13:46:00
    162.   bhsportsguy
    146 Attendance is not something to use when analyzing interest in the Dodgers.
    2008-06-04 13:46:07
    163.   LoneStar7
    157 well hes hit safely in four straight, it obviously hasn't been good hitting..

    its just that he had a hit in the top 9th with no one on last night, and today he leads off with a hit in front of guys like hu and maza, after GIDP with Russell on base..

    my point is it just hasn't been clutch, starting with those two close misses in chicago with the bases loaded, those were heartbreaking

    2008-06-04 13:46:32
    164.   JoeyP
    It actually made sense that Kershaw pitched around Spilborghs to get to Helton.

    Spilborghs was 10-28 vs LHP this year.

    His career vs LHP in 179 ABs

    Call him Olmedo Saenzborghs.

    2008-06-04 13:47:04
    165.   KG16
    159 - I'd posit that he's most comfortable with his fastball and curveball, thus those are the pitches he's willing/able to throw in the show.
    2008-06-04 13:47:08
    166.   D4P
    Chan Ho Park!
    Chan Ho Park!
    Chan Ho Park!
    2008-06-04 13:47:44
    167.   bablue
    Who is that on the mound? I don't recognize him.
    2008-06-04 13:48:04
    168.   Bob Timmermann
    Too bad Chan Ho couldn't strike out the side on 9 pitches.

    The last pitcher to do that:

    Buddy Carlyle!

    2008-06-04 13:48:15
    169.   JoeyP
    Park K's the side all swinging!
    2008-06-04 13:48:41
    170.   LogikReader

    15 consecutive innings without a run.

    That notice was late but, going to the 6th... let's GET SOME RUNS!!! :-)

    2008-06-04 13:49:39
    171.   LoneStar7
    170 sorry, its black hole time baby!
    2008-06-04 13:50:25
    172.   JoeyP
    I feel bad for Hu.
    This could be the worst 100Abs I've ever seen a player put up to start the season.
    2008-06-04 13:50:46
    173.   D4P
    Chin Lung Hu!
    Chin Lung Hu!
    Chin Lung Hu!
    2008-06-04 13:50:51
    174.   LogikReader

    I have 16 because I didn't count the 9th inning from Monday's game. Since only the top half was played, I used only the 8th inning as the starting point, then the 1st inning of Tuesday's game.

    2008-06-04 13:50:56
    175.   KG16
    Did Chan Ho Park actually just strike out the side?

    I am beginning to think that the young Chan Ho Park some how figured out the delicacies of time travel and has joined the 2008 Dodgers directly from 1997 (or possibly 2000)

    2008-06-04 13:50:57
    176.   Gen3Blue
    If Chan Ho's arm holds together, he could be our best starter. As a matter of fact we can throw 5 better than average starters without Penny or Schmidt, IMO.

    But we need offense badly!
    surprising--Hu will take it!

    2008-06-04 13:51:28
    177.   Bob Timmermann
    A hit, a very palpable hit.
    2008-06-04 13:51:40
    178.   Bob Hendley
    That counts as a hit, right?
    2008-06-04 13:51:58
    179.   Gen3Blue
    Runner in scoring position! And up comes.....
    2008-06-04 13:52:05
    180.   LogikReader

    15 I meant... I had 15... Nice sacrifice by Park!

    Geez, I think I'm going senile myself.

    2008-06-04 13:52:11
    181.   KG16
    Now would be a great time to have Young pinch hit
    2008-06-04 13:52:31
    182.   Jon Weisman
    165 - That doesn't explain why he'd use the changeup in the first game, then abandon it even though it worked fine.
    2008-06-04 13:53:13
    183.   Jacob L
    Do we not have enough pitchers? Does Park really have to come up to bunt when we're down 2 in the 6th?
    2008-06-04 13:54:26
    184.   D4P
    Pierre is so good at making contact and has so little power anyway, that there's no reason why any of his PAs should end with fewer than 2 strikes (except for HBPs and BBs, of course).
    2008-06-04 13:54:28
    185.   Bob Hendley
    So how will this appear in the record book, since the current administration is still in office?
    2008-06-04 13:54:37
    186.   Jacob L
    To answer my own question, maybe the issue is more a shortage of pinch hitters, as opposed to a shortage of relievers.
    2008-06-04 13:54:38
    187.   KG16
    182 - good point. Maybe he's just not confident enough in it to throw it more often. The other possibility is that whoever is calling the game doesn't have confidence in it.
    2008-06-04 13:55:25
    188.   D4P
    Does Park really have to come up to bunt when we're down 2 in the 6th?

    Perhaps our Management thinks that sac bunting is a good thing, and that we didn't give anything up in the process...

    2008-06-04 13:56:12
    189.   LoneStar7
    according to gameday, you'd have to swing with a cricket bat to foul of that pitch that juan just foul tipped
    2008-06-04 13:56:24
    190.   Jacob L
    If JP can foul off nine more pitches, then hit a homer, I'll be impressed.
    2008-06-04 13:57:12
    191.   Bob Hendley
    181 - Agreed. I think yesterday was enough (for me at least) to declare Dodger Stadium as Pew Wee's Playhouse.
    2008-06-04 13:57:17
    192.   JT Dutch
    ... A very good at bat for Pierre.
    2008-06-04 13:57:38
    193.   BlueCrew Bruin
    190 Haha, I was just about to post that Pierre was halfway to a Cora. :)
    2008-06-04 13:58:03
    194.   JT Dutch
    ... A Run!! A Run!!
    2008-06-04 13:58:44
    195.   LoneStar7
    2008-06-04 13:59:42
    196.   Bob Hendley
    192 - That was as good as a sacrifice, right! Management must be very proud of JP.
    2008-06-04 13:59:49
    197.   Jacob L
    191 {Tangent warning) I just bought my daughter the Pee Wee's Playhouse season 1 DVDs for her third birthday. Everyone accused me of buying a gift for myself, which is probably true. Nonetheless, the kid is absolutely enthralled. Its just brilliant, creative kids' tv.
    2008-06-04 13:59:57
    198.   Xeifrank
    Win expectancy now up to 35%.
    vr, Xei
    2008-06-04 14:00:06
    199.   D4P
    It's as if that run were produced in a factory.
    2008-06-04 14:00:38
    200.   LogikReader
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-06-04 14:00:53
    201.   Jim Hitchcock
    Hu got a hit? Huzzah!
    2008-06-04 14:00:54
    202.   Bob Hendley
    OMG. Vinny just extolled JP for getting the runner over to third so that he could score.
    2008-06-04 14:02:02
    203.   whodat807
    202 Why is that OMG-worthy?
    2008-06-04 14:02:10
    204.   LoneStar7
    ay too bad, well run is manageable for most teams right, why not us
    2008-06-04 14:02:17
    205.   LogikReader
    Gosh, but if the Dodgers score only one run again, I'm gonna be kinda bummed out.
    2008-06-04 14:02:16
    206.   Travis08
    Longest non-pitcher hitless streaks by team-position, 2007:

    39 at-bats, Tampa Bay CF (Dukes, Baldelli, Upton), May 4-15.
    35, Atlanta LF (Diaz, Langerhans), April 15-24.
    35, Yankees DH (Matsui, Posada, Giambi, Damon, Duncan), September 15-26.
    31, Baltimore C (Bako, Hernandez, House) August 18-28.
    31, Toronto 3B (Glaus, Luna), July 31-August 11.
    30, Anaheim 3B (Figgins, Izturis), May 13-20.
    30, Colorado 2B (Carroll, Barmes, Quintanilla) April 21-May 1.

    2008-06-04 14:02:21
    207.   BlueCrew Bruin
    Sac Bunt
    Infield Single

    I think this constitutes hitting for the cycle if you're a Dodger.

    2008-06-04 14:02:33
    208.   Wilbert Robinson
    Have the dodgers hit a ball that has left the infield in this game?
    2008-06-04 14:03:38
    209.   Bob Timmermann
    DeWitt flied out to center.
    2008-06-04 14:04:22
    210.   D4P
    Have the dodgers hit a ball that has left the infield in this game?

    In fair territory...?

    2008-06-04 14:04:37
    211.   LogikReader
    If Furcal doesn't come back, the 2008 Dodgers could give the 2003 Dodgers a run for their money.
    2008-06-04 14:05:14
    212.   LogikReader
    Serioulsy, man... struggling to beat the Rockies?
    2008-06-04 14:05:20
    213.   blue22
    202 - In retrospect, that's an Olney.
    2008-06-04 14:05:50
    214.   Bob Timmermann
    Actually DeWitt singled to center.
    2008-06-04 14:06:24
    215.   ssjames
    And that Dewitt single is the only ball hit out of the infield today. :/
    2008-06-04 14:06:46
    216.   Bob Hendley
    202 - Because it is only something that happened. It is not something that you do.
    2008-06-04 14:06:47
    217.   whodat807
    Man. What juvenation machine has Chan Ho hooked himself up to and where can I purchase it?
    2008-06-04 14:09:39
    218.   bablue
    I disagree with Vin that that would have been a DP. I think Tavares would have beat that out.
    2008-06-04 14:10:09
    219.   Bob Timmermann

    Is this some sort of machine that makes you play for a corrupt Italian soccer team?

    2008-06-04 14:10:25
    220.   Wilbert Robinson
    Is there a nickname for 4 walks in a game?
    2008-06-04 14:11:55
    221.   LoneStar7
    juan held a runner?
    2008-06-04 14:12:19
    222.   Gen3Blue
    Wonder why only one inning of Kuo. Does the pen need some work?
    Hope next year begins a long Clay/Bills era.
    2008-06-04 14:12:33
    223.   JoeyP
    Cook must be the slowest runner on the planet to not run on Pierre's arm with 2 outs in the inning.
    2008-06-04 14:12:37
    224.   Jon Weisman
    From 2003:

    "Basically, for an entire game, as I feared and yet sickly hoped might happen at the outset of this experiment, no Dodger reached the warning track, and only a handful hit balls that would have left your average city park softball field."

    2008-06-04 14:12:42
    225.   Bob Timmermann
    Barry Bonds had four or more walks in a game 25 times in his career.
    2008-06-04 14:14:23
    226.   bablue
    I repeat, who is that on the mound??? Because it is certainly not one Chan Ho Park. That was some great pitching there.
    2008-06-04 14:14:54
    227.   LoneStar7
    outta here baby, come on boys thats big
    2008-06-04 14:19:21
    228.   Bob Timmermann
    It left the infield at least.
    2008-06-04 14:20:05
    229.   LoneStar7
    ok...a quick little 1-2-3 inning, not what we wnated
    2008-06-04 14:20:56
    230.   D4P
    Loney and DeWitt have left the building*!


    2008-06-04 14:21:03
    231.   JoeyP
    Fly balls are progress.
    2008-06-04 14:21:48
    232.   LogikReader
    The irony is that most of these fellas are folks we want to see play, or at least, nobody in particular is being blocked by PVL, save LaRoche perhaps.
    2008-06-04 14:24:30
    233.   nofatmike
    232 And just imagine the hullabaloo Plaschke, Rosenthal, & co. will raise if this malaise keeps up.
    2008-06-04 14:24:37
    234.   bhsportsguy
    If the Dodgers lose 2-1 today, it will be there 4th loss of the year giving up only 2 runs.

    That leads the National League, the White Sox have lost 6 games giving up only 2 runs.

    2008-06-04 14:25:04
    235.   LogikReader
    The Dodgers have scored one run in 13 games so far this year. If this holds, it will be 14 games out of 59 when the Dodgers have scored only one run.

    That's about 23% of all games played.

    2008-06-04 14:25:28
    236.   LoneStar7
    wow good little battle won by CHP
    2008-06-04 14:25:32
    237.   Gen3Blue
    Sorry for 222. But when the guy comes in and immediately K's the first two batters, can you blame me for thinking its Kou. My god, if returning has done this to Park, how many potential starters do we have?
    Offense will eventually come, but if you told me we would be getting nothing from Jones and Furcal, and very little from Kent, I would have said, "well, at least we probably finished the first half ahead of San Fran for last place!
    2008-06-04 14:25:52
    238.   D4P
    it will be 14 games out of 59 when the Dodgers have scored only one run

    Sounds like we're doing the little things well.

    2008-06-04 14:26:08
    239.   Eric Stephen
    I officially withdraw my reservations about Chan Ho Park. He has been very impressive. I'll just enjoy it now.
    2008-06-04 14:26:34
    240.   LogikReader

    If I include shutouts, the Dodgers have scored 1 run or less in 17 of 59 games (if todays score holds).

    Or about 28.8% of all games played. One out of every four games.

    2008-06-04 14:27:31
    241.   whodat807
    98 MPH? Are you serious?
    2008-06-04 14:27:42
    242.   Marty
    Park has got to be Joe's favorite pitcher right now. EDCHP?
    2008-06-04 14:27:50
    243.   LogikReader

    All I have to say is, great work, Ned!


    Now let's GET SOME RUNS!!! (i.e. more than one)

    2008-06-04 14:28:54
    244.   JT Dutch
    ... Pretty simple to see how depleted the Rockies are, and to figure out how they've become a last-place team, when you see a guy like Park able to just mow them down.
    2008-06-04 14:28:56
    245.   Wilbert Robinson
    Please no Mark Sweeney.
    2008-06-04 14:28:57
    246.   LoneStar7
    well, another good inning, one measly run needed...please baseball gods
    2008-06-04 14:30:21
    247.   LogikReader
    If the Dodgers can just get to the Rox bullpen, then the fun REALLY starts!
    2008-06-04 14:30:55
    248.   blue22
    243 - great work, Ned!

    '08 most at-bats:

    James Loney 218
    Matt Kemp 199
    R. Martin 197
    Andre Ethier 182
    Juan Pierre 176
    Jeff Kent 176
    Blake DeWitt 164

    Lot of "our guys" on there. What's Ned to do?

    2008-06-04 14:31:01
    249.   Wilbert Robinson
    Wow Maza flied out to center!!!
    2008-06-04 14:31:43
    250.   cargill06
    yes sweeney is up...sweet.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-06-04 14:32:34
    251.   D4P
    So, which Dodger plays SS in the top of the 9th...?
    2008-06-04 14:32:35
    252.   LoneStar7
    well i guess we'll be getting the two for one special, unless joe is deranged enough to then let CHP hit lol
    2008-06-04 14:33:18
    253.   Wilbert Robinson
    maza to short?
    2008-06-04 14:33:20
    254.   Gen3Blue
    2008-06-04 14:33:24
    255.   JoeyP
    Sweeney's last AB as a Dodger perhaps?
    2008-06-04 14:33:33
    256.   Bob Timmermann
    Maza will stand at SS.
    2008-06-04 14:33:38
    257.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
    251 - Maza, I would think, with Young at 2B.
    2008-06-04 14:33:39
    258.   cargill06
    good job delwyn, way to get pierre's spot out of the way.
    2008-06-04 14:33:45
    259.   bhsportsguy
    The Dodgers are averaging 2 runs less per game since Furcal's injury.

    First 32 games: 172 runs
    Next 26 games: 85 runs

    2008-06-04 14:33:46
    260.   Gen3Blue
    But who is up to drive him in.
    2008-06-04 14:33:57
    261.   LoneStar7
    2008-06-04 14:34:03
    262.   JT Dutch
    ... Delwyn Young continues to show how silly it is for the manager to leave him out of the starting lineup.
    2008-06-04 14:34:24
    263.   ssjames
    Who thinks it's time to put Sweeney down. He just doesn't have anything to offer this team. He can't play defense and his .367 OPS would only be a decent OBP.
    2008-06-04 14:34:30
    264.   whodat807
    244 To be fair to Park, it's not like he's being shellacked by better teams. He might not be spectacular like today every time out, but it can definitely be argued that he's been our best reliever all season.
    2008-06-04 14:35:55
    265.   tjdub
    Does Russ still have his gear on?
    2008-06-04 14:35:57
    266.   LoneStar7
    regardless of how inefficient they've been, I'll take Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Loney for a shot to win it
    2008-06-04 14:36:10
    267.   Ken Noe
    In a logical world, Pee Wee just replaced Sweeney off the bench, if not Mr. Pop Up in the outfield. In our world, Sweeney will probably start at first against the Cubs.
    2008-06-04 14:37:05
    268.   schoffle

    From Jon's sidebar

    James Loney $400K
    Matt Kemp $400K
    R. Martin $500K
    Andre Ethier $425K
    Blake DeWitt $390K

    Dodger payroll $113M

    Perhaps it would be nice if Ned got "our guys" some help with all that green that he is spending

    2008-06-04 14:37:13
    269.   LoneStar7
    super joey beimel coming in
    2008-06-04 14:37:54
    270.   LoneStar7
    ooo...pee wee at second
    2008-06-04 14:38:00
    271.   Bob Hendley
    261 - Wasn't it you that was questioning him being on the roster the other day, before we jumped all over you. Welcome to the Playhouse.
    2008-06-04 14:38:20
    272.   JoeyP
    Dodgers have made Fuentes blow quite a few saves in his career.
    2008-06-04 14:38:23
    273.   LogikReader

    True, I agree with that, but I suppose, for example, augmenting with someone who hit better than .150 would help (the guy on the DL). That's not really Ned's fault. It's more the chain reaction that resulted from signing Pierre. A lot of things turned for the Dodgers since then.

    Ah what are you gonna do?

    2008-06-04 14:38:26
    274.   blue22
    264 - I disagree. He's been a nice story, but Kuo, Saito, and Beimel have all been better this year.
    2008-06-04 14:39:26
    275.   fanerman
    At least we got the right guys up in the bottom of the 9th.
    2008-06-04 14:39:29
    276.   Gen3Blue
    To saps?
    2008-06-04 14:42:18
    277.   blue22
    273 - I'm not disagreeing with you (re: Ned and Pierre), but based on who's getting the at-bats so far, the team should be scoring more.
    2008-06-04 14:42:41
    278.   LoneStar7
    271 I thought I clarified, when I said "should he be here" I was saying is it a waste to have him up here without ever getting any playing time...this was during the game that he was thrown in against santana after rotting for a while

    but now it looks he'll be playing more..

    2008-06-04 14:42:47
    279.   JT Dutch

    ... Oh, Park has been a great story, no doubt. I've been pleasantly surprised by him. But I've never seen him go out and just run through three dominating innings like that in almost a decade. I'm pulling for Park, and I hope that was a sign of really good things to come the rest of this season.

    2008-06-04 14:42:58
    280.   Bob Timmermann
    Brian Fuentes has blown one save in his career against the Dodgers.

    It was the Sandy Alomar Miracle game.

    2008-06-04 14:44:59
    281.   LoneStar7

    208. LoneStar7
    203 Yea I'm not down on him, the comment more stemmed from the fact that he sees no playing time whatsoever. Its gotta be nearly impossible to sit for a month then be thrown in against Johan..

    2008-06-04 14:46:05
    282.   JT Dutch
    ... Broxton's OPS allowed versus right-handed batters: 451.
    2008-06-04 14:46:10
    283.   JoeyP
    Whats the point of bringing in Broxton?

    Can Joe Beimel not get Willy Taveras out?

    2008-06-04 14:48:58
    284.   Kevin Lewis

    Excellent point and one I thought of after I posted my complaint. It is highly likely they went back. My impression was they were on the raft for one night. Did they even have water or food to survive a week out there?

    2008-06-04 14:50:51
    285.   whodat807
    274 I wasn't saying he has been the best, I was saying you could make the argument. He's certainly in the running.

    279 I've been reading that he's finally fully recovered from that intestinal surgery he had a while back. That doesn't fully explain how he's been able to go up there and throw as hard as he did in 1996. I mean, 98 MPH, that's just astonishing.

    2008-06-04 14:52:13
    286.   LoneStar7
    well here goes nothin' boys and girls, ONE RUN! come on fellas
    2008-06-04 14:56:17
    287.   Xeifrank
    12% WE after Kemp strikeout.
    vr, Xei
    2008-06-04 14:57:53
    288.   JoeyP
    Russ is the last hope.
    2008-06-04 14:59:10
    289.   Sagehen
    Didn't Park go talk to his former personal catcher, Chad Kreuter, before the season? I think I read that he attributes much of his renewal to working with Kreuter. If so, can we please send Penny out to work with Mr. Kreuter? Can he teach our hitters to hit too?
    2008-06-04 14:59:35
    290.   Xeifrank
    Rather disappointing to lose two out of three to the Rockies at home...
    vr, Xei
    2008-06-04 14:59:53
    291.   Xeifrank
    How deep was Martin's fly out?
    vr, Xei
    2008-06-04 15:00:00
    292.   bhsportsguy
    Now they are averaging less than 3 runs a game since Raffy's back went out.
    2008-06-04 15:00:15
    293.   Bob Timmermann
    I would hope the Dodgers would pitch and hit better than the USC baseball team.
    2008-06-04 15:00:20
    294.   Bob Hendley
    2008-06-04 15:01:11
    295.   JT Dutch
    ... Taveras was still on the grass.
    2008-06-04 15:01:26
    296.   Ken Noe
    First we save Willie Randolph and now we rescue the drowning Rockies. What next?
    2008-06-04 15:01:39
    297.   LogikReader
    I don't get it... How are we struggling to hit this much with many of the "right guys" in the lineup?
    2008-06-04 15:03:25
    298.   JoeyP
    Pierre needs to bat 7th, right in front of Hu or Maza.

    A team this desperate for runs cant continue to give one of their worst hitters the most ABs.

    2008-06-04 15:03:58
    299.   bablue

    Not deep but it was a line drive shot right at Tavares.

    Anyone else think Kent should have hit for Ethier there? Ethier is hitting .160 vs. lefties, and Fuentes is about the most brutal lefty there is. IF we went to extras Kent could have played 2nd and Delwyn could have played right. I know Torre wouldn't be that creative but it seems logical to me...

    And yeah, this was a pretty disappointing series, especially after seeing us crush them the first game.

    2008-06-04 15:05:20
    300.   JoeyP
    297--Because Pierre still bats leadoff, Loney isnt good, Ethier cant hit lefties, Kent isnt good, Hu/Maza are black holes.

    Even Kemp doesnt hit that great against righties.

    THe Dodgers really only have 1 developed good hitter that can be consistently counted on---Russ Martin.

    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-06-04 15:05:27
    301.   Daniel Zappala
    284 I agree it seemed like just one night. The most interesting thing for me is the uncertainty over Ben's true intentions. He makes the whole series for me.
    2008-06-04 15:07:07
    302.   GMac In The 909
    298 A team this desperate for runs shouldn't have all three in the lineup at the same time. Hu and Maza are embarrassments.

    How much longer does this team need to tailspin offensively before LaRoche gets called up?

    2008-06-04 15:07:28
    303.   Gen3Blue
    Damnit, to add to a tough day, Denker seems to be tearing it up in SF. What great player did we get for him?
    2008-06-04 15:09:42
    304.   GMac In The 909
    303 Sweeney, IIRC.
    2008-06-04 15:11:23
    305.   GMac In The 909
    303 Yep, I was correct:

    August 9, 2007: Traded by the San Francisco Giants to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a player to be named later and PTBNL or $. The Los Angeles Dodgers sent Travis Denker (minors) (August 25, 2007) to the San Francisco Giants to complete the trade.

    2008-06-04 15:11:49
    306.   JoeyP
    302--Thats a good point. Pierre, Hu, Maza cant play all together while LaRoche is in Vegas/Pee Wee on the bench.

    The easiest thing to do is cut Sweeney, and bring up LaRoche.

    Bench Pierre, make Pee Wee the starter in the OF.
    Then play LaRoche at 2nd whenver Kent needs a day off, or at 1st whenver a lefty starts.

    The Pierre/Maza/Hu stuff needs to end, regardless of what happens with Furcal.

    2008-06-04 15:11:54
    307.   blue22
    302 - I'd imagine that as soon as LaRoche (or DeWitt, I guess) is ready to play some second.
    2008-06-04 15:12:10
    308.   LogikReader
    When the Dodgers struggle, it's really hard to watch.

    If the Rangers lose games, at least they have a lot of offense.

    If the Giants lose games, at least they're in the game until the bully blows it.

    If the Reds lose games, at least you get to see a couple of home runs.

    There are some days, like this one, where I don't know how all of us can stay fans of a team that has been this lousy for THIS long. That's what I call loyalty.

    2008-06-04 15:12:14
    309.   Jon Weisman
    2008-06-04 15:12:55
    310.   dzzrtRatt
    Are you on a losing streak? Is your pitching frail and ineffective? Is your manager on the hot seat with the tabloids counting down his demise? Are your hitters swinging and missing at pitches they used to hit into the gap? Is that what's troubling you, Bunky?

    Well lace up your cleats and shine up your batting helmet! You're playing the Dodgers! When those boys from Los Angeles are on the field, losing streaks end and winning streaks continue. Mark Sweeney's on that team, Bunky, and if it's close in the late innings, they'll send him up to bat! A brighter day is coming. The sun is shining again and everybody's happy!

    2008-06-04 15:19:41
    311.   bablue

    Well, looking at our hitting position by position:

    C: Very good OBP, not much power
    1B: Terrible production for 1st base
    2B: Way below average
    SS: Beyond pathetic (with Raffy out)
    3B: Pretty Good OBP, average power
    LF: Poor
    CF: Nice with Kemp there, pathetic with Druw
    RF: Above average

    Just like that. What do you expect, we don't have anyone with an OPS above .843. Today we had OPS's of .679, .674, .608, .424, + the pitcher in the lineup. You just aren't gonna score any runs like that. In order to score, we need Furcal to come back strong, get Kent/Laroche to play productive at 2nd, need Loney to step it up A LOT, and need Kemp to have a big second half or get some help from Andruw. Otherwise, we won't be a good offense.

    We don't have any great hitters (yet) so we need everyone to produce, not have 5 out of the 9 spots be automatic outs practically.

    2008-06-04 15:27:15
    312.   LoneStar7
    300 If all we have to count on is 0-7 in the last two days, then we're in even bigger trouble than we thought..

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