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Chow Time
2008-06-05 17:10
by Jon Weisman

Andre Ethier has started a food blog, Dining with 'Dre. "I can't really call myself an expert or a true food critic, but I love to try new restaurants," Ethier says, "and so we though it would be cool to show off some of my favorites ... or maybe some of those that I won't be going back to anytime soon."

Ethier will also help cook and serve 1,000 Farmer John-donated Dodger dogs at the Union Rescue Mission at lunchtime Friday, after taking part in the Food Network's The Chef Jeff Project filming at Dodger Stadium. From the press release:

"The Chef Jeff Project" offers at-risk teens a chance to turn their lives around through culinary art and is led by renowned executive chef of the famed Café Bellagio in Las Vegas Jeff Henderson. Chef Jeff's proteges will get a unique chance to spend time with Ethier and Dodger legends "Sweet" Lou Johnson and Tommy Davis as part of the episode.

Male bonding: Molly Knight of ESPN the Periodical coordinated this conversation between the Dodgers' Russell Martin and Los Angeles-raised NBAer Tyson Chandler.

RM: What position would you play if you played baseball?
TC: Shortstop.
RM: You'd be a shortstop? Do you have good hands?
TC: Yeah, and it's a dope position …

Blue Anniversary: We've reached the 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. I wrote about my dad's experiences that night two years ago.

My dad's friend Ed Medvene got two seats behind home plate for the Dodger game against the Pirates on June 4, 1968. Don Drysdale took the mound that night, and nine innings later, he had broken the National League record for consecutive shutout innings held by Carl Hubbell and the major league record for consecutive shutouts held by Doc White.

Drysdale pitched a three-hitter, walking none, hitting one batter, of course (Manny Mota) and striking out eight. Maury Wills grounded out with a runner on third and two out in the sixth inning to end the biggest scoring threat. Dodger first baseman Wes Parker made 17 putouts, and only one out was recorded by a Dodger outfielder.

It was a Tuesday night, the night of the California presidential primary. The game ended in two hours and 20 minutes, and so my father and his friend made the short drive to the Ambassador Hotel, where Robert F. Kennedy was being crowned the winner of the Democratic primary, to take in the scene there. My dad recalls seeing Kennedy at the hotel, which was torn down this year, though he didn't stay long enough to hear him speak.

"Then we left, and between the time we left and the time we got home, (your mother) was just sitting in front of the TV set, just stunned," he said.

The Daily Mirror blog at the Times has several posts about Drysdale and Kennedy.

Also, NPR affiliate KPCC has begun a seven-part series on the Dodgers' move to Los Angeles. Here's part one.

Ahead of the game: A year ago, Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts wrote a long piece about Dodger third-round draft pick Kyle Russell. And here's a feature from Rick Brown of the Lakeland (Fla.) Ledger on fourth-round pick Devaris-Strange Gordon, son of major-league reliever Tom Gordon. (Thanks to DT commenter Underdog for the link.)

Hoops! Lakers-Celtics chat is taking place at The Griddle. Magic, Coop, Big Game James - go Lakers!

* * *

Cubs at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (262)
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2008-06-05 17:11:18
1.   Eric Enders
The fans at Fenway must think the Dodgers are going to make it to the World Series -- they're chanting "Beat L.A."

Either that, or there's some other sporting event going on.

2008-06-05 17:12:37
2.   trainwreck
Woo hoo! Jermaine Curtis just got drafted. Too bad it is the Cardinals.
2008-06-05 17:13:36
3.   bhsportsguy
2 Did Murphy get picked?
2008-06-05 17:13:41
4.   Alex41592
Dodgers 5th Round selection is next
2008-06-05 17:14:56
5.   trainwreck
Yeah, in third by Rangers.
2008-06-05 17:14:59
6.   natepurcell
This is annoying, last two dodger picks dont have scouting videos.
2008-06-05 17:15:07
7.   Eric Enders
Another Florida CC player, JonBenet Redding.

Er, make that JonMichael Redding.

2008-06-05 17:15:25
8.   trainwreck
JonMichael Redding, probably named after Bob's favorite city.
2008-06-05 17:15:25
9.   Alex41592
Jon Michael Redding
2008-06-05 17:15:55
10.   D4P
Martin is the only Dodger pick so far to have a writeup in the MLB Draft Tracker.
2008-06-05 17:16:35
11.   Bob Timmermann
In my day, we didn't have scouting videos of the draft picks and WE LIKED IT.

In my day, we didn't even know who was drafted!

2008-06-05 17:16:48
12.   natepurcell
Mil just picked Maverick Lasker from Sandra Day O'Connor High School.

A whole bunch of goodies there.

2008-06-05 17:17:30
13.   NWdodger
Dodgers must have one heck of a gem-finding scout in the south this year.
2008-06-05 17:18:59
14.   regfairfield
Your search - "john michael redding" "scouting report" - did not match any documents.

"john michael redding" gives me five results.

2008-06-05 17:19:48
15.   Eric Enders
Redding is listed as the 50th-best draft prospect in the state of Florida by BA. They didn't bother with a scouting report on him.
2008-06-05 17:19:58
16.   D4P
You're spelling his name wrong.
2008-06-05 17:20:16
17.   natepurcell
At first glimpse...not a very exciting draft.
2008-06-05 17:20:59
18.   Jon Weisman
You were hoping for George Michael Bluth?
2008-06-05 17:21:41
19.   underdog
Dodgers picked: LSU draftee JonMichael Redding, RHP from Florida Community College at Jacksonville dominated Florida JUCO hitters in 2008. He started 17 games and had an 8-5 record, threw 124.2 innings, had 123 strike outs to just 29 walks, with a 2.02 ERA. He was among the national and state leaders in strike outs. He threw 5 complete games and also managed 2 saves in relief. He threw consistatly at 91-92 all season. He definetely established himself as one of the top Junior College pitchers in the nation this year.
2008-06-05 17:22:40
20.   Eric Enders
Redding led the nation this year with 124 (!!) innings pitched. He struck out 123, gave up 103 hits, and walked only 29. His ERA was 2.03, but his RA (including unearned runs) was 3.77.
2008-06-05 17:22:44
21.   scareduck
14 - the Angels' 4th-round pick pick Jeffrey Boshers yielded no results, either, except for some long-dead guys on geneology sites. I had to mosey over to Calhoun CC's website to discover he pitched under the name Buddy, which then brought up a bunch of stuff.
2008-06-05 17:25:53
22.   NWdodger
The only problem with 123 innings pitched this year is he is likely to only have 10-20 innings with whatever minor league team he is assigned to.
2008-06-05 17:26:08
23.   bhsportsguy
I thought the D-Backs picked Colin Cowherd.
2008-06-05 17:26:17
24.   Eric Enders
Jordan Danks is, remarkably, still on the board. Maybe he'll go back for his senior year of college.
2008-06-05 17:26:30
25.   D4P
Or George Oscar Bluth.
2008-06-05 17:26:36
26.   Eric Enders
23 I thought they picked Robbie Cowgill.
2008-06-05 17:27:14
27.   natepurcell

I am a big Danks fan. Would have liked him.

2008-06-05 17:27:56
28.   bhsportsguy
24 What's his story in terms of not gettin picked?
2008-06-05 17:28:10
29.   Eric Enders
You would think that for the guy announcing the picks, they'd at least select somebody with rudimentary English speaking skills.
2008-06-05 17:29:48
30.   Eric Enders
24 Me too, and I have no idea. I'd be equally happy if he's playing for the Longhorns or Loons next year.

Danks was a guaranteed mid-first round pick in 2005 except he told teams not to draft him because he was going to Texas. That turned out to be a colossal mistake, I guess.

2008-06-05 17:32:12
31.   natepurcell
6 rounds!!!
2008-06-05 17:34:52
32.   bhsportsguy
31 This is the last round of the day but tomorrow they will go until Round 50 or until someone stops drafting players.
2008-06-05 17:37:27
33.   trainwreck
Did Kenny Williams just draft Kenny Williams?
2008-06-05 17:38:40
34.   Eric Enders
The White Sox select outfielder Kenny Williams. Heh.

Yeah, it's his son.

2008-06-05 17:38:40
35.   bhsportsguy
33 Did you see that UCLA got Bobo's non-binding to him Grant-In-Aid letter.
2008-06-05 17:41:06
36.   trainwreck
Yeah. Hopefully we can get some 09 commits soon.
2008-06-05 17:41:37
37.   NWdodger
Here we go, four more picks. Any more players with two first names or two last names still available? Let's hope for a high school player with huge upside!
2008-06-05 17:41:55
38.   Eric Enders
The last child of a White Sox GM drafted by the White Sox: Carrie Schueler.
2008-06-05 17:43:49
39.   Alex41592
Dodgers 6th round pick is next
2008-06-05 17:45:00
40.   D4P
Another shortstop.
2008-06-05 17:45:15
41.   NWdodger
Another Florida player!
2008-06-05 17:45:18
42.   Alex41592
Anthony Delmonico SS Florida St. University
2008-06-05 17:45:19
43.   Eric Enders
We get Anthony Delmonico, a shortstop from Florida State. Perhaps also a restaurateur.
2008-06-05 17:45:31
44.   trainwreck
Anthony Delmonico
SS Florida State

Wow, we really like state of Florida this year.

2008-06-05 17:47:01
45.   natepurcell
did the dodgers scout only one area of the country?
2008-06-05 17:47:28
46.   Eric Enders
In order to be drafted by the Dodgers these days, you either have to be (a) from Florida, or (b) from the University of Tennessee. Delmonico is both!

He was rated the #29 prospect in Florida by BA. Here's what they said:

"Shortstop Tony Delmonico transferred in from Tennessee, along with his father Rod, who used to be the coach of the Vols and is now an assistant on Mike Martin's staff. Delmonico is athletic but has limited range and questionable hands and will likely end up at second or third base at the pro level. He can hit for average and occasional power as well."

2008-06-05 17:47:35
47.   NWdodger
One high schooler in the first six rounds. Colletti has Logan White locked in the closet.
2008-06-05 17:47:39
48.   Indiana Jon
45 At least they picked Florida and not Maine.
2008-06-05 17:48:40
49.   Alex41592

Q&A with Tony Delmonico

2008-06-05 17:50:26
50.   natepurcell
I blame this on McCourt. He cut the budget so much that they only have enough scouts for one part of the country.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-06-05 17:52:05
51.   D4P
All the scouting money went to McManBoobs.
2008-06-05 17:52:46
52.   Eric Enders
50 Two parts! Don't forget about Knoxville.
2008-06-05 17:52:50
53.   Indiana Jon
Mark Worrell just hit a home run in his first major league at bat. He's a pitcher!
2008-06-05 17:55:05
54.   bhsportsguy
We are in Rule 7 territory tonight.

Last year, six out of the first eight picks were high school players with one JC and one college player.

2008-06-05 17:56:06
55.   NWdodger
I think after they moved the Vero Beach minor league team, the front office was looking for a reason to have more company- paid vacations. Have you noticed Colletti's leather-looking tanned skin?
2008-06-05 17:56:10
56.   D4P
Has any player ever homered in their first major league at bat, only to not hit another HR for the rest of their MLB career?
2008-06-05 17:56:59
57.   Eric Stephen
Hoyt Wilhelm.
2008-06-05 17:58:34
58.   PDH5204
Well, it's official. MLB umpiring has 0 integrity. After the Rays-Sox brawl, Lester hits Crawford with a pitch, hits Aki with a pitch, throws behind the other soul, and almost hits the 4th soul in the neck. Apparently, if you are the Red Sox, you get to slide to injure and throw at the other team's batters. Of course, with satan's minion as commissioner, though now official, it's not at all surprising.
2008-06-05 18:00:17
59.   D4P
I blame Bill Belichick.
2008-06-05 18:03:53
60.   Eric Enders
In case you were wondering, the Dodgers' Tennessee scout is Matt Paul, a rookie scout and Xavierian brother. Before this year, the Tennessee scout was Marty Paul, the guy who found Chad Billingsley, who is now the East Coast Supervisor.

The Florida area scouts are John Kosciak and Manuel Estrada.

2008-06-05 18:04:14
61.   trainwreck


2008-06-05 18:07:02
62.   D4P
2008-06-05 18:10:00
63.   scareduck
58 - the Sawx have been plunking Vlad for years without umpiring interference, including (IIRC) in the postseason.
2008-06-05 18:15:26
64.   Eric Enders
Vladimir has been hit by three Boston pitches during his career with the Angels. Twice by Beckett and once by Matt Clement.
2008-06-05 18:56:53
65.   Eric Enders
The position for fourth-rounder Devaris Strange-Gordon, originally listed as shortstop, has been changed to RHP by Baseball America.
2008-06-05 18:58:30
66.   Bob Timmermann
Why being unaware of modern day music pays off. I basically lucked into a Hollywood Bowl box series for the KCRW World Music series.

One of the tickets is for a Gnarls Barkley concert. I am unfamiliar with this person/band/ whatever.

However, the tickets are reselling on Stubhub for a large amount.

2008-06-05 19:03:33
67.   D4P
Who does he think he is, Russell Martin...?
2008-06-05 19:07:50
68.   Bob Hendley
66 - You might like them, a bit of a soul-like influence. Or, you might like the money better.
2008-06-05 19:08:03
69.   Eric Enders
Although Crazy is a brilliant song, I'm not sure the rest of Gnarls Barkley's stuff is all that great.
2008-06-05 19:09:21
70.   Bob Hendley
Yes, an option would be to show up late and catch the last song.
2008-06-05 19:10:50
71.   Bob Hendley
Let's go Billz!
2008-06-05 19:11:26
72.   Eric Enders
Great, the Extra Innings crowd is treated to Bob Brenly tonight. What are the chances he talks about Matt Kemp's mental mistakes from last night?
2008-06-05 19:14:07
73.   Bob Hendley
72 - Here's hoping that the Bison doesn't get on base (just hits it out).
2008-06-05 19:15:12
74.   Bob Timmermann
I would like the money. I could sell them and pay for the other two concerts, which I could then just give to a friend of mine.
2008-06-05 19:15:27
75.   Bluebleeder87
1st pitch I see Billz throw is an out side corner fastball to K the Cubbie hitter, man that looked marvelous!
2008-06-05 19:16:14
76.   Bob Hendley
First person greeting Billz coming into the dugout was the Minatour. Hope those two hang around a lot together.
2008-06-05 19:17:30
77.   Bob Hendley
74 - I think that's how Bill Gates started out.
2008-06-05 19:21:11
78.   Bluebleeder87
I ain't impressed DeRosa you just timed it perfectly...
2008-06-05 19:21:46
79.   scareduck
That half inning was probably as good as Dempster is going to get. The Dodgers ought to score off him no later than the third.
2008-06-05 19:22:31
80.   scareduck
72 - 100%.
2008-06-05 19:24:46
81.   Gen3Blue
Wow that was a great throw form third and I was convinced Kemp was out. Unfortunately after two or three replays, I am not sure at all.
I have no choice but the Cubs announcers and they are not fun, believe me. How has Dumpster become so good? And I believe he is, so no slight implied.
2008-06-05 19:25:10
82.   D4P
How come FanGraphs doesn't have this game on its scoreboard...?
2008-06-05 19:26:32
83.   Bluebleeder87
Billz is getting that outside corner constantly.
2008-06-05 19:26:33
84.   scareduck
Fukudome hits his first home run away from Wrigley Field in his US career.
2008-06-05 19:27:21
85.   Bob Hendley
Bob's boy.
2008-06-05 19:27:46
86.   Gen3Blue
I can see night by night that we are in for a continued horrible stretch, but I think the eventual rebound may be worth it. If it isn't there will be a reaping that will be interesting, and I hope not self defeating.
2008-06-05 19:27:53
87.   Bluebleeder87
like Rob said, he didn't look impressive AT ALL in that 1st inning, I'm expecting some runs tonight from my boys in blue.
2008-06-05 19:28:58
88.   Bob Timmermann
How did Fukudome become My Guy?
2008-06-05 19:29:01
89.   bryanf
Hey all! I'm back from Hawaii and about 20 posts or so behind at least, so I'll be reading more than commenting here for the next couple of days, but from the looks of it I'm glad I missed some of these games.

On a side note, my wedding day marks the anniversary of Clayton Kershaw's major league debut, so it won't be a hard one to remember. :)

2008-06-05 19:29:33
90.   scareduck
Somewhere, Helen hates that Jim Edmonds is being successful in a Cubs uniform.
2008-06-05 19:30:16
91.   dkminnick
87 - I hope so, Bleeder. I fear a one-zip loss.
2008-06-05 19:31:29
92.   Bluebleeder87
oh man... gawd I love that pitch. (goose bump certified)
2008-06-05 19:32:16
93.   Bluebleeder87

the good thing is, we're still in this thing as bad as we're playing.

D-Backs haven't been to impressive...

2008-06-05 19:33:57
94.   Bob Hendley
88 - I was referring to Soto, isn't he on your fantasy team?
2008-06-05 19:34:30
95.   LoneStar7
hiro is scheduled to go tomorrow right?
2008-06-05 19:34:57
96.   Bob Timmermann
Oh yes, Soto is My Guy. Carlos Marmol was dropped in favor of Jon Rauch.

Who blew a save tonight.

2008-06-05 19:36:14
97.   Bob Hendley
89 - Oh jeez. Whatever you do, don't remind your wife of that everytime the anniversary rolls around. Not good.
2008-06-05 19:36:19
98.   Bluebleeder87
what a little league throw from Lee.
2008-06-05 19:36:56
99.   D4P
Bob's fantasy team this, Bob's fantasy team that.
2008-06-05 19:37:17
100.   Andrew Shimmin
Russ Martin has eyes in the back of his elbows.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-06-05 19:37:37
101.   PDH5204
Fukudome should've been Ned's guy.
2008-06-05 19:37:40
102.   scareduck
98 - deflected off Russell Martin's arm.
2008-06-05 19:37:49
103.   Bob Hendley
Shows a little gumption!
2008-06-05 19:37:55
104.   Gen3Blue
He should go on the first pitch, when your this low you have to make something happen.
Theres a much better chance something will happen.

Yeah Martin got it with his elbow when it hit him in the middle of the back. These Cubs announcers will drive me to drink.

2008-06-05 19:39:12
105.   LoneStar7
hiro scheduled to go tomorrow right?
2008-06-05 19:39:22
106.   Bob Hendley
101 - Ned, and all of us were looking for a big basher. This guy plays in Wrigley and only has 4 homers. And we, well we got the big part.
2008-06-05 19:40:40
107.   Bob Hendley
104 - New game! Otherwise they'll just make our ears bleed.
2008-06-05 19:40:40
108.   Bob Timmermann
I thought the only reason for getting a fantasy baseball team was to bore people with utterly meaningless drivel about it.

I'm just trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Preferably Chipper, not Andruw.

2008-06-05 19:41:46
109.   scareduck
101 , 106 - I tend to think he would have been a Japanese J.D. Drew, after a fashion, not appreciated sufficiently for things he doesn't do and inadequately appreciated for his high OBP.
2008-06-05 19:43:04
110.   Bluebleeder87
that pitch should be illegal to throw to your counterparts.
2008-06-05 19:45:38
111.   Bluebleeder87
don't hate BUT after further review I can't help but agree with Canuck on liking Billz curve more than Kershaw's for reason I can't explain on print...
2008-06-05 19:45:40
112.   D4P
That, and so you can pretend you're a Big League GM Ned Colletti.
2008-06-05 19:45:48
113.   scareduck
The Riot singles to right, and here comes Derek Lee.
2008-06-05 19:46:24
114.   LoneStar7
is there a way to check probable pitching, im jut wondering if hiro is going tomorrow night
2008-06-05 19:46:30
115.   scareduck
112 - I can do that already. I just need to ask Helen to hit me on the forehead with a skillet.
2008-06-05 19:47:19
116.   Bluebleeder87

I pretend I'm the dude pitching all the time.

2008-06-05 19:47:40
117.   scareduck
113 - Derrek Lee. Two "r"'s.
2008-06-05 19:48:22
118.   scareduck
A-Ram can be doubled up. Look for the change in this AB.

If he has one.

2008-06-05 19:48:34
119.   Andrew Shimmin
Furry-esque play for Hu.
2008-06-05 19:48:42
120.   Bluebleeder87
Hu did that???
2008-06-05 19:49:02
121.   Bob Timmermann
I guess Hu's defense isn't bad.
2008-06-05 19:49:14
122.   Bob Hendley
Someday the Bison will get that inside pitch (or better, hit it out of the stadium).
2008-06-05 19:50:11
123.   Bob Timmermann
Walking Fukudome to pitch to Soto seems to be high risk and low reward.
2008-06-05 19:50:25
124.   scareduck
118 - I was right about offspeed, but it was a slider.
2008-06-05 19:50:41
126.   scareduck
123 - Concur.
2008-06-05 19:51:56
128.   scareduck
123 - he pulls it off!
2008-06-05 19:53:44
129.   Bluebleeder87
I know Bob has DeWitt on his team right.
2008-06-05 19:55:10
131.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, DeWitt is on my team and he's active for the first time.
2008-06-05 19:55:52
132.   MSarg29
great job by Chad there. Could of been a big inning.
2008-06-05 19:56:27
134.   Bluebleeder87
great idea from our brain trust to send Schmidty to pitch in vegas
2008-06-05 19:56:59
135.   Gen3Blue
Come on, Juan
2008-06-05 19:57:13
136.   scareduck
134 - ?
2008-06-05 19:57:16
137.   LoneStar7
is hiroki kuroda expected to pitch tomorrow evening?
2008-06-05 19:57:32
138.   Gen3Blue
2008-06-05 19:58:03
139.   Bob Hendley
Last time Dempster seemed to just get stronger, as he moves through the black hole.
2008-06-05 19:58:26
140.   Gen3Blue
If they can catch him!
2008-06-05 19:59:59
141.   scareduck
I like how Yahoo's GameTracker still has Edmonds in a Padres cap.
2008-06-05 20:01:00
142.   Bluebleeder87
Ethan Martin??? is he a Hybrid of Ethier & Russell? [drum beat]
2008-06-05 20:02:13
143.   Bluebleeder87

We have the strong part of the lineup coming up, this next inning SHOULD BE TELLING...

2008-06-05 20:03:05
144.   Bluebleeder87
The Cubs are just hot right now, what can you say man.

7 K's for Billz.

2008-06-05 20:03:11
145.   scareduck
DeRosa has been kinda hot for the longball this year. He homered in the late Padres series.
2008-06-05 20:04:21
146.   scareduck
I sense a disturbance in the force ... a Grabowski Principle moment for Bills?
2008-06-05 20:04:49
147.   skybluestoday
Ick. Looking like another long night for the Dodgers.
2008-06-05 20:06:12
148.   Bob Hendley
Dempster wasn't going anywhere, but nice awareness by JP to let the Bison pick up the ball.
2008-06-05 20:06:19
149.   D4P
I sense a disturbance in the force

One I have not felt...since...last game...

2008-06-05 20:07:13
150.   Bluebleeder87
8 K's in 4
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-06-05 20:08:52
151.   Bluebleeder87
the way we're hitting 4 runs sounds like a mountain of a task, sigh.
2008-06-05 20:09:22
152.   scareduck
The Riot cashes in Dempster. 4-0 Cubbies.
2008-06-05 20:09:52
153.   Gen3Blue
And 4 runs in 4.
2008-06-05 20:10:18
154.   natepurcell
Billingsleys BABIP this game is super high.
2008-06-05 20:10:44
155.   LoneStar7
if i can please just interject, is hiroki scheduled to pitch tomorrow just out of curiosity?
2008-06-05 20:12:18
156.   Bob Timmermann
Gallagher vs. Kuroda tomorrow.
2008-06-05 20:12:31
157.   sporky
155 It's on the Dodgers website.
2008-06-05 20:13:13
158.   sporky
2008-06-05 20:13:45
159.   Bob Hendley
We play it one game at a time here, buddy! But, then again, maybe this one is already over. Actually I don't know ;-)
2008-06-05 20:14:41
160.   LoneStar7
thanks sorry i'm taking my english godfather tomorrow, and i didnt know where to find probable pitchers when the gameday is up on the main sight...i wanted to tell him who was pitching...thanks
2008-06-05 20:15:13
161.   natepurcell
Lambo is now SLG .470 in the midwest league...which is very, very good for that league.
2008-06-05 20:16:39
162.   Bluebleeder87
cut it in half Russell!
2008-06-05 20:16:40
163.   sporky
At least this game isn't interesting anymore.
2008-06-05 20:18:23
164.   scareduck
Hey, I was thinking ... the Mariners had a great blowup yesterday after the Angels swept them at home, with lotsa swearing and stuff. How far under .500 do the Dodgers have to fall before Colletti does something stupid in public?
2008-06-05 20:19:00
165.   Bob Hendley
160 - Does he know the game? I recall once taking an Argie to a game and in trying to explain what was going on, I realized just how complex and silly the whole thing seems (I mean, other than the guys trying to hit the ball and other guys trying to catch it.)
2008-06-05 20:19:18
166.   scareduck
163 - because that's what I'm looking for when I tune in to a Dodgers game.
2008-06-05 20:19:43
167.   D4P
Colletti does something stupid in public

Like trade LaRoche for Eckstein...?

2008-06-05 20:21:28
168.   LoneStar7
this will be his 3rd dodger game, hes a big fan of sport cricket, football, rugby...and has caught on to the basics of dodger baseball and loves it..

oh and his other two games hes been too..russell's walk off grand slam against the pirates last year, and the 11-1 win against the pads earlier this year

2008-06-05 20:22:10
169.   Bluebleeder87
Matty read that really well, woot!
2008-06-05 20:23:06
170.   fanerman
That's why they call him the bison.
2008-06-05 20:23:51
171.   scareduck
167 - I was thinking more along the lines of the service Jim Esterbrooks provided for the Dodgers in 2001.
2008-06-05 20:24:40
172.   scareduck
168 - this will be his 3rd dodger game, hes a big fan of sport cricket, football, rugby...and has caught on to the basics of dodger baseball and loves it..

So he enjoys it when the batter taps out weakly to second? Poor man must be demented.

2008-06-05 20:25:53
173.   Bob Hendley
168 - Ah, he has yet to taste the misery.
2008-06-05 20:26:34
174.   sporky
Andy is at 2B again. 0 for 2, no walks with a GIDP.
2008-06-05 20:29:08
175.   fanerman
I'm impressed that Pierre and Hu did not run into each other. Good communication. At least they have the fundamentals down.
2008-06-05 20:34:39
176.   sporky
2008-06-05 20:35:00
177.   Bluebleeder87
Hu Tripled???

o.k. I gotta stop.

2008-06-05 20:35:20
178.   Bob Hendley
175 - I am sure that the English godfather will be impressed. Lonestar, be sure to point that out tomorrow.
2008-06-05 20:35:28
179.   sporky
I was feeling bad for the little sucker.
2008-06-05 20:35:59
180.   Bob Hendley
A run, a precious run!
2008-06-05 20:36:15
181.   fanerman
2008-06-05 20:36:17
182.   sporky
That was one loooong single.
2008-06-05 20:36:41
183.   Bob Timmermann


2008-06-05 20:37:48
184.   Bluebleeder87
Looking at Park, at least I'm not the only one who runs with heavy legs.

why did Pierre swing at the first pitch, sigh!!

2008-06-05 20:39:19
185.   Gen3Blue
Heck that would have been a triple for some.
Who was it , the mighty Mark Sweeney?
Who is running for him?
2008-06-05 20:40:13
186.   NWdodger
Never thought I see the day when both Hu and Sweeney get a hit on the same day!
2008-06-05 20:40:29
187.   Bob Hendley
183 - mmmh...Lonestar might recite that to also impress the godfather.
2008-06-05 20:41:44
188.   Bluebleeder87
I didn't see Sweeney get the hit but Vinnie was saying he [Sweeney] could have gotten a double out of it, sigh.
2008-06-05 20:41:49
189.   Bob Timmermann
I have a nickname for the Redcoats during the American Revolution.

It's called "losers."

2008-06-05 20:45:00
190.   Bob Hendley
Lonestar should be grateful for all the prepping.
2008-06-05 20:47:06
191.   Gen3Blue
Does Wade intend to get anywhere near the pitching rubber, or is this a new game!
2008-06-05 20:49:21
192.   Gen3Blue
I've always loved Wade for throwing strikes.
2008-06-05 20:54:21
193.   sporky
2008-06-05 20:54:33
194.   Bluebleeder87
line drive type deal, good job.
2008-06-05 20:55:12
195.   natepurcell
Was Dewitt's double any close to a homerun?
2008-06-05 20:55:57
196.   Bob Hendley
Rally killer!
2008-06-05 20:56:38
197.   ucladodger
Thats vintage Jeff Kent. As for Dempster, i fail to see how he has had so much success this year. Totally ordinary stuff, not a strikeout guy. He has to come back to earth eventually. Maybe its that funky glove thing he does.
2008-06-05 20:56:46
198.   Bluebleeder87
come on Lou! leave him in there man!!
2008-06-05 20:58:28
199.   sporky
195 It was a few feet from the top of the wall. I think. It's been a while since I've seen this many extra base hits in one game.
2008-06-05 20:59:15
200.   Bluebleeder87
ugh, I just saw how Sweeney ran that out.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-05 20:59:37
201.   Im So Blue
195 It hit the wall about 1-2 feet below the top of the wall.
2008-06-05 21:00:05
202.   sporky
200 You are too generous with your verbs.
2008-06-05 21:00:56
203.   Bob Hendley
220 - It looked like a homerun trot out of the box.
2008-06-05 21:00:56
204.   Bluebleeder87
Loney actually had a good swing on those fastballs but the Cub pitcher will probably throw him some junk & Loney will K, vemos.
2008-06-05 21:01:56
205.   ucladodger
I think we can rename the 4-6-3 DP "The Loney"
2008-06-05 21:02:18
206.   Bluebleeder87
hopefully Loney gets out of that little slump he has been in.
2008-06-05 21:02:52
207.   MMSMikey
2008-06-05 21:02:54
208.   fanerman
Loney is quite good at grounding into DP's.
2008-06-05 21:03:30
209.   sporky
James now leads all of the majors with his 13th GIDP.
2008-06-05 21:04:47
210.   Bluebleeder87
important inning for us here. Keep 'em at bay Wade.
2008-06-05 21:05:13
211.   MMSMikey
loney is leading the majors in grounding into double plays with 14. d lee and vladdy each have 12.
2008-06-05 21:05:24
212.   JoeyP
Loney needs to hit the ball in the air more and drive it.
2008-06-05 21:05:38
213.   Bluebleeder87

sorry man I can't help my self that was a good one my man!

2008-06-05 21:06:05
214.   sporky
Derrek Lee is the same size as our brand new OF.
2008-06-05 21:07:11
215.   Bluebleeder87
Really nice inning...

I hope they bring in PW to hit for Wade, he did a grate job.

2008-06-05 21:08:46
216.   Bob Hendley
It would be nice to see Pee Wee come up in a high leverage situation.
2008-06-05 21:09:15
217.   natepurcell
line drive! line drive!
2008-06-05 21:09:57
218.   Bluebleeder87
D. Young will make an appearance & I couldn't agree more with Mr. Torre.
2008-06-05 21:10:24
219.   MMSMikey
loney needs to learn from blake
2008-06-05 21:10:49
220.   Bluebleeder87
Wade's fastball is really straight but he spots it well & keeps the hitters off-balance with his curve.
2008-06-05 21:11:14
221.   natepurcell
kind of OT but I still can't believe Logan White selected Kyle Russell.

I would have given anyone 100-1 odds against that happening and then I would be a very poor man.

2008-06-05 21:13:27
222.   ucladodger
Great, Marmol is in. Dude is nasty.
2008-06-05 21:13:28
223.   sporky
...what was that about?
2008-06-05 21:14:15
224.   Bluebleeder87
no worries D. Young is a switch hitter. I hope they play Pee-wee when Kemp sits for 4 games.
2008-06-05 21:14:35
225.   Bob Hendley
Lou doesn't know that Bob already benched Marmol!
2008-06-05 21:15:31
226.   Bluebleeder87

he couldn't communicate with his pen apparently?

2008-06-05 21:17:49
227.   Bob Hendley
Nasty indeed.
2008-06-05 21:18:12
228.   MMSMikey
juan the terrible.
2008-06-05 21:18:13
229.   sporky
I burst out laughing when Vin called Pierre "Mr. Clutch."
2008-06-05 21:19:34
230.   Alex41592
I can't really get upset when Marmol makes you look bad. Marmol is incredible.
2008-06-05 21:20:49
231.   JoeyP
Good managing by Lou to use his best reliever in that spot.

Marmol's usually the 8th inning guy.

2008-06-05 21:21:38
232.   Eric Stephen
"Mar-man! Mar-man!!!!"
2008-06-05 21:21:50
233.   JoeyP
221--Considering the other picks, I think Russell is the best one.
2008-06-05 21:24:03
234.   fanerman
233 Other picks by us? Or other picks from other teams surrounding our pick of Russell?
2008-06-05 21:26:26
235.   LoneStar7
well i've pretty much vented my frustration with the basketball elsewhere, so im going to try and be enthusiastic about this 1 run deficit

I'm glad we've at least made a come back and will hope for the best...

2008-06-05 21:26:43
236.   Alex41592
Wow, Lou takes out Marmol!
2008-06-05 21:27:51
237.   natepurcell

You have no reservations about his very, very lackluster contact rate in college ball? The pitchers only get better from there...

2008-06-05 21:29:21
238.   Xeifrank
Too bad Guo isn't allowed to pitch in close/late inning games.
vr, Xei
2008-06-05 21:32:33
239.   sporky
Back in Vegas, Andy is 0 for 4. Justin Orenduff has 7K and no walks in 5 scoreless innings.
2008-06-05 21:34:09
240.   Eric Stephen
Nice to see Cubs' announcers Len Kasper and Bob Brenly talk about how sometimes the situation dictates bringing in the closer (or "ace reliever", whatever the name is) in different situations (i.e. Marmol coming in with RISP an inning earlier than normal for him). They -- especially Kasper -- mentioned it seems silly to have an ancillary reliever pitch in a key situation to tough batters or with runners on in th 8th, saving the closer for 7-8-9 in the 9th.
2008-06-05 21:34:19
241.   Bob Hendley
I'm liking our chances here with the meat of the lineup (and Marmol out!).
2008-06-05 21:35:12
242.   Bob Hendley
240 - Pee Wee fear.
2008-06-05 21:37:16
243.   LoneStar7
241 if I were able to whole heartedly like our chances in any situation, given the present state of the team, and the recent offensive drought, this is where I would like them..
2008-06-05 21:37:57
244.   MMSMikey
remember when ethier used o hit opposite field homeruns.
2008-06-05 21:39:54
245.   sporky
2008-06-05 21:40:00
246.   natepurcell
Old man!
2008-06-05 21:40:08
247.   Alex41592
2008-06-05 21:40:10
248.   ucladodger
Dare I sat..."He's baaaaaaaack"
2008-06-05 21:40:12
249.   Bluebleeder87
I dig it, I knew that you could...
2008-06-05 21:40:19
250.   sporky
The look on Lou's face was priceless.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-05 21:40:20
251.   natepurcell

Not really.

2008-06-05 21:40:30
252.   Alex41592
And Lou screwed up BIG TIME!
2008-06-05 21:40:36
253.   silverwidow
2008-06-05 21:40:39
254.   Bluebleeder87
right down Broadway

PVL power if you will.

2008-06-05 21:40:53
255.   natepurcell
I'm addicted to homeruns. I need more!
2008-06-05 21:40:59
256.   fanerman
Jeff isn't retired yet.
2008-06-05 21:41:19
257.   Bob Hendley
Kills another rally!
2008-06-05 21:41:22
258.   DeucesAreWild
You DO NOT mess with the 'stache. Do not bury Mr. Kent quite yet.
2008-06-05 21:41:28
259.   Jon Weisman
2008-06-05 21:41:43
260.   sporky
259 Rally killer!
2008-06-05 21:42:02
261.   ucladodger
I really dont understand why Lou didnt double switch with Marmol. He's too good not to be given the opportunity to go 1 2/3.
2008-06-05 21:42:06
262.   LoneStar7
You know what, as much as we(myself included) love to pick on kent, if he can drag his tired body out of bed to do something like that...then let him scream at our young guys all he wants, I just want us to get fired up! come on boys!! right NOW!...don't let this one get away now
2008-06-05 21:42:26
263.   MMSMikey

apparently you didnt start watching the dodgers till 2007 then.

2008-06-05 21:43:00
264.   Lexinthedena
Kent sure hit's 'em pretty.
2008-06-05 22:19:20
265.   JoeyP
Kemp with terrible discipline on the 2-0 pitch.

This team is not very good.

2008-06-05 23:18:25
266.   Louis in SF
Not a great LA sports night! As far as the Dodgers go, I see in many ways what people in Colorado and Arizona saw two years ago, some raw talent, but also recognizing that this group of players and team is still transitional, and I believe if the Dodgers have any chance of contending this year a brilliant move will have to be made to find some power. Sadly I don't think there is anyone out there who will be a suitor for the Dodgers to fix this problem.

Anyone have any idea the latest with Furcal. I don't know if I am exagerating but I can't think of a case in the past two years when a player went on the DL and came off at about the perscribed time. They haven't even decided with Furcal yet if he is willing to do a rehab assignment. I hope and pray that Jones comes back and finds a moderate power stroke. Right now despite getting badly fooled by Wood in the 9th, the best approach at the plate by a Dodger right now is Blake Dewitt

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