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Tiffee Designated for Assignment
2008-06-07 12:39
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers designated Terry Tiffee for assignment to make room for Angel Berroa on the 40-man roster, though Berroa has not been activated for today's game.

* * *

Cubs at Dodgers, 12:55 p.m.

Comments (420)
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2008-06-07 12:48:58
1.   KingKopitar
Okay, so I've been gone the past 2 weeks. What'd I miss? As far as I can tell, I missed:

-the Dodgers sucking
-Kershaw's debut
-Laroche still not getting called up
-Kemp fighting Torrealba for some reason

Anything else?

2008-06-07 12:51:41
2.   trainwreck
Kuroda pitched a gem last night.
2008-06-07 12:54:02
3.   Bob Hendley
Bennett's rehabbing.
2008-06-07 12:54:10
4.   blue22
1 - Hu got a hit a couple nights ago.
2008-06-07 12:55:40
5.   JoeyP
Was Richard Lewis ever funny?

Like in his career?

2008-06-07 12:55:45
6.   Bob Hendley
I've got Fox.
2008-06-07 12:58:15
7.   Bob Hendley
As I recall we didn't do too badly against Zambrano last time out (he was a bit frustrated for not getting calls).
2008-06-07 12:59:22
8.   trainwreck
When he was a drug addict.

Isn't that always the case?

2008-06-07 13:02:48
9.   Marty
Rounders is on. It's hard to switch away from that movie.
2008-06-07 13:03:01
10.   D4P
Was Richard Lewis ever funny?

He did that flailing and gesticulating with his hands to his head. That's about it.

2008-06-07 13:03:10
11.   Andrew Shimmin
3- Trouble maker.
2008-06-07 13:03:39
12.   trainwreck
Lowe is dealing.
2008-06-07 13:04:25
13.   ToyCannon
LaRoche is playing 2nd base and hitting like a 2nd baseman.
2008-06-07 13:05:29
14.   Blue81
Could the pitching be coming back around? C Bills has finally reached his potential. Kuroda is solid. D Lowe is pitching better, even Penny rebounded from some dreadful starts.
2008-06-07 13:06:09
15.   Eric Enders
Apparently they never got the funding together for the planned sequel to Rounders, "Baseball."
2008-06-07 13:07:56
16.   Bob Hendley
14 - There was some discussion that it really never left overall, despite some very visible Penny problems and Ned's take on the situation.
2008-06-07 13:08:39
17.   dianagramr

As a NYer, I'm being subjected to SEA/BOS on FOX. And of course, Extra Innings is null and void till 7pm.


2008-06-07 13:11:07
18.   blue22
17 - I've got that game too, though I'm in Seattle. Why wouldn't you be watching KC/NY?
2008-06-07 13:11:11
19.   Bob Hendley
I knew it wouldn't last, Kenty only singled. The bum.
2008-06-07 13:12:09
20.   D4P
Kenty only singled

Jeff Kent does not merit an affectionate nickname.

2008-06-07 13:12:45
21.   Jon Weisman
14 - The pitching had about two bad weeks and everyone freaked out, but it's basically been solid all year. If Brad Penny is your worst starter, you're fine.
2008-06-07 13:13:53
22.   Bob Hendley
Who says its affectionate? I loved his comments about being thrown out of the game last night. He really takes that PVL stuff to heart.
2008-06-07 13:14:29
23.   dianagramr

I've been watching KC/NY, but my roto team is full of Cubs :-)

2008-06-07 13:15:34
24.   blue22
23 - Is KC/NY not the Fox game though?
2008-06-07 13:17:10
25.   Bob Hendley
Lowe ball now being played at DS.
2008-06-07 13:17:46
26.   dianagramr

Yankee game started at 1 ...

(guess the Foxies didn't want to waste a network Yankee appearance on the Royals)

2008-06-07 13:20:33
27.   JoeyP
Lowe's given up only 3 runs in his last 28 innings pitched.
2008-06-07 13:20:43
28.   Jon Weisman
I'm starting to thing Jeff Kent sold his soul to Ray Wise for a dose of flexibility.
2008-06-07 13:21:53
29.   ToyCannon
The Yankee/Royal game looked like it would have been fun to watch. Jose Guillen is on fire.
2008-06-07 13:23:51
30.   trainwreck
I hope Michael Ian Black shows up on the team.
2008-06-07 13:24:02
31.   dianagramr

its been interesting .... the homers by he, Giambi and A-Rod were BOMBS!

Girardi allowed Pettitte to make 110+ pitches, and give up 10 ER ...

2008-06-07 13:25:19
32.   Bob Hendley
28 - I get the feeling that he no longer has the flexibility to actually take the ball out of the glove, so he just flips it like that (did it last week as well, no?)
2008-06-07 13:26:12
33.   trainwreck
Ken Rosenthal you shut your dirty mouth!
2008-06-07 13:26:17
34.   ucladodger
Did Ken rosenthal really spew that garbage?
2008-06-07 13:26:18
35.   larry slimfast
McCarver is explaining what to do as a catcher when a fight breaks out.
2008-06-07 13:26:32
36.   blue22
31 - Strange call just before that slam too. Girardi chose to walk some guy named Aviles (their brand new rookie shortstop) to load the bases for Teahen and Guillen. It almost worked out as Teahen struck out for the 2nd out, but then Guillen lowered the boom.
2008-06-07 13:27:04
37.   blue22
33/34 - What did he say?
2008-06-07 13:27:54
38.   nofatmike
37 Darn, I was about to ask that same question.
2008-06-07 13:28:02
39.   ucladodger
Basically that Ethier, Loney, Kemp all cant adjust and that he wouldnt be surprised to see a trade or one or more optioned out.
2008-06-07 13:28:18
40.   trainwreck
Was saying people in organization are getting tired of young guys not doing things right and making adjustments and that they may trade one or send one to minors.
2008-06-07 13:29:03
41.   Andrew Shimmin
37- That unless Loney, Ethier, and/or Kemp learn to adjust their hitting to situations (whatever that actually means) one or all of them may be optioned to the minors, or sold to the Rays for a sack of magic beans.

I choose not to take it seriously.

2008-06-07 13:31:13
42.   nick
31 do not speak of Girardi!

20 I have a nickname for Jeff Kent, but it violates rule #1 and possibly #6....

2008-06-07 13:31:55
43.   dianagramr
Yanks and Royals tied at 10 ... Yanks have the ball and are driving ...
2008-06-07 13:31:59
44.   The Mootz
I save myself a lot of aggravation by pushing the mute button whenever Rosenthal's mug appears on camera. You may want to do the same.
2008-06-07 13:32:15
45.   Bob Hendley
It had to do with patience and the lack of it by either the young hitters or management.
2008-06-07 13:33:45
46.   MMSMikey
rosenthal is right about the young dodgers not adjusting to situations. might be good to shake things up and maybe send someone down for a little.
2008-06-07 13:33:52
47.   trainwreck
Ned realizes he could be on hot seat, so I think he will make a panic move.
2008-06-07 13:34:22
48.   D4P
Wasn't The Four Million Dollar A Year Man supposed to solve all of our youngster problems?
2008-06-07 13:34:46
49.   nick
young ballplayers can develop patience; aging management teams....not so much.
2008-06-07 13:34:58
50.   D4P
rosenthal is right about the young dodgers not adjusting to situations

To which situations are they not adjusting?

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-06-07 13:35:52
51.   dianagramr

to Rosenthal himself perhaps ... ?

2008-06-07 13:37:15
52.   blue22
50 - Obviously pointing out Russell Martin's .268 batting average with RISP.

Watch your back, Russ!

2008-06-07 13:38:14
53.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't think Robothal made it up; I assume he has a source. And I assume his source is Bowa, because it makes me feel better to think that Bowa is the only dyed in the wool witchdoctor in the clubhouse.
2008-06-07 13:38:53
54.   trainwreck
Clearly, we need to trade for Troy Percival. I hear his veteran presence is why the Rays are good.
2008-06-07 13:39:48
55.   ucladodger
Derrek Lee must have had a flashback on that play.
2008-06-07 13:39:53
56.   blue22
53 - Bowa certainly came off as the jerk in Rosenthal's article recently.

2008-06-07 13:39:57
57.   Andrew Shimmin
Every year I forget about Milken's new life, and get incredulous that he's in the booth for some reason.
2008-06-07 13:40:02
58.   Bob Hendley
OK JP take a couple of pitches and let Lowe get back to the dugout.
2008-06-07 13:40:46
59.   Daniel Zappala
Goodbye Terry Tiffee. :-(
2008-06-07 13:40:58
60.   Bob Hendley
I think a fine is due. Lee flopped!
2008-06-07 13:41:25
61.   Jon Weisman
Let's face it - whenever conversations about baseball instincts are involved, the guy with the target on his back is Kemp. Is there anyone who truly believes the Dodgers would be a better team with him getting benched or optioned. The idea is ridiculous on its face, and Rosenthal is silly for giving it airtime.

This isn't about me "rallying behind the kids." This is simply common sense. Kemp has weaknesses in his game; the idea that on this ballclub his strengths don't compensate is ludicrous.

2008-06-07 13:41:28
62.   JoeyP
46---The only guy to send down is Loney, and that would make no sense since he has nothing to prove at AAA.

Sending Kemp/Ethier down only makes the big club worse.

2008-06-07 13:42:10
63.   trainwreck
He needs to stop filling my brain with propaganda that the Dodgers hit home runs.
2008-06-07 13:43:03
64.   Marty
I was about to make a Milken joke about that guy. But, that actually is Milken? What's he doing there?
2008-06-07 13:43:07
65.   ucladodger
typical Dodger luck.
2008-06-07 13:43:16
66.   D4P
I'm not watching the game very closely, but I caught a brief glimpse of a guy in the stands that looked like scareduck.
2008-06-07 13:43:45
67.   Jon Weisman
Kerwin Danley hurt again:

2008-06-07 13:43:55
68.   dianagramr
DeJesus homers off of Rivera, 11-10 Royals ... still batting top of 9th.
2008-06-07 13:44:09
69.   D4P
Kent fails to adjust to the situation. First and second with 1 out dictates a hit, not a GIDP.
2008-06-07 13:44:51
70.   D4P
DeJesus homers off of Rivera

I guess he really is from God, after.

2008-06-07 13:45:41
71.   gpellamjr
67 I'm starting to think that guy is injury prone.
2008-06-07 13:45:46
72.   Jon Weisman
Jeff Kent may go to heaven after all.
2008-06-07 13:45:47
73.   blue22
61 - And Joe has shown more confidence in Kemp than just about anyone to date. He's in there every single day playing centerfield, despite any mistakes he's making. I think the only risk is Colletti deciding to trade him away, but I think we survived that crisis this winter when Kemp's value was pretty dang high.
2008-06-07 13:46:08
74.   Jon Weisman
71 - Ha! Seriously.
2008-06-07 13:46:23
75.   dianagramr

nice ....

2008-06-07 13:46:47
76.   JoeyP
Nice play by Hu.
Not sure he needed to do a 360, but it got the job done.
2008-06-07 13:46:55
77.   ucladodger
For all the bad Hu has done at the plate, he has been really good in the field. These last few games he has been especially good.
2008-06-07 13:46:56
78.   Jon Weisman
Liking Hu's defense.
2008-06-07 13:48:14
79.   Bob Hendley
Jeez, just wait until next time through in the rotation and Lowe see Berroa sitting out at SS.
2008-06-07 13:48:57
80.   trainwreck
I wish Kent and Bowa talked like Torre. Instead they just come off as completely confrontational and pompous.
2008-06-07 13:49:02
81.   Andrew Shimmin
64- Milken's Prostate Cancer Foundation is sponsoring the Home Run Challenge, this week.

2008-06-07 13:51:04
82.   D4P
13 and 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings for Dodger pitchers.
2008-06-07 13:51:11
83.   dianagramr
Posada homers off of Soria with 1 out in bottom of 9th, Yanks/Royals tied at 11.
2008-06-07 13:51:48
84.   ucladodger
Pierre needs bunting lessons from russ!
2008-06-07 13:52:49
85.   D4P
Martin would be a great leadoff hitter.
2008-06-07 13:54:30
86.   blue22
So situational hitting...was Loney overswinging there? Was he trying to pull it to the right side?
2008-06-07 13:54:53
87.   Bob Hendley
Martin can play SS, right? (visions of Wills and small ball)
2008-06-07 13:55:12
88.   D4P
Kemp can't even catch up to 91 MPH lukewarm.
2008-06-07 13:55:20
89.   ucladodger
ugly, ugly at bats by Loney and Kemp. That last pitch was a nothing fastball down the heart and he wasnt close.
2008-06-07 13:55:53
90.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Hu! make me proud!
2008-06-07 13:56:15
91.   Bob Hendley
What's up?
2008-06-07 13:56:31
92.   MMSMikey
i can see what rosethal was saying about dodger managment being frusterated with the young hitters. case in point, loney and kemp.
2008-06-07 13:56:48
93.   ucladodger
Well, at least Hu hit the ball.
2008-06-07 13:57:01
94.   MMSMikey
please stop hitting the ball to derek lee.
2008-06-07 13:57:43
95.   trainwreck
Well what about Kent and Penny stinking it up. Shouldn't that frustrate them too?
2008-06-07 13:58:34
96.   blue22
92 - Loney popped out to 2nd. Isn't he trying to hit it to that side? And he's been hitting a ton of ground balls this year as evidenced by all the GIDPs. He just didn't get it done.

And Kemp struck out. This is cause for additional frustration?

2008-06-07 13:59:28
97.   Bob Hendley
95 - Not to speak of the patience shown by management of Druw.
2008-06-07 13:59:44
98.   MMSMikey
penny is a seperate issue because hes a pitcher, and kent is 40 years old.
2008-06-07 14:00:22
99.   Greg Brock
I'm frustrated with Dodgers management.
2008-06-07 14:01:34
100.   dianagramr
Damon's 6th hit of game wins it for Yankees, 12-11. He goes 6-6 after going 0-5 last night.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-06-07 14:02:16
101.   nick
Damon ends it with his 6th hit!!--last Yankee to go 6-6?
2008-06-07 14:02:59
102.   Bob Hendley
98 - Then I am not sure what your point is exactly? Management isn't allowed to impatient and frustrated unless one is a young position player??
2008-06-07 14:03:42
103.   dianagramr

none since 1956 ...

2008-06-07 14:04:40
104.   Andrew Shimmin
101- If it's ever happened, it happened before 1956. Gerald Williams is the last Yankee to have six hits in a game (over eight at bats).
2008-06-07 14:07:19
105.   D4P
Damon's 6th hit of game wins it for Yankees, 12-11

If I had to single out one player who deserves credit for the Yankee win, it would be Mariano Rivera.

2008-06-07 14:07:19
106.   nick
OK, here we go, single game:
Most hits -- 6
Myril Hoag 6/6/34 at Boston
Gerald Williams 5/1/96 at Baltimore, 15 inn.

Myril Hoag!

2008-06-07 14:09:29
107.   dianagramr
Is Vin at the game? Has he made any mention of the passing of Jim McKay?
2008-06-07 14:10:54
108.   stubbs
I don't think that was the point. I think management writes off Kent's struggles as-"he is 40, the end is inevitable and possibly imminent." The Kemp comment stems from stuff like swinging at a 2-0 pitch at his eyes in the 9th inning of a game down 1 run.
2008-06-07 14:12:45
109.   D4P
Ironically, that smash by Ethier won't be a line drive in the box score.
2008-06-07 14:13:30
110.   Greg Brock
If you're frustrated with a young player, shut up and help him improve instead of blabbing to a pencil neck like Ken Rosenthal.

How does that help anybody? At all?

2008-06-07 14:15:07
111.   Andrew Shimmin
Let us all give thanks that Milken wasn't in the booth for this inning.
2008-06-07 14:16:01
112.   Gen3Blue
Got in from rare successful fishing trip in 93 degree heat, to find TVless Fox Satuday and also no broad band signal( which for some reason occasionally happens on hot weekends). Got enough signal at about 2:10 your (PT) time, to see that the perfect storm must still be blowing. It looks like we have out hit the Cubs 5 to 1 and trail 1-0.
2008-06-07 14:16:21
113.   D4P
Kemp's getting pretty frustrated.
2008-06-07 14:16:37
114.   Gen3Blue
Sorry, make that 2-0.
2008-06-07 14:16:46
115.   stubbs
110- Agreed, but that wasn't the point. We were just discussing the content of what was said.
2008-06-07 14:16:52
116.   blue22
112 - 2-0 now after Soriano went deep.
2008-06-07 14:17:50
117.   MMSMikey

ok, next time im hanging down by the batting cage at dodger stadium i'll give kemp some tips on his swing.

2008-06-07 14:18:22
118.   blue22
What happened there between Kent and Kemp?

"singled on a flyball to 2B Kent, deflected by CF Kemp"?

2008-06-07 14:19:12
119.   Andrew Shimmin
118- Kemp came in hard and dived for the pop up, but it deflected off his glove to Kent.
2008-06-07 14:19:32
120.   D4P
Kemp dove for a ball and had it bounce off his glove. I guess Kent was the one who picked it up.
2008-06-07 14:20:27
121.   Andrew Shimmin
Pff. Dove. Like that's a real word. . .
2008-06-07 14:20:34
122.   Greg Brock
117 It was you that spoke to Ken Rosenthal?

Tell him I said hello.

2008-06-07 14:21:51
123.   Bob Hendley
These "situations" are hardly comparable for deciding when one can be frustrated and impatient. But even using your example, Kemp can grow out of his situation, Kent, not so much. In the end, its how you as management responds to a situation. Under your example its play Kent and get rid of Kemp.
2008-06-07 14:24:31
124.   Jon Weisman
Gurnick: "The Dodgers will be responsible for only the remaining pro-rated portion of the Major League minimum salary for Berroa, not the $3.5 million remaining from his multi-year contract, as earlier reported."
2008-06-07 14:26:35
125.   ucladodger
Power!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta be the stache.
2008-06-07 14:26:56
126.   Icaros
Good job, Muscle!
2008-06-07 14:26:59
127.   skybluestoday
Our Golden God!
2008-06-07 14:27:26
128.   blue22
atta boy, russell!
2008-06-07 14:27:47
129.   trainwreck
Martiiiiiiiin. Martiiiiiiiiin.
2008-06-07 14:27:55
130.   MonkeyBlue
Martin didn't let that go!
2008-06-07 14:28:14
131.   MollyKnight
Where did it land?
2008-06-07 14:28:28
132.   Bob Hendley
2008-06-07 14:28:43
133.   Bluebleeder87
that felt good watching...
2008-06-07 14:28:54
134.   trainwreck
In center, in between wall and bleachers.
2008-06-07 14:29:47
135.   Bluebleeder87
I literally turned on the t.v. & Russell hit it out, instant gratification if you will.
2008-06-07 14:31:00
136.   Andrew Shimmin
That was lucky.
2008-06-07 14:31:16
137.   D4P
2008-06-07 14:31:32
138.   Bluebleeder87
I'm thinking that was a missed signed by Hu cause Kemp was out from me to you.
2008-06-07 14:32:16
139.   Andrew Shimmin
137- The ump ruled that Theriot didn't have control of the ball when he made the tag.
2008-06-07 14:33:08
140.   JoeyP
Hu has regressed at the plate badly. Hopefully he can regroup at AAA.
2008-06-07 14:33:39
141.   Bob Hendley
136 - That's a good thing, no?
2008-06-07 14:35:51
142.   Andrew Shimmin
141- It's a bad thing to put a base runner in a position where only good luck can save him, but it's better to get lucky than to not once he's already in it.
2008-06-07 14:36:04
143.   nofatmike
What's Lowe's pitch count?
2008-06-07 14:36:32
144.   blue22
140 - Even so, I hope they send Maza down on this next roster move. I'd prefer not to rely on Maza/Berroa at shortstop with the groundball staff that LA has.
2008-06-07 14:36:32
145.   Greg Brock
I wish the Orioles were still in the major leagues. I loved that team.
2008-06-07 14:37:28
146.   Andrew Shimmin
Byrnes-y dive for JP.
2008-06-07 14:37:36
147.   blue22
143 - 81 coming into this inning.
2008-06-07 14:37:39
148.   Bob Hendley
How can that bad call against the O's be a favorite moment?
2008-06-07 14:39:57
149.   JoeyP
How can you throw Zambrano a fastball there?
2008-06-07 14:40:56
150.   MMSMikey
thats demorolizing, you come back to tie it and give it right back, on a basehit to the pitcher.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-06-07 14:42:05
151.   D4P
Zambrano now OPSing .886
2008-06-07 14:42:43
152.   JoeyP
Lowe pitched just good enough to lose. Maybe Z will melt down in the last inning or two.
2008-06-07 14:42:45
153.   blue22
149/150 - A groundball to the right side, which I assume could've been an inning ending double play with a little more luck. Them's the breaks.
2008-06-07 14:45:34
154.   Bob Hendley
Pee Wee time.
2008-06-07 14:45:40
155.   JoeyP
Pee Wee swung at ball 4.
2008-06-07 14:47:31
156.   Bob Hendley
155 - That doesn't happen very often.
2008-06-07 14:49:26
157.   Bob Hendley
Speed doesn't slump? (this guy is...)
2008-06-07 14:49:57
158.   Andrew Shimmin
Soto is going to pee in Theriot's shampoo, after the game.
2008-06-07 14:50:13
159.   D4P
The Cubs could use some middle infielders who can catch throws from the catcher.
2008-06-07 14:50:39
160.   JoeyP
Wow, that was lucky all around.
Theriot cant hold onto the ball on the steal, and then A-Ram throws it away.
2008-06-07 14:51:06
161.   gpellamjr
That's what speed'll do for you!

Speed makes things happen.

2008-06-07 14:51:14
162.   blue22
In play - run(s)!!!
2008-06-07 14:51:41
163.   D4P
Tough "earned run" for Zambrano.
2008-06-07 14:51:47
164.   Bob Hendley
JP gets such bad jumps that its only his speed that makes them close.
2008-06-07 14:52:31
165.   JoeyP
You deserve to lose if you pitch to Martin in this situation with 1st open.
2008-06-07 14:52:40
166.   LAT
Big Brown should romp but Tale of Ekati could cause him trouble.
2008-06-07 14:52:57
167.   blue22
In play - run(s)!!!
2008-06-07 14:53:02
168.   JoeyP
Another drop by the Cubs.
Luckiest inning of the year.
2008-06-07 14:53:05
169.   D4P
Wow. I guess it's our day.
2008-06-07 14:53:20
170.   Bob Hendley
I am frustrated! In those situations Kent is supposed to get a hit. Oh, wait, he's a old guy.
2008-06-07 14:53:59
171.   MonkeyBlue
Wow! I love this inning!
2008-06-07 14:55:01
172.   Bob Hendley
McCarver is being awful generous to F-Dome
2008-06-07 14:55:16
173.   Andrew Shimmin
If Matt Kemp strikes out here, it'll prove that he's a bad person.
2008-06-07 14:55:33
174.   Greg Brock
400 foot mental mistake.
2008-06-07 14:55:52
175.   LAT
Keep talkin Rosenthal
2008-06-07 14:55:54
176.   ucladodger
finally!!!!!!!! Sit on that fastball, baby!
2008-06-07 14:56:00
177.   Icaros
Eat that, haters!
2008-06-07 14:56:08
178.   nofatmike
Roam Free!!!
2008-06-07 14:56:34
179.   gpellamjr
I love Matt Kemp. I just love the guy.
2008-06-07 14:56:37
180.   MonkeyBlue
Kemp I love you!
2008-06-07 14:56:39
181.   trainwreck
Well this has been a good half inning.
2008-06-07 14:56:44
182.   thinkblue88
yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEMP!!!!!!!
2008-06-07 14:57:16
183.   ucladodger
I wonder if Rosenthal will make another appearance on the telecast today...
2008-06-07 14:58:07
184.   D4P
A more seasoned player would have extended the rally there, but Kemp's probably pretty happy with the HR.
2008-06-07 14:58:10
185.   KAYVMON
Man, you gotta be frustrated if you're Zambrano. Your team's not been making plays for you all day. The Ump makes a questionable call, and that ends up hurting you. You drive in the go-ahead run. Your defense gives up the tying run. And all of sudden you've given up 7 earned runs.
2008-06-07 14:58:30
186.   Louis in SF
Possibly the breaks are finally coming are way. Lowe deserves an inning like this!
2008-06-07 14:58:34
187.   Lexinthedena
I hope Kemp goes on a tear....then he will be "firey" or a guy who "Plays with an edge"....
2008-06-07 14:59:14
188.   Ken Noe
That's what Rosenthal gets for recycling old stories. Gee, I feel like I waited a month for this inning.
2008-06-07 14:59:14
189.   Bob Hendley
Boy and that was under the pressure of the Shimmin good/bad test.
2008-06-07 14:59:25
190.   MonkeyBlue
Kemp still has the suspension looming over his head.
2008-06-07 14:59:39
191.   dianagramr

with Michael Barrett long gone, Big Z took it out on those poor defenseless Gatorade coolers ...

2008-06-07 15:00:24
192.   D4P
I hope Kemp goes on a tear....then he will be "firey" or a guy who "Plays with an edge"....

And we'll get to hear how his fight got the team fired up and was just what they needed.

Hah! Zambrano body-slamming gatorade containers.

2008-06-07 15:01:31
193.   JoeyP
The game is so much easier when you hit home runs.

Dodgers did get a lot of breaks, but home runs are the key.

2008-06-07 15:01:33
194.   Blue81
Pfft, Carlos Perez set the standard for water cooler tirades.
2008-06-07 15:03:05
195.   Linkmeister
Fer cryin' out loud, Big Fox is about to show me this game tape-delayed. Lowe just threw his first pitch.
2008-06-07 15:04:04
196.   D4P
I'm assuming those Gatorade jugs belong to the Dodgers. You can make that check out to Jamie McCourt, Carlos.
2008-06-07 15:04:22
197.   Greg Brock
Hit it harder, Big Z.
2008-06-07 15:04:25
198.   Bob Hendley
Looks like they pulled Kent for not getting that hit when we needed it. Management is just soooo impatient
2008-06-07 15:04:30
199.   JoeyP
Z is such a clown in the dugout.
Great pitcher, but he's an idiot.
2008-06-07 15:04:47
200.   blue22
Now hopefully a nice low-stress outing for Broxton.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-07 15:05:31
201.   Icaros
Good thing Michael Barrett wasn't behind the plate for the Cubs.
2008-06-07 15:06:02
202.   Greg Brock
The worst part is, that Gatorade jug was two weeks from retirement.
2008-06-07 15:06:58
203.   Gen3Blue
I'm so used to bad news when I check in that I can't quite understand this yet. It looks like Kemp did something good and we are ahead. How unusual lately.
2008-06-07 15:07:37
204.   Icaros
C'mon Ken, what about Kemp now? Fool.
2008-06-07 15:07:53
205.   D4P
Why does Fox make Rosenthal squint up into the sun to look at the camera?
2008-06-07 15:08:58
206.   Icaros

To appeal to his fellow rodents.

2008-06-07 15:10:47
207.   JoeyP
A split with the Cubs has to be a success.
2008-06-07 15:10:47
208.   Bluebleeder87
Steiner totally botched the Ethier at bat saying he K'd when he actually still had one more strike to play with.

while driving that wasn't very fun.

2008-06-07 15:10:51
209.   dianagramr

see 191 :-)

I hear the jugs were on the juice, as it were.

2008-06-07 15:11:00
210.   Andrew Shimmin
205- My dad used too do that for all of our first day of school pictures. Maybe he's moonlighting as a DP.
2008-06-07 15:13:20
211.   MonkeyBlue
Now its Saito turn.
2008-06-07 15:14:29
212.   Bluebleeder87

I agree with what Steiner said about Zambrano though, that's what makes him great & that's what makes him tick some of us might not agree with it but...

2008-06-07 15:16:13
213.   blue22
211 - I'm not so sure. He just pitched last night, and it's not a Save Situation. Proctor, maybe?

I think Joe wanted Broxton for the heart of the order there.

2008-06-07 15:18:28
214.   JoeyP
Big Brown is making his way from the stables.
2008-06-07 15:18:41
215.   Bluebleeder87
we have some runs to play with so I ain't to worried, this is a nice little moral victory for I think, finally SOME things going our way.
2008-06-07 15:19:01
216.   blue22
213 - Nevermind, he obviously didn't pitch last night.
2008-06-07 15:19:26
217.   Andrew Shimmin
Saito was the only guy up in the pen.
2008-06-07 15:20:31
218.   dianagramr

and being led by a horse with a jockey wearing a "UPS" silk .....

"what can Big Brown do for you?" perhaps

2008-06-07 15:21:11
219.   jtrichey
Seriously, do we really need a slumping Saito to come in here with a 4 run lead? Can't we just let him have another day off?
2008-06-07 15:21:27
220.   blue22
217 - Ah, ok. And of course here comes Saito in to pitch.

I'll just show myself out then.

2008-06-07 15:22:21
221.   JoeyP
This kid singing "New York, New York" just aint the same as Frank..
2008-06-07 15:23:27
222.   LAT
They just showed some guy in the Belmont crowd wearing a Russell Martin jersey.
2008-06-07 15:24:38
223.   trainwreck
Was it Brad Penny?
2008-06-07 15:25:29
224.   Bob Hendley
219 - A low pressure situation coming off the other night. Seems like a good situation to put him back on track for the next tight ballgame.
2008-06-07 15:25:41
225.   dianagramr

more likely Mike Piazza ...

2008-06-07 15:26:21
226.   LAT
McCarver says wouldn't it be great if Big Brown won for Jim McKay who loved horse racing. I never get things like that. Wouldn't it have been great for McKay last year. It doesn't do much for him now.
2008-06-07 15:26:42
227.   Andrew Shimmin
I would have brought in Kuo.

To spite Xeifrank.

2008-06-07 15:28:26
228.   MonkeyBlue
Such a downer that Penny is going to pitch tomorrow.
2008-06-07 15:28:39
229.   Bob Hendley
227 - Management based on spite is much more fun than management based on frustration.
2008-06-07 15:28:55
230.   Bluebleeder87
man, Saito wasn't messing around today, WOAH!!
2008-06-07 15:29:18
231.   Bob Hendley
228 - Penny gutted it out last time!
2008-06-07 15:29:29
232.   Gen3Blue
Sammy strikes out the side and we win!
Could anything be better!
2008-06-07 15:29:42
233.   LAT
One minute to Post!!!
2008-06-07 15:30:30
234.   Bluebleeder87
Penny will pitch great tomorrow.
2008-06-07 15:30:46
235.   trainwreck
If Emmanuelle Chiriqui married me, but you probably mean when it comes to the Dodgers.
2008-06-07 15:31:04
236.   Bluebleeder87
this thing is gonna be over lightning quick.
2008-06-07 15:31:07
237.   StolenMonkey86
I don't want bonus coverage, I want a postgame interview with Martin and Kemp.
2008-06-07 15:31:15
238.   blue22
228 - Bright side: Marquis is going for Chicago.
2008-06-07 15:31:18
239.   Greg Brock
Horsies going in the horsey holder.
2008-06-07 15:31:20
240.   LAT
So considerate of Sammy to end the game just in time for the Belmont
2008-06-07 15:31:30
241.   Bob Hendley
207 - Giving the Cubbies their first 3 game losing streak of the season, would be sweeter.
2008-06-07 15:31:42
242.   Gen3Blue
And now to Big Brown.
2008-06-07 15:32:19
243.   LAT
Big Brown right where he should be
2008-06-07 15:32:50
244.   Bob Hendley
223 - LAT
One minute to Post!!!

Coming from LAT, I am assuming that the post was five minutes ago.

2008-06-07 15:34:07
245.   Greg Brock
Well then.
2008-06-07 15:34:13
246.   LAT
Not where he should be now.
2008-06-07 15:34:24
247.   MonkeyBlue
Heh, that was fun.
2008-06-07 15:34:37
248.   JoeyP
38-1 horse wins...

Belmont Park is silent.

2008-06-07 15:34:58
249.   trainwreck
Should have given the horse more steroids.
2008-06-07 15:35:12
250.   LAT
That sucks. The triple crown is so grouling.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-07 15:35:28
251.   JoeyP
Lots of money lost by everyone that bet on the favorite.
2008-06-07 15:35:47
252.   Bob Hendley
248 - Why, the guy that bought that ticket fainted?
2008-06-07 15:35:55
253.   D4P
How many horses have they "put down" thus far...?
2008-06-07 15:36:44
254.   Bob Hendley
253 - Bennett should be happy that he plays baseball.
2008-06-07 15:37:28
255.   Gen3Blue
The Belmont is becoming the bain of the triple crown.
But much more important. The Dodgers win. Propelled by Kemp.
2008-06-07 15:37:46
256.   Andrew Shimmin
So, I've now watched a horse race. I think one is going to be enough.
2008-06-07 15:37:47
257.   Bluebleeder87


2008-06-07 15:37:57
258.   Greg Brock
2008-06-07 15:37:58
259.   trainwreck
There is talk going around that Floyd Mayweather is signing with the UFC, which is why he suddenly announced his retirement.
2008-06-07 15:38:14
260.   LAT
244. That made me laugh.
2008-06-07 15:38:46
261.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know man, I'm reminded of Jerry Seinfeld jokes when ever I see horse raising.
2008-06-07 15:40:41
262.   D4P
He'd probably be the highest paid fighter in MMA, and lose every match.
2008-06-07 15:41:01
263.   JoeyP
The horse just lost.

Its funny everyone thinks he was hurt, but the vets say he's fine.

He's an "intelligent horse that just didnt feel like running today".

Big Brown just being Big Brown...

2008-06-07 15:42:32
264.   LAT
Big Brown off to stud. That horse will have a better quality of life than any of us here.
2008-06-07 15:42:55
265.   Bluebleeder87
sincerely hope that horse is o.k.
2008-06-07 15:43:25
266.   nofatmike
261 You think Big Brown had too many beefarinos?
2008-06-07 15:43:28
267.   MollyKnight
I always bet on the six horse when I go to the track. But I wasn't at the track today.


2008-06-07 15:43:46
268.   Bob Hendley
263 - What's so intelligent about that, unless his owner bet on another horse? (now that would be both intelligent and lucrative).
2008-06-07 15:45:23
269.   Bob Hendley
267 - They make you pay when you bet, right?
2008-06-07 15:46:29
270.   dianagramr

you do know that Big Brown doesn't get to actually know any of his "studettes"?



When Barbaro went down and subsequently died, I wrote a letter to the NYTimes that got published ...

So you could say I'm not a big fan of this "sport".

2008-06-07 15:46:35
271.   D4P
They make you pay when you bet, right?

Wrong. Betting is for entertainment purposes only.

2008-06-07 15:48:19
272.   trainwreck
He still doesn't have to do any of the work.
2008-06-07 15:48:49
273.   MollyKnight
I've been to the Belmont twice, and it's never predictable. Plus, it's 93 degrees today with 140% humidity. I can't imagine racing in that weather. Poor thing.
2008-06-07 15:49:09
274.   JoeyP
268--That quote about him being "intelligent" was from a vet they interviewed after the race.

Big Brown wasnt on steroids this race. Maybe he could have used them.

2008-06-07 15:50:20
275.   Linkmeister
Lemme be the first to say this (here):

Heckuva job, Brownie.

There'll be as much analysis of this race as there is of the Clinton campaign and what went wrong with it.

2008-06-07 15:50:27
276.   D4P
Wasn't the use of steroids in horses a "bad guy thing to do" in "A View to a Kill"...?
2008-06-07 15:52:02
277.   JoeyP
I wonder what kind of odds you could have gotten on Big Brown finishing in last place?
2008-06-07 15:53:51
278.   dianagramr

good memory!

2008-06-07 15:55:06
279.   Andrew Shimmin
Fox should bring in Japanese game show producers to fix their post game show. If these people were subject to electrical shock, or getting dumped in a shark tank, it'd be more tolerable.

Maybe a bear with an ax.

2008-06-07 16:11:20
280.   bigcpa
Rosenthal to Kemp: "You guys have struggled all year offensively..."

Right. Other than April when we were 3rd in the majors in runs/game.

2008-06-07 16:22:22
281.   trainwreck
They were saying Big Brown could have mucus in his lungs.

They really need to get him off the cigarettes.

2008-06-07 16:25:03
282.   Bob Hendley
145 - "I wish the Orioles were still in the major leagues. I loved that team".

Wee Willie Keeler
Runs through the town,
All along Charles Street,
In his nightgown.
Belling like a hound dog,
Gathering the pack:
Hey, Wilbert Robinson,
The Orioles are back!
Hey, Hughie Jennings!
Hey, John McGraw!
I got fire in my eye
And tobacco in my jaw!
Hughie, hold my halo.
I'm sick of being a saint:
Got to teach youngsters
To hit 'em where they ain't.

"You Can't Kill an Oriole" by Ogden Nash 1953

2008-06-07 16:25:58
283.   dzzrtRatt
I don't care about the NBA finals. Really. I am one of those who checked out of Laker fandom thanks to their craven capitulation to Lord Kobe. I'll reconsider them when he leaves the team. I can't root for the Celtics, though. So I'll monitor the finals via Dodger Thoughts.

I don't care about the Triple Crown. They're pets, for gosh sakes! I wouldn't watch a ferret race, so why would I watch a horse race?

I'm completely focused on the Dodgers and baseball. I don't have time or energy for any other sports til college football starts up (soon).

Kemp's home run and Lowe's fine pitching probably won't be on the front page of tomorrow's sports section. That's all right. But it's the only thing I care about.

2008-06-07 16:32:49
284.   cargill06
i just cuaght this one...

excuses are like poems they're for sissy's and no one wants to hear them


2008-06-07 16:33:07
285.   Bob Hendley
283 - Mmmh..except for the Lakers part, I am the same. Loved the guy's voice, but WWS always put me to sleep as a kid.
2008-06-07 16:39:57
286.   bigcpa
Dodger HR leaders:
    8 - Kent
    5 - Kemp
    5 - Ethier
    5 - Martin
    5 - DeWitt
    5 - Furcal
    5 - Loney
    5 - Rest of team
2008-06-07 16:41:20
287.   68elcamino427
Great win for the Dodgers today. I'm really enjoying the modest two game winning streak.

The Dodgers stars of the game today:

Lowe, Broxton, and Saito all pitched great today.

Contributors at the plate today against the Cubs #1 starter.

AB 4, R 2, H 3, RBI 3, MARTIN (Home Run)
AB 4, R 1, H 2, RBI 3, KEMP (Home Run)
AB 4, R 1, H 2, ETHIER
AB 4, R 1, H 2, KENT
AB 5, R 1, H 2, PIERRE
AB 4, R 1, H 1, LONEY

2008-06-07 16:44:58
288.   xaphor
Horses are the precursors to the automobile with horse racing kept alive for the nostalgia and gambling. I wouldn't really compare it to the racing of pets unless you consider your trusty commuter vehicle one of the family.
2008-06-07 16:49:36
289.   Bob Hendley
My Mother the Car?
2008-06-07 16:50:33
290.   Bob Hendley
286 - That Kent, always has to different.
2008-06-07 16:50:43
291.   gpellamjr
Every time I open the front door, I witness a ferret race. I enjoy it more than horse racing.
2008-06-07 16:53:27
292.   dzzrtRatt
288 If I owned a horse, I might race it. Just like if I owned a boat.

But I wouldn't expect my wager with my rich horse-owning neighbor to be covered in the national media. That's all I'm saying. It's not a spectator sport I can sink my teeth into. I don't know or care about the struggles of Big Brown to reach this point where he was on the verge of the Triple Crown. Nor do I expect he's particularly disappointed not to have won. I'm sure he has other things on his mind right now, like "where's my food?" and "can I eat that?" So what I'm really being asked to root for is the syndicate that owns him and the people who bet on him. I don't know them, so I don't care about them.

2008-06-07 16:57:30
293.   D4P
If I had a boat, I'd go out on the ocean. And if I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat.
2008-06-07 16:59:45
294.   Bob Hendley
"And if I had a pony"

That is so sad...

2008-06-07 17:02:40
295.   bhsportsguy
I think Scareduck and myself were at both last night's game and today's quickly played affair. Not that I saw him at the games, did see LAT as noted last night.

Lots of Cubs fans.

Sitting behind homeplate on the field level is a great seat but I thought each of the home runs was not that well hit. But watching the outfield like Vin taught me was very helpful in determining where those balls were going.

I told my friend that just before Kemp hit it out, I hope Kemp is looking for a ball in spot and just attack it.

Hu is completely lost at the plate. Even if Berroa is the worst position player in the game, he will help close that hole in the lineup.

Did I mention all the Cubs fans.

Can't comment on what has been said on TV the past few days because I have not watched it.

But two nice wins over a team playing good ball, let's hope Penny has a good one in him tomorrow. They'll be lots of Cubs fans there to watch it.

2008-06-07 17:03:26
296.   Bluebleeder87
I just saved 60 bucks in manual labor for doing my own oil change, that's 60 bucks extra I'm gonna have on gas money.

Beat that!

2008-06-07 17:03:30
297.   Daniel Zappala
270 Nice letter.
2008-06-07 17:04:23
298.   dzzrtRatt
295 The Cubs are very popular. Did you see a lot of Cub fans out there?
2008-06-07 17:09:24
299.   Alex41592
Back from Wrigley...or the Ravine. I actually don't mind the Cub fans. They're passionate and at least to me they are not annoying. Just LOUD. And that's fine by me. We won. Jason Bay solo HR 3-2 D'Backs bottom 4.
2008-06-07 17:11:15
300.   Bluebleeder87

Thanks for the update Alex.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-06-07 17:11:56
301.   JJ42
Hey Cameron, nice plug of Dodger Thoughts on the post-game DodgerTalk. Ken and Josh's response was something like "we know Jon and we like Jon."
2008-06-07 17:20:33
302.   trainwreck
What did he say?
2008-06-07 17:28:44
303.   Alex41592
Nate Mclouth solo HR 3-3 Tie in Pittsburgh
2008-06-07 17:31:10
304.   JJ42
302 He first cited Baseball Prospectus as calling Berroa the worst starting SS in the majors. Then Ken and Josh said Berroa might benefit from a fresh start and that it was a bandaid until Furcal gets back. Cameron then says (though not an exact quote): "that's funny that you mention the bandaid, because "on Dodger Thoughts, a popular baseball website, the Berroa trade was described as like putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound." The two hosts nearly fell over in laughter and were upset that they didn't come up with that. Maybe Eric should call in.
2008-06-07 17:34:51
305.   D4P
Berroa might benefit from a fresh start

Who'sToSABRMetrics 101.

2008-06-07 17:40:12
306.   trainwreck
Hahaha, nice!
2008-06-07 17:48:32
307.   D4P
It's looking like Arizona will probably lose tonight.
2008-06-07 17:54:42
308.   Bluebleeder87

yup, 3-3 in the 7th with a runner on 2nd for the Bucks.

2008-06-07 17:56:48
309.   nofatmike
295 Yeah, there's always lot of Cub fans that show up when they're in town. I've been to a few games against them myself and it can be pretty annoying since a lot of them tend to be pretty loud and boisterous. Of course, it makes it all the more better when the Dodgers beat them. :)
2008-06-07 17:59:46
310.   Daniel Zappala
I camped overnight on Antelope Island State Park and paid my respects to the bison. I hereby take credit for Kemp hitting the home run today.
2008-06-07 17:59:48
311.   LoneStar7
wonderful win today for starters, I actually just looked at Arizona's schedule for the rest of the year compared to ours, and boy is ours difficult in comparison...too bad, but hey two in a row from the NL's best...I will enjoy every minute of this
2008-06-07 18:01:31
312.   Daniel Zappala
A truly wonderful Prairie Home Companion radio show today, featuring Bonnie Raitt, Martin Sheen, and Jearlyn Steele, live from the Greek. Lots of L.A. references.
2008-06-07 18:10:57
313.   Bluebleeder87
you know, Jason Bay doesn't have a flattering swing but he gets the job done.

surprised at his OPS+ of 149.

2008-06-07 18:11:02
314.   trainwreck
We got Bison in Golden Gate park. I should try to distinguish one as THE bison.
2008-06-07 18:12:28
315.   trainwreck
Getting Bay and Snell for Ethier, Wade, and Meloan would have completely changed my opinion of the Pirates GM and I would have praised Ned till the cows come home.

I don't have any cows, but you get the point.

2008-06-07 18:16:11
316.   D4P
Arizona's Win Expectancy now at 83%.
2008-06-07 18:17:04
317.   trainwreck
I totally capitalized the wrong letters on that one.
2008-06-07 18:18:32
318.   Bluebleeder87
Snell seemed hurt yesterday when he pitched his last inning, I wouldn't trust his arm after watching him yesterday.

maybe he was just tired but the Snakes announcers were commenting on it as well.

2008-06-07 18:22:04
319.   Bluebleeder87
for those of you out on the town tonight, the Pirates have a runner at 1st with no outs in the 9th.

4-3 Snakes.

2008-06-07 18:22:56
320.   Eric Enders
Snell has been suspiciously lousy all year. I wouldn't be surprised to find he's been injured since April.
2008-06-07 18:26:04
321.   D4P
The Pirates's baserunner gets caught stealing with 1 out in the bottom of the 9th.
2008-06-07 18:28:25
322.   guy clinch
I'm watching the Angels-A's game, with Rex Hudler and Steve Physioc. There are shadows on the field btwn the pitcher's mound and homeplate. Physioc says "remember that season Orel Hershiser had (1988)" and I immediately know what he is going to say, as he has said this at least twice before that I have heard. "A lot of 6oclock starts that year," says Hudler. They seem to think that Hershiser pitched a disproportionate amount of games under similar shadowed conditions, and benefited from the shadows.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Could it that Hershiser benefited from shadows? Or should I discount this as the idiotic piffle of a terrible broadcast duo?
2008-06-07 18:29:41
323.   Bluebleeder87
oh well, the D-Backs just won 4-3.
2008-06-07 18:31:47
324.   Marty
He could have only been talking about post-season games. I have no facts in front of me, but I can't imagine many 6 pm starts in the regular season.
2008-06-07 18:32:10
325.   D4P
Do games that start in daylight and end in moonlight count as Day Games or Night Games...?
2008-06-07 18:35:37
326.   guy clinch
I don't doubt the pitcher incurs a benefit from shadows between the mound and plate. It just seems strange that Hershiser would have had a disproportionate amount of starts. Anyway, I've heard these two make this comment at least 3 times over the years. It must be a Physioc/Hudler meme.
2008-06-07 18:45:11
327.   Daniel Zappala
If you live in Torrance, Santa Monica, or Irvine, you can apply to Honda for the chance to drive a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, with zero emissions. You'll have to be able to afford the $600/month three year lease, which includes all maintenance ... still, very cool.
2008-06-07 18:45:47
328.   Bob Timmermann
Day games are any games that start BEFORE 5 pm. That's all that matters.
2008-06-07 18:49:43
329.   Bob Timmermann
All of Hershiser's starts during his scoreless streaks came in games that started no earlier than 7:05 pm.
2008-06-07 18:52:38
330.   guy clinch
329- Thank you. I'd love to ask them what exactly they are talking about.
2008-06-07 18:54:01
331.   PDH5204
270 The problem is that most of these horses wouldn't be alive but for the racing. Not otherwise big on the 'roids and the Lasix, and they should be hand-ridden and not whipped, but it was beauty to see our front-running longshot go wire to wire over a mile and a half in the heat.

It's a dangerous thing for the others to allow the one to go unchallenged at the front. Da'Tara took a 2 length or so lead soon after going into the clubhouse turn and then some catch up a bit as the turn ends, but they didn't push him at any time. Then coming into the final turn Garcia let him go and he pulled away.

It helped that Tale of Ekati made it so that Big Brown had to go a bit wider on the clubhouse turn than Big Brown would have preferred. When Tale of Ekati and Big Brown closed on Da'Tara near the end of the "vast" clubhouse turn, well, simply consider how much extra ground had to be covered in going wider on the turn. Here, note the report that our 4th horse, Anak Nakal, took the "inviting" inside position [after a "wild" Big Brown first took him wide]. And note the "sensible" time for the first half mile, 48.2 seconds. And so the distance covered and effort used by some was not equal, and then no one challenged Da'Tara going down the backstretch:

Lastly, all of Peru is showing their love for Alan Garcia today. To join the chorus: Good ride, Alan, as you had him cruise for a mile at the front and then you let him go. My only critique: he ducked out there in home stretch 'cause he wanted to be hand-ridden home as he knew he had 'em. And so kindly note your left-handed whips and then he ducked out, and then the right-handed whips and he then ducked back in, and then you acceded to his wishes and hand-rode him home.

2008-06-07 18:55:30
332.   Marty
Post season games with often start at 6 to accommodate east coast viewers (9 pm). That must be what Hudler is thinking about. Of course, that assumes Hudler thinks.
2008-06-07 18:56:55
333.   Bob Timmermann
Hershiser's POSTSEASON starts were at:
5:25 pm
12:20 pm
(Unsure of start for Game 7 of NLCS, but I think it was 5:20 pm)
5:25 pm
5:35 pm

Perhaps Hershiser benefited also from being matched up against Storm Davis in both of his World Series starts.

2008-06-07 18:58:12
334.   Eric Enders
One of his starts against the Mets, and two against the A's, started just after 5 p.m.

Of course, with four runs in 26 1/3 innings, those three twilight games actually hurt his postseason ERA.

This is not counting Game 7 of the NLCS, which Baseball-Reference has some incorrect info on. They list it as starting at 9:20 p.m. local time, which is impossible since that would be after midnight on the East Coast. I do remember this being a night game. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a 6:20 start (thus 9:20 ET).

2008-06-07 18:58:35
335.   Marty
he ducked out there in home stretch 'cause he wanted to be hand-ridden home as he knew he had 'em.

Are you referring to the horse here? I would never assume a horse is thinking under any circumstances.

2008-06-07 18:58:46
336.   Eric Enders
As usual, Bob has beaten me to the information.
2008-06-07 19:05:17
337.   ucladodger
Orel actually talked about this during an ESPN telecast a few weeks ago. I forgot when exactly it was and who was playing, but he did say that he had a good amount of those starts during the 88 year which helped his stats. Thats probably where those 2 buffoons got their info.
2008-06-07 19:05:23
338.   Eric Enders
NLCS Game 7 was a 5:15 start according to the Gray Lady.
2008-06-07 19:06:30
339.   Eric Enders
337 So he did get a number of twilight starts in the playoffs -- but that's when he started actually giving up runs!
2008-06-07 19:07:13
340.   Bob Timmermann
The LA Times listed a 5 pm start (which could easily have ended up as 5:20 pm after Bob Costas stopped talking) for Game 7 of the 1988 NLCS.

Game 2 of the NLCS was a normal West Coast night game start because there was a presidential debate.

2008-06-07 19:09:58
341.   D4P
there was a presidential debate

Anyone remember the SNL skits with Jon Lovitz playing Dukakis?

"I can't believe I'm losing to this guy"

2008-06-07 19:11:16
342.   Eric Enders
Dana Carvey as Bush Sr. has gotta be the greatest SNL president ever, right? (All Chevy Chase did was trip over stuff.)
2008-06-07 19:13:47
343.   sporky
Nice win today!

AndyAlert: He's playing 2B again, and started a 4-6-3 DP.

2008-06-07 19:14:05
344.   Bob Timmermann
Hershiser had two regular season starts in twilight.

One in Philadelphia that started at 5:55 pm because of a rain delay and another in San Francisco that started at 5:35 which was the first game of a twi-night doubleheader.

That doubleheader was sweet!

2008-06-07 19:15:20
345.   D4P
Dana Carvey as Bush Sr. has gotta be the greatest SNL president ever, right?

Would it be prudent at this juncture to make such a proclamation?

I think so.

2008-06-07 19:20:33
346.   Daniel Zappala
2008-06-07 19:21:31
347.   Bob Timmermann
Bases-clearing double by Castro gives the Cardinal an 8-5 lead over the Commuters in the 6th inning.

On my cable system, Stan-CSUF is on ESPN regular while 'Zona-Miami is on ESPN HD.

2008-06-07 19:25:59
348.   sporky
Andy LaRoche hit by pitch

>Injury delay.

2008-06-07 19:28:04
349.   D4P
Thanks. Couldn't find that on YouTube.

Andy LaRoche hit by pitch

The man is doomed.

2008-06-07 19:28:36
350.   sporky
John-Ford Griffin with a grand slam. Woo.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-06-07 19:28:40
351.   D4P
Bases-clearing double by Castro

But the bases weren't empty after the double...

2008-06-07 19:29:08
352.   sporky
From Dylan Hernandez:

>>Torre maintained his position that he would like Hu to play at triple-A Las Vegas, which he thinks would aid his development. The manager said that Andy LaRoche is "close" to being called up from Las Vegas, a hint that LaRoche and Hu could trade places in the near future if Berroa is deemed an adequate utility man.<<

2008-06-07 19:32:04
353.   sporky
Gary Bennet in Vegas:


2008-06-07 19:32:35
354.   Eric Enders
So that would leave us with the one-armed man as our starting shortstop? I'd rather have Hu.
2008-06-07 19:32:52
355.   D4P
They don't call him "Job" for nothing.
2008-06-07 19:52:12
356.   Andrew Shimmin
Just turned on the CWS, what's the deal with the shushing?
2008-06-07 19:57:38
357.   Bob Timmermann
The CWS hasn't started. And what do you mean by shushing?
2008-06-07 20:02:03
358.   Andrew Shimmin
It's Arizona vs. Miami. Oh, well, in game update for another game, so it must be some kind of playoff. Oh, there it is above the score; I'm watching an NCAA Super Regional.

The crowd was shushing itself right before every pitch. They only did it for the one Arizona batter, and the commentators seemed to indicate that he'd done something to provoke him. The guys name was Gordon (I looked him up; the Astros drafted him). He hit a home run, and the shushing was over.

2008-06-07 20:03:46
359.   Andrew Shimmin
It was quite a home run, too. Out of the park, it hit half way up the face of a parking garage behind the stadium. But it's an aluminum (or whatever) bat, so I turn my nose up at it.
2008-06-07 20:05:16
360.   Penarol1916
Just got back from a graduation party with a bunch of Cubs fans. I don't know which was more fun. Watching those guys shut up after Kemp's homer, or the dance my two sons did after the game ended. They've taken to calling the Cubs, "The Evil Cubs" and were very disappointed that they did not stay up for the game last night.
2008-06-07 20:06:34
361.   sporky
Andy is out of the game.

If he's hurt, I'm going after this Juan Gutierrez with a grapefruit spoon.

2008-06-07 20:09:22
362.   Bob Timmermann
And the Cardinal are Omaha bound!

Take that stupid Commuter School U!

2008-06-07 20:14:38
363.   Eric Enders
Some hometown news coverage on the Dodgers' draftees....

2 (61) Josh Lindblom, RHP, Purdue U.
Dodgers take Lindblom in second round

Talking on the phone with a representative from the Boston Red Sox, Josh Lindblom heard a loud cheer from the adjoining room at Bruno's Swiss Inn.

"I said, 'I think I just got picked. I appreciate it but I think I'm done now,' " Lindblom told the representative.

The defending World Series champions brought Lindblom to Boston on Tuesday for a workout and appeared to have every intention of selecting the hard-throwing right-hander with the 77th overall pick.


3 (93) Kyle Russell, OF, U. of Texas
UT's Russell drafted by Dodgers

Kyle Russell wasn't born a Dodger, but he was one shortly after birth. "That was my T-ball team," Russell said. "That was my first baseball team."


4 (127) Devaris Strange-Gordon, RHP, Seminole CC
Younger Gordon's selection becomes homage to his mother

For almost two years, Gordon used up all the resources he's collected in a professional baseball career that has spanned three decades to talk up his son. "For your kid, you do that," Gordon said.

Just over 10 years ago, Gordon may not have been in a position to play such a role in Devaris' life. In May of 1995, Devara Strange, Tom Gordon's high school sweetheart and Devaris' mother, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Devaris Strange-Gordon was only six years old.

Losing a mother isn't easy for anyone. But losing a mother while you're still a youngster is beyond traumatic. Flash hired a lawyer and gained custody of his son. Eventually, he brought him to the ballpark.


6 (187) Tony Delmonico, SS, Florida State U.
Delmonico drafted by Dodgers

There was a time when Tony Delmonico would rarely take off his New York Yankees cap. ... "I always dreamed of playing for Joe Torre and the New York Yankees," the Florida State junior shortstop said...


9 (277) Steven Caseres, 1B, James Madison U.
Duke, Knight Drafted; Caseres Goes In Ninth, Bowman in 48th

After being rebuffed by the James Madison first baseman when they asked if he would be willing to sign for the amount of money they were willing to pay him in the sixth round Thursday, the Dodgers selected Caseres in the ninth round of the Major League Baseball draft Friday.
It appeared Thursday that Caseres, a redshirt sophomore, probably would return to JMU for at least one more season. But between Thursday and Friday night, Caseres dropped his signing-bonus asking price from $300,000 to $250,000, though that was still almost $100,000 more than he said the New York Yankees offered him to sign in the fifth round.

"I felt like he was willing to make a concession on his part," Bobby Witt, Caseres' draft advisor and a former major league pitcher said. "He came down to the point that showed that he wanted to get something ready to go out there and play."

The Dodgers, of course, knew Caseres' asking price, which leads both Witt and Caseres to believe that they will put an offer on the table within the next few days.

2008-06-07 20:16:59
364.   Brent Knapp
310 . I hadn't done the outdoors thing in a long time, but I went up half dome last weekend and it was an incredible rush. Tough, but the views from up top are well worth it
2008-06-07 20:40:33
365.   Eric Enders
Russ Langer is in the booth tonight, but not calling the game due to laryngitis. His fill-in is awful. He sounds like Andy Devine on the Yoda.
2008-06-07 20:46:56
366.   Strike4
Thanks for the best laugh in a month.
2008-06-07 20:50:20
367.   Eric Enders
Quote: "I wonder if Andy was called up or somethin'? ... Uh, or just taken out of the ballgame with a bad hand."

Gee, thanks, Mr. Goofy Las Vegas Announcer Guy.

This guy is really must-listen material. If you can imagine Harry Caray minus all the baseball knowledge and plus about 80 beers, you'd about have it.

2008-06-07 20:53:58
368.   nofatmike
367 When I listened in, he was spending more time interviewing a gynecologist than the game. As you can imagine, I switched to the Tucson broadcast. Oh, and Andy got hit on the hand, not sure which one though, but he did stay in for another at-bat, so I doubt it's that bad.
2008-06-07 21:11:14
369.   Jon Weisman
I mean, this is becoming like parody. The new generation isn't even getting ejected enough.

From Dylan's article:

Jeff Kent pointed to his ejection Friday for arguing a called third strike as an example of how differs from the latest generation of players.

"You know what's missing in this game, maybe in the last six or seven years?" Kent said. "People don't question or challenge plays that are made in this game anymore. We allow umpires and we allow coaches and we allow players to do things and we just turn the other cheek. That didn't happen when I played.

"And it happens a lot. Because the generation gap is so large between me and the rest of the team, I guess I get stuck in that challenge mode more often that not, so everybody looks at me as being more passionate, and I'm not."


In the case of Matt Kemp and Coco Crisp, does turning the other cheek mean turning it into the fight?

2008-06-07 21:12:24
370.   nofatmike
369 Who cares, he's gone next year anyway.
2008-06-07 21:16:04
371.   Jon Weisman
It's like he thinks he's the only guy around arguing calls. Jeff, you have met Milton Bradley, haven't you?

You know, I don't hate Jeff Kent. But I'm really starting to wonder if he's just that stupid, or if his words just somehow get twisted, or if he's doing this on purpose just to mess with us.

2008-06-07 21:21:57
372.   nofatmike
371 I think he's just an unpleasant human being. Lot's of these types of people are in different walks of life, in sports they just seem to get magnified.
2008-06-07 21:34:47
373.   tjshere
I'm beginning to think Jeff has violated the "It's better to retire a year too soon than a year too late" rule.
2008-06-07 21:40:00
374.   xaphor
Not attempting to appologize for Kent, but for all we know the promt to that response was, "Is getting ejected a sign that your passion for the game is still stong?"

Of course I like to picture Kent sitting by himself in a wollen cardigan spouting off "You know what's missing in this game..." any time a person walks within earshot.

2008-06-07 21:43:47
375.   Andrew Shimmin
I like to picture Kent neck deep in sand, wearing a gallon of honey for a hat.
2008-06-07 21:47:07
376.   Eric Enders
Ever since the 1870s, cranky old ballplayers have been bitching about how in their day they played the game the right way, and how these young kids today have no respect for the game. Such complaints are a pretty good indicator of that someone is completely lacking in perspective. They're just ticked off that they can't play anymore, and so they take out their frustrations by making comments like this.

I think it's best just to ignore Kent for the rest of the year. Then hopefully he'll go away for a long time, and we can feel sorry for him when he's sucking his thumb in a Texas rest home and replaying his VHS copy of the 2002 NLCS on a loop.

(P.S. - I find it amusing that Kent's Baseball-Reference sponsor is offering a product called "Dodgers Sing Baez." But if you click on the link it's not at all what it sounds like.)

2008-06-07 21:49:04
377.   xaphor
375 Funny, a scout used that exact phrase to describe Kent's defense at second base.
2008-06-07 22:00:12
378.   Bob Timmermann
I got the impression from reading Peter Morris's most recent book that the old players were complaining BEFORE the Civil War.

They didn't take to that Creighton fellow pitching the ball so hard that they couldn't hit it.

2008-06-07 22:05:36
379.   underdog
I watched the game late in the day on tape, and enjoyed the hell out of the last few innings, and don't have much to add here that wasn't already said. But my favorite moments:
The Bison's homer, of course.
Russell's homer, ditto.
Zambrano being left in too long.
Zambrano exploding and hating on Gatorade buckets in the dugout. (Chill out dude, you've only lost 2 games this year.)
And seeing Saito come in and pitch well, even though it was a no pressure situation. Just do that again, Sammy.
And it seemed like a very rare Saturday Fox win for the Dodgers. I'm happy.

One more before the road trip would be nice, though we'll have to pray Penny somehow channels Penny v1.0 and not the buggy new update we've been watching this season.

2008-06-07 22:07:08
380.   Bob Hendley
You guys! Kent is a jerk, but he is our jerk. I always thought that the Bums should have picked him up when he first came out of SF. Can you imagine Kent/Bonds during those years? They could have sold tickets. And when he went into the HOF, he would have worn Dodger blue (another dagger into the heart of the team by-the-bay).
2008-06-07 22:09:09
381.   underdog
Off subject, and I haven't actually seen it yet, but I'm going to make a prediction about M Night Shyamalan's The Happening: There's a twist ending.


Anything new about LaRoche?

2008-06-07 22:20:11
382.   xaphor
They seem to be drawing an inordinate amount of attention to the movie's R rating, so my money is on a twist ending with boobies.
2008-06-07 22:25:21
383.   underdog
There's probably more graphic violence than usual for a MNS film, and yeah, maybe some boobies. People fall off buildings, mysterious things happen, and there's a twist ending. There! I've basically seen it.
2008-06-07 22:50:17
384.   fanerman
I just got back from a nice hike (and dinner and stuff) to Point Reyes in some area of norcal I'm not familiar with.

We scored 7 runs! Off Carlos Zambrano! More than Russell Martin can hit good pitching! Yay!

2008-06-07 22:50:40
385.   Eric Enders
Instead of watching the actual movie, you could just listen to the first four lines of "For What It's Worth," which basically describe the plot of every M. Night film.
2008-06-07 22:55:24
386.   underdog
384 - Where'd ya go up there? I stayed in Marshall a couple of weekends ago, the northeast end of Tomales Bay, we also went to Pt Reyes Station to eat once and hiked all over. I love it there. Great for kayaking, birdwatching, hiking.

385 - Not to mention "Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid"

2008-06-07 23:01:06
387.   fanerman
386 We didn't spend too much time there. We got there kinda late (like at 1). We took the Palomarin Trail to Bass Lake. A few of us went for a swim but not me because I didn't bring any change of clothes or anything. Then we headed to some little waterfall to the beach. It was pretty splendid.
2008-06-07 23:10:09
388.   underdog
Nice. Bass Lake is awesome. Some day I want to be rich enough to buy a summer home in Bolinas.
2008-06-07 23:21:00
389.   underdog
I think what everyone needs is a little Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog.

2008-06-07 23:25:24
390.   bhsportsguy
Tomorrow night after the game, KABC's Dodger Talk/Sports Talk show is going to 11:00 p.m and at some point they will have Logan White on the show.
2008-06-07 23:33:00
u guys r full of yourselves.....

kent's a good baseball player. even now, as we all(or some of u) seem to hope he gets injured or start sucking bad, he's still a good player. if he has a differing philosophical opinion on matters of baseball, who r any of us to say he's stupid? i think he's just talking about passion. i don't think he's necessarily talking strictly about arguing. maybe milton bradley is a slightly better player than the player he might've been otherwise because of his passion....or maybe not. but i don't know that for sure, do u? maybe kent feels it does make a difference however slight it may be. the slightest differnce can be huge in certain(clutch) situations or maybe not. i don't think he's stupid for thinking..... or better yet FEELING a certain way. if that can mean a difference between 158 RBIs and 163 RBIs for any of our players, then I'd take the extra 5 rbis...

2008-06-07 23:40:10
392.   fanerman
388 Yeah it was really awesome.

390 Ohhh Logan White! Gosh I'd love to be able to watch that. Alas!

Okay, good night everybody.

2008-06-07 23:50:49
393.   68elcamino427
Jeff Kent will be allowed to be a crabby agitator as long as he can hit.

He's been hitting pretty good lately.

2008-06-07 23:52:13
394.   Bob Hendley
391 - I like Kent and think that he is a good ballplayer whose skills have diminshed because of father time, and wish him no ill will, quite the contrary. Following his ejection we have won two games against the best team in the NL. If his ejection and display of passion had anything to do with it, great. But I also think he is a jerk and has always been a jerk. (Barry Bonds will back me up on this)
2008-06-08 00:00:51
395.   Bob Timmermann
If something made the difference between a player getting 158 and 163 RBI in a season, I would wonder who was getting on base that much.

Only Sammy Sosa (twice) and Manny Ramirez have driven in as many as 158 runs in a season since 1949.

I guess they were motivated.

2008-06-08 00:08:28
396.   Tripon
Eh, Kent made another annoying comment.
2008-06-08 00:13:38
397.   Greg Brock
Jeff Kent is the reason young people hate old people.
2008-06-08 00:15:57
398.   Greg Brock
I don't mean "Old." I mean "Older generations." Sorry older than I people.

40 is the new 30.

2008-06-08 00:17:21
399.   Bob Timmermann
So by extension is 42 the new 32?
2008-06-08 00:19:38
400.   Greg Brock
42 is the new 29. It's the new math.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-06-08 00:23:35
401.   KG16
I just started reading the latest from Plashcke... the first line is classic. I wonder how many times he gets that particular email, and how many times it's from someone here.
2008-06-08 00:34:17
402.   Greg Brock
What is the minimum age before you can tell other people that it was better in your day?

Jeff Kent's generations is the most tainted, hated generation of baseball players since the teens and twenties. The steroid era.

His day is a black mark on baseball.

2008-06-08 00:34:37
403.   Bob Hendley
Jeez, I hope Kent doesn't get traded to the Red Sox for a late season pennant drive. From SI:

"Multiple Red Sox players confirmed yesterday that Thursday night's dugout altercation between Manny Ramirez and Kevin Youkilis resulted from Ramirez objecting to what he believed was excessive - and chronic - complaining about the strike zone by Youkilis in the dugout, as well as the first baseman's penchant for throwing equipment after at-bats. Before the fifth inning Thursday - and after the Red Sox-Rays punching session - Ramirez was caught on NESN cameras slapping Youkilis."

2008-06-08 00:35:55
404.   KG16
403 - I have no problem trading Kent for Manny, heck I'll even throw in Pierre and Jones for Manny.
2008-06-08 01:53:44
405.   dzzrtRatt
403 I don't even want to see video of that for fear it would be diminished in reality. I just want to go to bed tonight with the image of Manny Ramirez slapping Youkilis in the face, perhaps with a white glove.

Kent is just performing. He's got a big ego. Everything he does is special, in his mind. Whatever he's doing, he's doing it the right way, the way it should be done. Even taking a leak. When he played, players knew how to relieve themselves. Now, it's just not the same.

Still, I like him. His emergence from a slump has made a difference.

2008-06-08 06:06:50
406.   Ken Noe
Berroa mystery solved, in a scary sort of way: Bench coach Bob Schaefer, who was a coach with the Royals when Berroa broke into the league and recommended him to General Manager Ned Colletti, admitted that he didn't know what to expect. "I don't know how good he'll be, but I think he can help our team," Schaefer said.
2008-06-08 06:49:29
407.   D4P
Nadal wins the first set 6-1, in dominating fashion. Not looking good for Federer.
2008-06-08 07:32:41
408.   D4P
Joakim Noah in the crowd at Roland Garros.
2008-06-08 07:55:21
409.   RELX
Best part of the Kent quote--"That didn't happen when I played." Does this year somehow not count as part of his career?
2008-06-08 08:10:19
410.   berkowit28
408 Who is Joakim Noah, aside from the son of his father?
2008-06-08 08:13:42
411.   Bob Timmermann
Joakim Noah is the primary force of evil in the world. Interpol should be alerted to his presence.
2008-06-08 08:19:02
412.   berkowit28
Kent has explained that he's come back one last year in the hope of winning the WS. So in the weeks when he's playing well, like now, he'll be pissed off that the rest of the team doesn't "want it as much" to get him there. In the weeks when he's slumping, he's even more frustrated. It's understandable. If the kids can just think of him as a 4-year-old baby and ignore his cranky comments, it'll be OK. Us too
2008-06-08 08:23:29
413.   Bumsrap
Schaefer is really sticking his neck out.
2008-06-08 08:26:55
414.   Bumsrap
So let me understand. Hu isn't hitting because he thinking too much about his feet, etc. Loney, Kemp, Martin, Ethier have had their heads filled with Torreisms and Bowaisms from the beginning of spring camp. And, Kent has finally said to play this game the way it is supposed to be played you can't smile or have fun.
2008-06-08 08:35:49
415.   Jon Weisman
I don't mind Kent having an opinion - it's just the internal logic of the opinion doesn't remotely hold up.
2008-06-08 08:41:43
416.   cargill06
i hear schmidt is supposed to throw in vegas today, but i can't find a 2nd source to confirm it, is this true?
2008-06-08 08:47:48
417.   Bob Hendley
I detected potential Rule 3 violations in 408 and 410, and see in 411 that you got him, hook, line and sinker.
2008-06-08 08:53:31
418.   Jon Weisman
416 - It was canceled - he has soreness.
2008-06-08 08:54:58
419.   Jon Weisman
2008-06-08 09:07:52
420.   D Money
Funny story...

i was at the game yesterday, sitting by the left field foul pole. when pierre was finished warming up he attempted to throw the ball into the stands by the foul pole. in true pierre fashion he came up sort and the ball hit the wall and one of those field ushers had to go pick it up.

and when pierre ran over d lee my first thought was furcal and how i miss him... :(

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