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Shoulder of Fortune
2008-06-09 08:58
by Jon Weisman

Multiple media sources (such as this) said during and after Sunday's Dodger game that Brad Penny has been battling shoulder stiffness. While people have speculated that Penny's poor performance in recent weeks might be due to injury, I hadn't actually seen this declared anywhere. Frankly, given how hard Penny had been throwing during his slump, I had sort of ruled it out.

Anyway, Penny once again had a performance that might be called ugly but effective. In 12 innings over his past two starts, he's allowed 19 baserunners but only five runs.

There's no doubt his fastball has heat on it, but smothering the opposition like he has in the past is still a work in progress. Still, you could wish other spots in the Dodger lineup would be as uglyily effective as Penny.

* * *

  • I know you've been wondering: What's Kevin Brown up to?

  • "Does Bill James belong in the Hall of Fame?"

  • Tuesday's pitching matchup should be one for the ages: 20-year-old Clayton Kershaw vs. 42-year-old Greg Maddux. That's a bigger differential than the famous Edwin Jackson-Randy Johnson conflagration of 2003.

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    2008-06-09 09:15:11
    1.   MollyKnight
    OT: If anyone wants the new Sigur Ros album:

    2008-06-09 09:15:55
    2.   underdog
    First! No, I'm just kidding, I hate people who do that.

    Can't wait for the Maddux-Kershaw matchup. No matter what happens, it'll be kind of fascinating.

    2008-06-09 09:18:25
    3.   berkowit28
    The link to the Bill James story goes instead to the Kevin Brown story.

    Also - will you explain what you meant by that odd 453 tease, before it appeared, in the last thread?

    2008-06-09 09:19:37
    4.   underdog
    On the positive side of things, splitting a 4 game set with the hottest team in baseball isn't something to be ashamed of and the team played and especially pitched quite well (considering how well the Cubs hit).
    Raffy's coming back soon - we can finally say that with some authority (hopefully, er, fingers crossed).
    The Dodgers "road trip" takes them only down to San Diego so it's not as traumatic as the last one.

    And hey, even if Angel Berroa looks like he's 50, he probably will be an offensive upgrade over Hu-Maza (one would hope) and maybe his defense won't stink. Then Raffy comes back and who cares about Berroa.

    And I do think LaRoche will be up soon, too.

    Some of the battles this season have been lost but the war is still winnable.

    2008-06-09 09:20:14
    5.   Bob Timmermann
    Ken Noe in comment 437 referred to a comment 453.

    A comment that did not exist at the time unless one of them handy Star Trek wormholes was around.

    2008-06-09 09:21:54
    6.   regfairfield
    4 Being an offensive upgrade and hoping his defense won't stink is asking quite a lot of Berroa. He managed to be fifth worst in baseball in +/-, a counting stat, over the last three years despite not playing one of them.
    2008-06-09 09:22:23
    7.   Bob Timmermann
    Believe it or not, the man in this photo is supposed to be 28 at the time.

    2008-06-09 09:23:57
    8.   fanerman
    1 Whoa new Sigur Ros. I don't think I can download it at work =(.
    2008-06-09 09:24:37
    9.   blue22
    4 - A quick check of the standings shows LA only 4 back too. The Wild Card is looking further and further out of reach, but the playoffs are not.

    A better situation to be in than preseason darlings Detroit, who are 10 games out and looking up at the ChiSox, Twins, and Indians.

    2008-06-09 09:25:09
    10.   Jon Weisman
    3 - Fixed, thanks.
    2008-06-09 09:25:24
    11.   fanerman
    1 Is that gonna be up for awhile? Like... 10 hours?
    2008-06-09 09:26:59
    12.   Ken Noe
    3 5 And then having brilliantly mistyped 453 I went off to do some real work and missed the jocularity that ensued. Which by the way was freaking hilarious. Well, back to the time machine.
    2008-06-09 09:28:10
    13.   underdog
    6 Yes, but being an offensive upgrade over Hu-Maza in particular really isn't asking a lot of him, either. If he can't even do that, he'll be DFA'd, methinks. And no, I don't think his AAA stats this year mean much, but it is possible he can contribute.

    Still, like many people here, I'll be opening a bottle of champagne when Furcal is back in the starting line-up.

    2008-06-09 09:28:26
    14.   Eric Stephen
    I will be in attendance for the Kershaw-Maddux duel tomorrow night, feverishly avoiding any Laker references, as I will attempt to watch Game 3 when I get home.

    Interesting quirk I saw yesterday was that the Padres set a major league record for winning four straight games by a 2-1 score. That's quite a Starkian record.

    2008-06-09 09:32:56
    15.   D4P
    I'm beginning to have serious doubts about berkowit's "sarcasm", "fun", and "witty banter" detectors...
    2008-06-09 09:33:33
    16.   Marty
    I was given a Saito bobble-head from last Thursday's game. I've placed it next to my Izturis bobble-head. Two things stand out. One, the Saito doll is about 7/8 the size of the Izzy. Two, Sammy looks pretty Occidental.
    2008-06-09 09:35:47
    17.   Bob Timmermann
    My Nori Nakamura bobblehead looks distinctly Japanese. I suppose they don't worry as much in Japan. It shows Nori with stubble too.

    He's clean-shaven now.

    2008-06-09 09:39:10
    18.   underdog
    14 Enjoy! But good luck missing the score. Even though you're in America's Finest City, it'll probably still be hard to avoid score updates on a score somewhere. But just be quick to look away, maybe bring an ipod, too.
    2008-06-09 09:39:16
    19.   blue22
    463 - In the last thread, adrian beltre asks who could be potential trade partners for LA, should they decide to "shake things up". Pittsburgh does make a lot of sense if Ned is in win-now mode. Given their new management and focus on long-term building (finally), they've got quite a few pieces that could match up: Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte, and Freddy Sanchez are all relatively high-priced veterans that seemingly have no role in the future of the Pirates.
    2008-06-09 09:40:58
    20.   underdog
    On a (score)board somewhere, I meant. Duh-er. Time for coffee.

    Btw, I have next weekend's series vs. Detroit in the Andy LaRoche Call Up Pool. Anyone care to bet?

    2008-06-09 09:41:54
    21.   Eric Stephen
    I have a feeling the NBA score will show on the main scoreboard in LF at some point late in the Padre game, around the 7th inning or later. So I just have to avoid looking at the scoreboard, which seems impossible. I might just sit in LF to avoid the temptation.

    I also thought about bringing a transistor radio to listen to the Laker game, but:

    1) I want to enjoy and focus on Kershaw's first MLB win;
    2) I don't own a transistor radio (I have a radio add-on to my iPod but it's only FM).

    2008-06-09 09:43:58
    22.   Bob Timmermann
    I suggest you watch the game with one of those contraptions that pilots wear when they're training for instrument flying.
    2008-06-09 09:49:31
    23.   Disabled List
    The Kevin Brown article reads like it was written by a junior high-school reporter. One scant mention of the Mitchell Report business, but multiple paragraphs on the (11th) anniversary of his no-hitter. Yawn.
    2008-06-09 09:54:38
    24.   Jon Weisman
    23 - Well, the reason it's being written was for the anniversary. I mean - that's the story. You can quibble over whether it should be a story, but that's the story he's writing.
    2008-06-09 09:55:31
    25.   silverwidow
    I thought Berroa looked absolutely horrible last night.
    2008-06-09 09:58:14
    26.   regfairfield
    He was the worst player in baseball for several years, it tends to happen.
    2008-06-09 09:58:47
    27.   Howard Fox
    25 so bad, in fact, that Hu or Jones could give him batting tips
    2008-06-09 10:02:06
    28.   Neal Pollack
    Do you think other baseball GMs email around Ned Colletti jokes?
    2008-06-09 10:03:38
    29.   D4P
    Do you think other baseball GMs email around Ned Colletti jokes?

    Silly: GMs don't use computers.

    Special Assistants to the Front Office General Manager of Baseball Operations and Sundry Concerns: well, they're another matter.

    2008-06-09 10:04:27
    30.   Bob Timmermann
    Another week, another whipping boy.
    2008-06-09 10:04:30
    31.   old dodger fan
    9 We can't count on everyone in the West to keep playing lousy. We are now closer to 4th than 1st. As much as I love 'em they don't look like a playoff team to me. I hope they prove me wrong.
    2008-06-09 10:04:35
    32.   Jon Weisman
    Animals who appeared in classic westerns recall their experiences:

    Example 2: Cattle

    'Reaching for a lick of sugar, Yancey accidentally rattles the pots. The cattle are spooked and they start to stampede.'

    "What a bunch of baloney. 'Somebody rattles the pots?' What do we care? One cow says, 'What was that?', another cow says, 'Pots', and we go back to bedding down for the night.

    "I'm telling you from experience. No cattle ever stampeded from pots. If it's guns, you run. We know what happened to the buffalo. But pots? Seeing that on the screen, it's an insult to cattle. 'Look at the cattle. They're afraid of pots.' It's outrageous!"

    2008-06-09 10:05:57
    33.   regfairfield
    Angel Berroa's WARP after his rookie year:
    .1, .4, -1, 0, -.1

    Keep in mind that no player should actually be replacement level in this system, since it means that you have both replacement level offense and defense. Your average replacement level guy should have a WARP around three.

    2008-06-09 10:06:50
    34.   Disabled List
    24 The 11th anniversary of a no-hitter is not an event worthy of commemorating with a newspaper article, especially when there's other newsworthy storylines to examine. For one thing, I sure haven't heard anything of Brown's response to the Mitchell Report. That would've been interesting to read about.

    If the Palm Beach Post wants to do a "catch-up with Kevin Brown" piece, fine. But do it right, and send a real reporter who will ask some real questions.

    2008-06-09 10:07:06
    35.   berkowit28
    15 It's all context. I had totally missed Ken Noe's original futuristic reference to 453, and Jon did not reference it, so I did not know where Jon's comment was coming from. It really did seem very odd. I had no problem "sensing" and enjoying the jocularity that followed, but I still just needed to know. A flaw of mine. Thanks to Bob for filling me in.

    I was at the game yesterday. Penny wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was a shame they couldn't come through on the couple of batting chances they had. Not completely dreary, but none too satisfying, either. It could be worse than a split series with the Cubs. They should now try to sweep the Pads and Tigers.

    2008-06-09 10:09:11
    36.   Bob Timmermann
    The 11th anniversary of a no-hitter is akin to my recent invitation to the 29th anniversary of the graduation of my 8th grade class.
    2008-06-09 10:11:13
    37.   blue22
    31 - But this is where we are right now, and that's with the team playing pretty bad(ly?). There is certainly hope for a turn-around; I'd say that LA has more opportunity for a 2nd half surge than either SD or SF. And in direct comparison is Detroit, whose season is effectively over barring a white-hot finish to the season.

    Raffy and Andruw come back and perform at reasonable levels, Pierre's playing time drops, LaRoche fills in some of the missing offense around the infield. These are not unthinkable scenarios. There is still hope.

    2008-06-09 10:11:32
    38.   Ken Noe
    35 Ultimately it's all my fault. Let me make it up to you: when you first hear the words "Jeff Kent" and "musical comedy" in the same sentence, don't laugh along with D4P. Invest.
    2008-06-09 10:12:48
    39.   Howard Fox
    37 you are the eternal optimist, and I was with you until you mentioned Andruw at a reasonable level
    2008-06-09 10:14:28
    40.   Bob Timmermann
    Andruw Jones will make all the younger players feel more comfortable. Mainly because they will realize that they are playing much better than him.
    2008-06-09 10:15:21
    41.   Howard Fox
    40 too true, but they will also be pissed that they are sitting while he is striking out
    2008-06-09 10:16:30
    42.   Sushirabbit
    Who was it that brought up the Easler angle? That could make some sense to me, if they are trying to get Loney to do something different. Kemp just looks like he has poor pitch recognition to me. Making me wonder if he will ever be the hitter some think he will. (I hope he does, and he's looked better in the field lately than he did when I saw him here in Nashville). So does Mattingly have his family situation resolved yet? :-)
    2008-06-09 10:17:38
    43.   blue22
    39 - Pierre's OPS sits at 668. That is Andruw's low-water mark for "reasonable".
    2008-06-09 10:17:45
    44.   dzzrtRatt
    35 My father always wanted to know "what you kids are laughing about." Usually, my brothers and I were laughing about something he had said, but if we just said "nothing," he would get hurt feelings: "C'mon, let me in on the joke." So we usually had to make something up on the fly. Often, what we made up was even funnier, and we'd really start to crack up, but he wouldn't get it, so we'd have to explain it to him. Then, mentally exhausted, we'd leave the room.

    Don't let this happen to you!

    2008-06-09 10:18:46
    45.   Sushirabbit
    38 Steve Buscemi to play Kent?
    2008-06-09 10:18:55
    46.   D4P
    but they will also be pissed that they are sitting while he is striking out

    And when he's making 40-50 times as much money as they are.

    2008-06-09 10:20:34
    47.   MollyKnight
    Grass clippings?
    2008-06-09 10:21:36
    48.   old dodger fan
    37 It seems like the life fell out of our offense when we played the Cardinals last month. Since that series started we have played 17 games and in 9 of them we have scored zero or one run. I have higher expectations for these guys.
    2008-06-09 10:21:54
    49.   Ken Noe
    45 No, Kent to play Curly in "Oklahoma." It's frankly awe-inspiring.
    2008-06-09 10:23:58
    50.   Howard Fox
    48 we all have higher expectations, poor us...
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-06-09 10:24:59
    51.   underdog
    Sorry, guys, didn't you hear that Angel Berroa is this week's Whipping Boy? Andruw Jones isn't slated to return as Whipping Boy for another month or so. I believe next week's Whipping Boy will be shared by Juan Pierre and Jonathan Broxton. But you can certainly prepare you Andruw Whipping Boy material now, just to get it all in order and finely honed.
    2008-06-09 10:25:12
    52.   dzzrtRatt
    Molly, are you able to name names with respect to the kids who "lack focus"? Based on what you've seen, the trade of which kid would have the salutary effect of sobering up the others? Could a temporary demotion have the same effect? To pick one scenario, would the team benefit if Loney was sent down and LaRoche installed at first base for now? Or is there a better scenario that comes to mind?
    2008-06-09 10:25:47
    53.   underdog
    49 I thought Kent was in a revival of "Paint Your Wagon"?
    2008-06-09 10:26:40
    54.   JoeyP
    The Dodgers "road trip" takes them only down to San Diego so it's not as traumatic as the last one.

    It's a 9 game trip. They also play at Detroit, at Cincy. They dont play another home game till June 20th vs the Angels.

    2008-06-09 10:28:48
    55.   LogikReader

    Don't you mean against the Indians?

    2008-06-09 10:29:11
    56.   silverwidow
    LaRoche will DH in Detroit. Yes.
    2008-06-09 10:29:21
    57.   Daniel Zappala
    My hope for Andruw Jones is that he does a minor league rehab assignment, rediscovers his stroke, and comes back strong. We're better off with a healthy and productive Jones replacing Pierre in the everyday lineup, and I'm still optimistic enough to hope for it. In the meantime, I'm hoping for LaRoche to come up and play regularly.
    2008-06-09 10:29:35
    58.   silverwidow
    56 Prediction, not fact.
    2008-06-09 10:29:43
    59.   bhsportsguy
    54 They play the Indians that weekend. They host the Angels the following weekend.
    2008-06-09 10:36:11
    60.   JoeyP
    I dont think demoting the youngsters is going to help them "focus" or play better. I just think they are playing up to their abilities, or perhaps are as good as they are going to be this year.

    Matt Kemp has never hit for many home runs in his minor league career. He'd be awesome if he would hit homers, but he doesnt. The other parts of his game are fine for his experience level.

    James Loney is a spray hitting 1st basemen. Not a power threat. Maybe what the Dodgers expect out of him is greater than what he is capable of?

    Ethier--another solid, yet not spectacular player. How much better is he going to get?

    I dont think the problem is "focus". I think its unrealistic expecations from Dodgers MGMT if they were thinking these players were going to become David Wright, Miggy Cabrera, or Ryan Braun.

    The whole problem with this team isnt the youngsters in general. Its the 60+mils of wasted money spent on PVL (Schmidt, Pierre, Nomar, Druw) courtesy of Ned.

    Werth, Drew, Bradley, Kemp, Ross---> I'd like that OF back.

    2008-06-09 10:36:38
    61.   Jon Weisman
    Latest date batting .400 since Ted"

    2008-06-09 10:38:58
    62.   Howard Fox
    Drew leaving led to alot of our wasted expensive free agent contracts
    2008-06-09 10:39:56
    63.   Bob Timmermann
    So if any of the Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Loney group were demoted to the minors, whom do you bring up?


    Who is sitting at AAA who is going to be better?


    What team is going to trade the Dodgers anyone better than Richie Sexson?

    2008-06-09 10:44:35
    64.   gibsonhobbs88
    54- Yes, The Indians, Whitesox and Angels are part of the next all Interleague homestand for the Dodgers. I went to the Saturday Cub game- saw Dodgers win with some rare late offense thanks to some shoddy Cub defense that extended that 7th inning. I am now 5-1 on the year. Cards being the only blemish when my wife and I were there for the 60's luncheon. However, we went to Kershaw's debut the next day as well.

    I was able to trade for the Minotaur for my fantasy team "Dem Bums" traded Polanco for him. I also got a Dem Bums t-shirt at the Top of the Park store on Saturday. Good day.
    Yesterday - Flush it! Stopped watching the Laker game the moment they called the 2nd foul on Kobe-the ticky tack offensive foul that even the announcers on ABC thought was bogus. 38-10 free throws with a scrub getting 13 charity throws-Give me a Break!!
    The late Earl Strom had said in his book "You have to use common sense, these are big men, incidental contact is going to happen, as long as one player is not gaining an obvious unfair advantage, keep the flow of the game going, don't call the foul."

    Was Ray Allen placed in an obvious unfair advantage on either of the first two fouls? No! The only thing the refs did was disrupt the flow of the game that the Lakers had going in the first 4-5 minutes up 15-8. It became Unwatchable!!!!!!

    2008-06-09 10:45:47
    65.   Bob Timmermann
    I have been to two Dodgers game in person this year. The Dodgers have given up just four runs.

    They have also scored just one run in those two games.

    And it was unearned and scored on an RBI groundout.

    2008-06-09 10:47:43
    66.   Daniel Zappala
    63 The answer is obvious. John Lindsey.
    2008-06-09 10:47:55
    67.   bhsportsguy
    63 Wow, Bob usually does not get into the mundane roster configuration talk.

    Did anyone else see that Jake Peavy wanted to keep his streak of pitching whenever the Padres play the Dodgers so he will probably pitch on Thursday against Kuroda.

    2008-06-09 10:49:11
    68.   Bob Timmermann
    Well that's the real question, isn't it? Why? The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Martin. Keeps 'em guessing like some kind of parlor game, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, why? Why do the Dodgers stink? Who benefits from it? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?
    2008-06-09 10:49:15
    69.   D4P
    I have been to two Dodgers game in person this year

    Is that low for you...?

    2008-06-09 10:49:19
    70.   bhsportsguy
    65 Was yesterday your yearly game with the girlfriend. I believe last year you two saw the offensive explosion of a 2-1 Padre extra-inning affair that featured a Nomar homer off Peavy.
    2008-06-09 10:50:59
    71.   Bob Timmermann
    I went to last night's game by myself.

    That will likely be the M.O. for the 2008 season.

    And 2009.

    2008-06-09 10:53:31
    72.   Bob Hendley
    35 - Hi berkowit. And then Jon, in 449 decided to add to the drama by suggesting the still nonexistent 453 might not ever exist (the ol' NPUT threat).
    2008-06-09 10:53:32
    73.   Telemachos
    Just a random aside: for all the DT iPhone users, at the Mac Developer's Conference, MLB just announced a Gameday-esque application that'll let you check all the scores and stats live, plus see realtime video highlights.
    2008-06-09 10:53:50
    74.   bhsportsguy
    69 I've been to 12, 10-0 when the Dodgers score. I have seen the Dodgers not score twice, once with Bob (a mind-numbing 1-0 loss to Maddux and the Padres) and the other with Eric Stephen seeing Chad give up hits to the Astros and the Dodgers shut out again.

    I have also had the pleasure of seeing games with LAT, ToyCannon, Greg Brock, Marty, and Daniel (okay he was in the park but I missed out seeing him that day). The Dodgers won all of those games.

    But I have seen games with both Bob and Eric last year and the Dodgers won so perhaps it is just a coincidence and bad clutch hitting so far this year.

    2008-06-09 10:54:11
    75.   blue22
    63 - Who is sitting at AAA who is going to be better?

    It's been rumored that Jason Repko knows "the right way to play the game". Looking at his stats in Vegas, it is clear he doesn't selfishly pad his stats with "hits" and "production". He only cares about winning.

    2008-06-09 10:56:14
    76.   D4P
    I'm reading a lot about how one team in the NBA finals was "more physical" than the other team. Yet, the more physical team shot a lot more free throws than the less physical team.

    What's up with that?

    2008-06-09 10:58:23
    77.   gibsonhobbs88
    I heard someone call in on the Dodger post game Dodger talk on Saturday and give a shout out to Dodger Thoughts and mentioning Jon or a poster said "acquiring Berroa was like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound".

    Was that one of our regular posters that called in?

    2008-06-09 10:59:22
    78.   bhsportsguy
    76 Generally, what that means is that by being more physical, you are forcing the action causing the other team to foul you more as they react to that agressive play.

    UCLA's Ben Howland teaches a physical style of defense and his belief is that the refs are not going to call every foul and hopefully they will just adjust and call less fouls.

    2008-06-09 11:00:06
    79.   delias man
    Zach Duke looks good now that Tracy/Colborn are done killing his career. 2-1 buccos in 5th
    2008-06-09 11:00:32
    80.   D4P
    acquiring Berroa was like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound

    There are at least two problems with this analogy.

    1. The Dodgers are not so bad that a gunshot wound is an accurate description of their condition.

    2. Berroa will hurt the team, whereas a bandaid would presumably be no worse than neutral.

    2008-06-09 11:00:33
    81.   Bob Timmermann
    It was hard for the Dodgers to have poor clutch hitting last night as there was really only one "clutch" situation and Kemp struck out and DeWitt grounded out.
    2008-06-09 11:00:50
    82.   underdog
    54 Sorry, I just meant the first part of their road trip, yah. I corrected myself in the Andy LaRoche Pool prediction/post.

    Even if those games won't be easy, it'll be fun for them to use a DH for a change. They need all the offensive help they can get. Hopefully we won't see much Sweeney-as-DH or that'll just be...offensive.

    2008-06-09 11:01:34
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    Acquiring Angel Berroa is like treating a urinary tract infection with an enema.
    2008-06-09 11:01:58
    84.   fanerman
    80 It's an infected bandaid.
    2008-06-09 11:02:40
    85.   dzzrtRatt
    60 I was just curious about Molly's observations, to which she alluded in the last thread.

    I think Kemp is still learning, and I'll wager that's who she's talking about. With maturity I'm expect he'll improve. I think Loney is what he is, although I also think he's a second-half guy. Hu's minor league numbers suggest that he's going to play better than he has so far this season after he's gotten more AAA experience. LaRoche is the mystery piece. Does he have the power his minor league numbers suggest? If so, he'll be like the rug in The Dude's apartment. So we need to see him in LA, and I'd be willing to bench or demote Loney to open a spot for him.

    But, as I said, I'm eager to read Molly's thoughts, which are based on much closer observation than what I can make.

    2008-06-09 11:02:57
    86.   gibsonhobbs88
    76 - Well, even when our guys made forays to the hoop, no fouls were being called. Gasol was fouled twice by KG that the referee swallowed his whistle. Lakers couldn't buy and basket and one. Finally Kobe got a T for it in the third,, because it was getting absurd.
    2008-06-09 11:03:31
    87.   D4P
    Kent grounded out with runners at 1st and 2nd with 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th.
    2008-06-09 11:05:14
    88.   Eric Stephen
    Since that Houston game (May 10), Chad has rebounded nicely with a 1.97 ERA in 32 IP. Hopefully, he can continue that against the Padres Wednesday. Although his mound opponent currently has an ERA of 0.39. I'm hoping Josh Banks' number will go up.
    2008-06-09 11:05:39
    89.   Bob Timmermann
    By that time, I was too upset over the Al Lopez/Hector Valle situation.
    2008-06-09 11:06:03
    90.   Bob Hendley
    0 - Unless I heard incorrectly last night, or Candy misspoke, he mentioned Penny's knee as being the problem. I am guessing that he heard this from Mariano Duncan. I tried to watch last night, but I am certainly no expert in this, and it seemed that the right leg was sort of trailing and not pushing off. Would this account for so many pitches that seemed way down in the zone? It, like a possible shoulder problem, would account for his not seeming very comfortable on the mound during the past couple of starts. In any event, as you say Penny seems to be gutting it out, so the notion that his head is not into it and that Torre needs to be on him is not clear.

    By the way, great to have Candy and the No-no-no-no-no Guy in the booth. No nonesense coverage and a nice interview with Mariano praising the kids.

    2008-06-09 11:08:19
    91.   Bob Hendley
    89 - I think that we are into one of those "shoot-the-messenger situations".
    2008-06-09 11:09:14
    92.   MollyKnight
    52-Honestly, I don't think it's my place. I was only in the locker room for a long weekend; the beat writers there every day are the only ones who have earned the right to name names, and I don't think they have any interest in doing so.

    I just wonder if something needs to happen to shake things up. Not saying anyone in particular should be shipped out, but maybe something needs to happen to light a fire under certain underachieving tushes.

    2008-06-09 11:09:15
    93.   Howard Fox
    83 how else would you treat that?
    2008-06-09 11:10:15
    94.   Bob Hendley
    83 - A jack of all trades. Last night a constitutional attorney, today a medical doctor.
    2008-06-09 11:12:04
    95.   Bob Timmermann
    Ernesto Jerez is the PBP guy on ESPN Deportes and his home run call is:
    :A lo profundo... y ¡no... nono, nono, no...! ¡Dígale que no a esa pelota!""

    Here's a YouTube version of the call juxtaposed with a non baseball event.

    2008-06-09 11:13:21
    96.   D4P
    I just wonder if something needs to happen to shake things up

    But what does that really mean? It seems to suggest that there is a gap between players' current performance and what their performance "should" be, and that what is needed to close the gap is some kind of shock to their system.

    But why does that even make sense, in theory? Why would there be players who aren't running/throwing/hitting the way they should, and why would the solution be something other than having a coach show them how to run/throw/hit properly?

    2008-06-09 11:13:22
    97.   underdog
    Off subject but... I'd never thought I'd look to Fox Sports to back me up on this, but:
    "Free throw disparity crucial in Celtics' Game 2 win"

    "To say the free throw disparity wasn't the key to the Celtics bizarre 108-102 win Sunday night would either be the perspective of someone in steep denial or somebody else who didn't watch the game."

    2008-06-09 11:13:43
    98.   Eric Stephen
    Wow, I guess I need to read the threads of this past weekend. You miss two days worth of posts, you miss the world.
    2008-06-09 11:14:46
    99.   bhsportsguy
    92 I and a few other DTers had lunch with a beat writer and he just thinks its an old story. He does seek out Kent during these types of rough streches because he will speak his mind with sugar coating it.

    BTW, has anyone looked at how some the AZ kids are doing since their hot start.

    Juston Upton has struck out 46 times since May 1st. Again, the only consistent offensive player is Orlando Hudson and now Conor Jackson. The one big difference is that those guys will hit home runs but they are really struggling to make contact at times.

    I think the reason you don't hear about their struggles is that they are in Arizona and they don't have Joe Torre managing them.

    2008-06-09 11:14:51
    100.   Bob Hendley
    95 - Is it SFW?
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-06-09 11:16:10
    101.   blue22
    99 - They are also in first place.
    2008-06-09 11:16:19
    102.   Bob Timmermann
    2008-06-09 11:21:12
    103.   jasonungar07

    If anyone has a facebook account, ad me as a friend.

    2008-06-09 11:22:30
    104.   bhsportsguy
    101 Yeah but I think and I know some here agree that one of the misleading stories is how Arizona is winning because of their kids. They have won because their pitching has been good, their bullpen has been solid and they get just enough offensive production to win.

    But had the Giants, Padres and Rockies showed some life in April, the NL West could easily be a division with no team over .500

    2008-06-09 11:29:25
    105.   blue22
    104 - Whether it's attributable to their young players or not, it's just hard to argue with the success they've had the last 1.5 years.

    If there's one thing we've learned from the last 2-3 years in LA, it's that winning is the great cure to anything that ails ya.

    2008-06-09 11:30:19
    106.   fanerman
    103 I've added you.
    2008-06-09 11:33:06
    107.   Bluebleeder87
    70 with all do respect to Bob, that was just classic BH.
    2008-06-09 11:33:24
    108.   Sushirabbit
    90, I can't see having a any kind of knee issue and getting the power (speed) that Penny is getting.
    2008-06-09 11:34:56
    109.   Eric Stephen
    The title of this post reminds me of the A-Team. If we were casting a new A-Team with just the current Dodgers, who would you choose?

    Hannibal - Russell Martin
    B.A. Baracus - Jeff Kent (I tried to stray from the obvious Matt Kemp choice here)
    Face - Brad Penny
    Murdock - Joe Beimel

    I think the A-Team / Dodgers parallel works because for all the gunfire on that show, nobody ever really got shot. I think the Dodgers offense has had a similar success rate recently.

    I guess the Nomar van would have to be the club's transportation.

    2008-06-09 11:35:45
    110.   berkowit28
    73 (iPhone - telemachos)

    Ooh, that sounds good. Any report or indication whether this will need the next new expensive version of the iPhone (hardware) or whether it will also work with the current version? (Usually everything at WWDC relates to versions yet to come.)

    I do find that the iPhone has transformed my relation to DT when watching games live on TV. I always found it too cumbersome, and hot, to hold a full-blown laptop computer on my lap while watching TV, so I'd just give up DT until the end of games. With the iPhone, it's a cinch. The one hang-up is the temporary freeze that happens - usually about 30-60 seconds - every time I update DT. I think it may be that schmap sidebar thing trying to load. It's a big nuisance.

    (BTW, has anyone tried connecting to Blue Heaven recently, on a regular fast computer? It freezes permanently every time, always with the bottom bar trying to "Read schmap" - I think they must have it too.)

    2008-06-09 11:36:31
    111.   MC Safety
    What happened to the new and improved Juan Pierre everyone was talking about a month or so ago?
    2008-06-09 11:37:37
    112.   silverwidow
    The guy we traded for Berroa (Juan Rivera) went 3-for-4 yesterday.

    Very clever move....

    2008-06-09 11:38:00
    113.   Jon Weisman
    Melvin ejected, benches empty between Pirates, Diamondbacks

    2008-06-09 11:41:15
    114.   bhsportsguy
    113 Reynolds did hit a non-disputed home run in his next at-bat.
    2008-06-09 11:42:17
    115.   Bob Timmermann
    And the game isn't televised I believe.
    2008-06-09 11:42:52
    116.   Bob Timmermann
    In fact, it's a yellow alert for Mark Reynolds.

    Yellow alert.

    2008-06-09 11:43:04
    117.   Jon Weisman
    Susan Saint James is getting a star! I always liked her.

    2008-06-09 11:44:42
    118.   Bob Timmermann
    A McMillan and Wife fan? Or more of a Kate and Allie kind of guy?
    2008-06-09 11:46:52
    119.   bhsportsguy
    112 Yes, lets not look at the fact that he wasn't among the top 30 prospects and probably on the outer streches of 40-50, that this his last year of being roster-protected, that he has a lifetime OPS of .606 and has never played above the A-Ball (not even Florida State/Cal League ball).

    This was a player that was going to a minor league free agent next year.

    2008-06-09 11:48:15
    120.   bhsportsguy
    117 I always like her too, who would be a comparable star of today?

    Lauren Graham?

    2008-06-09 11:48:22
    121.   Bumsrap
    The Dodgers have two groups of players. One consists of players with less than 3 years experience (mostly less than 2 years), and a group of players well past their primes and/or injured.

    The inexperienced group is holding their own and the older group is not.

    They have a new Manager and new Coaches.

    Half of the team went to China and when they all got together it was in Arizona and not their spring home at Vero Beach.

    They have a new hitting coach.

    Their #1 and #2 pitchers (Penny and Lowe) have started poorly.

    Torre screwed up Billingsley's first start in a rain delayed game and that caused him more than anything else to waste three starts getting into a groove.

    Torre continues to consistently bat Pierre leadoff although he has never otherwise had a set lineup.

    The hitting coach has to be causing problems for at least Loney and Hu and maybe Kemp as well.

    The Dodgers main pinch hitter can't hit but continues to be used.

    Saito has not been Saito more than he has been Saito. Broxton has not been Broxton more than he has been Broxton.

    Kuo was never stretched out before he was added to the rotation and dropped from the rotation at about the time he was getting stretched out.

    Loiaza was in the rotation to start the season and lingered in the rotation.

    There is now not that much difference between a loss and a win--either a late inning pitching collapse or a late inning missing key hit the difference between a win or a loss.

    Players are now thinking too much and not having enough fun.

    Much could be gained with a lineup of:

    C Martin
    CF Kemp
    1B Loney
    2B LaRoche
    RF Ethier
    LF Young
    3B DeWitt
    SS Hu

    Less is more and therefore trading Pierre and Kent would improve the team.

    2008-06-09 11:48:40
    122.   bhsportsguy
    120 I use the word "star" loosely.
    2008-06-09 11:48:47
    123.   Jon Weisman
    118 - Both!
    2008-06-09 11:50:22
    124.   Bluebleeder87
    I liked this story from Jose Mota [ ]
    2008-06-09 11:51:31
    125.   bhsportsguy
    123 I disagree with the notion that the young players are holding their own. Against right hand pitching which is primarily what they face, their splits are horrendous.

    I just think the notion that this team would be better off with an all young team is wrong. It has never worked and it won't work.

    2008-06-09 11:51:32
    126.   Bob Timmermann
    "McMillan and Wife" had little to offer aside from the comic stylings of John Schuck and Nancy Walker.
    2008-06-09 11:51:39
    127.   underdog
    109 I just can't see Jeff Kent in the Mr T role, even though I like that you're thinking outside the box.

    That show went through Colonels like the Dodgers have gone through GMs.

    2008-06-09 11:53:18
    128.   Sushirabbit
    Has Penny always been inconsistent with his non-throwing arm? I'd have to go back and look at video, but it seems he flops that arm around differently. Some guys are like that, though, so it's probably, nothing.
    2008-06-09 11:53:23
    129.   Howard Fox
    121 I agree with most of what you say, but LaRoche cleanup? Let him prove he can hit major league pitching first.

    And no one will take Pierre or Kent.

    2008-06-09 11:56:04
    130.   Bumsrap
    125 - It is not so much that I want an all young team. I think if a team is going to have 4 or 5 young players the other players should be in their primes and not over the hill.
    2008-06-09 11:56:10
    131.   bhsportsguy
    129 Why does he have to prove he can hit major league pitching?

    If he can't hit major league pitching, I think you will have to re-examine the usefulness of minor league statistics.

    2008-06-09 11:58:57
    132.   Howard Fox
    131 I, for one, do not place as much emphasis on minor league stats and how they translate into major league projections as much as most do around here
    2008-06-09 11:59:21
    133.   Sushirabbit
    Does anyone know if Mr. T was even remotely based on T from Trouble Man?
    2008-06-09 12:00:13
    134.   D4P
    So, if you were a GM, how would you figure out which minor leaguers to bring up to the big leagues?
    2008-06-09 12:00:19
    135.   Bumsrap
    129 - I am using the players in-hand and I am saying I think the Dodgers would be better off with LaRoche than with Kent but if they can get a real cleanup hitter in their prime then all the better depending on that cost.
    2008-06-09 12:00:28
    136.   bhsportsguy
    130 But even the bruised and battered GM has said as much, one reason why Furcal, an seasoned vet but still closer to his prime than others is seen to be that kind of leader.

    Actually the only over-the-hill guy is Kent and even last year he was among the top second baseman in the league.

    Has the GM missed so far, yes he has and I will gladly join that chorus but I can't ignore the fact that the guys we want to play are playing nearly everyday so they should share in their burden of why this team is struggling.

    Now they should not get more of the blame but they should not get overshadowed because there are players on this team that some don't want here.

    2008-06-09 12:01:44
    137.   Howard Fox
    134 now that is a very good question

    I guess I would use them as a guide, but would not have the same level of expectations others have from the get go

    2008-06-09 12:02:21
    138.   Eric Stephen
    If only we knew of a Dodger that was afraid to fly, we'd have a perfect Mr. T. Here's why I chose Kent:

    1) He's the most temperamental player on the team
    2) He still provides the power / heavy lifting (leading the club in HR) or is at least placed in that role

    It would be much easier if Kent wore a lot of jewelry or had a mohawk.

    2008-06-09 12:02:40
    139.   bhsportsguy
    132 But then what can we base any analysis of whether or not a player can play up in the MLB.

    BTW, I don't think your view of LaRoche is that different than a lot of people. I just think he is the one prospect who has hit for power and good OPS at every level so to not use that as a reason to believe he can hit here would just seem to make all irrevelant.

    2008-06-09 12:03:08
    140.   Howard Fox
    136 I agree, I don't know how much younger and inexperienced our starting lineup could realistically get
    2008-06-09 12:05:12
    141.   Howard Fox
    139 I am hoping as a Dodger fan beyond all hope that LaRoche is even close to what we hope he will be, I just didn't like the "look" of him last year...nothing tangible mind you, I just wasn't comfortable with him and had very little confidence, but I am sure he will prove me wrong...I hope...
    2008-06-09 12:05:52
    142.   bhsportsguy
    137 Actually, with Kemp, I think its more projection than stats, he just has those raw tools that everyone loves.

    Martin, he had good plate discipline but no one knew if he could hit more than .275-.280.

    Ethier is probably right along his projection.

    And Loney might be slighly below but he is more of streaky hitter it appears.

    2008-06-09 12:06:02
    143.   dzzrtRatt
    121 Speaking right now, not long-term, I'd rather see Pierre or Kent at bat in a crucial situation with RISP than Kemp or Loney. In theory, I want to DFA Pierre. In practice, he's one of the few parts of the offense that's working with any consistency.
    2008-06-09 12:06:41
    144.   Bumsrap
    136 - I admit I included Pierre in the past their prime group but only because he is playing that way. He throws like a retired player and for a team full of young players, Pierre needs to be the type of player that drives in runs from the middle of the lineup.
    2008-06-09 12:08:53
    145.   ssjames
    I think the obvious issue with this team right now is the total lack of power. We have 1 player in the top 50 the National League in Slugging (Kemp at No. 47). That means that essentially every team has an average of 3 power hitters that exceed anything that we have.
    2008-06-09 12:09:00
    146.   old dodger fan
    73 Apple Inc. unveiled an upgraded iPhone with a faster Internet connection that will start at $199, significantly cheaper than previous versions of the high-profile handset.
    2008-06-09 12:09:12
    147.   bhsportsguy
    Montero strikes out with the bases loaded, 5-3 Bucs after 7 and half.
    2008-06-09 12:10:12
    148.   Howard Fox

    Ethier - every good team has a couple of consistent players like him

    Loney - I think someone has been tinkering with his swing and is messing him up

    Kemp - yes, he looks like a star

    Martin - he is a star

    2008-06-09 12:11:12
    149.   alex 7
    whoa, Pierre and Kent over Kemp in a RISP situation? Don't let the strikeouts make you think Kemp is worse than Pierre simply because the latter might make more contact.

    Kemp's numbers with RISP this season:

    .317 .411 .483

    2008-06-09 12:11:39
    150.   bhsportsguy
    145 Well I hope that the team will hit a few more homers, they started this week by hitting a few at home.

    Does anyone think that the Solution is beginning to press?

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-06-09 12:12:56
    151.   MC Safety
    Ruud! 1-0 Netherlands!
    2008-06-09 12:12:57
    152.   D4P
    Maybe Pierre should be batting cleanup...

    Bases empty: .241/.313/.263/.576
    Runners on: .356/.415/.424/.839
    RISP: .385/.455/.462/.917

    2008-06-09 12:14:37
    153.   dzzrtRatt
    134 That's the wrong way to look at it. Of course, you'd use minor league success -- college success, too -- as an indicator. But it's not a straight-line projection. I don't think a GM really knows nearly enough about a player until he's played in the majors for half a season at least.

    And even then. Wasn't Angel Berroa "rookie of the year?"* What better indication of projectible potential could you get than a player who performs in his first major league season better than anyone else? And yet, he obviously is a marginal player at best. He can't argue that an injury caused his decline. He just wasn't as good as he appeared to be.

    *soon to be renamed the Todd Hollandsworth Award

    2008-06-09 12:15:19
    154.   berkowit28
    110 I've checked the Apple sites. It looks like the new MLB app for the iPhone will work with the new iPhone 2.0 software to be released for free in July, and should work with the current iPhone. But it will be faster, like everything else, on the new G3 iPhone, also to be released in July ($199 for 8GB, same capacity as current iPhones; $299 for 16 GB. Both a lot cheaper than the current model. And much faster downloads and connections via cell than current; about the same as via WiFi.)
    2008-06-09 12:17:25
    155.   underdog
    150 I think everyone is pressing, frankly. Baseball is one of those sports where you can psychologically have a team-wide slump and I think everyone is both frustrated and pressing. Instead of taking things one pitch and one at-bat a time, working the counts better and so on.

    Honestly, in some ways I think we're over- analyzing here. The team needs Rafael Furcal back. It could also use Andruw Jones coming back next month and being a different hitter than he was to start the year, but the odds are not good for that one. And it needs everyone collectively to stop pressing and consistently have better at bats. They need some more confidence boosting, which isn't easy when you're also facing a lot of good pitching.

    Rafael Furcal is like beer to Homer Simpson: the cause of and solution to all our problems.

    2008-06-09 12:17:30
    156.   Eric Stephen
    Rafael Furcal has played in about half (32) of the Dodgers games (63) this season, and yet still leads the club in runs scored.
    2008-06-09 12:17:36
    157.   MC Safety
    Wesley Sneijder! 2-0 Netherlands!


    2008-06-09 12:17:44
    158.   D4P
    I don't know if anyone is saying that a player should get an indefinite major league career (no matter how poorly he plays) simply because he had good minor league numbers.

    The point is that you have to decide which players from the minors to promote, and their minor league performance should be one of the primary bases for the decision.

    2008-06-09 12:18:05
    159.   Howard Fox
    153 and the best thing is, now, he's all ours....
    2008-06-09 12:20:03
    160.   underdog
    157 Good thing I forgot to Tivo that one to watch later. :-P
    2008-06-09 12:20:17
    161.   silverwidow
    141 I just didn't like the "look" of him last year

    Very patient hitter, good defense, not much power thanks to injuries.

    I think you need to give him a legit chance before this kind of judgment.

    2008-06-09 12:20:35
    162.   Bumsrap
    136 - I can't ignore the fact that the guys we want to play are playing nearly everyday so they should share in their burden of why this team is struggling.

    They are very much part of the reason of why the team is struggling but the difference between winning and losing is a thin line for this team and if there were three good players in their primes hitting 3, 4, and 5 in the lineup, the core of young players the Dodgers have would be playing on a team with a much better win/loss record.

    Kemp and Loney would more often be coming up in the late innings with runners on base but the game would not be on the line because the Dodgers would already have the lead and the pressure instead would be on the pitching staff to preserve the win.

    2008-06-09 12:20:56
    163.   bhsportsguy
    3.5 games back again.

    Now two struggling teams will face each other at Shea.

    2008-06-09 12:26:56
    164.   Howard Fox

    our vets were supposed to be two of the 3-4-5 guys...Kent, Jones...

    you assume alot, that Jones translates to leading in the late innings...Kent is still here...

    then you'd be dumping on Broxton who has been as erratic as they come lately...lights out one day, but the other....

    2008-06-09 12:30:43
    165.   bhsportsguy
    Hu will not be on the bus to San Diego

    Diamond Leung just blogged the following:

    Shortstop Chin-lung Hu has been optioned to Class AAA Las Vegas. A corresponding roster move won't be made until tomorrow, but Andy LaRoche could very well be the guy.

    2008-06-09 12:33:42
    166.   Howard Fox
    and we are keeping berroa...whoopee!!
    2008-06-09 12:34:32
    167.   Eric Stephen
    Kershaw vs. Maddux AND possibly LaRoche's 2008 debut (aka "The Catalyst" as he will be referred to in the Dodgers' championship video)? I'm a happy man.
    2008-06-09 12:36:02
    168.   Howard Fox
    167 thankfully no one is putting unreasonably high expectations on the shoulders of two of our youngsters
    2008-06-09 12:36:17
    169.   LogikReader
    Catalyst, meet The Solution
    Solution, meet the Bison,
    Bison, meet Golden God
    Golden God, meet 3.5
    3.5, meet the Minotaur
    Minotaur, meet the Catalyst

    Hi Catalyst!!

    2008-06-09 12:37:28
    170.   Bumsrap
    164 - Unless I am thinking one thing and typing another, I don't know what you mean. I am saying the experienced players are not doing enough and it is exposing the talents of younger players that will be much more capable in just a couple more years. The bridge to the time that our young players will be able able to dominate is a very weak and crumbling bridge.
    2008-06-09 12:38:11
    171.   Bluebleeder87
    165 am I wrong for thinking they handeled the short stop situation very badly...
    2008-06-09 12:39:34
    172.   still bevens
    I just hope Torre doesn't bat Andy 8th so we can have the Great Laroche Walk Debate for the 500th time.
    2008-06-09 12:40:08
    173.   Bluebleeder87
    Eric has come up with some incredably cool nicks!
    2008-06-09 12:40:09
    174.   bhsportsguy
    Rivera just gives up a solo homer to Jose Guillen, KC ahead 3-2.
    2008-06-09 12:40:20
    175.   Eric Stephen
    FYI, for an old guy perspective, my uncle's take on the Dodgers' offensive woes was that they take too many pitches and too often end up watching strike three.

    He also said he thought Kemp's stance was too wide and the resulting lack of stride is robbing him of some power.

    2008-06-09 12:40:44
    176.   old dodger fan
    171 What would you do differently?
    2008-06-09 12:40:47
    177.   Howard Fox
    170 and to what experienced players do you refer? Kent leads the team in HRs, everyone else is on the DL...what would you like them to do?
    2008-06-09 12:40:50
    178.   still bevens
    Isnt the whole point of sending Hu down is that the coaches are worrying about messing with his development? I would rather take my chances with Berroa for a couple weeks that screwing with Hu's long-term chances to succeed.
    2008-06-09 12:41:39
    179.   Bumsrap
    Hu needs a week at Vegas. When he comes back to the Dodgers he will be better.
    2008-06-09 12:42:19
    180.   Howard Fox
    175 okay, I'll bite...what is an old guy?
    2008-06-09 12:42:30
    181.   bhsportsguy
    171 How would you have handled it? Its not like they had a lot of options.

    They played Hu pretty much everyday until it got so bad they had to bring up a guy who had never played SS in Maza to split some time and then had to get a player who the Royals gave away just to free up a 40-man roster spot.

    2008-06-09 12:43:55
    182.   bhsportsguy
    175 In Eric's case, anyone who remembers the Lakers before Magic was drafted in 1979.
    2008-06-09 12:44:41
    183.   bhsportsguy
    179 I think the Dodgers would prefer not to bring Hu back until August or so. That is my guess though.
    2008-06-09 12:45:11
    184.   trainwreck
    I will never forget the day that I woke up went on the computer and saw that Kevin Brown signed with the Dodgers. I just got the internet and I had this random thought that Dodgers may sign him and then it happened. I loved Kevin Brown at the time.
    2008-06-09 12:45:42
    185.   fanerman
    Solutions and Catalysts.. what's next? The Precipitate?
    2008-06-09 12:48:16
    186.   Eric Stephen
    The uncle in question is 64.

    179 ,183
    And barring further injury, I don't think Hu will be back until September callups. He needs to play everyday and get his stroke back.

    2008-06-09 12:48:35
    187.   bhsportsguy
    184 I asked Chris Roberts at the UCLA event on Saturday if he was going to call Morgan, J'mison or Bobo, he thought for a moment and said he would have to ask Morgan which he preferred like he did with Luc.
    2008-06-09 12:49:22
    188.   bhsportsguy
    186 Lots of golf coverage down your way this week.
    2008-06-09 12:49:23
    189.   Eric Stephen
    I would like to see someone nicknamed "The Monsignor".
    2008-06-09 12:51:02
    190.   Bumsrap
    177 - Is not what I want them to do (them is your word) as much as I am so tired of hearing it is the fault of the young players the team is not doing better. The young players are doing very well given their experience and the older players are not given their experience. The GM did his best to get capable older players to compliment his younger players. They just didn't perform or were injured. It is wrong for Torre and Colletti to now blame the youth for the Dodgers struggles.
    2008-06-09 12:51:19
    191.   Eric Stephen
    I have to be in Carlsbad Wednesday for work, which lengthens my normal 10-minute (walking) commute. It would take me 90-120 minutes to travel the 22 miles home if I left at normal hours. I'll probably go see a movie to wait out the masses.
    2008-06-09 12:51:23
    192.   regfairfield
    We could have got someone that wasn't Angel Berroa.
    2008-06-09 12:52:14
    193.   underdog
    the Catalyst sounds pretty good to me, though that and The Solution both seem to have some pressure attached to the names.

    But I believe, to take his name (translated) literally and as one that may fit him, that I would like to see Andy LaRoche called "The Rock."

    2008-06-09 12:52:59
    194.   Kevin P
    With the option of Hu down to AAA, It has to be LaRoche (FINALLY) getting the call, right??

    Are there other guys I'm forgetting about that could get the call or did they max out with Maza, Tiffee and Berroa? All three of which were wonderful choices over Andy...

    2008-06-09 12:54:07
    195.   blue22
    Well I hope Furcal is really coming back this time, on June 17. The Maza/Berroa tandem at shortstop could get very scary.

    If Furcal was going to be out longer than a week or so more, I'd like to see Maza be the one to get dropped down and have Hu be at the very least a defensive replacement (his "development" at AAA can be put on hold temporarily). At least Hu brings something to the table. I'm struggling to see what Maza or Berroa do that is so desirable in a everyday shortstop.

    2008-06-09 12:57:04
    196.   berkowit28
    189 "The Monsignor" - very good. "The Archbishop" would be OK too. Were there any called that back in the day? (20s, 30s, 40s?) I think either would suit Maddux well.
    2008-06-09 12:59:29
    197.   trainwreck
    All my friends laugh when I tell them about our recruiting class and how they spell Jrue, Jerime, and J'Mison.

    Gotta call him J'Mison.

    2008-06-09 12:59:53
    198.   Bob Timmermann
    The cycle alert is canceled.

    Stand down.

    I was at lunch.

    2008-06-09 13:03:57
    199.   Jon Weisman
    2008-06-09 13:41:49
    200.   Bob Hendley
    108 - Thanks. I was also thinking of several times when he has stumbled on his landing. Could a less than full strengh pushoff be compensated by the arm/shoulder and subsequently affect his control?

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