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When They Had a Bounce in Their Step ...
2008-06-12 21:34
by Jon Weisman

From the Times, August 30, 1977:

Dodgers Kiss Off Cubs and Morganna

L.A. Wins, 3-1; a Visitor Stops Garvey in Tracks

Times Staff Writer

In the first inning of the Dodgers' 4-1 victory over the Cubs at Dodger Stadium Monday night, a well-endowed lady later identified as Morganna Roberts Cottrell came out of the field-level seats along the left-field line and began a dash toward the plate, where Steve Garvey was preparing to hit.

Garvey first hid behind umpire Jerry Dale and then relented, allowing Cottrell, an exotic dancer who made a practice of this sort of thing several summers ago, to kiss him on the cheek.

Cottrell then bounced back to the gate in left field, where she was arrested for trespassing.

The event was noteworthy in the light that the figures Cottrell brought into the game were not that much more impressive than some of those the Dodgers took out of the game. ...

Steve Rushin of wrote a Where Are They Now feature on Morganna in 2003.

* * *

Cubiclemate Michael Schneider of Variety has the first extended details about NBC's so-called spinoff of The Office.

Comments (97)
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2008-06-12 21:45:01
1.   Eric Stephen
Well, I'm back from noose shopping at Home Depot.
2008-06-12 21:47:01
2.   Alex41592
1 - Oh so YOU bought the last one.
2008-06-12 21:47:12
3.   Bob Timmermann
I was at the game where Morganna kissed Garvey.

I could have hooked you up with my noose guy. He does good work. He can get them wholesale.

2008-06-12 21:48:40
4.   Eric Stephen
I was at a sports bar this evening watching the game. I gained a measure of respect from a Celtics fan (wearing a Garnett #5 t=shirt) by being "a good fan", but yet I still feel empty inside.
2008-06-12 21:49:08
5.   trainwreck
Well I guess no more Human Giant.
2008-06-12 21:54:28
6.   Alex41592
Has anybody won a World Series championship on the road at Dodger Stadium? If Boston wins the title on the Lakers
2008-06-12 21:55:57
7.   Eric Stephen
1978 Yankees.
2008-06-12 21:56:35
8.   Alex41592
7 - I'm really happy I wasn't alive to see that
2008-06-12 21:56:57
9.   Eric Stephen
I believe the 1978 Yankees clinched the title with the final out being a foul popup in the enlarged foul territory of Dodger Stadium.
2008-06-12 21:57:13
10.   Bob Timmermann
As somebody who was at Game 6 of the 1978 World Series, I can tell you that the answer is "Yes!"
2008-06-12 21:58:01
11.   Eric Stephen
9 Thurman Munson.
2008-06-12 21:58:57
12.   Bob Timmermann
Tonight on Dodger Thoughts:

Bob Timmermann, Eyewitness to History!

The Dodgers have won only one World Series final game at home ever, that was back in 1963.

1955 - Yankee Stadium
1959 - Comiskey Park
1965 - Metropolitan Stadium
1981 - Yankee Stadium
1988 - Oakland Coliseum

2008-06-12 21:58:57
13.   Eric Stephen
I remember being one ornery and unhappy 2-year-old during the 1978 World Series.
2008-06-12 22:00:49
14.   LoneStar7
I just remembered who is to blame for this loss...the Dodgers
2008-06-12 22:01:13
15.   LoneStar7
whos pitching on sunday?
2008-06-12 22:01:53
16.   Eric Stephen
At least the Dodgers had the common decency to lost the 1966, 1974, and 1977 World Series on the road.
2008-06-12 22:02:08
17.   Bob Timmermann
I remember waiting for my oldest brother to finish his shift as an usher at Dodger Stadium to give me and my other brother a ride home. It took a while because it was the final game and he had to sign out.

While waiting around, we saw Roy White and Ed Figueroa getting ready for a night on the town. Those leisure suits they had on were sweet!

2008-06-12 22:02:18
18.   Eric Stephen
The Minoutaur
2008-06-12 22:07:37
19.   LoneStar7
18 well then its time to man up and get his first win, the Lakers are counting on it
2008-06-12 22:07:54
20.   Tom Meagher
LAT'd myself on this one:

I broke Penny's fastballs in 2008 down by velocity:

<88 6
88 27
89 36
90 45
91 68
92 108
93 128
94 160
95 151
96 91
97 42
98 6

I then broke them down into four groups: a) less than 92 (182 pitches), b) 92+ and less than 94 (236), c) 94+ and less than 96 (311), and 96+ (139).

The six numbers below are average velocity, %balls, %batted, wOBA on batted balls, singles per batted ball, and isolated power.
a) 90.33, 38.5%, 17.0%, .225, .161, .065
b) 93.09, 39.4%, 15.7%, .414, .243, .216
c) 94.99, 34.4%, 21.9%, .343, .309, .074
d) 96.81, 40.3%, 21.6%, .559, .267, .400

Sample size caveats should be peppered throughout any analysis like this, obviously. It would seem that his slowest fastballs (presumably these are mostly split finger) have been very effective. This feeds the "hitters are sitting on (non-splitter) fastballs" hypothesis. The fastballs that have been have been slower have been hammered and also have missed the zone more. The fastballs in his typical range (94-95) appear to have the best command (by ball%) and have not been hit hard power-wise (.074 ISO) but have been slapped for a ton of singles. The fastest fastballs have been hammered when hit (both in terms of power and singles) and have missed the zone quite a bit. If you check out the plot (, he just does not seem to have good command on the fastest fastballs (though a) sample size and b) I don't know the general spread): the hits have all been out over the middle of the plate and, except for two that were kept down, have been in the upper half of the zone without being in the upper sixth or so of the strike zone.

Taking a look at the strikes that weren't put into play, here are the percentages of called strikes, swinging strikes, and fouls in that order:
a) 51.9, 9.9, 38.3
b) 45.3, 9.4, 45.3
c) 25.7, 15.4, 58.8
d) 30.2, 13.2, 56.6

Including ALL pitches (not just strikes), the swings per pitch are a) .385, b) .403, c) .543, d) .482. So it seems that hitters have laid off of or have been deceived by the slower fastballs (again, hitters that can differentiate them seem to be laying off the splitter, bolstering its success) and batters are not having too much difficulty getting the bat on the higher velocity FB's. Balls in play per strike shows a) .306, b) .279, c) .362, and d) .311, so it really does seem that hitters are waiting for a typical Penny fastball and slapping them for singles.

So the data seems to back up Eric's hypothesis very well - well done!

2008-06-12 22:16:43
21.   overkill94
12 I learned that tidbit during my recent tour of Dodger Stadium that my (recent ex-)girlfriend set up. They asked a trivia question wondering when a certain photo was taken and I guessed 1965 since it was obviously not an 80's picture. Unfortunately, I learned that it was 1963 instead...and that I would soon be single again.
2008-06-12 22:16:46
22.   Tom Meagher
0 Wow, Aziz Ansari will be really good on the Office spinoff. That's a great match.
2008-06-12 22:18:28
23.   Eric Stephen
Did your relationship end over a baseball trivia dispute?
2008-06-12 22:23:33
24.   Bob Timmermann
So, my mortal enemy and I are in the same boat!
2008-06-12 22:25:17
25.   Bob Hendley
16 - The 1966 Series was lost by the first game. I don't even want to think about the second.
2008-06-12 22:30:31
26.   Eric Enders
20 Good stuff.
2008-06-12 22:34:58
27.   blue22
The new show has already started putting together a writing team, including..."South Park" scribe Alan Yang.

Hey, it's Junior! (aka the "other guy" from FJM)

2008-06-12 22:35:25
28.   Eric Enders
I just noticed that Shimmin let his Andy LaRoche sponsorship at Baseball-Reference expire and it was snapped up by Andrew. (Uh, the other Andrew, I mean.) So Shimmin, are you off the bandwagon just when it's getting rolling, or what?
2008-06-12 22:36:55
29.   Eric Enders
By the way, last night LaRoche raised his career OPS+ from 75 to 86.
2008-06-12 22:38:27
30.   CanuckDodger
This "Office spinoff" label is really ridiculous. The guys creating the show have no concept for the show, just a bunch of ideas they haven't yet narrowed down to one. Nobody from The Office is going to be in it as a regular. A brand new show is being created, made by the producers of The Office, but THAT announcement would not have had the PR power of announcing an "Office spinoff."
2008-06-12 22:40:52
31.   LoneStar7
Sorry to stir bad memories for all who witnessed the series, but I noticed some of the A's pitchers names were outrageous...Rollie Fingers, Catfish Hunter, Blue Moon Odom
2008-06-12 22:43:40
32.   Eric Enders
You'd think they could get at least one of the Office cast members into the new show. Like Meredith. Or Bob Vance. Actually, you know what, it would be sweet if they made Ed Helms the star and that way we wouldn't have to watch him on The Office anymore.

This is so obvious that I hesitate to even mention it, but clearly the best Office character to be the central focus of a spinoff would be Creed.

2008-06-12 22:44:50
33.   Bob Timmermann
You do know that neither Hunter nor Odom had those nicknames before they joined the A's. Charlie Finley foisted nicknames on them.
2008-06-12 22:45:04
34.   Bob Hendley
28 - Continued sponsorship would have undermined his reputation of being a champion of lost causes.
2008-06-12 22:45:55
35.   Bob Hendley
33 - That and white shoes.
2008-06-12 22:46:01
36.   Eric Enders
Hunter for the way he smelled and Odom for how often he won games.

(Not really.)

2008-06-12 22:49:36
37.   Bob Hendley
33 - Didn't he try to make Vida Blue change his first name to True?
2008-06-12 22:49:57
38.   Jon Weisman
30 - So? In the end, we'll judge it on its merits, and Daniels and Schur are reason enough to give it a chance.
2008-06-12 22:56:49
39.   LoneStar7
32 Being a bit of an office fanatic myself, I 'm not sure how I personally will recieve an office spinoff. In my mind steve carrell has immortalized himself as Michael Scott.

The subtleties of his character in his actions, expressions, comments are brilliant. Every time I see in any another role, I immediately think of Scott, I can't imagine anyone possibly playing the roll as well as carrell I'm just not sure it'll stack against my favorite comedy show of all time

but thats just me

2008-06-12 22:58:30
40.   Greg Brock
I'd bet Rashida Jones is on it.

Ansari was hilarious on Flight of the Conchords.

2008-06-12 23:00:52
41.   Dodgers49
33 31 You do know that neither Hunter nor Odom had those nicknames before they joined the A's. Charlie Finley foisted nicknames on them.

Yep, I remember Finley wanted Vida Blue to change his first name to "True." But Vida balked. :-)

2008-06-12 23:01:34
42.   bhsportsguy
I would have to think that is the most disappointing Lakers game in Staples Center history.

I will now have to avoid Bill Simmons for the rest of 2008.

2008-06-12 23:08:27
43.   Greg Brock
It's like the Celtics walked into the Cobra Kai dojo and beat Johnny while Dutch, Sensei Kreese, and the entire team looked on in stunned silence.
2008-06-12 23:08:29
44.   CanuckDodger
30 -- So? It's a lie, a fraud. I need a point beyond that?
2008-06-12 23:14:06
45.   Jon Weisman
As lies and frauds go - if it turns out to be that - it's really minor.

The people behind the show are more important than having a supporitng cast member join the show.

2008-06-12 23:15:21
46.   Bob Timmermann
The 2004 Dodgers and the 2008 Dodgers are still the same franchise.
2008-06-12 23:28:24
47.   CanuckDodger
45 -- I agree with what you are saying about the show itself. I don't even WANT an Office spin-off. Something completely new will be fine. But I am bothered by the deliberate attempt to deceive on NBC's part for the sake of the bigger PR splash, and yes, I am aware that I am probably coming across as naive: "What, Hollywood executives taking liberties with the truth? Why, I never heard of such a thing!" Around here we get indignant about baseball executives doing similarly dishonest stuff for reasons of self-interest, yet we don't say, "Who cares? There are bigger lies with more important ramifications in the real world."
2008-06-12 23:28:52
48.   CanuckDodger
45 -- I agree with what you are saying about the show itself. I don't even WANT an Office spin-off. Something completely new will be fine. But I am bothered by the deliberate attempt to deceive on NBC's part for the sake of the bigger PR splash, and yes, I am aware that I am probably coming across as naive: "What, Hollywood executives taking liberties with the truth? Why, I never heard of such a thing!" Around here we get indignant about baseball executives doing similarly dishonest stuff for reasons of self-interest, yet we don't say, "Who cares? There are bigger lies with more important ramifications in the real world."
2008-06-12 23:33:51
49.   Greg Brock
If it makes you feel better, I don't care about the ramifications in the real world at all.

The real world is incredibly overrated.

2008-06-12 23:35:32
50.   LoneStar7
42 I will never read Bill Simmons again
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-06-12 23:44:51
51.   LoneStar7
I really thought this celtic team deserved to suffer the same fortune as the '04 lakers...I thought it would only be fair...but heres a scary thought, Doc Rivers commentated for ABC during that NBA finals
2008-06-13 00:22:25
52.   68elcamino427
Doc Rivers is playing with his Kobe, Lamar, Pau, and Sasha vodoo dolls right now.
2008-06-13 00:43:18
53.   fanerman
I had to work til 9, out in the field. I could not get any updates on the Laker game, except one. I stopped by a place with a TV and as I walked past, I saw the Lakers were leading 68-50 in the 3rd quarter (or something). I worked happily. Then I got home and saw the Lakers lost. It was a very sad feeling. =(
2008-06-13 04:52:27
54.   Eric Stephen
This has a 1984 feel to it to me. Lakers are still set up pretty well for the next few years. I don't know if they can win 3 of the next 4 titles like 1985-1988, but they'll be in the conversation.
2008-06-13 04:55:15
55.   Eric Stephen
Saw this note in the LA Times:

"It's 23 days since the last save for closer Takashi Saito"

2008-06-13 05:15:53
56.   D4P
It's 23 days since the last save for closer Takashi Saito

He's just not pitching very well this year.

2008-06-13 07:15:12
57.   Gen3Blue
To be fair to Saito, there also haven't been many save opportunities.
2008-06-13 07:27:06
58.   Im So Blue
Saito's only save opp since then was May 28:
2008-06-13 07:31:53
59.   D4P
True Closers™ create their own opportunities, just like Proven RBI Guys™.
2008-06-13 07:36:11
60.   Gen3Blue
59 That made me laugh, and there is not much to laugh about right now. For instance, even our minor league teams are mostly bad lately.(and it looks like at those biweekly MiL reports have been cancelled for lack of interest.
2008-06-13 07:43:15
61.   Ken Noe
The Loaiza experiment ends in Chicago. "They were surprised to find out he hadn't been working out or throwing before they signed him to a free-agent contract June 4."

2008-06-13 07:43:36
62.   SaltinWound
The auspices for the Office spin-off are fine, but there are a lot of good writer-producers out there. This is just Ben Silverman's way of getting rid of the pilot process. It will lead to a closed shop at NBC and maybe some good programming.
2008-06-13 07:56:27
63.   D4P
They were even more surprised to watch his velocity teeter between 78 and 82 mph in his outing Wednesday.
2008-06-13 08:06:20
64.   Marty
But they weren't surprised the Dodgers were footing the entire Loaiza bill. That type of thing has become expected.
2008-06-13 08:20:45
65.   Disabled List
This morning, in between taking shots of vodka and antidepressants, I decided to make a list of the most painful moments of my sports-viewing life. I came up with this:

- 2004 Lakers vs. Pistons
- 1998 UCLA vs. Miami
- 1997 Dodgers swept by Giants
- 1996 Dodgers swept by Padres and Braves
- 1995 Dodgers swept by Reds
- 1993 Kings vs. Canadiens
- 1992 My HS baseball team blows a 10-run lead in the last inning of a playoff game
- 1991 Dodgers blow a 9.5-game lead to the Braves
- 1991 Magic announces he has HIV
- 1985 Dodgers vs. Cardinals and Jack Clark.

I have no doubt that "2008 Lakers vs. Celtics" will now take its place on that list. How's this for torture: I work in the same building in Manhattan where the flagship NBA Store is located. I will now get to see "Celtics 2008 Champions" crap every single day for the rest of the summer. Wonderful.

Well, at least Boston fans are known for being classy and gracious winners, so at least they won't be insufferably obnoxious about this for the next 20 years.

2008-06-13 08:23:20
66.   El Lay Dave
61 "Esty is a guy where we're hoping to recapture some of the things we know he can do because we saw it in 2003," pitching coach Don Cooper said Thursday.

Bob Schaefer may have quite optimisic that 30-yr old SS Angel Berroa could regain 2003 form, but a 36-year pitcher with declining velocity? Wow. Of course, as 64 points out, the only risk was taken by Ned when he claimed Loaiza in the first place.

2008-06-13 08:28:41
67.   El Lay Dave
55 et al. On, the following ad/article on ticket deals flashed in that upper left window: At Dodger Stadium, you can save before Saito Does


2008-06-13 08:29:45
68.   El Lay Dave
Hard to be optimistic about Furcal with words like these: Shortstop Rafael Furcal, out at least another three weeks with a serious lower back injury, has been shut down from all baseball activity and is working with a visiting physical therapist.

2008-06-13 08:32:48
69.   Im So Blue
0 I remember listening to the game where Morganna came after Wes Parker at home plate. As Wes ran away from her, Vinnie gave the play-by-play as she gave chase. It was hilarious!

I found this bit: Wednesday, July 01, 1970
Parker Turns Shy at the Plate
When exotic dancer Morganna Roberts came running out of the stands to kiss Los Angeles Dodgers Wes Parker when he came to the plate Tuesday night, Parker turned shy and headed for centerfield. Parker got as far as the infield dirt when Houston Astros third baseman Doug Rader (2) joined Miss Roberts' chase and held Parker while she planted a kiss on his cheek. Parker blushed and returned to the plate while Miss Roberts was escorted off the field....

2008-06-13 08:34:05
70.   Ken Noe
68 The Dodgers officially list the injury as soreness in the lower back, but Torre confirmed the specific diagnosis is a bulging disk.

2008-06-13 08:34:11
71.   LogikReader

I hear you, DL. This is one of the most painful days in LA Sports history. I suppose the Lakers could come back, but they aren't showing the heart to take charge and keep charge. Kobe as a leader... possibly overrated.

2008-06-13 08:36:23
72.   Eric Stephen
From an emotional standpoint, nothing was worse than November 7, 1991 (Magic - HIV). But that is in its own category. In terms of game pain, here's my list:

1) Last Night
2) Vince Young Rose Bowl, Jan 2006
3) The Tuck Rule Game, Jan 2002
4) Niedenfuer to Jack Clark, Oct 1985
5) Brian Johnson Grand Slam Game, Sep 1997
6) Bills 51, Bo-Less Raiders 3, Jan 1991

Losing the division in 1991 and 1996 was tough too, but I can't think of any specific games that stuck (that final weekend of 1996 was too weird).

2008-06-13 08:37:04
73.   El Lay Dave
71 They can come back. They just need the Game 6 2002 Western Conference Finals officiating crew.
2008-06-13 08:40:08
74.   El Lay Dave
70 bulging disk Great.....
2008-06-13 08:41:29
75.   LogikReader
D4P brought up an interesting point yesterday. He noted that the Officials might try to call close ones in the Celtics favor so they don't get perceived as having a home bias.

The Celtics shot 28 fts and the Lakers 29. Even, yes? Not quite.

In the first quarter, the Lakers shot 11 fts and the Celtics only 2. One can argue that the C's got extra calls during their comeback. However, I contend that it was called evenly all night. The loss is squarely on the LA, for choking like never before.

2008-06-13 08:45:00
76.   Eric Stephen
I don't think NBA referees are conspiring to extend series or give one team an advantage. I just think they're bad refs.

And, no, the Lakers are not down 3-1 because of the refs.

2008-06-13 08:46:37
77.   Gen3Blue
72 Niedenfuer to Clark, Oct 1985 is one of those few moments when I remember exacly where I was. And wish I didn't.
2008-06-13 08:51:27
78.   Eric Stephen
I forgot to include what should be the new #5 on my list:

The James Forest game, 1992

That made me mad just to type right now. Maybe it should be higher.

2008-06-13 08:51:38
79.   Gen3Blue
Although IIRC, that was not even Niedenfuer's most horrific HR to me.
2008-06-13 08:52:12
80.   kinbote
{fake news release}

The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed shortstop Rafael Furcal to a four-year contract extension worth $72m. Said Ned Colleti, "It's clear now more ever that we need Furcal's bat in the lineup. When he heals up, which should be soon, he'll bring stability to a struggling offense. Until then, we have former Rookie of the Year Angel Berroa, and, on June 25th--ta da!--fan favorite Nomar Garciaparra. In the interim, I'm still looking for ways to improve the shortstop position. I have several waiver claims in, and we should be getting some answers soon. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Esteban Loaiza, who helped with the development of our younger pitchers."

{still fake}

Reached for comment, Joe Torre said, "The thing about Raffy is, the game slows down for him. It doesn't speed up."

2008-06-13 08:55:49
81.   LogikReader
I hope Frank does the right thing and dispose of the offending issue at the end of this year. He needs to stop worrying about "what other people think of him" and can the GM. If he thought he got bad press with DePo, he ain't seen nothin' yet!
2008-06-13 09:05:50
82.   Jacob L
0 First game I ever attended. I went with my dad, and it was the very same day that my brother came home from the hospital. I had vague, but very indefinite, memories of Morganna being involved. That doesn't show up in bb-ref.

Happy Father's Day, everybody!

2008-06-13 09:06:17
83.   Bob Timmermann
If anyone blames the refs last night for the Lakers blowing the lead, they likely don't believe that the U.S. landed men on the moon.
2008-06-13 09:08:34
84.   Eric Stephen
I don't think NBA referees have access to that sound stage in Ventura, do they?
2008-06-13 09:10:09
85.   MC Safety
75 The foul call on Kobe with like 45 seconds left said it all, imo. Pierce was reckless and out of control. The phony throwing of the neck back when he was bumped slightly looked so ridiculous on the replay. We needed a stop, we got a bogus foul call. It was out of reach at that point. Celtics got the calls when it mattered, bottom line.
2008-06-13 09:12:01
86.   delias man
I can not believe I am saying this, but I cant wait for Nomar to come back because even if he bats .270 it will get rid of the black hole. Nobody here dislikes him more than me, but I just want to see some runs and some W's bad.
2008-06-13 09:15:55
87.   cargill06
80 classic. my favorite is the cliche torre quote at the end.
2008-06-13 09:19:55
88.   D4P
Three Romanians just ended up piled in a heep on the ground.
2008-06-13 09:20:10
89.   LogikReader
A question for you "old timers"

Which felt worse?

The Lakers blowing the 1984 Finals


The Lakers, essentially, blowing this year's Finals?

I suppose you could go either way on this

2008-06-13 09:20:52
90.   Bob Timmermann
1984 by a huge margin.

The 1984 Lakers were better than the 1984 Celtics.

2008-06-13 09:23:06
91.   Eric Stephen
No Dodger starter has ever given up more than 2 ER against Detroit. Five of the six Dodger starters went at least seven innings. Derek Thompson went five in 2005 in the Dodgers only loss to Detroit.

Dodgers' Starters' Totals vs. Detroit:
6 GS, 41 IP, 26 H, 18/35 BB/K, 1.76 ERA

Derek Lowe career vs. Det: 7-1, 94 IP, 1.82 ERA
Brad Penny career vs. Det: 0-1, 7 IP, 2.57 ERA (2 of 4 runs were unearned in his lone start)

None of the three Tigers starters this weekend have ever faced the Dodgers.

2008-06-13 09:23:13
92.   D4P
The 2008 Lakers did very well to make it to the finals.
2008-06-13 09:23:16
93.   Jon Weisman
89 - 1984, but that's primarily because I am an oldtimer, I guess. The Lakers just meant so much more to me then.


2008-06-13 09:26:05
94.   scareduck
81 - I don't think it's likely, but it is possible. If he does fire Colletti, I fear who he might bring in, maybe a Kevin Malone type who has a lot of swagger and not a lot of brains.
2008-06-13 09:26:11
95.   SaltinWound
1984 was doubly horrible for me because Worthy was my favorite player.
2008-06-13 09:27:33
96.   Eric Stephen
If I was watching back then, the 1984 NBA Finals might be my worst sports memory. I didn't really start following the NBA until the 1986-1987 season.

In that 1984 series, the Lakers were an errant Worthy pass away from going up 2-0 in Boston (Gerald Henderson, whose son is a Dukie). Plus they lost Game 4 in OT, the McHale/Rambis clothesline game. A series the Lakers could have conceivably swept, they ended up losing in 7. In the final game, a Laker comeback fell short as Magic had two late turnovers down two in the final minute.

2008-06-13 09:28:23
97.   Jacob L
Painful losses, by team -

-Clark and Ozzie Smith (I treat them as one game)
-Reggie Jackson's thigh
-The Joe Morgan game
-can't pick out a single game, but the 91 stretch drive stunk

-the game in the 84 finals where Worthy threw the ball away
-the Sampson shot in the first round (was that 86?)

Cal (this could get long)
beating Southern Miss by only 10 in 2004
1990 Big Game (though I contend this game didn't actually happen)
2004 USC
2006 USC
2006 Arizona
Pick a game from the second half of 07 (Oregon State ferinstance)
1994 NCAA tournament first round loss to Wisc-Green Bay
1994 hoops loss to OSU on the last day of the season to blow conference title
1991 or 2 hoops loss to USC at home, leading by 5 with less than 30 seconds to play
1993 hoops loss at home to WSU, leading by 20 in the second half

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2003 Bartman game - I'm not really much of a Cubs fan, but that one weighed on me, mostly because my dad was crushed.

Last night's Laker game was brutal to be sure, but my interest in the Lakers is so diminished from earlier in the decade, that it just didn't get to me emotionally.

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