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Switching Channels
2008-06-18 15:10
by Jon Weisman

From the Dodgers and Josh Rawitch:

Beginning today, DirecTV is changing the FSN Prime Ticket and FSN West channel numbers. FSN Prime ticket will move from 653 to 694 and FSN West will be switched from 652 to 692. The change is only applicable to DirecTV customers and does not affect any other satellite or cable operators.

* * *

In case you didn't know: Even if you can't make it to Dodger Stadium, you can subscribe to the very Dodgers Magazine that is sold at the ballpark. Click the link for details.

* * *

The Dodgers released the collective roster for Saturday's Hollywood Stars game, which is now a softball contest that will take place after the Dodgers-Indians game that afternoon. There are some names there that appeal to me for idiosyncratic reasons:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (NBA Hall of Famer), Jon Lovitz ("Saturday Night Live"), James Denton ("Desperate Housewives"), David Arquette ("Scream" trilogy), Sean Astin ("Lord of the Rings," "Rudy"), James Van Der Beek ("Dawson's Creek," "Varsity Blues"), Adam Carolla ("The Adam Carolla Show"), Tom Arnold ("True Lies," "Roseanne"), Camryn Manheim ("The Practice," "Ghost Whisperer"), Cristian de la Fuente ("Dancing with the Stars," "In Plain Sight"), Garry Marshall ("Happy Days" creator, "Pretty Woman" director), George Thorogood (George Thorogood and the Destroyers), Carlos Mencia ("Mind of Mencia"), Kendra Wilkinson ("The Girls Next Door"), Zac Levi ("Chuck"), Neal McDonough ("Band of Brothers"), Yvonne Strahovski ("Chuck"), Tobin Bell ("Saw" movies), Wallace Langham ("CSI"), Kenny Johnson ("Saving Grace"), Bailey Chase ("Saving Grace"), Michael Rosenbaum ("Smallville"), Kevin Frazier ("Entertainment Tonight"), Chris Rose ("Best Damn Sports Show Period"), Mike Bunin ("My Boys"), D.B. Sweeney ("Eight Men Out," "The Cutting Edge"), Patricia Kara ("Deal or No Deal"), David Berman ("CSI"), Jon Wellner ("CSI"), Samm Levine ("Freaks and Geeks"), Josh Gomez ("Chuck"), Vida Guerra ("Livin' The Low Life"), Peter Ishkhans ("Peter Perfect"), Adam Sessler ("X-Play"), Morgan Webb ("X-Play), Tony Todd ("One Tree Hill"), Kristin Holt ("American Idol," "Cheat"), Layla Kayleigh ("America's Best Dance Crew," "Attack of the Show"), Osvaldo Rios (""El Juramento"), and Yasmin Deliz ("Vivo," "The Chicas Project").

Russell Martin and James Loney will be team captains.

* * *

Dodgers at Reds, 4:10 p.m.

Comments (351)
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2008-06-18 15:19:40
1.   fanerman
At first, I thought Russell and James would be getting that special "C" on their uniforms.
2008-06-18 15:20:21
2.   Gen3Blue
I'm back in cynical(hopefully) form. And I hope Troy suffered few indignities and will continue his crusade. Does anyone have the line-up?
2008-06-18 15:22:31
3.   Jacob L
I've been to one actual Hollywood Stars game, which I enjoyed, but I'm not sure why. What I mostly remember was Kareem stealing second on about four steps.

I also have a vague recollection of attending one of those cast-of-Happy-Days vs. crew-of-some-radio-station games at the Stadium back in the 70s. The Fonz pitched. Shortly thereafter, I saw the Fonz narrate Peter and the Wolf at the Hollywood Bowl. Ah, the 70s.

2008-06-18 15:24:56
4.   Jacob L
4 Of course, shortly after that, the Fonz jumped the shark.
2008-06-18 15:28:43
5.   Marty
I'm guessing Mencia will be stealing signs and bases.
2008-06-18 15:30:06
6.   DeucesWild
If you're still looking for a picnic site, I recommend the park right next to the stadium entrance on Academy (Golden State Gate). I have an annual BBQ there every year - - and we fit over 80 guys there no problem. No room for a softball game, but wiffleball is a definite. Playground for the kids included.

If you guys go to the game afterwards, you can walk in and not worry about paying for parking.

2008-06-18 15:32:11
7.   adrian beltre
would there be any interest in a new york DT picnic?
2008-06-18 15:32:32
8.   LogikReader
This year's lineup is a slight improvement.

The Hollywood Stars game really lost its luster over this decade.

First of all, switching to softball: not cool. C'mon let's use the whole diamond and the whole outfield. People used to play this game like it was the world series. Sinatra used to bat cleanup!

Second, it's too bad we can't get better stars to participate. I mentioned this year's crop is pretty decent but we had some major B-listers in previous years.

Even with the lost luster, the game is a lot of fun!

2008-06-18 15:32:59
9.   LogikReader

I should say "still a lot of fun"

2008-06-18 15:33:54
10.   Jon Weisman
Wiffle Ball is a good idea. Less liability.
2008-06-18 15:36:47
11.   cargill06
man, this is a crack up listening to laker fans call in and complain about how they need a whole new roster
2008-06-18 15:37:21
12.   LoneStar7
5 brilliant
2008-06-18 15:38:25
13.   Jim Hitchcock
Neal McDonough played Buck Compton (a standout UCLA catcher) in Band of Brothers (all time best mini-series, IMHO).

Garry Marshall swinging a bat and running the bases? More power to him!

2008-06-18 15:40:47
14.   Mike Scioscias tragic illness
7 Tompkins Square Park FTW?
2008-06-18 15:45:28
15.   adrian beltre
oh man, i used to live right there! i down for there or any of the parks around i just cant wait to get it going with some dt'ers here in the twilight zone of sports fandom and coverage
2008-06-18 15:45:46
16.   bhsportsguy
11 I try to stay away from local sports talks shows to let things calm down.
2008-06-18 15:45:49
17.   Bluebleeder87
it said NPUT at the picnic thread so I take it we can post here about it Jon? I know 2 guys that can play softball (there the guys I told you about that cook INSTEAD OF THERE WIFES!!) & they can play really good:

one of them (Pinche Red) is a dead pull hitter plays pretty good 2nd base & hits rockets.

The other is Gil he can MASH!! pure power & get this he plays short stop & has some really soft hands.

They will be there & I'll definitely be there as well (I'll leave my competitive chip & home Jon I promise) all for fun, I'm just wondering if we're gonna play co-ed or what.

2008-06-18 15:45:50
18.   Jon Weisman
From ITD:

Beginning today, DirecTV is changing the FSN Prime Ticket and FSN West channel numbers. FSN Prime ticket will move from 653 to 694 and FSN West will be switched from 652 to 692. The change is only applicable to DirecTV customers and does not affect any other satellite or cable operators.

2008-06-18 15:46:31
19.   Jon Weisman
17 - This is going to be the opposite of a hard-core softball game.
2008-06-18 15:47:15
20.   bhsportsguy
Oh, and to the what else is new dept., Tony Jackson reports that Nomar woke up this morning and did not feel right so he will take the next 2 games off and see how he is on Friday.

Luckily, he can't come off the 60-Day DL for another week anyway.

2008-06-18 15:47:19
21.   fanerman
19 Ohhh. My kind of softball game.
2008-06-18 15:47:22
22.   El Lay Dave
Per Diamond Leung:

Nomar Garciaparra won't play tonight after experiencing more issues with his strained left calf upon waking up this morning. He likely won't play again until Friday, and trainer Stan Conte was unsure how this would affect his planned activation next week. "It just didn't feel right," Manager Joe Torre said.

2008-06-18 15:48:45
23.   underdog
Samm Levine!
Yeah, there are some names that appeal to me, too.

And a few others I wouldn't mind seeing beaned with a softball, but that's neither here nor there.

2008-06-18 15:49:48
24.   underdog
Sigh. Just when I was looking forward to Nomar coming back. That'll teach me to get my hopes up. Glad he's being honest, though.
2008-06-18 15:51:17
25.   cargill06
22 what a panzy
2008-06-18 15:57:36
26.   cargill06
25 not directed at el lay dave, directed at nomar hamm
2008-06-18 15:57:52
27.   Bluebleeder87

oh o.k...

so is it gonna be softball or wiffleball? I'm cool with either or.

2008-06-18 16:01:28
28.   Jon Weisman
27 - It can be whatever people want - I just don't want anyone to think that athletic ability is a pre-requisite. Timmy Lupus, if you're out there, you're welcome to play.
2008-06-18 16:01:40
29.   Jacob L
For a minute I thought Jon was suggesting that the Hollywood Stars play wiffle ball. Not much of a spectator sport in a 50,000 seat stadium.
2008-06-18 16:01:56
30.   El Lay Dave
26 I'm more of a dandelion, hard to get rid of.
2008-06-18 16:03:51
31.   El Lay Dave
If my wife comes along, the fact that she's an R.N. might be handy. The fact that her specialty is OB/GYN, not so much.
2008-06-18 16:06:03
32.   Bluebleeder87
looking at D-Lowe's splits I'm kind of surprised how bad he pitches away from Dodger Stadium (He has a 4.96 away ERA & a 3.11 ERA at home) Derrik Lowe has a nice June ERA of 2.45 2 W's against 1 loss.
2008-06-18 16:07:19
33.   El Lay Dave
Hmmmm, check out the new Reds leadoff hitter:

J. Votto 1b
J. Cabrera ss
J. Bruce rf
B. Phillips 2b
A. Dunn lf
E. Encarnacion 3b
C. Patterson cf
D. Ross c
B. Arroyo p

2008-06-18 16:08:16
34.   Jim Hitchcock
30 Roundup!
2008-06-18 16:09:20
35.   ToyCannon
I played against Garry Marshal in a 40 and over softball league that used to take place in a North Hollywood park. Big baseball fan.

I think the strangest question Simers asked Friday night was about Kareem's anger. Wasn't it over 20 years ago that Kareem was angry? He seems well adjusted compared to Simers.

2008-06-18 16:12:29
36.   LogikReader
Strangely, this is only Lowe's second start at GABP. I remember his last start, and it was horrible... he pitched 5 2/3 and gave up 6 runs.

B-R provided the data, so if this is incorrect, let me know.

2008-06-18 16:12:44
37.   El Lay Dave
35 He knows there's no crying in baseball.
2008-06-18 16:13:25
38.   scareduck
Something is wrong with Gameday Audio. It sounds like both Rick Monday and Jerry Reuss have been inhaling helium.
2008-06-18 16:13:47
39.   MollyKnight
Obviously, the Dodger Thoughts picnic needs to happen on the Great Lawn in Central Park, the best spot for such an event in the world.
2008-06-18 16:14:10
40.   ToyCannon
If I use the Ludwick/Thames steroid program I should be able to complete a cycle just in time to be in great shape by the time the DT wiffle ball game takes place and I'll be able to evade any testing.
2008-06-18 16:14:14
41.   Jacob L
I take it Pierre was running on that play?
2008-06-18 16:15:07
42.   Bluebleeder87
I hope Eric & Icaros can make it, it was cool seeing them last time out.

by the way, my co-worker friend is going to NY & will probably be posting over at Bronx Banter he wants to ask what to expect when he goes to Yankee Stadium.

he asked me earlier today if I new of any NY Yankees blogs so I directed him to Bronx Banter.

2008-06-18 16:15:50
43.   underdog
38 Maybe it's not Gameday Audio that's the problem.
2008-06-18 16:16:59
44.   underdog
The Reds' announcers love Pierre so much they credited him for Arroyo hitting Kent.
2008-06-18 16:17:56
45.   Alex41592
That's a pitch Russ knows he needed to smash.
2008-06-18 16:18:07
46.   MollyKnight
42- Drunk people. Expect drunk people. And God Bless America.
2008-06-18 16:18:45
47.   MollyKnight
I would like to steal Russell steal second here, followed by a Loney line drive to right center.
2008-06-18 16:19:01
48.   Jacob L
That's the beauty of Pierre. He wreaks havoc on opposing announcing teams.
2008-06-18 16:19:01
49.   Bluebleeder87
Loney looks pretty cool with the pants that way, is he in a slump or something.
2008-06-18 16:19:42
50.   fanerman
49 Loney has been hitting the ball pretty well lately.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-06-18 16:19:52
51.   Alex41592
Gift run and thank you very much.
2008-06-18 16:20:52
52.   underdog
Pierre also caused that passed ball. Well done! We'll take that run.
2008-06-18 16:21:06
53.   Jacob L
46 The first time I took my brother-in-law to Dodger Stadium, he asked why people were so sober. He's from Boston.
2008-06-18 16:21:47
54.   natepurcell
If I was manager of a MLB team, instead of a no facial hair policy, I would impose all the players to wear their pant legs up, all the time, every time.
2008-06-18 16:22:17
55.   El Lay Dave
53 Because we can't take public transportation home.
2008-06-18 16:22:25
56.   Jacob L
I'd make them grow facial hair.
2008-06-18 16:23:18
57.   thinkblue88

On saturday, all the dodgers minus kent,kemp, had the high socks.

2008-06-18 16:23:35
58.   scareduck
52 - I understand Pierre also caused anthrax and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.
2008-06-18 16:23:38
59.   arborial
Surprised no one else has suggested we go to the Hollywood stars game to check out D.B. Sweeney for a possible switcheroo with Mark Sweeney
2008-06-18 16:24:10
60.   LoneStar7
50 very well indeed..but couldn't cash in there unfortunately, we'll take that gift though
2008-06-18 16:24:10
61.   underdog
I see Dusty Baker finally wised up and got Patterson out of the leadoff spot. That'll make Reds fans on the Reds' blog happier.
2008-06-18 16:24:44
62.   bhsportsguy
46 Molly, nice appearance on the LAT Laker/Dodger show though I wish you would get more than 10 minutes.

Also, I would say expect to pay 3 times as much money as you ever paid to go to a game.

But if you love baseball history, you do need to go to House that Ruth Built.

2008-06-18 16:24:49
63.   Andrew Shimmin
Angel Berroa just threw out Jolbert Cabrera. Baseball sure is something.
2008-06-18 16:25:36
64.   overkill94
Bruce for Kemp and Billingsley? Who makes up this stuff?
2008-06-18 16:26:05
65.   underdog
56 - The Pursuit of DB Sweeney.

58 - Don't forget he also inspired the Renaissance and inspired the Dutch national soccer team.

2008-06-18 16:26:20
66.   Ken Noe
59 I'd take Sweeney Todd or D. B. Cooper.
2008-06-18 16:28:04
67.   underdog
61 was obviously clueless about the presence of 33 .
2008-06-18 16:28:12
68.   El Lay Dave
59 Sweeney's bat doing a pretty good D.B. Cooper impression.
2008-06-18 16:28:38
69.   scareduck
54 - no kidding, that was tried (i.e. as shorts) for one game of a doubleheader by the White Sox against the Kansas City Royals, and never again.

2008-06-18 16:29:09
70.   Jacob L
In just 80 at bats, Bruce has shown himself to be a big, home run hitting base clogger. I can't see why the Reds would need him.
2008-06-18 16:31:08
71.   El Lay Dave
Man, nearly two minutes too late. Pathetic.
2008-06-18 16:33:06
72.   Alex41592
Kemp is now 4 for 4 lifetime vs. Arroyo.
2008-06-18 16:34:32
73.   scareduck
68 - it's fallen out the backside of a 727?
2008-06-18 16:34:35
74.   underdog
They had Don Mattingly on before the Reds broadcast (he's with the Dodgers for the series) and just showed a brief clip of that interview, talking about working with their talented young hitters and their approach, competing when in the game.

And Kemp is lucky to be safe on that steal.

2008-06-18 16:36:05
75.   underdog
I wish the Dodgers could be this productive vs. other teams.
2008-06-18 16:36:27
76.   Alex41592
That's the way we have to be playing every single game. Aggressive on the bases. I like it.
2008-06-18 16:36:29
77.   Ken Noe
73 Rich and missing.
2008-06-18 16:36:32
78.   fanerman
Ohhh nice at-bat by Kemp.
2008-06-18 16:36:57
79.   eekrock
65 I hadn't heard that about inspiring Clockwork Oranje. If so, viva Pierre!
2008-06-18 16:37:46
80.   underdog
Hmm, Snipes Sr. looked safe on the throw to first.
2008-06-18 16:38:22
81.   Gen3Blue
Ah, Berroa. The good new is we should be seeing middle relievers today.
2008-06-18 16:38:49
82.   schoffle

On Kemp's steal was it a bad call or a missed tag?

I just noticed that DeWitt's OPS for June is under .500, how bad does he have to get before Torre gives LaRoche a shot?

2008-06-18 16:39:00
83.   natepurcell
Bruce for Kemp and Billingsley? Who makes up this stuff?

Whats that from?

2008-06-18 16:40:04
84.   larry slimfast
Berroa is trash. Take him out. Leave him by the curb.
2008-06-18 16:40:21
85.   drewjensen
I wonder if we are a good enough team to overcome Angel Berroa. It seems like every time I happen across a game with him up, he's hitting into a double play.
2008-06-18 16:41:10
86.   El Lay Dave
84 You get in trouble in the Dodger clubhouse if you move the trash(can) around.
2008-06-18 16:41:17
87.   Bluebleeder87
I wanna see La Roche hit a bomb in Cincy!!
2008-06-18 16:41:29
88.   overkill94
83 Psycho mentioned he heard that as a rumor during the broadcast
2008-06-18 16:42:00
89.   El Lay Dave
85 That was his second. He has a long way to go to catch Loney.
2008-06-18 16:42:20
90.   overkill94
82 Catcher double-clutched but still should have gunned Kemp except the shortstop dropped the throw. Kemp must have gotten an awful jump on that one.
2008-06-18 16:42:49
91.   natepurcell

Ha, I agree...retarded rumor.

2008-06-18 16:43:11
92.   El Lay Dave
87 Day game tomorrow. Maybe he starts.
2008-06-18 16:43:55
93.   Zak
Sweeney and Stults for Bruce. That's my pschotic rumor.
2008-06-18 16:45:01
94.   underdog
Oops. Lowe threw him a stinker instead of a sinker.
2008-06-18 16:48:35
95.   larry slimfast
86 I'm pretty sure I can run faster than Kent... even if I'm pulling a can full of Berroa.
2008-06-18 16:52:14
96.   underdog
Pierre was robbed by Bruce.
2008-06-18 16:52:22
97.   scareduck
85 - and yet he has a hard time getting them defensively. Discuss.
2008-06-18 16:52:55
98.   Bluebleeder87
I'm apposed to when the camera shows private moments like the one with Billz.


2008-06-18 16:53:10
99.   thinkblue88
Wow, two very nice plays by Bruce.
2008-06-18 16:54:27
100.   Jacob L
I don't have the heart to revisit the "will Blake DeWitt come back to earth" discussion.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-06-18 16:54:58
101.   Gen3Blue
So the Dodgers are going to let Bronson Arroyo play a major role and go 5-7. I just changed my feeling about the game.
2008-06-18 16:56:20
102.   Bluebleeder87
I've seen Lowe throw a bullpen session & let me tell you man, when he is on I'm surprised they can even hit that sinker, he has a dandy.

when he is on.

2008-06-18 17:00:15
103.   scareduck
100 - faceplant time.
2008-06-18 17:00:48
104.   trainwreck
I am pretty sure that Tony Todd was never on One Tree Hill. How could they not refer to him as Candyman?
2008-06-18 17:05:30
105.   thinkblue88
woohoo! loney!!
2008-06-18 17:05:44
106.   Bluebleeder87
Woah! Lonay hit that really far.
2008-06-18 17:05:49
107.   Alex41592
What a SHOT by Loney!
2008-06-18 17:06:09
108.   overkill94
I haven't seen a Dodger hit a ball that far in a long time. Go James!
2008-06-18 17:06:29
109.   underdog
J-LO! Crazy Legs hit a shot!
2008-06-18 17:07:49
110.   natepurcell
Keep wearing those pants high baby!

Honestly, that was one of Loney's best swings all year. Absolute bomb.

2008-06-18 17:07:58
111.   El Lay Dave
I think Joey P approves.
2008-06-18 17:08:56
112.   Ken Noe
Reds' network spotted Chisox and Jays scouts at the game--Chisox rep was Grittle's brother, Bryan.
2008-06-18 17:10:11
113.   Alex41592
439 feet on the Loney HR.
2008-06-18 17:13:16
114.   overkill94
112 I'm assuming they're there to scout Dunn, Griffey (even though he's out of the line-up), and Encarnacion?
2008-06-18 17:15:32
115.   sporky
Belated WOW.
2008-06-18 17:17:19
116.   Bluebleeder87
I really hope Kuroda's MRI comes out clean because a hot D-Lowe kind of makes me optimistic about the season sure Penny will be out for a few starts but if we get things going with Penny, Lowe, Billz, Kuroda & Kershaw we can go into a nice little winning streak.

I hope.

2008-06-18 17:17:47
117.   underdog
Furnomarcal, come back! (said in the voice of the kid from "Shane")
2008-06-18 17:19:51
118.   natepurcell
Even though I really liked "The Fan", Wesley Snipes is not a good baseball player and I rather be watching another player play shortstop for the Dodgers. Call up Dejesus, at least he knows how to take pitches.
2008-06-18 17:20:30
119.   El Lay Dave
From Diamond Leung:

Hiroki Kuroda's MRI results won't be announced until later on tonight, but if he can't go the Dodgers are considering calling up James McDonald from Class AA Jacksonville to make his major league debut.

"considering" doesn't really carry much weight, more wait-and-see.

2008-06-18 17:21:37
120.   Jacob L
Lowe works Arroyo for 7 pitches. In the same inning, Pierre and Berroa see a total of 4.
2008-06-18 17:21:43
121.   underdog
118 Wasn't Troy from WV in the sequel to that movie?
2008-06-18 17:23:08
122.   natepurcell
Diamond responded to my email in regards to some draft picks. I'll C&P here:

Ray has yet to sign, and while he has reportedly decided on playing, the Dodgers want to watch him play a little bit up until the deadline to sign to evaluate him better. Cox is going to be a tough sign, and I seem to recall getting the feeling after asking about him back then they're more taking a flier on him. Other signing discussions to watch are with Christopher Joyce, Nathan Eovaldi and Daniel Coulombe. International signings was going to wait until closer to the deadline, but if I don't cover your questions in the paper around that time, I'll drop you an e-mail.

2008-06-18 17:24:41
123.   overkill94
Am I the only one who loves Kent's like hand-cock when he throws?

No, there was nothing sexual about that question at all...sickies.

2008-06-18 17:25:31
124.   El Lay Dave
Diamond Leung is the man. Beat writers are not obsolete; the good ones are evolving.
2008-06-18 17:28:17
125.   scareduck
123 - Hand-cock Park?
2008-06-18 17:29:07
126.   Alex41592
GREAT play by Berroa.
2008-06-18 17:29:10
127.   Bluebleeder87
He was out no questions asked!
2008-06-18 17:29:25
128.   overkill94
Good call by the umpire on that one, somehow Wesley stayed on the base long enough to get that out.
2008-06-18 17:30:05
129.   overkill94
125 Ummm, I guess Chan Ho has somewhat of a hand-cock in his delivery...
2008-06-18 17:30:05
130.   Jacob L
It sure would be nice if the Dodgers could occasionally chase a starting pitcher before the 6th inning. We need to see some mop-up men.
2008-06-18 17:30:57
131.   silverwidow
119 McDonald pitched 7 innings today, so they'll need someone else for Saturday.
2008-06-18 17:30:57
132.   bhsportsguy
122 E-mail is probably the best since he told us that draft talk is not something he would write a lot about in the paper or the blog.

But he is very good.

I am pretty sure that if you emailed Tony Jackson, he would get back to you too.

Zach Cox seems like a flier especially since he can be draft eligible in 2 years.

2008-06-18 17:33:33
133.   Marty
Keith Law's rules for cooking:

I had no idea he was a a cook and food critic too.

2008-06-18 17:35:00
134.   Alex41592
DeWitt looks like he's coming around.
2008-06-18 17:35:38
135.   natepurcell
Dewitt: "Catch this Bruce!"
2008-06-18 17:39:19
136.   Alex41592
No, Martin is VERY upset with that call.
2008-06-18 17:40:22
137.   El Lay Dave
Did Kent strike out swinging with a runner on 2nd and no outs?
2008-06-18 17:40:26
138.   Alex41592
Loney picks up Kent and Martin. If Loney gets hot he can carry us.
2008-06-18 17:40:59
139.   underdog
Loney's been hot. And he's red hot today.
2008-06-18 17:41:06
140.   Bluebleeder87
If Loney gets a hit up the middle I will be very impressed.
2008-06-18 17:41:13
141.   CodyS
Reds announcer said "Kent plays the game the right way" and would "find a way to get the runner over." He struck out. They didn't explain how this could be so.
2008-06-18 17:42:12
142.   Jacob L
141 They're still rattled by Pierre a few innings back.
2008-06-18 17:42:54
143.   El Lay Dave
140 How about a double to left?

A little surprised Arroyo (R) [and Dusty] didn't pitch around a hot Loney (L) to keep to a struggling Kemp (R).

2008-06-18 17:45:15
144.   overkill94
Lowe pulled after such a masterful performance? I'm assuming Kuo kept whining about his role on the team so they're getting him some quality innings here ;)
2008-06-18 17:45:50
145.   Alex41592
Does Torre want to give Kuo some work? Anybody else have a clue why Torre would pull Lowe now?
2008-06-18 17:45:50
146.   natepurcell
Why did Torre just pull Lowe?
2008-06-18 17:45:56
147.   CodyS
Kuo in a relatively meaningful situation.
2008-06-18 17:46:05
148.   overkill94
143 Because Kemp's last at-bat was the first time Arroyo had gotten him out in his career?
2008-06-18 17:46:07
149.   LogikReader
Lowe injured again? Not again!!

[conjecture Logikreder's]

2008-06-18 17:46:18
150.   scareduck
Adam Dunn seems to figure prominently in recent Dodger scoring against the Reds, both non-home-run hits today, and two of three yesterday. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-06-18 17:46:36
151.   ToyCannon
He spends a good part of his chats talking about cooking and eating.
2008-06-18 17:46:41
152.   Benjamin Miracord
With the James Loney RBI, the Dodgers and their opponents have scored the same number of runs on the season, 299.

I couldn't make this stuff up.

2008-06-18 17:46:47
153.   Alex41592
No, no he's not injured.
2008-06-18 17:47:14
154.   The Mootz
It might be they want Lowe to pitch on three or four days rest to help offset the loss of Penny and Kuroda.
2008-06-18 17:47:17
155.   CodyS
As to why, probably because Lowe is on 3 days rest and there's no need to push it when he's been doing well and we have two (or three, depending how you look at Schmidt) SP injured already.
2008-06-18 17:47:31
156.   Gen3Blue
Well, it looks like heres is where we waste Kou. But at least it is not a clean-up situation--actually good leverage. I'm not quite sure why it was so important to pull Derek at this point, but coud luck Kuo!
2008-06-18 17:48:49
157.   Greg Brock
I want a Jay Bruce.
2008-06-18 17:49:06
158.   El Lay Dave
155 Lowe pitched Friday. He's on four days rest. Monday was an off-day, so he only lost the extra rest day when he was moved up.
2008-06-18 17:50:15
159.   Gen3Blue
Darn, my superstitious side says that if there is no good reason to pull the starter, a guy as cold as Kou will get killed. How come Kou, one of are best has had no exercise lately.
2008-06-18 17:50:28
160.   Alex41592
Lowe made 119 pitches in his last start. That's all I got.
2008-06-18 17:52:10
161.   Alex41592
Vicious K!
2008-06-18 17:53:55
162.   El Lay Dave
Torre keeps Kuo in rhythm, clearly one-out in the sixth was when the downbeat came.
2008-06-18 17:54:06
163.   Alex41592
Nice job Kuo!
2008-06-18 17:54:31
164.   Bluebleeder87
very happy that Kuo didn't throw any off-speed pitches to Dunn.
2008-06-18 17:55:29
165.   scareduck
Don't Kuo away sad
Don't Kuo pre-fab
Don't Kuo be bad
Don't Kuo away mad
Just Kuo away (Kuo away)
2008-06-18 17:57:14
166.   JoeyP
Dodgers just own the Reds.
Reds have only scored 2 runs in their last 25 innings.
2008-06-18 17:57:30
167.   El Lay Dave
Maybe they're getting him ready to go Sunday on three days rest, with Bills moving to Saturday for Kuroda, also on three days rest? But I don't really think they do that with young Chad.
2008-06-18 18:00:45
168.   Bluebleeder87
I think we are going to see Saito on consecutive days gang.
2008-06-18 18:02:13
169.   El Lay Dave
So now that Kuo has pitched today, rule him out as Saturday's starter?
2008-06-18 18:02:17
170.   Gen3Blue
Of course Arroyo with about 95 pitches and not particularly effective, I guess this is what many teams throw, when they have an average offense. Soon we may have that luxury.
2008-06-18 18:03:24
171.   trainwreck
ToyCannon, a UCLA insider is claiming the Clippers gave a guarantee to Westbrook, but the Knicks may have also given him one.
2008-06-18 18:04:01
172.   El Lay Dave
Thank you Arroyo for making it easy for Torre to leave Kuo in. Heck, with another run, Torre might be willing to let him pitch the 7th AND 8th.
2008-06-18 18:04:16
173.   Louis in SF
If Torre wants to break the game open, perfect spot to pinch hit your switch hitter Young for the light hitting JP...Bets that this will happen?
2008-06-18 18:04:24
174.   natepurcell
Derek Lowe will be an excellent trading chip this deadline.
2008-06-18 18:04:51
175.   Bluebleeder87
of course I'd like it if we scored more runs & saved Saito but we shall see.
2008-06-18 18:05:19
176.   bhsportsguy
171 Does it matter, he's has an agent now.

Chad Ford has him going to the Knicks, Eric Gordon to the Clippers.

Do the Clippers extend Livingston or risk an unrestricted free agent next year?

2008-06-18 18:05:36
177.   Gen3Blue
169 That was my assumption. I get the impression Torre doesn't see him that way, and I think this seals the deal. But if he is gone next inning, he could concievably pitch. Of course if he stays in for three great innings, that will imply he should have been the starter---but won't be.
2008-06-18 18:05:54
178.   underdog
I think taking Lowe out after pitching on 3 days rest, and bringing in Kuo was totally the right move. I have no questions about it and I'm happy to see Kuo (for a change). Another run here would make me even happier.

Hopefully Kuroda can pitch on Saturday; if not I'd presume it would be Park anyway.

2008-06-18 18:06:19
179.   Alex41592
2008-06-18 18:06:20
180.   Bluebleeder87
how did Patterso miss that? WHAT!
2008-06-18 18:06:42
181.   underdog
Holy Toledo, Slappy McLongdrive!
2008-06-18 18:06:46
182.   Gen3Blue
Pierre--Oh the power!
2008-06-18 18:06:50
183.   bhsportsguy
Now, can we lay off Juan for tonight?
2008-06-18 18:07:12
184.   Alex41592
178 - Lowe is on 4 days rest.
2008-06-18 18:07:20
185.   Greg Brock
Backpicked. Mental mistake.


2008-06-18 18:07:25
186.   bhsportsguy
183 Juan, I issue you a pardon and then you do that.
2008-06-18 18:07:31
187.   Alex41592
183 - So close.
2008-06-18 18:07:53
188.   scareduck
Listening to the radio call, but Patterson used to be a halfway decent centerfielder. That must've been the best flyball Pierre's gonna get all year.
2008-06-18 18:08:04
189.   Bluebleeder87
Some how I'm not surprised Pierre did that, he did something similar a few weeks back if I remember correctly.
2008-06-18 18:08:05
190.   underdog
Tee hee. Even when Pierre does something great, he has to slightly ruin it with a pickoff.

Still, 2 RBIs is nice.

2008-06-18 18:08:07
191.   Greg Brock
183 Since I never say anything about you know who, I reserve the right to use mine right there.
2008-06-18 18:08:09
192.   CodyS
How about that Pierre? Announcers just said he had put together a "great first half" and now look. He continues his incredible work with RISP. He is our best clutch hitter and RBI man. He should probably bat third.
2008-06-18 18:08:13
193.   bhsportsguy
185 Speaking of sentences, you have just one more day right?
2008-06-18 18:08:22
194.   Gen3Blue
Oh Juan! you got euphoric again.
2008-06-18 18:09:25
195.   CodyS
Sorry, meant to say Lowe will be on 3 days rest for his next start, not that he is for today. So 85 pitches today was the plan, period end of story, no matter what.
2008-06-18 18:10:14
196.   underdog
188 He did hit it quite deep in center. Patterson was of course playing shallow so he was in over his head -- literally.

Pierre's had a good day with the bat, no doubt, he was also robbed of another hit on that liner that Bruce dove for.

But, 192 yeah, their love of Pierre is a bit much. Keep in mind they had to watch Patterson bat lead off a great deal of this year so Pierre does look particularly great in comparison.

2008-06-18 18:10:18
197.   bhsportsguy
BTW, tomorrow ends the Dodgers extra series against a NL Central or East team thanks to interleague play.
2008-06-18 18:10:21
198.   bhsportsguy
BTW, tomorrow ends the Dodgers extra series against a NL Central or East team thanks to interleague play.
2008-06-18 18:10:48
199.   Greg Brock
193 Indubitably.

Then my thrilling five day vacation begins!

2008-06-18 18:11:30
200.   twerp
Kuo's gameday picture looks disarming but at the same time kinda sinister, like he's saying "very nice to meet  you...Oh, so you think you can hit me? Well, just shut your trap and get your, um, behind in the batter's box so I can strike it out.  And, yes, you WILL strike out."

And then a lot of the time that's exactly what you do. If you do get a hit, you're fortunate.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-18 18:11:42
201.   underdog
Dennis Hopper leads off with a hit. C'mon Kuo, show Joe why he should love you.
2008-06-18 18:13:32
202.   JoeyP
I picked up Pierre in a fantasy league specifically for stolen bases, and he gets caught stealing home plate? With 1 out?
2008-06-18 18:13:49
203.   adrian beltre
176 - i like a wesbrook pick for the clips. my sources also tell me they are very close to finishing an elton deal
2008-06-18 18:14:49
204.   El Lay Dave
201 Was he swinging a Pabst Blue Ribbon?
2008-06-18 18:14:49
205.   bhsportsguy
Former Cal and current AZ Cardinal running back, JJ Arrington was arrested for disorderly conduct after a late night (1:30 a.m.) fight in North Carolina.

Seems like these stories are more common these days.

2008-06-18 18:15:11
206.   trainwreck
I would like to see Russell stay in LA or get a ton of pub playing for the Knicks.
2008-06-18 18:16:13
207.   trainwreck
Don't you _____ look at me!
2008-06-18 18:18:56
208.   Louis in SF
JP proves me wrong!
2008-06-18 18:21:13
209.   underdog
Let's go A's!
2008-06-18 18:21:34
210.   Eric Stephen
Rick Monday seemed to infer that DeWitt could have missed a squeeze sign, and that was the reason Pierre was picked off. That was apparently based on some staring/conversation in the dugout. I did not see the play (I was in the car).
2008-06-18 18:22:11
211.   underdog
202 You didn't pick him up for his home run power?
Or his kung fu grip?
2008-06-18 18:23:41
212.   Gen3Blue
So Loney has controlled tonight's game, although I have to give credit to JP for two important RBI's. In one or two years, if we grow some pitchers at home we could be marvelous.
2008-06-18 18:24:07
213.   bryanf
Every east coast game depresses me as it allows me to look into the Vin-less future. Steve Lyons is so bad.
2008-06-18 18:26:50
214.   rockmrete
Ethier, and Pierre for Dunn, and Patterson.
DFA Patterson
2008-06-18 18:29:04
215.   underdog
214 I'd actually rather have Ethier and Pierre right now.
2008-06-18 18:29:14
216.   bryanf
Wow, this Kuo guy is pretty good. Maybe he should start some games.

Wait never mind. He's "too valuable in his current role&trade"

2008-06-18 18:29:43
217.   bhsportsguy
Reds ownership likes Dunn, no one thinks he's going anywhere now.
2008-06-18 18:29:50
218.   underdog
After Kuo started off shaky, he's been lights out since then.

Great, and now the Reds' announcer just said the same thing so I sound like a copycat. Well, I'm leaving it in there.

And now Kuo gives up a hit, so I've jinxed him before even posting this.

2008-06-18 18:29:52
219.   sporky
Go Kuo!

Listening to Reuss and Monday is worse than a 2-batters-too-slow Gameday. I don't need two color commentators!

2008-06-18 18:30:45
220.   underdog
213 The Reds' announcers are actually pretty decent, if you have MLBTV and want to switch.
2008-06-18 18:31:24
221.   El Lay Dave
Struck out Bruce on three pitches!
2008-06-18 18:31:32
222.   underdog
It's 6-1 Dodgers, btw, for those of you listening to Rick Monday.
2008-06-18 18:32:56
223.   sporky
Kuo back for the 9th?
2008-06-18 18:33:57
224.   El Lay Dave
Kuroda update from Diamond Leung:

An MRI on the right shoulder of Hiroki Kuroda showed tendinitis and an impingement. Kuroda received a cortisone injection and will not be able to resume throwing on Saturday, the day that he had been scheduled to start. More after the game...

2008-06-18 18:35:06
225.   Eric Stephen
I say Nuo.

He's at 40 pitches now, and could conceivably pitch Saturday if needed.

2008-06-18 18:35:19
226.   El Lay Dave
223 Maybe Wade? Torre might want to hold back Kuo a little to back up Saturday's unknown starter.
2008-06-18 18:35:35
227.   be2ween
Holy Christ on a bike. Vida Guerra is gonna be at the Hollywood Stars game? This may be a good time to trot out my 5-year-old boy, and the 'Yeah, it's been hard since we lost his mother in the yachting accident' line. Hmmm.
2008-06-18 18:35:37
228.   KG16
I would like to petition the commissioner to do away with the unbalanced schedule. In it's place, I would like to suggest that the Dodgers play 100 games against the Reds, 30 games against teams in the NL West, and 32 games against the rest of the league.
2008-06-18 18:35:38
229.   Gen3Blue
Honey---This Kou seems to strike out the majority of his opponents.
Joe---yeah, but isnt that three of four more pithces than needed?
2008-06-18 18:35:44
230.   El Lay Dave
What Eric Stephens said.
2008-06-18 18:36:24
231.   Eric Stephen
One of the best 4-3 DPs ever.
2008-06-18 18:36:41
232.   underdog
Yeah I'd bring in Wade. I'd say bring in Proctor, but he's been so bad this year for whatever reason, I'd rather not. But Kuo they may want to save for another game in the next couple of days where they will likely need him, or yeah Saturday.

Wow, great play by Phillips.

2008-06-18 18:36:41
233.   bryanf
I would like to do a Mystery Science Theatre 3000-like show where I, along with some puppets, critique and make fun of poor baseball announcing.
2008-06-18 18:36:57
234.   sporky
Sigh. It'd be nice to stretch him out. You know, to start and everything.

Brandon Phillips - wow.

2008-06-18 18:37:45
235.   JoeyP
Dodgers get Harang, Cliff Lee, and Sabathia next 3 games.

If Kuroda/Penny are on the shelf:

The starting staff could be:


2008-06-18 18:37:57
236.   Gen3Blue
Here' Sweeneys . goodbye Sweeney.
2008-06-18 18:38:24
237.   underdog
233 Hah hah. That's sorta what FireJoeMorgan does in text format. But it could work. A couple of little silhouettes in the lower screen, mocking Joe Morgan live instead.
2008-06-18 18:38:39
238.   KG16
235 - it's about a season and a half too early for that rotation, no?
2008-06-18 18:39:09
239.   Eric Stephen
So unless they pulled Lowe so he could start on 3 days rest Sunday, meaning Billingsley would go Saturday also on 3 days rest, the road is pretty much paved for McDonald, right?

I guess Twingy McShoulderton could pitch, but I doubt it.

2008-06-18 18:39:54
240.   ToyCannon
In order of Clipper importance
1. EB's contract status
2. CM's contract status - extension, sign and trade, or opt out
3. Livy's rehab and contract status for 2008/09. The Clips are hoping to sign him for less then the 5.8.
4. Draft pick - number 7 seems high for Russel. I was really disapointed in his NCAA performance but who knows with Baylor and Dunleavy. Whoever they pick the odds are high that whoever goes after him will be the better player unless Thornton is starting a different trend. I can't shake the Korolev blues.
2008-06-18 18:39:55
241.   bryanf
237 Yeah that's true...FJM does a pretty good job, but the live action would be more entertaining and fun for me. :)

That was indeed an incredible play by Phillips.

What were Webgems called before ESPN coined that term? Nice plays?

2008-06-18 18:40:06
242.   KG16
233 - MST3k-style is pretty much how I watch most movies I've seen before... not with mocking puppets, but the smart ass commentary with friends.
2008-06-18 18:40:11
243.   trainwreck
She should have a biggest backside contest with Bills and Broxton.
2008-06-18 18:40:21
244.   Eric Stephen
Not that I would root for this, but if Lowe got hurt, Kuo could step in and give the club a completely homegrown starting corps.
2008-06-18 18:41:00
245.   KG16
240 - who is CM?
2008-06-18 18:41:22
246.   Eric Stephen
Always bet on black.
2008-06-18 18:41:36
247.   Eric Stephen
Cuttino Mobley
2008-06-18 18:41:53
248.   Alex41592
Another GREAT play by Berroa!
2008-06-18 18:42:07
249.   underdog
Nice play in the seats by Berroa, wow!
2008-06-18 18:42:23
250.   trainwreck
Correy Maggette
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-18 18:42:49
251.   trainwreck
2008-06-18 18:43:06
252.   underdog
Twingy McShoulderton? I thought Penny was on the DL? Or is that Kuo?
2008-06-18 18:43:27
253.   Ken Noe
While in the stands, Grandpa Snipes told the kids how far he had to walk everyday to get to school.
2008-06-18 18:43:38
254.   underdog
Hurry up and win, Dodgers! I have a soccer game to head to. Even if I can't actually play, I have to be there to root and "coach".
2008-06-18 18:43:48
255.   sporky
252 Twingy McShoulderton-san.
2008-06-18 18:44:11
256.   Eric Stephen
That is Park. And I was kidding with 247 .
2008-06-18 18:44:52
257.   mattSD
MST3K over sports was already done.

Cheap Seats.

2008-06-18 18:45:04
258.   Jon Weisman
Farewell, Bert Shepard

2008-06-18 18:46:00
259.   sporky
256 Not Kuroda? Then Twingy McShoulderton-kun. Or -shi.
2008-06-18 18:46:48
260.   underdog
I thought Berroa was supposed to be an awful fielder. He's looked pretty decent to me.

Which doesn't mean I don't miss Raffy something fierce.

2008-06-18 18:47:00
261.   Eric Stephen
Not Kuroda because I was going off the news from 224 .
2008-06-18 18:48:07
262.   sporky
Two in a row!
2008-06-18 18:49:16
263.   bhsportsguy
Saturday is going to be hodgepodge of bullpenners, especially if Kuroda is not put on the DL.

Thursday - Stults
Friday - Kershaw
Saturday - ?
Sunday - Billingsley
Tuesday - Lowe
Wednesday Stults
Thursday - Kershaw
Friday - Billingsley
Saturday - ?
Sunday - Lowe

2008-06-18 18:51:41
264.   underdog
Depending on what happens tomorrow, Saturday could very well be The Park + Kuo Show.
2008-06-18 18:52:14
265.   sporky
There are significantly more Cubs fans than Rays fans at Tropicana Field.
2008-06-18 18:52:45
266.   El Lay Dave
262 Squee?
2008-06-18 18:52:47
267.   Eric Stephen
I'd say Kuo will be prominently involved on both Saturdays (the Saturday starter?), but I doubt he starts in 3 days.
2008-06-18 18:53:22
268.   Eric Stephen
ParKuo is better than Jim Parque, at least.
2008-06-18 18:53:40
269.   bhsportsguy
267 Meloan?
2008-06-18 18:54:11
270.   sporky
266 I know you squee!-ed, too.
2008-06-18 18:55:43
271.   Ken Noe
Diamond says they might call up McDonald if Kuroda-san can't go.
2008-06-18 18:55:53
272.   trainwreck
All these missed starts are less exciting with Kershaw in the majors.
2008-06-18 18:56:34
273.   underdog
w00t! Squee! etc.
2008-06-18 18:58:14
274.   sporky
269 He's scheduled to start today.
2008-06-18 18:58:55
275.   Eric Stephen
Meloan would seem like the more likely choice, since McDonald pitched today and wouldn't be ready for Saturday. Meloan pitched last on June 13. But he's scheduled to start tonight!

Maybe they pull him so he can go Saturday.

2008-06-18 18:59:04
276.   El Lay Dave
Silverwidow 131 pointed out that McDonald started today and threw seven innings for Jacksonville. He couldn't start for LA until Tuesday.
2008-06-18 19:00:12
277.   Linkmeister
I doubt the guy I was sitting next to at Tripler AMC today will ever pitch/play in the big leagues, but like Shepard he had lost a leg.

That might be the closest I've ever gotten to a prosthetic limb. I discovered I forgot it was there very quickly.

2008-06-18 19:02:18
278.   Eric Stephen
According to the 51s broadcast, Meloan is starting tonight. Lineups were just announced.
2008-06-18 19:04:13
279.   Eric Stephen
AZ up 2-0 in the 1st. 2nd & 3rd, 2 out for Short CY.
2008-06-18 19:04:41
280.   trainwreck
Now 5-0.
2008-06-18 19:04:46
281.   Eric Stephen
Rays lose a road game to the home.

279 CY HR = 5-0 AZ

2008-06-18 19:07:29
282.   Eric Stephen
If Meloan throws a pitch or several, starting in the next few minutes, the Dodgers options are:

1) Pitch Park/Kuo or Kuo/Park on Saturday; keep regular rotation
2) Call up McDonald. Pitch Chad on 3 days Sat; pitch Lowe on 3 days Sun, with McDonald pitching Tuesday. Highly unlikely.

2008-06-18 19:08:34
283.   Eric Stephen
Meloan is in fact on the mound in Vegas. I feel like a sideline reporter. Or maybe an ESPN soccer announcer since I'm off site.
2008-06-18 19:11:49
284.   El Lay Dave
282 on 2) Stults could go again on Tuesday on full rest. Then Lowe, Kershaw, Bills, and maybe Kuroda is ready next Saturday.
2008-06-18 19:12:44
285.   Eric Stephen
Good call.
2008-06-18 19:27:39
286.   LoneStar7
My Loney has a first name,
It's J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It's L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I'll say
'Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

great win, I'm glad the bats were alive and kickin' again, I'm hoping we can give Stults some good run support early tomorrow

2008-06-18 19:31:35
287.   CanuckDodger
There's always Justin Orenduff for Saturday's game. He pitched 6 decent innings on Sunday. Walks too many, but we could chance it.

Another idea which I would approve of is DFA'ing Mario Alvarez, adding RHP Jesus Castillo to the 40-man roster, and then calling up Castillo and giving him Saturday's start. He pitched 6 innings on Monday. He has a better ERA than McDonald for Jacksonville this year. Not as many K's, but most other numbers are similar to McDonald's.

2008-06-18 19:39:05
288.   trainwreck
Canuck, email me at and I will give you my address.
2008-06-18 19:40:03
289.   trainwreck
BTW, I have seen a couple episode of Seaon 7 so far and I like it, but the HD camera is really annoying. It is far too nice for how Trailer Park Boys is supposed to be.
2008-06-18 19:43:00
290.   Eric Stephen
Park is starting Saturday, per Diamond.
2008-06-18 19:46:14
291.   Eric Stephen
I forgot to add this note, also from Diamond Leung:

"If Kuroda does need to go on the DL, a reliever will be called up to take his place."

2008-06-18 19:47:08
292.   Duranimal
If you throw out Kuo's earlier game against the Reds, his ERA is .84, his WHIP is .94, and his K / BB is 5:1. It's tempting to put him in the rotation, but unless we have to, I'm unsure we should mess with success. Earl Weaver repeatedly said that middle relief was the best thing for a young pitcher. However, nowadays, no one has the luxury of using a promising pitcher in middle relief.

We're so lucky the D'backs haven't run away with it already!

2008-06-18 19:49:40
293.   trainwreck
If someone told me in spring training that Chan Ho Park would still be on the team by mid-June, let alone starting, I would have called them a crazy person living in the past.
2008-06-18 19:54:47
294.   CanuckDodger
289 -- Yeah, the way Season 7 was shot really bugged me. Part of the charm of Trailer Park Boys was the very amateur look it had, like it was all a rinky-dink reality show.

Let me know if you received my e-mail. I might have made a mistake with your e-mail address.

2008-06-18 20:00:30
295.   Alex41592
Berroa's catch in the stands was the #1 web gem while Phillips' ridiculous 4-3 DP was #2.
2008-06-18 20:01:11
296.   Jon Weisman
288 - Have neither of you gotten my e-mails?
2008-06-18 20:06:42
297.   trainwreck
Weird, for some reason your email came in my spam folder. Thanks, Jon.
2008-06-18 20:10:20
298.   El Lay Dave
290 On Saturday in Diamond Leung's blog:

Chan Ho Park...has been unavailable to pitch out of the bullpen for the past two days after feeling a pinch in the back of his shoulder during his previous outing. He feels better, but still feels a little something when throwing his slider. For what it's worth, Park says he's available to pitch.

Then he went out on Sunday and got hammered by the Tigers. Is he actually healthy enough himself to start on Saturday?

2008-06-18 20:13:13
299.   trainwreck
This is becoming like a MAD TV sketch. It is just the same thing over and over.
2008-06-18 20:15:20
300.   Eric Stephen
I'll stick with the name Twingy McShoulderton unless he gets through 5 IP Saturday. I'll be there to witness it. CC should go for the Indians.
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2008-06-18 20:18:03
301.   LoneStar7
is there any way to pull up today's game day even though the game is over?
2008-06-18 20:18:32
302.   dzzrtRatt
281 Actually, the Rays won.
2008-06-18 20:18:50
303.   El Lay Dave
301 Sabathia vs. Park. What will the Vegas line for that be?
2008-06-18 20:19:15
304.   dzzrtRatt
Maybe you meant the Cubs lost a home game on the road.
2008-06-18 20:22:04
305.   Eric Stephen
302 ,304
I meant to say "won", but was going for the same thing. Stupid facts.
2008-06-18 20:23:29
306.   kinbote
So, where do tendinitis & impingement fall on the good news/bad news spectrum? I'm no doctor.
2008-06-18 20:31:46
307.   kinbote
Russell with two hits already tonight for Ogden. Watt gave up four runs in two innings.
2008-06-18 21:26:37
308.   dsfan
I'm totally out of the loop on this subject, but any chance Jason Johnson gets plugged in for a start? Anyone need to go off the 40-man roster to adjust for the starting rotation moves? If so, who?
2008-06-18 21:29:34
309.   bhsportsguy
308 I may be in the minority on this but I don't think that is a good idea.
2008-06-18 21:49:52
310.   Jon Weisman
309 - You're not in the minority on that one :)
2008-06-18 21:57:31
311.   silverwidow
310 Seconded.
2008-06-18 21:59:49
312.   silverwidow
Ramon Troncoso is virtually guaranteed a call-up if Kuroda gets DL'd.

Tron Tron has been stretched out lately (last two appearances: 3 IP & 3.1 IP) and has pitched REALLY well (1 ER on 3 hits combined).

2008-06-18 22:00:35
313.   bhsportsguy
K-Rod blows a save and now old friend Duaner is in the game against the Halos.
2008-06-18 22:01:13
314.   KG16
306 - I'm not a doctor, but I know a little bit of physiology... tendinitis isn't good news, but with proper treatment and exercises, it isn't necessarily bad news either. It just requires a few extra treatment sessions and some special exercises to deal with. I would venture to say that most athletes that play at relatively high levels suffer from tendinitis to some degree.

"Impingement", I would put much closer to bad news on the spectrum. It's not worst case scenario "we have to amputate" but it indicates that something is not where it is suppose to be and that surgery may be required.

2008-06-18 22:09:00
315.   Bluebleeder87
I think 9:35am start is as early as one can start a game from what I can remember.
2008-06-18 22:17:22
316.   bhsportsguy
Wagner trying to get a save now.
2008-06-18 22:20:28
317.   Alex41592
315 - I believe we had a 9:10 a.m. (in the West) game against the Marlins earlier this season.
2008-06-18 22:21:48
318.   bhsportsguy
The Mets Easley Win In The 10th
2008-06-18 22:26:09
319.   Bluebleeder87
your right 12:05am there time, I like those games WHEN they are Saturday or Sunday games, during the week not so much.
2008-06-18 22:26:19
320.   waterboy100
do we know who is expected to pitch on friday. ESPN says kershaw for friday and saturday and he might be good, but he isnt that good.
2008-06-18 22:45:31
321.   bhsportsguy

Thursday - Eric Stults
Friday - Clayton Kershaw
Saturday - Chan Ho Park
Sunday - Chad Billingsley
Tuesday - Derek Lowe
Wednesday - Eric Stults
Thursday - Clayton Kershaw
Friday - Park/Billingsley
Saturday - Billingsley/?
Sunday - Derek Lowe

If they DL Kuroda, he would be available on Saturday June 28th so his spot would only be skipped once. Penny is eligible to come back on June 30th.

2008-06-18 22:55:01
322.   bhsportsguy
Prediction time:

Lineup for Thursday

Pierre LF
DeWitt 3B
Loney 1B
Kemp CF
Ethier RF
Young 2B
Berroa SS
Ardoin C
Stults P

2008-06-18 23:03:12
323.   Suffering Bruin
The Dodgers are going on a winning streak and tomorrow is the end of the school year.

This is not a coincidence. I come back to these boards with all the subtlety of William Wallace tomorrow and that's when the Dodgers will start streaking.

2008-06-18 23:10:48
324.   waterboy100
thanks. I'm happy I finally get to see kershaw pitch
2008-06-18 23:20:16
325.   underdog
322 - Yeah, I was hoping LaRoche would fill in for Kent tomorrow but with the righty going you're probably right. (Which I assume means no Maza, either.) In fact, I think you have all of that correctamundo.
2008-06-18 23:30:22
326.   bhsportsguy
325 Of course if Martin plays than I do think Maza will fill in for Young.
2008-06-19 00:16:24
327.   underdog
On the other hand, Russell at SS and LaRoche at 2nd would be fun. With Ardoin catching. Maybe when they next face a lefty. Ah well.
2008-06-19 00:45:35
328.   LoneStar7
just got a dose of baseball history by learning about Charley was he whacky, I'm glad no one like that has gotten a hold of the Dodgers...but still they did win a few world series in oakland, and he DID bring the Beatles to KC lol
2008-06-19 01:30:20
329.   68elcamino427
It looks like Mattingly is a very good influence on Loney. When the Dodgers were last in Chicago, Loney just missed hooking two shots around the foul pole. Today he turned on that inside pitch nicely and later doubled going the other way. Loney looks confident at the plate again.
2008-06-19 06:07:02
330.   Jon Weisman
Yankees made Jake Peavy throw 93 pitches in four innings.

2008-06-19 06:16:54
331.   PHilldodger
322 I'll be optimistic and say this:

Pierre LF
DeWitt 3B
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Loney 1B
LaRoche 2B
Berroa SS
Ardoin C
Stults P

Although I could advocate Torre going the LaRussa route and batting Stults eighth. Stults has an 138 OPS+ in 17 career at bats.

2008-06-19 07:36:14
332.   Eric Stephen
What time is Game 7 tonight?
2008-06-19 07:45:43
333.   RELX
For those involved in the "when will Nomar get hurt again" pool:

"Nomar Garciaparra hit a two-run home run and played four innings at shortstop for triple-A Las Vegas in the first game of his minor league rehab assignment Tuesday night but woke up Wednesday with discomfort in the strained right calf that landed him on the 60-day disabled list.

Garciaparra didn't play Wednesday and is scheduled to rest today. Dodgers trainer Stan Conte said Garciaparra told him that he should be ready to resume playing Friday."

2008-06-19 08:03:11
334.   cargill06
322 i wanna play

lf- pierre
3b- dewitt
1b- loney
c- martin
cf- kemp
rf- ethier
2b- young
ss- berroa

seriously, how many runs defensively would laroche cost us playing SS, becuase i don't care how bad he is defensively i'm getting so sick of the SS circus out there.

2008-06-19 08:06:15
335.   Louis in SF
re Nomar Injury pool

My prediction about Nomar's next AB in the majors will be the Friday 4th of July weekend when the Dodgers open up against the Giantsin SF, he will be active for a week, but probably get injured/reinjured shortly before the All Star Break. He will not be ready to return until August 1!

Furcal who has been scheduled to come back to the Dodger lineup, since the middle of May will be ready to return to the line-up now immediately after the All Star Break, but the Dodgers in an effort to protect his back will have him play on only Sunday's and the alternate Tuesday!

2008-06-19 08:08:17
336.   cargill06
333 335 see 25
2008-06-19 08:16:33
337.   delias man
AZ schedule between now and Jul 23 is brutal, especially since they have not played well on the road. I feel good about this season still.
2008-06-19 08:18:26
338.   Kevin Lewis
51 from the last thread:

I used to take dates to that park in high school... Actually, if people didn't mind the drive, it would be a great place to play, typically not a lot of people there and the softball field is normally free.

I would also suggest the softball fields near the aquatic center down by the rose bowl. There are two fields, lots of grass, trees behind the fields with picnic benches and charcoal grilling stations.

2008-06-19 08:21:06
339.   underdog
332 {{cry}}

I don't think I can wait half a year for the Lakers' Revenge-Seeking Tour.

335 Sounds about right!

No line-up yet?
Although LaRoche in it would be lovely, again I wouldn't be surprised if he's not playing vs a RHP. But I'd be happy to be wrong.

2008-06-19 08:30:01
340.   JoeyP
This game starts in an hour and still no blogs from the beat writers.
2008-06-19 08:33:13
341.   underdog
Tony Jackson's probably finishing up a hotel complaint blog entry or was stuck in an elevator.
2008-06-19 08:36:58
342.   Ken Noe
Perhaps Sweeney's starting at first, and they're all doubled over with laughter.
2008-06-19 08:37:01
343.   Im So Blue
Lineup is up at Gameday:
Pierre, LF
DeWitt, 3B
Kent, 2B
Martin, C
Loney, 1B
Kemp, CF
Ethier, RF
Berroa, SS
Stults, P
2008-06-19 08:38:17
344.   underdog
Huh. Kent's starting again? That's a surprise, if true. Not a problem, that's a good lineup overall. But surprised.

Btw, I am betting that LaRoche starts at least once in the Indians series.

2008-06-19 08:42:07
345.   Eric Stephen
Good bet since the series starts with two lefties in Lee & CC.
2008-06-19 08:47:06
346.   underdog
Yup. Cargill, be a good chap and go ahead and place that bet for us.
2008-06-19 08:50:38
347.   Eric Stephen
For all the presumptive talk of Colletti not liking Adam Dunn, there's never been any actual proof of that. J.P. Ricciardi, however? That's different:

The lovable, people person JP: "We've done our homework on guys like Adam Dunn and there's a reason why we don't want Adam Dunn. I don't want to get into specifics."

Dunn's response: "I really don't care what the clown had to say. You can use the word clown. I don't know why anyone would go out their way to discredit a player."

2008-06-19 08:54:36
348.   Ken Noe
347 "Do you know the guy doesn't really like baseball that much?" Ricciardi said to the caller. "Do you know the guy doesn't have a passion to play the game that much?

They did have a scout at the game last night. I gues he wasn't looking at Kent either.

2008-06-19 08:56:23
349.   regfairfield
I always like more evidence that JP Riccardi has no buisness running a baseball team.
2008-06-19 09:05:29
350.   El Lay Dave
347 Aren't there player tampering rules in baseball? Why would any GM be commenting on another team's player?
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2008-06-19 09:05:38
351.   Jon Weisman

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