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Shouldering the Load
2008-06-19 06:07
by Jon Weisman

With Hiroki Kuroda potentially headed for the disabled list with an impingement and tendinitis, here's a rotation estimate for the coming days:

Today: Eric Stults
Friday: Clayton Kershaw
Saturday: Chan Ho Park
Sunday: Chad Billingsley
Monday: off
Tuesday: Derek Lowe
Wednesday: Eric Stults
June 26: Clayton Kershaw
June 27: Chad Billingsley
June 28: Hiroki Kuroda would be eligible to return.

* * *

Stults brings his career .412 batting average and .529 slugging percentage to the lineup today. He is 7 for 13 when he doesn't strike out.

* * *

Rich Lederer pays tribute to his father, former Dodger beat writer George Lederer, at Baseball Analysts. George would have been 80 today. It's a must-read. I wish the Lederer family all the best.

* * *

Dodgers at Reds, 9:35 a.m.

Comments (577)
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2008-06-19 09:10:52
1.   Eric Stephen
Did the T in NTUT stand for "typo"? Or "topic"?
2008-06-19 09:11:46
2.   El Lay Dave
1 Thought.
2008-06-19 09:14:48
3.   GMac In The 909
Dear Joe Torre,

Play. LaRoche. Now.


2008-06-19 09:15:56
4.   CajunDodger
I am confounded as to why he doesn't. Is DeWitt that much better with the glove?
2008-06-19 09:17:36
5.   jujibee
I don't think defense has anything to do with it. Dewitt hit the ball solid and hard last night. Maybe he's heating up as Loney appears to be.
2008-06-19 09:18:35
6.   JoeyP
If any team should like Adam Dunn, it should be the Blue Jays and Riccardi.
2008-06-19 09:19:08
7.   Jon Weisman
1- Thread. Just for a change.
2008-06-19 09:20:30
8.   Eric Stephen
Reds lineup:

Hopper CF
Bruce RF
Phillips 2B
JP's Friend LF
Encarnacion 3B
Votto 1B
Bako C
Janish SS
Harang P

2008-06-19 09:21:27
9.   Eric Stephen
Thus far, DeWitt has been good with the glove, at least by one metric. He's at +4 in Dewan's +/- system, good for 10th in MLB among 3B.
2008-06-19 09:22:44
10.   JoeyP
Do you know the guy doesn't really like baseball that much?" Ricciardi said to the caller. "Do you know the guy doesn't have a passion to play the game that much? How much do you know about the player?

Thats just bizarre coming from a supposed new school GM.

2008-06-19 09:23:09
11.   El Lay Dave
Is there any good reason at all for a GM to be commenting on another team's player?
2008-06-19 09:23:42
12.   cargill06
0 nice, i never watched him pitch so i didn't realize he was a good hitter, our offense could use any help it could get.
2008-06-19 09:24:03
13.   JoeyP
I never even knew a GM has a call-in radio show, but apparently JP does.
2008-06-19 09:25:30
14.   JoeyP
I like Dunn's patriotism:

I've said it all along, it doesn't bother me what people say or think, especially someone outside of the organization who has no idea of anything that goes on here. He's not even in our country."

2008-06-19 09:26:41
15.   El Lay Dave
I don't recall seeing this posted here. Tony Jackson on Derek Lowe coming out of the game early last night:

...the reason D-Lowe was yanked with a 4-1 lead with one out in the sixth and after just 85 pitches was because he threw 121 his last time out and because being moved up a day messed with his between-starts routine (even though he was pitching on normal rest). Derek had done his lower-body workout on Tuesday, before he was told he was pitching. He normally does that TWO days before he pitches.

2008-06-19 09:27:30
16.   GMac In The 909
4 What's the point of calling him up if he is just going to ride the pine?
2008-06-19 09:29:45
17.   Eric Stephen
Before Ricciardi cut Frank Thomas, their lineup essentially consisted of Shannon Stewart and Matt Stairs platooning in one OF spot.

Since his release, Thomas has hit .319/.417/.516 with the A's.

The Blue Jays have essentially had to play BOTH Stewart and Stairs, with a healthy dose of Brad Wilkerson mixed in recently.

The non-Thomas DHs have hit .182/.303/.331.

2008-06-19 09:31:21
18.   Eric Stephen
The thing that stood out to me is that Lowe essentially didn't know he'd be starting Wednesday until sometime later Tuesday. I forget when the Kuroda news came out, but I thought it was earlier than that.
2008-06-19 09:32:29
19.   underdog
As we mused in the previous thread, LaRoche will more likely play at least once if not twice in the Indians series, with two lefties going. I wouldn't get all hot and bothered that he isn't in today's lineup vs a RHP, though I agree, I'd like to see him get some starts. Hopefully it will be this weekend. It is more of a surprise that Kent is starting a day game after a night game. So I expect he'll get a day off on Saturday, or Fri night.

Go Dodgers!

2008-06-19 09:33:36
20.   Eric Stephen
I want LaRoche to play more than just about anyone, but there's no real need to have him in AAA anymore; he's got nothing left to do there. He's as polished a hitter as he's going to be.

At the very minimum, LaRoche is an asset to the club by being a good bat off the bench. That alone is reason for him to be here.

2008-06-19 09:33:46
21.   underdog
Dunn and Ricciardi are both clowns, frankly.


2008-06-19 09:35:23
22.   LogikReader
17 , 18

ooh I was all over that Frank Thomas release the day it happened.

You know what? I think what JP Riccardi needs is a team player with a hard work ethic and a full head of steam. Someone speedy with "energy and excitement." Maybe the Dodgers could help him out. Any ideas?

2008-06-19 09:35:53
23.   ToyCannon
When he's played. Can't do much hitting from the DL.
2008-06-19 09:36:46
24.   cargill06
way too work the count and try to get on juan.
2008-06-19 09:38:11
25.   fanerman
Huh? OH. I get you (wink). You sly devil you.
2008-06-19 09:38:38
26.   regfairfield
21 What'd Dunn do?
2008-06-19 09:39:26
27.   cargill06
all right!!!!
2008-06-19 09:39:29
28.   Jon Weisman
Martin see, Martin do.
2008-06-19 09:40:05
29.   Eric Stephen
Two straight hits to Dodger Alley.
2008-06-19 09:40:06
30.   fanerman
It seems like DeWitt is getting the veteran treatment of working through a slump. Even though he's younger than Andy.
2008-06-19 09:40:10
31.   underdog
Woo hoo, Golden God delivers!
2008-06-19 09:42:00
32.   underdog
26 His anger at JP Ricciardi's inappropriateness is completely understandable but I still found his response kind of immature. But whatever.

Rats! I have a work meeting in a couple of hours, I'll miss the last few innings of the game. Darn that work! Always getting in the way of things.

2008-06-19 09:43:15
33.   MollyKnight
How many times have we seen Martin hit a pitch the other way to knock in a run with two outs? Incredible, how he shortens his swing and delivers like clockwork.
2008-06-19 09:43:19
34.   Eric Stephen
Kent & Martin trying to get in & out of Cincinnati.
2008-06-19 09:43:51
35.   underdog
Heh. Seems like Bronx Banter is lately trying its own hand at Deadspin-like prolificness.
2008-06-19 09:44:22
36.   MC Safety
Why is Matt Kemp taking a 1-1 fastball right down the pipe?
2008-06-19 09:45:05
37.   ToyCannon
I like the fact that DeWitt is getting the opportunity to play through his slump, I just don't like the idea that LaRoche doesn't get to play anywhere.
2008-06-19 09:45:17
38.   fanerman
James Loney's walk only added a .9% chance of winning.
2008-06-19 09:45:46
39.   Jon Weisman
In that at-bat by Kemp, he left two middle-to-inner half strikes go, then swung at the outer pitch. That would have been fine, except he was out in front and pulled the pitch. Just had things backward.
2008-06-19 09:45:58
40.   ucladodger
My gosh, Kemp has one of the worst approaches in all of baseball. The last 3 days he has taken 3 fastballs right over the heart without even thinking of swinging. Thats what happens when you look breaking ball on every pitch. Unbelievable how much his approach has changed in less than a year.
2008-06-19 09:46:47
41.   ToyCannon
UclaDodger seems to be right about Kemp and the fastball.
2008-06-19 09:47:12
42.   underdog
Baby, if you've ever wondered,
Wondered whatever became of the Dodgers,
They're feasting on the pitching in Cincinnati,
Cincinnati, GABP.
2008-06-19 09:47:21
43.   Doctor
127/244 52% of Kemps AB results come with 2 strikes. Thats where his power has gone. Watching strike 1 called seems to be the plan.
2008-06-19 09:47:39
44.   fanerman
This season, Loney has 24 walks in in 288 PA. Last season he had 28 walks in 375 PA.
2008-06-19 09:50:14
45.   underdog
Nice pitching on Bruce there.
2008-06-19 09:52:09
46.   Jon Weisman
40 - It almost seems like he has the take sign on on the first pitch. (By the way, he's 14 for 32 when he makes contact with it.) Is that possible?
2008-06-19 09:52:28
47.   ucladodger

Its really not that complicated to see what has happened. When you see a player not even make a move to hit a fastball, you know he is guessing offspeed. When you guess offspeed, you just cannot hit a major league fastball. I've played a lot of ball and a lot of high level ball, and I've never seen a player sit on a breaking ball as much as Kemp does. Some people can't hit a fastball because of their bat speed, overall pitch recognition, etc. Kemp cannot hit a fastball because he sits breaking ball on almost every pitch, and unless you are Barry Bonds with the quickest bat ever, you cant catch up to a fastball when sitting offspeed.

2008-06-19 09:52:56
48.   ToyCannon
Bruce is having the debut that Kemp had. The first two weeks he was the best hitter in baseball, the last two weeks he's been MIA. Hopefully for the Reds he will ajdust better then Kemp did in 2006.
2008-06-19 09:53:32
49.   underdog
Angel Berroa's newborn baby daughter's name is "Angelesse" according to Steiner? Which is lovely. Interestingly, she was also born already being 12 years old.
2008-06-19 09:53:45
50.   fanerman
Kemp's hitting woes seem to either be: (1) part of the learning process or (2) because our hitting coach is not helping.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-06-19 09:55:51
51.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, we need a Mattingly-Kemp session, stat!
2008-06-19 09:56:06
52.   ucladodger

I cant imagine that would be possible, but you never know. I just think the organization wanted him to be more patient and hit breaking balls better than last year, which led to a complete overhaul of his approach. Kemp's greatest strength as a hitter was his aggressiveness and ability to hammer a fastball, and he has totally gotten away from that. With his aggression taken away, he isnt nearly the same player, and that can be seen in his power numbers. The sad thing is that even without the power numbers, he still strikes out a ton and doesnt walk. So whatever he changed (either by his own decision or by the organization "suggesting" it), it hasnt worked.

2008-06-19 09:56:43
53.   fanerman
On FanGraphs, what is the bar chart under the main probability graph (y-axis goes from 0 to 5)?
2008-06-19 09:57:09
54.   Doctor
My guess is Kemp has been talked to about being over aggressive at the plate and asked to see more pitches and K less. He looks very uncomfortable with it.
2008-06-19 09:58:21
55.   Jacob L
Yeah, the knock on Kemp the previous 2 years was that he couldn't hit breaking balls. The tradeoff was that he punished fastballs, to the tune of about 450 feet. I choose not to believe that he can no longer hit a fastball. I choose not to believe that his approach has changed irretrievably. I choose to believe that this is a long-ish adjustment process.

BTW, with Harang on the mound, I'm going to continue my harangue from yesterday. Lets chase a starting pitcher before the 6th inning!

2008-06-19 09:58:31
56.   MC Safety
Now I remember...Joe Torre isn't worried about power.

This is not the Matt Kemp that I know and love.

2008-06-19 09:58:45
57.   Doctor
52 ugh...
2008-06-19 09:58:55
58.   ToyCannon
Unleash the Bison

Is anyone using gameday, I just get a blank screen today?

2008-06-19 09:59:00
59.   GMac In The 909
50 I move for sending Easler back down to the minors. He should have options left.
2008-06-19 10:00:44
60.   fanerman
If the organization (hitting coach and others) doesn't see what we (well, people who know more about baseball than me) see, those people need to be fired. My guess is they can see what's going on (it's their job, for Ch-i's sake). So for now I'm clinging to the "it's a learning process" idea.
2008-06-19 10:00:59
61.   underdog
58 It worked okay for me via Mac Firefox (am watching it on MLBTV now) but I had that problem the other day, try refreshing a few times?

Here's our slugger!

2008-06-19 10:01:25
62.   Jon Weisman
Dodgers have Stults try a hit-and-run on 2-1 count.
2008-06-19 10:02:05
63.   thinkblue88
Regarding Kemp,
On yesterdays "Think Blue TV", Bowa was on and said that Mattingly and Easler both had been working with Kemp on trying to make him use his lower body more because he is only using his arms. FWIW.
2008-06-19 10:02:46
64.   Jon Weisman
Eighth pitch coming to Stults.
2008-06-19 10:03:25
65.   LoneStar7
58 gameday is up and running for me
2008-06-19 10:03:35
66.   Doctor
Harang didnt want to give in.
2008-06-19 10:03:47
67.   underdog
Hah! Great at bat from Stultsie.
2008-06-19 10:03:49
68.   Jon Weisman
Loney, Ethier and Stults have had great at-bats today!
2008-06-19 10:04:17
69.   Jacob L
I think what the organization is trying to do is get Kemp to the point where he can be more disciplined, take breaking balls the other way, and punish fastballs. I, for one, think that that's a worthwhile effort, and not all that likely to diminish Kemp as a hitter in the long term.
2008-06-19 10:04:29
70.   fanerman
2008-06-19 10:04:42
71.   Eric Stephen
Micah Owings is the poor man's Eric Stults.
2008-06-19 10:04:51
72.   ucladodger

Obviously Kemp still has the ability to be a major hitter with power. I really dont see him looking the bad forever, but his approach needs to change in order to do so. Its hard to hit for power when sitting offspeed and trying to take everything the other way. Hitting a curveball on the out half 400 feet to right center isnt a good way to hit home runs.

What the heck was Berroa doing?

2008-06-19 10:05:01
73.   thinkblue88
Only Pierre.
2008-06-19 10:05:20
74.   fanerman
69 Yeah, that's what I meant to say.
2008-06-19 10:05:24
75.   JoeyP
Grabowski principle?

Single by Berroa.
Walk to Stults

2008-06-19 10:05:30
76.   underdog
That was poor all around. Thank you Slappy McPopup!
2008-06-19 10:05:35
77.   MC Safety
That was Sweeneyesque.
2008-06-19 10:06:03
78.   DodgerBakers
61 Another Mac/Firefox user here. How do you get MLB TV to play for you? It plays the picture, but the noise is just static for me.
2008-06-19 10:06:24
79.   JoeyP
Eh nvm I'm behind on yahoo. Did Berroa think there was 2 outs?
2008-06-19 10:06:49
80.   DodgerBakers
So does Berroa get punished Kemp style now?
2008-06-19 10:07:29
81.   fanerman
Fangraphs says "Fly DP." What is that?
2008-06-19 10:07:35
82.   LoneStar7
wait what exactly happened, thrown out tagging up, or did berroa forget how many outs there were
2008-06-19 10:07:58
83.   fanerman
53 By the way, nobody?
2008-06-19 10:08:17
84.   Jacob L
I'm starting to think Berroa should not play day games after night games. If that works, we can think about sitting him on night games after night games, and night games after day games.
2008-06-19 10:09:46
85.   MC Safety
I'll bet my guitar Big Z has been pulling a Penny, and that's why Matt Kemp homered off him.
2008-06-19 10:10:48
86.   Jacob L
85 What kind of guitar have you got?
2008-06-19 10:11:35
87.   MollyKnight
46-I was wondering the same thing! Kemp's been taking the first pitch all the way in every single AB, and the opposing pitchers seem to know it.
2008-06-19 10:11:48
88.   Doctor
On the plus side Matt is playing a fine CF during his struggles at the dish.
2008-06-19 10:12:29
89.   Bluebleeder87
does the Reds pitcher look hitteable?
2008-06-19 10:12:31
90.   Gen3Blue
Well, at least we are already past the black hole, and Stults makes it an unusual and very mild black hole.
2008-06-19 10:12:55
91.   Jon Weisman
82 - It was a blooper to left that looked like it might fall. The speedy Dunn came in and caught it and threw to second to narrowly double up a sliding Berroa. I understand why Berroa thought it would fall, but he should have been hanging closer to the bag. Steiner said Berroa took a "tertiary lead."
2008-06-19 10:13:23
92.   Jon Weisman
Through two innings: Stults 25 pitches, Harang 43.
2008-06-19 10:13:25
93.   blue22
More housecleaning in Seattle - John McLaren out as manager.
2008-06-19 10:13:37
94.   sporky
90 I'd say it's a grayish hole.
2008-06-19 10:14:22
95.   underdog
78 I have that problem with the MLBTV highlights on, but getting the actual game works fine for me. Do you have an MLBTV subscription to watch the games? There is definitely a known bug with the highlights/static audio for Mac users. But the games work okay for me.

89 Yes.

2008-06-19 10:15:25
96.   LoneStar7
wait this may have been discussed earlier, kent playing a day game today?
2008-06-19 10:15:54
97.   Doctor
I thought Harang had a better fastball? Gameday is only giving him high 80's.
2008-06-19 10:16:39
98.   Eric Stephen
Dodger Centerfielding 2008

Kemp: +1 (298 innings), 21st in MLB
Jones: 0 (307 innings), 24th in MLB

Kemp: 17 of 27 (63.0%) have advanced an extra base, 26th in MLB
Jones: 19 of 39 (48.7%) have advanced an extra base, 6th in MLB

2008-06-19 10:16:42
99.   MC Safety
86 It's an old, beat up Squier. I want to keep my Mustang.
2008-06-19 10:17:33
100.   still bevens
96 Maybe Torre is tired of losing every getaway day game.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-06-19 10:17:52
101.   DodgerBakers
95 Ah, that's the problem. I only watch the highlights. After hearing about all the problems with MLBTV, I don't think I'll ever want it. I do enjoy the MLB Gameday audio, though.
2008-06-19 10:18:22
102.   ucladodger
That was ball 4...
2008-06-19 10:20:56
103.   Eric Stephen
"Lined out to deep left" sounds like a really hard hit ball. I'm audio-less right now, so relying on Yahoo.
2008-06-19 10:22:43
104.   ucladodger

Ya, Russ stung it pretty well.

2008-06-19 10:27:30
105.   underdog
Steiner talking about Kuroda going on the DL, but they won't decide on who comes up in his place until later today.
2008-06-19 10:29:17
106.   delias man
105 I was just going to ask if Monday said that. I was distracted no the phone at work for a minute.
2008-06-19 10:30:57
107.   LoneStar7
boom, outta here
2008-06-19 10:31:14
108.   ucladodger
Lol. That made everything i said look completely wrong. I like how he stayed on that ball, finally punished a fastball over the heart.
2008-06-19 10:31:16
109.   MC Safety
Oppo Bison!

I'll shut up now.

2008-06-19 10:31:33
110.   Eric Stephen
To RCF, was it a breaking ball?
2008-06-19 10:31:33
111.   delias man
That would be about 90 of the 115 million on the DL?
2008-06-19 10:31:35
112.   underdog
What were people saying about the Bison again? ;-)

He went the other way! And out! Huzzah!

2008-06-19 10:32:26
113.   MollyKnight
Still does nothing to dispel my belief that he's taking the first pitch all the way. Another fastball down the middle!!!
2008-06-19 10:32:27
114.   delias man
107 i wish it was off brett myers
2008-06-19 10:33:07
115.   MollyKnight
But I'll take the home run!
2008-06-19 10:33:14
116.   DodgerBakers
steiner said Kemp looked fooled on the pitch, had already committed the front part of his body, but had enough arm strength to power it over ~400ft.
2008-06-19 10:33:24
117.   Eric Stephen
Thanks for answering 110 in advance!
2008-06-19 10:33:31
118.   fanerman
Robot Made of Nails™!!!
2008-06-19 10:33:50
119.   MC Safety
Nothing like some good old fashioned internet jinxing/motivation.
2008-06-19 10:34:02
120.   sporky
I'm always late with the durn HRs, but squee!
2008-06-19 10:34:28
121.   LoneStar7
grandpa swinging the bat today! Take all the time you need Nomaa
2008-06-19 10:34:49
122.   bhsportsguy
120 Maybe too much partying today. :)
2008-06-19 10:34:52
123.   MC Safety
113 To be fair, it was right on the black.
2008-06-19 10:35:50
124.   ucladodger
Harang just does not look the same as he did the last few years. Fastballs in the 80's, not much on the offspeed. Stults actually looks terrific today, especially compared to Harang. And Stults is a freakin good hitter.
2008-06-19 10:35:53
125.   MonkeyBlue
This guy can plain hit! lol
2008-06-19 10:36:02
126.   sporky
There can be no black hole with Stults!
2008-06-19 10:36:31
127.   underdog
Stults is our Micah Owings apparently!
2008-06-19 10:36:41
128.   ucladodger
Thats what Juan Pierre should be doing. Fantastic.
2008-06-19 10:36:43
129.   LoneStar7
wow, well its up to slappy hit into a double play to save the reputation of the black hole
2008-06-19 10:36:45
130.   MonkeyBlue
Wow, Pierre with a smart play.
2008-06-19 10:36:47
131.   Eric Stephen
Tomorrow's headline:

Dodgers Ride High on Stults

2008-06-19 10:36:47
132.   MC Safety
116 He waited on it and absolutely beasted it.
2008-06-19 10:36:58
133.   Zak
Willie Mays Hayes is on song today.
2008-06-19 10:37:08
134.   thinkblue88
ugh! missed the kemp home run.

Alright Stults!

2008-06-19 10:37:35
135.   sporky
122 Any partying right now is with rat prostate cells. Boo.
2008-06-19 10:37:48
136.   Eric Stephen
Ahem. 71 :)
2008-06-19 10:37:51
137.   underdog
I can only imagine the comments on Red Reporter right about now. (Those guys are pretty funny btw.) Man, the Dodgers are making the Reds look like the Bad News Bears.
2008-06-19 10:38:04
138.   DodgerBakers
132 good to hear!
2008-06-19 10:38:46
139.   MC Safety
116 Fooled he was not. He waited on it and absolutely beasted it.
2008-06-19 10:39:09
140.   Disabled List
This has been an immensely entertaining inning.
2008-06-19 10:39:23
141.   underdog
136 Oops! Must have been doing work when that appeared. ;-) That'll learn me.

What does Sporky's coworker think about Eric Stults, I wonder. Approve or disapprove?

2008-06-19 10:39:34
142.   fanerman
Wait, so what kind of pitch was it that Mr. Bison hit?
2008-06-19 10:40:15
143.   MC Safety
Whoa. 132 wasn't there a sec ago.
2008-06-19 10:40:40
144.   ucladodger
That was a nasty Harang breaking ball. Havent seen many of those today.
2008-06-19 10:40:47
145.   MC Safety
142 Fastball.
2008-06-19 10:41:28
146.   fanerman
145 Nice.
2008-06-19 10:42:13
147.   DodgerBakers
139 I'm happy to hear that, I was hoping that he really did do it "on purpose" it seemed a little odd that they would say he was fooled, but hit it over 400 ft.
2008-06-19 10:42:43
148.   alex 7
Steve Lyons commentary has been impressively detailed and spot-on today. From talking hitting to defensive assignments, he's done it all today. He's the Eric Stults of the broadcast booth.
2008-06-19 10:43:03
149.   Jiminy Cricket
this is a whole different topic, but doesn't Loney seem to hit much better when Mattingly is around?
2008-06-19 10:43:05
150.   DodgerBakers
142 & 145

Another 87 mph offering from Harang

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-06-19 10:43:06
151.   Alex41592
127 - My thoughts exactly. He looks great at the plate. And for those who don't know.

From "Stults pitched and played centerfield for Bethel College (Indiana), which won the 2002 National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association Division I championship...hit .408 with 14 homers and 47 RBI while going 10-1 with a 2.15 ERA and eight complete games during his senior season."

2008-06-19 10:43:53
152.   MonkeyBlue
Kemp almost screwup that flyball.
2008-06-19 10:44:28
153.   fanerman
149 Loney's been hitting well for awhile now.

150 Hey, it's not like it was a Zito/Loaiza fastball!

2008-06-19 10:44:41
154.   Bluebleeder87
132 I'll take your word for it instead of Steiner.
2008-06-19 10:44:54
156.   alex 7
not sure how you can be fooled on a fastball, catch up to it, and hit it that far. Kemp simply waited on the outside FB and beasted it, as described above.
2008-06-19 10:45:09
157.   underdog
As Steiner pointed out, the Reds are first ball swinging a lot which really helps Stults out. The Dodgers have worked the count and there's no way Harang will be around more than another inning or so.
2008-06-19 10:45:38
158.   Landonkk
53 ,93 From looking at it, it looks as though it is just a graphic representation of the running leverage index.
2008-06-19 10:46:56
159.   underdog
"Every pitch you throw up there is potentially a ball that could get whacked" - Steve Lyons.

Huh? Thank you, Psycho!

2008-06-19 10:48:11
160.   ucladodger
Russ needs to pick up his throwing. He had Phillips dead.
2008-06-19 10:49:16
161.   Eric Stephen
Was that throw by Martin another patented bouncer?
2008-06-19 10:49:20
162.   MonkeyBlue
Thanks for that Strikeout king!
2008-06-19 10:49:26
163.   ucladodger
Great pitch. I really like Stults. Just a guy who knows how to pitch....and hit.
2008-06-19 10:49:28
164.   LoneStar7
big strike out there, lets see if we can get out this safely
2008-06-19 10:49:33
165.   underdog
Bad throw by Martin, bad pick by Berroa, bad play by Kemp to not back that up properly. A trifecta!
2008-06-19 10:50:04
166.   ucladodger

Ya, a really tough in-between hop for Berroa.

2008-06-19 10:50:20
167.   LoneStar7
great inning after the throwing error, Stults really impressive all around today so far..
2008-06-19 10:50:24
168.   underdog
Why do we want Dunn again? Remind me...
2008-06-19 10:50:51
169.   Eric Stephen
Golf clap for Stults.
2008-06-19 10:52:29
170.   LoneStar7
I just saw via game day that Bison made a great catch in center field
2008-06-19 10:52:59
171.   DodgerBakers
168 because he also has 60 walks and .395 OBP and 18 HR (.514 slg)

(all entering game)

2008-06-19 10:53:40
172.   Jiminy Cricket
In the middle of June, is it time yet to ask what is up with martin's throwing this season?
2008-06-19 10:53:56
173.   underdog
169 They have a good antibiotic for that now.
2008-06-19 10:54:09
174.   Alex41592
This next pitch will be #90 for Harang in the 5th.
2008-06-19 10:57:11
175.   MonkeyBlue
Time for the Dodgers to put away the game with this inning.
2008-06-19 10:58:11
176.   ucladodger
Yes. Beautiful. Attack the fastball, baby!
2008-06-19 10:58:19
177.   sporky
2008-06-19 10:58:31
178.   MC Safety
2 rbi oppo field double for The Bison.
2008-06-19 10:58:38
179.   thinkblue88
woohoo! got to see that one. Alright Kemp!
2008-06-19 10:58:38
180.   Alex41592
Oh man the boys are waking up!
2008-06-19 10:58:50
181.   LoneStar7
great hitting from the kids right now
2008-06-19 10:58:51
182.   DodgerBakers
2008-06-19 10:59:09
183.   MollyKnight
Yes! Finally, he tagged a first pitch fastball down the pipe.
2008-06-19 10:59:15
184.   fanerman
Bison Power™!!!
2008-06-19 10:59:17
185.   bhsportsguy
Can we get a petition to move the Reds back to the NL West?
2008-06-19 10:59:24
186.   Jiminy Cricket
someone in the front office is right now thinking, "Bison's trade value is really high right now".
2008-06-19 10:59:25
187.   Eric Stephen
Who says Bison are extinct?
2008-06-19 10:59:36
188.   ucladodger
Thats what he needs to be doing. Attack the fastball, look for it early in the count. So much better.
2008-06-19 10:59:51
189.   Eric Stephen
3 months of setup, for that one pitch! :)
2008-06-19 10:59:52
190.   underdog
I am officially no longer worried about Matt Kemp.

Good timing, too, I have to leave in a few.

2008-06-19 10:59:53
191.   MC Safety
Thou shalt not question The Bison.
2008-06-19 10:59:56
192.   bhsportsguy
183 Why couldn't you be on the LA Times podcast today?
2008-06-19 10:59:59
193.   Disabled List
I picked a bad day to start Aaron Harang in my fantasy league. Starts against the Dodgers have been gimmes lately.

Not that I'm complaining.

2008-06-19 11:00:12
194.   MonkeyBlue
LOL the Reds are responsible for a good portion of the Dodgers win so far.
2008-06-19 11:00:16
195.   Lexinthedena
The Tinkle Guy!
2008-06-19 11:00:46
196.   underdog
185 Hah hah, I know.

Although the rest of the current NL West isn't so hot, either. But boy do we mysteriously own the Reds. Be nice if we could continue to shame Ohio this weekend, too.

2008-06-19 11:01:17
197.   Doctor
Kemp reads DT on his Blackberry, clearly.
2008-06-19 11:03:34
198.   bryanf
I love the Reds!!!
2008-06-19 11:04:16
199.   Brent Knapp
I'm not watching the game on tv, but both kemp's HR and double were to right-center? He still isn't pulling the ball very much. I know he has been coached to go the opposite field more because of how he was being pitched, but can't they coach him to pull pulls inside and over the plate and only go away with outside pitches? I still do love the man.
2008-06-19 11:04:19
200.   Eric Stephen
Stults has had at least a 2-1 count in each of his PA today!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-06-19 11:04:51
201.   LoneStar7
my gameday has no explanation for how berroa got out?
2008-06-19 11:04:59
202.   LoneStar7
my gameday has no explanation for how berroa got out..
2008-06-19 11:06:46
203.   Eric Stephen
Kuroda to the DL, per Diamond:

"A reliever will be called up if Park can go Saturday. If he can't a starter would be called up, with the candidates being James McDonald, Jason Johnson and Justin Orenduff"

2008-06-19 11:07:08
204.   Eric Stephen
Grounded to 3B
2008-06-19 11:07:53
205.   still bevens
We welcome our new Jason Johnson overlords...
2008-06-19 11:08:14
206.   Zak
201 He showed up to the plate.
2008-06-19 11:08:57
207.   LoneStar7
oops that was weird, sorry for that double post with slight modification
2008-06-19 11:09:57
208.   DodgerBakers
205 I agree, I listened to the game last night when he pitched. Only one walk to 8 K's.

Would be interesting to see how he does up here.

2008-06-19 11:10:02
209.   Bluebleeder87
thanks for pointing out that story Jon, really nice.
2008-06-19 11:10:40
210.   ToyCannon
This looks like a good game to watch tonight on Prime ticket.
2008-06-19 11:10:54
211.   MC Safety
197 Matt Kemp checked a computer in the clubhouse, then tried to come to my house to kill me, only to be intercepted on my lawn by Ned, who then told me Milton Bradley isn't half the player Matt Kemp is.
2008-06-19 11:10:58
212.   Eric Stephen
Cory Wade featured in the Indy Star today (link from Josh Rawitch):

2008-06-19 11:11:32
213.   Alex41592
Josh Hamilton just made a diving catch and proceeded to hop up and throw out the runner trying to advance to third. Wow.
2008-06-19 11:12:11
214.   Jacob L
The problem with my running complaint about not chasing starting pitchers is that Dusty just leaves 'em out there. He must have played for Lasorda, or something.
2008-06-19 11:13:06
215.   underdog
I know everyone's greeted the idea of Jason Johnson with grunts and snorts here, and I agree that having to clear roster space for him would be the biggest reason not to call him up. But he really has pitched well in Vegas. It's not like he doesn't deserve a look. But I'm glad they called up Stults first, fersure. McDonald's my sentimental choice.
2008-06-19 11:14:20
216.   bigcpa
Jason Johnson is Scott Erickson with diabetes.
2008-06-19 11:14:36
217.   delias man
With this lead, time to get Kent out and Andy in.
2008-06-19 11:15:13
218.   Zak
211 Not even half?
2008-06-19 11:16:25
219.   ToyCannon
McDonald pitched yesterday
Jason Johnson pitched on Tuesday
Orenduff pitched on Sunday

If we are going to grab a pitcher for Saturday, doesn't it have to be Orenduff out of the 3?

Jason Johnson on the Vegas roster for exactly this reason. I'm a little surprised they let him start Tuesday knowing the results at the time and the fact Kuroda was going to have an MRI or didn't they know on Tuesday?
How much insight does it take to hold back McDonald, Johnson, or Meloan when you have 2 starting pitchers ailing? It is not like Orenduff is the guy we want to take the start on Saturday.

2008-06-19 11:16:34
220.   Zak
McDonald's time will come and he should be good for a long time. For Stults, this might well be his last opportunity to impress the Dodgers or some other team and become a decent No 4 starter somewhere.
2008-06-19 11:17:39
221.   Eric Stephen
Because of reasons discussed yesterday, I doubt McDonald will be called up. He just pitched yesterday, so he won't be ready Saturday, and too many people will need to be moved up to work him in.

Orenduff pitched Sunday, so he'd be more in line for Saturday than Johnson, who pitched Tuesday and would be on 3 days rest Saturday.

2008-06-19 11:17:52
222.   underdog
216 (in Maxwell Smart voice) Would you believe, Aaron Sele with allergies?
2008-06-19 11:21:05
223.   sporky
212 I don't know why, but Wade is one of my (admittedly many) favorite Dodgers this year.
2008-06-19 11:21:09
224.   Eric Stephen
Since Lowe started Tuesday (after they moved him up due to the Kuroda news), they would have had ample time to hold back Johnson.
2008-06-19 11:22:24
225.   bigcpa
222 Are you with the Warner Bros. marketing dept?
2008-06-19 11:23:02
226.   Disabled List
6-4-3 groundout, Steve. It's not that hard.
2008-06-19 11:25:17
227.   Bluebleeder87
Wade is a keep 'em off balace type pitcher he's not my favorite but he gets the job done.
2008-06-19 11:26:01
228.   bigcpa
Anfer James Loney, he picks up another RBI.
2008-06-19 11:26:11
229.   LoneStar7
thats my boy, good AB james
2008-06-19 11:27:11
230.   JoeyP
Dodgers are 17-3 vs the Reds since 2006.

Reds have scored 2 runs in their last 33 innings.

2008-06-19 11:27:19
231.   Eric Stephen
Loney is at .411/.484/.589 in June.
2008-06-19 11:27:28
232.   myboyblue
On a totally random note, my blog is being overrun with crazed Angel fans over a Dodgers vs Angels post from a month ago. Seems like an Angel fan site message board picked up the post yesterday and people are running wild with it.

I could use some Dodger fans to help fight the fire.

There's the post in question.

2008-06-19 11:31:10
233.   ryu
Ahh, nothing cures the ills like going up against mediocre pitching.
2008-06-19 11:31:57
234.   MC Safety
230 Oh, so that's why Loney's playing well.
2008-06-19 11:33:44
235.   JoeyP
Loney's 16-40 his last 8 games.

He has 7 walks and 1K over his last 45 Abs.

2008-06-19 11:34:00
236.   natepurcell
Dewitt showed off his speed a little bit that half inning.

my logic: he should play second base.

2008-06-19 11:34:27
237.   MonkeyBlue
Eric is done.
2008-06-19 11:34:36
238.   natepurcell
The GCL Dodgers start today.
2008-06-19 11:36:33
239.   JoeyP
With a 6-0 lead and only 74 pitches entering the 6th, I'd leave Stults in. No need to burn the bullpen in low leverage situations.
2008-06-19 11:37:43
240.   El Lay Dave
Third time through the lineup and the Reds imeediately go single, single. Coincidence?

Up to now, "Eric Stultifies Red Bats".

2008-06-19 11:38:22
241.   MonkeyBlue
Wow, great DP.
2008-06-19 11:38:46
242.   thinkblue88
Great job by Stults today.
2008-06-19 11:39:01
243.   Eric Stephen
You were saying? :)
2008-06-19 11:39:06
244.   Alex41592
Stults is not done :)
2008-06-19 11:39:37
245.   CajunDodger
Where is Withrow assigned? GCL or Great Lakes.
2008-06-19 11:40:22
246.   MonkeyBlue
I'm glad I was wrong! :)
2008-06-19 11:40:28
247.   El Lay Dave
Wow, K, GIDP, just what the doctor ordered.
2008-06-19 11:40:53
248.   DodgerBakers
So maybe we'll have a LaRoche sighting in a PH situation?
2008-06-19 11:41:31
249.   Eric Stephen
Excerpt from Rob Neyer today:

If I were running the Dodgers, there's one move I would make, right now. I would get Blake DeWitt out of the lineup, and get Andy LaRoche in. DeWitt's been below average this season; aside from his little hot streak last month he's been well below average. Granted, LaRoche is no savior. But so many things have gone wrong for the Dodgers this season that if they do wind up in the playoffs, it'll be a very close-run thing. So they have to take the runs, right now, wherever they can find them

2008-06-19 11:42:11
250.   Eric Stephen
I'd let Stults bat, and pitch the 7th. He's only at 84 pitches.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-19 11:42:13
251.   Zach the Ripper
Anyone know Stults career line before this start?
He's been amazing today, albeit against the Reds, but still, very impressive.
2008-06-19 11:42:55
252.   Alex41592
That is classic Ethier against a lefty. Something Torre hasn't seen much of so far this season.
2008-06-19 11:43:02
253.   El Lay Dave
250 Not really a need to PH for him, is there? :)
2008-06-19 11:43:34
254.   El Lay Dave
251 Pitching or hitting? :)
2008-06-19 11:44:21
255.   DodgerBakers
253 No, there's not, I wrote that after the 3 straight singles.
2008-06-19 11:44:44
256.   Alex41592
Stults hitting against a lefty, I am intrigued.
2008-06-19 11:45:09
257.   Zak
Every starter has a hit today.
2008-06-19 11:45:28
258.   bhsportsguy
249 Well we may see it tomorrow at least for one night.
2008-06-19 11:46:27
259.   Alex41592
Well that was nothing to write home about.
2008-06-19 11:48:37
260.   MC Safety
I love Rob Neyer.
2008-06-19 11:48:56
261.   LogikReader

Wow! Do you guys agree with that? All I know is: all LaRoche does is get on base.

2008-06-19 11:50:28
262.   LoneStar7
this might totally random, but I feel like theres a lot of Dodgers fans in Cincinnati..I see a lot of blue scattered throughout
2008-06-19 11:51:24
263.   Eric Stephen
The Pirates scored 6 runs in the top of the 2nd inning at Comiskey today, and the White Sox have answered with 6 of their own in the bottom of the 2nd, and they're still batting.
2008-06-19 11:52:20
264.   Eric Stephen
I agree in the sense that LaRoche needs to be in the lineup at least semi-regularly, and I'd prefer it wasn't at the expense of Loney.
2008-06-19 11:52:52
265.   Eric Stephen
but I feel like theres a lot of Dodgers fans in Cincinnati

Probably one fewer than Tuesday night. :)

2008-06-19 11:53:19
266.   MonkeyBlue
Old Man Kent.
2008-06-19 11:54:00
267.   DodgerBakers
DeWitt/LaRoche could have done better than that, Kent.
2008-06-19 11:54:35
268.   Alex41592
261 - I agree LaRoche should be playing far more than he has been. But, Loney is red hot right now. So, the most logical place would be third base or left field.
2008-06-19 11:55:16
269.   Alex41592
Great job by Stults today.
2008-06-19 11:55:44
270.   LoneStar7
232 I added that last tidbit for you, I get into these little arguments with the only "orange county angel of anaheim fan" I know
2008-06-19 11:57:23
271.   LoneStar7
265 hahah, do you think troy is still in jail?
2008-06-19 11:57:34
272.   MollyKnight
Why do I get the feeling this is going to turn into a save situation?
2008-06-19 11:57:53
273.   Eric Stephen
How did a catcher single to 2B? Should this inning be over were it not for Kent?
2008-06-19 11:58:25
274.   fanerman
I'm getting a single + error on FanGraphs.
2008-06-19 11:59:09
275.   El Lay Dave
2008-06-19 12:00:15
276.   El Lay Dave
272 Did they bring in Proctor?
2008-06-19 12:00:48
277.   fanerman
272 Win probability is still 94%. I think we'll be okay. Stults will get through this.
2008-06-19 12:00:51
278.   Alex41592
273 - Ground ball off the glove of Loney who dove to his right for the ball. The ball then went off of Votto's leg as he was running to second. If Kent makes the DP, Loney plays back and probably makes that play and Stults goes seven innings. But he didn't and here we are.
2008-06-19 12:01:24
279.   MonkeyBlue
Oh man why is Proctor in? Wow.
2008-06-19 12:01:28
280.   LoneStar7
and proctor should come right out
2008-06-19 12:01:40
281.   Eric Stephen
2008-06-19 12:01:55
282.   Alex41592
Beimel hopefully is getting warmed up.
2008-06-19 12:02:09
283.   El Lay Dave
274 yahoo has it this way:

- J. Votto reached on fielder's choice, E. Encarnacion to third on second baseman J. Kent's fielding error
- P. Bako singled to second, E. Encarnacion scored, J. Votto to second

2008-06-19 12:02:45
284.   Eric Stephen
Maybe Troncoso and a starter can be called up!
2008-06-19 12:03:09
285.   MonkeyBlue
Wouldn't be a Proctor innning without allowing a run score.
2008-06-19 12:03:10
286.   Eric Stephen
Hopper pulled a Pierre.
2008-06-19 12:03:14
287.   MollyKnight
Beimel coming in now. Bases loaded, one out. Jay Bruce up.
2008-06-19 12:03:31
288.   LoneStar7
do it for troy!
2008-06-19 12:04:34
289.   fanerman
Or they could bring in Proctor and lower the win probability to 82%...
2008-06-19 12:06:17
290.   El Lay Dave
286 ? My internet feeds are frozen. What did Hopper do?
2008-06-19 12:06:29
291.   MollyKnight
ok. Janish walked on four pitches to load the bases. Then Hopper bunted it to first base for an infield single. Bases loaded 6-2 with Bruce up, Beimel in, and one out.
2008-06-19 12:07:09
292.   El Lay Dave
290 Nevermind - caught up.
2008-06-19 12:07:13
293.   MonkeyBlue
nice K!
2008-06-19 12:07:15
294.   Alex41592
BEIMEL! K of Bruce.
2008-06-19 12:07:32
295.   MollyKnight
I'll do play by play for the rest of the half inning, then I gotta run.

Beimel just struck out Bruce. Yes!! Two outs.

2008-06-19 12:07:33
296.   El Lay Dave
291 But thanks!
2008-06-19 12:07:41
297.   LoneStar7
bingo! that was big, one more out here
2008-06-19 12:08:19
298.   MollyKnight
Broxton coming in to face Phillips.
2008-06-19 12:08:22
299.   El Lay Dave
And Molly was right, this is a save situation for Beimel, not that he will finish the game though.
2008-06-19 12:08:24
300.   bhsportsguy
Well for you people whose fantasy leagues count holds, Joey B just got one.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-06-19 12:08:47
301.   LoneStar7
blue ox, lets go baby
2008-06-19 12:09:07
302.   Alex41592
Broxton vs. Phillips: 2 for 5 with 2 K's and a walk.
2008-06-19 12:09:32
303.   El Lay Dave
298 Also in a save situation, and again, not that he will finish.
2008-06-19 12:09:44
304.   ToyCannon
Proctor is last year's Roberto Hernandez without the legacy. If Bob will allow to me cry about my spilled milk. If we don't make the trade then:
Betemit stays as our pinch hitter after LaRoche returns in Sept
No need to trade for Sweeney so Denker stays.
When we needed someone to play 2nd this year, then Betemit or Denker could have done the trick.
We wouldn't have to watch Proctor pitch.

I'll clean up my spilled milk now.

2008-06-19 12:10:28
305.   fanerman
Scott Proctor's ERA entering today: 5.64.
2008-06-19 12:10:28
306.   MonkeyBlue
2008-06-19 12:11:02
307.   Alex41592
Good pitch just a seeing eye single.
2008-06-19 12:11:08
308.   MollyKnight
Base hit up the middle. 6-4 Dodgers. Phillips now 3-6 against Broxton lifetime.
2008-06-19 12:11:18
309.   LoneStar7
wonderful, well lets HOPE this can stay a save situation
2008-06-19 12:11:40
310.   Eric Stephen
This feels like the San Diego inning all over again.
2008-06-19 12:11:47
311.   Ken Noe
I have an old blue sweater, it's getting ratty and has a noticeable hole in it, but it's comfortable. I can't wear it out but I tend to put it on on chilly nights out of habit. Meanwhile, Torre has Scott Proctor.
2008-06-19 12:11:47
312.   Alex41592
Do you walk Dunn?
2008-06-19 12:12:17
313.   MollyKnight
Wild pitch. Tying runs in scoring position.

The wheels falleth off the apple cart.

2008-06-19 12:12:28
314.   Alex41592
Walk Dunn to get to Encarnacion.
2008-06-19 12:12:45
315.   natepurcell
2008-06-19 12:12:48
316.   ToyCannon
I wonder what the numbers say because it seems that the Bull gives up quite a few inherited runners.
2008-06-19 12:13:08
317.   MollyKnight
IBB Adam Dunn to load the bases for Encarnacion. Oooof.
2008-06-19 12:13:11
318.   El Lay Dave
304 ... and no need to sign Shea Hillenbrand.
2008-06-19 12:13:19
319.   fanerman
304 Don't forget about the mental anguish Proctor would be spared for having to endure another season of overuse from Joe Torre.
2008-06-19 12:13:29
320.   LoneStar7
I think this is a good call, I hope...lets go JB
2008-06-19 12:13:29
321.   JT Dutch
... I was asking all day -- what happened to the Dodgers?

Nice to see they're finally here!

2008-06-19 12:13:39
322.   sporky
Oh no.
2008-06-19 12:13:40
323.   Alex41592
Encarnacion 1 for 6 vs. Broxton with 2 K's.
2008-06-19 12:14:15
324.   El Lay Dave
Encarnacion 1-6 vs Blue Ox, 2 Ks.
2008-06-19 12:14:22
325.   Alex41592
Got out of it! We need insurance!
2008-06-19 12:14:24
326.   ToyCannon
I'm expecting a walk here. Please prove me wrong.
2008-06-19 12:14:29
327.   Eric Stephen
Counting today, 6 of 16 inherited runners have scored of The Bull.
2008-06-19 12:14:40
328.   LoneStar7
thank goodness
2008-06-19 12:14:54
329.   ToyCannon
2008-06-19 12:14:54
330.   MollyKnight
6-4 groundout. Inning over. Still 6-4.
2008-06-19 12:15:19
331.   Eric Stephen
2008-06-19 12:15:57
332.   El Lay Dave
2008-06-19 12:16:00
333.   bhsportsguy
Bad things that happened this inning.

1. Stults walked the leadoff man.
2. Kent botched ground ball.
3. Loney couldn't catch Bako ground ball
4. Proctor walked a pinch-hitter on 4 pitches.
5. Phillips hits first pitch for a base hit.

I think Kent's trangression is number one, the walks by Stults and Proctor were tied for number 2.

2008-06-19 12:17:03
334.   El Lay Dave
Dunn had seen Broxton twice before, 1 K, 1 BB. I was fearing the third true outcome. Perhaps the wild pitch was a blessing in disguise.
2008-06-19 12:17:20
335.   MonkeyBlue
Dodgers could have an insurance last inning but Torre decided not to bunt and advance the Base runner(Ethier)
2008-06-19 12:17:48
336.   Alex41592
Wow. Kent 12 for 26 vs. Weathers.
2008-06-19 12:18:08
337.   sporky
335 ... bunt with a 6-0 lead?
2008-06-19 12:18:27
338.   bhsportsguy
335 Bunt him before the pitcher, Stults is good but really.
2008-06-19 12:18:37
339.   LoneStar7
that wasnt a bad pitch by JB though was it, just a tad unlucky
2008-06-19 12:19:29
340.   MonkeyBlue
Why not bunt? nobody was out. Angel can't hit for jack.
2008-06-19 12:19:54
341.   bhsportsguy
327 I bet JB did not come in a lot in his career prior to this year with runners on base.
2008-06-19 12:20:08
342.   Eric Stephen
2008-06-19 12:21:11
343.   Alex41592
Reds have the momentum. We're going to have to survive this one.
2008-06-19 12:22:42
344.   Eric Stephen
7 of 26 scored in 2007
7 of 25 scored in 2006
1 of 4 scored in 2005
2008-06-19 12:22:58
345.   Eric Stephen
Are you Stu Lantz?
2008-06-19 12:24:28
346.   El Lay Dave
339 Which JB? (I know in context it has to be the Blue Ox.)

340 Berroa's experienced. He should have been able to move the runner over without a bunt. In any case, all the batters after Ethier struck out, which doesn't get the man home anyway.

2008-06-19 12:25:27
347.   ToyCannon
The Prince with an inside the park home run. That will be fun to watch tonight on SC.
2008-06-19 12:25:35
348.   sporky
My aversion to bunting is rearing its ugly head.

(sits on hands)

2008-06-19 12:26:04
349.   Alex41592
345 - Yes, I'm not doing anything tonight unfortunately.
2008-06-19 12:26:56
350.   JoeyP
343--I dont think there is momentum in baseball. Broxton/Saito should be able to handle the last 5 outs with a 2 run lead.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-06-19 12:27:09
351.   thinkblue88

He hit one last year vs the Twins.

2008-06-19 12:27:40
352.   nofatmike
347 Another one?
2008-06-19 12:27:40
353.   ToyCannon
The only thing Berroa is experienced at, is being lousy and that includes not being able to do the little things and the big things.

He is however an upgrade to the Hu we were enduring.

2008-06-19 12:28:50
354.   Eric Stephen
Being a vegetarian has its advantages!
2008-06-19 12:31:16
355.   sporky
Does Prince wear a really baggy uniform, or is he really that hefty?
2008-06-19 12:32:56
356.   El Lay Dave
355 Both?
2008-06-19 12:33:08
357.   fanerman
355 He's a heavy hitter.
2008-06-19 12:33:10
358.   ToyCannon
Brewers are hot and are making a run at the Cubs or Wild card.

Anyone could have had Russ Branyan but the Brewers took a chance on him and it has paid off. Now sitting with a 1.200 OPS since they gave him the job over Bill Hall.

2008-06-19 12:33:27
359.   fanerman
Win expectancy back to 92%.
2008-06-19 12:35:50
360.   sporky
Thanks Dunn/Cabrera!
2008-06-19 12:36:09
361.   scareduck
355 - yes, really that hefty. It's legendary.
2008-06-19 12:36:26
362.   Alex41592
That was not pretty, but it's another double for Loney.
2008-06-19 12:36:31
363.   LoneStar7
there he is, J-Lo strikes again
2008-06-19 12:37:06
364.   Gen3Blue
Oh my lord, I see why some question Dunn's defense.
2008-06-19 12:37:22
365.   bryanf
Loney is so hot right now.
2008-06-19 12:37:33
366.   still bevens
Loney's BA is back above .300. I was worried he was dropping off when he was near .270 a couple weeks ago.
2008-06-19 12:37:37
367.   Lexinthedena
Jay Bruce is amazing
2008-06-19 12:37:38
368.   MonkeyBlue
wow! that was close. Almost a Web gem.
2008-06-19 12:37:47
369.   nofatmike
Loney's OPS is now .831.
2008-06-19 12:38:15
370.   Gen3Blue
At least he really was safe. What a throw. Loney is not fast.
2008-06-19 12:38:39
371.   sporky
Prince runs faster than Loney.
2008-06-19 12:39:05
372.   scareduck
358 - OTOH, he was scarcely earning his keep with the Padres last year. He's iron pyrite.
2008-06-19 12:40:06
373.   El Lay Dave
371 Even when he didn't have a name.

I'd like to see a picture of Prince and Prince Fielder together.

2008-06-19 12:40:19
374.   scareduck
364 - You didn't notice that every ball the Dodgers had hit in the previous two games that resulted in a run scoring was hit to left?
2008-06-19 12:40:25
375.   MonkeyBlue
Woo insurance run!
2008-06-19 12:40:43
376.   Alex41592
Oh yes. Very nice.
2008-06-19 12:40:56
377.   Gen3Blue
Good Andre!
2008-06-19 12:41:48
378.   JJ42
nice AB by Andre, as usual.
2008-06-19 12:42:15
379.   JoeyP
358--I actually am a bit concerned with the Rockies. They are getting most of their guys back healthy, and if Tulo comes back past the All-Star break they could make a run the mediocre NL West.
2008-06-19 12:43:22
380.   bigcpa
Sweeney still solidly ahead of Delwyn on the LH pinch-hitter depth chart.
2008-06-19 12:44:40
381.   LoneStar7
and down he goes
2008-06-19 12:44:58
382.   Lexinthedena
Young deserves so much more more. I fear the day he ends up raking for San Diego.
2008-06-19 12:45:09
383.   scareduck
379 - They've dug themselves quite a hole. Tulo should be back before the break, but I doubt he comes with his swing (he was having trouble before he went down thanks to the extended scouting tour he got in the WS last year).
2008-06-19 12:45:40
384.   Sushirabbit
tell me again why we have Sweeney?

on second thought, don't.

2008-06-19 12:45:54
385.   bigcpa
6-54 with a gift double from Willy Taveras last homestand.
2008-06-19 12:47:07
386.   JoeyP
Mighty interesting day in Milwaukee so far.
2008-06-19 12:47:47
387.   fanerman
381 On three pitches.
2008-06-19 12:48:49
388.   bigcpa
The first rule of Corey Patterson. You do not start off 2-0 against Corey Patterson.
2008-06-19 12:50:01
389.   Alex41592
Fielder hit the ball down the right field line and it got stuck at the bottom of the wall. Alex Rios went over and assumed it would be a ground rule double, so he gave up on the play. But, it was obvious he could pick the ball up. So the umpire didn't call time and by the time Rios got the ball back in Fielder ran all the way around for the inside the park homer. Bizarre play.
2008-06-19 12:50:26
390.   ToyCannon
M. Teixeira with a sub 800 OPS. At 15Mill per year I think I'd rather keep this Loney guy. Teixeira will heat up but I think Loney has also shown what he can do in the 2nd half of a season.

When he hits like this his nickname of 4-6-3 is meant in an endearing way by me.

I'm starting to wonder. Has Canuck been wrong about any Dodger prospect? When we were unimpressed with Loney in AA he said have faith. When Martin was only in AA he said he'd be an all-star. When DeWitt looked like his prospect star had dimmed he said not to write him off yet. When I wrote Miller off last winter, he said it was to soon. Even Xavier Paul is starting to have a very solid season in AAA. He always maintained that Billingsley would be a stud even after the lack of dominance and control in his rookie season. He was the first that I remember to point out the chinks in Joel Guzmans game. I could go on but those are what I remember off the top of my head. He was the only prospect guy who had McDonald in his top 20 going into last season.

I'm going to give up debating Canuck until further notice.

2008-06-19 12:50:47
391.   Alex41592
386 - Indeed.
2008-06-19 12:52:08
392.   JoeyP
Holy balls in play batman...

Pretty incredible in Milwaukee actually.

2008-06-19 12:52:53
393.   sporky
392 Wow.
2008-06-19 12:53:11
394.   bigcpa
That is some interesting Bush right there.
2008-06-19 12:53:53
395.   natepurcell


2008-06-19 12:54:40
396.   ToyCannon
Not really, even when he flames out he already paid off more then fools gold ever does.
They may have gotten lucky but they earned the luck by giving him a shot when no one else would.
2008-06-19 12:55:01
397.   scareduck
388 - the second rule of Corey Patterson is, there is no Corey Patterson.
2008-06-19 12:57:29
398.   nofatmike
C'mon Saito, finish him already.
2008-06-19 12:57:49
399.   Alex41592
Break out the brooms.
2008-06-19 12:57:51
400.   MollyKnight
Game over!
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-06-19 12:58:26
401.   Daniel Zappala
390 Canuck will be Colletti's replacement, right?
2008-06-19 12:58:33
402.   bhsportsguy
For the first time all year, 3 consecutive wins by a Dodger starting pitcher.
2008-06-19 12:58:57
403.   JoeyP
6 outs to go.
Whats the record for fewest Ks in a no-no?
2008-06-19 12:59:34
404.   scareduck
"And the Dodgers sweep the Reds on the road for the first time since 2006." Great way to minimize that accomplishment, Rick, but I guess it's not really a very distinguished one, either.
2008-06-19 13:00:12
405.   scareduck
401 - no, Logan White's after he's promoted to GM. :-)
2008-06-19 13:00:21
406.   Reddog
If we could play all 162 games against the Reds, I believe we would have a pennant-winning season. I would predict a final record of 140-22.
2008-06-19 13:00:33
407.   nofatmike
403 (Ahem) Rule 9.
2008-06-19 13:00:34
408.   JoeyP
17-3 vs the Reds since 2006.
Its not like they've had problems beating that team.
2008-06-19 13:01:24
409.   Gen3Blue
380-maybe that ab will help, we have Delwyn and LaRoche polishing pine at the moment.
A bit too much suspense for me at the end as I oictured us being Dunn.
2008-06-19 13:02:54
410.   Xeifrank
Dodgers magic number is now down to '95'.
vr, Xei
2008-06-19 13:03:15
411.   Tripon
>> 401 - no, Logan White's after he's promoted to GM. :-)

That, or Kim Ng.

2008-06-19 13:03:22
412.   Alex41592
This may mean nothing to some, but we have a 'Woot off'.
2008-06-19 13:03:41
413.   twerp
380 384 Last thing I plan to say about Sweeney is that he should never bat again for the Dodgers.

I said not long before Ned DFAd Tomko last year that he should never throw another pitch for the Dodgers.

So maybe it'll work this time too...

OT...Sushi, belated regrets on your family tragedy. Saw it way too late to comment after you originally posted about it. Hope and pray things are going as well as could be expected.

2008-06-19 13:04:09
414.   Xeifrank
407. You can type "no-no", you just can't type "no-hitter" when describing the game. Wierd interpretation of the rule, it caught me once too.
vr, Xei
2008-06-19 13:05:17
415.   fanerman
414 Hm that does not quite seem right.
2008-06-19 13:05:31
416.   LogikReader

After the last such moment, I am not taking any chances.

2008-06-19 13:05:38
417.   BlueCrew Bruin
Random question: Does a Catcher's Interference call render a game uninteresting?
2008-06-19 13:05:48
418.   Alex41592
Doesn't matter no-hitter is over.
2008-06-19 13:05:51
419.   thinkblue88
2008-06-19 13:05:56
420.   Ken Noe
Baby, if you ever wondered
Wondered whatever became of me
I'm racing for .500 in Cincinnati
Cincinnati means 3 W's for me
2008-06-19 13:06:13
421.   Eric Stephen
I blame JoeyP! :)
2008-06-19 13:06:16
422.   JoeyP
Bush has 1 out by K.
9 ground outs
11 fly ball outs.
1 walk
2008-06-19 13:06:39
423.   Disabled List
Of course, 414 is in and of itself, a Rule 9 violation.

And just I type that, the point becomes moot.

2008-06-19 13:06:53
424.   Linkmeister
Overbay triples
Bush overwrought
2008-06-19 13:07:14
425.   thinkblue88
2 hits.
2008-06-19 13:07:19
426.   Xeifrank
415. I remember a couple of weeks ago, someone typed a similar Rule 9 violation and Jon said it wasn't a violation because something along the lines of they didn't type "no-hitter". Someone would have to look it up. Not sure which thread it was in. Then again, I could've dreamed the whole thing... I've been known to.
vr, Xei
2008-06-19 13:07:32
427.   JoeyP
Bush cant feel that upset, he really wasnt that dominant.
2008-06-19 13:07:56
428.   fanerman
421 Me, too!
2008-06-19 13:08:10
429.   Bluebleeder87
I'm not sure if the Snakes play today but if they do I hope they lose.
2008-06-19 13:08:14
430.   Xeifrank
423. Except I didn't type it to describe the game in progress. :) No violation.
vr, Xei
2008-06-19 13:08:22
431.   fanerman
427 That's just you rationalizing to yourself.
2008-06-19 13:08:36
432.   Jon Weisman
I can't believe I'm the only one who was raised to call a no-hitter in progress a "no-no."
2008-06-19 13:08:50
433.   JoeyP
They are playing right now vs the As.
2008-06-19 13:09:54
434.   sporky
From Diamond:

>>Hong-Chih Kuo is not being considered to return to the rotation not only because he has been a smashing success as a long reliever, but also because he has had trouble throwing his off-speed pitches for strikes. "A lot of his stuff is hard, hard, hard," Torre said. "He needs the ability to throw soft." Kuo, who agreed that the location of his breaking balls have been off, said he is doing better in relief this season because it has taken less time than before to get warmed up.<<

Also mentions that Andy might see some playing time against Cleveland.

2008-06-19 13:09:56
435.   Alex41592
No score bottom 2 in Arizona.
2008-06-19 13:10:47
436.   LogikReader

We just thought they were one in the same. Outside of DT, I always give my friends "no-no" alerts when they happen.

2008-06-19 13:10:53
437.   Xeifrank
434. Read that. I left Diamond a comment that this was the 3rd excuse Torre has made for not starting Guo. If this was a legit excuse, then why didn't he come out and say it in the first place? I'm not buying it. :)
vr, Xei
2008-06-19 13:11:02
438.   Jon Weisman
434 - I can live with Kuo in relief if they don't bury him in the back of the bullpen. I have seen slight improvement of late in his use, since it hit rock bottom.
2008-06-19 13:14:21
439.   sporky
Mo' Kuo!
2008-06-19 13:14:45
440.   sporky
And Andy!
2008-06-19 13:14:59
441.   Daniel Zappala
432 I had never heard of such an idea, until I heard it from you. I knew enough not to 'jinx' a no-hitter in progress, but didn't have any idea that 'no-no' would be acceptable.
2008-06-19 13:16:39
442.   scareduck
403 - In case Bob Timmermann hasn't beaten me to it, Ken Holtzman pitched a complete game no hitter for the Cubs against the Braves on August with no strikeouts.

Phil Niekro was the losing pitcher.

2008-06-19 13:18:01
443.   ToyCannon
At least for once that is a legitimate reason.

How about some serious kudos to Stults for giving the big club a big time boost. Heck of a game and a great way to end a road trip. Let's get back home and continue to pummel the state of Ohio.

2008-06-19 13:18:04
444.   scareduck
442 - the date was August 19, 1969.
2008-06-19 13:18:35
445.   ToyCannon
2008-06-19 13:23:26
446.   Xeifrank
443. Yes it is, I just wonder why he didn't use that reason the first or second time. :)
vr, Xei
2008-06-19 13:25:21
447.   El Lay Dave
443 Well, the argument sounds good. On the other hand, Kuo has five relief appearances of 3 2/3 or longer facing between 13 (the 8 K appearance against the Mets) and 18 batters (i.e, he faced at least 4 batters twice PHs notwithstanding), and he allowed 1 run total. Why is this a problem for him for a 5-6 inning start vs. a 4 inning relief stint?

I do agree with Kuo is a work in progress, so some judiciousness is reasonable.

2008-06-19 13:28:11
448.   Eric Stephen
I have always used "no-no" interchangeably with "no-hitter", not just for a game in progress. I have always read Rule 9 to include not using these similar terms. I won't even use "a game in which the starting pitcher has not allowed a batter to reach base safely via hit."
2008-06-19 13:28:21
449.   Jon Weisman
I mean, I thought Broxton should be a starter - he had been until a short time before he was promoted. As much as I might wonder what might have been, at least he gets used when it counts. Most of the time.
2008-06-19 13:29:06
450.   Jon Weisman
448 - That latter phrase, I wouldn't allow.

I'm not saying I'm not particular. You guys are kind to live with it.

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-06-19 13:31:35
451.   RIYank
At Bronx Banter we exclude 'no-no' as well.
Just sayin'.
2008-06-19 13:37:09
452.   LoneStar7
432 its not outdated, I'm 19 and have always said no no
2008-06-19 13:42:10
453.   RIYank
Holy smokes.
That no-no went bye-bye big time.
2008-06-19 13:45:04
454.   Kevin Lewis
The wrap up in Game Day has Broxton as the WP, but above it says Stults got the win. Happy to see him have such a great outing.
2008-06-19 13:46:20
455.   Eric Stephen
Kemp is two-thirds of a defensive inning away from claiming the CF spot on the Dodgers' 2008 page.
2008-06-19 13:54:38
456.   Jon Weisman
I believe Loney now leads the NL in June OPS.
2008-06-19 13:57:45
457.   RIYank
Did you all stop watching the Brewers/Jays after Overbay broke up the no-no??
2008-06-19 14:00:11
458.   Bumsrap
456 - Haven't read through all the posts but heard today that Pierre now leads the Majors in average with risp. Maybe he should hit third or fourth and Loney first I say with tongue in cheek.
2008-06-19 14:01:16
459.   Bumsrap
What is Loney's OPS after today's game?
2008-06-19 14:01:50
460.   Eric Stephen
Or, since he is so good in those situations, why not give Torre the opportunity to deploy Pierre when he wants/needs to in a late game situation with runners on base? :)
2008-06-19 14:03:01
461.   LoneStar7
457 no, and I cant believe that near comeback..
2008-06-19 14:03:12
462.   Bumsrap
460 - Any recommendations for what to do with Sweeney if Torre were to do this and again I ask with tongue in cheek?
2008-06-19 14:09:13
463.   Eric Stephen
Coming into today, June NL OPS Leaders
Schumaker, STL - 1.080
Burrell, PHI - 1.079
Chipper, ATL - 1.079
Cantu, FLA - 1.062
Loney, LA - 1.060

As of right now, June NL OPS Leaders
Loney, LA - 1.114
Schumaker, STL - 1.080
Burrell, PHI - 1.079
Cantu, FLA - 1.062
Chipper, ATL - 1.004 (due up 3rd in the 10th)

2008-06-19 14:10:03
464.   Eric Stephen
Any recommendations for what to do with Sweeney

Have you seen the end of Old Yeller or Of Mice and Men? :)

2008-06-19 14:11:39
465.   Lexinthedena
My first ever post said something about "great play by Furcal to save Lowe's no-no".....I was then jumped in an alley by the DT posters until Jon said something like"no-no is not a no-no".....In fairness,I had no idea that there were rules at the bottom of the page.
2008-06-19 14:13:26
466.   Eric Stephen
What is Loney's OPS after today's game?

nofatmike in 369 was ahead of the curve in this one, but Loney's line after today's game is .307/.365/.466.

2008-06-19 14:15:09
467.   LoneStar7
464 thats one the funniest things I may have ever read on this site
2008-06-19 14:19:57
468.   Gagne55
464 Just because Sweeny is no longer a productive baseball player doesn't mean he's useless as a person
2008-06-19 14:20:49
469.   fanerman
466 Hey, that's close to our predictions of his season averages.. I think.
2008-06-19 14:22:48
470.   Dodgers49
Superstitious 51s cooled off

>> • NOTES -- Dodgers infielder Nomar Garciaparra, who was in Las Vegas on a rehabilitation assignment for a strained left calf, flew to Boston to have his doctor evaluate him. Los Angeles general manager Ned Colletti was to watch Garciaparra on Wednesday but canceled the trip. ... <<

2008-06-19 14:25:23
471.   Eric Stephen
We collectively predicted some more power, 311/368/494, but he's getting there!
2008-06-19 14:32:21
472.   bigcpa
from Keith Law chat today:

Ira (utah): Keith, how come no one is pointing the finger at Colletti for his brillant moves (Nomar, Pierre, jones, schimidt)

Keith Law: So here's an interesting question. Logan White is considered one of the best GM candidates in baseball, and much of what is good about LAD this year is his doing and his staff's (Loney, Martin, Billingsley, Broxton, Kershaw, and arguably Kemp). He has to be on the short list in Seattle, although I don't know that for sure. If you're the McCourts and you're waffling at all on Colletti, do you let White walk out the door to helm some other team, or does the interest he's getting from elsewhere induce you to make a decision on Colletti sooner? They're not the only team that's going to face that kind of decision this year, but they're the most obvious one.

2008-06-19 14:38:09
473.   Eric Stephen
Man, I hope Hu's vision clears up pretty quickly.
2008-06-19 14:41:25
474.   bryanf
472 Interesting points, but I don't see how the McCourts fire Colletti mid-year and promote Logan White. Isn't Kim Ng also an option? I don't know, I blame Colletti as much as anyone but I just don't see him getting fired in the middle of this season.
2008-06-19 14:45:30
475.   Gen3Blue
How long will it take to get to Martin/Loney/Kemp/LaRoche/Ethier and then add a few offensive accesaries? And perhaps I am being unfair to DeWitt. I really wish DeWitt or Denker could have been the second base man. All we needed was someone who could take a large amount of money and get a few key players, and I don't fault anyone for Furcal's never being there.
2008-06-19 14:47:26
476.   fanerman
472 Aww Kemp gets the hesitant "arguably" stuck to his name.
2008-06-19 14:47:52
477.   CajunDodger
I don't think that Colletti would be fired for this colossal injury fest.

I love Mr. White as much as anyone here, but do we have any indication that he would be a better GM than Ng or even DeJon Watson? I have no doubt that he could be great at it, but I am not really sure that he is automatically successful in the GM seat.

2008-06-19 15:00:46
478.   Tangled Up in Blue
477 - Didn't McCourt fire Depo after a colossal injury fest?
2008-06-19 15:00:56
479.   JoeyP
Braves are 3-19 in 1-run games this year. Thats incredible.

Even more crazy is that their overall record is 36-38.

2008-06-19 15:01:48
480.   NoHoDodger
I just finish reviewing the Dodger batting statistics to date. Uncanny how Matt Kemp and Andre Eithier's BA/OBP/SLG/OPS are strikingly similar.

Kemp: 293/336/446/782
Either: 288/351/441/792

2008-06-19 15:09:51
481.   scareduck
472 - also, perhaps a technicality, but Logan White is a Dodger AVP, and ML custom is that teams generally allow a front office executive to interview for a position higher up in another front office. Logan White would still be an AVP with the Mariners, so I tend to think that Frank would say no.
2008-06-19 15:13:05
482.   Eric Stephen
That's an excellent point. But was White AVP when he interviewed in Houston?
2008-06-19 15:17:08
483.   Eric Stephen
Upon firther review, Logan White's title is "Assistant GM, Scouting", so a GM job would be a promotion.

He interviewed with Houston during September last season, so such a move wouldn't be unprecedented.

2008-06-19 15:18:21
484.   Eric Stephen
Kim Ng, however, holds the title of "Vice President, Asst. GM" so it's a bit cloudy as to whether or not a GM job would technically be a promotion.
2008-06-19 15:25:56
485.   bhsportsguy
Still the most compelling thing about White is that he is not Ned Colletti.

Has White ever said anything about his philosophies when it comes to talent evaluation.

And White has certainly used terms like makeup and intangibles when commenting about his draft picks and minor league prospects.

To be fair, statistical analysis of high school and college players is not very useful given the variance in competition.

But I am just saying that for Keith Law to make that statement, its more what we know about the guy is currently holding the job than what we know about Logan White.

2008-06-19 15:27:01
486.   bhsportsguy
484 Ned is the General Manager and the head of all baseball operations so any interview for a job like his would be considered a promotion.
2008-06-19 15:28:56
487.   natepurcell
Has White ever said anything about his philosophies when it comes to talent evaluation.

Power arms, power arms!

2008-06-19 15:30:39
488.   Eric Stephen
I agree that a GM job would be a promotion, but the VP title could also be used as a technicality by McCourt to withhold permission to interview for a GM job.

Then again, if he did that, would Ng really want to stay?

2008-06-19 15:31:29
489.   natepurcell
White's background is in talent evaluation. Colletti's background is in public relations. I'm sure Colletti has some talent evaluations skills but I am much more comfortable if White makes the talent decisions and then have Colletti explain to the media why that decision was made.

So basically...Colletti needs to be the puppet with Logan pulling the strings and making him dance.

2008-06-19 15:31:52
490.   kinbote
486 Ned is the General Manager and the head of all baseball operations

Geez, why'd you have to put it like that?

2008-06-19 15:33:14
491.   kinbote
489 And Ng makes 'em sign on the dotted line.
2008-06-19 15:37:08
492.   LogikReader
Devil's advocate time:

If everyone around Ned is competent, how are we penciling him out as a deficient baseball mind? In other words, with all those good advisors surrounding him, you wonder if any of them are having a hand in some of these moves.

2008-06-19 15:37:49
493.   bigcpa
Someone hear sat next to White on a plane that one time, and he sounded all smart and stuff. I'm sold.
2008-06-19 15:40:39
494.   natepurcell

I didn't really have any qualms with Ned's moves this past offseason. I like the majority of them. I just believe that Logan White has been the most influential person in the Dodgers organization for a while. He is responsible for the majority of good players on the current dodgers team. If he leaves the organization, will that stream of good players stop or are there other people in the organization that can identify talent as well as Logan White?

2008-06-19 15:42:56
495.   bhsportsguy
492 Well this gets to what Jon wrote last week. No question he has the biggest say, especially when it comes to making the decision on free agent moves and the like.

Trading players and internal roster moves, he has to rely upon his staff for assistance in those matters.

Again, generally its easier to fire one guy than an entire staff so that's why Colletti gets the most attention.

2008-06-19 15:45:58
496.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, for me the key point is keeping White, not necessarily the need to fire Colletti.
2008-06-19 15:46:23
497.   bhsportsguy
494 However, the higher he moves up, the less involved he will be in the scouting side of the operation, I mean he would have to be more involved with the day to day operations of the whole organization, not just that one part.

Moving him to where he is now, probably gave him a bigger voice on certain things but let him retain a part of the draft.

But his next move, wherever it is, will probably mean less involved in the specifics and more influential in terms of how much the budger is for amateur talent, how many scouts you have, etc.

2008-06-19 15:46:34
498.   kinbote
492 {Rampant speculation wanrning} Ned probably wants to trade some youngsters, while White doesn't. Therefore, signing free agents becomes the acceptable compromise. Now, I'd love to read our internal scouting reports on Schmidt, Pierre, & Jones--I guarantee they weren't written by White.
2008-06-19 15:47:22
499.   LogikReader
I would love to see if there was a team with an ENTIRE STAFF of incompetent baseball people! Any of mlb teams that come close? Maybe Toronto?
2008-06-19 15:48:36
500.   cargill06
499 toronto isn't part of america

- AD

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-06-19 15:51:03
501.   bigcpa
Seattle had a stat guy on retainer and still threw $86,000,000 at Washburn and Silva and traded Soriano for Horacio Ramirez. It's all about who has the 51% vote.
2008-06-19 15:53:28
502.   bhsportsguy
498 There has always been this speculation (Ken Rosenthal, Will Carroll) but it has never been proven to any real extent.

Again, Ned has said repeatedly, he knew what Juan Pierre can do and what he has done is pretty much what he probably expected.

As far as for Schmidt and Jones, other people who cover baseball for a living, including those from statistical view, gave those signings a thumbs up.

Amd White has said before that he works well with Ned (certainly promoting him, didn't hurt)

2008-06-19 16:03:32
503.   Eric Stephen
D-Backs won 2-1, on an Upton HR off Foulke in the 8th.
2008-06-19 16:04:50
504.   LogikReader
bh, you've done it again!

I love your positivity. I think I'm still stung by the association with the Giants and Sabean, plus I'm not far removed from the idiocy of "The Sheriff".

Fred Claire wasn't much better either. I think the Dodger GM staff as a whole is not bad, but still, Ned seems to be shooting from the hip when he really doesn't have to.

2008-06-19 16:07:45
505.   Eric Stephen
From today's Keith Law chat:

"The Dodgers plan to move Nomar Garciaparra back to shortstop..." Are you excited? I'm excited.

SportsNation Keith Law: Chad Billingsley (Los Angeles): I am NOT excited

Interesting that he chose Billingsley and not Lowe.

2008-06-19 16:08:26
506.   bryanf
Didn't Dan Evans bring in both White and Ng? Maybe that guy deserves some props...
2008-06-19 16:10:10
507.   natepurcell

Because Chad is a hoss!

2008-06-19 16:11:56
508.   Eric Stephen
More Keith Law excerpting, from today's chat:

Ivan DeJesus is a no-power SS with a good glove and a decent eye - he could probably start in the big leagues next year

2008-06-19 16:13:20
509.   natepurcell

He could probably do better than Wesley Snipes right now.

2008-06-19 16:14:53
510.   natepurcell
I'm actually hoping Furcal accepts a one year deal so he can have a mulligan in his contract year. I think Furcal for one more year could benefit both sides.
2008-06-19 16:15:26
511.   MC Safety
Sky Sports reporting Cristiano Ronaldo's career in the EPL is over.

Whooooo hooo!

2008-06-19 16:19:50
512.   underdog
I believe Ken's 420 does trump my 42 upon further review. I should've waited 'til the game was over to make my version of that song.

But of course work got in the way of my following the last few innings of the game live, or the no-no in progress for that matter. And then when I came back later to try to watch the last part of the Dodgers game live from the MLBTV archives, well, the MLBTV archives thing stinks, if you want to fastforward to later in a game, forget it. It will get stuck continually.

Anyway, glad they held on to win!

2008-06-19 16:20:14
513.   Zak
I read that Ronaldo wants to go, but there is still the huge matter of Man U. wanting to sell him. If he wants to go, it will be tough to keep him, but 80 mill is 80 mill. However, it would not be the first time that Alex Ferguson got what he wants. I don't think there is a thick line between Man U. convincing Ronaldo to stay and play in the EPL and selling him.
2008-06-19 16:20:15
514.   natepurcell
Russ Martin Southern League age 22: 311/430/423

Ivan Dejesus Southern League age 21: 300/420/379

essentially, the same type of discipline as Martin. We should put him on a HGH cycle and see if that helps a bit.

2008-06-19 16:21:39
515.   underdog
Is there anyone left among us who expects anything from Nomar? I was holding out hope, but it's pretty fruitless. He's more brittle than a sculpture made outta spun sugar.
2008-06-19 16:24:46
516.   fanerman
515 I think there's a non-insignificant chance he can hit (for average and power) again. In which case he only needs to be semi-adequate on defense to be better than Snipes Sr. I also don't think he can stay healthy for more than a couple days. He's as tough as a robot made of uh.... spun sugar.
2008-06-19 16:25:25
517.   Eric Stephen
You know, they never claimed to be bowlers.
2008-06-19 16:25:52
518.   underdog
516 - That's what I mean. It's not that I doubt his ability to hit. I doubt his ability to make it into a game and get an at bat. This latest news just make it all seem hopeless.
2008-06-19 16:26:29
519.   bryanf
516 So there's a significant chance then?

I think Nomar could be helpful off the bench, but that's about it.

Maybe we can start calling him Cotton Candy.

2008-06-19 16:28:24
520.   Bluebleeder87

I hope he excepts that role but last I checked he has a huge ego & WANTS a starting gig so we shell see.

2008-06-19 16:30:27
521.   fanerman
519 I didn't want to say "significant." I think it's sizable but not probable. Not insignificant, but not exactly significant either.
2008-06-19 16:30:40
522.   Ken Noe
512 No, I like yours better, I just missed it. I also had to [shudder] work today.
2008-06-19 16:32:27
523.   fanerman
521 Of course, I don't know what I'm talking about.
2008-06-19 16:33:22
524.   underdog
Btw, I did see a bit of the bottom of the ninth, and saw Jay Bruce strike out and then subsequent conniption fit with the umpire about it. What was that all about? (Had no audio, but I assumed he was mad about the third strike, which looked right down the middle...)
2008-06-19 16:34:27
525.   CajunDodger
I was looking at Ethier's comps through age 25 and found the following names:

Matt Murton
Jacque Jones
Jason Giambi
Kirk Gobson

Those last two are especially interesting...

2008-06-19 16:35:54
526.   Louis in SF

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, in an attempt to be funny, given Nomar's injury history and the amount of games left, I think if we get 50 more games out of Nomar both as a starter at short for Furcal and pinch hitting duties we will be lucky.

The issues of Berroa are obvious, but with a few hits in this past series, I think Joe will bring Nomar back slowly. With his trip to Boston to see his PT, it seems clear to me, that he is still not comfortable and will try and play for a few games but eventually another injury or a repeat of the same injury will occur.

2008-06-19 16:36:03
527.   Eric Stephen
Padres & Bloggers - peas in a pod:

Snippet from Sandy Alderson:
I know there's a lot of controversy about [letting bloggers in the press box] among mainstream media and so forth, but our attitude is, the more access, the better.

Jon, correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you fairly easily get into the press box if you wanted, based on this blog? Or is your connection more the impetus for that?

2008-06-19 16:36:05
528.   bigcpa
And the second one is especially nauseating.

Kirk Gibson is also JD Drew's #1 comp. Love that.

2008-06-19 16:37:57
529.   Eric Stephen
I believe Bruce thought he had called time and stood there as strike three rushed by him, much to his chagrin.
2008-06-19 16:39:42
530.   Eric Stephen
BTW, if Jay Bruce catches on, would "The Boss" as a nickname for him be too blasphemous? Is the fact that I brought it up blasphemous enough?
2008-06-19 16:40:37
531.   Ken Noe
Anyone have a Torre-to-English dictionary?

"Right now ... our quality is a lot better and the approach is a lot better. Once the approach improves on a regular basis, I think the results will improve. It's important to have the quality be the same and the approach be the same, because that's the only way the team is going to get [the] confidence that they need to go out there and compete every day.

2008-06-19 16:41:54
532.   underdog
529 Waaah! Probably just frustration from the week boiling over at that point. If you don't get time called at the last minute, then pay attention and hit, Jay.

530 Jon would say, yes, it is blasphemous.

2008-06-19 16:41:57
533.   CajunDodger
We sucked before today.
Today we sucked much less.
I hope we don't suck tomorrow.
2008-06-19 16:42:54
534.   underdog
531 Translation: We need to hit with more consistency, have more consistent and patient approaches at the plate. If we do, we'll win more.
2008-06-19 16:43:31
535.   Eric Stephen
"Right now, we're winning, and that's good. If we play like we have during the last three games, we'll keep winning. It's important to play like we've played the last three days, because we'll win more, and the confidence gained from those wins will cause the team to play even better, and thus win even more."

See. Easy!

2008-06-19 16:44:10
536.   bhsportsguy
527 Has Sandy been reading comments on DT too.

Alderson's take on the response to DePo's blog.

I'm not sure what we get back in the form of commentary is terribly useful because it tends to be — not a fringe element, but I wouldn't say it's [laughs] an accurate poll of public opinion.

2008-06-19 16:46:08
537.   bhsportsguy
531 Simply put, its having a plan before each at bat and then executing it, its not the at bat per at bat result that matters as much as the consistency of doing it the same each time. The more consistent the approach, the more likely of repeated success.
2008-06-19 16:48:20
538.   Ken Noe
537 I'll buy that. Thanks.
2008-06-19 16:49:37
539.   Ken Noe
535 Thanks to you as well Eric.
2008-06-19 16:50:16
540.   Gagne55
505 Thats because Lowe has already experienced Nomar playing shortstop behind him (2002-03)
2008-06-19 16:50:35
541.   Eric Stephen
What are three straight sentences using the word "suck"?
2008-06-19 16:50:55
542.   underdog
2008-06-19 16:54:05
543.   Gagne55
Oh good. Now 533 makes sense.
2008-06-19 16:59:56
544.   Ken Noe
542 [hangs head in shame]
2008-06-19 17:01:32
545.   Ken Noe
542 You know, it's the darn bracketed numbers that consistently get me in trouble on DT. Two weeks ago I'm flying through time and now this.
2008-06-19 17:03:34
546.   bhsportsguy
Where's Vin?

Well folks, we have hit a pretty friendly stretch of Vin called games, this homestand, he will miss one game (this Saturday's game on Fox) unless the game against the Angels is moved to 5:00 on the 29th.

Then he misses the 4 in Houston at the end of June/beginning of July, but after that, 26 straight until August when the team has 3 series in the Central/East division teams.

After that 26 out of 30 to close the season.

2008-06-19 17:04:09
547.   underdog
That's okay, my translation sucked compared to the others. It will suck less tomorrow. ;-)
2008-06-19 17:05:03
548.   JoeyP
Again, Ned has said repeatedly, he knew what Juan Pierre can do and what he has done is pretty much what he probably expected

And thats probably the biggest indictment on Ned Colletti, and the #1 reason he should be fired.

He thought Juan Pierre was a useful player.

That is mis-evaluation to the highest degree. Doesnt get much clear cut than that.

If a GM wants Juan Pierre on the team, I dont want the GM. Simple as that.

2008-06-19 17:08:26
549.   JoeyP
514--Those numbers are seriously good. Start the clock on this kid after the break, especially if Furcal doesnt come back.
2008-06-19 17:11:17
550.   Gen3Blue
524 I scanned the comments and if you didn't get a full reply, Bruce tried to get a time out, as Saito did take a lot of time before that pitch. The Dodger announcers noted that he was not ready for the pitch, and had made a hand motion, but didn't appear to cry out, or it was obscured by crowd noise. There was no doubt about the pitch, and Saito was too far along to stop.
Likely fair.

As to Nomar,if he has any instinct for SS left, he won't hurt us being there until Furcal is back. With Hu's eye trouble, and needing to get back on track hitting, we have nothing else at SS that is not totally destructive.

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-06-19 17:16:04
551.   bhsportsguy
548 We differ on this point,

From what I have gathered from interviews, he did not want to have an outfield where only one player played more than 1/2 a season in the majors.

He did not want to go down the Kenny Lofton type path because at best you are looking at someone who plays 80% of the games.

None of the other outfielders of note namely Soriano and Lee wanted to move out west.

He was also talking to Matthews, Jr. at that time.

Here's what Pierre offered, his skill set was well defined, he plays everyday, no injury history, good makeup and clubhouse guy.

That is what he knew he was getting.

So how can you mis-evaluate something that you knew you were getting.

You can disagree all you want about the choice but I don't think you put blinders on him and say he thought he was getting something different than what he got.

2008-06-19 17:16:25
552.   Marty
531 It's authentic frontier gibberish.
2008-06-19 17:17:13
553.   underdog
550 Thanks.

Re: Nomar, yah as I told fanerman, I have no doubt Nomar can still hit adequately and field okay. My doubts are all about his health, and I just can't see expecting him to be or stay healthy for any length of time. It will be a miracle if we get a month out of him.

2008-06-19 17:20:53
554.   Marty
551 I tend to agree with JoeyP here though. Yes Ned knew what he was getting and actually got what he thought he would. The issue is Ned thinks what he got is actually good. Not some compromise because he was out of options.
2008-06-19 17:24:53
555.   underdog
551 I think that's well put.
But part of my issue has been, why didn't he want to go down (again) the Kenny Lofton path? The guy's cheaper, he's always solid, and he doesn't chain you down with a long term contract/albatross.
2008-06-19 17:32:04
556.   JoeyP

Ned thinks Pierre is a good player bc he hits .290, scores 100 runs, and steals 50 bases.

Unfortunately, thats inept thinking. Instead of valuing OPS and some of the more advance metrics that show Pierre to be bad, he instead looked at the old school stats that really have very little value.

Its not about Juan Pierre. It could be any player that he evaluates in this way, that proves he should not be making baseball decisions.

Whether you call it valuing experience over talent, old school stats over new school stats, heart & soul over whatever...from every angle its a dumb signing.

The only possible use I could see for having Juan Pierre on any 25 man roster, is that as a 5th Of'er/designated pinch runner. Ned certainly didnt sign him to be that.

2008-06-19 17:34:24
557.   Zak
531 From the Michael Scott school of reason.
2008-06-19 17:39:23
558.   Zak
556 I agree with your general point, but you are being harsh. Signing Pierre is a mistake, but I don't think it's a fireable mistake. Not understanding what we have now and not making the correct adjustments is indefensible. But last I checked, Ned signed Jones, sat Pierre at the start of the year and only played him regularly as Jones became less of an option.

And to quibble on a small note, you don't need "some of the more advance metrics" to see Pierre is really not good. :) Nice guy though, but get him off my team.

2008-06-19 17:41:44
559.   overkill94
551 I'm not sure there's any way you can rationalize signing Juan Pierre as an everyday player. Sub-par defense, poor OBP, no power, and only base-stealing as a plus. Giving a guy like that a multi-year contract is ludicrous, let alone giving him 5 whole years at $9M per.
2008-06-19 17:43:45
560.   overkill94
556 True, it does seem that Ned learned from his mistakes, which is why I don't think he's fireable at this point considering his offseason moves this year actually made sense. I would have definitely approved of a firing after last season, but at this point I think he gets somewhat of a reprieve.
2008-06-19 17:44:32
561.   underdog
Never mind baseball! "Spaced," the awesome and hilarious British series with Simon Pegg is finally coming to DVD, in late July. Rejoice!
2008-06-19 17:45:47
562.   CanuckDodger
The Dodgers have released Cory Dunlap. We aren't trying to sell jeans here, Cory, but maybe there is such a thing as being too fat to play baseball.
2008-06-19 17:47:33
563.   CanuckDodger
561 -- I think I will make do with my videos taped off of TV.
2008-06-19 17:48:09
564.   underdog
562 Hah, I saw that earlier.

That guy's no vegetarian; he could eat Prince Fielder!

2008-06-19 17:48:33
565.   scareduck
551 - So how can you mis-evaluate something that you knew you were getting.

"Mis-evaluate" is a confusing term in this context because there are actually two things to be evaluated:

1) Pierre's utility to a team.
2) Pierre's utility to a team at $44+M/5 years.

The real crux of the thing is (2), since Pierre proved (1) with the Marlins under that team's control. For Ned to believe (2) is a real blunder.

2008-06-19 17:50:51
566.   underdog
563 That's how I saw it initially, from someone's bootleg. But now I feel compelled to own it. Plus there are a lot of cool extras, including new commentary with director Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson) and guests Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, Bill Hader, Matt Stone, Patton Oswalt and Diablo Cody. (!) Plus an onstage Q&A and a new documentary. I'm splurging.
2008-06-19 17:54:00
567.   underdog
Speak of the devil...
From Diamond's blog: "Ned Colletti will be a guest on 790 KABC after Friday's game on DodgerTalk to answer questions from host Josh Suchon and yours as well." (Then Diamond wonders if we'll have a Ricciardi-Dunn moment.)
2008-06-19 17:57:29
568.   Jon Weisman
New post coming up top.
2008-06-19 17:57:35
569.   ToyCannon
We've won 3 in a row, Stults was awesome, Loney is on fire, Kershaw goes tomorrow, why are we talking about Juan Pierre? The argument is the same as it was when we signed him. It was bad then, it is bad now.
Are the next 100 comments going to be about how ignorant he was to sign Schmidt and Jones?
2008-06-19 18:00:46
570.   Icaros
Pierre's OBP is back down to the .330s, killing off the myth of his improved patient approach for 2008. He is simply a terrible baseball player. Arguing otherwise is like arguing that the sun is made of cheddar cheese.

At least we're only stuck with him for three more years after this. Playing everyday...making hundreds of outs...misjudging fly balls...getting picked off...throwing like a four-year-old girl...pouting to his buddies in the press when better players start over him.


2008-06-19 18:01:58
571.   underdog
569 - I don't know. I wish I didn't get sucked into it either. I don't care anymore! Just win, baby! as trainwreck's favorite owner would say.

It would be neat to continue this streak against the other Ohio team, who should be a tougher opponent even if it is at home. But it should be fun to watch. Go blue.

2008-06-19 18:04:48
572.   Gen3Blue
564 LOL
Also, I guess I probably agree with you on Nomar, although what I really feel is that perhaps Nomar will yield by buckling health wise when Furcal comes back. I won't stain you with my obvious malevolence, but that's my main reason for hoping Nomar can fill SS.
2008-06-19 18:08:19
573.   El Lay Dave
569 Ned's bad decisions: Alias Schimdt And Jones
2008-06-19 18:11:18
574.   underdog
573 Into the West came many men. Some were good men and some were bad men. Some were good men with some bad in them and some were bad men with some good in them. This is the story of two pretty good bad men. Jason Schmidt and Andruw Jones.
2008-06-19 18:19:11
575.   Andrew Shimmin
I agree with BH that Colletti knew what he was getting, wanted it, and did what it took to get it. It wasn't a mistake--he likes Juan Pierre. And I agree with everybody else that Pierre is a bad player to want, a bad player to acquire at the price it took to get him, and generally a bad player. But signing him wasn't a mistake: it was a bad decision, by a guy who isn't good at his job.
2008-06-19 18:20:04
576.   El Lay Dave
568 And it has arrived.
2008-06-19 18:20:41
577.   El Lay Dave
574 Niiice.
2008-06-19 18:23:22
578.   MC Safety
570 When (insert kid here) is on fire, give credit to Joe Torre. When (insert kid here) slumps, they are kids and still learning.

When Juan Pierre is on fire, he has a new and improved approach. Juan Pierre never slumps, because Speed Never Slumps.

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