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Tales of Whoa
2008-06-22 10:15
by Jon Weisman

From the Dodger press notes:

Los Angeles is 9-19 beginning May 23, and only the Houston Astros (7-19) and Seattle Mariners (8-18) have a worse record in that time. Despite winning just nine of their last 28 games beginning May 23, the Dodgers have lost only 2.0 games in the standings to first-place Arizona, which has an 11-17 record in the same span. Los Angeles enters today 4.5 games back of the D-Backs. In fact, the Dodgers have gained 1.0 game since the start of play on June 14.

The Dodger pitching staff has posted a 3.73 ERA (102 ER/246.1 IP) during that 9-19 stretch, which ranks fourth in the NL and ninth in the Majors in that span. The offense, however, has scored only 89 runs beginning May 23, which is the lowest run total in the Majors during that time.

Also noted: Dodger pitchers have 108 strikeouts in their past 106 innings, with team leader Chad Billingsley poised to build upon that today.

Indians at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.

Comments (360)
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2008-06-22 10:30:37
1.   Gilberto Reyes
Remarkable that the team is not further behind at this point!
2008-06-22 10:37:28
2.   Neal Pollack
Well, at least they're not soft-pedalling it...the post below still has me reeling. It's as fair-handed an indictment of Colletti's incompetence as I've seen, especially when you look at the rising payroll and declining record.
2008-06-22 10:40:18
3.   natepurcell
Who is the Dodgers #1 prospect now if Hu, Dewitt, Laroche and Kershaw have exhausted their prospect eligibility?
2008-06-22 10:41:44
4.   Alex41592
Pierre. LF
Kemp. CF
Loney. 1B
Martin. C
DeWitt. 3B
Ethier. RF
Berroa. SS
Maza. 2B
Billingsley. P
2008-06-22 10:42:52
5.   Andrew Shimmin
Matt Kemp is the 9th VORPiest CF in baseball, this year. Not too shabby.
2008-06-22 10:47:09
6.   KG16
4 - so, are we ever going to see the "LaRoche at second" experiment?
2008-06-22 10:48:27
7.   Andrew Shimmin
Martin is the 3rd VORPiest 1B.
Furcal is the 3rd VORPiest SS.
Kemp is the 9th VORPiest CF.
Loney is the 10th VORPiest 1B.
Ethier is the 15th VORPiest RF.
Dewitt is the 23rd VORPiest 3B.
Kent is the 25th VORPiest 2B.
Pierre is the 27th VORPiest LF.
2008-06-22 10:49:16
8.   Andrew Shimmin
Some might say that Martin is a a Catcher. I would have thought I'd be one of them, but apparently not.


2008-06-22 10:51:08
9.   Marty
Anyone know anything about MBT shoes? I'm thinking of getting a pair.
2008-06-22 11:05:18
10.   underdog
Colletti will be on the post-game show today apparently. Get those questions ready again.
2008-06-22 11:06:20
11.   scooplew
Some pre-game morsels for thought:

Mark Sweeney's performance this season puts him in a dubious low batting average category among those players (non-pitchers) with 50 or more at bats since the franchise started play in Los Angeles in 1958. With that criteria, here are the ten lowest batting averages:

1. Billy Grabarkewitz (1969) -- .092 (6 for 65)
2. Mark Sweeney (2008) -- .107 (6 for 56)
3. Milt Thompson (1996) -- .118 (6 for 51)
4. Maury Wills (1972) -- .129 (17 for 132)
5. Sid Bream (1985) -- .132 (7 for 53)
6. Darryl Strawberry (1993) -- .140 (14 for 100)
7. Juan Castro (1997) -- .147 (11 for 75)
8. Carlos Hernandez (1995) -- .149 (14 for 94)
9. Luis Alcaraz (1968) -- .151 (16 for 106)
10. Dick Gray (1959) -- .154 (8 for 52)
10. John Hale (1976) -- .154 (14 for 91)
Castro is the only non-pitcher with at least 50 at bats to hit under .200 in three seasons (1996--.197, 1997--.147, and 1998--.195). Those who did it twice are Doug Camilli, Jeff Torborg, Grabarkewitz, Rafael Landestoy, Dave Anderson, Rick Dempsey and Jose Offerman. In 1968, five Dodgers did it -- Zoilo Versalles, Jim Fairey, Alcaraz, Torborg and Bart Shirley. Versalles had the most at bats of any player to hit under .200 in the last 50 years. He went 79 for 403 in 1968, batting .196.
(I compiled all this on a quiet Saturday)

2008-06-22 11:08:02
12.   natepurcell
From some dude at the boston globe...

Dodgers: This team, Ned Colletti specifically, must dip down and come up with a rabbit to make them a viable playoff contender. So they will likely be players for Sabathia, Bedard, and others as long as they're within striking distance. The Diamondbacks' recent tumble has made a Dodger comeback possible for the time being, but they need to get to .500 before they start thinking playoffs. They have chips they could deal for Sabathia in Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, etc.


2008-06-22 11:09:46
13.   Bluebleeder87
5 good stuff man
2008-06-22 11:09:51
14.   Bob Timmermann
Trading Kemp or Billingsley to obtain Sabathia would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul, John, George, and Ringo.
2008-06-22 11:11:08
15.   natepurcell
That article also mentions the Phillies are looking at Derek Lowe as a starter acquisition.
2008-06-22 11:13:51
16.   MollyKnight
Oooof, TJ Simers was cranky about women's gymnastics this morning:

Casting aside his typical snark, the column reaches levels of Plaschkean preachiness. Zoinks.

2008-06-22 11:15:43
17.   underdog
14 Pete Best?

15 Suuuure you don't want Penny instead, Phillies?

2008-06-22 11:19:21
18.   underdog
Fantasy I had recently: I win the lottery and buy the LA Times.

"Plaschke, Simers, pack your stuff, you're both fired."

2008-06-22 11:19:34
So, if Furcal stays healthy, we are a .500 team, and if Pee Wee or some replacement level outfielder plays LF, we are in 1st by a couple of games. Man, thats frustrating.

Colletti might not need to go, but he needs to be forced to dump Pierre and Jones, they are both worse than useless and LF is where the offense improves from bad to good enough. I hope Jones comes back soon just to confirm how bad he is (somehow what he has done so far is not enough for some people). Im scared if he doesn't come back, the media will chalk his performance up to him playing injured. And, maybe, just maybe, Torre will bench Pierre and that will allow Colletti the revelation that hes not good.

2008-06-22 11:23:42
20.   regfairfield
19 If it makes you feel any better, if Delwyn had as many PA as Pierre, his VORP would be about three runs higher and he'd probably give that back on defense.
2008-06-22 11:26:05
21.   Bob Timmermann
I didn't find Simers column to be any different than any other he's written. He just thinks that parents are pushing their daughters into highly competitive gymnastics at too young of an age. He just sounds like an overprotective father.
2008-06-22 11:28:12
22.   underdog
12 Here's what I wrote on that MLBTraderumors blog regarding that Boston Globe column:


I love when East Coast writers muse on teams they are utterly clueless about, like the Dodgers, just to fill space. CC's lovely and all, but the last thing the Dodgers need is pitching, even with Penny and Kuroda (very briefly) on the DL. They have one of the best ERAs in baseball over past month and one of the highest K rates. What they can't do is hit or score with any consistency. To trade Kemp away for pitching is so dumb I'm not sure what to say. Even Colletti wouldn't be that out of it.

Trading away pitching for more hitting is more likely for the Dodgers, but they are just as likely to see how Jones and Furcal recover in July before being in the market."

2008-06-22 11:30:00
23.   silverwidow
3 Who is the Dodgers #1 prospect now if Hu, Dewitt, Laroche and Kershaw have exhausted their prospect eligibility?

McDonald, easily.

2008-06-22 11:34:52
24.   Eric Stephen
Blue, it was nice seeing you again at the ballpark on Friday. Dodgers should win today since this is the only game of the series I won't be attending.
2008-06-22 11:38:15
25.   underdog
23 Elbert, too. McDonald, Elbert, Meloan and DeJesus, I would say.
2008-06-22 11:47:04
26.   underdog
A better, more rational take on Derek Lowe trade rumors from the Detroit perspective (focusing on the Tigers, but it seems pretty realistic):

2008-06-22 11:47:12
27.   Louis in SF

To amplify on your thoughts, in a series when you are starved for runs and you have lost 2 in a row already, this would have been the perfect day to give LaRoche a shot at 2b. IF he has two errors in two chances, you can always bring in Mazza. Since Bills strikes out lots of folks, you can also argue that ground balls will be less.

One player you forgot to add is Andru this year 133 AB's, 22 hits a cool 165 BA...more to come, positive or negative I am not sure, but am hoping for a positive incline.

2008-06-22 11:56:42
28.   ToyCannon
DeJesus, McDonald, Lambo, Santana, with a lot of guys trying to be 5(Elbert, Meloan, Withrow).
2008-06-22 11:59:10
29.   ucladodger

If Delwyn had as many ABs as Pierre he would be playing every day and not starting once every 2 weeks with pinch hitting appearances in between. Delwyn can hit and hit for power. I have no doubt he could hit 10-15 HR and 30-40 doubles if given a full season of ABs. Definitely an upgrade over Pierre.

2008-06-22 11:59:26
30.   Physics DR
Tales of real Whoa
We are are 5 games from the lowest won/lost record in the National League.
We are 3 games from lowest record in the West.
We are 2.5 games from TIEING with the SF Giants.

Tales of Good
We are 4.5 games from the leading the West.
We are 2.5 games ahead of the Giants.

I am not sure what some of you have in your half full glass FULL -- HOWEVER maybe the glass is 1/3 full.

Without the REDS we could be the last place in the NL. (By the way the Reds have the same % as we do)

a Dodger fan of 44 years

2008-06-22 12:09:38
31.   Physics DR
More Whoa

Our next 7 games are against the American League. What is our record against the American League?

Yes it is a bad and hot weekend. Yes, my dog died this weekend and all the kids are at college.

2008-06-22 12:16:13
32.   nofatmike
28 Austin Gallagher has to be in there somewhere. He's the same age as Lambo, but he's already one level ahead of him.
2008-06-22 12:18:12
33.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry about your dog. I hope it wasn't the heat.
2008-06-22 12:27:48
34.   KG16
The broadcaster's roundtable from 2000 is on Prime TIcket right now, about half way through - Vin, Chick, and Miller, good stuff, even if it is a bit dated.
2008-06-22 12:28:33
35.   KG16
31 - sorry about the dog... i suspect the calls to the kids will not be easy.
2008-06-22 12:29:42
36.   Physics DR
Thank You. He was my office/campus dog for 15 years. Very good for a basset hound!
I used him to get attention in my classes or to make a specific point.
2008-06-22 12:31:51
37.   Bob Timmermann
My brother and his wife had a basset that lived to be about 12 I think. 15 is a long life for a basset. I never realized that some dogs get gray hair as they get old.

That basset looked quite distinguished with his graying ears.

2008-06-22 12:38:14
38.   KG16
From the broadcaster's roundtable:

VIn [speaking of Walter O'Malley]: he was avuncular.

Chick: I now know why you get paid the big bucks, avuncular?

Vin: I can also say delicatessen.

Chick: It's not that it's a big word, who the hell knows what it means.

Those two men, along with my folks, are the reason I'm a sports fan.

2008-06-22 12:39:23
39.   Physics DR
Thank You. The dog and I were 2 months from retiring to Vancouver Island.

Lots of puppies still around thou.

Back on topic, However the Dodger glass is 1/3 full.

2008-06-22 12:43:13
40.   Bob Timmermann
He's retired to a different type of Vancouver Island.

Which part of Vancouver Island? The basset would have loved staying at this hotel.

2008-06-22 12:50:13
41.   Bob Timmermann
Does anybody remember when Arizona was the model franchise in the majors and Brandon Webb was the most unhittable pitcher since the late 1990s version of Pedro Martinez?

I remember those days like they were just last month.

It's the 2005 NL West all over again.

I'm going to go to the SABR convention this week and hear a bunch of East Coasters tell me how the division should be stripped of its playoff spot.

2008-06-22 13:01:58
42.   KG16
Hmmm, Paul Byrd leads the AL in home runs allowed (meaning he's given up the most) and gets to pitch a day game during a heat wave in LA.

Would it be too much to suspect that the Dodgers have a couple of home runs today?

2008-06-22 13:04:49
43.   KG16
I know it's been said before but, EK looks really uncomfortable delivering his lines in that Make A Wish commercial
2008-06-22 13:06:00
44.   Eric Stephen
For those watching on Extra Innings on cable, the Yankee game is running long (shocker!) on the channel also reserved for the Dodger game.

The Dodger game is alternatively available on "Game 13".

2008-06-22 13:08:22
45.   Bob Timmermann
To be fair, there was a rain delay. The game has actually gone by at a pretty quick pace.
2008-06-22 13:09:53
46.   68elcamino427

(primal scream)

I might have been disappointed had I purchased tickets to today's game with Torre trotting out this line-up.

Alternative dream world line-up of tomorrow for today.


Gee whiz, couldn't Andy at least get a shot at second base today?

2008-06-22 13:11:30
47.   Andrew Shimmin
Does anybody remember when Arizona was the model franchise in the majors and Brandon Webb was the most unhittable pitcher since the late 1990s version of Pedro Martinez?

Two can play at that game, Mr. Timmermann. Remember when the Dodgers won the American Association pennant, and then nobody counted it? I remember that like it was every day for the rest of your life.

2008-06-22 13:14:20
48.   Icaros
Mr. Torre,

Can Andy come out to play?


2008-06-22 13:15:16
49.   KG16
The Indians get hit by a lot of pitches, but they also seem to crowd the plate, and don't make much of an effort to get out of the way.
2008-06-22 13:17:16
50.   68elcamino427
Drysdale and Gibson had a cure for that habit.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-06-22 13:18:14
51.   Gen3Blue
46 Yes, that is a long black hole, but at least most of it is at the bottum of the order. Why Joe insists on playing Maza and Berroa at the same time is beyond me.( You can say they are the only two middle infielders behind Kent but thats weak, as I've seen Delwyn play 2nd.)
2008-06-22 13:18:35
52.   KG16
50 - unfortunately, that cure now gets you suspended.
2008-06-22 13:19:52
53.   Gen3Blue
Damn--ground rule scrubs run!
2008-06-22 13:20:02
54.   KG16
time to raise that little section of the fence
2008-06-22 13:20:20
55.   underdog
Stupid Royals. Can't they beat the Giants for us? No, they cannot.


Wow, Spain-Italy, and the Dodgers game, at the same time. I'm at my attention span limit.

2008-06-22 13:20:27
56.   Alex41592
Just a ground ball gets a run in.
2008-06-22 13:20:48
57.   underdog
Byrd looks without feathers so far.
2008-06-22 13:20:50
58.   Eric Stephen
Paul Byrd's father is named Larry. Awesome.
2008-06-22 13:21:35
59.   Andrew Shimmin
Might not be Byrd's day.
2008-06-22 13:21:47
60.   KG16
56 - we have no need for meek ground balls, not when everyone is hitting line drives of varying sorts.
2008-06-22 13:21:55
61.   Alex41592
Byrd is throwing weak meatballs to the Dodgers...And we're loving it.
2008-06-22 13:22:12
62.   underdog
56 or a legit double!
2008-06-22 13:22:37
63.   Gen3Blue
I'm not used to this kind of game. Am I hallucinating.
2008-06-22 13:23:23
64.   Alex41592
Twins 5 D'Backs 3 Bot 8.
2008-06-22 13:25:33
65.   KG16
So, this is what happens when the offense works, I could get use to this.
2008-06-22 13:25:37
66.   MollyKnight
39- So sorry to hear about your pup. I get queasy just thinking about something happening to my dog. It sounds like your little guy had a great run, but it's still awful to say goodbye to a member of the family. My heart goes out to you.
2008-06-22 13:25:46
67.   Gen3Blue
Yes I must be.
2008-06-22 13:25:46
68.   Alex41592
YES! Smoked on a smoking day.
2008-06-22 13:26:01
69.   thinkblue88
Yesss!! GG!!!
2008-06-22 13:26:12
70.   dzzrtRatt
Single inning cycle alert?
2008-06-22 13:26:15
71.   underdog
4-0 on Golden God's dinger.

Things are a lot easier when you're not facing great pitchers. Huzzah!

2008-06-22 13:26:25
72.   Andrew Shimmin
If Kemp's ball had stayed in, there's a chance the Dodgers would have hit for the cycle to start the game.
2008-06-22 13:27:25
73.   underdog
Now if the Dodgers could only face Brett Meyers and B. Backe next we might be able to get our HR homers up quickly.
2008-06-22 13:28:16
74.   KG16
72 - a triple to left field? Not saying it's impossible, but I'm not sure about that, even for a Robot Made of Nails

Geez, even the outs are great contact today.

2008-06-22 13:29:40
75.   tjdub
Russell Martin - rally killer.
2008-06-22 13:29:49
76.   Alex41592
Ooh. That looked fair.
2008-06-22 13:30:19
77.   MollyKnight
69--GG. I love it. RMON, next.
2008-06-22 13:30:24
78.   Alex41592
I see chalk in the air. CHALK IN THE AIR!
2008-06-22 13:30:49
79.   Bob Timmermann
You can get a triple to left if you hit hit it low along the wall and it gets hung up or takes a bad bounce.

I saw Tony Gwynn get an inside the park grand slam to left.

2008-06-22 13:31:00
80.   underdog
Hmm, thought that was fair, at least at first.
2008-06-22 13:32:02
81.   underdog
There we go. A Berrobot Made of Nails.
2008-06-22 13:32:33
82.   thinkblue88
D. Roberts had an ITPH down the left field line, didn't he?
2008-06-22 13:32:58
83.   Marty
My 5 year old Lab is starting to go gray.
2008-06-22 13:32:59
84.   scooplew
31 You have my sympathy on the death of your dog. I suggest that this is a good time for you to do something particularly nice for yourself. My first dog came when when I was 5. We moved from Brooklyn to L.A. two years later in a 1950 Hudson. We put Tippy to sleep when I was 19. It was very difficult and one of handful of times I ever saw my late father cry. That was a few decades ago.
2008-06-22 13:33:43
85.   Ken Noe
I have to admit--pass the warm crow--that Mr. Snipes hasn't been as bad as I feared.
2008-06-22 13:34:15
86.   Eric Stephen
Didn't Brett Butler (not the comedienne) get hurt diving for Gwynn's ball on that play? I seem to remember him laying flat as Gwynn rounded the bases.
2008-06-22 13:35:03
87.   Physics DR
Bob, Please send me a note off-line and I would be happy to help you with your Vancouver Island vacation plans.
Not many Dodger fans on the island.

I hate the small "Post a comment" box.

2008-06-22 13:36:09
88.   Bob Timmermann
Butler claimed to be hurt on that play, but I wasn't convinced. I think he was embarrassed at missing the diving catch.

But I was never a big Brett Butler fan, even though he wasn't a bad player.

2008-06-22 13:36:15
89.   Eric Stephen
I would hate to see what you feared for Old Man Snipes. He's at .205/.295/.231 entering today.
2008-06-22 13:37:19
90.   Bob Timmermann
Oh, I'm not going there anytime soon. But I've been there a couple times and loved it.
2008-06-22 13:37:21
91.   tjdub
Tony Gwynn. The past opponent I should hate, but can't help but love even while he was active. I guess that part of living in San Diego as a teenager wore off on me.
2008-06-22 13:37:37
92.   Ken Noe
89 He's over .200, so yes, my expectations were slight.
2008-06-22 13:37:42
93.   Marty
31 My sympathies too. I can't stand the thought of when my Lab will go. He's had a host of health problems, I've managed to keep him alive two years after a spinal injury. Hopefully, he'll be around for a few more.
2008-06-22 13:38:57
94.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Roberts play was a double and E7 on Matsui.

What was the ultimate disposition with Berroa? I was watching soccer and Berroa is listed as being at bat with a 1-2 count forever.

I can see that he was out.

2008-06-22 13:39:50
95.   Physics DR
Thank You. DO not let the guys on DT change your opinions on the Dodgers or on your Web site. :) :)
2008-06-22 13:39:59
96.   Bob Timmermann
Gameday got through Berroa and Maza.
2008-06-22 13:40:58
97.   Andrew Shimmin
85- On that note, I should confess that I was wrong about playing Pierre in LF. I thought it would rip the space/time continuum, and unmake existence. But it hasn't.


2008-06-22 13:43:00
98.   underdog
Berroa singled. Maza grounded out.

Mmmmm.... warm crow... ooohhh.... {Homer Simpson drool}


And needless to say but I'll say it anyway, you have my sympathies on the loss of your dog, too. Anytime someone loses a pet I know how painful that can be. But sounds like he lived a nice long and happy life.

2008-06-22 13:43:15
99.   Alex41592
And the Diamondbacks lose. 4 back.
2008-06-22 13:43:47
100.   Physics DR
84 93
Thank You. I feel better.
THe Dodgers scored four runs.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-06-22 13:44:15
101.   MollyKnight
Just once, I would like to see Pierre make a diving catch.
2008-06-22 13:45:39
102.   Alex41592
101 - He's made plenty of good to great diving catches this season.
2008-06-22 13:47:07
103.   larry slimfast
"gimme my paul byrd bat."


2008-06-22 13:47:20
104.   Ken Noe
100 I've lost pets over the years and it's heartbreaking. Sympathies.
2008-06-22 13:50:06
105.   LOB
I lost my Basset Lucy last June - She was 16 1/2, and I had to put her down. But she did get a New York steak and a turkey leg hand fed to her before she died. It was much harder than I thought it would be, even though she was blind and could barely move.

Bassets are a trip - my Mom bred them, growing up (Bloodhounds, too). Talk about cute puppies...shrink-wrapped wrinkles and endless ears. And by the way "Best in Show" is not a satire - it's ALL TRUE!)

Anyway, my sympathies to you.

I just returned from 3 weeks in NY. I lost my Mom June 7th, after a nine year battle with a non-malignant pituitary tumor that took its long, slow toll. Jon, it was so comforting to read the Father's Day posts here as I was going though that. And I returned Mom's dog, Jilly, a Yorkie (as my writing partner says, "More of a brooch then a dog, really.")My Dad has Parkinson's, and needed her to stay with the family.

So now I'm a dog-owner again...Good thing she's an absolute trooper. Maybe I'll bring her to the DT picnic.

Nice to be home, to read you guys again, and to be ahead in a game.

2008-06-22 13:52:05
106.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Vin's use of "before the chairs were warm" is truly just meant in the metaphorical sense.
2008-06-22 13:59:46
107.   scooplew
Royals now trail the Giants only 10-7 and have the tying run at the plate with none out in the bottom of the 6th. The Giants' have a bad bullpen; this one is likely to be tied quickly.
2008-06-22 14:00:06
108.   KG16
I would like to believe that had Andy been playing second, the Dodgers would have got a double play on the hit and run.
2008-06-22 14:00:32
109.   scooplew
Correcting myself on 107 . There should be no apostrophe on Giants...
2008-06-22 14:00:46
110.   KG16
106 - i heard the Dodgers were freezing all the seats this morning
2008-06-22 14:01:53
111.   Gen3Blue
I was going to write off the Indians if they had any trouble in the second inning with the big soft spot in the D's order. But Byrd got through it easily and our lead is not that safe with the Keystone cops out there. Bills is really having a tough time for some reason.
2008-06-22 14:04:04
112.   ToyCannon
Sorry about your dog. I'm jealous of your retirement choice. I've vacationed there several times and enjoy it every time. It is one of several places my wife and I have thought about retiring to if we decide to leave Los Angeles. Are you going to retire in the South, North, East, or West?
I would expect a Newfoundland would be an excellent dog on Vancouver Island.
2008-06-22 14:04:09
113.   dzzrtRatt
Vin's becoming a fatalist. It's catching.
2008-06-22 14:06:49
114.   Alex41592
Bills needs to get lucky and a hard ground ball needs to be hit at someone.
2008-06-22 14:08:11
115.   MollyKnight
I could have done without the Billingsley implosion today.
2008-06-22 14:08:13
116.   thinkblue88
Bases loaded for Gordon in KC
2008-06-22 14:08:16
117.   underdog
Arrrgggh. C'mon Chad, just get out of this flippin' inning. D's can score 4 more runs off Byrd if they can just get to him.
2008-06-22 14:08:49
118.   Bob Timmermann
But Newfoundland is such a long way from Vancouver Island. The dog would get lost on the way.

I've been to Newfoundland. You know what it's near?


2008-06-22 14:08:50
119.   Bob Timmermann
But Newfoundland is such a long way from Vancouver Island. The dog would get lost on the way.

I've been to Newfoundland. You know what it's near?


2008-06-22 14:09:13
120.   Bob Timmermann
Stupid balky trackpad...
2008-06-22 14:11:30
121.   Alex41592
Billingsley is on his own here. The bullpen is spent.
2008-06-22 14:12:08
122.   underdog
Going to PK's in the Spain-Italy game.
2008-06-22 14:13:12
123.   Bob Timmermann
Adam Kennedy had a pinch hit double on an 0-2 pitch with 2 outs to tie the game in Boston at 3-3.
2008-06-22 14:13:25
124.   MollyKnight
Vin: "He has Paul Byrd, and his Paul Byrd bat on deck." LOL.
2008-06-22 14:14:36
125.   underdog
Whew! We win!

Oh, what, it's only the 3rd inning? Sheesh.

2008-06-22 14:16:44
126.   MollyKnight
Mike Aviles ties the game in KC with a two-out, two-run double. 10-10 Giants/Royals
2008-06-22 14:17:45
127.   Bob Timmermann
That's Mike (I'm not Angel Berroa) Aviles.
2008-06-22 14:22:14
128.   underdog
Hah hah! Thank you Royals, I take back what I said earlier.

Great, suddenly Byrd finds his rhythm just as Billingsley loses his.

2008-06-22 14:25:42
129.   underdog
Nice play by Maza!
2008-06-22 14:26:14
130.   Gen3Blue
Our boys are way to jittery today. That throw by DeWitt. And Bills and DeWitt are almost literally boys age wise.
2008-06-22 14:26:45
131.   Bob Timmermann
Ernie Bonham's nickname was "Tiny." Which I believe was ironic since he was listed at 6'2", and 215 lbs.

He died when he was 36 of complications from appendicitis.

2008-06-22 14:26:55
132.   Andrew Shimmin
Two excellent defensive plays this inning. Billingsley could have been in real trouble.
2008-06-22 14:28:38
133.   scooplew
110 Well. they are certainly not freezing ticket prices.
2008-06-22 14:32:26
134.   underdog
His Royal Thighness is living in a tree. Let's score some more runs, boys!
2008-06-22 14:40:46
135.   underdog
Oh good, Kuo is warming up at least.
2008-06-22 14:41:33
136.   underdog
Yikes, that was close.
2008-06-22 14:42:47
137.   68elcamino427
Is it too late to bring LaRoche and Young into the game?
2008-06-22 14:45:50
138.   Andrew Shimmin
It's nice when it's the other guy who's dumb.
2008-06-22 14:45:51
139.   ucladodger
Is Rich Donnelly the Indian third base coach?
2008-06-22 14:46:43
140.   underdog
I can't believe they sent the runner, but we'll take it!

Chad is now even more living in a tree, and very close to falling out it.

Pinch hit for him here?

2008-06-22 14:47:19
141.   ucladodger

Torre better. Over 100 pitches, not very effective. He gone.

2008-06-22 14:48:50
142.   ucladodger
Maybe this LaRoche fellow should play more...
2008-06-22 14:49:04
143.   68elcamino427
Andy on the double switch for Maza right?
2008-06-22 14:50:38
144.   Gen3Blue
Good for LaRoche. And Pierre.
2008-06-22 14:51:30
145.   ucladodger
This is stupid. Bunting Kemp deserves some bad karma.
2008-06-22 14:51:42
146.   das411
Someone may have already asked this during this series but I am still a few days behind on there any good literature out there about the 1920 Dodgers v Indians World Series?
2008-06-22 14:51:46
147.   TheBigGrabowski
Kemp bunting. jeez
2008-06-22 14:51:51
148.   RELX
Dewitt has really been slumping for the past month. While he was better than anyone could have expected for the first two months, it may be time to let LaRoche share the position with him.
2008-06-22 14:52:51
149.   underdog
Its a little early for a double-switch, and I assume they like Maza's defense more at 2nd. But at least Andy pinch hit and came through.

Hah. Hah. Giants now losing to Royals 11-10, blowing a huge lead.

2008-06-22 14:53:49
150.   ucladodger
There is the bad karma.
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2008-06-22 14:54:44
151.   underdog
Jeez, even with Kemp running they still got the DP. That was hit too hard. Nice play.
2008-06-22 14:57:34
152.   Travis08
146 The Pitch That Killed covers the 1920 season in depth, including the Dodgers-Indians World Series.

2008-06-22 14:58:12
153.   Bob Hendley
2008-06-22 14:59:15
154.   Gen3Blue
Kemp drilled that ball-thems the breaks.

I'm really getting excited if we have Kemp, Loney, Ethier, Martin, Laroche, and possibly DeWitt in the same line-up in a year or two.

2008-06-22 14:59:20
155.   Bob Timmermann
There's a University of Nebraska Press/SABR published bio of Wilbert Robinson that has a good section on the 1920 World Series.

It was quite tumultuous as the Black Sox scandal had just broken before it started. Rube Marquard of the Dodgers got arrested in Cleveland for trying to scalp his World Series tickets. In the atmosphere of the time, people were not quite ready to forgive Marquard.

You can also read "The Pitch That Killed" which is about the death of Ray Champman, who was the shortstop for the Indians in 1920 until he was killed when hit by a Carl Mays pitch. The Indians managed to get rookie Joe Sewell from New Orleans to replace him and he helped the Indians stay in front en route to the pennant. The White Sox losing seven players didn't hurt either.

Bill Wambsganss is one of the interview subjects in "The Glory of Their Times."

2008-06-22 14:59:42
156.   Bluebleeder87
I'm not kidding when I say I lost about 6 to 8 pounds today...

Double header 98 fahrenheit

2008-06-22 15:01:36
157.   68elcamino427
What did Bowa say to Kemp, "I know that we should have worked with you on bunting during spring training, but we need you to lay one down here" ?
Bunting Kemp - Meh.
2008-06-22 15:02:04
158.   Bluebleeder87
Billingsley was cruising with a 4-0 lead wasn't he? what happened man?
2008-06-22 15:02:24
159.   scooplew
146 152 Also, "The Glory of Their Times" by Lawrence Ritter includes information about the 1920 season. Written more than 40 years ago, it is a remarkable book, a collection of interviews with players from the turn of the century and the first couple of decades of the 20th century. A few additional chapters were added later.
2008-06-22 15:03:45
160.   underdog
158 Unfortunately, he was never really cruising today, he was shaky all day, couldn't get the curve consistently.

157 - Yah, although in hindsight maybe bunting wasn't such a bad idea.

2008-06-22 15:05:26
161.   Bluebleeder87
if anything at least Proctor was been over used & will not see any action today.
2008-06-22 15:06:56
162.   Gen3Blue
I'm afraid Kou's going to go from an under used commodity to a worn out one at this point. If enough of our starters stay out long enough I would love to see him start this year.
2008-06-22 15:07:26
163.   68elcamino427
Walter Alston had Campy bunt a World Series Game.
2008-06-22 15:08:59
164.   Bluebleeder87
the Russell Martin blast was a half way up the bleacher job, awesome.
2008-06-22 15:09:04
165.   nofatmike
Blake Dewitt's OPS is now .729.
2008-06-22 15:09:25
166.   underdog
How did Byrd become less hittable as this game's worn on?


2008-06-22 15:10:27
167.   Bluebleeder87
Ethier is on one of those bad stretches that ALL ball players go thru, he should bounce back.
2008-06-22 15:11:20
168.   MMSMikey
might be time to send blake and finally give andy his shot down there everyday.
2008-06-22 15:11:56
169.   Luis Chavez
Man, these MLB.TV commercials are loud.
2008-06-22 15:12:08
170.   Bob Timmermann
Teams bunted a lot in the 1950s. Even the power hitters.

Campanella had 30 sacrifices in his career. Duke Snider had 52.

It was just one of those things managers did at the time. If you got the game-winning runner on to lead off an inning, you had the next guy bunt. Even if he was the cleanup hitter.

Snider had a sacrifice in the 1955 World Series and he batted .320 with four home runs in that series.

2008-06-22 15:12:36
171.   Bluebleeder87
Byrd = Pajarito is spanish.
2008-06-22 15:13:02
172.   underdog
I think it's only a matter of time before Andy segues into the 3rd base job, yeah, or that they at least platoon. That time is really close.

No matter what happens, I salute DeWitt for his unexpected help there this year.

2008-06-22 15:16:56
173.   underdog
Napoleon: And you must be Ben Francisco's sister.
Sonja: No, you must be Ben Francisco's sister.
Napoleon: No, you must be Ben Francisco's sister.
Boris: No, it's a greater honor for me.
2008-06-22 15:17:02
174.   68elcamino427
The negetive momentum created by the black hole is difficult to overcome once it's established. It allows the opposing pitcher to breath. Due up in the bottom half of the seventh - Maza, Berroa, Pitcher's spot (Sweeney?).
2008-06-22 15:18:54
175.   Bluebleeder87

I think it's one of those respect things were Joe simply has no choice but play DeWitt there all year.

I'm sure La Roche will see some action at 3rd this year but that's DeWitt's position, at least for the '08 campaign.

2008-06-22 15:20:14
176.   Bluebleeder87
old school managers like Torre are just wired that way... I kind of secretly like that but I can definitely see the other side of the coin.
2008-06-22 15:21:00
177.   underdog
175 I don't agree he'll see it has having no choice. If DeWitt continues to struggle I don't think it's his job for the rest of the year with LaRoche around. But as I said I could see them platooning. Torre's loved DeWitt and said so, but that still doesn't mean he's locked there for the rest of the season. imho.
2008-06-22 15:21:42
178.   ucladodger

No, it's really not. Blake was great for 2 months, but there was no way he could keep it up all year. Laroche is the better player and should be playing. Andy has a chance to be a legitimate power hitter now with great patience at the plate. Blake isnt capable of doing that now, especially now that he is going so poorly.

2008-06-22 15:24:10
179.   underdog
174 You called it. The player we all have oodles of faith in!
2008-06-22 15:24:27
180.   Ken Noe
Kent is a pulled something away from having both DeWitt and LaRoche in the lineup anyway.

Hey, it's Sweeney! Fly out on the first pitch.

2008-06-22 15:25:02
181.   underdog
Seriously, Sweeney, you couldn't have extract a few extra pitches out of him? SIGH. This game is up to our pen to hold, clearly.
2008-06-22 15:26:39
182.   RELX
I finally decided that I like Sweeney. And do you know why? Because I am as good a hitter as he is...seriously!
2008-06-22 15:27:15
183.   Bob Hendley
Don't know if he is traditional in this regard, but Torre has demonstrated his willingness to let players dig there own graves in these situations and not be proactive in pulling them. The question seems to be how deep before you are obviously hurting the team. Andruw dug almost to China before he hurt himself and Torre is still giving M. Sweeney a shovel on a regular basis. Having Andy sitting there on the bench, and not in Vegas, should help him pull the trigger sooner, I hope.
2008-06-22 15:29:27
184.   underdog
Anyone else feel nervous about Saito in the 9th?
2008-06-22 15:29:43
185.   Ken Noe
182 It's all about attitude. I want to see now if he can can take first place on the list in 11 .
2008-06-22 15:30:19
186.   Ken Noe
184 A little, but it needs to happen.
2008-06-22 15:32:08
187.   Dodgers49
Williamson still making his pitch

>> • NOTES -- Right-hander Brian Akin was brought up to the 51s from Double-A Jacksonville on Friday to take the spot of Ramon Troncoso, who was called up by the Los Angeles Dodgers. ... The 51s also activated outfielder Greg Jacobs from the disabled list. ... <<

2008-06-22 15:32:29
188.   underdog
Yep. Still, an insurance run would be nice.
2008-06-22 15:33:27
189.   Bluebleeder87
I think Saito will respond like a champ when he gets called upon closing the game today.
2008-06-22 15:33:41
190.   das411
152 , 155 , 159 - Coolio, I will definitely check those out! Hard to believe there hasn't been a "Crazy '08" style book written about that Game 5 yet...or has there??
2008-06-22 15:34:17
191.   Bluebleeder87
Who ever invented the A/C should get the nobel peace price...
2008-06-22 15:35:34
192.   Gen3Blue
How did it happen? Unless Torre gets drastic, we go into a huge soft spot, and Byrd has plenty of innings left!

Well, the soft spot made thgree prompt outs, but somehow we have survived.(and we are not even through the soft spot.)

2008-06-22 15:36:59
193.   scooplew
The Giants lost a game today in which Lincecum left with a 10-5 lead. Did the Dodgers ever lose a game in which Koufax left with a lead of at least 5 runs?
2008-06-22 15:37:53
194.   Gen3Blue
191 "price" is right. Once China and India discover AC, oil should hit $200. Go One Pierre!
2008-06-22 15:39:49
195.   Bluebleeder87
yeah, I definitely have more faith in our pen then the Cleveland Indians pen...
2008-06-22 15:40:01
196.   underdog
What was Bison swinging at there? Pleh.
2008-06-22 15:40:51
197.   scareduck
171 - is that a rule 1 violation?
2008-06-22 15:41:38
198.   scooplew
163 170 Babe Ruth had 113 sacrifices in his career, including 14 in 1927, the year that he hit 60 home runs.
2008-06-22 15:41:50
199.   Gen3Blue
Okay, that at bat did it. Juan might as well try to get a M. Wills run at this point. But he had to steal 2nd and third before the 0 and 2 count.
2008-06-22 15:42:08
200.   underdog
Looked like Pierre should've been out but it was micro-close.
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2008-06-22 15:42:58
201.   thinkblue88

Pajarito= Byrd in english.

2008-06-22 15:43:03
202.   Bob Timmermann
Some of Babe Ruth's sacrifices though were sacrifice flies. They were counted separately at the time.
2008-06-22 15:43:18
203.   Bluebleeder87
Let's do this Russell, COME ON!!!
2008-06-22 15:45:40
204.   ToyCannon
Hopefully they will discover this thing called the Sun and actually use it.
2008-06-22 15:45:44
205.   Bob Hendley
193 - I kinda doubt that Koufax ever got 10 runs from the Bums (my memory won't allow such things to have happened), but good question.
2008-06-22 15:47:59
206.   ToyCannon
My A/C went down on Friday. 95 in the house is not so bad when your are being hit by 5 fans simultaneously.
2008-06-22 15:48:34
207.   underdog

Okay, Sammy. Bring your A Game today.

2008-06-22 15:48:59
208.   Bob Hendley
201 - That would be little bird, with the diminutive applied as a form of endearment.
2008-06-22 15:49:02
209.   nofatmike
The Dodgers seem really hackish lately.
2008-06-22 15:49:23
210.   underdog
It was literally 20 degrees cooler in San Fran today, after hitting the 90s Friday and Saturday, it dropped radically today. Crazy.
2008-06-22 15:52:24
211.   Bluebleeder87
Old friend Franklin Gutierrez pops it up
2008-06-22 15:53:20
212.   ToyCannon
I think we are due for the 20 degree drop by Tuesday. Friday 109, Sat 107, today 101, Tues 85.

Isn't 90 in SF bizarre?

2008-06-22 15:54:05
213.   Bluebleeder87
I swear to you my buddy Pinche Red was sweating just standing at 2nd base, it was crazy today I tell you.
2008-06-22 15:54:25
214.   Bob Hendley
The Solution, digging his grave with DTers?
2008-06-22 15:54:54
215.   Bob Timmermann
I've been in San Francisco when it hit 100. Everybody else was paralyzed except me.
2008-06-22 15:55:07
216.   dzzrtRatt
The Ineffective One!
2008-06-22 15:55:44
217.   Bob Hendley
213 - I won't translate "pinche".
2008-06-22 15:55:50
218.   Alex41592
Saito looked GREAT in the ninth. We have a chance to be only 3 games back after tomorrow.
2008-06-22 15:56:05
219.   Bluebleeder87
Nice to see Saito come back like a champ.
2008-06-22 15:56:12
220.   underdog
Now THAT was the Sammy we all know and love!

We win!

And the rest of the NL West lost. Huzzah.

2008-06-22 15:56:25
221.   Bob Timmermann
I'm guessing that the answer would be yes. But it would have been early in Koufax's career.
2008-06-22 15:57:13
222.   scareduck
201 - I was being silly.
2008-06-22 15:57:31
223.   dzzrtRatt
Which means the Dodgers could first place by the weekend.

And yet, even if that happens...


(Jinxed Denial.)

2008-06-22 15:57:41
224.   MonkeyBlue
This is the first time in a long time I seen both Saito and Broxton looking ever so sweet. Also I hope this means that Torre well actually put Kuo into a meaningful game instead of Proctor(Should be DFA).
2008-06-22 15:58:08
225.   Ken Noe
2008-06-22 15:58:18
226.   underdog
215 Yeah, the few times I've experienced that here I just went to the movies, a nice air-conditioned theater, and everything was fine.

But when you live on the top floor flat and, like most apartments here, it's not air-conditioned, and it doesn't cool off at night, it can be quite miserable.

2008-06-22 15:58:29
227.   scooplew
202 Excellent win today, hanging onto a four-run, first inning lead....When did the sacrifice fly start being counted in statistics? In, there is no listing for sacrifice flies for Ruth.
2008-06-22 15:58:49
228.   JoeyP
3.5 back in the NL Worst.


2008-06-22 15:59:10
229.   Bluebleeder87

that's amazing, I really felt the NL West was gonna be the class of MLB but with injuries & such it's a pretty bad division.

2008-06-22 15:59:15
230.   underdog
224 Given that he did put Kuo in a meaningful, close game, I'd say, yes, it means he will.
2008-06-22 16:01:07
231.   ToyCannon
Kuo is taking the step upto Wagner like two steps at a time these days.

Kuo-Broxton-Sammy, The Three Amigos could keep this disfunctional offense in the race. And Beimel is nothing to sneeze at.

2008-06-22 16:04:15
232.   Bob Timmermann
On July 14, 1964, Koufax and the Dodgers led the Cardinals 7-2 going into the 8th and the Cardinals ended up winning 8-7.

Koufax left when it was 7-4 though.

2008-06-22 16:06:10
233.   Gen3Blue
I can hardly believe it--We Win! I had to watch Saito through a crack in my fingers.
Scoring four in the first looked like Byrd had nothing but was obviously an illusion.
I never would have guessed we would win 4-3, that would have been about my last choice.

I have to say it looks important to try to get both LaRoche and DeWitt into the infield for the long run. Imagine if we had a SS like Furcal for long stretches, I think we could be championship material.

How do we get there. Is Dejesus the man--or Hu? Was Denker? After we sink this DL we should have some extra cash.

2008-06-22 16:07:26
234.   Bluebleeder87
Giambi Has a MEAN Italian stash, did you guys see that!?? [BT]
2008-06-22 16:07:33
235.   KG16
225 - I think that "squee" should become a part of the D's advertising campaign next year.
2008-06-22 16:09:32
236.   underdog
From the PE Blog:

>>Injured 3B Nomar Garciaparra, who was told by his physical therapist in Boston last week to wait 10 days before doing anything, has decided to speed things up.

Garciaparra swung in the cage on Sunday and will resume baseball activities on Tuesday or Wednesday, about five days ahead of schedule.

"He decided," Manager Joe Torre said. "That was his decision. The whole thing was his call."<<

2008-06-22 16:09:38
237.   JoeyP
Giants were up 10-3 today with Lincecum on the mound and lost.

What an unpredictable game.

2008-06-22 16:10:31
238.   Bob Timmermann
The sacrifice fly rule's history in excruciating detail.

2008-06-22 16:12:27
239.   Bluebleeder87
I think we will be o.k. with the ChiSox coming in but against the Halos it's gonna be tough, I don't know but I think we're do against them.
2008-06-22 16:15:41
240.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers win 2 out of 6 against the White Sox and Angels, I would be happy.

Good pitching + Dodgers offense is not a recipe for success.

2008-06-22 16:16:41
241.   Gen3Blue
204 You have a good point, especially for India--they could lead a whole curative revolution, if they don't get obssessed with cheap gasoline cars and acting like Americans.
2008-06-22 16:26:49
242.   68elcamino427
Great win for the Dodgers today.
Great pitching. Billingsley hangs tough and gets the win on a day when he didn't have his best stuff. Kuo, Beimel, Broxton, and Saito pick it up and do a great job, giving up only one more hit to the Indians. The Dodgers pitchers combine for nine strikeouts and only one base on balls.

Offensive leaders:
AB 4, R 1, H 1, RBI 2 (Home Run) - Martin
AB 4, R 1, H 2, RBI 2 - Loney
AB 4, R 1, H 3 - Pierre
AB 4, R 1, H 1 - Kemp
AB 1, H 1 (Pinch Hit) - LaRoche
AB 3, H 1 - Berroa

Hopefully, this is the start of another modest three game win streak :)

2008-06-22 16:28:38
243.   Alex41592
240 - Buehrle (L), Floyd, Danks (L), Saunders (L), Weaver and Lackey are the next six starters against us. 2 out of 6 looks like a tough bet right about now.
2008-06-22 16:41:04
244.   gpellamjr
The Dodgers have won 4 out of 6-- how awesome is that? That is a pace that will have them in first place in a hurry.
2008-06-22 16:53:33
245.   Bob Hendley
244 - And 2 out of the next 4 will keep us on the .600 pace someone calculated last as needed to have a shot at winning the West (time to dream).
2008-06-22 16:54:19
246.   ucladodger

Thats not going to be fun. 2 wins might be optimistic. Hopefully LaRoche will play for DeWitt at least against all of the lefties. Blake has been horrible this month.

2008-06-22 16:55:22
247.   scooplew
232 238 Bob: Thanks...and thanks...
2008-06-22 16:59:45
248.   Andrew Shimmin
I say this with no ax to grind, nor any ox to gore: Teixeira had a heck of a game, today.
2008-06-22 17:08:11
249.   Marty
Loveable Nomar takes things in his own hands.
2008-06-22 17:08:19
250.   Bob Hendley
248 - As I recall, your axes as usually manned by deranged bears.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-06-22 17:10:15
251.   CanuckDodger
248 -- Loney hater!:)
2008-06-22 17:13:42
252.   Greg Brock
Dodger Stadium is doing this thing where thy put an extreme closeup of the batter's eyes on the outfield LCD screens.

It's unbelievably disturbing.

2008-06-22 17:18:38
253.   El Lay Dave
252 Particularly when it's Loney's eyes, I presume.
2008-06-22 17:19:19
254.   El Lay Dave
Billingsley scuffled today, so I have to assume sporky's co-worker was in attendance today, or at least watched.
2008-06-22 17:25:58
255.   El Lay Dave
I can't believe that two games in a row, the Cleveland SS drove in the winning runs in the last inning and no one here went for a resigned, "Peralta says, "Ghame over". dzzrtRatt's "Bhummer!" was quite good.
2008-06-22 17:33:25
256.   El Lay Dave
I was a little disappointed that Martin could bring in the insurance run with first and third and one out. Perez's pitches looked tough, but that is a situation to shorten the swing and make contact, esp. after starting 0-1. Given that Martin is cleanup hitter in placement only a (squeeze) bunt there is not a terrible idea and makes more sense than asking Kemp to bunt earlier. Just how much better is a two-run lead in the bottom of the ninth vs. merely a one-run lead?
2008-06-22 17:39:57
257.   Greg Brock
253 At that range, everybody has crazy eyes.

Also, having Matt Kemp bunt was pretty awesome. And Captain America is now hitting .268. Can LaRoche play now?

2008-06-22 17:43:55
258.   Andrew Shimmin
WE for the home team in the top of the ninth is 86.6% with a one run lead, 94.5% with a two run lead.
2008-06-22 17:45:15
259.   68elcamino427
Yeah, but that slurve that Perez was offering up just looked too juicy.
Martin (GG) is the player of the game none the less. Great offense with the Home Run and he did a fantastic job with the pitchers as well(two games in a row under a very hot sun).
2008-06-22 17:52:48
260.   Linkmeister
Ouch. Could this be the origin of the "Marching and Chowder Society" phrase? From Rick Perlstein's brand-new book "Nixonland," on page 31, discussing the HUAC meetings in the summer of 1948:

"No one who knew of this bright young Richard Nixon's capabilities and ambitions (he had formed a group to unify the freshmen Republicans, the Chowder and Marching Club) expected that upon entering Congress the previous year he would have welcomed a place on the House Un-American Activities Committee. Actually, he lobbied for it. He had ascertained a change in the cultural winds. Once the faith of boobs, Red-hunting was now the state religion. In the Hiss case, Nixon spotted the chance to engineer his investiture as its pope."

2008-06-22 17:56:31
261.   68elcamino427
I think it's a Civil War era origin, Bob will have the correct information soon:)
2008-06-22 18:34:21
262.   silverwidow
Kyle Russell is raking at Ogden. He'll move pretty quickly, especially if the Dodgers trade Ethier at some point.
2008-06-22 19:16:36
263.   Bob Timmermann
Marching and Chowder societies were social clubs for Civil War vets. The guys would get back together, march around like they were back in the service and put on a parade and then they would celebrate later with chowder.
2008-06-22 19:23:22
264.   ToyCannon
Based on 5 games?
2008-06-22 19:37:47
265.   Bob Timmermann
A comment from Tony Jackson responding to someone's complaint about noise in the stadium:

"Yes, Nancy Bea is still here playing the organ, but they have cut her playing time way back. She actually leaves before the end of games a lot because there is no reason for her to stay because all the organ music seems to happen in the early innings. Any organ music after the seventh-inning stretch -- such as that Tomorrow song from Annie that they play after every loss -- is canned, recorded music."

2008-06-22 19:49:26
266.   nofatmike
263 By the way Bob, I saw yet another guy wearing a Darryl Strawberry jersey.
2008-06-22 20:09:57
267.   Eric Stephen
Captain America is now hitting .268. Can LaRoche play now?

DeWitt is indeed in a 6 for 44 slump, with no walks.

Since Furcal went down, here are some slumping Dodger positions (pretty much everyone except C & 1B):

SS: .150/.217/.193
LF: .272/.313/.320
RF: .238/.280/.366
2B: .246/.276/.389
3B: .265/.321/.368
CF: .267/.330/.418

2008-06-22 20:18:04
268.   regfairfield
I just saw Pao Gasol and Sasha playing volleyball with a lot of beautiful women. Sasha's tiny headband sees day to day wear.
2008-06-22 20:18:46
269.   Greg Brock
267 Bummed you couldn't make out to the stadium this day.

On the other hand, it was Africa hot out there.

2008-06-22 20:22:25
270.   trainwreck
I liked Strawberry, but I was too young to know that he stunk as a Dodger and was into the nose candy.
2008-06-22 20:23:00
271.   Bob Timmermann
It's probably the same guy. I hope it's just one guy.

I'd buy 10,000 Juan Pierre jerseys and 100,000 Jose Guillen jerseys before I'd touch a Darryl Strawberry jersey.

2008-06-22 20:26:06
272.   Bluebleeder87
Yeah, Darryl Strawberry wasn't exactly one of my all time favs either.
2008-06-22 20:26:09
273.   Greg Brock
I need to know the ratio of Strawberry jerseys to Hal Chase jerseys.

And how the falling dollar plays into this.

2008-06-22 20:33:34
274.   Bob Timmermann
Strawberry is not even worthy of going on the obelisk.
2008-06-22 20:37:02
275.   kinbote
What a dramatic come-from-ahead win!
2008-06-22 20:45:32
276.   Eric Enders
We should all chip in and buy Bob this jersey:

2008-06-22 20:47:28
277.   Bluebleeder87
Did you go to any more games Eric or did you decide to watch the Dodgers from home?

it was to hot man...

2008-06-22 20:48:31
278.   Bob Timmermann
I'd wear it.
2008-06-22 20:50:05
279.   Greg Brock
276 Don't spoil that issue of Sport!

I can't wait to find out the X factor in the Pirates success story. I can only assume it's something wholesome.

2008-06-22 20:51:47
280.   kinbote
Nice new Blue Sparks by ToyCannon.
2008-06-22 20:52:26
281.   Eric Stephen
I went Saturday, and decided not to roast in the heat today. I drove home this morning.
2008-06-22 20:57:09
282.   kinbote
Forgive me if this has been posted before. It's an innocent baseball-related laugh from The Onion:

2008-06-22 21:04:31
283.   underdog
282 I liked the new one on the Onion with the headline:
"Cuban Refugee Yuniesky Betancourt Prefers Castro To M's Manager John McLaren"
2008-06-22 21:21:19
284.   gpellamjr
282 The humor is ruined when it calls Kruk a "baseball expert".
2008-06-22 21:31:50
285.   nofatmike
271 No, this time it was a recent-college-grad yuppie who was sitting three seats to the left of me with his college friends. Probably some transplanted New Yorker who cheered Strawberry as a Met, likely remembering him as a superstar, and so to be neutral, wears a Darryl Strawberry jersey around Dodger Stadium completely oblivious to the thousands of spit-takes that are happening around.

Believe it or not, however, that's not the most bewildering Dodger jersey I have seen this year. Two months ago, while I was waiting in line at the movie theater, I saw rotund man wearing a Norohito Nakamura jersey a few people ahead of me. I had to snap a pictures this man just to document the occasion as he was neither a clueless Japanese tourist or homeless person who received the shirt from a thrift shirt. Very disturbing.

2008-06-22 21:34:51
286.   nofatmike
285 Thrift store*
2008-06-22 22:06:48
287.   underdog
262 It is a bit early to get overexcited, but I sure do like his 1200 OPS to start his pro career.
2008-06-22 22:19:09
288.   trainwreck
RIP George Carlin
2008-06-22 22:21:32
289.   underdog
That's so sad.
2008-06-22 22:34:17
290.   LoneStar7
288 Thats a shame about George, my dad always loved him.

265 I have to agree with Tony about the noise in Dodger stadium. I remember hearing something about us being 1 of only a few stadiums left still using an organ.

Although I come from this new generation, I hate this rap junk and sound affects that tony refers to..I say keep it traditional.

Good win today, I really hope we can have the same good fortune against the sox that the cubs have had, and as always, I must remark that James in on fuego!

2008-06-22 22:35:18
291.   Eric Stephen
Oh man, Carlin was always great, even as a grouchy old man. Even if one of his most famous bits pokes fun at baseball. :)

He will be missed.

2008-06-22 22:40:55
292.   dzzrtRatt
When I was a kid, I used to watch Carlin on Ed Sullivan doing bits like "The Hippy Dippy Weatherman." He was funny then and was funny on his last HBO special. A tremendous mind. Deeply cynical but in a healthy, disinfecting way. He was hard to love, but he obviously didn't care.
2008-06-22 22:41:29
293.   Marty
Good Bye Hippy Dippy Weatherman.
2008-06-22 22:41:43
294.   dzzrtRatt
291 I always interpreted that bit as more of a poke at football, with baseball set up as the kinder, gentler alternative.
2008-06-22 22:45:37
295.   Jon Weisman
This is stupid to say, but I can't believe he's dead. It's making me feel weird.
2008-06-22 22:47:17
296.   KG16
I was a fan from the first time I saw one of his HBO shows in the early 90s. Was always disappointed that his TV didn't last, but network was too restrictive for him anyway.

Off topic, but anyone watching In Plain Sight? Pretty good show, so far.

2008-06-22 22:47:52
297.   ToyCannon
Carlin made me think.
2008-06-22 23:03:34
298.   Eric Stephen
NL OPS Leaders in June
Branyan, MIL - 1.208
Fielder, MIL - 1.189
Hawpe, COL - 1.166
Loney, LA - 1.088
Edmonds, CHI - 1.084
Uggla, FLA - 1.023

Loney is hitting .402 in his last 23 games. Woo hoo!

2008-06-22 23:06:43
299.   Suffering Bruin
George Carlin. A comic's comic. Whenenver I meet stand-up comedians, I ask them who their favorites are. Many will say Pryor and surprisingly few will say Robin Williams. But all--and I mean all of them--had high praise for George Carlin.

I'll miss him. My thoughts and prayers go to my former classmate, Kelly Carlin, and to the entire Carlin family.

2008-06-22 23:08:12
300.   Bob Timmermann
I would agree with you about Carlin.

I will disagree about "In Plain Sight."


Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-06-22 23:08:26
301.   underdog
295 Me, too. Maybe it's because he was only a year older than my dad is now. :-( I know he had a history of heart trouble, and lord knows probably didn't always lead the healthiest life, but still... it's weird to think he's gone.

A couple of my favorite of his gags can't be repeated here, but shall live on in memory.


In other news, new piece up on Dodgers draftee Clayton Allison, of the Fresno State Bulldogs:

Sounds like a gutsy guy. Hope he doesn't have long term shoulder problems.

2008-06-22 23:11:39
302.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think Allison will pitch in the final series unless there's a third game and then it might just be for a batter or two.

Fresno State's coach has been pretty responsible when it comes to using his pitchers. He's not Skip Bertman.

2008-06-22 23:16:53
303.   underdog
Jeez, and Amy Winehouse has emphysema. (Not super surprising, considering her lifestyle, but yikes...)
2008-06-22 23:29:21
304.   El Lay Dave
293 Tonight's weather, dark, continuing mostly dark tonight, leading to widely scattered areas of light in our memories.
2008-06-22 23:40:11
305.   KG16
300 - you don't like In Plain Sight? Really?
2008-06-22 23:43:09
306.   Bob Timmermann
No, I really didn't like it at all. I just had the hardest time buying into the concept of every single person in the Witness Protection Program ending up in Albuquerque.

That and the characters weren't likeable.

And the writing was bad.

Other than that, I thought it was OK.

2008-06-22 23:46:03
307.   KG16
306 - The first episode was a bit rough, but I think the writing has gotten better. And the two main characters (Mary and Marshall) are likeable, no one else is but I don't think they're suppose to be. As far as everyone ending up in Albuquerque... well, it is a town that named their minor league baseball team after a Simpson's episode, so if I wanted someone to disappear, that's where I'd send him.
2008-06-22 23:49:16
308.   Bluebleeder87
I didn't realize Carlin had a hart condition until just now reading about his death, wow, that's pretty crazy, I've always thought of him as a really healthy guy.
2008-06-22 23:55:36
309.   Eric Enders
Man, I can't believe George Carlin is gone. He shouldn't be allowed to die. There should be a law against it. We still need him around.

I had the chance to see him in concert recently, and for reasons that I'm sure were good at the time but which escape me now, I ended up not going. So that sucks.

In loving memory, each of my next seven posts will feature one of Carlin's infamous dirty words.

(Well, OK, maybe not. But if ever there were a time to bend the rules...)

2008-06-22 23:58:26
310.   Lexinthedena
The first comedy album (tape) I ever owned.

I miss him already, what a spot on dude.

309 I agree completely, he is an institution that should be granted immortality.

2008-06-23 00:04:02
311.   Eric Enders
On the other hand, he lived 35 years longer than he thought he was going to:

Let me explain. It was 1973, and I was ten years old. My mom, dad and I had just come back from a trip to Hawaii late the night before so we were all sleeping in. At about 11:00 a.m. my dad came into my room and woke me up. He sat on my bed and said, "Kelly, I have something important to tell you." Now those words scared the [Rule 1] out of me because during our trip to Hawaii my parents had argued every waking moment, which was a lot since they were doing cocaine, and at that particular moment I was sure that he was about to tell me that he and my mom were going to split up.

So I sat up in bed bracing myself for the worst when he said, "Kelly, the sun has exploded and we have eight, no… seven and a half minutes to live."


2008-06-23 00:12:17
312.   jasonungar07
Ah man thanks George.
2008-06-23 00:16:12
313.   Greg Brock
I remember sneaking into the den at midnight, when all the lights were off and everybody was asleep, just to watch George Carlin's HBO specials.

I learned to be subversive because of him.

2008-06-23 00:21:48
314.   Dr Gonzo
Wow... this is a multi-generational thing in our household.

For me: 1975, driving to Dodger games with my buddies, listening to George Carlin and Cheech & Chong 8-tracks.

For my daughter: 1999, watching Thomas the Tank Engine videos that George Carlin narrated.

I hope he would have appreciated the incongruity. RIP.

2008-06-23 00:27:32
315.   Bob Timmermann
And now you've just sold out for The Man.
2008-06-23 00:45:34
316.   Greg Brock
316 Selling out gets a bad rap.

My principles never got me a fancy computer or a Playstation 3.

2008-06-23 00:52:29
317.   Greg Brock
I can only assume Jon will suspend Rule 1 in honor of Carlin's passing.

Bob, you go first.

2008-06-23 06:07:16
318.   Ken Noe
Torre feels Sweeney has something left based on watching his body language and demeanor on the field, saying the hitter does all the right things, prepares as if he were in a game during batting practice and takes care of his body the way he needs to. It's just that hitting the ball thing that's lacking now.

2008-06-23 07:31:32
319.   Jon Weisman
Will Padres be sold?

2008-06-23 08:18:34
320.   PHilldodger
318 To be fair, Sweeney is "heating up" in June. He's 2-14 this month after a 2-26 May and 2-17 April.
2008-06-23 08:27:54
321.   underdog
Sweeney is one of the 7 words you can't say on television.
2008-06-23 08:34:40
322.   Jim Hitchcock
Say it ain't so, George.
2008-06-23 08:46:30
323.   Bob Timmermann
Who gets custody of Vasgersian and Leitner?
2008-06-23 09:09:04
324.   underdog
Fresh Air is devoted to Carlin today, FYI. It's on right now here.
2008-06-23 09:13:36
325.   CodyS
Cool table giving insight into the performance of lincecum.;_ylt=AhSzB8CZVc.V4U.OqTvphpERvLYF?slug=ys-lincecumreportcard062208&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

I'd like to see more like this. Some of it is subjective (well-hit) but most would be available from pitch by pitch data.

It tells what happened, and a little bit about why. I'd also like to see some why, and that might have more to do with pitch f/x data.

For example, I am very curious why Scott Proctor is SO ineffective this year.

2008-06-23 09:15:26
326.   Disabled List
This bit was in the Times today about Matt Kemp's bunt attempt yesterday. Try not to bang your head against your monitor while reading it:

Dodgers Manager Joe Torre said he ordered the bunt, hoping for a bunt single at best and a sacrifice at worst, which would have advanced the runners to second and third and enabled the Dodgers to add a run on a fly ball.

"We were looking for one more run," Torre said.

Kemp leads the Dodgers in runs batted in, and he was tied for the lead in home runs among the players in Sunday's lineup. As he batted, four of his last five hits had gone for extra bases.

"When there's a runner at second base, we don't worry about power," Torre said. "We worry about a single. When you have the 3-4-5 guys [coming up after Kemp], you're trying to stretch the lead a little bit."

2008-06-23 09:15:41
327.   underdog
Dodger fan and DT reader Dennis Cozzalio (of the blog Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule) has a new primer up on GreenCine: Drive In Movies! Check it out.

/promotion, off

2008-06-23 09:20:04
328.   kinbote
318 That reminds me of Torre's infatuation with Pierre's outs this spring. What's next: Complimenting Proctor on how he watches opposing hits fly past him?
2008-06-23 09:21:02
329.   regfairfield
325 I think it's just a middle reliever swing. His home run rate is a little high, but his strikeout and walk rates are as good or better than they usually are. His strand rate is way low and his BABIP is way high. He's fine.
2008-06-23 09:21:47
330.   JoeyP
326--I'm going to assume Torre didnt manage that way when he had Giambi, ARod, Abreu, Posada in the middle of the order.
2008-06-23 09:23:14
331.   regfairfield
Hopefully Proctor's swing despite nothing being actually wrong with him teaches Ned a lesson about trading for middle relief.
2008-06-23 09:23:16
332.   underdog
326 The sad thing is with Kemp hitting into a DP in that at bat it sort of vindicates, or makes it look like it vindicates that kind of thinking. Stupid bunt. Stupid Bison. Stupid Torre. Stupid!

Sometimes I've thought they call a bunt for one pitch and then call it off on purpose just to throw the defense off, but sounds like that wasn't the case there.

2008-06-23 09:24:15
333.   underdog
325 Remind me to show Cody the magic of TinyURL one of these days... ;-)
2008-06-23 09:25:54
334.   CodyS
Whether it's a smart call or not, Matt Kemp should be able to bunt when called upon. (Any player should). Duke Snider could bunt.
2008-06-23 09:27:14
335.   underdog
Found this swell anecdote about George Carlin - and it relates to DT! - in an Ohio news site of all places:

>>Kunkle remembered one night when Carlin was in town and the Dodgers were playing in the World Series the same night. "I started walking out the door of his room and he said, do you like baseball? I said, George I love baseball. He said sit down we'll watch a few innings together. So we watched about three innings. We talked baseball, I was a Pirates fan growing up in Pittsburgh, he was a great Dodger fan and it got time for him to get ready and he said you better leave so I can get ready, but here's what I want you to do. Throughout the course of my act if you'll just let me know what the scores are"<<


2008-06-23 09:30:37
336.   El Lay Dave
326 Plus Kemp is hardly the stereotypical, slaptastic, bat-handling, contact-specialist #2 hitter. If the sacrifice was successful, I imagine Byrd IBBs the hot-hitting and left-handed Loney to get to Martin (who is up to .315 .412 .451 .863) with one-out, and I suppose one has to like the Dodgers odds there, but Martin and the slumping DeWitt are hardly classic 4-5 hitters themselves.

I'd be happier if Torre simply said, "with a successful bunt, Byrd has to pitch to either Loney with two runners in scoring position, or Martin with the bases-loaded."

2008-06-23 09:32:03
337.   kinbote
My outrage is a little late in registering, but why the heck is Ned Colletti giving unsolicited permission for the M's to interview White & Ng? He should have told the reporter, "No comment. Until I'm formally asked by another club, I have nothing to say." Believe me, the M's fanbase is very interested in these two.

Someone please put tape on his mouth and handcuff him to his desk until his contract expires.

2008-06-23 09:34:26
338.   El Lay Dave
334 As Torre and Company are fond of pointing out, they consider Matt Kemp still unrefined, a raw product still. Have they had him working on bunting in the spring, or in workouts?
2008-06-23 09:34:49
339.   kinbote
Juan Pierre makes it to!

2008-06-23 09:37:21
340.   Bob Timmermann
It's not good practice to deny people working under you the chance to promote.

Because why would they want to work for you if they knew ahead of time that they could never advance?

2008-06-23 09:42:28
341.   CodyS
Pierre's career clutchiness implies he does actually have another level when he alters his approach. Sadly, he labors under the impression that his regular approach is generally more useful than his altered approach. Most players have no clutchiness because they are taking their best approach up there every time.
2008-06-23 09:44:21
342.   cargill06
326 i now have a broken screen
2008-06-23 09:44:45
343.   Alex41592
332 - Well, Torre only gave Kemp one chance to bunt. And it wasn't pretty. However, it was a bunting situation just with a player who doesn't bunt. I believe in Florida he had Ethier bunt with Kemp on deck and Kemp got a base hit to score two runs. I agree that all players should be able to bunt, but, that still doesn't mean you'll get the bunt down. If Kemp got the bunt down they probably walk Loney intentionally to get to Martin. Maybe. Also, Loney swung 3-0 and flied out to left. Which was fine with me, not the flying out to left though.

BTW, James Loney is 2nd in the N.L in the past 30 days with a .350 batting average. Ahead of Chipper Jones and just behind Conor Jackson. Torre should seriously consider batting him third every day right now.

2008-06-23 09:45:53
344.   kinbote
340 Well, I guess I should add Honesty to the list of traits that Colletti has that fail to make him a better GM.
2008-06-23 09:46:34
345.   Disabled List
340 I think it was the unsolictied offering of Ng and White that irked people. I have no reason to doubt that Colletti wants what's best for the people who work for him, but suggesting those two without being asked by the M's made him look like he was trying to thin the competition for his own job.
2008-06-23 09:48:53
346.   Bob Timmermann
Other people would say it makes him look like a boss who is trying to get people working for him a better job.

If my boss never suggested to anyone that I should get a promotion, I likely would have never been promoted.

I guess my cynicism meter is not as finely attuned as others.

2008-06-23 09:49:29
347.   LogikReader

Carlin was a huge fan of the Dodgers back in the day, but when he was growing up, they were still in Brooklyn. It's interesting he'd root for Brooklyn because he lived in Morningside Heights, the heart of Giants country. He related once how Bobby Thompson broke his heart with the "shot heard 'round the world."

But, like many Brooklyn fans, he harbored an intense resentment for the Dodgers once O'Malley moved them to LA. Ever since, he became a Mets fan and usually was pretty happy with Dodger failure. Truly a great baseball fan he was, that George Carlin.

2008-06-23 09:56:31
348.   regfairfield
Kemp said he hadn't really bunted since Little League, I don't think Torre was having him work on it in BP.
2008-06-23 09:58:01
349.   El Lay Dave
346 My boss sometimes suggests that I get a promotion. He never suggests that I get it at a competitor - I imagine he might if he was hinting they were dissatisfied with me and suggesting that we should part ways.

That said, you can't always "no comment" the press either. I get the sense we're nitpicking Ned's comment that he'd give permission if asked.

2008-06-23 09:58:42
350.   LogikReader

I am a little concerned with this. Why are the managers toying with Kemp? They aren't doing anything like this with Russell Martin, Andre Ethier, nor Andy LaRoche. Andy LaRoche!! I don't even think they'd force The Solution™ to drag a bunt with two on.

It's a little disconcerting, and I hope they don't ruin Bison's confidence that way. Why single him out?

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-06-23 10:06:17
351.   Andrew Shimmin
Ng can't be promoted, in-house, while Colletti's still got the GM job. It'd be a pretty ugly move to refuse to let her interview for the Seattle job. Maybe he should have gotten out of answering a hypothetical question, but I don't think it matters very much that he did answer it.
2008-06-23 10:08:14
352.   Penarol1916
349. A lot of college coaches, like Rick Pitino actively campaign for their assistants to get head coaching jobs elsewhere, so it is not like this is an unheard of action.
2008-06-23 10:12:32
353.   underdog
347 Yowsa. That anecdote must have occurred decades ago, then. Here I was picturing it happening in 1988. (Well, that was decades ago, too. But you know what I mean.) Well, bless Carlin's heart anyway.
2008-06-23 10:15:36
354.   kinbote
351 I'm not really "outraged" outraged, just "talking baseball" outraged. :)
2008-06-23 10:17:29
355.   El Lay Dave
353 George Carlin would have been 20 during that last season in Brooklyn. Was he a working club comedian by then? It was the World Series; perhaps he'd watch irrespective of the teams playing?
2008-06-23 10:21:34
356.   El Lay Dave
352 Yes, sure, agreed. My poorly made point is that I didn't buy into the general analogy - in fact, since libraries probably aren't really competitors, it may hold true for Bob, but I doubt that Ford managers are campaigning for their subordinates to get a promotion by leaving for Toyota. Anyway, I agree with 351 , this (Ned's comment) is a molehill.
2008-06-23 10:22:58
357.   El Lay Dave
NPUT. So am I LATed, if I post after the new post is up, but before it is announced in the old topic?
2008-06-23 10:30:56
358.   Jon Weisman
357 - No.

Getting upset over Colletti's remarks is pretty silly. The remarks themselves are a non-event, merely reflecting the reality that if Seattle asks, it would be pretty reprehensible for Colletti to not give them permission, regardless of his motives.


2008-06-23 10:35:07
359.   goofus
Let's start a campaign to ask Frank to be man enough to stand up and say he made a mistake hiring Colletti and Torre and have guts enough to fire them. Ng or Ng and White take over the GM job and they find a manager under 50 years old, one who understands the game now and not the way it was 30 years ago.
2008-06-23 16:54:47
360.   DaDoughboy

What mistake has McCourt made in hiring Colletti and Torre really?..The only really bad signing for Colletti was Jones, and that is 'only' a 2 year deal. Not a terrible gamble if you ask me. And granted, they are overpaying Pierre, but he still does exactly what we signed him for, day in, day out (and I'm really not a Pierre apologist).. Colletti will play the injury card a lot in the coming weeks..he definitely has the right to.

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