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Jackie Robinson, Take 2
2008-06-25 16:10
by Jon Weisman



Jackie Robinson's new plaque at the Hall of Fame was unveiled today. (Click to enlarge the image on the right.) Jack O'Connell of has a report.

"We have adjusted plaques over the years that were found to have factual errors, but very rarely do we change the plaque for subjective reasons," Hall of Fame Chairman Jane Forbes Clark said. "We feel very strongly that rewriting Jackie Robinson's plaque is extremely important."

The new plaque denotes the importance of the valor Robinson displayed in opening opportunities in the Major Leagues for minorities as well as detailing the highlights of his 10-season career, which had been the sole subject of the previous plaque.

"Now the totality of Jackie's impact will be encapsulated on his plaque," Clark said. "The plaque is a career snapshot, and Jackie's snapshot was not complete without noting his cultural impact on our game. This is the right moment to place on Jackie's plaque his contribution to history not only as a Hall of Fame player but also as a civil rights pioneer." ...

"He wanted to be judged by the same standards that all the other Hall of Famers had been," Rachel Robinson said. "He would understand now that we need to go beyond that toward social change, and he would want to be a part of that and be recognized. I don't think he would object to that. He would understand this is an evolution."

* * *

Eric Enders had a healthy critique of Ned Colletti in comment 144 of the last thread.

* * *

White Sox at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (51)
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2008-06-25 16:10:57
1.   Jim Hitchcock
...and he had the honor to retire rather than play for the Giants.
2008-06-25 16:11:20
2.   bryanf
Anyone get a chance to see this?

Sorry if it's a repost, but I found it very interesting. Just another example of Torre-weirdness.

2008-06-25 16:12:31
3.   Jon Weisman
1 - A myth. He had already decided to retire when the trade was announced.
2008-06-25 16:16:30
4.   bryanf
Eric, what a great post in 144 of the last thread. I want to copy and paste that into an e-mail and send it to all of my friends and family. I just might actually. Thank you.
2008-06-25 16:20:23
5.   sporky
2 On a related note, from Diamond Leung:

>>The Dodgers have optioned reliever Scott Proctor to Class AAA Las Vegas after the Joe Torre workhorse has struggled to a 6.82 ERA in 33 games, expressing a good amount of frustration after his last outing.

Right-hander Brian Falkenborg had his contract purchased from Las Vegas, where he was 1-1 with a 3.60 ERA after getting a shot during the spring as a non-roster invitee. Falkenborg, 30, pitched briefly for the Dodgers in 2004 and has 39 big-league appearances under his belt.

To make room for Falkenborg on the 40-man roster, catcher Gary Bennett (plantar fasciitis) has been transferred to the 60-day disabled list.<<

2008-06-25 16:21:24
6.   fanerman
5 I think I'm about to faint.
2008-06-25 16:23:08
7.   bryanf
5 Wow, makes 2 kind of pointless now. This is good news. Perhaps Sweeney will be the next card to fall in this better-late-than-never game.
2008-06-25 16:24:10
8.   old dodger fan
5 UPDATE: As it turns out, Proctor will instead be placed in the disabled list with an elbow injury...
2008-06-25 16:25:13
9.   fanerman
5 Diamond updated the post and said Proctor's been placed on the DL.
2008-06-25 16:25:42
10.   Eric Enders
Awesome. Now we await the Mike Edwards and Jason Grabowski re-acquisitions.

Greg Miller was doing pretty well down there, wasn't he? He couldn't be worse than Proctor.

2008-06-25 16:26:54
11.   GMac In The 909
5 One down, two to go.
2008-06-25 16:27:15
12.   Eric Enders
"I'm tired of people making excuses and saying I'm hurt. I'm not."
- Scott Proctor, 6/22/08
2008-06-25 16:27:30
13.   underdog
Ah, the ol' Phantom DL. Works for me. Honestly, I like Scott Proctor. He's been undeniably awful most of the year, but at least he's owned up to it. You can find plenty of other relievers who can be effective until the talented but struggling ones find their form again (if they do). Not sure Falkenborg is the guy. But he's kind of like a temp a company hires just as a fill in. He probably shouldn't apply for the job opening.

Even better, Bennett to the 60 day. Transfer him to the 160 day list next, Dodgers.

2008-06-25 16:27:34
14.   Jon Weisman
Now I'm going to have to make a new thread.
2008-06-25 16:30:13
15.   GMac In The 909
12 Didn't Loaiza say something along the same lines before he landed on the DL and then the scrap heap?
2008-06-25 16:30:46
16.   underdog
12 He probably wasn't hurt, which makes the DL a little suspicious on the part of the Dodgers, unless something happened since then. Personally I think some time rehabbing in Vegas would be better for him, figuring out what is wrong.
2008-06-25 16:31:07
17.   underdog
Poor Jackie.
2008-06-25 16:32:30
18.   Improbable88
I have 4 tickets for tonight and tomorrow. Anyone who wants them for the cost of e-mailing them ($8 for the set) please drop me a line: ifallelse1 at aol.

Will post this in the ticket exchange, thread as well.

2008-06-25 16:32:45
19.   dzzrtRatt
I'd hate to be Colletti right now.

I'd like his job, but I'd hate to actually be him. That trades quote Enders focused on in #144 was deadly. It says a lot about Ned's trading abilities that his best deal, by far, was one forced by the owner for raw PR reasons. (The Maddux deal's benefits are undercut by the mistake of letting him go.) Seeing it in print must make him feel like quite the putz. I suspect that might be why the Dodgers have this reputation among GMs as not pulling the trigger. Colletti is a ditherer when dealing with other GMs because he's unsure of what he should do, because he really doesn't have a comfortable sense of how to judge talent. It's not even old vs. new school. There are some successful old school GMs out there, who rise or fall according to a coherent philosophy.

McCourt has picked two GMs. Both were #2s in their previous organizations. Both can be criticized for their inability to assert themselves as strong #1s. Perhaps McCourt, uneasy in his throne, doesn't cotton to strong personalities as GMs. DePo had the smarts and a coherent philosophy, but wasn't an effective infighter. Colletti lacks the smarts, has no philosophy, but is good at making McCourt feel like they're on the same page. The McCourt page.

2008-06-25 16:33:02
20.   68elcamino427
Each incremental positive change has a positive effect on the whole.
That must have been quite a meeting today.
2008-06-25 16:34:26
21.   StolenMonkey86
To be fair, "Swinging at Bad Pitches" may be better measured by out-of-zone swing percentage than with P/PA.

O-Swing% from Fangraphs, 2008
Martin: 20.26%
Furcal: 23.78%
Loney: 25.87%
Ethier: 26.28%
Kent: 27.74%
DeWitt: 27.87%
Pierre: 29.19%
Kemp: 33.65%

2008-06-25 16:35:23
22.   bryanf
Remember those of us who were there last year on DT day the one thing McCourt said he was most proud (?) of was selecting Ned as the GM. Was it proud or happy with or something? Anyway, I know it doesn't mean anything, but he sure gave him a vote of confidence with that comment.
2008-06-25 16:38:02
23.   StolenMonkey86
Frame of reference:

O-Swing%, 2008
Vlad Guerrero: 44.07%
Jeff Francoeur: 36.43%
Chipper Jones: 14.23%
Jack Cust: 10.18%

2008-06-25 16:41:19
24.   68elcamino427
The McCourt page.

I think that I read somewhere that McCourt's father was involved in the ownership of the Milwaukee Braves and that as a kid McCourt was around the team. Maybe someone can verify.

I do not underestimate Mr. McCourt. He is doing just about everything that is asked for on this site. He is a very savvy businessman.

2008-06-25 16:48:39
25.   JoeyP
Doesnt Proctor have too much service time to be optioned to Vegas?

I'd have liked to see Miller up here.
Just to see what he can do, since he's out of options next year.

Falkenborg? Um ok.

2008-06-25 16:53:33
26.   underdog
Would Miller's call up now effect his option status for next year, or doesn't matter?

I'd have liked to have seen him, too, BUT I will say that I can kind of understand why maybe they wouldn't. When you think about their bullpen, it now also includes the very inexperienced Troncoso, as well as Wade, who has been mostly great. Again, not to get into the veterans vs kids thing yet again, but I can see why with a bullpen that right now is very young, except for Saito, why they may want one other experienced guy? Miller's never thrown in the bigs, which is why I'd be excited to see him, but can also wait til a bit later in the year.

As I said above, I wouldn't expect Falkenborg to stick around long unless he's much better than expected.

2008-06-25 16:57:11
27.   El Lay Dave
Lineup, from ItD (Rawitch):

Pierre, LF
Ethier, RF
Kent, 2B
Martin, C
Loney, 1B
Kemp, CF
DeWitt, 3B
Berroa, SS
Stults, P

2008-06-25 16:59:10
28.   silverwidow
Would Miller's call up now effect his option status for next year, or doesn't matter?

Doesn't matter. He NEEDS to stay on the 25-man roster next year or he's gone.

2008-06-25 17:00:01
29.   underdog
Also, I know Miller's been so much better lately, but still his 32 BBs to 35 Ks vs Falkenborg's 8 walks to 41 Ks might be another reason. (And yes, I know it's AAA vs the majors but still, control is control.) Why not wait a bit longer before putting Miller in major league relief situations?
2008-06-25 17:00:06
30.   Ken Noe
Falkenborg pitched pretty well in the spring, as I remember, or am I dreaming? At least he bumps Bennett to the 60 and allows Proctor to take a break. Interesting that TJ says they originally wanted to send him to Vegas.
2008-06-25 17:00:59
31.   CodyS
I am very pleased Bennett has been put to the back back burner. Not that I have any expectations of Ardoin, but at least he was a competent minor league hitter and appears to be able to play catcher in the major leagues (both features lacking in Bennett).
He also reminds me that we could have had Piazza this year, so that just makes me bitter.
2008-06-25 17:01:01
32.   underdog
Ah, okay, thanks. Well, I expect he'll get a taste this year before too long.
2008-06-25 17:03:54
33.   sporky
Go Fresno!
2008-06-25 17:09:47
34.   scareduck
4 -

2008-06-25 17:11:05
35.   scareduck
24 - I believe it was his grandfather, actually.
2008-06-25 17:13:05
36.   El Lay Dave
30 not just "wanted to", but told the press:
...we were originally told [Proctor] was being optioned to Las Vegas...
2008-06-25 17:15:11
37.   Dodgers49
35 24 - I believe it was his grandfather, actually.

Also, the team was the Boston Braves.

2008-06-25 17:17:27
38.   Xeifrank
My simulator has the Dodgers win probability at 48.19%. Vegas has it at 49.5% and AccuScore at 46%. My simulator has the over/under at 9.08 runs, a run higher than Vegas. AccuScore has it at 9.2 runs. Might be a nice night to bet the over, if you were a betting person that is.
vr, Xei
2008-06-25 17:23:06
39.   underdog
Welp, I'm off to try to play soccer. Back to catch the 2nd half of the game. Good luck to the Blue tonight. They seem to need more of that than they've been getting.
2008-06-25 17:49:38
40.   scareduck
36 - does Proctor even have an option year left?
2008-06-25 17:58:04
41.   El Lay Dave
40 Who knows? He has two full seasons in the bigs and two partials, before this year. The two partials used up option years, I think. I don't know how much service time he actually has, and how much one needs to no longer be optionable.

Point is, the Dodgers announced something to the press and then immediately had to do something different. Oops.

2008-06-25 18:07:44
42.   Dodgers49
May's big day helps Suns win

>> May caught another strong outing by Suns pitcher James McDonald. The hard-throwing right-hander allowed just one run and three hits in five innings, improving his record to 4-2 and lowering his earned-run average to 3.42. <<

## Around the bases: Scott Elbert pitched three more solid innings of relief Tuesday, allowing a homer and a walk but retiring the other nine batters he faced. ... The Los Angeles Dodgers promoted 22-year-old right-hander Jesus Rodriguez to the Suns from Class A Inland Empire to fill the roster spot of Marlon Arias (shoulder), who was placed on the disabled list Friday ... ##

2008-06-25 18:21:52
43.   El Lay Dave
Park to start again in place of Kuroda - from the PE blog:

Hiroki Kuroda (shoulder) will pitch in a simulated game Friday and not make his Saturday start, with Chan Ho Park going instead.

2008-06-25 18:30:08
44.   El Lay Dave
Both Diamond Leung and Tony Jackson have updates on the Proctor injury situation, feeding Jon's pet peeve about injured players.

After being told he was going to be optioned, [Proctor] revealed his elbow had been bothering him for "close to a month," according to [Torre]. Proctor, who after his last outing vehemently denied being hurt, will undergo a test probably tomorrow. "It happened in New York," Torre said. "'I'm alright, I'm alright.' You love him for his heart...Scotty's that guy who figures in spite of it he can go and get guys out. Has has at times...I don't agree with the thinking (of not reporting injuries). I don't condone that thinking."

Proctor was willing to go, but after continuing to press him on the issue of his physical health, only then did Proctor admit that there was a problem with his elbow. "I know it sounds like he just did that to keep from going to the minor leagues," Torre said. "But I checked with (trainer) Stan (Conte), and I think he had the same conversation with (Proctor) late last night."

2008-06-25 18:35:23
45.   Greg Brock
44 It's everybody's pet peeve.

He should be fined. And demoted anyways.

2008-06-25 18:37:39
46.   El Lay Dave
45 And have his number torn off his uniform. And have his face slapped with a pair of black gloves.
2008-06-25 18:40:21
47.   Greg Brock
46 Let's not be crazy. He can keep his number.
2008-06-25 18:42:00
48.   Linkmeister
46 Hey! I recognize that opening sequence!
2008-06-25 18:50:48
49.   Jon Weisman
2008-06-26 07:31:26
50.   al bundy
Yes, an amen to post 144.

I hope someone sent it to the McCourts, and all the Dodgers beat writers and concerned columnists.

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2008-06-26 07:57:01
51.   Raf
Jackie Robinson looks an awful lot like Mike Tyson in that first plaque.

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