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Dodgers, Kershaw Believe a Solution Is at Hand
2008-06-26 22:18
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers are far from blind to Clayton Kershaw's command issues, but remain confident he can solve them at the big-league level, writes Dylan Hernandez of the Times:

Whatever trouble Kershaw has had in the majors isn't enough to convince Manager Joe Torre that he would be better served refining his craft in the minors.

"I don't necessary see him going backwards in the quality of his starts," Torre said. "I think he's learning something. It might be something subtle every time out. I don't see him as being lost out there or not feeling he can handle the situation."

Pitching coach Rick Honeycutt said he hasn't even considered the possibility of optioning Kershaw to Jacksonville.

"This is where you want him to continue to improve his trade," Honeycutt said.

The problem, Kershaw said, "is the same every time."

That is, command. ...

"In order to win, in order to go deeper into game, you've got to at least show you can throw three for strikes," Kershaw said. "I know I can do it. I'll do it."

He knows, he said, because he's doing it between starts.

Honeycutt calls himself a witness to that progress, saying he has seen Kershaw sharpen his breaking ball and stay tall on his back leg to keep his fastball low. ...

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2008-06-26 22:32:31
1.   KG16
It'll come, it will come. His WHIP is good, his K rate is good, even his BAA isn't very bad. The only thing I'm concerned about is his ERA, but given that he's a rookie, it's not a major concern.
2008-06-26 22:40:21
2.   Jon Weisman
I'd say his ERA looks better than his WHIP. But command issues are solvable. It just depends on whether people want to watch the solving or have it take place out of sight in Jacksonville.
2008-06-26 22:40:31
3.   bhsportsguy
Jon just wanted to break up NBA talk and bring up baseball or whatever they play at Dodger Stadium.
2008-06-26 22:41:16
4.   Eric Enders
It's not so much walking people, just being wild inside the strike zone. Case in point is the RBI single Ramirez had today. An 0-2 count, Ardoin puts his glove way up in the air indicating he wants a fastball around the shoulders. Instead it's right down the middle and Ramirez smashes it.

Once Kershaw learns to harness it, he'll be unstoppable. I wonder if the fans and management will have enough patience. Sandy Koufax was allowed five years to find his control; not that I'm saying Kershaw will need that long, but if he does, the Dodgers will likely not stick with him as long as they did Koufax.

2008-06-26 22:42:24
5.   Eric Enders
Oh, and I totally agree that he needs to stay in the majors. There is nothing for him to learn in Jacksonville or Las Vegas.
2008-06-26 22:45:09
6.   silverwidow
Billingsley's first 32.1 IP:

34 H, 16 ER, 26 BB, 18 K, 4.45 ERA

Kershaw's first 33 IP:

33 H, 16 ER, 22 BB, 29 K, 4.36 ERA

2008-06-26 22:46:54
7.   Jon Weisman
3 - Not that I wouldn't talk about the Jason Collins trade all night long.

I would bet Kershaw solves his command issues on a pace faster than Billingsley.

2008-06-26 22:47:08
8.   Eric Enders
I was just going to bring that up, actually. Their rookie performances were very similar, except Kershaw's strikeout rate is much, much better.
2008-06-26 22:47:19
9.   Jon Weisman
I wrote 7 before I saw 6 .
2008-06-26 22:52:11
10.   silverwidow
Watching the replay, I am STUNNED Brian Falkenborg can throw 97 MPH.

I thought he was a junk baller or something. He actually looks pretty good.

2008-06-26 23:04:32
11.   Eric Enders
More comparisons through their first six starts:

Opposition batting .282/.419/.442
582 pitches (3.85 pitches per batter), 327 strikes (56.2%)
Average game score of 44

Opposition batting .255/.360/.377
531 pitches (4.18 pitches per batter), 321 strikes (60.5%)
Average game score of 49

2008-06-26 23:06:31
12.   natepurcell
Billingsley really picked it up in the second half until he went down with an oblique strain.
2008-06-26 23:07:38
13.   Eric Enders
(I forgot to note that the numbers in 11 don't include today. It's the first six starts for each guy.)
2008-06-26 23:17:16
14.   Louis in SF
With left-hander John Danks starting for the White Sox and Andre Ethier hitting .164 against left-handers, Torre elected to sit Ethier on Thursday -- much to Danks' delight.

"Fortunately, Andre Ethier wasn't in there," said Danks, who pitched six scoreless innings. "He owned me all the way down to the minor leagues. I was definitely excited to see that."

The above is from the LA Times, and sort of fits my view of the season and the tad of frustration that some are feeling with Kershaw and this team.

We are so close but yet so far away!

I was at Kershaw's first game pitching, against STL, he pitched very well the Dodgers couldn't quite hold a lead, but won in extra's. He clearly needs more time and will be special, we just have to be patient. Unfortunately we may have to be patient this year.

Today's game a few timely hits and perhaps we win, or maybe Joe looks at the hold splits and goes against convention and lets Ethier start god forbid over JP, because he owns Danks, and we get that series win against a good team.

Unfortunately it doesn't happen, we lose another close ballgame and don't pick-up any ground. Again we must be patient until Furcal comes back and maybe Jones adds some power.

I hope Kershaw can eventually be a spark, just hope it is sooner rather than later this year.

2008-06-26 23:17:39
15.   CanuckDodger
5 -- Nothing left to learn in the minors? Consistency with command and secondary pitches is something that has to be learned somewhere, and practiced through sheer repititon. I would rather Kerhsaw be working on those things in a place where it doesn't matter if he can only pitch 4 innings a game and where no MLB service time is being burned. Kershaw is going to be arbitration-eligible when he's the age Billingsley is now. That's not good.
2008-06-27 00:13:07
16.   Eric Enders
14 Wow. I hope Torre reads the paper.

Of course, it was nice to see Delwyn in there. But we all know who he should have been replacing.

2008-06-27 00:19:38
17.   scareduck
"This is where you want ... to ... trade," Honeycutt said.

Fun with ellipses!

2008-06-27 00:21:21
18.   Eric Enders
15 I see where you're coming from, however:

1) As one of the five best starting pitchers in the organization, he belongs on the team, and

2) Why is the minors more conducive to improving one's command? If anything, wouldn't the minors be less conducive to learning command, with all the less disciplined hitters swinging at stuff out of the strike zone? It seems to me that one of Kershaw's challenges so far is learning that MLB hitters aren't going to offer at the slop outside the strike zone. Striking out Double-A hitters on pitches in the dirt might accomplish nothing except encouraging bad pitching habits.

3) You're drawing sweeping conclusions from a 30-inning sample. For all we know, the severity of his command issues could be nothing more than randomness. If he still has the same walk rate after 12 or 15 starts, then let's talk.

2008-06-27 00:21:54
19.   scareduck
4 - Sandy had five years because of the stupid bonus baby rules in effect then. He was one of the few who came out on the other side unscathed.
2008-06-27 00:26:19
20.   scareduck
18 - then just push everyone (or at least, every top prospect) straight to the majors. (2) is an argument against having a farm system altogether. It's just nonsensical. You could have said the same thing about Mark Alexander a couple years ago when he was all but unhittable for Jacksonville; yet suddenly AAA Las Vegas held some surprises for him.
2008-06-27 00:28:07
21.   Eric Enders
19 Obviously I know that, but it doesn't change the fact that they were willing to let a guy sit around taking up a roster spot for five years without contributing all that much. The modern Dodgers would never do that.

If I'm remembering my archaic baseball transaction rules correctly, the Dodgers could have optioned Koufax to the minors starting in 1957.

2008-06-27 00:28:09
22.   scareduck
10 - IIRC Falkenborg's problem is command and a lack of movement on his pitches.
2008-06-27 00:36:06
23.   Eric Enders
20 The difference, as you bloody well know, is that I'm talking about players who have already mastered the minor leagues and are already good enough to contribute in the majors, while you're not.
2008-06-27 00:50:20
24.   Eric Enders
I guess I just don't buy the theory that dominating the minor leagues with one's hand tied behind one's back is conducive to learning. It seems obvious that any player would have far more to learn by playing in the majors than playing in the minors. So if a guy is already good enough that your major league team is benefiting by playing him, then that's where he belongs.
2008-06-27 00:57:04
25.   natepurcell
there is a huge difference between a Mark Alexander type minor league pitcher and the Scott Kazmir, Clayton Kershaw type prospects.
2008-06-27 00:59:52
26.   CanuckDodger
18 -- I didn't say, or imply, that the minors is more conducive to improving a pitcher's command. My point was, is, that while improvement in command is being worked on, it is ideal that it be done in a place where the winning and losing of games is irrelevent, where issues like over-working the bullpen are irrelevent, and where no MLB service time is being eaten up. Should that be an unbreakable rule? No. Looking at what the Dodgers have in the way of pitching in the majors, at a given time, comes into consideration too. That's why I think it was permissible to let Billingsley work through his rough patches in the majors. But right now, Stults and Park give us the luxury of taking our time with Kershaw.
2008-06-27 01:16:49
27.   Eric Enders
26 Of those reasons, the only one that persuades me to any degree is the service time one. Minor league bullpens have the same overwork issues that major league ones do. And I don't see any good reason why the pitcher needs to be in an environment where winning and losing don't matter. Perhaps what you mean by that is that Torre will be tempted to pitch Kershaw more than he should, but (a) I doubt he would do that, and (b) That would only become a temptation if the command problem is solved.

And despite recent events, I also don't buy that Park and Stults are comparable to Kershaw in terms of reasonably expectable MLB performance.

2008-06-27 01:35:35
28.   CanuckDodger
27 -- You can ride a Double A bullpen so hard that every reliever's arm falls off and nobody will care. The tired relievers can cause the team to lose ball games it should win and nobody will care. That is why those things aren't "issues," while they would be issues in the majors. In the majors, if a pitcher's command problems are leading to losses either directly or indirectly, that is a problem.

What is a reasonably-expected performance from Kershaw in the majors right now? Between four and five earned runs per nine innings. The way Park and Stults are pitching, in 2008, I expect better than that from both Stults and Park, and nobody can adduce any good reason to believe they will fall apart imminently. Everyone says it is smoke and mirrors, but I'm a big believer in getting use out of players when they are demonstrably "hot."

2008-06-27 06:27:05
29.   OhioBlues12
More speculation from Rosenthal:

I am really not a big fan of Dunn's but I find myself considering this one. Parting with Hu would be tough but I do think that Furcal comes back next season plus we should have Abreu playing utility. The opportunity to get two draft picks for Dunn also helps to soften the blow of losing Hu. Getting a healthy Furcal and Jones back and adding Dunn could really change our fortunes in the second half. The only downside is that we would be squeezing out Ethier again.

2008-06-27 06:52:02
30.   Bluebleeder87
I'm showing my Dodger solidarity during these rough patches & especialy cause we are playing the Halos this weekend by sporting my DT gear.

We must defete the Halos!

2008-06-27 07:03:29
31.   Doctor
The funny thing is Kershaw has never REALLY dominated in the minors. The only stretch you could really call dominant was spring training 2008. That might have some influence on the keep up/send down decision???
2008-06-27 07:13:53
32.   CodyS
15 The 2008 Major league Dodgers is actually a place where it doesn't matter. What's he going to hurt? Are we going to finish with a .425 record instead of a .440 record?
2008-06-27 07:15:47
33.   Doctor
I love the Jerome WIlliams signing..... not sure what happened to that guy be he looked sooo good early on before he fell apart. Great risk/reward that we can fix him for some role.
2008-06-27 07:16:00
34.   PHilldodger
29 I would do cartwheels (at least a round-off) if the Dodgers were able to complete such a deal.
2008-06-27 07:16:38
35.   ToyCannon
I didn't see where Kershaw had dominated the minor leagues to the point where he couldn't learn anything more.
We brought him up when we needed him, but once Penny and Kuroda are back in the rotation, then I'd have no problem if they optioned Kershaw back to the minors pitching 6/7 innings on a regular basis.

Hey Canuck I don't get to say I told you so regarding the prospects to you very often but we did argue about Kershaw getting the call up in 2008 and pitching meaningful innings.

2008-06-27 07:18:12
36.   JoeyP
I dont mind Kershaw staying with the Dodgers either. This season is going nowhere anyway, so instead of wasting it on guys that have no future (Park) in the rotation...keep that spot for Kershaw and let him learn here.
2008-06-27 07:18:29
37.   ToyCannon
How about the Clippers having their best draft in my lifetime. At least before they play the games and that doesn't say much given their draft history but Gordon and Jordan. Nice
2008-06-27 07:21:43
38.   ToyCannon
I guess we like Ken when he proposes a trade for the 1st time ever that favors the Dodgers.
2008-06-27 07:29:51
39.   Doctor

Ethier is making himself squeezable. Really like the guy, but he just isn't forcing his way into PT.

2008-06-27 07:34:36
40.   OhioBlues12
38 - I don't know why we would like Rosenthal for that proposal since it is obviously just speculation like most of his writings, but at least the reasoning behind this one is sound. It is a trade that may favor us slightly but still has value for the Reds. They are not going to sign Dunn long-term and had trouble trading him last year. They also need a young SS (though I don't know what their opinion is of Keppinger), which Hu would provide them.
2008-06-27 07:38:57
41.   JoeyP
Gordon is a really short shooting guard. I dont think he has much upside, certainly wont be better than Maggette.

Jordan is a complete project.

2008-06-27 07:44:07
42.   Dodger Dawg
I'm just throwing this out here for some other opinions, but what happens, if what you see is what you get with our young players. What I mean is, what if they're all over rated, and nobody develops into a difference maker? I don't have the stats to prove any of this, and it's just from watching these past years, but it seem to me that all of them have regressed a bit from last year, even Martin. Tampa Bay has Longoria with something like 14 home runs, and he's a young player, also last year Chris Young hit 30 , another young player. None of the current group of players look like star material so far. It's true they might need more time to develop, or worse yet the current group of coaches is hindering and maybe even destroying their confidence and or ability. I would be willing to bet that if any of them are traded they will do much better elsewhere. The other thing to consider, is that if the possibility exists that this group of young players stays pretty much as they are now, what does that say about Logan White, is it possible that he's overrated also? I personally feel it's the coaching and managing, but there are no guarantees in baseball either way.
2008-06-27 07:51:57
43.   JoeyP
42--> If that happens, as Regairfield pointed out a week or so ago--the Dodgers are screwed.

If all the youngsters just remain average players, the Dodgers are going to be an average team, but one with very little flexibilty bc all of our own average players will be A) Under Contract, and B)Not coveted by other teams in trades.

Certainly Martin, Billingsley, Kershaw are difference making caliber players.

But Kemp, LaRoche, Ethier, DeWitt, Loney must develop more.

I dont think Logan White would be considered overrated even if the kids dont become stars. He did his job, in that he's drafted players that all became rather valued commodities at one time or another. Thats all you can ask.

At that point, its up to the GM to use those prospects either as currency to get more valuable players, or to keep them and hope they develop.

2008-06-27 07:59:00
44.   Dodger Dawg
43- The bigger problem is Ned can't be trusted to do either.
2008-06-27 08:30:55
45.   scareduck
30 - We must defete the Halos!

You forgot the little hat on the ê. But nobody likes a party pooper.

2008-06-27 08:42:14
46.   scareduck
23 - The difference, as you bloody well know, is that I'm talking about players who have already mastered the minor leagues and are already good enough to contribute in the majors, while you're not.

What does "mastered the minor leagues" mean? I'm assuming that it's about

a) putting up outstanding numbers against his same-age or younger competition or
b) something else unspecified.

Alexander isn't the best example simply because of his age, it's true, but is a 25-year-old at AA really that far out of the pale? Your entire argument here seems to rest on some very subjective criteria.

And by the by, what's with the trailing part of that sentence, "and you're not"? My ability to compete at the major league level has never been at issue, and is irrelevant to this discussion.

2008-06-27 08:42:49
47.   Terry A
38 - I have no love for Rosenthal, but I am intrigued by the idea of another team's GM proposing Dodger-friendly trades through a columnist. I'd change my opinion and support keeping Colletti if I knew he was getting his acquisition ideas spoon-fed to him by a GM who actually knew what he was doing.
2008-06-27 08:47:07
48.   scareduck
31 - The funny thing is Kershaw has never REALLY dominated in the minors.

Wow, so a 2.28 ERA with a 9.76 K/9 and 3.12 BB/9 isn't dominant? I guess he was 0-3 over 43.1 IP and 9 GS, so from a traditional baseball perspective -- i.e. the one that keeps Bert Blyleven out of Cooperstown because he never got to 300 wins -- he wasn't dominant. But he was doing everything else right.

2008-06-27 08:56:27
49.   Xeifrank
I remember a few weeks back there was some talk as to whether or not Kershaw was throwing his changeup enough. It was mentioned that he didn't have the confidence to throw it enough at the big league level and had even struggled with it a little bit at Jacksonville this year. I am curious as to how that is playing out for Kershaw now. Is he throwing the changeup more often, or is he still hesitant to use it?
vr, Xei
2008-06-27 08:57:07
50.   Bumsrap
46 - pale = defete
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-06-27 08:58:30
51.   Gen3Blue
I hadn't quite gotten around to saying anything until Canuck weighed in, but it is an important question where Kershaw works out his problem. I'm optimistic that it may work out either way, but I hope the D's know what they are doing.

Also, as conservative of prospects as I am, I could see that kind of Dunn deal.

2008-06-27 09:05:07
52.   Bumsrap
With all the choices out there, if anyone wants the Dodgers to make a trade, why Dunn?

We are only 2 or 3 weeks away from having Pierre, Jones, Nomar, and Kent in the starting lineup.

2008-06-27 09:05:39
53.   jujibee
I'd be extremely in favor of that Dunn deal. It wouldn't really push out Ethier either, as long as Jones is out. I think it would become a 4 way platoon with Kemp spelling Jones, Ethier spelling Dunn, and Dunn spelling Loney with Ethier sliding from RF to LF, from time to time. This type of deal would make a huge impact just ridding ourselves of a portion of the black hole. While I think Hu is a good prospect, loads better than what he has shown this year, I think he'll be expendable for us because of De Jesus.
2008-06-27 09:18:09
54.   El Lay Dave
Rosenthal is hooey, of course. He mentions Dusty when talking about Pierre, but I wonder what Reds GM Walt Jocketty thinks of JP.
2008-06-27 09:18:56
55.   El Lay Dave
52 We are only 2 or 3 weeks away from having Pierre, Jones, Nomar, and Kent in the starting lineup.

Aren't we always?

2008-06-27 09:19:03
56.   68elcamino427
32 Makes a good point.
What is the point of sending Kershaw to AAA when he will likely be called back up again this year anyway? With the big club the team can monitor all aspects of his development. Kershaw is competitive at the MLB level.
He got a lot of practice throwing out of the stretch yesterday, as every leadoff hitter that he faced got on base.
The Billigsley comparison is a good one.
2008-06-27 09:24:02
57.   CodyS
DeJesus looking very good at AA. (.407 OBP 9/10 SB, seemingly decent fielding at SS & 2B)

One of Hu and DeJesus could be traded right now without tears being shed.

2008-06-27 09:31:50
58.   KG16
Trading for Dunn only makes sense if the front office believes that the Dodgers can win now. He's a free agent at the end of the season and I highly doubt the Dodgers would be able to resign him. Otherwise, it's better to just let the core of this team develop one more year.

Plus, let's keep in mind he'd be going from the bang box of Cincinnati (and really, the rest of the NL Central) to Dodger Stadium, which, while not as much of a pitcher's park is still better than Cincinnati (not to mention the rest of the NL West parks). So, the ultimate question is: could we expect him to put up the numbers he has been?

As for Kershaw, I'm in the keep him in LA camp. The service time issue is absurd, as far as I'm concerned. If he does extremely well, he'll get paid at arbitration (as he should), if he doesn't, he won't - or the team could be smart and sign him through his arbitration years.

I'll say this though: if the Bums aren't competitive by next year, there needs to be a reevaluation of the ML roster. And for sake of argument by competitive I mean above-.500 and challenging for either the NL West and/or the Wild Card.

2008-06-27 09:41:30
59.   68elcamino427
Dodgers needs now:

A Shortstop

A Second Baseman

A Left Fielder with some power.

Dunn is a poor defender no matter what position that he plays. DH him in the AL?

2008-06-27 09:46:31
60.   scareduck
50 - guess again:
A pale is a territory or jurisdiction (possibly non-territorial) under a given authority, or the limits of such a jurisdiction. The term was often used in cases where the territory or jurisdiction outside the pale was considered hostile.

The most famous pale was in Ireland in the 14th and 15th centuries, and was known simply as the Pale, or as the English Pale. This was a region in a radius of twenty miles (32 km) around Dublin which the English gradually fortified against incursion from Gaelic Ireland.

2008-06-27 09:47:22
61.   jujibee
58. You are completely missing the point. Dunn would get us 2 draft picks if we didn't resign him, and the huge plus is that we'd only see JP in chavez ravine 3 games a year, and in a different uniform. It's more addition by subtraction than anything else, even if Dunn would be a 3 month rental towards nothing.
2008-06-27 09:48:45
62.   scareduck
46 - correction: I meant to say, "same-age or older competition".
2008-06-27 09:51:19
63.   GoBears
I don't want to add any OFer (other than a superstar who falls off the back of a truck somehow) unless Pierre goes in the deal. Because one thing I think we know for sure is that Pierre will not be benched as long as Furcal is out, and maybe not ever.

Torre killed his streak to show that he could, but he, like most "old school" managers and GMs, actually thinks that Pierre is a good baseball player.

2008-06-27 09:54:32
64.   Mike De Leon
31 Small sample size. Look closer, in '07 he pitched 5 games at AA and gave up 17 BB had 27 SO and posted a 3.65 ERA. In '08 he pitched in 10 games in AA and gave up 15 BB but had 47 SO and posted a 2.28 ERA. So in those 15 games total he showed he was haveing control problems. What could he have learned in with a full season in AA? How to pitch for one thing, developed a slider, gotten better at holding runners etc. He also could have worked on his stamina, which the PTB limited by not allowing him to go deep into games so no one really knows how he would have done past the 5th inning. He only pitched 24.2 in '07 and 43.1 in '08 so those BB look even worse, considering that he was only pitching 4+ innings per start. Too lets not forgeet that AA is where the best minor league competition takes place. Edwin at least pitched 27 games at AA before being called up with no limit on his IP. If nothing else it would have given Clayton another year before he hit FA.
2008-06-27 09:57:39
65.   scareduck
64 - Too lets not forgeet that AA is where the best minor league competition takes place.

This is just not true. AAA has quadruple-A players, rehabbing major leaguers, and guys one step away from contributing to the majors.

2008-06-27 10:04:18
66.   Doctor

That was exactly my point. By the way- where can we get pitch count numbers for those AA games? My recollection is he was only going 5ish IP/start for total inning conservation reasons, but he was pretty much maxing his pitch count by then anyhow.

2008-06-27 10:05:33
67.   Bluebleeder87
I'm not an Adum Dunn fan at all... I'd be very dissapointed in the Dodgers if he were to sport a Dodger uni.
2008-06-27 10:10:52
68.   OhioBlues12
58 - While I am not a Dunn advocate, I would not be concerned about him being able to hit homeruns in Dodger Stadium. He has plenty of power. Despite his lofty strikeout totals and horrendous defense, I would probably make this deal if it were on the table.
2008-06-27 10:15:15
69.   JoeyP
That Reds-Dodgers deal makes no sense for the Reds. Why acquire Hu when they already have Jeff Keppinger?

If Ned dealt Pierre/Hu for Dunn, that would be the most lopsided trade the Dodgers have made in a long time.

Rosenthal's ramblings are just that: Any body with a keyboard could do it.

2008-06-27 10:16:21
70.   ToyCannon
Sure he's a project, but we got him in the 2nd round so who cares. For once we got an athletic big and I can't remember the last time the Clips had an athletic big. Basically he's going to be Tyson Chandler and I can live with that. For fun check out this footage
2008-06-27 10:16:25
71.   El Lay Dave
Ken Rosenthal columns are actually written by an infinite number of monkeys.
2008-06-27 10:22:54
72.   ToyCannon
Yeah, but for once we are on the right side of the lop sided trade rumor and when was the last rumor that had us on the winning side?

As 68 said worrying about Dunn's power translating to LA seems out of place. It is not like the guy is hitting pop flies that carry out. He is a beast in LF but given our power problems I could live with it even though I'd be doing some serious jaw clenching.

His excellent stats aside, Jeff Keppinger is probably not considered the long term solution for the Reds at SS.

2008-06-27 10:25:25
73.   bhsportsguy
Chad Ford gave the Lakers' draft an A since their first round pick was used in the Gasol deal.

Memphis will ultimately have gotten some cap room, Marc Gasol, Javaris Crittenton, Darrell Author and the Lakers 2010 first round pick for Pau Gasol, Chad Ford rightly said the Lakers would do that deal 100 times over.

2008-06-27 10:29:14
74.   scareduck
66 - meaningful pitch counts are only available for AAA AFAIK.
2008-06-27 10:30:18
75.   Xeifrank
I have no problem sending Kershaw back to Jacksonville temporarily if the coaches feel there is significant instruction that he needs, like building the confidence in his change-up. The good thing about experimenting in the minor leagues is that it doesn't cost your team anything at the big league level. Sure, Kershaw is competitive at the big league level as is, but if there is some benefit to instruction in the minors and there is a competent (Guo) pitcher who could replace him for three or four starts, then I'd have no heartburn with sending him down. I really don't have the info to have an educated opinion on the matter, but just saying in what situation I wouldn't argue with a trip down to the minors. Hopefully, everything can be ironed out over time in off day bullpen sessions.
vr, Xei
2008-06-27 10:30:25
76.   scareduck
72 - It's significant to me that in almost all the scoring the Dodgers did in Cincinnati, the balls were hit to left field.
2008-06-27 10:33:57
77.   Jon Weisman
75 - If it were possible for me to agree with that more than 100 percent, I would.
2008-06-27 10:35:13
78.   ToyCannon
He's no Jay Bruce that is for sure:)
2008-06-27 10:36:30
79.   ToyCannon
I've always wondered what can be learned in bullpen sessions. I have no idea.
2008-06-27 10:36:37
80.   bhsportsguy
Something to ponder for me this weekend, who was the best Dodger of 1970's. For myself, I choose Ron Cey.

What do others think (aside from Toy Cannon).

2008-06-27 10:38:34
81.   Jon Weisman
80 - Without researching it, I'd pick Reggie Smith.
2008-06-27 10:40:34
82.   bhsportsguy
81 Not a bad one and he is one of my favorites.
2008-06-27 10:43:07
83.   Jon Weisman
Of course, again without looking it up, with Sutton you get an entire decade of Hall of Fame performance.
2008-06-27 10:46:06
84.   GoBears
It's not possible to agree more than 100%, of course, but it is not just possible, but common, to SAY that you agree 110%. Not 109% or 143%. Your options seem to be 110%, 200% or 1000%, all of which mean "100%."

Oh wait. Rule 6. Never mind.

2008-06-27 10:48:48
85.   Doctor

wow, glad we didnt get this guy....

2008-06-27 10:52:17
86.   ToyCannon
Ron Cey, I don't like being left out. No brainer for me. Davy Lopes would be 2nd.
2008-06-27 10:52:20
87.   underdog
The Times' Blue Notes blog will be live blogging the game tonight, if anyone feels like two-timing Dodger Thoughts, er, double-timing, and dropping by. Those guys are always fun.


Will be interesting to see how Jason Schmidt fares tomorrow in Vegas. Not the most pitcher-friendly place to rehab, so I'll look for reports on his overall stuff and control more than the game stats.

2008-06-27 10:52:24
88.   dzzrtRatt
80 81 83 I would have said Reggie Smith without looking, too. But in looking it up a few weeks ago, I saw that he really had only a brief period as a great Dodger. It stuck in my mind disproportionately, but it was really part of '76, all of '77, and to a much lesser degree '78.

So I'd have to go with your second thought and pick Sutton, too. And, well, Mr. Wonderful himself, Steve Garvey.

The 70s team is such a hopeful yet cautionary parallel to the situation the Dodgers are in today. Watching Torre move LaRoche around the infield is very 70s.

2008-06-27 10:53:48
89.   underdog
Oh and ditto, Ron Cey for me, too. can't beat the Penguin.

Then Lopes and Smith.

Sutton, too, if we're including pitchers.

2008-06-27 10:54:37
90.   Bluebleeder87
I never saw Reggie Smith play but Vinnie & Lasorda always raved about him so I have to agree with Jon.
2008-06-27 10:55:26
91.   ToyCannon
I've got the Dodgers win shares buried somewhere by decade.
2008-06-27 10:55:53
92.   scareduck
66 , 74 - actually, I take that back. It looks like has started doing pitch counts at AA this year.
2008-06-27 10:57:56
93.   ToyCannon
Garvey, Steve 173
Sutton, Don 168
Cey, Ron 167
Lopes, Davy 159
Russel, Bill 111
Davis, Willie 97
Crawford, Willie 86
Ferguson, Joe 86
Hooten, Burt 81
John, Tommy 81
Buckner, Billy 80
Yeagar, Stever 79
Rau, Doug 76
Smith, Reggie 72
Messersmith, Andy 71
Parker, Wes 61
Osteen, Claude 61
Baker, Dusty 58
Brewer, Jim 58
Mota, Manny 53
Wynn, Jimmy 53
Hough, Charlie 51
Downing, Al 43
Rhoden, Rick 43
Lacy, Lee 38
Grabarkewitz 34
Marshall, Mike 33
Wills, Maury 32
Allen, Dick 29
Monday, Rick 24
Lefebvre, Jim 23
Haller, Tom 23
Sutcliffe, Rick 17
Welch, Bob 16
Sizemore, Ted 15
Singer, Bill 14
Sudakis, Billy 14
Robinson, Frank 14
Sims, Duke 13
Forster, Terry 12
Richert, Pete 11
Thomas, Derrel 10
Moeller 8
Paciorek, Tom 8
Reuss, Jerry 7
Vance, Sandy 7
Foster, Alan 6
Joshua, Von 6
Torborg, Jeff 3
Guerrero, Pedro 2
Kosco, Andy 2
Perranoski 1
Hatcher, Mickey 1
2008-06-27 10:58:37
94.   bhsportsguy
One of my biggest disappointments was the Red Sox blowing their lead in 1978, I really wanted to see our righthanded lineup, (Lopes, Cey, Baker, Garvey, Yeager) play at Fenway.
2008-06-27 10:59:25
95.   bhsportsguy
93 I'll still take the Penquin over Mr. 200 hits.
2008-06-27 10:59:45
96.   scareduck
91 -
| nameFirst | nameLast | tws |
| Steve | Garvey | 195.4 |
| Ron | Cey | 191.0 |
| Don | Sutton | 188.2 |
| Davey | Lopes | 174.8 |
| Bill | Russell | 134.6 |
| Willie | Davis | 97.0 |
| Willie | Crawford | 85.0 |
| Dusty | Baker | 83.0 |
| Steve | Yeager | 82.4 |
| Tommy | John | 81.4 |
2008-06-27 11:00:34
97.   bhsportsguy
93 What was Reggie Smiths' winshares for the decade?
2008-06-27 11:00:52
98.   scareduck
93 - interesting. Where did you get your list?
2008-06-27 11:01:38
99.   bhsportsguy
Do winshares (I really should know this) give credit for defense?
2008-06-27 11:02:15
100.   GoBears
99. Yes.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-06-27 11:02:36
101.   ToyCannon
Just curious, since our numbers are so different, I hand entered mine from the Bill James Win Share book, did you mine your data from an on-line source?
2008-06-27 11:06:19
102.   ToyCannon
Now I wonder if I was wearing my glasses when I entered the data.
2008-06-27 11:09:46
103.   ToyCannon
Was your list for the decade? Mine is.
2008-06-27 11:11:00
104.   Gilberto Reyes
Reggie Smith was my favorite Dodger player during the years that he played for the team in the late 70's. I always felt when healthy, he was clearly the most complete player and most exciting to watch. Great arm. Hit for average and power as a RHB and had even better power as a LHB. Also loved the fact that he went after some Giant fans at Candlestick that were heckling him.
2008-06-27 11:11:29
105.   scareduck
101 , 103 - yes, I got my numbers from Sean Lahman, and they are for the decade. It's possible (likely, in fact) that Lahman uses slightly different means to calculate Win Shares than James does now.
2008-06-27 11:14:05
106.   bhsportsguy
105 Anyway, where they stand doesn't change.

Looking at Cey's stats, if Andy LaRoche could produce like that relative to the league, I would take that right now.

2008-06-27 11:15:21
107.   delias man
Willie Randolph as Eddie Money's new manager?
2008-06-27 11:15:56
108.   Mike De Leon
65. Actually it is true. AAA is nothing more than a holding pen for the Show as well as having minor league lifers. It is the consensus of most in BB and has been said by many, including Vinny, that AA is where the best seperate themselves from the rest and that the competion is the fiercest at that level.

66. I couldn't find a pitch count/ per game on him at AA so just divided his starts and IP which I got at BB reference. By that method, which admittedly leaves a lot of room for error, in '07 he'd have averaged 4.84 IP/game and in '08 his avg would have been even less at 4.31 IP/game. So he never got the chance to work on his stamina in the minors and has to now come in and pitch longer than he's ever done.

2008-06-27 11:17:09
109.   Jon Weisman
Surprised/impressed that Crawford is so high on the list.
2008-06-27 11:17:26
110.   Travis08
96 105 Those numbers include 1980.
2008-06-27 11:19:00
111.   scareduck
101 , 103 : Here's my source data:

2008-06-27 11:20:43
112.   ToyCannon
Ron Cey was not very good in 1973 which is why I had the lowest projections for him in our little poll that Eric took earlier this year.
2008-06-27 11:22:12
113.   CodyS
What if you agreed with something 110% and then something happened to shake your confidence, but only a little. You could still agree 105%. But if you only agreed 100% to start with, you now agree only 95% and you are a doubter!
2008-06-27 11:24:24
114.   ToyCannon
When I did the study I was shocked to find that Willie Davis had the largest amount of Win Shares as a LA Dodger and it wasn't even close.
2008-06-27 11:24:36
115.   scareduck
110 - just so, I realized after the fact that the query I was using was inclusive and not exclusive at the boundaries (season BETWEEN '1970' and '1980' = not so good).

| nameFirst | nameLast | tws |
| Steve | Garvey | 173.5 |
| Don | Sutton | 168.1 |
| Ron | Cey | 167.9 |
| Davey | Lopes | 158.4 |
| Bill | Russell | 122.7 |
| Willie | Davis | 97.0 |
| Willie | Crawford | 85.0 |
| Tommy | John | 81.4 |
| Bill | Buckner | 79.5 |
| Steve | Yeager | 78.8 |

2008-06-27 11:25:39
116.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder what Tim Belcher is up to these days. You know there gonna show multiple repeats of the incident.
2008-06-27 11:27:59
117.   ToyCannon
Thanks, now I can rest easy. You had me worried since I posted a bunch of this stuff over at True Blue.
2008-06-27 11:29:50
118.   Bluebleeder87
I'm gonna havo to google Willie Crawford...
2008-06-27 11:36:12
119.   Jon Weisman
118 -

2008-06-27 11:40:35
120.   ToyCannon
Willie was a member of the Dodger Mod Squad. That group didn't pan out but the next group did.
2008-06-27 11:43:41
121.   scareduck
2008-06-27 11:50:17
122.   scareduck
108 - Actually it is true. AAA is nothing more than a holding pen for the Show as well as having minor league lifers.

... who presumably would have to know more than the guys playing at AA to achieve that status. There's just too much evidence out there that this assertion is untrue. If, for example, the competition at AA were better than at AAA, why did Mark Alexander flame out in 2006 once exposed to AAA batters?

2008-06-27 11:51:02
123.   Jon Weisman
121 - I think that video has been debunked as being done with special effects, but as I've told others, I used to use the same technique to dunk on our 10-foot basket growing up, because the basket was attached to a hard wall.
2008-06-27 11:54:02
124.   scareduck
123 - yup, I've been hoaxed:,2933,371143,00.html

2008-06-27 12:04:24
125.   trainwreck
Apparently there is a report out that Kim Ng is interviewing for Mariners GM job.
2008-06-27 12:12:12
126.   trainwreck
And Logan White.
2008-06-27 12:13:07
127.   fanerman
Well, they both can't get the job right?
2008-06-27 12:23:36
128.   bhsportsguy
125 Everyone is now googling like mad.
2008-06-27 12:26:56
129.   El Lay Dave
Smith, Reggie 72 - in 3.5 seasons
Messersmith, Andy 71 - 3 seasons
Parker, Wes 61 - 3 seasons
Wynn, Jimmy 53 - 2 seasons
2008-06-27 12:34:22
130.   silverwidow
If Pierre goes 0-for-12, he will no longer be a .300 lifetime hitter.
2008-06-27 12:46:16
131.   underdog
127 And the Dodgers can't hold on to them both forever, as they currently are. One of them should be promoted to Dodgers GM and the other should be promoted to another team's GM, alas. I'd hate to lose either, of course.
2008-06-27 12:48:25
132.   bhsportsguy
131 But you can't have two people with that job title and the person with it isn't going anywhere during the season.
2008-06-27 12:52:14
133.   underdog
132 I meant after this season. :-)

I have wondered in the past how a two-headed GM would work, or if it would - Ng and White.

2008-06-27 12:52:23
134.   trainwreck
Here is link:

2008-06-27 12:52:39
135.   jasonungar07
so Get Smart was pretty good. I'd give it a B-
2008-06-27 12:57:00
136.   Eric Enders
132 You actually can have co-GMs. The Red Sox and Orioles have done that in recent years. Not that I'm suggesting it's likely the Dodgers will.
2008-06-27 12:57:05
137.   goofus
132 "Promote" him to "Special Assistant" to Mr. McCourt.
2008-06-27 13:00:15
138.   underdog
Really, the Orioles, too? I hadn't realized that.

Yeah, I don't see McCourt going for it.

Well, if neither Ng and White get a job elsewhere this season, maybe he'd think outside the box next season, assuming, yes, he did actually axe Colletti.

2008-06-27 13:00:54
139.   Dodgers49
Fresno pitcher, homers throttle struggling 51s

>> Justin Orenduff (2-4) started for Las Vegas and took the loss, giving up six runs on eight hits and two walks in four innings. He struck out two. <<

2008-06-27 13:01:15
140.   underdog
135 - Aw, no Kung Fu Panda, eh?

I recommend a KFP/Wall*e double-header this weekend.

2008-06-27 13:02:18
141.   Mike De Leon
108 You're reading it wrong. Is there better talent at AAA? Yeah you don't get moved up unless you do fairly well, so all those that have done well or excelled are in AAA but the COMPETITION is better at AA.
2008-06-27 13:03:37
142.   bhsportsguy
134 This is just a reposting of an earlier LA Times story where Bill Shaiken asked Colletti if he would allow two of his staff to interview. See, you really should read the LA Times now and

Baseball, not too shockingly, has never had a female general manger. Ever. Even in the 1930's! But Kim Ng, an assistant GM with the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been given permission by Ned Colletti to speak to the Seattle Mariners (note: should they actually ask), so sayeth the L.A. Times.

As has Logan White (not a female, but also a Dodger employee).

2008-06-27 13:04:14
143.   bhsportsguy
142 now and then.
2008-06-27 13:05:24
144.   LogikReader
If McCourt is going to learn a thing or two about the DODGER WAY™, it's that when it comes to good employees, we like to take care of our own.

I hope he's wise enough to promote either Ng or White to the GM spot if the vacancy opens up. Too many times he's looked outside the organization for help. I could see a guy like Brian Cashman as more appealing to him than either of the assistants.

Although, I really wouldn't mind Cashman myself.

2008-06-27 13:06:32
145.   fanerman
Logan White (not a female, but also a Dodger employee).

Glad they cleared that up.

2008-06-27 13:07:33
146.   Bluebleeder87
I'd love the Dodgers to be the first to have a female as our GM.
2008-06-27 13:11:08
147.   Bluebleeder87
McCourt is definitely progressive so I hope all the stars line up correctly.
2008-06-27 13:11:53
148.   underdog
There's a college student who is helping out MLB Traderumors by compiling data for full trading history of all 30 GMs. He's started with Billy Beane; if you want to check it out and keep tabs:
2008-06-27 13:13:16
149.   scareduck
141 - You're reading it wrong. Is there better talent at AAA? Yeah you don't get moved up unless you do fairly well, so all those that have done well or excelled are in AAA but the COMPETITION is better at AA.

What can this possibly mean?

1) That there is more parity at AA? Okay, fine, but why is this not also true at lower levels?

2) That the players' ability levels are higher at AA? This is demonstrably false.

2008-06-27 13:15:36
150.   gibsonhobbs88
135 - Like Get Smart Had some funny bits-they made it more an action piece than a comedy piece though. I was still entertained. Ann Hathaway was Hot! Alan Arkin does his usual quirky stellar job as the chief. Your range is close B to a B-.
Or 7.5 to a 8 on a scale of 1-10.

Will be at the 70's luncheon tomorrow, the 70's was the era that truly formulated me into a Dodger fan as I started as a 10 year old at the end of '70 season through 1980 when I was 19 until September of that year.
I saw the great Class of '68 mature into the Big Blue Wrecking Crew that competed with the Big Red machine from 1973-81. Many a night, I listened with my transistor next to my ear listening to Scully describe Cey, Garvey, Baker, Smith, ect.. pull out wins, suffer heartbreaking losses and learn the colorful history of the Dodgers from Vin. Even though we failed to win a WS, I look back on that decade with fondness as it layed the foundation for my love of baseball and the Dodgers.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-06-27 13:18:17
151.   jasonungar07
No I had missed Kung Fu Panda by "that much"

I had gone to see that at 9:45 and was late so saw the 10:00 of Get Smart.

Yeah I am gonna see Wall E.I wanted to see it (just watched a great documentry on Pixar on Starz )and reviews look great as predicted. Basically since I am home all day and I was bought a 100 movie gift card, I get away and see a late show to unwind once a week if I can. Can't wait for the Dark Knight and very hopeful for the jungle war funny movie with Ben Stiller and the Second Hell Boy should be entertaining. Sometimes I don't want Oscar good, just escape. Get Smart could have been much more funny or had a much more complex story, but I had a smirk the whole time. It was just fun.

2008-06-27 13:29:40
152.   bhsportsguy
150 I'll be there too, we can talk about Reggie's hip and Nettles glove.
2008-06-27 13:38:36
153.   underdog
Speaking of Get Smart, they're finally releasing season 1 of the TV series on DVD (and not via Time-Life only this time), in August.
2008-06-27 13:40:30
154.   gibsonhobbs88
Favorite moments at the games in the 70's:

1)Yeager hits grand slam against Reds September 1974 to help stave off the Reds push.

2) Saw Manny Mota win consecutive Friday night home games with pinch hits in extra innings in 1976 or 77.

3) Saw first on field brawl - Dodgers v. Padres 1975 Dave Winfield involved. Kind of started when Winfield tried to bunt for a hit with a 9-1 lead, next pitch was up and in and Ferguson bear hugged Winfield to keep things in check for a few moments. Bottom of the inning, SD pitcher Bill Grief retaliates against Willie Crawford and all hell breaks loose! Lopes goes to town on Padres 2nd baseman at the time, (a real wild fight, real punches thrown, not the normal sister dance most base clearing incidents turn out to be).

4) Dusty Baker out the whole game with a flu, comes up in extra innings against Phillies and hits home run to win the game. Either 1977 0r 1978.

5) Couple Dodger v. Reds games in that decade I attended were pretty memorable. Al Downing bobbed and weaved and hung on and won 2-1 in 1971 despite leaving 10 Reds on base. Extra inning game where the Reds had trailed in the top of the 9th 2-0, and I said "well, the Reds only hope now is if Griffey singles and Bench hits it out." Darn it, that is exactly what happens, down to their last out, the Reds tie it on a Griffey single and a Bench homer. Dodgers win 3-2 in 10 innings on a Russell single.

2008-06-27 13:46:33
155.   gibsonhobbs88
152 - I'll be easy to spot. My wife will be with me and I will have a large Dodger encyclopedia(with pages flagged with postit notes) for the players to autograph as I did at the 60's lunch. I'll have some Dodgers shirt on-not sure if Dodgers thoughts shirt or 50th anniversary but we will be decked out in the blue!
2008-06-27 13:59:44
156.   gibsonhobbs88
152 - Reggie's hip is my least favorite memory of the 70's! I was as mad as Tommy was at that time! I was calling that it was a NY Mafia conspiracy and everything, man I ranted, called those umpires and Reggie every name in the book that day. I go Dodgers lose this game because of this call, they will lose this series and sure enough they fell apart and got killed the next two games. Nettles glove was one thing, that was a player having a great defensive game, nothing you can do, he just played great. It wasn't cheating though, not like the Reggie thing, that was the game that changed the tide of the series, Dodgers could have been up 3-1 with that win in Game 4, that was the game they had to have and Tommy John had the Yankees killing worms all game long up to that point. The Dodgers were in control and that play messed up the whole party!! Yankees tied it up, won in extra innings and had all the momentum to win. AARGGH!!
2008-06-27 14:00:10
157.   delias man
155 - is it a sit down deal where one player is at each table, or is there a lot of mingling? I am really interested in the 80's luncheon, assuming they have one.
2008-06-27 14:02:14
158.   scareduck
156 - livid doesn't begin to describe it. The Dodgers got absolutely shafted on that call.
2008-06-27 14:03:47
159.   underdog
I was only 7 and I was livid!
2008-06-27 14:09:53
160.   natepurcell

I'm a little late but what the hell.

The other poster asked about a dominant "stretch".

So basically by default, it is always going to be a small sample size. The the "stretches" you brought up were when Kershaw was pitching against peers 2,3,4,5 years advanced of him.

How did he do pitching against his peers?
His GCL numbers: 1.95era 37IP 28H 0HR 5bb 54k

certainly dominant. And his run in AA this season has been stellar when you see that he is 20 years old, going up against a league where the average age resides around 24.5 years.

I do agree with the belief that he can learn more at the big league level if we continue to trot him out there and if the Dodgers will be patient enough with him. The service clock thing does come into play but as a big market team, that should not really be the deciding factor in keeping a premium talent up at the big league level or not.

Anyone know what is up with Tony Delmonico? Last I heard he seems to be considering returning to FSU for some reason.

2008-06-27 14:15:24
161.   KG16
123 , 124 - I choose to believe it is legit, facts be danged.
2008-06-27 14:24:43
162.   dzzrtRatt
150 Even though we failed to win a WS,

The 70s team was basically the one that won it all in '81. With the invaluable assitance of Fernando, Pedro Guerrero, Jerry Reuss and Mike Scioscia, and minus Sutton, Tommy John and much of a contribution from Reggie Smith who I think was hurt.

Because of the strike and split season, some think the '81 championship is diluted, but to paraphrase Balzac, behind every World Series victory is a crime. Even if it's just the crime of sick good luck.

2008-06-27 14:26:52
163.   LogikReader

If you think about it, it was karmic payback for Reggie Jackson's hip! The other half of the payback was the Yankees turning into a doormat for 15 years.

Which they 100% deserved too!

2008-06-27 14:27:52
164.   gibsonhobbs88
157 - Players usually sit two to a table but fans can go from table to table and take pictures and get autographs, ect.. At the 60's luncheon, they had limited the tickets to 100 or so guests so you have plenty of time to get the pictures and autographs you want. Then you get to sit down and eat and then the players sit near a stage and a host, (at the 60's it was Steiner) invites fans to recite their memories of games they saw the players with the players there and ask questions for the last hour to 90 minutes. It was fun and cool. The 60's luncheon was in May, 70's here at the end of June, look on the schedule for when they have Saturday evening games as your best bet. There are two in July-but July 12 is probably too close. I assume the 80's luncheon might be the later one in July when the Nationals are here. I'm guessing, but they usually like to space them at least a month apart.
2008-06-27 14:32:22
165.   gibsonhobbs88
162 - I meant that they failed to win a World Series in the 70's decade. I know the core of that team did get to experience the 81 fruits of victory.

163 - Yes. Karma did turn around especially and ironic that it was game 4 in 1981 that Reggie lost a ball in the sun that helped the Dodgers comeback from 4-0 and 6-3 deficits in that game.

2008-06-27 14:35:45
166.   Sushirabbit
I don't know what's going on with Tony Delmonico, but I'm given the guy the benefit of the doubt, after the way things went at UT. He looked a little out-of-sorts in the series, so maybe he's re-considering his mental readiness? I think he's ready, I'm just guessing.
2008-06-27 14:36:53
167.   underdog
Kooky video posted on the PE blog:

Troy from WV... he's baaaaaack!

Plus James McDonald takes a spill (he's fine) and Andruw Jones has a talented fan.

2008-06-27 14:38:45
168.   Eric Enders
The last video mentioned in 167 is really worth watching. They've found the next Bob Timmermann.
2008-06-27 14:44:44
169.   GMac In The 909
167 That doesn't look like a cell from which Troy is broadcasting ...
2008-06-27 14:47:29
170.   Eric Enders
Troy says he got a lifetime ban from the ballpark in Cincinnati. I always wonder how those things work. It's not like they check IDs at the gate. Do they have a big black book like the Vegas casinos? If so, how do they expect the 18-year-old kid taking tickets to remember all the faces?
2008-06-27 14:50:50
171.   ToyCannon
I've wondered the same thing. Logistically they couldn't possibly enforce such a thing.
2008-06-27 14:51:28
172.   GMac In The 909
170 Troy could probably get back into the park if he wore a disguise like this:

2008-06-27 15:03:56
173.   Marty
That guy really needs a life.
2008-06-27 15:04:09
174.   schoffle

My understanding of such matters is that if he is ever caught by security, either by noticing him and knowing who he was or by catching him for some other offence, he would be charged and prosecuted for trespassing (for whatever that's worth).

2008-06-27 15:07:09
175.   regfairfield
Something keeps me from watching someone talk to his webcam for more than five seconds.
2008-06-27 15:07:39
176.   underdog
170 I wonder that, too, but on the other hand how hard will it be to remember or spot Troy from West Virginia?

Maybe they put up posters in all the entry ways at the ballpark, like they used to do in old west post offices.

2008-06-27 15:11:45
177.   underdog
168 And maybe our next GM, if we're lucky! Hire that kid.
2008-06-27 15:14:04
178.   ssjames
I hate to post this for fear of jinxing him, but you know who has been pitching really well in relief for the last two months in Las Vegas? "Greg Miller."

He is still walking too many but for the last two months his ERA has been quite good.

May: 2.25
June: 3.00

If he could ever cut down on the walks he could still be a great arm out of the pen. He still strikes guys out and is a ground ball machine on Lowe's level.

Earlier in the year I figured that he probably wouldn't even be protected in the Rule V draft. This is what makes him so frustrating in that you see his brilliance shine through even through all the warts.

2008-06-27 15:20:09
179.   underdog
Miller's still young enough and has made so many great strides since his return that I would think he'd be protected. But I guess I could be wrong. He just needs to keep refining his control.
2008-06-27 15:22:54
180.   Eric Enders
Earlier somebody posted a list of minor leaguers who need to be protected on the 40-man this winter and it was a pretty short list. We'll be dropping guys like Falkenborg, Berroa, Sweeney, etc., off the roster this winter so I assume there will be ample room for Miller.
2008-06-27 15:23:22
181.   Jon Weisman
2008-06-27 16:06:32
182.   Benjamin Miracord
154 1)Yeager hits grand slam against Reds September 1974 to help stave off the Reds push.

Do you have any further information (date, etc.) on this? I can't seem to locate it. Thanks in advance.

vr, Ben

2008-06-28 01:35:43
183.   Mike De Leon
149. 2) That the players' ability levels are higher at AA? This is demonstrably false.

Only to you but not to everything I've read and heard from scouts and GM's including a quip from Vinny last year when talking about one of the kids. Funny how you cut that out. You can believe what yo want but its not the way most seem to think so I'll go by what they say over you.

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