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Floods Take Home, Collections of Negro League Star
2008-06-28 08:48
by Jon Weisman

From Dugout Central:

(Art) Pennington, an 85-year-old former Negro League All-Star, lost his home in Cedar Rapids to the swell of flooding that has swept that part of the country. The home that Pennington had lived in since 1985 was, in all actuality, a small museum devoted to the great men who played black baseball in the 1940's and 1950's. Pennington said he used to have people just stop by out of the blue and ask to look at all of the memorabilia; asking to look at the history.

All of that is now gone.

Pennington was away with a friend when the flood waters destroyed his home and what took him decades to collect. He is now virtually penniless.

A Pay Pal fund has been set up at Pennington's website:

Do YOURSELF a favor; drop by that site and take a little time to read about a great former baseball man. Drop by and find out about another fantastic ballplayer that never had the chance to play in the big leagues.

Drop by and send him an email letting him know you are all pulling for him.

But most importantly, drop by and click on the Pay Pal button and donate a little something to help this man out. ...

* * *

Outgoing Deadspin editor Will Leitch has a long conversation with Buzz Bissinger about the aftermath of their blogging bogdown on Costas Now. I don't agree with everything either party offers, but you can probably guess those spots by now without me writing further about them. It's still worth a read if you have the time.

2008-06-28 09:07:41
1.   Disabled List
LAT'd from the last thread. Losing a connection to baseball history is very sad:

I went to the Tigers-Rockies game at Comerica Park last night. Beautiful stadium, very shiny and comfortable. It's nice to see a blighted city like Detroit have a real jewel of a place that the locals can be proud of. Overall, I've been impressed with Detroit. It's kinda cool, in a bombed-out sort of way.

I took some pictures of Tiger Stadium. It's still there, just rusting away. Along with old Boston Garden, it's one of the two venues I wish I could've seen a game at before it closed. I'm told that it's finally going to be demolished later this year, which is a shame. It would've been nice if they had kept the stadium operating for exhibitions and things like that.

2008-06-28 09:34:59
2.   old dodger fan
My grandfather took me to my 1st MLB game in 1957 in Detroit. I don't remember anything about the game but it was cool to go to a game with my Grandpa. I was 5.
2008-06-28 10:10:45
3.   Suffering Bruin
We're tight on money in the Bruin household. We're moving to Hermosa Beach as they have a pretty amazing middle school and we always (the wife and I) said that the boy's education is priority numero uno. So, moving while we're already a little pinched in the wallet means we be low on the dinero (yeah, I'm in a Spanish mood this morning).

But we're not that tight. I'm heading over to paypal--$20 bucks.

Now, I don't want to force my fellow DTers to do the same but I do want to urge every poster to donate a buck. That would be one dollar. We've got, what, two or three hundred loyal readers here? The man didn't cash in his memorabilia, he kept in a safe place--his home. And because of tragedy, his home was no longer safe. That's someone I want to help and you can, too.

End of Bruin pledge drive except to say this: it's a buck, people. Let's do it.

2008-06-28 10:56:07
4.   Bumsrap
Jon, The real power of Dodger Thoughts might just be your ability to do things like this.
2008-06-28 11:04:10
5.   Jon Weisman
4 - I've thought about that. I don't know how often you can go to that well before it dries up, but I do wonder.
2008-06-28 11:18:19
6.   Bumsrap
5 - Just the ability to every once in a while direct a large group's attention to an opportunity to help is powerful enough.
2008-06-28 11:31:45
7.   underdog
Thanks for this, Jon. I'm not super flush right now either, but I'm heading there right now to donate. Every little bit will help him. I wonder if sending out a Facebook note would help, too...

1 This is entirely a stupid question, I'm sure, but what's to happen to the old Yankee Stadium when the new one opens? I assume they're knocking it down. I know the remodeled it in the modern era, but still, that's pretty sad. But I guess it's also sad to look at something rust and denigrate over time, and/or have to pay to maintain it.

2008-06-28 11:48:49
8.   underdog
Hrm, the Brewers' assistant GM says they would like to add pitching.


2008-06-28 11:49:54
9.   Indiana Jon
1 The old Tiger Stadium was an interesting, if not great, place to see a game as long as you weren't sitting upstairs in the outfield. I lived up there for a year and had the chance to go to a few games there. The Tiger fans are great, but had to be some of the unhappiest fans I've ever encountered. I wouldn't rank that stadium anywhere near the old greats like Wrigley Field or Yankee Stadium, or even Dodger Stadium, but it did compare favorably with the old Comiskey. I haven't been back up there since they built the new one, but I would love to see it.
2008-06-28 12:02:58
10.   Eric Enders
9 "The old Tiger Stadium was an interesting, if not great, place to see a game as long as you weren't sitting upstairs in the outfield."

Upstairs in the outfield was by far the best place to sit if you were watching a game at Tiger Stadium, IMO. They were the closest bleacher seats in baseball to the action because it was the only place where the upper deck hung over the playing field. The outfielders were standing almost directly below you. The first row of the upper deck at Tiger Stadium was arguably the best seat in all of baseball because you felt like you were almost in the middle of the playing field.

2008-06-28 12:12:44
11.   underdog
Not sure what I think of Tim Brown's new piece on the Freeway Series vs. the other big city rivalries this weekend, except it seems a little inconsequential, or like picking on the Dodgers after the scab's already been overpicked. And it rambles. But, hey, it's still worth a read.

2008-06-28 12:14:07
12.   underdog
Oh and I answered my own question, yes, once the new stadium opens, the current/old Yankee Stadium is to be demolished to become parkland.
2008-06-28 12:41:29
13.   Icaros
I used to daydream for hours about hitting homers into that upper deck at Tiger Stadium. I wish Detroit would've designed Comerica as a modern version of the original. The 440 feet to centerfield was also cool.
2008-06-28 12:45:38
14.   Bob Timmermann
To be more precise, they should have put a sign on the center field fence that said "440".

It wasn't 440 to center in Tiger Stadium as was later revealed. It was in the 420-425 range.

2008-06-28 13:00:42
15.   Icaros

Thanks for taking the last thing in the world that meant anything to me.

2008-06-28 13:20:20
16.   silverwidow
Sarah Morris is campaigning to get Kershaw demoted. I can see reasoning behind that, but she's ignorant for talking up "wins" when Kershaw has done plenty to get a handful this year. Is it really his fault that Jacksonville's offense was pathetic early on or that the bullpen failed him at times?

It's understandable to talk about pitch counts and walks as Kershaw's faults, but harping on W's is just plain stupid.

2008-06-28 13:20:25
17.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob eats hopes and dreams for lunch. He eats souls, for supper. For breakfast, he has a banana.
2008-06-28 13:21:43
18.   trainwreck
Bob Timmermann: The Crusher of Dreams
2008-06-28 13:22:51
19.   trainwreck
Double-A wins are even more meaningless than major league wins.
2008-06-28 13:30:49
20.   Bob Timmermann
Glad to be of service.
2008-06-28 13:51:58
21.   kngoworld
19 How meaningless are major league wins?

Ohhh, I think you mean the pitching statistic, wins.

2008-06-28 14:17:17
22.   trainwreck
Everyone knows that trying your hardest is what counts.
2008-06-28 14:19:48
23.   dzzrtRatt
16 Kershaw has allowed 4 runs in two of his starts, 2 in each of the rest, except for the rain-interrupted Detroit game, in which he allowed none.

Sarah's take is that he needs a demotion to regain his confidence. I think it's pretty clear that Kershaw's failure to win a game thus far has more to do with Torre wanting to limit his innings than his inability to get a win. Since Kershaw is obviously an intelligent man, I think he understands this, therefore his confidence is not likely to be a problem. His problem is inexperience. He needs to pitch in the majors, regardless of the impact on the bullpen or other less relevant factors.

Sarah's advocacy of Stults over Kershaw is a kind of grandstanding. I'm happy about Stults too, but if he fights his way into the rotation, it should be at the expense of Kuroda, Penny or Lowe going out in a trade. Or Stults himself could get traded.

2008-06-28 15:00:40
24.   Linkmeister
I'd never heard of Bissinger (I knew of the book and the TV show, but I never noticed the author's name) until that all blew up, but even in that e-mail exchange he comes off as an elitist. He reminds me of fighter jocks; "yes, yes, you may know how to fly Cessnas, but I fly F-18s."
2008-06-28 15:03:49
25.   Daniel Zappala
24 Except he's saying: "yes, yes, you may know how to fly that fancy new F-18, but I can fly a Sopwith Camel"
2008-06-28 15:14:15
26.   Linkmeister
25 Grins. Tomato, tomahto. He's got "you kids get off my lawn! disease."
2008-06-28 15:14:52
27.   Linkmeister
Dratted quotation marks. "You kids get off my lawn" disease.
2008-06-28 15:35:55
28.   underdog
Carlos Quentin has some power, boy, he just hit what almost looked like a check swing home run to put the White Sox up 1. Then the Fox announcers, who are also the DBax announcers, proceeded to talk about the DBax amazing farm system over the past 10 years, for about 5-10 minutes. And all the great players they have enjoyed and provided to other teams to enjoy. They're generous, those DBax.
2008-06-28 15:38:51
29.   Prescott Pete
Tom Brennaman is no longer with the D-Backs; he's with the Reds.
2008-06-28 15:41:32
30.   underdog
29 Ah, you're right. But he still has interest in and knowledge of the Dbax, which is fine. And he also still annoys me. I used to get his voice mixed up with Joe Buck's. And then there's Matt Vasgersian.
2008-06-28 15:44:00
31.   Prescott Pete
30 I stand corrected as well, it's Thom not Tom.
2008-06-28 15:44:59
32.   Dodgers49
We're cornering the market on pitchers. :-)

Griffin's three-run homer sends 51s to win

>> Heath Totten (1-0), pitching his first game with the 51s since 2005, started and got the win. The ninth-year minor league veteran recently joined the team after his release this month from Rochester (N.Y.), the Twins' Triple-A affiliate, of the International League. <<

2008-06-28 15:57:48
33.   underdog
The 51s are probably short pitching after Stults call-up and then Falkenborg. Man, Totten, I always wondered what happened to that former UTenn QB-slash-pitcher.
2008-06-28 16:03:40
34.   Alex41592
From ITD:

Pierre, LF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Berroa, SS

Billingsley, P

2008-06-28 16:27:38
35.   deburns
Re: overhang
Right field in the Polo Grounds seemed to me to be just over the 2nd baseman's head, and both it and left field hung out over the outfield. It was 258 down the right field line, and something more (I think about 279) down the left field line (these numbers are from memory; ymmv).
I recall that when you listened to games at the Polo Grounds you would sometimes hear "Mize swings it's gone" with no discernable pause after "swings".
2008-06-28 17:48:08
36.   arbfuldodger
According to the ESPN bottom line Nomar, Andruw & Furcal are all supposed to start rehabbing in Vegas on monday, w/ Nomar & Furcal attempting to return by the end of next week.
2008-06-28 17:59:55
37.   old dodger fan
35 Polo Grounds dimensions:
2008-06-28 18:10:25
38.   Kevin Lewis
I know this was discussed a little last night, but I was at the game and I can't imagine LaRoche laid down the bunt on his own. I was also perplexed when Sweeney came in to pinch hit only to have Ethier take over for Young in the top of the inning. I do not understand the managerial moves sometimes.
2008-06-28 18:12:46
39.   Alex41592
38 - The bunt was LaRoche's decision.
2008-06-28 18:24:03
40.   Jon Weisman

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