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Air Stults
2008-06-30 15:52
by Jon Weisman

The following is presented merely as an FYI. I'm looking at the outs chart from Eric Stults' last start, which was noteworthy because he was charged with 17 outs via the air. Here's what I see:

  • Brian Anderson reached the warning track in the second inning.

  • Carlos Quentin reached the warning track in the ninth inning.

  • A lineout and a flyout each solidly hit to left left.

  • Two solid flyouts to left center.

  • Six shallow fly outs.

  • Three infield pop outs and a line out.

    I can't find the 17th out ... maybe it's still waiting to come down.

    * * *

    Dodgers at Astros, 5:05 p.m.

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    2008-06-30 15:57:50
    1.   underdog
    Sadly, I worry Eric may be right; this would be as likely a time as any for Stults to come back to earth. I've always liked that he throws strikes and pitches to contact though. He can go deeper that way and so far so good. Hopefully, he won't regress today.
    2008-06-30 15:59:00
    2.   Indiana Jon
    Question for those of you that attend games in person.

    Does the crowd give Joe a hard time about his incompetent lineups or does the average fan not realize he's so bad?

    2008-06-30 15:59:21
    3.   Eric Enders
    Jon's post seems to indicate that Stults doesn't even need to regress; all he needs to do to lose (especially with this lineup) is pitch exactly the way he did last time out.
    2008-06-30 15:59:40
    4.   ToyCannon
    Oswalt hasn't been very good this year, it would be a good jolt for the team if Stults can find a way to beat him. Stults may have to go deep himself for it to happen but he has a better shot at it then 1/2 the lineup.
    2008-06-30 16:02:05
    5.   El Lay Dave
    1 Let the record show that Eric was responding to my worry. :)
    2008-06-30 16:02:23
    6.   ToyCannon
    2 Dodger crowds love Joe, love Nomar, are apathetic to Kemp, love Martin, love Saito. Girls love Ethier

    I would say the average Dodger fan does not even know who is in the lineup.

    2008-06-30 16:04:08
    7.   ToyCannon
    I went to one of the few games where the Dodgers offense was hitting on all cylinders and a fan started yelling at them to quit scoring because he wanted to watch a close game. That was a first.
    2008-06-30 16:04:54
    8.   Eric Enders
    5 Yes, absolutely. If Stults gets his butt kicked, blame Dave. Conversely, if he pitches another shutout, it's Dave who was wrong.
    2008-06-30 16:05:43
    9.   underdog
    How about this thread be devoted to Stults and the game at hand, and the previous thread can continue to be about ;-) Or am I being too controlling?

    3 Maybe regress is the wrong word; return to expectation? Fall more under his BABIP expectations? Land back on earth?

    2008-06-30 16:05:49
    10.   Jon Weisman
    3 - It should be noted that Stults doesn't necessarily have to allow 17 flyouts this time around. Also, don't forget that Stults might hit a homer himself.
    2008-06-30 16:06:44
    11.   bushleague
    To assuage all those people complaining in the prior thread about Matt Kemp being left out of the lineup:

    "Matt Kemp was out of the lineup because he woke up with irritation in his right eye and was unable to immediately put a contact lens in it. Due to the irritation, he's likely unavailable tonight.

    Leung at Press-Enterprise."

    2008-06-30 16:07:39
    12.   El Lay Dave
    8 I'm happy to serve as your human (well, blog-commenter) shield.
    2008-06-30 16:10:49
    13.   underdog
    11 I had that happen to me once. I tried to play soccer that day and almost got killed by the ball because I was seeing so poorly.

    Oh well! Will the people who jumped off the cliff due to the line-up now kindly return to your seats? The main feature is about to start.

    2008-06-30 16:12:30
    14.   El Lay Dave
    0 Can't see the outs chart link through our firewall, but the B-R version of the retrosheet box score shows three (not two) "Flyball: xF (Deep LF-CF)", one each in the 1st, 3rd and 8th.

    2008-06-30 16:13:56
    15.   El Lay Dave
    9 I have a feeling a certain percentage of Bronx Banter commenters are having a good chuckle at our expense over the Joe Torre hand-wringing.
    2008-06-30 16:14:33
    16.   sporky
    11 also mentions that that Pierre is out 4-6 weeks.
    2008-06-30 16:15:35
    17.   El Lay Dave
    11 So now I wonder, if Kemp was available and played instead of Repko, who was scheduled to lead off?
    2008-06-30 16:15:50
    18.   underdog
    15 They are. When they aren't too busy wringing their hands or banging their heads against the desk re: Joe Girardi.
    2008-06-30 16:16:43
    19.   bushleague

    Wow! He must have just added that wasn't there 5 minutes ago.

    2008-06-30 16:16:59
    20.   Eric Enders
    11 I guess he could use the night off anyway, but Kemp's probably making trouble for himself by not playing due to an eye irritation the day after Torre makes a remark that Pierre's leg must be broken in order for him to come out of a game. Given that people are already hypersensitive to Kemp's faults, even one incident like this could win him a J.D. Drew reputation.
    2008-06-30 16:19:03
    21.   bushleague

    Maybe it was Kemp, but I guess we'll never know. I am sure Kemp won't be losing starts to Repko though. That's not to say AE won't lose starts to him, but Kemp almost certainly won't.

    2008-06-30 16:19:30
    22.   Jon Weisman
    20 - My guess would be that Torre jumped at the chance to give Kemp a day off. If a guy's striking out a lot, a manager like Torre isn't likely to be enticed by him playing with one eye tied behind his back.
    2008-06-30 16:20:31
    23.   bushleague

    Which J.D. Drew are we talking about? The 2004-07 Drew or the 2008 Drew?

    2008-06-30 16:22:05
    24.   68elcamino427
    How about a modest three game win streak?

    Jason Repko stepping into the spotlight and playing really well would be a nice feel good story.
    Repko has been hampered by injuries. He was all set to emerge as the starting center fielder until he got hurt the last time. That he gets called up and immediately starts in center tonight, it's pretty neat.

    2008-06-30 16:24:38
    25.   Eric Enders
    22 brings up a visual image that I normally associate with Garbage Pail Kids cards.
    2008-06-30 16:24:58
    26.   LogikReader
    Just to reiterate (for the last time), the two flaws I see in this lineup is Kemp sitting and LaRoche not playing.

    I'd like to see LaRoche get a lot more at bats, but I'd be splitting hairs considering who we do have. It's not that big a deal to me personally.

    And an open question for DT: Has there ever been a Dodger manager that you felt put the best players on the field or did things the right way? I can't think of one ideal manager in our 35 year recent history.

    2008-06-30 16:25:52
    27.   Eric Enders
    24 It's a good story. But I don't think there's ever been a time when Repko was set to emerge as the starting center fielder in anything but a severe emergency.
    2008-06-30 16:33:46
    28.   El Lay Dave
    I don't think I saw this mentioned on DT: a late Sunday afternoon entry on the P-E blog. Makes me wonder just how much injury JP has played through over the last few years and if it has been to his teams detriment.


    "Pierre has never been on the DL in his career and is one of those players who is never in the training room, preferring to play through his bumps and bruises instead of getting treatment."

    " "For him to come out of the ball game, it's more than just a bruise, you would think," Manager Joe Torre said. "... Knowing Juan Pierre, he wants nothing to do with trainers. ... this was something very tough for him to give into." "

    2008-06-30 16:35:59
    29.   El Lay Dave
    There's an eye thing going around. Also from the P-E blog: "Chin-lung Hu is scheduled to undergo a series of tests on his right eye this week."
    2008-06-30 16:37:18
    30.   Jon Weisman
    29 - Hu is positioning himself to be this year's Tony Abreu.
    2008-06-30 16:40:35
    31.   underdog
    26 "Has there ever been a Dodger manager that you felt put the best players on the field or did things the right way? I can't think of one ideal manager in our 35 year recent history."

    I can't either. Frankly, for whatever Torre's issues, he still looks better to me than Little, Tracy or pretty much anyone else. Yes, this is like saying Delwyn Young looks better than Pierre, I suppose... But even Tommy Lasorda, who won 2 world series, was often idiotic in many ways as a day to day manager, as you know. So, no, I don't think the Dodgers have had a manager I felt was perfect or ideal in any way, in my entire lifetime basically (although I was just a toddler for Walter Alston so I don't count him).

    2008-06-30 16:41:39
    32.   68elcamino427
    Thanks for the correction. I was getting carried away. Repko had 129 at bats in 2005.
    Anyway, I hope that Repko helps the Dodgers win tonight.
    2008-06-30 16:42:18
    33.   nick
    28 I would assume that playing through injuries at a performance level detrimental to the team is endemic to baseball; my reasoning is that this is a situation where the interests of the individual player and the team are opposed...
    2008-06-30 16:43:00
    34.   Jon Weisman
    Before the Bill James era, it was rare that I had a problem with anything Alston or Lasorda did. Sometimes I wanted people to play for sentimental reasons, but I rarely complained about the lineup.

    Of course, in that era, my main complaint in life was being forced to shower every day.

    2008-06-30 16:44:19
    35.   Gen3Blue
    26 Walt Alston came close a few times, but he also could be way off. Years ago, when someone called Jim Tracy the "next Walter Alston--so unassuming and all" I knew Tracy was done. Alston had such a long tenure he coudn't help but have moments both great and terrible.
    2008-06-30 16:46:38
    36.   tjdub
    26 Tommy Lasorda can do no wrong! Of course he became manager when I was five years old so that may have something to do with it. I love my parents and grandparents, Santa Claus, my kindergarten teacher, everyone important to a 5 year old unconditionally so there you have it.
    2008-06-30 16:47:34
    37.   Jacob L
    Managers are like girlfriends. You just want the current one to correct the flaws of the one that came before. At first, I loved Tracy because he was no Davy. Then I loved Grady because he was no Tracy. I loved Torre because he was no Grady, but it only lasted about 10 minutes.
    2008-06-30 16:48:19
    38.   regfairfield
    In retrospect, Davey Johnson was pretty good at playing the right guys.
    2008-06-30 16:48:42
    39.   Bob Timmermann
    Alston was mocked by his own players for being a tactical imbecile. He was almost strung up after the 1962 debacle.
    2008-06-30 16:48:57
    40.   tjdub
    37 If only that ten minutes could have been ten minutes wasted in a bar before moving on to someone else. That ten minute rebound consideration doesn't get a contract.
    2008-06-30 16:50:27
    41.   Kevin Lewis

    I will second that. The last thread got me down

    2008-06-30 16:51:08
    42.   Eric Enders
    Like Jon, I rarely disagreed with anything Lasorda did, although from today's vantage point it seems obvious that he wrecked the careers of many starting pitchers.

    I get the impression that his two predecessors, Alston and Dressen, were obsessed with small ball. Having Duke Snider and Roy Campanella bunt all the time likely would have irritated me if I had, um, been alive.

    2008-06-30 16:52:48
    43.   underdog
    Mike Scioscia clearly would've been the best bet for the Dodgers over the past decade or two if they hadn't blown that potential hiring. And even he isn't perfect.
    2008-06-30 16:53:44
    44.   ToyCannon
    I've complained my whole life about lineups. I once felt that Alston made the worse mistake in the world when he choose Lopes over Lacy.

    I expect to be complaining on my death bed. Or better yet, maybe I'll be complaining and that will be the death of me.

    2008-06-30 16:54:26
    45.   El Lay Dave
    37 At this point, I'd settle for a slumpbuster.
    2008-06-30 16:55:27
    46.   Jon Weisman
    43 - At yesterday's game, my dad was furious at the Dodgers for not hiring Scioscia and furious with Scioscia for not sending runners with Napoli and Lackey coming up.
    2008-06-30 16:58:07
    47.   D4P
    Woah: the Gameday graphics are weird.
    2008-06-30 16:59:06
    48.   Eric Stephen
    I thought Abreu was this year's Abreu!
    2008-06-30 16:59:21
    49.   Marty
    Wait til Nomar, Jones and Schmidt are back. Then we'll have some complaining to do.
    2008-06-30 17:00:10
    50.   Jon Weisman
    48 - I thought about writing that, but I think the Dodgers have conceded that this time around, he's hurt.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-06-30 17:00:35
    51.   Eric Enders
    Does the Angels' obsession with lots of singles/lots of baserunning/no walks/no power come from Scioscia, Hatcher, or someone else? It's worked well for them at times, but one thing Scioscia hasn't yet shown he's able to do is adapt his managerial style to the characteristics of the roster at hand.

    One thing I've noticed over the years is that managers are almost always enamored with the aspects of the game that they themselves couldn't do as players. Torre and Scioscia, the two slowest guys you ever met, love base stealing and taking the extra base. Frank Robinson, as a manager, was obsessed with bunting. (As is Dusty Baker.) Earl Weaver, a tiny middle infielder, wanted nothing but three-run homers.

    2008-06-30 17:01:23
    52.   Bluebleeder87
    I'm predicting a Repko dinger tonight, yes.
    2008-06-30 17:03:07
    53.   D4P
    Speaking of terrible leadoff hitters:

    Witness Michael Bourn.

    2008-06-30 17:03:57
    54.   Marty
    51 Juan Pierre for manager!
    2008-06-30 17:04:38
    55.   Jacob L
    My feeling is that all managers are obsessed with the Sciosia/Torre/Baker stuff as you're describing it (Billy Ball, if you will). It gives them the feeling that they are more directly forcing the action and positively affecting outcomes. Earl Weaver was an exception. I get the idea that Whitey Ford might have favored a different style of play had he not been handed a track team that played on concrete.
    2008-06-30 17:04:46
    56.   Bob Timmermann
    The new Gameday won't load on my computer at work.
    2008-06-30 17:04:53
    57.   RELX
    Just for fun, who do we consider the five best current managers in baseball? Who do we consider the five worst? And, for extra credit, who are the five best of all time? (Five worst of all time could take awhile.)
    2008-06-30 17:05:18
    58.   schoffle

    While I believe that I (along with most observers) could take minor issues with every manager in baseball, I personal found that while Dan Evan's was GM Jim Tracy pretty much did what he could given the cards he was dealt. Now granted he was given a fool proof bullpen (yes I remember that AZ game) and I did feel that he gave Karros too much respect (possibly feared losing the locker room to him) same for Green (but no one benches the big dollar talent). One Depo took over I think Tracy sort of refused to give Depo any respect.

    2008-06-30 17:05:25
    59.   ToyCannon
    Strange isn't it. Throw in that Joe Morgan was the most sabremetric player of my generation and his disdain for the numbers which show how great he was.
    2008-06-30 17:06:15
    60.   Dodgers49
    31 (although I was just a toddler for Walter Alston so I don't count him).

    I still remember being upset that Alston had Drysdale warming up in the bullpen during the 1962 playoffs and chose not to bring him in. :-)

    2008-06-30 17:06:28
    61.   Bluebleeder87
    Dodger Record


    Stros Record


    2008-06-30 17:07:29
    62.   Jacob L
    55 Ugh. Whitey Ford. Whitey HERZOG! Stupid brain.
    2008-06-30 17:08:59
    63.   Bob Timmermann
    Chris Jaffe's presentation at SABR 38 on managerial tendencies was quite interesting. He didn't discuss too much on individual strategies but he did look at which managers used their bench the most often (Gil Hodges and Tommy Lasorda were toward the top) and who did the least.

    Cito Gaston is the modern era king of just writing down 9 names and letting the guys go at it.

    I believe Chris had a stat on which managers preferred older players and Al Lopez was the king there. Surprisingly, Lopez also was ranked as the best manager in the second half of a season.

    2008-06-30 17:09:00
    64.   fordprefect
    "One eye tied behind his back"


    2008-06-30 17:09:18
    65.   Jacob L
    Things are different already. Repko strikes out to start the game, instead of bouncing out to 2nd.
    2008-06-30 17:09:20
    66.   D4P
    The new Gameday has weird graphics. I don't see the point.
    2008-06-30 17:10:24
    67.   Rob M
    Gameday looks pretty cool. I like the way you can move the perspective around so easily.
    2008-06-30 17:10:25
    68.   Bob Timmermann
    I don't think Drysdale even warmed up in Game 165 in 1962. Alston believed that he needed to save him for Game 1 of the World Series.
    2008-06-30 17:10:49
    69.   Bluebleeder87
    For the record my Dad ABSOLUTELY loathed Lasorda's managerial style but like Jon I was to busy hiding from my mom so she wouldn't throw me in the shower. :o)
    2008-06-30 17:11:17
    70.   Gen3Blue
    39 Youth and the passage of years can smooth over a lot of stuff. And besides, imbecile is one of my favorite word.
    2008-06-30 17:11:24
    71.   ToyCannon
    Can't say about current managers but historic managers who I liked:
    1. Earl Weaver
    2. Davey Johnson
    3. Dick Williams
    4. Bobby Cox
    2008-06-30 17:11:24
    72.   fordprefect
    IE browser, or IE tab in firefox.
    2008-06-30 17:11:43
    73.   Bluebleeder87

    Rats, I'm gonna have to go check it out now...

    2008-06-30 17:13:08
    74.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm using Firefox. Time to fire up IE and see how that fares.
    2008-06-30 17:13:23
    75.   Bluebleeder87
    Woah, the 3D features are SICK!! you can view it like you do on t.v. Bob!!
    2008-06-30 17:13:53
    76.   Jacob L
    Consecutive HBPs? Could be fun night in Houston.
    2008-06-30 17:14:38
    77.   Jim Hitchcock
    I have the light version working on Firefox. The batter's graphic is pretty hilarious.
    2008-06-30 17:14:53
    78.   Gen3Blue
    Oh, Lord. I wish it was 0 outs. Loney A great RBI guy. I admit I changed that post as the data came in.
    2008-06-30 17:15:07
    79.   Bob Timmermann
    OK, works fine in IE.

    I really hate the fact that it insists on giving an introduction first.

    2008-06-30 17:15:08
    80.   Jacob L
    A hit and a run! In the same game! In the same inning!
    2008-06-30 17:15:49
    81.   Bluebleeder87
    Kemp is wearing glasses, Steiner mentioned something about that.
    2008-06-30 17:20:14
    82.   Jacob L
    81 Yeah, the fact that he couldn't get his contacts in is the reason he's sitting.

    Reminds me of a story. I was once sitting in the expensive seats behind the Dodger dugout, when an opposing pitcher lost his lens. This, of course, resulted in the always priceless spectacle of several multi-million dollar athletes crawling around in the dirt on their hands and knees. Anyway, the lens was found and play resumed. Orel Hershiser, who I believe was the Dodgers on-deck hitter, turned toward the dugout, gestured and yelled, "It was in his eye!"

    2008-06-30 17:20:53
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought Kemp's future was so bright that he had to wear shades.
    2008-06-30 17:21:09
    84.   Bluebleeder87
    amazingly Juan Pierre has some pretty good #'s against Oswalt of .353/371/.412 Jeff Kent has a pretty good line also .364/.364/.364.
    2008-06-30 17:21:57
    85.   Alex41592
    That was a bad pitch. Smoked.
    2008-06-30 17:22:10
    86.   Bob Timmermann
    Well that was ... expected.
    2008-06-30 17:22:13
    87.   Bluebleeder87
    You can't hang'em to this guy Stultsy...


    2008-06-30 17:22:31
    88.   D4P
    Lance Berkman might even be better than Mark Tayshareuh.
    2008-06-30 17:23:32
    89.   ToyCannon
    The 17th fly ball just came down.
    2008-06-30 17:24:23
    90.   Jacob L
    How similar are the dimensions of Minute Maid to old Tiger Stadium? I was just looking at the chart on GameDay, and thinking about Bob's post on Tiger Stadium, and that occurred to me. Cheapo corners. Gargantuan center field. More or less straight lines.
    2008-06-30 17:24:55
    91.   ucladodger
    Lance Berkman >>>>>> our entire lineup
    2008-06-30 17:26:21
    92.   Jacob L
    Maza, Stults, Repko coming up for the Dodgers.


    2008-06-30 17:27:04
    93.   Bob Timmermann
    Minute Maid doesn't have the overhanging second deck in right that made that even shorter.

    Minute Maid is even deeper to center than Tiger Stadium. I bring that up to further crush Icaros' dreams.

    Both have flag poles in fair territory.

    2008-06-30 17:27:34
    94.   El Lay Dave
    86 I may be to blame.
    2008-06-30 17:27:46
    95.   Gen3Blue
    Your black hole. The hope is Furcal, Jones and Nomar will return soon. My hope is only Furcal plays, and not if he is crippled.
    2008-06-30 17:27:49
    96.   Eric Stephen

    I'm not a big Jim Leyland guy, but something about wearing cleats during games irrationally gets high praise from me. Bobby Cox does that as well.

    2008-06-30 17:28:07
    97.   Bluebleeder87
    I think the pitch to call there for Berkman was ANTHING AWAY...

    it was a hangin slider (coming in) from what I saw.

    2008-06-30 17:30:11
    98.   Jacob L
    I consider Minute Maid to be the goofiest of the goofy new ballparks.
    2008-06-30 17:30:48
    99.   El Lay Dave
    Looking at the bright side, it was an eleven-pitch inning for Stults. Wasn't it Don Sutton that said people shouldn't worry too much about the solo home runs and that it was giving them up with runners on that beats you?
    2008-06-30 17:31:16
    100.   Dodgers49
    68 60 I don't think Drysdale even warmed up in Game 165 in 1962. Alston believed that he needed to save him for Game 1 of the World Series.

    I don't remember whether he actually warmed up. I do remember he was sent down to the bullpen in case he was needed (I was watching the game on TV). Instead, I believe we got Stan Williams.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-06-30 17:31:47
    101.   JoeyP
    Just looking at the lineup tonight: Kent must feel really out of place.

    He's the lone PVL.

    2008-06-30 17:31:49
    102.   underdog
    Sheesh, I go to a meeting briefly and come back and the game already has as many runs as the last two Dodgers-Angels games. Kooky!
    2008-06-30 17:32:38
    103.   ToyCannon
    How can you not like a stadium with a hill and flagpole?

    What group of business people saw this plan and said, "yep, a hill in centerfield is exactly what we are looking for"

    2008-06-30 17:33:05
    104.   underdog
    Stults "looks like a poor man's Tom Glavine. Though he looks like he could bench press more than Glavine." -- Astros' announcer
    2008-06-30 17:33:32
    105.   JoeyP
    Stults--18 out of 22 strikes tonight so far thru 2.
    2008-06-30 17:34:23
    106.   Bluebleeder87
    Top of the lineup coming up. I gotta tell you, I saw Repko play a minor league game (on foxsports) not to long ago & it seems like the way to get him out is low & in.
    2008-06-30 17:34:34
    107.   Jacob L
    103 The hill. The flagpole. The jam-shot homers to left. The choo choo train. The embarrassing name change. The nooks and crannies for the sake of nooks and crannies.

    I didn't say I didn't like it.

    2008-06-30 17:35:24
    108.   Woden325
    103 I like the hill and flagpole, they give it character. But the choo-choo train is the stupidest thing ever.
    2008-06-30 17:35:55
    109.   El Lay Dave
    105 Four of six outs were fly balls to the OF. Plus one big fly.
    2008-06-30 17:35:55
    110.   fordprefect
    Although I just realized I'm looking at it in FF on Hardy, no problems. Hm.
    2008-06-30 17:36:23
    111.   Jacob L
    Welcome back to the show, Jason.
    2008-06-30 17:36:31
    112.   El Lay Dave
    103 The Bally Pinball Company.
    2008-06-30 17:36:33
    113.   Linkmeister
    99 Might have been Sutton. Catfish Hunter once won a WS game despite giving up two solo shots. He said afterwards he'd had some friends in the crowd who'd never seen a home run, so he thought he'd give 'em a couple.
    2008-06-30 17:36:53
    114.   underdog
    So I take it Bluebleeder and Jon, at least, would count this episode of Freaks and Geeks as one of their favorites?

    "Lindsay, just say the words, it'll make him feel better."

    RepCo is off to a nice start.

    2008-06-30 17:37:15
    115.   Bob Hendley
    102 - Stro announcers were commenting, before Lance's HR, that there might be some sort of record associated with the Bums being involved in six straight shutouts.
    2008-06-30 17:37:21
    116.   underdog
    108 Ralph Wiggum approves, though.
    2008-06-30 17:37:23
    117.   Eric Stephen
    I like the hill & flagpole, and I always think of Dave Roberts catching a would-be HR over that CF wall to preserve one of Eric Gagne's 84 straight saves.
    2008-06-30 17:38:53
    118.   Eric Stephen
    I'm stuck at work right now, so no Jim Deshaies for me. I generally really like the Astros' announcing crew. They do their best to try to inform the fans, plus they are open to new ideas and stats.
    2008-06-30 17:39:36
    119.   Jacob L
    116 I think he would come to associate it with Lisa breaking his heart.
    2008-06-30 17:39:48
    120.   Icaros

    "My cat's breath smells like cat food."

    2008-06-30 17:41:10
    121.   Linkmeister
    118 Ooh! "Two Silhouettes on" Deshaies is one of the Astros' announcers? Cool!

    /end slight snark

    2008-06-30 17:41:37
    122.   underdog
    Actually the Astros' park just makes me crave orange juice. I guess that expensive product placement worked.
    2008-06-30 17:42:40
    123.   Jacob L
    Berkman's BA is almost 80 points higher than anyone else in their lineup. Wow.
    2008-06-30 17:42:54
    124.   still bevens
    My favorite part about Minute Maid is that they sing 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' during the seventh inning stretch. Its just like Pee Wee's Big Adventure!
    2008-06-30 17:43:19
    125.   underdog
    119 Yep, that was the episode to which I was coyly alluding.

    "So, do you like... stuff?"

    2008-06-30 17:43:30
    126.   El Lay Dave
    104 118 How about a Stults/Deshaies comparison? Not too farfetched.
    2008-06-30 17:43:34
    127.   MollyKnight
    What radio station has the Dodger games in south orange county? 790 isn't working...
    2008-06-30 17:44:00
    128.   Jacob L
    122 Keeping an eye on the TB/Bos game was also making me a little thirsty, as well. Houston and TB should play their games in the morning, and save the evenings for the likes of Milwaukee and St.Louis.
    2008-06-30 17:44:36
    129.   Bob Hendley
    118 - They seem pretty good so far, though they did mention the idea that perhaps the Bums were looking for pitching. ON the hill in CF, IIRC Crosley Field, where the Redlegs played, had a similar undulation.
    2008-06-30 17:45:56
    130.   JoeyP
    Dodgers/Astros lineup is very similar.

    Each has a large hole 7-8-9-1.

    2008-06-30 17:46:06
    131.   Gen3Blue
    Hey, Stultz committed the cardinal sin for a Dodger pitcher---he gave up a run. I hope for his sake the dam breaks tonight, but it may not with this remarkably cursed offense.
    All of luck, streakiness, youth and more combine to make these hitless stretches more than anyone could possibly anticipate.
    2008-06-30 17:46:24
    132.   nick
    117 this park panders--they should call it Panderer's Park...
    2008-06-30 17:47:28
    133.   underdog
    Nice play by Mazaloney!
    2008-06-30 17:47:34
    134.   Woden325
    122 Good thing Enron went belly-up, huh?
    Ironically, at my local product-placed stadiurm, it is very difficult to get Coors beer. Coors Light (blech) no problem, but regular Coors? I might as well be asking for Dom Perignon.
    2008-06-30 17:48:01
    135.   El Lay Dave
    127 Maybe try KPRO 1570 Riverside ? (Or 930 KHJ en Español)
    2008-06-30 17:49:05
    136.   underdog
    128 - Heh. I hadn't thought of that, but works perfectly. Then someone should rename their stadium after a sausage company, or maybe Kellogs could buy the Tigers' stadium.
    2008-06-30 17:50:01
    137.   Bluebleeder87
    Jeff Kent owns Oswalt.
    2008-06-30 17:50:06
    138.   Gen3Blue
    But I have to admit despite Barroa and Maza's terrible offensive performance, on defense they have looked pretty awful too.
    2008-06-30 17:50:35
    139.   underdog
    134 Yeah that just made me crave more cheaper electricity.
    2008-06-30 17:50:51
    140.   El Lay Dave
    133 Sounds like something found next to the prosciutto.
    2008-06-30 17:51:02
    141.   Gen3Blue
    Boy is Loney slow.
    2008-06-30 17:51:14
    142.   JoeyP
    Loney is a DP machine.
    2008-06-30 17:51:42
    143.   underdog
    Another DP for Loney, but to be fair, that ball seemed destined for the outfield. Was a nice play by the SS.


    Deshaies was pretty funny about Kent's age vs the rest of the Dodgers' line-up. "Kentie, tell us a story."

    2008-06-30 17:52:27
    144.   Bluebleeder87
    it's the wrong at bat to post this but Pee-wee seems to be pull happy these days, stick to what has worked for you in the past & go with the pitch man!!
    2008-06-30 17:52:36
    145.   Zak
    7 half innings, 78 total pitches... this game may not see 2.5 hours.
    2008-06-30 17:52:38
    146.   Jacob L
    On the plus side, we're on pace for, like, 5 hits tonight!
    2008-06-30 17:52:40
    147.   underdog
    Forgot how to defensive swing, eh, Pee Wee?
    2008-06-30 17:53:39
    148.   Zak
    Of ocurse, I meant 85 total pitches.
    2008-06-30 17:54:26
    149.   Bob Hendley
    143 - Houston knows Kent. They alluded to his grumpiness in the first.
    2008-06-30 17:55:32
    150.   Woden325
    Almost time for me to switch over to KOA for the Rockies-Padres battle of the titans. Can you believe those two teams were duking it out in a fantastic tie-breaker at the end of last season?
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-06-30 17:56:01
    151.   fanerman
    Maybe Loney should lead-off. He's slow, but he's bound to ground into less double plays that way, right?
    2008-06-30 17:56:50
    152.   underdog
    I take it we're no longer on pace for 9 runs, however?


    Off topic, but does anyone know anyone driving down to or through Sta Barbara, from the Bay area, for 4th of July weekend? My ride may be flaking out. underdog8 at gmail dot com

    2008-06-30 17:57:12
    153.   Woden325
    Understatement of the century on the KABC stream "it's not a good career move to grab your boss by the throat and throw him to the ground." Good ol' Chacon.
    2008-06-30 17:57:15
    154.   underdog
    Good move Stults. Just walk him.
    2008-06-30 17:57:40
    155.   El Lay Dave
    Eric Karros hold the LA Dodger record for GIDP with 27 in 1996. That was Loney's 18th, in game 82 of this season. 18 is already good for a tie for 18th on the LAD list.

    2008-06-30 17:58:17
    156.   Alice S
    What is it with ballplayers and saying "I mean" all the time when they give interviews?

    I mean, it gets sort of annoying.

    2008-06-30 17:58:38
    157.   underdog
    150 I can't really; the Padres putrification was much less surprising to me and the Rockies I expected to regress though maybe not quite this much.
    2008-06-30 17:58:51
    158.   Woden325
    156 They're just giving 110%.
    2008-06-30 17:59:09
    159.   Alex41592
    What an arm on Repko and he looked out.
    2008-06-30 17:59:17
    160.   Icaros
    Repko is such a klutz. Funny that's why people like him.
    2008-06-30 17:59:22
    161.   underdog
    I think RepCo did that on purpose just so he could throw him out at 3rd.

    How was he safe? I thought he was nailed.

    2008-06-30 18:00:01
    162.   Bluebleeder87
    I was gonna ask why DeWitt was off line but looking at the re-play Repko's throw took him that way.
    2008-06-30 18:00:08
    163.   underdog
    Man, DeWitt should've tagged him out, at least the second move when his hand came off the bag.
    2008-06-30 18:01:01
    164.   underdog
    That was a good pitch from Stults, too, nice job to reach out and poke it.
    2008-06-30 18:01:18
    165.   scooplew
    167 You know, you've got, you know, a point there, you know.
    2008-06-30 18:01:23
    166.   Bluebleeder87

    yup, I remember those days very very well.

    2008-06-30 18:02:30
    167.   scooplew
    165 Whoops, I mean, you know, I mean 156, you know.
    2008-06-30 18:02:51
    168.   Bluebleeder87
    Aside from the slider (gift) he gave Berkman I think Stults is pitching a good enough game, thanks Repko...
    2008-06-30 18:02:59
    169.   El Lay Dave
    I'm holding a sharp pencil.
    2008-06-30 18:03:21
    170.   El Lay Dave
    (way too slow :) )
    2008-06-30 18:06:42
    171.   underdog
    Ah well, here's the predicted Stults-back-to-earth inning.
    2008-06-30 18:07:15
    172.   Woden325
    Ok, time to switch over, although I suspect you'll have the better game of the two.

    Good luck, Dodgers.

    2008-06-30 18:10:53
    173.   Andrew Shimmin
    Sporky asked about headphones in the last thread. These are the ones I like, if I'm going to be moving around:

    These are the ones I like for sitting still:

    They're both cheap, but neither of them sound bad. I keep the sitting around ones in my laptop bag, and despite that they've held up for about two years per pair. The moving around ones I've had for about eighteen months without any problems.

    2008-06-30 18:11:38
    174.   bhsportsguy
    173 Thanks Hingemeister.
    2008-06-30 18:12:24
    175.   Icaros

    Always ready to assist a female in need...

    2008-06-30 18:13:05
    176.   Bluebleeder87
    we're one short porch 3 run home run away from tying it.
    2008-06-30 18:13:24
    177.   Icaros
    Can our best hitter provide the three-run HR we need?
    2008-06-30 18:13:24
    178.   Gen3Blue
    OK it's the Fifth, and Stultz comes up with a line that looks like Penny, Lowe, or Bills for that matter. No reason to overreact. Our hitting must start at some point.
    2008-06-30 18:13:28
    179.   underdog
    Nice. Now do you bunt here? Stults is a good hitter and you don't want the DP.
    2008-06-30 18:14:21
    180.   Bob Hendley
    My goodness, back-to-back hits!
    2008-06-30 18:14:24
    181.   Icaros
    He missed, but Stults had some nice cuts up there.
    2008-06-30 18:14:50
    182.   underdog
    Time for RepCo to atone for his clownlike miscue.
    2008-06-30 18:15:35
    183.   Icaros
    Stults's swings and misses look much better than Repko's swings and misses.
    2008-06-30 18:16:23
    184.   JoeyP
    Repko 3 abs.
    3 ks.

    Leading off.

    2008-06-30 18:16:23
    185.   underdog
    How on earth was THAT a strike?
    2008-06-30 18:16:31
    186.   El Lay Dave
    Should first-pitch squeeze with Repko, then Ethier is up with a runner in scoring position. It's still early enough.
    2008-06-30 18:17:13
    187.   El Lay Dave
    (left that sitting on the preview screen!)
    2008-06-30 18:17:39
    188.   underdog
    What a waste.
    2008-06-30 18:17:48
    189.   Icaros

    Looked outside corner to me. When a guy swings at everything all the time, umps don't give him the close ones.

    2008-06-30 18:18:11
    190.   underdog
    186 I would have, too.
    2008-06-30 18:18:20
    191.   Bluebleeder87
    I guess Repko is still being treated like a Rook, that was not a strike specially the way Ausmus was set up.
    2008-06-30 18:18:52
    192.   bhsportsguy
    Here's the problem with Repko, he knows that he might only have two weeks to try and find a way to either stick with the team or even be seen as possible trade material.

    So he is going to try and make plays that he can't physicall do or be over anxious at the plate.

    2008-06-30 18:18:58
    193.   underdog
    Predicted OF tomorrow: Ethier, Kemp, Young. I'll bet y'all a hundred billion dollars.
    2008-06-30 18:19:07
    194.   Icaros
    I'd rather have a one-eyed, peg-legged Matt Kemp in center.
    2008-06-30 18:19:59
    195.   Zak
    I like how other teams can spot us a couple of baserunners any given inning and how we are awesome at coming up empty.

    If anyone has the time, I would love to know what the ML avg is for runs scored if a team gets two or more baserunners in an inning. I bet the ML avg is something like 1.55 and the Dodger avg is like 0.8.

    2008-06-30 18:20:12
    196.   Andrew Shimmin
    175- I'd assist you, but I know more about headphones than I do about South Pasadena's B&E laws. Maybe KG could throw a little pro bono work your way. . .
    2008-06-30 18:20:25
    197.   Icaros

    But he has always been that way, even in the minors.

    2008-06-30 18:20:46
    198.   El Lay Dave
    193 each?
    2008-06-30 18:21:12
    199.   Bluebleeder87
    Repko's miscue played a part on at least 1 or 2 of those runs, I like the way Stultsy is pitching.
    2008-06-30 18:21:32
    200.   Linkmeister
    What we needed was Repko to hit Ethier's fly ball; that would have gotten us at least one run out of that promising start.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-06-30 18:21:40
    201.   bhsportsguy
    193 Nope, Ethier will sit because it is a lefty pitching tomorrow.
    2008-06-30 18:21:58
    202.   underdog
    Whew, he gave that one a ride.
    2008-06-30 18:22:00
    203.   Icaros

    It doesn't count as B&E when he leaves the front door unlocked for me.

    Sometimes the window, depends on Bob's mood.

    2008-06-30 18:22:33
    204.   underdog
    That's okay, I don't really have a hundred billion dollars.


    2008-06-30 18:23:30
    205.   Andrew Shimmin
    By the way, I've changed my mind about wanting a handiness-related nickname. Now I want to be called Brother Mouzone. I'm willing to buy a bowtie, if that would help.
    2008-06-30 18:23:35
    206.   Bluebleeder87

    concur & even more so he is virtually new on this team with a new manager & some new ball players, a lot of stuff going on in that dome of his, I sympathize.

    Nice post BH.

    2008-06-30 18:24:26
    207.   blutomania
    Bobby Cox???!?!

    Awful, awful, awful.

    2008-06-30 18:25:13
    208.   Bluebleeder87
    I'm still holding out hope for a 3 run jack! from our beloved bums.
    2008-06-30 18:25:28
    209.   JT Dutch
    ... Atta boy, Jason.
    2008-06-30 18:26:17
    210.   underdog
    Well, that was a little nicer, anyway.
    2008-06-30 18:26:33
    211.   Bluebleeder87
    James Loney's "Before The Bigs" looks like a good one, I'll watch.
    2008-06-30 18:28:01
    212.   Linkmeister
    Hmm. Swimming might be interesting at the Olympics. Today's events included:

    World record stood for two minutes.

    2008-06-30 18:28:52
    213.   Andrew Shimmin
    After the game, Steiner and Psycho are going to send this tape to NBC as an audition reel for Meet The Press.

    Come on guys. Call the game.

    2008-06-30 18:29:14
    214.   underdog
    Can't we face a crummy pitcher for once? Or twice?
    2008-06-30 18:30:32
    215.   Zak
    214 Like Oswalt this year?
    2008-06-30 18:31:38
    216.   bhsportsguy
    213 Lots of Rule 5 stuff?
    2008-06-30 18:31:42
    217.   Marty
    It's good to have Repko back. I missed making fun of him.
    2008-06-30 18:31:52
    218.   underdog
    Well, here we go again, two runners on again, after two solid hits.


    Berkman likes to down a lot of sunflower seeds while playing first base.

    2008-06-30 18:33:23
    219.   underdog
    That curveball is Public Enemy number 2.
    2008-06-30 18:33:37
    220.   Bluebleeder87
    ahh Pee-wee your better than that come on!
    2008-06-30 18:33:40
    221.   Andrew Shimmin
    216- Not really, just lots of hard-hitting analysis of controversial topics. Ban the maple bat! I have things to say about steroids!
    2008-06-30 18:34:02
    222.   Bluebleeder87
    219 LOL!
    2008-06-30 18:34:05
    223.   El Lay Dave
    Man, 0-3 with 2 Ks. Not a great night so far for the birthday boy.
    2008-06-30 18:34:48
    224.   Bluebleeder87
    You know what though, I think Bills is public enemy #2 Oswalt is #3.


    2008-06-30 18:35:02
    225.   underdog
    The guys the Dodgers have on the DL right now are a combined .391 lifetime vs. Oswalt. Current Dodgers lineup is .231.
    2008-06-30 18:35:05
    226.   Icaros
    It amazes me how many announcers aren't sure or don't think Jeff Kent belongs in the HOF.

    What about Roberto Alomar? I'd think he's a lock, but maybe he won't get in because he spit in an umpire's face.

    2008-06-30 18:35:11
    227.   El Lay Dave
    Torre and company probably happy with DeWitt going opposite field last AB.
    2008-06-30 18:35:26
    228.   Bob Timmermann
    Roy Oswalt, on my fantasy team.

    I have only one more 11-year old to pass up.

    Unfortunately, that 11-year old has Lance Berkman on his team.

    2008-06-30 18:35:41
    229.   underdog
    2008-06-30 18:36:07
    230.   Linkmeister
    Oswalt struck out the side? Sheesh.
    2008-06-30 18:36:21
    231.   bhsportsguy
    This is why Joe/Ned don't want a team directly from Vegas/Jacksonville. Not that the vets they have are doing better but really, Roy Oswalt vs. kids just from the minors, its really no contest.
    2008-06-30 18:36:59
    232.   El Lay Dave
    Ooof. Guess Oswalt just needed to see this lineup to get his ERA healthy. 6 IP, 9 K, 79 pitches.
    2008-06-30 18:37:57
    233.   Bob Timmermann
    You're just asking for trouble now.
    2008-06-30 18:38:28
    234.   Bluebleeder87

    That stuff if forgotten, I think he's a lock...

    2 words bro, Ty Cobb.

    2008-06-30 18:39:31
    235.   scooplew
    214 We hardly do anything against pitchers who are considered good or better. We are not talking great here; good is good enough to beat us consistently. When I saw that Lackey was going to face us yesterday, I felt we would be lucky to do anything. Luckily, we won't face Lincecum next weekend unless the Giants revise their rotation. Consider how we are hitting, Sanchez and Cain must be licking their chops.
    2008-06-30 18:39:43
    236.   underdog
    231 Well, clearly if they had Furcal and just one of Jones or Nomar or Pierre vs Oswalt tonight they would probably have a few more hits. Not sure how many more runs they would score but wold probably fare a little better. A mix of the best of youth (which is a great movie, btw) and the best of the vets would be ideal. (With the weakest of both not starting.)


    2008-06-30 18:40:00
    237.   Bob Hendley
    231 - Explain, please.
    2008-06-30 18:40:12
    238.   Marty
    Let me join the "The Wire is outstanding" club. I've watched the first 5 episodes of season one and I'm hooked. I think Underdog talked about the one-word crime-scene scene. That was amazing. I can't believe that until yesterday I had not seen more than 10 minutes of the show.
    2008-06-30 18:40:23
    239.   bhsportsguy
    233 Really, its hard to argue this tonight. Look, I like the youngsters and its not their fault they are put in this position but again maybe they are overthinking but not every pitcher they face should go through this lineup so easily.
    2008-06-30 18:40:26
    240.   Bob Timmermann
    Roberto Alomar will suffer far less for spitting in an umpire's face than Juan Marichal dead for turning John Roseboro's head into a pinata.

    That is, in the eyes of HOF voters.

    2008-06-30 18:41:20
    241.   Bluebleeder87
    for those of you who don't know, Ty Cobb went into the stands & punched out a guy with no legs & no arms.

    true story (right?)

    2008-06-30 18:41:45
    242.   Bob Timmermann
    240 is so full of typos and grammatical errors that it should just be ignored.
    2008-06-30 18:43:07
    243.   Marty
    241 I heard that the guy yelled back at Cobb "It's just a flesh wound".
    2008-06-30 18:43:34
    244.   underdog
    238 Hurrah! Actually I think that was Brock or maybe Jon who talked about that scene specifically but I loved it, and have rewatched it several times. And tried reenacting that scene with a friend of mine and we weren't quite as good.
    2008-06-30 18:44:08
    245.   scooplew
    Starting with last Tuesday's game, we are 5-for-37 with RISP to this point tonight. We also have four sacrifice flies and one sacrifice bunt with RISP. In yesterday's debacle we went 0-for-2 with RISP. In Saturday's hitless blunders game, we were 0-for-0 (with a sacrifice fly). So we are averaging about five opportunities per game with RISP, a woefully low number. We get few runners in scoring position, and when we do, we fail. But all of you know all of that; I am simply venting.
    2008-06-30 18:44:39
    246.   Bob Timmermann
    He just had no hands I believe. The man lost them in an industrial accident.

    Cobb did a lot of stuff that was worse than that.

    2008-06-30 18:45:00
    247.   Icaros

    Then how can anyone not think Kent should get in?

    Kent career OPS+ 123 (.856)

    Alomar career OPS+ 116 (.814)

    How many points does Alomar win back for defense and two World Series?

    2008-06-30 18:45:46
    248.   Bluebleeder87

    your to much Marty... (giggles)

    2008-06-30 18:45:50
    249.   bhsportsguy
    241 Which led to a famous game where no major league player played for the Detroit Tigers.

    Bob, you want to explain, please.

    2008-06-30 18:45:56
    250.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought I was the person who brought up the "solve a murder using just one word."

    I don't get credit for things that don't involve catcher's interference or the proper names of hoofed mammals.

    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-06-30 18:46:10
    251.   Woden325
    242 Still feeling the effects of your weekend in Cleveland?
    2008-06-30 18:46:13
    252.   scooplew
    240 Wasn't Marichal kept out of the HOF until after Roseboro publicly forgave him?
    2008-06-30 18:46:49
    253.   Bob Timmermann
    Since all those guys played in a major league game, they were all major leaguers.
    2008-06-30 18:46:51
    254.   Bob Hendley
    247 - He was a wizard with the glove, when I used to see him with Baltimore. Can't think of anyway better.
    2008-06-30 18:47:23
    255.   Bob Hendley
    254 - Make that anyone.
    2008-06-30 18:47:44
    256.   El Lay Dave
    231 Was anyone seriously advocating "a team directly from Vegas/Jacksonville" ? I imagine that phrasing is intended to exclude the young players like Kemp, Loney, et al.
    2008-06-30 18:50:06
    257.   Bob Timmermann
    What happens in Cleveland, stays in Cleveland, or at least never gets past Shaker Heights.
    2008-06-30 18:50:55
    258.   Icaros

    I just wonder if any of these announcers would doubt Alomar for the HOF. He was great, but so was Kent, in a different way.

    2008-06-30 18:50:58
    259.   Marty
    Cleveland, city of light, city of magic...
    2008-06-30 18:51:28
    260.   Marty
    Actually, I wish Kent was in the HOF right now.
    2008-06-30 18:52:02
    261.   Andrew Shimmin
    The Astros' trainer is mustache guy from Myth Busters!
    2008-06-30 18:52:14
    262.   Bluebleeder87
    I'm accounting 2 runs from Repko's error aside from that Stutlsy pitched a pretty good game.
    2008-06-30 18:52:55
    263.   Linkmeister
    It's bad enough to be down by three, but we're out-hitting these guys 6-5. That's so rare the Smithsonian should be interested.
    2008-06-30 18:53:04
    264.   Icaros

    You've always been his biggest fan, but he's going to have to wait his five years like everyone else.

    2008-06-30 18:53:08
    265.   underdog
    I've actually been to Shaker Heights. Weird, I'd repressed all memory of that until now. Might have something to do with the fact that it was my ex g/f's family who lived there, or that it was, you know, Ohio. Seemed like a respectably nice little 'burb, but I can barely remember a thing about it.
    2008-06-30 18:53:49
    266.   scooplew
    What is the injury delay for?
    2008-06-30 18:54:12
    267.   Bluebleeder87
    I wonder what happened to Oswalt... At least we have a chance now.
    2008-06-30 18:54:16
    268.   underdog
    I wonder if Oswalt having to come out will be a break for the Dodgers. Or if it won't make a difference one iota.
    2008-06-30 18:54:32
    269.   Icaros

    Oswalt felt sorry for us.

    2008-06-30 18:55:18
    270.   fordprefect
    'cause the Cuyahoga river
    goes smokin' through my dreams.
    2008-06-30 18:55:20
    271.   underdog
    Maybe the Dodgers would have a shot if Patton Oswalt came in to pitch.
    2008-06-30 18:56:13
    272.   scooplew
    269 As soon as I sent that message, I knew I'd become the straight man.
    2008-06-30 18:56:31
    273.   Zak
    271 What's his FIP ERA?
    2008-06-30 18:56:35
    274.   Bob Hendley
    Me thinks he has the Cuyahoga a smokin' through his dreams.
    2008-06-30 18:57:09
    275.   CanuckDodger
    I have now finished the first season of The Wire, and I haven't changed the opinion I had after watching the first few episodes: good, but not at all great. A nice three star out of four series. And I realize that mine seems to be a minority viewpoint, since everywhere I look people seem to try to out-do each other in praising The Wire.
    2008-06-30 18:57:35
    276.   Bob Timmermann
    With one out in the top of the ninth, Brandon Moss' routine fly to right bounced off a catwalk at Tropicana Field and it ended up being a run-scoring double.

    Rays lead 5-3, but Boston has 2nd and 3rd with one out against Percival with Varitek up.

    2008-06-30 18:59:03
    277.   Bob Timmermann
    Don't feel bad if you don't think it's the greatest thing ever.

    Everybody told me that "Pushing Daisies" was the greatest new series of last year.

    I couldn't stand it.

    2008-06-30 18:59:22
    278.   Bob Timmermann
    Oh, and then there's that Wes Anderson thing.
    2008-06-30 18:59:31
    279.   Icaros
    As soon as I sent that message, I knew I'd become the straight man.

    I could do something with that, too, but this is a family establishment.

    2008-06-30 18:59:31
    280.   Icaros
    As soon as I sent that message, I knew I'd become the straight man.

    I could do something with that, too, but this is a family establishment.

    2008-06-30 19:00:00
    281.   Icaros
    Oops, I twitched.

    It was weird.

    2008-06-30 19:00:30
    282.   Hallux Valgus
    275 I think The Wire is extremely mediocre. Most of my friends fall over their feet trying to run to the front of the line to praise the show, but I think a lot of it is the result of the residual "grittiness" from being a premium cable show. Congrats, you can curse. Still not great.
    2008-06-30 19:00:42
    283.   Bob Timmermann
    Varitek got a sac fly and Percival hurt himself while backing up third.

    JP Howell in to try to get the final out.

    2008-06-30 19:01:01
    284.   underdog
    275 - Try seasons 3 and 4 before you give up on it though.

    273 His comedy FIP is quite high, but his LABIP could be better.

    2008-06-30 19:01:05
    285.   Bluebleeder87
    It's like Torre waves the white flag when Sweeney comes to the plate, sigh.
    2008-06-30 19:01:27
    286.   CanuckDodger
    I am curious to know what it is about Cleveland that makes it a target of derision? Throughout my life I've heard lots of put-downs of Cleveland, but there is never anything specific said. It is like comedians just say the word "Cleveland" and they get laughs, as if everybody is in on the joke. Somebody please explain it to me.
    2008-06-30 19:02:01
    287.   underdog
    Okay, maybe this is Sweeney's last chance.

    (No, no, this is. No... this. No... this. Sigh.)

    2008-06-30 19:02:16
    288.   Bluebleeder87
    even when he hits it it's like dead the ball days on contact.
    2008-06-30 19:02:56
    289.   Icaros
    Torre has to just be going off of the notion that, mathematically, Sweeney has to get another hit soon.
    2008-06-30 19:03:10
    290.   Bob Hendley
    287 - Just called up from Vegas, no? That Ned!
    2008-06-30 19:03:39
    291.   Zak
    Repko needs to let one rip right here. I need a hundred billion dollars.
    2008-06-30 19:03:51
    292.   Bob Timmermann
    You have to experience Cleveland to get the joke.

    Essentially, it is a very large city with very few interesting things to do. And the weather isn't good at any time of the year. And the food is bad. Provided you can find a place serving food after 8 pm.

    Cleveland is the city that just doesn't work.

    2008-06-30 19:04:15
    293.   Zak
    2008-06-30 19:04:32
    294.   bhsportsguy
    What's that the golden sombrero?
    2008-06-30 19:04:52
    295.   Zak
    Repko is hitting the expensive sombreros tonight.
    2008-06-30 19:05:10
    296.   Hallux Valgus
    I'm way late to the game, but sometimes I feel like Torre is trying to play a game of season long lineup Sudoku. I promised that I'd give him a month before criticizing his lineups, but now it's almost July, and I really want to see the big wheel Torre spins every night t create the lineup. How on earth is Repko your choice as a lead off hitter? If he wasn't your choice to be on the roster, even after several injuries, how is he your choice to get the most plate appearances immediately? Shock and awe?
    2008-06-30 19:05:33
    297.   Bob Timmermann
    Repko's idea of ripping one may be of the junior high meaning of the phrase.
    2008-06-30 19:05:43
    298.   Woden325
    286 ,292
    Bob and the Buckeye State just don't get along. If you don't believe me, ask about the Cincinnati Reds opening the baseball season.
    2008-06-30 19:05:45
    299.   bhsportsguy
    292 I think the sad thing is that the hangout dive on the Drew Carey show was probably more exciting than the real thing. Unless the Indians are playing for the pennant with Bob Uecker on the mike.
    2008-06-30 19:05:51
    300.   Bluebleeder87
    Howie Lewis & the News lied to me!!
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-06-30 19:05:52
    301.   underdog
    282 I can see how the show wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but even despite all the praise I'd heard before I watched an episode I still thought it was great. And frankly the "grit" had very little to do with it for me. Impressive characterizations, richly textured, great dialogue, complex viewpoints, incredible knowledge of so many aspects of the American city. I can totally understand how someone wouldn't enjoy it or even find it overrated but to dismiss it thusly seems off to me. And I say this as a screenwriter wannabe who just feels very small when I watch that show.
    2008-06-30 19:06:32
    302.   Icaros
    Repko needs to let one rip right here. I need a hundred billion dollars.

    That would probably depend a lot upon what he ate today. Weird thing to win money for, though.

    2008-06-30 19:06:38
    303.   Bob Timmermann
    Lugo lines out to short. The Rays win 5-4!
    2008-06-30 19:06:46
    304.   berkowit28
    Why would Torre have LaRoche ready to pinch hit, but when Maza gets on base he puts up Sweeney instead? What's the "thinking" there?
    2008-06-30 19:06:48
    305.   bhsportsguy
    295 Batting leadoff is one thing but tonight it does appear that he had no choice to play him since Kemp cannot play tonight due to his eye problem.
    2008-06-30 19:07:34
    306.   Icaros
    Bob is ruining everything for me this week.
    2008-06-30 19:07:45
    307.   CanuckDodger
    275 -- Oh, I don't feel bad. I would say I feel puzzled about what so many other people are seeing that I am not, but I think the truth is that those people are more impressed by extreme realism, or naturalism, than I am. My tastes run more toward the highly stylized.
    2008-06-30 19:07:55
    308.   underdog
    296 This was discussed quite a bit earlier, believe me, but Repko's partially in the line-up, we're told, because Kemp had a scratched eye and was unable to play today. Why he was batting leadoff is a mystery to most of us, but other than that the line-up seemed to make sense to me. Maza over Berroa was seen as a mild improvement, too, and here he has two hits. Two meaningless hits as it turned out, but...
    2008-06-30 19:08:10
    309.   scooplew
    Dodger record for most strikeouts in a game by one player is 5 and shared by:
    Bill Russell (June 9, 1971 vs. PHI),
    Darryl Strawberry (May 1, 1991 at MON)
    2008-06-30 19:08:43
    310.   Bob Timmermann
    I've been to Cincinnati and I didn't like that city either. But I liked it more than Cleveland.

    On September 13, I will be a very big USC fan. Perhaps even bigger than when USC plays The Most Evil University In Christendom.

    2008-06-30 19:10:24
    311.   Icaros
    Howie Lewis & the News lied to me!!

    That's because you thought a tribute band was the real thing.

    2008-06-30 19:10:36
    312.   underdog
    Man, the Dodgers ERA over the past weeks is so impressive. If they could only hit at all they'd be in first place, basically.

    So, does it sound like Furcal is coming back next weekend? Tonight's old pro night in Las Vegas isn't it?

    2008-06-30 19:10:52
    313.   Bob Timmermann
    If that's the way you tend, I would skip the rest of the series. It will just be more of the same.

    But if you like the highly stylized, then you should love "Pushing Daisies" and the films of Wes Anderson.

    You would hate Cleveland. Cleveland is not highly stylized.

    2008-06-30 19:11:17
    314.   Eric Stephen
    How doooooooo you do?
    2008-06-30 19:11:39
    315.   underdog
    309 I actually remember that Strawberry game for some reason.

    I think if RepCo gets another at bat tonight he should just try to bunt for a hit.

    2008-06-30 19:11:48
    316.   Woden325
    310 The Most Evil University In Christendom? They're playing CU-Boulder?
    2008-06-30 19:12:11
    317.   Bob Timmermann
    College football must be saved from the scourge of tOSU and Jim Tressel's sweater vests.
    2008-06-30 19:13:08
    318.   Hallux Valgus
    301 I can appreciate that. For me, if the show were sanitized for regular TV, I don't think it would differentiate itself (once again- for me, at least) from any number of network dramas. I will say that I think it looks great. Of course, I don't really like drama on TV. So that might be a contributing factor.

    I would take Burn Notice over The Wire any day.

    2008-06-30 19:13:19
    319.   bhsportsguy
    314 No, that is not allowed.

    This is a link to something Marty posted about earlier today, I only wish that people will be a quarter as kind to me as they are to this man.

    2008-06-30 19:14:37
    320.   underdog
    The 51s lineup tonight (game is underway) is:

    Furcal SS
    Nomar 3B
    Tiffee IB
    Jones DH
    MitchJones RF
    Griffin LF
    Chavez ... oh I stopped caring at this point, sorry. Rivera, Ruan blah blah.

    2008-06-30 19:15:15
    321.   underdog
    That was a really nice DP for Kent and Maza.
    2008-06-30 19:15:56
    322.   Hallux Valgus
    308 I figured, hence the qualification

    316 You bite your tongue, sir. Bite it hard.

    2008-06-30 19:16:13
    323.   bhsportsguy
    321 Maza is making the bid to be on the team longer than Berroa.
    2008-06-30 19:16:20
    324.   underdog
    I've heard good things about Burn Notice. Season 1's in my GreenCine queue. :-)
    2008-06-30 19:16:33
    325.   Bob Timmermann
    I actually root for USC in most of its nonconference football games. And I always root for USC in its bowl game.

    And I don't even go out with a USC football fan now.

    Not that she ever invited me to a game.

    2008-06-30 19:17:42
    326.   underdog
    Furcal had a nice 8 pitch at bat for his first AB but then grounded out.
    2008-06-30 19:18:10
    327.   CanuckDodger
    313 -- Strangely enough, I rank Pushing Daisies as merely a three-star show too, just like The Wire. The two shows are like flip sides of a coin. PD has great style, but little substance. The Wire has lot of subtance, but little style. Lost impresses me because it has both attributes, in my estimation.
    2008-06-30 19:18:17
    328.   Icaros

    You'd had enough of that Capulet dating, anyway.

    2008-06-30 19:18:23
    329.   Bob Timmermann
    Hanley Ramirez has hit a game-tying homer in the 9th for the second straight day.

    Or, if you prefer, a tiebreaking home run.

    2008-06-30 19:19:25
    330.   Bluebleeder87
    that short fence must look very enticing to these guys, it's almost like they can poke it over if they put good wood on it.
    2008-06-30 19:20:05
    331.   Hallux Valgus
    324 Okay, I'm seriously interested in GreenCine, and I have zero interest in Netflix. Lately, I have a lot of interest in documentaries, because I apparently just turned "old."

    How's your doc lineup?

    2008-06-30 19:20:25
    332.   scareduck
    286 - the Cuyahoga river catching fire back in the early 70's was probably a big part of it. If you've ever been in the old industrial part of downtown, you'd know why. There's a beautiful view of the Cuyahoga emptying into Lake Erie that is simply wrecked by a 19th-century iron bridge, and it's like that for most of what should be a beautiful bay city. It's just been ruined.
    2008-06-30 19:20:38
    333.   NorCal-Dodger
    325 YOu do have some redeeming qualities after all!
    2008-06-30 19:20:40
    334.   underdog
    Crud. Just when they get something going, they undo it.

    327 You lost me at "Pushing Daisies." A lot of style and I liked the first one or first two, but then it got old fast for me.

    2008-06-30 19:20:42
    335.   Andrew Shimmin
    Nearly had him there, even with the big bounce.
    2008-06-30 19:20:49
    336.   Bob Timmermann
    "Pushing Daisies" has the most annoying voiceover narration in the history of television.
    2008-06-30 19:22:08
    337.   underdog
    331 Darn good, if you ask me. Lots of obscure ones, and indie ones, and classics. We have everything Criterion, too.

    Let me know if you want a free trial promo.


    Argh, we should have had a run out of this inning at least.

    2008-06-30 19:23:26
    338.   Icaros

    Do you have the one about WCCW and the Von Erich family?

    2008-06-30 19:23:57
    339.   Bob Timmermann
    The Greg Brocks and bhsportsguys of the world berate me for being soft on USC.

    They are absolutists. I try to set up a constructive framework of understanding.

    2008-06-30 19:24:08
    340.   Bluebleeder87
    that short port was made for La Roche's swing...
    2008-06-30 19:24:57
    341.   Bob Timmermann
    Repko will bat in the 9th!
    2008-06-30 19:25:36
    342.   Bluebleeder87
    once the Stros pitches see La Roche's swing, there gonna shake in the little taxes boots & throw nothing but outside pitches to him, I assume.
    2008-06-30 19:25:43
    343.   underdog
    C'mon Andy!!
    2008-06-30 19:26:40
    344.   Hallux Valgus
    337 actually, I should say- how's your recommendation software? Because I really like docs, but I don't really know what to watch. Can I do an accurate search?

    338 Oh my god, I would totally watch that.

    2008-06-30 19:26:53
    345.   Bluebleeder87
    oh man, I think we got a break there no?
    2008-06-30 19:27:42
    346.   Hallux Valgus
    Jesucristo- 10 hits, 1 run
    2008-06-30 19:27:53
    347.   Bluebleeder87
    Steiner gives me false hope with his broadcasting style I swear, ahh!!
    2008-06-30 19:28:12
    348.   MonkeyBlue
    10 hits and the Dodgers only produces 1 freaking run!
    2008-06-30 19:28:12
    349.   Indiana Jon
    Anyone notice the start of the Ogden game tonight? Pretty interesting.
    2008-06-30 19:30:05
    350.   underdog
    Oh well. Did Steiner think that was out at first?
    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2008-06-30 19:31:15
    351.   Linkmeister
    I had to come back here to Gameday to check. Three hits and no runs in the 8th.

    Dodgers, you're about to go my bad list.

    2008-06-30 19:31:51
    352.   underdog
    Andruw Jones walks in his first at bat.
    2008-06-30 19:31:54
    353.   scooplew
    One word comes to mind:

    inept: lacking in fitness or aptitude; not suitable to the time, place or occasion; lacking sense or reason; generally incompetent.

    2008-06-30 19:32:08
    354.   Linkmeister
    "on" my bad list. Crud.
    2008-06-30 19:32:26
    355.   Bob Timmermann
    The L.A. Dodgers have been shut out three times while getting 10 hits. The last time was in 1990 by Bryn Smith and Lee Smith of the Cardinals.

    The Dodgers haven't had a game where they scored just one run on 10 hits since May 26.

    2008-06-30 19:33:07
    356.   Bluebleeder87

    kind of, I actually thought it had a chance too but it was hit to the power ally. La Roche didn't get all of it.

    2008-06-30 19:33:09
    357.   cult of basebaal
    350 working with john sterling must have worn off on him
    2008-06-30 19:33:58
    358.   Linkmeister
    355 The Smith Brothers had a good fish restaurant in San Pedro back in the early 1960s. You could even get abalone steaks back then.
    2008-06-30 19:34:22
    359.   Icaros

    It's supposed to be really good. Called Heroes of World Class

    2008-06-30 19:34:37
    360.   underdog
    338 I will admit that our wrestling offerings are pretty weak. If that's a sticking point for ya...

    Actually we're upgrading our recommendations engine, right now we have people rely more on human powered recommendations from staffers and writers. We have some documentary lists (best of, best ever, etc), a primer, a lot of reviews and so on. So there's that.

    2008-06-30 19:35:10
    361.   Marty
    I'll never understand how anyone can root for a team that wears powder blue. That's a girl's color. Girls!
    2008-06-30 19:35:36
    362.   Icaros

    This is a legit documentary, not a wrestling video.

    2008-06-30 19:36:49
    363.   Bob Timmermann
    Blame Red Sanders. He picked that color.
    2008-06-30 19:39:07
    364.   scooplew
    From WikiAnswers, regarding most strikeouts in one game by a player:

    Many Players have struck out 5 times in one game. That is the record.

    The record for a nine inning game is (5), but in an extra inning game the record is (6). Cecil Cooper (Boston) Billy Cowan (California) Alex Gonzalez (Toronto) Sam Horn (Baltimore) Rick Reichardt (California) Carl Weilman (St.Louis) Don Hoak (Chicago) and Craig Monroe (Detroit)

    2008-06-30 19:39:11
    365.   Marty
    So, I asked about MBT shoes the other day and no one responded. Well, I bought a pair last week and its the best pair of shoes I ever owned. My leg and hip pain went away. It is a very weird sensation to walk in them at first though.
    2008-06-30 19:39:26
    366.   underdog
    362 Ah, okay. Looks interesting. I don't think we have it but can request it.
    2008-06-30 19:40:02
    367.   Bluebleeder87

    the first truck I ever owned was baby blue. I told my friend that once & he started laughing. he was like are you serious, baby blue!?!?!?

    2008-06-30 19:40:54
    368.   Bluebleeder87
    I hope Repko hits a blast in this at bat.
    2008-06-30 19:41:28
    369.   Bluebleeder87
    Oh shoot, I forgot the Astros have Valverde. Yikes.
    2008-06-30 19:42:35
    370.   underdog
    Bunt, Jason, bunt.

    Of course, with Berroa hitting before him, he won't be up there with much to do.

    2008-06-30 19:43:09
    371.   Andrew Shimmin
    Dear Methodist Hospital:

    Use a smaller font, next time.

    Yours in Ch-i,
    Andrew Shimmin

    2008-06-30 19:44:13
    372.   Bob Timmermann
    The blue on UCLA's uniforms is a little darker now:

    I'm not sure what year this was, but it's from the 1970s:

    2008-06-30 19:46:15
    373.   underdog
    That was about the only way to get on base for Grampa Blade.
    2008-06-30 19:46:23
    374.   Bluebleeder87
    it looked like he did an ole job.
    2008-06-30 19:47:14
    375.   underdog
    Mitch Jones homered to drive in Andruw, btw. And Rafael Furcal doubled in his next at bat, too!
    2008-06-30 19:48:35
    376.   okdodge
    Can't wait to have Furcal back
    2008-06-30 19:48:51
    377.   Bob Timmermann
    A reprieve from the governor!
    2008-06-30 19:49:04
    378.   Bluebleeder87
    the baseball gods have spoken...
    2008-06-30 19:49:45
    379.   underdog
    Oh god. I really feel bad for Repko. I do.

    That balk was "really bad umpiring" according to Jim Deshaies.

    2008-06-30 19:49:57
    380.   Icaros
    This should count as six, then.
    2008-06-30 19:50:01
    381.   Andrew Shimmin
    Repko's grandmother is the firstbase umpire, it seems.
    2008-06-30 19:50:19
    382.   underdog
    377 Heh.
    2008-06-30 19:50:20
    383.   sporky
    I woke up from my nap to find out 1) the Dodgers are losing and 2) the blister in my ear popped. I don't know what's worse.
    2008-06-30 19:51:15
    384.   Bob Timmermann
    How do you get a blister in your ear?

    If it's TMI, that's OK.

    2008-06-30 19:51:24
    385.   underdog
    Aww. He almost hit that out, too. Only 125 feet shy.
    2008-06-30 19:51:37
    386.   JoeyP
    Repko lol.
    2008-06-30 19:51:58
    387.   Icaros
    Andrew likes them with ear blisters.
    2008-06-30 19:52:08
    388.   fanerman
    2008-06-30 19:52:10
    389.   scooplew
    384 From listening to Charlie Steiner.
    2008-06-30 19:52:11
    390.   Andrew Shimmin
    385- Stupid wind.
    2008-06-30 19:52:21
    391.   sporky
    Cheap, chafing earbuds. It's a first for me, too.
    2008-06-30 19:52:48
    392.   Bob Timmermann
    It could have been worse.

    You could have been rooting for the loser in this game.

    2008-06-30 19:53:15
    393.   Bluebleeder87
    We will meet again tomorrow Astros
    2008-06-30 19:53:33
    394.   MonkeyBlue
    Has the Dodgers reach the 30 game mark of scoring two run or less?
    2008-06-30 19:53:35
    395.   underdog
    That game was a poopyhead. I hate it! {hold breath}
    2008-06-30 19:53:44
    396.   scooplew
    In a season of remarkably bad games by the Dodgers, this one ranks among the 20 worst.
    2008-06-30 19:53:52
    397.   Bob Hendley
    383 - Is it a Bob Brenly related affliction?
    2008-06-30 19:53:56
    398.   fanerman
    2008-06-30 19:55:13
    399.   Bob Timmermann
    Yes, but only because the game is on the schedule.
    2008-06-30 19:55:37
    400.   sporky
    Is anyone else's FSN West feed kind of jittery/weird?
    Show/Hide Comments 401-450
    2008-06-30 19:56:11
    401.   underdog
    Dwayne Pollok pitching for the 51s tonight.

    Did you know that "pollok" is actually a Hungarian word meaning "filler"?

    Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all minute. Tip your wait staff.

    2008-06-30 19:57:06
    402.   Bob Hendley
    It's our fault for only praying to the baseball gods for them to get hits.
    2008-06-30 19:58:51
    403.   Bob Timmermann
    Yes. It looks like they're showing the game with a strobe light.
    2008-06-30 20:00:11
    404.   underdog
    Guess who just homered?


    2008-06-30 20:00:52
    405.   underdog
    In what I think was a 7 pitch at bat he homered on a line drive to left field.
    2008-06-30 20:01:51
    406.   underdog
    Okay, and Mitch Jones just hit his second home run of the game, so it's a good day for the Jonses, even if it also starts to make Andruw's dinger seem less exciting..
    2008-06-30 20:02:05
    407.   sporky
    I made the mistake of sterilizing the ex-blister with some rubbing alcohol. I think my shrieking was heard in Oakland.
    2008-06-30 20:03:40
    408.   sporky
    404 ! (weeps).

    Or 407 ! (weeps).

    2008-06-30 20:03:49
    409.   underdog
    When you look at the 51s lineup tonight, all their starters have played in the major leagues, some of them of course quite a bit. Only Wilkin Ruan's experience is limited to September call-ups, I believe.
    2008-06-30 20:05:24
    410.   Bob Timmermann
    Wilkin Ruan played in the middle of the season for the Dodgers in 2003. I saw him start a game in Denver when the SABR convention was there.
    2008-06-30 20:05:54
    411.   Woden325
    Grr. The Rockies were up 8-3, now its tied in the bottom of the 6th.
    2008-06-30 20:06:20
    412.   OhioBlues12
    I am completely frustrated by this team. What looked to be a decent offense has turned out to be just terrible. It really becomes exhausting waiting for the Dodgers to have a good offensive team, which seems as if it hasn't happened in many years. It was that same last year, couldn't hit HRs and couldn't hit with RISP.
    2008-06-30 20:06:52
    413.   Doctor
    Furcal 2B, Jones HR.... the cavalry might be on the way. And it's really about time. I can't handle Maza, Berroa, Repko 9th innings much longer....
    2008-06-30 20:08:00
    414.   underdog
    410 - Oh you're right. I'd blanked that out for some reason. Just like Shaker Heights.

    412 Be patient, my friend, just a little longer, as Doctor says...

    2008-06-30 20:08:14
    415.   okdodge
    11 hits, one run, ouch.

    Can't wait for Furcal and Andruw to come back!

    2008-06-30 20:08:14
    416.   Bob Timmermann
    The Dodgers offense in 2006 was pretty good. The team didn't hit a lot of homers, but it had the highest OBP in team history.
    2008-06-30 20:12:11
    417.   scooplew
    412 I feel your pain.
    2008-06-30 20:14:57
    418.   OhioBlues12
    416 - Yeah, 2006 was pretty good but when was the last time that the Dodgers were considered to have a fearsome lineup? Maybe the mid-to-late 90's team with Piazza, Karros, Mondesi, and Zeile? Even then we hit a good amount of HRs but I don't know that we were really considered a good offensive team.
    2008-06-30 20:20:29
    419.   Bob Hendley
    I'll take the 11 hits as something, given that going in against Oswalt I didn't like our chances at all. Stros are near the bottom in pitching in the NL, so I am thinking that if we can string some more together...

    Hope the Doc is right about the calvary, however, but that's gotta be at least 5-7 games away.

    2008-06-30 20:28:41
    420.   Eric Stephen
    I root for UCLA to win non-conference games. I do not share the Pete Arbogast feeling that a "perfect day" features a USC win coupled with losses by both UCLA and Notre Dame.

    However, I hope Notre Dame never wins another game. I think Charlie Weis just signed an extension as I typed this post.

    And I wish the annual USC-UCLA game still featured the cardinals and blues featured in the 2nd photo of 372 .

    2008-06-30 20:30:27
    421.   underdog
    Raffy grounded out and Nomar walked in their next at bats. Jones is due to lead off the next inning.

    Raffy should be back, barring a setback, for the Giants series, I'm guessing. Nomar possibly. Jones probably another week.

    2008-06-30 20:32:57
    422.   underdog
    (Raffy and Nomar were subbed for after their at bats, btw, so they're done.)
    2008-06-30 20:38:56
    423.   underdog
    And Jones flies out to fairly deep center field (I think). Not a bad start for any of 'em. Backatcha'll manana.
    2008-06-30 20:45:22
    424.   jasonungar07
    It would be so nice to see Jones and Furcal come back strong. I'd like to see DeWitt moved down and Nomar and Andy in competition till the end of month at 3b. With Nomar's injury history I may have my lineup I wanted in Spring. I wanted Jones. I hope he does well.
    2008-06-30 20:53:23
    425.   herchyzer
    I look at the box score and see the Dodgers scored 1 run on 11 hits. How did that happen? Well, over in the LOB column, it appears Repko, Ethier and Young each left 4 men on base, while Loney left 3. Those are the worst numbers. I think, "Wow! What a bunch of young players overmatched not so much in ability, but by their circumstances."

    Welp! I was one of those who hollered "Play the kids!" Guess we're paying for it now. On to the next game.

    2008-06-30 20:56:30
    426.   herchyzer
    >>>>I wanted Jones. I hope he does well.<<<<

    That sounds so sadly plaintive.

    2008-06-30 21:12:21
    427.   Jon Weisman
    Okay, someone's got to explain to me why people are saying "Welp" all the time now.

    And while they're at it, they can tell me how Hollister became a clothing line instead of earthquake/Wild One central.

    2008-06-30 21:15:22
    428.   Eric Stephen
    I had no idea what "Welp" meant, so I looked it up. And I'm now dumber for it. :)
    2008-06-30 21:15:40
    429.   underdog
    I'm sorry, but "Idiocracy" gets funnier everytime I watch it.
    2008-06-30 21:16:04
    430.   fanerman
    428 I'm dumb AND dumber for it.
    2008-06-30 21:17:22
    431.   dzzrtRatt
    I used to hear "Welp" all the time when I was a kid, in Connecticut, in the 60s. I figure there must have been a cartoon show host who used it.

    I still holler "Play the kids!" This is not a World Series Dodger team. But they'll bust out of this schneid at some point, and then all will be forgotten.

    2008-06-30 21:24:35
    432.   Bob Timmermann
    My brother's magnum opus in headline writing at the Daily Bruin:

    Bruins Welp Themselves to a Schrempf Cocktail

    2008-06-30 21:25:56
    433.   MC Safety
    425 I know. I knew those whippersnapper loving bloggers were wrong. Luis Gonzalez would have knocked those guys in.
    2008-06-30 21:28:18
    434.   Bob Timmermann
    Todd Helton stranded 12 runners in this game all by himself.

    He got better.

    2008-06-30 21:37:18
    435.   LogikReader
    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the 51's game, fellas!

    Now here is an interesting question. You may have noticed SNY and YES (I believe) broadcast their local minor league team's games.

    1) Are they the only team to do this?
    2) Could the Dodgers do the same for the 51's with enough demand?
    3) Is the only reason they do it because both NY minor league teams are inside the five bouroughs?

    ok and 4) Do they usually have TV cameras in most minor league ballparks?

    2008-06-30 21:39:18
    436.   herchyzer
    At one time as kind of a pregnant pause filler, people used to say "Well...". But then, right in the middle of that pause, while the speaker was still scratching his chin and trying to look wise, a smart-alleck might interject "That's a deep subject!" kind of deflating the whole act. Soon, in desperation someone came up with the filler, "Welp!" but spoken as an exclamation, defiantly, as though daring the smart-allecks to respond impertinently. It didn't work. Soon the smart-allecks were coming back with "Got the 'welps'?"

    I must have thought that after all these years I could get away with it.

    Any more questions?

    2008-06-30 21:43:19
    437.   Hallux Valgus
    435 Aren't both of those stations owned by their respective major league teams? The Dodgers cannot choose to broadcast minor league games because the Dodgers have no say over the programming of Prime Ticket (except for Dodgers games).
    2008-06-30 21:47:42
    438.   berkowit28
    435 If you go to any minor league team, e.g. 51s, you'll see a "Listen :ive" link above the current schedule. It's looks like you can listen to Audio for free (click Audio link at left), and/or pay $15 for a season of MiLB.TV.
    2008-06-30 21:50:41
    439.   Bob Timmermann
    I think that's the reason.

    FSN has more than enough programming to keep itself occupied.

    2008-06-30 21:50:51
    440.   sporky
    Interesting first inning for Ogden:

    Ogden Top 1st

    * Devaris Gordon hit by pitch.
    * Defensive Substitution: Yeldrys Molina replaces second baseman Fernando Garcia, batting 2nd, playing second base.
    * Defensive Substitution: Sean McCauley replaces catcher Juan Graterol, batting 7th, playing catcher.
    * Defensive Substitution: Alberto Espinosa replaces first baseman Devery Van De Keere, batting 8th, playing first base.
    * Offensive Substitution: Pinch runner Jessie Mier replaces Devaris Gordon.
    * Offensive Substitution: Pinch hitter Steven Caseres replaces Travis Vetters.
    * Pitcher Change: Steve Miller replaces Paul Raglione.
    * Ogden Raptors Pitching Coach Craig Bjornson ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Ogden Raptors shortstop Devaris Gordon ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Ogden Raptors Lyndon Poole ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Ogden Raptors Kyle Russell ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Ogden Raptors right fielder Travis Vetters ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Ogden Raptors second baseman Brian Ruggiano ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Idaho Falls Chukars pitcher Paul Raglione ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Idaho Falls Chukars catcher Juan Graterol ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Idaho Falls Chukars second baseman Fernando Garcia ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Idaho Falls Chukars third baseman Devery Van De Keere ejected by HP umpire Erik Hill.
    * Steven Caseres flies out to right fielder Nicholas Francis.
    * Offensive Substitution: Pinch hitter Elian Herrera replaces Kyle Russell.
    * Elian Herrera strikes out swinging and Jessie Mier caught stealing 2nd, catcher Sean McCauley to shortstop John Alfaro.

    2008-06-30 21:51:44
    441.   Lexinthedena
    429 "You see, a pimp's love is different from that of a square"
    2008-06-30 21:56:20
    442.   sporky
    440 I'm guessing the brawl started after 5 Ogden Raptors had been hit by pitches in 19 innings. No Chukars were hit in retaliation.
    2008-06-30 22:00:30
    443.   KG16
    Molly Ringwald is playing the mom in a new TV drama. The mom of a teenager. I should not feel this old.
    2008-06-30 22:06:18
    444.   KingKopitar
    430 "Hey guys. Big gulps huh? Alright! Welp, see ya later!"

    Yeah, that's the first time I remember hearing that too. That movie's awesome.

    2008-06-30 22:08:24
    445.   Bob Hendley
    442 - Afterall, who would want to hit the national bird of Pakistan, in retaliation or otherwise.
    2008-06-30 22:09:36
    446.   Lexinthedena
    444 "A place that's warm, where the beer flows like wine, and women instinctively flock to you like the salmon of Capistrano".
    2008-06-30 22:10:32
    447.   underdog
    440 What the...?!? That's the most insane first inning recap I've seen in quite some time. It seems like the order of things is a little odd there.

    Btw, in that same league, did y'all realize that there is a team called the Casper Ghosts?

    I don't know whether to love that or hate that.

    2008-06-30 22:13:16
    448.   sporky
    445 If a pitcher could hit those tiny little suckers, he should be sent to Single A.
    2008-06-30 22:13:31
    449.   underdog
    Pedro Baez homered in that crazy Ogden game.
    2008-06-30 22:19:52
    450.   sporky
    There are some doozies here:

    Vermont Lake Monsters
    Cedar Rapids Kernels
    Hickory Crawdads
    Orem Owlz
    Lansing Lugnuts

    Show/Hide Comments 451-500
    2008-06-30 22:22:31
    451.   Bob Hendley
    440 - When Indiana Jon said that there was a pretty interesting start to the Ogden game, I rushed over to the site, thinking that it was a little early for a no-no alert. Couldn't make heads or tail of the box score, so this explains that. No hitter indeed.
    2008-06-30 22:30:40
    452.   Bob Hendley
    448 - Now if it were the pukka chukkas...
    2008-06-30 22:32:24
    453.   Jon Weisman
    447 - Too much hate in the world. Love it.
    2008-06-30 22:41:41
    454.   Suffering Bruin
    Just logged on after a 15 hour day of educational bliss. Yes, sarcasm intended...

    We are 14th in runs scored in the National League. There are sixteen teams. Only Washington and San Diego have scored fewer runs.

    If you had bet me that after 81 games the Giants would score more runs than the Dodgers, you would've some money. Not a lot of money because I don't have a lot but you would've won some cash.

    2008-06-30 22:47:45
    455.   LogikReader
    I'm still wondering if a Roawnd Signing would have been worth it. That it's working out for the Giants is surprisingly surprising.

    .297 / .360 / .463 for Rowand (8 HRs, 44 RBIs, 38 Rs)

    The real question is: is that worth 12 mil a year?

    2008-06-30 23:05:24
    456.   underdog
    I'm loving it - the Casper Ghosts that is. Now if they were owned by a guy named Harvey (or Richie Rich), even better.

    455 - No, I don't think Rowand's worth that money. But of course you could certainly say that of a few Dodgers contracts. At least he's doing something.

    Boy, I hope Furcal is back for the Giants series (but only if he's really ready!)

    2008-06-30 23:08:17
    457.   berkowit28
    In the 51s game, Mitch Jones (who he?) missed batting for the cycle by getting two home runs instead of a single in his 4 for 5 BA. He made 6 RBI, but didn't score on his double or triple - only the two runs he created all by himself - because no one could bat him in. Sound familiar? Nevertheless, the 51s made 12 runs. Not bad. (Not many thanks to Nomar, who was 0 for 2 plus a walk. As noted by others, Andruw Jones was 2 for 3 with a HR.)
    2008-06-30 23:13:26
    458.   Zak
    Just some fun predictions

    2008-06-30 23:35:21
    459.   natepurcell
    I find this kind of funny...

    two recent players the dbacks have let get away one way or another...

    Dan Uggla 289/375/620 23hr
    Carlos Quentin 288/396/544 19hr

    2008-07-01 00:04:18
    460.   still bevens
    I would be so irate if my team got rid of Carlos Quentin so Eric Byrnes could get his payday.
    2008-07-01 00:13:52
    461.   Andrew Shimmin
    Quentin wasn't run off to give Byrnes playing time, he was an indirect part of the Haren trade. Haren's having a pretty nice year. Although, his BABIP is at .257.
    2008-07-01 00:18:48
    462.   underdog
    461 Sort of. But they had to decide whether to re-sign Byrnes or commit to youth fully and go with Quentin instead. When they re-signed Byrnes, Quentin was made expendable. It makes sense in a way, and Haren is a great pitcher. But it would be hard to deny that they've given up a hell of a lot of young talent over the past year.
    2008-07-01 00:31:32
    463.   Andrew Shimmin
    No doubt about it, they gave up a lot of young talent. Randy Johnson would have been their two or three, but for that trade. That'd be a bold strategy, coming into the season that looked like a good chance for a run.
    2008-07-01 00:32:43
    464.   natepurcell
    Quentin was traded for a Low A 1b prospect. Im sure the dbacks could have replaced him in the deal with another player without having to do that trade.
    2008-07-01 00:56:45
    465.   Andrew Shimmin
    464- Maybe he's a bad character guy. No, I'm totally serious. Hear me out. . .
    2008-07-01 01:43:45
    466.   sporky
    Byrnes is Arizona's Nomar - decent guys whose popularity outstrips their skill and are signed to longish contracts that block more talented, younger players. Or lead to the trades of more talented, younger players.
    2008-07-01 01:48:36
    467.   sporky
    I guess that describes Jeter, too, although I don't think Arizona squees over Byrnes as much as the Tri-State Area does over Jeter.
    2008-07-01 07:36:51
    468.   27indigo
    435 Here, FSN Northwest occasionally shows Portland Beavers (San Diego) games when the Mariners aren't on. Incidentally, they don't show Tacoma Rainiers (Seattle) games, or any of the other minor league teams in the northwest for that matter.
    2008-07-01 07:42:43
    469.   JoeyP
    Uggla's the guy I wish the Dodgers would target if he ever reaches free agency. Doubtful since the Marlins will probably lock him up.

    Quentin net them Chris Carter, which they spun for Haren. Not bad.

    But I think they dealt Quentin bc they didnt want 4 starting caliber OF'ers for 3 spots---which is really dumb. There's no probably with stacking your team 1-25 with the best talent available, even if some of that talent could be starting elsewhere in the league.

    2008-07-01 07:55:45
    470.   LogikReader
    Joey, you surprise me. Until this season, Dan Uggla had a career OBP of under .335 . I know he's managed very well in the HRs department, but just looking at that, I don't know how patient of a hitter he is. For a 2B he's a remarkable hitter, so I suppose that could be the argument, but in general, I don't if that's worth throwing 15 mil a year at.

    Uggla is already 28. Not sure how much upside he has, albeit he may be in his prime as we speak. That, and... well the Marlins are sure to lock him up. After Hanley's extension, it makes sense to follow up.

    2008-07-01 07:56:29
    471.   LogikReader

    slight correction:

    I don't know if that's worth throwing 15 mil...

    2008-07-01 08:00:21
    472.   JoeyP
    His OPS:

    2006: .819
    2007: .805
    2008: .995

    Obviously this year is a career year for him, but I think he'd be a very good player to target at 2nd base if he can OPS .830-.850. He's really the only 2nd basemen out there that could reasonably replace Kent's historic offensive production.

    He'll be valued very highly due to the scarcity of hitters at 2nd base. Utley, Uggla, likely never will see free agency though.

    2008-07-01 08:09:41
    473.   underdog
    It's hard to imagine the Dodgers re-signing Furcal and signing Uggia after he's a free agent, but he's not a free agent until 2012 so I'm not sure why we're talking about him. I'm also not so sure that the Marlins will definitely lock him up. This is the Marlins we're talking about.
    2008-07-01 08:11:50
    474.   ToyCannon
    Arizona whiffed big time on Quentin. It wasn't Byrnes but Upton who made Quentin expendable but they would have been better off seeing if Carlos's shoulder was healed and giving Upton more time in AAA. Now they missed on Carlos being what everyone expected him to be and they have a struggling 20 year old in RF whose clock rang a year to early.
    No one expected Uggla to be a starting 2nd baseman. He looked like an excellent value pick in the rule 5 but what he has done is ridiculous. With Uggla and Cantu doing some strange things in Florida I just have to wonder what's in the water.
    2008-07-01 08:12:01
    475.   underdog
    I guess we could attempt to acquire him in a trade next year if extension talks break down, though.

    This was from the Miami Herald:
    "Will there will be a multiyear offer to MLB home run leader Dan Uggla? Beinfest said there is no decision yet: ''Probably . . . that would be something we would tackle in the offseason. . . . Danny is in line for a big raise, and he's earned that.'' With Uggla not eligible for free agency until age 31 (after 2011), the Marlins might go year to year. He makes $417,000 but could top $5 million in arbitration this winter."<<

    2008-07-01 08:20:59
    476.   JoeyP
    Kershaw makes his Texas debut tonight. I bet he'll have plenty of tickets to give away.

    Probably be quite nervous too.
    Be interesting to see how he does.

    Might be his last start in the big leagues for awhile if Kuroda comes back soon.

    2008-07-01 08:24:17
    477.   ToyCannon
    Hopefully our traveling secretary can come up with his tickets. Hate to see Clayton go Manny on him.
    2008-07-01 08:27:21
    478.   Bluebleeder87
    I can see the D-Backs logic in trading Quentin but whoa is he doing good in Chicago.
    2008-07-01 08:33:35
    479.   underdog
    477 - Hah hah. I know. Colletti better watch his back, too. There's something in the water in the Astros' clubhouse, too.

    476 - I think Kuroda is slated to come back tomorrow night last I heard. My guess is a reliever, probably Troncoso, will be the one going down, for now at least. Kershaw may go down later but it didn't sound like they were on the verge of doing so. Unless he looks awful tonight.

    2008-07-01 08:33:56
    480.   Bluebleeder87
    476 he will either be really good or really bad tonight, that is my production.
    2008-07-01 08:35:10
    481.   Eric Stephen
    I'm going with average, just so we have all our bases covered.
    2008-07-01 08:37:06
    482.   Bluebleeder87
    no middle of the road for (IMO) him tonight, to much adrenaline & emotion going for him, but we shall see.
    2008-07-01 08:37:20
    483.   cargill06
    481 what about a late scratch?
    2008-07-01 08:44:16
    484.   Terry A
    Maybe he'll be sent down so the team can start newly acquired Shawn Chacon.
    2008-07-01 08:46:23
    485.   Bob Hendley
    Here's hoping that the Bison is ready to go, though with the lefty starting for the Stros, Jason might get the call again. What a tough position to put the kid (a term of affection)into last night.

    Torre said Repko was nervous in his first start of the season.

    ''He was out front and really jumping badly,'' Torre said.

    2008-07-01 09:01:48
    486.   Doctor
    (wish) line up for tonight:

    1. Martin C
    2. Kemp CF
    3. Loney 1B
    4. Kent 2B
    5. LaRoche 3B
    6. Young LF
    7. Ethier RF
    8. Beraza SS
    9. Kershaw P

    2008-07-01 09:06:43
    487.   El Lay Dave
    486 I'm on board with that, but what do you bet that if Kemp is good to go, Repko plays in RF and Ethier sits?
    2008-07-01 09:08:22
    488.   Bob Hendley
    Good bet, though I am thinking Jason in CF.
    2008-07-01 09:11:25
    489.   Kevin Lewis

    Maybe we can just post that up on ITD and it will get passed on to Torre

    2008-07-01 09:13:45
    490.   Doctor

    Yea, I guess... Loney and Ethier both have better career splits VS righties, but for me they are both good enough VS lefties (James 0.307AVG, Ethier 0.276AVG) to not get too cute with it.

    2008-07-01 09:13:55
    491.   blue22
    I'll take that lineup against the lefty (and righties too, though I don't think DeWitt has played himself out of the lineup yet).

    I have to think Maza has earned the SS gig until Furcal is ready to go. Berroa got his shot for 3 solid weeks and did nothing. Maza got a spot start and banged out two hits.

    2008-07-01 09:19:12
    492.   Eric Stephen
    Wandy Rodriguez is a LHP, so we will not see Ethier & Kemp together tonight.

    If Kemp is healthy enough to play, Repko will play in place of Ethier.

    If Kemp's eye is still irritated, Repko will play in place of Kemp.

    2008-07-01 09:20:24
    493.   underdog
    I agree, Maza should get the starts over Berroa 'til Raffy is back. Which may only mean a few more games.


    Hey Toy, off topic but do you think the Clippers will go after Baron Davis? I think they should...

    2008-07-01 09:20:44
    494.   Bob Timmermann
    What will happens if the people of DT are irritated?
    2008-07-01 09:21:14
    495.   Kevin Lewis
    Any word on Furcal's defense from last night?
    2008-07-01 09:26:46
    496.   Eric Stephen
    Non-Furcal Dodger SS have the following numbers:

    173 PA
    5 XBH (3 2B, 2 3B)
    12 runs
    4 RBI
    8 BB
    32 K

    2008-07-01 09:34:45
    497.   Doctor
    Isn't 0 (ZERO) RBI for Berroa in 17 game pretty amazing?!
    2008-07-01 09:39:12
    498.   okdodge
    495 Furcal didn't have any chances in the field last night.
    2008-07-01 09:40:49
    499.   alex 7
    and off the field?
    2008-07-01 09:42:24
    500.   Bob Timmermann
    The most games played by a non-pitcher in a season without an RBI is 92. But that was by Herb Washington, who was just a pinch runner.

    Don Hopkins, another pinch running specialist (but he did bat), played in 86 without an RBI.

    Then you get to Larry Lintz, who would later become a semi-regular but was another pinch running specialist for Oakland in 1976 played in 68 games without a RBI.

    Manny Lee, who was a Rule 5 pick, appeared in 64 games for the 1985 Blue Jays (43 ABs) without an RBI.

    Willie Crawford has the Dodgers high with 52 games played in 1965 without an RBI.

    If you switch to plate appearances, Gene Good of the 1906 Braves had 135 plate appearances in 34 games with nary an RBI.

    I just checked from 1900 on as RBI totals in the 19th Century are a little sketchy. Even 1906 is sketchy.

    Show/Hide Comments 501-550
    2008-07-01 09:44:38
    501.   D4P
    Gene Good of the 1906 Braves had 135 plate appearances in 34 games with nary an RBI

    Was his middle name "Notvery"...?

    2008-07-01 09:46:02
    502.   D4P
    As I recall, I'm the only one around here who was/am amazed by Andruw's 7 RBI in 154 PAs.
    2008-07-01 09:47:21
    503.   SG6
    501 - Chris Berman would have made it so.
    2008-07-01 09:48:18
    504.   Bob Timmermann
    I found that more interesting because you figured Jones would at least have picked up a few more RBIs by accident. Weak ground outs and lazy fly balls can really help your RBI totals.

    Berroa's lack of RBIs stem from the fact that he is usually batting 8th in a lineup that has no one getting on base before him.

    And he's not very good.

    2008-07-01 09:48:23
    505.   fanerman
    5 3 D4P is our very own Chris Berman. I can totally imagine him saying "back back back back back... back back back... back back back back..." and so on.
    2008-07-01 09:49:55
    506.   silverwidow
    Throwing out my own projections for the upcoming roster moves:

    Kuroda activated; Troncoso optioned to Las Vegas

    -This one is pretty straight forward. With Park back in the pen and Wade pitching excellent, Tron Tron isn't needed right now.

    Nomar activated; Berroa DFA

    -Since Ethier and Young figure to play everyday in the near future, Sweeney's LH bench job is saved. A roster spot needs to be opened up for Nomar, so Berroa's sorry play gets the axe.

    Furcal activated; LaRoche optioned to Las Vegas

    -Not something I would do, but knowing how the Dodgers operate, they need a "true" utility type on the bench - in this case, Maza. Nomar takes LaRoche's spot as a 3B/1B guy.

    Penny activated; Stults optioned to Las Vegas

    -I'm going out on a limb by saying the 6-man rotation idea will be scrapped. If not, Falkenborg will likely get DFA'd, although I think Torre is a fan of the guy.

    2008-07-01 09:51:04
    507.   D4P
    I found that more interesting because you figured Jones would at least have picked up a few more RBIs by accident. Weak ground outs and lazy fly balls can really help your RBI totals.

    Exactly. You almost have to try not to get RBIs to have as few as Jones has. That's in part why it's so amazing.

    2008-07-01 09:52:11
    508.   Bob Timmermann
    The 1906 Braves (or Beaneaters if you prefer) finished 49-102 and finished dead last in the NL in runs scored with 408. They averaged 2.68 runs per game.

    They were third in the NL in home runs however.

    They hit 16.

    The Dodgers led the NL in homers that year with 25 with powerful Tim Jordan smacking 12 to lead the league.

    2008-07-01 09:58:48
    509.   D4P
    It must be pretty rare for one player to hit 75% as many HRs as any team in the league.
    2008-07-01 10:01:21
    510.   Bob Timmermann
    There was this guy named Ruth.
    2008-07-01 10:05:16
    511.   Bluebleeder87
    my prediction battery is way off this year, I must worn you.
    2008-07-01 10:07:33
    512.   D4P
    How often did he accomplish the feat?
    2008-07-01 10:09:47
    513.   Johnny Nucleo
    509 , 510 Laughing out loud.
    2008-07-01 10:13:13
    514.   Bob Timmermann
    Life can be tough for a boy named Ruth.

    1921 is the season to check. Besides the Yankees (obviously), the only other teams to outhomer Ruth were the A's (82 homers) and Browns (58).

    The Red Sox hit 17 homers in 1921 to Ruth's 59.

    2008-07-01 10:19:03
    515.   D4P
    The Red Sox hit 17 homers in 1921 to Ruth's 59

    That's so ridiculous as to be beyond extremely suspicious. Greenies? Uppers? Cork?

    2008-07-01 10:27:00
    516.   Bob Timmermann
    Happy Birthday to Johnny Nucleo. And a Happy Canada Day to boot.

    Little known fact: In Canada, "boot" is pronounced "bout."

    2008-07-01 10:29:05
    517.   D4P
    I was in Canada a few weeks ago, and was struck by how many people actually say "Eh?".
    2008-07-01 10:31:53
    518.   Bob Timmermann
    I sometimes give people tours of the library and tell them that if they murder someone and wish to hide the body, it's best to use the stacks (they're the compact kind that move around) that house the periodicals that start with the title "Canadian Journal of ..."

    Nobody ever goes there.

    2008-07-01 10:33:45
    519.   D4P
    Some of the faculty members I met with have published in journals that start with the title of "Canadian Journal of ...".

    I've never read any of their articles.

    2008-07-01 10:40:19
    520.   Tom Meagher

    If Berroa fails to record RBI this season (including if he were cut today and played no more), he will set the record for the most PA in a season by a position player over the age of 27 with no RBI.

    2008-07-01 10:41:16
    521.   Tom Meagher
    I forgot the caveats that a) that's since 1901 and b) he's currently tied for first, so he needs one more PA to set the record.
    2008-07-01 10:48:55
    522.   Jon Weisman

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