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Dodger Pitching in Three Parts
2008-07-03 14:07
by Jon Weisman

  • April 1-April 16: 15 games, 131 innings, 102 strikeouts, .656 OPS allowed, 3.23 ERA
  • April 18-May 19: 29 games, 258 innings, 197 strikeouts, .758 OPS allowed, 4.64 ERA
  • May 20-July 3: 41 games, 364 1/3 innings, 322 strikeouts, .669 OPS allowed (through Wednesday), 3.16 ERA

    Update: Chad Billingsley now has a lower ERA this season (3.12) than Brandon Webb. Among NL West pitchers, only Tim Lincecum and Dan Haren are better than, as Dodger Thoughts commenter Nate Purcell (and before that, commenter Sporky!) calls him, "His Royal Thighness."

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    2008-07-03 14:16:18
    1.   Linkmeister
    I can haz chart for hitting for same periods? ;)
    2008-07-03 14:16:18
    2.   Dodgers49
    From a previous thread:

    143 I dont know what Colletti was thinking with Berroa, should've just called up trusty Ramon Martinez. Thats a name I haven't heard, probably becacuse I missed someone's post or because theres an impending rebuttal of which the details I am aware of, but the point is it was another frantic move from our frantic GM.

    Ramon Martinez is one of Ned's favorite players. However, he had the misfortune to be on the Las Vegas DL when Ned signed Berroa. Ramon has been back in the Las Vegas lineup for more than a week now so that should make it easier for Ned to part with Berroa.

    2008-07-03 14:19:06
    3.   Jon Weisman
    5-0 Arizona.
    2008-07-03 14:19:15
    4.   Bob Timmermann
    The Brewers just got a 2-run homer on a foul ball by Bill Hall.

    5-0 Milwaukee.

    2008-07-03 14:20:15
    5.   natepurcell
    3 words...

    His Royal Thighness.

    2008-07-03 14:20:26
    6.   Bob Timmermann
    The umpires ruled that the ball scraped the foul pole.
    2008-07-03 14:22:51
    7.   Tripon
    Don't you mean 5-0 Brewers?
    2008-07-03 14:23:30
    8.   Jim Hitchcock
    1 Huh?
    2008-07-03 14:23:33
    9.   LAbits
    3 Psych?
    2008-07-03 14:24:16
    10.   Jim Hitchcock
    Just kidding, Link. How's the Rickenbacker?
    2008-07-03 14:24:50
    11.   Jon Weisman
    7 - I was giving the runs-allowed score. :)

    I mean, yes. 5-0 Brewers.

    2008-07-03 14:27:58
    12.   ToyCannon
    Yup, back then I loved ESPN and I loved those spots.
    2008-07-03 14:29:01
    13.   Ken Noe
    5-0 Hawaii.
    2008-07-03 14:29:35
    14.   LAbits
    At least Jones & Garciaparra had some positive results at AAA rehab (from ESPN):

    Garciaparra went 5-for-8 with an RBI and Jones was 4-for-8 with a homer and three RBIs this week with Las Vegas.

    No guarantees of performance from that report, but a lot better than hearing they had 0-3 and left the game after 5 innings.

    2008-07-03 14:29:49
    15.   Greg Brock
    Being in first place with a record under .500 would be an empty experience.

    But as empty experiences go, it's one of the best.

    2008-07-03 14:32:07
    16.   Linkmeister
    10 I couldn't convert offensive hitting statistics into LOLCat-speak.

    The Rick is fine. The Pignose amp is dead, but after 30 years that's not surprising.

    2008-07-03 14:32:30
    17.   Marty
    I'm rather fond of empty experiences
    2008-07-03 14:33:35
    18.   Marty
    16 I have a friend who sells pignose amps to music stores. I have no idea if his prices are good.
    2008-07-03 14:36:54
    19.   Dane Bramage
    16 Any time someone says "Rickenbacker" It conjures up a mental image of Chris Squire...
    2008-07-03 14:42:59
    20.   Greg Brock
    Rock and roll classic on The Griddle!

    Not sure what color that alert would be. Fuchsia, maybe?

    2008-07-03 14:44:51
    21.   Linkmeister
    19 I think of Tom Petty myself. Or maybe Roger McGuinn ;)
    2008-07-03 14:44:57
    22.   Jim Hitchcock
    16 That's what you get for not buying the extended warranty ;)
    2008-07-03 14:47:22
    23.   Jim Hitchcock
    21 I saw McGuinn once.`So You Want To Be a Rock & Roll star' is the second best song where wearing sunglasses is mandatory.
    2008-07-03 14:47:35
    24.   68elcamino427
    Onward to the slightly less modest four game winning streak. This line-up is scoring some runs.
    2008-07-03 14:55:11
    25.   scareduck
    To answer your question from the other thread, Jon,

    1) The Dodgers' front office seems to have trouble discerning good players from bad.
    2) This has translated into lost opportunities for the team.
    3) Frank McCourt does not seem to understand the connection between his actions and the way the team is failing.

    So yes, I haven't been very enthusiastic about the Dodgers of late. But that said, even the littlest spark of life is cause for some hope.

    2008-07-03 15:00:22
    26.   overkill94
    Argh, a guy in my NL-only league was trying to get rid of Manny Parra earlier in the year and I threw him a couple offers but he didn't bite. Since then his ERA must be somewhere around 2 since it was close to 6 at that time.

    At least I own His Royal Thighness :)

    2008-07-03 15:04:46
    27.   sporky
    0 Ahem!

    2008-07-03 15:06:06
    28.   bigcpa
    Dodger season in 3 parts:

    March 31-April 4: 3-1 (Pierre benched)
    April 5- June 29: 35-42
    June 30- July 3: 3-1 (Pierre DL)

    Torre: "About half the month of April and right through the month of June he's been really great, and I can't ignore what a difference he's made."

    2008-07-03 15:08:12
    29.   fanerman
    27 I take some credit for inspiring sporky!
    2008-07-03 15:09:03
    30.   Jon Weisman
    27 - Whoops!
    2008-07-03 15:09:56
    31.   Jon Weisman
    29 - Okay, I'm only making a fix at most one more time, so get your stories straight :)
    2008-07-03 15:11:13
    32.   sporky
    29 Chad's pitching, too!
    2008-07-03 15:13:46
    33.   Xeifrank
    If the DBacks go on to lose and the Giants win, then the Dodgers and Giants will be battling friday with the Dodgers only a half game out and the Giants only 4 games out. I hope the Dodgers don't take the Giants too lightly. They will be especially tough to beat on friday (vs Sanchez) and sunday (vs Cain). Giants fans will be psyched for this series as they have a golden opportunity to get within striking distance of the top. I hope Andruw and Nomar come off the DL ready to fill that black hole.
    vr, Xei
    2008-07-03 15:15:18
    34.   natepurcell
    Diamond with some tidbits

    -Withrow is at Inland Empire working with Charlie Hough. He hasn't pitched professionally yet because he has a tender elbow.

    -Dodgers signed Melvin Ray.

    2008-07-03 15:16:01
    35.   Jon Weisman
    If you read Diamond's latest, Kent is getting a little slap-happy.

    2008-07-03 15:20:10
    36.   The Trolley Dodger
    35 I think the humidity was getting to him.
    2008-07-03 15:20:26
    37.   Jon Weisman
    In 83 1/3 innings since April 30, Billingsley's ERA is 2.27.
    2008-07-03 15:20:28
    38.   natepurcell
    Asked about the game James Loney had, Kent said, "James is a wild bird."

    what does this mean in non PVL talk?

    2008-07-03 15:21:11
    39.   sporky
    35 Asked about the game James Loney had, Kent said, "James is a wild bird."

    A wild bird?

    2008-07-03 15:22:38
    40.   Jim Hitchcock
    35 That interview and the way Kent talked to Kershaw the other night seem to show a more relaxed version of the PVL.
    2008-07-03 15:23:43
    41.   sporky
    Panic in Arizona.
    2008-07-03 15:24:08
    42.   fanerman
    32 I, uh, don't follow.

    31 sporky can take all the credit. I'll just keep calling him Chadwick because Chad has got to be short for something.

    2008-07-03 15:24:41
    43.   Alex41592
    It was 5-0 Brewers but a bases clearing double by Tracy has closed the gap. 5-3 Brewers Bot 9 runner at 2nd and nobody out.
    2008-07-03 15:25:17
    44.   68elcamino427
    #7 Wild Bird
    2008-07-03 15:25:31
    45.   Xeifrank
    Wild bird? Sounds like hunting talk to me. Old man Kent is singing like a canary. A wild canary!
    vr, Xei
    2008-07-03 15:25:59
    46.   sporky
    42 His pitching is inspirational.

    Er, never mind.

    2008-07-03 15:27:14
    47.   Alex41592
    Base hit Upton 1st and 3rd and nobody out.
    2008-07-03 15:27:24
    48.   Gagne55
    Brewers are having a Carter/Baez moment.
    2008-07-03 15:28:30
    49.   Jon Weisman
    Oh my.
    2008-07-03 15:28:31
    50.   Alex41592
    Double down the line. Upton stops at third on his own. 5-4 Brewers and nobody out runners at 2nd and 3rd.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-07-03 15:28:44
    51.   Jim Hitchcock
    RIP Larry Harmon, better known to the world as `Bozo the Clown'.

    When I was six or seven, I was picked out of the audience to be one of three kids to try and hit a badminton birdie into a barrel to win a really cool bike.

    Bozo: "Where you from, little Jimmy"?

    Me blinking, uh, uh, looking in panic at my Mom, who mouths `Westchester'! "Westchester", I say.

    I then take studied aim, brow furrowed, and then let fly.

    And damned if that birdie didn't bounce off the rim of that barrel before bouncing out.

    2008-07-03 15:28:48
    52.   Gagne55
    Tying and winning runs in scoring position. None out.
    2008-07-03 15:29:09
    53.   Alex41592
    They are not walking Jackson even though his run is useless.
    2008-07-03 15:30:18
    54.   Bob Timmermann
    I hope that did not send you on to a life of unfulfilled expectations.
    2008-07-03 15:30:53
    55.   Bob Timmermann
    "None out when winning run scored"
    2008-07-03 15:31:22
    56.   Jon Weisman
    Well, score one for the NL West.
    2008-07-03 15:31:31
    57.   Alex41592
    Deficit stays at 1 1/2. D'Backs win.
    2008-07-03 15:31:38
    58.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    From my office in Mesa, Ariz., I am agog.
    My co-workers are delighted.
    2008-07-03 15:32:10
    59.   natepurcell
    Brewers bullpen is absolutely horrible.
    2008-07-03 15:32:21
    60.   sporky
    Oh, Guillermo.
    2008-07-03 15:32:23
    61.   Jim Hitchcock
    54 Still dealing with it...;)
    2008-07-03 15:32:47
    62.   Xeifrank
    Nice comeback by Zona. 6 hits, 1 walk, no outs made in the 9th to win it. The Brewers pen pitched like a wet bird!
    vr, Xei
    2008-07-03 15:34:09
    63.   silverwidow
    Lincecum and H.R. Thighness = Best young pitchers in the NL
    2008-07-03 15:34:38
    64.   Gagne55
    Well, so much for the Diamondbacks poor play of late.
    2008-07-03 15:34:49
    65.   Nagman
    62 They beat the win-expectancy odds.
    2008-07-03 15:36:06
    66.   sporky
    At least my ear blister is gone.
    2008-07-03 15:37:21
    67.   fanerman
    Like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes.
    2008-07-03 15:39:31
    68.   Xeifrank
    62. Yes! Amazingly, Zona was down to a 0.6% win expectancy at one point. Good for them, bad for us. :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-07-03 15:41:29
    69.   El Lay Dave
    29 Then I have to claim the merest wisp of credit for inspiring you fanerman:

    2008-07-03 15:52:08
    70.   nofatmike
    59 I think a trade for Guo would look very tempting for the Brew Crew right now.
    2008-07-03 15:54:35
    71.   Xeifrank
    70. He is good enough to be the closer (top bullpen pitcher) on half the MLB teams. As long as his arm didn't fall off.
    vr, Xei
    2008-07-03 15:54:49
    72.   LoneStar7
    was jeff interviewed on t.v./radio? or was this in diamond or something..

    Wild Bird is pretty sweet by the way, we'd now have the bison, (blue ox/bull), a rabbit(while on base) other wise known as slappy, and wild bird

    2008-07-03 15:55:13
    73.   silverwidow
    70 Guo for Alcides Escobar!
    2008-07-03 15:56:40
    74.   natepurcell

    I wonder what they are going to do with Matt Gamel. He's listed as a 3b but I don't think there is any way he can play 3b in the pros- he is kind of like Braun in that aspect.

    2008-07-03 15:57:31
    75.   MonkeyBlue
    OMG I can't believe the Brewers blow it.
    2008-07-03 15:57:59
    76.   Gen3Blue
    I don't know if I'm late here, but on Sports Center just now, they were disscussing trades, especially relevant to Yankees, Sox, and Rays and they brought up Sabbathia. Some idiot said he would probably end up with the Dodgers because they desperately need pitching. How do these people get a voice, and why would anyone listen?
    2008-07-03 16:00:20
    77.   LoneStar7
    76 yea i just saw that as well, i think it was tim kurkjian
    2008-07-03 16:00:50
    78.   MonkeyBlue
    76. Yeah I don't go to ESPN with anything about West. I go for the highlights, but they fail at that too.
    2008-07-03 16:01:26
    79.   Marty
    I have a friend who was very close to becoming the Chicago Bozo in the 1980s.
    2008-07-03 16:01:57
    80.   Xeifrank
    I updated my in-season Dodger WAR (wins above replacement) calculations, taking current stat lines and projecting them out over a full season.

    1. Billingsley 3.57
    2. Lowe 3.16
    3. Guo 2.88
    4. Saito 2.85
    5. Stults 1.56
    6. Kuroda 1.52
    7. Beimel 1.49
    8. Wade 0.91
    9. Penny 0.72
    10. Kershaw 0.66
    FIP-ERA Leaders
    1. Saito 1.77
    2. Guo 2.11
    3. Broxton 2.63
    4. Troncoso 2.84
    5. Beimel 2.97
    6. Billingsley 3.36
    7. Stults 3.50
    8. Wade 3.56
    9. Lowe 3.68
    10. Kuroda 4.31

    vr, Xei

    2008-07-03 16:04:14
    81.   Eric Enders
    Headline on Yahoo: "Kershaw demoted, seeks comfort in O'Doul's"
    2008-07-03 16:05:36
    82.   Nagman
    76 Maybe they've been talking to Ned.
    2008-07-03 16:06:48
    83.   nofatmike
    73 I was thinking more of the lines of resolving the SS crisis with Bill Hall, but I like the train of though in 74 .
    2008-07-03 16:07:09
    84.   nofatmike
    83 thought*
    2008-07-03 16:07:23
    85.   gpellamjr
    76 Well, as everybody knows, starting pitching is the most important part of the pitching staff.
    2008-07-03 16:17:25
    86.   Gen3Blue
    re 76 I have to add two details. That Tim K. or whoever, said that without Furcal the D's knew the only path could be pitching( not a solid argument) and he mentioned the Indians could use a handful of young Dodger talent, and seemed to be drooling on the desk.
    2008-07-03 16:17:35
    87.   fanerman
    69 Oh of course. I certainly didn't come up with that on my own.
    2008-07-03 16:19:32
    88.   Gen3Blue
    80 Good summary. That is quite impressive.
    2008-07-03 16:25:56
    89.   KG16
    I really, really hope that Ned toes the line from here to the trade deadline. Any team that is considering going to a six man rotation doesn't have to worry about getting more pitching, it has enough.

    I'm not even sure that there's a short stop out there that I'd want as a warm body through September. Let it ride with the team you've got.

    2008-07-03 16:26:56
    90.   KG16
    And besides, if the Dodgers are going to trade for a starter, why not Halladay?
    2008-07-03 16:28:19
    91.   LoneStar7
    so is it confirmed that nomar will start at SS..6-4-2 says so at least
    2008-07-03 16:28:22
    92.   MonkeyBlue
    I can't help, but to think the D. Backs win today can really boost the morale of the young players. I can't help but I think they about to go on a winning streak.
    2008-07-03 16:31:10
    93.   Jon Weisman
    Folks, the idea that one big victory is a sign of a winning streak is something you need to just let go of, whether it's the Dodgers or the Diamondbacks.

    One of my favorite things I wrote in Dodger Thoughts' early days was that you'll know your team has turned things around when you stop wondering if something could be the sign of a turnaround.

    2008-07-03 16:31:44
    94.   JoeyP
    I doubt the outcome of 1 game will do much for confidence.

    They really need to get Justin Upton going again. He's been one of the worst players in the majors since the beginning of May.

    2008-07-03 16:37:02
    95.   fanerman
    I'm still in disbelief that the snakes won that game.
    2008-07-03 16:37:59
    96.   Suffering Bruin
    51 That's great stuff there. Bozo the Clown. I had no idea he was still alive. RIP.
    2008-07-03 16:38:38
    97.   Jim Hitchcock
    91 It was in the Times, also.

    93 Perfect.

    2008-07-03 16:38:41
    98.   KG16
    93 - "you won today, and you won yesterday, if you win tomorrow, that's called a streak."

    The big win can have an impact on the team's psyche, same thing for the tough loss. The game's not all physical, the psychology of it matters... a big win, particularly like the snakes had today is the sort of thing that can lead to guys seeing beach balls coming from the pitcher rather than bbs.

    2008-07-03 16:42:17
    99.   sporky
    If the Dodgers won multiple games after one of their 'impressive' win, I would be a significantly happier fan.

    Maybe the ear blister had psychosomatic roots.

    2008-07-03 16:42:42
    100.   Physics DR
    Winning streak

    As Casey use to say "I want to get 20 games over 500 and then go on a long winning streak"

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-07-03 16:47:45
    101.   ToyCannon
    Orel thinks different. Do we have to give it up if we believe it and you don't?
    2008-07-03 16:49:03
    102.   Bob Hendley
    I don't know about this pyche stuff. When we were all complaining after the first game about the lack of run scoring, we did after all get eleven hits against (mostly) one of the better Stros' starters and they had to go into the bull pen. Not a bad way to start the series, even though we lost the game.
    2008-07-03 16:50:37
    103.   KG16
    102 - I'm not saying it always has the same effect, just that it can affect a team, or an individual. Human experience and all that
    2008-07-03 16:53:21
    104.   ToyCannon
    It may or may not lead to wins but it should change the mindset that when down by 5 runs anything can happen. For a team in the kind of rut like the Diamondbacks were, I would think a win like that is huge for them.
    Not sure why I'm not supposed to believe a game like baseball does not have all sorts of psych issues. Everyone who has ever played the game at this high level has maintained that confidence is a very important part of their success. Are they all wrong and only those who have played the game as a game are right?
    2008-07-03 16:53:23
    105.   Gen3Blue
    I may be mixing unrelated things, but isn't there someone in the last few Posts who could easily inherit the name "Bozo"?

    And I have to admit, I vaguelly remember the Bozo Era.

    2008-07-03 16:55:30
    106.   ToyCannon
    Everyone have a safe fourth and if your in a boat make sure your pilot is sober. Watching someone lose their limbs is not something you want to live with or make them live with.
    2008-07-03 16:58:35
    107.   Jim Hitchcock
    106 And don't toss firecrackers at the kids, no matter how annoying they get!
    2008-07-03 17:05:38
    108.   Eric Enders
    Vince Coleman wants no part of this silly holiday where you can't toss firecrackers at kids.
    2008-07-03 17:07:08
    109.   Jon Weisman
    98 - It can have that impact, but often does not, and whether it will is entirely speculative.

    Toy, I get the feeling you think I'm raining on parades lately. I didn't tell anyone in 93 that they had to surrender their beliefs on my account. I was just expressing my opinion, same as everyone else. And I don't know why you suggest that I don't think the mental aspect plays no role in baseball.

    Sure, today's game will remind the Dbacks that anything is possible. But I'm not sure how much their next opponent will care, and an Arizona win streak could come for any number of reasons. I don't think that makes me a robot killjoy.

    2008-07-03 17:10:41
    110.   Jon Weisman
    109 - should be "plays a role"
    2008-07-03 17:14:22
    111.   ToyCannon
    I don't want to be combative with my favorite writer but this line
    "Folks, the idea that one big victory is a sign of a winning streak is something you need to just let go of" did bug me and before I could control my edit button I wrote the response.

    I've just never been comfortable with anyone telling me what to do even if I agree with them. I think I have what people call a combative posture.

    My apologies as I know what you meant but still felt the need to respond.

    2008-07-03 17:17:38
    112.   Bob Hendley
    KG. I was commenting, I think, more on the mental state of the DTistas following the first game of this series. There seemed to be as well some lingering pessimism after the Angel series, even though we took 2 out of 3.
    2008-07-03 17:19:43
    113.   Marty
    111 You need to stop doing that.
    2008-07-03 17:20:48
    114.   Jon Weisman
    111 - You're right, that phrase was a bit much, but it wasn't like I was saying that the win today was irrelevant. So we both messed up. My apologies as well.
    2008-07-03 17:21:04
    115.   Marty
    And don't toss firecrackers at the kids, no matter how annoying they get!

    Do bottle rockets count?

    2008-07-03 17:26:49
    116.   Bob Hendley
    105 - Bozo, from the Spanish vosotros. We are all bozos on this bus (FST).
    2008-07-03 17:30:29
    117.   ToyCannon
    I've never liked clowns. They irritate me.
    2008-07-03 17:45:32
    118.   Jimi Shelter
    19. And I see the Byrds, the Beatles and that great "Maximum R&B" poster of The Who.

    I used to have a Rick blonde 360-12 and a sunburst 360, but I sold them. It's a PRS or a Strat for me now.

    2008-07-03 17:49:09
    119.   Gen3Blue
    116 Yes we are--and don't crush that dwarf.

    117 I agree, have you ever read S. Kings IT?

    2008-07-03 17:55:01
    120.   ToyCannon
    You bet, but I think I didn't like clowns the first time I saw Bozo on TV long before IT. I really liked IT, I was a big S King reader 20 years ago but I stopped in the middle of the Dark Tower series and haven't read anything by him since.
    2008-07-03 17:56:37
    121.   Bob Timmermann
    Arizona will more likely gain momentum from today's win because Haren is pitching tomorrow and they're hosting the Padres.

    On 8/21/1990, the Dodgers gave up 9 in the 9th to the Phillies and lost 12-11. The next day, the Dodgers won 3-2.

    But such was the power of Jim Neidlinger.

    2008-07-03 18:01:06
    122.   Gen3Blue
    As long as it wasn't the power of Niedenfuer!
    2008-07-03 18:07:06
    123.   CanuckDodger
    DeJesus isn't playing in tonight's Jacksonville Suns' game. Any significance to that, I wonder?
    2008-07-03 18:33:41
    124.   Dodgers49
    Kershaw headed back to the Suns

    >> In Wednesday's doubleheader split with the Carolina Mudcats, the Suns received another solid outing from left-hander Scott Elbert, who allowed one run on two hits in three innings in the second game. <<

    2008-07-03 18:39:26
    125.   Dodgers49
    51s' Jones picks up where he left off last year

    >> Despite putting up some impressive numbers in the minor leagues -- including 129 homers and 405 RBIs in parts of the last five seasons -- the 30-year-old Jones, a four-time minor league All-Star, is still waiting for his first call to the majors. <<

    2008-07-03 18:45:34
    126.   Johnny Nucleo
    121 Whatever happened to Jim Neidlinger? I always wondered why he just faded away after what appeared to be a pretty promising start in the big leagues.
    2008-07-03 18:52:47
    127.   Bob Timmermann
    It's a mystery that no one has ever solved. I believe Neidlinger was last seen boarding Oceanic 815 in Sydney.
    2008-07-03 18:56:12
    128.   fanerman
    126 127 Is this him?
    2008-07-03 19:05:13
    129.   Dodger Jack
    Geez. I hadn't thought about Neidlinger in a long time. Thanks for the memory.

    We drafted righthander Chris Withrow #1 last year. As far as I can tell, he has seen no minor league action this year. That means that he is in extended spring training? If so, why? When will he be pitching and where?

    2008-07-03 19:05:15
    130.   Bob Timmermann
    You should ask to be his friend to find out.
    2008-07-03 19:11:35
    131.   Bob Hendley
    130 - That's creepy.
    2008-07-03 19:12:09
    132.   El Lay Dave
    129 Diamond Leung just wrote about that in his blog today:

    "Chris Withrow is expected to head to rookie-level Ogden when his elbow gets better."

    And he links to this Gurnick mailbag:
    where Withrow is the topic of the first question.

    "According to Dodgers assistant general manager DeJon Watson, Withrow is in good health and will likely open the season at Rookie-level Ogden. He currently is working out with the Class A Inland Empire team before the start of the Pioneer League later this month."

    2008-07-03 19:26:36
    133.   Jon Weisman
    Okay, I was just going to ignore the latest Plaschke, but it has this little morsel.

    "Part was the reason that Paul DePodesta was fired from his job as the previous Dodgers general manager was because, during his final aborted managerial search, he did not even inquire about the availability of Scioscia."

    I'm sorry - where the heck did this come from? And on what planet did was Scioscia actually going to be available? And why would this be DePo's problem, when his predecessors were the ones who chased Scioscia out?,0,5885700,full.column

    2008-07-03 19:27:57
    134.   Bob Hendley
    132 - I am missing something. Pioneer League has been playing for almost three weeks now and I don't see Withrow on the roster.
    2008-07-03 19:31:35
    135.   sporky
    Since there are rules that nullify the need for a swear jar, there should be an "I got baited by Plaschke/Simers/Rosenthal" jar.
    2008-07-03 19:39:30
    136.   Terry A
    133 - I'm not reading it, but can someone explain the connection in Plaschkeworld between DePodesta, Scioscia and the current Dodgers?
    2008-07-03 19:42:57
    137.   sporky
    Brandon Webb's daughter is adorable.
    2008-07-03 19:51:22
    138.   Bumsrap
    Can we call Maza Zoom Zoom?
    2008-07-03 19:51:57
    139.   Jon Weisman
    136 - Here's the whole relevant bit.

    "Part was the reason that Paul DePodesta was fired from his job as the previous Dodgers general manager was because, during his final aborted managerial search, he did not even inquire about the availability of Scioscia.

    If the same fate befalls Colletti this winter, it will be because he could not create the sort of culture embraced by the likes of Scioscia.

    Colletti will be fired for not imitating the Angels way.

    Because, doggone it, it used to be the Dodgers way.

    2008-07-03 19:53:01
    140.   Eric Enders
    134 For whatever reason, Diamond linked to a month-old Gurnick column. The "later this month" refers to June.

    He also got the details of the Caseres signing slightly wrong. MLB approval is not required for any draft pick signing. If the bonus is over a certain amount, MLB will simply call the team and tell them why they shouldn't do it and the team has to tell them why it thinks MLB is wrong.

    Basically you have to allow MLB to enter an official protest, although they can't stop a team from doing what it wants to do.

    2008-07-03 19:57:40
    141.   Bumsrap
    Bring back Bill Russell
    2008-07-03 20:00:31
    142.   fanerman
    130 I thought you'd be friends with him already.
    2008-07-03 20:08:34
    143.   Gagne55
    137 Pics?
    2008-07-03 20:11:20
    144.   Bob Timmermann
    I found Plaschke's column to be very funny. I don't think that was his intention, but it was darn funny.
    2008-07-03 20:12:27
    145.   El Lay Dave
    Tim Brown (Yahoo) article on Kim Ng:

    "The barrier is broken when you find the right candidate regardless of gender," said Jean Afterman, Ng's successor as assistant general manager of the Yankees.

    Others, including Afterman, believe the changing GM model – fewer ex-players, more bright Ivy League types – will gradually swing far enough to accept a woman as well. In fact, as one of the early proponents of the computer as baseball's friend, Ng arguably helped clear a path for the young men being hired ahead of her, many of whom had limited if any playing experience, along with those who would be considered her competition for the next opening.

    As one team official said, half-joking, "Those eggheads aren't one of the guys either."

    To that end, Afterman said, "I think it's more difficult for an outsider to be accepted than it is a gender issue. And Kim is an insider. "

    That said, she added, "The knives will be out, there's no question about that."

    2008-07-03 20:12:47
    146.   Bob Timmermann
    Hitting "submit" too fast, but since 2002 where are all these postseason wins that the Angels have had?

    They've won one playoff series since 2002.

    2008-07-03 20:17:06
    147.   fanerman
    146 Yeah but everybody knows Joe Torre isn't a winner.
    2008-07-03 20:17:49
    148.   Bob Timmermann
    So do this year's Angels resemble the slick-fielding Dodgers team of 1983 and 1985 when Scioscia was a key member of the team?
    2008-07-03 20:18:32
    149.   Bob Timmermann
    Torre is seated on a throne of cardboard.
    2008-07-03 20:20:04
    150.   fanerman
    Bill Plaschke also spelled "Andruw" wrong.
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-07-03 20:20:18
    151.   sporky
    143 No pics; it was a segment on BBTN. It might be in the newest issue of ESPN Mag, though
    2008-07-03 20:21:05
    152.   Bob Timmermann
    I got a picture of a much cuter baby in the mail today.
    2008-07-03 20:21:22
    153.   Terry A
    Ned Colletti will be fired one year after failing to hire Mike Scioscia, choosing Joe Torre instead.

    Because the Angels are the New Dodgers.

    Makes all the sense in the world.

    2008-07-03 20:25:14
    154.   Gagne55
    152 Your new niece/nephew?
    2008-07-03 20:25:18
    155.   Bluebleeder87

    that is encouraging news.

    2008-07-03 20:26:31
    156.   Bob Timmermann
    I have no nieces or nephews who are younger than 6.
    2008-07-03 20:30:18
    157.   Bluebleeder87
    woah, I just saw the Ethier dinger that thing was hit to the apposite field POWER ALLEY, impressive.
    2008-07-03 20:32:27
    158.   Bob Hendley
    140 - That's what I gathered. So when Watson said Withrow was in good health he didn't include his elbow, or has there been a setback?
    2008-07-03 20:36:04
    159.   Eric Enders
    158 I've essentially given up on interpreting official Dodgers statements regarding injuries. Basically, I now operate under the assumption that if they say someone's healthy, then he's injured, and if they say he's injured, then he's healthy.
    2008-07-03 20:38:40
    160.   KG16
    Trouble at 20,000 Feet now on Sci-Fi

    I repeat: Trouble at 20,000 Feet now on Sci-Fi

    This is not a drill.

    2008-07-03 20:39:08
    161.   El Lay Dave
    159 The injury reports come from the Ministry of Health?
    2008-07-03 20:42:16
    162.   KG16
    Hiring Joe Torre wasn't a bad move, per se. But if you wanted someone to go with the O'Malley approach, Bill Russell would still be manager. I don't know if that's good or bad, but a certain sense of consistency does have its appeal.
    2008-07-03 20:42:45
    163.   Jon Weisman
    159 - For me, I use the standard of they're either in the game or they're not.
    2008-07-03 20:43:11
    164.   Bob Hendley
    And that's before you thrown in what the players say into the mix. I am guessing that General Soreness stands out for its frankness. Here's hoping that Grumpy is ready for the Giants.
    2008-07-03 20:43:57
    165.   KG16
    162 - or at least Jim Tracy would still be manager. And do any of us really want that?
    2008-07-03 20:51:55
    166.   Johnny Nucleo
    161 More like the Ministry of Truth.
    2008-07-03 21:03:58
    167.   tjdub
    133 That's 5 minutes I'll never get back. But at least I now know that the Dodgers finally have the "right" manager.

    I think I'll continue to turn here for commentary.

    2008-07-03 21:05:43
    168.   gpellamjr
    I wish Tommy was still the manager. That would be awesome.

    I have a vague memory of Delino scoring on a squeeze play in one of Bill Russell's first games as manager and hailing the arrival of "Billy Ball". Does anybody else remember that?

    2008-07-03 21:05:59
    169.   Pepperdine
    Kyle Russell 1-4 with a HR tonight.
    2008-07-03 21:06:15
    170.   tjdub
    Are Jason Giambi and Jeff Kent making a movie together? They're sharing a certain style of 'stache.
    2008-07-03 21:10:30
    171.   Marty
    I wish some of Tommy's players were back, but not Tommy.
    2008-07-03 21:11:52
    172.   Bob Timmermann
    Did DeShields score on the squeeze or did he put down the bunt?

    DeShields batted 1st or 2nd during 1996, so it's unlikely that Russell was asking Piazza, Karros, or Mondesi to squeeze him home.

    Maybe you're conflating DeShields and Fonville?

    2008-07-03 21:12:03
    173.   Eric Enders
    Tommy managing Kershaw's workload... what could possibly go wrong?
    2008-07-03 21:14:56
    174.   Jon Weisman
    168 - I do vaguely remember that.
    2008-07-03 21:18:47
    175.   Eric Enders
    The 1996 Dodgers only pulled four successful squeeze plays. Hollandsworth scored on two of them and Gagne on the other two. DeShields was not involved in any of them.
    2008-07-03 21:19:59
    176.   Bob Timmermann

    July 2, 1996.

    Tom Prince squeezed home Greg Gagne.

    2008-07-03 21:21:13
    177.   Bob Timmermann
    OC Register story about the July 2 game:
    ill Russell told everyone he would manage the Dodgers the way he saw fit in Tommy Lasorda's absence, and the one word he almost always used in describing his modus operandi was aggressive.

    No one can argue with that self-evaluation, not after Tuesday night, when the Dodgers defeated the San Diego Padres, 7-3, in front of 28,294 at Jack Murphy Stadium. The victory put the Dodgers (44-40) back in sole possession of first place in the National League West and one of its central plays was a successful suicide squeeze bunt Russell ordered in the second inning.

    With the Dodgers leading 2-0 because of Greg Gagne's one-out, two-run triple to center and pitcher Pedro Astacio on deck, Russell entrusted backup catcher Tom Prince to pull off the risky play. Although Gagne broke from third base early, Prince got a pitch he could handle from Fernando Valenzuela and much to the chagrin of the Padres (43-41) laid down a perfect bunt.

    "He's a catcher, he's supposed to know everything," Russell said about Prince, who was giving Mike Piazza a night of rest. "He looked for it, he got it. Everything worked out. It could have been a disaster. It started out that way, when Gagne took off early, but it worked out."

    Russell acknowledged that the move was his favorite in the eight games since he took over for Lasorda, who is recovering from a heart attack. It seemed extremely popular with the players as well. Gagne and Prince were greeted with whoops and high-fives and the Dodgers added solo runs in the fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth to win for the third time in four games.

    "I took a chance," Russell said. "When you do the squeeze play, everything's got to work out perfectly."

    The offense of the third inning alone was almost all Astacio (4-6) would need. He limited the Padres to two runs on eight hits in 6 1/3 innings.

    Russell was not as fastidious regarding his bullpen Tuesday as he was the day before, but Astacio's effort was extremely welcome.

    "It's a big lift for us," Russell said. "The pitching is coming back."

    2008-07-03 21:27:42
    178.   Jon Weisman
    Yeah, I didn't remember the details, but I remember the feeling that he wanted to emphasize that. I also remember that people grew tired of it quickly.
    2008-07-03 21:28:37
    179.   Dodgers49
    Schmidt's line tonight in Las Vegas:

    Las Vegas
    Player IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
    Schmidt 2.1 6 4 3 1 0 1 7.20

    2008-07-03 21:29:15
    180.   Marty
    Fernando was on the Padres? I have no memory of that. But I wasn't paying much attention then either.
    2008-07-03 21:35:34
    181.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought Fernando finished his career with the Padres, but he ended up pitching in a few games in 1997 for the Cardinals.
    2008-07-03 21:37:10
    182.   gpellamjr
    180 I started watching baseball seriously in 1995. To me Fernando is a Padre.
    2008-07-03 21:37:54
    183.   Bob Timmermann
    Jesus wept.
    2008-07-03 21:43:00
    184.   Eric Enders
    When Fernando had his big comeback year in 1996, I rooted really hard for the Padres every fifth day.
    2008-07-03 21:43:12
    185.   Fallout
    182 gpellamjr
    2008-07-03 21:45:30
    186.   Eric Enders
    I started watching baseball seriously in 1985. To me, Ron Cey is a Cub. Davey Lopes is a Cub. Steve Garvey is a Padre. Don Sutton is an Angel.
    2008-07-03 21:47:07
    187.   gpellamjr
    185 Seriously.

    186 To me Ron Cey is the guy from that one law firm's commercials, Davey Lopes is a 1st base coach, Steve Garvey is nothing, and Don Sutton is a Braves announcer.

    2008-07-03 21:49:23
    188.   Bob Timmermann
    So has anyone seen the special caps the Dodgers (and all other teams) are supposed to wear tomorrow?

    They're supposed to feature red, white, and blue. The Cubs and Giants wore different ones last night, but the flag logo was only incorporated into the letters on the cap.

    2008-07-03 21:51:53
    189.   El Lay Dave
    181 He got there via the only trade he was a part of:

    June 13, 1997: [Fernando Valenzuela] Traded by the San Diego Padres with Scott Livingstone and Phil Plantier to the St. Louis Cardinals for Rich Batchelor, Danny Jackson, and Mark Sweeney.

    Strange trade that helped no one. All except Sweeney were released, retired or became free agents by season's end. Only Livingstone and Sweeney were still in the majors the following season, and the former didn't make it past '98.

    I didn't realize this about Mark Sweeney:
    June 4, 1990: Drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 39th round of the 1990 amateur draft, but did not sign.

    2008-07-03 21:52:15
    190.   tjdub
    Fernando is a Dodger. None of the rest of that ever happened. You hear me? It never happened.
    2008-07-03 21:53:42
    191.   Bob Timmermann
    Scott Livingstone would later be a September callup for the Dodgers, but not get into a game. That was in 1999.
    2008-07-03 21:53:58
    192.   tjdub
    Name dropping now. Played briefly in H.S. with Phil Plantier. He didn't strike out quite as much back then.
    2008-07-03 21:54:30
    193.   fanerman
    I started watching baseball in 1995. It took me awhile to realize what a strike was and that there was a strike in 1994.
    2008-07-03 21:57:49
    194.   immouch
    pop quiz: how old (speculation permitted) was fernando in his rookie year?
    2008-07-03 21:57:54
    195.   El Lay Dave
    I started following baseball in late 1968. To me Tommy Davis is a DH pioneer, Don Drysdale and announcer, Jim Gilliam a 1B coach, Frank Howard a Senator slugger; but Ken Boyer, he's a Dodger!
    2008-07-03 22:00:33
    196.   Bob Timmermann
    What about Rocky Colavito's Dodgers tenure?
    2008-07-03 22:04:46
    197.   immouch
    just read jon's intro to this post. can we all make a pact to never, ever call billingsly "his royal thighness?"
    2008-07-03 22:05:39
    198.   jtrichey
    Late to the party, but on the momentum front, how can anyone forget that after the 4+1 game when many said that would be the end of the Padres for the year, the Dodgers lost the next two and the Padres won the next one and 7 out of the next 8.
    2008-07-03 22:06:10
    199.   Benjamin Miracord
    195 Don Drysdale and announcer

    Drysdale pitched in 1969. His last game, in August 1969, was the game in which Wilver Stargell became the first player to hit a ball completely out of Dodger Stadium. I think. But I can't prove it. :-)

    2008-07-03 22:08:53
    200.   Marty
    I started following baseball in 1964. Lou Brock was a Cub and Richie Allen was a Phillie.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-07-03 22:11:15
    201.   Bob Timmermann
    It's not that hard to prove.

    2008-07-03 22:11:59
    202.   El Lay Dave
    199 When the only pitching you see from Drysdale is 1969, you "announcer" is what's going to stick.

    Someday I'll remember Brett Tomko only as "Jackie Robinson sketch artist".

    2008-07-03 22:13:23
    203.   silverwidow
    Rosenthal says the Brewers are SERIOUSLY interested in Sabathia and have offered monster hitting prospect Matt LaPorta. Possibly Alcides Escobar, too. A deal could get done because nobody will be able to top that according to a source.
    2008-07-03 22:15:36
    204.   dsfan
    Every cheap hood strikes a bargain with the world
    And ends up making payments on a sofa or a girl
    2008-07-03 22:16:36
    205.   El Lay Dave
    203 See 135 ;)
    2008-07-03 22:17:31
    206.   Reddog
    I played poker tonight and sat next to a guy whose friend works for the Dodgers. He's been in the clubhouse several times. He said that everyone was really nice - with two exceptions. Jeff Kent looked right past him and wouldn't acknowledge his presence. He said Kent seemed like a real jerk. And he said Brad Penny acted like he had an attitude.

    He said Russell Martin was really nice, as was Furcal and all the Latin American players.

    2008-07-03 22:18:46
    207.   Hallux Valgus
    I first remember watching baseball in he 1985 World Series, but the first year I remember vividly was 1988. So Jay Howell and Tim Leary are Dodgers and Orel is a god.

    To be honest, my earliest baseball memories are from books, so Babe Ruth is an orphan who took pride in sewing collars onto his shirts into his career and Pete Reiser is one of my all time favorite Dodgers.

    2008-07-03 22:28:11
    208.   Tripon
    Remember, the Dodgers first choice before Joe Torre was Joe Girradi.
    2008-07-03 22:28:34
    209.   ToyCannon
    What are all you young twerps doing here on the night before a 3 day weekend? Get the hell out of here and have some fun.
    Fernando a Padre, Christ Almighty, next thing you know someone is going to show up and tell us that he never saw Piazza play for the Dodgers.
    2008-07-03 22:30:24
    210.   Fallout
    187 gpellamjr
    ...Steve Garvey is nothing,...
    Ever heard of Popeye? How about Cindy Garvey? lol I know that is a blank...
    2008-07-03 22:34:37
    211.   Gagne55
    201 But that does not prove that there does not exist a previous time that a ball was hit completely out of Dodger Stadium. If you accept that for all games such that a homerun was hit completely out of Dodger Stadium, retrosheet says that the homerun left Dodger Stadium, then a proof by exhaustion could prove that stipulation of the theorem.
    2008-07-03 22:34:47
    212.   El Lay Dave
    196 Rocky was gone around mid-season. My "late 1968" coincides with the start of the school year, as it was classmates that started me on baseball.
    2008-07-03 22:37:04
    213.   Hallux Valgus
    209 I was off work today as well. I spent the day preparing food for tomorrow's barbecue.
    2008-07-03 22:38:00
    214.   Gagne55
    209 I never saw Piazza play for the Dodgers. I'll always think of him as a Met.
    2008-07-03 22:38:15
    215.   Marty
    204 One of my favorite songs. Thanks
    2008-07-03 22:38:21
    216.   El Lay Dave
    187 ...Don Sutton is a Braves announcer.
    And inspirational spark for the nickname The Bison™
    2008-07-03 22:44:17
    217.   dsfan
    215 My pleasure.
    2008-07-03 22:53:28
    218.   Gagne55
    216 Don Sutton came up with Bison??
    2008-07-03 22:57:04
    219.   Hallux Valgus
    218 Sutton called him a buffalo, Bob said that buffalo aren't in America- bison were. So therefore Kemp= Bison. ta da!
    2008-07-03 23:04:43
    220.   Bob Timmermann
    Actually, D4P said that I would not like the name "buffalo" and would prefer "bison."

    It's a subtle, yet important difference.

    2008-07-03 23:04:54
    221.   Dodgers49
    219 218 Bob said that buffalo aren't in America- bison were.

    But what about the song:

    Oh give me a home
    Where the buffalo roam

    Could Gene Autry be wrong? :-)

    2008-07-03 23:08:13
    222.   Bob Timmermann
    Brewster Higley wrote the lyrics to "Home on the Range."
    2008-07-03 23:08:57
    223.   scareduck
    182 - My last memories of the Dodgers when I seriously followed them were of the 1981 team. 1982 was a real disappointment, and then college and girlfriends hit. 1988 was a blur, and I remember thinking, oh, that's nice, the Dodgers won a World Series, as if it were supposed to be a day on the calendar or something.

    And then I completely forgot about baseball until about 1998, when the Sosa/McGwire home run race hit, something that really got me back into the game. I didn't go to my first game at Dodger Stadium until '98 or '99, near the end of the Eric Karros era, the middle of the News Corp. era. It was not a good time to be a Dodger fan.

    2008-07-03 23:19:07
    224.   El Lay Dave
    220 The next day it was Eric Enders who first added the article to the front:

    84. Eric Enders 2006-05-30 15:31:22
    So much for looking forward to watching The Bison tonight.

    2008-07-03 23:20:34
    225.   Disabled List
    220 , 224 My own contributions to the "Bison" nomenclature are being shockingly overlooked.

    I will see you all in copyright court.

    2008-07-03 23:22:42
    226.   Dodgers49
    222 But it's Autry's voice that rings in my ears. :-) And Gene just didn't seem like the bison type.
    2008-07-03 23:22:50
    227.   sporky
    Diamond has a nice Q&A with Colletti. It gives me hope.


    >>I think with each passing year we want to spend less on free agency. I can't tell you how much we're going to depend on it and how much we're not going to depend on it, but the plan is to depend less and less on it. Sometimes you have to fill a hole that way. But in '06 we had many holes to fill, in '07 we had somewhat as many holes to fill, and in '08 we went into it thinking we had fewer holes to fill. Hopefully next year, we'll feel the same way. It's a precarious route to go.

    But coupled with that -- and this is important -- is if you're of a mind to build from within, to give young players the opportunity to play, to mature, to make mistakes, to learn from their mistakes and to get better ... if that's the path that you hitch your wagon to, which we have, the only other way you're going to be able to fill that hole is to disband some of that group. And that's where we always think twice and say, "You know what? Let's be patient."

    Let's be patient with the younger players and grow through it and make sure our manager is keen into coaching and heeding into the instructions because it's going to take time. It's going to take a player forgetting how many outs there are, a player not having sunglasses on on a sunny day, a player not being able to hang on to the slider, a player not being able to hit the ball to the right side if it calls for that. That takes some time to develop. <<

    2008-07-03 23:24:53
    228.   nofatmike
    I began following the Dodgers in 1993. To me, Kirk Gibson was a Tiger (and always was), Tim Belcher was a Red, as was John Wetteland, Mariano Duncan was a Phillie.

    Brett Butler was a Dodger centerfielder, Tim Wallach was a Dodger third baseman, Darryl Strawberry was supposedly a Dodger rightfielder, Eric Davis was a fourth outfielder, Orel Hershiser was a 5th starter, Kevin Gross was our #2, Pedro Martinez was a set-up man, and the best "Pedro" was Astacio.

    Boy, my childhood was fun, wasn't it?

    The 90's suck.

    2008-07-03 23:31:05
    229.   EzE78

    Everyone always bashes Ned. I don't think he's Kevin Malone bad though. And I'd much rather have him then DePodesta.

    2008-07-03 23:34:01
    230.   fanerman
    229 Do you by any chance read Bill Plaschke?
    2008-07-03 23:34:38
    231.   Eric Enders
    Even Lenny from "Of Mice and Men" wouldn't be Kevin Malone bad.
    2008-07-03 23:41:04
    232.   El Lay Dave

    375. Bob Timmermann 2008-03-25 21:48:00
    May 29, 2006 game chat:

    Comment 116:
    I'm guessing Bob would prefer "bison" over "buffalo."

    '129. Disabled List
    "Bison" would be a killer nickname for Kemp.

    The sports world has been without without a Bison since Dele met a weird end in the South Pacific or something. Bison Kemp works for me. I second that motion.

    2008-07-03 23:41:18
    233.   Bob Timmermann
    Kevin Malone was so bad that he has transcended my ability to come up with a clever and/or sarcastic metaphor to describe him.
    2008-07-03 23:50:54
    234.   bhsportsguy
    233 But would you buy an automobile from him?

    I'm back from Disneyland, it was somewhat less crowded than you might think.

    As I told Eric Stephen via text earlier today, just because you have an unbelievable comeback in the 9th inning, that does mean that it will carry over to the next game, after the 4+1 game, the Dodgers proceeded to lose 2 straight to the Pirates.

    2008-07-03 23:59:57
    235.   Eric Enders
    I forget, is Kevin Malone selling used cars these days, or preaching the word of god as president of a bible college? He's done both, but I forget in which order.
    2008-07-04 00:00:01
    236.   jasonungar07
    Oh my Garsh. I take it all back. You win, Ned. I'm on your side. I read this whole story mentioned in 227 the same week JP is no longer in the line up! A lineup which has 6 of the first 7 hitters include Kemp, Ethier, Martin, Loney, Young etc..ok time to lay off and enjoy the ride.
    2008-07-04 00:01:30
    237.   EzE78

    I get the times everyday. Why ?

    2008-07-04 00:13:24
    238.   Disabled List
    232 I just added you to the subpoena list. But don't feel bad, Don Sutton's getting served too.
    2008-07-04 00:14:02
    239.   bhsportsguy
    235 He's the general manager at Valencia Mercedes Benz, one of his salesman is Eddie Murray.
    2008-07-04 00:16:37
    240.   Eric Enders
    Wow. What's Eddie's sales pitch?

    Maybe "Buy this car. Now." Followed by a menacing glare.

    2008-07-04 00:22:15
    241.   bhsportsguy
    240 I found a page about a charity golf tournament last month that showed a picture of Malone and Murray and some other sales staff but Malone's pose was a little disturbing so I did not link it.
    2008-07-04 00:23:32
    242.   Neal Pollack
    "It's going to take a player forgetting how many outs there are, a player not having sunglasses on on a sunny day, a player not being able to hang on to the slider, a player not being able to hit the ball to the right side if it calls for that. That takes some time to develop."

    Does Ned have a hack screenwriter from the '50s writing his dialogue? That's almost poetic. "And let me tell you something else, Diamond..."

    2008-07-04 00:26:29
    243.   El Lay Dave
    241 There is a photo here:

    What I find disturbing is that Eddie Murray must have made at least $40M in salary as a player, yet he's not just hobbying through retirement.

    2008-07-04 00:30:13
    244.   Eric Enders
    227 et al

    I don't see much reason for hope in the Colletti interview. It's basically one long plea to keep his job. He's almost begging. It's pathetic and smacks of desperation. At least four times during the interview, he goes out of his way to blame his missteps on his colleagues. (Which may be legit, for all I know, but it's also pretty crass.)

    Diamond begins the interview with an anecdote that purports to illustrate why the much-criticized Pierre signing was a good move after all.

    Colletti still demonstrates a fundamental inability to understand the way baseball works. To wit:
    "We've certainly got to have better approaches at the plate. We've got some nice batting averages, but it doesn't translate all the time into runs. While the averages are nice -- .280, .290, .300, .310 .315, whatever it is, it doesn't translate."

    He also emphasizes over and over again that it's not his fault the players he acquired are doing poorly. He can't control the way the players play, he says.

    Hooey, I say. Of course you can control that. You control it by putting good players on the field. We can write off Jones, Furcal, Mueller, and Schmidt to bad luck -- but then you still need to account for the indefensible acquisitions/re-signings of Pierre, Nomar, Tomko, Hillenbrand, Loaiza, Sweeney, Bennett, Lugo, Baez, and on and on and on.

    If you acquire a player who can only be expected to be awful, and he turns out to be awful -- then yes, Ned, that's your fault. Not the player's. (And not The Player's.)

    2008-07-04 00:33:11
    245.   bhsportsguy
    I'll just say that Diamond's Q&A should be the kind of writing Plaschke should be doing for his readers.
    2008-07-04 00:35:23
    246.   bhsportsguy
    244 I'll just say you and I disagree but then on this subject, I pretty much disagree with everyone at times.
    2008-07-04 00:36:46
    247.   Eric Enders
    242 He's talking about young players here, and of course he has blinders on. Here's some help, Ned. I'll add the appropriate names to each of those mistakes.

    "It's going to take a player forgetting how many outs there are (Mark Sweeney), a player not having sunglasses on on a sunny day (Juan Pierre), a player not being able to hang on to the slider (uh, lots... let's start with Sweeney and Nomar), a player not being able to hit the ball to the right side if it calls for that (Jones). That takes some time to develop."

    Now what do all those players have in common?

    2008-07-04 00:42:46
    248.   fanerman
    Eddie Murray is a salesman? For fun?
    2008-07-04 00:59:37
    249.   El Lay Dave
    244 Unlike Simers, Diamond is very subtle. In the introduction he writes:

    [Colletti's] boss, owner Frank McCourt, sidestepped questions regarding his job status in an interview with The Press-Enterprise, only saying "Injuries cloud everything. It's a waste of time to be pointing fingers."

    Later comes, as Eric puts it in 244 , "At least four times during the interview, he goes out of his way to blame his missteps on his colleagues." Such as in the Loaiza story.

    I had at least one of our scouts tell me that Esteban Loaiza was healthy and would help. I had somebody else tell me that they had a pretty good feel that he was going to get claimed by somebody ahead of us in the standings in the league and after us in the process. Knowing that you never have enough pitching, we did it. That is an example of me being impatient. I should have been more patient and just let it play itself out and see where we were going be.

    Meanwhile, with all the patience preaching, they are rushing Nomar and Jones to end their rehab early - or at least not discouraging them from rushing - and get back to the big club, while the team is winning five of the last seven.

    I wonder if Ned gave the interviewing feeling like he had to get something out there to counter the recent Simers column.

    2008-07-04 01:06:16
    250.   Bob Timmermann
    I believe my letter to the Times about the Plaschke column stands as much chance to get a reply or published as my angry email to the Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-07-04 01:12:10
    251.   Eric Enders
    The Times once published a letter I wrote ripping Plashke. Or, to be more precise, published a couple of sentences of it.

    I understand "editing for length," which is why I kept it short in the first place, but they still eviscerated it. Which is too bad. The full letter was pretty good and I wish I had saved a copy of it.

    2008-07-04 01:12:55
    252.   Eric Enders
    (Let's all pretend I spelled the offender's name right.)
    2008-07-04 01:27:56
    253.   Eric Enders
    Tony Jackson's game story is up. The name "Chad Billingsley" is not mentioned until the 15th of 17 paragraphs.
    2008-07-04 02:16:51
    254.   bhsportsguy
    If I was the GM and my sole guarantee of a job is the performance of the team at this given moment, why wouldn't I want to deal guys with potential for players that can play today? Why should I care about what this team is like 5 years from now?
    2008-07-04 02:29:59
    255.   Eric Enders
    Well, for one thing, it's a move that's likely to get you fired before you even have the chance to finalize it. (Like Paul DePodesta hiring Terry Collins as manager.)

    It's a moot point anyway. There is no way to improve this Dodger team with a blockbuster trade. Absolutely none.

    The guys who other teams want are, for the most part, already playing well in the majors. Nobody's going to take our DeJesuses and our Meloans and our McDonalds in return for C.C. Sabathia or Adam Dunn. Acquiring an impact player would mean trading multiple young players who are already playing key roles on the major league roster. Billingsley, Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Broxton, LaRoche, DeWitt. Kershaw. There's no way to acquire an impact hitter without creating more holes than you fill.

    2008-07-04 02:54:13
    256.   KG16
    I've sort of reached that point with Ned where I'm going to take this stand:

    If any of the core players (Ethier, Kemp, DeWitt, LaRoche, Martin, Loney, Kershaw, Broxton, or Billingsly) are traded, I'm defecting to the Angels... and I truly hate the DH.

    I'm tired of being strung along with the whole we're-going-to-let-the-kids-play-but-only-a-couple-days-a-week-and-instead-go-sign-some-guy-who-is-either-not-that-good-or-on-the-17th-hole-of-his-career routine.

    2008-07-04 06:18:19
    257.   D4P
    "We've certainly got to have better approaches at the plate. We've got some nice batting averages, but it doesn't translate all the time into runs. While the averages are nice -- .280, .290, .300, .310 .315, whatever it is, it doesn't translate."

    I've said more than once around here that Ned must look at the high BAs in our lineup and shake his head in confusion over why we don't score more runs. The man cares nothing about OBP and SLG. (NOTHING, I said).

    I had at least one of our scouts tell me that Esteban Loaiza was healthy and would help

    Funny. The more Ned blames player acquisition on other people, the less important his job becomes. Ned - If other people are making the decisions, what do we need you for?

    Actually, the scout was right: Loaiza was healthy. He just sucks, which is something a major league GM with a multi-million dollar contract should have no problem figuring out.

    2008-07-04 07:00:04
    258.   Suffering Bruin
    I wonder what that scout's version of the story is.
    2008-07-04 07:02:48
    259.   Suffering Bruin
    Good Morning!

    I've just read Plaschke's column and I realize that what we need, desperately, are ballplayers. And it's high time, too. I mean, just look at us. Can't we all be like Blake DeWitt? Kemp, Ethier, Loney... those guys are good, yes, and they've hit more (a lot more) than DeWitt in their careers but really now, are they ballplayers?

    I wish this were funny. It's not.

    2008-07-04 07:07:13
    260.   Suffering Bruin
    And might I recommend all to check out FJM on 4/15? I think Plaschke is cribbing these days.
    2008-07-04 07:11:43
    261.   Ken Noe
    Torre sits on a throne of cardboard.

    It looks like a box.

    A box full of rings.

    Juan Pierre has a ring in a box.

    Blake DeWitt has a ring in a box that Torre gave him.

    Kemp and Colletti have no boxes or rings.

    2008-07-04 07:24:33
    262.   Suffering Bruin
    261 That's pretty good.
    2008-07-04 07:34:21
    263.   Suffering Bruin
    I just read the Diamond Leung interview with Colletti. Two points:

    1. Colletti, to me, seems more likeable in the interview. It's a high pressure job, he's doing the best that he knows how to do. That doesn't mean I want him as my GM.

    2. This is the kind of coverage that should be in the Times. Maybe it's the high cost of newsprint.

    2008-07-04 07:37:15
    264.   Ken Noe
    261 I read the column last night before bed and it just annoyed me in so many ways, from its obvious errors to its misdirected recycling regarding Kemp to its cliched cluelessness to its obvious intention of chasing off yet another GM. Disgusted, I turned on Baseball Tonight and they were wondering what would happen to DeWitt when Nomar took over 3B tomorrow. Are any of these guys even paying attention?
    2008-07-04 07:39:36
    265.   Ken Noe
    263 His determination to stick with the plan, plus his realization that he made "impatient" moves in the recent past, were reassuring to me. Patience is all I ask for this year.
    2008-07-04 07:48:11
    266.   tjdub
    231 You have a point. If Lenny has NC's job then that cute little rabbit JP would have been on the DL much earlier with general crushedness and the Dodgers would be in 1st place.
    2008-07-04 08:26:35
    267.   Bumsrap
    I haven't been paying attention but if anybody knows, how are the Dodgers doing without Pierre in the lineup?
    2008-07-04 08:30:57
    268.   Bob Hendley
    266 - Why I love DT.
    2008-07-04 09:01:23
    269.   Greg Brock
    Blake DeWitt is a ballplayer!
    2008-07-04 09:13:01
    270.   rockmrete
    Changes I would like to see, and I preface by saying that I love Loney but you have to give talent to get talent.

    This Year

    Loney, Penny, Stults, Pierre+cash for Berkman.

    Next Year

    Sign Hu,and De Jesus

    C Martin
    2B DeJesus
    LF Berkman
    1B Texiera
    RF Kemp
    3B DeWitt/LaRoache
    CF Jones
    SS Hu

    or Martin at 2B with Santana/ May at catcher
    Ethier is again 3.5 in 09, full time in 2010

    Bills, Kuroda, Kguo, McDonald/ Meloan, Kershaw

    2008-07-04 09:18:14
    271.   blue22
    I was trying to figure out who broke DT (y'all seeing the extra wide page too?). I think it's 256 's hyper-hyphenating.
    2008-07-04 09:20:51
    272.   blue22
    270 - I'm quite certain Houston isn't trading Lance Berkman in order to acquire Juan Pierre.
    2008-07-04 09:24:30
    273.   rockmrete
    That why I listed him last (with cash). If the rest is plausible than substitue Pierre for something that works.
    2008-07-04 09:24:48
    274.   JoeyP
    If Druw/Nomar really are playing today--->when is the corresponding roster move going to announced?

    The Dodgers have to be amongst the slowest teams at announcing moves.

    2008-07-04 09:28:22
    275.   rockmrete

    I think that's Neds Poker face routine

    2008-07-04 09:28:45
    276.   blue22
    273 - Clayton Kershaw? I dunno, Lance Berkman is perhaps the premier hitter in the league right now, has a real chance at the triple crown this year and is signed through 2011. I don't see them letting him go for anything less than a bowl-you-over type package.
    2008-07-04 09:30:33
    277.   Ken Noe
    274 Just a theory, but maybe Ned told Sweeney the bad news, held out his hand for a shake, and Sweeney keeps missing it.
    2008-07-04 09:31:24
    278.   timm
    274. I noticed the same thing. Often times it is a search through the internet to find their moves.
    2008-07-04 09:32:04
    279.   rockmrete

    Maybe, you never know. I don't think his numbers are spectacular outside of Mintue Maid park.

    And no not Kershaw...3.5,DeWitt,La roache, Hu, someone.

    2008-07-04 09:32:49
    280.   Terry A
    The Colletti interview is both reassuring and infuriating. You want to feel for the guy as he deals with the difficulties of his job, but then he turns around and blames others for his mistakes. When he's not doing that, he's petulantly asking a writer which players he would've acquired had he had the opportunity.

    The one thing he said I wholeheartedly agree with: We need to spend less and less on free agents. I agree with this for as long as Colletti remains associated with the Dodgers.

    2008-07-04 09:33:03
    281.   rockmrete
    Thats funny
    2008-07-04 09:38:47
    282.   Greg Brock
    The only thing better than a Plaschke article is reading the primates at BBTF's Newsblog openly mock the organization.

    A laughingstock. Splendid.

    2008-07-04 09:43:25
    283.   Bob Timmermann
    Comment 1 in the thread at BTF about the Plaschke column is quite telling.

    Matt Kemp should learn how to not be black. That would make him more "coachable."

    I had thought sportswriters had gotten away from that notion after the Bird/Magic years of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry.


    2008-07-04 09:45:14
    284.   rockmrete

    Nevermind, his numbers are impressive. He does seem to have trouble at Chase field. But he does well at DS, and Petco.

    2008-07-04 09:46:40
    285.   JoeyP
    With Druw back, I think the obvious move is Repko back to Vegas.

    But Nomar--->it could be a Berroa/Sweeney DFS.

    2008-07-04 09:47:07
    286.   JoeyP
    2008-07-04 09:48:51
    287.   D4P
    Jesse Helms is dead.
    2008-07-04 09:50:13
    288.   LoneStar7
    francoeur really got optioned to the minors?
    2008-07-04 09:50:27
    289.   Bob Timmermann
    Some Rockies boards I've read have had people mentioning that looking at the road stats of a Colorado player isn't a great indicator of the player's overall talent. For the most part, players don't have a lot of at bats in any particular road park.

    I would think that another extreme hitter's park like Minute Maid would probably cause people to evaluate Berkman on his road stats. And he could be a very good hitter even if he put on pinstripes or an Old English D.

    2008-07-04 09:50:50
    290.   Bob Timmermann
    All the way to AA.
    2008-07-04 09:51:04
    291.   D4P
    Shoot, I just realized the hot dog eating contest is already on. Kobe with a 2-3 dog lead over Chestnut with a minute to go.
    2008-07-04 09:51:29
    292.   Bob Timmermann
    I believe Rule 5 demands that D4P have the last word on that topic.
    2008-07-04 09:52:40
    293.   D4P
    Photo finish for Kobe and Chestnut!
    2008-07-04 09:52:40
    294.   Greg Brock
    Francoeur plays the game the right way.

    And with no melanin!

    2008-07-04 09:54:07
    295.   Greg Brock
    Free hot dog eating at Coney Island!
    2008-07-04 09:54:12
    296.   D4P
    Free hotdog eating on Coney Island.
    2008-07-04 09:56:06
    297.   Terry A
    Free hot-dog eating atop Coney Island.
    2008-07-04 09:56:24
    298.   tethier
    285 I think they should get rid of both Berroa/Sweeney. It seems like it's only a matter of when anyhow - so why not now? They can bring up Martinez to replace Berroa. He's a better fielder and can play the outfield if needed. He can't hit any worse than Berroa has.
    2008-07-04 09:56:43
    299.   Greg Brock
    Chestnut wins!

    Single tear

    {Sweet land of liberty...}

    2008-07-04 09:56:44
    300.   D4P
    Rats, I was rooting for the other guy.
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-07-04 09:59:32
    301.   D4P
    The context was fixed. Kobayashi was ahead when time ran out, and then out of nowhere they bumped Chestnut's score up a few dogs to tie.
    2008-07-04 10:01:25
    302.   Greg Brock
    301 That's not very sporting of you.
    2008-07-04 10:01:32
    303.   Bob Timmermann
    Getting an email from a guy who keeps track of such things, I have learned that Loney is one of only six players left in the majors to have played in all of his team's games this year.

    Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, Ichiro Suzuki, Raul Ibanez, and Justin Morneau are the others.

    2008-07-04 10:03:13
    304.   Marty
    How can anyone watch a hotdog eating contest when Psycho is on. And I don't mean our brain-dead announcer.
    2008-07-04 10:03:16
    305.   JoeyP
    Since the start of the 2006 season, Francoeur has started a Major League-high 408 games. Before resting during the second game of a May 20 doubleheader against the Mets, he had played in a Major League-high 370 consecutive games, each of which he had started.

    Francoeur's .662 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) also provides reason for concern. The only three National League outfielder with a worse mark are Houston's Michael Bourn, Colorado's Willy Taveras and Los Angeles' Juan Pierre, who are all speed specialists with very little power.

    I guess only Vlad can have his hitting approach and succeed.

    2008-07-04 10:05:31
    306.   blue22
    Francoeur is going to AA because he has previous experience with their manager down there.
    2008-07-04 10:06:57
    307.   blue22
    Joe Borowski finally released by Cleveland.
    2008-07-04 10:07:45
    308.   Jon Weisman

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