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Baseball Has Something for Everyone!
2008-07-04 20:14
by Jon Weisman

As I write this, Matt Holliday has just hit a grand slam in Colorado to cut Florida's lead to 17-16 with none out in the bottom of the seventh inning.

Meanwhile, Arizona and San Diego were scoreless (and then some) through five innings. San Diego has pushed across two in the top of the sixth.

2008-07-04 20:20:35
1.   Woden325
Las Vegas 51's: 6
Colorado Springs Sky Sox: 4
Bottom of the 6th
2008-07-04 20:25:17
2.   Jon Weisman
Stephen Drew broke up Cha Seung Baek's no-hitter with two out in the bottom of the sixth.
2008-07-04 20:25:37
3.   underdog
Let the record show that while underdog and Icaros are 0-1 in Giants-Dodgers games in SF that they attended together literally, they are 1-0 in Giants-Dodgers games that they attended together, i.e., same game, not in same section.

This is all very small sample size.

Thank you, your honor.

2008-07-04 20:26:53
4.   Jon Weisman
Then he was thrown out at home trying to score on a single.
2008-07-04 20:27:35
5.   Bluebleeder87
It took a perfect throw...
2008-07-04 20:29:44
6.   JoeyP
Chase Headley:

57 Abs
0 bbs
18 Ks

Thats ugly.

2008-07-04 20:38:07
7.   dianagramr
Congrats to Pujols on career homer #300.
2008-07-04 20:40:48
8.   Bob Hendley
Talk about ugly. My first look at the new Gameday graphics. I know it free, but did they have to remind us that all expense has been spared. The "batter" looks like a sailor and the coloring and helmet remind me of those guys from Star Wars.
2008-07-04 20:45:20
9.   Bluebleeder87
watching the highlights of todays game it was a pretty sloppy game like Steiner & Monday mentioned, I'm just glad we took the W. Another thing the SF broadcasters don't sound half bad compared to the Zona announcers.
2008-07-04 20:53:28
10.   Bluebleeder87
reading this piece isn't to encouraging [ ] >>"We're more open-minded to who we may have to move than we were in the past," Colletti said Friday.

That is a shift in philosophy for Colletti, who has refused to part with the club's top prospects since he took over after the 2005 season, filling most holes with expensive free-agent signings.

Colletti wouldn't name names. But while All-Star catcher Russell Martin is presumed to be untouchable, Colletti's comments certainly put in play other young players like Matt Kemp, James Loney, Andre Ethier and Andy LaRoche, as well as a possible veteran such as Friday starter Derek Lowe, who is likely to leave as a free agent after the season anyway.<<


I'll be rooting for Nomar Garciaparra from here on out.

2008-07-04 20:57:33
11.   The Trolley Dodger
10 I'm sure that piece is a direct result of the reports this past week or so of other teams having the impression that Colletti and the Dodgers wouldn't trade anyone of value.
2008-07-04 21:00:20
12.   KG16
10 - That's not really a bad position. You have to consider every player within the organization as a possible piece of a trade. Now, that doesn't mean you trade Kershaw for Figgins, but it also means that there are players out there that you'd be willing to give up Kershaw for (say, Brandon Webb?).

Refusing to trade anyone for any reason is just as bad as making a panic move and trading a high ceiling prospect for a mediocre journeyman.

I mean, really, if the Dodgers could get David Wright (and a prospect) for any two of Kemp, Loney, Ethier, LaRoche, and Lowe, who wouldn't take that deal?

2008-07-04 21:00:52
13.   KG16
12 - and what 11 said.

And now I'm off for the evening.

2008-07-04 21:05:11
14.   dianagramr
Rockies 18-17 ..... winning it with 2 runs in 9th.

They had been down 13-4 at one point.

2008-07-04 21:09:34
15.   Bluebleeder87
somebody mentioned Wilson Betemit earlier today or yesterday, I feel if Ned Colletti wouldn't have traded him (he was under our control from what I understand) we would have more options to work with BUT like always Ned Colletti has no patients with certain rooks... we will see what happens.
2008-07-04 21:10:57
16.   Bluebleeder87

those guys are gonna be exhausted for tomorrows game, I'm tired just looking at the score.

2008-07-04 21:12:07
17.   LeeLacy
Prior to today's game, the Dodgers had gone 55 games without scoring 10 or more runs. Prior to that, L.A. had scored in double figures 6 times during the first 30 games of the season.

Perhaps the Dodger offense is finally starting to hit its stride again.

2008-07-04 21:12:08
18.   Louis in SF
I agree with KG16, the question is what really is available out there that is better than what the organization has to offer right now. A real power bat for more than a rental would be great, but there is not many out there. Trading Lowe would make the most sense since we do have pitching if Penny comes back to replace him. But I think what is out there this year is so bad, and why Colorado would ever trade Holiday to me makes no sense, so I just don't see the pieces for a good trade.
2008-07-04 21:18:05
19.   Bluebleeder87
in limited action Wilson Betemit:

AB - 89
HR - 4
RBI - 14
SO - 27
BA - .258
OB% .287
SLG .461

just from watching him he looked like he had a slightly above average glove.

2008-07-04 21:20:31
20.   Bluebleeder87
Trading Lowe would make the most sense

I would not be P.O'd if we traded him, that dose make sense actually.

2008-07-04 21:24:46
21.   ChicagoDodger
This whole "the Dodgers need a SS" is ridiculous. Simply ridiculous.

Furcal has missed how many games now? Dodgers can be 1/2 game out in a matter of minutes and would be in 1st if not for the Brewers bullpen. Nomar is adequate for a couple more months and there is Maza and always Martinez.

The point being, 2008 is just important enough to go trading players that can help your club for many years for a marginal SS (Wilson) or others like him, at best.

I can't think of many Dodger prospects that would be worth trading for Wilson. Maybe someone like Lindsey or Tiffee. If they had to, perhaps Greg Miller, but that's it.

Dodgers have enough to get through the season and can look for a SS then.

Don't go trading for one now when the cost is far greater then the return.

2008-07-04 21:27:25
22.   ChicagoDodger
21 The point being, 2008 is just important enough to go trading players that can help your club for many years for a marginal SS (Wilson) or others like him, at best.

Make that just NOT important enough...

2008-07-04 21:29:34
23.   Bluebleeder87
with the bases loaded & no outs the Padres batter hits a sac-fly to make it 4-1 now.

4-1 Pads. erase that it's now 5-1. The Snkes bring in another pitcher.

2008-07-04 21:31:12
24.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-04 21:34:04
25.   Bluebleeder87
interesting move by the Snakes, they bring in Micah Owings for relief. The announcers said the diamond backs have used Owings from the pen in the past.

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