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July 5 Game Chat
2008-07-05 17:39
by Jon Weisman

Link to come ... watching The Music Man.

* * *

Update: Dodgers at Giants, 6:05 p.m.

Comments (377)
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2008-07-05 17:43:53
1.   The Mootz
I'll fire up 76 trombones if Andruw Jones doesn't strike out.
2008-07-05 17:44:58
2.   TheBigGrabowski
Trouble with a capital "T"
And that rhymes with "P" and that stands for pool!
2008-07-05 17:50:58
3.   Bob Timmermann
2008-07-05 17:51:44
4.   Linkmeister
(With apologies):

Trade talk with capital "T"
And that rhymes with "C"
And that stands for "Colletti"


2008-07-05 17:55:53
5.   Linkmeister
And which version are you watching, Jon? The Robert Preston/Shirley Jones one or the one with Kerstin Chenoweth as Marian?
2008-07-05 18:01:27
6.   gpellamjr
Hairston with a 2-run HR in the 3rd. SD 2 Ari 0.
2008-07-05 18:03:46
7.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-05 18:04:11
8.   Lexinthedena
But Ned doesn't know the territory territory!
2008-07-05 18:07:25
9.   Icaros
Yep, I was right. People are stupid.
2008-07-05 18:07:40
10.   Who Is Karim Garcia
wasn't even a Dodger fan, I think.

Andre Ethier- Texas League MVP!!!

2008-07-05 18:07:47
11.   Lexinthedena
2008-07-05 18:07:48
12.   Disabled List
My god, what an idiotic lineup. Martin at 3B, no LaRoche against the LHP.

While I type that: Two pitches, two hits. Nice!

2008-07-05 18:07:51
13.   KG16
Who needs to work the count?
2008-07-05 18:07:55
14.   MonkeyBlue
This Ethier guy is pretty hot right now.
2008-07-05 18:08:04
15.   Bluebleeder87
Ethier esta mucho caliente!!
2008-07-05 18:08:21
16.   Andrew Shimmin
Was that ball definitely not going out? I could really tell. The guy reached over the wall, but it looked like there was some chance the ball might have carried. No?
2008-07-05 18:08:59
17.   fanerman
THat's how you start the game!
2008-07-05 18:08:59
18.   Bluebleeder87
SD 2 V. Sankes 0.
2008-07-05 18:09:23
19.   Andrew Shimmin
I couldn't really tell, I meant. But Ethier's double means it doesn't really matter.
2008-07-05 18:09:25
20.   ucladodger

Sort of hard to tell, but likely not going out.

Zito really has lost all of his command. No corners for him, as everything is either in the heart of the zone or a ball.

2008-07-05 18:09:47
21.   tjdub
0 On purpose?
2008-07-05 18:10:24
22.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Martin! unproductive out!
2008-07-05 18:10:31
23.   tjdub
Just kidding. I had to work very late the other night and that was on t.v. I watched a good healthy chunk of it.
2008-07-05 18:11:35
24.   Who Is Karim Garcia
It's Uncle Charlie or nothing for Zito. Man, that fastball has no movement at all.
2008-07-05 18:13:17
25.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Is there any reason for the 6pm start time? Fireworks or something after the game?
2008-07-05 18:13:58
26.   MonkeyBlue
Man that flyball was drop in nowhere land.
2008-07-05 18:13:59
27.   overkill94
12 I'd rather have Martin in the line-up over LaRoche. And don't tell me it's Ardoin instead of LaRoche because Russ needed to get out from behind the dish sometime.
2008-07-05 18:14:06
28.   KG16
24 - did Zito ever really have a great fast ball? I always thought he was dependent on his breaking pitches and off speed stuff.
2008-07-05 18:14:25
29.   tjdub
Please Andruw. It is Barry Zito afterall. This should be easier than AAA.
2008-07-05 18:14:35
30.   LoneStar7
gosh ethier is flaming hot
2008-07-05 18:15:09
31.   overkill94
Andruw finally got another RBI!
2008-07-05 18:15:19
32.   fanerman
He didn't strike out!
2008-07-05 18:15:25
33.   MonkeyBlue
Surprise Andruw didn't completely screw that up.
2008-07-05 18:15:39
34.   overkill94
30 I hope you're talking about the way he's playing baseball ;)
2008-07-05 18:16:02
35.   KG16
27 - you know, it is ok to have Martin take a game off. It's not like he's sitting on 2625 consecutive games played
2008-07-05 18:17:49
36.   KG16
Nomar walked, I would suggest getting plenty of fresh water and putting duct tape on the windows.
2008-07-05 18:18:08
37.   Who Is Karim Garcia
28- it used to have a bit more zip to it. Just enough to sneak past a batter waiting for the curveball. He used to be able to hit corners with it and makes batter chase it-- they would be happy to swing at something that wasn't a bender.

Btw, Jon, just made my first donation to this site. Baseball is my religion and all the posters here are my congregation. Thanks.

2008-07-05 18:18:11
38.   MonkeyBlue
Wow! the ump was pretty generous with the last two pitches.
2008-07-05 18:18:19
39.   underdog
An RBI by Andruw! Holy smokes. And it was even a decent piece of hitting.

Nice start, anyway.

That fan is an idiot - good to see him quickly ejected.

Oh and Russell's reaction to striking out made me laugh. He had this "What?! How'd I strike out to Zito?" and then something unrepeatable here.

2008-07-05 18:18:55
40.   tjdub
One of the most annoying things about having to watch the Giants' telecast last night was the call on every strikeout: "Got him" At least there won't likely be many of those tonight.
2008-07-05 18:19:16
41.   fanerman
36 He walked yesterday, too.
2008-07-05 18:19:22
42.   Gagne55
14 That's what she said.
2008-07-05 18:19:36
43.   Disabled List
27 I'm all for giving Martin a day off, but that day should be spent relaxing on the bench, not manning the hot corner. As long as Russ is playing, he should be behind the plate. And against the LHP, LaRoche should be at 3B.
2008-07-05 18:19:47
44.   ucladodger

loney got worked on the 2nd pitch. I dont mind if the umpire stretches the zone a little for a guy that has been hitting corners and throwing strikes. Zito didnt pitch well enough to deserve that call and it changed the AB completely.

2008-07-05 18:19:50
45.   underdog
Oh and after seeing the replay, I didn't think Kemp's ball was going out, it looked like it would've hit the top of the wall. But it could've been a triple. So if he almost hits for the cycle but is short a triple, we can blame that idiot fan.
2008-07-05 18:21:01
46.   KG16
37 - he should probably look to use his slider and 2-seamer more often. And he should start doing that tomorrow.
2008-07-05 18:21:12
47.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Good to see Chan Ho isn't fighting the Sun in our half of the inning.
2008-07-05 18:21:15
48.   madmac
was Troy from WV in the stands? watching the giants broadcast
2008-07-05 18:22:00
49.   Bluebleeder87
Zito wears his pants 90's style, I never get use to watching that.
2008-07-05 18:22:18
50.   MonkeyBlue
68 mph? lol. Nice out.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-05 18:22:58
51.   Who Is Karim Garcia
44 - looks like Chan Ho might be getting those calls as well.
2008-07-05 18:23:18
52.   underdog
As Mike Krukow would say, "Siddown, Meat!"
2008-07-05 18:24:29
53.   Bluebleeder87
Randy Winn is a Dodger killer.
2008-07-05 18:25:58
54.   natepurcell
I wonder if Chan Ho is going to be a type A free agent?
2008-07-05 18:27:35
55.   Alice S
Good lord, how long is the Giants network going to show that chubby kid chanting "Beat L.A.!"?
2008-07-05 18:28:04
56.   Bluebleeder87
looking at Chan Ho Park's splits, no matter how you slice it he has been incredible.
2008-07-05 18:28:36
57.   MonkeyBlue
Nice K for Mr. Park.
2008-07-05 18:28:39
58.   overkill94
54 Ummmm, unless he throws a no-hitter every time out I don't see it happening
2008-07-05 18:29:11
59.   KG16
21 Ks in 15.2 innings as a starter for Park. It's 1997 all over again.
2008-07-05 18:29:26
60.   ucladodger
CHP and Ardoin arent exactly on the same page. Its pretty funny seeing him shake off 3 or 4 pitches before throwing.
2008-07-05 18:29:43
61.   natepurcell
From Olney...

Meanwhile, the Indians have maintained contact with a broad array of suitors, including the Tampa Bay Rays, who are also loaded with prospects, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. But the Rays may not be as motivated to make a Sabathia trade as the Brewers, and may instead choose to focus on other needs (a right-handed hitting outfielder). The Dodgers have frustrated other teams with their style of deal-making, which presents a constantly moving target and makes it unclear to other teams who, among the Dodgers' prospects, is actually available. The Dodgers do not appear anywhere close to making a deal for Sabathia, sources indicated on Saturday evening.

2008-07-05 18:30:16
62.   Icaros
FSN Bay Area needs to stop showing that annoying little girl. Now.
2008-07-05 18:30:37
63.   Bluebleeder87
it is very weird (for me) to see Nomar Garciaparra play short, I'd seen him play short & Boston but he just doesn't look the same playing short for us.

I'm glad he is though.

2008-07-05 18:31:41
64.   natepurcell
this is kind of funny considering who is saying it and his current situation...

2008-07-05 18:33:40
65.   overkill94
61 We should be wishy-washy on Sabathia considering we don't necessarily need him. Let the Indians come to us with an offer and we'll let them know if we're interested and/or who's available to trade.
2008-07-05 18:35:45
66.   Linkmeister
All I've got is the Giants' broadcast, so here's the Gameday link:

2008-07-05 18:36:29
67.   KG16
Dinner at the Zito house must have been quite interesting
2008-07-05 18:37:13
68.   ucladodger
Great AB by Matt. Just need to be more consistent, but his 2nd AB yesterday and that one cant help but boost confidence.
2008-07-05 18:37:37
69.   Bluebleeder87
really nice at bat by Kemp there fighting of some pitches he usually K's on. Good at bat.
2008-07-05 18:38:32
70.   KG16
Does Zito get run on much? I'd think with an 85 mph fastball, and that breaking ball, he'd have a high number of stolen bases against.

Unless, of course, he can do that.

2008-07-05 18:38:36
71.   Bob Timmermann
That would never have happened to a ballplayer.
2008-07-05 18:38:49
72.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe Kemp wants to get traded.
2008-07-05 18:39:31
73.   TheBigGrabowski
Sigh. Every time something like that happens, I think "please don't trade him."
2008-07-05 18:39:40
74.   Bob Timmermann
3-0 Padres after a Hairston homer.
2008-07-05 18:39:55
75.   ucladodger
That wasnt really that awful. Ethier had 2 strikes on him and Kemp was going. If Matt gets caught, Ethier starts the next inning. If not, Ethier has a man on 2nd with 2 strikes on him. He just left a little early.
2008-07-05 18:40:20
76.   Bluebleeder87

some of you guys have mentioned this & I agree, Sabathias peak years are gonna be short lived if I were a GM I wouldn't take a chance on him.

2008-07-05 18:40:50
77.   overkill94
Thanks for having the Bison's back, Vin
2008-07-05 18:41:08
78.   Lexinthedena
Nice to hear Vin defending Kemp.
2008-07-05 18:41:19
79.   KG16
Vinny coming to Kemp's defense.

"You only pick off the good baserunners... the daring baserunners"

2008-07-05 18:42:04
80.   Tom Meagher
That (Kemp pickoff) is so frustrating because I can almost guarantee that Kemp has not been instructed properly. Simply put, it is very easy for a LHP to get a pickoff (and, because of that, limit the quality of attempt on SB). In my opinion teams should tell their baserunners to never try for a SB against LHP (and to never take a lead that can get you picked off). The Dodgers obviously do not agree or are simply unable to surmise this, which is unfortunate for them, but it is unfortunate for Kemp that he will be saddled with the blame for this (imo) organizational failure.
2008-07-05 18:42:11
81.   Zach the Ripper
When Juan Pierre gets picked off, he practically gets kudos in the dugout from Torre and the gang.
When Kemp get's picked off, he is slaughtered the next day by the media. Apparently, unlike Chicks, Sports writers do not dig the long ball.
2008-07-05 18:42:26
82.   dsfan
Think Josh Byrnes would like a do-over on trading Hairston to the Padres?
2008-07-05 18:42:26
83.   Bob Timmermann
Can't the teams go back to wearing their regular caps now?
2008-07-05 18:42:53
84.   Icaros
I wish I could hear Vin defend Bison. I have to watch snot-nosed brats chant "Beat LA" into the camera.
2008-07-05 18:42:54
85.   TheBigGrabowski
Aaron Rowand bugs me.
2008-07-05 18:43:11
86.   TheBigGrabowski
Although not his contract.
2008-07-05 18:45:07
87.   Bluebleeder87
Loney showing off that pitchers arm, I love it! I still wanna see him pitch in the majors one day on a throw away game.
2008-07-05 18:45:17
88.   KG16
Uh oh, Plashcke has set his sights on the Clippers. Apparently it's wrong for Brand to even consider a $100 million offer. It's also equally wrong for Kaman to have Olympic ambitions.

And apparently, Baron Davis signing with the Clippers is the same as Garnett being traded to the Celtics. THE. SAME. THING.

It's nice to see his idiocy is not limited to the Dodgers and Lakers.

2008-07-05 18:46:26
89.   Tom Meagher
70 Career, base runners are 103/160 on SB against Zito (64%). He has 20 pickoffs, though I'm not going to look for which ones were also CS.
2008-07-05 18:46:35
90.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. Lets get the DP.
2008-07-05 18:48:08
91.   Linkmeister
Dear Schmap, please update your scoreboard widget.
2008-07-05 18:48:29
92.   Tom Meagher
84 I agree, that was really obnoxious. I was also surprised to hear the announcers joke that Giants security physically beat fans who interfere with live balls.
2008-07-05 18:49:35
93.   Bluebleeder87
I do like ONE feature the Giants have...

The Ball Dudes.

2008-07-05 18:50:09
94.   ucladodger
The old man with a pretty darn nice play.
2008-07-05 18:50:10
95.   Icaros
Nice play, old statue!
2008-07-05 18:50:15
96.   larry slimfast
80 I highly doubt that Kemp has not been instructed on how to read a left-hander's move at every level of baseball he has played. I'm sure he was just going on first move as many do when running on lefties.
2008-07-05 18:50:17
97.   Bluebleeder87
look at Kent showing some youth.
2008-07-05 18:50:19
98.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-05 18:50:19
99.   fanerman
Gotta love that Veteran Hustle™ on Kent's face as he was making that play. Way to get out of it Chan Ho!
2008-07-05 18:50:27
100.   thinkblue88
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-05 18:50:32
101.   natepurcell
Did you guys see the Kent and Bison embrace after that play!??!
2008-07-05 18:50:59
102.   KG16
Wow, great play by Kent.
2008-07-05 18:51:57
103.   Linkmeister
I can't believe Gameday hasn't put up a video of Kemp's double/HR in the first.
2008-07-05 18:53:14
104.   KG16
Question, does Ethier's time at the plate last inning count as either an AB or PA? Or is it just this one that counts?
2008-07-05 18:53:29
105.   Gagne55
It's not often that "great play by Kent" is spoken around here.
2008-07-05 18:54:02
106.   Bob Timmermann
Ethier doesn't get credit for anything in the second inning.
2008-07-05 18:54:23
107.   Gagne55
104 No. It does not. If it did, there would be a PA in which no result occured.
2008-07-05 18:54:45
108.   Lexinthedena
could someone tell me what Kent did?...I was on baby duty.
2008-07-05 18:55:27
109.   Gagne55
21/100 seconds too late
2008-07-05 18:55:34
110.   KG16
106 , 07 - thanks.

Um, did I just see Martin sporting a mohawk?

2008-07-05 18:55:49
111.   Bluebleeder87
Martin's mohawk looks pretty cool actually. I dig it.
2008-07-05 18:57:01
112.   Andrew Shimmin
110- I thought I saw that in the first inning, but it seemed too outlandish, and I doubted my own eyes.
2008-07-05 18:57:18
113.   berkowit28
Maybe Martin should have been given the night completely off, with LaRoche playing 3rd. Early innings still, and easy to say with hindsight, of course.
2008-07-05 18:58:03
114.   Bob Hendley
109 - I think Bob was wind aided.
2008-07-05 18:58:25
115.   Bluebleeder87

AS is showing his age if he "don't dig it" I think it looks rockin' man, very cool.

2008-07-05 18:58:59
116.   Tom Meagher
96 You seem to have missed my point, which is that "In my opinion teams should tell their baserunners to never try for a SB against LHP". I'm making no claim about the Dodgers' instruction with regard to how to read the pitcher and/or take a lead. Running against southpaws is bad strategy, precisely because of the pickoff. I am not going to blame the player when it is the organization's fault for telling them to try to steal on LHP.
2008-07-05 18:59:18
117.   Bluebleeder87
oh man, you guys now how tuff that is to make, wow.
2008-07-05 19:01:02
118.   thinkblue88
Okay, so Martin does have a mohawk, I thought i was just seeing things.
2008-07-05 19:01:38
119.   Bluebleeder87
I have to concede that the Giants Stadium looks pretty nice.
2008-07-05 19:03:19
120.   whodat807
The Giants broadcast just showed the clip where Chan Ho served up Bonds' 71st HR as part of "SF Giants greatest memories" thingie. I find it delightful that that sham of a moment is as good as it has gotten for the Giants since moving to SF.
2008-07-05 19:03:29
121.   Lexinthedena
108 C'mon guys!
2008-07-05 19:03:39
122.   Bluebleeder87
just peaked at the SD at AZ game, looks like Peavy brought his A game tonight against the Snakes.

3-0 in the 7th.

2008-07-05 19:03:51
123.   fanerman
It's in the rulebook somewhere that anybody sporting a mohawk cannot be considered a "gamer."
2008-07-05 19:05:00
124.   thinkblue88
121. For the best description, check out the replay on Gameday.
2008-07-05 19:05:09
125.   Linkmeister
Andruw shoulda rehabbed the rest of the year in LV.
2008-07-05 19:05:30
126.   Icaros

The best part of that being a great memory is that the Dodgers won the game and eliminated the Giants from the playoffs that night.

2008-07-05 19:05:39
127.   Michael D
Zito needs to go back to sucking.
2008-07-05 19:06:11
128.   Bluebleeder87

He snatched a sure hit from the Giants batter, dove, stood up LIGHTING QUICK & throw him out.

with a runner on 3rd I might add.

2008-07-05 19:06:18
129.   PalmdaleSteve1
125 Why....he's rehabbing with the big team.
2008-07-05 19:07:20
130.   KG16
123 - actually, a mohawk is a sign of being an uber-gamer.

Like Brian Bosworth or Lawrence Taylor.

Or Mr. T.

2008-07-05 19:07:32
131.   natepurcell
Zito is not good, come on Dodgers.
2008-07-05 19:07:37
132.   thinkblue88
Crap, Zito already matching his season high in K's.
2008-07-05 19:07:47
133.   Linkmeister
129 Well, yeah, but he's hurting the big team, which is all I care about. I'm glad the 51s exist, since we need a AAA farm team, but let him go hurt their pennant chances.
2008-07-05 19:08:02
134.   KG16
128 - actually, Kent made the throw from his knees, if I recall correctly.
2008-07-05 19:10:05
135.   underdog
Zito seems to have his curve and breaking stuff working well today, unfortunately.
2008-07-05 19:10:13
136.   thinkblue88

Checking out the gameday replay, BB87 description was pretty accurate.
2008-07-05 19:11:47
137.   underdog
There's something unseemly or unsettling about Vin having to start any sentence with "You know, thanks to Panda Express..."
2008-07-05 19:11:50
138.   Andrew Shimmin
How much time do you think Martin devotes, in an average week, to coming up with things to do with the hair on his head and face? It seems like he must be very bored. Somebody should hook him up with a Tamagotchi, or something.
2008-07-05 19:12:06
139.   natepurcell
Maybe Nomar playing decently can stop Colletti from trading James McDonald for Jack Wilson.
2008-07-05 19:12:49
140.   underdog
Park's fb looks like Jonathan Broxton's compared to Zito.
2008-07-05 19:12:57
141.   Linkmeister
137 You'd prefer he stick with Farmer John? ;)
2008-07-05 19:13:50
142.   Gen3Blue
Well, the worse thing we've done tonight, which is not so terrible, is to let Zito off the mat, so to speak. But we better be able to back it up with our pitching, or have another offensive outburst.
2008-07-05 19:14:39
143.   Icaros

Seriously. Jack Wilson does not excite me.

2008-07-05 19:15:56
144.   fanerman
141 I love when Vin talks about Farmer John. And whenever he describes a ball as being "smoked" (ie, down the right-field line), I always think about sausages.
2008-07-05 19:18:21
145.   thinkblue88
2008-07-05 19:20:52
146.   Bob Hendley
144 - As a kid, I always looked up to Farmer John and Sheriff John.
2008-07-05 19:21:04
147.   Jon Weisman
Martin :)
2008-07-05 19:21:14
148.   natepurcell
wow down in the Midwest League tonight..

Garate: 8IP 2ER 2bb .....16K

2008-07-05 19:21:30
149.   KG16
145 - it was only a matter of time before Zito found his groove again. The pitching in the NL West is sick.
2008-07-05 19:22:15
150.   Zach the Ripper

To be fair, he is pitching against A Jones and Chan Ho. Those strikeouts shouldn't count.

And another one against Kemp. Who has what, 91 so's now in 80 something games. So only 3 of his strikeouts should be condidered legitimite

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-05 19:22:23
151.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe Martin got drunk last night, and some of the non-ballplayers shaved his head for him. I can see Andy LaRoche pulling that kind of practical joke. Punk.
2008-07-05 19:23:46
152.   fanerman
151 That Andy Laroche. Clearly he's not a ballplayer.
2008-07-05 19:24:26
153.   Zach the Ripper
Yeesh. Sorry all you English and Math majors. There was so many things wrong with that last post. But ya'll get the idea.
2008-07-05 19:24:31
154.   ucladodger
CHP is amazing.
2008-07-05 19:24:46
155.   CanuckDodger
148 -- Actually, he went the complete game and got 18 K's.
2008-07-05 19:24:51
156.   thinkblue88

True, then again, we can be saying, jeez...park?

2008-07-05 19:25:23
157.   whodat807
How many annoying fans can Bay Area FSN inexplicably leave the camera on for several minutes before today's game is through?
2008-07-05 19:26:05
158.   Gagne55
2008-07-05 19:26:10
159.   Bob Hendley
They kept showing that kid with the big orange fist until the ump finally called time.
2008-07-05 19:26:45
160.   natepurcell

Why is he toiling in Low A?

2008-07-05 19:28:58
161.   Zach the Ripper

I refuse to believe CHP isn't on the roids until MLB, for the first time ever makes a press release for a negative steroid test just to prove the skeptics wrong...i.e. me.

2008-07-05 19:29:01
162.   Gagne55
Peavy gets taken out and Arizona scores. Figures.
2008-07-05 19:30:21
163.   dsfan
What's the best explanation for Park's turnaround?
2008-07-05 19:31:51
164.   whodat807
163 He had that live threatening intestinal thing. Maybe he's just finally healthy.
2008-07-05 19:31:53
165.   elandcohen
can we all agree the Chan Ho Park should be in the starting rotation for the rest of the season? the comeback this guy has made is unbelievable.
2008-07-05 19:32:42
166.   Gagne55
163 Park is doing what Sele did in the first half of 2006. Sometimes these guys who have been talented in the past and have gone through injuries/ineffectiveness can put together a good spurt of starts again.
2008-07-05 19:33:47
167.   Gen3Blue
I'm not sure what to say about someone who before the game said Zito is better than he seems. He has flumoxed the D's for 5 innings with 9 K's. Either prescient or a Jinx.
2008-07-05 19:35:35
168.   natepurcell

Its different, look at their k rates.

2008-07-05 19:35:36
169.   thinkblue88
I guess the Dodgers are keeping up the trend of making mediocre pitchers look good.
2008-07-05 19:36:18
170.   Kayaker7
163 Korean ginseng? Whatever he's taking, he's in for a tremendous endorsement deal. :-D
2008-07-05 19:36:41
171.   natepurcell
Santana hits another homerun in the first for the 66ers.
2008-07-05 19:36:58
172.   Lexinthedena
168 Plus Park's velocity is up where it used to be.
2008-07-05 19:37:03
173.   CanuckDodger
160 -- I think Garate is viewed by the Dodgers as mere roster filler. Supposedly he doesn't throw hard, and is just mowing down younger, unpolished hitters with smoke and mirrors. But maybe 18 K's in one game will get the organization's attention.
2008-07-05 19:38:55
174.   Vaudeville Villain


2008-07-05 19:38:57
175.   natepurcell

DO you think Santana should be promoted to AA now?

2008-07-05 19:39:11
176.   D4P
Andruw shoulda rehabbed the rest of the year in LV

Or at Jenny Craig.

2008-07-05 19:39:25
177.   whodat807
Slick play by Kent right there
2008-07-05 19:41:03
178.   Gagne55
Mark Hendrickson's first 3 starts of 2007:
GmSc 56 61 72

Aaron Sele's first 4 starts 2006:
GmSc 61 60 54 75

Chan Ho Park first 3 starts 2008:
GmSc 51 64 74

2008-07-05 19:41:24
179.   natepurcell
96! 95!!!


2008-07-05 19:41:49
180.   elandcohen
Park is sick. is the kcal gun accurate?
2008-07-05 19:42:22
181.   Bob Hendley
With location!
2008-07-05 19:42:41
182.   natepurcell

I understand the concept of old veterans having good stretches. Look at Park's K rate as a starter. The way he is doing it is different compared to Sele and others. His stuff looks like Billingsley's out there.

2008-07-05 19:44:02
183.   whodat807
Nice effort by Kemp there
2008-07-05 19:44:02
184.   CanuckDodger
Park's fastball is consistently harder than Billingsley's. THIS is why you judge players by scouting, and not looking at a bunch of stats for years when poor performance may have been caused by factors no longer relevent.
2008-07-05 19:46:19
185.   Sam in SC
say what you will, the jint announcer guys do a pretty good job.

I don't instinctively mute the SF games.

2008-07-05 19:46:25
186.   D4P
Ned: "The scouts told me that Loaiza was healthy and would be effective."
2008-07-05 19:48:07
187.   natepurcell
Looking at fan graphs, his average fb velocity is up 3mph compared to the previous 3 years. His slider velocity is also up around 3 mph which could provide the extra bit needed to be as effective as he has been.
2008-07-05 19:49:35
188.   Bluebleeder87

No matter how you slice it Park has been incredible, & like somebody else mentioned, he is hitting the coners.

2008-07-05 19:50:15
189.   Bob Timmermann
4-2 Padres in the 9th after a Drew homer.

One out.

2008-07-05 19:50:18
190.   Icaros
Park looks like he hasn't aged a day since he was last on the Dodgers.
2008-07-05 19:51:03
191.   whodat807
187 In the past three years he's had two surgeries and several blood transfusions to stop intestinal bleeding. I imagine an illness like that can sap your strength some.
2008-07-05 19:51:07
192.   Bluebleeder87
you gotta wonder why he is so much better this year. Better work out program during the off-season, is he healthier this year, is he happier now.

or a combo of all?

2008-07-05 19:51:45
193.   Vaudeville Villain

That's a bit bold of a pronouncement, no? I don't see how one player suddenly renders a vastly larger sample size moot.

2008-07-05 19:52:01
194.   Bob Timmermann

Two outs.

2008-07-05 19:52:13
195.   D4P
If the Dodgers are in first place, would Ned get hammered in the media for "blowing up a first place team" if he were to trade someone relatively important?
2008-07-05 19:52:28
196.   Alice S
Congress needs to pass a law that close-up crowd shots in baseball broadcasts may not last for longer than five seconds.
2008-07-05 19:52:35
197.   Bluebleeder87
the Dodgers are blessed & lucky to have him.
2008-07-05 19:53:24
198.   Bluebleeder87
easy Nomar easy...
2008-07-05 19:53:44
199.   natepurcell

You mean, like from people like you back in 2004?

2008-07-05 19:53:48
200.   Bob Timmermann
Montero singles. Romero up.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-05 19:54:11
201.   larry slimfast
wow, laroche
2008-07-05 19:54:13
202.   Bluebleeder87
I was just thinking we need to give park a bit more of a cushion.
2008-07-05 19:55:07
203.   underdog
I don't think the Sele-Park comparison is valid at all at this point. One of the things I've posted here before is that Park had said around when the season started that he'd worked hard in the off-season to tweak his delivery so the release points were different, not tipping off off-speed vs. fastball to batters as much as they have been. As for what seems an increase in velocity, I'm not sure exactly but it doesn't seem as smoke-and-mirrors as with Sele. I guess we'll see how he fares in the 2nd half of course.
2008-07-05 19:55:08
204.   Bob Timmermann
Padres 4, Diamondbacks 2.


2008-07-05 19:55:10
205.   D4P
If it makes you feel good, then, yes.
2008-07-05 19:55:48
206.   thinkblue88
Tied for 1st.
2008-07-05 19:56:44
207.   Lexinthedena
Laroche swings at the same bad ball that had previously been called a strike.
2008-07-05 19:56:59
208.   natepurcell

Sorry, you just put it on a T, someone had to take a swing at it.

2008-07-05 19:57:05
209.   Bluebleeder87

music to my ears.

2008-07-05 19:57:15
210.   Kayaker7
191 Yeah, but he was bad for a long time before all that. He has been a very pleasant surprise, and I'm at a loss to explain how it happened. The only thing I can gather is that he had lingering injuries from all those innings pitched with the Dodgers. I vaguely recall him complaining after he left the Dodgers that Jim Tracy wore him out.
2008-07-05 19:57:46
211.   ucladodger

That was a huge pitch. A 2-0 changeup that was at least 4" outside but Zito got the call. Same exact pitch and Andy had to swing at it. Its amazing how much one little strike call can affect a whole game.

2008-07-05 19:58:17
212.   larry slimfast
207 he did try to go the other way with it
2008-07-05 19:58:53
213.   KG16
193 - you need both scouting and stats. Scouting provides context and additional information.
2008-07-05 20:00:00
214.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Cody Ross in Denver.

This is a yellow alert.

2008-07-05 20:00:00
215.   Bluebleeder87
compared to Zito I think Beimel has the modern look (Uni's)
2008-07-05 20:00:07
216.   Jon Weisman
Current standings:
.489 Arizona
.488 Los Angeles
2008-07-05 20:01:05
217.   Vaudeville Villain

Yeah, that was a bad break for Andy. I think he should have taken that pitch, still, but you can't blame him for swinging if the umpire has an expanding strike zone.

2008-07-05 20:01:29
218.   CanuckDodger
184 -- Singular. A scout, not scouts. Maybe that one guy was an idiot. I am sure he wasn't reporting to Ned that Loaiza was throwing 94 MPH.
2008-07-05 20:01:30
219.   Bluebleeder87
from that view point it looked likd Ardoin had a chance to nail the giants runner at 2nd, oh well.
2008-07-05 20:02:19
220.   Woden325
214 I'm listening to that game and missed that. I guess I have to turn in my Griddle decoding ring...
2008-07-05 20:02:36
221.   CanuckDodger
218 -- That was post 186 I was replying to.
2008-07-05 20:02:36
222.   Bluebleeder87
what is Torre doing? isn't Folkenborg a fly ball pitcher? I would have staid with Beimel.
2008-07-05 20:02:52
223.   Vaudeville Villain

I agree, it just seems that Canuck was a bit over-enthused about one single player bucking a huge trend, and completely dismissing statistics in favor of scouting.

2008-07-05 20:03:13
224.   ucladodger
Torre absolutely loves the Borg. Prett big spot for a guy who wasnt on the team 2 weeks ago.
2008-07-05 20:03:14
225.   Bluebleeder87
seriously, do you guys like this move?
2008-07-05 20:04:21
226.   Bluebleeder87
I'll go in recored & say I don't, prove me wrong Folkenborg.
2008-07-05 20:04:48
227.   ucladodger

Torre wants a K so he figures the borg is more likely to do that than Wade. We'll see what happens.

2008-07-05 20:05:59
228.   natepurcell
Drop the deuce Borg!
2008-07-05 20:06:05
229.   Bob Timmermann
Nothing says "NL West 2008" than watching Brian Falkenborg taking on Rich Aurilia with first place on the line.
2008-07-05 20:06:52
230.   Bluebleeder87

yeah I guess that's his logic, I was actually just thinking that.

2008-07-05 20:07:03
231.   natepurcell
the splittie works too.
2008-07-05 20:07:36
232.   Bluebleeder87
if Aurilia tipped that, we got away with one.


2008-07-05 20:07:40
233.   Bob Timmermann
Arguing a call with Bob Davidson is about as wise as trying to attack Russia in the wintertime.
2008-07-05 20:07:41
234.   Sam in SC
I have always liked falkneborg. they nearly conquered the federation.
2008-07-05 20:07:57
235.   ucladodger
If Davidson says foult tip, that shouldnt be a strike. Got one there. One more Berg!
2008-07-05 20:08:38
236.   ucladodger
Well, thats about right. There's a reason why he's never stuck in the bigs.
2008-07-05 20:08:39
237.   natepurcell
Ah, crud.
2008-07-05 20:08:43
238.   Bluebleeder87
it's o.k. new ballgame
2008-07-05 20:09:53
239.   Sam in SC
2008-07-05 20:10:45
240.   whodat807
210 Chan Ho's greatest weakness has been the long ball, and anybody who saw him serve up gopher balls could see how badly he'd struggle in that bandbox that is the Rangers' stadium. After a terrible first year, he had a series of injuries, including lingering back issues, which only made his already hugely disappointing tenure as a Ranger into a bigger disaster.

And then he was traded to the Padres, got diagnosed with that intestinal disease in 2006.

I agree that Park's resurgence has been surprising, but is it really all that baffling? No more back issues, no more intestinal bleeding, plus a return to Dodgers Stadium, where he's always been great.

2008-07-05 20:10:50
241.   CanuckDodger
223 -- It wasn't a blanket dismissal of statistics. I'm saying that when the player's scouting profile changes, that is new information that trumps stats from the time when the old scouting profile was relevant. Specifically, stats from when players played injured are useless, provided the player is over his injury and is not a big risk to get hurt again.
2008-07-05 20:12:15
242.   larry slimfast
good ole falkinburger
2008-07-05 20:12:27
243.   Andrew Shimmin
Where was CHP scouted before he got his NRI to Dodger camp? He was awful last year, in the minor leagues. Did he play in a Winter league?
2008-07-05 20:12:47
244.   Woden325
Cody Ross at bat top 9th:
pop foul
pop foul
swinging strike.
2008-07-05 20:13:51
245.   Bluebleeder87
Randy Winn is a good hitter against the Dodgers they should handle him with care.
2008-07-05 20:14:22
246.   whodat807
Too bad Chan Ho won't get a well deserved W today. Hopefully the boys can still pull this one out.

(By the way, I hate how delayed the MLBTV feed is. I keep reading what happens on here before I see it on the screen.)

2008-07-05 20:15:47
247.   Woden325
244 , 214 : Game over in Denver. Rockies win again! 5 game streak, believe it or not.. Also the anniversary of the 1991 decision to create the Rockies and Marlins by MLB.
2008-07-05 20:15:53
248.   Vaudeville Villain

Ah, okay. What's been park's injury problems over the last few years?

2008-07-05 20:15:54
249.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert canceled.

Stand down.

2008-07-05 20:16:24
250.   Bluebleeder87
Folkenborg dose not instill confidence in me when he is on the mound.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-05 20:17:28
251.   Bluebleeder87
Nice college try by Kent.
2008-07-05 20:17:53
252.   Sam in SC
I think he missed third . . .
2008-07-05 20:17:58
253.   ucladodger
Terrible, just terrible. Put the game in the hands of a 30 year old journeyman with 50 innings in the bigs. At least Wade has been successful the whole year.

I wonder if anyone will ask Torre why he stuck with the Borg for so long.

2008-07-05 20:18:03
254.   Bob Timmermann
The heyday of the Brian Falkenborg has come and gone.

Man, it was a great ride.

2008-07-05 20:18:05
255.   MollyKnight
OK, um, I know I was away for a few days, but who the heck is on the mound?
2008-07-05 20:18:18
256.   whodat807
241 As I've said before, he was diagnosed with an intestinal disorder called Meckel's diverticulum, that resulted in internal bleeding and required two surgeries and several blood transfusions.
2008-07-05 20:19:03
257.   whodat807
Err, 256 was in response to 248 , not 241
2008-07-05 20:19:10
258.   Bluebleeder87
this is just my opinion but if Torre wanted the K he got it, get him out & bring in Wade. Of course that's easy for me to say now that everything happened, oh well.
2008-07-05 20:19:55
259.   Woden325
The fangraph is tilting strongly for the Gi'nts (as my grandmother called them) now.
2008-07-05 20:20:30
260.   MonkeyBlue
Game over. Bullpen really crap out today.
2008-07-05 20:20:37
261.   Bluebleeder87
if anything the Giants pen sucks, that's all I have.
2008-07-05 20:21:05
262.   larry slimfast
falkenburger got ate up
2008-07-05 20:21:09
263.   Kevin Lewis
Man, the worst part about this for me is that I am watching the game up in Sacramento, so I have to listen to the Giants broadcasters. Oh, Vin, how I miss thee.
2008-07-05 20:21:14
264.   whodat807
Jeez, what is going on with our bullpen?
2008-07-05 20:21:41
265.   Bob Timmermann
Frank McCourt is on the phone now telling the ice cream truck to go back.
2008-07-05 20:22:32
266.   Luis Chavez
Where is Broxton?
2008-07-05 20:22:43
267.   coachjpark
Great Chan Ho outing wasted....
2008-07-05 20:23:41
268.   Bob Timmermann
Broxton wasn't inspiring a lot of confidence yesterday.
2008-07-05 20:24:13
269.   MonkeyBlue
266. If Torre didn't use Broxton yesterday. He would've have been relieving right now.
2008-07-05 20:25:32
270.   Kevin Lewis
ok, it is time to stop the bleeding...
2008-07-05 20:27:17
271.   coachjpark
268 True on Broxton, but perhaps we just let Beimel pitch the 7th. Watching yesterday's game, I don't understand why Broxton even had to pitch the 8th. Kuo was dominating and it was a 4 run lead at the time. Then, let Wade/Falkenborg pitch the non-save 9th, and you'd have Broxton ready to throw 1 2/3 today.
2008-07-05 20:27:23
272.   Bluebleeder87
I think somebody else mentioned this but if your getting paid a lot of money to manage a team wouldn't you take the time to research the team your going too?? some of the moves Torre has made are really bad.

I'm just venting, I know.

2008-07-05 20:27:33
273.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers pen in this inning has been a Meckel's diverticulum.
2008-07-05 20:27:53
274.   ucladodger
Really, Torre made the mistake is taking Beimel out. Joe has been great but Torre refuses to let him go over 2 or 3 hitters. Falkenborg did get the K, but then realized he is Brian Falkenborg and got lit up. Joe might not have gotten the K, but i'll take my chances with him against Aurilia and a left-handed Lewis.
2008-07-05 20:28:00
275.   LoneStar7
what exactly is that fan graph showing us? how happy the teams fans are..
2008-07-05 20:28:40
276.   Bluebleeder87
this inning seemed to last for eternity.
2008-07-05 20:28:53
277.   Kevin Lewis
okay, we can have a big inning now

let's respond with 6 runs! That will deflate the crow

2008-07-05 20:31:10
278.   Luis Chavez
True. Torre is not so great.
2008-07-05 20:31:22
279.   Woden325
277 The ASPCA frowns on that.
2008-07-05 20:32:09
280.   ucladodger
Well, at least Kemp hit the ball hard 3 times today. He looked really good up there today.
2008-07-05 20:32:34
281.   Sam in SC
THAT was a strike?
2008-07-05 20:32:59
282.   Kevin Lewis
maybe we can sacrifice some animals in dugout
2008-07-05 20:33:22
283.   Kevin Lewis
2008-07-05 20:33:52
284.   Sam in SC
strike two on ethier looked very much like a ball
2008-07-05 20:35:09
285.   larry slimfast
fan graphs shows how much money fans of graphs have.
2008-07-05 20:35:15
286.   Sam in SC
nail it, jeff!
2008-07-05 20:35:54
287.   Bluebleeder87
3 run jack is on the table.
2008-07-05 20:36:02
288.   MonkeyBlue
Andruw Jones our savior???
2008-07-05 20:36:03
289.   larry slimfast
all will be forgiven andruw
2008-07-05 20:36:37
290.   Sam in SC
or perhaps "get nailed by it" would have been more appropriate.
2008-07-05 20:37:20
291.   Bob Hendley
Let's go Druw!
2008-07-05 20:37:52
292.   Sam in SC
if he does it, I will die from my former posts about how worthless he is.
2008-07-05 20:37:56
293.   LoneStar7
289 dont we always say that? you'd think itd work one of these times
2008-07-05 20:38:15
294.   ucladodger
I dont think Andruw can catch up to Wilson, who really does throw in the high 90's.
2008-07-05 20:38:15
295.   Bluebleeder87
things are AT LEAST getting interesting, false hope rally I hope not.
2008-07-05 20:39:27
296.   Bluebleeder87

just hit it out & we'll be cool with you, come on Andruw.

2008-07-05 20:40:18
297.   Bob Hendley
293 - He probably doesn't believe us.
2008-07-05 20:40:33
298.   MonkeyBlue
A weak ground ball. Should have figure as much.
2008-07-05 20:41:05
299.   Bob Timmermann
Remember that the quality of mercy is not strained.
2008-07-05 20:41:41
300.   MMSMikey
how much longer can torre let this fat slob play? he cant even hit the ball out of the infield, hes worthless.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-05 20:41:53
301.   Sam in SC
that was a pitch to hit.

heck. at least he didn't K

2008-07-05 20:43:00
302.   ucladodger
Whats the over/under on ABs before andruw gets a hit? 10? 15?
2008-07-05 20:43:27
303.   Bluebleeder87

that's what I'm thinking, it's actually improvement...

2008-07-05 20:43:43
304.   Disabled List
I can't believe the Dodgers are paying Jones $18 million a year. This is turning into one of the biggest free-agent busts of all time.
2008-07-05 20:43:55
305.   larry slimfast
they are eating that outside corner up on LA hitters. i hate to say it but he should have been looking to go to opposite field. ethier does it so well. he should play in boston.
2008-07-05 20:44:54
306.   Sam in SC
304 - there is always carlos perez, who we paid to NOT pitch for us.
2008-07-05 20:45:42
307.   Andrew Shimmin
299- It becomes [t]he (cardboard-)throned monarch better than his crown.
2008-07-05 20:46:15
308.   Sam in SC
303 - when he actually hits it, it usually goes about a mile.
2008-07-05 20:46:22
309.   MMSMikey
how many rbi will druw up with? 20? 25?

lets just say he gets 30 RBI this season (and i think thats being generous.)

Thats $600,000.000 per RBI.

2008-07-05 20:46:24
310.   Bluebleeder87
2008-07-05 20:46:25
311.   ucladodger
Maybe Wade should have brought in to face Aurilia and Lewis. Its not like the guy has had actual success in the bigs this year.
2008-07-05 20:47:59
312.   Bluebleeder87

just for fun, & looking at it now I would have taken out Folkenborg once he K'd the Giant hitter & brought in somebody else.

Torre pressed his luck & lost.

2008-07-05 20:49:11
313.   Sam in SC
I would have been perfectly happy to see ethier, kemp, and the reckless repko in the outfield this year.
2008-07-05 20:50:08
314.   Bob Timmermann
Ballplayer on deck!
2008-07-05 20:51:06
315.   Sam in SC
more viz than we needed right now.
2008-07-05 20:52:03
316.   Sam in SC
WHAT was he doing taking that pitch?

it was perfect!

2008-07-05 20:52:13
317.   bablue
Just got back after being gone for a few days. Who did we send down for Druw and Nomar?

And losing this game just hurts. Putting Falkenborg in during such a high leverage situation just blows my mind. What could Torre possibly be thinking?

2008-07-05 20:52:57
318.   Bob Hendley
Torre just seems to get enamored by certain guys. The Borg is just Proctor Redux. Same with JP, the Solution, M. Sweeney. Of course, he also loves Martin.
2008-07-05 20:53:16
319.   Bluebleeder87
what could have been... 1st place lost by bad managerial moves or our bullpen not getting the job done?
2008-07-05 20:53:29
320.   Sam in SC
we lose. I hate losing.
2008-07-05 20:54:16
321.   fanerman
Well, so much for a sweep.
2008-07-05 20:54:25
322.   Fallout
314 Bob Timmermann
Give it a rest.
2008-07-05 20:54:52
323.   Sam in SC
319 - I think park was done. I agree with that decision.
2008-07-05 20:55:24
324.   ucladodger

He cant manage a bullpen. He's lucky he had Mariano rivera for the last decade. Yankee fans warned us that his pen management is questionable at best. He's used the Borg twice in 2 high leverage situations in the last week and both times he failed. Why he would use him over Wade, who has been grea tthis year blows my mind. Why either one would be brought in place of Beimel blows my mind. Basically, a lot of stuff Torre does blows my mind.

2008-07-05 20:56:05
325.   Sam in SC
the bullpen blew it, IMHO.

although 2 runs won't win many games.

2008-07-05 20:57:23
326.   D4P
2008-07-05 20:58:57
327.   Bob Timmermann
Now I just feel emboldened.
2008-07-05 21:00:22
328.   68elcamino427
Big echo here on your great post.
2008-07-05 21:00:37
329.   D4P
Welcome to my world.
2008-07-05 21:05:38
330.   ucladodger

Gracias. And its not like he hasnt had options the 2 times he brough in the Borg. In Houston Kuo should have been brought in after not having pitched in a week. today he had Beimel and Wade as alternatives. Each time he made the wrong choice and it didnt work either time. Luckily we won the game in Houston, but obviously we werent as lucky today.

2008-07-05 21:09:58
331.   Jon Weisman
327 - Yeah, I think the whole "ballplayer" thing is played, Jerry. Played.

I'm not going to defend the Falkenborg decision because my whole philosophy is to use your best reliever in the biggest situations. But the big blow was a seeing-eye chopper that any second baseman under the age of 40 probably would have reached (not that Kent didn't make a fine diving stop earlier).

Sometimes, the breaks beat the boys.

2008-07-05 21:15:03
332.   bablue

You would think a big league manager wouldn't put the worst pitcher on the team in during a really important spot, but I guess thats just too much to ask these days, yeah?

2008-07-05 21:15:08
333.   Bob Hendley
331 - Yep, with that middle of the infield we need to be scoring more than two runs.
2008-07-05 21:15:41
334.   berkowit28
331 Not to mention that 2 runs aren't enough insurance.
2008-07-05 21:16:26
335.   Michael D
It's a good thing we finally used Kuo last night so he wouldn't be available tonight. Nothing like sending out some guy who wasn't on the team a month ago to protect the lead that would put us in first place. We need real management.
2008-07-05 21:16:45
336.   kinbote
331 Torre needs to stop using Broxton in low-leverage situations.
2008-07-05 21:18:35
337.   bablue

Yeah, that was pretty sad too. I think every other second baseman in the MLB would have at least stopped that ball. :(

2008-07-05 21:18:56
338.   Jon Weisman
335 - You don't think Kuo was used in a meaningful situation yesterday?
2008-07-05 21:22:49
339.   silverwidow
According to Brewers Blog, Doug Melvin is waiting for an answer from Cleveland on Sabathia. The deal is supposedly OF Matt LaPorta, 3B Taylor Green, and OF Lorenzo Cain.

Milwaukee wants C.C. in their rotation by Tuesday.

2008-07-05 21:26:03
340.   Xeifrank
150:1 baby!
vr, Xei
2008-07-05 21:32:12
341.   berkowit28
Take a look at the Ed Stevens letter at Blue Heaven.
2008-07-05 21:36:09
342.   jtrichey
Nobody's mentioned the true problem with that inning. He had a lefty and righty ready. He chooses Beimel to go against RIGHT hander Castillo and switch/bad hitter Vizquel. Despite having lefty Fred Lewis and much better as left handed batter Ray Durham coming up very soon, he then decides to go to Falkenborg and leave him in to get slaughtered against those lefty bats. It makes no sense. Kindergarten managing IMO.
2008-07-05 21:40:46
343.   Andrew Shimmin
Stevens was sold to Pittsburgh after the '47 season. Gil Hodges was the Dodgers' 1B in '48. I think Rickey made the right move, even if he did it "inartfully."
2008-07-05 22:12:14
344.   blue22
342 - Of course, it could be argued that you take your chances with Beimel in the 7th. Beimel isn't necessarily a LOOGY, though he does have better numbers against LH-batters.

Torre is going to get second guessed anytime he brings anyone other than Saito, Broxton, Beimel, or Kuo right now, so I'm certainly not going to begrudge him from starting the 7th inning with one from that group.

Now lifting Beimel for 'Borg with one out, runner at third and a lefty on deck? Not sure about that one. Guess I simply don't have a lot of confidence in the 'Borg/Wade/Tron group in high-leverage situations. I'd rather take my chances with Beimel against Aurilia/Lewis/Winn.

2008-07-05 22:42:21
345.   Scanman33
341-Did he write that before or after he bought the Stuckeybowl?
2008-07-05 22:43:07
346.   underdog
I hope Sabathia is a Brewer, or an Indian, or a team other than the Dodgers, next week. Fine by me.

The biggest reason the Dodgers lost is only scoring two runs off of Zito. A seeing eye chopper in that key inning didn't help either. Whatever. They got some breaks yesterday. I don't feel like losing sleep over this one.

Winning tomorrow would be nice. Since I'd hoped for 2 outta three and didn't expect more than that.

2008-07-05 23:37:03
347.   bablue

Amen to that. Please don't trade a bunch of young guys for CC Ned.

And I'm going to my first Dodger game of the year tommorow, so we better win too!!! :)

2008-07-06 00:02:59
348.   Greg Brock
The whole "ballplayer" thing is worthy of every ounce of derision that Bob or anybody else gives it.

It's not remotely close to overdone.

2008-07-06 00:06:48
349.   regfairfield
PVL was overdone a year ago, but that's still going strong.
2008-07-06 00:15:23
350.   Greg Brock
If we're going to retire everything related to poor management, understanding of player value, or overall organizational ineptitude, we're not left with much.

We could resurrect the fantasy comedian draft. I take Woody Allen.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-07-06 01:17:44
351.   KG16
348 - no, Plaschke is worthy of every ounce of derision that anyone can give it. The ballplayer thing is just dumb at this point.

We get it, you want LaRoche to play everyday and you want DeWitt traded to Montreal.

2008-07-06 01:21:22
352.   Andrew Shimmin
Does anybody want DeWitt traded? I haven't caught that. Seems like it's been a while since there was even talk about moving him back to 2B.
2008-07-06 01:22:47
353.   KG16
352 - it's the vibe I get from certain sectors of the room. Might be exaggeration on my part, but not by much.
2008-07-06 01:25:22
354.   Greg Brock
351 I'd like DeWitt to get a shot at second next year. He might be a fine second baseman.

And I didn't bring LaRoche up, so there's that.

2008-07-06 01:26:27
355.   Greg Brock
Might be exaggeration on my part

Or an outright falsehood. You know, either one of those two things.

2008-07-06 01:27:20
356.   KG16
354 - dude, the tone of your comments since LaRoche was recalled re DeWitt have been obvious.

But I'm not looking to start a fight. I'm just here to enjoy the ride.

2008-07-06 01:30:17
357.   Andrew Shimmin
353- I want Gary Bennett drawn and quartered, but outside of that, I'm cool.
2008-07-06 01:30:40
358.   KG16
357 - see, common ground.
2008-07-06 01:30:46
359.   Greg Brock
356 I prefer the better player. The one with 1000 AB's of outperforming your boy in the minors.

And the guy that's outhitting your boy right now.

2008-07-06 01:32:47
360.   Greg Brock
358 Forget 359 . I'm just tired of a good prospect getting the shaft.

It's certainly not your fault. Sorry.

2008-07-06 01:35:17
361.   KG16
360 - I totally understand your feeling regarding a good prospect getting the shaft. we've all seen too much of it lately.

I just don't like a guy whose been performing well to be derided at every turn because he wasn't an anointed one.

No hard feelings.

2008-07-06 01:39:30
362.   Greg Brock
361 He hasn't been performing well.
2008-07-06 01:51:25
363.   Eric Enders
A more accurate evaluation of DeWitt's performance in 2008 would be "pretty crappy, but not nearly as crappy as it could have been expected to be."

He's performed above expectations. Kudos to him for that. It doesn't mean he's performed at a level acceptable for a major league regular. Not by a long shot.

DeWitt filled his role on this year's team, filled it as well as we could have asked him to, and now it's time for him to step aside and let the major league players take over. We'll see you in a year or two, Blake.

2008-07-06 01:53:34
364.   Greg Brock
I'm really tired of Enders saying everything I want to say way better than I can say it.

It's pretty flipping annoying.

2008-07-06 01:56:49
365.   Greg Brock
It's like being Ringo, and spending a month writing Octopus's Garden, and then Paul McCartney writes She Came In Through The Bathroom Window while combing his hair on a Tuesday.

Bothers me.

2008-07-06 01:59:00
366.   Eric Enders
The good news is, forty years from now I'll be a sellout with nothing new to say, while you'll still be a beloved comic figure.
2008-07-06 05:43:15
367.   Terry A
Jim Alexander of the Press Enterprise has a pretty nice read on Colletti's work as GM.
2008-07-06 06:53:19
368.   D4P
A more accurate evaluation of DeWitt's performance in 2008 would be "pretty crappy, but not nearly as crappy as it could have been expected to be."

I wouldn't be surprised if DeWitt's final 2008 numbers end up being just "pretty crappy". The "not nearly as crappy" part stems mostly from his fast start.

2008-07-06 07:24:48
369.   D4P
Nadal takes the first set 6-4. Federer had a break point in the 4th game and 2 in the 10th game, but couldn't convert.

Looking more and more as if the Federer Era is over.

2008-07-06 07:45:14
370.   xaphor
369 Maybe a tad premature with Federer up 4-1 in the second.
2008-07-06 07:49:20
371.   D4P
Back on serve at 4-3.
2008-07-06 07:49:49
372.   Marty
Completely missed yesterday's game as I was at a day-late holiday BBQ.

All I can say is Shipoopi.

2008-07-06 07:51:47
373.   Jon Weisman
348 - I guess the War of Commenter Independence is on.

I disliked the column as much as anyone, if not more, but spending a day seeing "ballplayer" every time DeWitt's name comes up is not my idea of fun. So maybe we can agree to just dial it back a little.

2008-07-06 07:58:50
374.   D4P
As usual, Nadal has very few break points (but converts them) and Federer has many break points (but doesn't convert them).
2008-07-06 08:08:30
375.   tjdub
Don't count Federer out. I've never likd Nadal's attitude and Federer is a bal...

he he he

2008-07-06 08:10:50
376.   D4P
Nadal wins second set 6-4, after trailing 1-4.

With all the talk of Federer passing Sampras on the career grand slam list, it's not unthinkable that Nadal could be the one to do it instead.

2008-07-06 08:11:42
377.   Jon Weisman

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