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LaRoche Would Gladly Pay You Tuesday for a Chance To Play Today
2008-07-06 08:11
by Jon Weisman

Andy LaRoche has 40 plate appearances in the 23 games the Dodgers have played since his callup. Twice, he has started a season-high two games in a row. Each game he has homered in, he has been benched the following day.

He has a .791 OPS as a starter despite batting .174 on balls in play - he has struck out only four times. So he has been relatively successful as a starter. Beyond that, the complaints that he doesn't get a fair chance to play, to get in a groove, are legitimate.

* * *

Dodgers at Giants, 1:05 p.m.

Comments (868)
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2008-07-06 08:15:51
1.   D4P
I looked at Andy's Fangraphs stuff yesterday and the thing that definitely stood out was the BABIP. Everything else (BBs, Ks, Isos, etc.) looked really good.
2008-07-06 08:17:55
2.   D4P
It will be pretty crazy if Nadal beats Federer in straight sets at both the French and Wimbledon.
2008-07-06 08:20:51
3.   raygu
Just this morning I emailed Tony Jackson asking why Laroche isn't playing more. This after Torre said, when Laroche was called up, that he would play alot. He has 40 plate appearances since his June 10th call-up....40. Torre is not one to believe when he says something. Ridiculous.
2008-07-06 08:21:33
4.   tjdub
It would be a shame if a twisted knee had an impact on the outcome.
2008-07-06 08:22:30
5.   D4P
Only a twisted knee can save Federer now.
2008-07-06 08:31:48
6.   goofus
We are all living in fear of a trade that will harm our team. Why don't we start advocating, pulling for, emailing everyone we can about a trade that will have positive effects on our team? And here it is: Let's trade Torre to the Yankees for Girardi! Torre would take it in a heartbeat because all he wants is to be on TV and in the papers every day, he knows he made a mistake coming here. And the Steinbrenners are just crazy enough to make the trade too. If they want to throw in GMs, well, anybody here going to complain? I know some of you here have Industry contacts, start pushing this...
2008-07-06 08:38:10
7.   D4P
Break point chances:

Federer 1/11
Nadal 3/4

This happens pretty much every time they play. Nadal is tougher on the "big points".

2008-07-06 08:38:56
8.   Eric Enders
The grass is always greener. If we had Girardi, we'd find things to hate about him just as we did with Torre.

I dislike Torre's managerial moves as much as the next guy. But there are relatively few managers who the DT crowd would like better, once they got to know them. Manny Acta. Jim Leyland. Maybe Joe Maddon. That's about it.

2008-07-06 08:39:21
9.   Bob Timmermann
Must ... not .... make .... banned ... statement
2008-07-06 08:41:18
10.   D4P
But there are relatively few managers who the DT crowd would like better, once they got to know them

Same could probably be said about general managers as well.

Must ... not .... make .... banned ... statement

Rule 8 (and her implicit variations) is a harsh mistress.

2008-07-06 08:46:15
11.   Bob Timmermann
I think we'd all enjoy hanging out with Bobby Cox and Lou Piniella.

Ozzie Guillen would be the best.

2008-07-06 08:50:50
12.   D4P
Federer wins 5 games in a set...!
2008-07-06 08:51:31
13.   D4P
Yeah. Kicking back with Sweet Lou, knocking down a couple bottled waters...
2008-07-06 08:56:09
14.   Bob Hendley
OK, well let's get started. Is Druw sitting today, or is Torre going to wheel him out there until our eyes bleed?
2008-07-06 08:57:11
15.   Bob Timmermann
Torre said on Friday that Nomar and Andruw wouldn't play today.
2008-07-06 08:58:44
16.   Marty
Torre has changed his mind before.
2008-07-06 09:05:11
17.   underdog
6 Are you kidding? Girardi would be just as maddening or even more maddening. Just ask our friends over at Bronx Banter, or my dad, or my friends who are Yankees fans. Seriously, I'd rather have Torre frankly. We could do better, we could do worse. As Eric says, the grass is greener...
Plus as we'd discussed here before when have the Dodgers had a manager everyone thought was perfect or close to it? Well, there was... Er, how about... Uh, well there was that guy... No, I can't think of anyone in my entire lifetime.

Anyway, hope for the best.

I'm hoping for the best today, will be driving back home so I'll have to wait til tonight to watch it. C'mon, boys, let's get 2 outta 3!

2008-07-06 09:05:51
18.   Marty
With Firefox 3, anyone found anything similar to linkification? That's what I miss most.
2008-07-06 09:07:38
19.   blue22
18 - ?
2008-07-06 09:10:57
20.   PalmdaleSteve1
15 Andruw not playing today, heavens to murgatroid who will provide the offensive punch the Dodgers are missing...or not.
2008-07-06 09:13:23
21.   blue22
18 - I use 2.0 at home, but it says it works for 3.0 now. Sweet tool, especially for the comments here.
2008-07-06 09:17:09
22.   Bob Timmermann
I put Linkification on my computer at work, but have yet to try it out.

My home computer hasn't had Firefox upgraded.

2008-07-06 09:21:19
23.   Bob Hendley
20 - With Pee Wee at .421 OBP as a pinch hitter (sorry, make that .344 BA), I am sure that Torre is tempted to sit him as well.
2008-07-06 09:27:04
24.   Bumsrap
Maybe LaRoche can add catcher to his utilitiness.
2008-07-06 09:36:24
25.   regfairfield
23 Wouldn't that make him more valuable off the bench? Considering how bad his overall numbers are, he must be terrible as a starter.
2008-07-06 09:42:00
26.   Marty
OF course, as soon as I ask the linkification question, it shows that there is a new version on my add-ons list.
2008-07-06 09:54:57
27.   jasonungar07
One of us needs to go undercover and find out what's going on. Like why do they hate Kemp and LaRoache so much?
2008-07-06 09:57:14
28.   Jon Weisman
27 - I think hate's too strong a word, but what's the mystery? It's been said over and over again that they don't like how certain Dodgers do the little things and heed instruction.

Kemp does play everyday, nonetheless.

2008-07-06 10:01:28
29.   Suffering Bruin
Fact de LaRoche... Fact of Andy...

It's calling me and I don't know why. This voice in my head...

Anywho, count me in on those who think LaRoche should be a starter and the All-American kid who hustles and bustles should do so from the bench.

2008-07-06 10:01:29
30.   Bob Timmermann
It would be nice for a Dodgers hitter to actually do the "big thing." You know, something like, hit a home run.

Even a triple is OK.

2008-07-06 10:03:34
31.   D4P
Our GM doesn't build a team around the "big thing".
2008-07-06 10:05:07
32.   Bob Timmermann
For some reason, I have become extremely cynical and sarcastic in the month of July. I think the trip to Cleveland has had that effect on me.
2008-07-06 10:05:40
33.   Marty
It just seems like if you could perfect hitting a grounder to second, you'd have a long career in this league.
2008-07-06 10:06:36
34.   D4P
I had noticed that. I like it.
2008-07-06 10:07:20
35.   jasonungar07
Much to strong, meant it more as "slang" than than actual hate. Forget I am writing sometimes! Kemp does play daily but others point out the smear campaign. And with Andy, your post says it all.
2008-07-06 10:09:20
36.   jasonungar07
32 I love it when Bob (or Jon) get a little on edge. When you stoop down to our level some. LOL

33 LOL

2008-07-06 10:12:52
37.   Bob Timmermann
I think it was the trip to Cleveland COMBINED with the Plaschke Angels/Dodgers column that have sent me down a dark path.

And I don't know if there's any turning back. There better be a catcher's interference call sometime soon or else I'm going to end up changing my handle to A4J.

2008-07-06 10:15:31
38.   Bob Timmermann
Game on at Wimbledon.
2008-07-06 10:18:03
39.   Bob Timmermann
Do Federer and Nadal BOTH need a swoosh on their headbands AND their shirts?
2008-07-06 10:19:24
40.   Gagne55
32 It might have something to to with the Dodger's July record in 2002, 03, 05, and 06- not just poor, but atrocious records four of the last seven years in July.
2008-07-06 10:20:52
41.   Daniel Zappala
37 You need some rhubarb pie.
2008-07-06 10:21:57
42.   Bob Timmermann
I hate rhubarb! Perhaps my grandma shouldn't have put the leaves into the pie.
2008-07-06 10:23:59
43.   Bob Timmermann
There goes McEnroe again. Always dumping on the Balearic Islands.
2008-07-06 10:24:57
44.   Gagne55
Make that four of the last six years. Though granted July wasn't much worse than the rest of the season in 2005, but it was still the worst month for the spectacularly bad team.
2008-07-06 10:29:32
45.   Bob Timmermann
As Shakespeare said, "July is the cruelest month."
2008-07-06 10:32:38
46.   D4P
Third set to Federer.
2008-07-06 10:34:48
47.   Daniel Zappala
45 Which is why I attend the Cedar City Shakespeare Festival. I'll be seeing Othello and Taming of the Shrew next week. I highly recommend driving out to Cedar City sometime. It' only 6 1/2 hours away!
2008-07-06 10:39:06
48.   Bob Timmermann
I've been to Cedar City before. My family and I tried to go to a Catholic Church there to go to Mass for the Feast of the Assumption.

The priest pretty much told us he could celebrate Mass whenever we were ready.

2008-07-06 10:40:04
49.   Reddog
If McCourt does fire Colletti after this season, would Kim Ng be an improvement? Any idea what kind of GM she would be?
2008-07-06 10:41:21
50.   Bob Timmermann
Any idea what kind of GM she would be?


Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-06 10:45:40
51.   Greg Brock
The DT crowd would do backflips if Manny Acta was the manager.
2008-07-06 10:48:08
52.   Bob Timmermann
Metaphorical backflips. If I tried to do a real one, I believe I would end up having back surgery.

Or become a ward of the state.

2008-07-06 10:48:22
53.   LoneStar7
federer looks a little more locked in, a break would be huge because hes serving well now
2008-07-06 10:48:57
54.   D4P
Yeah, Federer's playing great, but it might be too late.
2008-07-06 10:49:47
55.   tjshere
26 Marty, if you use Cool Iris previews to go along with Linkification, I've found in Firefox 3 Cool Iris only works with genuine links and not linkified ones.

Uh, did that make sense?

2008-07-06 10:51:30
56.   LoneStar7
54 which is unfortunate because i really dont care for nadal
2008-07-06 10:53:52
57.   Bob Timmermann
10 out of 10 women I've surveyed say they care for Nadal.

A lot.

2008-07-06 10:54:01
58.   Reddog
I think the Dodgers should package LaRoche, Penny and Furcal for A-Rod.
2008-07-06 10:54:08
59.   das411
Is this going to be the Complain About All-Star Selections live thread?

Or do we Easties have a "no spoilers" rule in effect?

2008-07-06 10:55:52
60.   Bob Timmermann
I can set up a thread on the Griddle about it. But no one will go there.

The Dodgers fans will complain on their own and the Yankees fans will do the same.

I try to bring people together, but I often fail and just drive them further apart.

2008-07-06 10:56:19
61.   D4P
I've decided that I'm better off trying to like Nadal, since he's going to be winning a lot from here on out.
2008-07-06 10:59:21
62.   Alex41592
Ken Rosenthal has decided that we are out of the running for C.C Sabathia.

"The Los Angeles Dodgers are out of the running for C.C. Sabathia, according to a major-league source, an indication that the Milwaukee Brewers may be nearing a trade for the Indians' left hander."

Were we ever really in the running?

2008-07-06 10:59:22
63.   das411
Oh ok Bob, I'll just complain about all of the Dodgers and Yankees that get selected here then!
2008-07-06 11:02:17
64.   Greg Brock
62 I have come to absolutely loathe Ken Rosenthal.

I didn't hate him two years ago. It's been an evolution of sorts.

Absolutely loathe.

2008-07-06 11:03:13
65.   Bob Timmermann
Adding C.C. Sabathia would have been the equivalent of trying to save a plummeting aircraft by bailing water.
2008-07-06 11:04:20
66.   tjdub
62 Good.

47 I second that recommendation. My wife and I went 3 or 4 years ago and it was great.

2008-07-06 11:05:17
67.   Alex41592
A.L Starters:

Joe Mauer, C, Twins
Kevin Youkilis, 1B, Red Sox
Dustin Pedroia, 2B, Red Sox
Derek Jeter, SS, Yankees
Alex Rodriguez, 3B, Yankees
Josh Hamilton, OF, Rangers
Manny Ramirez, OF, Red Sox
Ichiro Suzuki, OF, Mariners
David Ortiz, DH, Red Sox (will not play)

2008-07-06 11:06:01
68.   KG16
From the All Star selection show: Manny Rameriz is like Willie Mays, he has to be in there, everyone wants to see him.
2008-07-06 11:07:54
69.   KG16
67 - Youkilis doesn't seem to fit on that line up.
2008-07-06 11:08:02
70.   Greg Brock
Funny how Eck called Youkilis a "grinder" considering he's pretty much the ideal stathead player.

See, nerdlingers and jockfaces can get along just dandy.

2008-07-06 11:08:50
71.   das411
Ahhh Eckersley, still soooo '80s, don't you ever change!

/insert obligatory 1988 reference here

2008-07-06 11:09:12
72.   tjdub
No Posada! No Matsui! No JD! I'm outraged! Who are these "Twins", Rangers" "Mariners"? I'm outraged!
2008-07-06 11:09:25
73.   D4P
Funny how Eck called Youkilis a "grinder" considering he's pretty much the ideal stathead player

That's just cause he's white.

2008-07-06 11:09:55
74.   LoneStar7
yaaaa, its not over yet come on roger
2008-07-06 11:10:51
75.   Greg Brock
73 It's a product of baseball's institutional preference toward Jewish athletes.
2008-07-06 11:12:11
76.   MC Safety
The "ballplayer" thing will never grow old. It's like a fine wine.
2008-07-06 11:12:59
77.   Reddog
Will the Dodgers lone rep be Martin or Billingsley?
2008-07-06 11:13:26
78.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Mauer! Representing the AL Central!

None of the division leaders in the AL has a starter. And the Rays may just end up with one selection, probably Kazmir.

The Angels will probably get Rodriguez and Saunders.

The White Sox will get Quentin and presumably someone else.

2008-07-06 11:13:47
79.   Icaros
I'm a big fan of the new Bob. Did he find his black Spiderman suit in Cleveland, or something?
2008-07-06 11:15:11
80.   Bob Timmermann
Let the record reflect that I had nothing to do with that ...
2008-07-06 11:16:10
81.   LoneStar7
I'm just gonna say it now, no matter how good he is...i can not support a screaming man in gauchos who picks his wedgie before every return of serve...i just cant

so come on roger

2008-07-06 11:16:53
82.   D4P
Nadal picks his wedgie on his own serve as well.
2008-07-06 11:18:00
83.   LoneStar7
oooooh what a point to start the breaker
2008-07-06 11:18:05
84.   D4P
Wow! Awesome point. This is great stuff. Both players at the top of their game.
2008-07-06 11:18:06
85.   Bob Timmermann
The first point of the tiebreaker was worth the price of admission.
2008-07-06 11:18:29
86.   KG16
Has Nadal beat Federer anywhere other than the French?
2008-07-06 11:18:40
87.   Greg Brock
I wonder who will play Josh Hamilton in the movie.
2008-07-06 11:18:48
88.   Alex41592
Chills on that first point.
2008-07-06 11:19:44
89.   D4P
Has Nadal beat Federer anywhere other than the French?

In non Grand Slams, yes. But not in a Grand Slam.

2008-07-06 11:20:05
90.   dzzrtRatt
19 Great news on linkification being updated.

It also works with Interclue, so you can see and read what the link links to in a window that floats over the page you're on. Made my laptop's day.

I still have that intermittent problem with certain windows refusing to go to new URLs, though.

2008-07-06 11:21:06
91.   KG16
89 - thanks, tennis is like golf, in that I only pay attention to grand slam events, and usually just the final
2008-07-06 11:22:15
92.   LoneStar7
that return should be the back breaker
2008-07-06 11:23:10
93.   Alex41592
N.L Starters:

Geovany Soto, C, Cubs
Lance Berkman, 1B, Astros
Chase Utley, 2B, Phillies
Hanley Ramirez, SS, Marlins
Chipper Jones, 3B, Braves
Ryan Braun, OF, Brewers
Alfonso Soriano, OF, Cubs (injured, may not play)
Kosuke Fukudome, OF, Cubs

2008-07-06 11:24:20
94.   KG16
93 - is Jones going to be back in time to play?
2008-07-06 11:24:42
95.   KG16
This Federer guy is pretty good.
2008-07-06 11:24:53
96.   LoneStar7
2008-07-06 11:25:19
97.   Bob Timmermann
Chipper Jones is playing again.
2008-07-06 11:25:22
98.   Alex41592
94 - Chipper never left.
2008-07-06 11:26:18
99.   das411
Alfonso Soriano: overrated or massively overrated?
2008-07-06 11:27:17
100.   twerp
3, maybe others

"...after Torre said, when Laroche was called up, that he would play a lot. He has 40 plate appearances since his June 10th call-up....40. Torre is not one to believe when he says something."

Torre seems to have a style of talking. A lot. And changing his mind, or whatever. A lot.

What happened to the six-man rotation he announced a while back (beyond the obvious injuries since)? And Ethier won an outfield job in the spring, Torre said. Then what happened? There seem to be quite a few things like that.

Maybe it's a style of something for everyone. Talk a lot, say a lot about a lot of things, and maybe everyone's happy...sorta

Kind of like many politicians, which managers are to a degree...

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-06 11:27:44
101.   D4P
Championship point for Nadal.
2008-07-06 11:28:56
102.   Greg Brock
That passing shot was ridiculous.
2008-07-06 11:29:00
103.   Alex41592
What a shot by Nadal!
2008-07-06 11:29:13
104.   LoneStar7
well he certainly deserved it with a shot like that
2008-07-06 11:29:46
105.   Alex41592
2008-07-06 11:29:47
106.   Greg Brock
So was that one.
2008-07-06 11:30:20
107.   Bob Hendley
25 - "Wouldn't that make him more valuable off the bench? Considering how bad his overall numbers are, he must be terrible as a starter".

And yet, Pee Wee is still hitting better overall than those that have (JP) and will (AJ) start in front of him.

2008-07-06 11:30:40
108.   D4P
Now set point for Federer. Incredible tennis.
2008-07-06 11:30:42
109.   LoneStar7
oh my he never ceases to amaze
2008-07-06 11:31:14
110.   Alex41592
Five. We go to five.
2008-07-06 11:31:21
111.   Greg Brock
That double fault sealed the deal.

I think Federer will steamroll Nadal in the fifth. Book it.

2008-07-06 11:31:28
112.   LoneStar7
5th set wow
2008-07-06 11:31:47
113.   Icaros
For a second I thought Nadal was wearing capris.
2008-07-06 11:31:59
114.   D4P
FYI: There's no tiebreaker in the final set at Wimbledon, which on paper should favor Nadal.
2008-07-06 11:34:06
115.   Vishal
man, a fifth set should be good to watch, but i wanted it to end there in the 4th.
2008-07-06 11:34:08
116.   Bob Timmermann
There are no NL West All-Star starters. How can this be? It's the most competitive division in baseball!
2008-07-06 11:35:21
117.   LoneStar7
here we go, i feel like this may be an emotional roller coaster
2008-07-06 11:35:45
118.   Marty
It looks like Federer is playing against Johnny Drama.
2008-07-06 11:35:49
119.   Greg Brock
This is insanely good tennis being played.
2008-07-06 11:35:58
120.   KG16
116 - east coast bias
2008-07-06 11:36:17
121.   Alex41592
N.L Pitching:

Aaron Cook, Rockies
Tim Lincecum, Giants
Dan Haren, Diamondbacks
Ben Sheets, Brewers
Carlos Zambrano, Cubs
Brandon Webb, Diamondbacks
Ryan Dempster, Cubs
Brian Wilson, Giants
Edinson Volquez, Reds
Kerry Wood, Cubs
Brad Lidge, Phillies
Billy Wagner, Mets

2008-07-06 11:36:33
122.   Greg Brock
Little too clever by half, Roger.
2008-07-06 11:36:36
123.   Icaros

The NL West is having its own All-Star game in Buffalo. It's like sitting at the kids table.

2008-07-06 11:36:53
124.   KG16
good idea, poor execution.
2008-07-06 11:37:50
125.   KG16
121 - Saito and/or Billingsly should be on that list, no?
2008-07-06 11:39:05
126.   Alex41592
N.L Reserves:

Brian McCann, C, Braves
Aramis Ramirez, 3B, Cubs
Matt Holliday, OF, Rockies
Dan Uggla, 2B, Marlins
Miguel Tejada, SS, Astros
Russell Martin, C, Dodgers
Nate McLouth, OF, Pirates
Albert Pujols, 1B, Cardinals
Ryan Ludwick, OF, Cardinals
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B, Padres
Cristian Guzman, SS, Nationals

2008-07-06 11:39:08
127.   jasonungar07
Funny how we have the lowest team ERA in the NL with no All Stars.
2008-07-06 11:39:08
128.   das411
!!!! Cristian Guzman, NL All Star!
2008-07-06 11:40:26
129.   Greg Brock
We don't hit enough for our pitching to be recognized.

I guess it's like the Gold Glove.

2008-07-06 11:41:27
130.   Vishal
how is russ not the starting NL catcher??!
2008-07-06 11:42:21
131.   D4P
Christian Guzman is this year's Al Pedrique.
2008-07-06 11:43:10
132.   Icaros
Saito and Billingsley both have far superior numbers to Brian Wilson, except for his meaningless saves.
2008-07-06 11:43:17
133.   Vishal
ryan dempster is an all-star and chad billingsley is not? i hate the east.
2008-07-06 11:43:56
134.   Icaros

So he's going to be starting for the NL Stars on RBI Baseball?

2008-07-06 11:43:58
135.   das411
Um....Dave Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, all NOT All-Stars.

Clint Hurdle, you are awesome!!

2008-07-06 11:45:17
136.   Vishal
beautiful play from nadal on that ad point
2008-07-06 11:45:56
137.   D4P
Batting 8th!
2008-07-06 11:46:30
138.   Greg Brock
I hate to channel McEnroe, but Nadal would be a maestro with a wood racket.

Federer breaks here!

2008-07-06 11:46:37
139.   Marty
I'm rooting for the guy who doesn't grunt.
2008-07-06 11:47:22
140.   Vishal
138 no he doesn't!
2008-07-06 11:49:56
141.   Alex41592
A.L Pitching:

Scott Kazmir, Rays
George Sherrill, Orioles
Roy Halladay, Blue Jays
Mariano Rivera, Yankees
Jonathan Papelbon, Red Sox
Justin Duchscherer, A's
Joe Nathan, Twins
Joakim Soria, Royals
Cliff Lee, Indians
Francisco Rodriguez, Angels
Ervin Santana, Angels
Joe Saunders, Angels

2008-07-06 11:50:45
142.   Greg Brock
No, he doesn't.

I'm fairly confident that Roger Federer will break a sweat one day.

2008-07-06 11:52:22
143.   das411
!!! dioner navarro, all-star!
2008-07-06 11:52:26
144.   Alex41592
A.L Reserves:

J.D Drew, OF, Red Sox
Jason Varitek, C, Red Sox
Joe Crede, 3B, White Sox
Carlos Quentin, OF, White Sox
Grady Sizemore, OF, Indians
Carlos Guillen, 1B, Tigers
Justin Morneau, 1B, Twins
Milton Bradley, OF, Rangers
Ian Kinsler, 2B, Rangers
Michael Young, SS, Rangers
Dioner Navarro, C, Rays

2008-07-06 11:52:44
145.   Icaros

Then I'm replacing him with Dale Murphy.

2008-07-06 11:53:19
146.   Alex41592
Varitek was voted on by the players and not Francona.
2008-07-06 11:54:16
147.   Icaros
Too bad there's no dome.
2008-07-06 11:55:13
148.   Alex41592
Looks like Nadal/Federer will have to wait until tomorrow morning to conclude.
2008-07-06 11:55:56
149.   Greg Brock
So we traded an All-Star for two All-Stars.

That's a feather in the cap for our erstwhile leader.

2008-07-06 11:56:42
150.   D4P
I think I used to put Murphy in for Santiago at #3, Guerrero for Galarraga at #7, and Kruk for Pedrique.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-06 11:57:41
151.   Bob Timmermann
Soto was picked over Martin because the Cubs are a much better team than the Dodgers. And Soto is no doubt idolized by the Chicago fans and media, while Martin is criticized by the front office for his pitch-calling through the good offices of Ken Rosenthal.
2008-07-06 11:57:53
152.   Alex41592
A.L Final Vote: Only one can be an All-Star:

Jermaine Dye, OF, White Sox
Jason Giambi, 1B, Yankees
Jose Guillen, OF, Royals
Evan Longoria, 3B, Rays
Brian Roberts, 2B, Orioles

2008-07-06 11:58:28
153.   LoneStar7
i'd love it if roger could come out tomorrow and just put a couple of good serves in and jump in front 3-2

I feel like that would be good psychologically, but you never knwo with these guys

2008-07-06 11:59:19
154.   Greg Brock
Hard to complain about all-star representation when the front office makes a habit of dumping on all their players at every turn.
2008-07-06 11:59:20
155.   Alex41592
N.L Final Vote: Only one can be an All-Star:

Pat Burrell, OF, Phillies
Corey Hart, OF, Brewers
Carlos Lee, OF, Astros
Aaron Rowand, OF, Giants
David Wright, 3B, Mets

2008-07-06 11:59:46
156.   Greg Brock
Sorry, not all the players.

Just the good ones.

2008-07-06 11:59:58
157.   Icaros

I used to use Gwynn over Kruk, but that was before I understood the value of SLG.

2008-07-06 12:01:54
158.   D4P
We've come a long way, baby.
2008-07-06 12:02:34
159.   Bob Timmermann
AL catchers with a higher EQA than Jason Varitek:
Joe Mauer
Dioner Navarro
A.J. Pierzynski
Gerald Laird
Kelly Shoppach
Kurt Suzuki
Ivan Rodriguez
Gregg Zaun
Rod Barajas
Mike Napoli
Jorge Posada
Miguel Olivo
Shawn Riggans
Ramon Hernandez
John Buck
Victor Martinez
Mike Redmond
Chad Moeller
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
2008-07-06 12:04:13
160.   Bob Timmermann
Normally I don't care too much about All-Star selections, but Varitek's selection seems to be of the "historically bad" variety.
2008-07-06 12:05:23
161.   Bob Hendley
152 - Jose Guillen has really been putting up the numbers.
2008-07-06 12:06:39
162.   Greg Brock

Varitek will undoubtedly exhibit his exemplary leadership and decline the invitation.

2008-07-06 12:07:32
163.   D4P
But how many of those AL catchers are bigger "stars" than Varitek? It's not called the "Having the best season thus far Game"...
2008-07-06 12:11:48
164.   Greg Brock
The American Beauty music for the Jimmy Roberts montage? Really?

And wither Dick Enberg?

2008-07-06 12:11:54
165.   Bob Timmermann
Ivan Rodriguez is a bigger star. And people know he stinks this year.

But he doesn't have a "C" on his uniform.

2008-07-06 12:12:48
166.   Greg Brock
Oops. Whither.

Sorry, Enberg. Don't shrivel up.

2008-07-06 12:12:55
167.   Bob Timmermann
I guess you missed it when Enberg signed with CBS.
2008-07-06 12:14:48
168.   Bob Timmermann
You know what Wimbledon needs?

A really awful Jim Huber montage/essay.

2008-07-06 12:15:09
169.   D4P
Sorry, Enberg. Don't shrivel up

I saw him in the airport last Thanksgiving and he looked really old, much older than on TV.

2008-07-06 12:16:07
170.   Greg Brock
I miss the days when Greg Rusedski was England's best hope.

Worst. Best Hope. Ever.

2008-07-06 12:16:50
171.   Greg Brock
This is a very long essay.
2008-07-06 12:18:35
172.   D4P
Jimmy's not really awful enough for you?
2008-07-06 12:20:52
173.   Vishal
165 he's also not worshiped by a bunch of ruddy-faced new englanders.
2008-07-06 12:21:49
174.   Alex41592
Nadal and Federer are warming up. Sunset is an hour away in London.
2008-07-06 12:21:51
175.   Greg Brock

Not free, though.

2008-07-06 12:24:33
176.   Alex41592
Kemp, CF
Ethier, RF
Martin, C
Loney, 1B
DeWitt, 3B
Young, LF
LaRoche, 2B
Berroa, SS
Stults, P
2008-07-06 12:24:44
177.   unlazy4sports
Danks didn't make the All Star team? I think he's taking it out on the A's..
2008-07-06 12:24:45
178.   D4P
2 aces? Not a bad way to start for Fed.
2008-07-06 12:24:45
179.   KG16
Kemp CF
Ethier RF
Martin C
Loney 1B
DeWitt 3B
Young LF
LaRoche 2B
Berroa SS
Stults P

And there was much joy in Mudville

2008-07-06 12:25:04
180.   Vishal
wow. and federer's facial expression is all business.
2008-07-06 12:25:39
181.   Bob Timmermann
I gave up and took a shower during Jimmy's essay.

Red Sox message boards are full of disenchantment with Varitek. People think he should be hit for in crucial situations by Sean Casey.

2008-07-06 12:26:16
182.   KG16
today's starting line up is about 88% of what we've wanted all year.
2008-07-06 12:26:31
183.   Bob Timmermann
The dank! You're not going to get rid of the dank, Moe!
2008-07-06 12:27:17
184.   Bluebleeder87

The magic of makeup.

2008-07-06 12:27:35
185.   KG16
183 - wow, that's the first Simpsons reference I've seen around here in a while
2008-07-06 12:28:08
186.   Bluebleeder87


2008-07-06 12:29:05
187.   Bluebleeder87
I'm very surprised A-Jones is not in there.

pleasantly surprised.

2008-07-06 12:29:13
188.   Bob Timmermann
I tend to keep them on The Griddle now since Jon fears outbreaks of them.
2008-07-06 12:29:16
189.   Alex41592
Seven homegrown players, an Ethier and a Berroa.
2008-07-06 12:30:53
190.   Vishal
179 wow, you can could me as a joyful resident
2008-07-06 12:30:57
191.   Greg Brock
Come on, Roger. Break Capri Pants McGee and his silly grunting self.

You can do it!

2008-07-06 12:31:00
192.   Vishal
*count me
2008-07-06 12:31:04
193.   natepurcell

7.5 homegrown players!

2008-07-06 12:31:19
194.   sporky
An Ethier is a Sandra Lee creation.
2008-07-06 12:31:20
195.   Vishal
191 what's with this ridiculous DT anti-grunting bias?
2008-07-06 12:31:56
196.   D4P
The only grunter I ever liked was Monica Seles.
2008-07-06 12:32:46
197.   Greg Brock
195 I'm an anti-gruntite.
2008-07-06 12:33:19
198.   Vishal
i liked seles too. there's nothing wrong with grunting.
2008-07-06 12:34:16
199.   Greg Brock
When the spin class dude got thrown through a wall, I cried tears of joy.
2008-07-06 12:34:35
200.   KG16
so, when they say there's no fifth set tie breaker at the all England Club, what exactly does that mean?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-06 12:35:27
201.   Greg Brock
200 They keep playing until somebody goes up two games. 8-6, 12-10, etc.
2008-07-06 12:36:06
202.   KG16
201 - ah, well, that makes sense
2008-07-06 12:36:07
203.   D4P
It means they don't do that thingie that makes the set score end up at 7-6. They keep playing until someone wins at least 6 games in the set and leads by at least 2 games.
2008-07-06 12:36:14
204.   natepurcell

win by 2 games.

2008-07-06 12:37:27
205.   KG16
at this rate, they'll be playing until Friday
2008-07-06 12:38:04
206.   sporky
Is there such a thing as free tennis?
2008-07-06 12:39:14
207.   Bob Timmermann
Maria Sharapova knocks on Greg Brock's door and asks him to accompany him on a night on the town and access to a private jet to take him wherever he wants.

He declines.

He just doesn't like grunting and is a man of principle.

2008-07-06 12:39:55
208.   Bumsrap
I consider Ethier to be home grown as he did come up from the Dodgers minor league organization. He never played a MLB game for another.

Also from Rosenthal:

The Marlins need help in the bullpen, at catcher, and particularly centerfield. They could pursue Willy Taveras, Scott Podsednik, or potentially free agent Kenny Lofton, 41, who has generated interest but not signed anywhere.

2008-07-06 12:40:07
209.   Greg Brock
207 Negative, ghostrider.

Situational grunting is okay. Big fan, actually.

Just stop doing it on the tennis court. And at my gym. Ugh.

2008-07-06 12:40:30
210.   Alex41592
Keep an eye on the clock 9:18 is sunset. It's 8:40 in London. They should be ok. But someone has to break to win.
2008-07-06 12:41:25
211.   Vishal
209 it would've been funnier if you simply said, "i'm not a man of principle".
2008-07-06 12:42:07
212.   Greg Brock
211 I think we all know that's a given.
2008-07-06 12:42:15
213.   KG16
208 - hmmm, we have a need for a short stop, and we have an extra outfielder. Might I be so bold as to propose Pierre for Rameriz?
2008-07-06 12:43:48
214.   KG16
213 - I'm even willing to throw in Nomar to fill their hole at short
2008-07-06 12:44:34
215.   Bob Timmermann
I am a man of situational ethics.
2008-07-06 12:47:52
216.   Greg Brock
Aces. He has them.
2008-07-06 12:48:30
217.   Vishal
federer's emergency serve is something to behold.
2008-07-06 12:48:46
218.   D4P
Among the many impressive things about Federer and Nadal is that they almost never choke.
2008-07-06 12:50:50
219.   Ken Noe
214 I'd swap Pierre for Andino, and throw in Bennett if the Fish would pick up JP's salary.
2008-07-06 12:53:24
220.   Greg Brock
Federer imposes his will on every player I've ever seen in almost every match.

That he cannot do it to Nadal is a credit to Nadal. I'm not a fan, but he is a sight to see.

2008-07-06 12:56:03
221.   Bob Timmermann
I impose my will on Greg Brock on a daily basis.

He just doesn't realize it.

2008-07-06 12:57:12
222.   Greg Brock
221 I'm sufficiently cowed.

Especially the New Bob.

New Bob is not somebody I want to cross in a dark alley.

2008-07-06 12:58:54
223.   Linkmeister
22 Or in the pavilion at Dodger Stadium, either.
2008-07-06 12:59:17
224.   Bob Timmermann
What do you call those big hoofed animals that run around Yellowstone Park?
2008-07-06 12:59:26
225.   Linkmeister
Rats. That referred to 222 .
2008-07-06 12:59:31
226.   Vishal
220 i have tons of respect for federer, and i think he's the most amazing tennis player i've ever seen. but he's much more fun to root against than for.
2008-07-06 13:00:06
227.   Greg Brock
224 Tourists from Wisconsin.
2008-07-06 13:03:21
228.   27indigo
M Kemp CF
A Ethier RF
R Martin C
J Loney 1B
B DeWitt 3B
D Young LF
A LaRoche 2B
A Berroa SS
E Stults P
2008-07-06 13:03:37
229.   Bluebleeder87
looking at Cains splits he has been good all month long, here are Dodgers who have had success against him.

Ethier - .563/.571/.1.134
Martin - .375/.429/.804
Kent - .500/1.091/.1.591

2008-07-06 13:04:36
230.   sporky
2008-07-06 13:05:37
231.   Bluebleeder87
it's a double whammy actually with La Roche playing for Kent. La Roche hasn't faced Cain.
2008-07-06 13:05:54
232.   Alex41592
Can they delay the Dodger game due to greatness. This match is incredible.
2008-07-06 13:07:43
233.   Greg Brock
This is my boom stick.
2008-07-06 13:08:33
234.   D4P
Nadal certainly seems more likely to break than Federer.
2008-07-06 13:08:42
235.   Vishal
that serve, geez.
2008-07-06 13:09:13
236.   tjshere
Vin seems to think Ethier played in Oakland.
2008-07-06 13:09:28
237.   Vishal
2008-07-06 13:09:38
238.   Alex41592
Nadal gets the break!
2008-07-06 13:10:36
239.   Greg Brock
Saying somebody has earned a victory is stupid.

But I'm saying it anyway. Nadal has earned this.

2008-07-06 13:12:03
240.   Bluebleeder87
serious question. If you guys were the manager & KNEW Ethier had good #'s against Cain wouldnt you place him lower middle in the lineup, I know I would.
2008-07-06 13:12:16
241.   Alex41592
Scott Hairston lead off home run 1-0 Padres.
2008-07-06 13:12:21
242.   KG16
wow, I thought Loney missed that one.
2008-07-06 13:13:14
243.   Bluebleeder87
man, Ethier has zero speed.

same with Loney.

2008-07-06 13:13:16
244.   Alex41592
Loney RBI double puts the Dodgers up 1-0.
2008-07-06 13:13:44
245.   KG16
Dodgers on the board in the first 1-0 on a two out double by Loney... unfortunately, he got hung up between second and third when the throw was cut off.
2008-07-06 13:14:26
246.   Alex41592
Championship point for Nadal
2008-07-06 13:14:27
247.   Bob Hendley
Crazy Legs.
2008-07-06 13:14:35
248.   Bluebleeder87

My logic is a traditional one in that I'd rather have my best hitter (against a particular pitcher) have runners on when he comes up to bat, makes sense right.

2008-07-06 13:15:01
249.   Greg Brock
Oh come on.
2008-07-06 13:15:21
250.   TheBigGrabowski
That was a fairly decent backhand.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-06 13:15:21
251.   Gen3Blue
Looks like the lefties can really get around on Cain so far.
2008-07-06 13:15:26
252.   Bob Timmermann
Doesn't Hairston have three homers in the last two games?
2008-07-06 13:15:47
253.   Alex41592
Repeat 246.
2008-07-06 13:15:54
254.   Ken Noe
240 Sure, but I don't have a cardboard throne or a ring in a box.
2008-07-06 13:16:28
255.   Greg Brock
Nadal wins.
2008-07-06 13:16:38
256.   Alex41592
Look at the flashes! Incredible moment.
2008-07-06 13:16:41
257.   Bob Timmermann
That point kept Radar from having to ask for a bunch of jeeps to come by the court and turn their lights on so they player could see.
2008-07-06 13:17:44
258.   Bluebleeder87
hanging off-speed pitch by Stultsy, the Giants batter makes him pay with an easy double.
2008-07-06 13:17:46
259.   Greg Brock
You, sir, are not Pat Cash.
2008-07-06 13:19:20
260.   D4P
Well, I'm sad to see Federer lose. It was inevitable that Nadal would supplant him, but I was hoping Fed could stave him off until next year.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the US Open, where Nadal has only made it to the quarterfinals once.

2008-07-06 13:20:32
261.   Greg Brock
Throwing around "changing of the guard" rather cavalierly.
2008-07-06 13:22:41
262.   Gagne55
258 The Giants batter has a name.
2008-07-06 13:23:36
263.   KG16
Stults isn't looking to win a gold glove this year.
2008-07-06 13:23:55
264.   Bluebleeder87
nice recovery by Stults even if he didn't get the out, with a runner at 2nd he could have easily scored if the ball would have gone up the middle.
2008-07-06 13:24:31
265.   Bluebleeder87
I like Molina for a Dodger Double Play (tm)
2008-07-06 13:24:49
266.   Alex41592
A ground ball will be an easy double play with Molina.
2008-07-06 13:26:31
267.   Bob Timmermann
Unless Molina hits the ground ball wide of third and the runner on first got a good break.
2008-07-06 13:26:32
268.   Alex41592
So of course he hits a high chopper to third to tie it up.
2008-07-06 13:26:35
269.   KingKopitar
I'm watching the Giants telecast (can't be avoided), and one of the guys in the booth just agreed that Bengie Molina not making the All-Star Game was "the most ridiculous thing I've heard in my entire life."

The other guy readily agreed.

2008-07-06 13:26:38
270.   Tom Meagher
Both SF announcers just said that Bengie Molina (hitting .296/.322/.424) not making the AS team over Soto/McCann/Martin is "the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life."

Wow, all three of us with the same experience at once!

2008-07-06 13:26:40
271.   Icaros
Krukow and Kuiper have both just said that Bengie Molina not making the All-Star team is the most ridiculous thing they have ever heard in their lives.
2008-07-06 13:27:11
272.   KingKopitar
3 seconds! I feel just like Bob.
2008-07-06 13:27:32
273.   Bob Timmermann
The 150:1s routed KC 9-2.
2008-07-06 13:27:34
274.   Bluebleeder87
Nadal has a good head on his shoulders when the lady asked him if he had any big plans for tonight or something to that affect he said "No no big plans for tonight"
2008-07-06 13:27:39
275.   nick
The expression "butter and egg man", when applied to Molina, seems not so esoteric...
2008-07-06 13:28:09
276.   KG16
I've heard many things more ridiculous than Bengie Molina not making the All-Star team in my life. For example: every Plashcke column written in the last four years.
2008-07-06 13:28:36
277.   Bob Timmermann
Shouldn't the Giants feel better that they got Brian Wilson on the All-Star team?

Some Dodger had to make the All-Star team.

2008-07-06 13:29:11
278.   Icaros
269 -271

That, my friends, is the rare triple-jinx of quotable stupidity.

2008-07-06 13:29:37
279.   Bluebleeder87
all 3 of you guys are in sync.

Dodger Sync.

2008-07-06 13:29:57
280.   Alex41592
Brian Wilson making the All-Star team should offset any sort of ridiculousness of Molina's 'snub'. Lincecum is the only Giant deserving to go.
2008-07-06 13:30:27
281.   D4P
Did Jack Wilson™ make the squad...?
2008-07-06 13:31:26
282.   Gagne55
276 Or Beltre not being selected in 2004.
2008-07-06 13:32:19
283.   Bob Timmermann
MCCLOUTH!!! is the only Buc All-Star.
2008-07-06 13:33:12
284.   D4P
Phew. Then Ned won't have to throw in Kershaw with Kemp and LaRoche.
2008-07-06 13:33:42
285.   JoeyP
Since Juan Pierre was put on the DL, the Dodgers have scored in the 1st inning 5 out of 7 games.


2008-07-06 13:34:20
286.   Bluebleeder87
I like the Cain versus La Roche match-up only if Cain throws La Roche inside fastballs
2008-07-06 13:34:43
287.   Gagne55
Matt Cain is an Abel pitcher.
2008-07-06 13:35:22
288.   Bob Timmermann
To be honest, it could be coincidence.
2008-07-06 13:35:25
289.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know the numbers but La Roche seems to be a dead pull hitter EARLY IN HIS CAREER.
2008-07-06 13:35:31
290.   Andrew Shimmin
Huh. Something I thought would happen, didn't. Are you feeling okay, D4P?
2008-07-06 13:35:38
291.   Gagne55
285 Probably.
2008-07-06 13:36:43
292.   Alex41592
289 - That 4-6-3 DP says you are incorrect.
2008-07-06 13:37:05
293.   Bluebleeder87
all-day, that little slider is gonna kill La Roche if he keeps on chasing it, I don't blame Cain for throwing it.
2008-07-06 13:38:08
294.   Vishal
260 nadal beating federer now i think is better because it's not an age thing. it makes the victory that much better because federer is still at the top of his game, but nadal beat him anyway. i mean, federer is good enough to come back and beat nadal the next time they play. that's what makes it great. i don't think it's a sign that there are now two guards, rather than a changing.
2008-07-06 13:38:08
295.   KG16
288 - yes, but because we need a meaningful sample size, I propose that Juan Pierre not be in the starting line up for the next three years. Just so we can be sure.
2008-07-06 13:38:22
296.   Greg Brock
Pulling that slider would have been an impossibility.
2008-07-06 13:38:37
297.   Bob Timmermann
Of the first inning runs scored by the Dodgers since Kemp moved into the leadoff spot, only one was scored by Kemp and that was last night.
2008-07-06 13:38:40
298.   Vishal
288 sure, anything COULD be. but do you think it actually is?
2008-07-06 13:39:15
299.   Bluebleeder87
that dude in the back ground looks like Rob did you guys see that??
2008-07-06 13:39:33
300.   Icaros
Yeah, only one guard never seemed to make much sense, from a security perspective.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-06 13:40:45
301.   Vishal
294 that last line shouldn't have a "don't" in it.
2008-07-06 13:41:00
302.   Greg Brock
I was hoping Emannuel Burris would be a Reggie Cleveland all-star.

He is not.

2008-07-06 13:43:23
303.   Bluebleeder87
come on Stultsy it isn't like your pitching to murders row here!
2008-07-06 13:43:44
304.   Bluebleeder87
oh o.
2008-07-06 13:43:45
305.   TheBigGrabowski
Juan Pierre is jealous of Matt Cain's home runs.
2008-07-06 13:43:57
306.   Andrew Shimmin
This guy's going to the All Star game over Molina? Pff.
2008-07-06 13:44:02
307.   Bob Timmermann
That's just a foul ball.
2008-07-06 13:44:09
308.   Alex41592
Never hit Martin. Foul ball!
2008-07-06 13:44:18
309.   Gagne55
302 Reggie Cleveland never made the all-star team.
2008-07-06 13:44:19
310.   Greg Brock
That's a lot of english on that bunt.
2008-07-06 13:44:22
311.   Bluebleeder87
yeah, good move he didn't touch it.

it didn't look like he touched it.

2008-07-06 13:44:34
312.   natepurcell
That was the first time I saw Martin's mohawk.

All I can say is....LOL

2008-07-06 13:44:43
313.   KG16
this is a big, big break for the Dodgers. Huge.
2008-07-06 13:45:16
314.   Bob Timmermann
I think the home plate umpire assumed Martin touched the ball because it had such a funny spin.
2008-07-06 13:45:37
315.   Marty
What the hell is up with Martin's do?
2008-07-06 13:45:45
316.   KG16
312 - you got to love the mohawk coupled with the old Elvis side burns and goatee.
2008-07-06 13:46:09
317.   Greg Brock
309 Google is your friend on that one.
2008-07-06 13:46:24
318.   natepurcell

Its what all the kids are doing these days.

2008-07-06 13:46:27
319.   Bob Timmermann
I think the bunt should have had more hochmude on it.
2008-07-06 13:47:44
320.   Icaros

He could still be a Bingo Long Traveling All-Star and Motor King.

2008-07-06 13:48:51
321.   Alex41592
Great pitch by Stults.
2008-07-06 13:50:23
322.   Bluebleeder87

I was telling my friend the other day, Martin has a hybrid thing going with his hair.

Mohawk meets sideburns, very different.

2008-07-06 13:50:55
323.   TheBigGrabowski
Sit down Durham!
2008-07-06 13:51:02
324.   KG16
that is how you get out of a jam, K-K
2008-07-06 13:51:03
325.   Alex41592
Another great pitch.
2008-07-06 13:51:13
326.   MonkeyBlue
Nice K for Eric!
2008-07-06 13:51:16
327.   Bluebleeder87
Stults is imposing his will on the Gints, good job!
2008-07-06 13:51:29
328.   Marty
I'd love to see a mohawk going from ear to ear.
2008-07-06 13:51:31
329.   D4P
Huh. Something I thought would happen, didn't. Are you feeling okay, D4P?

I was doing the dishes. What did I miss?

2008-07-06 13:52:59
330.   Icaros

You still have to clean your room and mow the lawn if you expect to eat dinner tonight.

2008-07-06 13:53:47
331.   D4P
I thought doing the dishes would at least get me the steamed broccoli medley...
2008-07-06 13:54:03
332.   JoeyP
Bradley, Drew, & Navarro all made the AL All-Star team.
2008-07-06 13:54:23
333.   KG16
c'mon Joe, let him swing away
2008-07-06 13:54:48
334.   natepurcell
Wow! It worked...kind of.
2008-07-06 13:54:50
335.   MonkeyBlue
WOOO! time to take advantage of the mistake!
2008-07-06 13:54:50
336.   KG16
see, good things happen when you swing the bat
2008-07-06 13:54:58
337.   Icaros
Marty certainly shouldn't be taken aback by a mohawk. This guy hung out with The Germs at recess when he was a kid.
2008-07-06 13:55:00
338.   Bluebleeder87
Stults placed that ball perfectly, of course that bad throw also helped.
2008-07-06 13:55:05
339.   Alex41592
Nice job by Stults on the hit and run.
2008-07-06 13:55:41
340.   KG16
338 - they gave Stults a hit.
2008-07-06 13:55:52
341.   Alex41592
They would be foolish to pitch to Ethier if Kemp K's here.
2008-07-06 13:56:53
342.   MonkeyBlue
Wow, bad D.
2008-07-06 13:56:59
343.   Icaros
2008-07-06 13:57:03
344.   Greg Brock
That's a situation where a strikeout would have been really, really bad.

Instead, we get that!

2008-07-06 13:57:04
345.   KG16
In field RBI single!
2008-07-06 13:57:04
346.   Alex41592
2008-07-06 13:57:14
347.   TheBigGrabowski
Matt Kemp = ballplayer
2008-07-06 13:57:17
348.   thinkblue88
Bison Speed.
2008-07-06 13:57:17
349.   Bluebleeder87
evidently the baseball gods are giving us some breaks.
2008-07-06 13:58:22
351.   Fallout
Nice situational hitting by Kemp!
Show/Hide Comments 352-400
2008-07-06 13:58:25
352.   MonkeyBlue
Nice hitting for the Dodgers!
2008-07-06 13:58:30
353.   KG16
I'll take the productive out there.
2008-07-06 13:58:31
354.   Alex41592
Situational hitting.
2008-07-06 13:58:31
355.   Icaros
Kemp can do everything Pierre can. See?
2008-07-06 13:58:39
356.   KingKopitar
Now the Giants guy referred to Andre Ethier as the "hottest guy on the planet."
2008-07-06 13:58:50
357.   tjshere
Ethier is so hot even when he doesn't hit he Olneys.
2008-07-06 13:59:15
358.   Marty
Kemp with a Pierre
2008-07-06 13:59:22
359.   thinkblue88
Golden God speed.
2008-07-06 13:59:25
360.   MonkeyBlue
HAHAHA 3 infield hits! NICES!
2008-07-06 13:59:41
362.   Greg Brock
Death by a thousand paper cuts.
2008-07-06 13:59:44
363.   KG16
this is a defensive clinic by the Giants in the third. The only thing missing is a dropped fly ball.
2008-07-06 14:00:09
364.   JoeyP
3 infield singles and an error.
2008-07-06 14:00:13
365.   Icaros

He is handsome.

2008-07-06 14:01:33
366.   Bob Timmermann
There are three former Mariners on the All-Star team as well:
Alex Rodriguez
Carlos Guillen
George Sherrill
2008-07-06 14:01:34
367.   MonkeyBlue
Dang it Loney!
2008-07-06 14:02:02
368.   Marty
Ha. I was wondering how a comment on Martin could be posted before I saw the play when I remembered I had rewound the game a bit.
2008-07-06 14:03:01
369.   Bob Timmermann
I need to come up with fresh material for Blake DeWitt. I'll get my team of writers on it.
2008-07-06 14:03:44
371.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp displays his athletic ability.
2008-07-06 14:03:45
372.   MonkeyBlue
Nice double steal! Lead by Bison!
2008-07-06 14:03:47
373.   KG16
double steal and a hitters count for the Solution
2008-07-06 14:03:52
374.   Greg Brock
I love double steals, but not right there.
2008-07-06 14:03:54
375.   JoeyP
DeWitt's OPS is .698.
2008-07-06 14:04:05
377.   D4P
I'll get my team of writers on it

I'm busy right now, but I'll try to get on it ASAP.

2008-07-06 14:04:11
378.   Marty
Make them pay PeeWee.
2008-07-06 14:04:40
379.   thinkblue88


2008-07-06 14:04:41
380.   Bob Timmermann
Berroa did not have an infield single.
2008-07-06 14:05:27
381.   MonkeyBlue
PeeWee! awful at bat.
2008-07-06 14:05:56
382.   Alex41592
That was inside but what can you do?
2008-07-06 14:06:11
383.   Vishal
381 well, he took good swings at the first two pitches, he just missed. he should've swung at the third though, obviously.
2008-07-06 14:06:11
384.   Bob Timmermann
You're neither Bruce Vilanch or Carrie Fisher.
2008-07-06 14:06:28
385.   MMSMikey
brutal, swings at missed at a belt high fastball right down the middle, swings and misses at a ball over thats eye level, then takes a called 3rd strike.
2008-07-06 14:06:36
386.   thinkblue88
Eric Stults.
2008-07-06 14:06:50
387.   still bevens
The Kemp/Martin double steal is fantastic for my fantasy team. More pls.
2008-07-06 14:07:17
389.   Bob Timmermann
There are also three former A's on the All-Star team in Tejada, Haren, and Bradley.
2008-07-06 14:08:37
390.   KG16
389 - and given where Giambi plays, you can figure on adding a fourth.
2008-07-06 14:08:42
391.   JoeyP
The D-Rays are 55-32.
Lesson learned: Dont trade with them.
2008-07-06 14:09:12
392.   Alex41592
Nice rollover Winn.
2008-07-06 14:10:11
393.   Bluebleeder87
I wanna see La Roche make a play over there.

2nd base.

2008-07-06 14:10:19
394.   nofatmike
389 Tejada is on the All-Star team? Why?
2008-07-06 14:10:31
395.   Fallout
Walking one left handed hitter(DeWitt) for another tells you what the Giants think of DeWitt.
2008-07-06 14:11:06
396.   Bob Timmermann
Not after I start my big campaign to get Jose Guillen elected.

I've got buttons and posters ready to go.

I love Jose Guillen. I love Jose Guillen more than any other player in baseball.

Rule 6 is making me stop.

2008-07-06 14:14:34
398.   Greg Brock
You can't hit that ball hard, LaRoche. Figure it out.

Curveballs away all day.

2008-07-06 14:15:26
399.   Greg Brock
Wow, Vin just kind of ragged Berroa.

Love it.

2008-07-06 14:15:44
400.   trainwreck
Why can't I escape Steve Lavin?!!

He's on Giants broadcast.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-07-06 14:16:56
401.   Tom Meagher
396 But Guillen would also be a fourth former Athletic.
2008-07-06 14:17:08
402.   Ken Noe
Apparently we've traded Andy LaRoche for Adam LaRoche--Giants announcers keep talking about Adam anyway.
2008-07-06 14:17:18
403.   Icaros

Yeah, admitting to being a Giants fan, no less.

2008-07-06 14:18:40
404.   JoeyP
380--Martin, Kemp, Stults all had infield singles in that inning.

What am i missing?

2008-07-06 14:21:53
405.   Bluebleeder87
Let's get a double play & get out of this inning Stults what do you say.
2008-07-06 14:23:37
407.   KG16
after Vin, who is the longest serving play-by-play man in baseball, for a specific team?
2008-07-06 14:24:41
408.   Greg Brock
407 Harry Kalas, maybe?
2008-07-06 14:24:50
409.   Bob Timmermann
Guillen would also be a fourth former Mariner.

Guillen and Bradley help out in the "former" department for a lot of people.

2008-07-06 14:24:56
410.   natepurcell
Nice play Andy!
2008-07-06 14:25:14
411.   KG16
nice play by LaRoche there at second.
2008-07-06 14:25:17
412.   Bluebleeder87
nice presence of mind by D-young.

3-2 we must score more runs.

2008-07-06 14:25:51
414.   D4P
Guillen and Bradley help out in the "former" department for a lot of people

But not the "old friend" department...?

2008-07-06 14:26:06
415.   Alex41592
Dodgers just got bailed out. Pee Wee Young was made for the DH. That's being nice.
2008-07-06 14:27:40
416.   Bluebleeder87
in all fairness Geovani Soto IS deserving of the all-star game but for me I'd rather have Russell Martin as my everyday catcher.
2008-07-06 14:28:44
417.   Bob Timmermann
Kalas started with the Phillies in 1971. Jerry Coleman started with the Padres in 1972, but took a year off to manage. Bob Uecker started with the Brewers in 1971.
2008-07-06 14:28:58
418.   Alex41592
Leadoff walk for Kemp.
2008-07-06 14:29:14
419.   Gagne55
Don't make the last out at third lol.
2008-07-06 14:29:17
420.   Greg Brock
413 That's the spirit!

Brian Wilson has a lot of saves and a terrible everything else.

The Lance Carter of this year.

2008-07-06 14:29:29
421.   Alex41592
Upton hits a bomb to tie it at 1 in AZ.
2008-07-06 14:29:55
422.   Bob Timmermann
Denny Matthews appears to be second in tenure to Vin. He started with the Royals at their inception in 1969.
2008-07-06 14:29:55
423.   natepurcell
Kemp can do anything Pierre can do.
2008-07-06 14:30:00
424.   thinkblue88
Bison Speed.
2008-07-06 14:30:08
426.   Icaros
Way to run on that garbage arm, Bison.
2008-07-06 14:30:25
427.   natepurcell
That was ridiculous. Winn had the ball before Kemp even rounded the bag.
2008-07-06 14:30:37
428.   TheBigGrabowski
Kemp's uniform is super dirty. His value just went up.
2008-07-06 14:30:42
429.   Greg Brock
I can see why Matt Kemp would be so disliked.

I mean, everybody can do what he does.

2008-07-06 14:31:04
430.   Gagne55
413 Giving up hope on the season already? only a half game out of first place.
2008-07-06 14:32:06
431.   KG16
I haven't really looked at the schedule, so I don't know who the Dodgers have left to play, but with 74 games to go after today, what would be the highest (realistic) winning percentage we could expect from them in their remaining game? .560?
2008-07-06 14:32:09
432.   Gen3Blue
The Giants are basically a bunch or mediocre guys who will keep scoring one here and there unless our pitching is really sharp. Some Dodger is going to have to get a significant hit with men on base or we are in trouble. I admit to getting tired of this, but I don't blame the younger guys or even Kent. I guess I just need to reduce my expectations, but I'm so disappointed about Furcal, Jones and maybe Nomar. If just one of those guys had a good year--------
2008-07-06 14:32:25
433.   Bob Hendley
407 - That would be Jaime, no?
2008-07-06 14:32:38
434.   Gagne55
428 He's a gamer.
2008-07-06 14:33:17
435.   MonkeyBlue
MARTIN! come on man!
2008-07-06 14:33:31
436.   Icaros
Brian Wilson does have more Ks than innings pitched, which is good. Plus he wrote Pet Sounds.
2008-07-06 14:33:38
437.   Alex41592
Wow, Martin might punch himself after that awful swing.
2008-07-06 14:33:43
438.   Bob Hendley
415 - By all means, be nice.
2008-07-06 14:33:45
439.   JoeyP
Rare poor Ab by Russ.
He chased ball 4.
2008-07-06 14:35:01
440.   dzzrtRatt
429 Kemp's talented, but he just doesn't listen.

McCourt and Colletti know fans want to root for a player who knows how to listen. We demand that baseball to be more like Catholic school. That's why we go to the games.

2008-07-06 14:35:14
441.   Bob Timmermann
2-1 AZ on an RBI single by Drew.
2008-07-06 14:35:20
442.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-06 14:35:28
443.   natepurcell
2008-07-06 14:35:32
444.   KG16
Loney comes up with the big hit.
2008-07-06 14:35:34
445.   Duranimal
The Giants catcher looks like a ladybug.
2008-07-06 14:35:35
446.   TheBigGrabowski
2008-07-06 14:35:38
447.   MC Safety
Big Game James.
2008-07-06 14:35:41
448.   Icaros
Beautiful hitting by J-Lo.
2008-07-06 14:35:55
450.   Alex41592
Man, that was a beautiful piece of hitting by Loney. At the same time the Diamondbacks take the lead 2-1.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-07-06 14:35:58
451.   Greg Brock
436 Awesome.

Great job James Loney.

2008-07-06 14:37:05
452.   Andrew Shimmin
440- Be sarcastic if you want to be, but there's little in this world I would not give to see a nun smack Gary Bennett with a ruler over and over again.

There should be a cable channel dedicated to that.

2008-07-06 14:37:47
453.   Fallout
Kemp should have told Ethier to slide instead of standing up.
2008-07-06 14:39:06
454.   Bob Timmermann
If baseball games were like attending Catholic school:
1) we'd all have to stay until the end of the game and if anybody misbehaved, we'd have to stay a certain number of minutes depending upon the infraction.
2) if someone forgot to bring some food with them, we'd all have to figure out who "stole" the food. And nobody could eat until we knew the truth
3) altar boys would get to leave the games early if they had to serve Mass at a funeral
4) all the fans would know a lot about grammar and spelling, but would have very little knowledge of math or science
5) we could wear whatever we want to the games if they fell on the First Friday of the month
6) we'd get screwball days off during the season. Like the Feast of the Assumption (August 15)
2008-07-06 14:39:09
455.   Greg Brock
The more I see Kemp, and the more I hear people crack on him, the more convinced I am that he is the reincarnation of Dave Winfield. Which would be weird, since Dave Winfield is, at present, not dead.
2008-07-06 14:39:11
456.   Bob Hendley
452 - More than yourself, you bad boy?
2008-07-06 14:40:32
458.   Bob Timmermann
The Feast of the Assumption is the day when you can give a pitcher an earned run if the pivot man on a DP attempt makes a bad throw.
2008-07-06 14:41:04
459.   KG16
454 - yes, but we'd also get free wine at the seventh inning stretch. and there would be no booing.
2008-07-06 14:42:02
460.   Icaros

Did Winfield get cracked on in San Diego? I know Steinbrenner used to call him out often.

2008-07-06 14:42:05
461.   Gagne55
455 His major league career is though.
2008-07-06 14:42:27
462.   Alex41592
Get Kuo up.
2008-07-06 14:43:03
463.   Bob Hendley
My sister's vollyball team at Catholic school were taught to make the sign of the cross before returning the ball.
2008-07-06 14:43:32
464.   Marty
Falkenborg better have a cather's mitt.
2008-07-06 14:43:41
465.   KG16
462 - it's a three run lead, give Stults some rope.

and instead, we get the Borg warming up.

2008-07-06 14:44:10
466.   Marty
Or catcher's mitt. Whatever.
2008-07-06 14:44:33
467.   Greg Brock
460 I don't think so. I had my eye toward the decrepit human being to which you referred.
2008-07-06 14:44:48
468.   Bob Hendley
The Borg is up!
2008-07-06 14:45:01
469.   Bob Timmermann
San Diego fans generally don't criticize their players as much as New Yorkers.

Winfield knew where the big bucks were.

2008-07-06 14:45:04
470.   MonkeyBlue
Oh boy. Stults look done.
2008-07-06 14:45:28
471.   Icaros

The Owner?

2008-07-06 14:46:00
472.   Fallout
There would always be a resurrection by the losing team in the 9th inning.
2008-07-06 14:46:14
473.   Gagne55
Stults! Get through 5!
2008-07-06 14:46:15
474.   Alex41592
Stults was done in the 4th.
2008-07-06 14:46:30
475.   still bevens
If Falkenborg gets into this game I am going to set Torre's house on fire.
2008-07-06 14:46:36
476.   dontraiseplz
uh oh, the Borg
2008-07-06 14:46:39
477.   MonkeyBlue
Wow, the hook already. NOOO NOT BORG! I want Kuo!
2008-07-06 14:46:43
478.   natepurcell
The Borg is the old Proctor.
2008-07-06 14:47:16
479.   KG16
I'm going to start referring to San Francisco as Wolf 359.

That might be showing that I'm a bit too much of a Star Trek geek though, huh?

2008-07-06 14:47:16
480.   Alex41592
Kuo needs more time. But Stults is very much done.
2008-07-06 14:47:22
481.   Icaros
I guess we'll just have to watch Joe learn the hard way about Falkenborg.
2008-07-06 14:47:38
482.   the2pin
Matt Kemp, who is the best young Dodger prospect I have seen in the last 10 years, is on pace to go 20(hr)-40(sb) this season.

The following players had 20-40 seasons last year:

1. Hanley Ramirez
2. Eric Byrnes
3. Jimmy Rollins

That's the entire list, folks. In fairness, David Wright did go 30-30. But recognize that Matt Kemp is probably the best young talent the Dodgers have seen in a long, long time.

Respect him.

2008-07-06 14:47:47
483.   Bob Hendley
I saw Torre touch his right arm before the break. Could it be? Well, I'll be rooting for him.
2008-07-06 14:47:49
484.   Greg Brock
471 And his toadies/minions. And the fans.

The eighties were a weird time in Yankeeland. I miss those times.

Thankfully, I'm pretty sure we're well on our way to those days again.

2008-07-06 14:48:31
485.   Gagne55
470 Yeah but a starting pitcher with a lead is generally given a chance to get through 5 for the win. Hopefully, he can get out of this mess.
2008-07-06 14:48:36
486.   68elcamino427
Here comes Proctorborg again.
OK - I'm holding my breath - (inhale)
2008-07-06 14:49:32
487.   Gen3Blue
Oh no! what are we doing.
2008-07-06 14:49:37
488.   Icaros

I was trying to offer up a generic name for him a la your favorite little outfielder.

2008-07-06 14:49:38
489.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know if it's me being moody or Torre's moves just getting to me.

I usually could care less about Torre's moves, but these past few games...

2008-07-06 14:49:48
490.   ucladodger

Kemp isnt on pace for 20 hr or 40 sbs, but i agree witht he premise of the post.

As for bringing in theBorg, i will not comment on it and just hope he does well.

2008-07-06 14:49:51
491.   Alex41592
Molina missed his pitch.
2008-07-06 14:49:51
492.   Gagne55
479 Except that Wolf 359 got crushed by the Borg, not the other way around.
2008-07-06 14:50:11
493.   TheBigGrabowski
I am not currently a fan of Falkenborg.
2008-07-06 14:51:02
494.   silverwidow
Stults CG shutout fooled me into thinking he was for real.

He's not. Bring back Kershaw.

2008-07-06 14:51:03
495.   Bluebleeder87
Ethier showing off his arm.
2008-07-06 14:51:12
496.   TheBigGrabowski
Ethier would have nailed him.
2008-07-06 14:51:13
497.   KG16
492 - I was thinking of the Dodgers being the Federation and the Borg destroying them. Not the best analogy, I suppose.
2008-07-06 14:51:18
498.   Greg Brock
488 Yeah, I figured that out late. My bad.

The Player no longer exists. He has been de-existed to me.

Beyond Fredo.

2008-07-06 14:51:55
499.   Alex41592
This is the big moment right here.
2008-07-06 14:52:00
500.   the2pin
490 Yeah, but just about -- 8 and 19 at present, I believe. That's impressive.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-07-06 14:52:31
501.   Gen3Blue
OK thats enough Falkingberg around--is the next batter a lefty--get Biemel.

Holding at third--there is something that wouldn't have happened with Pierre in left.

2008-07-06 14:52:36
502.   Alex41592
3-1 AZ.
2008-07-06 14:52:38
503.   Gagne55
493 Falkenborg has always been terrible at the MLB level.
2008-07-06 14:52:44
504.   MonkeyBlue
Wow, Cy...Borg doing good! Now lets see him get the Dodgers out of Stults mess.
2008-07-06 14:52:56
505.   Bluebleeder87
I'll be the first in line to give kudos to Folkenborg...
2008-07-06 14:53:05
506.   Alex41592
No need for Beimel in the fifth.
2008-07-06 14:53:15
507.   Bluebleeder87


2008-07-06 14:53:20
508.   Icaros

You'll be sad about him in Part III, if you count Part III.

2008-07-06 14:53:24
509.   ucladodger

7 and 19, but more than halfway through the year. On pace for like 13 and 36 or so. Either way, I'm one of his biggest fans so i totally agree with you.

2008-07-06 14:53:37
510.   JoeyP
The Falkenborg Redemption!
2008-07-06 14:54:12
511.   MonkeyBlue
BORG I'm SO SORRY! I'll never doubt you!
2008-07-06 14:54:15
512.   natepurcell
97mph cheese! The Borg machine is re-calibrated to "Destroy"!
2008-07-06 14:54:26
513.   KG16
ok, scratch the Wolf 359 analogy. At least for today.
2008-07-06 14:54:26
514.   JT Dutch
... Some bad at bats for the Giants, but a nice job by Falkenborg.
2008-07-06 14:54:31
515.   Reddog
Nice move by Torre.
2008-07-06 14:54:34
516.   Bluebleeder87
I don't know how to feel about this though (long term) Torre probably thinks he is really good.
2008-07-06 14:54:41
517.   68elcamino427
(exhale) Grrreat job #49 -Great job!
2008-07-06 14:54:48
518.   ucladodger
Great job Borg. The only downside is that now he'll be used in more high leverage situations.
2008-07-06 14:54:53
519.   Alex41592
That was a great job by Falkenborg. And Torre only gets Kuo up if he's going to use him. Kuo will be pitching the 6th inning for sure.
2008-07-06 14:55:05
520.   Gagne55
503 Though he did get the job done today. That is for sure. And now he is in line for the win.
2008-07-06 14:55:07
521.   Marty
Nice inning.
2008-07-06 14:55:18
522.   Greg Brock
508 I like Part III!

I just really missed Tom Hagen. That's my boy.

2008-07-06 14:55:56
523.   Icaros
It would be perfect if after strike 3 Falkenborg melted into T2 liquid metal and oozed back into the dugout.
2008-07-06 14:56:40
524.   Greg Brock
Pretty sure Vin's tie was purchased in 1978.
2008-07-06 14:57:34
525.   Icaros

Yeah, I think Part III is good overall, but I do miss Tom Hagen, and I wish Jar Jar Binks hadn't been cast in such a prominent role.

2008-07-06 14:58:01
526.   Bob Timmermann
You like Godfather III AND The Two Jakes?

I really need to impose more of my will on you. The next thing you will tell me is that Wes Anderson is a cinematic genius on a level with Orson Welles.

2008-07-06 14:58:36
527.   KG16
One day the Flying Molina Brothers will take their show on the road.
2008-07-06 14:59:01
528.   Greg Brock
Great, you mentioned The Two Jakes.

Now Marty is going to kill me all over again.

2008-07-06 14:59:16
529.   Icaros

He already said he likes Wes Anderson. Now close it up, bub.

2008-07-06 15:00:39
530.   Greg Brock
525 I've long said that CGI killed Godfather Part III.

CGI is my pet name for Sofia Coppola.

2008-07-06 15:01:16
531.   Bluebleeder87

that would be cool.

2008-07-06 15:01:32
532.   Greg Brock
529 Well, his movies are getting progressively worse.
2008-07-06 15:02:07
533.   Bob Timmermann
Torre double-switched to move the pitcher UP in the batting order?

Is Maza that good of a second baseman compared to LaRoche?

2008-07-06 15:02:09
534.   Alex41592
And LaRoche has been dismissed for the rest of the day.
2008-07-06 15:02:16
535.   Gagne55
513 Actually, remember when the Enterprise first ecnountered the Borg (in Q Who?)? The phasers did like uber damage, shut down the power supply. By the time they'd repaired though, the Borg had adapted to Federation weapons. When the Borg decided to mount an attack on the Federation not even an entire fleet at Wolf 359 could match up against a single cube. So, the point is you could say here that the Borg adapted the Giant's weapons. (Of course, once Voyager came along the Borg decided to suck)
2008-07-06 15:02:25
536.   KG16
that seems like a strange defensive substitution, moving the pitcher's spot up in the line up in the process.
2008-07-06 15:03:32
537.   Bob Timmermann
On my deathbead, I will be begging God to let me live long enough to recoup the time I spent watching "The Life Aquatic."

I wanted to start a riot during that film. Sort of like when "The Rules of the Game" had its premiere.

2008-07-06 15:03:41
538.   Bluebleeder87
I'm always afraid of Kuo's breaking stuff he just doesn't sell the pitches well & he slows down way to much, batters can see those things.

some times.

2008-07-06 15:04:53
539.   Alex41592
Travis Denker alert.
2008-07-06 15:04:56
540.   MC Safety
512 His fastball is as straight as a laser.
2008-07-06 15:05:08
541.   Icaros

I would agree that he has plateaued with everything post Tenenbaums.

2008-07-06 15:05:13
542.   Bob Hendley
Mmmh, Kuo just pitched a couple of days ago, no? Unusual for Torre.
2008-07-06 15:05:40
543.   MonkeyBlue
Balk??? Nooo!
2008-07-06 15:06:32
544.   Gagne55
Travis Denker? For an NL west team, the Giants have a lot of guys I've never heard of.
2008-07-06 15:06:38
545.   D4P
Bill Murray sucks.
2008-07-06 15:06:42
546.   Andrew Shimmin
If this Star Trek chatter keeps up, there's going to be a round of arbitrary and vicious wedgies inflicted as a warning sign to the rest of you.
2008-07-06 15:06:47
547.   Bob Timmermann
Although not a Wes Anderson film, I also want my life extended for the same amount of time it took to watch "I Heart Huckabees."
2008-07-06 15:07:22
548.   KG16
544 - he's the guy the Dodgers traded to get Sweeney.
2008-07-06 15:08:11
550.   Greg Brock
547 Another director who is going backwards.

I didn't know they still called balks.

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-07-06 15:09:02
551.   Icaros

Yes, that was horrible. Please don't associate it with people who like Wes Anderson.

2008-07-06 15:09:39
552.   Gagne55
549 Strange choice of vowels then.
2008-07-06 15:10:21
553.   oshea2002
2008-07-06 15:10:23
554.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-06 15:10:33
555.   Alex41592
Wicked Kuo.
2008-07-06 15:10:35
556.   TheBigGrabowski
You may sit down Mr. Lewis
2008-07-06 15:10:43
557.   Bob Timmermann
This is July and I'm wielding a very broad brush.
2008-07-06 15:10:50
558.   Bluebleeder87
Kuo is just soo much fun to watch when he throws strikes, man!!
2008-07-06 15:10:51
559.   Icaros
Can't Kuo just pitch every inning of every game? It's so easy with him.
2008-07-06 15:10:51
560.   D4P
I can only hope you all hated "Lost in Translation", the Jason Varitek of movies.
2008-07-06 15:11:45
561.   Icaros

Will the men be coming to pick me up soon?

2008-07-06 15:13:57
563.   Bob Timmermann
One of my favorite movies!


2008-07-06 15:14:30
564.   Alex41592
Ethier is on fire.
2008-07-06 15:14:58
565.   Bob Timmermann
The men I hired don't "pick people up."

One day, you'll just not be around anymore. Watch out for a Bulgarian guy with an umbrella.

2008-07-06 15:15:05
566.   Icaros

To me, the fiasco of 2005 was the changing of GMs.

2008-07-06 15:15:57
567.   Marty
562 I thought it was a lost season regardless?
2008-07-06 15:16:02
568.   MonkeyBlue
This is not Martin day.
2008-07-06 15:16:16
569.   Greg Brock
Bad game for Martin.
2008-07-06 15:17:08
570.   Icaros

That's weird because when I first moved to SF, a man asked me if I needed to borrow an umbrella. I think he meant something else, though.

Either way, it'll be good to get away. I'm excited.

2008-07-06 15:17:19
571.   Alex41592
Thankfully when Martin has a bad day it's a big deal.
2008-07-06 15:18:55
572.   Tom Meagher
Finally, somebody named crunchy whose behavior makes me want to bite him.
2008-07-06 15:18:57
573.   MSarg29
537 - You're probably not a fan of Bowie huh?
2008-07-06 15:20:45
574.   MonkeyBlue
Bison Power! lol
2008-07-06 15:20:47
575.   MJW101
This is one of the very few games that Torre has put Kuo into where the game was not out of hand or the Ds were not up more than 3 runs.
2008-07-06 15:20:48
576.   Greg Brock
Just another mental mistake from Matt Kemp.
2008-07-06 15:21:07
577.   KG16
Matt Kemp needs a new uniform.
2008-07-06 15:21:46
578.   68elcamino427
Bison on the loose!
2008-07-06 15:21:51
579.   berkowit28
541 Torre went on record on Friday that Kuo was the one who turned the game around (See Gurnick.) He's noticed him now, and likes him. He'll be using Kuo a lot more now. It takes him a while to see what we've usually seen a couple months earlier.
2008-07-06 15:22:09
580.   Icaros
Bison actually seems to read the ball better in CF, although that could just be from him playing there so much recently.
2008-07-06 15:22:19
581.   Alex41592
Kuo should pitch the eighth.
2008-07-06 15:22:22
582.   Marty
Why isn't Kuo starting?
2008-07-06 15:22:38
583.   68elcamino427
Matt Kemp - My favorite player.
2008-07-06 15:23:36
584.   MonkeyBlue
Kuo is so good! Now lets hope Broxton recover from the first game of the series!
2008-07-06 15:23:38
585.   Ken Noe
577 Bison will never have his uni washed again. It makes him look like a gamer, and the name of the game in Torreworld is appearances.
2008-07-06 15:24:36
586.   68elcamino427
Martin would benefit from a true day off.
2008-07-06 15:24:47
587.   Alex41592
582 - I actually love him coming out of the pen. If he's used like this every 2 to 3 days he's extremely valuable. Plus if you start him you rely more on Falkenborg etc... I actually don't mind it either way because the arguments are strong on both ends.
2008-07-06 15:26:44
588.   Greg Brock
Being left-handed and hitting against this guy is probably not a pleasurable experience.
2008-07-06 15:27:16
589.   Alex41592
There we go Andruw.
2008-07-06 15:27:19
590.   MonkeyBlue
Clutch hitting for Jones.
2008-07-06 15:27:26
591.   Bluebleeder87
I was hoping our 3rd baseman would hit a home run but he couldnot DeWitt. (lol!!)
2008-07-06 15:27:33
592.   thinkblue88
Andruw Jones-Late inning defensive replacement.
2008-07-06 15:27:40
593.   Marty
I'd Like to see Kuo pitch the 8th but it's not to be.
2008-07-06 15:28:02
594.   Bluebleeder87
we needed that yesterday Mr. Jones.
2008-07-06 15:28:11
595.   Greg Brock
Molina has to be the laziest catcher in the world.
2008-07-06 15:28:21
596.   Icaros
Why does the TV think I want to see ugly Giants-fan children with food smeared all over their faces?
2008-07-06 15:28:29
597.   KG16
591 - huh?
2008-07-06 15:28:36
598.   Gagne55
582 I don't think Kuo really has the endurance to be a full time starter. Even when he was pitching well his starts would often only be 5 innings, 6 at most. He has had a lot of arm troubles in the past and I think he's better suited to three inning appearences.
2008-07-06 15:28:36
599.   berkowit28
We've lost power again in Santa Barbara. I'm listening now on my battery radio, and typing on my iPhone. I missed some of the 3rd and all of the 4th.

Hey, Jones just got hit!

I'm glad I got to see all of Wimbledon before the power went.

2008-07-06 15:29:15
600.   KG16
596 - because you're in the bay area and the heros from the south are winning?
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-07-06 15:29:47
601.   Ken Noe
592 It's not the worst way to use him right now, actually. Let him get an at-bat or two later in the game.
2008-07-06 15:29:55
602.   Icaros
Something is happening here, but you don't know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?
2008-07-06 15:30:36
603.   Bob Hendley
Dru looks svelte out there on second.
2008-07-06 15:30:46
604.   Gagne55
Jones and Nomar on the bases.
2008-07-06 15:30:53
605.   Greg Brock
We are seeing quite a bit of managing here.
2008-07-06 15:32:40
606.   Icaros
Although I am sure that Andruw is not Dylan's subject, since the song is titled "Ballad of a Thin Man."
2008-07-06 15:32:41
607.   Bluebleeder87

just goofing around man that's all.

2008-07-06 15:33:12
608.   Bob Hendley
605 - I hate that, why can't they just let them play the game?
2008-07-06 15:34:17
609.   Bob Timmermann
I think pitching changes should be like 20-second time outs in the NBA.

Those last about five minutes don't they?

2008-07-06 15:36:01
610.   Bluebleeder87
mow them down Brox.
2008-07-06 15:36:12
611.   KG16
609 - only on the national broadcasts.
2008-07-06 15:37:29
612.   68elcamino427
Broxton is looking like he's got his good stuff back today.
2008-07-06 15:37:48
613.   MonkeyBlue
Throw high heat right here please Mr Broxton!
2008-07-06 15:37:55
614.   silverwidow
Brox throwing 100 MPH on SF's juiced gun.
2008-07-06 15:38:55
615.   silverwidow
Broxton is SITTING at 100 MPH, LOL.
2008-07-06 15:39:16
616.   MonkeyBlue
614. It fun to watch though. LOL
2008-07-06 15:39:29
617.   Bluebleeder87
I think broxton can hit 97-98 & once in a BIG (no pun) while hit 99 but that's about it.
2008-07-06 15:40:28
618.   MonkeyBlue
617. I think he consistently hitting around 97.
2008-07-06 15:41:00
619.   Bluebleeder87
I remember one gun clocked the blue Ox (tm) at 101, I don't know about that.
2008-07-06 15:41:27
620.   Alex41592
When it had Kuo throwing 97 you had to know it was juiced. The gun has Broxton throwing 100 MPH on four consecutive pitches. "And I'm sorry I don't believe it" - Vin
2008-07-06 15:41:50
621.   Greg Brock
Colletti would probably love to have Rich Aurilia.

I see this happening at some point.

2008-07-06 15:41:57
622.   natepurcell
Broxton is putting up 100s as if they are going out of style.
2008-07-06 15:41:59
623.   oshea2002
I doubt he's throwing 100 but he appears to be throwing pretty hard.
2008-07-06 15:42:17
624.   Bob Hendley
Mongo throw gas.
2008-07-06 15:42:24
625.   MonkeyBlue
Broxton looking like Broxton.
2008-07-06 15:42:48
626.   MonkeyBlue
623. He always throw hard.
2008-07-06 15:42:56
627.   D4P
No doubt. Aurilia's only 36, so there's still plenty of time.
2008-07-06 15:44:11
628.   Greg Brock
627 Ha ha ha.


2008-07-06 15:44:20
629.   Icaros
It's funny how Broxton is this enormous freak of nature to all of these opposing announcer teams, when he's really only the same size as Charles Barkley.
2008-07-06 15:44:32
630.   Bob Timmermann
The Phillies and Mets have been in a rain delay for close to three hours.

Mets up 1-0 in the 8th, but the Phils have two on and none out and Ryan Howard at the plate.

2008-07-06 15:45:09
631.   Bob Timmermann
3-2 AZ with the tying run on third and no one out for the Padres.
2008-07-06 15:45:33
632.   Andrew Shimmin
If only Aurilia were LHed, he could platoon with Nomar.
2008-07-06 15:45:41
633.   Alex41592
Padres score a run and have a runner at third with NOBODY out. 3-2 AZ.
2008-07-06 15:46:51
634.   Alex41592
I'm competing with Bob and a dish. I have no chance.
2008-07-06 15:47:21
635.   Bob Timmermann
I've got a digital cable box so it's close.
2008-07-06 15:48:30
636.   68elcamino427
Could this be the beginnig of another modest three game win streak?
2008-07-06 15:48:34
637.   Tom Meagher
By the way, Berroa's now got the 18th most RBI-less PA (72) for any player season since 1901. The record for players 30+ years old is Danny O'Connell with 66 in 1959.
2008-07-06 15:48:38
638.   Bob Timmermann
One out as Headley Ks.
2008-07-06 15:48:47
639.   oshea2002
some blogger on cbs sportsline said the Dodgers were sniffing around Miguel Tejada.
2008-07-06 15:49:01
640.   MonkeyBlue
Bah fool strike out. 2 more chances.
2008-07-06 15:49:08
641.   Greg Brock
I don't think there is any way to gauge the veterany goodness of Rich Aurilia.

It's got to be like three Mark Sweeneys.

2008-07-06 15:49:31
642.   Bob Timmermann
Ground out to second doesn't score a run either. Two outs.
2008-07-06 15:50:05
643.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. we need a double play here.
2008-07-06 15:50:39
644.   Xeifrank
Saito in for the 96% WE save!
vr, Xei
2008-07-06 15:50:47
645.   Bob Timmermann
Brian Giles is the last hope for the Padres.

Unless he walks and then it's somebody else.

2008-07-06 15:51:13
646.   Bob Timmermann
Giles was useless.

DBacks win 3-2.

2008-07-06 15:52:39
647.   Alex41592
Padres picture perfect pathetic
2008-07-06 15:52:59
648.   MonkeyBlue
SATIO!!! Come on now! Sigh.. Saito and Broxton rarely sync.
2008-07-06 15:53:01
649.   Alex41592
It's all on you Sammy bring it home.
2008-07-06 15:53:17
650.   Greg Brock
Bad News: Tying run at the dish

Good News: It's Fred Lewis*

*Who actually is a Reggie Cleveland All Star

Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-07-06 15:56:53
651.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-06 15:56:56
652.   Marty
That was ball 4
2008-07-06 15:57:01
653.   Alex41592
See ya. Killer pitch.
2008-07-06 15:57:01
654.   Bluebleeder87
million dollar pitch by Saito.

great pitch.

2008-07-06 15:57:12
655.   JoeyP
Wow what a call..
2008-07-06 15:57:13
656.   oshea2002
that could have gone either way....
2008-07-06 15:57:17
657.   Bob Timmermann
A food stuff obtained at the butchers shop has been told to go return to his team's dugout.
2008-07-06 15:58:14
658.   Greg Brock
657 Should he remain standing upon reaching said dugout?
2008-07-06 15:59:43
659.   MonkeyBlue
Wow, I almost pee in my pants.
2008-07-06 16:00:05
660.   Bob Timmermann
No, no he should not.
2008-07-06 16:00:20
661.   Vishal
why is saito throwing all fastballs?
2008-07-06 16:00:39
662.   Greg Brock
Thought that nine iron from Durham would fall in.
2008-07-06 16:01:25
663.   Gagne55
So, is it Falkenborg ftw?
Or is it Kuo ftw?
2008-07-06 16:01:32
664.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-06 16:01:46
665.   Alex41592
Game over. Series victory.
2008-07-06 16:02:02
666.   Gagne55
Saito FTS!
2008-07-06 16:02:42
667.   KG16
663 - the Borg gets the win
2008-07-06 16:02:48
668.   Bob Timmermann
If I were the official scorer, I would give the win to Falkenborg.
2008-07-06 16:04:48
669.   Alex41592
Sammy threw 22 pitches today. 21 of them were fastballs. The one curveball was the Durham sac fly.
2008-07-06 16:05:12
670.   JoeyP
No Juan.
No problems.
2008-07-06 16:05:17
671.   Bob Timmermann
Falkenborg's other major league win came with the Dodgers in 2004 thanks to a big bullpen disaster in Pittsburgh.

2008-07-06 16:05:18
672.   KG16
I like the match ups against the Braves, especially since they are still playing in Atlanta right now and have to fly to LA after the game.
2008-07-06 16:06:08
673.   KG16
ok, I need food and then to focus on some writing projects. Have a good rest of the day, all.
2008-07-06 16:06:18
674.   Gagne55
667 668 Yup. Falkenborg gets the win.
2008-07-06 16:07:04
675.   MonkeyBlue
669. The reason for all the fastball was that Sammy didn't know SF speed gun was juice.
2008-07-06 16:10:00
676.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
671 - I remember that game well.
Check out the Dodgers bullpen in the 8th: four bases-loaded walks. And all five runs coming after two out.
2008-07-06 16:12:23
677.   Doctor
Anyone have runs/game and record with and w/o JP starting and leading off? pretty curious.
2008-07-06 16:13:05
678.   oshea2002
CC deal done per Milwaukee newspaper
2008-07-06 16:15:06
679.   still bevens
Unfortunately we have 2 of the Braves best pitchers in the next series - Jurrjens and Hudson. Hopefully we win 2.
2008-07-06 16:15:11
680.   Greg Brock
Good for the Brewers. And good for us.
2008-07-06 16:16:35
681.   Alex41592
Brewers, Indians agree on Sabathia
By Tom Haudricourt
Sunday, Jul 6 2008, 05:46 PM

I just was told by a reliable club source that the Brewers have a deal in place with Cleveland for left-hander C.C. Sabathia, contingent on the paperwork being done and medical records exchanged.

But believe me, folks, that's a deal. All that other stuff is formality.

All I know so far is that top prospect Matt LaPorta is in the deal. I was told two lower-level minor leaguers also are included. The Brewers refused to include another top prospect such as Alcides Escobar or Mat Gamel.

Look for Sabathia to make his debut for the Brewers Tuesday night at Miller Park against Colorado.

I'll post more details as I get them.

2008-07-06 16:18:55
682.   natepurcell
Good deal for the Brewers. With the probability of them losing Sheets next year, this is the year to go for it.
2008-07-06 16:21:15
683.   oshea2002
I'm just glad we didn't get involved.
2008-07-06 16:22:24
684.   Greg Brock
La Porta can rake. If the Brewers don't make the playoffs and can't sign Sabathia, it might be a tough pill to swallow in a year or two.

But at least the Brewers are trying to win this thing.

2008-07-06 16:23:36
685.   natepurcell

Where does he rake?

Is he going to rake more than Fielder or Braun? Is he a better all around player than Hart?

2008-07-06 16:23:39
686.   oshea2002
with the way it's been spun, the Brewers didn't think they'd have a place to put him. I'm not even sure the Brewers will try to sign CC.
2008-07-06 16:25:27
687.   bhsportsguy
I was out for most of the day but I was having drinks with frieds when Borg was brought in and I could imagine what was happening, here.

But then, the wonderment that is baseball, he makes some solid pitches and he does the job today.

2008-07-06 16:25:40
688.   natepurcell

I think the Brewers view CC as strictly a rental.

2008-07-06 16:25:47
689.   Greg Brock
685 He was certainly expendable.

It's a good deal for the Brewers. Just food for thought.

2008-07-06 16:28:50
690.   Greg Brock
Brewers fans are over the moon, I'd imagine.
2008-07-06 16:29:29
691.   natepurcell
I'm curious to what the Brewers are planning to do in 2009 for starting pitching.

I know Gallardo comes back, but they are going to have to (most likely) replace both CC and Sheets.

2008-07-06 16:31:23
692.   Gagne55
679 Jurrjens?
2008-07-06 16:31:43
693.   Greg Brock
691 Trade Prince Fielder.
2008-07-06 16:33:08
694.   oshea2002
I wonder where CC ends up in 09?
2008-07-06 16:33:24
695.   natepurcell

Fielder for Matt Cain!

2008-07-06 16:34:05
696.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
694 - Well, the Dodgers do have a ton of salary coming off the books, plus CC is a California guy.
2008-07-06 16:35:09
697.   oshea2002
no chance of a Padre pitcher blowing the All Star game this year.
2008-07-06 16:35:29
698.   Greg Brock
694 In Anaheim of Los Angeles of Anaheim.

The Brewers have tons of hitting and some down on the farm as well.

2008-07-06 16:35:37
699.   natepurcell
Penny/Schmidt/someone who isn't injured.

yum. expensive, but yum.

2008-07-06 16:35:43
700.   oshea2002
696 - and he apparently wants to go to the NL. Or stay at this point.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-07-06 16:37:31
701.   goofus
Does anyone else think Martin has an ego problem, he tries to do more than he is capable of doing correctly? The popular baseball term is "staying within yourself."
2008-07-06 16:37:46
702.   oshea2002
699 - trading Penny may make that a bit more realistic; he'd probably need a strong 2nd half to get good value for him though.
2008-07-06 16:39:47
703.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
702 - Penny's contract has a team option for '09.
2008-07-06 16:46:44
704.   Greg Brock
I wonder how much Sheets is going to get, and for how long.

Man, talk about a great pitcher I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

2008-07-06 16:47:08
705.   Bob Timmermann
2 out, 2 strike, 2 run HR by Werth to tie the game in Philadelphia.
2008-07-06 16:49:47
706.   D4P
Ja(y)son Werth is worth nothing.

Juan Pierre is worth $9 million a year.

2008-07-06 16:49:50
707.   oshea2002
Atlanta can feel free to keep on playing today
2008-07-06 16:53:45
708.   Alex41592
We have three extra inning games going on right now, including two that are in the top of the 14th.
2008-07-06 16:58:11
709.   CanuckDodger
When the Brewers drafted LaPorta it was a huge surprise to draft observers. The Brewers used a Top 10 pick on a guy instantly blocked. If ever there was a prospect destined to be a trade chip, it was LaPorta.
2008-07-06 17:14:48
710.   Greg Brock
If Joba is throwing 99 I am the king of Siam.
2008-07-06 17:23:04
711.   Bumsrap
710 - That would require some dancing you know.
2008-07-06 17:25:33
712.   Gilberto Reyes
706 Werth only hits lefties this year if you look at his splits. And his value around the league was very low when the Dodgers let him go because of his brittle wrist. I'd much rather have Ethier and Kemp as my corner outfielders.
2008-07-06 17:29:08
713.   Bumsrap
It is kind of worrisome to have Nomar, Drew, and Werth as a team's 3, 4, and 5 hitters. Keeping one player super prone to injury is more than enough for me. I like Werth and wish he were a Dodger but at the time the Dodgers needed to build a team with fewer injury prone players. Unfortunately, that might have been part of the Pierre reasoning.
2008-07-06 17:30:18
714.   Bumsrap
712 - Werth can play CF and so can Kemp.
2008-07-06 17:31:01
715.   D4P
Werth only hits lefties this year if you look at his splits

Which handed pitcher does Pierre hit...?

2008-07-06 17:32:39
716.   Icaros
Brian McCann catching his 8th inning. Today was his day off. Hopefully this game goes 30.
2008-07-06 17:33:16
717.   Bumsrap
When will Elbert be MLB ready?

Between Elbert, Kershaw, Miller, Kuo, McDonald, Stultz, and Meloan the Dodgers seem to be loaded with depth for 2009 and the final month of 2008.

When might the Dodgers trade one or more of Penny, Lowe, Schmidt?

2008-07-06 17:33:31
718.   Greg Brock
A-Rod with an unclutch home run.
2008-07-06 17:37:33
719.   berkowit28
Atlanta, Houston, middle of the 16th. Another couple innings and they'll be completely spent. Arizona doesn't play tomorrow - the 1/2 will get rounded out one way or the other.
2008-07-06 17:40:40
720.   natepurcell
Joba looks pretty good.
2008-07-06 17:43:00
721.   Gilberto Reyes
715 I'd rather have Werth now than Pierre. But that is not how the Dodgers and many other teams saw it when they let Werth go. Werth was injury prone. It is easy now to say that the Dodgers should have held on to Werth. I don't remember anyone complaining when he was let go.
2008-07-06 17:43:27
722.   Alex41592
17th inning in Atlanta.
2008-07-06 17:44:48
723.   Bob Timmermann
Now someone is going to dig up their comment about how they wanted to keep Werth and then post it repeatedly.
2008-07-06 17:47:00
724.   still bevens
Steiner made a facetious comment during the broadcast about Houston and Atlanta going 16-17. Turns out it was foreshadowing.
2008-07-06 17:48:10
725.   D4P
I'm gonna dig up the comment in which I called Werth a "ballplayer".
2008-07-06 17:48:46
726.   Gilberto Reyes
723 I thought that might happen. It's kind of like the people who all of sudden think the Dodgers should have received more value for Navarro. Where where these comments last year after the horrible first half Navarro had?
2008-07-06 17:50:52
727.   Gilberto Reyes
725 If Plaschke called him that, then you win this discussion and I apologize.
2008-07-06 17:53:11
728.   Greg Brock
Letting go of Werth was not an unforgivable sin. He was made of glass. It's certainly not top ten in the unforgivable list of this current front office.

The trades with Tampa are an entirely different kettle of fish.

2008-07-06 17:53:51
729.   Bob Timmermann
I think with Navarro, it's just one person who misses Navarro in particular. Others just objected to the trade in the abstract.
2008-07-06 17:54:13
730.   Andrew Shimmin
This is revisionism. Lots of people didn't want Werth non-tendered. The only argument I ever saw offered in favor of the Navarro trade was that it didn't matter, since Martin was better.
2008-07-06 17:57:10
731.   Greg Brock
JD Drew made the all star team.

But we showed him.

2008-07-06 17:58:26
732.   Vishal
i never wanted to see werth go. he should've been pretty cheap to keep. glass or not, he's proven worth it in philly. same with the flyin' hawaiian
2008-07-06 17:58:35
733.   Bob Timmermann
Orange alert for Chipper Jones in Atlanta.

This is an orange alert.

Of course, the bases are loaded with no outs, so this alert may not last long.

2008-07-06 17:59:43
734.   Bob Timmermann
Five man infield for the Astros with Carlos Lee playing third.
2008-07-06 18:00:18
735.   gpellamjr
726 Are you kidding? There were a bunch of people here who were against both the Werth non-tendering and the Navarro trade. I don't understand what you're saying here.
2008-07-06 18:00:48
736.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert canceled in Atlanta.

Stand down.

2008-07-06 18:02:14
737.   Bob Timmermann
This was the thread about Werth's release.

2008-07-06 18:04:54
738.   JoeyP
Gilbert---> You probably didnt read this blog, bc plenty of people here complained about Werth being non-tendered, Cody Ross being non-tendered, and the Navarro trade.

All 3 were no-upside idiotic deals.

Cody Ross= .266/.317/.537

The problem wasnt getting rid of them, it was who Ned replaced them with that was the problem. If you dont want Ross/Werth on your roster---> ok, but choosing Pierre/Repko was asinine.

And Navarro is an AL All-Star.
Ned got rid of him just to get rid of him. Unnecessary.

Counting Drew/Bradley, the DePo guys are having good years.

Its amazing Ned could walk into a situation and not win (given the kids in the farm and uptick in salaries)---> but trading away or letting go value, and poor free agency signings/PVL blockers has killed this team.

2008-07-06 18:06:22
739.   Bob Timmermann
I warned you!
2008-07-06 18:06:25
740.   Greg Brock
Werth has still never cracked 350 AB's in a season, and has only cracked 300 once.
2008-07-06 18:08:33
741.   Bob Timmermann
Greg Brock remains a True Non-believer.
2008-07-06 18:11:20
742.   Greg Brock
741 People really liked Jayson Werth.

He's good, but his release was not a hanging offense.

2008-07-06 18:15:35
743.   Andrew Shimmin
742- I agree with ever word of that. The hanging offense was the CF brought in, not the one let go. The one let go was just an irritation. And a pointless one; he was free. He still had an option left (right?). What was the problem?
2008-07-06 18:17:47
744.   natepurcell
I can't believe the Red Sox gave Lugo all that money.
2008-07-06 18:18:13
745.   JoeyP
I'm looking forward to see how the Dodgers match up with the Marlins next weekend in the 4 game series. Jacobs/Willingham are back healthy (they missed the first series), and their guys are just bashing homers everywhere:


Consideringn they play in a tough home run park, thats amazing.

Dodgers will face tough Atlanta pitching 1st 3 games, then a tough Marlins lineup the last 4 games before the break.

2008-07-06 18:18:21
746.   ChicagoDodger
Now that CC is in Milwaukee, can we expect the young players to stay intact?

I still fear a stupid trade getting a SS. If the Dodgers do trade a young player and it happens to be Kemp (which I hope it's not) would something like Kemp & Hu return Bay & Wilson?

2008-07-06 18:21:01
747.   JoeyP
744- Bill James must have some rogue defensive stat that proves Lugo has worth. He's pretty much the anti-Red Sox player, and was really bizarre they picked him up.
He's like the one move that made no sense.
2008-07-06 18:23:46
748.   Greg Brock
Epstein has made a clunker or two, like all GM's.

Signing Matt Clement and trading Cla Meredith come to mind. Both dumb.

Trading Arroyo for Pena wasn't the best move in the world, either.

2008-07-06 18:29:56
749.   natepurcell
Carlos Santana hits another homerun. 13 on the year.
2008-07-06 18:32:10
750.   natepurcell
I don't care if its the CAL League, His OPS is is 240+ points above the league average and 220+ pts above the team average.
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2008-07-06 18:34:30
751.   Gen3Blue
Stats that may be salient, although I'm afraid the sample size may be too small to be very significant. What is the Dodgers record when both Pierre and Jones are missing? It might be interesting.
2008-07-06 18:36:34
752.   Prescott Pete
Nate: What's the word, if any, on Santana's defense?
2008-07-06 18:37:46
753.   natepurcell
To add on, Santana is 2nd in the league in double and tied for 2nd in walks. He is mashing and is unreal right now.
2008-07-06 18:38:55
754.   natepurcell
I know he has a really strong arm and is athletic. I don't know how those tools are helping him in transitioning into becoming a good defensive catcher though.
2008-07-06 18:44:09
755.   Icaros

How might those tools translate to playing LF?

2008-07-06 18:45:07
756.   Prescott Pete
754 -- Thanks.
2008-07-06 18:45:42
757.   natepurcell

He's played left field before. I think he will be perfectly fine there.

I really want to see him promoted to AA. He has to be close to going up there, his bat needs a new challenge.

2008-07-06 18:47:58
758.   natepurcell

Or, he can add to our stable of 3b prospects...

2008-07-06 18:49:01
759.   Greg Brock
Girardi gets ejected for arguing balls and strikes.
2008-07-06 18:52:11
760.   D4P
We need a manager like that to get us fired up.
2008-07-06 18:57:37
761.   CanuckDodger
That was only Santana's 4th homer at home; 9 have been hit on the road. San Berdoo is a relative pitcher's park. It is the rest of the CAL league parks that are hitter friendly. Santana's batting average is way higher at home than on the road, and he has 18 doubles at home compared to 10 away. What lessons do we derive? That Santana really can hit, but his power is more doubles power than true HR power. The league's road parks are simply turning a lot of Santana's doubles into homers.
2008-07-06 19:06:44
762.   Andrew Shimmin
Santana's got a .384 BABIP off of a 6.7% LD rate, at home.
2008-07-06 19:07:55
763.   Andrew Shimmin
And a .341 BABIP off of an 8% LD rate, overall.
2008-07-06 19:08:27
764.   Greg Brock
Gammons says Bonds wouldn't fit in Boston because the "Nature of the city."

That's certainly one way of putting it.

2008-07-06 19:12:47
765.   oshea2002
764 - saw that. interesting choice of words from Gammons.
2008-07-06 19:14:09
766.   MyTummyHurts
Santana is 5'11 170 pounds of pure man love (kidding) I think he can still develop some more power, if all else fails throw him at 2nd base see how he does.

he was born 04/08/1986

2008-07-06 19:16:44
767.   JoeyP
Or keep Santana at catcher, and move Russ Martin to 2nd base.
2008-07-06 19:21:13
768.   natepurcell

I wonder if the 170lbs is outdated.


We don't really know how Santana is defensively. It could be an idea down the road (3-4 years). But right now, I really don't want anyone else our starting catcher besides Russ.

2008-07-06 19:22:00
769.   JoeyP
Braves relievers threw 11 innings today.
They are also 12-29 on the Rd, losing a bunch of 1 run games.

XWL is 47-42.
They are 42-47.

2008-07-06 19:23:06
770.   68elcamino427

Today's top of the order drives in all of the team's runs today.

The hot stove league's wishes coming true:)

2008-07-06 19:23:28
771.   oshea2002
Dayn Perry not liking Brian Wilson getting the nod over Hong Chi Kuo on the NL team.
2008-07-06 19:25:14
772.   natepurcell
I would find it really amusing if Kuo made the all star team.
2008-07-06 19:26:20
773.   Greg Brock
Posada missed the bag.

Good luck getting the ump to call him out on appeal.

2008-07-06 19:29:42
774.   natepurcell

He got it with his heel.

2008-07-06 19:55:35
775.   Gagne55
772 Yeah, long relievers generally aren't selected as all-stars.
2008-07-06 20:01:53
776.   Greg Brock
Manny Ramirez is a nice bat off the bench.
2008-07-06 20:03:00
777.   Vaudeville Villain

Epstein's decision to re-sign Jason Varitek looks really bad as well. Guy looks awful.

2008-07-06 20:03:07
778.   Vaudeville Villain

Epstein's decision to re-sign Jason Varitek looks really bad as well. Guy looks awful.

2008-07-06 20:04:56
779.   Jon Weisman
Just passing this along, from our friend, the Fifth Outfielder:


Someone up thread talked about the Navarro trade and where were all the people complaining about it when he had a bad first half last year. I know several people, including me, maintained it was a bad trade regardless of his performance last year.

Anyway, as I've expressed before, I'm just happy for him on a personal level.

2008-07-06 20:05:51
780.   Indiana Jon
776 Not if he doesn't swing.
2008-07-06 20:05:58
781.   ucladodger
Brian Wilson really shouldn't have made the team. There are proabably 5 more deserving closer/setup guys (Kuo, Saito, Cordero, Rauch, Lyon), but i guess the fact that he leads the league in saves was just too much to pass up.
2008-07-06 20:06:09
782.   das411
So in time, will the 2007 World Series be seen as the lesser of two evils, the other being a Red Sox lineup that features Hanley Ramirez batting alongside Pedroia and Youkilis for much of the next decade?
2008-07-06 20:08:19
783.   ucladodger

To add on, relievers with a 1.4 WHIP should not be let anywhere near an AS game. And Carlos Marmol deserves to be there over Wilson also. Thats all.

2008-07-06 20:09:12
784.   Andrew Shimmin
The Red Sox got their money's worth from Varitek. He's not having much of a year, this year, but he was good last year and in 2005, and average in 2006. Two good years and one decent one from a four year free agent contract isn't too shabby.
2008-07-06 20:09:50
785.   Greg Brock
78 Well...Yeah.

Three pitches right down the you know what.

2008-07-06 20:11:26
786.   Greg Brock
Sorry, that was in response to Indiana Jon.
2008-07-06 20:19:16
787.   natepurcell
Its getting close to the point where Dewitt needs to be demoted to AAA to play everyday between 2b and 3b and let Andy do his thing for 300 straight PAs in the second half.
2008-07-06 20:21:10
788.   oshea2002
787 - i think it's at that point.
2008-07-06 20:22:40
789.   CanuckDodger
In Rosenthal's latest, he says the Dodgers SHOULD pursue a "blockbuster" trade for Rich Harden and Bubba Crosby. Drop dead, Rosenthal.
2008-07-06 20:24:15
790.   Greg Brock
Maybe Ken Rosenthal is using Arneson's old random diamond notes generator.
2008-07-06 20:25:16
791.   natepurcell

Like I just said in BTF's robothal thread, he is a trade addict. It doesn't matter which team makes the trades, they just need to make trades.

Trades fuels the Robothal.

2008-07-06 20:26:26
792.   bcg60
790 - To me, Rosenthal is like the National Enquirer division of ESPN. I know it's his job to hype up the trade rumors, but I pay little attention to what he writes and I hope the Dodgers do too.
2008-07-06 20:27:46
793.   Greg Brock
The Dodgers are in the move mode, shopping Chin-Lung Hu, Hong-Chih Kuo, Ramon Troncoso, et al. But teams like the Mariners, the Yankees, and the Angels have passed on them thus far because they're all so studious, and nobody likes that, not even Bill Bavasi, and he's a shirt.

Random Generator > Rosenthal

2008-07-06 20:32:33
794.   bhsportsguy
If I could proclaim every move Ned made is stupid can we stop finally the constant going back in time, to me its a pointless exercise that causes me to go back and wonder why I bother coming here.
2008-07-06 20:33:52
795.   bhsportsguy
And when one of these guys turns out to Pedro Martinez or Mike Piazza, wake me.
2008-07-06 20:34:53
796.   Eric Stephen
I've been gone for a few days, but kept some tabs on the discussion here as the Dodgers have crept oh so close to first place (and .500!).

Some All-Star thoughts:

NL Leaders, FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching)
1) Lincecum - 2.71, All-Star
2) Haren - 3.04, All-Star
3) Volquez - 3.06, All-Star
4) Webb - 3.22, All-Star
5) Billingsley - 3.35, 3 days off
6t) Sheets - 3.44, All-Star
6t) Lowe - 3.44, 3 days off
13) Zambrano - 3.70, All-Star
22) Dempster - 4.00, All-Star
23) Cook - 4.01, All-Star

I have no problem with those first few guys making the NL All-Star team over Chad, but he has a case -- despite his pedestrian 8-7 record -- over the last three.

Since 2007 All-Star break
Billingsley: 15-12, 196.1 IP, 3.12 ERA, 4.03 BB/9, 8.71 K/9, 2.16 K/BB
Zambrano: 17-9, 203.2 IP, 3.36 ERA, 3.76 BB/9, 6.32 K/9, , 1.68 K/BB
Cook: 14-6, 166.1 IP, 3.14 ERA, 2.06 BB/9, 4.49 K/9, 2.18 K/BB
Dempster: 10-7, 12 saves, 143 IP, 3.90 ERA, 3.71 BB/9, 7.24 K/9, 1.95 K/BB

2008-07-06 20:34:57
797.   Jon Weisman
Bubba Crosby? The Bubba Crosby?

You mean, Scott Proctor and Bubba Crosby could be Dodger teammates at last? Two ships that collide in the night?

2008-07-06 20:39:09
798.   Eric Stephen
I'm guessing it would be Bobby Crosby, but Bubba would be cool.

Getting (Bobby) Crosby and Harden would certainly not reduce the club's injury risk.

2008-07-06 20:47:25
799.   Greg Brock
794 I defended Colletti!

Man, Federer was pretty crushed after the match today.

2008-07-06 20:47:53
800.   Howard Fox
794 I couldn't agree more...there are a few subjects along with the Coletti trades that come under the heading of "beating a dead horse"

it's why I disappear for days at a time...there just isn't any point in joining some of the discussions that keep on and on ad nauseum...

Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2008-07-06 20:50:41
801.   oshea2002
On talent alone, I guess I wouldn't be opposed to Harden, but Beane would always fleece Ned. Acquiring Crosby would be beyond pointless. I don't see why they need to make any moves, as someone said last night, I wouldn't be opposed to dealing say Kemp in a deal for an All Star bat, but I'm opposed to Ned being the one to do any of the dealing.
2008-07-06 20:52:09
802.   oshea2002
799 - I'll defend Ned on a move, trading Izzy for Maddux was a good move.
2008-07-06 20:52:56
803.   OhioBlues12
I had always figured that Crosby was a great, young SS having never put the effort into looking at his stats. However, after a very quick glance, I would conclude that Crosby is a terrible baseball player with a penchant for getting hurt. Is there more to him than I am seeing? Right now I can't figure out why anyone would want that guy.
2008-07-06 20:55:23
804.   natepurcell

That's about right.

2008-07-06 20:57:09
805.   Bob Timmermann
It's July. There are more Last Angry Men here than a Paul Muni Fan Club meeting.
2008-07-06 20:57:35
806.   CanuckDodger
797 -- Sorry, I meant BOBBY Crosby. A non-verbal Freudian slip because I would probably prefer Bubba if we had to have one of the two, because, well, he's named Bubba.
2008-07-06 20:59:03
807.   Greg Brock
Bobby Crosby just went on the DL.

Which is quite unusual for him. Being on the DL.

2008-07-06 21:01:05
808.   Jon Weisman
806 - No apology necessary. You seriously could have fooled me - it just seemed so perfect.

"July 31, 2003: Scott Proctor traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers with Bubba Crosby to the New York Yankees for Robin Ventura."

2008-07-06 21:04:35
809.   bhsportsguy
794 795 Once again, I let my keyboard speak before I thought it about it. I have no right to shut down any discussions here. I am apologize for making those statements.
2008-07-06 21:05:36
810.   Bob Timmermann
I really just wanted someone to appreciate my Paul Muni joke.

Dodger Thoughts needs more Paul Muni discussion!

2008-07-06 21:06:44
811.   Louis in SF
Does anyone have a non 800 # for the KABC Dodger talk show which is airing right now. I live in SF and can't get through.

By the way anyone look at the CBS sportsline story which says we were willing to trade Kemp for CC. Would love to know the MLB sources they quote has having confirmed that?

2008-07-06 21:06:48
812.   bhsportsguy
BTW - If the going price for a rent an ace is one very good prospect and some maybe guys, why would the Dodgers need to deal anyone on the 40-man roster for an overpriced/underperforming shortstop?
2008-07-06 21:07:33
813.   natepurcell
Elbert tody

3.2IP 2H 1ER 2bb 4k


22IP 12H 2hr 10bb 19k 2.86era

He is suppressing hits very well but he isn't showing the k rates he was having pre-surgery. Haven't read/heard any reports of how his stuff has been since coming back though.

2008-07-06 21:09:58
814.   Andrew Shimmin
Have you people been having secret Jayson Werth flame wars somewhere, without telling me? This is the first time I can remember seeing his name since that three home run game in May.
2008-07-06 21:10:06
815.   ToyCannon
I've got some quotes up on what Deric McKamey thinks about Carlos Santana and who might be cracking his top 100 this winter.
2008-07-06 21:10:23
816.   Greg Brock
The Sabathia thread on Primer has turned into a LaRoche/DeWitt melee.

It's infectious!

2008-07-06 21:10:39
817.   natepurcell

The Sabathia sweepstakes came down to the Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers, as's Danny Knobler reported earlier Sunday. It is believed that the Indians spoke with the Dodgers about a package that would have included outfielder Matt Kemp, but the Dodgers also are looking for a shortstop (Pittsburgh's Jack Wilson? Toronto's David Eckstein?) and Milwaukee clinched the deal for Sabathia by offering a package centered on LaPorta, the highly touted outfield prospect the Brewers selected with the seventh overall pick in the 2007 draft.


2008-07-06 21:10:47
818.   Johnny Nucleo
810 Google experiences a surge in traffic every time Bob makes a comment like that.
2008-07-06 21:11:28
819.   natepurcell

Awesome! I'll check it out.


Partly my fault, oops!

2008-07-06 21:12:16
820.   Greg Brock
819 124 comments and still going.

And DT was envoked.

2008-07-06 21:13:06
821.   dsfan
Don't give up on Jamie Hoffman. OK, he's a huge longshot, but what he's done is incredible for a guy who was basically a hockey player until age 18. Two home runs today for Jacksonsville, knows a ball from a strike, good athlete, runs pretty well.
2008-07-06 21:15:40
822.   CanuckDodger
I read that Elbert is now pitching exclusively out of the stretch. This could be significant. Broxton, Kuo, Wade, Wesley Wright. I have gotten the sense that the Dodgers train their minor league relievers to get rid of wind-ups. Does Troncoso pitch out of the stretch all the time? Anyway, maybe the Dodgers are thinking of Elbert as a reliever material now.
2008-07-06 21:15:52
823.   dsfan
If you were the Dodgers GM and the McCourts were above you, it would behoove you to make it at least seem like you have shown interest in every signicant trade scenario on the planet. Maybe I'm giving Ned too much credit here, but I think it could be a factor in why the Dodgers are linked so many trade rumors that never come to fruition.
2008-07-06 21:19:42
824.   ToyCannon
If true what does it say that the Indians preferred a DH over Kemp when they already have a DH on the team? What are they going to do with Hafner and LaPorta in 2009?

A healthy Harden and Crosby would certainly be nice to have on this team. As usual the caveat is the price but is there a better pitcher then Harden when he's healthy? If Rosenthal wants us to bid on Harden/Crosby, they might as well throw in Chavez so we can have all of their expensive brittle players to go along with Furcal/Schmidt/Pierre/Jones/Nomar/Penny.

2008-07-06 21:20:27
825.   CanuckDodger
I was just thinking of Hoffmann. His brutal April numbers make his total season numbers misleading. He has been fine since the start of May. The problem is, even excluding April performance, he doesn't show enough HR power for a 23-year-old AA right fielder. If he were a CF, that would be a different story.
2008-07-06 21:21:42
826.   skybluestoday
Re: 810

Top Paul Muni Movies -- ?

1) Scarface, Shame of a Nation
2) I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang
3) The Story of Louis Pasteur
4) The Life of Emile Zola
5) Juarez

(Haven't seen Black Fury, but it sounds promising.)

2008-07-06 21:22:20
827.   Greg Brock
La Porta will play left field.

He can also play first if necessary.

2008-07-06 21:22:21
828.   Fallout
You have to figure that sooner or later Nomar will go down and the Dodgers need a SS. Do you go for quality or a fill-in? A quality SS is going to cost someone you don't want to give up. If you just get a fill-in then the season is just hoping to stay at .500.
2008-07-06 21:22:44
829.   skybluestoday
(and lots of folks adore The Good Earth)
2008-07-06 21:22:49
830.   dsfan
Love what Santana's doing, but I'm from Missouri when it comes to Cal League hitting stars. The Giants catching prospect Sandoval went berzerk there and has found Double-A considerably more challenging. Josh Barfield, same thing, and many others....Don't mean for that to come off harsh, just a POV.
2008-07-06 21:23:25
831.   oshea2002
Nomar is likely to outperform Crosby the rest of the year.
2008-07-06 21:24:14
832.   bhsportsguy
I tend to believe that the Dodgers are often used as setting the value for a deal, if the Indians could say, the Dodgers were willing to deal Kemp and a top minor league pitcher (McDonald) for C.C., than maybe the Brewers would add another top guy, but the Brewers knew that in the end, the Dodgers were not dealing Kemp anyway so they stuck by their original offer.

Does that mean that Ned doesn't take Mark Shapiro's calls but I doubt they ever got serious. But also, because the Dodgers have gone back and forth on dealing these guys and really, no matter what others here think, the Dodgers have not dealt a prospect or young player that was considered a top guy at that time, the confidence that they would do it now is probably not that high in the industry.

2008-07-06 21:26:51
833.   CanuckDodger
817 -- That says nothing about the Dodgers being willing to give up Kemp for Sabathia. This happens ALL the time. Really. Some other teams asks for a Dodger player or prospect, we say no, and then it is reported that the Dodgers and Team X "talked" about a trade for the Dodger player or prospect. Then another media organization looks at the first report, misinterprets it, and reports that the Dodgers OFFERED Team X the player or prospect. Happens over and over again.
2008-07-06 21:27:28
834.   ToyCannon
Kind of like Adam Dunn.
2008-07-06 21:28:07
835.   OhioBlues12
I can understand the attraction to Harden if he were healthy, but Crosby??

In his one healthy season FOUR years ago he authored a line of .239/.319/.426. Yuck.

2008-07-06 21:28:28
836.   Jon Weisman
820 - I'm in.
2008-07-06 21:28:39
837.   bhsportsguy
817 What does that mean anyway that the Indians spoke to the Dodgers about a package that included Matt Kemp, isn't it possible that the Dodgers field calls on a daily basis about their players including Kemp?

Since the Dodgers operate like they won't release this type of information unless they use the Cone of Silence or speak in a foreign language, its hard for me to take this statement and decipher that Kemp was actually offered.

2008-07-06 21:28:46
838.   natepurcell

To everyone that is hesitant or believes Santana's numbers are a Cal League mirage, find something out for me please.

All the players cited as examples of why we should we be weary about Santana all have had K/bb ratios a lot worst than Santana's. Has there been a prospect who has done what Santana is doing with similar k/bb ratios, league average in age or younger, AND has completely failed when moved out of the Cal League?

2008-07-06 21:30:10
839.   dsfan

I agree on the power. Big obstacle, probably insurmountable. One of the intriguing things is he's been a guy who seems to figure things out after appearing totally out of his depth. In the Cal League, some of the scouts gave him no chance, yet he's at least surviving in the Southern League, often in the middle of the lineup.

2008-07-06 21:31:36
840.   ToyCannon
Seemed to happen every day for the last two winters. I guess now it will happen every day until the trading deadline.
2008-07-06 21:32:06
841.   Greg Brock
834 Ha ha. Yeah.

836 I saw that! It's weird how this argument is popping up all over the place now.

2008-07-06 21:34:18
842.   dsfan
Again, lot to like about Santana - the Barfield example is certainly not about total failure. Sandoval, not nearly as good, but pretty OK and a 1.019 OPS for a 21-year-old isn't shabby.
2008-07-06 21:34:19
843.   dsfan
Again, lot to like about Santana - the Barfield example is certainly not about total failure. Sandoval, not nearly as good, but pretty OK and a 1.019 OPS for a 21-year-old isn't shabby.
2008-07-06 21:34:44
844.   Bob Timmermann
It's only a matter of time before that discussion turns into a discussion about the Mets.

That's an ironclad rule of BBTF.

2008-07-06 21:35:17
845.   ToyCannon
I find Carlos Santana an interesting package because of the power and patience. He has always had unusual patience for a Dominican player even when he was in his teens. It is what first made me interested in his game. As Canuck has noted the home run power may be more a factor of the league but the power in general has always been there. Offensively isn't he kind of like a light version of Martin at this point?
2008-07-06 21:35:23
846.   Jon Weisman
Anyone who takes trade rumors seriously only has himself to blame for any frustration they cause, in my opinion. It's like Deadwood out there. (Is that a good analogy?)
2008-07-06 21:35:45
847.   Jon Weisman
I forsee no impediments to this becoming the first 1,000-comment thread of the year.
2008-07-06 21:37:36
848.   dsfan
Harden: too risky. Factoring in Dodgers ability to evaluate all things medical, way, way, way too risky.
2008-07-06 21:38:48
849.   Greg Brock
I have to go to Millikan High School all next week. Any alumni here? Is it a nice school?

Poly and Wilson get all the pub.

2008-07-06 21:39:05
850.   bhsportsguy
847 Only by typing a certain four letter combination but as the person who types that, you do have, shall we say, hand at least on DT.
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2008-07-06 21:39:55
851.   Bob Timmermann
(Rule 1) (Rule 1) (Rule 1) Mr. Rosenthal!

I was going to say something pretty to him.

2008-07-06 21:40:56
852.   bhsportsguy
And can someone at KABC please invite Jon back to the Sunday night show, maybe even next week at ASB.
2008-07-06 21:44:03
853.   Jon Weisman
852 - Judging by the silence on my telephone, I do not appear to have wowed them.
2008-07-06 21:45:46
854.   Bob Timmermann
You shouldn't have stolen Steve Lyons wallet.
2008-07-06 21:46:35
855.   Joe Pierre
I don't believe anyone reads 900 comments but since I haven't been on this blog for a while I think I'll make a contribution anyway.
I think if DeWitt's average slips enough it will give LaRoche a better chance to play more often.
You have to remember something, DeWitt did in practically no time what LaRoche fail to do in a major league uniform.
2008-07-06 21:47:46
856.   ToyCannon
I sure enjoyed this weekend of baseball.

Almost a sweep but I can't say how much I enjoy a game when the starting lineups have a vague relationship to the players I'd like to see and Kuo showing up somewhere and doing his Wagner imitation.

Greg I told you that Kuo was better then Chad I just wasn't specific about it being the 5th/6th inning.

2008-07-06 21:48:25
857.   Jon Weisman
850 - Wow, I may have just jinxed myself.
2008-07-06 21:48:55
858.   Greg Brock
853 Always remember "The Masses are mules."

Except not mules. The other word. That rhymes with masses.

2008-07-06 21:49:19
859.   bhsportsguy
853 I guess an evening of an intelligent Dodger-related conversation wasn't enough.
2008-07-06 21:50:00
860.   ToyCannon
That was your fault for not kneeling on the alter of Juan Pierre. I'm certain that if you had mentioned that Juan Pierre is the prototypical leadoff hitter you would have been invited back. Until you do, you will not be one of them but an outside agitator up to no good.
2008-07-06 21:50:12
861.   Greg Brock
856 I was just thinking about the Kuo/Billingsley rows I had with you and Icaros.
2008-07-06 21:51:08
862.   bhsportsguy
857 Maybe you can just link us to your annual post about not believing trade rumors.
2008-07-06 21:52:10
863.   ToyCannon
Was that why Isacc Isimov's anti-hero was called the Mule? I didn't get that when I was 12.
2008-07-06 21:53:09
864.   ToyCannon
Asimov. Yikes, I hope he didn't roll over in his grave.
2008-07-06 21:54:08
865.   ToyCannon
I thought it was Xeifrank. I don't remember agreeing with Icaros much on anything.
2008-07-06 21:55:29
866.   Greg Brock
863 That quote always gets attributed to Alexander Hamilton, which is a very Hamilton thing to say, but I don't know if that's true.

"Your 'People,' sir, is a great beast" is Hamilton.

Either way, he's right.

2008-07-06 21:57:56
867.   natepurcell
was just thinking about the Kuo/Billingsley rows I had with you and Icaros.

I think both of you guys won since the pro Kuo contingent can always argue that Kuo can do what Bills is doing in the rotation if Torre would ever put him there.

Both winning= good for the Dodgers.

2008-07-06 21:59:08
868.   bhsportsguy
Does this beat the blogger in the basement stereotype?

LA Times article on the upcoming ticket sale promotion exclusively on the internet.

Steve Shiffman, the Dodgers' vice president of ticket sales, said the method of distributing tickets wouldn't attract the kind of fans who misbehaved and prompted the cancellation of the once-popular promotion that included $2 right-field pavilion seats on Tuesday nights.

Because this promotion is Internet-based, Shiffman said, "You're targeting an affluent crowd, a computerized crowd."

Should I be upset that I have my season tickets in the same area that Bob paid less for including the service charge. All I know is that he better be expressing his affluent self at that game.

2008-07-06 21:59:33
869.   dzzrtRatt
Looks like Gurnick and have jumped on the young players' bandwagon. The headline up now:

Young players, bullpen lead Dodgers

And here's the lede and a few choice grafs:

Skeptics doubting whether Joe Torre could manage anything other than the Yankees' gazillion-dollar roster should note what he won with Sunday.

He sent out a Dodgers lineup with four rookies, a lineup with only two players who spent all of last season in the Major Leagues (All-Star Russell Martin and Andre Ethier) and with nobody earning more than $500,000 this year except for Kansas City castoff shortstop Angel Berroa, who was the graybeard at a listed age of 30.
Torre wouldn't say the team is jelling, but he agreed that there were signs on this trip that it might have turned a corner in playing the style of thoughtful baseball he demands.

"The personality is good," he said. "It seems like a loose bunch, but they're attentive. The guys are into the game. I sense, not that they weren't before, but they're really into it, not that they didn't care before. To me, it started on the road trip. After we beat the Angels two of three, maybe they took stock of the situation and realized maybe we're pretty good. I sense a change on this trip."

Give Torre credit for making the best with what he's given and making everybody feel important. Brian Falkenborg volunteers as a good example...


(Sorry if this has already been cited. I can't hack through the few hundred comments I've missed since the game ended.)

2008-07-06 22:00:21
870.   Greg Brock
865 To be fair, DeWitt does not have stone hands. Not now, anyway.

Man, I treat DeWitt like garbage.

2008-07-06 22:00:54
871.   ToyCannon
Damn right he would.
2008-07-06 22:01:42
872.   bhsportsguy
869 LA Times has the same game story. My favorite quote is Falkenborg saying his wins are like Olympics (his first and only win before today was in 2004)
2008-07-06 22:03:50
873.   ToyCannon
You do, it is not his fault that he performed well enough in April/May that his manager now has blinders on. Joe Torre is the problem not Blake DeWitt. He's a ballplayer and I mean that in a good way.
2008-07-06 22:06:24
874.   natepurcell

Speaking of the Borg, I don't mind he is in our bullpen (there could be worse), I just wish Torre doesn't use him in every high leverage situation.

The Borg throws gas, he's better than Lance Carter.

2008-07-06 22:06:41
875.   Greg Brock
873 I didn't like it when he was drafted, and I can't back down now!

I have a friend that wouldn't watch The Hunt for Red October. It became a running joke that you would have to drug him and tie him up to make him watch it now. Just on principle. He can't turn back now.

Blake DeWitt is a Hunt for Red October situation for me.

2008-07-06 22:06:41
876.   ToyCannon
I remember Falkenborg back in 2004. His name and size were unusual in the bullpen.

As usual I don't understand the disdain for a guy who is the last pitcher on totem pole. Is everyone supposed to be lights out?

2008-07-06 22:06:43
877.   Bob Timmermann
I plan on arriving at the game wearing a top hat, tux, and shoes with spats.

I also plan on eating before I get to the park and spending no other money than the $15 for parking.

I'd park outside and walk in, but you know, the spats make it hard to do.

2008-07-06 22:06:47
878.   Jon Weisman
868 - Hey, you stole my thing! :)


2008-07-06 22:08:47
879.   ToyCannon
You didn't like it when we drafted the best high school hitter in the draft with a late first round pick? That was the scouting report I read. Did you just want us to concentrate on College players back then?
2008-07-06 22:10:50
880.   Greg Brock
879 Remember, he was a third baseman with line drive stuff that I didn't think projected.
2008-07-06 22:12:48
881.   Fallout
Bulletin: In an unexpected move today the Dodgers announced the signing of Barry Bonds. Ned Colletti, the Dodger general manager, said that they were in need of a power hitter and when he heard that Bonds had been playing shortstop he sent his scouts out to take a look. Apparently they liked what they saw.
Bonds, who had been desperate to get back into baseball, said that he saw a need in the Dodger organization and started working out at the position in the past couple months. His efforts have paid off and will report to his new team on Monday.

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