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Just One Look: Kuroda Just Misses Perfect Game
2008-07-07 21:22
by Jon Weisman

Absolutely leaving the Braves punchless for most of the game and threatened only on a couple tough infield plays through seven innings, Hiroki Kuroda lost his bid for a perfect game Monday when Mark Texeira doubled in the top of the eighth. Instead, he settled for his second brilliant game of the season, a one-hit, no-walk, 28-batter, 123-minute shutout of Atlanta.

Kuroda averaged under 10 pitches per inning for much of the game, finishing with 91. He didn't allow a fly out until the final batter of the fifth inning, and ended up getting 21 of the 28 batters to strike out or ground out.

Blake DeWitt's charging barehand pick-and-throw of a Gregor Blanco bunt in the seventh (and no, I'm not bothered by the attempt) was the biggest heartstopper of the night and seemed to hint that everything might break Kuroda's way. But on a 2-2 pitch the next inning, Texeira sent one down the right-field line, far from Matt Kemp's reach.

Nomar Garciaparra's two-run homer in the fifth inning spared the Dodgers the agony of being shutout during Kuroda's attempt. Imagine: If Kuroda had gotten the perfect game, Garciaparra would have had game-winning homers in this and the 4+1 game - both of which put the Dodgers in first place in the National League West. Oh yeah, that's right. First place. It counts. At least, tonight.

Congrats to Kuroda!

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2008-07-07 21:34:00
1.   Bob Timmermann
And at 9:33 pm PDT, all the games in the majors are over.
2008-07-07 21:36:01
2.   Eric Stephen
The 4+1 game put the Dodgers in first by a half game.
2008-07-07 21:37:12
3.   Eric Stephen
Repost from previous thread:

Kuroda (91 game score tonight, 90 vs. the Cubs June 6) is just the 10th LA Dodger with two or more starts in a season with a 90+ game score. The last person to have a season with 2+ such starts was the aforementioned Odalis Perez in 2002.

Koufax had five such seasons, and 17 games from 1960-1966.

Amazingly, none of Hershiser's starts in 1988 featured a 90+ game score. His eight shutouts (plus the 10-scoreless-inning finale in SD) were in the 77-88 game score range.

2008-07-07 21:37:53
4.   Greg Brock
91 pitch CG is no joke.
2008-07-07 21:38:38
5.   Jon Weisman
2 - No room for revisionist history, huh?
2008-07-07 21:38:44
6.   Telemachos still doesn't have Kuroda's one-hitter as one of their news items... not even on their MLB page. had it up as soon as the game was finished.

2008-07-07 21:38:52
7.   natepurcell
What were the details of the Kuroda Accord in the offseason again?
2008-07-07 21:39:47
8.   underdog
That Blake DeWitt play was the #2 Web Gem on BBTN.

They even gave a shout-out to Berroa for his play in the 9th (if Kuroda still had the no-no, just imagine...)

2008-07-07 21:40:09
9.   bhsportsguy
1 Predicted highlights from this game on the evil-four letter network:

1. Kuroda striking out Chipper.
2. Nomar's home run
3. Kemp's single (maybe)
4. DeWitt's play
5. Texeira's hit
6. Berroa's play

2008-07-07 21:40:09
10.   sporky
6 Thanks, btw!
2008-07-07 21:40:25
11.   underdog
Oh, btw, I think we should take Woden officially off the hook. The jinx is these guys fault (Braves fans):
(scroll just past halfway down)

2008-07-07 21:41:33
12.   bigcpa
I feel partially responsible... I viewed #338 on my phone at the stadium. The demons were unleashed and it was no more.

Sidenote- my first Dodger game was a 90 min 1-hitter by Bob Welch in May 1980.

2008-07-07 21:41:34
13.   Eric Stephen
Via ESPN's Baseball Tonight:

The last rookie to take a perfect game into the 8th was Orel Hershiser in 1984.

Orel retired the first 23 batters, and ended with a 90-game-score, 2-hit shutout.

2008-07-07 21:41:38
14.   underdog
Oh God, make it stop. SportsCenter leads off with the Brett Favre Saga.

"Buckwheat's been shot!" revisited.

2008-07-07 21:43:53
15.   Jon Weisman
12 - I was at that game. My mom drove. I had to convince her that there was a reason to stay to the end.
2008-07-07 21:44:33
16.   Greg Brock
14 Hey...Mr. Wheat!
2008-07-07 21:44:50
17.   Bob Timmermann
Well, it was 106 minutes.

2008-07-07 21:44:53
18.   sporky
11 "At least we got one hit." - some Braves fan.

[14 It's NFL Live.

2008-07-07 21:45:15
19.   KG16
Dodgers playoff percentage over 50% according to The Brewers are also over 50% even though they are in third place in their division.
2008-07-07 21:46:53
20.   underdog
18 Yah, I realized that only after I posted.

Still, enough already with Favre. Make up your mind! The record is stuck.

2008-07-07 21:47:55
21.   silverwidow
Absolutely incredible.

Kuroda is simply the best (major) free agent signing of the Ned era.

2008-07-07 21:48:10
22.   underdog
16 "I nub nou! I nub nou!"

Brought to you by Mutual Life: because you could die tomorrow.

2008-07-07 21:50:10
23.   Eric Stephen
From Post 153 here:

< 125IP ERA+ 96

break even
125IP-150IP ERA+ 96-106

150+IP ERA+ 106+
Current numbers: 98.3 IP, 3.39 ERA, roughly 130 ERA+

2008-07-07 21:51:24
24.   KG16
23 - half way in, it looks pretty good.
2008-07-07 21:52:10
25.   Jon Weisman
Everything below from Tony Jackson:

Shortly after the Milwaukee Brewers finalized a trade for reigning American League Cy Young Award winner CC Sabathia on Monday, the Daily News learned that sometime in the days leading up to that deal, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt nixed a trade that would have brought Sabathia to Los Angeles, along with Indians third baseman Casey Blake and utility man Jamey Carroll.

McCourt's reason was financial, according to multiple industry sources. But that is a charge McCourt flatly denied.

"It's just totally false," he said. "The players didn't match up, and that's just the way it was."

2008-07-07 21:52:12
26.   natepurcell

Awesome, I know I can always count on you Eric :)

So basically Kuroda is on target for great success.

2008-07-07 21:54:37
27.   GMac In The 909
25 Sounds like the beginning of the end for NedCo.
2008-07-07 21:55:22
28.   Jon Weisman
25 - My reaction: Ultimately, the Dodgers were interested in CC, and ultimately, the Dodgers found the asking price too high, in terms of talent and/or money - I'm leaning toward the former.

I don't find any of that surprising.

2008-07-07 21:55:33
29.   natepurcell

I really don't know what to think after reading that.

2008-07-07 21:56:31
30.   Greg Brock
McCourt is the voice of reason.

And if that story is true, it portends bad things for Ned Colletti.

2008-07-07 22:00:04
31.   underdog
The Dodgers inquired about CC Sabathia, as did several other teams. The Indians asked for too many top players in return. The Dodgers said no thanks. End of story. Am I missing something? Why is that a big deal?

Except for the fact that McCourt is responding about it - but the buck has always ultimately stopped with him. Maybe he's enforcing that more now, though.

2008-07-07 22:01:27
32.   underdog
Also just posted on Diamond's blog:

>>Dodgers' potential deal for Wilson dead?

I'm told that that it is very unlikely the Dodgers will be able to trade for Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson. <<

2008-07-07 22:02:09
33.   Jon Weisman
31 - I agree. I don't understand why this is a bad omen for Ned.
2008-07-07 22:02:42
34.   natepurcell

Article makes it out to seem as if it was going to happen but McCourt stepped in and saved Colletti from himself.

2008-07-07 22:03:56
35.   KG16
31 - if I recall correctly, McCourt said something a while back along the lines of: every move gets run by me, but I always approve. If he's no longer approving of moves, then I got to agree with Brock, bad things for Ned
2008-07-07 22:04:34
36.   Greg Brock
Because if McCourt nixed a deal, it was submitted to him by his general manager. He overruled the man he hired to make those decisions.

Is there another way that passage can be interpreted?

2008-07-07 22:05:14
37.   Jon Weisman
If I bring my boss an idea, and my boss says no, we're not going to do that, I don't think that means I'm gonna get fired. It would be ridiculous for a GM to operate that much in fear.

If anything's significant, it's that the buck stops with McCourt, which is different from what he's preached previously, when he says he just handles the business side.

2008-07-07 22:05:41
38.   underdog
34 I guess I'm just looking more at what McCourt says about it than what the article says, but ultimately I guess we won't know exactly what went down. If it was literally that a deal was on the table and then McCourt nixed it then I agree, but I'm not quite sure that's what really happened. Article sort of conflicts itself. Anyway, it's interesting...
2008-07-07 22:05:57
39.   brookster1967

I think this shows trouble for Ned, also. I interpret "nixed" to also mean that it was proposed by Ned, but wouldn't pass the approval of McCourt.

2008-07-07 22:06:32
40.   Jon Weisman
36 - I see what you're saying, but I just think it means people have an additional person to blame going forward if necessary.
2008-07-07 22:06:37
41.   jujibee
10 bucks says that Ned offered a package of Kemp, Laroche, Hu, and Kershaw.
2008-07-07 22:07:04
42.   underdog
37 That makes sense.

Well, we'll have to see if more details about this get leaked out. Whatever happened, I'm glad the trade did not.

2008-07-07 22:07:15
43.   GMac In The 909
34 That's how I read it. Plus this feels a bit like when McCourt was dining with/interviewing Hershiser behind DePo's back.
2008-07-07 22:08:11
44.   brookster1967

Certainly it doesn't mean your going to get fired, but after other deals get seemingly approved with no issues, this one doesn't. I read a loss of faith in Ned, but I am probably reading too much into it.

2008-07-07 22:08:41
45.   jujibee
40. Either that or Frank is starting to get really tired of spending so much money on players that are on the DL. There has to be a "give" point, even if he does like Ned thaat much.
2008-07-07 22:09:18
46.   Telemachos
I'm just scared who we would've had to give up for Sabathia, Blake, and Carroll.
2008-07-07 22:10:39
47.   underdog
Better than trade talk: I found that Buckwheat clip on Hulu:


2008-07-07 22:10:43
48.   Greg Brock
Implicit in this whole thing is how desperately I'd like this to be the scenario.

In the interest of fairness, just thought I'd admit it outright.

2008-07-07 22:12:01
49.   jujibee
The Brewers agve up their top prospect for doubt it would've had to include ours.
2008-07-07 22:12:32
50.   brookster1967

I can see some truth in that statement for myself.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-07 22:12:45
51.   underdog
Yeah, I think there's a bit of a Rorschach-like feeling to that article. ;-)
2008-07-07 22:12:48
52.   KG16
48 - I have to admit, at this point, I'm 50/50 on Ned. I don't really like him, but at the same time I would like a something that resembles stability in the front office for longer than 6 months at a time.
2008-07-07 22:13:10
53.   sporky
32 Common sense could prevail!
2008-07-07 22:13:24
54.   Greg Brock
49 LaPorta was blocked by Braun and Fielder.

Matt Kemp is only blocked by his apparently boundless stupidity.

2008-07-07 22:14:38
55.   natepurcell

Well our top prospect is McDonald or Elbert. If Elbert was fully healthy, he would probably be on the same page as Laporta in terms of value.

Kemp is not a prospect anymore!

2008-07-07 22:15:48
56.   bhsportsguy
44 What other blockbuster deals are you talking about?

McCourt has been saying for the last few years that he wants to have a team with a home grown talent and ultimately he has sided on that side of the issue when these types of deals have been brought up.

Mark Shapiro (Cleveland GM) said in his news conference today that ultimately he knew that he wasn't going to get young players in the league right now so he aimed for top prospects and LaPorta was among the top on that list.

2008-07-07 22:16:05
57.   jujibee
52. Have both Logan and Ng not been in office for at least the 6 months you requested. They have both survived through Ned, depo and Evans. That's stability, it's just not letting them have the chance to finish what they've started, especially Logan considering he's been in charge of getting all the young,err, no, talent on the roster right now.
2008-07-07 22:17:37
58.   bhsportsguy
48 Yes, this is ultimately a battle between those who want Ned on the hot seat and perhaps very few like me who really don't see any reasons why he won't be the GM in 2009.
2008-07-07 22:19:19
59.   Greg Brock
58 Speaking of PayPal accounts, check yours to make sure everything went through.
2008-07-07 22:20:54
60.   Lexinthedena
Just got home from the game....It was my fault. I started sending out text messages at the end of the 7th. I'm sorry.
2008-07-07 22:22:45
61.   jujibee
55. But Kershaw with his almost 39 innings still classifies as a prospect, no? Plus, to get an ace right now, normally a projectable ace is the centerpiece.(at least in Billy Beane deals) Also, I will note, that I don't think Ned values Laroche or Kemp like we do, and Hu had a really bad showing in his chance this year. I think that'd be a lot to give up for the package we would recieve, but we basically have been accustomed to giving up prospects for next to nothing in return; this package would yield somewhat of a return, though I bet we'd loose our butts in the long run.
2008-07-07 22:23:55
62.   The Trolley Dodger
I blame whoever was directing the Fox PrimeTicket broadcast for jinxing Kuroda, as they didn't switch back to the usual behind-the-pitcher camera for that 2-2 pitch to Teixeira. ;)
2008-07-07 22:27:59
63.   bhsportsguy
61 The Dodgers and probably their So Cal cousins, LA Angels of Anaheim are the two teams least likely to deal their top prospects in the last 5 years. (I am considering teams that have been listed in the Baseball America's Top 5 in minor league talent during that time)

I will never understand the fear but I guess it drives traffic to the site, so that's something.

2008-07-07 22:28:03
64.   brookster1967

I wasn't speaking in terms of blockbuster trades and didn't mean to imply that. I was thinking in terms of payroll dollars committed by McCourt based on deals inked by Nedco - Kuroda, and Andruw in the last year alone (of course Kuroda looks good at this point). Taking on Loaiza's contract last year. Those are deals that McCourt obviously approved of despite a high payroll what would be considered a pretty high payroll at the time.

2008-07-07 22:28:16
65.   Eric Enders
Kuroda pitched shutouts on June 6 and July 7. The last Dodger to throw two shutouts within (roughly) a month of each other was... you guessed it, Carlos Perez in September 1998.
2008-07-07 22:28:48
66.   bhsportsguy
59 All set, thanks.
2008-07-07 22:29:49
67.   bhsportsguy
65 I wonder if Orel Hershiser was the last one to throw back to back complete game shut outs at home.
2008-07-07 22:30:06
68.   Zak
65 Who are we playing August 8th and September 9th? We better make sure we have Kuroda pitching then.
2008-07-07 22:30:30
69.   jujibee
64. Only if you think that Ned's lease then was as short as it seems now. I truly think McCourt has had enough based off of his quotes in the article Jon cited above.
2008-07-07 22:30:38
70.   brookster1967

The phrase "high payroll" is mentioned twice in the same sentence for emphasis - or maybe it is just poor editing. :)

2008-07-07 22:31:16
71.   jujibee
69 Ned's LEASH
2008-07-07 22:31:30
72.   blue22
68 - A shutout on October 10th would be awesome.
2008-07-07 22:32:26
73.   Reddog
I really feel that McCourt has lost faith in Colletti, but feels he can't fire him till after this season. Colletti has just thrown away too much of McCourt's money. I think the way Andruw jones has played this season was make or break for Colletti, and Colletti is finished. He's a lame duck GM now, and Mccourt will wait for a new GM before any more big deals.
2008-07-07 22:34:35
74.   Bob Timmermann
Nomo threw shutouts at Dodger Stadium on 6/24/95 and 6/29/95.
2008-07-07 22:34:41
75.   Eric Enders
My two cents... this is bad for Colletti either way. One of two things has happened:

1) McCourt, after claiming that he would let his baseball people make the baseball decisions, has stopped letting his baseball people make the baseball decisions. This is bad for Colletti because, while it might not mean firing is imminent, it means his boss doesn't completely trust him. That's never a good thing.

2) McCourt vetoed the trade because he saw it (perhaps rightly) as a last-ditch attempt by Colletti to save his own job by sacrificing the future of the franchise for a short-term playoff run. If this is the case, Colletti's job security is razor-thin.

It's gotta be one of those or the other. That or the monetary reasons are actually true, which I doubt. That would mean the franchise itself, and not Colletti specifically, is in trouble. But I can't imagine that money had anything to do with it. What's three months of pro-rated Sabathia? About 5 million? Even the Marlins could afford that.

2008-07-07 22:36:33
76.   CanuckDodger
Reading the full Jackson article, which says that Colletti and McCourt were on the same page about turning down the deal, it is clear that Colletti did NOT work out a deal with Cleveland and then McCourt over-ruled his own GM. I think it is fair to infer from what is said that Cleveland made a trade offer of Sabathia and the other two players that was flat rejected, but of course Colletti ran the proposal by the man he works for. So no Colletti/McCourt split.
2008-07-07 22:37:38
77.   natepurcell

I don't think money has anything to do with it. I believe McCourt was being truthful in saying the trade didn't match up well for the Dodgers.

2008-07-07 22:39:02
78.   bhsportsguy
Maybe so but all of this is based on the words on a bunch of industry sourced hoo-hahs to me.
2008-07-07 22:39:11
79.   Louis in SF
One reason McCourt may have nixed the trade is he looked at the ESPN projections for Jack Wilson for the remainder of the season:

HR: 0
2B: 17
AVG: 304
OBP: 346
SLG: 358
OPS: 704
Pittsburgh has 74 games remaining, my guess he plays 70

Nomar's projections not counting tonight

HR: 13
2B: 13
AVG: 268
OBP; 375
SLG; 463
OPS; 838

After tonight they have 73 games left, my guess Nomar plays 60-65.

Source of the stats is ESPN.

As fragile as Nomar maybe and understanding his limatitons on defense, if Nomar was able to hit 10 HR's and bring up the doubles to 15 and keep the OBP, SLG, AND OPS Close and game projections close to 60-65, there isn't much better available in the SS market then our current SS Nomar. If you end up adding up the stats of Furcal, Nomar Mazza and Berroa-our SS position isn't all that bad!

2008-07-07 22:39:12
80.   The Trolley Dodger
It's amazing. We just had one of the finest Dodger pitching performances in recent memory, and Ned Colletti's effigy is being doused with lighter fluid whilst the angry mob fumbles with matches.

Here's Tony Jackson full article on the subject in question:

Making absolute statements with little or no real information is right up there with the old "assume" adage.

2008-07-07 22:39:42
81.   brookster1967
Interesting enough, maybe the killing of this trade wasn't the surest sign of a lack of faith in Nedco. But at the same time, the Wilson deal (thankfully as far as I am concerned) is reported as dead also? Maybe these two together is more of a sign of McCourt "grabbing" the reins from Ned?
2008-07-07 22:41:24
82.   arborial
2 questions about Kuroda's near perfection.

1. At what point should you genuinely get excited and be in danger of a rule 9 violation. I personally get crazy thoughts of what could be after 3 innings, try to hold it in until 6 and then I am totally gripped by the end of 7. 8 and 9 are pins and needles all the way, Is this average?

2. Is there a color coded alert system for no hitters like there is for the cycle. For example yellow is seventh inning, orange is eighth and red is ninth?

2008-07-07 22:42:45
83.   bhsportsguy
81 Again, Ned's job is to get players to help the team, no one can honestly say that he should not be on the lookout for a shortstop. I think the reasons that the Wilson deal might not go through could be one, the players the Dodgers are offering are not the ones the Pirates want or two, the Dodgers want the Pirates to pay for some of Wilson's contract.
2008-07-07 22:43:49
84.   bhsportsguy
82 (2) No, because even having a code would be a violation on DT.
2008-07-07 22:45:17
85.   Jon Weisman
82 - I tend to start thinking big early.
2008-07-07 22:46:49
86.   Bob Timmermann
I notice that there won't be a no-hitter as soon as somebody gets a hit.

But I'm no fun.

2008-07-07 22:47:23
87.   Greg Brock
82 Nine outs to go.

80 We can do both.

2008-07-07 22:47:27
88.   arborial
85 Thanks, good to know I am not alone.
2008-07-07 22:47:29
89.   bhsportsguy
85 I think about around the 5th.
2008-07-07 22:47:47
90.   brookster1967
82 I found myself getting somewhat tense in the 7th inning and really tense by the start of the 8th.
2008-07-07 22:47:52
91.   JJ42
What a great game! This is why we ride out the tough times as Dodger fans - to feel like this when the good times happen! Let's hope they happen more often!

btw, who else thinks that with 3 hits tomight and that one defensive gem, DeWitt has shut out LaRoche from playing 3rd base for at least the next 2 months (even if he hits .200 in that span)?

2008-07-07 22:48:36
92.   ToyCannon
If Ned's goose is cooked based on how Andruw Jones performs then A Jones has 70 more games to help out his boss.
2008-07-07 22:50:11
93.   bhsportsguy
Actually, the real reason the trade for CC did not go down, Josh R told McCourt that Kemp was scheduled for an online chat tomorrow.
2008-07-07 22:50:11
94.   sporky
From the AP writeup:

>>Manager Joe Torre nearly ran out of superlatives describing Kuroda's effort.

"He was close to perfect. That's the only way to describe it. You can't get much closer to being perfect than that," Torre said. "He worked fast and threw a lot of strikes, as evidenced by his pitch count at the end of the game. That was about as robotic as you've ever seen any pitcher just throw one strike after another. He was like a machine. He kept us on the edge of our seats."<<

Emphasis mine. Hirobot?

2008-07-07 22:50:21
95.   ToyCannon
I don't pay attention until Vinny tell me to.
2008-07-07 22:51:44
96.   bhsportsguy
91 If a home run doesn't guarantee a spot for Andy, DeWitt's play tonight should not block him either.
2008-07-07 22:53:43
97.   MonkeyBlue
25. Glad McCourt nixed the deal. Seriously Casey Blake? Really? he is 34! Also I rather have Lowe at a cheaper price than CC will command.
2008-07-07 22:54:17
98.   ToyCannon
I think it would be funny if the Indians were demanding DeWitt and the Dodgers would only respond with LaRoche.
2008-07-07 22:55:49
99.   arborial
94 "Hirobot" made me almost pee my pants, it stays in my book
2008-07-07 22:57:55
100.   Alice S
I can see the "domo arigatou mr roboto"s already
But Hirobot is a really really cute nickname
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-07 22:59:31
101.   JJ42
91 , 96 That being said, maybe nomar's hr and the berroa play in the 9th will stave off some of the desire to trade for another SS. If that's the case, this will become my favorite game of the season.
2008-07-07 22:59:34
102.   ToyCannon
So in once sentence you diss Blake because he's 34, but then say you'd rather have the old Lowe instead of the Prime CC.

I'm saving my pennies for Sheets. I don't think this was a good move for the Brewers. They don't have the back half of the rotation or the bullpen I think to pull off a playoff run. We shall see but I think in the end they get no playoffs and lose two players to free agency which will cripple an already thin pitching staff.

2008-07-07 23:01:11
103.   CanuckDodger
How has Nomar looked defensively at SS in the three games he has been there? Has he had to make any tough plays?
2008-07-07 23:01:17
104.   Greg Brock
102 Do you really want to sign Ben Sheets?
2008-07-07 23:02:38
105.   KG16
57 - White and Ng aren't enough for consistency purposes, in my opinion. Especially if the approach changes from GM to GM and manager to manager. Different philosophies, different emphases, these things matter in the course of running a team.

The McCourt era has been a series of wide swerves, in this regard. 3 GMs, 3 managers, and a boat load of talent, all with different strengths.

2008-07-07 23:02:57
106.   Bob Timmermann
Nomar playing short is evocative of Darrell Evans playing short for the Giants in 1982.
2008-07-07 23:03:57
107.   CanuckDodger
102 -- I like Sheets too, just as long as he is healthy. Lasorda was his manager when Sheets played for Team USA and Lasorda loved him, so maybe that will carry some weight with the front office, and with Sheets.
2008-07-07 23:06:14
108.   natepurcell

Then we can trade Beimel and Penny for Hardy in the offseason.

2008-07-07 23:06:33
109.   KG16
I would have traded for Sheets a couple years ago. Now, with Billingsly, Kudora, Kershaw, Kuo, and Stults, I'm not so sold. Plus there's Schmidt and Penny to consider, as well.
2008-07-07 23:06:38
110.   CanuckDodger
106 -- I was a 13-year-old Canadian back then, Bob, so your comparison means nothing to me, but the subtext makes me think you want to say Nomar does not look good at all.
2008-07-07 23:08:20
111.   Greg Brock
I've seen 5/15 thrown around for Sheets.

He's top five guys in stuff, bar none. Love the guy. Ben Sheets and the Dodgers would be the perfect guarantee that he gets hurt over and over.

Can we get a guy that can hit the ball out of the ballpark more than 17 times a year?

I'd like that.

2008-07-07 23:08:57
112.   Bob Timmermann
When Frank Robinson put Evans at short, he said he just hoped for Evans to make all the routine plays. And I think that's what you can expect out of Garciaparra.
2008-07-07 23:10:55
113.   MonkeyBlue
102. Sure last year CC, I would have said yes. CC is just good this year but not great. The price he command if the Dodgers resign would be too much. Save money for Ben Sheets? Maybe if he stays healthy this season, the Dodgers should decide to go after him. Even ff he does I wouldn't go after him.
2008-07-07 23:13:04
114.   Eric Enders
I love Ben Sheets. I don't think Ned would sign him because the injury bug has already bitten too many Dodger free agents. But Sheets is precisely the kind of guy you should sign if you're Colletti. Most of his injuries have not been arm injuries. And he's not going to have these long stretches like Brad Penny where he drags the team down by pitching poorly while hurt. He's either going to pitch well or not pitch at all.

A Sheets signing could end up a huge success like the Kevin Brown signing, where even if he's hurt a good part of the time, he's so good when he does pitch that it's well worth the money.

2008-07-07 23:15:56
115.   Linkmeister
112 As long as you can substitute Berroa defensively for Nomar just when you need a spectacular play (see tonight, 9th inning). . .
2008-07-07 23:16:05
116.   KG16
So, odds of CC winning both Cy Young awards this year?
2008-07-07 23:16:40
117.   Jon Weisman
110 - I haven't seen every inning, but in what I have seen, Nomar hasn't been challenged.
2008-07-07 23:17:32
118.   sporky
Hmm... from Tim Brown's column:

>>At a time when, by all rights, the Dodgers should be hanging For Sale signs around the necks of Jeff Kent, Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Lowe and Chan Ho Park, they instead were knee deep in negotiations for CC Sabathia (Andy LaRoche as a centerpiece wasn't enough to get him) and are maneuvering for a modest shortstop along the lines of Alex Cora and David Eckstein, but probably not the more expensive Jack Wilson.<<

2008-07-07 23:18:47
119.   gpellamjr
I think perfect game from the first pitch and get progressively more excited with each out until there is a base runner.

I am also a very superstitious person by nature. Anxiety about sitting in the same spot, having the same routine between innings, not mentioning what's going on in the game has gotten so bad that I have made a conscious effort to avoid doing any of these things.

I am pathetic. But baseball is awesome.

2008-07-07 23:19:07
120.   Bob Timmermann
2008-07-07 23:20:40
121.   bhsportsguy
Nomar had only one chance tonight, Berroa had two chances in his one inning of work.

Nomar has had 9 chances in 3 games as SS.

2008-07-07 23:21:29
122.   natepurcell
from the post gazette

Los Angeles initiated the inquiry about Wilson last week and was the first team to do so this year. Those talks, which never involved any player on the Dodgers' major league roster, never got very far and seemed dormant, if not dead, late yesterday afternoon.

One prospect who was discussed, according to a Los Angeles source, was 23-year-old Class AA starter James McDonald, who has good control but no better than decent stuff. Another was 24-year-old Class AAA shortstop Chin-lung Hu, who has batted .176 in the majors and currently is out because of recurring vision problems. There are other, better prospects in the Los Angeles system, but it was not clear if they were available.

No more than decent stuff? His Ks say something else...

2008-07-07 23:21:40
123.   Eric Enders
I've seen every inning and I concur with Jon's assessment. We haven't seen much to go on. However, I'm not going to expect much. I'll be happy if Nomar makes most of the routine plays. Expecting him to be a defensive whiz at shortstop is a little much considering he was moved away from the position four years ago because he couldn't handle it defensively.

Christina Kahrl is right, though: This desperation move would work a lot better if we had a backup shortstop who was a defensive wizard, instead of the questionable gloves of Berroa and Maza. This is a time when having Hu on the roster, no matter what he hits, would be a tremendous benefit to the team (though not to his own development, I realize). Hope they figure out his eye problems soon.

2008-07-07 23:21:57
124.   ToyCannon

You know you want him. Deep down you know you do.

2008-07-07 23:23:27
125.   Greg Brock
124 Yeah, I do. And I'd go 5/15 for him.


2008-07-07 23:23:46
126.   ToyCannon
Alex Cora used to have a rep as a defensive wizard even at SS. I have no idea what he's like these days but to me he's exactly what I'd like to have on the bench right now.

Still that was a very pretty play by Berroa tonight.

2008-07-07 23:24:03
127.   bhsportsguy
118 If Arizona had kept up its pace from the first month or even had played .500 baseball, the Dodgers would be sellers. But the D-Backs have struggled to play .400 baseball since the end of April, which has kept the Dodgers in it.
2008-07-07 23:24:56
128.   Jon Weisman
Man, I love me some Mad Men. The screener of the season premiere wasn't even their best, but it's still so cool.
2008-07-07 23:26:08
129.   Eric Enders
126 Agreed on all counts. Although it should be noted that the Red Sox lost last night's game in extra innings because of Cora's bad defense. I haven't seen him play enough lately to know whether he's lost a step or last night was an anomaly.
2008-07-07 23:27:21
130.   Greg Brock
Hu really screwed everything up with his lousy eyes.


2008-07-07 23:28:12
131.   Eric Enders
When Sheets pitched the biggest game of his life, his manager was Tommy Lasorda. Perhaps an off-season phone call might be in order.
2008-07-07 23:28:25
132.   Jon Weisman
I think health and two good weeks in LV could get Hu back up to the majors.
2008-07-07 23:28:43
133.   ToyCannon
I have this feeling that both the Dodgers and Diamondbacks are going to go on a run.

You would think Chipper Jones would be available. Talk about selling high.

2008-07-07 23:29:54
134.   Jon Weisman
Tell me again why the injuries to Sheets aren't a red flag? Looking at his record, it appears he missed 40 starts over 2005-07.
2008-07-07 23:31:03
135.   natepurcell

If Chipper wasn't such an icon for the Braves, he would probably be available. I just can't see Atlanta trading him; he's going to retire a Brave.

2008-07-07 23:31:10
136.   ToyCannon
Hu - eyes
Abreu - stomach
Elbert - shoulder

One wonders who would be on our team if Elbert had pitched all last summer. He could be a dangerous addition to the bullpen come Sept when those silly rules change:)

2008-07-07 23:33:07
137.   CanuckDodger
122 -- It depends on how you define "stuff." Does it mean the pitcher's full repetoire? Or just whether he throws hard? McDonald's velocity has been about 88-90 MPH this season. So basically he throws a Cory Wade fastball. His out pitches are his change-up and curve. Do you have good stuff if you have two out-pitches but neither one is the fastball? Some would say no. And possibly the Dodgers think like that. I wonder about McDonald's future with us because the Dodgers respect pitchers who throw heat, and I think that includes Logan White, if he has any say on what prospects should be treated as trade bait.
2008-07-07 23:33:17
138.   Tripon
Although Matt Kemp's statistics as a leadoff hitter before Monday compared favorably to those of the injured Juan Pierre, Torre described Kemp's patience batting atop the order as "a mixed bag." The manager cited one game on last week's trip in which Kemp reached base in his first two at-bats by working counts, before back-to-back strikeouts. "At times you see the patience there and at other times the anxiousness returns," Torre said. "Hopefully, the good stuff will outnumber the other stuff." Before Monday, Kemp was hitting .286 with a .423 on-base percentage in the leadoff spot, an improvement on Pierre's .256 and .294 figures.


Understatement of the month, brought to you by the L.A. Times.

2008-07-07 23:34:40
139.   ToyCannon
The same red flag that JD Drew was waving when Depo signed him. He misses some time each year but when he plays it is at a high level and none of his injuries have been catastrophic and he's always come back from them to be productive.
That is why it is 5/15 instead of 6/120.
2008-07-07 23:35:25
140.   Jon Weisman
Braves praise Kuroda

2008-07-07 23:36:33
141.   regfairfield
124 I thought the big knock on McDonald was that he really didn't have the stuff to be more than a back of the rotation starter. Correct me if I'm wrong, because if he has stuff, he'll be dominant.
2008-07-07 23:36:38
142.   Eric Enders
1. Forty missed starts since 2005 still leaves you 80 starts of 130 ERA+, which is easily worth whatever you'd pay him.

2. Most of his missed time has not been due to arm injuries, and he's never had a major injury (i.e. surgery) to his pitching arm. According to Baseball Cube, his injuries from 2005-08 are:

[Apr 29,2005] - 15 Day Disabled list - (vestibular neuritis in his left ear) [May 27,2005] - Activated [Aug 27,2005] - 15 Day Disabled list - (torn latissimus dorsi muscle) [Sep 20,2005] - Transferred to 60 day DL. [Mar 30,2006] - 15 Day Disabled list - (right posterior shoulder strain) [Apr 16,2006] - Activated [May 10,2006] - 15 Day Disabled list - (tendinitis in his right shoulder) [Jul 24,2006] - Activated [Jul 16,2007] - 15 Day Disabled list - (Right finger) [Aug 29,2007] -

2008-07-07 23:37:20
143.   ToyCannon
Will he have the stuff to get through a major league lineup the 2nd time? Does anyone not think Corey Wade is on borrowed time once the league see's him a few times?
2008-07-07 23:37:24
144.   Greg Brock
138 That's the kind of thing that makes Enders say that Joe Torre does not understand the basic concept of good vs. bad.

Torre is, of course, also factoring in Matt Kemp's complete lack of a brain, so that's fair.

2008-07-07 23:38:10
145.   natepurcell

His height and arm slot gives him deception which makes his fb seem harder. When you take everything into consideration, he has pretty good stuff. Of course no one is saying he is Kershaw/Billingsley/#1 starter material, but the Pirates should be ecstatic if they can get McDonald for Jack Wilson.

2008-07-07 23:39:04
146.   Eric Enders
141 It depends on whether by "stuff," you mean "fastball." McDonald's curve is supposedly a major league plus pitch. His fastball is just OK compared to your average MLB pitcher.

Basically, one's opinion of McDonald's potential to be an ace depends on whether one is more of a believer in scouting, or performance.

2008-07-07 23:39:18
147.   Linkmeister
nate @ 135 are you kidding? Jones was hitting .388 before tonight's game and is one of the few bright spots the Braves have. No way would they trade him.
2008-07-07 23:39:44
148.   MonkeyBlue
Even if the Dodgers go after Ben Sheets, there dozen other teams looking at him. More teams = jacking up the price Sheets.
2008-07-07 23:40:22
149.   ToyCannon
I could take those comments if they were just about Kemp, but when you take into account what Joe saw with Pierre and how he praised him, it is enough to send me to bed.
2008-07-07 23:43:24
150.   Tripon
We should go just clone Kuroda 4 times, and just have Kuroda 1, 2, 3, and 4 pitch 4 times out of 5 days, and have Billingsly pitch the fifth day.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-07 23:43:36
151.   CanuckDodger
145 -- The article says the Dodgers and Pirates talked about McDonald, but I would hope it was the Pirates asking about him and the Dodgers saying Wilson isn't worth McDonald.
2008-07-07 23:43:43
152.   ToyCannon
You think Jones would rather retire a Brave then try to win ring or two while he still has some game left? It ain't gonna happen for the Braves over the next couple of years.
2008-07-07 23:44:55
153.   natepurcell
When I saw McDonald last summer pitching for Inland Empire, hitters were consistently late on his fastball, even though it was 89-92 the whole night. They can't seem to pick it up and react fast enough.
2008-07-07 23:45:48
154.   CanuckDodger
146 -- I don't think anybody sees ace potential in McDonald, be they scout or performance analyst
2008-07-07 23:45:51
155.   Greg Brock
Chipper Jones could make a run at Garvey's record in Los Angeles.

He'd be a pretty good baseball player, too.

2008-07-07 23:48:19
156.   CanuckDodger
153 -- In that game McDonald got a lot of K's but also gave up a bunch of runs, so what pitches WERE the batters hitting?

Are you going to go to another Inland Empire game this year? Maybe check out Adkins?

2008-07-07 23:51:03
157.   El Lay Dave
123 What does it take to get Wilson Valdez back from the Tokyo Yakult Swallows? ;)
2008-07-07 23:51:26
158.   natepurcell

McDonald gave up 2 homeruns, both on high fastballs.

Sometimes he gets one pitch happy and forgets to mix in some offspeed pitches. When hitters sit fastball, its easy to hit them far.

I might go to some Inland Empire games, I'll let you guys know if I do.

2008-07-07 23:53:04
159.   Linkmeister
152 Jones might want to, but would the Braves? They own his contract.
2008-07-07 23:55:12
160.   Tripon
I getting this weird image of Chipper Jones doing a total Brett Favre, and the Braves acting as the Packers. We just need a young 3rd baseman who shows flashes of promises and is blocked by the much older Vet who can still get it done but is a total drama queen.
2008-07-08 00:03:58
161.   LoneStar7
9 i just watched the espn highlight and laughed out loud when the first clip was chipper going down swinging
2008-07-08 00:46:03
162.   dzzrtRatt
All you can conclude from the Kemp comments is that Torre prefers to watch hitters fail by hitting a weak grounder than by striking out, and he doesn't pay much attention when or how often they succeed.

It seems cockeyed to benighted fans. But I must thank Joe Torre for introducing me to the concept of the good out. Not the Olney type, the productive out at that advances a runner. No, Torre is even more at peace with failure, like a Zen master. A player can make a completely unproductive out and Torre will smile in admiration. "He had some good swings," he'll say. The fans have a lot of catching up to do, still focused as they are on trivial things like hits and walks.

2008-07-08 00:51:52
163.   Scott32
Torre has the Dusty Baker complex: he refuses to believe his eyes could be wrong. When someone appears to have a good approach (Pierre), he can't possibly believe the statistics that don't back up what he sees.
2008-07-08 00:53:01
164.   mrboma
Over in the game thread Brett Knapp asked about 120hz TVs and he got only one response that incorrectly said 120hz ruins the motion blur cinematographers are trying to achieve. I didn't think Brett would check back into that old thread, so I wanted to post my response here:

Motion blur of the kind created by 60hz TVs is not what a cinematographer is going for. That blur is created because of 3/2 pulldown. What is 3/2 pulldown? Well, TV is shot at ~30 frames per second, and a typical TV displays 60 frames per second (60hz refresh rate). So, each frame is shown 2 times. But a movie is typically shot at only 24 frames per second. So when shown at 60 frames per second, one frame is shown 3 times, the next frame 2 times, the next 3, the next 2, and so on and so forth. This creates a blur or choppiness and occasionally also results in sound synching problems. When movies are shown in the theater, they are shown at the native 24 frames per second, so there is no 3/2 pulldown. Therefore, 3/2 pulldown blur can't be what a cinematographer is going for.

The nice thing about a 120hz refresh rate is that 120 is divisible by both 30 and 24. A 30 frames per second video will show each frame 4 times, and a 24 frames per second video will show each frame 5 times. Thus, no 3/2 pulldown and no unintentional blurring/choppiness or sound synch issues. Any motion blur the cinematographer intended will still be there because the frames themselves will have the blur on them, like a series of blurry photos.

While blu-ray DVDs may allow for a 120hz refresh rate, broadcasters may actually broadcast movies already interpolated into a 3/2 pulldown, and older DVD players may also do the same thing, meaning even a 120hz TV will have a messed up picture off of broadcast or regular DVD (a 120hz TV would show a 3/2 pulldown as a 6/4 pulldown). Still, it should be no worse than a 60hz TV, and will be far superior on blu-ray. I hope this explanation made some sense.

And to everybody: There is no such thing as a jinx. Superstitions are for the unenlightened. I might understand if you say "no-hitter" or "perfect game" within earshot of the pitcher. Then the pitcher may tense up, press, or try to be too perfect and give up the hit. But even that is silly, as it assumes the pitcher doesn't already know what is going on.

2008-07-08 03:26:17
165.   Andrew Shimmin
The article I linked was old. Back then, 5:5 pulldown was still mostly theoretical, I think. It's still common (I think) to find 120 Hz televisions that can't do it.
2008-07-08 04:14:27
166.   Andrew Shimmin
I was eight years old when Kirk Gibson hit the home run off of Eckersley. In the back of my reptilian brain, there's a spot that still believes I personally willed that ball out (you're all welcome).

Rule nine isn't that commenters have to believe in jinxes, just that they have to show deference to one, charming superstition. If Jon were selling magic anti-jinx candles, it would be easier for me to see why people object to the rule. But he's not. He's just setting up a very, very small claim to credit for a no-hitter. He's indulging an (un-disprovable, as it happens) theory of fan agency. Because it's fun.

2008-07-08 04:56:17
167.   Ken Noe
Frank: "Kuroda-san, would you show the world why we don't need this CC guy this year?"
Hiro: "Sure."
Frank: "Oh, Nomar, same for Jack Wilson."
Nomar: "Sure."
Matt and Andy: "Thanks, boss."
2008-07-08 06:23:32
168.   Sam DC
164 Thanks for sharing that info.

I'd vote that paragraph 2 of 166 be added to the mythical faq.

2008-07-08 06:27:43
169.   Sam DC
And glory be to a three days Nats/Diamondbacks series when the Diamondbacks are tied with Dodgers for first.

C'mon everyone, climb the hustings at new Nats park with me!

2008-07-08 07:17:41
170.   JoeyP
I have to admit, at this point, I'm 50/50 on Ned. I don't really like him, but at the same time I would like a something that resembles stability in the front office for longer than 6 months at a time.

There's already been stability.
This is Ned's 3rd year.

DePo only got 2yrs.
Evans got less.

I dont think the Dodgers should ever choose stability over intuition.

2008-07-08 07:18:35
171.   JoeyP
Poor choice of words--not intuition.
But ingeniuty.

It'd be nice if these posts had spell checker.

2008-07-08 07:21:35
172.   Terry A
You spelled "intuition" correctly.
2008-07-08 07:42:32
173.   delias man
Did Nomar always have this sidearm throw to first? It looks so painful to watch until it is in Loney's glove.
2008-07-08 07:55:42
174.   berkowit28
172 ...but not "ingenuity". On a Mac, the system-wide spellchecker works here, by the way.
2008-07-08 08:08:51
175.   berkowit28
How many "one-baserunner" one-hit games have the Dodgers had, and when was the last one? I.e. not just a one-hitter, but a one-hitter that missed a perfect game by that one hit.
2008-07-08 08:20:40
176.   regfairfield
Six. The last was by Odalis in 2002.
2008-07-08 08:21:19
177.   berkowit28
176 Thanks for the quick response.
2008-07-08 08:22:19
178.   fanerman
165 I think most 120 Hz TV's can do it now. I'm certain that Sony Bravia Brett Knapp can do it right. I have a 120 Hz Sony SXRD and it can do it.

For further confusion, 120 Hz TV's generally have some form of frame interpolation feature (that you can turn on or off). Sony calls it "Motion Flow" or something. Since video sources are usually at either 24 or 30 Hz, they by default display some frames repeatedly, as outlined by mrboma. However, instead of displaying the same frames repeatedly, the TV can "guess" what goes in-between frames, and display them. The end result is often a smoother picture, but it's not always quite perfect. I usually just turn it off because it sometimes looks unnatural (it kind of destroys the classic "film" motion we're all used to).

I think the "Motion Flow" is what you asked about when you first inquired about these TV's. It's important to note that the "Motion Flow" is an extra feature separate from the 120Hz. Being able to do 5:5 pulldown on Blu-Ray sources looks great and makes the 120 Hz TV's worth it alone, in my opinion.

2008-07-08 08:22:49
179.   fanerman
173 Yeah I'm pretty sure he's done that his whole career.
2008-07-08 08:24:10
180.   fanerman
166 What if they were DT-licensed magic anti-jinx candles that would support Dodger Thoughts and free Jon of his day job?
2008-07-08 08:40:31
181.   underdog
137 But wouldn't the Dodgers calling up Cory Wade and him earning a solid spot in the bullpen, and their liking him -- plus Eric Stults -- sort of counteract that fear a little? They seem to also like guys with good control, guys who throw strikes, over just guys who throw hard.
2008-07-08 08:42:15
182.   Bob Timmermann


2008-07-08 08:42:47
183.   regfairfield
181 It tells me that the value players who perform immediately way too much.
2008-07-08 08:44:42
184.   Bob Timmermann
I think you're missing a word there, but I'm not quite sure where.

I do that a lot.

2008-07-08 08:46:46
185.   regfairfield
184 The=we.
2008-07-08 08:48:41
186.   underdog
183 Maybe but I think the point is that they have also been burned by hard throwing guys with either control problems and/or injuries. If Wade fails eventually, they still got good use out of him. anyway, will be interesting to see what does ultimately happen with McDonald.

Btw, I think "Hirobot Made of Nails" works for me.

2008-07-08 08:49:42
187.   cargill06
has kuroda been lucky or maybe even unlucky this year?
he had a 1.20 whip, 5.2 k/9IP, .644 OPS against, 9 HR in 98 IP for a guy with a 1.57 GB/FB ratio (ranked 28th in baseball tied with bills) but 90 hits in 98 IP maybe a little lucky for a sinker pitcher without many k's

someone please educate me.

2008-07-08 08:50:31
188.   gpellamjr
164 Wow, man. Thanks for clearing that up. I feel like I've emerged from the darkness of The Cave!
2008-07-08 08:50:34
189.   Bob Timmermann
That was not the mistake I was expecting, but it hindsight it makes sense.

BTW, I'm not being critical. I just like to try to figure out why some people make certain typos and see if it's for the same reasons as me.

2008-07-08 08:56:43
190.   berkowit28
176 Follow-up (anyone can answer): in addition to those six, were any of the Dodger no-hitters "one-baserunners" (walk, HBP, error, etc.) that would have been perfect games if not for the one baserunner?
2008-07-08 08:58:50
191.   regfairfield
187 He has, his FIP basically ERA based on perhiperals is 3.94 or more than half a run higher. His xFIP is 4.30, but the validity of that stat is debateable. It assumes that a pitcher can't control his outfield fly to home run ratio at all, and while there is evidence that shows people at the extreme ends of that stat will regress, there's not great proof there's zero ability involved.
2008-07-08 08:59:48
192.   cargill06
191 can you explain to me what FIP is and how it is calculcated or at least send me a link?
2008-07-08 09:00:28
193.   underdog
Rob Neyer chat about to begin:

Ask him your Dodger questions!

2008-07-08 09:00:30
194.   cargill06
191 also, just out of curiousity could you tell me what the FIP for dice-k and carmona is? thanks.
2008-07-08 09:00:31
195.   Bob Timmermann
In Jerry Reuss' no-hitter, the only baserunner came on an error by Bill Russell.
2008-07-08 09:02:01
196.   Bob Timmermann
And Ramon Martinez had just one walk during his no-hitter as well.
2008-07-08 09:02:14
197.   regfairfield
190 Koufax's '64 and Ramon Martinez's.
2008-07-08 09:02:27
198.   underdog
And even better! A Joe Morgan chat a bit later. I'm sure FJM is sharpening their claws as we speak.
2008-07-08 09:02:36
199.   regfairfield
192 Check the Hardball Times.
2008-07-08 09:05:12
200.   Bob Timmermann
On April 15, 1975, Don Sutton threw a one-hitter (homer by Johnny Bench) and also walked one batter who was erased on a DP (Bench again.)

On July 5, 1963, Johnny Podres threw a 2-hitter and faced just 28 batters with one of the batters to reach safely (Tommy Harper) erased on a DP.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-08 09:06:43
201.   Xeifrank
I remember attending Jerry Reuss' one hitter against the Reds. It was basically a perfect game minus the leadoff hitter. The first batter doubled to deep left center then scored on two "productive" outs. Reuss went on to retire 27 batters in a row. I remember the game clearly because Bob kept getting hit in the head by peanut shells.
vr, Xei
2008-07-08 09:08:05
202.   Xeifrank
187. With his rather low BABIP, I'd say Kuroda has been getting a little bit lucky.
vr, Xei
2008-07-08 09:08:29
203.   regfairfield
Somewhat randomly, Koufax and Dreifort hold the Dodger record for least at bats in a complete game with 25.
2008-07-08 09:13:31
204.   regfairfield
And the MLB record is 23. That seems hard to do.
2008-07-08 09:14:49
205.   underdog
202 When he's really "on" though, like last night, I don't think he's as lucky in those games. Yesterday didn't seem to have much to do with luck, though certainly there could have been 2-3 more hits if the defense hadn't helped out.
2008-07-08 09:16:59
206.   Bob Timmermann
I wrote about those games on the Griddle.

You needs lots of DPs and caught stealings.

2008-07-08 09:20:07
207.   Bob Timmermann
Sacrifices help a lot too.
2008-07-08 09:24:55
208.   scareduck
80 - It's amazing. We just had one of the finest Dodger pitching performances in recent memory, and Ned Colletti's effigy is being doused with lighter fluid whilst the angry mob fumbles with matches.

This is frankly one of the most amazing things I've ever read around here. Colletti positively deserves ever ounce of derision he receives. Evidence for this comes in the following manner:

1) The Dodgers, despite being tied for first place in the NL West, are still not a winning team.
2) Even if the Dodgers do win the NL West, it is plainly obvious they are not nearly as good a team as the Cubs, Phillies, Mets, Marlins, Brewers, or Cardinals, i.e. the NL East leader and the teams contending for a Wild Card slot.
3) Colletti made few moves to change the team he inherited and it won a division title. His subsequent moves have proven he has no clue about how to run a major league club, and as Tom Meagher's deconstruction of Colletti's most recent interview in the PE showed, this is out of sheer incompetence.

One game is not a season, and to pretend Ned Colletti's decision-making ability shouldn't be at issue is just ridiculous.

2008-07-08 09:30:59
209.   Bob Timmermann
I think 80 was just one person saying that s/he hoped that for one day everybody could just enjoy a great pitching performance instead of turning it into a seemingly quotidian desire to have Ned Colletti summarily executed.
2008-07-08 09:33:56
210.   berkowit28
Thanks for all the detailed responses.

So "Jerry Reuss's no-hitter" with one base-runner 195 was a different game from "Jerry Reuss' one-hitter" where a double was hit 201 ? Must be...

2008-07-08 09:34:09
211.   Eric Stephen
The Marlins have been outscored on the season. The Cardinals pythag record is 47-43, just a shade above the Dodgers' 46-43. The Mets pythag record is 46-43 as well. I don't think it's "plainly obvious" that the Dodgers are not as good as those three teams.
2008-07-08 09:35:05
212.   fanerman
208 I guess we're not allowed to let the Dodgers on-field performance ever give us a moment's distraction of happiness, and we must bitterly and continuously shake our fists at Ned Colletti. Shake harder boy!
2008-07-08 09:39:04
213.   Bob Timmermann
I'm giving Ned Colletti the frowning of a lifetime.
2008-07-08 09:42:17
214.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
This season has had its low points, but I'm feeling pretty good about our outlook, not just in terms of making the playoffs, but in terms of having a good, fun team. Mayhap I'm blinded by our recent success, but I feel like we'll be as good as anyone in the second half.

I'd say that this last offseason in particular was as good as I could have hoped for from a GM. If we get through the trade deadline without an obviously bad move, I'd say this team is heading in the right direction.

2008-07-08 09:47:32
215.   GMac In The 909
I'm not exactly sure who called Jeff Kent "Old Snake" a few game threads back, but the nickname is a big hit with my roommate. Every time Kent is shown on a broadcast, my roomie breaks out in laughter. Nice work.
2008-07-08 09:48:18
216.   cargill06
199 the formula they gave me for FIP is...

HR*13+(BB+HBP-IBB)*3-K*2/IP + 3.2

by that formula kuroda has a 4.02 ERA, where is my mistake?

2008-07-08 09:50:18
217.   regfairfield
216 That 3.2 changes slightly based on the league.
2008-07-08 09:50:44
218.   Kevin Lewis

MMMMM Turnip juice

2008-07-08 09:51:42
219.   fanerman
215 I think I did once. He looks like Solid Snake (the old man version) in Metal Gear Solid 4. They have the same moustache, anyway.

2008-07-08 09:52:26
220.   Eric Stephen
The league factor for the NL is 3.13 right now. The only way I know that (I don't see it listed any place) is to manually figure the raw FIP numbers for various NL pitchers and compare to their FIP.
2008-07-08 09:55:59
221.   fanerman
219 He's referred to as "Old Snake" in the game at least once. It seems like an appropriate thing to call Jeff Kent.
2008-07-08 09:57:30
222.   GMac In The 909
219 I thought it was you. The roomie is a huge Metal Gear mark, so you can understand why he enjoys that nickname so much.

And I don't think the 'stache is the only thing Kent and Solid have in common. Solid has the same crusty exterior, and I've found myself using the Solid voice whenever Kent is on the tube. Over the last few games, I've grumbled these gems: "Game-winning homer, huh?" and "Second base, huh?"

2008-07-08 09:59:05
223.   fanerman
"Game-winning homer, huh?" and "Second base, huh?"


2008-07-08 10:08:10
224.   Eric Stephen
Old friend Odalis Perez, no doubt embiggened by various mentions of his Kuroda-esque Dodger gems, gets to face the D-Backs and Brandon Webb tonight in DC. Webb has shutout the Nats in his last two starts against them and has allowed one run in his last 25 IP against them.

His Royal Thighness pitches for the Dodgers this evening, against RHP Jair Jurrjens (meaning likely no LaRoche).

I would like, by the break, to be able to call Arizona the "3-Backs". That would be super.

2008-07-08 10:09:05
225.   Jacob L
In my household, the Old Snake has always been referred to as Officer Kent.
2008-07-08 10:10:09
226.   Eric Stephen
The only Dodger reference in Neyer's chat was a fleeting moment at the end:

Erik (Los Angeles): Dodgers will finish _____ in the west. Also, how about Kuroda? He's been impressive the last few starts. Can he keep it up?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: (1:05 PM ET ) First. They were my pick in March so now I'm back on the bandwagon

2008-07-08 10:11:32
227.   Bob Timmermann
Don't discount the Nats powerful offense. They could be firing on all cylinders tonight.

That would mean five hits, including a double!

2008-07-08 10:13:44
228.   Doctor

3 game loosing streak would have him back on the D'backs wagon.

2008-07-08 10:16:13
229.   GMac In The 909
223 Have you beaten the game yet? I've only played through the first couple of cut scenes (GTA4 has been my main focus). And which system do you have: 360 or PS3?
2008-07-08 10:18:04
230.   fanerman
229 Yeah I've beaten it. It's really really good. I liked it better than GTA4 (though I didn't play that much, my roommate played through the game. I just ran around causing mayhem). I have a 360. My roommate has a PS3. So MGS4 is his.
2008-07-08 10:18:27
231.   goofus
If Nomar doesn't get injured again, and manages to hit .270 or so, it's a lock Colletti will re-sign him.
If Blake DeWitt isn't slick enough to play second base, no one is. Even now he would make Jeff Kent look like, well, Jeff Kent. If they don't send him to the Fall League to play second, they are crazy. Or is that a foregone conclusion?
2008-07-08 10:20:46
232.   Eric Stephen
Has there ever been someone in the AFL with 300 or so PA of major league experience?
2008-07-08 10:21:26
233.   KG16
208 - all the Dodgers have to do is get into the playoffs, which they have an even money chance of doing at this point.

Once there, it'll be about match ups. Right now, against Florida, New York, Chicago, St Louis, and Milwaukee, the Dodgers are 11-12. That's not too bad of a record against the best teams in the league.

The Dodgers are a sub-500 team right now because of inter-league play (5-10). Against the National League, the Dodgers are a very respectable .542 team (39-35). I should also point out that the Dodgers got to face two division leaders in inter-league play (Angels and White Sox) as well as last year's AL Cy Young Award winner.

Besides, once in the playoffs - if they make the playoffs - you have got to love the Dodgers' pitching in a short series.

2008-07-08 10:22:08
234.   Eric Stephen
Just noticed this little fun stat this morning:

Career ERA+
Tonight's Starter 133
Sandy Koufax 131

2008-07-08 10:22:10
235.   GMac In The 909
230 There's nothing better to do in GTA games than to run around and cause mayhem. It's usually what I end up doing if a mission is giving me trouble.
2008-07-08 10:25:24
236.   KG16
231 - honest question: given that LaRoche has had back problems (which have caused him to miss games) wouldn't it make more sense, in the long run, for the Dodgers to move him to second base, one of the less taxing positions in the in field?

Not that I mind either way, I expect that DeRoche will be half the in field next year.

2008-07-08 10:28:14
237.   Ghost of Carlos Perez
Is loose an alternate spelling for lose? I see this so much, I'm starting to wonder if I've been wrong all this time.

A couple posts ago someone said something about "loosing their butts." That sounds crass.

2008-07-08 10:28:44
238.   bhsportsguy
232 Its more likely DeWitt or LaRoche would play in Winter Ball (not the AFL) to try a position change.
2008-07-08 10:30:39
239.   Marty
I'm waiting for GTA4 to come out for the PC. When I get bored in San Andreas, I enjoy finding a rooftop and lobbing a few grenades or using the sniper rifle until a police helicopter shows up. Then the rocket launcher comes into play.

GTA builds character.

2008-07-08 10:31:54
240.   Bob Hendley
Vin was saying last night that according to the players its in the second game that they really start really feeling the late game cross-country flight business. He may not be an All Star, but the Braves should have their hands full with Mr. Billz on the mound tonight.
2008-07-08 10:36:16
241.   GMac In The 909
239 Ahh yes, the rocket launcher. In addition to getting rid of those pesky choppers, it also has helped me pass many a mission in which Niko -- or previously C.J. -- had to take down 20+ armed tough guys in one pull of the trigger.
2008-07-08 10:37:17
242.   old dodger fan
234 Jurrjens ERA+ this year is 133 but his career is 122.
2008-07-08 10:38:46
243.   Eric Stephen
Isn't 2B considered a much more taxing position than 3B? Honest question. It seems logical that turning the double play, covering 2B on steals, and running to the OF as cutoff man makes 2B more taxing.
2008-07-08 10:39:29
244.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-08 10:39:33
245.   underdog
237 It's definitely one of my top editorial pet peeves these days. No, it's not an alternate spelling. If you are pitcher and you lose a game, you are the losing pitcher. One "o." If you are going to go out and drink heavily and try to loosen up, you need an extra "o." As you do when there's a bison on the loose.

But if you are a loser, you spell it looser.

That's what I snarkily tell any freelance writers I work with if they ask.

2008-07-08 10:39:45
246.   Eric Stephen
But I don't own a jersey of Jair Jurrjens! :)
2008-07-08 10:40:58
247.   Tom Meagher
170 "This is Ned's 3rd year.
DePo only got 2yrs.
Evans got less."

Evans was on the job for 33 months, DePodesta for 20 months, and Colletti so far for 32 months.

2008-07-08 10:41:45
248.   old dodger fan
246 I had to look it up twice to spell it and have no idea how to pronounce it.
2008-07-08 11:48:06
249.   Mike De Leon
On last nights game: INCREDIBLE outing by Kuroda. But the bunt attempt was completely bush. You don't break up a nono or perfecto with a cheap hit.

137. I don't thinks its how hard McDonald throws but the difference in velocity of his pitches. If he has a consistent 92 mph FB and there's a 10-12 mph difference between FB and the curve/change he should be successful. That's one of the problems Hoffman's having. He's lost a lot of velocity on his FB so there's hardly any difference between that and his change.

142. I don't know how you can say Sheets has never had an arm injury since he's a righty and has been on the DL with right shoulder problems. Add to that that it generaly takes longer to come back from a shoulder injury than arm or elbow problems and, although I like the guy, I pass unless the Dodgers get a big discount. Without a sound shoulder he's going to lose velocity like Schmidt.

2008-07-08 12:04:29
250.   Mike De Leon
Oh and that 2B by Texeira I thought the pitch before was a strike, border line but a strike non the less.

247. [Evans was on the job for 33 months, DePodesta for 20 months, and Colletti so far for 32 months.]

Not when FM took over he wasn't. He was told by FM that he could interview for the job, which immediately gave me a bad taste in mouth for FM since it was Evans who brought in Ng and Logan White and started re-building the farm into what it is today. Evans was with out a doubt the best of 3, although DePo had potential his communication skills left a lot to be desired.

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