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Captain Jon's Happy Funtime Parade
2008-07-08 16:35
by Jon Weisman

Pick your favorite Dodger starting nine - regardless of ability. Who would make the starting lineup of players you liked the most?

Get Manny Mota off the bench. Trade for Pedro Martinez. Give Abraham Lincoln "Sweetbreads" Bailey the spotlight he deserves. Show us the lineup that would bring the biggest smile to your face.

Here's my working lineup, subject to revision:

Vin Scully, CF
R.J. Reynolds, RF
Manny Mota, LF
Pedro Guerrero, 3B
Mike Piazza, C
Jackie Robinson, 2B
Don Newcombe, 1B
Chad Fonville, SS
Pedro Astacio, P

Comments (116)
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2008-07-08 16:47:05
1.   Marty
1B Mickey Hatcher
2B Steve Sax
SS Darrell Thomas
3B Ron Cey
LF Reggie Smith
CF Willie Davis
RF Matt Kemp
C Steve Yeager
SP Sandy Koufax
RP Mike Marshall
2008-07-08 16:47:24
2.   bhsportsguy
LF RJ Reynolds
C Steve Yeager (so he can pull off his Major League Play)
1B Reggie Smith (okay so he played their for the Giants)
RF Pedro Guerrero
3B Ron Cey
CF Pete Reiser (heard so much about him)
2B Charley Neal (I just like the name)
SS Jose Offerman (first prospect who really disappointed me)
P Sandy Koufax (I want to win the game)
2008-07-08 16:47:34
3.   Rob M
C - Piazza (I really like a lot of guys here)
1B - James Loney
2B - Jackie Robinson
SS - Rafael Furcal
3B - Ron Cey
LF - Pedro Guerrero
CF - Matt Kemp
RF - Raul Mondesi
P - Fernando!
2008-07-08 16:49:02
4.   Dave60
Mostly the guys I rememeber from the early 60's, but with a few substitutions.

C - John Roseboro
1B - Wes Parker
2B - Jim Gilliam
SS - Maury Wills
3B - Ron Cey
LF - Tommy Davis
CF - Willie Davis
RF - Reggie Smith
P - Sandy Koufax

2008-07-08 16:50:08
5.   Marty
If my mother were alive she would kill me for leaving Lou Johnson off the list.
2008-07-08 16:51:48
6.   ImprobableImpossible
Sax 2B
Stubbs 1B
Hatcher LF
Marshall RF
Shelby CF
Scioscia C
Hamilton 3B
Griffin SS
Belcher P

Always makes me smile!

2008-07-08 16:52:32
7.   Eric Enders
Pete Reiser, CF
Russell Martin, C
Kirk Gibson, LF
Jackie Robinson, 2B
Raul Mondesi, RF
Dave Hansen, 3B
Brian Traxler, 1B
Jose Offerman, SS
Ramon Martinez, P
2008-07-08 16:54:05
8.   tethier
SS - Muary Wills
2B - Davey Lopes
LF - Tommy Davis
3B - Ron Cey
CF - Duke Snider
RF - Andre Ethier
1B - Wes Parker
C - John Roseboro
P - Sandy Koufax
2008-07-08 16:55:53
9.   Sammy Maudlin
C- Johnny Oates
1B- Jonathan Broxton
2B- Frank Howard
SS- Boog Powell
3B- Steve Garvey
LF- Fernando Valenzuela
CF- Terry Forster
RF- McKay Christenson
P- Juan Pierre
2008-07-08 16:56:17
10.   Wilbert Robinson
C - Mike Scoiscia
1B - James Loney
2B - Steve Sax
SS - Alfredo Griffin
3B - Pedro Guerrero
LF - Mitch Webster
CF - Brett Butler
RF - Pedro Guerrero
P - Tom Candiotti
2008-07-08 16:56:54
11.   preacherroe
c-Joe Ferguson
1b-James Loney
2b-Jackie Robinson
ss-Pee Wee Reese
3b-Ron Cey
lf-Tommy Davis
cf-Duke Snider
rf-Wally Moon
sp-Sandy Koufax
2008-07-08 16:57:21
12.   GMac In The 909
1. Brett Butler, CF
2. Rafael Furcal, SS
3. Mike Piazza, C
4. Gary Sheffield, LF
5. Shawn Green, 1B
6. Milton Bradley, RF
7. Todd Zeile, 3B
8. Eric Young, 2B
9. Pedro Martinez, P

Yeah, that lineup could probably score some runs.

2008-07-08 16:57:37
13.   Jon Weisman
9 - Ooh, Fernando in left. I might have him come off my bench to replace Newcombe at first.
2008-07-08 16:58:11
14.   MonkeyBlue
I only started watching Dodgers baseball around 1999, so no oldies for me.

C - Paul Lo Duca
1B - Loney
2B -
SS - Izzy
3B - Adrian Beltre
OF - Dave Roberts
OF - Gary Sheffield
OF - Shawn Green
SP - Kevin Brown
RP - Eric Gagne

2008-07-08 16:58:35
15.   JT Dutch
... Interesting lineup, but here goes:

1-Marquis Grissom-CF
2-Steve Sax-2B
3-Reggie Smith-RF
4-Ron Cey-3B
5-Ralph Bryant-LF
6-Raul Mondesi-CF
7-Dave Hansen-1B
8-Cesar Izturis-SS
9-Orel Hershiser-SP

Manny Mota-PH
Eric Gagne-CL

2008-07-08 17:00:14
16.   ToyCannon
Since these are favorites I've limited to guys I've seen and enjoyed.
1st - Richie Allen
2nd - Lee Lacy
SS - Furcal
3rd - Cey
C - Fergy
CF - Jimmy Wynn
RF - Reggie Smith
LF - Pedro Guerrero

RHP - Orel
LHP - Fernando
Closer - Gagne

2008-07-08 17:01:29
17.   ToyCannon
Ack - I forgot Piazza, what a maroon.
2008-07-08 17:01:30
18.   Eric Enders
15 What was that Casey Stengel said... If you don't have a catcher, you're going to have a lot of passed balls.
2008-07-08 17:03:19
19.   thinkblue88
1B-Gil Hodges
2B-Jackie Robinson
SS-Pee Wee Reese
3b-Adrian Beltre(2004)
LF-Rauuuul Mondesi
CF-Duke Snider
RF-Matt Kemp
SP-Sandy Koufax

PH-Dave Hansen
CL-Eric Gagne

2008-07-08 17:03:49
20.   sporky
Odalis Perez just got ejected after getting 2 balks called in one inning.
2008-07-08 17:04:17
21.   sporky
... by Angel Hernandez.
2008-07-08 17:04:47
22.   Alex41592
Jackie Robinson, 2B
Rafael Furcal, SS
Mike Piazza, C
Gary Sheffield, RF
Dusty Baker, LF
Steve Garvey, 1B
Ron Cey, 3B
Brett Butler, CF
Sandy Koufax, P
2008-07-08 17:05:05
23.   MonkeyBlue
20. Is that some sort of record?
2008-07-08 17:05:51
24.   underdog
It's hard, on the one hand, to imagine Brooklyn or old-time Dodgers on this list since it's a personal list and I never saw any of them play in person or on TV. But I've seen film and since this is a fantasy anyway...

These are the guys I would most enjoy both rooting for and watching play:

C - Mike Scoiscia
1B - James Loney or Wes Parker
2B - Jackie Robinson
SS - Pee Wee Reese or Furcal
3B - Ron Cey
LF - Reggie Smith
CF - Duke Snider or Brett Butler
RF - Pedro Guerrero or Raul Mondesi
P - Sandy Koufax; Orel Hershiser
RP - Gagne at his peak or Steve Howe (just to root for him again)
Mascot - Mickey Hatcher

2008-07-08 17:06:41
25.   JT Dutch

... Wow -- I forgot Michael Piazza as my catcher, despite the fact that I have a jersey with the man's name. Jeez.

I have two centerfielders, so I'd have to move Grissom to SS (sorry Cesar).

New lineup:

1-Marquis Grissom-SS
2-Steve Sax-2B
3-Reggie Smith-RF
4-Michael Piazza-C
5-Ralph Bryant-LF
6-Ron Cey-3B
7-Raul Mondesi-CF
8-Dave Hansen-1B
9-Orel Hershiser-P

2008-07-08 17:07:08
26.   Greg Brock
C-Mike Scioscia
1B- Greg Brock
2B-Steve Sax
3B-Dave Hansen
SS-Cesar Izturis
LF-Kirk Gibson
CF-Eric Davis
RF-Raul Mondesi
2008-07-08 17:07:14
27.   KG16
Butler - CF
Gibson - LF
Snider - RF
Hodges - 1B
Robinson - 2B
Cey - 3B
Russell - SS
Piazaa - C
Orel - P
2008-07-08 17:07:33
28.   NoHoDodger
C-Duke Sims (he signed my sister's baseball)

1B-Garvey (favorite Dodger as a kid, not so much as an adult.)

2b-Jim LeVebre (sp.)

SS-Maury Wills (the thief)

3d-Bill Sudakis (just because he was the last of the revolving doors until Cey.)

LF-Pedro Guerrero (He Z big 1 Pedro.)

CF-Willie Davis (Favorite Dodger b/4 Garvey.)

RF-Reggie Smith (Enamored with him when he went into the stands to take on a fan.)

SP-Fernando (caught the mania, nuff said.)

RP-Jim Brewer (looked like a criminal on his baseball card.)

2008-07-08 17:07:36
29.   uclasway
All-Time Favorites:

C: Mike Scoscia
1B: Steve Garvey
2B: Jackie Robinson
3B: Russell Martin
SS: Maury Wills
LF: Kirk Gibson
CF: Brett Buttler (pre-Giant traitor)
RF: Shawn Green (circa '01 & '02)
SP: Sandy Koufax
RP: Jim Gott

All Time Misfits:
C - Todd Hundley/Gary Bennett
1B- Fred McGriff
2B- Wilton Guerrero
SS- Jose Offerman
3B- Todd Zeile
LF- Jeremy Burnitz
CF- Mitch Webster
RF- Billy Ashley
SP-Toss up between Carlos Perez and Darren Dreifort
RP-Jeff Shaw

2008-07-08 17:08:13
30.   El Lay Dave
C Derrel Thomas
1B Fernando Valenzuela
2B Pedro Guerrero
3B Jerry Grote
SS Billy Grabarkewitz
LF Bob Welch
CF Davey Lopes
RF Roger McDowell
P Jeff Hamilton
DH Don Drysdale*

*If required

2008-07-08 17:09:28
31.   Gilgamesh
About the revenue stream ideas, I agree that bi-annual fundraisers are best (april, sept?)
But as an incentive, I'd love to receive the full article as an RSS feed, for a minimum donation.
I like to read downloaded feeds while 'offline' i.e. business flights, but only get a snipet with the current setup.
2008-07-08 17:13:03
32.   uclasway
Someone should put Ron Coomer on their list just for fun
2008-07-08 17:13:33
33.   Marty
30 Another Thomas supporter!
2008-07-08 17:14:53
34.   El Lay Dave
Man, when I started typing in 30 there were only 3 comments. Obviously I got a kick when they played out of position. It was hardest to come up with an out of position SS - no Nomar jokes here, please.
2008-07-08 17:15:46
35.   ToyCannon
Knock me over with a feather.
2008-07-08 17:15:57
36.   ToyCannon
2008-07-08 17:16:07
37.   fanerman
Limiting it to guys I've seen play...

LF - Jayson Werth
CF - Brett Butler
RF - Matt Kemp
3B - Adrian Beltre
SS - Russell Martin
2B - Eric Young (I guess)
1B - Hee Seop Choi
C - Mike Piazza
P - Orel Hershiser

2008-07-08 17:17:16
38.   El Lay Dave
33 Yeah - but at C! That was great.
2008-07-08 17:17:44
39.   Gen3Blue
SS Maury Wills
2B Jackie Robinson
CF Duke Snider
C Mike Piazza
3d Adrian Beltre
Ist Gil Hodges
LF Pedro Guerrero
RF Reggie Smith, Raul Mondesi--Tie
P Sandy Koufax

I'd love to see it play!

2008-07-08 17:18:19
40.   JJ42
C - Russell Martin
1B - James Loney
2B - Jackie Robinson
SS - Rafael Furcal
3B - Adrian Beltre
LF - Manny Mota
CF - Milton Bradley
RF - Andre Ethier
Rotation - Sandy Koufax, Carl Erskine, Don Newcombe, Tommy John, Chan Ho Park
Closer - Takashi Saito
2008-07-08 17:20:09
41.   Bob Timmermann
Five pitchers have had three balks in one inning. Two of them were in the Balk Year of 1988: Don Heinkel of Detroit and Jim Gott, then of Pittsburgh.

In 1963, another year of balks, Bob Shaw of Milwaukee had three in an inning en route to a record-setting five for the game.

2008-07-08 17:21:42
42.   Andrew Shimmin
SS Russ Martin
1B Hee Seop Ch-i
RF Mike Piazza
LF Kirk Gibson
CF Matt Kemp
C Mike Scioscia
3B Andy LaRoche
2B Lenny Harris
P Orel Hershiser
2008-07-08 17:24:40
43.   Kevin P
SS- Maury Wills
LF- Kirk Gibson
CF- Duke Snider
C- Mike Piazza
1B- Steve Garvey
3B- Adrian Beltre (the 48HR,121RBI,1.017OPS year)
2B- Jeff Kent
RF- Raul Mondesi
SP- Sandy Koufax
RP- Orel Hershiser (Sandy would obviously need his help)
CP- Fernando Valenzuela
2008-07-08 17:27:19
44.   Andrew Shimmin
... by Angel Hernandez.

Represent! I might have to give Piazza the boot, and boot the umpiest ump who ever umped in RF.

2008-07-08 17:27:20
45.   GMac In The 909
I have to say this is a lot more fun than the LaWitt v. DeRoche debates.

/free Andy!

2008-07-08 17:28:00
46.   Andrew Shimmin
That second boot should have been something else. "Put," maybe. I don't know.
2008-07-08 17:30:29
47.   Johnny Nucleo
C- Mike Scioscia
1B-Greg Brock
2B-Steve Sax
3B-Pedro Guerrero
LF-Ralph Bryant
CF-Kirk Gibson
RF-Mike Marshall
2008-07-08 17:32:09
48.   Eric Enders
34 I always liked it when Beltre played shortstop.
2008-07-08 17:32:13
49.   Ken Noe
C - Mike Piazza
1B - Steve Garvey
2B - Davey Lopes
SS - Bobby Valentine
3B - The Penguin
LF - Billy Buckner
CF - Toy Cannon
RF - Raul Mondesi
P - Koufax, Valenzuela, Nomo, Messersmith, Orel
Pen - Mike Marshall, Takashi Saito, Eric Gagne
2008-07-08 17:33:16
50.   3upn3down
CF - Brett Butler
2B - Jackie Robinson
C - Mike Piazza
1B - Steve Garvey
LF - Kirk Gibson
RF - Raul Mondesi
3B - Adrian Beltre
SS - Jose Offerman
SP - Pedro Martinez
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-08 17:34:20
51.   fanerman
34 Russell Martin! DUH!
2008-07-08 17:35:42
52.   arbfuldodger
C - Mike Piazza (close between him & Scoiscia)
1B - Eric Karros (If Piazza is on the team then Fabio has to be there too)
2B - Steve Sax (with complementary helmets for everyone in the first ten rows behind 1B)
3B - Pedro Guerrero (watching him throw his glove to the ground after Clark's HR he's got to start)
SS - Davey Lopes (he had to make my team somewhere)
RF - Reggie Smith (loved his batting stance, used to try to copy it w/ a broomstick)
CF - Brett Butler (and his Jai-alai glove)
LF - Kirk Gibson (2 plays makes the team... 1. scoring from 2nd base on passed ball & 2. duh)

Manager - Vin Scully

PH - Manuel Geronimo Mota (clutch)
B - Vic Davallio (loved the name and the way Vinny would say it)
B - Olmedo "Big Sexy" Saenz (Killer Tomato rules)
B - Ron Cey (gotta have the Penguin)
B - Dusty Baker (used to love to throw packs of bubblegum at Jonnie B. when we'd go to games)
B - Greg Brock

LHSP - Fernando Valenzuela (throw your sombrero's to the sky)
RHSP - Orel Hershiser
SP - Don Sutton (Curly ...want him to take over for Vin when ...dont want to say it)
SP - Rick Rhoden (started in the 1st game I attended at Dodger Stadium)
SP - Clayton Kershaw (The future)

RHRP - Eric Gagne (Welcome To The Jungle = Goose Bumps )
LHRP - Steve Howe (Drugs are bad ...mmmmmmmkay)
RP - Sammy Saito
RP - Babo Castillo
RP - Terry Forrester (a/k/a Fat Tub O' Goo)
P - Jerry Reuss(threw a no-hitter against the hated Giants on my birthday)

2008-07-08 17:37:08
53.   Humma Kavula
I love singing Dave Frishberg's "Dodger Blue," so here is Dave's batting order. Dave front-loaded a bunch of pitchers into the song, so to keep the verse intact, these pitchers get pressed into service in the field.

Wally Moon RF
Wes Parker 1B
Manny Mota SS
Norm Larker LF
Ken McMullen 3B
Danny McDevitt (not really CF)
Terry McDermott (not really 2B)
Al McBean (not really C)
Doyle Alexander P
MGR: Claude Osteen

Some came up
for just a cup of coffee
While others stayed for many a season through
But they all had the dream
And they all made the team
And they all wore Dodger Blue...

2008-07-08 17:40:34
54.   Gen3Blue
Hey back to reality, have we got tonights line-up yet?
2008-07-08 17:41:04
55.   Marty
I'm thinking of players I left out who I really liked. My bench would be:

Lou Johnson
Billy Buckner
Jim Brewer
Tom Pacioreck
Vic Davalillo

2008-07-08 17:41:11
56.   fanerman
37 I'm adding a utility player to my team: JtD.
2008-07-08 17:41:37
57.   Alex41592
54 - Posted hours ago it's the same as last night.
2008-07-08 17:42:12
58.   KG16
52 - I was always partial to Gibson's diving catch at Shea in the NLCS. I remember him being completely horizontal, three feet off the ground, and he never took his eyes off the ball.

I also remember my dad pointing out that Gibson didn't take his eyes off the ball as he was about to slam into the ground.

2008-07-08 17:42:36
59.   Eric Stephen
I can tell you one thing: I'm not compiling these results! :)

My happy place lineup:
CF - Brett Butler
2B - Jackie Robinson
LF - Kirk Gibson
C - Mike Piazza
3B - Eddie Murray
1B - Fernando Valenzuela
RF - Mickey Hatcher
SS - Dave Anderson
SP - Orel Hershiser

RP - Mike Fetters

2008-07-08 17:43:53
60.   Eric Enders
58 Memories are funny things... I think if you looked at the replay you'd find that he not only didn't get three feet off the ground, but never left the ground at all.
2008-07-08 17:44:53
61.   bhsportsguy
59 Ha!
2008-07-08 17:46:28
62.   underdog
54 But just to have it here too (and, NO, this is not a fantasy line-up)

Kemp RF
Ethier LF
Martin C
Kent 2B
Loney 1B
Jones CF
Garciaparra SS
DeWitt 3B
Billingsley P

2008-07-08 17:50:00
63.   Linkmeister
1b - Hodges
2b - Jackie
3b - Cey
C - Piazza
RF - Furillo
CF - Snider
LF - Reggie Smith
SPs - Koufax, Drysdale, Sutton, Hershiser, Dazzy Vance
Relievers - Perranoski, Gagne, Marshall
2008-07-08 17:50:20
64.   Bob Timmermann
CF - Mike Ramsey
2B - Mike Ramsey
3B - Bill Sudakis
LF - John Hale
RF - Mike Marshall
1B - Greg Brock
SS - Greg Gagne
C - Duke Sims
P - Jim Bunning

RP - Mike Trombley

2008-07-08 17:50:44
65.   Linkmeister
Hmm. Tough to play without a shortstop. Add Furcal in there.
2008-07-08 17:52:57
66.   fanerman
64 Greg Gagne gets some DAP!
2008-07-08 17:53:55
67.   GMac In The 909
64 What? No Maza?
2008-07-08 17:54:51
68.   Alex41592
64 - Not THE World Champion Mike Ramsey? I totally forgot about him.
2008-07-08 17:56:13
69.   Bob Timmermann
Veterans of DT never forget about Mike Ramsey(s).
2008-07-08 17:57:32
70.   LeeLacy
Here's mine:

C - Roy Campanella
1B - Steve Garvey
2B - Lee Lacy (of course)
SS - Maury Wills
3B - Ron Cey
LF - Sandy Amoros
CF - Mike Piazza (boy, that would be a sight!)
RF - Reggie Smith

SP - Sandy Koufax
SP - Don Drysdale
SP - Fernando Valenzuela
SP - Alejandro Pena
SP - Burt Hooton

RP - Brian Holton
RP - Pat Zachry
RP - Mike Garman
CL - Jim Brewer

2008-07-08 17:59:15
71.   El Lay Dave
48 Ah, good one.

51 But the Golden God hasn't actually appeared there. Yet.

2008-07-08 17:59:17
72.   Jon Weisman
69 - It was tough to leave them off. They just couldn't break into my lineup.
2008-07-08 17:59:57
73.   Bob Timmermann
In fact, yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the selection of the Obscure, Yet Memorable Dodger.

And did anybody talk about in on the news?

Was there any mention of it on the radio?

Were there any newspaper stories?

July 7, 2004.

Obscure, yet memorable. That's what our Dodger memories are made of.

But enough of my preaching. Let's get back to this one.

2008-07-08 18:00:58
74.   Alex41592
69 - Well how can you forget the one Mike Ramsey that played 48 games in 1987. However, the OTHER Mike Ramsey. I have no excuse.
2008-07-08 18:02:20
75.   ToyCannon
The Catching position is tough. Piazza, Martin, Fergy, Scoscia, LaDuca, and Sudakis would all make my top 25 favorite Dodgers.
2nd try
1st - LaDuca
2nd - Lacy
SS - Martin
3rd - Sudakis
RF - Fergy
C - Scoscia
CF - Willie Davis
LF - Piazza
2008-07-08 18:02:52
76.   bhsportsguy
Mark Reynolds got an error in the last inning when he dropped the ball while pumping it into his mitt before throwing to first.

Arizona got out of it to preserve its 1-0 lead but Webb has thrown 96 pitches in 5 innings.

2008-07-08 18:04:25
77.   underdog
I was always partial to Tracy Woodson, for no real good reasons I can recall.
2008-07-08 18:04:45
78.   Jon Weisman
73 - That is the ultimate meta-comment.
2008-07-08 18:05:29
79.   Bob Timmermann
I was very proud of 73 and really hoped it was understood by as small of a group as possible.
2008-07-08 18:06:38
80.   Duranimal
With CC and Harden going to the NL Central, the wild card is going to be very tough to get. It'll be very interesting what Colletti does. Seems like he has to do something to save his job.

I still think his poorest move was not negotiating with A-Rod last winter. Bear in mind, I wasn't for signing A-Rod to a 10 year deal, but it seems like you have to at least talk to a HOFer still in his prime who doesn't have any other suitors - especially when he's a perfect fit for your gaping hole at third.

Seems like a 1-3 year deal should have been possible. If so, we wouldn't have signed Andruw, been in first by a half dozen games right now, and tweaking our lineup for a possible NL pennant.

2008-07-08 18:07:01
81.   underdog
I'm embarrassed to say I'd never heard of Sudakis. Wait... did he sing "Laughter in the Rain"?
2008-07-08 18:08:57
82.   bhsportsguy
80 A-Rod took Boras off the negotiations and called the Yankees himself, there was never anyone else that he was going to be with but the Yankees.
2008-07-08 18:10:03
83.   Bob Timmermann
I know thee not.
2008-07-08 18:10:53
84.   Dexter Fishmore
CF - Blake DeWitt
2B - Blake DeWitt
LF - Blake DeWitt
1B - Blake DeWitt
RF - Blake DeWitt
3B - Blake DeWitt
C - Blake DeWitt
SS - Blake DeWitt
P - Blake DeWitt


2008-07-08 18:12:06
85.   DXMachina
C - Russell Martin
1B - Gil Hodges
2B - Davey Lopes
3B - Ron Cey
SS - Greg Gagne (I worked with Gagne's MiL when he was with the Dodgers. She had him send me an autographed ball when she found out I was a Dodger fan.)
OF - Reggie Smith
OF - Willie Davis
OF - Carl Furillo

PH - Manny Mota

P - Sandy Koufax
P - Don Drysdale
P - Joe Moeller
P - Joe Beimel
P - Burt Hooton

2008-07-08 18:16:04
86.   Indiana Jon
2B - Jackie Robinson
CF - Matt Kemp
3B - Pedro Guerrero
C - Mike Piazza
1B - Steve Garvey
RF - Mike Marshall
LF - Candy Maldonado
SS - Bill Russell
P - Alejandro Pena
2008-07-08 18:16:17
87.   El Lay Dave
81 "Calendar Girl". Now get offa my lawn!
2008-07-08 18:16:19
88.   kinbote
CF--Brett Butler
SS--Russell Martin
LF--Kirk Gibson
3B--Pedro Guerrero
1B--James Loney
RF--Mike Marshall
C--Mike Scioscia
SS--Cesar Izturis
P--John Tudor

PH--Dusty Baker
PR--Chad Fonville
RP--Scott Radinsky
Manager--Mickey Hatcher

2008-07-08 18:17:00
89.   KG16
[6-] - game 3 of the NLCS, in the rain.

Granted, I was 10, but I specifically remember Gibson laying out to catch it.

2008-07-08 18:20:03
90.   thinkblue88


2008-07-08 18:20:44
91.   El Lay Dave
88 John Tudor is one the names I least expected to see in these comments.
2008-07-08 18:21:05
92.   SLODodger
Long time reader (since before the toast) and first time commenter. I couldn't pass up naming my favorite starting nine. Besides, I was on vacation and missed the day you invited all of us non-commenters to comment. Here's my nine:
1B - Loney (signed Daughter's autograph at Red's game)
2B - Robinson
SS - me (the dream lives on)Russell backs me up
3B - Ventura (only Dodger I every played against...of course that was back in 9th in grade)
C - Scoscia
LF - Earl Miller (grew up in my hometown played ball with my Bro)
CF - Butler
RF - Mondesi
P - Koufax, Hershiser, Valenzuela, Welch, Billingsley
2008-07-08 18:23:16
93.   overkill94
Being a relative whippersnapper (27) my list is going to skew recent:

C - Russell Martin (loved Piazza back in the day, but Russ is my new toy)
1B - Hee Seop Choi (it's about time someone gave him playing time!)
2B - Steve Sax (for the ladies)
SS - Tripp Cromer (always loved the guy for some reason)
3B - Pedro Guerrero (he'll knock it down once in a while)
OF - Matt Luke (another kooky pick a la Cromer)
OF - Cory Snyder (because he signed the card I mailed to him)
OF - Brett Butler (loved to watch him run)

SP - Shawn Hillegas (my first autograph! I think...)
SP - Orel Hershiser (my first favorite player)
SP - Jim Neidlinger (because I remember him being good)
RP - Eric Gagne (steroids or no, it was awesome watching him deal)

2008-07-08 18:27:18
94.   Prescott Pete
Gotta go with my youth so Dick Tracewski plays second base and John Kennedy plays third. Nate Oliver backs up both.
2008-07-08 18:30:11
95.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres have put Brett Tomko on the DL.

The balance of power in the NL West has been irreparably altered.

2008-07-08 18:33:11
96.   Linkmeister
95 "The balance of power in the NL West has been irreparably altered."

What, again?

2008-07-08 18:33:12
97.   Terry A
82 - Madonna.
2008-07-08 18:36:01
98.   Icaros
I was in attendance for Jim Neidlinger's debut. The Giants won on a Gary Carter HR, which I believe someone other than Neidlinger gave up.

It was my first game at Dodger Stadium since I was a baby. Since I lived in the Bay Area at that time, it was a real treat for me to not have to watch the Dodgers at Candlestick.

I had a Thrifty malt.

2008-07-08 18:39:24
99.   Indiana Jon
98 I saw him pitch in Cincinnati that year. He looked great. Now Bob will probably tell me that he got hammered in Cincinnati, but I'll remember it how I want to remember it.
2008-07-08 18:42:20
100.   Bob Timmermann
Neidlinger gave up 2 hits, one unearned run, and lost, 1-0. The lone run scored on a Ray Searage wild pitch.

However, ruining people's dreams and memories would be a special DT extra you can get for slipping Jon an extra $20 all year.

If you give him $50, I can tell him that your parents didn't love you.

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2008-07-08 18:43:04
101.   arbfuldodger
mlbtraderumors is reporting that the D'Backs are considering Barry Lamar Bonds as a replacement for the out for the season Eric Byrnes.
2008-07-08 18:43:40
102.   Bob Timmermann
I should say, for $50, I will tell you that your parents didn't love you.

Pronoun trouble there.

2008-07-08 18:45:23
103.   Indiana Jon
100 Sweet, now I can remember him as a great pitcher for the rest of my life. How many innings did he pitch?

How do you know my parents?

2008-07-08 18:45:34
104.   Bob Timmermann
It's a good thing that in the wake of the Jason Grimsley Affair, that the DBacks wish to maintain their commitment to only signing players of integrity.

That's why they had to get rid of Luis Gonzalez.

2008-07-08 18:48:28
105.   Marty
It will be fun to watch Shimmin get all doe-eyed over Bonds.
2008-07-08 18:59:15
106.   Icaros
I'd rather have Bonds in LF than Juan Pierre. I'd rather have Bonds in CF than Pierre, for that matter.
2008-07-08 19:01:03
107.   Bob Timmermann
The game thread is open.
2008-07-08 19:07:48
108.   Andrew Shimmin
105- This must be what Raiders fans feel like.

Just win baby!

2008-07-08 19:14:44
109.   StolenMonkey86
2B - Jackie Robinson
SS - Russell Martin
C - Mike Piazza
CF - Duke Snider
3B - Pedro Guerrero
RF - Matt Kemp
LF - Andre Ethier
1B - Steve Garvey

SP - Sandy Koufax
SP - Don Drysdale
SP - Fernando Valenzuela
SP - Orel Hershiser

CL - Eric Gagne
LOOGY - Tommy Lasorda

Manager - Vin Scully

2008-07-08 20:19:10
110.   popup
Broadcasters: Vin, Ross and Don, though Vin and Jerry were a great duo.

1b Steve Garvey
2b Jim Lefebvre
ss Maury Wills
3b Ron Cey
c John Roseboro
lf Lou Johnson
cf Willie Davis
rf Frank Howard
utility: Jim Gilliam
starting five: Sandy, Fernando, Orel, Don Drysdale, and as a salute for the best Dodger game in the past ten years, postseason edition, Jose Lima
relief: Gagne from the right and Perranoski from the left
pinch hitter: Manny Mota
manager: Walt Alston
general manager: Dan Evans
writer: Jon Weisman

I would put some Brooklyn players in this list, but except for Gil and Duke I did not see any of the players from the Boys of Summer era. I became a Dodger fan in 1962 and the players and others I have listed are my favorites from the time I first became a Dodger fan until today. Sandy by a very wide margin is my favorite Dodger player of all time. Vin is someone I would like and admire even if I was not a Dodger fan.

If Jon ever asks for the flip side of this list, my least favorite Dodger in any capacity is Kevin Malone. Strawberry, Jeff Kent, and LaSorda would make that list too. Steiner and Monday would be the broadcasters. I better not pursue this too much further or I will talk myself out of being a Dodger fan.

Stan from Tacoma

2008-07-08 20:19:57
111.   MikeB
1B Wes Parker
2B Jim Gilliam
SS Bill Russell
3B Ron Cey
LF Kirk Gibson
CF "3 Dog" (Willie Davis)
RF Wally Moon
C Mike Piazza (Russell closing fast)
SP Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, Orel Hersheiser, Fernando Valenzuela, Johnny Podres
RP Larry Sherry, Ron Perranoski, Mike Marshall, Eric Gagne, Takashi Saito

Manager - Walter Alston

2008-07-08 21:20:28
112.   Vishal
not using any current players because that's not fair:

C mike piazza
1B eddie murray
2B jackie robinson
3B pedro guerrero
SS alfredo griffin
LF kirk gibson
RF darryl strawberry
CF juan pierre (just kidding)
CF milton bradley

SP ramon martinez
SP sandy koufax
SP orel hershiser
SP hideo nomo
SP fernando
CL don drysdale because he's intimidating

2008-07-08 21:29:37
113.   PDH5204
Lopes - 2B
Furcal - SS
Smith - RF
Guerrero - LF
Wynn - CF
Garvey - 1B
Cey - 3B
Martin - C

SP-John, Sutton, Hooton, Welch and Valenzuela

RP-Marshall, Saito, Pena, and Howell

For interleague play, at DH: Crawford [actually, he'd take over in LF for Pedro, who would DH].

2008-07-08 22:07:01
114.   chuck d
2B: Mike Sharperson
SS: Alfredo Griffin
3B: Ron Cey
1B: Gil Hodges
LF: Kal Daniels
CF: Ken Landreaux
RF: Rick Monday
C: Charles Johnson

SP: Tom Candiotti
RP: Hong Chi Kuo

2008-07-08 23:12:31
115.   tjdub
1B-Mickey Hatcher
SS-Russell Martin (at least once please)
CL-Howe (if only, if only)
2008-07-08 23:59:21
116.   Gilberto Reyes
C-Mike Piazza
1B-Bill Buckner
2B-Davey Lopes
SS-Maury Wills
3B-Ron Cey
LF-Dusty Baker
CF-Willie Davis
RF-Reggie Smith

SP-Koufax, Drysdale, Welch, Fernando
RP-Steve Howe, Gagne, Terry Forester

PH-Manny Mota, Vic Davillio, Jose Morales

MGR-Tommy Lasorda
GM-Al Campanis
Owner-Peter O'Malley
Announcer-Vin Scully

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