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A Month of O'Malley Honors Gets Underway
2008-07-09 14:19
by Jon Weisman

Walter O'Malley will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 18 days. Getting a jump on the celebration, the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission unveiled a bronze plaque in his honor. Ross Porter emceed the ceremony.

"My Dad would have been very proud of this recognition in the Coliseum Court of Honor and especially expressed his gratitude to the Coliseum Commission for making it possible for the Dodgers to play at the historic Coliseum for four seasons," said Peter O'Malley, President, Los Angeles Dodgers from 1970-98. "From the very beginning in Los Angeles, fans have had a love affair with the Dodgers that has become generational. It started with the unique baseball dimensions at the Coliseum and with fans listening to broadcasters Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrin (both Hall of Famers) on their transistor radios." ...

Some other notables who have been recognized with the "Coliseum Court of Honor" include: Knute Rockne (1955), "Pop" Warner (1956), Baron Pierre de Coubertin (1958), "Babe" Didrickson (1961), President John F. Kennedy (1964), Amos Alonzo Stagg (1965), Cardinal McIntyre & Mary's Hour (1966), Daniel Reeves (1972), Kenneth Washington (1972), Francis "Frank" Leahy (1974), Jesse Owens (1984), Pope John Paul II (1987), Pete Rozelle (1998), Jim Murray (1999), John McKay (2001), Jackie Robinson (2005), Vin Scully (2008) and John Wooden (2008).

In related news, induction ceremonies for the Baseball Reliquary's Shrine of the Eternals will take place at 2 p.m. July 20 in a public ceremony at the Pasadena Central Library. Admission is free. Buck O'Neil, Emmett Ashford, and Bill Buckner are being honored.

* * *

Joe Torre shared some of his thoughts about the leadoff spot with Brian Kamenetzky of Blue Notes. An excerpt:

Torre: His (Matt Kemp's) on-base percentage right now is pretty good. I've had some unorthodox leadoff hitters through the years. Before I came here, where we have a couple with Furcal and Pierre, I've had one guy over the years that really I was comfortable with as a leadoff hitter, and that was Chuck Knobloch, and all of a sudden he stopped trying to steal bases. I had Jeter, who was a free swinger. Soriano, and we all see how much of a free swinger he is. Early on with the Yankees, we had Tim Raines, whose speed wasn't what it once was. The thing is you get somebody up there you don't mind getting extra at bats, (but) I think you have to have the ability to run the bases and steal bases.

BK: Not to pick on Juan, whose OBP was far lower through June, as a manager is there any preference to having that more traditional guy, even if it's with a lower OBP, does that offer something that the other way doesn't?

Torre: On-base percentage is important. Juan is not going to walk. The pitcher's going to say "here, I dare you to hit it," because he hits mainly singles. Matt, they'll be a little more careful because he has a little more punch. In Juan's case, you'll accept a little lower on-base percentage because you know when he gets on base he can do some damage because he's an accomplished base stealer, and he certainly knows how to hit, and this year we've had a bonus in that he's knocked in (runs). His batting average with men in scoring position is terrific. He's gotten up that extra time, and the fact we've had men on base, he's done a good job for us.

Comments (151)
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2008-07-09 14:37:01
1.   ToyCannon
Nice tidbits, at least we know where Joe is coming from. Those seemed like very honest comments whether we agree with them or not.
2008-07-09 14:37:02
2.   bhsportsguy
From BillJamesOnline
For 2008 - Juan Pierre

Innings Led Off: 104
Team Scored: 57 Runs .55 per inning

Reached Base Leading Off: 35
Team Scored: 35 Runs 1.00 per inning

For 2008 - Matt Kemp

Innings Led Off: 78
Team Scored: 34 Runs .44 per inning

Reached Base Leading Off: 24
Team Scored: 20 Runs .83 per inning

2008-07-09 14:39:41
3.   bhsportsguy
Its hard to compare them right now, Pierre was really bad this year in the leadoff spot, Kemp has struck out 1 more time in his few games (15) than Pierre did in over 200 at bats.

I would guess that Kemp will be more productive but in some ways it will be similar to Pierre because Matt doesn't walk either, so he will have to do it by putting the bat on the ball.

2008-07-09 14:39:50
4.   Terry A
0 - Note to bhsportsguy: In the last thread, I was referring to the comments Jon has posted above (from the Blue Notes blog) WRT Pierre and Kemp.

And obviously, my memory was off. I thought he was a little more tepid in his comments about Kemp. I was wrong. Still, doesn't this count as boneheaded:

"In Juan's case, you'll accept a little lower on-base percentage because you know when he gets on base he can do some damage because he's an accomplished base stealer, and he certainly knows how to hit..."

2008-07-09 14:40:13
5.   GMac In The 909
2 What are the numbers with Furcal?
2008-07-09 14:42:14
6.   cargill06
2 and can we get the OPS of what the hitters have done after pirre and kemp lead off an inning? i'm sure it's just a matter of one guy having the guys behind him hit better
2008-07-09 14:42:18
7.   Jon Weisman
4 - I think his theory in a way is that the stolen bases boost Pierre's de facto slugging percentage.
2008-07-09 14:43:16
8.   Jon Weisman
7 - Now, whether it's a significant boost - that's for the numbers to decide.
2008-07-09 14:43:46
9.   bhsportsguy
5 You don't want to know because its scary good. Okay but I warned you.

Innings Led Off: 70
Team Scored: 67 Runs .96 per inning

Reached Base Leading Off: 36
Team Scored: 52 Runs 1.44 per inning

2008-07-09 14:44:51
10.   ToyCannon
Yeah, we don't miss him much.
2008-07-09 14:45:19
11.   jujibee
2. What is James doing. JP has better batters behind him when he leads off considering most of Kemp's leadoff innings have not been when he's batting first in the lineup. Jp has batted 1st a lot more than Kemp has, but he has also been followed by the likes of hotter hitters at the time because that's how Joe fills out the lineup card.
2008-07-09 14:45:26
12.   68elcamino427
In Juan's case ... , he's done a good job for us.

This should be fun. By the time Juan is set to return to full time play there should be a fair sample size to compare the Dodgers won/loss record when Pierre bats leadoff as compared to when Kemp bats leadoff.

Torre loves Pierre, but he may grow to love Kemp more - if Kemp can consistently deliver with the bat in games from the 5th inning on.

2008-07-09 14:47:06
13.   goofus
We'll never really know the details on the trade that didn't happen, but is it possible the other guy said "No"? To me, and probably to most people, both Kemp's and LaRoche's value has tumbled in the last six months. That sure makes trading them harder.
2008-07-09 14:47:26
14.   bhsportsguy
6 Take in account that Pierre has generally batted 1st or 2nd while Kemp has batted about the same in 2nd, 3rd and 6th spots.

So generally they have had the same people behind them aside from when Kemp batting 6th.

2008-07-09 14:48:06
15.   natepurcell
Now, I present to you....Carlos Santana

2008-07-09 14:48:19
16.   Terry A
7, 8 - You mean, he drives in runs with his legs?
2008-07-09 14:48:35
17.   tjdub
I'm oversimplifying of course, but even with free-swingers leading off (Soriano, Kemp, etc. to use the examples cited, but Furcal as well of course), I like the fact that every few weeks your likely to start off with a 1-0 lead without relying on those batting 2-4. This is not a difficult concept unless your a future Hall of Fame Manager.
2008-07-09 14:49:01
18.   underdog
Furcal's Back should be the title of a horror movie, or a summary of the Dodgers season. Either way.

Everything would be right with the world if he was healthy.

Ah well. The DBacks may have lost Byrnes for the year. Teams have to find other ways to make things happen and at least over the last couple of weeks in general they've put things together much better. At least Joe has continued to bring Kemp out in the leadoff spot.

2008-07-09 14:52:07
19.   Jon Weisman
16 - No, but in all seriousness, he puts himself in scoring position X number of times, like a guy who doubles ...

Solve for X. You do the math. Ha cha cha ...

2008-07-09 14:54:39
20.   jujibee
15. What program opens a .mov file
2008-07-09 14:54:54
21.   GMac In The 909
9 My sadness knows no bounds after seeing that.


2008-07-09 14:55:01
22.   cargill06
14 i'm not talking about the season stats, i'm talking about the numbers of the hitters behing them after they leadoff the inning until they complete the inning.
2008-07-09 14:55:07
23.   Terry A
If a bison leaves Los Angeles on a one-way trip to Cleveland traveling 23mph...
2008-07-09 14:56:30
24.   underdog
15 Man, he's got a sweeeet swing.

Hah. I love how they left in the clip where he gets a ball right in the gut. Well, I don't love it, but it's an interesting choice to end on.

2008-07-09 14:56:38
25.   sporky
20 Quicktime.
2008-07-09 14:57:13
26.   natepurcell

It just plays in another window for me.

2008-07-09 14:57:24
27.   LoneStar7
15 very impressive..
2008-07-09 14:58:20
28.   ToyCannon
This is getting silly. He has 14 home runs for the year and 6 of those have come in his last 10 games. Not to mention the 15 runs batted in and eight walks to go along with the 450 batting average. That is El Fuego in any language.

He hit 7 home runs for the whole year last year.

2008-07-09 14:58:27
29.   jujibee
25. thanks
2008-07-09 14:58:40
30.   Xeifrank
Using FanGraphs as the source. WPA (Win Probability Added) of all stolen base attempts (not including back end of double steal, ie-stole 2nd as part of double steal) for both Kemp and Pierre this year. I calculated these quickly and to the best of my ability. vr, Xei

Kemp: 0.141 wins added.
Pierre: 0.428 wins added.

2008-07-09 14:58:46
31.   LoneStar7
15 do you think that little toe tap will get will be changed by hitting coaches, it looked a little unorthodox
2008-07-09 15:00:08
32.   natepurcell
James Adkins

Santana right handed

Josh Bell right handed

Josh Bell left handed

Jaime Pedroza

2008-07-09 15:01:50
33.   JoeyP
2--I dont think that is an apples to apples comparison in terms of the team scoring runs because Pierre always had the entire 8 guys in the lineup behind him. He almost hit either #1 or #2 in the lineup.

With Kemp, he's been all around the lineup, and further down in the lineup. The further down you hit in the lineup, the less chance your team will score runs in a particular inning.

I think instead of using "innings led off", you should just compare the games in which Kemp/Pierre each hit in the same spot of the batting order.

2008-07-09 15:01:54
34.   natepurcell
Okay this what I don't get about minor league LD%.

Santana's is around 8 or 9%, but he has 32 XBHs that are not homeruns.

How do you get 32 non homerun XBHs in less than 300ABs without hitting the ball hard?

2008-07-09 15:01:55
35.   Sean P
Juan Pierre, this year:

Runners in Scoring Position:
58 PAs: .377/.431/.491/.922

None On:
208 PAs: .253/.303/.273/.576

2008-07-09 15:02:39
36.   the2pin
I truly apologize if we've been over this before, but this is the first I've seen of it:

"MONDAY: ...
Perrotto wrote that Wilson is the Dodgers' primary trade target. He says "a Dodgers source indicated that Los Angeles might be willing to deal center fielder Matt Kemp."

Wilson, 30, is hitting .306/.348/.361 in 160 plate appearances this year. He's under contract next year for $7.25MM with an $8.4MM club option for '10. Wilson can block trades to six teams."

Wilson is handy with the glove, but he has zero power (ZERO HR on the year) and he's making far, far more money than Kemp.

Am I the only person that thinks Kemp has probably been our best overall player this year?

2008-07-09 15:03:22
37.   natepurcell

Chipper Jones has a toe tap type thing. If that timing mechanism works for him, I don't see why you change it.

2008-07-09 15:03:56
38.   still bevens
31 Lots of hitters do the loading toe tap. A-Rod does it too. Might not be as pronounced in his wing tho.
2008-07-09 15:04:10
39.   bhsportsguy
36 Best overall player? I wouldn't go that far, for peak value its Furcal, for the season its Martin, for the last month its probably Loney and for the last week, Ethier.
2008-07-09 15:04:44
40.   cargill06
36 i'm sure bay would have to be included in that.

and martin would be our best overall player.

2008-07-09 15:05:11
41.   GMac In The 909
36 Am I the only person that thinks Kemp has probably been our best overall player this year?

My money's on the Golden God for that title.

2008-07-09 15:05:15
42.   natepurcell
Oh im going to the Dodger game tonight.

47FD row W, I'll be sporting the DT shirt!

2008-07-09 15:06:21
43.   LoneStar7
37 yea looking at it from the other angle made it look more normal, from that first vid it almost seemed like he was kicking out to side a little then bringing it back in
2008-07-09 15:07:09
44.   cargill06
15 lol, did he just not feel like catching the ball on the last clip... i'm amused very easy and needless to say that amused me.
2008-07-09 15:07:21
45.   bhsportsguy
33 Well, Pierre has spent the majority of time leading off, with a few PA elsewhere. Kemp has spent about 60-65% batting 2nd or 3rd and then another 30% batting 6th.

Certainly Pierre has the 2, 3, 4 guys behind him, though for a lot of that time, that included Kent, who probably also batted behind Kemp too.

2008-07-09 15:08:14
46.   Bob Timmermann
Presumably when Torre spoke, he knew how to spell Chuck Knoblauch's surname correctly.
2008-07-09 15:08:19
47.   regfairfield
36 We might be willing to deal Matt Kemp, just not for Jack Wilson. Either that or it was a simple "Kemp for Wilson?" "Nope".
2008-07-09 15:09:21
48.   cargill06
15 it's still making me laugh.
2008-07-09 15:09:26
49.   the2pin
39 Not sure what "peak value" means, but you're correct that Furcal was the best player this year when he was playing. He's hurt.

Martin would certainly be best if he were catching; as it stands, his line (.300/9/42/47/8) is probably superior to Kemp's (.280/7/46/42/18), since Martin's OBP is superior to Kemp's.

In any case, I guess what I'm saying is: Jack freaking Wilson? Seriously? This organization is embarassing. I know a lot of rumors are BS, but the rumors have been so consistently bad. I am honestly embarassed.

2008-07-09 15:11:17
50.   Xeifrank
40. Yes, Martin is our best player, and it's even more pronounced when you adjust for position. Cargill, you are the voice of reason today! Let me go check my calendar.
vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-09 15:11:21
51.   dzzrtRatt
Either that or it was a simple "Kemp for Wilson?" "Nope".

Followed by a quick phone call to Will Carroll to complain about dealing with the Dodgers.

2008-07-09 15:11:35
52.   LoneStar7
41 of course i think loney has been better as well, but im just a fan of the wild bird.

oh and by the way...last night at the game the jumbo tron had a fun fact about james loney in which he was called "j-lo"

i know many of you here already like crazy eyes, wild bird, or even lonestar, but i guess the organization may be making a push for ' J-Lo" : )

2008-07-09 15:12:54
53.   regfairfield
Furcal is, sadly, still our VORP leader, but at least Russ and Bills have almost caught him.
2008-07-09 15:12:58
54.   Wilbert Robinson
34 I think this explains it...

2008-07-09 15:13:52
55.   the2pin
James Wilson!!?! Spontaneously combusts
2008-07-09 15:13:53
56.   Xeifrank
I agree that post #2 would be better if it were first inning leadoffs. Sample size might be too small though?
vr, Xei
2008-07-09 15:15:56
57.   Xeifrank
53. Oh yeah, Furcal... almost forgot about him. What are the odds that he's played his last game in a Dodger uni already?
vr, Xei
2008-07-09 15:16:55
58.   LoneStar7
52 and just to add to that, i purpose that instead you using this ; ) as traditional the wink face (not that anyone really does)

here on DT, those should be the loney eyes ; )

2008-07-09 15:18:00
59.   El Lay Dave
52 I loathe "J-Lo" as a Loney nickname.
2008-07-09 15:18:15
60.   cargill06
57 if u do look at the bright side, furcal may now take a 1 or 2 yr deal as the market may have cooled by a large amount. if we could get that done it would be huge, and by the time he's on his way out dejesus should be ready.
2008-07-09 15:18:16
61.   JoeyP
To add to 33. Kemp's had 108 Abs batting 6th or latter in the lineup.

Pierre's had 30 Abs batting 7th or later.

Kemp hasnt had the advantage of hitting in front of Russell Martin as much as Pierre has had.

2008-07-09 15:19:12
62.   Bob Timmermann
You're just trying to get me to play a game of "Guotcha!"
2008-07-09 15:23:49
63.   LoneStar7
59 as do I, everything has felt a bit forced for him in the nickname department..maybe some are just meant to remain nicknameless
2008-07-09 15:27:15
64.   Xeifrank
62. You mean this game? :)
I doubt that [G]uo will ever pitch an effective game for the Dodgers again.
-Bob Timmermann
July 9, 2007
Comment #3
2008-07-09 15:30:12
65.   Marty
We should just call him Jimmy.
2008-07-09 15:31:15
66.   sporky
Or Loney.
2008-07-09 15:32:57
67.   LoneStar7
65 jimmy, jimbo, jim...not bad
2008-07-09 15:33:47
68.   regfairfield
59 I'm mixed on that. I'm really only for nicknames like that (D-Lowe, E-Lo, K-Brown) but the J-Lo thing is already taken.
2008-07-09 15:35:04
69.   GMac In The 909
I vote that we call him Teixeira ... just kidding.
2008-07-09 15:36:25
70.   Wilbert Robinson
67 "Jimbo" = Jim Bologna
2008-07-09 15:38:04
71.   El Lay Dave
35 This year is a just an outlier. Juan Pierre, career:

With RISP: .291 .360 .374 .734, 1149 PAs
No one on: .304 .347 .371 .718, 1660 PAs

not a whole lot of difference.

For comparison, the majors in 2007, as a whole, hit a little better with RISP:
With RISP: .272 .357 .423 .780
No one on: .262 .324 .417 .741

2008-07-09 15:38:17
72.   Xeifrank
69. haha! His Brazlian name is Jamildo.
vr, Xei
2008-07-09 15:38:32
73.   fanerman
66 Or Amoeba?
2008-07-09 15:38:58
74.   LoneStar7
69 did joey make you say that : )
2008-07-09 15:39:50
75.   Xeifrank
71. Sorry, but Cargill is already the voice of reason (VOR) today. You will have to try again tomorrow. :)
vr, Xei
2008-07-09 15:40:14
76.   Bob Timmermann
In the words of my mother, "Always expect the worst possible thing to happen, that way if things turn out well, you'll be pleasantly surprised!"

Mom wasn't the optimistic type.

2008-07-09 15:44:47
77.   sporky
73 He was much less of an amoeba in his "Behind the Bigs" special.
2008-07-09 15:45:42
78.   Bob Timmermann
For $2.95, will let you buy a special package so you can watch All-Star game batting practice.
2008-07-09 15:46:09
79.   ToyCannon
Must have been a Clipper fan.
2008-07-09 15:47:26
80.   underdog
Aggravating comment I just saw on MLBTraderumors, in the post that mentions Rosenthal's piece on the Dodgers:

>>The Dodgers and their fans (from what I've seen of them anyway) seem to covet their prospects more than they care about winning championships. They seem to think all their prospects will realize their full potential in the majors and feel like they are entitled to get big name players without giving anything noteworthy up in return. Rosenthal saying they are a "near-impossible trading partner" is dead on and it's unfortunate that the Dodgers and their fans can't see how this is bad for them. They seem to be content with a fistful of lottery tickets as opposed to a proven major league player that can help them now.<<

I feel like responding but I'm just paralyzed with fear and inactivity, and am too busy looking up stats on my favorite Dodger prospects.

2008-07-09 15:50:13
81.   regfairfield
But when Ian Kennedy and Jacoby Ellsbury are considered untouchable commodities it's completely reasonable...

Teixiera has a 21 point OPS+ lead on Loney now, since the updates seem to have died down.

2008-07-09 15:50:54
82.   delias man
80 why are you trying to get me upset before i sit in traffic?
2008-07-09 15:51:38
83.   fanerman
80 They make it seem like a bad thing.
2008-07-09 15:51:44
84.   bhsportsguy
80 No one ever addresses the issue of how the other teams that have made deals did so without affecting their major league lineup. The Brewers didn't package Ryan Braun for CC. Arizona didn't send Justin Upton for Danny Haren.
2008-07-09 15:52:47
85.   Kevin Lewis

Please respond about the ridiculous asking prices that were rumored this off season

2008-07-09 15:53:30
86.   Kevin Lewis

Or what this guy said

2008-07-09 15:55:38
87.   underdog
Well, I couldn't resist after all and posted a response there. For what it's worth. Probably not much but I do feel better. Feel free to do the same. :0)
2008-07-09 15:56:19
88.   Lexinthedena
84 Exactly. At what point do the Rosenthals of the world acknowledge that Matt Kemp has not been a prospect for some time now?
2008-07-09 16:00:06
89.   Bob Timmermann
The DBacks starting pitcher has a higher batting average than 6 of the 8 position players starting for the Nats tonight.

I'm guessing that it might be the same with slugging percentage.

2008-07-09 16:00:41
90.   Neal Pollack
Why does the rest of the baseball world hate us?
2008-07-09 16:01:54
91.   underdog
84 I just made the same point on MLBTR! Good. I'm glad we agree.
2008-07-09 16:01:54
92.   Bob Timmermann
I think it has something to do with the Alan Parsons Project.
2008-07-09 16:03:48
93.   natepurcell
soo someone at BTF just posted a story from high school where James McDonald threw 167 pitches in a game....
2008-07-09 16:07:01
94.   ToyCannon
One of the posters here used to play with James. I wonder if he remembers that game?
2008-07-09 16:07:04
95.   Lexinthedena
88 So I should have read the link before commenting:). Either way, whomever it was who made the point that if the Dodgers were in strictly win now mode that they would have Cabrera right now was dead on. If the front office is fragmented it's because decision making isn't as consolidated as some would like, not because prospects are overvalued.
2008-07-09 16:07:21
96.   Bob Timmermann
In Little League.

And now Little League has strictly enforced pitch counts.

2008-07-09 16:07:56
97.   underdog
I was momentarily confused, or even frightened, when I saw the headline on Yahoo Sports: "Gasol to Grizzlies." "To!?" I thought, then remembered his brother even before clicking the link. Stupid Yahoo.
2008-07-09 16:09:15
98.   underdog
96 That must have been the year Tommy Lasorda coached Little League.
2008-07-09 16:09:54
99.   fanerman
90 Gary Bennett.
2008-07-09 16:10:32
100.   Dodgers49
Suns' Gonzalez glad to pitch in a pinch

>> The Los Angeles Dodgers sent OF Matt Berezay, who was batting just .128, to Class A Inland Empire on Monday and replaced him with Ryan Rowgowski, who had 30 stolen bases with Inland Empire. ... Suns LHP Cody White (3-2, 7.67) is scheduled to start today's 1:05 p.m. game against Braves RHP Todd Redmond (7-4, 3.60). <<

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-09 16:12:26
101.   Sean P
71. Yeah, but it was such an eye-poppin' split that when I saw it that I wanted to post it.

Another small-sample-size favorite:

Blake Dewitt, career:

At DS:
138 PAs: .306/.374/.419/.793
139 PAs: .228/.295/.346/.641

No wonder the kid is a crowd favorite.

2008-07-09 16:14:22
102.   Sean P
Oops I meant 71 .
2008-07-09 16:14:50
103.   ToyCannon
He's also 10 for his last 16 so he's not doing to bad in July yet. I've been meaning to give him a shout out.
2008-07-09 16:15:48
104.   ToyCannon
The kid needs to stay away from those Road Annies, they will ruin your swing.
2008-07-09 16:15:51
105.   Jon Weisman
Tonight's lineup:

Kemp, RF
Ethier, LF
Garciaparra, SS
Loney, 1B
Martin, C
Jones, CF
DeWitt, 3B
Maza, 2B
Lowe, RHP

2008-07-09 16:17:01
106.   fanerman
Maza over LaRoche?
2008-07-09 16:17:08
107.   Dodgers49
Tiffee still well above average

>> • NOTES -- Dodgers right-hander Jason Schmidt made his third rehabilitation start for Las Vegas as he continues his comeback from career-threatening shoulder surgery. Schmidt, 35, gave up two earned runs on five hits in four innings, walked one and struck out two. He was scheduled to throw 65 pitches, but came out after 59 (36 strikes) and reached 90 mph for his third straight start. ... 51s catcher A.J. Ellis was named a reserve for the PCL All-Star team. He is batting .299 with 38 RBIs in 50 games. <<

2008-07-09 16:18:23
108.   Nagman
96 Don't know if this is typical but our little league also limits the # of innings a pitcher can play catcher in a given period, further limiting the wear and tear on the arm.

(Unless they promise to throw the ball like Gary Bennett, then there is no limit.)

2008-07-09 16:18:48
109.   Wilbert Robinson
Chin Lung Hu @ Dodger Stadium

103 PA .610 OPS

Jack Wilson @ Dodger Stadium

101 PA .558 OPS

2008-07-09 16:20:05
110.   KG16
89 - is Owings going tonight for the Snakes? Or are the Nats just that bad?
2008-07-09 16:25:32
111.   El Lay Dave
The last time Nomar came back he hit in these spots (in order):
7, 8, 6, PH, 3, 3, 4, 3, 3

In Nomar's latest return:
6, 6, PH, 6, 6, 3.

The three-hole for Nomar was inevitable and it only took Torre one day longer.

2008-07-09 16:28:30
112.   regfairfield
109 Similar numbers were used to justify signing Brett Tomko.
2008-07-09 16:30:09
113.   Zak
110 Can't it be both?
2008-07-09 16:30:25
114.   underdog
109 Wow, interesting. Even with all of Hu's black-hole-ness earlier this season?
2008-07-09 16:31:02
115.   underdog
Not that it's good, just that it's amazing he's still ahead of Wilson there.
2008-07-09 16:32:39
116.   Zak
Total speculation on my part, but did LaRoche undermine his "baseball smarts" with that bunt attempt with the bases loaded two weeks ago in the eyes of Dodger brass? Has Torre soured on him? It worries me and is a question because they soured on Matt Kemp's "baseball smarts" after baserunning errors at the end of last season.
2008-07-09 16:33:29
117.   KG16
111 - Nomar's had some big hits lately, I've got no problem with moving him to the 3 hole. Just so long as he doesn't stay there.

113 - it can, but that takes the fun out of it. If it was your typical starting pitcher with a line of .136/.136/.142, it'd be much funnier.

2008-07-09 16:33:40
118.   underdog
106 Not saying I agree with this completely, but just a guess, with Lowe pitching and a lot of groundballs (one hopes) they probably want the more experienced middle infielder at 2nd if Kent's sitting. Again, I think LaRoche could do just fine there but that's probably their worry.
2008-07-09 16:35:24
119.   KG16
116 - given his skill set, LaRoche does not strike me as the kind of guy that is going to lay down a suicide squeeze without being told to. Actually, I can't think of any hitter that would unilaterally go for the suicide squeeze, it's got to be a called play.
2008-07-09 16:38:04
120.   underdog
119 He was on record as saying it was totally his call on that play. It didn't appear to anything the coaches called. Still, not really grounds to put him in the doghouse. Though I'm not entirely convinced he is in a doghouse. Maybe he's tied to a tree with a fairly short rope though, while the other dogs get to play.
2008-07-09 16:40:53
121.   Zak
119 I know Torre said he didn't call it, and I think, but not 100% sure, but LaRoche corroborated that.
2008-07-09 16:41:19
122.   Jon Weisman
I'd bet considerable dough that it's Andy's batting average keeping him out of the lineup in general. And the RISP point made yesterday probably has a subjective effect.

Not that we want to debate DeWitt-LaRoche again today.

2008-07-09 16:42:26
123.   berkowit28
106 120 I don't think management sees LaRoche as a 2nd baseman. And as long as DeWitt plays "OK" at 3rd he looks to keep the position, especially since LaRoche has not been spectacular when given his few chances to play.
2008-07-09 16:42:34
124.   Tripon
It seems odd to me that the view around the League is that the Dodgers must trade away all of its young talent in order to acquire overpriced vets whose talents aren't comparable to whats given up.

Why are only 'small market' teams such as the Indians, the Rays, or the A's allowed to develop and let their core of the team grow together for a couple of years? Yeah, I want this team to win a championship, I also like to actually like the guys on this team. I like guys like Loney, Kemp, and Martin. And while I'm sure Wilson or Casey Blake are swell guys, they aren't guys who heard and read about coming up though the Minors and aren't taught the 'Dodgers Way.'

Frankly, I want that same experience of actually seeing a team grow and mature into a contender that the Dodgers teams of the 70's and 80's were allowed to do, and the early 90's. Then the late 90's happened, and suddenly the Dodgers had to act like a 'big market' club and signed high priced vets who didn't have a connection with the area or team.

So yes, I might have an overinflated view of the 'Dodgers prospects', but at least its my overinflated view, and I'm cheering for guys I can actually root for.

2008-07-09 16:45:24
125.   Eric Stephen
I will just say that I would have started LaRoche at 2B tonight since Kent is resting. I think any advantage Maza has on defense is outweighed by LaRoche's advantage on offense.

It would be nice to see Torre find creative ways to get LaRoche some PA. Oh well.

2008-07-09 16:46:15
126.   ToyCannon
Especially when you take into account how Joe was all excited about Juan's ability to hit with runners on base this year. For all we know that may be the number one deciding factor that Joe thinks about. Sample size, sample size, at some point Andy has to hit the ball when someone is on base.
2008-07-09 16:47:13
127.   Zak
122 You're probably right, but if that's the case, there's a bad Catch-22 situation brewing.
2008-07-09 16:47:18
128.   Louis in SF

This is what is so frustrating with the Dodgers and in someways represents the philosophy of not getting a good test of their young players.

Torre wants to give Kent a rest, fine, Dodgers already have little power is a given, so why not with about 70 games left give LaRoche another start at 2nd. Find out in a game situation what he can or can't do.

While I believe LaRoche has made one error at 2nd on a throw, his range seems reasonable. I don't believe that Mazza can significantly improve Nomar's lack of range. It just makes no sense to take out a quality bat who you want to know more about, especially when you have an opportunity to play him.

2008-07-09 16:47:32
129.   Tripon
Why is Angel Berroa still on the team? Maza's more of a capable backup for 2nd/SS.
2008-07-09 16:48:07
130.   ToyCannon
Not one comment about O'Malley I guess sums up our feeling about him going to the HOF.
2008-07-09 16:48:23
131.   El Lay Dave
114 Yes. About 20% of Hu's home PAs were last season, and his two HRs were at home.
2008-07-09 16:49:15
132.   Eric Stephen
LaRoche's error came while at 3B.
2008-07-09 16:49:17
133.   Marty
Andy may not be in the dog house, but he's certainly not in the catbird seat.
2008-07-09 16:49:57
134.   Eric Stephen
I thought Jon was just baiting Brooklynites! :)
2008-07-09 16:50:22
135.   El Lay Dave
130 It goes without saying!
2008-07-09 16:51:24
136.   KG16
120 , 121 - didn't hear that part. strange play to do on your own.

124 - because big market teams are supposed to act like the Yankees and Red Sox - buy talent and win championships. Only small market teams need to worry about things like revenue and building from within.

Or something like that.

2008-07-09 16:51:41
137.   Gen3Blue
124 I think it is obvious that for the last decade or so MLB survived because the top 7-10 revenue teams distributed their young cheap talent to the rest of the teams and gave the big stars big contracts. This may be changing and the baseball establishment as usual is well behind the trend.

I enjoy this too, where one can actually feel a part in a team growing talent and actually being able to feel some of your talent is in some way really your teams.

2008-07-09 16:52:39
138.   Jon Weisman
130 - Jon's happy about him going to the Hall of Fame. As for everyone else, sometimes silence here is the greatest form of approval.
2008-07-09 16:53:39
139.   nick
The La Roche phenomenon seems beyond simple to me. Occam's Razor, people. Look, Ken Phelps was what?, 20 yrs ago. Guys who hit for high averages and have obvious tools find it easy to break in; guys who hit for a low average and don't show outstanding tools find it hard. Still. Even after that book Billy Beane wrote.
2008-07-09 16:53:52
140.   Eric Stephen
By the way, BH, Torre's comment the other day (per Tony Jackson) that he might push Kuroda back a few days after the ASB lends credence to your "Kershaw back on the 20th" hypothesis.
2008-07-09 16:55:57
141.   KG16
139 - makes sense, I mean hitting the ball seems like a rather important skill in baseball.
2008-07-09 16:57:42
142.   ToyCannon
Roberto Petagine was always my favorite pick of a guy who was never given enough chances. Here and there but no one ever stuck him out there for 1/2 a season and said, show us what you got.
He became a star in Japan. How big a star you'd have to ask Bob.
2008-07-09 16:58:20
143.   Tripon
Its okay, this argument with LeRoach, and DeWitt is going to be moot once the Dodgers move Nomar back to 3rd.
2008-07-09 16:58:21
144.   Marty
Guys who hit for high averages and have obvious tools find it easy to break in

This has to mean guys who hit for high averages and have obvious tools in the minors find it easy to break in. Which in the DeWitt/LaRoche conversation is pretty much the opposite of Occam's Razor to me.

2008-07-09 16:59:44
145.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-09 16:59:51
146.   Bob Timmermann
Not a huge star in Japan as it turned out.
2008-07-09 17:00:06
147.   underdog
139 Ned Colletti: "Book? What book?"


Who would win a fight between Occam's Razor and Schrodinger's Cat?

2008-07-09 17:00:35
148.   caseybarker
Walter O'Malley and Kevin Brown are two of my all-time favorite engineers.
2008-07-09 17:01:44
149.   schoffle

He was attempting to bunt for a base hit, not as a squeeze play, there were 2 outs. I also recall Vin mentioning that 3rd base was playing him deep (but I wouldn't swear to that).

2008-07-09 17:05:41
150.   berkowit28
With today's lineup, if Matt Kemp does manage to get a hit or two, there's almost no chance he'll be able to use it to create RBIs, as he should. A big 4-man black hole will precede him most innings.
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2008-07-09 19:01:07
151.   Michael Green
What worries me is that Ned will be so worried about pleasing Tommy Lasor--uh, Bill Plaschke, and Ken Rosenthal, that he'll make a trade.

By the by, did anyone else find it interesting that Ross Porter emceed the ceremony honoring Walter O'Malley? Could it be that Peter O'Malley or maybe the LA folks were subtly telling McCourt that he acted like a jerk?

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