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Mattingly's Return Official
2008-07-09 16:57
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers officially announced that Don Mattingly will assume the role of hitting coach after the All-Star Break, with Mike Easler being reassigned within the organization. I've seen some people suggest that this is a demotion for Easler, and I suppose if it had been decided he was doing a gangbusters job, they might have done something else with Mattingly, but it's not as if Easler wasn't an interim fill-in for Mattingly to begin with.

Easler was the hitting coach at Jacksonville in 2006 and Las Vegas in 2007.

* * *

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (335)
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2008-07-09 17:03:10
1.   Jim Hitchcock
Good deal.
2008-07-09 17:03:23
2.   underdog
It's true, Easler really was just a temp, a seatwarmer, all along, They'd hoped Mattingly was coming back after he straightened out his personal situation a bit. I assume Easler sort of knew all that so he can't be too crushed. Will be good to have Mattingly's contributions full time.
2008-07-09 17:09:03
3.   Marty
I guess he patched things up with the wife?
2008-07-09 17:09:10
4.   Tripon
Don Mattingly's 2 and a half year internship for the Dodger's managerial position starts right about... NOW!
2008-07-09 17:12:41
5.   Dodgers49
Kemp searching for groove atop lineup

>> Las Vegas placed pitcher Matt Riley (left shoulder tendinitis) and catcher Kelley Gulledge (left thumb sprain) on the DL. Also, Class A Inland Empire pitcher Francisco Felix was promoted to Triple-A and outfielder Xavier Paul was activated from Vegas' DL. ... Backup catcher Danny Ardoin turned 34 on Tuesday. ... <<

2008-07-09 17:12:47
6.   Jon Weisman
3 - No, I think he was waiting for his younger kid to graduate high school, but don't quote me on that.
2008-07-09 17:14:54
7.   Gagne55
6 Speaking of which, hows his kid that the Dodgers drafted doing?
2008-07-09 17:16:43
8.   Dodgers49
From a previous thread:

119 116 - given his skill set, LaRoche does not strike me as the kind of guy that is going to lay down a suicide squeeze without being told to. Actually, I can't think of any hitter that would unilaterally go for the suicide squeeze, it's got to be a called play.

But what major league manager would call a suicide squeeze with the bases loaded and two outs?

2008-07-09 17:16:45
9.   Bob Timmermann
"Mattingly said he was waiting for his son to graduate from high school," Dodger Thoughts blogger Jon Weisman said.
2008-07-09 17:21:32
10.   Dodgers49
6 3 - No, I think he was waiting for his younger kid to graduate high school, but don't quote me on that.

Somehow I was under the impression that his son was a junior this year. So I was wondering how Mattingly would be the hitting coach before the 2010 season.

2008-07-09 17:21:48
11.   ToyCannon
You popped my bubble in the last thread. Any link available?
2008-07-09 17:22:14
12.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob's itchin' for a fight...
2008-07-09 17:24:35
13.   Bob Timmermann
Petagine was good in Japan, but he was never a huge star was what I meant.

His problem was that once he left gutty underdog Yakult and went to bigtime Yomiuri, his production declined and he got hurt.

And the Giants tried to play him in the outfield one season. That was not a big hit.

2008-07-09 17:28:01
14.   Jacob L
I guess I'm going through the same thing as Easler, save that the unit I managed as a "seatwarmer" was not near the bottom of the league in production. Being reassigned within the organization, or in my case, sent back to my old job, is frustrating. Really frustrating.
2008-07-09 17:29:08
15.   Bob Timmermann
Also the Giants picked up Petagine expecting to win the pennant with him.

They didn't. That tends to displease Yomiuri management.

2008-07-09 17:31:06
16.   Dodgers49
10 I looked up the article I remembered reading and his son wasn't even a junior:

Don Mattingly leaves Joe Torre's side because of family matters

>> Mattingly, the sources said, felt he should spend as much time at home in Evansville, Indiana, to be with his 16-year-old son, Jordon, a high school sophomore, rather than uproot him and bring him to Los Angeles. <<

2008-07-09 17:33:29
17.   Bob Timmermann
In the words of William Tecumseh Sherman, "Regional planning is hell."
2008-07-09 17:36:46
18.   Bob Timmermann
The Nats lead Arizona 1-0 in the 6th.

1 hit for the Nats so far.

The Dodgers scoff at that.

2008-07-09 17:42:57
19.   Ken Noe
17 Sherman usually is misquoted. He really said, "There is many a boy here today who looks on regional planning as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell."
2008-07-09 17:43:29
20.   Zak
18 Who needs hits when Micah is giving out walks like candy?
2008-07-09 17:45:10
21.   Bob Timmermann
At the big Civil War memorial in Downtown Cleveland, a local resident was screaming at the guy who was watching the place "You've got a statue of John Wilkes Booth shooting Lincoln! Take it down! Take it down!"

It was actually a statue of Sherman.

2008-07-09 17:47:41
22.   Jacob L
17 , 19 - However he said it, he was right. He did, however, have some effective ways of taking out his frustration.
2008-07-09 17:47:48
23.   Johnny Nucleo
19 You say that like you're some kind of expert on the Civil War or something.
2008-07-09 17:48:58
24.   Johnny Nucleo
19 , 23 Sorry, should probably have added the smiley emoticon there.
2008-07-09 17:51:17
25.   Dodgers49
From a previous thread:

132. 128 LaRoche's error came while at 3B.

I'm pretty sure I remember LaRoche dropping a throw while trying to turn a double play and it was ruled an error at the time. So if his only error is at 3B then the scoring on that play must have been changed later.

2008-07-09 17:51:17
26.   Zak
I do not agree with taking out Lannan.
2008-07-09 17:51:48
27.   Bluebleeder87

I guess I'm cool with Mattingly coming back to the Dodgers, I wonder if he really is a good hitting coach?

Any NY'ers have info on him?

2008-07-09 17:52:11
28.   Marty
I have a friend who goes ape every time he sees an emoticon in email sent to him. He always says "if you know how to write, you never need an emoticon".

So, when I send him email, I end every sentence with a smiley.

2008-07-09 17:53:32
29.   Zak
I would take out Lannan every time there :)
2008-07-09 17:55:40
30.   PalmdaleSteve1
This is great news, especially if he can get through to Andruw.

Maybe fit Andruw for a shock collar to give him a zap every time he chases out of the strike zone?

Cattle prod for the batting cage?

Lift that back foot, ZAP !

All in jest...all in jest.

2008-07-09 18:02:30
31.   Bluebleeder87
if you don't like smileys you didn't like sweets as a kid.


2008-07-09 18:10:16
32.   old dodger fan
Nats up 5-0 in the 7th with runners at the corners and 1 out
2008-07-09 18:17:14
33.   Ken Noe
23 I do know the difference between Booth and Sherman ;-)
2008-07-09 18:18:30
34.   Wilbert Robinson
27 Here is an old article about Mattingly working out some mechanical issues with ARod.

and another working with Giambi in 05

2008-07-09 18:20:38
35.   Linkmeister
There's another difference between Booth and Sherman. As far as we know, Booth never said "If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve."
2008-07-09 18:20:44
36.   Bob Timmermann
Aside from the fact that Sherman was depicted in a uniform, had a full beard, and pretty much looked nothing like Booth, it's easy to confuse the two mean.

I forget where the incident fell in my list of indictments against Cleveland.

2008-07-09 18:22:46
37.   Bluebleeder87

Woo! Dodgers gotta do there part now.

2008-07-09 18:24:45
38.   nick
27 excellent approach as a player; people loved him; and an overachiever as a player (famously a 19th round draft choice)--so I'd say he seems like the kind of guy you'd want, but who knows, really?
2008-07-09 18:28:51
39.   nick
38 I will say this, a small part of me wonders about Cabrera and Cano taking steps backward since Mattingly left as batting coach in 2006....
2008-07-09 18:38:19
40.   Wilbert Robinson

from the 2nd linked article:

"Just because he was a great hitter, he's not going to teach you to hit his way. He looks at individual needs," Torre said. "He's very sensitive. He's very aware of what's going on."

Mattingly says he doesn't like to dictate hitting styles to players who have had success.

"You're working within what they like to do, what they feel, and then being able -- you've got to be strong enough about yourself -- to suggest what you see and things that you think would help them. It's always give and take."


Also I can't find the articles but I rememebr reading that Mattingly worked a lot with Cano in his rookie season and Cano credited Mattingly for a great deal of his early success. Also recently Mattingly came out and said that Cano may be pressing too hard because of his contract. He also passed a message to Cano through Yankee hitting coach Kevin Long:
"You work hard to get a contract," Mattingly told Long, "and you get it, and then it's like, all right, I can relax now. Tell him to go out there and keep playing and keep going about his business and not have that in the back of his mind."

This at least is a good sign that Mattingly may not be an old grump and maybe somewhat sympathetic to younger players.

2008-07-09 18:39:49
41.   berkowit28
Arizona loses 5-0.
2008-07-09 18:41:32
42.   bhsportsguy
If the Dodgers play .550 baseball the rest of the way, approximately 40-32, is 84 wins enough to win the division.

Do we need some type of cardboard model and if we did who would it be the person it depicts?

2008-07-09 18:42:57
43.   El Lay Dave
40 I hope Mattingly isn't "an old grump" given that I'm just a few months older than him.

Perhaps it will help the young players to have a Torre circle of trust insider that is more like their father's age rather than their grandfather's age.

2008-07-09 18:46:23
44.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Matt Joyce in Detroit.

This is a yellow alert.

2008-07-09 18:46:34
45.   overkill94
42 Are we going for vengeful hatred (like in Major League), pure lust, or DT iconoclasm?

In order, I'd prefer Scott Boras' wife, Scarlett Johanson, and Danica McKellar holding a math book over her assets :)

2008-07-09 18:47:56
46.   Eric Enders
I'm late on this, but I wanted to add some thoughts regarding Torre's comments on the leadoff spot.

First of all, the stats posted by BH at the beginning of the last thread, about the number of runs the team scores in innings when Pierre or Kemp leads off -- that's a junk stat. It's dependent entirely on context. Every time Pierre leads off an inning, he's followed by the 2-3-4 hitters or the 3-4-5 hitters-- the best hitters on the team. When Kemp leads off an inning, sometimes he's been followed by the 2-3-4 hitters, sometimes by the 4-5-6 hitters, and often by the 7-8-9 hitters. It's not an apples-apples comparison.

Now for Torre's comments:
"[Pierre] certainly knows how to hit, and this year we've had a bonus in that he's knocked in (runs). His batting average with men in scoring position is terrific."

I just wanted to note here that Torre is actually making a powerful argument for batting Pierre anywhere except leadoff. Moving on...

"I've had one guy over the years that really I was comfortable with as a leadoff hitter, and that was Chuck Knobloch, and all of a sudden he stopped trying to steal bases. I had Jeter, who was a free swinger. Soriano, and we all see how much of a free swinger he is. Early on with the Yankees, we had Tim Raines, whose speed wasn't what it once was."

I'm going to try not to be too hyperbolic here, but that's one of the dumbest things any human being has ever said.

Tim Raines not an acceptable leadoff hitter? Tim Freaking Raines??

By any halfway reasonable measure, Tim Raines is the second-best leadoff hitter in the history of baseball. He's behind Rickey Henderson, and way ahead of whoever's third, probably Paul Molitor. This is not just me talking, this is Bill James talking and a whole lot of other people who know what they're talking about.

That said, let's dismiss Raines' early career, since Torre's talking about his time with the Yankees. Raines played three years with the Yankees. In these three years, his OPS+ was 114, 124, 107. The reason it was even that low is because his skills skewed more toward those of a leadoff man. He didn't slug much anymore, but his on-base skills were remarkable, even better than they'd been when he was a young player. His OBP those three years was .383, .403, .395, all in a pitcher's park in years when the league OBP was around .340.

But get this: As a leadoff hitter, he got even better. His OPS+ when leading off an inning was 128, 146, and 150 in the three years he was managed by Torre. In 1998, Raines posted a .456 on-base percentage when leading off. Yes, the man got on base 46 percent of the time. I don't know about you, but if I were a manager and I had a guy leading off and getting on base 46 percent of the time, I'd make myself "comfortable" with that pretty quickly.

Baserunning? Raines is the greatest baserunner in the history of baseball. This is arguable, but nobody has ever stolen as many bases as he did (808) at anywhere near the same success rate (84%). By the time Torre got him Raines had slowed down, but he was still a smart baserunner and he did steal 26 bases.

So what we have here is a manager who fails to recognize one of baseball's greatest gifts -- a spectacular leadoff hitter -- when it's placed right under his nose. Torre had one of the finest leadoff men in history, playing at the height of his powers -- and he thought the guy was an unacceptable leadoff man. The guy OPS+es 140 leading off, most of it OBP-driven, and Torre is still bitching ten years later about how that wasn't good enough.

Torre's comment rises to such a level of ignorance that if he meant it sincerely, then that should preclude him from managing. It's the most egregious example of a managerial Grabowski Principle. No person who could reach the conclusion that Tim Raines wasn't a good enough leadoff man should ever be allowed anywhere near the manangement of a Little League team, let alone a major league club.

The remark -- again, assuming he was being genuine -- should itself be a firing offense. It's like complaining that Lou Gehrig wasn't a good enough cleanup hitter, or that Willie Mays wasn't good enough defensively. It proves that Torre, regardless of however many years he's spent in baseball, has no idea whatsoever about how the game actually works. Its idiocy is simply stunning.

2008-07-09 18:49:22
47.   bhsportsguy
45 Do you think 40 wins is enough? I'll say no to Danica and I wonder why Scott Bora's wife?
2008-07-09 18:50:12
48.   Wilbert Robinson
Oh yeah and also...again I can't find the article to support this and this is from living in New York and being involuntarily inundated with all things Yankee....I remember that Mattingly was pretty vocal in his support for Melky Cabrera after he slumped really hard in his initial call up in 2005 and misplayed a ball that allowed Trot Nixon to claim an inside the park homer which Cabrera was taken to task for in the press.
2008-07-09 18:52:37
49.   Wilbert Robinson
43 Well old grump more in demeanor than inage. See Jeff Kent....or an even better example Mike Napoli!
2008-07-09 18:52:52
50.   Marty
There goes wishy-washy Enders again.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-09 18:54:08
51.   bhsportsguy
46 Feel better now.

Frankly, the whole discussion of batting leadoff just begs the question of how valuable that person really is anyway. Once the first at-bat is out of the way, how many more times does that person lead off an inning more than the next guy.

2008-07-09 18:55:04
52.   bhsportsguy
And for the record, Tim Raines was one of my favorites in '80s.
2008-07-09 19:02:07
53.   Bob Timmermann
According to research by Dave Smith of Retrosheet, the #1 hitter bats first more frequently than the other 8 slots in innings 1, 6, 8, and 10.
2008-07-09 19:06:16
54.   bhsportsguy
Thoughts of someone who wants to be a General Manager.

Pitching and defense is the brand of baseball that I like. Execution.

In naming a team this potential GM admired, shares thoughts on why that team remains at the top of this person's list.

That club was just unbelievable. Every pitch meant something to those players. They worked the count and they executed defensively and they pitched outstanding. They worked pitchers over and over and over. We'd get calls from the commissioner's office because our times of games were 3½ hours, but it was because we were working the count all the time. We didn't have one player who hit 30 home runs on that club."

2008-07-09 19:11:16
55.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert canceled in Detroit.

Stand down.

2008-07-09 19:12:28
56.   bhsportsguy
54 That quote about the home runs should be explained a bit, while its true no one hit 30 or more home runs, 9 players hit 17 or more. But this team did not lead the league in home runs, it did lead the league in walks, finished in the lower part of the league in striking out.
2008-07-09 19:13:33
57.   Bumsrap
If the lead off hitter's job is to score and not just get on base and if Pierre does more with each time he gets on base than Kemp as it seems Torre is saying, why has Pierre scored 30 runs and Kemp 43?

And if Pierre is so great hitting with risp, why does he have 24 RBI and Kemp has 46?

2008-07-09 19:18:03
58.   El Lay Dave
54 Without looking it up, I guess Kim Ng and the '98 Yankees.
2008-07-09 19:19:05
59.   nick
Vin! why is it "expensive" for a leadoff hitter not to make contact? the bases are empty?
2008-07-09 19:19:32
60.   MonkeyBlue
K for Bison. It just unbearable to watch him bat right now.
2008-07-09 19:21:10
61.   bhsportsguy
58 Give that man a cigar.

57 Well, with RISP, Kemp has 31 more at bats. Pierre has driven in 23 runs, Kemp 36.

2008-07-09 19:21:26
62.   Tom Meagher
51 /53 Without having to look up the numbers, it is intuitively the case that the leadoff hitter will lead off more innings than other slots later in the game simply because the 9th hitter, by virtue of making the most outs, is the most likely hitter to end an inning. To quantify this, of course, you need to look at the numbers.
2008-07-09 19:21:57
63.   Wilbert Robinson
54 also Tino and Bernie would have hit 30+ had they not been injured.
2008-07-09 19:24:00
64.   bhsportsguy
63 Of course that doesn't mean that team didn't do a lot of things well, you win 6 more games than your run diffential predicts (and it predicts 108-54 record), you probably didn't beat yourself too many times that year.
2008-07-09 19:24:42
65.   Bob Timmermann
Here were the most common leadoff hitters on Torre's teams as a player:
1960 - Bill Bruton
1961 - Lee Maye
1962 - Roy McMillan (!!!)
1963 - Lee Maye
1964 - Felipe Alou
1965 - Felipe Alou
1966 - Felipe Alou
1967 - Felipe Alou
1968 - Felipe Alou
1969 - Lou Brock
1970 - Lou Brock
1971 - Lou Brock
1972 - Lou Brock
1973 - Lou Brock
1974 - Lou Brock
1975 - Del Unser
1976 - Bruce Boisclair
1977 - Lenny Randle
2008-07-09 19:27:58
66.   nick
46 It's a very weird thing about baseball that the skill of getting on base is so undervalued....imagine trying to teach reasonably intelligent aliens, just slightly smarter than apes, about baseball. "don't make outs--get on base!" they would say...
2008-07-09 19:28:24
67.   Bob Timmermann
I told my coworker that tonight's game would be a relatively quick one. She seemed disappointed. She wants to stay a long time at the park.
2008-07-09 19:30:15
68.   68elcamino427
Is that smoke? Is the cardboard throne ablaze again?
2008-07-09 19:31:39
69.   Andrew Shimmin
67- Is she in the RF pavilion?
2008-07-09 19:33:46
70.   Bob Timmermann
No she is in the reserved level somewhere. She bought the discount tickets.

She and her husband go to and from Dodger Stadium on the bus! They say that the wait after the game isn't all that bad down on Sunset.

2008-07-09 19:37:31
71.   Andrew Shimmin
No free food on the reserved level. I'm stumped.

When I was a kid, I preferred to buy long books so that I'd get a higher page to dollar return. But I grew out of that, thanks to Steven King.

2008-07-09 19:38:25
72.   Gen3Blue
I'm very afraid that we have said Jones to Jones, don't worry, we won't be uncivil to you. And Atlanta may say--whoa this is great we will gradually devour you.
2008-07-09 19:41:32
73.   Bob Timmermann
This woman can read a 1000 page book in a day if she wants to.
2008-07-09 19:43:00
74.   regfairfield
73 There's got to be some kind of innuendo in there.
2008-07-09 19:44:44
75.   Gen3Blue
I wish I was confident Lowe could keep this dream floating along.
2008-07-09 19:45:04
76.   El Lay Dave
Kemp has struck out in six of his last seven PAs. The last PA Monday, 4 out 5 yesterday, leading off today.
2008-07-09 19:46:59
77.   Bob Timmermann
There wasn't. I'm her boss. I try to be respectful of people who work for me. They taught me that in supervisor school sometime.
2008-07-09 19:51:10
78.   Andrew Shimmin
How many thousand plus page books are there that are worth reading? I can't think of five.
2008-07-09 19:51:36
79.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-09 19:52:15
80.   Bob Timmermann
I'll ask her Friday.
2008-07-09 19:52:27
81.   Alex41592
Can you get nostalgic after two days? Or is this just a case of deja vu?
2008-07-09 19:53:00
82.   bhsportsguy
78 If you bought four copies of the Best of Dodger Thoughts and bound them together.
2008-07-09 19:53:07
83.   El Lay Dave
Eight ground outs and three Ks for Lowe through four IP.
2008-07-09 19:54:25
84.   fanerman
No K!
2008-07-09 19:56:37
85.   Andrew Shimmin
Is there a way of cooking spinach such that it doesn't make your teeth feel like chalk after you've eaten it? I've tried steaming it and sautéing it, without luck. Creaming it looks like too much work, and raw doesn't work for me.

It's not dirt, either. I'm washing each individual, um, what?--leaf? Maybe I should just stick to the easy vegetables.

2008-07-09 19:58:01
86.   Andrew Shimmin
Any book with more than six hundred pages has an author who's daring you not to read it. I don't like to be combative.
2008-07-09 19:58:21
87.   Jon Weisman
85 - I do not know the sensation you speak of.

But I do have a culinary question for you.

How much money would you require to drink a quart of olive oil?

My wife and I thought $5,000 was a good number.

2008-07-09 20:00:01
88.   Fallout
46 Eric Enders
You extrapolated an awful lot from what I took as an oh yeah, I had Tim Raines...
2008-07-09 20:00:06
89.   Andrew Shimmin
Jon's married to Brad Penny.
2008-07-09 20:00:16
90.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-09 20:00:39
91.   Jon Weisman
4 1/2 innings, 50 minutes.
2008-07-09 20:00:41
92.   Wilbert Robinson
I once took a prop bet that I could read all of War and Peace on New Year's Day (in honor of Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!) and lost 200 dollars. I have always wanted to try that one over.
2008-07-09 20:01:09
93.   bhsportsguy
85 Japanese style spinach with sesame seeds

1 lb. fresh spinach, washed
4 Tbsp sesame seeds
2 Tbsp sake
2 Tbsp sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp soy sauce
Boil lots of water in a large pot. Boil spinach in the boiling water for about one minute. Drain and soak the spinach in water to cool. Drain and squeeze the spinach to remove the excess liquid. Cut spinach into about 2-inch lengths. Put sesame seeds in a grinder and grind them using a wooden pestle. Add sugar and grind together. Further, add soy sauce and sake and mix the sesame sauce well. Add boiled spinach and stir well with the sauce.
*Makes 4 servings

2008-07-09 20:02:45
94.   Marty
71 just made me very happy. King is way up there on my list. And you don't want to be high on my list.
2008-07-09 20:02:46
95.   68elcamino427
#7 Loney
2008-07-09 20:02:53
96.   fanerman
85 I sometimes pan-fry it with some lemon juice. But I don't know what I'm doing.
2008-07-09 20:03:16
97.   Alex41592
Loney had to be the guy he's the only one who looked good against Hudson the first time around.
2008-07-09 20:03:33
98.   fanerman
2008-07-09 20:03:45
99.   Marty
How much to eat 50 eggs?
2008-07-09 20:04:43
100.   Marty
Make pasta and mix the spinach into it. Cooked spinach by itself is useless to me.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-09 20:05:47
101.   MonkeyBlue
Good job Martin. Advancing the base runner. Too bad Andruw is up though.
2008-07-09 20:05:56
102.   Alex41592
Productive 45 foot out.
2008-07-09 20:06:27
103.   Jon Weisman
Can ya just hit a fly ball, Andruw?
2008-07-09 20:06:52
104.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-09 20:07:29
105.   Alex41592
Wow, I think Loney might have been able to score on that dribbler. Maybe.
2008-07-09 20:08:35
106.   MMSMikey
ok, are we NOT trying to score runs? how does loney not break on that? pathetic by andruw anyway.
2008-07-09 20:08:46
107.   dzzrtRatt
Sitting in my Richmond hotel (where the water has been shut off due to a major infrastructure breakdown), watching the Phils and Cardinals while half-monitoring Gameday, it feels like the Dodgers/Braves ran through four innings in the time it took the Phillie/Cardinal game to play the ninth inning.

You got a heckuva game going on back there, if gameday is accurate.

2008-07-09 20:09:26
108.   RELX
How much longer can the Dodgers let the Jones thing continue? If he is not hitting by the time Pierre comes back, do they just bench him and go with Pierre-Kemp-Ethier? At this point, Jones is not even a major league hitter.
2008-07-09 20:09:36
109.   Marty
You gotta hit Loney in. He's slow and not much of a baserunner.
2008-07-09 20:09:48
110.   Andrew Shimmin
That sounds good. But is it good enough to be worth buying sesame seeds, sake, sugar, and a mortar and pestle? I'll have to think about it.

I've been thinking about the olive oil, and do it for two thousand. But, in the event that I experienced what I would expect to be the natural consequence of trying to drink that much oil to be, I'd be aiming at the person who proposed it.

2008-07-09 20:11:38
111.   Jon Weisman
110 - I think I'd then have an independent contractor verify.
2008-07-09 20:11:47
112.   regfairfield
Just man up and eat it raw Shimmin. You can do it.
2008-07-09 20:11:57
113.   Bob Timmermann
Ya gotta get angry at that olive oil!
2008-07-09 20:13:33
114.   Alex41592
Ball just missed hitting the second base bag.
2008-07-09 20:13:58
115.   fanerman
I eat spinach raw and salad without dressing.
2008-07-09 20:14:05
116.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to make a spinach salad when the inning is over.
2008-07-09 20:14:50
117.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-09 20:14:51
118.   Alex41592
Do we call our friends and neighbors yet?
2008-07-09 20:16:13
119.   madmac
how Lowe can ya go
2008-07-09 20:16:18
120.   GMac In The 909
I wish they would do away with that yellow graphic. It's not like Vinny isn't telling us the whole story.
2008-07-09 20:17:05
121.   Sam DC
Jon is making unsatisfied with gameday.
2008-07-09 20:17:43
122.   fanerman
118 ESPN calls it breaking news.
2008-07-09 20:18:40
123.   regfairfield
Do Furcal and Maza have the same stance, or should I have been under scrutiny in the last thread?
2008-07-09 20:19:45
124.   Sam DC
making me unsatisfied with gameday.
2008-07-09 20:20:35
125.   Jon Weisman
121 - sounded like I was doing something dirty.
2008-07-09 20:21:20
126.   KAYVMON
Nice AB by Maza, but great pitch by Hudson to get him.
2008-07-09 20:21:22
127.   Alex41592
That was a great AB by Maza and that ball was outside and low.
2008-07-09 20:22:23
128.   Sam DC
125 I'll admit, that's why I felt compelled to correct.
2008-07-09 20:22:25
129.   MollyKnight
Earlier tonight I noticed 25 batters were retired in a row (by both teams). I wonder what the MLB record is.
2008-07-09 20:22:53
130.   Bob Timmermann
Mmm.... Good spinach salad....

I'm glad Hudson and Lowe are making me look prophetic. This will add to my image of omnipotence at work.

And my image of being the guy who actually knows the number of the form you file when you want to change information on your personnel record.

2008-07-09 20:23:13
131.   sporky
It's a good thing I'm sitting in a comfortable spot tonight.
2008-07-09 20:23:30
132.   Jon Weisman
127 - I don't think in a game like this that a batter's going to get that call. Certainly a scrub won't.
2008-07-09 20:24:24
133.   Andrew Shimmin
Raw is fine for most vegetation, but I require that spinach and mushrooms be cooked.
2008-07-09 20:24:52
134.   MonkeyBlue
Heh, they actually green lighted Kemp.
2008-07-09 20:24:54
135.   ucladodger
Matt, if you swing 3-0, you better hit the crap out of the ball. What a feeble swing in that situation.
2008-07-09 20:25:07
136.   ucladodger
There we go
2008-07-09 20:25:17
137.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-09 20:25:20
138.   Alex41592
132 - Absolutely.


2008-07-09 20:25:21
139.   sporky
I haven't squee-ed in a while.
2008-07-09 20:25:21
140.   Jon Weisman
Ba ba ba ba ba ba baby!
2008-07-09 20:25:23
141.   GMac In The 909
Trade that!
2008-07-09 20:25:25
142.   68elcamino427
Matt Kemp - Home Run!
2008-07-09 20:25:34
143.   KAYVMON
Nails, son, nails...
2008-07-09 20:25:34
144.   MollyKnight
Oh, and I saw Andruw Jones up close and in person yesterday, and he looks about 15 pounds lighter than the last time I saw him.
2008-07-09 20:25:34
145.   Marty
Very nice. There's your run Derek.
2008-07-09 20:25:36
146.   bhsportsguy
Nate Purcell is very happy right now.
2008-07-09 20:26:05
147.   sporky
146 Along with many, many other people!
2008-07-09 20:26:11
148.   Alex41592
There's your run Lowe.
2008-07-09 20:26:14
149.   regfairfield
Kemp would not have done that if he listened to Angels and Airwaves before the game.
2008-07-09 20:26:17
150.   fanerman
Bison Strength™
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-09 20:26:19
151.   nofatmike
Roam Free!!!
2008-07-09 20:26:22
152.   Sam DC
2008-07-09 20:26:34
153.   Rob M
The Bison's got such easy power. I love that swing.
2008-07-09 20:26:43
154.   Jon Weisman
Ucladodger is a harsh but effective taskmaster :)
2008-07-09 20:26:50
155.   bhsportsguy
149 He was chilling with Kent and Peanuts before the game.
2008-07-09 20:26:52
156.   StolenMonkey86
That's why we call him the Bison.
2008-07-09 20:26:58
157.   Bob Timmermann
I also told her, "When these guys don't get a ground ball, they're likely to give up a home run."
2008-07-09 20:27:06
158.   ucladodger
His swing is really beautiful when he makes contact like that. One of the better looking right-handed swings in the game. Too bad the power swing doesnt come out too often.
2008-07-09 20:27:53
159.   ucladodger

Didnt you see him check his IPhone before the 3-1 pitch? He read my comment and then hit it out.

2008-07-09 20:28:10
160.   bhsportsguy
The Dodgers better win this game by 8:50 (to allow for commercials and quiz games).

In Houston, they are deciding that they can edit out the bottom of the 6th.

2008-07-09 20:29:00
161.   bhsportsguy
Back to work.
2008-07-09 20:29:34
162.   bhsportsguy
159 I read that Jrue is lighting them up at the Wooden Center already.
2008-07-09 20:29:43
163.   Rob M
158 Yeah, he gets a little tentative with it when he's not recognizing pitches well. If he learns to see the pitches better, he'll be the guy we fantasize about.
2008-07-09 20:29:49
164.   ucladodger
There that goes.
2008-07-09 20:29:52
165.   Indiana Jon
and there it is.
2008-07-09 20:30:03
166.   Bob Timmermann
And it's not Woden's fault tonight either.

I blame society.

2008-07-09 20:30:06
167.   MonkeyBlue
Golf clap for Lowe.
2008-07-09 20:30:10
168.   Hallux Valgus
jeez, I take the blame. I tuned in literally 30 seconds ago
2008-07-09 20:30:32
169.   Andrew Shimmin
I blame Woden. Again. Admittedly, the case is weaker, this time. But still.
2008-07-09 20:30:38
170.   Marty
Well, that's that.
2008-07-09 20:31:09
171.   MonkeyBlue
Blanco, with a smart play.
2008-07-09 20:31:15
172.   ucladodger

He's a beast. I love Russell more than most, but Jrue is on another level. He's not the athlete Russ is, but his skill level is unreal.

C'mon Blake. Loney was pissed he didnt give him a chance.

2008-07-09 20:31:29
173.   Sam DC
Ratso rizzo.
2008-07-09 20:31:36
174.   bhsportsguy
Well that's something that doesn't happen too often, 1st to 3rd on a ground out.
2008-07-09 20:31:37
175.   Alex41592
What a smart play by Blanco.
2008-07-09 20:31:41
176.   Jon Weisman
Nothing the Dodgers could do about keeping Blanco at second base. Slow hit-and-run grounder gets the runner to third.
2008-07-09 20:31:51
177.   bisonjones
Sitting at my computer on dorm duty at Phillips Exeter Academy's Summer Session -- I called it. Mental thoughts were : "Please, Bison, swing 3-0." Then a foul ball. Next thought, "Just meet the ball, it will go over the fence." I laughed when Gameday obliged with the "in play/run(s) scored!" Yea - Bison!!
2008-07-09 20:31:54
178.   MJW101
The four starting youngsters (Martin, Kemp, Ethier & Loney) are closer than one may think in performance.

outs-per-PA Martin (.63), Ethier (.64), Loney (.69) & Kemp (.70)

runs generated-per-PA all are at .23

bases-per-PA Martin (.53), Kemp (.52), Ethier (.51) & Loney (.50)

2008-07-09 20:32:03
179.   Indiana Jon
It's Joe Torre's fault, anyone can see that.
2008-07-09 20:32:04
180.   Johnson
168 YOU take the blame? I tuned in (internet version) during the bottom of the 7th on Monday and during the bottom of the 6th today.

I may never watch (internet version) Dodger baseball again.

2008-07-09 20:32:20
181.   Alex41592
Nice job Lowe!
2008-07-09 20:32:26
182.   ucladodger
Chipper went Andruw Jones on us!
2008-07-09 20:32:38
183.   Jon Weisman
Batting with runners on third, less than two out:

Jones, A.: 0 for 1
Jones, C.: 0 for 1

2008-07-09 20:32:42
184.   MonkeyBlue
Dang Chipper is struggling.
2008-07-09 20:33:18
185.   bhsportsguy
Nice job by Lowe.
2008-07-09 20:33:26
186.   MonkeyBlue
LOWE!!!!! Great pitching!
2008-07-09 20:33:43
187.   Alex41592
Wow, is that man strong?
2008-07-09 20:33:54
188.   bhsportsguy
Unless the Dodgers bat around, beer sales are taking quite a hit tonight.
2008-07-09 20:34:00
189.   Rob M
Blanco is starting to show the kind of s scrapitude that could make him Ned bait in a trade.
2008-07-09 20:34:50
190.   Bob Timmermann
It's Tim Raines' fault.
2008-07-09 20:35:44
191.   bhsportsguy
Derek Lowe probably doesn't pitch for at least 10 days, do you let him keep pitching.
2008-07-09 20:36:06
192.   Andrew Shimmin
190- Agreed.
2008-07-09 20:36:29
193.   68elcamino427
Garciaparra! Yes!
2008-07-09 20:36:32
194.   MonkeyBlue
What the heck? Taking out Nomar already? I guess one run is enough?
2008-07-09 20:36:45
195.   bhsportsguy
How many teams have caddies for their middle infielders?
2008-07-09 20:37:34
196.   sporky
Get well soon, Hu.
2008-07-09 20:37:38
197.   bhsportsguy
194 Well at this point, I just look at it as a 1 run lead with 2 innings to go.
2008-07-09 20:37:54
198.   regfairfield
Is using Berroa as a defensive replacement for Nomar a good idea? The world may never know.
2008-07-09 20:38:44
199.   Hallux Valgus
180 Okay, then I blame you (smiley emoticon).
2008-07-09 20:38:47
200.   ucladodger

Hes only thrown 74 pitches. You let him go as far as he can.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-09 20:39:44
201.   sporky
I don't blame them.
2008-07-09 20:39:50
202.   MonkeyBlue
Smart move by the Braves.
2008-07-09 20:40:02
203.   KAYVMON
Bobby Cox, ruthless
2008-07-09 20:40:03
204.   Hallux Valgus
ugh. I weep for Jones if he makes an out here.
2008-07-09 20:40:13
205.   Marty
This would be a nice time for Jones to come through.
2008-07-09 20:40:17
206.   68elcamino427
C'mon Jones. Do it.
2008-07-09 20:40:22
207.   Johnson
199 Don't worry. I'm already on it!
2008-07-09 20:40:35
208.   Bob Timmermann
It would be good if Nomar had a real caddie.

"So what should I use on this ground ball?"
"I think you should use the glove, but backhand it."

"Runner on second, two out, what should I use?"
"I'd go with a bat."

2008-07-09 20:40:39
209.   StolenMonkey86
can we pinch hit DY for Andruw?
2008-07-09 20:40:51
210.   Andrew Shimmin
If I were Andruw Jones, I'd have charged the mound on ball four. It'd get him out of having to stand there and strike out.
2008-07-09 20:40:53
211.   bhsportsguy
Wow, K-Rod got taken deep by Josh Hamilton and the Angels lose 5-4 tonight.
2008-07-09 20:40:59
212.   Johnny Nucleo
this is a situation where we could have used Juan Pierre off the bench.
2008-07-09 20:41:39
213.   bhsportsguy
Yeah, for Jones.
2008-07-09 20:41:42
214.   ucladodger
2008-07-09 20:41:46
215.   Hallux Valgus
yea Andruw!
2008-07-09 20:41:47
216.   sporky
Oh thank you!
2008-07-09 20:41:48
217.   MonkeyBlue
HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-07-09 20:41:49
218.   Rob M
2008-07-09 20:41:55
219.   Andrew Shimmin
Well. Looky there.
2008-07-09 20:41:56
220.   Alex41592
2008-07-09 20:42:38
221.   Sam DC
Jones wins!
2008-07-09 20:42:40
222.   ucladodger
Great slide Druw!
2008-07-09 20:42:44
223.   sporky
They're cheering him on two consecutive plays!!
2008-07-09 20:42:47
224.   nofatmike
It was just a single...
2008-07-09 20:42:50
225.   KAYVMON
Haha, if Jones starts hitting, we can thank Bobby Cox's great betrayal for lighting a fire under him.
2008-07-09 20:42:53
226.   Alex41592
2008-07-09 20:42:56
227.   Hallux Valgus
and a great take out.
2008-07-09 20:43:04
228.   Flonne
Celebration Time.
2008-07-09 20:43:10
229.   Jon Weisman
Andruw's getting a standing O!

Vin: "What a strange night for Andruw Jones. He probably can't believe it."

2008-07-09 20:43:13
230.   68elcamino427
Standing O for Jones.
2008-07-09 20:43:31
231.   Gilberto Reyes
I feel really good for Andruw right there. That was a huge hit after his old team walked to get to him. And the slide was even better to break up the DP. The crowd loved it.
2008-07-09 20:43:42
232.   Hallux Valgus
224 more importantly, it WASN'T a flailing strike out, and it WAS a run.
2008-07-09 20:43:44
233.   Eric Stephen
We shall call that slide...The Turning Point®.
2008-07-09 20:45:06
234.   Andrew Shimmin
233- By law, all things that may once have been called turning points must now be called tipping points. You can thank Bob's buddy Malcolm Gladwell for that.
2008-07-09 20:45:07
235.   Hallux Valgus
I swear, that fake it to third, look at first move hasn't worked since 11 year old little league.
2008-07-09 20:45:12
236.   nofatmike
224 Eh, I personally was hoping it was a home run.
2008-07-09 20:45:32
237.   StolenMonkey86
that works too
2008-07-09 20:46:57
238.   Alex41592
This is a tough decision. You sort of have to bat Lowe though.
2008-07-09 20:48:51
239.   StolenMonkey86
walking Maza isn't quite Grabowski territory, and Lowe's only thrown 74 pitches
2008-07-09 20:49:20
240.   Eric Stephen
Ha! I forgot Wayne Kirby wore 55.
2008-07-09 20:49:52
241.   Eric Stephen
Brian McCan't.
2008-07-09 20:50:12
242.   Gilberto Reyes
225 There may some truth to the Bobby Cox connection for Andruw's success. His first HR this year was also against the Braves in front of Cox. Maybe a Cox bobblehead or a life-size cardboard Cox figure in the dugout will inspire Andruw to have an excellent second half?
2008-07-09 20:50:56
243.   Alex41592
239 - No, I know about the 74 pitches. I'm more concerned about being up only 2 runs. I have no problem with keeping Lowe in the game.
2008-07-09 20:50:58
244.   ucladodger
Well that stunk.
2008-07-09 20:51:10
245.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-09 20:51:15
246.   Alex41592
Make that 1 run.
2008-07-09 20:52:29
247.   Eric Stephen
The simple solution is for Joe Torre to start wearing cleats in the dugout. Or Joe can just remind Andruw that he was managing when a certain 19 year old hit 2 HR in a World Series game.
2008-07-09 20:53:22
248.   NorCal-Dodger
236 Take baby steps first. This will be Easler's swan song, his ability to get Andruw to make contact with the ball.
2008-07-09 20:53:32
249.   sporky
Didn't know Gotay was a Brave.
2008-07-09 20:53:33
250.   StolenMonkey86
Francoeur taking ball 1 there should have been cause for Martin to talk to Lowe.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-09 20:53:44
251.   MonkeyBlue
Put in Saito.
2008-07-09 20:54:17
252.   Eric Stephen
Dodger starting pitching has been scrumtrulescent for a while now. Hat tip to Lowe, et al.
2008-07-09 20:54:38
253.   ucladodger
If I'm Derek Lowe, i'm beyond pissed. He's under 90 pitches and gets taken out now? Jeeze.
2008-07-09 20:54:52
254.   StolenMonkey86
yay, Braves bullpen coming up
2008-07-09 20:55:15
255.   sporky
253 He was pretty pissed, too.
2008-07-09 20:55:15
256.   silverwidow
Lowe was mouthing off pretty bad right here.
2008-07-09 20:55:23
257.   MonkeyBlue
I feel bad for Lowe. Run support for this guy is beyond pathetic. I hope Broxton get easy out.
2008-07-09 20:55:41
258.   bhsportsguy
256 Probably at the umpire not Torre.
2008-07-09 20:57:25
259.   sporky
Thank you, Kotsay. Dork.
2008-07-09 20:57:27
260.   ucladodger

He's mad at being taken out. There was no reason to take him out there and not let him finish the inning. I mea, the guy threw 85 or so pitches and gets pulled. It works out nicely, but doesnt make DLowe feel a ton better.

2008-07-09 20:57:30
261.   MonkeyBlue
Out by a mile!!! Nice throw by Martin!
2008-07-09 20:57:34
262.   bhsportsguy
Nice throw Russell, a 2 pitch hold for Broxton.
2008-07-09 20:57:34
263.   Alex41592
Great throw by Martin!
2008-07-09 20:57:35
264.   Eric Stephen
Lowe has pitched 7 or more IP in 8 of his last 10 starts, totaling 68.1 innings.
2008-07-09 20:57:40
265.   Andrew Shimmin
Martin was playing possum, last night.

And, uh, all those other times his throws sucked.

2008-07-09 20:58:06
266.   NorCal-Dodger
253 Lowe pitched too good of a gmae to be allowed to stay in and possibly lose this game..just ask Joe.
2008-07-09 20:58:16
267.   Bob Timmermann
Now the Braves will have to send up a pinch hitter in the 9th to face Saito who is probably worse than Gotay.

And that takes effort.

2008-07-09 20:58:43
268.   bhsportsguy
260 Well, I guess he has a right but I don't think he was going to pitch the 9th, the shut out was out of play and he walked a guy on 5 pitches.
2008-07-09 20:59:25
269.   Andrew Shimmin
Hey! I like Ruben Gotay. And he wasn't half bad, last year.
2008-07-09 20:59:30
270.   Gilberto Reyes
What a great throw by Martin! A 99 mph fastball from Broxton followed by a laser from Russell. That wasn't even close.
2008-07-09 20:59:47
271.   Alex41592
That stinks for Atlanta. They lose Gotay and will have to pinch hit for the ninth spot again. That's quite a waste and now Chipper bats fourth in the ninth.
2008-07-09 20:59:52
272.   MonkeyBlue
Get some insurance run(s) please.
2008-07-09 20:59:55
273.   regfairfield
258 To be fair, you should send almost anyone with a chance with two outs late in a one run game.
2008-07-09 21:00:05
274.   bhsportsguy
Well now they are going have to delete an inning or two from the Fox re-broadcast.
2008-07-09 21:00:08
275.   underdog

I came home from a soccer game to catch the last inning, but had expected it to be in the 6th or so. Nice blink-and-you'll-miss-it game. Caught up on things via box score and your comments. Fun stuff.

One more inning.

2008-07-09 21:00:19
276.   68elcamino427
#27 - Bison Power!
2008-07-09 21:00:24
277.   ucladodger
How the heck did Kemp hit that? It was 2 inches off fo the ground?
2008-07-09 21:00:28
278.   Bob Timmermann
Ruben Gotay only merits a Chowder Society.

No marching.

2008-07-09 21:01:31
279.   underdog
Blaine? Blaine?! His name is Blaine?!! thats not a name, thats a kitchen appliance!!!
2008-07-09 21:02:02
280.   MonkeyBlue
Bison was predictable!
2008-07-09 21:02:18
281.   bhsportsguy
So was it close or was he out from me to you?
2008-07-09 21:02:23
282.   Alex41592
Can't do much about that.
2008-07-09 21:02:32
283.   ucladodger
He got a grat jump there, too. If its not a pitchout he's safe by 3 feet.
2008-07-09 21:02:47
284.   underdog
Nicely timed pitch-out. Ah well. He almost stole it anyway.
2008-07-09 21:03:13
285.   ucladodger

Really close. High tag and he might have even gotten his foot in there. Perfectly called pitch out.

2008-07-09 21:03:24
286.   Bob Timmermann
There have been four guys who have played in the majors who have gone by Blaine.

The aforementioned Mr. Boyer as well as Messrs. Beatty, Neal, and Thomas.

2008-07-09 21:03:28
287.   Gilberto Reyes
I have been pleasently surprised by Kemp's SB numbers this year. But tough to steal on a pitchout.
2008-07-09 21:03:47
288.   underdog
279 My apostrophe key was broken.

281 It was still close, high tag but a bit of a high slide, just nicked him.

2008-07-09 21:05:12
289.   underdog
2008-07-09 21:05:37
290.   Hallux Valgus
279 Thanks, Ducky
2008-07-09 21:05:47
291.   Jon Weisman
Four minutes to 9:10.
2008-07-09 21:06:13
292.   Eric Stephen
My apostrophe key was broken

Good thing you didn't quote Jon back in 6 .

2008-07-09 21:06:51
293.   Gilberto Reyes
Cox has been complaining about his team scoring 8 or 9 runs one game followed by zero or one the next day. This series has fit that description perfectly so far.
2008-07-09 21:07:06
294.   MonkeyBlue
Saito! let not give Mr. Jones a chance to hit.
2008-07-09 21:07:31
295.   Eric Stephen
I would cut my hair into a mohawk for $1,000, any day.
2008-07-09 21:07:41
296.   Gilberto Reyes
Let's extend that MLB record for consecutive 1 run road losses to 24!
2008-07-09 21:07:46
297.   underdog
All this "Braves one-run losses on the road" trivia has hopefully not jinxed the game.
2008-07-09 21:09:07
298.   underdog
Norton, I'm gonna count to five. And when I get to five you better be out.
2008-07-09 21:09:21
299.   Eric Stephen
Jones Watch, This Series
Chipper: 0-10, BB
Andruw: 3-9, BB

Our Jones is better! :)

2008-07-09 21:09:22
300.   ucladodger
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-09 21:09:31
301.   MonkeyBlue
Saito! sweet K!
2008-07-09 21:09:36
302.   Alex41592
Ohhhh. What a pitch.
2008-07-09 21:10:16
303.   Bob Timmermann
2008-07-09 21:10:16
304.   underdog
That was a beauty!
2008-07-09 21:10:22
305.   Alex41592
And we are back in first!
2008-07-09 21:10:26
306.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-09 21:10:41
307.   sporky
4 series in a row!
2008-07-09 21:10:54
308.   Eric Stephen
1st place! (tied)
2008-07-09 21:11:17
309.   bhsportsguy
This game took a little less time than Monday night.
2008-07-09 21:11:25
310.   Hallux Valgus
hooray! we're the worst first place team in the league again!
2008-07-09 21:12:00
311.   bhsportsguy
And this is the first game the Dodgers have won scoring just 2 runs.
2008-07-09 21:12:09
312.   underdog
I'd feel sorrier for the Braves if the Dodgers hadn't had their own frustrations and inconsistencies this season.

No sympathy here.

Back in first place!

2008-07-09 21:13:35
313.   Eric Stephen
The Battle For First Place, Thursday
Dan Haren v. Jason Bergmann, 4:10pm
Chan Ho v. Josh Johnson, 7:10pm
2008-07-09 21:13:59
314.   Gilberto Reyes
Great win with a surprise offensive contribution by Andruw. But Lowe deserves most of the credit tonight. A rare sub .500 tie for first place.
2008-07-09 21:14:27
315.   Bob Timmermann
That's because D4P wasn't around.
2008-07-09 21:14:59
316.   Johnny Nucleo
Nice to see the Dodgers' getting some revenge on the Braves for getting skunked back in April.
2008-07-09 21:14:59
317.   Gilberto Reyes
Andruw just said "the fans have been great."
2008-07-09 21:16:32
318.   Eric Stephen
More importantly, the Dodgers only need to go 52-19 to finish 97-65 (predicted by Daniel Zappala).
2008-07-09 21:17:26
319.   sporky
According to Diamond, Ethan Martin was at Dodger Stadium today.
2008-07-09 21:17:55
320.   regfairfield
How many years would you give to Derek Lowe this offseason?
2008-07-09 21:18:37
321.   Hallux Valgus
318 obviously, Don Mattingly wills that to happen

320 3, but he'll do much better.

2008-07-09 21:18:55
322.   bhsportsguy
314 Rare, its twice in 3 days. :)
2008-07-09 21:19:07
323.   Hallux Valgus
no one's nickname should ever be "The Tinkle Guy"
2008-07-09 21:20:23
324.   underdog
There's a lot of people who suffer from Tourette's Syndrome on the Talkingchop Braves blog game threads, poor things.
2008-07-09 21:21:36
325.   bhsportsguy
After being swept in Detroit, the Dodgers 5-2 in series and 14-8 overall.
2008-07-09 21:21:46
326.   underdog
321 Agree with Hallux. He'll get a better offer. And then we'll get a nice draft pick. He's been so consistent the whole time he's been with the Dodgers, but it's probably time to move on.
2008-07-09 21:24:15
327.   regfairfield
Would a team pay Lowe for his 36-39 years? I can't see it.
2008-07-09 21:24:37
328.   MonkeyBlue
I think the dodgers should resign Lowe. I have no faith in Charlie Brown ever recovering. Are Stults and Chan Ho, still not sure about them.
2008-07-09 21:26:50
329.   underdog
Charlie Brown? Maybe we could sign Joe Schlabotnick instead.
2008-07-09 21:28:40
330.   KG16
geez, everything from Kennedy tonight is about his days as a manager... calling up Nomar, hiring Easler, etc. The guy is a parody of himself.
2008-07-09 21:30:01
331.   Hallux Valgus
327 a team gave Gil Meche 5 years. Jamie Moyer got 2 years when he was almost 44. I think he could get either a Jason Schmidt-like short deal, or a longer deal for slightly less. Teams need pitching. Either way, it's more than the Dodgers should offer, but I truly believe that he'll get paid.
2008-07-09 21:35:20
332.   Hallux Valgus
Dear Steve Lyons,
the fans are not paying to see an 18 million dollar center fielder performing a take out slide. thanks,
2008-07-09 21:36:51
333.   Travis08
129 The major league record for consecutive batters retired by both teams is at least 29.

Games in which at least 25 consecutive batters were retired, 2000-2007:

29 - Cincinnati 6, Pittsburgh 4, 6/25/04 (Bottom 1-Bottom 6)

27 - Kansas City 4, Oakland 3, 5/16/07 (Top 2-Top 6)

27 - Toronto 2, Angels 1, 7/28/05 (Bottom 9-Top 14)

27 - St. Louis 7, Detroit 3, 6/11/00 (Bottom 2-Top 7)

27 - Baltimore 3, Yankees 2, 9/26/03 (Game 2) (Bottom 1-Top 6)

26 - Montreal 6, Cubs 0, 9/8/04 (Top 3-Top 7)

26 - Mets 3, Minnesota 2, 6/20/02 (Bottom 1-Bottom 5)

26 - St. Louis 7, Milwaukee 5, 6/11/06 (Bottom 5-End)

25 - Philadelphia 2, Cincinnati 0, 5/13/06 (Top 1-Top 5)

25 - Oakland 4, Tampa Bay 3, 9/9/01 (Top 9-Top 13)

2008-07-09 21:52:52
334.   Jon Weisman
Two new posts up top. The toppest one is for baseball.
2008-07-09 21:54:06
335.   underdog
BBTN showed zero highlights from the Dodger game, except for the final out right after it happened. Kemp's home run apparently came too late to be part of the "Touch 'Em All" segment.

Thanks for wasting my time, ESPN!

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