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2004-01-15 06:44
by Jon Weisman

At this time, that's as much as one can ask for.

Sixteen days remain before Frank McCourt's exclusive window to buy the Dodgers expires, according to the Times, and there is increasing acknowledgment from inside the game that there are hitches in McCourt's get-along.

Further, Ross Newhan writes that Bud Selig may not have to force the McCourt square peg through the round ownership hole - that Selig has done what he needed to placate national broadcast partner Fox and its umbrella company, News Corp. (while of course denying that News Corp. needed placating):

One way or the other, some theorists believe, Selig has set the stage, satisfying News Corp. Chairman Peter Chernin.

If McCourt is approved, News Corp. finally gets its wish and is out as owner.

If he isn't approved, or doesn't get to a vote, Selig can assure Chernin he did all he could and took it as far as he could.

Grain of salt me when, earlier in Newhan's article, Selig talks about fastdiousness in applying baseball's ownership rules. But there is doubt from on high, and doubt matters.

I suppose one might ponder the holy hell News Corop. and Fox would unleash on the Dodgers if, come February, they're still lame-duck owners. However, keep these two things in mind: the hell would be short-term, not indefinite like a McCourt ownership, and a Dodger Stadium teardown shouldn't be part of it.

Congratulations to the Times for sticking on this story. I was disappointed Wednesday that the paper had nothing on the ownership situation, but it came back today - and keep in mind, it could have been ignoring this story all along. Again, the big thing missing right now from the Times is a story detailing the consequences of McCourt ownership before it happens. (If it happens!)

For my part, I'm in catchup mode, too - and of course, very much wanting to get back to talking about the game and not this ownership fooforall.

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