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July 13 Game Chat
2008-07-13 11:48
by Jon Weisman
Comments (510)
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2008-07-13 12:12:51
1.   ChicagoDodger
Asked this at the end of the last post:

Quick question for anyone that knows.

If Furcal does not play anymore in 2008 and signs with another team in the offseason, do his stats qualify as a player the Dodgers would get 2 picks within the top 50 for?

Just checking.

2008-07-13 12:15:47
2.   Eric Stephen
Soreness in the back will likely prevent Furcal from gaining Type A status. Last year (using 2006-2007 stats), Furcal was the best Type B. But replace his 2006 with 2008 and he's surely not going to be a Type A. He might not even be a Type B (which would fetch a sandwich pick only).

2008-07-13 12:18:50
3.   Eric Stephen
Plus, even if Furcal qualifies as a Type A or B free agent, the Dodgers would have to offer him arbitration first. I would guess there's a decent chance the Dodgers decline to do so.
2008-07-13 12:19:44
4.   ChicagoDodger
Thanks Eric! I appreciate that.

Even more reason to be disapointed about Furcal's injury.

2008-07-13 12:20:09
5.   Eric Stephen
Poor baserunning by the D-Backs cost them a run, and at least an out.
2008-07-13 12:20:31
6.   thinkblue88
Wow, CC hit his second home run of the season.
2008-07-13 12:21:25
7.   ChicagoDodger
3 Why's that? Furcal has not had a real good season his last 2, and then this one gets cut short because of injury? How much could Furcal possibly get in arbitration?
2008-07-13 12:24:04
8.   Alex41592
No Hanley for the fish. But he's available off the bench and will still play Tuesday.
2008-07-13 12:26:59
9.   Eric Stephen
Per the collective bargaining agreement, the most his salary could be cut is 20%, so he would get at least $10.4m in arbitration (80% of $13m).
2008-07-13 12:28:11
10.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the 150:1s are starting to live up to that moniker.
2008-07-13 12:33:00
11.   Alex41592
And we are tied in Philly.
2008-07-13 12:33:40
12.   willhite

Assuming the doctors would give Furcal a clean bill of health, I'd be willing to gamble 10.4m for one year. We still don't have any real good SS options for next year (assuming there is no trade coming).

2008-07-13 12:35:45
13.   Eric Stephen
Dice-K didn't make the all-star team?
2008-07-13 12:35:50
14.   Tripon
I'm sure the Shakin's article in the Times today has been talked about already, but I just had to comment on it. So Shakin's argument is that the Marlins are a better run team than the Dodgers because... the Marlins are forced to use their farm system to developed major league talent? Didn't Shakin just write a piece blasting the Dodgers for not trading multiple guys on the current Dodgers roster for C.C. Sabathia? Wheater Shakin likes it or not, The Dodgers and the Marlins are fielding similarly young teams for good stretch of the season until Nomar and Andruw Jones came back. At times, the Starting 9 for the Dodgers didn't even amount up to $3 million dollars, but the Dodgers get slammed for this, while the Marlins are praised because they're forced to act like a small market team while Shakin slams the Dodgers for 'choosing' to field a team on the cheap never mind that injuries play a huge part of it.
2008-07-13 12:37:16
15.   Eric Stephen
I absolutely would offer Furcal arbitration if he is anywhere near remotely healthy. I just have my doubts that the Dodgers would do so.
2008-07-13 12:39:00
16.   natepurcell
Lowe is going to be our only Type A free agent.

Like Eric said, Furcal most likely won't be offered arbitration. Kent is probably going to retire. Park might be a type B one...

2008-07-13 12:39:54
17.   natepurcell
Oops I forgot Beimel. He is going to be a type A base on the kooky stats they use (number of appearances, holds, etc )
2008-07-13 12:41:18
18.   underdog
In honor of today's starter, all posts hereafter must start with the letter "B."

No... "X"!

No... {mmmmph!}

2008-07-13 12:41:31
19.   Tripon
I think Park is more likely to retire than pitch for another team next year. I think Park's mindset is the Dodgers or bust.
2008-07-13 12:43:41
20.   D4P
In honor of today's starter, all posts hereafter must start with the letter "B."

Bah. Humbug.

2008-07-13 12:44:19
21.   natepurcell
Ha, Scott Proctor was a type A coming into this season. Hilarious.
2008-07-13 12:47:20
22.   D4P
Thus rendering the term "Type A" forever meaningless.
2008-07-13 12:47:58
23.   Alex41592
Utley, Howard and Burrell vs. Qualls. 2-2 Bot 8.
2008-07-13 12:48:15
24.   Bob Timmermann
The "Type A" refers to Proctor's personality, not his talent.
2008-07-13 12:48:20
25.   Eric Stephen
I doubt Park will be a Type B free agent. Last year, the lowest rated Type B was Rich Hill, who totaled the following stats over the 2006-7 rating period:

294 IP, 17 W, 4.02 ERA

Park's totals for 2007-8 combined thus far:

69 IP, 4 W, 3.39 ERA

Of course if you were joking, disregard this post from an idiot! :)

2008-07-13 12:48:37
26.   Gagne55
17 I have a feeling that Beimel is going to be resigned. I would personally like to see Lowe re-upped as well. Guys who realiably throw 200+ innings of above average ball are tough to find.
2008-07-13 12:48:57
27.   Eric Stephen
I'm Type O negative.
2008-07-13 12:50:46
28.   Eric Stephen
The problem with Lowe will be that he will likely command substantially more than the 4/$36 he signed for. It might be a 3 year deal, but I would guess Lowe's in line for at least $13m/year. If you're going to pay that, why not get Sabathia or Sheets (and I realize it's for a longer term)?
2008-07-13 12:51:36
29.   Gagne55
19 I think it's too early to determine whether Park is taking the Wilson Alvarez route or the Aaron Sele route.
2008-07-13 12:51:45
30.   natepurcell

As a relief pitcher.

2008-07-13 12:51:48
31.   Eric Stephen
First two on for the Phillies against Chad "I'm not Brandon Webb" Qualls.
2008-07-13 12:52:29
32.   D4P
D4P's Myers-Briggs personality type:


It used to be ISTJ, before moving to North Carolina.

2008-07-13 12:52:29
33.   Eric Stephen
But does Park have the holds or whatever they use to measure such creatures?
2008-07-13 12:52:39
34.   natepurcell

He's going to be 36/37. You want to sign him until he is 40?

2008-07-13 12:55:46
35.   Eric Stephen
The non-All-Star hits a 3-run jack!

5-2 Phillies in the 8th.

2008-07-13 12:55:52
36.   Alex41592
PAT BURRELL! 3 run home run!
2008-07-13 12:56:55
37.   Gagne55
28 I don't like the look of Sheets. He is a very talented pitcher, yes. But in evaluating free agent pitchers health is an extreamely important factor as well. Sabathia looks like a guy who should stay healthy, he's in the David Wells mold, but will certainly be more expensive then Lowe.
2008-07-13 12:58:31
38.   Eric Stephen
Feliz Navidad! 6-2 Phils.
2008-07-13 12:59:09
39.   Icaros
Boy, the D-Backs announcers sure aren't ashamed to openly pout.
2008-07-13 12:59:23
40.   Louis in SF
Pat Burrell sends a nice gift to the Dodgers-3run shot 5-2!

Any psycho-analysis of Joe Torre's suden change of heart making Matt Kemp bat leadoff today, after he was hosed in the paper yesterday. The rationale for some of the lineups and player moves are getting funnier and funnier

2008-07-13 13:02:37
41.   Gagne55
34 Pitchers tend to be effective older than hitters do. A pitcher who is old but proven durable is generally a better bet than young but fragile.
2008-07-13 13:04:53
42.   Bob Timmermann
Beware yon Sheets, he has that lean and hungry look.
2008-07-13 13:08:14
43.   Tripon
If its any consolations to you guys, Steve Phillips during the Futures game came around to the Dodgers and think the Dodgers young hitters are more further along than the D'Backs young hitters.
2008-07-13 13:08:59
44.   Eric Stephen
So nice to hear Vin's voice.
2008-07-13 13:09:40
45.   Bob Timmermann
The 150:1s are 9 outs away from second place.

It's not that I don't want xeifrank to win his bet though.

2008-07-13 13:11:37
46.   Bob Hendley
40 - How about this OT posted by jasonungar07

"We've got to think about getting help with the history of Nomar and injuries," Torre said. "If we do get a shortstop, we know Nomar can play there, at first and at third. If he swings the bat, we'll find a spot for him.


2008-07-13 13:11:50
47.   68elcamino427
OPS Today:

925 Bay (Pirates)

897 Nady (Pirates)
875 Kuo (put him in LF :)
834 Martin
814 Ethier

795 Loney
770 Beltre (Mariners)
768 Kemp
711 Kent
704 Wilson (Pirates)
702 DeWitt

681 Garciaparra
677 Young
664 LaRoche
658 Betancourt (Mariners)

531 Maza
514 Jones
513 Ardoin

469 Berroa

Just a list ...

2008-07-13 13:12:18
48.   Jiminy Cricket
you guys see that Jones is working on the worst offensive season in baseball history (according to Jason Stark)?

NL LVP of the half year: Andruw Jones, Dodgers

Andruw Jones

Sheez, what happened to this man? If Andruw Jones's second half resembles his first half, he's potentially heading for (ready for this?) the Worst Offensive Season in Baseball History. At this rate, he'd finish with a .172 average, .261 slugging percentage, five homers, 21 RBIs, 125 strikeouts and only 64 hits. And you shouldn't be flabbergasted to learn that the all-time list of players who have had numbers that gruesome consists of, well, nobody. Heck, only three other players in history have even had twice as many strikeouts as hits (in a season of 100 or more whiffs): Rob Deer (175-80 in 1991), Dave Nicholson (126-60 in 1964) and Mark McGwire (118-56 in 2001). But at least those fellows made a few home run trots, or finished over the Mendoza Line.

2008-07-13 13:13:56
49.   Megaballs
Regarding Sheets
Please no more Free Agents...

Spend the $$s locking up four of the best...Billz, Kemp, Martin,Loney for eg.

My biggest beef is all the $$$ spend by Ned and none of them are Billz,Kemp,Martin..

2008-07-13 13:15:11
50.   natepurcell
Are you joking me? Ahhhhh
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-13 13:16:13
51.   natepurcell
Billingsley doesn't look like he has it today. Fastball is barely breaking 90 so far.
2008-07-13 13:16:39
52.   MonkeyBlue
Nice play by Nomar.
2008-07-13 13:17:09
53.   Eric Stephen
It's not like the Dodgers will lose the young ones if they aren't signed to long-term deals. All are under club control through at least 2012. Attempts were made to sign Martin, but his agent rebuffed Ned's attempt.
2008-07-13 13:17:22
54.   ucladodger
The Marlins make it look so easy to score. Man, what those extra base hits will do for you.
2008-07-13 13:19:47
55.   ucladodger
What a gun Kemp has. Made thatt hrow so easily.
2008-07-13 13:19:51
56.   Jiminy Cricket
when does the mercy rule go into effect that the Dodgers cut Andruw rather than make him actually accomplish the worst season in baseball history?

...and by mercy, I am speaking of course of us, the fans who have to watch this?

2008-07-13 13:21:06
57.   natepurcell
The Giants signed 16-year-old outfielder Rafael Rodriguez, a highly regarded prospect from the Dominican Republic, to a $2.55 million bonus, the largest ever given in franchise history to an amateur player.

Sweet, while we sit on our thumbs.

2008-07-13 13:22:13
58.   Bob Timmermann
It's not like the Marlins are piling up huge run totals. They have 14 runs in 3 games plus one inning.
2008-07-13 13:22:57
59.   Tripon
>> 53.
It's not like the Dodgers will lose the young ones if they aren't signed to long-term deals. All are under club control through at least 2012. Attempts were made to sign Martin, but his agent rebuffed Ned's attempt.

Then he should move to the other young Dodgers players willing to sign long term contracts, I know Loney would be willing to talk about it, Kemp might also be willing. While Rusell Martin looks like he's going to be the Ryan Howard of catchers, commanding a huge salary during his first year of Arbitration, it doesn't make much sense to not sign a young player you think can play in the major leagues to a long term contract. Just how much money you think you're going to save during Arbitration?

2008-07-13 13:24:55
60.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers signed any young player to a long term deal, I will go through and note who thought it was a good idea and who thought it was a bade idea at the time.

Because that's what we're all about.

2008-07-13 13:26:16
61.   68elcamino427
Bison Speed!
2008-07-13 13:26:25
62.   natepurcell
Nice Juan Pierre hit Matt.
2008-07-13 13:26:35
63.   Tripon
So its not a case of when Andruw Jones turns it around, but when the Dodgers cut and release him?
2008-07-13 13:27:08
64.   Eric Stephen
Andrew Miller was getting hammered in the early part of the year, but he's settled down somewhat. He has allowed only 2 HR in his last 70.2 IP.
2008-07-13 13:28:00
65.   Bob Timmermann
I used to be a nice person until I started commenting around here.
2008-07-13 13:28:14
66.   max power
Look at Kemp all acting all ballplayerish.
2008-07-13 13:28:24
67.   MonkeyBlue
Bison speed at it again!
2008-07-13 13:29:12
68.   Tripon
Kemp has 21 steals? Woo, that's a lot for a guy who supposedly doesn't get enough of quality swings for his at bats.
2008-07-13 13:29:57
69.   68elcamino427
Juan Pierre swinging bunt bat speed = 80 mph
Matt Kemp swinging bunt bat speed = 100+ mph :)
2008-07-13 13:30:23
70.   MonkeyBlue
Dodgers been struggling with RISP, so let see what happens.
2008-07-13 13:30:56
71.   Jiminy Cricket
63 I'm afraid so. After a while, the freak show exhibits just lose their appeal, and you just feel sorry for them.
2008-07-13 13:32:25
72.   Neal Pollack
Are we all dreading Jones' arrival at the plate?
2008-07-13 13:32:32
73.   natepurcell
Oh look, Deja Vu.
2008-07-13 13:32:46
74.   D4P
I used to be a nice person until I started commenting around here

But at least you're still no fun. You've got that...

2008-07-13 13:32:58
75.   MonkeyBlue
Hopefully the Dodgers can get more than one run.
2008-07-13 13:33:01
76.   tethier
same as night - bases loaded - no outs
2008-07-13 13:33:10
77.   Eric Stephen
It's a two-way street with contracts. Someone like Martin is going to make a boat load of money through arbitration, and that's why he doesn't want to lock in now.

I would certainly want to sign the players you mentioned, but (a) the players have to want to as well, and (b) the club takes on almost all of the risk by locking them up. Not that free agents aren't more or a risk, but it's apples and oranges.

2008-07-13 13:33:49
78.   Alex41592
Predicted one run last night in this situation. I think we get two here.
2008-07-13 13:34:36
79.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-13 13:34:41
80.   Eric Stephen
Now that was a quality AB! :)
2008-07-13 13:34:50
81.   Neal Pollack
2008-07-13 13:34:54
82.   Greg Brock
That's why we don't backpedal, kids.
2008-07-13 13:34:57
83.   Alex41592
The owl is a hoot.
2008-07-13 13:35:04
84.   Eric Stephen
I say 5.
2008-07-13 13:35:08
85.   Icaros
That's a veteran getting it done for you.
2008-07-13 13:35:33
86.   fanerman
2008-07-13 13:35:53
87.   Alex41592
Crib sheet for Miller: Throw breaking balls.
2008-07-13 13:36:13
88.   MonkeyBlue
Green light Jones.
2008-07-13 13:36:32
89.   Alex41592
Lurch alert!
2008-07-13 13:36:57
90.   Alex41592
PVL getting it done with RISP. :)
2008-07-13 13:36:58
91.   Gen3Blue
You have to understand a vet like Nomar knows what has to be done in an at bat like that. You need to make it look like you did the worst thing and then get an error.
2008-07-13 13:37:06
92.   Marty
And we'll get to see Lurch in a minute.
2008-07-13 13:37:19
93.   max power
Isn't that Fat Boy's 10th RBI?
2008-07-13 13:37:23
94.   nick
88 you make joke, right?
2008-07-13 13:37:40
95.   Greg Brock
Atta boy, James.
2008-07-13 13:37:40
96.   fanerman
Hello double-digit RBI's.
2008-07-13 13:38:01
97.   underdog
An RBI For Andruw. (A new made for TV movie on Lifetime.)

A Big Bird Sighting. (A new PBS children's program.)

2008-07-13 13:38:10
98.   nofatmike
88 Or not.
2008-07-13 13:38:13
99.   Alex41592
Loney showing why he should bat in front of Nomar and Jones daily.
2008-07-13 13:38:16
100.   MonkeyBlue
Woooo! Loney Clutch! Man the Dodgers do take advantage on that error! Just like the Giants one.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-13 13:38:26
101.   underdog
Crazy Eyes!

Thank the Lord.

2008-07-13 13:38:28
102.   Neal Pollack
I have turned the Complaint-O-Meter off...
2008-07-13 13:38:33
103.   natepurcell
James absolutely laced that pitch.
2008-07-13 13:38:43
104.   Alex41592
Andy with the productive at bat and RBI.
2008-07-13 13:39:07
105.   ucladodger
Andrew Miller was 20 times better in college. The falling down squeeze!
2008-07-13 13:39:15
106.   Jiminy Cricket
hey, gamecast tells me that Andruw is hitting .422 when they throw it right down the middle to him. Let's get pitchers to do that.
2008-07-13 13:39:19
107.   Eric Stephen
One of the greatest squeeze bunts ever!

Cue sporky!

2008-07-13 13:39:19
108.   MonkeyBlue
LOL!!!!!! Holy crap that was funny!
2008-07-13 13:39:26
109.   underdog
An RBI for Andy. (Also a tearjerker on basic cable.)
2008-07-13 13:39:30
110.   Alex41592
No Mercy! 6-1. Nice job Matzah.
2008-07-13 13:39:32
111.   overkill94
84 How about 6?
2008-07-13 13:39:43
112.   natepurcell
This was a fun half-inning. We should do this more often.
2008-07-13 13:40:00
113.   underdog
2008-07-13 13:40:01
114.   Neal Pollack
Can someone do some fast work and see if the Dodgers score more runs on Sunday? It seems like every week, they explode temporarily.
2008-07-13 13:40:28
115.   fanerman
Very nice bunt.
2008-07-13 13:40:41
116.   Icaros

Don't forget the prospect abduction drama: "I Know My First Name is Andy."

2008-07-13 13:41:04
117.   Eric Stephen
I was way off. I didn't foresee the squeeze.
2008-07-13 13:41:05
118.   underdog
I missed the first half inning, saw that our Old Friend drove in a run. Was Chad off or just a few good swings?
2008-07-13 13:41:15
119.   Alex41592
I told you guys we would score 6. How's one game back at the break sound?
2008-07-13 13:41:45
120.   underdog
116 Hah. Was Mickey Rooney in that one? Oh, wait, no, it was Tom Bosley.
2008-07-13 13:41:59
121.   natepurcell

Had Gonzo and Amezaga at two strikes but couldnt put them away.

2008-07-13 13:43:37
122.   Icaros

Meredith Baxter stars as Andy's mother.

2008-07-13 13:43:48
123.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers have scored 35 runs in 14 previous Sunday games (2.5/game), are are 5-9 on Sundays this season.
2008-07-13 13:43:49
124.   Bob Hendley
114 - Shimmin would do it, but he is having his cords cuffed.
2008-07-13 13:44:30
125.   ucladodger
Super Bison speed!
2008-07-13 13:44:40
126.   MonkeyBlue
This game is far from over though. Way to early. Let just hope the Dodgers can add more runs or the pitcher shut them out.
2008-07-13 13:44:41
127.   Neal Pollack
123--color me wrong.
2008-07-13 13:45:57
128.   natepurcell
Russell has a lot of war paint on his face.


2008-07-13 13:45:57
129.   MonkeyBlue
Can't fault Martin on that! pretty tough play.
2008-07-13 13:46:03
130.   Icaros
Russ looks like Road Warrior Hawk today.
2008-07-13 13:46:41
131.   underdog
Even Russell is in blinded awe of the glow that is Cody Ross's aura.
2008-07-13 13:46:43
132.   Ken Noe
It just occurred to me that Bison has had a good day if he was JP.
2008-07-13 13:47:08
133.   Tripon
Does Billingsly always pitch this slow?
2008-07-13 13:47:56
134.   underdog
122 Lorenzo Lamas as Andy LaRoche?
2008-07-13 13:48:07
135.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Was Ryan Ketchner the prospect we once had that was deaf?
2008-07-13 13:48:21
136.   Icaros

Years of working at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant have given him a healthy green glow.

2008-07-13 13:48:28
137.   Eric Stephen
Paul Hoover as a teenager:

"Mom, Dad, I'm going out and am borrowing the car, unless you say otherwise..."

"...OK, so you both later"

2008-07-13 13:49:09
138.   Eric Stephen
see you both later.
2008-07-13 13:49:15
139.   Alex41592
Sabathia has gone 9 innings with 9 K's for the Brewers. 2-2 in the 9th though.
2008-07-13 13:49:31
140.   Icaros

I was thinking Mario Lopez.

2008-07-13 13:49:58
141.   underdog
Btw, I'm sure someone here has already sorted this out, but has there been a team with a taller pitching staff than the Marlins, like, ever?
2008-07-13 13:50:44
142.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Who isn't thinking Mario Lopez.

2008-07-13 13:51:02
143.   Icaros

I believe so.

2008-07-13 13:51:12
144.   Eric Stephen
Too bad Ryan Anderson was never healthy enough to join the Mariners.
2008-07-13 13:51:42
145.   Icaros

Yeah, he's probably not available on short notice.

2008-07-13 13:52:02
146.   Eric Stephen
Valerie Bertinelli has to be Andy's cougar love interest.
2008-07-13 13:52:27
147.   overkill94
142 I'm thinking Arby's
2008-07-13 13:52:33
148.   Tripon
2008-07-13 13:52:41
149.   MonkeyBlue
Bison speed and power! sexy combination!
2008-07-13 13:52:44
150.   Icaros
Haha. Jogged on that lousy jell-o arm.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-13 13:52:51
151.   ucladodger
Super Bison greatness!
2008-07-13 13:52:58
152.   Greg Brock
Line drive mental mistake the other way.

Ho hum.

2008-07-13 13:53:00
153.   Eric Stephen
Kemp got the message. :)

He's got to be on fuschia alert or something.

2008-07-13 13:53:13
154.   Ken Noe
TJ: Matt Kemp is back in the leadoff spot, but only because Jeff Kent isn't starting and Joe wanted Nomar's bat in the middle of the lineup.
2008-07-13 13:53:20
155.   silverwidow

The Dodgers have signed seventh-round draft pick Cole St. Clair and 11-rounder Nathan Eovaldi, who the team showed around in Houston.

2008-07-13 13:53:27
156.   max power
So much for his Juan Pierre imitation.
2008-07-13 13:53:36
157.   ucladodger
Vin really likes Kemp. Love how he always defends him.
2008-07-13 13:53:39
158.   underdog
Yeah, it was Ryan Ketchner. Who I believe is now in the mariners' organization, after being with the Blue Jays. I wish him some luck.

Go Bison!

2008-07-13 13:53:51
159.   Eric Stephen
Kemp always looks like he's running downhill. It's awesome to watch.
2008-07-13 13:54:22
160.   MonkeyBlue
Damn it Ethier! unproductive out right there.
2008-07-13 13:54:38
161.   Eric Stephen
Time for Kemp to steal 3B after the strikeout.
2008-07-13 13:54:56
162.   underdog
Cole St. Clair sounds like a character on a Lifetime movie, for that matter. Or daytime serial.
2008-07-13 13:55:04
163.   Eric Stephen
Are you really that mad, up 6-1?
2008-07-13 13:55:07
164.   ucladodger
Super Bison Brilliance!
2008-07-13 13:55:10
165.   68elcamino427
Bison - the complete ballplayer
2008-07-13 13:55:14
166.   overkill94
Bison speed again!
2008-07-13 13:55:15
167.   Tripon
22 Stolen bases for Kemp.
2008-07-13 13:55:21
168.   Jiminy Cricket
If you were the Dodger GM, wouldn't you ask Vinny his opinion of the players? I know I would.
2008-07-13 13:55:25
169.   Icaros
Kemp sucks. If only he would listen to his coaches.
2008-07-13 13:55:37
170.   natepurcell
This game so far is a microcosm of why you don't trade Matt Kemp.
2008-07-13 13:55:48
171.   underdog
161 As you wish, Buttercup.
2008-07-13 13:55:49
172.   Neal Pollack
Anyone who has ever mentioned trading Kemp should be forced to watch a repeat of this game every day for a month.
2008-07-13 13:55:50
173.   fanerman
Kemp does everything Pierre does... and more.
2008-07-13 13:55:51
174.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Anyone try the MLB app for the iPhone? Looks interesting.
2008-07-13 13:55:54
175.   Alex41592
Bison takes care of that unproductiveness with his 22nd stolen base!
2008-07-13 13:55:58
176.   Greg Brock
Frustrating stolen base by the frustrating one.
2008-07-13 13:56:01
177.   Eric Stephen
168 Jack Wilson, Pedro Feliz, etc.
2008-07-13 13:56:08
178.   MonkeyBlue
Bison power is just overkill.
2008-07-13 13:56:13
179.   overkill94
162 Way too much Lifetime talk around here today. I think I'm about to get my period.
2008-07-13 13:56:18
180.   silverwidow
170 Do you like today's signings?
2008-07-13 13:56:59
181.   underdog
Miller really seems to me like a young pitcher who was rushed to the majors.
2008-07-13 13:57:02
182.   Eric Stephen
Pretty soon we'll all start ovulating on the same schedule.

It's science.

2008-07-13 13:57:53
183.   Tripon
>>Miller really seems to me like a young pitcher who was rushed to the majors.

I thought that was Clayton Kershaw's title.

2008-07-13 13:57:54
184.   MC Safety
154 The amount of clout Nomar's bat has is amazing.
2008-07-13 13:58:01
185.   underdog
179 LOL. Do you have that cramping, bloating, irritability feeling?

That's just called rooting for the Dodgers. It will pass.

2008-07-13 13:58:18
186.   68elcamino427
Garciaparra - Double and RBI!
2008-07-13 13:58:19
187.   Icaros
But I still want to know which TV villain plays Andy's abductor.
2008-07-13 13:58:55
188.   MonkeyBlue
Time to put this game away!
2008-07-13 13:58:56
189.   Greg Brock
179 Great. And then the bears show up.
2008-07-13 13:59:02
190.   underdog
So Miller's just going to be left out there to be dry, just so the Marlins won't burn through their bullpen? You know, with a three day break coming up. Makes sense.
2008-07-13 13:59:03
191.   Eric Stephen
I want to get one of those "Cool Zone" fans like they have in the dugout in my apartment.
2008-07-13 13:59:13
192.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Players this season with at least 20 stolen bases and 20 doubles, sorted by OPS+:
2008-07-13 13:59:15
193.   natepurcell

What happened now?

2008-07-13 13:59:25
194.   Who Is Karim Garcia
My Father's new reason why Andruw is terrible - his theme music. Apparently he thinks it reassures him that there is no reason to panic since "every little thing is gonna' be alright."
2008-07-13 13:59:44
195.   silverwidow
193 Look at #155
2008-07-13 13:59:45
196.   Eric Stephen
Bruce Boxleitner. Clearly.
2008-07-13 13:59:56
197.   Ken Noe
187 Paul Sorvino has played Torre before.
2008-07-13 14:00:05
198.   MonkeyBlue
194. Maybe Andy should give Andruw his them music.
2008-07-13 14:00:15
199.   overkill94
2008-07-13 14:00:17
200.   MonkeyBlue
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-13 14:00:24
201.   ucladodger
My gosh that man is bad.
2008-07-13 14:00:30
202.   Greg Brock
And here come the pretzels!
2008-07-13 14:00:47
203.   Eric Stephen
I think Andruw should come out to either "Bicycle" or "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen, just to mix things up.
2008-07-13 14:01:02
204.   underdog
Now 'Druw has resorted to hurting the other teams' catchers when he K's.
2008-07-13 14:01:16
205.   Bob Hendley
Druw, doing damage with the bat!
2008-07-13 14:01:23
206.   nick
Jones has to have a serious physical problem, right? Either vision's becoming an indictment of the Dodger organization, I think, that this problem hasn't been located.
2008-07-13 14:01:30
207.   Eric Stephen
It's impossible to see that line and not laugh.
2008-07-13 14:01:40
208.   overkill94
187 C. Thomas Howell
2008-07-13 14:02:36
209.   underdog
203 How about Leadbelly's (or The Byrds') "Take a Whiff on Me"?
2008-07-13 14:02:40
210.   Eric Stephen
Time for some stat padding.
2008-07-13 14:02:45
211.   Vishal
andruw jones < grabowski
2008-07-13 14:03:04
212.   Tripon
Hahaha. Vin just ripped into the Umpires in his own way. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.
2008-07-13 14:03:18
213.   68elcamino427
#7 Loney walks and it's time for Big Bird.
2008-07-13 14:03:25
214.   fanerman
Is Loney seeing more pitches than before? His patience seems to have improved noticeably.
2008-07-13 14:03:40
215.   still bevens
183 I think when Miller was signed by Detroit out of the draft it was a major league contract. Basically he was rushed to the majors by Scott Boras.
2008-07-13 14:04:07
216.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
212 - Sounded like he was ripping on players who called umps showboats for simply making easy-to-discern calls.
2008-07-13 14:04:08
217.   Icaros
I'm telling you guys, Andruw should use Dylan's "Ballad of a Thin Man." The protagonist is Mr. Jones, and the "Thin" part just might qualify as irony in these parts.
2008-07-13 14:04:28
218.   natepurcell
Holy crap we signed Nathan Eovaldi!?!?


2008-07-13 14:04:53
219.   Icaros

Who is that?

2008-07-13 14:05:21
220.   Eric Stephen
Certainly Vin was excluding 1B umpire Bill Hohn, one of America's finest mustachioed men, from his mini-tirade.
2008-07-13 14:05:44
221.   underdog
206 Well, they've already fixed his knees. Next his eyes, I guess, or his shoulders?

It's weird, because he's had some better at bats over the past week or so since coming back, where he looks a little more patient, and just tries to take what he's given, and then other times he looks putrid still, like all of last night. I really don't know what the deal is with him. Maybe he and Hu can have the same laser surgery.

2008-07-13 14:06:02
222.   Eric Stephen
Beautiful choice.
2008-07-13 14:06:14
223.   68elcamino427
Jones walk up music - Viva Las Vegas
2008-07-13 14:06:42
224.   Who Is Karim Garcia

How about Kool and the Gang's Hollywood Swining (and missing)?

2008-07-13 14:06:52
225.   larry slimfast
I understand that batting order essentially doesn't make much difference but does messing with it constantly make a negative difference for the offense?

I like Joe Torre but he seems to be another micro-manager. I'm pretty sure Grady would have a better record at this point.

Come on Andy!

2008-07-13 14:06:54
226.   Tripon
Andruw Jones should come out to Rick Astley's "Never Going to Give You Up." Because the Dodgers will never going to give up on him.
2008-07-13 14:07:14
227.   Ken Noe
Weird Al Yankovic, "Fat."
2008-07-13 14:07:49
228.   ucladodger
We all know Andy needs more PT and should be given the starting job for a time to prove himself, but he really isnt helping his cause.
2008-07-13 14:07:52
229.   overkill94
Ugh. Come on Andy, all you need to do is show a little something and you might get more of a chance.
2008-07-13 14:08:21
230.   underdog

Andy, you can't strike out vs. Big Bird and expect to get a lot of starts, alas.

Bad, Andy, bad.

(Next on IFC)

2008-07-13 14:08:43
231.   MC Safety
224 I thought that was The Ohio Players?
2008-07-13 14:08:49
232.   Vishal
226 let's not rickroll the stadium every game.

212 what did vin say?

2008-07-13 14:09:11
233.   Who Is Karim Garcia
this talk of theme songs lead me to wonder.... would Tony Abreu's music be Nine Inch Nails' single "Hurt"?
2008-07-13 14:09:24
234.   natepurcell

A pitcher who already touches 95. He had TJ surgery junior year and the consensus was that he was going to go to college.

2008-07-13 14:09:26
235.   Eric Stephen
Also, your AN music choice works because all the cool fans wouldn't boo Andruw; they'd simply yell, "Judas!"
2008-07-13 14:09:54
236.   underdog
225 Your memory of Grady Little seems to have gotten rosier or fuzzier as time has passed. I liked the guy personally, but his line-up ability bordered on the mentally deficient at times.
2008-07-13 14:09:59
237.   Eric Stephen
2008-07-13 14:10:58
238.   Disabled List
I have a friend who absolutely can't stand Andy LaRoche. Thinks he's a total stiff, bust, "the next Billy Ashley," etc. I keep telling him, wait and see, he's gonna be good. Be patient, he'll show you that terrific eye for the strike zone, great power stroke. Just give him a chance.

Andy's really been making me look bad lately.

2008-07-13 14:11:04
239.   Megaballs
I find many guys here to be more astute than I often. But regarding "guys under control til 2012" and "Ned tried with Martin", all I can say is have fun in arbitration year after year with Martin, Loney, Ethier, Kemp, Billingsley and Broxton. You may "control", but it could be ugly.

Remember, these are kids who could have their careers ended and lose millions. What the Dodgers are doing is hedging their bets, not 100% commiting to these kids, making these guys earn and take risks...thats why you could buyout arb and free agent years...bird in the hand for the players...Ned does this while giving millions to older players X,Y and Z.

If they keep this up, they will pay at arbitration and the first chance these guys get to free agency, they'll go to the highest bidder.

As well they should. Two way street.

2008-07-13 14:11:07
240.   Tripon
Wait, Andy LeRroach, doesn't produce when he starts, and people here advocate for him to start more games because he can't produce when he's called for? I know Torre uses this twisted logic to start Pierre and Andruw Jones over people who are producing at a higher level then they are. Don't tell me DT members that you too think like Torre.
2008-07-13 14:11:42
241.   Sagehen
Torre's "micromanaging" is nothing in comparison to what Grady used to do. Grady used to give us multiple double switches in every game, frequently when the double switch made no sense at all.
2008-07-13 14:11:50
242.   Bob Timmermann
My day so far has been exemplified by this:

"I need a copy of this article."
"OK, which one."
"This one."
"The one in your hand?"
"But you already have a copy of the article."
"I know. I want another one."
"Why don't you just photocopy it?"
"I don't like the way this one looks."
"It's a photocopy. I want the original. Besides I wrote on this one."
"Why did you write on it?"
"To remind myself to get a new copy."

2008-07-13 14:12:44
243.   Who Is Karim Garcia

It's easy to remember Grady's lineups fondly, considering the guy he replaced.

I really thought that I had angered God for a while and Jason Phillips hitting cleanup was my penance.

2008-07-13 14:12:51
244.   underdog
I do enjoy the Pac Man sound FX when it involves LuGo striking out.
2008-07-13 14:13:17
245.   nick
221--He swings and completely misses extraordinarily often at good and bad pitches alike. I guess, to me, this does seem like vision, rather than some other problem that might affect his ability to drive the ball...

Has an all-star level player ever fallen off the cliff THIS fast without a recognized major injury? Dale Murphy didn't decline like this...

2008-07-13 14:13:18
246.   Bob Hendley
225 - Joe has acknowledged that he puts guys in certain slots to play mind games with them. Remember when he batted Druw second?
2008-07-13 14:13:39
247.   underdog
242 - Since when did Abbott and Costello start patronizing the LAPL?
2008-07-13 14:14:06
248.   Greg Brock
240 People would like to see him get consistent starts. Maybe five or six games in a row.

You can't have missed that point. It's not a subtle point. It's been said.

Over and over and over.

2008-07-13 14:14:14
249.   Bob Timmermann
I remember the game I attended with Andrew where Choi batted second and Robles batted third.

That was a fun game.

2008-07-13 14:14:34
250.   Sagehen
240. It's not like Blake is tearing it up right now either.

And Andy did show he can work the count and have a high on base percentage the first time he came up -- but that wasn't good enough for Ned and Grady. If he did the same thing for Torre, though, I suspect he'd say -- a different organizational philosophy now.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-13 14:14:54
251.   underdog
At any rate, I really don't have a problem with today's line-up, and that was even before it produced 7 runs.

245 - I dunno man, I think it could be vision, too. Mixed with pressing way too much. If you can solve it I think there would be a lot of money for you.

2008-07-13 14:15:09
252.   Jiminy Cricket
i like it when our pitchers strike out the side.
2008-07-13 14:15:18
253.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Sigh. Choi in the second slot.... where he belonged.

2008-07-13 14:15:21
254.   berkowit28
174 (iPhone MLB) Yes, it's great. I was following the Cubs-Giants game through this one. I just checked a highlight - very cool. And all the games are constantly updted like the regular MLB scoreboard page.
2008-07-13 14:15:27
255.   larry slimfast
235 Perhaps so. Shouldn't have mentioned Grady but I am beginning to doubt Torre more and more. He seems to have no understanding of what he is talking about with is recent quotes about the lineup. Grady at least kept his mouth shut.
2008-07-13 14:15:54
256.   underdog
I think "Andy LeRoach" is the Dodgers third baseman in the parallel universe version of their season that Franz Kafka mapped out for them.
2008-07-13 14:16:13
257.   Icaros

Just remember with whom you share your most special Choi-in-person memory.

2008-07-13 14:16:13
258.   Sagehen
And Bills strikes out the side. Way to go! He is the first player I'd be trying to buy out arbitration years on. He's accumulated enough service time that now is the time.
2008-07-13 14:16:41
259.   Who Is Karim Garcia

are you using it on Wi-Fi, 3G, or edge?

2008-07-13 14:17:17
260.   sweepstakes
Vinny is really harping on Uggla for going after Nomar's popup in the first. I really think that was his play more than Lugo's.
2008-07-13 14:17:18
261.   Bob Timmermann
I went to the World Baseball Classic by myself.
2008-07-13 14:17:32
262.   nick
238 Baseball hypothesis: There are two kinds of players, those who look good when not actually doing something good, and those who look bad when not actually looking good.

Another eg: nobody at Bronx Banter can stand Wilson Betemit these days (though, to be fair, his strike zone judgment has COMPLETELY vanished). And I've never seen an mlb player who looks worse than Betemit when making an out...

2008-07-13 14:18:48
263.   Jiminy Cricket
with Bills and a certain other pitcher refining his craft in AA, we could have quite a staff in a year or two.
2008-07-13 14:19:09
264.   Icaros

That wasn't when he nearly took it out of Dodger Stadium, but those powder blue unis were cool, so I won't take offense.

2008-07-13 14:19:32
265.   still bevens
251 There was an LA Times article earlier in the year that mentioned that the team had Druw's vision checked to see if that was the problem. Sadly his vision is fine.
2008-07-13 14:19:42
266.   Tripon
>> You can't have missed that point. It's not a subtle point. It's been said.

Over and over and over.

But Andy doesn't warrant another start if he can't produce on the days he does start. This team can't wait for Andy to get 'hot' or give so called good consistent at bats. They're in the middle of the pennant race, and this constant back and forth between LeRoach, and DeWitt is screwing around with both of their heads. Pick one or the other, not "Lets start this guy for a week over this other guy, and then switch." Its the middle of July, this isn't the time to hedge your bets.

2008-07-13 14:20:10
267.   nick
262 I really messed that one up...
2008-07-13 14:20:18
268.   Who Is Karim Garcia

A friend of mine changed a Betemit t-shirt to read GeteHit. Reminds me of when seattle fans changed their Galloway jerseys to Go_away.

2008-07-13 14:21:04
269.   Icaros

And with Pierre, not even halfway through his contract, now coming off a knee injury, we could have quite a stiff in a year or two as well.

2008-07-13 14:21:05
270.   Sagehen
245 Yes, we have seen this kind of precipitous decline before -- in steroid uses who have stopped taking.

I will say no more.

2008-07-13 14:21:33
271.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
261 - o/= "All by MY-selllf!" o/=
Great trivia via Wiki (and English editors): "In a 2006 poll for UK's five programme Britain's Favourite Break-up Songs, Eric Carmen's version of this song was voted seventeenth."
2008-07-13 14:23:12
272.   Eric Stephen
But Blake doesn't warrant another start if he can't produce on the days he does start.

DeWitt gets put in the lineup just about every day, and was admirably given the opportunity to play through his ineptitude. LaRoche has yet to be given that opportunity. Andy has started 2 games in a row only twice this season.

Also, LaRoche has homered twice, and was sent to the bench the next day on both occasions.

2008-07-13 14:23:16
273.   Vishal
And I've never seen an mlb player who looks worse than Betemit when making an out...

see jones, andruw.

2008-07-13 14:23:29
274.   underdog
262 Even when he was in LA Betemit inspired some frustration here with his strikeouts and often feeble at bats. But then he'd have a good at bat, and/or show some real power, and some would argue it was easier to overlook his K's. So it's sad to hear Betemit's regressed even more. I'm sure if Jones started showing power again, he could strike out twice a game, if he was productive the other two times up, no one here would complain much.
2008-07-13 14:23:54
275.   68elcamino427
Billingsley = The Ace of the staff.
2008-07-13 14:24:19
276.   Sagehen
It appears that LaRoche and DeWitt are being platooned in a league with few left-handed starters. Hence, LaRoche does not play much.

Please, oh please, when Pierre comes back ... let him platoon with Druw. It would be really stupid to take Kemp or Ethier out of the lineup, given that they have generated some of the little power the Dodgers have.

2008-07-13 14:25:36
277.   overkill94
The trivia question has to be Roy Campanella right?
2008-07-13 14:25:46
278.   underdog
My God, we're only in the 4th inning.

5 consecutive Ks for Billingsley. At least he's doing his part to speed this up.

2008-07-13 14:26:03
279.   Eric Stephen
I don't know how many straight years Campy was an All-Star, so I'll guess Piazza with 5 (1993-1997) for today's FSN trivia.
2008-07-13 14:26:35
280.   silverwidow
2008-07-13 14:26:40
281.   underdog
277 - I was thinking it had to be, too. Can't be Roseboro or Yeager... Then I remembered a guy named Piazza.
2008-07-13 14:26:41
282.   Bob Hendley
266 - From what I can see, Andy has only had two starts in a row on two occasions. On the days after he hit his two dingers, he did not start.
2008-07-13 14:27:11
283.   Eric Stephen
It was indeed Campy, with 8 (1949-56).
2008-07-13 14:27:22
284.   nofatmike
280 My fantasy team is grateful.
2008-07-13 14:27:49
285.   fanerman
His Thighness is so good.
2008-07-13 14:27:51
286.   underdog
Whoa. 6 straight, until that popout. LaRoche should've blown real hard on that ball to push it back to foul territory.
2008-07-13 14:28:08
287.   Bob Hendley
Or what Eric said.
2008-07-13 14:28:12
288.   Icaros
Really, like Eric points out, the "he doesn't deserve to start because he doesn't do anything when he starts" argument is rendered completely moot when he has been benched after two starts where he homered.
2008-07-13 14:28:40
289.   nick
268 for his Yankee play, GetaMitt would be even more appropriate...
2008-07-13 14:28:49
290.   berkowit28
259 Edge, mostly, and wifi. I'm at home, where my local wifi network frequently fades out. The MLB app works fine with edge, better than connecting on this site (DT), where there's always a brief and annoying freeze after it updates. As you can tell, I have a first version iPhone - works fine with the new software.
2008-07-13 14:29:01
291.   Louis in SF

From the TV replay it was definitely Gonzo's especially with the man at 3rd with less then 2 outs.

Regarding La Roche and DeWitt it would be great to give both of them nice chunks of playing time. LaRoche's playing time could even be augmented by giving LaRoche playing time when they rest Jeff Kent.

2008-07-13 14:29:51
292.   ucladodger
Billingsley needs to be talked about with the best young pitchers in the game. He really has gone under the national radar.
2008-07-13 14:31:15
293.   natepurcell

It might help in locking him up now.

2008-07-13 14:31:29
294.   overkill94
Wow, that is the most disturbing story I've ever heard about a Dodger hall-of-famer
2008-07-13 14:32:06
295.   Sagehen
291. Yup. At this point, they need to be grooming LaRoche to take over second from Kent next year. LaRoche may need to go to fall instructional league to learn the position. But that's looking ahead ... right now, they just need to find out a way to get that power-potential bat into the lineup more often.
2008-07-13 14:32:08
296.   ucladodger
Andruw was trying so hard to jack that one. Talk about an uppercut.
2008-07-13 14:32:11
297.   overkill94
At least he made contact this time
2008-07-13 14:32:18
298.   Eric Stephen
Right, while his record is "only" 9-8. :) Get while the gettin' is good, and cheap.
2008-07-13 14:32:35
299.   Icaros

I've heard of a lot of dark-skinned men doing that to prevent shaving bumps.

2008-07-13 14:33:14
300.   MC Safety
272 The last part of your post is what really makes mad.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-13 14:33:27
301.   natepurcell

I have the music on, what was the story?

2008-07-13 14:34:21
302.   Eric Stephen
Campy shaved with a tongue depressor rather than a blade.
2008-07-13 14:34:58
303.   Vishal
294 what is?
2008-07-13 14:35:08
304.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Correctomundo. Especially with the leather padding of the catcher's mask rubbing against his skin. Shaving with a razor would have been terrible.

2008-07-13 14:35:20
305.   Ken Noe
299 MLK comes to mind--shaving was extremely painful for him.
2008-07-13 14:35:26
306.   Vishal
302 how does that work?
2008-07-13 14:36:13
307.   ucladodger
Great recovery by Dre.
2008-07-13 14:36:45
308.   Icaros

Nair, Bikini Bare, etc.

2008-07-13 14:36:57
309.   68elcamino427
Ethier showing the good glove.
2008-07-13 14:38:17
310.   natepurcell
I hate shaving. I just use a beard trimmer.
2008-07-13 14:38:26
311.   Eric Stephen
Basically use a shaving powder that chemically removes the hair from the skin.
2008-07-13 14:39:05
312.   ucladodger
This Chad guy is pretty good. Amazing performance.
2008-07-13 14:39:16
313.   natepurcell
When's the last time we had a pitcher reach 200ks? 2003?
2008-07-13 14:39:18
314.   MonkeyBlue
10 k for Big legs!
2008-07-13 14:39:18
315.   Eric Stephen
Good thing the bullpen includes "all hands on deck today"! :)
2008-07-13 14:39:24
316.   Alex41592
10 K's through 5.
2008-07-13 14:39:58
317.   Sagehen
That's 10 SO for Chad. Wow! This guy is something special.
2008-07-13 14:39:59
318.   underdog
10 K's for Billingsley.

But, really, I'm glad Brian Wilson is going to the All Star game.


(Actually I'm sure Chad doesn't mind the time off.)

2008-07-13 14:40:01
319.   Icaros

I used to be the same way. Your face will toughen up after a few years of the real world beatdown.

2008-07-13 14:40:15
320.   silverwidow
Hopefully Bills' K/9 will reach 10+ soon.
2008-07-13 14:40:21
321.   68elcamino427
Billingsley now at 77 pitches. A six run lead works wonders.
2008-07-13 14:40:22
322.   Eric Stephen
Chan Ho in 2001!

2008-07-13 14:40:26
323.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Rank 'em: Kazmir, Lincecum, Hamels, Bills, Weaver, Cain.
2008-07-13 14:40:29
324.   Disabled List
This new X-Files movie is coming out about 9 years too late.
2008-07-13 14:41:34
325.   Ken Noe
306 Mix, apply, leave a few minutes, remove with a dull straightedge.
2008-07-13 14:41:54
326.   silverwidow
323 Jered Weaver doesn't belong in that group.
2008-07-13 14:41:59
327.   natepurcell
Kazmir, Lincecum, Bills, Hamels, Cain, Weaver.
2008-07-13 14:42:42
328.   unlazy4sports
Who's this Billingsley guy anyway? I never hear ESPN talk about him..
2008-07-13 14:42:49
329.   Disabled List
I'd put Lincecum first.
2008-07-13 14:42:59
330.   overkill94
Wow, a Webb vs. Lowe match-up could be a sub-2 hour game
2008-07-13 14:43:03
331.   Eric Stephen
Hamels, Kazmir, Bills, Lincecum, Cain, Weaver.
2008-07-13 14:43:07
332.   Alex41592
That's a heck of a giant three game series next weekend:

Kuroda vs. Davis
Billingsley vs. Haren
Lowe vs. Webb

2008-07-13 14:43:53
333.   Bob Hendley
Vin, on Uggla again.
2008-07-13 14:44:07
334.   underdog
I like the way Torre has scheduled the pitching matchups for next weekend's Arizona series. Will still be tough but it's as good as the Dodgers can do, anyway.

Kuroda vs Davis, Billingsley vs Haren, Lowe and Webb. The last two at least should be fairly low scoring.

2008-07-13 14:44:44
335.   underdog
Darn, I need to type faster, or type less.
2008-07-13 14:45:08
336.   Ken Noe
333 Uggla means "owl," you know.
2008-07-13 14:45:17
337.   ucladodger
Theres a good AB.
2008-07-13 14:45:46
338.   Greg Brock
One and two to a walk.

It's not gritty, but it's an outstanding at-bat.

2008-07-13 14:45:56
339.   Sagehen
A nice quality at bat for Andy, who works it for a walk!
2008-07-13 14:46:09
340.   Eric Stephen
Oh, the comedic possibilities of an Uggla-Hu middle infield!
2008-07-13 14:46:43
341.   Icaros

Cool how the pitchers match up similarly.

1) Crafty Right vs. Crafty Left
2) Young Stud Battle
3) Duel of the Wormkillers

2008-07-13 14:46:58
342.   thinkblue88
Isn't Billz younger than all of them?
2008-07-13 14:48:12
343.   jasonungar07
324 I wonder if it will be good (X-file movie). The promo's look alright.I am hoping to see HellBoy 2 tonight, anyone see it yet?
2008-07-13 14:48:15
344.   ucladodger
I might actually put Billz in front of Kazmir. Pretty similar numbers but Kazmir just does not go deep into games. I think he's averaging 6 per start or close to it.
2008-07-13 14:49:14
345.   silverwidow
342 Cain is the youngest by like 2 months.
2008-07-13 14:49:16
346.   Sagehen
Come on Bison! A hit here shows us why you're leading off.
2008-07-13 14:50:32
347.   ucladodger
Silly swing by Matt. 2-1 count and a weak swing at a pitch out of the zone. Thats really what he needs to work on.
2008-07-13 14:51:06
348.   Eric Stephen
Bills - 5.94
Kazmir - 5.92

I think Kazmir, Bills, Hamels, and Lincecum are all closely bunched, and any one of them could end up being the best.

2008-07-13 14:51:29
349.   JoeyP
LaRoche is so Choi.

I just wonder which weekend he's going to hit 7 homers, and then precede to be benched.

2008-07-13 14:51:58
350.   ucladodger
Super Bison Brilliance!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-07-13 14:52:05
351.   overkill94
Bison clutchiness!
2008-07-13 14:52:07
352.   Greg Brock
Clutch two RBI mental mistake!
2008-07-13 14:52:23
353.   Eric Stephen
Kemp retakes the club RBI lead from Loney.
2008-07-13 14:52:28
354.   Icaros
Good, it was making me mad that we weren't scoring off of The Giving Tree.
2008-07-13 14:52:30
355.   Alex41592
Great at bat by Kemp! Tremendous.
2008-07-13 14:52:44
356.   thinkblue88
Awesome Bison!!

Takes over team lead in RBIs.

2008-07-13 14:52:59
357.   Sagehen
And a really nice job working the count until he got a pitch to hit. Way to go Bison! Joe will like that one.
2008-07-13 14:53:01
358.   underdog
51 RBIs now for that silly youngster.

Why on earth did they pitch to him?

2008-07-13 14:53:28
359.   MonkeyBlue
We ain't in Colorado Vinny.
2008-07-13 14:53:32
360.   ucladodger

That also includes Chad's first start after Torre jerked him around for 2 weeks. Without that 2 inning perofrmance, he's over 6.

2008-07-13 14:54:03
361.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I think Hamels is the leader of the pack by a small but definite margin.
2008-07-13 14:54:04
362.   68elcamino427
Matt Kemp - Bison
2008-07-13 14:54:18
363.   KingKopitar
I saw Hellboy 2. Pretty good, looks really nice, doesn't make a whole lot of sense, about what you'd expect.

I love Chad Billingsley.

2008-07-13 14:54:31
364.   underdog
The giving tree giveth generously this inning.
2008-07-13 14:55:25
365.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Can you be clutch when you are already up by 6?

2008-07-13 14:55:33
366.   Vishal
353 [sarcasm] imagine how many RBI he would have if he didn't have such a "bad attitude" [/sarcasm]
2008-07-13 14:55:37
367.   Ken Noe
Matt Kemp today has had a really good three-game series for JP.
2008-07-13 14:55:47
368.   natepurcell
Jon Michael Redding has some absurd peripherals in Odgen.

10.1IP 0hr 1bb 16k 3.67 go/fo ratio.

He is only 20 too.

2008-07-13 14:55:53
369.   underdog
363 - That is about what I expect and I can't wait!
Looks like every insane thing or creature or set that Del Toro has ever imagined has been crammed into the movie, but that's okay with me.
2008-07-13 14:55:55
370.   JoeyP
Kemp's got 100Abs vs lefties.
He's OPS'ing .985
2008-07-13 14:55:59
371.   Vishal
365 should we stop trying if we're ahead?
2008-07-13 14:55:59
372.   Vishal
365 should we stop trying if we're ahead?
2008-07-13 14:56:16
373.   Eric Stephen
It's not like Chad was pulled because of a pitch count in that game. He was getting hammered by the D-Backs, and that's why he got pulled.

I just thought it was silly to point out Kazmir doesn't go deep when Bills doesn't go that much deeper (with or without his first start).

And I say this in 100% support of Chad, even wearing his jersey as I type this.

2008-07-13 14:56:31
374.   Icaros

These young pups need to learn when they should try and not try!

2008-07-13 14:57:04
375.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Not what I implied at all.

2008-07-13 14:57:13
376.   underdog
368 - Isn't this starting to look like a better draft to you? It is to me.
2008-07-13 14:57:15
377.   Vishal
311 so where does the tongue depressor come in? i'm curious because i hate shaving.
2008-07-13 14:58:17
378.   Icaros
Passenger 57 in at SS.
2008-07-13 14:58:26
379.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Use it to scrape of the nair cream, or whatever it is you are using to remove the hair.

2008-07-13 14:58:47
380.   Eric Stephen
Basically, you put the cream on your face and let it sit for 10 minutes while it works it's magic. Then use a tongue depressor or flat stick to essentially scrape the removed hair.
2008-07-13 14:59:07
381.   Icaros

You use it to scrape off the foam (and hair).

2008-07-13 14:59:07
382.   MonkeyBlue
that was Dangerous!
2008-07-13 14:59:11
383.   Bluebleeder87
Matt Kemp will head to the all-star break with 50 RBI that's pretty neat.
2008-07-13 15:00:14
384.   Icaros
Haha! What a topic for all three of us to chime in on. I've never even done it, personally, but it always sounded kind of fun.
2008-07-13 15:00:20
385.   Greg Brock
2008-07-13 15:00:39
386.   Bluebleeder87
Cantu is my paisano & all but I'm getting sick of him... :o)
2008-07-13 15:00:45
387.   natepurcell
Isn't this starting to look like a better draft to you? It is to me.

If they can sign Zach Cox, I like the draft a lot.

Even i they can't, the drat looks alright. We'll get a clearer picture in a couple of years since most of the draftees were college draftees.

2008-07-13 15:00:51
388.   Eric Stephen
Is he going to lose one? :)

Seriously though, it's kind of sad that our RBI leader is on pace for only 87.

2008-07-13 15:00:59
389.   underdog
Kemp needs to learn when to defer to the centerfielder on those.

378 - I prefer Blade, thanks. And he takes a hit away from someone born 50 years before him there.

2008-07-13 15:01:35
390.   CodyS
If the Dodgers refuse to cut him, at what point does Andruw retire out of embarrassment and forgo the money? There would be some point, I think where quitting becomes a thought.
2008-07-13 15:01:36
391.   Eric Stephen
Yeah, I've never tried it either, but a Google search never lies!
2008-07-13 15:02:10
392.   Icaros

"Always bet on black."

2008-07-13 15:02:49
393.   thinkblue88
One more inning for Billz?
2008-07-13 15:02:54
394.   Eric Stephen
C'mon, you have to go with Willie Mays Hays, right? Or did Omar Epps sully that good name?
2008-07-13 15:03:04
395.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Not even close to that yet. At worst, he'll get DL'ed again for something.

2008-07-13 15:03:24
396.   Eric Stephen
"American Express...Don't steal home without it."
2008-07-13 15:03:36
397.   Who Is Karim Garcia


2008-07-13 15:03:37
398.   underdog
Did you see our SS over there talking to the baserunner? I read his lips, it was something like "You can put a cat in an oven, but that don't make it a biscuit."
2008-07-13 15:03:39
399.   natepurcell
I want 13 strikeouts from his Royal Thighness this year.

If he doesn't get it, he's dead to me.

You have 3 more innings chad, make good use of your 9 outs.

2008-07-13 15:04:23
400.   natepurcell
By this year, I mean this game.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-07-13 15:04:29
401.   jasonungar07
Thanks King. Yeah I just want a "fun" movie. I liked the first one.
2008-07-13 15:04:40
402.   underdog
399 - Sheez, tough crowd.
2008-07-13 15:04:53
403.   Bluebleeder87

what up Eric. you know what, there is a foam also that chicks use to shave there leg hairs (among other stuff?) Milano came out on one of there commercials. I've heard that stuff smells nasty though.

2008-07-13 15:04:56
404.   Eric Stephen
I'll settle for 27 more pitches, a 116-pitch, 20 K complete game.
2008-07-13 15:05:08
405.   natepurcell
That freeze cam of Ethier's catch really showed how tough of a catch that was. Really nice play by 'Dre.
2008-07-13 15:05:44
406.   Icaros

He wants it to be just like PS3/XBox

2008-07-13 15:05:49
407.   bhsportsguy
370 Unfortunately, most of the time he spends facing righthanders, 238 at bats, Kemp has this line facing righties.

.256/.314/.378, with 76 strikeouts.

2008-07-13 15:06:15
408.   Eric Stephen
Sadly I've never been close enough to Alyssa Milano to smell her legs. I'm pretty sure I'd put up with ol' Limburger Legs though. :)
2008-07-13 15:06:17
409.   underdog
I have only one thing to say about this shaving conversation:

If you dare wear short-shorts, Nair for short-shorts!


2008-07-13 15:06:43
410.   Icaros

That's what the men use, too.

2008-07-13 15:07:25
411.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Lou Brown says: Andruw, everytime you strikeout you owe me 20 pushups.
2008-07-13 15:07:26
412.   bhsportsguy
390 Umm, you must be thinking of some type of alternate universe, he will show up everyday and look to see his name in the lineup.
2008-07-13 15:07:49
413.   Eric Stephen
Hu wears short shorts?

Only because he couldn't see and thought he packed long pants.

2008-07-13 15:08:33
414.   KingKopitar
301 No problem. It's better than the 1st one, and I liked the 1st one.
2008-07-13 15:08:46
415.   overkill94
Didn't it look like the shortstop was hanging out with the third baseman just chatting away and had to move over to his normal spot to field that ground ball?
2008-07-13 15:10:44
416.   Greg Brock
Dude is absolutely defeated at the plate. And he's going to get a lot of at-bats in the second half to fix his swing.

There is some serious suck possible in the coming weeks.

2008-07-13 15:12:41
417.   thinkblue88
2008-07-13 15:12:54
418.   overkill94
399 One more...
2008-07-13 15:13:04
419.   underdog
Is this the best control Chad's had in a game? Seems like it to me...
2008-07-13 15:14:59
420.   Eric Stephen
Snubbed All-Star starting pitchers today:

Hamels: 7 IP, 11 H, 2 R, 1 BB, 8 K
Dice-K: 6 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 5 BB, 7 K

...but somebody's been better!

2008-07-13 15:15:03
421.   Greg Brock
Mike Jacobs almost made some powerful enemies right there.
2008-07-13 15:15:37
422.   underdog
I am truly fed up with the broken bat chaos this season. So close to having Chad hurt there.
2008-07-13 15:16:34
423.   Eric Stephen
No reason to buw on that one. Jones had no chance at that liner.
2008-07-13 15:17:00
424.   nick
that super slo mo could sum up Andruw's season, no?
2008-07-13 15:17:02
425.   Eric Stephen
Pshaw! Chad scoffs at mere shards of wood.
2008-07-13 15:17:34
426.   JoeyP
Druw's actually doing worse since he's been back than before:

A Hu-esque .362 OPS in 32 Abs.

For the season, Druw is OPS'ing .509 (.467 vs Righties).

This guy is the highest paid player on the team.

At this point, it may be best to just let Druw hit vs lefties, and give DY the other Abs.

2008-07-13 15:17:47
427.   silverwidow
2008-07-13 15:18:09
428.   MonkeyBlue
Lucky #13 for Bills! Great game for this guy.
2008-07-13 15:18:10
429.   thinkblue88

13 strikeouts!!

2008-07-13 15:18:13
430.   sweepstakes
Who did we get for Ross or was he altogether cut?
2008-07-13 15:18:14
431.   overkill94
51 Not looking like the most prescient comment of the day ;)

To be honest, I thought the same thing, but it looks like Chad just needed a little time to get warmed up.

Lucky number 13!

2008-07-13 15:18:15
432.   Bluebleeder87
Vinnie said it "banner day" for Billingsley
2008-07-13 15:18:16
433.   natepurcell
2008-07-13 15:18:29
434.   underdog
2008-07-13 15:18:36
435.   overkill94
430 BJ LaMura I think
2008-07-13 15:19:16
436.   JoeyP

Best Billingsley start of his career.

He owns the Marlins.
IIRC, his best start his rookie year was vs the Marlins.

2008-07-13 15:19:32
437.   underdog
And to think Bob was just about to rejoin the chat here...
2008-07-13 15:19:50
438.   silverwidow
435 No, it was Ben Kozlovski (sp?). We got LaMura for Sandy Alomar Jr.
2008-07-13 15:20:06
439.   underdog
435 - That was for Sandy Alomar, Jr.
2008-07-13 15:20:12
440.   ucladodger
Druw got such a bad jump on that ball it was only right it hit him in the balls. I dont think he moved until it was halfway to him.
2008-07-13 15:20:21
441.   Alex41592
Ben Kozlowski
2008-07-13 15:21:01
442.   nofatmike
Billingsley: 7 IP, 5 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 13 K.

My fantasy team approves.

2008-07-13 15:22:26
443.   Bluebleeder87

his NO BB's is most impressive.

2008-07-13 15:22:37
444.   Eric Stephen
This is the 7th time in LA Dodger history that a pitcher has at least 13 K and 0 walks.

2008-07-13 15:23:03
445.   overkill94
438 Ah yes, that's right. Took me a while to find that info, for some reason the Baseball Cube doesn't have that trade in Ross' profile.
2008-07-13 15:24:00
446.   underdog
Jason Schmidt doesn't seem like he's close to coming back anytime soon...

Today for Vegas:

2.1 IP 5 H 5 R 4 ER 3 BB 2 SO 2 HR

2008-07-13 15:24:33
447.   Bluebleeder87
Bob must be in cloud 9 with Bills pitching this great he has him on his fantasy team.
2008-07-13 15:24:39
448.   underdog
Sorry, that's 1 HR, not 2.
2008-07-13 15:25:17
449.   Icaros

Numbers don't pertain to vets. If he says he's ready, he's up here.

2008-07-13 15:25:54
450.   Icaros
Hendrickson always did seem to pitch his best when the game was already over.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-07-13 15:25:56
451.   overkill94
446 But look at that K/9!
2008-07-13 15:27:03
452.   underdog
450/451 - Heh.


I am rooting for him, of course, would love to see him actually come back and help, but it's pretty hard to imagine.

2008-07-13 15:27:26
453.   bhsportsguy
Numbers have not mattered too much for young or old so far this season.
2008-07-13 15:27:48
454.   ucladodger

Torn labrums are death to pitchers. I was amazed to hear that Waechter had torn his and is pitching. Though he was pretty garbage after he originally came back. Schmidt being so 35 or so doesnt help his cause either.

2008-07-13 15:28:15
455.   jasonungar07
Is there a better player numbers wise who is under 24 than Kemp? 50 steaks, 20 bags and 20 doubles is pretty impressive. The people who came to my mind were all a tad older.
2008-07-13 15:28:50
456.   nofatmike
Of course, then again, I did forget to start Sabathia today, but I'm 20 games up anyway.
2008-07-13 15:29:09
457.   alexx
Only four Dodgers have a hit today. I wonder what the record for most runs scored with only four different players having a hit is?
2008-07-13 15:29:09
458.   underdog
449, not 450. Er, anyway. Yeah.

Maybe they should call up Jason Johnson over Schmidt!

2008-07-13 15:29:48
459.   Eric Stephen
Major league strikeout leaders:

Sabathia - 137
Lincecum - 135
Billingsley - 128
Hamels - 126
Volquez - 126
Burnett - 126
E.Santana - 122
Halladay - 121
Cain - 121

2008-07-13 15:29:54
460.   Bluebleeder87
you gotta wonder if there's ever been a drop off like Andruw Jones & then came back, I think Nomar did that a few years ago but I can't think of anymore.

I'm sure there's more. if Andruw returns (to form) next year we should be competitive.

2008-07-13 15:30:42
461.   Bluebleeder87
any of you guys have Lincecum on your fantasy team?

don't lie.

2008-07-13 15:31:23
462.   Bluebleeder87

very impressive list, wow.

2008-07-13 15:31:36
463.   natepurcell

How about is k/9ip for SP?

2008-07-13 15:32:10
464.   Bob Timmermann
I do!
2008-07-13 15:32:28
465.   Greg Brock
If you haven't read Verducci's SI article on Lincecum, you really should.

It's one of the best baseball features I've read in a very long time.

2008-07-13 15:32:43
466.   Gen3Blue
Can't help but remember the night I saw Sandy strike out 13 Mets, but apparently he had a walk or two that night.

If the steroid era is really over it may make sense again to moniter players over thirty because they can lose it at any time. I think Sweeney is done, and maybe some younger players, I won't mention anyone specific. Our puffy player hasn't worked, and I hope the Snakes aren't desperate enough to resort to BB to try and make the play-offs.

2008-07-13 15:33:55
467.   JoeyP
460--Nomar was never as bad as Druw. Nomar's fall off was gradual and pretty much continued. He did have a bit of a bounce back for the 1st half of 2006 tho.
2008-07-13 15:34:04
468.   fanerman
Good AB!
2008-07-13 15:34:50
469.   Eric Stephen
Billingsley has five career starts against the Marlins:

32 IP, 4-0 (including a win today), 6 ER, 11/42 BB/K, 1.69 ERA.

The Dodgers lost the only game he gave up more than 1 run.

2008-07-13 15:34:56
470.   Alex41592
461 - I do. I traded for him in May. Morneau and Hudson for Sherrill and Lincecum. I also have Billingsley.
2008-07-13 15:35:19
471.   ucladodger

Very true. Really good and interesting article, especially about how wrong people are about deliveries and injuries caused by them (i.e. Prior's "perfect" delivery that was actually extremely flawed). The one thing that was really amazing is how long his stride is and how rare that is for a pitcher. He really is a freak.

2008-07-13 15:37:02
472.   silverwidow
463 Billingsley's K/9 as a starter this year is:


2008-07-13 15:37:20
473.   Vishal
thanks for the nair shaving explanation, guys.
2008-07-13 15:37:30
474.   Eric Stephen
Here is the list before today:

Billingsley sits atop the list after today, at 9.90 (Volquez is at 9.64).

2008-07-13 15:37:54
475.   natepurcell


2008-07-13 15:39:14
476.   Bob Timmermann
Poor Angel Berroa. That was probably his best chance to get an RBI this season.
2008-07-13 15:39:33
477.   Greg Brock
471 Yeah, it was as much about mechanics as it was about Lincecum.

Just an outstanding piece.

2008-07-13 15:42:08
478.   JoeyP
455--Longoria's the only one that comes to mind. Justin Upton has struggled to much this year to include him yet.
2008-07-13 15:42:22
479.   nofatmike
460 Furcal wasn't doing too good in the first of 2006, and I remember people even on this site were frustrated with his play after signing a three-year contract. Then, Furcal put up a huge month to end the season and practically became our MVP.
2008-07-13 15:42:33
480.   Gagne55
460 There are plenty of players who had a dropoff similar to Andruw's 2007 and most of them came back. Lowell, Konerko, and Burrell immediately come to mind. What he's done this year, however, is unprecedented futility. Jason Stark can't even find a season like it.
2008-07-13 15:43:51
481.   sweepstakes
First base ump looks like Pop-era Bono.
2008-07-13 15:44:13
482.   Eric Stephen
Kind of weird that Matt Kemp made it into the ASG (localized) commercial.
2008-07-13 15:44:13
483.   bhsportsguy
455 Right now, there is Longoria and then there is a whole collection of players, the Upton brothers, Delmon Young, Adam Jones, and Matt Kemp.
2008-07-13 15:44:46
484.   Gagne55
479 He put up a huge 5 months to end the season after a poor April.

Btw, is there anywhere one could find the furthest negative VORP in history? Does Andruw have a chance of breaking the record?

2008-07-13 15:45:05
485.   Eric Stephen
Fitting that U2 was just playing at the stadium coming back from the commercial.
2008-07-13 15:47:40
486.   JoeyP
Nomar has a very nice .827 OPS at SS since he came back.

I've yet to hear much about how his defense has hurt the Dodgers, so I hope the Dodgers just leave him there the rest of the season.

I'd even re-sign him next year to play SS as a 1yr stop gap till DeJesus is ready--> if they dont want to give the job to DeJesus outright for 2009.

2008-07-13 15:49:03
487.   Gagne55
Worst OPS+ single season with 400 or more plate appearences: 24 by Jim Levey in 1933.
2008-07-13 15:49:56
488.   68elcamino427
Very nice win for Billingsley and the Dodgers. Outstanding game for Kemp.
2008-07-13 15:50:27
489.   nofatmike
484 Yeah, but he also had a dreadful June and was hitting .267/.345/.346 at the break.
2008-07-13 15:50:54
490.   Gagne55
Jones is currently at 35. He is walking at a good clip still.
2008-07-13 15:51:03
491.   Vishal
486 that reminds me; what's up with hu?
2008-07-13 15:51:52
492.   Travis08
487 He misses the cutoff, but Bill Bergen put up a 1 in 372 plate appearances in 1909.

2008-07-13 15:55:34
493.   Eric Stephen
Andruw checks in with merely the 146th worst OPS+ with a minimum of 184 PA (his PA total entering today).

Frank O'Rourke put up a -11 OPS+ with 216 PA in 1912, a season after Bill Bergen (a must on any worst hitter lists) put up a -4 OPS+ in 250 PA.

2008-07-13 15:56:27
494.   Eric Stephen
Tony Pena is also at a 1 OPS+ in 189 PA with KC this year.
2008-07-13 15:56:44
495.   Bluebleeder87

I just think he's way to good to just fall off the face of the earth... his traditional #'s are very very good & then 2008 they hit a severe stop.

2008-07-13 15:57:25
496.   underdog
Speaking of Dodger SS's, this was the last part of the article on today's Futures Game:

>> If a shortstop named Ivan DeJesus sounds familiar, it's for good reason. The son of the former speedy big leaguer is now plying his dad's trade at Double-A Jacksonville in the Dodgers organization.

DeJesus, 21, has held his own in Double-A, putting up a nice .412 on-base percentage while hitting .307, and he's considered a legitimate defensive shortstop. Like Martinez, he plays a position of need in an organization with playoff aspirations. The Dodgers have lost Rafael Furcal for an extended period of time due to a back injury, and Chin-lung Hu did not seize the job when he played in Los Angeles. The job is there for the taking.

Yet DeJesus has been available all year and hasn't gotten a look. Like D'Antona, it's worth wondering whether he'll get a chance if he hasn't already. Unlike D'Antona, he's quite young, and there's definitely something to be said for letting him continue to develop. If the Dodgers are able to swing a deal for a veteran shortstop, DeJesus will likely remain in the bus leagues. If not, DeJesus could be playing up the middle for a playoff contender before September.<<

2008-07-13 15:59:00
497.   underdog
I'm off to caffeinate myself before playing evening soccer game. Happy rest o' the day, D Fans! At least we go into the break with a victory.
2008-07-13 16:05:22
498.   natepurcell
With the way CC loves to hit, I think 15 teams have been eliminated for his services this offseason.
2008-07-13 16:07:11
499.   still bevens
How the hell did Lincecum hit a triple today? I assumed he bats left only because he gets closer to first when he has to sacrifice bunt.
2008-07-13 16:08:06
500.   nofatmike
461 "any of you guys have Lincecum on your fantasy team?

don't lie. "

On my team I have:
Marcum (DL)

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2008-07-13 16:08:34
501.   Alex41592
499 - Line drive to right field that went under the glove of the right fielder and went all the way to the wall.
2008-07-13 16:09:00
502.   herchyzer
457 . It's true only 4 Dodgers had base hits, but 7 drew at least 1 walk, and 3 drew 2 for 10 BB's altogether. I was wondering for a moment how the Dodgers managed to score 9 runs on 8 hits. I guess that would explain it.
2008-07-13 16:09:06
503.   Dodgers49
276 Please, oh please, when Pierre comes back ... let him platoon with Druw. It would be really stupid to take Kemp or Ethier out of the lineup ...

Torre has already announced that Pierre was doing such a great job that when he comes off the DL he will immediately return to left field and Kemp/Eithier will share right.

Of course, Torre has been known to say one thing and do the opposite so we'll see.

2008-07-13 16:09:09
504.   Eric Stephen
Are you in a 2-person league? That staff is ridiculous.
2008-07-13 16:09:26
505.   underdog
500 - Jeez, is that a three person league or something? ;-) Impressive.
2008-07-13 16:09:30
506.   Gagne55
498 The AL only has 14 teams. Which is the other one thats been eliminated?
2008-07-13 16:10:15
507.   nofatmike
6-person, but there's 24 roster spots.
2008-07-13 16:12:09
508.   Dodgers49
Kershaw finally earns first win

>> Marty Reed, the Los Angeles Dodgers' minor-league pitching coordinator, succinctly summed up Clayton Kershaw's performance Saturday night.

"I don't think he'll be here all that much longer," Reed said. <<

2008-07-13 16:13:58
509.   natepurcell

Brewers (no money!).

2008-07-13 16:20:25
510.   Jon Weisman

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