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One Fan Has Had Enough
2004-01-12 09:13
by Jon Weisman

From longtime (I think I can actually say that now) Dodger Thoughts reader Chris Hamilton:

When I saw the news late [Saturday] night I couldn't sleep. I sat in bed until 5 a.m. depressed. Until [Saturday] there was at least a chance for next year and now that hope is dashed. Unless there is some sort of miracle the Dodgers are going to enter the season with .500 talent.
The frustrating part is that I expected this to happen all along. I knew that Evans wasn't going to provide a "big RH bat" no matter how many times he promised. I knew that the payroll was going to be well below $100 million no matter how many we were told that it would be a similar amount to last year. Most importantly I knew that the Dodgers are playing for 2006 and not for today.
It would be nice if the L.A. Times would write a decent editorial on the whole mess, but they seem to be generally apatheitic. Maybe they think that the story is tired. Whatever. Their next fresh insight on the Dodgers will be their first.
For the last few months I have been waffling over whether or not I would be renewing my season tickets this year. I decided in November that I would let the Dodgers make the decision for me. If the Dodgers were going to make a commitment to 2004 than so would I. Well last night's decision sealed the deal for me. I'll spend that money going to see Dodger games at Petco Park, Edison Field, SBC Park and maybe Coors and the Bob. I'll go to Dodger Stadium when I am given tickets, but I won't be buying any. Maybe this is drastic, but at this point it is necessary for my sanity.
Hopefully, things will improve enough so that I can feel good about buying season tickets in 2005.

Two responses:

1) Forget 2006 - I don't know that the Dodgers are playing or not playing for any year in particular. They won't stop trying to win per se - they'll just be trying to do it the Oakland (or Milwaukee) way.

2) If you're going to go on a Dodger ticket strike, you should try a Dodger food strike as well, even if you do get free seats from someone.

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