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No Runs, No Drips, No Errors
2008-07-14 19:56
by Jon Weisman

Another headline that tests if you are of a certain age ...

So, I guess I missed the biggest swinging at the Derby since Big Bad Voodoo Daddy ...

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2008-07-14 20:06:55
1.   brookster1967
Johnny Bench - Krylon spray paint.
2008-07-14 20:07:14
2.   bhsportsguy has a photo collection of famous HRs in Yankee Stadium history.

Among them are Ruth hitting the first home run in Yankee Stadium history, Ruth's 60th, Maris 61st, Mantle, Joe D., Chambliss's pennant winner, Reggie's 3-HR Series clincher game, all the 2001 HRs against the D-Backs, Aaron Boone's pennant winner and A-Rod's 500th. However, there is one HR by a Dodger but its a mistake. They show Steve Yeager's game winner in Game 5 in the 1981 World Series. But unless there is an alternate universe where the Yankees were at home that day (perhaps the researcher thought the World Series was played in a 2-2-1-1-1 format), Jerry Reuss outdueled Ron Guidry at Dodger Stadium to win Game 5.

2008-07-14 20:21:01
3.   Eric Enders
Johnny Bench!
2008-07-14 20:22:29
4.   Eric Enders
I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but... The Dodgers are, and will forever remain, the only one of the 30 MLB teams that's never played a regular season game at Yankee Stadium.
2008-07-14 20:23:32
5.   Eric Enders
(Of course, I expect we've played more postseason games at Yankee Stadium than any team but the Yankees.)
2008-07-14 20:27:48
6.   Physics DR

An offical World Series must contain the Dodgers and the Yankees.

2008-07-14 20:28:11
7.   MC Safety
694 From what I gathered he wants Hanley Ramirez without naming names. Sort of the anti-Bowa.

That's the only SS I can think of with Jason Bay's power and Bill Mueller's gritty clutchness. He can even run bases like Juan Pierre.

(cue drumroll)

(sorry, Jay Z and Juan Pierre)

2008-07-14 20:35:42
8.   Peanuts in My Shoes
7 It's always bothered me that Juan Pierre uses that song. It's actually, "I used to run base like Juan Pierre" which is a reference to selling drugs, as in free base crack.
2008-07-14 20:37:32
9.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have played 32 World Series games at Yankee Stadium.
2008-07-14 20:40:39
10.   KG16
4 - there really should be 13 other teams that have never played a regular season game at Yankee Stadium.
2008-07-14 20:41:10
11.   Eric Enders
Why 13?
2008-07-14 20:43:17
12.   herchyzer
I was mostly trying to make a comment about the ANXIETY the collective Dodger fanbase is experiencing while watching the young players develop in the majors. I guess I put it lousily. I do realize that the young players lack of perfect steadiness is not nearly so much the reason for the Dodgers lackluster season as is the Dodgers' managements utter failure to surround them with some veteran players who could still perform.

Also, emotionally, right now, some would probably like to see just someone who could play the way Kent did until recently, unspectacularly solid.

2008-07-14 20:43:20
13.   MC Safety
8 Huh, I didn't know that. I should have, though, as that's all that Jay Z raps about.
2008-07-14 20:44:41
14.   KG16
11 - oops, should be 14, miscounted. 16 teams in the NL, minus the Dodgers, minus the Brewers (who use to be in the AL).
2008-07-14 20:46:55
15.   KG16
660 (from the last thread) - I'm going to be contrarian on this point: the Betimet trade was not really a bad trade for the Dodgers. If he was still on the team, there'd be all kinds of consternation about him blocking LaRoche at the beginning of the season. Of course, he could have also played short...

Still, in the grand scheme of things, trading a guy who was basically a utility player for a middle reliever isn't something I get nervous about. Trade a potential all star for a middle reliever or a rental starter, that is something I worry about.

2008-07-14 20:47:43
16.   MC Safety
A chink in Juan Pierre's armor, FINALLY!
2008-07-14 20:50:14
17.   Eric Enders
12 "Also, emotionally, right now, some would probably like to see just someone who could play the way Kent did until recently, unspectacularly solid."

Exactly. Like, say, James Loney. Or Andre Ethier.

One thing to keep in mind is that the anxiety doesn't have to accompany young players in the organization. When you have teams like Boston, which are actually able to distinguish good players from bad players, then you get people like Pedroia, Ellsbury, Papelbon, Lester, Buchholz, etc., inserted into the lineup with relatively little heartache.

2008-07-14 20:52:20
18.   sporky
Spike Lee is tiny.
2008-07-14 20:53:06
19.   MC Safety
15 Still, in the grand scheme of things, trading a guy who was basically a utility player for a middle reliever isn't something I get nervous about. Trade a potential all star for a middle reliever or a rental starter, that is something I worry about.

Ned's been down that road as well. See Navarro, Dioner.

2008-07-14 20:55:49
20.   bhsportsguy
17 Well, I would say Pedroia, Ellsbury didn't have heartache but a lot of handholding of Crisp (who still played a significant amount of time). Bucholz just got called back up, Lester has had his injuries issues.

14 The Nationals never played in Yankee Stadium but the Expos did.

2008-07-14 20:56:46
21.   bhsportsguy
Oh, I didn't realize it was now time to dump on Ned.
2008-07-14 21:08:48
22.   herchyzer
Speaking of playing your better players, the Dodgers simply have to cut bait with Jones, very soon. He will kill the season. They could probably survive with Pierre, if he were to return to what he was, and I could even forgive them if they were never to give LaRoche his shot, but Jones has got to go, somehow.

Speaking of management decisions, it won't happen, I know. They're not about to can Jones, eat his salary, and replace him in the lineup with Young. Torre is gonna continue with his "This team's not going anywhere without Jones" mantra. (sigh)

2008-07-14 21:10:31
23.   bhsportsguy
Another player having a nice season is Troy Glaus, who was dumped by the Angels for absolutely nothing, not even an arbitration offer.

Glaus has been fairly injury free, outside of last year. And he is still only 31.

But the Angels had to clear space for their hot young player, Dallas MacPhereson.

I am not saying that it wasn't the right move and since injuries pretty much robbed whatever promise Dallas had (at least on the Angels), misjudgments happen all over in baseball, you could think, well I know Troy is 28 but I got a guy who is ready and if I keep Glaus than what do I do?

Its always a hard choice and the Angels have won despite it so I guess it gets overlooked but because of that move, the Angels have had to play Figgins at 3B which has blocked Wood who is going to be out of options and no one has any idea if he can play at MLB level yet.

2008-07-14 21:13:34
24.   bhsportsguy
22 You have a better chance of seeing Bob T. in a green turtleneck, wearing a catcher's mask and dancing the can-can ar the DT picnic than not seeing Andruw Jones in CF for the Dodgers for the rest of 2008.
2008-07-14 21:13:43
25.   MC Safety
22 They could probably survive with Pierre, if he were to return to what he was, and I could even forgive them if they were never to give LaRoche his shot, but Jones has got to go, somehow.

That may have been the craziest thing I've read here. What the heck does Andy LaRoche have to do with the rest of your comment about cutting bait with Jones?

2008-07-14 21:16:22
26.   underdog
21 That usually happens around 7:30 but I think the All-Star Home Run Derby pushed the schedule back a bit.
2008-07-14 21:16:52
27.   underdog
Bold prediction - the Dodgers will not be defeated over the next four nights! Mark my words.
2008-07-14 21:17:35
28.   Eric Stephen
So they'll win Friday? I like that prediction.
2008-07-14 21:22:02
29.   Alex41592
If you haven't seen it or want to see it again. Here is Josh Hamilton's historic first round from tonight at Yankee Stadium during the Home Run Derby. This is must see.

2008-07-14 21:25:13
30.   Bob Timmermann
It's a standing order. There's a fail safe code and all that.
2008-07-14 21:27:10
31.   Daniel Zappala
23 I seriously doubt Wood will ever be any good at the ML level.
2008-07-14 21:28:13
32.   El Lay Dave
23 Glaus' last two seasons with the Angels were injury plagued; he played 91 and 58 games, with only 19 in the field that last season.

Glaus is also named in the Mitchell Report regarding incidents that date to his Angel days. Perhaps Angels management had an inkling.

2008-07-14 21:32:45
33.   bhsportsguy
32 I don't want facts, I want HR.
2008-07-14 21:33:22
34.   bhsportsguy
31 I think the Angels have done a pretty good job of making him untradeable.
2008-07-14 21:39:17
35.   berkowit28
4 So every NL team except the Dodgers has had interleague play with the Yankees at Yankee Stadium? Strange. Documented?
2008-07-14 21:42:44
36.   bhsportsguy
35 See 20 reference to 4
2008-07-14 22:06:02
37.   kinbote
Ibanez to L.A. makes no sense whatsoever. I don't really have anything to add to that.
2008-07-14 22:11:25
38.   berkowit28
36 Thanks. Interesting that the only three teams against whom the Yankees have a losing record are the Dodgers (1-2), Reds (2-4) and Angels (a much larger sample at 60-68).
2008-07-14 22:11:27
39.   kinbote
Question for Nate/Canuck/Toy/et al.: Has Austin Gallagher jumped into our top ten prospect list? On the surface, his performance seems pretty impressive.

(Also, Carlos Santana now has 88 r.b.i.)

2008-07-14 22:18:03
40.   bhsportsguy
38 Angels All-Time Record against the Yankees 259-314 .452
2008-07-14 22:18:35
41.   bhsportsguy
38 That breakdown is only from when Interleague play began in 1995.
2008-07-14 22:18:42
42.   CanuckDodger
39 -- If the minor league season ended today, I would have Gallagher in the 7 to 10 range.
2008-07-14 22:21:46
43.   Lexinthedena
Did Santana start out a catcher?
2008-07-14 22:22:50
44.   CanuckDodger
43 -- Thirdbaseman.
2008-07-14 22:25:28
45.   sporky
2008-07-14 22:50:59
46.   MC Safety
The latest post at Fire Joe Morgan is hilarious.
2008-07-14 22:55:53
47.   Eric Enders
The Nats/Expos have not only played at Yankee Stadium, they've had a perfect game pitched against them there.

Of course, I had to pick the day before that to go to the game. The game I went to was memorable mostly for the pregame announcement that JFK Jr. had died in a plane crash. I found it a little odd, I guess, that they deemed that worthy of an announcement at the stadium.

2008-07-14 23:02:44
48.   Eric L
23 Maybe it's because I don't pay as much attention to the Angels, but they seem to handle their young players differently than the Dodgers have in the last couple of years.

It seems to me that when they decide that a young player is ready (like McPherson), it's his job to lose. They also seem to have enough confidence in their organizational depth that if a McPherson situation comes up, they have a decent replacement that won't completely stink up the joint.

It's kind of like with this offseason. They decided that Aybar was ready for the shortstop job and traded Cabrera. At the same time, they knew if he fell on his face that they had a guy like Izturis to at least fill in decently.

With this in mind, the Angels don't seem to need to bring in veterans to "motivate" the young guys if they think the young guy is ready to play everyday.

This isn't to say of course that the Angels are perfect. They've made a few strange free agent decisions, but at least they have the confidence in their own player development.

2008-07-14 23:06:16
49.   jujibee
Anyone know if there's a Red Sox blog on the toaster. I don't care so much but a buddy of mine is curious.
2008-07-14 23:07:45
50.   Eric Enders
No there isn't. All the blogs are actually listed in "Hot From the Toaster."

Cardboard Gods leans Red Sox sometimes, though.

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2008-07-14 23:09:51
51.   jujibee
50. Thanks, I'll let him know.
2008-07-14 23:33:19
52.   Bob Timmermann
There have been discussions about adding a Red Sox blog, but no one has passed the rigorous screening procedure that Baseball Toaster has.

It's like to become a member of an exclusive club.

Like the Players Club.

2008-07-14 23:40:44
53.   fanerman
52 More champagne Mr. Timmermann? You mean that you, Jon, Ken, Josh, Alex, et al are tighter than a glove? And you chop a lot of game?
2008-07-14 23:44:01
54.   Jimi Shelter
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy! You may not know this, but Scotty Morris is a big Dodger fan!
2008-07-14 23:51:59
55.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume that the band were Dodger fans. They played a postgame concert once.
2008-07-14 23:55:19
56.   Eric Enders
I don't know if Bob Dylan is a Dodger fan. But Rolling Stone once ran a picture of him reading an issue of Baseball Weekly that had Joe Thurston on the cover.
2008-07-15 00:29:15
57.   Bob Timmermann
We'll only know if Dylan writes a song called "Superjoe."

Or maybe we can just adapt the lyrics to "Hurricane" to make it applicable to Joe Thurston.

2008-07-15 00:34:05
58.   Greg Brock
Stuck in the minor leagues
But one time he could have been
Rookie of the Year
2008-07-15 00:39:19
59.   Zak
57 If anyone's ever been tangled up in blue, it's joe t.
2008-07-15 00:41:29
60.   Lexinthedena
53 I'm laughing
2008-07-15 00:48:12
61.   Eric Enders
One time on the "Bob Dylan Radio Hour" on XM Radio, he did an entire hourlong show about baseball songs. It was pretty entertaining, actually.
2008-07-15 01:17:57
62.   jasonungar07
had 2


You walk into the box
With your pencil in your hand
You see somebody throw offspeed
And you say, "Who is that man?"
You try so hard
But you don't understand
Just how you will hit the ball
When you're up there at home

Because something is happening here
But you don't know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones?

2008-07-15 02:03:27
63.   Benjamin Miracord
You always get the finest
The very best, the finest
At the sign of the 76
Feel free to stop in
For water or air
To powder your nose
Or comb your hair
You always get the finest
The very best, the finest
At the sign of the 76
It's orange and blue
So look for that Union
The sign of the finest
The sign of the 76

Can anybody name the oil company that sponsored this jingle on Dodger radio broadcasts some years back?

And . . . that happens. :-)

2008-07-15 04:59:12
64.   herchyzer
22 . I like to ramble.
2008-07-15 06:12:56
66.   Ken Noe
Me and Mr. Jones
We got a thing going on
We both know that it's wrong
But it's much too strong
To let it go now

We meet every day in the same dugout
Seven-oh-five and they all know he'll be there
Let them boo, I make the lineup card
While the PA plays his favorite song

2008-07-15 06:49:50
67.   D4P
Let's try this again.

Johnny Bench: another guy (like Garvey) made to look like a schmuck on "Cheap Seats".

2008-07-15 06:56:36
68.   D4P
But really: the word I used in 65 was much more appropriate.
2008-07-15 07:52:03
69.   delias man
67 Garvey was a schmuck on Cheap Seats. Not a day goes by I do not laugh about his little shorts, and his junk about to explode out of them.
2008-07-15 07:54:12
70.   CodyS
At the all-star break, I'm looking at the stats all around the majors. If the Dodgers had just made two decisions differently, we have Milton Bradley and JD Drew instead of Andre Ethier and Juan Pierre. Both those guys are in the top 5 in baseball for OPS right now. And the difference in runs created between those two and the two we have is about 40. With 40 more runs scored, we probably have 5 more wins, and this is a very happy-looking season with nobody trying to impatiently pin blame on anyone else.
2008-07-15 07:58:16
71.   D4P
"Short shortttsss....!"
2008-07-15 08:00:21
72.   Howard Fox
70 I'm with you on Bradley, but JD wanted out of here...
2008-07-15 08:06:22
73.   fanerman
70 I'm with you on JD, but Bradley had to go.
2008-07-15 08:07:30
74.   delias man
71 Every couple weeks someone posts a link to baseball boogie or whatever it is called, but someone needs to post a link to that instead!
2008-07-15 08:07:48
75.   D4P
You can certainly blame Ned for his immature and unprofessional reaction to Drew's opt-out, but I'm not 100% certain you can blame him 100% for Drew's departure.
2008-07-15 08:09:50
76.   D4P
A sampling of Garvey on Cheap Seats:

2008-07-15 08:11:01
77.   Bluebleeder87
Drew just went along with what Boras wanted IMO...
2008-07-15 08:15:58
78.   delias man
76 thanks I really needed that.
2008-07-15 08:17:21
79.   cargill06
not sure if it's been discussed but did anyone hear what chase utley thought of his introduction yesterday?
2008-07-15 08:26:35
80.   Jon Weisman

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