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A Canadian Dodger in King Yankee's Court
2008-07-15 20:56
by Jon Weisman

Loved that at-bat Russell Martin had off Mariano Rivera just now in the All-Star Game's 10th inning for a single - and the way he chugged to third on Miguel Tejada's hit-and-run chopper. He deserved to score the winning run, but a double play killed the inning.

Comments (518)
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2008-07-15 21:02:24
1.   Gagne55
Uggla made the play.
2008-07-15 21:02:37
2.   Tangled Up in Blue
Nice pick by Gonzalez
2008-07-15 21:03:23
3.   sporky

This is a nice AS game to go along with a nice HR derby.

2008-07-15 21:03:55
4.   Indiana Jon
Nice play by Kimbo Slice at third.
2008-07-15 21:03:59
5.   whodat807
Martin's been showing off both his glove and bat so far this game.
2008-07-15 21:04:01
6.   thinkblue88
Agree. One of the more memorable ones.
2008-07-15 21:04:27
7.   sporky
2008-07-15 21:04:31
8.   Gagne55
Cook is amazing!
2008-07-15 21:04:37
9.   Indiana Jon
Great throw there.
2008-07-15 21:04:39
10.   Bob Timmermann
Mark T.R. Donahue never lost faith!
2008-07-15 21:04:50
11.   Greg Brock


2008-07-15 21:04:50
12.   thinkblue88
Woah!!!!! Aaron Cook and Miguel Tejada, Russel Martin, what an inning.
2008-07-15 21:04:55
13.   overkill94
Wow, what a great inning! This all-star game has actually turned out to be pretty entertaining.
2008-07-15 21:05:14
14.   68elcamino427
Great job by Martin at home plate this inning.
2008-07-15 21:05:27
15.   sporky
Does Uggla set the record for most errors in an ASG?
2008-07-15 21:06:46
16.   Greg Brock
Uggla drops a batting donut on the on deck hitter's toe this inning.

Book it.

2008-07-15 21:06:55
17.   The Mootz
Here's hoping the NL can load the bases and then score with a catcher's interference.
2008-07-15 21:07:09
18.   Alex41592
What a great job by Cook. And a tremendous play by Tejada.
2008-07-15 21:07:17
19.   Longhorn Bill
Carlos Quentin = On Notice
2008-07-15 21:07:47
20.   68elcamino427
Give it up for the Owl.
He converted on one out of three attempts and the third time was the charm with the game on the line.
2008-07-15 21:07:50
21.   Greg Brock
This is not my least favorite Joakim on the planet.
2008-07-15 21:08:33
22.   Bob Timmermann
Two second basemen have had two errors in a game: Billy Herman for the NL in 1938 and Willie Randolph for the AL in 1980.
2008-07-15 21:09:09
23.   sporky
Martin's already caught 7 innings. Think of his knees!
2008-07-15 21:09:27
24.   sporky
6 innings. I can't count.
2008-07-15 21:09:40
25.   Bob Timmermann
Eddie Mathews is the only other player to commit two errors in one inning in an All-Star Game. That was back in 1962.
2008-07-15 21:09:41
26.   Indiana Jon
If Wight is still in the game, then why isn;t he at third? McCann could DH.
2008-07-15 21:11:22
27.   68elcamino427
Looked like Martin gave Quentin the heel spike job on the left knee.
Sometimes you take - sometimes you give.
2008-07-15 21:11:34
28.   MonkeyBlue
So proud of my boy Martin! Too bad Uggla ruined for us.
2008-07-15 21:13:00
29.   68elcamino427
Martin is in his element. He is a baseball playing machine.
2008-07-15 21:13:10
30.   Pepperdine
Tony Jackson (ItD) on Saito:

"He has been diagnosed with a sprained ligament in his right elbow and he will rehab the area for an estimated six weeks, at which point he will be reevaluated."

2008-07-15 21:13:39
31.   sporky
2008-07-15 21:13:44
32.   Greg Brock
Time to start grooving some fastballs.
2008-07-15 21:14:28
33.   Bob Timmermann
Think of it as a month and a half.
2008-07-15 21:14:56
34.   sporky
Ned: As far as trading for a closer, its a lot like trying to acquire a shortstop - it's a premium position and most teams don't carry an excess. We also have candidates within the staff. Many times closers are discovered in times like this. We'll know more about what we'll do short-term in a couple of days.
2008-07-15 21:15:10
35.   Indiana Jon
The bullpen is the least of the Dodgers worries.
2008-07-15 21:15:39
36.   MonkeyBlue
30. :(
2008-07-15 21:15:46
37.   JJ42
30 i fear a trade that will set the team back for 3-4 years
2008-07-15 21:15:52
38.   still bevens
26 Wright is the DH. If they take him out of the DH spot the pitcher has to hit.
2008-07-15 21:15:54
39.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I just hope there is an ending to this game. Can't be too many arms left to throw out there.
2008-07-15 21:16:16
40.   Bob Timmermann
The two errors in one inning by Eddie Mathews was actually my much despised double error.
2008-07-15 21:16:17
41.   Indiana Jon
McCann must have "flu-like symptoms".
2008-07-15 21:16:44
42.   sporky
37 If anything, they're probably going to trade for a backup SS, not a reliever.
2008-07-15 21:16:45
43.   Alex41592
It's going to be a tough 6 weeks plus in the 7th-9th innings. It affects everything.
2008-07-15 21:16:48
44.   still bevens
37 Not alot of 'proven closers' out there. Luckily Brian Fuentes is in our division and hopefully the Rockies wont feel like sending him out way.
2008-07-15 21:17:32
45.   Greg Brock
41 He's already in the clubhouse tipping a few?

I haven't seen him in the dugout.

2008-07-15 21:17:57
46.   sporky
45 I saw him fiddling with a bat in the 7th or 8th inning.
2008-07-15 21:18:14
47.   whodat807
41 It'd be pretty awesome if McCann was subbed in at catcher and Martin was put in at third.
2008-07-15 21:18:28
48.   sporky
2008-07-15 21:18:28
49.   Bob Timmermann
There has not been a sacrifice in an All-Star game since 1998.
2008-07-15 21:18:44
50.   Greg Brock
Gun his bleep down, Russ!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-15 21:18:52
51.   thinkblue88

Martin lookin' good.

2008-07-15 21:19:06
52.   68elcamino427
Martin retires Kinsler.
McCarver is too much.
2008-07-15 21:19:07
53.   Alex41592
Oh yes! Nice sell job by Tejada.
2008-07-15 21:19:09
54.   Greg Brock
Or not. Wow.

/Tugs collar

2008-07-15 21:19:10
55.   whodat807

I take it back, leave him out there forever

2008-07-15 21:19:11
56.   Who Is Karim Garcia
never tagged him
2008-07-15 21:19:25
57.   Indiana Jon
38 But when he originally pinch hit, couldn't they have pulled a double switch? Is that not allowed?
2008-07-15 21:19:37
58.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2008-07-15 21:19:49
59.   Landonkk
Second base ump is 0-3 tonight.
2008-07-15 21:20:09
60.   whodat807
Hey, an Eric Karros sighting. Probably the first time he's ever been spotted at an All-Star game.
2008-07-15 21:20:28
61.   Bob Timmermann
The AL hasn't had a sacrifice in an All-Star game since 1991. It was by Ozzie Guillen.
2008-07-15 21:20:40
62.   still bevens
57 Not entirely sure. The only reason I know that DH sub rule is because Torre took Russ out as DH during an interleague game to put him behind the plate and our pitcher had to hit.
2008-07-15 21:21:02
63.   Greg Brock
I know it's been mentioned ad nauseam, but I haven't said it...

I can't get over all the former Dodgers.

2008-07-15 21:21:10
64.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
59 - Players are at the All-Star Game because they're good.
Umpires are at the All-Star Game because it's their turn.
2008-07-15 21:21:20
65.   sporky
Michael Young is clutchier than Juan?
2008-07-15 21:21:29
66.   Bob Timmermann
Ixnay on the oubleday witchsay with the HDay
2008-07-15 21:21:54
67.   Indiana Jon
60 Where have I heard that before?
2008-07-15 21:21:55
68.   Bob Timmermann
And yet no Cody Ross.
2008-07-15 21:22:42
69.   thinkblue88
2008-07-15 21:22:42
70.   Who Is Karim Garcia
2008-07-15 21:22:45
71.   overkill94
Nice play, Russ!
2008-07-15 21:22:46
72.   kachang
okay nice throw too
2008-07-15 21:22:48
73.   Alex41592
2008-07-15 21:22:48
74.   Indiana Jon
Russ might be the MVP for defense alone.
2008-07-15 21:22:49
75.   68elcamino427
Martin - MVP
2008-07-15 21:22:50
76.   Bob Timmermann
J.D. Cannon yells "MCLOUTH!"
2008-07-15 21:22:52
77.   sporky
Martin is my hero.
2008-07-15 21:22:57
78.   MonkeyBlue
Russel baby!
2008-07-15 21:23:01
79.   Landonkk
2008-07-15 21:23:06
80.   larry slimfast
best all star game in years!
2008-07-15 21:23:12
81.   Greg Brock



2008-07-15 21:23:19
82.   sporky
This is so weird - Martin tagging out Navarro.
2008-07-15 21:23:21
83.   whodat807
Is there an All-Star Game MVP? Cause Martin's probably it, no?

What an incredible game this is turning out to be

2008-07-15 21:23:42
84.   Vishal
2008-07-15 21:23:48
85.   silverwidow
What a classic.
2008-07-15 21:24:43
86.   Indiana Jon
2008-07-15 21:24:57
87.   Alex41592
Sweet! We keep going. What an amazing game this has turned out to be.
2008-07-15 21:25:20
88.   madmac
TGG is simply amazing.
2008-07-15 21:25:24
89.   sporky
The AL hitting with RISP is abysmal. Heh.
2008-07-15 21:25:29
90.   Who Is Karim Garcia
No way Martin has earned MVP just yet.... who ever drives in the winning run will get that honor, I'm sure.
2008-07-15 21:25:37
91.   68elcamino427
Martin - Campanella - Berra

Russell Martin!

2008-07-15 21:25:54
92.   whodat807
I'm getting chills watching this game. And to think I was originally planning on skipping the game this year.
2008-07-15 21:25:57
93.   thinkblue88
Also, gotta give it up to Aaron Cook, he's been great.
2008-07-15 21:26:14
94.   Landonkk
Please take a moment to pray to whatever baseball god you pray to and thank him for not letting Russ get injured on that great play. Kinda weird that Russ is my baseball god.
2008-07-15 21:26:55
95.   sporky
Bronx Banterers didn't think Russell tagged Navarro. It sure looked purdy.
2008-07-15 21:27:13
96.   Who Is Karim Garcia

That play had Ray Fosse written all over it.

2008-07-15 21:27:31
97.   Icaros
Somehow I posted my excitement for that play at home on the last thread. A Super LAT.
2008-07-15 21:27:47
98.   Indiana Jon
I would like to re-state 630 from the last thread.
2008-07-15 21:27:55
99.   Alex41592
I mean Navarro's speed is non existent. But, in no way should that take away what an amazing play Martin just made. Martin's star is rising nationally.
2008-07-15 21:27:58
100.   Landonkk
I bet Selig is pretty peeved about that call as well...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-15 21:28:40
101.   Greg Brock
94 Rance Mulliniks does not let my favorite players get injured in All Star games.

Rance Mulliniks is a benevolent baseball god.

2008-07-15 21:28:51
102.   sporky
Bunt single!
2008-07-15 21:29:03
103.   Alex41592
SAC BUNT! Wait! Is that still a sac bunt?
2008-07-15 21:29:09
104.   thinkblue88
Martin has been set up. Here we go!!
2008-07-15 21:29:15
105.   68elcamino427
Glove lace got him on the tip of the toe:)

The ball was there - a beautiful play with Russ selling out his left leg to block the plate.

2008-07-15 21:29:55
106.   Indiana Jon
What? They robbed him!
2008-07-15 21:29:57
107.   Alex41592
Oh man! Russ is up! Nice bunt Russ.
2008-07-15 21:30:00
108.   Bob Timmermann
And Tom Glavine no longer has the last sacrifice in the All-Star game.
2008-07-15 21:30:13
109.   overkill94
95 He missed the lead leg which did tag home before he tagged the back leg. I thought he was out in real-time, but the replay showed he was safe.
2008-07-15 21:30:46
110.   Alex41592
Smart play to bunt there.

"And look who's coming up"

2008-07-15 21:30:48
111.   JJ42
Russell Martin = Team Player
2008-07-15 21:30:53
112.   sporky
If Dan Uggla has the winning hit, does he get the MVP award despite the errors?
2008-07-15 21:31:03
113.   Indiana Jon
Can Uggla be the MVP with a hit here?
2008-07-15 21:31:14
114.   Landonkk
This is like a great movie script. Uggla to drive in the go ahead run.
2008-07-15 21:31:25
115.   underdog
Jeez, I had no idea there was a NPUT until now! D'oh.

Can't say our boy hasn't been in the center of action over the last few innings, hoo boy!

That was a great grab and tag by Russell, even if it was possible Navarro slid under first. You have to call 'em out on that one though.

Re: Sammy Saito, strained ligament is actually a bit better than I feared. I was worried about torn tendon or TJ surgery... so, could be worse.

2008-07-15 21:31:26
116.   whodat807
Martin with a not-so-incredible-but-important-nonetheless sac bunt there.

Oh man Dan Uggla. This would be storybook if he could drive in some runs.

2008-07-15 21:32:07
117.   overkill94
Even if Uggla knocks in the winning run here, I don't think there's any way he gets MVP. Russell would be an inspired choice, but I'm guessing it goes to someone like Tejada who has two hits and some defensive gems of his own.
2008-07-15 21:32:34
118.   Alex41592
What a great pitch by Soria.
2008-07-15 21:32:35
119.   Indiana Jon
Do the Marlins play in a hitter's park?
2008-07-15 21:32:36
120.   Landonkk
or not
2008-07-15 21:32:42
121.   whodat807
116 Nevermind. Nightmare of a game for Dan.
2008-07-15 21:32:49
122.   Vishal
2008-07-15 21:32:58
123.   68elcamino427
Better put Uggla on suicide watch.
2008-07-15 21:33:04
124.   overkill94
115 Sounds like he's out until September anyway though :(
2008-07-15 21:33:35
125.   Greg Brock
114 Forget it, Jake...It's Chinatown.
2008-07-15 21:33:48
126.   Travis08
Is Dan Uggla having the worst All-Star performance of all time? Atlee Hammaker in 1983 (2/3 IP, 7 R) is the worst I can think of.
2008-07-15 21:33:59
127.   sporky
That atonal Baby Ruth commercial creeps me out to no end.
2008-07-15 21:34:11
128.   Alex41592
FOX starting a baseball game at 8:48 EST is just asking for trouble.
2008-07-15 21:34:42
129.   Louis in SF
The AL could run out of pitchers real soon. Kazmir pitched Sunday.
2008-07-15 21:34:54
130.   Icaros
They really need to stop the playing everyone thing. Running out of players with rosters this size is crazy.
2008-07-15 21:35:11
131.   Tangled Up in Blue
I am so bummed they had Martin bunt in that situation.
2008-07-15 21:35:21
132.   underdog
Except Uggla doesn't do his part and fails. Miserable night for the poor guy.
2008-07-15 21:35:47
133.   Indiana Jon
An incredible 22 posts after the NPUT in the last thread. Is that record territory?
2008-07-15 21:36:46
134.   Vishal
2008-07-15 21:36:58
135.   underdog
124 Yeah... :-( indeed. :-( very much. The Dodgers will be close in September and then for their playoff run they'll have Furcal and Saito back. {/RUN: wishful thinking.exe}
2008-07-15 21:37:10
136.   Bob Timmermann
My NPUTs don't have the same weight as Jon's.
2008-07-15 21:37:46
137.   Indiana Jon
That's OK, Russell will get em in the 14th.
2008-07-15 21:37:50
138.   sporky
McCann has to take over at some point.
2008-07-15 21:38:34
139.   Icaros

I was embarrassed, until underdog posted two comments after mine.

2008-07-15 21:38:42
140.   Landonkk
I thought it was ridiculous back when Selig decided to make the All Star Game "count". Everyone knew that it wouldn't change anything and he was just covering up for the backlash he got after calling a tie in '02. I have to say I am finding that 13 inning game pretty amusing. Notice they haven't cut away to show Selig in the past few innings. I say he calls it after the 13th.
2008-07-15 21:39:26
141.   sporky
138 Not yet, apparently.
2008-07-15 21:40:07
142.   sporky
Martin's irresistible to managers; they can't take him out.
2008-07-15 21:40:15
143.   Greg Brock
No, Tim, the tough part about that play was that it was a p-rod off the wall.

Stop talking.

2008-07-15 21:40:18
144.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Carlos the Jackal might have set the table to put this one away.
2008-07-15 21:40:58
145.   Alex41592
To repeat McCann was hit on the hand Sunday in San Diego. So, that's probably why he's not playing.
2008-07-15 21:41:10
146.   68elcamino427
Good block by Uggla.
2008-07-15 21:41:19
147.   madmac
uggla is determined to throw this game
2008-07-15 21:41:20
148.   madmac
uggla is determined to throw this game
2008-07-15 21:41:20
149.   immouch
what is an NPUT?
2008-07-15 21:41:21
150.   sporky
145 Thanks.

Uggla almost had another one.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-15 21:41:25
151.   Greg Brock
Somebody give Uggla a set of hockey pads and a Koho.
2008-07-15 21:41:41
152.   Indiana Jon
Uggla is struggling mentally. Does he fall into Sax, Knoblauch, Ankiel mode after this one?
2008-07-15 21:41:46
153.   Tangled Up in Blue
Uggla is gonna go cry in his car..
2008-07-15 21:42:43
154.   Alex41592
Unbelievable play by Martin AGAIN! Too bad it doesn't count. But, wow!
2008-07-15 21:42:50
155.   whodat807
"What a magician!"
2008-07-15 21:42:55
156.   Indiana Jon
Have these announcers never seen Russ play before?
2008-07-15 21:43:00
157.   Icaros
Russ even got these announcer morons to fall in love with him.
2008-07-15 21:43:11
158.   underdog
139 I was on the phone with my mom! I have an excuse for being distracted. Mom: "Oh, the all-star game? And you care about that?"

Me: "Uh..."


What percentage of the things that McCarver says are not pointless nonsense?

2008-07-15 21:43:23
159.   worz
How do you not walk the bases loaded in this situation?
2008-07-15 21:43:29
160.   Greg Brock
I wish Russ was on defense in April, 1865.
2008-07-15 21:43:41
161.   Bob Timmermann
Since it's extra innings, Cook can pitch as many innings as Hurdle wants him to.
2008-07-15 21:43:42
162.   silverwidow
Wow, this is dangerous.
2008-07-15 21:43:44
163.   Vishal
149 new post up top
2008-07-15 21:43:48
164.   underdog
Answer: 10%.
2008-07-15 21:43:53
165.   68elcamino427
Martin earns his stellar reputation on the international stage.
2008-07-15 21:43:57
166.   worz
OK, I guess that's how...
2008-07-15 21:44:09
167.   Indiana Jon
They need to walk Kinlser too and pitch to Navarro.
2008-07-15 21:44:15
168.   whodat807
Maybe Aaron Cook deserves MVP. What a performance the Cook-Martin battery is turning in today.
2008-07-15 21:44:30
169.   Bob Timmermann
BTW, Cook leads all NL pitchers in hits allowed.
2008-07-15 21:44:35
170.   Alex41592
157 - Impressing them is a very big deal. He's a star. They just don't know it. Now they do.
2008-07-15 21:44:42
171.   Icaros
People here were just saying the other day that Uggla is a mindless neanderthal-type. Those types are usually immune to mental struggles of the Sax variety.
2008-07-15 21:44:43
172.   underdog
Hah hah. Hurdle's gonna blow out his own pitcher. That's so nice of him.
2008-07-15 21:44:56
173.   madmac
hey underdog or others, what was the name of that restaurant in Pescodaro discussed on DT a month or so ago? Taking the family camping at Half Moon Bay next week and thought we'd try it out.
2008-07-15 21:45:08
174.   Scanman33
Saito out 4-6 weeks according to Tony Jackson.
2008-07-15 21:45:30
175.   Alex41592
Man, Clint Hurdle is gonna get a phone call from Clint Hurdle about overusing his pitcher.
2008-07-15 21:45:35
176.   immouch
2008-07-15 21:45:37
177.   Indiana Jon
169 and Kinsler leads the AL in BA.
2008-07-15 21:46:06
178.   whodat807
And this game keeps on keeping on
2008-07-15 21:46:08
179.   Tangled Up in Blue
Ok, this is getting ridiculous.
2008-07-15 21:46:20
180.   Alex41592
This game continues.
2008-07-15 21:46:25
181.   larry slimfast
152 To be fair, Sax recovered. Blass, Knoblauch and Ankiel (as a pitcher) never did.
2008-07-15 21:46:26
182.   sporky
Selig wants to go home.
2008-07-15 21:46:42
183.   underdog
Another good job getting out of trouble by Cook.

Btw, after 13 innings they go to penalty kicks. And then tequila shots I believe. Followed, if necessary, by pistols at dawn. Hurdle vs. Francona.

2008-07-15 21:46:56
184.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Question: Does the 1 a.m. curfew - as in, no inning shall start after... - apply to an All-Star Game?
2008-07-15 21:47:15
185.   Buffalo Jones
I really dislike this Viagra commercial.
2008-07-15 21:47:23
186.   underdog
173 Mac - Duarte's Tavern, in Pescadero. Get the pie. :-)
2008-07-15 21:47:37
187.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Mark Woehlers belongs in that exclusive group.

2008-07-15 21:47:53
188.   fanerman
183 I hope they televise that.
2008-07-15 21:47:55
189.   Bob Timmermann
In 1967, the All-Star Game went 15 innings. The AL only used 5 pitchers and Jim Hunter pitched the last 5.

Those 15 innings took 3:41 to play.

2008-07-15 21:47:56
190.   Indiana Jon
181 OK, change Sax to Wohlers then. Better?
2008-07-15 21:48:23
191.   Alex41592
We're only at 4 hours but what is the longest All-Star game ever?
2008-07-15 21:48:57
192.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
191 - This one, I believe.
2008-07-15 21:48:58
193.   Vishal
191 this one.
2008-07-15 21:49:26
194.   Bob Timmermann
3:41 was the old record.
2008-07-15 21:49:32
195.   Greg Brock
184 Dude, this game counts for home field. It's serious business.

Imagine if game seven of the world series in decided because George Sherrill hangs a deuce. Hilarious.

2008-07-15 21:49:55
196.   Buffalo Jones
2008-07-15 21:50:14
197.   Bob Timmermann
The 9-inning record is 3:38.
2008-07-15 21:50:15
198.   madmac
186 sweet! thanks, will do.
2008-07-15 21:50:31
199.   Greg Brock
It's nice to see the Orioles be a factor in the playoffs, if only tangentially.
2008-07-15 21:51:05
200.   Landonkk
Russell should take the mound in the bottom of the 13th.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-15 21:51:05
201.   whodat807
It may be an indication of how irrelevant the Orioles are that I live in Washington D.C. and I've never heard of Sherrill before today.
2008-07-15 21:51:08
202.   Indiana Jon
I have a bad feeling they should have taken Kuo to replace Wood instead of Marmol.
2008-07-15 21:51:54
203.   Andrew Shimmin
Still slogging through the last thread. The J.D. Drew stuff is killing me.

How many innings does this thing have to go for Martin to get to play a little shortstop?

2008-07-15 21:51:54
204.   sporky
No Dodger AS pitcher was selected. I'm kind of glad at this point.
2008-07-15 21:52:28
205.   fanerman
195 Or what if because "it counts", Sherrill and Kazmir both pitch and Francona has to resort to a position player pitching in the 16th or something.
2008-07-15 21:52:36
206.   JoeyP
174--Sprained ligament in his elbow.
Sounds like they are just going to rest him and re-evaluate after 4-6 weeks.
2008-07-15 21:52:52
207.   Greg Brock
Corey Hart is like Richie Sexon 2.0, but better.

Dude is not small.

2008-07-15 21:52:56
208.   madmac
are we going to see this game finished with position players pitching?
2008-07-15 21:53:07
209.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers record is only slightly better than the Orioles.
2008-07-15 21:53:07
210.   Indiana Jon
203 They have two shortstops in the lineup now with nobody to replace them. Doesn;t look good.
2008-07-15 21:53:11
211.   jasonungar07
dang it's late on the west coast
2008-07-15 21:53:26
212.   underdog
Someone needs to wear his sunglasses at night.
2008-07-15 21:54:00
213.   Indiana Jon
207 I was thinking Herman Munster. That dud could hit a ball almost as far as Josh Hamilton.
2008-07-15 21:54:07
214.   Greg Brock
205 The Rays get to host a seventh game because Cristian Guzman hangs a slider!
2008-07-15 21:54:38
215.   Bob Timmermann
The NL has both Lidge and Marmol left. The AL is in trouble because even if a position player came into pitch, you'd have to place the pitcher out on the field.
2008-07-15 21:54:49
216.   whodat807
209 Well I moved here from LA, and besides, LA is relevant if only because the NL West has been so abysmal this year.
2008-07-15 21:55:05
217.   underdog
I'd love to see MCLOUTH!!!! win it.
2008-07-15 21:55:15
218.   madmac
nice, a little shoutout for Modesto CA
2008-07-15 21:55:18
219.   Buffalo Jones
So if this ends in a tie do they play the world series on a neutral field?
2008-07-15 21:55:19
220.   Greg Brock
Nobody should ever start with Modesto, California.

For anything.

2008-07-15 21:55:27
221.   Suffering Bruin
True story: My son wanted to watch "Return of the King" for the first time. Being the good father, I watched with him and did not watch the all-star game. In other words, after watching Return of the King, not a short movie, I thought I wasn't going to be watching any baseball tonight.

Little did I know.

2008-07-15 21:55:54
222.   underdog
Or not.

Remember, after this, kicks, tequila shots, and then pistols. It'll be great. Pull up a chair.

2008-07-15 21:55:58
223.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Did anyone replace Lincecum on the NL squad?

How in the world does Hurdle still have Marmol, Lincecum, Lidge and Webb (in theory) and Francona is down to Kazmir?

2008-07-15 21:56:01
224.   Andrew Shimmin
Big thanks to GameDay for not having video of Martin being awesome. I assume it's Fox's fault, but still. Now I have to watch ESPN, later. Really looking forward to that.
2008-07-15 21:56:02
225.   Scanman33
It's 12:53 am on the East Coast.

"What can baseball do to get young people interested in the game?"

2008-07-15 21:56:03
226.   Indiana Jon
215 Why not place the DH in the field and force the pitcher (position player) to bat?

Unless they have no position players left on the bench.

2008-07-15 21:56:06
227.   Bob Timmermann
Minute Maid Park should be free for the postseason. It's got a roof.
2008-07-15 21:56:10
228.   Louis in SF
It is not a 1am curfew in New York
2008-07-15 21:56:11
229.   Eric Stephen
I would imagine Kershaw is the man to come up when Saito goes on the DL. I guess we'll find out tomorrow or Thursday.
2008-07-15 21:56:27
230.   Greg Brock
221 This had more false endings than Return of the King.

Think about that, SB.

2008-07-15 21:57:03
231.   underdog
221 - Hah hah. Was it the extended director's cut, though, or the theatrical cut? Either way, it's kind of scary.

Maybe they should end this game with a battle of Orks vs. Dwarves.

2008-07-15 21:57:12
232.   JoeyP
229--Ned told Tony Jackson a move wouldnt be made till Friday.
2008-07-15 21:57:28
233.   Bob Timmermann
The AL is out of position players.
2008-07-15 21:58:15
234.   Eric Stephen
Martin is out to catch his 9th inning.
2008-07-15 21:58:18
235.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Buck called it a "frieze." I forgive all of his sins.


2008-07-15 21:58:46
236.   madmac
220 That's it! You and me outside, right now!
2008-07-15 21:58:47
237.   68elcamino427
Selig is now writting a special directive on the back of a hot dog wrapper that states it is ok for pitchers to re-enter when all of the available pitchers have been used.
2008-07-15 21:58:56
238.   larry slimfast
190 Mackie Sasser!!
2008-07-15 21:59:04
239.   Eric Stephen
2008-07-15 21:59:06
240.   Alex41592
234 - Kids play. He's just getting warmed up.
2008-07-15 21:59:18
241.   Who Is Karim Garcia
just to reiterate, shut up Joe Buck.
2008-07-15 21:59:19
242.   Andrew Shimmin
Put it in his ear, Marmol.
2008-07-15 21:59:26
243.   Greg Brock
I never in my life heard frieze pronounced that way.

I guess it's foyer all over again.

2008-07-15 21:59:52
244.   Buffalo Jones
227 You're assuming Houston doesn't make the...nevermind.
2008-07-15 22:00:03
245.   Eric Stephen
Catchers can re-enter, right? Put Navarro in the field, have another player pitch to a re-entering Varitek.
2008-07-15 22:00:14
246.   Bob Timmermann
I'm afraid to find out how you pronounced it before.

Was it like the stuff you get with a Big Mac?

2008-07-15 22:00:29
247.   Suffering Bruin
233 Hmmm...

If Kazmir gets in and goes beyond his pitch count, a position player will pitch and he will take the field.

Fun stuff.

2008-07-15 22:00:29
248.   Greg Brock
236 And this coming from a guy that lived in Bakersfield. I have no room to talk.
2008-07-15 22:00:52
249.   JoeyP
Uggla's having a tough time lol.
2008-07-15 22:00:55
250.   whodat807
Ok, is Dan Uggla being paid to throw this game? What is going on with him?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-15 22:01:11
251.   Eric Stephen
Bad hop, yes. But no McCarver, that shouldn't be a hit.
2008-07-15 22:01:16
252.   Alex41592
Oh dear lord. Yes, a wicked hop. But, this isn't right.
2008-07-15 22:01:18
253.   Indiana Jon
Uggla's done. They need to move Martin to 2nd and put McCann in.
2008-07-15 22:01:20
254.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Three E's?
2008-07-15 22:01:27
255.   Vishal
poor dan uggla
2008-07-15 22:01:30
256.   whodat807
250 Eh, that was a nasty hop, I guess I should cut the guy some slack.
2008-07-15 22:01:42
257.   sporky
Poor guy.
2008-07-15 22:01:51
258.   Bob Timmermann
Time to rewrite the record book.

Uggla is halfway now to catching Eddie Mathews for career errors in All-Star games.

2008-07-15 22:01:58
259.   Greg Brock
246 Free-zay.

{Check's Webster's Third}...

Yeah, that's okay! Both are okay.

2008-07-15 22:02:20
260.   thinkblue88
Ha, all the errors come from the Marlins, Hanley with one and Uggla with three.
2008-07-15 22:02:29
261.   Icaros
The hop wasn't that bad. There are worse hops. Like the ones that hit you in the face, or the, um, midsection.
2008-07-15 22:02:37
262.   fanerman
253 That's the perfect solution.
2008-07-15 22:02:45
263.   Bob Timmermann
Stop trying to Frenchify things.
2008-07-15 22:02:46
264.   Bluebleeder87
I had to step out... wow, are you serious they're still playing!!
2008-07-15 22:03:21
265.   JoeyP
Not a good throw by Russ.
He should have had Drew.
2008-07-15 22:03:41
266.   Alex41592
Off speed pitch was the difference.
2008-07-15 22:04:19
267.   madmac
248 yeah, I kid. I'll stick to being a homer for all things Oregon. Well except for D4P. Ok, really I kid. D4P is ok too.
2008-07-15 22:04:26
268.   whodat807
Martin is intensity defined. Would have been cathartic to see him throw out Drew.
2008-07-15 22:04:29
269.   Eric Stephen
Bill Freehan caught all 15 innings for the AL in 1967.
2008-07-15 22:04:40
270.   Andrew Shimmin
J.D. Drew has good speed?
2008-07-15 22:05:15
271.   Indiana Jon
The AL is fooled by Marmol. They have no idea what he throws. They might not even know who he is.
2008-07-15 22:05:29
272.   silverwidow
Best. Game. Ever.
2008-07-15 22:05:31
273.   Suffering Bruin
269 Back when men were men.
2008-07-15 22:05:36
274.   fanerman
It counts, this one does.
2008-07-15 22:05:39
275.   Eric Stephen
It's hero time for Russ.
2008-07-15 22:05:42
276.   JoeyP
14th inning.
2008-07-15 22:05:53
277.   thinkblue88
Okay, Martin for the win!!
He's due up second.
2008-07-15 22:06:17
278.   Alex41592
Historic. We shall remember this day for many moons.

Darnit, Buck you made me laugh.

2008-07-15 22:06:26
279.   Buffalo Jones
271 I have honestly never heard of him.
2008-07-15 22:06:57
280.   underdog
Sooo... just to confirm, McCann is definitely not available at all? Time to bring back Soto after Martin gets an at bat.
2008-07-15 22:07:22
281.   sporky
A game at DS would be winding down now.
2008-07-15 22:07:47
282.   JoeyP
I cant see Russ voluntarily coming out of the game.

This game would be insane if there wasnt the DH in play.

2008-07-15 22:08:00
283.   Greg Brock
263 Nice Marmol.


2008-07-15 22:08:03
284.   Buffalo Jones
So close!
2008-07-15 22:08:18
285.   Eric Stephen
Dodger ASG MVPs
1962: Wills (game 1 of 2)
1974: Garvey (write in!)
1977: The Perm
1978: Garvey
1996: Piazza


2008-07-15 22:08:18
286.   Alex41592
GAH! McLouth almost got that!
2008-07-15 22:08:46
287.   Alex41592
Russ vs. a lefty.
2008-07-15 22:08:53
288.   Who Is Karim Garcia
If they run out of pitchers can they get Josh Hamilton's BP pitcher out there?
2008-07-15 22:09:01
289.   Buffalo Jones
Buck has a man crush an Martin now.
2008-07-15 22:09:08
290.   Indiana Jon
279 You probably couldn't hit him either then.
2008-07-15 22:09:18
291.   Bluebleeder87
I'm kind of worried about Martin, he needs his rest.
2008-07-15 22:10:09
292.   overkill94
Dang, Russell hit that one pretty well
2008-07-15 22:10:11
293.   Eric Stephen
I bet that hurt Drew's hand, it was stung so hard. :)
2008-07-15 22:10:25
294.   Buffalo Jones
290 I couldn't hit Josh Hamilton's BP pitcher.
2008-07-15 22:10:46
295.   KingKopitar
No offense, Jon, but that title would get is Woodyesque.
2008-07-15 22:10:59
296.   Greg Brock
Stop worrying about Russell Martin.

He could catch nineteen innings and build a bullpen in which others could warm up.

He would then admire his handiwork and take a nap. For an hour.

2008-07-15 22:10:59
297.   Eric Stephen
No need to worry. He got yesterday off, he gets the next two days off. Plenty of rest for Russ.
2008-07-15 22:11:31
298.   whodat807
I say if they burn through Kazmir and they have no pitchers left, whoever's playing DH should go to the mound.
2008-07-15 22:11:41
299.   Indiana Jon
291 He had a day off yesterday and gets two more before Friday's game. I think he'll survive.
2008-07-15 22:11:45
300.   KingKopitar
Man, if Martin could have done something there he might have won MVP.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-15 22:11:52
301.   Alex41592
296 - OMG. That was tremendous.
2008-07-15 22:12:22
302.   Eric Stephen
That would be Longoria.
2008-07-15 22:12:31
303.   sporky
296 Canadian Chuck Norris?
2008-07-15 22:12:46
304.   Bob Timmermann
The backup catchers for the AL in 1967 were Andy Etchebarren and Paul Casanova.

Etchebarren came into the game batting .251 and would finish at .212.

Casanova was batting .266. He was the lone Senator on the team in 1967. Casanova had caught both ends of a doubleheader before the ASG.

AL manager Hank Bauer really didn't want to use any of his players unless he had to.

2008-07-15 22:12:47
305.   Eric Stephen
Don't worry; he'll bat again.
2008-07-15 22:13:02
306.   Indiana Jon
297 This Midwest biased delay I'm getting tonight is killing me.
2008-07-15 22:13:08
307.   Andrew Shimmin
I've watched three innings of this game, now. I'm ready for it to be over.
2008-07-15 22:13:30
308.   Louis in SF
I was a kid at the game in 1967 when all the runs were scored by HR's by 3rd basemen. The game went 15 innings. Drysdale won the game. So if this game goes past 15 Russell has to win it. I think it is going to surpass it in innings.
2008-07-15 22:13:39
309.   thinkblue88
This thread has been open for what, an hour and 20 minutes? Already over 300 comments.
2008-07-15 22:13:39
310.   madmac
c'mon, somebody win. I want to go to bed.
2008-07-15 22:13:40
311.   LogikReader
Now I think the AL will win... the game has gone on too long for it to end another way.

but man, if we're ever gonna get closer than this...! :)

2008-07-15 22:13:59
312.   underdog
Jeff Hamilton will be coming in to pitch the next inning.

I almost wouldn't mind seeing Brandon Webb take the loss.

2008-07-15 22:14:03
313.   Buffalo Jones
I thought Webb wasn't going to pitch?
2008-07-15 22:14:12
314.   Alex41592
Webb on one day rest. We face him Sunday.
2008-07-15 22:14:14
315.   Eric Stephen
Dean Chance won the 1967 ASG.
2008-07-15 22:14:15
316.   fanerman
296 I bet that Dos Equis guy is Russell Martin 50 years from now, after being exiled to some spanish speaking country for being too good at baseball.
2008-07-15 22:14:44
317.   Eric Stephen
308 ,315
Nevermind. I'm an idiot. I retract 315 .
2008-07-15 22:14:51
318.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Lincecum is still hungover? Get him a bloody mary and get him warm.
2008-07-15 22:14:57
319.   Greg Brock
Well, if you were banking on a home run, I'd like to introduce you to Brandon Webb.

He doesn't like home runs very much at all.

2008-07-15 22:15:24
320.   Bluebleeder87
I like Webb here, if anything it controls the dinger factor...
2008-07-15 22:15:30
321.   Indiana Jon
313 Neither was Kazmir. Lincecum gets discharged any minute now I think.
2008-07-15 22:15:38
322.   sporky
At least Martin's getting a good scouting report on the Diamondbacks.
2008-07-15 22:15:40
323.   Eric Stephen
"He's a lover, not a fighter. But he's also a fighter, so watch it."
2008-07-15 22:15:53
324.   Landonkk
webb doesnt look too happy to be pitching right now
2008-07-15 22:16:26
325.   Buffalo Jones
314 I hope Webb goes 6+ innings here.
2008-07-15 22:16:34
326.   Eric Stephen
C'mon, Russ. Call for sliders, the old elbow-ruiners! :)
2008-07-15 22:16:47
327.   Greg Brock
316 Awesome.

I can totally see that.

2008-07-15 22:17:21
328.   Suffering Bruin
Webb doesn't look like he likes anybody right now.
2008-07-15 22:17:30
329.   JoeyP
This would be so much better if it was decided by an impromptu home run derby.
2008-07-15 22:18:09
330.   silverwidow
Time for Scooter Kazmir.
2008-07-15 22:18:16
331.   Buffalo Jones
2008-07-15 22:18:24
332.   Indiana Jon
Unless Lincecum is half dead, he seriously hasto be thinking about coming to the stadium doesn't he? I mean, flu like hungover Lincecum is a better pitcher than Guzman or Uggla, right?
2008-07-15 22:18:28
333.   Alex41592
Webb filthy.
2008-07-15 22:18:29
334.   Andrew Shimmin
Brandon Webb can pitch.
2008-07-15 22:18:37
335.   whodat807
324 I'd be shocked if he wasn't pumped to be in this particular All-Star game. And he pitched like he is, that's for sure.
2008-07-15 22:18:42
336.   underdog
On the other hand, good luck trying to win vs. Brandon Webb, AL.


2008-07-15 22:18:45
337.   Greg Brock
This should be decided by RPS. Best out of three.

The Bureaucrat is Bob's favorite.

I'd go with Scissors Sandwich. It can't lose!

2008-07-15 22:18:50
338.   Eric Stephen
If Uggla hits a HR here, does he take MVP with 3 errors?
2008-07-15 22:19:10
339.   berkowit28
285 What do you mean"1 of 2"? You can't mean there were two ASG. So must be two MVPs. One from each league? Surely not ranked first and second.

Webb was great here.

2008-07-15 22:19:39
340.   LogikReader
Does Bob Melvin really talk like that?
2008-07-15 22:19:49
341.   underdog
This is it. This is officially the last inning in which I (semi-)care about this game.
2008-07-15 22:20:22
342.   Steven Sharp
I was wondering that about Melvin too.
2008-07-15 22:20:29
343.   Bob Timmermann
From 1959 though 1962 there were 2 ASGs.
2008-07-15 22:20:55
344.   Eric Stephen
I'm ashamed I didn't know what The Bureaucrat was. I had no idea there were so many "gambits" in RPS.
2008-07-15 22:20:58
345.   Louis in SF

The national League won the game, Dean Chance pitched for the Angels

2008-07-15 22:21:00
346.   fanerman
Scott Kazmir's in the game!
2008-07-15 22:21:07
347.   whodat807
Me having nowhere to be tomorrow is greatly enhancing my ability to enjoy this game.
2008-07-15 22:21:11
348.   Greg Brock
341 It semi-oficially counts! You can't leave!

Come back, underdog!

2008-07-15 22:21:18
349.   underdog
337 I'm sorry but the order is officially: penalty kicks; tequila shots; pistols at dawn; and then RPS. And then if you should survive, thank you, come again.
2008-07-15 22:21:25
350.   KingKopitar
I don't think I've ever seen a Taco Bell commercial that I didn't immediately hate.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-07-15 22:21:26
351.   whodat807
Uggla, hit a homer and redeem yourself please.
2008-07-15 22:21:43
352.   Buffalo Jones
If Uggla strikes out here does he get the LVP?
2008-07-15 22:21:51
353.   silverwidow
Uggla is Ugly.
2008-07-15 22:21:53
354.   overkill94
I don't think Uggla's career will ever recover.


2008-07-15 22:22:03
355.   Travis08
Uggla: 0 for 4, 3 K, 6 LOB; 3 E
2008-07-15 22:22:08
356.   fanerman
352 Yes?
2008-07-15 22:22:11
357.   underdog
Well, we know who wins the LVP award for the night.
2008-07-15 22:22:12
358.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Yankees fans giving Uggla, literally, a Bronx cheer.
2008-07-15 22:22:14
359.   Greg Brock
344 Advanced RPS has no place for the layman.

Do your homework or go home.

2008-07-15 22:22:28
360.   Travis08
355 Also a GIDP.
2008-07-15 22:22:44
361.   underdog
And we know who wins slowest typist award, too.
2008-07-15 22:22:44
362.   Eric Stephen
This is his Nick Anderson moment?
2008-07-15 22:23:08
363.   Indiana Jon
I'm finishing this one out no matter what time it ends. It was an early start for me tonight, since most of my games start at 10 or 1030. I've built up my tolerance to late night must watch games.
2008-07-15 22:23:15
364.   Greg Brock
I really want to finish Metal Gear Solid 4.

Somebody please hit a dinger.

2008-07-15 22:23:25
365.   sporky
Even Andruw doesn't make that many errors :\
2008-07-15 22:23:26
366.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I really can't get over how BAD Buck and McCarver are at this. They miss pitches and plays, have no affect, and really make baseball exactly what casual fans think it it- boring.


2008-07-15 22:23:28
367.   silverwidow
So is the AL going to forfeit?
2008-07-15 22:24:13
368.   Indiana Jon
354 I agree. I was serious earlier.
2008-07-15 22:24:23
369.   fanerman
Next year they should just have "lifetime achievement all-star" pitchers. ie, Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson and Mike Mussina or whoever. They're not allowed to play in the all-star game unless it's the 14th inning.
2008-07-15 22:24:52
370.   Greg Brock
Hey Rays, if you want to win the World Series, you'll let Kazmir pitch and shut up.
2008-07-15 22:25:07
371.   Andrew Shimmin
New Yorkers don't like David Wright? Or were they clapping for his getting out of the way?
2008-07-15 22:25:11
372.   Steven Sharp
If a tie prompted the decision of "This time, it counts", what does a forfeit do?
2008-07-15 22:25:55
373.   Travis08
371 Yankee fans don't like David Wright.
2008-07-15 22:26:24
374.   KingKopitar
I love Tony Jackson's post about the HOF ceremony tonight. He's like the anti-Posnanski.
2008-07-15 22:26:49
375.   Greg Brock
371 Yankees fans loathe David Wright.

He's too good to be a Met.

2008-07-15 22:27:05
376.   Louis in SF
How many innings can Kazmir pitch 2 3 at the most?
2008-07-15 22:27:13
377.   Buffalo Jones
Has a pitcher ever been injured pitching in an all-star game?
2008-07-15 22:27:44
378.   Vishal
368 why, because he had a rough game in an exhibition? this isn't the world series or anything. he'll shrug it off. he's a professional baseball player, he knows you can have a bad game any time.
2008-07-15 22:27:54
379.   sporky
Martin's finally out.
2008-07-15 22:28:13
380.   Travis08
377 Dizzy Dean, for one.
2008-07-15 22:28:15
381.   Vishal
this is something that uggla's teammates are gonna give him a hard time about for a week, and by the end of the year he'll laugh about it.
2008-07-15 22:28:19
382.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Just expand the rosters. Do it. Bring on more pitchers even if 4 of them dont get into the game ever. It will let more player get recognition and avoid situations like this.


2008-07-15 22:28:37
383.   fanerman
McCan't is in the game.
2008-07-15 22:28:42
384.   Eric Stephen
Only 10 innings for Russ? Lame!
2008-07-15 22:28:53
385.   Bob Timmermann
Dizzy Dean is the most noticeable case of a pitcher getting injured in an All-Star game. But he suffered a foot injury.
2008-07-15 22:28:58
386.   JoeyP
Is Russ done?
2008-07-15 22:30:01
387.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Innings? I think he's down to another 30 pitches and thats all.

2008-07-15 22:30:07
388.   fanerman
It starts..
2008-07-15 22:30:08
389.   Eric Stephen
I don't see this as a big problem. This game is about as long as you can reasonably expect it to go. Let starting pitchers pitch 3 IP, don't try to get everyone in the game, and you won't run out of players.
2008-07-15 22:30:09
390.   Buffalo Jones
how long can Lidge pitch?
2008-07-15 22:30:16
391.   Indiana Jon
378 It's a little more than a regular bad game. Ask Ankiel if you can just shake it off.
2008-07-15 22:30:31
392.   JoeyP
I got a feeling Lidge is going to blow it.
2008-07-15 22:30:56
393.   overkill94
379 Let's play all night then!
2008-07-15 22:31:10
394.   Eric Stephen
Ankiel's problem was in a game that really counted. I playoff game, in fact. Slightly different.
2008-07-15 22:31:36
395.   JWilder
392 Like in 2005?
2008-07-15 22:31:43
396.   fanerman
394 But counts this one does!
2008-07-15 22:31:46
397.   silverwidow
Awesome catch!
2008-07-15 22:31:55
398.   Bluebleeder87
Ludwick, great catch.
2008-07-15 22:32:04
399.   JoeyP
Nice catch Ludwick.
That was almost disastrous.
2008-07-15 22:32:04
400.   Eric Stephen
Navarro has caught 8 innings this evening.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-07-15 22:33:08
401.   Greg Brock
All my East Coast peeps on Deadspin are ready to kill Ludwick for making that catch.

They want sleepy time.

2008-07-15 22:33:15
402.   silverwidow
This one is almost over.
2008-07-15 22:33:15
403.   Indiana Jon
394 I'm not sure that's all that different. Sure the game counted, but it's not like these guys aren't trying tonight and it's still baseball.
2008-07-15 22:33:24
404.   fanerman
Russell Martin's out of the game and they're still singing his praises.
2008-07-15 22:33:35
405.   Alex41592
We need more superlatives for this game.
2008-07-15 22:33:39
406.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Uggla will be fine. He made strong throws today.
2008-07-15 22:33:40
407.   bigcpa
As far as trading for a closer, its a lot like trying to acquire a shortstop - it's a premium position and most teams don't carry an excess.

So does Ned have a guy back in the office sorting a spreadsheet by Saves right now? Joe Borowski is available!

2008-07-15 22:33:56
408.   Eric Stephen
Brock, did you ever start that baseball blog?
2008-07-15 22:34:00
409.   silverwidow
Lidge sees Pujols up there.
2008-07-15 22:34:02
410.   overkill94
From the last thread, waaaay back at 8:53 PM

629. overkill94
Stupid Uggla, now Martin's going to have to catch like 10 innings during what was supposed to be a nice few days of near-rest

I only charge $5 apiece for Lotto numbers!

2008-07-15 22:34:12
411.   Xeifrank
Too bad they had Martin bunt when they only needed one run. vr, Xei
2008-07-15 22:34:53
412.   Who Is Karim Garcia
overkill- you stateside or in Italy?
2008-07-15 22:35:18
413.   sporky
I'm actually rooting for J.D. now.
2008-07-15 22:35:19
414.   Bluebleeder87
throw the hammer Lidge, it's in the bag...
2008-07-15 22:36:05
415.   overkill94
412 States. I only go to Italy once in a while for work.
2008-07-15 22:36:09
416.   Xeifrank
Since the game "counts", maybe Bud will let each team carry a couple of extra emergency pitchers in the future. vr, Xei
2008-07-15 22:36:09
417.   underdog
Man, I don't want to see JD Drew win this thing.
2008-07-15 22:36:13
418.   Bluebleeder87

Did you do simulator on this one XeiFrank?

2008-07-15 22:36:49
419.   overkill94
Drew's got the MVP locked up if they score right here
2008-07-15 22:36:50
420.   fanerman
J.D. Drew walks instead of hitting the game-winning hit. Clearly he's not a Ballplayer™.
2008-07-15 22:36:51
421.   Tangled Up in Blue
walk off walk?
2008-07-15 22:36:51
422.   Xeifrank
Lidge is going to make sure the Phillies don't have home field advantage in the W.S.
vr, Xei
2008-07-15 22:36:53
423.   JoeyP
MVP--JD Drew probably.
On-base 4 times out of 5.

If the AL wins.

2008-07-15 22:37:35
424.   JoeyP
Game OVER!
2008-07-15 22:37:35
425.   fanerman
Russell Martin would have made that tag. And then he would have drunk Dos Equis.
2008-07-15 22:37:39
426.   Greg Brock
408 I wish I had.
2008-07-15 22:37:39
427.   Eric Stephen
If that throw bounced 10 times instead of 16, this game is in the 16th.
2008-07-15 22:37:40
428.   Alex41592
2008-07-15 22:37:45
429.   Xeifrank
418. It said 5-4 in 16 innings. Off by one inning. :) j/k
vr, Xei
2008-07-15 22:37:46
430.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Now we can get on with our lives.
2008-07-15 22:37:52
431.   overkill94
Martin would have that play...somehow
2008-07-15 22:37:57
432.   underdog
And yet more praise for Russell. No, seriously guys, you're embarrassing our Golden God.


Ay caramba, that was close at the plate. If that was Russell, he would've made a magical tag that got him right in time.

2008-07-15 22:38:05
433.   whodat807
Russell Martin would have made that tag.
2008-07-15 22:38:22
434.   Bluebleeder87
If Martin is in there he gets 'em.
2008-07-15 22:38:34
435.   Xeifrank
Tampa Bay breathes a sigh of relief.
vr, Xei
2008-07-15 22:38:55
436.   Bob Timmermann
Now comes the absolute worst day of the baseball season:

the day after the All-Star Game.

2008-07-15 22:38:59
437.   JoeyP
The throw was really poor.
2008-07-15 22:38:59
438.   underdog
What a terrific, entertaining, endless, maddening game. But fun.
2008-07-15 22:39:18
439.   overkill94
427 Hart really did a poor job of getting his momentum going forward on that ball
2008-07-15 22:39:20
440.   thinkblue88
Great game.
2008-07-15 22:39:31
441.   Eric Stephen
It's the worst day of the year.
2008-07-15 22:39:46
442.   underdog
436 - Even worse if your team has two more days off!
2008-07-15 22:39:53
443.   Indiana Jon
436 It's two days for most teams this year. When did that start?
2008-07-15 22:40:07
444.   grandcosmo
I think Hart squeezed it a little on that play in the best interests of baseball.
2008-07-15 22:40:11
445.   Eric Stephen
Martin should have been in the game that inning...but in RF. :)
2008-07-15 22:40:16
446.   Greg Brock
Francis Albert will never remind me of the Yankees, no matter how hard you try.

Stop trying to make me hate Frank Sinatra.

2008-07-15 22:40:26
447.   Uncle Miltie
MVP- Dan Uggla
2008-07-15 22:40:29
448.   underdog
Well, thanks for sharing in that pointless game with me, all! Night.
2008-07-15 22:41:19
449.   fanerman
J.D. Drew has a .583 WPA. Dan Uggla has a -.634.
2008-07-15 22:41:55
450.   Vishal
444 11 in a row is in the best interests of baseball?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-07-15 22:41:56
451.   Indiana Jon
We just had to have that NPUT. We could have broke 1000 tonight.
2008-07-15 22:42:05
452.   Xeifrank
444. :)
vr, Xei
2008-07-15 22:43:40
453.   Bob Timmermann
The best interests of baseball required the game to have a winner.

In a game decided with real pitchers.

2008-07-15 22:45:41
454.   silverwidow
This commercial rocks!
2008-07-15 22:46:46
455.   silverwidow
Ned's favorite player is MVP.
2008-07-15 22:47:41
456.   Alex41592
Did Boras get a bonus for Drew for this MVP award?
2008-07-15 22:48:04
457.   Greg Brock
The All-Star game MVP wasn't even worthy of being offered a contract by his hometown team.

We couldn't resign the All-Star MVP because we didn't want to.


2008-07-15 22:48:35
458.   Bob Timmermann
The AL tied the record for most stolen bases in a game with 6, although the other time the AL stole 6 was in a 9-inning game in 1998. The seven total SBs was a record.

There were 23 pitchers used in the game.

2008-07-15 22:49:59
459.   Bob Timmermann
Two holds (Haren and Wilson) and two blown saves (Volquez and Wagner) for the NL.
2008-07-15 22:50:00
460.   Xeifrank
458. How many loads of laundry could you have done during that game?
vr, Xei
2008-07-15 22:50:21
461.   The Trolley Dodger
457 The All-Star game MVP would have been our young catcher had it not been for Dan Ugglas.
2008-07-15 22:51:22
462.   Bob Timmermann
I could have made it through 8 loads if both machines were available and switched from the washer to the dryer with very little lag time.
2008-07-15 22:53:22
463.   Greg Brock
To think that Drew wasn't worthy of a contract because he "didn't want to be here."

Like our favorite organization is so special.

I am J. Roger Bitterman right now all over again.

2008-07-15 22:55:21
464.   jasonungar07
I bought some construction paper and made 16 blue and white rings, one comes off everyday Kemp isn't traded.
2008-07-15 22:56:17
465.   JoeyP
JD Drew has a WS ring, and the Red Sox are what the Dodgers aspire to be, but wont since Frank fired the stat nerd.

Yes, its ok to be bitter.

2008-07-15 22:56:27
466.   Xeifrank
464. Great idea, I suggest others do the same. vr, Xei
2008-07-15 22:58:50
467.   The Trolley Dodger
From Diamond:

"Inland Empire 66ers have earned California League Player of the Week honors for the past three weeks, with outfielder Thomas Giles winning it this week after catcher Carlos Santana took the previous two."

2008-07-15 23:00:01
468.   Eric Stephen
I'll just use my cardboard statue of Rachel Phelps.
2008-07-15 23:01:39
469.   Eric Stephen
2008-07-15 23:04:38
470.   Eric Stephen
I hope the Dodgers take a page out of the Favre playbook and announce some Saito information on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.
2008-07-15 23:07:41
471.   jasonungar07
lol eric.
2008-07-15 23:12:14
472.   Alex41592
BTW, Sweeney is due to come off the DL on Saturday. I have no clue how they get him on the roster. Not that there should be such a problem.
2008-07-15 23:17:38
473.   Eric Stephen
I'd rank the possibilities in order of likelihood:

1) Troncoso optioned
2) Falkenborg waived
3) Berroa waived
4) Maza waived

2008-07-15 23:26:00
474.   trainwreck
DFAing Mark Sweeney should be another option.
2008-07-15 23:27:01
475.   kinbote
472 From now on, I'm simply referring to Sweeney as The Specialist.
2008-07-15 23:27:02
476.   Alex41592
473 - I went through each of those and are we really in a position to have less pitching?

Also, Nomar playing 9 innings at short, every day, bad idea.

Repeat for Kent.

2008-07-15 23:27:25
477.   still bevens
467 Whats Giles' deal? I assume a 25 year old in High A doing well isn't much to write home about.
2008-07-15 23:29:40
478.   kinbote

5) Andruw stuffed and mounted?

2008-07-15 23:30:21
479.   trainwreck
I remember one scene from that movie. Should not be too hard to guess which one.
2008-07-15 23:35:34
480.   Eric Stephen
If one of Berroa or Maza is waived, that still leaves one backup SS and LaRoche or Young could see more time spelling Kent. If/when Nomar gets hurt, Hu (if healthy) or DeJesus will be called up.
2008-07-15 23:40:32
481.   Alex41592
480 - I'll just expect LaRoche to be optioned and hope to be surprised.
2008-07-15 23:41:27
482.   bhsportsguy
1. Was Brandon Webb tired? It was almost like Clint Hurdle called up Terry Francona and told him that Lidge was going to throw up lollipops and try to end this thing now.

2. Thanks Paul DePodesta for giving the stupidest clause in the history of free agent contracts.

Tell me the last time a team gave a player option two years into a 5 year deal and also has a no arbitration clause also inserted into the deal. So not only does he give Drew is biggest guaranteed contract, he compounds his mistake (Scott Boras schooled him on this one) by giving him an out that could only benefit the player and not the team.
479 Have not seen you around, its only 3 weeks before (as one player's mom told me today, some pretty bad football that will be played in Westwood.

2008-07-15 23:42:34
483.   regfairfield
Would you rather have JD Drew for 2/22 or 5/55? How can it be stupid when it worked out so well?
2008-07-15 23:43:33
484.   trainwreck
Expecting the worst and then being slightly happy because it did not happen is a far too often feeling for people on DT.

I hate living in fear.

2008-07-15 23:44:00
485.   Eric Stephen
Its not really less pitching; its a reallocation of usage. Right now Kuo is the long man. With Kershaw likely due up, Park steps back to the swingman role, while Kuo takes the 7th/8th role.

I wonder if at first its a straight Sweeney/Saito swap
since Kershaw won't pitch until Monday or Tuesday.

2008-07-15 23:44:21
486.   Eric Stephen
Its not really less pitching; its a reallocation of usage. Right now Kuo is the long man. With Kershaw likely due up, Park steps back to the swingman role, while Kuo takes the 7th/8th role.

I wonder if at first its a straight Sweeney/Saito swap
since Kershaw won't pitch until Monday or Tuesday.

2008-07-15 23:46:24
487.   trainwreck
Aside from weekends when I actually did something social (I went to two baseball games too), I have spent my free time the last two weeks watching the first 2 3/4 seasons of Lost I never saw. Best network drama ever!

Good to know the parents' expectations are as high as mine. We offered Honeycutt today, which should produce a commitment soon. It is best to concentrate on basketball for the next couple of years.

2008-07-15 23:50:21
488.   Bob Timmermann
My mom's philosophy on life was to expect the worst all the time, so you can be pleasantly surprised when something good happens.
2008-07-15 23:53:09
489.   Eric Stephen
I have to admit I didn't even think of the LaRoche option (I had blinders on). I would think that's probable but I'll be about as mad as I've been in some time if that happens.
2008-07-15 23:56:23
490.   Eric Stephen
That's good advice but sometimes I prefer the bliss of blind optimism.
2008-07-15 23:56:46
491.   trainwreck
Angry enough to write a strongly-worded letter?
2008-07-16 00:07:38
492.   Bob Timmermann
He'd even type it on a manual typewriter and use carbon paper to make copies.
2008-07-16 00:11:01
493.   trainwreck
I miss typewriters. They made me feel like Ed Asner.
2008-07-16 00:22:25
494.   Eric Stephen
When I type my strngly-worded letters, I always violently pull the page from the typewriter like Stephen J. Cannell.
2008-07-16 00:27:15
495.   Greg Brock
I've written one letter to the Times. It actually got in about a month ago.

I'll quit while I'm ahead. One for one!

2008-07-16 00:30:37
496.   Eric Enders
Everybody's all hot and bothered by Drew, but if Martin hadn't made that play at the plate, then the winning run would have been scored by Dioner Navarro and the winning pitcher would have been Joakim Soria, two players who the Dodgers gave away for nothing.

And then there was Milton Bradley getting on base twice and stealing a bag. It was like an invitation-only party for unwanted ex-Dodgers.

2008-07-16 00:32:27
497.   Greg Brock
496 It's almost as if the front office isn't very good at things.
2008-07-16 00:33:09
498.   Eric Enders
480 Do Berroa/Maza have to be waived? Can't they just be optioned? Both were already recalled from the minors this year so they can't be out of options.
2008-07-16 00:34:46
499.   Dodgers49
Is Denver trying to compete with Memphis?

Clippers fill their tallest order

>> Coming to L.A.Camby, the NBA defensive player of the year in 2006-07, was obtained from the Denver Nuggets in exchange for a conditional second-round draft pick in 2010.

Conditional because it gives the Nuggets the right to exchange picks with the Clippers in that second round. If, however, the Clippers have the lower pick and Denver chooses to pass on the opportunity, there would be no further compensation.

In other words, the Clippers may have gotten Camby for nothing. <<

2008-07-16 00:51:14
500.   trainwreck
I see this as a bad move for the Clippers. Yes, Camby makes them better, but still not good enough to make the playoffs. Then you are stuck in the terrible middle ground of not making the playoffs or getting a good draft pick. I think they should have offered Josh Smith or Iguodala the max instead.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-07-16 00:51:50
501.   Xeifrank
496. It appears as if many of the east coast blogs feel that Navarro was safe "by a mile" on that play. I think that Martin tagged his shoe before it hit the plate, then continued the tag up his leg. But it's hard to tell for sure without super-slo-mo.
vr, Xei
2008-07-16 00:53:08
502.   Eric Enders
So, I dunno if this was discussed above, but Martin pretty much won himself another Gold Glove tonight, right? They're voted on by the players and managers, and they remember things like this. I'm betting he wins it no matter what his CS% ends up at.
2008-07-16 00:53:58
503.   trainwreck
The replay looked like Navarro was safe, and so was Kinsler when he tried to steal second. But I was happy it went Russell's way.
2008-07-16 00:55:30
504.   Xeifrank
503. Yeah, Kinsler was safe. Not so sure about Navarro. You have to watch Martin's glove and Navarro's foot closely. Don't watch the leg. vr, Xei
2008-07-16 01:01:04
505.   The Trolley Dodger
That's okay, Pujols was safe earlier in the game and was called out.
2008-07-16 01:04:02
506.   Alex41592
501 - From the ump's perspective he looked out. But, if he missed the foot, he was safe. But, the fact that he made the pick was in itself amazing. Later, he made a pick on a throw from third that didn't even count (on a foul ball) that was even more difficult. The man is incredible and now more people know about him.
2008-07-16 01:04:19
507.   Eric Enders
Most Innings Caught in an All-Star Game

Bill Freehan 1967 - 15
Roy Campanella 1950 - 14
Yogi Berra 1955 - 12
Smokey Burgess 1961 - 10
Russell Martin 2008 -10
Ivan Rodriguez 1994 - 10

2008-07-16 01:06:48
508.   Eric Enders
507 Actually Berra should be 11 because there were no outs in the 12th when Musial hit a walk-off homer.
2008-07-16 01:12:47
509.   JMK
482 I think opt outs like the one given to Drew should always be inserted into long term contracts. The majority of times the back ends of long term deals are bad deals for teams. Teams end up paying big money to players on the back end of contracts and they're not worth it (Helton, Bagwell, Mo Vaughn...etc, I could probably make a really long list). If you sign players to long term deals and give them opt outs after two or three years you hopefully get the production of players when they're closer to their prime and then they opt out and you don't have to carry them in the years when it's more likely their performance declines.
2008-07-16 01:13:07
510.   trainwreck
Wow, I did not even realize that Russell caught that many innings. I was really hoping he was going to hit a jack and get MVP.
2008-07-16 02:16:39
511.   Andrew Shimmin
I made a deal with the devil tonight. In exchange for my soul, he agreed to also steal the soul of the next person on DT to use J.D. Drew's name.

It was worth it.

Anyway, fair warning.

2008-07-16 02:55:16
512.   Greg Brock
I sold Dioner Navarro into Manichaeism three years ago, but you don't see me making threats.

Mani will provide.

2008-07-16 02:59:07
513.   Benjamin Miracord
Man, you just keep getting weirder and weirder. I used to think you were funny, but . . . .

I speak only for myself in saying I could do without your threats and your tales of satanic bargaining.

2008-07-16 03:02:29
514.   Benjamin Miracord
Sorry Greg, that wasn't meant for you. My reference was to 511 but I knew there wouldn't be anyone in the world awake and posting at this hour except for me. Yes, I was wrong.
2008-07-16 03:12:50
515.   Andrew Shimmin
I tried to get the devil to give me a really rocking sense of humor, in addition to the eternal damnation of one unlucky DTer, but he didn't think my soul was worth that much.
2008-07-16 03:56:36
516.   Eric Enders
The good news is at least he can play the guitar like Robert Johnson now.
2008-07-16 04:16:13
517.   D4P
The devil wears pleated Prada.
2008-07-16 08:16:39
518.   fanerman
Hmm. Nobody said it so it may as well be me: NPUT.

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