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New Blogs (Including an L.A. Sports Blog)
2003-10-14 09:52
by Jon Weisman
Note: The Dodger Thoughts blog has moved to the Los Angeles Times.

After three days off (yes, I work at a place that gives you the Columbus Day holiday), I'm reading too much good stuff on the Internet.

A new site, Insider's TV Info, gives you a cool look from a seven-year ESPN employee at how things work at ESPN and in the sports broadcasting world in general.

Bigger news for this audience is that a rookie has entered the world of Dodger blogging. (Well, we're all rookies, but strangely, we are not eligible to win the Rookie of the Year award.) Rick Todd, a reader of this site, wrote to tell me:

Instead of bugging you non-stop like some sociopath who writes to the editor of his local podunk newspaper over the garbage trucks making too much noise all the time, I've decided to waste mine and other people's time with a new blog I've started. It's at

Peruse it, if you like it, comment about it, if you don't, ignore it completely. It will focus mainly on the Dodgers, but a little bit on the Lakers as well. I didn't go to USC or UCLA, I went to Boston University, so I doubt I'll be able to write (or care) about those teams. It's a little more vulgar than yours (well, actually a lot), so if you put up a warning about that, I understand completely.

Rick has hit the ground running with some serious entries on what makes a Dodger playoff team, the pending ownership change, and "What would Billy (Beane) do?" Looks like Rick means business, so give him a read.

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