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Hot Topics, Continued
2003-10-08 09:38
by Jon Weisman

Bill Simms connects the two topics of the week: the Dodger-Cub comparison and the Dodger-Marlin comparison - with this e-mail:

You do have a valid point regarding the Marlins' success. Maybe they don't deserve as much credit as I've given them. Things broke their way, the stars aligned. And it could just as easily happened to the Dodgers. McGriff stays healthy, Jordan stays healthy and Green has his normal year and the Dodgers win the wild card.
Your resentment is understandable. I have no fear the Dodgers will become the Cubs. And I'm sick of hearing about no post-season victories since '88. So we got swept twice. Anything can happen in a short series. The real futility is the lack of a post-season appearance since '95 (in what was once a four team division). But, the Yankees had a streak from '81-'95 didn't they? We can rebound. But, I'm beginning to think the sale will never happen.

Speaking of the sale - topic No. 3 of the week - the Times follows the Daily News Tuesday report that new candidates were entering the (snail's) race to buy the team by naming one: a real-estate developer from Boston, Frank H. McCourt, to replace the local real-estate developer that is also dropping out, Alan Casden.

Jason Reid writes that "the sides are moving quickly to resolve the numerous remaining sticking points." So I'll hedge my judgment that the sale was going to drag on for quite a while, keeping in mind that we've been hearing about sides moving quickly for quite a while.

Finally, if you are looking for a Florida perspective on the playoffs, check out a new blog, The Book of Mike. Subhead: "Three More Games Until the Cubs Are Eliminated." Go there now to be one of the first 300 visitors there ever. In today's entry, not surprisingly, Mike is forced to consider whether Marlins manager Jack McKeon has made a deal with the devil. (Perhaps Dan Evans' biggest problem is he won't trade with Satan.)

For the Cubs' side of things, stick with the excellent Christian Ruzich at The Cub Reporter.

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