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2008-07-23 09:48
by Jon Weisman

Clayton Kershaw got off easy. The combined line for Dodger minor-league prodigies-turned-relievers Greg Miller and Scott Elbert on Tuesday: nine runs (seven earned), three hits, four walks, two hit-by-pitch, one wild-pitch, one-third of an inning. (Rob McMillin's 6-4-2 tipped me.)

Miller's Mess
Omaha Top 8th
Pitcher Change: Greg Miller replaces Francisco Felix.
Mitch Maier grounds out, shortstop Chin-lung Hu to first baseman Terry Tiffee.
Ryan Shealy walks.
Jason Smith hit by pitch. Ryan Shealy to 2nd.
With Brian Buchanan batting, wild pitch by Greg Miller, Ryan Shealy to 3rd. Jason Smith to 2nd.
Brian Buchanan walks.
Coaching visit to mound.
Mike Stodolka hit by pitch. Ryan Shealy scores. Jason Smith to 3rd. Brian Buchanan to 2nd.
Matt Tupman walks. Jason Smith scores. Brian Buchanan to 3rd. Mike Stodolka to 2nd.
Coaching visit to mound.
Pitcher Change: Matt Riley replaces Greg Miller.

Elbert's Eruption
Mobile Top 8th
Pitcher Change: Scott Elbert replaces Jacobo Meque, batting 9th.
Gerardo Parra singles on a bunt ground ball to third baseman Russell Mitchell.
Rusty Ryal walks. Gerardo Parra to 2nd.
Bryan Byrne singles on a ground ball to left fielder James Tomlin. Gerardo Parra to 3rd. Rusty Ryal to 2nd.
Cyle Hankerd singles on a line drive to center fielder Adam Godwin. Gerardo Parra scores. Rusty Ryal scores. Bryan Byrne to 2nd.

Elbert still has a 3.00 ERA and 24 strikeouts in 27 innings this season for Jacksonville. Miller's AAA Las Vegas numbers are almost insane: 45 1/3 innings, 46 strikeouts, 48 walks, 53 hits, 3.58 groundout-airout ratio, 7.94 ERA.

* * *

Dodgers at Rockies, 12:05 p.m.

Comments (559)
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2008-07-23 10:10:08
1.   Eric Stephen
See, Kershaw's performance keeps looking better and better!
2008-07-23 10:12:55
2.   Tripon
Jason Johnson still should have started last night's game.
2008-07-23 10:13:57
3.   JoeyP
Greg Miller doesnt have much value left now.

In 2003 he was the top pitching prospect in baseball.

2008-07-23 10:14:51
4.   Doctor
Dodger prospects over rated?
2008-07-23 10:15:56
5.   Doctor
(put on helmet, hide under desk)
2008-07-23 10:17:18
6.   Eric Stephen
This sounds so cliche, but how is Greg Miller's eyesight? Does he wear glasses? Should he? His stuff seems so good, and his ground ball ratio is ridiculous. It would be so great if Lou Brown could let Miller borrow his red-rimmed glasses before his next outing.
2008-07-23 10:17:46
7.   fanerman
4 Considering that we had 6 former prospects (well, including Ethier) starting in last night's game, I'd say no. Not every single one pans out. And some take longer than others.
2008-07-23 10:24:02
8.   silverwidow
Since he was promised to start all three games, is The Best...Around starting at 2B today (with Martin at 3B) or at 1B (giving Loney a rest)?
2008-07-23 10:25:45
9.   Tripon
Loney doesn't need a rest. Martin should sit today hopefully.
2008-07-23 10:26:29
10.   Alex41592
8 - Martin was expected to get a full day off today. So, LaRoche should be starting at third today against the lefty. Would you sit Loney in Coors?
2008-07-23 10:26:52
11.   silverwidow
9 Martin was confirmed at 3B by Ken Gurnick.
2008-07-23 10:28:45
12.   Xeifrank
11. Then does that mean LaRoche to 1B?
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 10:29:19
13.   Alex41592
11 - Then my guess would be second base for Kent if Martin starts at third.
2008-07-23 10:34:04
14.   Jon Weisman

Kemp, RF
Ethier, LF
Garciaparra, SS
Kent, 2B
Loney, 1B
Jones, CF
LaRoche, 3B
Ardoin, C
Kuroda, P

2008-07-23 10:35:28
15.   Alex41592
14 - Full day off for Martin.
2008-07-23 10:36:15
16.   silverwidow
Gurnick is a fool as usual.
2008-07-23 10:36:47
17.   Warren
I was able to ask Steve Phillips a question during the ESPN chat right now. I'm not sure what to make of his answer but I thought I'd post it here for discussion.


Warren (Dalton, GA): Should the Dodgers showcase LaRoche for a trade or give him a legit shot at 3B?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: (1:34 PM ET ) I think they missed the window on him. He has been so injury-prone that he wouldn't excite many teams. He'd be a second player in a trade. They should probably hold him to rebuild his value, or see if he can make their major league club.

2008-07-23 10:37:28
18.   underdog
6 Fire the Dodgers organization's Official Optometrist!
2008-07-23 10:37:43
19.   Bob Hendley
Andy over the past three games: in 9 PA, 3 hits, 3 BB and 2 RBIs.
2008-07-23 10:38:36
20.   underdog
I'm surprised Steve Phillips has even heard of Andy LaRoche, so I guess the "injury-prone" label shouldn't surprise that much.

"See if he can make" their ML club?

2008-07-23 10:39:29
21.   Ken Noe
The Tampa Bay Rays are looking at a possible trade for Dodgers 2B Jeff Kent, according to American League sources. The Dodgers have had scouts in Tampa the past few days checking out SS Ben Zobrist who is expendable for the Rays. Kent had 10 HR's and 43 RBI's for the Dodgers, entering play last night. -- Fox Sports Radio

2008-07-23 10:40:11
22.   Tripon
17 It seems that Phillips doesn't realize that LaRoche is on the big league roster already.
2008-07-23 10:42:17
23.   Sean P

The 34 year old with a career ERA+ of 90? I'll take Stults thank you very much.

2008-07-23 10:43:26
24.   Tripon
23 Stults pitched the first game.
2008-07-23 10:43:33
25.   still bevens
zomg lets trade Kent right now.
2008-07-23 10:43:43
26.   KG16
21 - um, huh? really?

I guess that wouldn't be a bad deal. Zobrist doesn't seem to be anything more than a journeyman, but if he can play a little second base and the Dodgers can try out DeRoche at second the rest of the way. Why not?

2008-07-23 10:44:23
27.   Jon Weisman
Happy birthday, Hong-Chih and Nomar.
2008-07-23 10:45:13
28.   Jon Weisman
27 - And Don Drysdale and Pee Wee Reese
2008-07-23 10:45:42
29.   cargill06
21 His OPS+ last year was 4
2008-07-23 10:46:05
30.   Xeifrank
21. Rays already have a 2B, 1B and DH that hit and field as well or better than Kent. And he definitely wouldn't be a defensive upgrade anywhere.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 10:46:13
31.   fanerman
21 Hmm, Kent goes to a "contender", 2B is free for LaRoche/DeWitt, we have less of Berrozuna...

Zobrist has a 9% line drive percentage.

2008-07-23 10:47:05
32.   D4P
Zobrist has good minor league numbers, but that's mostly from his lower-level performances. He doesn't appear to have fared very well at AAA or above.
2008-07-23 10:47:23
33.   underdog
21 That seems almost unfathomable. Given it's Fox I wouldn't give it much credence either. Again, if the Dodgers weren't in playoff contention I could see it, but that doesn't sound like them for one thing...
2008-07-23 10:47:35
34.   Xeifrank
27. Zhu ni shengri kuai le.
or something like that. Happy birthday in mandarin.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 10:48:38
35.   Xeifrank
If we are going to trade for a Tampa Bay SS, it would have to be Brignac or Bartlett. Not that either is all that great, but compared to Zobrist...
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 10:49:57
36.   Alex41592
I'll have to find out where that Fox Sports Radio rumor came from, but it's just a rumor.
2008-07-23 10:50:16
37.   Xeifrank
Lots of low scoring games so far today (Jinx!). vr, Xei
2008-07-23 10:51:45
38.   Scanman33
28-I read a book about the Dodgers designed for little ones to my year and a half old son at night before he goes to sleep. I ask him, "Where's Pee Wee?" and he points to a picture of Pee Wee Reese. We do the same for Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax. I ignore Tommy Lasorda.

My 3-year old daughter also will read the book. She walks around the house saying "Pee Wee Reese" and "Jackie Robinson". Talk about being a proud father.

2008-07-23 10:53:08
39.   Ken Noe
Kent wants to play in the WS again before he retires, and Tampa has a better chance than LA just now...just saying, it's conceivable.
2008-07-23 10:55:31
40.   Warren
39 - According to ESPN the Dodgers have a 49.2% change of making the playoffs while the Rays have a 51.2% chance. So yes but just barely.
2008-07-23 10:56:12
41.   underdog
Actually, given the Dodgers play in the weaker NL and are just an eyelash out of first, I don't know if Tampa Bay actually has that much better of a chance of making the WS than the Dodgers do, when you think about it. But I guess Kent could see it that way. Still, it seems weird they'd trade away their 2b-man to get a SS.
2008-07-23 10:56:33
42.   underdog
Or, what Warren said.
2008-07-23 10:57:02
43.   cargill06
zorbost just HR'd
2008-07-23 10:57:53
44.   Tripon
Jeff Kent gets to yell at a bunch of new youngsters if he gets traded to the Rays
2008-07-23 10:57:57
45.   Xeifrank
40. PECOTA has
Rays: 78.57%
Dodgers: 39.8%
chance of making the playoffs. The Rays have the division and wild-card to play for, the Dodgers pretty much only the division.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 10:59:24
46.   Ken Noe a small club off the strip in Las Vegas, Ned starts his second set. "I left my heart...thank San Francisco...."
2008-07-23 10:59:33
47.   silverwidow
Kent for Brignac would be a GREAT trade.
2008-07-23 11:00:52
48.   Xeifrank
Kouz homers, Pads back up 3-1, as Maddux goes for his 800th career win.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 11:01:03
49.   philmc78
Jon, did you see the article Tom Verducci wrote about top five seasons by a closer? He didn't include Eric Gagne's 2003 (or 2002) season because his name popped up in the Mitchell Report. That's all well and good, but he goes on to list the seasons from other guys who played in the supposed Steroid Era.

What are your thoughts on this? It's obviously a bigger issue than just Gagne being left off a list. Here's the link if anyone is interested:

2008-07-23 11:09:10
50.   Zak
G. Rusch - against Los Angeles 0-5 with a 14.21 ERA in 10 appearances.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-23 11:09:10
51.   underdog
46 "Boooo! Get off the stage!" {throw meatball at him}

45 But what about odds of making world series? That was my point, anyway. Rays have tough road to hoe in the AL.

2008-07-23 11:11:44
52.   regfairfield
51 Divide your playoff ods by four and you get pretty close.

Kent to the Rays makes no sense for the Rays. They've been focusing so much on defense that I doubt they'll throw it away now.

2008-07-23 11:12:55
53.   Neal Pollack
Nomar batting third? Really?

Anyway, what great pennant races across the board, except the AL West, where everyone is standing in awe of the Angels playing baseball The Right Way™.

2008-07-23 11:13:41
54.   regfairfield
And there's also the issue of us not having a second baseman anymore.
2008-07-23 11:13:50
55.   underdog
Hmm, the Reds may be interested in Huston Street. I could see a Street (plus another player?) for Dunn type deal for A's. Reds are basically out of contention, so it seems odd, but they'd have him next year, too and could use some relief help.
2008-07-23 11:13:54
56.   KG16
why would any team trade for a 40 year old second baseman in the last year of his contract? Future Hall of Famer or not, why would anyone do that?
2008-07-23 11:15:19
57.   blue22
They could use a little pop from the right side, but he'd platoon with Iwamura at second, and they have Gomes as a RH-DH.

I call shenanigans on this rumor.

2008-07-23 11:16:01
58.   KG16
53 - I kind of like how the Angels play. They take home runs where they get them, but aren't overly reliant on them, and they have very good pitching. Seems to win a lot of regular season games. Probably also useful in the playoffs when you're going against better pitching and better defense.
2008-07-23 11:18:21
59.   D4P
I don't think the Reds will trade Dunn. Dusty likes OBP now. While getting on base clogs up the bases, that's countered by making the pitcher pitch from the stretch.
2008-07-23 11:18:30
60.   Xeifrank
Vegas odds to win the World Series.

Tampa Bay: 10/1
Dodgers: 22/1

Tampa Bay opened at 150:1 in case you weren't aware of that. :)
vr, Xei

2008-07-23 11:18:31
61.   El Lay Dave
34 Is it "kuai" or "guai"? ;)
2008-07-23 11:20:18
62.   fanerman
60 I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me ;)
2008-07-23 11:20:25
63.   Xeifrank
61. haha, i'm sure. :)
kuai = happy
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 11:24:48
64.   Kevin Lewis

Man, a $10 bet on that at the beginning of the year would have been sweet.

2008-07-23 11:28:39
65.   Xeifrank
64. Or a $20 bet. :)
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 11:33:21
66.   DodgerBlueBruce
Reds up 9-3 over Pads.
2008-07-23 11:38:44
67.   blue22
I highly recommend reading Depodesta's entry on the Randy Wolf trade, especially the comments. Depo responds to basically every question the posters are asking (40-man and financial considerations, who takes his spot, etc) and in a very straightforward and honest fashion.

I guess he's been pretty interactive in his blog, but I'm especially interested to see how communicative he's is with respect to roster moves like this one.

2008-07-23 11:46:58
68.   D4P
Depo's offering a great service not only to Padre fans, but to the broader baseball community.
2008-07-23 11:54:11
69.   Scanman33
68-For those of you who didn't know D4P back in 2004, you don't know how surreal that comment is.
2008-07-23 11:56:24
70.   Eric Stephen
Thanks for that link. You're right, it's a really good exchange of information.

I agree. I really enjoy the openness of DePodesta and the Padres' front office in general. I like hearing about a lot of the behind the scenes details, which gives a nice perspective of the inner-workings of an MLB front office.

2008-07-23 11:56:36
71.   Jon Weisman
From AP:

Washington Nationals outfielder Wily Mo Pena underwent surgery on his left shoulder Tuesday and will miss the remainder of the season.

The team said the surgery was performed Tuesday in Cincinnati to repair a partial tear of Pena's rotator cuff and a tear of his labrum.

"It was a devastating surgery," general manager Jim Bowden said in San Francisco, where the Nationals opened a three-game series. "The doctors didn't expect it to be so severe."

That's because Pena played through all of the shoulder problems for most of the year.

2008-07-23 11:58:16
72.   Eric Stephen
I sense a foreshadowing to a similar surgery for a certain Dodger CF. Andruw, meet Andrews.
2008-07-23 11:58:46
73.   natepurcell
This is the reason why I don't want the Padres to be so bad that they have the worst record in baseball at the end of the season...

2008-07-23 12:01:46
74.   Penarol1916
69. D4P is incredibly different from the poster who showed up on the ESPN board after the trade. What remains are his discerning skepticism and ability to bring up issues that noone else has thought up.
2008-07-23 12:02:37
75.   Rob M
73 His fastball has insane movement. That slider/curve is pretty impressive, too.
2008-07-23 12:05:03
76.   underdog
Will this be the game thread too? Game starts in a minute...
2008-07-23 12:05:10
77.   Rob M
Crap, the more I watch that Strassberg video, the more I think he's apt to completely skip minor league ball.
2008-07-23 12:05:49
78.   underdog
Yay! Vin Scully on MLBTV today. I'm a happy miser!
2008-07-23 12:06:19
79.   Scanman33
74-I have noticed. We have trained him well. We shall release him to the wilderness now.
2008-07-23 12:07:08
80.   MollyKnight
I have a soft spot for Glendon Rusch. He's one of the good guys.

However, today he is a mortal enemy.

2008-07-23 12:09:31
81.   drewjensen
The Rays might trade for Kent thinking that they want a little PVL to go with their youth. Maybe they don't love Iwamura.

What I thought might be interesting is that if Ned wants to do a deal and it has to be net salary neutral (as has been alleged, though denied by McCourt, relative to the Sabathia deal), then moving Kent would buy him 9M that he could use in another deal.

2008-07-23 12:09:56
82.   underdog
Kemp flies out. Ethier singles.

And happy birthday to Nomar and Hong Chi Kuo!

2008-07-23 12:10:37
83.   underdog
Not a good way to celebrate your bday, Nomar!
2008-07-23 12:11:44
84.   Icaros
So if Andruw has his shoulder repaired, will he come back being able to recognize the difference between a 92 MPH fastball and an 84 MPH curve?
2008-07-23 12:11:59
85.   Xeifrank
Pads put the tying run at the plate with 2 outs in the 9th. vr, Xei
2008-07-23 12:12:04
86.   fanerman
And Nomar GIDP's. Happy birthday!
2008-07-23 12:12:32
87.   Xeifrank
85. and lose it. Meanwhile, Percival in to try to save the day for the 150:1s.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 12:12:42
88.   blue22
81 - moving Kent would buy him 9M that he could use in another deal

$9M is his full year salary. He's only owed the pro-rated amount for the duration of the season (~$4M). And if LA does trade him, I fully expect Ned to pick up the bulk of the salary, as he's been prone to do in previous deals.

2008-07-23 12:13:38
89.   natepurcell
Do we ground into more DPs than most teams?
2008-07-23 12:15:22
90.   Jon Weisman
76 - The Gameday link was always there.
2008-07-23 12:16:34
91.   D4P
Can I still come home on weekends for dinner and to do laundry...?
2008-07-23 12:17:41
92.   MollyKnight
"With Garciaparra celebrating his birthday, somebody else blew out the candles."

Oh, Vin.

2008-07-23 12:18:00
93.   underdog
Weird, I missed it. Must have been looking for another WKRP clip in that space.

Nomar should have taken his bday off.

2008-07-23 12:18:14
94.   El Lay Dave
89 Yes. 5th in the majors, 2nd in the NL. 95 before today.
2008-07-23 12:18:20
95.   CodyS
53 Nomar's been our best hitter this year (active roster). You could look it up.
2008-07-23 12:18:33
96.   Kevin Lewis
soft grounder to Nomar?
2008-07-23 12:19:07
97.   underdog
Another squeez-y ump? Great.
2008-07-23 12:19:50
98.   schoffle
Anyone know how many more hits we would have to give up before approaching a record for a 3 game series? We are at 40 and counting so far.
2008-07-23 12:20:34
99.   Scanman33
2008-07-23 12:20:39
100.   Alex41592
Thankfully that throw by Nomar hit Hawpe in the leg.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-23 12:20:45
101.   Xeifrank
WE: 28%
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 12:22:29
102.   natepurcell
This is ridiculous.
2008-07-23 12:23:01
103.   underdog
What a long inning considering Kuroda hasn't pitched that badly at all, it feels like there have been about 5 outs.
2008-07-23 12:23:15
104.   Bob Timmermann
The Nats are the kings of GDPs in the NL right now with 102.

The Dodgers are at 96.

2008-07-23 12:24:37
105.   fanerman
Somehow winning this game would seem like we stole the series, considering the Rockies have been on such an offensive barrage.
2008-07-23 12:26:49
106.   natepurcell
We need to fire our advance scouts. Seems like the Rockies know how we are pitching all of them.
2008-07-23 12:27:52
107.   underdog
105 - I don't think the Rockies will be the only ones getting some hits and runs today, though. (Hopefully that's not just wishful thinking.)
2008-07-23 12:28:47
108.   Alex41592
This ump is horrible. Kuroda didn't get that pitch.
2008-07-23 12:29:04
109.   El Lay Dave
Jeff Kent, career, vs. Glendon Rusch:
27 PAs, .409 .519 .682 1.201, 3 doubles, 1 HR
Before that single.
2008-07-23 12:29:08
110.   Zach the Ripper
I don't care how well the Rockies are hitting, if we can't crush this Rusch chump, I quit. Well at least for tomorrow's off day I quit.
2008-07-23 12:30:34
111.   El Lay Dave
Lots of grumping about umping this series.
2008-07-23 12:32:00
112.   D4P
Umping that inspires grumping can lead to slumping.
2008-07-23 12:32:01
113.   silverwidow
The Best...Around is up.
2008-07-23 12:32:20
114.   Alex41592
Andy has a chance to make an impact here.
2008-07-23 12:32:30
115.   underdog
Good eye, 'Druw.

let's go Andy!!

2008-07-23 12:32:31
116.   Woden325
Well, there you go: Jones didn't strike out.
2008-07-23 12:32:36
117.   fanerman
Andruw Jones walks. Yay. Come on Andy!
2008-07-23 12:33:01
118.   trainwreck
My friend called me this morning and his buddy from ESPN told him he's been hearing buzz about the Dodgers going after Street and Ellis and the A's want Loney and Greg Miller.

None of that made too much sense to me.

2008-07-23 12:33:28
119.   Neal Pollack
That out's on Bowa. You don't run on Hawpe.
2008-07-23 12:33:42
120.   Alex41592
Nice job Andy. Rally killing running though.
2008-07-23 12:33:50
121.   fanerman
Andy delivers. Andruw... does not.
2008-07-23 12:33:52
122.   Neal Pollack
I would say the LaRoche showcase is a success, though.
2008-07-23 12:33:53
123.   underdog
112 And schlumping, my mom would say.

Nice RBI Andy!

I'm glad Hawpe threw to 3rd actually, I wonder if he would've nailed Kent instead.

2008-07-23 12:34:42
124.   MonkeyBlue
Danny BOI!
2008-07-23 12:34:42
125.   Alex41592
Ardoin! And we're tied.
2008-07-23 12:34:55
126.   silverwidow
DeWitt's days as a starter could be over, thankfully.
2008-07-23 12:34:58
127.   Bob Timmermann
Do the Rockies announcers call Ardoin "Old Friend?"
2008-07-23 12:35:17
128.   underdog
118 That literally makes no sense. Why would the A's want Miller? Why would the Dodgers trade them Loney? >bzzt!< Thanks for playing, friend o'train!

Nice, Ardoin!

2008-07-23 12:35:34
129.   KG16
I have to say, I'm impressed with the Dodgers' ability to score runs without hitting the ball over the fence.
2008-07-23 12:35:48
130.   Alex41592
But, on the other hand. Who walks the backup catcher?
2008-07-23 12:36:16
131.   blue22
122 - And he really hasn't hit a ball hard yet (not watching today's game), has he? Just finally some balls finding holes for him.
2008-07-23 12:37:05
132.   bigcpa
LaRoche Showcase Update: 4-7, 3 BB
2008-07-23 12:37:43
133.   Zach the Ripper
131 - He gets the benefit of the doubt on a few of those. Dewitt had like 10 of those in his one good month. :)
2008-07-23 12:38:43
134.   underdog
131 - I think one of his hits this series was a solid liner, IIRC.

And he does have some walks, too. His patience continues to impress. Once he starts showing power more often, I hope he just stays there and the search for an outside 3B will cease.

2008-07-23 12:38:59
135.   MonkeyBlue
Is Torre showcasing Jones for a little league team?
2008-07-23 12:39:08
136.   fanerman
Entering today, LaRoche has a higher OPS than DeWitt.
2008-07-23 12:39:09
137.   MollyKnight
We really need LaRoche in this line-up. I'd use him at second to spell Kent, too.
2008-07-23 12:39:23
138.   Zach the Ripper
Pitchcount for Rusch is already 40. That's nice. Good job Kuroda!
2008-07-23 12:39:39
139.   Wilbert Robinson
132 So maybe now we get Casey Blake and David Dellucci!
2008-07-23 12:40:49
140.   Tripon
Padres don't need the MLB worst record, just the NL's worst record. (Unless they changed the rule where the league rotates who gets the first pick of the draft. Who knows, maybe the All-Star game decides that too.)
2008-07-23 12:40:56
141.   Eric Stephen
We only get both if we're within $100 of this showcase showdown.
2008-07-23 12:40:58
142.   underdog
135 Hee. I guess Curacao isn't representin' at the Olympics this year?
2008-07-23 12:41:33
143.   blue22
133/134 - The BABIP gods had been unkind to Andy until this series, that's all. It's good to see some luck on his side.
2008-07-23 12:41:42
144.   Wilbert Robinson
141 Memo to Ned: Do not overbid.
2008-07-23 12:41:47
145.   ToyCannon
Kent to 1st
Ellis to 2nd
Street to setup

Sign the vowel in the offseason
Resign Ellis

2008-07-23 12:42:39
146.   El Lay Dave
In Coors Field, with a mediocre pitcher on the mound and first base open, even though it's just Ardoin batting, Hurdle really should have walked him to let his pitcher face Kuroda.
2008-07-23 12:43:21
147.   MonkeyBlue
Nice grab by Andy!!!
2008-07-23 12:43:30
148.   Alex41592
Sick play by LaRoche!
2008-07-23 12:43:39
149.   underdog
Here's your chance at stardom, fans!

2008-07-23 12:43:46
150.   fanerman
146 Vin Scully also made that point.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-23 12:44:00
151.   underdog
Nice play by The Rock.
2008-07-23 12:44:04
152.   fanerman
Andy isn't a bad fielder himself!
2008-07-23 12:44:09
153.   silverwidow
140 They changed the rule - the worst team gets the 1st pick.
2008-07-23 12:44:11
154.   Icaros
Even when he makes an out, LaRoche does damage by wearing out the opposing pitcher. He seems to be averaging like 8 pitches per at-bat this series. He's the prototypical late-90s A's/Yankees hitter.
2008-07-23 12:44:18
155.   blue22
145 - If you're just trying to clear a spot for Tex, can't you get more for than just Street for Loney?
2008-07-23 12:44:28
156.   natepurcell

You can't be serious right?

2008-07-23 12:44:51
157.   Tripon
It wouldn't be Ned if he didn't overbid.
2008-07-23 12:44:52
158.   Wilbert Robinson
147 - 148 Really? On MLB game cast it looked like a slow roller directly at him and he didn't even move to field it.
2008-07-23 12:45:12
159.   underdog
146 Hurdle's kind of an idiotic manager much of the time. Rockies fans and our Toaster Rockies blogger will tell you that.
2008-07-23 12:45:15
160.   silverwidow
Anything Blake can do Andy can do better...Andy can do anything better than you. Yes he can.
2008-07-23 12:45:38
161.   Tripon
Kent to Rays
Loney Stays
LaRoche to Oak
Everyone is Stoked.

(except for all the LaRoche fans.)

2008-07-23 12:46:21
162.   underdog
158 - On TV it was a hard smash down to his right towards the line and he made a swell grab of it. GameCast lies. :-)
2008-07-23 12:46:31
163.   Icaros

How does Gamecast tell you how fast or slow a grounder was?

2008-07-23 12:46:45
164.   Bob Timmermann
The worst record gets the first pick regardless of league. Tampa Bay has had it the last two years.
2008-07-23 12:46:58
165.   fanerman
154 Hey... wasn't Joe Torre managing one of those teams? You don't think... he might... like Andy?
2008-07-23 12:47:29
166.   MonkeyBlue
Nice walk for Bison.
2008-07-23 12:47:38
167.   Alex41592
Solid Kemp.
2008-07-23 12:48:10
168.   fanerman
Bison Patience™
2008-07-23 12:48:15
169.   Icaros
Every time Bison walks I shed a single tear of joy.
2008-07-23 12:48:46
170.   MonkeyBlue
Stupid wind!
2008-07-23 12:49:11
171.   fanerman
Vin compliments Andre's consistency.
2008-07-23 12:49:17
172.   Zach the Ripper
169 - Hilarious
2008-07-23 12:49:28
173.   fanerman
Idiot Wind.
2008-07-23 12:49:29
174.   underdog
Stupid wind blowing in!
2008-07-23 12:50:11
175.   underdog
Stupid slow internet connection!

Okay no more birthday double plays, Nomar.

2008-07-23 12:51:21
176.   Zach the Ripper
What's this about the wind?

Did Ethier almost hit it out?

What has a larger affect? The wind or the altitude?

2008-07-23 12:51:24
177.   Zach the Ripper
What's this about the wind?

Did Ethier almost hit it out?

What has a larger affect? The wind or the altitude?

2008-07-23 12:51:31
178.   whodat807
A wonderful surprise that mlbtv is picking up the Vin broadcast. After that Arizona series, it's good to hear an actual professional.
2008-07-23 12:51:37
179.   MonkeyBlue
Ugh... tough break.
2008-07-23 12:51:59
180.   Alex41592
Kemp thought that was hit harder than it was.
2008-07-23 12:52:14
181.   fanerman
175 Er... not quite.
2008-07-23 12:52:29
182.   underdog
That was one of the unluckiest innings imaginable. What looked like a sure home run was blown back and then a liner double play. Ah well.
2008-07-23 12:52:37
183.   whodat807
2008-07-23 12:53:09
184.   still bevens
Finding new and creative ways to GIDP. Must.. escape.. Colorado.
2008-07-23 12:53:32
185.   blue22
Rusch at 53 pitches through 3.
2008-07-23 12:54:14
186.   MonkeyBlue
Andruw got a new job YAY!
2008-07-23 12:55:53
187.   whodat807
Andruw's gravitational pull forced that gate open.
2008-07-23 12:55:59
188.   underdog
I think Baker just hit the jet stream on that hit. And the Bison roamed in the wrong direction.
2008-07-23 12:56:46
189.   underdog
C'mon Hiro! Settle down.

man, I can't wait for the Dodgers to be home. I'm sure he can't wait, too.

2008-07-23 12:56:50
190.   fanerman
186 Doing... what?
2008-07-23 12:57:19
191.   MonkeyBlue
190. Gate Keeper.
2008-07-23 12:57:23
192.   Wilbert Robinson
178 Oh the work computer is from approximately 1967 and it won't load Although ESPN Gamcast's drossy set of never ending situational statistics scrolling down the bottom of the screen and the slow moving baseball animation is more than an adequate alternative.
2008-07-23 12:57:36
193.   Woden325
So far, so good.
2008-07-23 12:58:00
194.   fanerman
191 Like Hagrid?
2008-07-23 12:58:03
195.   MonkeyBlue
Damn it! Hiro!
2008-07-23 12:58:25
196.   underdog
And maybe Juan Pierre is the keymaster.

Okay, this game is clearly cursed. That should've been an out, no run, and not a double. (!)

2008-07-23 12:58:28
197.   MollyKnight
Has someone mentioned the very interesting game happening in KC yet?
2008-07-23 12:58:34
198.   natepurcell
I hate Jeff Baker. A person shouldn't have this many hits in one series.
2008-07-23 12:59:19
199.   El Lay Dave
Strange sentence:
"M. Holliday doubled to shortstop, J. Baker scored"
2008-07-23 12:59:53
200.   trainwreck
I was wondering why that was not being talked about. It is very interesting.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-23 13:00:12
201.   Woden325
"Interesting Game" in KC, top of the 7th.
2008-07-23 13:00:16
202.   Wilbert Robinson
199 Nooomar!
2008-07-23 13:00:25
203.   Jon Weisman
At least the Dodgers stopped the Rockies' run-scoring streak at 19.
2008-07-23 13:00:59
204.   underdog
Fasten your seat belts, fans, this is gonna be a long (windy) game, me thinks.
2008-07-23 13:01:20
205.   MonkeyBlue
My head it hurts.
2008-07-23 13:01:24
206.   Alex41592
Ok, can we go home now?
2008-07-23 13:01:44
207.   Harold M Johnson
What's so interesting about the game in KC?
2008-07-23 13:01:48
208.   MollyKnight
Gosh, I am such a jinx.
2008-07-23 13:02:03
209.   underdog
And by long I mean both teams scoring a lot of runs and it lasting about 4 hours. Just a guess.

So... is Kuo available today?

2008-07-23 13:02:04
210.   Alex41592
No longer interesting in K.C.
2008-07-23 13:02:06
211.   whodat807
I hate Coors Field.
2008-07-23 13:02:35
212.   fanerman
It's okay. It's okay. They got Glendon Rusch pitching.
2008-07-23 13:03:27
213.   underdog
Hey, whatever happens today, remember:
3 games at home vs. Nats.

(Don't blow it, Dodgers.)

2008-07-23 13:04:22
214.   Wilbert Robinson
213 That should make the LaRoche for Willie Harris trade a lot easier logistically.
2008-07-23 13:04:22
215.   Icaros
I can't wait till the Rockies are contracted and this stupid stadium is blown up.
2008-07-23 13:04:37
216.   underdog
Coors Field is like Candlestick Park today.
2008-07-23 13:04:38
217.   Xeifrank
WE: 22%
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 13:04:46
218.   natepurcell
We are giving up shot after shot after shot.
2008-07-23 13:04:56
219.   Doctor
Do they still use the humidor? Doesn't seem like we can hang with this team....
2008-07-23 13:05:26
220.   underdog
214 Hey! I'm eating lunch, man!
2008-07-23 13:05:43
221.   MonkeyBlue
Oh Ethier! COME ON!!!!
2008-07-23 13:05:49
222.   Woden325
215 Sore loser.
2008-07-23 13:06:36
223.   underdog
Why is Kuroda so much worse on the road? He's really Jekyll and Hyde, Coors Field notwithstanding.
2008-07-23 13:06:49
224.   Harold M Johnson
AH, I see. I thought Vin has said the other night that that superstition is gone now! And I don't think it was ever a big deal to talk about it when it's not "your guy" making the run... at least, that's how it was when I played ball oh so many years ago.
2008-07-23 13:07:16
225.   Jon Weisman
219 - We can't hang with a team that, until 10 minutes ago, we had split two games and two innings with?
2008-07-23 13:07:31
226.   underdog
219 - Except when we score 16 runs you mean...

I really wouldn't give up on this game just yet folks. Would be nice if Hiro could stop the bleeding though.

2008-07-23 13:07:35
227.   whodat807
Not a good series for the Dodgers' pitching staff.
2008-07-23 13:08:26
228.   Woden325
Wacky weather day in Denver:
2008-07-23 13:08:54
229.   El Lay Dave
Again, pitch around #8 to get to Rusch!!!
2008-07-23 13:10:45
230.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-23 13:10:53
231.   Tripon
We need to petition MLB to move the Rockies to the NL central. The NL west will take the Houston Astros in exchange.
2008-07-23 13:11:21
232.   underdog
It's the freaking pitcher you're pitching to Kuroda! Sigh...
2008-07-23 13:12:14
234.   underdog
Oops, sorry, forgot I was a few seconds delayed. I mean, well done, way to get the pitcher Hiro!

Like I said, this is going to be a lengthy game.

2008-07-23 13:12:27
235.   Wilbert Robinson
Rusch has a carreer OPS+ of -4
2008-07-23 13:12:29
236.   Bob Timmermann
But do you want to pitch like Jekyll or Hyde?
2008-07-23 13:12:54
237.   D4P
Dear Rockies:

Thanks for letting your pitcher swing 2-0.


2008-07-23 13:14:15
240.   fanerman
Oh boo. Vin is gone. Is he done for the day?
2008-07-23 13:14:30
241.   JoeyP
Since Kuroda's near perfect game:

3 Starts
11.2 IP
13 Earned Runs
23 Hits
6 Ks
3 BBs

2008-07-23 13:15:54
242.   fanerman
(sigh). Robbed of yet another hit.
2008-07-23 13:16:02
243.   Jon Weisman
239 - Icaros, what is going on with you?
2008-07-23 13:17:01
244.   underdog
236 - Good question. I'm picturing him throwing like the timid version of Dr. Jekyll in that Bugs Bunny cartoon, when he needs to be more aggressive, so I guess more like Hyde?
2008-07-23 13:17:09
245.   Doctor

Yea, guess it seems worse than it is since we have been out hit 46-26 and most of the D's damage was in the first on Tuesday...can't get out of Colorado fast enough!!

2008-07-23 13:17:34
246.   Icaros

Nothing that I'm aware of. Just making my usual jokes. I'll stop if it's bothering you.

2008-07-23 13:17:42
247.   underdog
240 What? I'm listening to Vin call the game on MLBTV right now...
2008-07-23 13:18:08
248.   Doctor

... er, Monday.

2008-07-23 13:18:16
249.   fanerman
247 Are you watching the video feed?
2008-07-23 13:19:19
250.   Xeifrank
Jones gets a hit!!!
vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-23 13:19:24
251.   Wilbert Robinson
Andruw Jones' HitZone™ has a lot more red in it than it should to be honest.
2008-07-23 13:19:25
252.   underdog
249 - Yes, on MLBTV.

Are you? Maybe you need to pay extra for the Vin version.

2008-07-23 13:20:00
253.   Alex41592
That was pretty by Jones.
2008-07-23 13:20:06
254.   thinkblue88
2008-07-23 13:20:26
255.   tethier
Jones went with the pitch
2008-07-23 13:20:27
256.   underdog
Hey! A real hit! A long extra base hit from Andruw!

{shake head violently}


2008-07-23 13:20:52
257.   whodat807
Lookie here, Jones with an extra base hit.
2008-07-23 13:20:53
258.   fanerman
252 I'm listening to the audio. Shucks. I don't think watching the video at work would be a good idea.
2008-07-23 13:20:53
259.   Wilbert Robinson
I should insult Andruw's HitZone™ graphics more often.
2008-07-23 13:21:10
260.   underdog
Heh. Big smile on Mattingly's face after that hit.
2008-07-23 13:21:32
261.   underdog
Darn, Andy was robbed!!
2008-07-23 13:21:51
262.   D4P
Every time LaRoche swings at the first pitch, I can't help but think that Management is trying to make him more "aggressive".
2008-07-23 13:21:57
263.   Jon Weisman
Jones' 10th extra-base hit of the year.
2008-07-23 13:22:09
264.   okdodge
Maybe with all the talk about Pierre playing when he returns has motivated Druw in some way, shape, or form.
2008-07-23 13:22:18
265.   whodat807
Touch break for Rocks.
2008-07-23 13:22:39
266.   underdog
258 Ah, yeah, that's why. Vin only does double duty for first three innings. (I'm working at home today so I get to enjoy it.)
2008-07-23 13:23:35
267.   68elcamino427
Jonsey! Thirsty man gets a cool drink.
Nice oppo shot.
2008-07-23 13:24:12
268.   Jon Weisman
263 - Jones has had at least 55 extra-base hits every year since 1998.

In 1996, he had 13 extra-base hits in 106 at-bats.

2008-07-23 13:24:39
269.   underdog
So, assuming Kuroda doesn't stink again this inning and have to get pulled during the inning, which could happen, do you pinch hit for him next inning? Tomorrow's an off day so I'd dip into the bullpen early again.
2008-07-23 13:24:46
270.   Xeifrank
WE back to 22% again. I like our chances if we narrow the gap and it becomes a battle of bullpens.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 13:24:48
271.   ToyCannon
On June 17th Canuck declared
"Greg Miller is not only going to make it to the majors, he is probably going to have a career as along as Jesse Orosco's"

Last night was not the first bump. For July he stands at:
6 Innings
11 Hits
18 Earned runs
16 Walks
8 Strikeouts

Canuck has proven himself to be right more times then not. I think this time he overreached.

2008-07-23 13:25:54
272.   jujibee
So apparently Maddux prefers the Dodgers if he were to be traded. I wouldn't mind seeing him replace Johnson's? spot in the rotation. Plus, I'd really like to see Maddux rub off on Clayton, and call Penny's games for him from the dugout when he returns.
2008-07-23 13:26:05
273.   fanerman
Part of me wants Jones to fail because when Pierre returns, surely Pierre will play most days. If Jones starts turning it around, he may not lose too many at-bats. So once again, Ethier and Kemp could be the odd ones out.
2008-07-23 13:26:40
274.   Wilbert Robinson
I believe Andruw has now pulled ahead of Angel Berroa on the 2008 Dodgers OPS+ leaderboard. Watch out Luiz Maza!
2008-07-23 13:27:07
275.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, I missed an RBI by Jones? Holy cowowow!
2008-07-23 13:27:24
276.   ToyCannon
This team only stands to gain if Jones regains even last years stroke.
2008-07-23 13:27:47
277.   underdog
272 - That'd be the thing that would appeal to me about having Maddux back, having his influence and wisdom for the younger pitchers. He just doesn't seem all that good anymore as a pitcher, though. I guess if he was very cheap (I'd hate to give the Pads a good prospect.)
2008-07-23 13:28:33
278.   ToyCannon
I'd like the 2006 version but not impressed with the 2008 version. As Andrew has said he's only standing because he gets to pitch at Petco.
Wolf in Houston ought to be interesting.
2008-07-23 13:28:37
279.   underdog
273 - How about Jones doing well, Pierre coming back and being traded? That works for me.
2008-07-23 13:29:39
280.   MonkeyBlue
Nice bounce back inning for Hiro... hopefully he can go one more.
2008-07-23 13:30:06
281.   Tripon
If we get Maddux's back, I would assume Lowe's gone.
2008-07-23 13:30:43
282.   whodat807
Seriously, why isn't baseball doing something about these bats?
2008-07-23 13:32:08
283.   Wilbert Robinson
281 - Maddux's back

Who is going to get the rest of him? And what does Lowe have against Maddux's back?

2008-07-23 13:32:18
284.   fanerman
279 Me, too. I know Jones hitting well would be great for the team. But I'd still hate to see Ethier and Kemp getting the short end because Juan Pierre has to play (almost) every day.
2008-07-23 13:32:50
285.   Bob Timmermann
And what exactly is baseball supposed to do right now?
2008-07-23 13:33:29
286.   Icaros

I think it's a more complicated issue than just banning maple. Wood is very scarce and expensive now, especially wood like ash that has been most often used to make bats.

2008-07-23 13:33:59
287.   Jon Weisman
272 - Penny will replace Johnson.
2008-07-23 13:34:08
288.   JoeyP
Why not pinch hit Kuroda?
2008-07-23 13:34:20
289.   Wilbert Robinson

2008-07-23 13:35:38
290.   MonkeyBlue
Dang Matty is a pretty good outfielder.
2008-07-23 13:35:53
291.   whodat807
285 Does baseball really have to wait until the end of the season to start pulling encouraging players who use maple to switch to ash? Does everything have to be subject to long, ponderous, bureaucratic nonsense?
2008-07-23 13:36:36
292.   underdog
Damn, the Dodgers are hitting it hard all day but not always with the greatest of luck or placement.
2008-07-23 13:37:41
293.   whodat807
286 This isn't some cash-starved little league. This is the MLB. They can afford to pay for ash, I would hope.
2008-07-23 13:38:04
294.   underdog
I feel like the Dodgers should have 6 runs off this guy but they're losing 5-3 and that's the way it goes.
2008-07-23 13:38:39
295.   underdog
How about switching to bamboo bats?
2008-07-23 13:38:56
296.   Xeifrank
WE: 19%.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 13:39:43
297.   Tripon
Man, we should be switching to Oak.
2008-07-23 13:40:01
298.   trainwreck
How about human bone. Got a lot of that.
2008-07-23 13:40:05
299.   Woden325
2008-07-23 13:40:46
300.   Jon Weisman
I still can't get over third-base coaches not knowing about Hawpe's arm.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-23 13:41:32
301.   Terry A
2008-07-23 13:41:32
302.   Icaros

Yes, but there comes a point when you can no longer pay for that which no longer exists. It's the downside of relying on limited natural resources.

2008-07-23 13:41:54
303.   Bob Timmermann
You want to tell over half the hitters in the league that they have to change their equipment this late in the year for no reason other than anecdotal evidence?
2008-07-23 13:42:36
304.   Woden325
302 I assume you're being ironic. Ash, literally, grows on trees. They can be cultivated and harvested.
2008-07-23 13:43:17
305.   Bob Timmermann
There is a shortage of ash because of a beetle infestation.
2008-07-23 13:43:35
306.   Icaros


2008-07-23 13:46:23
307.   Tripon
We should just get planks of woods, and play some stick ball.
2008-07-23 13:46:44
308.   MonkeyBlue
Old man Kent falling asleep in the job.
2008-07-23 13:47:02
309.   whodat807
303 You don't have to ban maple, but introducing regulations for thicker handles or putting up more safety netting wouldn't hurt. The measures taken don't have to be extreme; I'd just like to see that some measures are being taken, period.

302 If you can show me some numbers that suggest that baseball bats constitute such a large percentage of use of ash that increasing production of ash bats would lead to the endangerment or extinction of ash trees, I'll capitulate.
Ash prices rising does not mean ash is teetering on the edge of extinction. That's just silly.

2008-07-23 13:47:29
310.   Icaros
I hope one of the items on our next President's agenda is to re-clarify the definiton of "ironic."
2008-07-23 13:47:38
311.   underdog
I definitely don't recommend eucalyptus bats.

Man, the Dodgers look like they have altitude sickness in this game, with how they're playing.

2008-07-23 13:47:43
312.   delias man
First time I ever saw gameday is faster than the radio delay.
2008-07-23 13:48:09
313.   Kevin Lewis
our softball team is taking on the 1st place undefeated team tonight. I want to be them real bad!
2008-07-23 13:48:12
314.   D4P
What kind of wood do they use in college bats? That stuff never seems to break...
2008-07-23 13:48:26
315.   cargill06
I wonder why Hawpe's name hasn't been mentioned as a guy they're looking to move.
2008-07-23 13:48:48
316.   Wilbert Robinson
308 what happened? he looks wide awake and indifferent on Gamecast
2008-07-23 13:49:01
317.   underdog
310 I believe there will be a new presidential seal for that, with a " :-/ " face on it.
2008-07-23 13:49:14
318.   Icaros

I'm just repeating what I've heard a few different baseball announcers discuss, including Vin Scully. You obviously think you know better, so you win.

2008-07-23 13:50:37
319.   underdog
314 I believe the aluminum tree forests are endangered now, too.

316 - Kent broke too late to cover 2nd for throw to catch Atkins in his steal attempt. I think no one was expecting it.

2008-07-23 13:51:38
320.   JoeyP
Dodgers need to score in either the 6th or 7th, bc Bucholz/Fuentez in the 8th/9th will be much tougher to score off of.
2008-07-23 13:51:50
321.   El Lay Dave
Unfortunately, Hurdle not tempted to leave Rusch in. Fortunately, this is the Rockies bullpen.
2008-07-23 13:52:09
322.   Bob Timmermann
Requiring bat handles to be thicker right now will never work. Both the owners and players would have to approve the rule change.

Putting up netting is another matter. I doubt most teams would want to do it until the people who pay the big $$$$$ for the seats that would be affected asked for it.

2008-07-23 13:52:39
323.   underdog
You're going to have to really rip a ball to hit it out today, the way the wind is blowing.
2008-07-23 13:52:40
324.   Bob Timmermann
ToyCannon is now in shock that I am opposing a safety measure.
2008-07-23 13:54:04
325.   jujibee
287. Who's to say Penny doesn't replace someone else, or go to the bullpen himself if Maddux replaces Johnson. I have the perfect trade for the Pads. Pierre plus 3mil/year for Maddux. He'd fit in perfect there with his speed and the spacious outfield they have. Not to mention that Giles is one heck of a contact hitter batting in the 2 hole if Pierre were to get on base for some Hit and Run. He'd definately be an upgrade over who the Pads are trotting out to both Left and Center field this year, not to mention that he'd probably be a step up in the leadoff hitter department too. Could just be some wishfull thinking.
2008-07-23 13:54:24
326.   68elcamino427
Putting up netting is all fine well and good, but what about the safety of the players on the field?

Teak is the answer!

2008-07-23 13:56:54
327.   68elcamino427
On The Clock

202 hours remain (approx)

2008-07-23 13:57:39
328.   jujibee
326. Teak is too heavy.
2008-07-23 13:58:10
329.   Wilbert Robinson
315 He is only making 3.95 mill this year. He signed a backloaded 3 year contract extension in the offseason. He had a horrible start to the year and his numbers are down lowering his value. He would probably a more viable trade candidate later on.
2008-07-23 13:58:39
330.   eusmus
... why would the Dodgers hit and run with a runner on second and 2 outs?
2008-07-23 14:00:00
331.   MonkeyBlue
Rome ranting about the NL West... shut up THE SEASON IS NOT OVER YET!!!
2008-07-23 14:00:03
332.   trainwreck
I got a treat for D4P and other Duck fans. John Wall the #1 point guard in nation has Oregon in his top three. He is from NC, but his top three are Oklahoma State, Baylor, and Oregon. Talk about something being fishy.
2008-07-23 14:00:59
333.   JoeyP
He'd definately be an upgrade over who the Pads are trotting out to both Left and Center field this year, not to mention that he'd probably be a step up in the leadoff hitter department too

Scott Hairston = .833 OPS
Jody Gerut = .768 OPS
Juan Pierre = .644 OPS

Pierre would be a rather large downgrade for the Padres.

I cant imagine their management allowing him to lead off either.

2008-07-23 14:02:14
334.   wronghanded
328 Several of my teamates (including myself) have used birch as our wood of choice. It's lightweight, solid and very durable. I don't know if it is banned in MLB but I think its a great option because when it breaks, it splinters more than snaps.
2008-07-23 14:02:27
335.   El Lay Dave
330 Takes a lot for Loney to build up momentum!
2008-07-23 14:03:15
336.   whodat807
318 I'm perfectly open to the possibility that I'm wrong -- I often am -- but the argument that ash is too expensive to make more bats out of, or that ash will die off, they just don't hold water.

322 I realize that some things take time, but I haven't heard anything from the MLB on the matter.

As for netting: I might just be a bit of a blowhard, but I can't imagine why no one is discussing the need for more protective netting in MLB stadiums. When a 13-year old girl was struck in the head and killed by a flying puck in 2002, the NHL was quick to start putting in netting in their arenas. Just the past May, a woman was struck in the face by an exploded maple bat. Imagine had the sharp end struck her instead of the barrel; she's pretty lucky, in fact, to have escaped with just a broken jaw. You don't necessarily have to ban maple bats -- I understand players are attached to their wood (that's what she said), but making sure things like that don't happen should be a priority, no?

2008-07-23 14:03:59
337.   jujibee
333. OPS isn't the only stat that matters. JP has intangibles.
2008-07-23 14:04:19
338.   Tripon
Depends on who is really controlling the Padres, DePo, or Kevin Towers?
2008-07-23 14:04:51
339.   Alex41592
I wonder if Torre gets Martin in the game now.
2008-07-23 14:05:24
340.   JoeyP
I doubt the Padres would be interested in intangibles.

And I think Sandy Alderson is the head guy in charge of the Padres..

2008-07-23 14:05:27
341.   underdog
Weird how Hiro has settled down so much.
2008-07-23 14:05:33
342.   D4P
Maybe he's not smart enough to get into UNC or Duke. Not that I really know whether schools care about that or not...
2008-07-23 14:07:03
343.   Alex41592
Yep, Martin is in.
2008-07-23 14:07:07
344.   Tripon
Oh man, Martin's going to catch? I was hoping he could get a full rest.
2008-07-23 14:07:28
345.   El Lay Dave
Kuroda: 6 IP, 5 ER, 97 pitches, that's a quality start. In Coors.
2008-07-23 14:08:15
346.   JoeyP
Carlos Quentin is raking.
He just hit his 26th HR this afternoon.

I know the D-bax liked what Eric Byrnes gave them, and some of the prospects they got for Quentin allowed them to get Dan Haren, but wow that looks like a bad deal right about now.

So many of these teams give up on the power/patient types.

2008-07-23 14:08:30
347.   D4P
Oh man, Martin's going to catch? I was hoping he could get a full rest

Don't be ree-dic-u-luss...

2008-07-23 14:08:53
348.   Tripon
That or UNC is just really clogged up right now. All of their underclassmen came back for another season for some reason. As an incoming freshman, it likely means decreased playing time.
2008-07-23 14:09:20
349.   Icaros

Did you see Bob's 305 about the beetle infestation? It's not just about planting more trees and/or spending more money.

2008-07-23 14:09:37
350.   Tripon
That's a nice honest bat. Now DeWitt's going to start the next 20 games.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-07-23 14:09:49
351.   Alex41592
Extra base hit for DeWitt.
2008-07-23 14:10:22
352.   El Lay Dave
Instead of a full game, Martin will have to catch three innings today.
2008-07-23 14:10:34
353.   MonkeyBlue
Blake my boy! nice double.
2008-07-23 14:10:56
354.   underdog
Nice! I like to see Blake feeling comfy as a pinch hitter. :-)
2008-07-23 14:11:02
355.   okdodge
332 There's talk that Oklhahoma State has offered Wall's AAU coach a position on their staff. Something definately is fishy.
2008-07-23 14:11:40
356.   El Lay Dave
Ned says, "LaRoche has to play more so that he and DeWitt can both be pushed to play better due to the competition."
2008-07-23 14:13:52
357.   trainwreck
Maybe this will be Boone Pickens vs Phil Knight.
2008-07-23 14:14:04
358.   whodat807
349 Yes, I saw that, but it's not as if the problem is so serious that ash as species is threatened; it's a serious nuisance that is hiking up prices of ash, but saying that the infestation is endangering the ash population or that it's pushing ash dangerously close to being an nonviable material to use commercially is exaggeration.
2008-07-23 14:14:06
359.   Neal Pollack
Bad at-bat there for Kemp.
2008-07-23 14:14:14
360.   underdog
Every once in awhile Matt just has a terrible at bat. That was his one for the day.
2008-07-23 14:16:40
361.   MonkeyBlue
Man Ethier! I been seen a lot of Ks lately from him.
2008-07-23 14:17:38
362.   underdog
I like how you can tell when they put "Make some noise" on the scoreboard, when a crowd that had been churchmouse quiet suddenly starts screaming and yelling.
2008-07-23 14:19:07
363.   Tripon
Chan Ho!
2008-07-23 14:19:27
364.   Icaros

How do you know how serious or not serious the problem is when you didn't even know it existed in the first place?

Personally, I don't know all the details. But it has been reported that this is a major reason as to why ash is being used less frequently, and may be a stumbling block to the notion that this issue can be solved by simply snapping one's fingers.

2008-07-23 14:20:05
365.   El Lay Dave
361 8 times in 29 PAs since the AS break.
2008-07-23 14:20:57
366.   whodat807
364 I used a tool commonly called the interwebs.
2008-07-23 14:22:03
367.   Icaros

Then send Bud an e-mail. Problem solved.

2008-07-23 14:23:52
368.   underdog
The question is does Bud use - or know about - email? His jacket is older than the internet.
2008-07-23 14:23:55
369.   El Lay Dave
367 Does Selig seem like an e-mail guy to you? On the other hand, he does look like a guy that spends a lot of time in basements.
2008-07-23 14:24:48
370.   Icaros

Okay, write him a letter on a tablet made from freshly cultivated ash.

2008-07-23 14:25:02
371.   trainwreck
Careerer pigeon is the way to go.
2008-07-23 14:26:22
372.   D4P
Have LAT deliver the letter in person.
2008-07-23 14:26:56
373.   schoffle

I was aware of the beatle problem for ash trees but I do not believe that the useage of maple bats has anything to do with it. Maple bats started taking off in MLB when it was noted that Barry Bonds had begun using them prior to his record breaking year and have been increasing in popularity every year as players like them.

2008-07-23 14:27:12
374.   whodat807
370 If there's enough ash left for a tablet.
2008-07-23 14:29:26
375.   68elcamino427
Even hickory is too heavy now, but the players who used it would often keep the same bat in use for years.
2008-07-23 14:29:40
376.   underdog
I wish someone would give Hawpe a Nerf™ bat.
2008-07-23 14:30:05
377.   trainwreck
That dang Ringo, what a jerk.
2008-07-23 14:30:20
378.   El Lay Dave
Chan Ho, this is a good time for a GIDP.
2008-07-23 14:31:26
379.   Jon Weisman
372 - Now there's a joke that never seems to get old.
2008-07-23 14:31:50
380.   Terry A
I happen to know that George Harrison loves ash.
2008-07-23 14:31:55
381.   Icaros

I didn't say it was the only reason, just a complicating factor to the plan of making ash the league-wide standard.


Just pull from the endless supply that the internet says exists. Again, I'm happy that the solution is actually so simple.

2008-07-23 14:31:58
382.   68elcamino427
No extra base hit for Stewart in that at bat.
2008-07-23 14:32:56
383.   El Lay Dave
HBP to load 'em up; Chan Ho walking a tightrope on a windy day in Coors.
2008-07-23 14:33:59
384.   underdog
375 Like one of these?

2008-07-23 14:36:08
385.   El Lay Dave
And Chan Ho reaches the other stanchion! [exhales]
2008-07-23 14:37:52
386.   schoffle


Ok so found this regarding the emerald ash borer beetle for louisville slugger.

"At this point there has been no impact on the bat industry or MLB. The insect has not reached the area along the Pennsylvania/New York border where Louisville Slugger harvests trees to make baseball bats"

It appears to have been written towards the end of 2007, so at the moment, the reason that there are so many player using maple bats has nothing to do with the offending insect (or Ringo).

2008-07-23 14:38:01
387.   Eric Stephen
372 ,379
I don't remember the origin of the LAT messenger role, specifically.
2008-07-23 14:38:15
388.   MonkeyBlue
Why didn't Torre put loney in the 3rd spot? Freaking Nomar is awful today.
2008-07-23 14:38:59
389.   underdog
Man, maybe Russell should've played short today. Nomar just had a rough bday.
2008-07-23 14:39:22
390.   D4P
You're probably one of those guys who hated letting Cody Ross go...
2008-07-23 14:39:46
391.   larry slimfast
Fine the players heavily for broken bats - they don't break as much if you use them the right way. Use the money to genetically develop safer maple trees. Make sure the syrup won't give you cancer. Eat more pancakes. Bring back Terry Forster and John Kruk. Everybody = HAPPY!
2008-07-23 14:39:49
392.   68elcamino427
Yeah, like the one on the right.
I read somewhere that Hornsby or one of the old greats used the same hickory bat for nine years and that it was not too unusual for a hickory bat to see 3-5 years of service time.
2008-07-23 14:39:59
393.   underdog
388 - If he was clairvoyant and knew how awful Nomar would be at the plate today, he might've done things differently.
2008-07-23 14:41:02
394.   underdog
I already find the Cubs irritating. If they get swept by the DBacks, I may consider a spot on my own obelisk for them.
2008-07-23 14:41:22
395.   MonkeyBlue
393. I simply saying Loney is a Rockie killer and he should be batting higher in the batting order.
2008-07-23 14:41:56
396.   68elcamino427
# 7 James Loney
2008-07-23 14:42:16
397.   Alex41592
Rockies should walk Jones.
2008-07-23 14:42:29
398.   trainwreck
He would be our home run leader.
2008-07-23 14:42:32
399.   Icaros

But if the league suddenly decreed that all bats must be ash going forward, would they have enough on hand to handle it if that meant doubling production on the spot, especially if ash is not usable in other areas that are suffering from the Ringo problem?

2008-07-23 14:42:37
400.   underdog
That was dumb by Posednik, thinking he was Brad Hawpe or something.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-07-23 14:42:53
401.   whodat807
If that throw was on line, Kent would have been toast, no?
2008-07-23 14:43:15
402.   Alex41592
Jones has them right where he wants them.
2008-07-23 14:43:42
403.   underdog
395 - I agree with that, though Loney seems to do pretty well in the 5 spot.
2008-07-23 14:43:49
404.   MollyKnight
Jones hasn't looked awful today. I know that probably means he'll flail wildly here for strike three, still..
2008-07-23 14:44:10
405.   Wilbert Robinson

Nomar has a much greater PVL to Talent ratio. Nomar was/is obv setting up the Rockies for what he plans on doing to them in the bottom of the ninth (game winning HBP prolly).

2008-07-23 14:44:11
406.   MollyKnight
2008-07-23 14:44:15
407.   MonkeyBlue
My goodness Andruw.
2008-07-23 14:44:29
408.   Neal Pollack
Worst. Season. Ever.
2008-07-23 14:44:38
409.   68elcamino427
Jonsey - passing up a chance to get back into the good graces.
2008-07-23 14:44:48
410.   Alex41592
I tried something new. Jones didn't.
2008-07-23 14:45:05
411.   Neal Pollack
Seriously. Striking out on a ball in the dirt with the tying runs in scoring position? What a loser.
2008-07-23 14:45:46
412.   whodat807
404 I read that comment just as Jones struck out. It was eerily accurate.
2008-07-23 14:45:56
413.   DaDoughboy
'black hole son..won't you come..won't you cooome'
2008-07-23 14:46:04
414.   larry slimfast
401 Kent... toast. HA!
2008-07-23 14:46:52
415.   Alex41592
Andy went as far as he could have gone.
2008-07-23 14:48:02
416.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-23 14:48:27
417.   underdog
I knew they'd go back and throw him that same pitch again. Darnit. Wish Andy knew it, too.
2008-07-23 14:48:33
418.   Alex41592
This Dodger Thoughts moment of silence is brought to you by...
2008-07-23 14:48:43
419.   DaDoughboy
umm..doesn't a showcase usually imply something to..uh..showcase?
2008-07-23 14:48:45
420.   Sushirabbit
Laroche, double UGH.
2008-07-23 14:49:31
421.   JoeyP
Bucholz is a tough pitcher.
I'd say LaRoche will be back on the bench starting Friday night.

Its too bad, because he really had a nice series. Showed very good patience.

2008-07-23 14:50:11
422.   underdog
Bucholz has some filthy stuff, too. For Jones and LaRoche they would've been better off just waiting for fastball or something straighter but that one ball that broke back in to be called a strike when Andy was up made it hard for him to know what to do at that point.
2008-07-23 14:50:43
423.   underdog
419 Huh?
2008-07-23 14:50:49
424.   Wilbert Robinson
Now I'm not even sure if we can get Casey Blake. Maybe Delucci and Sal Fasano?
2008-07-23 14:51:09
425.   JayB
404 Good call!

Who's ab worst? Jones or LaRoche?? or =???

2008-07-23 14:51:15
426.   JoeyP
Those 2 wins in Arizona are getting larger by the minute. Probably the difference in being sellers and buyers at the deadline. 1 game out or 5 games out huge.
2008-07-23 14:51:22
427.   Sushirabbit
If Martin gets on, I pinch hit with Kuo.
2008-07-23 14:51:35
428.   Alex41592
421 - But, unfortunately some will only remember the strikeout.
2008-07-23 14:53:07
429.   El Lay Dave
425 Jones. He could have gotten one run home with an out.
2008-07-23 14:53:47
430.   68elcamino427
Park with the quick hands. Phew!
2008-07-23 14:53:52
431.   Woden325
Way to field your position, CHP. That was a good, if annoying, play.
2008-07-23 14:54:05
432.   Sushirabbit
429, I second the motion. The batter is tabled.
2008-07-23 14:54:35
433.   underdog
That line drive double play almost gave Vin a heart attack.
2008-07-23 14:55:04
434.   Icaros

The word you're looking for is "worse." And looking at the number of pitches thrown in each at-bat will answer your question.

2008-07-23 14:55:10
435.   DaDoughboy

I'm Captain Vague today... I was referring to the talk of the Dodgers 'showcasing' LaRoche for a possible trade.

2008-07-23 14:55:22
436.   El Lay Dave
well that was fortunate.
2008-07-23 14:56:06
437.   Alex41592
Martin, Young and Kemp. Need 2.
2008-07-23 14:56:12
438.   underdog
435 - So you're saying that LaRoche was bad all series? I assume you didn't watch any of his other at bats?
2008-07-23 14:56:36
439.   underdog
(Not that I want him to get traded, mind you.)
2008-07-23 14:56:43
440.   Wilbert Robinson
429 It is difficult for one to obtain an RBI when one is a vacuum which is why what happened in the 4th is spreading shockwaves throughout the Physics world.
2008-07-23 14:58:40
441.   underdog
22 straight batters retired by Fuentes.

Poop, Russell - Ardoin coulda done that at least!

2008-07-23 14:59:24
442.   DaDoughboy

No, I hope we keep him too..he rarely looks lost at the plate, has more pop of course than DeWitt..but if the powers that be decide to trade him for a viable shortstop, then I think we have to listen, right?

2008-07-23 15:00:56
443.   Alex41592
Three this weekend vs. the Nationals

Billingsley vs. Lannan (lefty)
Lowe vs. Odalis Perez (lefty)
Kershaw (lefty) vs. Bergmann

2008-07-23 15:01:02
444.   68elcamino427
Bison showing the way
2008-07-23 15:01:09
445.   Icaros

Depends on your definition of viable. Was Lugo viable?

2008-07-23 15:01:16
446.   DaDoughboy
C'mon Dre!
2008-07-23 15:01:32
447.   Xeifrank
WE: 4%
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 15:01:36
448.   JoeyP
Its really really going to suck to see Pierre batting lead-off again.

Another hit for Kemp!

2008-07-23 15:01:44
449.   okdodge
The CBS game blogger commenting after Druw's last strikeout:

"Buchholtz gets back-to-back strike outs to end the Dodgers threat. Andruw Jones struck out swinging for the second out. Even though he got a hit earlier in this game he's still batting way under .200. He's washed up and there's no reason for a pro baseball player to have an average that low.

2008-07-23 15:02:04
450.   underdog
Darnit PeeWee!

442 - Ah, I sort of misunderstood you. I hope he's not being showcased, but the point was no one should judge him on that one at bat. He was pretty good the rest of this series, more patience, better at bats. And I'd rather use DeWitt in trade for a SS. But...

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-07-23 15:03:10
451.   Xeifrank
Ok, no games til friday.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 15:04:11
452.   JoeyP
3-3 on the road trip.
Could have been much worse.

Dodgers cant seem to get to .500

2008-07-23 15:04:11
453.   underdog
Well, congrats Rockie fan.

Home cooking will be good for the Dodgers - it better be. Very key homestand.

2008-07-23 15:04:21
454.   Alex41592
We head back to Los Angeles down 1 or 2 with the Nationals waiting for us. While the D'Backs head to San Francisco after tonight's game with the Cubs.

Saturday's game in S.F: Webb vs. Lincecum

2008-07-23 15:04:49
455.   underdog
Crap, I have to root for the Giants. I hate that.
2008-07-23 15:06:57
456.   Icaros

They rarely come through when you need them.

2008-07-23 15:07:26
457.   nofatmike
455 Yes, I hate doing that too. My rational , whenever I have to explain it, is usually this: "I'm not rooting for the Giants, I'm rooting against the D'Backs (or whoever the main contender is)."
2008-07-23 15:07:29
458.   El Lay Dave
Who would have thought this game would end with five scoreless innings?
2008-07-23 15:07:42
459.   blue22
456 - Which means they lose, so it ain't all that bad.
2008-07-23 15:07:45
460.   JayB
434 They both look like K's to me; and both in the dirt. The only difference was that LaRoche got the benefit of a called 3rd strike on a check swing; sort of like he struck out twice.
2008-07-23 15:08:25
461.   trainwreck
At least now I enjoy watching Lincecum, Sanchez, and Cain pitch.
2008-07-23 15:10:41
462.   fanerman
I don't mind rooting for the Giants if they suck.
2008-07-23 15:11:13
463.   fanerman
462 And if they help the Dodgers by winning.
2008-07-23 15:11:40
464.   scooplew
448 I am not a fan of Pierre, but he is still a tremendous upgrade over Jones. Heck, virtually anybody who played outfield for the Dodgers in the last decade would be. Waiting for Jones to deliver this year is like the Samuel Beckett play, "Waiting for Godot," in which the characters continually wait for someone named Godot, who never arrives.
2008-07-23 15:13:24
465.   JoeyP
Russ Martin's season at a glance:

April (85Abs): .925 OPS
May (101 Abs): .851 OPS
June (90 Abs): .802 OPS
July (73 Abs): .762 OPS

2008-07-23 15:14:36
466.   Icaros

Whatever floats your boat.

2008-07-23 15:15:25
467.   Bob Timmermann
Yellow alert for Jeff Mathis in Anaheim. This is a yellow alert.
2008-07-23 15:18:14
468.   D4P
Yellow alert for Jeff Mathis in Anaheim. This is a yellow alert

After reading the first part, I forgot which color the alert was, which player it pertained to, and where the game was being played. Luckily, the second part told me the color, but I still can't remember who the player was or where the game was taking place...

2008-07-23 15:18:53
469.   trainwreck
Dan Patrick is claiming Favre will be a Buc within three days. Get this national nightmare over.
2008-07-23 15:19:56
470.   El Lay Dave
460 Conveniently ignoring 429 .
2008-07-23 15:20:22
471.   Tripon
Brett Farve should be a Raiders. To punish him.
2008-07-23 15:21:04
472.   underdog
463 So if the Giants suck and still beat the DBacks, that's even better, yah? Okay, I can hang with that.
2008-07-23 15:27:11
473.   KG16
So, odds on Tim Tebow winning two Heismans? What about 3?

And no, I don't expect him to stick around for his senior year if he wins it again as a junior. His payday would be more than what the owners paid for the last round of expansion teams.

2008-07-23 15:27:18
474.   wronghanded
So if Kemp continues his torrid pace as our leadoff hitter (11-game hit streak), will Torre still blindly plug JP back into the leadoff role?
2008-07-23 15:27:54
475.   Icaros

Bet on it.

2008-07-23 15:28:08
476.   68elcamino427
Farve should make arrangements so that the Old Man can be his back-up.
2008-07-23 15:28:14
477.   JayB
470 Granted a flyball by Jones would have provided one run and the Dodgers would have only been back one run. Likewise a base hit by LaRoche, instead of swinging for the fences, would have provided two runs and a tie score.
2008-07-23 15:28:22
478.   KG16
469 - checking the Bucs' roster, I see they are currently carrying 18 quarterbacks, so I guess the thinking is: what's one more?
2008-07-23 15:29:05
479.   trainwreck
He has a good chance to win a second, but he may not even be the first quarterback taken in the draft.
2008-07-23 15:30:58
480.   KG16
479 - I guess it depends on who ends up where in the draft. but generally speaking, if you're high up in the draft, chances are you need a quarterback. And if it's one of the teams from Florida, I can't see how they don't make that pick.

But I tend to think outside the box when it comes to football.

2008-07-23 15:33:41
481.   El Lay Dave
480 A team in Texas passed on Vince Young.
2008-07-23 15:33:41
482.   Icaros
But I tend to think outside the box when it comes to football.

Is this the same box QBs are allowed to intentionally ground outside of?

2008-07-23 15:34:15
483.   wronghanded
Well since its inevitible, does the lineup look like this when he returns:


2008-07-23 15:34:40
484.   cargill06
Being not to familiar with the service time and arbitration process, if Minn keeps Liriano in AAA for the rest of the year does that give them an extra year before he hits arbitration?

Or if he comes up now it wouldn't matter either way?

2008-07-23 15:35:45
485.   skybluestoday
Gotta love how they just dumped the caller who was dissing Vin.

"You're dissing Mozart!!"

2008-07-23 15:37:35
486.   Marty
All I know is USC will win the BCS.
2008-07-23 15:38:18
487.   trainwreck
I think Tebow is a Kansas City Chief waiting to happen.
2008-07-23 15:38:32
488.   GMac In The 909
477 A hit by Jones would've provided those same two runs, and a groundout by Jones also would've produced a run. LaRoche did not have the option of grounding out or flying out to produce a run.
2008-07-23 15:40:51
489.   regfairfield
484 I don't know about exact service times, but I think if he came up today he's right on the border for super two eligibility.
2008-07-23 15:41:03
490.   cargill06
487 teebow just doesn't strike me as an NFL quarterback, than again I left handed QB's always don't look right to me.

I was a left-handed QB in HS too.

2008-07-23 15:41:06
491.   El Lay Dave
477 Average major leaguer conservatively has a 50% chance of a hit or run-scoring out in Jones' situation, but only 26% chance of a hit in LaRoche's. I did not perceive either as "swinging for the fences."
2008-07-23 15:41:15
492.   trainwreck
I think Georgia jokes and it ends up USC vs Oklahoma in national title game. USC should have no problem with the Pac-10 this year.
2008-07-23 15:41:53
493.   El Lay Dave
487 TeBow and Arrowheads. Perfect.
2008-07-23 15:41:55
494.   68elcamino427
Dodgers pitchers are happy to be leaving Colorado. How in the heck did Nomo do so well there?
2008-07-23 15:43:16
495.   El Lay Dave
BTW, the Dodgers scored three runs today. Jones/LaRoche drove in two of them and scored the other.
2008-07-23 15:43:56
496.   El Lay Dave
494 Tornadoes just naturally dominate in the plains states.
2008-07-23 15:45:19
497.   delias man
I swear this caller just said trade Kershaw for Dye.
2008-07-23 15:45:28
498.   trainwreck
That should be chokes.
2008-07-23 15:46:45
499.   MonkeyBlue
Time to bring in K-Rod for the Angels.
2008-07-23 15:47:21
500.   Xeifrank
The Dallas Cowboys (who I don't root for) have their training camp in nearby Oxnard. They are arriving tomorrow, and I just found out they will be visiting my workplace for an hour long picture taking and autograph session. I'm not sure which I am more excited about, getting 59 minutes off work or having a pro sports team visiting my workplace. I'm not even sure who they have on their team any more. Don't they have an outspoken wide receiver on their team?
vr, Xei
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2008-07-23 15:48:00
501.   thinkblue88

Lol, yeah and he said to throw in Ethier and jones. haha.

2008-07-23 15:49:55
502.   Xeifrank
JJ Putz pitching in the 7th inning vs Boston. Did he lose his closer job to Morrow after coming back from the DL?
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 15:50:19
503.   Alex41592
K-Rod one pitch save. Ok, give me a list of those, please.
2008-07-23 15:50:36
504.   trainwreck
Demarcus Ware is the guy to meet on the Cowboys. That guy is awesome. I remember when I would drive through Oxnard and see all the Cowboy stuff and wonder why in the world did they pick Oxnard?
2008-07-23 15:50:52
505.   Bob Timmermann
Cycle alert canceled. Stand down.
2008-07-23 15:51:00
506.   JayB
491 Perception is in the eye of the beholder.
2008-07-23 15:51:01
507.   arborial
479 I totally agree College Football and the NFL are two totally different games, Vince Young singlehandedly won the Rose Bowl and now he is a mediocre at best NFL quaterback (granted he is improving). I predict the same for Tebow.
2008-07-23 15:51:35
508.   JayB
483 I like that line-up.
2008-07-23 15:51:38
509.   Bob Timmermann

Sixth one of the year. There were two on July 3.

2008-07-23 15:53:34
510.   willhite
My apologies if this has already been discussed but I've seen mention that the Dodgers might be interested in Blalock. Not that I'm endorsing it, but he seems like just the type of guy that Ned would go after.

Any idea of what the Rangers would want for him?

2008-07-23 15:57:43
511.   LogikReader

Hey! That's my hometown!

...but you're right.

2008-07-23 15:59:59
512.   trainwreck
Oxnard produces a lot of good athletes at least. Number 1 running back in the nation is from there, but too bad he pulled the ultimate sin (at least for Bob)and chose Notre Dame over UCLA.
2008-07-23 16:00:20
513.   El Lay Dave
510 Pitching, pitching, and pitching.
2008-07-23 16:01:44
514.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, it's his immortal soul.
2008-07-23 16:02:44
515.   Alex41592
Tony Jackson is back on the it's all over bandwagon. Until the next game.
2008-07-23 16:03:05
516.   trainwreck
One of the problems with scouting Tebow is the system he plays in. Alex Smith anyone?
2008-07-23 16:03:29
517.   KG16
507 - Tebow's got a better arm and is bigger than Young (at least he looks bigger, too lazy to look up the actual numbers) and fairly mobile. Tebow could be a bigger version of Steve Young.

I think he'll translate alright into the NFL, but as always, it depends entirely on who he has around him.

2008-07-23 16:05:53
518.   underdog
I always wondered why the Cowboys trained in Oxnard, too. And nothing against Oxnard, even, and I lived up the coast in SB. I realize the weather is much more pleasant in the summertime along the CA coast than in Texas, but it just seemed so random - of all the places they could've picked.

515 Sheesh. I even broke down the last time he pulled that and scolded him in the comments. So much good that did.

2008-07-23 16:07:36
519.   D4P
From Tony: Well, six games into the second half, the offense has officially returned to its first-half form

The offense has averaged 6 runs per game in those 6 games.

2008-07-23 16:07:54
520.   68elcamino427
As all of the QB's who like to run around in the NFL learn - the safeties hit like USC middle linebackers - Ouchy
2008-07-23 16:08:14
521.   larry slimfast
I sure do wish Torre would give LaRoche the vote of confidence that he gave DeWitt these past few months.
2008-07-23 16:08:52
522.   gibsonhobbs88
Of course, the Dodgers after scoring the 5 in the 9th Sunday and the 16 run outburst Monday to have the looking of a great trip at 3-1 score a total of 4 runs the last two nights and go home wioth a two game losing streak and loss of the momentum they've gained. The Cubs will probably lose again tonight as they have decided to go into the tank on this road trip into Arizona and we'll be two games back starting Friday night.
Another reason to question the wisdom of the Dodger brain trust in regards to our young players: Of all the places to bring a pitcher back from the minors when you wnat him to gain some confidence, the Dodgers pick Coors Field for Kershaw. I know he will have to learn to pitch there eventually if he is going to be a fixture in the NL west, but C'mon first game back from the minors in the home of area baseball. You know that park is not kind to pitchers with big breaking balls and with the big outfield spaces, all types of bloopers and seeing eye hits and jam shots can fall in even when a guy is making good pitches. I was hoping they would wait a turn in the roation until they got home this weekend against Washington to start him or next week against the hated Nocals! Another brilliant forethinking moment by the "Dodgers braintrust"!!
2008-07-23 16:09:07
523.   wronghanded
508 I like this lineup better:
2008-07-23 16:09:19
524.   fanerman
518 I need to keep a running track...
2008-07-23 16:10:49
525.   gibsonhobbs88
522 - I was so fired up, I had some typos! I meant home of Arena baseball!! I know I had another couple typos also, Sorry folks!
2008-07-23 16:12:50
526.   68elcamino427
Worry not ... It's all part of the plan ...
2008-07-23 16:13:32
527.   Xeifrank
518. I'm sure Oxnard gives them a sweet deal to train there. I use to play tennis all the time at the Radisson Suite Hotel where they trained. We'd see them walk by the tennis courts all the time and out on the practice fields. They use to train at Cal Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks for the longest time. The weather is much hotter there than in foggy Oxnard. Their roots in Ventura County go way back. I'm sure it's good exposure for them and helps them build a fan base in the area.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 16:13:33
528.   Tripon

I like this lineup the best.


2008-07-23 16:19:02
529.   nofatmike
506 Which is why perception isn't always a great way to evaluate a ballplayer.
2008-07-23 16:20:37
530.   rockmrete
Garciaparra at second...
Kent, and Lowe in Tampa
2008-07-23 16:23:15
531.   trainwreck
Stanford guys on the move today. Childress to Greece and Brevin Knight was traded to the Jazz.
2008-07-23 16:25:19
532.   wronghanded
528 Touche! I was making that lineup under the assumption that Pierre playing was inevitable but yeah Kent needs to lose his position in the lineup. I still think Russ is a better leadoff man though, look at his OBP compared to Kemp, plus Kemp has more power, making him better suited for a 3,4,5 spot IMO.
2008-07-23 16:26:08
533.   Jon Weisman
Father's Office in Santa Monica used to be my bar, in the 1990s. It also used to be a glorified dive - not dirty, but plenty rustic.

So its evolution this decade simply never ceases to amaze me.

2008-07-23 16:28:58
534.   trainwreck
That is the worst system I have ever heard of for dispensing alcohol at a bar.
2008-07-23 16:31:59
535.   scooplew
522 ["Of all the places to bring a pitcher back from the minors when you wnat him to gain some confidence, the Dodgers pick Coors Field for Kershaw. I know he will have to learn to pitch there eventually if he is going to be a fixture in the NL west, but C'mon first game back from the minors in the home of arena baseball."]
I couldn't agree with you more. I wonder what Torre was (not) thinking.
2008-07-23 16:33:26
536.   still bevens
533 I live in the newly yuppified Culver City and this is the nail in the coffin. Its like mini-Santa Monica now.

That being said, Fathers Office is alright, and if youre feeling bold the best time to go is Monday right after work at 6. No lines.

2008-07-23 16:35:16
537.   Jon Weisman
536 - For years I have found Culver City to be like Narnia. Filled with interesting places to go, but almost unfathomable to comprehend geographically. It almost seemed to exist in another dimension for me.
2008-07-23 16:35:28
538.   Xeifrank
Free baseball in Seattle. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.
vr, Xei
2008-07-23 16:36:29
539.   Jim Hitchcock
533 , 534 Heck with that nonsense. Try Earth, Wind, & Flour on Wilshire. Excellent pizza, and you can really confuse the waitress by ordering a pisco sour.
2008-07-23 16:36:43
540.   Jon Weisman
At first I thought this headline was about a different Dolly.

Smugglers try to use Dolly for cover

2008-07-23 16:37:00
541.   Kevin Lewis
per Diamond:

Juan Pierre will begin his rehabilitation assignment with Class AAA Las Vegas tonight and is expected to return to hit leadoff even after Matt Kemp had compiled a .393 on-base percentage in 18 games hitting there in the lineup.

"He doesn't give us the power that Kemp gives us, but he knows how to lead off," Torre said of Pierre.

2008-07-23 16:37:54
542.   Kevin Lewis
I know how to lead off too! Spring training here I come.
2008-07-23 16:38:28
543.   still bevens
537 The city limits dont make much sense at all. Especially the corridor thats basically washington boulevard all the way down towards Venice that absorbs the Costco on Lincoln. From what I understand the school district border is even less comprehensible to figure out.

518 I also grew up in Oxnard. I like where this thread is going. Haw.

2008-07-23 16:40:18
544.   still bevens
541 Thats it.. Its Chinatown, everyone...
2008-07-23 16:40:36
545.   trainwreck
{Bangs head on table}
2008-07-23 16:46:19
546.   regfairfield
534 I'm trying really hard to think of a reason for that, and I'm lost. Is being really loud/finding an attractive woman to order for you too hard?
2008-07-23 16:47:28
547.   berkowit28
541 Although that's a dumb reason, here's a much better reason: now that Kemp is batting really well, his hits will get a lot more RBIs in further down the order than after the 8th and pitcher spots.
2008-07-23 16:47:59
548.   Alex41592
541 - And you were expecting something else? Kemp did a great job leading off, but he is better off batting third, fourth or fifth. Just so long as Pierre plays over Jones otherwise it really doesn't matter. But, until Pierre is back on the field it's just talk.
2008-07-23 16:49:11
549.   still bevens
If we throw Pierre Jones and Kemp/Ethier out there next week I am going to set myself on fire out in front of the Sunset gate in protest.
2008-07-23 16:49:45
550.   Marty
500 One time the Rams' cheerleaders (The Embraceable Ewes) visited my work. That was fun.

533 I hate the arrogance of Father's Office. No substitutions, no condiments other than what's approved. I mean come on, it's just a hamburger.

Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-07-23 16:51:19
551.   Jon Weisman
550 - In the era I went to Father's Office, it served no food. You might order a pizza from Louise's and bring it over if you were desperate.
2008-07-23 16:52:17
552.   fanerman
541 I don't care who leads off very much. I just hope Joe Torre realizes that the outfielders that have been producing all season are Kemp and Ethier, not Jones and Pierre. Those two need to play just about every game.
2008-07-23 16:53:18
553.   fanerman
Those two being Kemp and Ethier. Clearly, I must spend more time on Dodger Thoughts and less time working.
2008-07-23 16:53:19
554.   Icaros
Having your worst hitter get the most PAs every night makes perfect sense. Well, second worst if Jones continues to play.
2008-07-23 16:55:31
555.   KG16
Joe Torre hurts my brain. Even more than the practice of law.
2008-07-23 16:57:11
556.   fanerman
Maybe I have low standards, but I can't fret too much about line-up orders. Everybody says it doesn't matter very much. The most important thing is starting the right players.
2008-07-23 17:00:11
557.   ToyCannon
I don't know why anyone is surprised that Pierre would be leading off instead of Kemp. Hard to lead off when you are sitting on the bench watching Ethier, Jones, and Pierre play the outfield.
2008-07-23 17:01:29
558.   bigcpa
Torre comes off like Murray Chass or one of these guys that brags they learned all they needed to know about baseball by 1970.
2008-07-23 17:06:58
559.   Tripon
Lets see Jones leading off. We'll get that six Strike out game yet.
2008-07-23 17:09:01
560.   Jon Weisman
2008-07-23 17:10:05
561.   trainwreck
Taking numbers and waiting. That seems like a mess when you bring intoxicated people into it.
2008-07-23 17:13:16
562.   Eric Stephen
Hard to lead off when you are sitting on the bench watching Ethier, Jones, and Pierre play the outfield

[Channeling my inner bhsportsguy...]

Kemp has started 82 of the last 89 games, and the only 3 games he missed in the last 59 games were due to suspension (2 games) and eye injury (1 game).

Kemp is a fixture, even if its not at leadoff.

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