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Hurts All Over
2003-09-23 10:10
by Jon Weisman

Will Carroll, who in addition to his incredible work on Baseball Prospectus has just started his own blog, has two Dodger notes today at BP:

With Paul Lo Duca spazzing out when Jim Tracy tells the truth (strained chest muscle), the stories about friction between Tracy and (fill in the blank) are getting louder and more frequent. Tracy will be one of the "won, but still on the hot seat" managers after the season, along with Jerry Manuel, Tony LaRussa, Bob Melvin, and, to some extent, Jack McKeon.

The Dodgers also will pay for another surgery for Darren Dreifort. Honestly, he's a medical marvel. The fact that he could have so much go wrong and still factor into anyone's plans is amazing. Just 10 years ago, he'd probably have three separate conditions that would end his career. Now, Dreifort is headed for surgery to repair his acetabular (hip) labrum in Boston. Reports have him ready for spring training, believe it or not.

Carroll puts an interesting twist on the spreading rumors of friction in the Dodger clubhouse. Instead of Jim Tracy-Dan Evans, it's Jim Tracy-pick one.

I've said before that Tracy seems like a brittle guy, from his dealings with the media alone, so it's not that I find the reports of general friction hard to believe. The real question is, is this friction incurable?

I've worked in situations where relationships were so bad that someone had to go, but I am still not convinced that this situation is so extreme.

And am I the only one, after reading about his displeasure with Perez and Tracy this season, that is starting to think that it's Lo Duca who is a little too sensitive?

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