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Worse Things First
2003-08-29 08:42
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers' four-game losing streak this week was grim, but it was nothing compared to the tailspin Philadelphia and Florida have encountered. Michael Blake captures the meltdown in sharp relief on View from the 700 Level.

I thought before the season started that Larry Bowa's presence as manager of the Phillies would allow Atlanta to maintain its hold on the National League East title. However, I also surmised that Jeff Torborg's presence as manager of the Marlins would leave them in last place. Little did I know that the Marlins would fire Torborg so efficiently.

By the way, I'd like to get one thing straight. I don't buy for a second that the Braves have won consecutive division titles since 1991. Montreal won the 1994 NL East title, strike year or not. Baseball recognizes individual statistical champions - Tony Gwynn, for example, gets credit for hitting .394 to win the NL batting race. Why on earth would the sport honor player accomplishments from a strike year but not team accomplishments?

Update: Dodger postseason chances, from Baseball Prospectus
Today: 4.8 percent
August 28: 2.6 percent
August 26: 3.6 percent
August 25: 3.1 percent
August 24: 4.4 percent
August 23: 6.5 percent
August 22: 5.8 percent
August 21: 4.2 percent
August 20: 2.3 percent

Projected NL Wild-Card Standings as of August 29
Wins ... Team
86 ... Philadelphia
86 ... Houston
86 ... St. Louis
85 ... Florida
85 ... Arizona
84 ... Montreal
83 ... Los Angeles


Once more, I refer you to Paul Hagen's article outlining tiebreaker scenarios.

Man, That Was a Heck of a Catch
Dave Roberts, take a bow. And don't let any fans reach out and hit you as you do.

I'd like some assurance that the umpires would have called interference on that fan in center field if it had been necessary. No need for a repeat of what happened to benefit Shawn Green and the Dodgers against Montreal last week.

I think Marquis Grissom saved Eric Gagne's save-ory bacon in similar fashion at Dodger Stadium last year. Update: John Wiebe has the story.

Cora Corraled
Alex Cora laced a nice single off left-handed Astros pitcher Mike Gallo in Thursday's Dodger victory.
Has Cora's OPS dipped from .805 in 2002 to .579 in 2003 in part because of a mistaken belief by Dodger manager Jim Tracy that Cora hits righties better than lefties?

Since 2001, Cora has been a more productive hitter against southpawmen. This season, however, Cora has had only 53 plate appearances against them.

Come on Down
According to Baseball Digest, Moises Alou's idol growing up was Pedro Guerrero.

Alou's favorite movie is Ghost and his favorite television show is The Price is Right.

Eric Enders, Come on Down
From the Times: "The Dodgers will conduct an Eric Gagne look-alike contest Sunday during the Viva Los Dodgers festival, which celebrates Los Angeles' Latino heritage. The winner will meet Gagne before Sunday's game against the Rockies."

Finally ...
Thanks to all those who sent best wishes about the house. They were truly appreciated.

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