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Nomo Gets Mail! Nomo Gets Mail!
2003-08-28 09:46
by Jon Weisman

Those of you watching this generation of Sesame Street will understand that headline.

Rip Rense, for whom the word "blogger" does no justice, sent me a letter regarding Wednesday's Hideo Nomo column.

Dear Jon,

I don't profess great sports knowledge, but I am so pleased to see somebody somewhere writing about how great Nomo is. You sure don't find it in the Times, or in those Jim Tracy quotes where he asks himself a question, then answers it. Stats that favor Brown aside, Nomo is remarkable, having rebuilt his pitching style into something perhaps more dependable and intimidating than in his earlier, more powerful incarnation. He is a damn warrior out there - up for every game, stoic, tough. With better offense, he'd have won 20-plus games last year and this year. He should be right in the running for the Cy Young. Nomo and Dave Roberts are really the only things I like about this team.

Anyhow, well done.

Rip Rense

This letter allows me to do a postscript on the Nomonia column that I left out - the fact that I was disappointed to find that Kevin Brown had the slim statistical edge on Nomo. I was rooting for the stats to bear out my emotions. To my surprise and gratification, Nomo really has been the epitome of stalwart over the past year - it has really been something to see. Even the walks he allows, properly noted by Robert Tagorda, add to his legend in my eyes - they make him the warrior with the Achilles' heel. Oh - I guess I could just say they make him Achilles.

Anyway, obviously Nomo's first-inning explosion Wednesday night hurt and hurts. But the guy definitely deserves due recognition for in many ways being the backbone of the best pitching staff in baseball.

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