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DeWitt Sent to AAA
2008-07-26 18:25
by Jon Weisman

Blake DeWitt will head to AAA Las Vegas to make room for Casey Blake.

DeWitt is one for two with three walks in Las Vegas this season.

* * *

Nationals at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (395)
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2008-07-26 18:33:17
1.   Jon Weisman
Tom Meagher's post about the trade at the Fifth Outfielder is titled:

2008-07-26 18:34:54
2.   Alex41592
1 - I was not prepared for that.
2008-07-26 18:36:08
3.   sporky
Odalis Perez has a better BA than Andruw Jones. And Angel Berroa.
2008-07-26 18:36:10
4.   Howard Fox
1 great
2008-07-26 18:37:00
5.   cargill06
I got cut off from the last post...

I have a question regarding K rate.

Wouldn't measuring the % hitters struck out be more effective that just looking at K/9IP?

I mean the higher the WHIP the more chances you have to strike someone out, if you K 7 guys in 6 innings and face 30 should that really be measured higher that a guy who stikes out 5 in 6 while only facing 20?

2008-07-26 18:38:29
6.   The Trolley Dodger
The long national nightmare is over: according to the Dodgers press release, Casey Blake will wear #30 instead of his accustomed #1.
2008-07-26 18:39:00
7.   Alex41592
Beard looks good!
2008-07-26 18:41:59
8.   Ken Noe
6 I was hoping he'd get 21.
2008-07-26 18:45:31
9.   Who Is Karim Garcia
sounds like most fans already annointed him #2.
2008-07-26 18:48:48
10.   StolenMonkey86
Nomar at first for Loney and Jones starting again, and Angel Berroa playing short, with JP leading off. I was hoping for a lineup better suited to treat Odalis like a trash - I guess the pressure is all on Blake.
2008-07-26 18:49:51
11.   fanerman
I have nothing else to add about that trade except what Tom Meagher the Fifth Outfielder said.
2008-07-26 18:50:38
12.   berkowit28
Two very odd quotes on (Diamond):

- Torre on Colletti: "I think Colletti did a hell of a job in making a deal. On a daily basis, his work ethic is second to none as far as I'm concerned."

What weird, backhanded comment to make on your GM. It comes over as damning with faint praise, although I'm not sure it was intended that way.

- Colletti on the Andruw Jones situation: "We have three everyday outfielders and somebody who's struggling to get his game together."

Three? So if "somebody who's struggling" follows the "and", that means Ethier is an everyday outfielder? So where is he then?

2008-07-26 18:51:25
13.   Andrew Shimmin
I say we judge the Blake deal entirely on how he does tonight. An o-fer means it's a travesty, reaching base once or twice means it was solid, four total bases makes it a boon. Ready? Go!
2008-07-26 18:51:56
14.   Reddog
Why did McCourt fire Dan Evans? Was he that bad? No way was he as bad as what we've got now.
2008-07-26 18:53:27
15.   Alex41592
DeWitt will play second base in Vegas according to Diamond.
2008-07-26 18:53:33
16.   cargill06
13 sounds rational, i'm in
2008-07-26 18:54:02
17.   Marty
I guess Torre figures a little-league lineup can beat Odalis. He may be right.
2008-07-26 18:55:12
18.   Sagehen
13 That's no worse than evaluating LaRoche on the basis of four starts.
2008-07-26 18:55:49
19.   Bob Hendley
Bloody senseless trade to make up for inept management. Torre's love affair with the Solution led him to be unfair with Andy (his words), and continued wheeling out of Druw to try to get something out of the $36 million roll of the dice by Ned. Net result, less defense and upgrade in offense in trading one Blake for another. Andy and Andre screwed, and us along with them. The mangoes are great down here.
2008-07-26 18:56:18
20.   Sagehen
15 At least one part of this sounds good. Please oh please let them be grooming DeWitt to take over for Kent next year. Please oh please let them be planning to give third to LaRoche next year. There is still hope. There must be.
2008-07-26 18:57:35
21.   Johnny Nucleo
1 I don't have a Google account to post to your blog, Tom, but I think you're capable of much better than that.
2008-07-26 18:58:21
22.   StolenMonkey86
3 - Will Andruw Jones become a reliever? Then we'd never have to see him bat.
2008-07-26 18:58:40
23.   cargill06
20 dejesus maybe a better in house option at 2b than blake.

or tony abreu if anyone can find him, they should put a chip in his ear

2008-07-26 18:58:44
24.   gpellamjr
The most encouraging and important part of the whole thing (from Diamond's blog):

Casey Blake said he was excited about gaining free agency at season's end and has said he would like to retire a Cleveland Indian. "I still have a chance to finish my career there," he said.

2008-07-26 19:01:07
25.   Icaros
Is every game on Channel 9 now or something? I've been stuck with the non-Dodgers announcers for weeks.
2008-07-26 19:02:18
26.   Andrew Shimmin
The next three games are on FSNPT.
2008-07-26 19:03:36
27.   Sam in SC
wow. odalis perez? here is a blast from the past . . .
2008-07-26 19:03:50
28.   Icaros
I know I'm spoiled to get to watch nearly every game regardless, but still, most of these guys are annoying.
2008-07-26 19:04:03
29.   Bob Hendley
17 - Acta seems to know how to handle Odalis (shows him no respect). Likely to pull him after five innings no matter how he is doing.
2008-07-26 19:05:04
30.   Marty
That whole quote-fest on Diamond's blog was surreal.
2008-07-26 19:05:32
31.   StolenMonkey86
Acta seems to know how to handle Odalis (shows him no respect).

Does he treat him like a trash?

I will never get tired of that line.

2008-07-26 19:05:48
32.   ToyCannon
From the previous thread the most disappointing thing about this trade is the throw-in of the Guitar for 2 million.

Several (Scareduck?) have claimed for years that McCourt's lack of deep pockets would hurt this franchise but I think this is the 1st time I've seen it in action.

And as I recall he was a bigger fan of Blake then most.

Over the last two years I wrote about Carlos Santana more then any other Dodger prospect. I asked many scouts/baseball analysts about him and I never got much positive feedback. It perplexed me as the power/patience numbers just jumped out at me even when he was 19. I couldn't even get BA to include him in their daily prospect write-ups until this weekend. This is what Deric McKamey Scout/Analyst from Baseball HQ had to say when I asked him about Santana last month.
"I've always liked Santana and his season is absolutely for real. His bat has always showed some promise and it is good to see him living-up to his abilities. Defensively, his receiving skills are improving, and is doing a better job of making his arm strength an asset in halting the running game. I don't know if he's going to be strong enough defensively to be an everyday catcher, but I wouldn't sell him short.

2008-07-26 19:07:34
33.   ToyCannon
Sweet news for both DeWitt and LaRoche.
2008-07-26 19:08:03
34.   Marty
I really want to see a couple home runs for the Dodgers so I can watch Odalis throw his hands up in the air. That used to irritate me no-end when he was a Dodger.
2008-07-26 19:09:04
35.   Icaros

I hated that. "I can't believe he hit that hanging curveball!"

2008-07-26 19:10:33
36.   68elcamino427
Re: trade

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Still on the Clock.

2008-07-26 19:11:16
37.   D4P
I'll throw my hands up in disbelief if Andruw hits a hanging curveball.
2008-07-26 19:11:35
38.   Ken Noe
24 Two other encouraging things: (a) DeWitt to 2b, and (b) this Ned quote from Diamond: "We have three everyday outfielders and somebody who's struggling to get his game together."
2008-07-26 19:12:45
39.   Icaros

Yes, but the guy struggling is playing everyday, so it doesn't make sense.

2008-07-26 19:14:11
40.   Paul S
Tom Meagher's post is childish and silly and unworthy of a link.
2008-07-26 19:14:12
41.   Alex41592
Brewers and Cubs are now tied atop the N.L Central.
2008-07-26 19:14:45
42.   Ken Noe
39 For the moment. I hope not much longer.
2008-07-26 19:15:03
43.   Andrew Shimmin
40- I disagree. Kids shouldn't use that word.
2008-07-26 19:15:46
44.   Alex41592
2-1 D'Backs Top 5.
2008-07-26 19:18:36
45.   Alex41592
2008-07-26 19:18:38
46.   thinkblue88
Bison Power.
2008-07-26 19:19:07
47.   MonkeyBlue
Feel the power!
2008-07-26 19:19:24
48.   MC Safety
Yeah, that guy for Jack Wilson.


2008-07-26 19:19:32
49.   DodgerBakers
Rock on! Good thing Kemp is producing, not sure we can leave it up to the rest of the lineup
2008-07-26 19:19:42
50.   tethier
assist to JP for distracting Perez...
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-07-26 19:19:49
51.   gpellamjr
That guy who just hit that homerun, that guy is my Facebook friend.
2008-07-26 19:20:06
52.   Icaros
Could he have hit that without JP distracting Perez?
2008-07-26 19:20:09
53.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe it'll be Teixeira and Will Ohman, now.
2008-07-26 19:20:25
54.   thinkblue88
Ahh.....Odalis Perez.
2008-07-26 19:20:31
55.   Alex41592
You just know Pierre will get all the credit for Kemp's HR.

Martin down the line!

2008-07-26 19:20:33
56.   Icaros

Myspace for me.

2008-07-26 19:20:39
57.   confucius
This trade is fine with me as long as Blake does not get a contract extension. I really dont think too much of any of the players involved in this trade.
2008-07-26 19:21:36
58.   Alex41592
Nice hitting by Kent.
2008-07-26 19:21:43
59.   68elcamino427
And that is why they call him the Bison.
Tougher than a Robot Made of Nails.
A beautiful oppo shot.
Matt Kemp, my favorite player.

Now Martin with the double! Love it!

Welcome back Perez.

2008-07-26 19:22:38
60.   fanerman
Matt Kemp has found his power stroke. The rest of the NL quivers with fear.
2008-07-26 19:23:13
61.   Icaros
Blake is no longer the team leader in HRs.
2008-07-26 19:23:44
62.   Alex41592
Long ball and small ball. 3-0.
2008-07-26 19:24:16
63.   Andrew Shimmin
Scrap 13 . Let's judge the deal entirely on this one PA.
2008-07-26 19:24:21
64.   68elcamino427
Garciaparra gets the RBI by following the plan.
2008-07-26 19:24:25
65.   fanerman
51 I want to be his facebook friend! Which Matt Kemp is he?
2008-07-26 19:25:22
66.   Gen3Blue
25 I have been fairly lucky getting Vin on DTV, but recently it has been opposing broadcasters, and some of them annoying. These guys aren't too bad (In deference to Sam DC).
2008-07-26 19:26:20
67.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm now officially outraged!
2008-07-26 19:26:31
68.   D4P
But there is no joy in Mudville.
2008-07-26 19:26:36
69.   Alex41592
6 pitch AB ends in a K.
2008-07-26 19:28:58
70.   Marty
At least he didn't take that at bat off.
2008-07-26 19:29:18
71.   68elcamino427
Yes, Bison Power! Kemp stayed back real good on that swing. Give credit to Mattingly's input. The power is on!
2008-07-26 19:29:52
72.   Ken Noe
70 He's a gamer.
2008-07-26 19:30:36
73.   D4P
Washington's lineup is pretty sad. Rule 9 could be in effect for a while.
2008-07-26 19:30:55
74.   Icaros
LaRoche has only 7 Ks this season. You'd think a coaching and management staff so overly critical of strikeouts would've liked that.
2008-07-26 19:31:14
75.   68elcamino427
Berroa delivers the seed. Good recovery.
2008-07-26 19:32:12
76.   Icaros
I dunno, I detected some dishonesty in Blake's first at-bat for LA.
2008-07-26 19:33:05
77.   D4P
And Casey struck out 100+ times 4 of the last 5 seasons, which you'd think Management wouldn't like.
2008-07-26 19:33:30
78.   Andrew Shimmin
76- It had a pine-y aftertaste, too.
2008-07-26 19:34:19
79.   Icaros

The cork was dry. Send him back.

2008-07-26 19:35:53
80.   Gen3Blue
Oh no. I have nothing against Blake, and he hasn't done anything wrong, but he just has a general look that puts him him in a bin with Hendricksen and Loiaza visually.
2008-07-26 19:36:01
81.   68elcamino427
Blake appears to be slightly disoriented this evening. Maybe he's having an out of body experience.
2008-07-26 19:36:50
82.   Marty
Jones vs. Perez. The movable object against the resistible force.
2008-07-26 19:39:45
83.   Andrew Shimmin
Now that Pierre's BA is up to .280, we can start saying it's around .300, again. So. Score.
2008-07-26 19:39:53
84.   Gen3Blue
Allright, we will get to the top of the order next inning. (meaning Kemp)
2008-07-26 19:39:56
85.   Andrew Shimmin
Oops. So much for that.
2008-07-26 19:40:23
86.   Sam DC
Bob Carpenter on the Nats broadcast: "Juan Pierre who got it started the last inning. And you never know how much his presence at first base might have distracted Odalis Perez on the mound."

(imperfect transcription, no doubt, but pretty darn close)

2008-07-26 19:40:39
87.   ChicagoDodger
classic Vin
"so Lowe has himself a hit and Perez still hasn't fooled anyone except Casey Blake"
2008-07-26 19:40:48
88.   overkill94
After another Cardinal blown save, cue the trade for Brian Fuentes in 3...2...1...
2008-07-26 19:41:21
89.   Gen3Blue
Uh-oh. We are back to the black hole concept, despit Lowe's hit, we have a 3-hole tonight.
2008-07-26 19:42:10
90.   tethier
86 I was specifically watching Perez when he was pitching to Kemp - it looked like he barely looked over at Pierre.
2008-07-26 19:45:06
91.   Andrew Shimmin
Nomar's a picking machine.
2008-07-26 19:45:20
92.   MonkeyBlue
Pretty sweet play for Angel.
2008-07-26 19:45:34
93.   68elcamino427
Loney not playing and the Clock is ticking ...
2008-07-26 19:45:57
94.   MonkeyBlue
Crap I mean Nomar...
2008-07-26 19:45:57
95.   Marty
I'm pleasantly surprised Nomar hasn't injured himself yet.
2008-07-26 19:46:17
96.   tethier
Lowe 7 groundball outs...
2008-07-26 19:46:17
97.   Alex41592
All around goodness. Plus, seeing Odalis belly flop on the ground is always fun.
2008-07-26 19:46:29
98.   Marty
I'm hoping the clock stopped on Blake.
2008-07-26 19:50:10
99.   Marty
If Kemp is hurt, I've lost any reason to watch.
2008-07-26 19:50:26
100.   Andrew Shimmin
Weird skip step, there. Looked like he was grimacing, too, after it.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-07-26 19:51:12
101.   MonkeyBlue
Dodgers did not make Perez work in this inning.
2008-07-26 19:51:38
102.   Alex41592
Ethier wasn't moving in the dugout. So, Kemp seems ok.

3-2 Giants Bottom 6!

2008-07-26 19:51:40
103.   Sam DC
Now Bob Carpenter and Ray Knight are talking about how in some ways it is easier to hit in the major leagues than in the minors.

Better lights, proper batters' eyes. Pitchers in the minors mights have less command, but a lot of them throw harder.


2008-07-26 19:52:06
104.   MonkeyBlue
Wooo Rowand! with a 2 run hit!
2008-07-26 19:52:46
105.   68elcamino427
Only a momentary pain for the Bison. He is nearly indestructable.
2008-07-26 19:54:27
106.   Andrew Shimmin
Ch-i help me, I was rooting for a more exciting end to that popup.
2008-07-26 19:59:01
107.   Alex41592
Lincecum is dealing. 12 K's.
2008-07-26 20:00:41
108.   68elcamino427
Mmmm, Belliard's and Jonesy's physiqes have a similar appearance. Just a silly observation. Unrelated to any previous diet supplements I'm sure.
2008-07-26 20:01:35
109.   Gen3Blue
So when did we start making Perez look so effective.(except for the first) We apparently are arrogant enough to think we will win without Loney of Ethier. I hope we have good luck.
2008-07-26 20:02:21
110.   Alex41592
Make it 13 K's for Lincecum. 3-2 Giants Bottom 7. BTW, we miss him when the Giants come to town.
2008-07-26 20:02:40
111.   D4P
I'll be surprised if Les Nats score tonight.
2008-07-26 20:03:46
112.   68elcamino427
Could this be related to trying to muscle up and pull the curveball?
2008-07-26 20:05:57
113.   Alex41592
And that is another Nomar HR.
2008-07-26 20:06:00
114.   overkill94
Low Rider Power!!!
2008-07-26 20:06:03
115.   Icaros
Why isn't he doing the hand throw? No fun.
2008-07-26 20:06:12
116.   MonkeyBlue
Its good to see Nomar healthy!
2008-07-26 20:06:16
117.   fanerman
Party like it's 1998!
2008-07-26 20:06:34
118.   68elcamino427
Garciaparra pulls one over the fence!
2008-07-26 20:06:49
119.   D4P
I think he's not surprised anymore.
2008-07-26 20:07:49
120.   MonkeyBlue
Grats Blake!
2008-07-26 20:08:01
121.   Alex41592
What a brilliant move by Ned.
2008-07-26 20:08:17
122.   Andrew Shimmin
A glove pound. That's something, at least.
2008-07-26 20:08:23
123.   Icaros

Haha. Good point.

2008-07-26 20:08:30
124.   68elcamino427
Welcome to the Dodgers Blake! Nice shot down the line!
2008-07-26 20:09:32
125.   D4P
I'll tell you one guy who wouldn't throw off-speed stuff to Andruw Jones:

Ned "Iron Guts" Colletti

2008-07-26 20:09:32
126.   fanerman
There are so many PVL's in this line-up =(.
2008-07-26 20:09:40
128.   Andrew Shimmin
120, 121- No, no, no. The first AB is the only one that counts. The rest are just meaningless numbers.

We needed him to come through in that first at bat.

To show us that he was ready to be the third baseman we've been waiting for.

He let us down.

It was like he just didn't want to be there.

2008-07-26 20:09:49
129.   overkill94
Lincecum going back out to pitch the 8th even though he's at 111 pitches. I hope those mechanics are as stress-free as they claim to be!
2008-07-26 20:10:26
130.   overkill94
What happened to 127 ?
2008-07-26 20:10:38
131.   Ken Noe
You can tell Blake is new, he's acting like Jones might hit the ball.
2008-07-26 20:10:44
132.   Icaros
If someone can show me that Casey is a direct descendant of William Blake I'll be a lot more into him.
2008-07-26 20:11:16
133.   overkill94
129 Or not, Yahoo was just too lazy to say a pinch-hitter was inserted in Lincecum's spot
2008-07-26 20:11:17
134.   Alex41592
129 - Lincecum got PH'd for in the 7th. Tyler Walker is in the game to blow it.
2008-07-26 20:11:17
135.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-07-26 20:11:17
136.   MonkeyBlue
Jones... horrible.
2008-07-26 20:11:21
137.   Ken Noe
I think I was 127 but I got a weird error message.
2008-07-26 20:11:40
138.   D4P
Gameday won't tell me the result of Andruw's at-bat...
2008-07-26 20:12:10
139.   Andrew Shimmin
138- Guess.
2008-07-26 20:12:32
140.   Icaros

Three guesses...

2008-07-26 20:12:33
141.   RELX
Is anyone else having trouble with the MLB site? I can't get into gameday or MLBtv--
2008-07-26 20:12:46
142.   D4P
Oh. I see.
2008-07-26 20:13:16
143.   MonkeyBlue
Something is wrong with
2008-07-26 20:13:59
144.   underdog
Is anyone else having trouble getting MLBTV to play for them? I can't get the game up when I click the link, and the Dodgers MLB audio/video page says there's no game tonight. Weird.

Nice to see the 4-0 score though!

2008-07-26 20:14:03
145.   Longhorn Bill
Orange alert (?) for Jose Reyes.
2008-07-26 20:14:25
146.   overkill94
20 push-ups for hitting it in the air Willie
2008-07-26 20:14:42
147.   Icaros
Ooh, he really slumped his shoulders on that one. Getting a little more fun.
2008-07-26 20:14:45
148.   Alex41592
What in the heck Berroa?!?!? Jones should be ashamed of himself again.
2008-07-26 20:15:07
149.   MonkeyBlue
Gameday work fine for me now. Anyways Jones is a freaking bum, even Angel having a good time on Perez dime.
2008-07-26 20:15:10
150.   underdog
And Berroa likes facing Odalis too, apparently! Yay, this is like the O Perez of old -- say, vintage the playoff series vs. the Cardinals.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-07-26 20:15:17
151.   Ken Noe
Odalis: You just gave up a double to Wesley Snipes' grandad.
2008-07-26 20:15:27
152.   68elcamino427
Berroa - Wow!
Strike up the band! another RBI for Berroa!
2008-07-26 20:16:01
153.   Penguin
I've been watching on MLB TV. No problems for moi.
2008-07-26 20:16:03
154.   Andrew Shimmin
The alert for Mr. Reyes is Yellow. Yellow. He still needs a triple.
2008-07-26 20:16:09
155.   fanerman
If I've learned anything from this game so far... it's that PVL's always come through. We should trade the rest of our kids for the Craig Wilsons of the league.
2008-07-26 20:16:14
156.   D4P
It takes the worst team in the league to make Ned look smart.
2008-07-26 20:16:31
157.   Ken Noe
Jones looks worse by the moment.
2008-07-26 20:16:37
158.   underdog
Lordy, lordy, bless you Odalis for giving us a plentiful bounty.
2008-07-26 20:16:44
159.   Alex41592
Jones should be banished to the locker room. Or wished away to the cornfields.
2008-07-26 20:17:16
160.   Travis08
Reyes will lead off the bottom of the 12th. There's a yellow alert for Fernando Tatis as well.
2008-07-26 20:17:18
161.   DodgerBakers
152 That's 2003 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Berroa!
2008-07-26 20:17:28
162.   Gen3Blue
I remember months ago, coyly saying it's too early to say something just yet. What I was going to say is that Jones's decline so young reminded me of O. Perez, and their body type and facial expressions seemed similar. I was going to say Perez may have made a partial comeback, but with Berroa and Lowe hitting him, I can't say that.
2008-07-26 20:18:03
163.   68elcamino427

Primal scream ...

2008-07-26 20:18:21
164.   OhioBlues12
Ethier has got to be wondering what he has done to deserve this fate.
2008-07-26 20:18:58
165.   Reddog
I guess Derek Lowe is a better hitter now than Andruw Jones.

How much longer is Torre going to let Jones play at Ethier or Kemp's expense?

2008-07-26 20:18:59
166.   Longhorn Bill
154 Ah, my cycle detection alert system must be on the blink.
2008-07-26 20:19:10
167.   Alex41592
3-3 tie in S.F.
2008-07-26 20:22:10
168.   Icaros
Thanks Tyler Walker, you tub of goo.
2008-07-26 20:22:23
169.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Mlb on the fritz again.
2008-07-26 20:22:29
170.   OhioBlues12
I am thinking that the acquisition of Blake will allow Torre to bench Jones in a weeks time, since it will preserve the PVL-to-kid ratio.
2008-07-26 20:22:36
171.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-26 20:23:07
172.   Icaros
Giants will not be winning tonight.
2008-07-26 20:23:32
173.   Alex41592
Tub of goo blows game predictably. 4-3 D'Backs.
2008-07-26 20:24:08
174.   MonkeyBlue
172. Yep, Boy Wonder ain't pitching anymore. The Gnats bullpen blows.
2008-07-26 20:25:23
175.   underdog
Gahh, stupid Giants, I told you rooting for them does no good. I might as well root for them to implode.

Yeah, no MLB player for me tonight, apparently, so it's Gameday Time.

2008-07-26 20:25:26
176.   Icaros

As does their offense.

2008-07-26 20:25:46
177.   68elcamino427
Entertaining the notion that the Dodgeers need to rely on help from the Giants in any shape, form, or fashon makes my skin crawl.
2008-07-26 20:25:59
178.   Icaros

I told you rooting for them does no good.

2008-07-26 20:27:01
179.   RELX
When you think about it, has a good player have had as much of a dramatic dropoff as Jones? It is not like Kent, for example, where his power and bat speed have diminished, but you can still see glimpses from time to time of how good a player he once was. Jones has problems even making contact with a baseball. Calling it a decline is not strong enough--he has completely lost the ability to even be a major league hitter.
2008-07-26 20:28:11
180.   Uncle Miltie
That was a really terrific at bat by Berroa. His defense has been quite good since he's come to the Dodgers. It would be nice if he could get that OPS up in the high .600's.
2008-07-26 20:28:42
181.   Icaros
If we had a smart GM, we could get a really good young player/prospect haul for Lowe.
2008-07-26 20:28:47
182.   immouch
glad the dodgers are winning, but... jones/pierre playing ahead of ethier. two very decent prospects swapped for a guy who almost literally defines "average" big leaguer.... the dodgers are begging me to become an angels fan.
2008-07-26 20:28:50
183.   underdog
178 - Sigh. Maybe I should try that when I go see them play the Dodgers. (Uh, except it's physically impossible for me to do so, and even if I did, the baseball Gods would know I was a liar.)

Btw, the first Futurama movie is on Comedy Central right now.

2008-07-26 20:29:12
184.   MollyKnight
You know who's been good lately? Derek Lowe. Seriously. Look it up.
2008-07-26 20:29:41
185.   D4P
It would be nice if he could get that OPS up in the high .600's

Woah, there, camper. Let's start with the high .500's.

2008-07-26 20:29:50
186.   fanerman
Aww, no more Odalis.
2008-07-26 20:30:29
187.   underdog
181 - we could, but wouldn't that also be kind of throwing in the towel on the playoffs? After Chad he's our most consistent starter.
2008-07-26 20:31:05
188.   MonkeyBlue
2008-07-26 20:31:05
189.   D4P
the first Futurama movie is on Comedy Central right now

...which I thought was decent but not great. Among other things, Fry's voice didn't sound right.

2008-07-26 20:31:12
190.   overkill94
Man, how did he even get to that ball?
2008-07-26 20:31:12
191.   Alex41592
Ridiculous play by Belliard. I appreciate it more up by 6.
2008-07-26 20:31:55
192.   underdog
Wow, great play. But how did Martin not beat that out? What is he, channeling Loney there?
2008-07-26 20:32:15
193.   Louis in SF

Have been out trying to recapture my great days of tennis at GG Park, any thoughts on the day for the Norcal DT's to see the Dodgers?

2008-07-26 20:32:58
194.   underdog
(My MLBTV is now working again, in case you're wondering.)

189 - Yeah, I gave it a B. Some great moments but no classic. Still haven't seen the newest one yet.

2008-07-26 20:33:25
195.   underdog
Mock sure is better than Perez.
2008-07-26 20:34:13
196.   Icaros

Yeah, maybe. Maybe not. It's not about this season for me. This team isn't that good anyway. The West is a young division, and I want to compete long term with Arizona, SF, Colorado, and SD.

2008-07-26 20:34:30
197.   D4P
Still haven't seen the newest one yet

Didn't realize it was out.

2008-07-26 20:34:59
198.   underdog
193 - The Friday or Saturday games in August work for me, I think. Should we just pick a date and I'll look into tickets?
2008-07-26 20:35:51
199.   scooplew
Getting back to S.F. Chronicle columnist Bruce Jenkins from a couple of postings ago, he grew up a Dodgers fan....And, yes, he does seem to take a lot of digs at the Dodgers...
2008-07-26 20:36:40
200.   underdog
196 - Sure, but any GM, whether Ned or not, when you're team's within a game of first place, can't throw in the towel. Unless Lowe brought back a ready-made starter himself. I'll be okay getting the draft pick(s) out of him after the season.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-07-26 20:38:19
201.   underdog
Argh, did I really just make the you're/your mistake? Sigh, I must be tired.

199 - Huh, did not know that. Maybe he feels spurned by them, or is trying to overcompensate to cover his past allegiances...

2008-07-26 20:39:00
202.   immouch
179: i've been thinking the same thing all year. jones isn't slumping, he's transforming. ... kent, to his credit, has actually held up pretty well for his age and position. he's still an avg. starter. (i'm guessing, i haven't looked closely at any stats). but jones' bat speed wasn't mlb quality in spring training and really hasn't gotten better. that's not normal, at least not this early in his career. i won't speculate what might have led to such a huge change.
2008-07-26 20:41:16
203.   Icaros

I think Lowe is very good, but I don't think he's so great that trading him is throwing in the towel. If Penny happens to come back to anything useful, even less so.

2008-07-26 20:42:06
204.   overkill94
All hail the beard!
2008-07-26 20:42:09
205.   MonkeyBlue
Old man looking great.
2008-07-26 20:42:22
206.   KG16
even though the Dodgers are winning and Lowe is throwing a gem, I've't got anything nice to say.

And since in my family I was always taught, if you don't have anything nice to say, violate Rule 1 with impunity while saying it anyway; I think I'm going to go play cards.

2008-07-26 20:42:54
207.   underdog
The Beard is doing pretty well so far.
2008-07-26 20:43:42
208.   Alex41592
Make the pain stop! MAKE IT STOP!
2008-07-26 20:44:11
209.   D4P
No strikeout for Andruw...!!!...!!!...!!!
2008-07-26 20:45:07
210.   Reddog
OK, maybe this was a good move by Ned. Blake looks like a good hitter, certainly better than DeWitt and LaRoche.

And now watching Andruw Jones, I have to believe Torre benches him, starting tomorrow.

2008-07-26 20:45:25
211.   underdog
203 - I don't know, I guess because I don't count on Penny much, and Kuroda is erratic, and I have no idea who our 5th (and 4th right now) starters are much of the time, without Lowe you lose a lot of stability to the pitching staff. But that's just how I see it.

So does anyone know how many draft picks the Dodgers would have in 1st and supplemental rounds next year if you count their own pick (assuming they don't lose it) and losses of Lowe and Blake?

2008-07-26 20:45:46
212.   The Dude Abides
Geez...did Andruw even run that one out?
2008-07-26 20:46:20
213.   Alex41592
(210) - Well, I think Andruw sits tomorrow regardless. But, it won't be a benching...yet.
2008-07-26 20:46:27
214.   Tripon
202 Kent shouldn't be in the clean up position, He has a low .BA, and doesn't hit for power that much anymore. At this stage of the career, he's a sixth or seventh hitter(as there's five or six hitters better than he is in the lineup) but Joe Torre is stubborn about this, and there's so many other flaws such as Andruw Jones, nobody has been harping on it.
2008-07-26 20:46:41
215.   underdog
210 - I will go on record now as saying Ethier will be starting tomorrow.

Hopefully it won't be at Kemp's expense.

Btw, that reminds me, my dad came back from a trip to Yellowstone and brought me back a pack of Bison playing cards. He wondered why I was so thrilled with the gift.

2008-07-26 20:46:41
216.   Alex41592
2008-07-26 20:46:49
217.   MollyKnight
So will Rauch be the set-up man? Or the closer?
2008-07-26 20:47:06
218.   Alex41592
I am failing at life here. I need to go to bed.
2008-07-26 20:47:13
219.   overkill94
211 Depends on who signs them. We could have three first rounders and two supplementals or one first-rounder, two supplementals, and three second rounders or two first rounders, two supplementals, and two second rounders.
2008-07-26 20:47:27
220.   immouch
jones should retire. ... and that's not a particularly hysterical suggestion.... i hope he proves me wrong, but i really think he's done.
2008-07-26 20:49:00
221.   Alex41592
217 - He was setting up Lyon. At least for tonight.
2008-07-26 20:49:19
222.   Tripon
Brandon Lyon is closing for Ariz. The Giants must be licking their chops.
2008-07-26 20:50:44
223.   Alex41592
Giants have the tying run at the plate.
2008-07-26 20:51:59
224.   Penguin
220 Jones would be leaving alot of money on the table.
2008-07-26 20:52:36
225.   immouch
okay, we may win this. but our inf. is casey blake at 3B, angel berroa at ss, jeff kent at 2b and nomar at 1b... ned's dream.... i'm truly not a happy fan tonight. and to make me feel like that with the dodgers playing for keeps takes some doing...
2008-07-26 20:52:44
226.   underdog
Rowand's on with a single with two out and Jose Castillo up! All is not lost.
2008-07-26 20:53:41
227.   MonkeyBlue
Great play for Lasting. I seen some gems tonight.
2008-07-26 20:53:49
228.   underdog
225 - I don't think even Ned dreams of Angel Berroa starting at SS. I'm sure he still sees him as a backup (or 3rd stringer).
2008-07-26 20:55:14
229.   Alex41592
He found a ball in his shell!
2008-07-26 20:55:21
230.   immouch
228... probably, you're right.
2008-07-26 20:56:41
231.   Tripon
Why is an Albino trying to sell me a TV?
2008-07-26 20:57:42
232.   Penguin
Penny threw a 3 inning simulated game today. He could return to rotation by Aug 5 (sorry if its been discussed)
2008-07-26 20:57:56
233.   Alex41592
The deficit will stay at 1.
2008-07-26 20:57:57
234.   underdog
Ah well. An impressive 10 pitch at bat for Castillo but ultimately he, and the Giants, lose. Feh.
2008-07-26 20:58:50
235.   Alex41592
Midnight and the 14th inning in Flushing.
2008-07-26 20:59:03
236.   underdog
I do like these quick games the Dodgers and Nats play. Very convenient.
2008-07-26 20:59:05
237.   MrCourt123
Loney is in for Nomar
2008-07-26 20:59:07
238.   Alex41592
Ozuna and Loney are in.
2008-07-26 20:59:30
239.   Tripon
Wow, is LoDuca done as a player?
2008-07-26 21:00:41
240.   Icaros

Was overrated in the first place.

2008-07-26 21:02:03
241.   Alex41592
He had 2001 and that's about it.
2008-07-26 21:02:49
242.   underdog
2001: A Space Roid-yssey.
2008-07-26 21:03:55
243.   Tripon
Costarring Eric Gagne.
2008-07-26 21:04:17
244.   RELX
Do you think the Lowe will come out for the ninth? He's thrown 107 pitches. Knowing Torre, I would say no.
2008-07-26 21:04:24
245.   Megaballs
Two high draft picks= Meloan and biggie really.

A bigger question is why Ned's repeatedly picking up 30+ year old men with beards...

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

2008-07-26 21:05:16
246.   Who Is Karim Garcia
LoDuca is our heart and soul!!!
2008-07-26 21:05:16
247.   Who Is Karim Garcia
LoDuca is our heart and soul!!!
2008-07-26 21:07:16
248.   TheBigGrabowski
Vin is having a lot of fun saying rhubarb tonight.
2008-07-26 21:07:26
249.   Tripon
Aww, Vin just called Loney steady. Vin just might have a crush.
2008-07-26 21:07:33
250.   overkill94
246 247 was our heart and soul, you're living in the past buddy ;)
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-07-26 21:08:14
251.   Megaballs
Opportunity cost.

What any reasonable GM could have done with this team in 2 1/2 years with this farm system and a $75 mil payroll on it's way to $115 mil?

2008-07-26 21:08:51
252.   Icaros
LoDuca was nothing more than our appendix.
2008-07-26 21:09:53
253.   Tripon
Quick prediction, Nomar comes back next year as our starting 2nd baseman for $8 million.
2008-07-26 21:10:05
254.   underdog
244 - I'd bring him back out since he's throwing a 1 hitter so far. But with a very close eye on him, at 107 pitches.
2008-07-26 21:10:26
255.   Tripon
LoDuca was the left pinky of the Dodgers.
2008-07-26 21:10:57
256.   PDH5204
222 You do know that Brandon Lyon led all MLB relievers in holds last year, yes? And also that he had a run this year of 24 consecutive scoreless appearances [25 IP]? Nothing in that speaks to licking one's chops.
2008-07-26 21:11:17
257.   Who Is Karim Garcia
250 252

So was trading him away more like organ donation?

2008-07-26 21:11:53
258.   Alex41592
Lowe faces Brandon Webb next time out. Taking him out is not a bad move.
2008-07-26 21:12:10
259.   underdog
Nope, it's Beimel. Which isn't a bad idea either since he hasn't pitched since Monday, no?
2008-07-26 21:14:57
260.   Gen3Blue
BP or some site weighed in on how stupid it was to take a veteran pitcher out of a complete game situation like this. Imagine this game if Loney and Ethier were substituted for Berroa and and Pierre or Jones.
2008-07-26 21:17:30
261.   MSarg29
Bob Carpenter is killing me on the Nats broadcast.

First he says a Dodger announcer told him that "Carlos Santana the catcher isn't playing any better than Santana the guitarist." Ray Knight quoted his stats and was confused by the comment.

Then Carpenter proceeded to read Kershaw's stats and claim that the Nats should score some runs tomorrow.

2008-07-26 21:17:36
262.   Gen3Blue
This is a close game, but taking Lowe out was the height of stupidity. I hope I can stay awake.
2008-07-26 21:17:59
263.   Tripon
256 Last year was last year. This year, Brandon Lyon is as shaky as they come. The guy has decent stats but he's not blowing anyone out. The DBacks don't trade for Jon Rauch unless they believe that Lyon can't hack it and made sure to get an insurance policy.

I'm just saying, if you're facing Brandon Lyon, you gotta like your chances since he's been so shaky lately.

2008-07-26 21:18:51
264.   NWdodger
I just said to myself, I bet Beimel gives up at least another hit.
2008-07-26 21:18:56
265.   Tripon
Why put in Cory Wade here unless they just needed him to work in a game?
2008-07-26 21:19:23
266.   underdog
Pitching matchups vs. the Giants will be Correia vs. Kuroda, Cain vs. new Dodger pitcher TBA, and then it lists Sanchez vs. Lowe on Wednesday. I assume that's wrong?
2008-07-26 21:19:33
267.   Gen3Blue
Oh--man. There not going to throw Kershaw again are they? Well maybe the poor Nats are the ones to try it on.
2008-07-26 21:19:34
268.   adrian beltre
I'm really sorry if this has already been posted, I have been gone all day and I have to say this is the worst thing of all. From Keith Law:

The reason the Indians were able to get Carlos Santana, a very high-level prospect, in the Casey Blake deal is that the Indians took on all of Blake's remaining $2 million salary. Several general managers around baseball wonder whether L.A. doesn't have cash flow problems.

2008-07-26 21:19:41
269.   Tripon
261 Like the last two games? The Nats lineup is even weaker than the Dodgers.
2008-07-26 21:21:05
270.   Tripon
268 Adrain Beltre, why do you have a no trade clause to L.A.? That breaks me heart.
2008-07-26 21:21:50
271.   Louis in SF
Friday or Saturday in August would be great let's pick a date-do you still have everyone's email.

Mine is

2008-07-26 21:25:04
272.   adrian beltre
270 does he really? he, vin, and dodger stadium made me a dodgers fan. of course the fact that i always went to carneys or titos tacos before the games didnt hurt.
2008-07-26 21:25:45
273.   underdog
I can't see the Dodgers having cash flow prblems as much as they've just overspent on FA's so much McCourt probably has put his foot down with Colletti.
2008-07-26 21:26:03
274.   The Dude Abides
Great decision to take out Lowe. Burn through a couple more relievers, and tell a third to warm up in the bullpen. Meanwhile, Kearns just hit a mammoth foul ball.
2008-07-26 21:27:12
275.   LeeLacy
"That ball is hit a mile! SEE YOU ... foul."

The Nats' broadcaster got a little too excited on that long foul by Kearns.

2008-07-26 21:27:17
276.   fanerman
The Casey Blake era begins with a victory.
2008-07-26 21:27:24
277.   Alex41592
Fan on the field!
2008-07-26 21:27:28
278.   underdog
We win!

And... scene.

2008-07-26 21:28:00
279.   Doctor

Sour grapes.

The D's didn't bite on his fluky free agent year.

Whatever dude.

2008-07-26 21:28:14
280.   Icaros

Yeah, but that's an unfortunate way to put his foot down. Kinda like letting draft picks go because you don't want to spend an extra few hundred-thousand.

2008-07-26 21:28:48
281.   Paul S
Fwiw I just noticed that the image of a seated Penny, Jones and Matin has been replaced by Billingsley, Kemp and Martin on
2008-07-26 21:29:00
282.   Gen3Blue
Yeah. We win. But I can't help feeling it was despite management.
2008-07-26 21:29:04
283.   underdog
274 - Beimel hadn't pitched since LAST Monday. I'd hardly call this burning through either of them. Anyway, as I said above I would've started the inning with Lowe but had a very very quick hook, and Beimel needed the work.

271 Thanks, I'll post something this week!

2008-07-26 21:30:13
284.   underdog
280 - Pretty much.

Welp, good night folks.

And, yeah, I said "welp" - what's it to ya!

2008-07-26 21:31:02
285.   fanerman
At least Joe didn't use Kuo or Big Ox Brox.
2008-07-26 21:31:52
286.   Doctor
Lowe was awesome tonight, really hope he isn't dealt.
2008-07-26 21:33:00
287.   NWdodger
$7,000,000 Esteban Loaiza
$14,100,000 Andruw Jones
$12,000,000 Jason Schmidt
$1,000,000 Brett Tomko
$750,000 Odalis Perez
$540,000 Yhency Brazoban
$500,000 Randy Wolf
$135,225 Rudy Seanez
$100,000 Mike Lieberthal

Well...I guess Colletti has done a great job fueling the Money Train. Plus throw in
$600,000 for Mark Sweeney just for fun.

2008-07-26 21:33:23
288.   Andrew Shimmin
By the way, the cycle alerts in Queens have been canceled. Stand down.
2008-07-26 21:34:06
289.   Tripon
287 You missed Gary Bennett for another $875,000.
2008-07-26 21:36:46
290.   Zak
I don't see how Colletti survives this season. A lot of this is hearsay but this is what as been reported so far

1. McCourt put his foot down on spending for Sabathia. He did not trust Colletti to hand out more free agent dollars to Sabathia.

2. Other GMs, to some extent, feel like the buck does not stop with Colletti and that multiple people approve Dodger deals despite what Colletti might think. This has led to a number of reports that it is difficult to deal with the Dodgers.

3. Colletti might be trading away better prospects because he has no money to spend on new players. This seems incredulous even to me, but Colletti's record is dismal as far as handing out money to people.

At the very least, I think McCourt, if able to do things over, would not have hired Colletti.

2008-07-26 21:43:20
291.   Tripon
Andre Ethier wasn't in the mood to talk about being left out of the lineup for the second consecutive day. Though Torre has complimented Ethier for his consistency in recent games, the manager opted for an outfield that included Pierre, Andruw Jones and Matt Kemp.

"I'm not allowed to have feeling with what goes on around here," Ethier said.

2008-07-26 21:43:34
292.   68elcamino427
Isn't McCourt culpable in all of the big money signings as well?
McCourt's record on hirings and firings shows lots of changes ... lots.
2008-07-26 21:45:28
293.   Tripon
292 He's been fairly hands off since he became an owner. He just picked the wrong guy in Ned Coletti.
2008-07-26 21:47:24
294.   OhioBlues12
291 - Man, that is disheartening to read. However, I firmly believe that if Jones makes it to Aug with only 2 HRs then I think he will be "DL'd" and will not be heard from again this season.
2008-07-26 21:48:59
295.   herchyzer
How 'about a little... devil's advocacy, Scarecrow?!

Okay, check this out. I don't post anything useful, much, mainly, I 'spose, because I consider myself, rightly I'm sure, to not be one of the more informed fans of the Dodgers or of baseball. But reading through posts on this and several other boards all calling for Colletti's head I feel like asking this somewhat extended hypothetical question.

1) Casey's bat helps to propel the team into the playoffs where it aquits itself honorably, ie, at least extends its 1st round series to (what is it?) 5 games.

2) DeWitt plays 2nd in the minors for the rest of the season. The position switch is considered to be provisionally successful.

3)LaRoche is kept up for the remainder of the season. Through creative position management he recieves a fair number of at-bats. he performs pretty well.

4) Blake is somehow let go after the season with or without compensating draft picks.

5) Next season begins with LaRoche at 3rd, DeWitt at 2nd, and the rest of our beloved young players at their respective positions (i.e. None were traded off for PVL's).

How would everyone judge Colletti at that point if all or nearly all of the above scenario were to occur. Would he still be condemned by most. Was this trade a bad one, on principle, even if it happens to yield short-term results?

Does my scenario have to many hypothetical points to be worth considering, ie, "Yeah! If everything goes perfect, we'll be fine!" I don't think so, but it may.

My point is, Ned's had a long streak of "bad luck" with his moves. I can't tell if it's all due to poor decision making or some of it truly is bad luck. But if this trade actually, by miracle, or happenstance, does work out well in the short-term and indifferently to well in the long-term, will people here feel more well-disposed toward the Nedster at this time next year, especially in light of point #5?

2008-07-26 21:49:08
296.   larry slimfast
So if Furcal comes back and Nomar is still hitting, who sits?
2008-07-26 21:49:31
297.   Sagehen
292 And yet Kim Ng and Logan White have survived and thrived. Let the Ng/White era begin!

If I were McCourt, I'd be looking at the dollars wasted by Colletti, and I'd be seriously thinking about firing him. Plus there is a real threat of losing Ng and/or White at this point.

2008-07-26 21:50:23
298.   Tripon
Is Blake going to hit sixth for the rest of the season? He has a guady batting average for RISP, but that's not going to matter much since Kent and Nomar don't get on base much. They're your 4th and 5th hitter, and they're don't have great OBP. Nomar is at .337, and Kent is at .310
2008-07-26 21:51:03
299.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks to LAT, bhsportsguy, Greg Brock, bluebleeder and I enjoyed a delightful game on a beautiful night.

Too bad the game was so quick.

I think the highlight was bluebleeder corralling a beach ball and then letting me stick my pen in it to deflate.

The people sitting behind us hated us.

And we were all very happy.

2008-07-26 21:51:25
300.   Alex41592
296 - I hope we have that problem. Furcal would start for sure.

291 - We're behind you all the way Andre. You'll be in there. This Jones disaster is coming to an end soon.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-07-26 21:51:33
301.   Zak
292 To the extent that he listened to his GM? I mean, does he come up with a list of players he wants to sign? I'm sure he oks the financial part of it, but hard to believe that he does not hold Colletti responsible to Jones' being overweight, Schmidt's injury or the worst crime of all, the Loaiza pickup.
2008-07-26 21:51:44
302.   Tripon
The Andruw Rudolf Jones era won't ever end.
2008-07-26 21:54:42
303.   Tripon
301 McCourt been perceived as a guy who follows which way the winds blows. Part of the reason why a guy like Ned Coletti been able to survive is that none of the big media in town such as the L.A. Times hasn't turned on him until recently. To McCourt, perception matters, and until recently the Times sports section liked Ned because he wasn't DePo, and DePo was a nerd with a computer.
2008-07-26 21:56:23
304.   larry slimfast
300 but nomar will still play. will it be pierre, blake, loney, ethier?
2008-07-26 21:58:23
305.   Alex41592
304 - Most of the time those questions answer themselves. Management sometimes just doesn't see those answers. I just hope Furcal comes back.
2008-07-26 21:58:51
306.   The Dude Abides
304 - The logical move would be Nomar at 3B, Casey in LF, Kemp in CF, Andre RF...with the Little Leaguer and the fat guy sitting on the bench.
2008-07-26 21:59:56
307.   Eric L
291 I feel bad for Andre. It has to suck to know that you have a legitimate claim to being the best outfielder on the team and you have to sit behind guys because of reputations and contracts.

It would be one thing if he was on a team with a halfway decent group of outfielders. Kemp and Ethier are pretty close to be league average offensively and they still blow away the other two clowns.

2008-07-26 22:06:44
308.   ChicagoDodger
295 I don't get your point.

With the exception of Blake propelling the Dodgers to playoffs and playoff success, what of the rest of your post would be different had they not even bothered to acquire Blake?

2008-07-26 22:09:17
309.   Alex41592
Chin-lung Hu has exploded tonight in Vegas:

4 for 5 with a double, 2 triples, four runs scored and 4 RBI's.

2008-07-26 22:10:29
310.   Tripon
309 Is he playing SS? I hope Hu gets called up in Sept, and becomes a capable PH/bench player to change Torre's perception of him.
2008-07-26 22:12:35
311.   Alex41592
309 - Yes, he's playing SS.

In addition, Luis Maza is playing second base and is 4 for 4 with a walk, 4 runs scored and 3 RBI's.

2008-07-26 22:18:19
312.   Sagehen
308 I think that is the point ... that Blake could propel the Dodgers to the playoffs this year without affecting the makeup of the team next year.
2008-07-26 22:18:57
313.   Tripon
Bison is OPS 1.048 the last six games. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
2008-07-26 22:20:41
314.   bhsportsguy
299 It was fine time had by all. From the garlic fries to Casey Blake's 2 hits to Nomar playing 1st base, it was quite a night.

Sights at the game, seeing LaRoche in the dugout realizing that he is the odd man in, watching Vin singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame with us during the 7th inning stretch, and seeing Odalis take a meaningless dive at first base.

2008-07-26 22:22:24
315.   Sagehen
Why the Dodgers don't need to trade for a shortstop. They currently have 4 possibilities for this year (and I'm not counting Berroa):

1. Nomar, when healthy is putting up good numbers so far.
2. Furcal might come back.
3. Hu, with his eyesight taken care of and allowed the development time he was supposed to get this year anyway, might finally be major-league ready by September.
4. DeJesus as been doing rather well in AA and might pull a Blake DeWitt for a month.

So ... Nomar for July (until injured), DeJesus for August (until the league figures him out), Hu and Furcal for September. What more do we need?

2008-07-26 22:24:16
316.   PDH5204
311 puts 309 into context. And I'm not talking about fielding position.
2008-07-26 22:25:09
317.   evenatriple
Just returned from a lovely night at the ballpark. A few notes from the loge level:

1) Casey Blake got a big welcome from the fans. But Juan Pierre got a bigger one. Alas.

2) A guy two rows in front of me wore a t-shirt with the weather forecast for Mecca across the back. Monday through Friday were highs of 90 degrees with a picture of the sun shining. Saturday was a high of 5000 degrees with picture of a mushroom cloud. He was there with his young child. Hope this is not a rule 5 violation but I was pretty shocked.

3) A guy two rows behind me said that Matt Kemp was the dumbest guy on the planet and pointed out how he had been picked off first more than any player in history, can't hit a fast ball, etc.

4) A guy just to my left said that Juan Pierre was his favorite player because he "makes things happen."

5) My head did not explode. I was enjoying a beautiful night too much to allow these morons who live among us to ruin my mood.

6) My 5 year old had his first bite of a Dodger dog. He called it a "hello bite" and took a few nibbles from the side. Then he ate the entire bun and allowed the dog to roll on the ground. Told me it was junk food. I let it go, reluctantly. He is now asleep, clutching his new Dodger bear, dreaming of James Loney and Matt Kemp.

2008-07-26 22:27:24
318.   Tripon
317 Which is funny since Matt Kemp is our best hitter for the past two weeks.
2008-07-26 22:28:50
319.   Neal Pollack
There is Juan Pierre Kool-Aid in the beer on the loge level.
2008-07-26 22:30:18
320.   Bob Timmermann
I found 2) quite disturbing.

I wouldn't worry about your 5-year old not liking a hot dog right away. He'll come around.

2008-07-26 22:35:13
321.   Greg Brock
Bleeder and Bob had the sweetest beach ball popping ever.
2008-07-26 22:36:30
322.   Tripon
The ball popping shall be televised.
2008-07-26 22:38:22
323.   Alex41592
Sorry, this will be long I wrote it myself while listening.

Highlights from an interview with Ned with Charley Steiner on the pregame show:

On Casey Blake : They've been watching him for a while now. Very competitive, doesn't take an at-bat off and more stability at third.

On Blake DeWitt: Outstanding first four months.

Andy LaRoche fits in their plans for the future. But, for right here, right now, they needed one more bat. A veteran bat. A bat who's been through a pennant race. More experience means more stability. Kids can lean on the vets.

On trading Santana: Santana can hit, but with prospects at Triple-A and Double-A they felt it was something they could do. Between Russ and Lucas May they had depth to move him. Plus he may end up playing the outfield and not catching in the future.

On Jon Meloan: Passed by Wade and Troncoso. He'll pitch in the big leagues, but had to move him.

On July 31st: Looking to add a pitcher. It may not happen. Asking price is too high today.

There are a couple of power bats being thrown out there, but one is a true stretch to be traded and the price would be astronomical. Another one has a spotty track record, he goes up and down and is hard to gauge whether it's staying up. It would be ultra costly and doubtful anything will happen in that area.

On the rest of the season: Blake will help us. Consistency on offense. Needs the pitching to get back to where it was before the break. Games against the Rockies and D'backs are huge. He praises the Rockies offense.

On injuries and potential comebacks: Penny could be back in ten days. Schmidt continues to go back and forth. Furcal is working out in Arizona with a physical therapist. Hopefully, we get him back. But, realistically not before September 1st. Saito will be re-evaluated in three weeks.

Assessing Ethier, Martin, Loney and Kemp: Continue to see improvement. Some inconsistency. Kemp's at bats are much better, his defense was great last night and improving. Martin is Martin. Plays hard everyday. Loney is a second half player and we'll see his power. Ethier has been more consistent and improving. Each is getting better and better. Their names all come up in trade talk from the other side as do Billingsley and Broxton. Those six are everyday players and can handle the pace of the season and be successful doing it.

2008-07-26 22:52:38
324.   Icaros

That is very encouraging to read, mostly. Thanks for the transcript.

2008-07-26 22:57:29
325.   Alex41592
324 - No problem. Also, Simers' column is up and it's a good one.

A tease:

And based on everything Colletti knows about baseball, he said, "Casey Blake is a solid player."

"And did you think Andruw Jones was a solid player?" I wondered.

"Yeah," Colletti said. "Did you?"

"No," I said, his .222 average and 138 strikeouts a year ago raising just a little bit of doubt.,0,7140986.column

2008-07-26 23:04:49
326.   fanerman
Thanks Alex41592. I'm also (mostly) encouraged.
2008-07-26 23:07:51
327.   Greg Brock
I can only imagine what it's like to talk to TJ Simers for the first time.

Poor Casey Blake had no idea what he was in for.

2008-07-26 23:13:36
328.   Alex41592
From L.A Times:

"It's not the time to be heroes and pitch complete games," Lowe said. "It's time to win games."

Which is why Lowe said that when Torre asked him if he wanted to pitch the ninth inning, he said no. Lowe's next scheduled start is Thursday, when the Dodgers open a four-game series against the Diamondbacks. The opposing pitcher that day will be Brandon Webb.

"I'd rather save the 15-20 pitches," Lowe said. "I understand where my next start is.",0,2939809.story

2008-07-26 23:14:42
329.   Eric Enders
323 Thanks for that. I'm also mostly encouraged. It'd be a little disheartening to find that Colletti actually believes in ideas as specious as "consistency" and "second-half players," but I'll take what I can get.
2008-07-26 23:16:30
330.   Jon Weisman


The Dodgers tend not to respond to trade proposals as quickly or decisively as other clubs, leaving those executives wondering whether to approach Colletti, McCourt or one of the assistant general managers for a prompt response and whether scouting guru Logan White is whispering into McCourt's ear to hold onto the prospects.

The Dodgers say this is nonsense. Colletti solicited White's opinion on Saturday's trade, even dispatching him for a last-minute evaluation of the better of the two prospects, catcher Carlos Santana. White gave his blessing to trade the prospects.

Even without them, there is youth aplenty in Dodger blue. With McCourt's commitment to young players, not only last winter but through this trading season, it becomes increasingly apparent that Torre was not the best choice as the Dodgers' manager.

2008-07-26 23:17:13
331.   Jon Weisman
330 - More:

These Dodgers would have been better served with a younger, high-energy manager -- say, Torey Lovullo or Ron Wotus, two of the names on the candidate list that Paul DePodesta compiled three years ago, before McCourt fired him

2008-07-26 23:27:25
332.   Tripon
331 330 I thought Shakin hated youth and preferred vets?
2008-07-26 23:28:40
333.   sporky
323 Thanks for that.
2008-07-26 23:28:43
334.   Greg Brock
Cashman, whose contract with the Yankees expires this fall, is said to be monitoring developments with the Dodgers. He is believed to be rooting for Kim Ng, his former assistant and now an assistant to Colletti, to get the first shot if McCourt lets Colletti go.

Kim Ng as Dodger GM and Brian Cashman as Nats GM...These two things need to happen to my two favorite teams.

2008-07-26 23:30:16
335.   Jon Weisman
332 - Since when? I think you thought wrong.
2008-07-26 23:30:22
336.   Tripon
334 I don't think the Yankees are going to lose Brian Cashman.
2008-07-26 23:36:28
337.   Eric Enders
"Colletti solicited White's opinion on Saturday's trade, even dispatching him for a last-minute evaluation of the better of the two prospects, catcher Carlos Santana. White gave his blessing to trade the prospects."

If that's really true, it does make me feel a little better. Santana's entire value lies in his being able to remain a catcher; if he can't stay behind the plate, then he's just another player.

The point in 331 is something that's been obvious almost from the moment Torre was hired. Ever since Torre expressed a desire during the offseason to remain ignorant about his team, it's been apparent that this is a bad match. I'm not saying it won't work eventually, but the Dodgers could have done better. I'm glad somebody is finally saying so out loud.

2008-07-26 23:37:47
338.   Greg Brock
336 Cashman to the Nats has been a rumor for as long as the Nats have been the un-Expos. I'd like to see it happen, though you're probably right.
2008-07-26 23:37:51
339.   Tripon
335 Oh, I think I just confused Shakin's puff piece on Larry Beinfest on a slam against the Dodgers' kids instead of a general slam against the Dodgers.
2008-07-26 23:41:18
340.   Bob Timmermann
Clang, clang, clang went the trolley!

2008-07-26 23:41:58
341.   silverwidow
Logan sees the value of Type A compensation for Blake.

We could, potentially, have three first round picks next year (top 30) -- our own, Lowe, and Blake.

2008-07-26 23:44:10
342.   Greg Brock
Anthropomorphizing automobiles needs to stop.

First it was the Chevy Techron commercials.
Then it was Owen Wilson and Paul Newman.
Now it's a trolley that isn't even a trolley.

I miss the days when cars were feared. They were 1964 Plymouth Furies with death in their hearts.

2008-07-26 23:49:10
343.   LAT
Someone associated with another team told me "Last year, our GM said going anywhere near Andruw Jones was crazy. His shoulders are shot from diving for balls, he is way overweight and is in steep decline."

This person and someone else indicated they did not believe Ned would be back next year. They were fairly matter of fact about this.

2008-07-26 23:49:21
344.   Eric Enders
Brock must have hated "Knight Rider."
2008-07-26 23:49:34
345.   Tripon
342 Who the heck drives 55MPH on the freeways? I would like to meet this person so I can yell at him for slowing down traffic.
2008-07-26 23:50:31
346.   Greg Brock
344 KITT did not stick his tongue out with googly eyes.
2008-07-26 23:51:07
347.   Tripon
341 We might resign Lowe, if we sign C.C., our first rounder is likely gone, and we might not offer Casey Blake arbitration due to the expense taken if we keep him.
2008-07-26 23:52:22
348.   The Dude Abides
328 - that's a relief...I take it back, Joe!
2008-07-27 00:09:56
349.   silverwidow
347 Seriously, I don't think any of your scenarios will happen.

Lowe is about as close to 100% as it gets to not returning (Boras factor).

We're not signing CC (McCourt factor).

Offering Blake arb is a hedge against LaRoche/DeWitt.

2008-07-27 00:24:19
350.   Greg Brock
You know, we have a pretty high payroll. 118 million dollars is not low.

The "McCourt Factor" isn't cheapness. It's instability and a desperation to be liked.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-07-27 00:26:18
351.   CanuckDodger
349 -- Oh, I think we will sign Sabathia. A lot of money is coming off the books, and I think McCourt is as scared of letting the payroll drop too low (there would be media outrage) as he is of letting it get too high. Sabathia is also rumored to want to be a Dodger, and he is the kind of power lefty Logan White would covet -- since I'm assuming White will be our GM then.:)
2008-07-27 00:28:33
352.   Zak
351 I think we will try to sign him but get outbid. I see him as a Yankee next year.
2008-07-27 00:31:34
353.   Greg Brock
I usually giggle when everybody else does this, but...

Penny (if option gets picked up)

That would be a silly staff. Imagine if somebody could hit 25 home runs.

2008-07-27 00:33:05
354.   Zak
I would bet almost anything that if Kemp gets 450 at bats next season, he will hit out 25.
2008-07-27 00:34:40
355.   Zak
Sabathia would make us serious contenders. If there is one pitcher I would want right now, it's Sabathia. Of course, knowing the Dodgers, we will get him in 2013.
2008-07-27 00:39:16
356.   Greg Brock
345 Probably. Depends on how much we "improve his plate approach" over the next six months.
2008-07-27 00:40:25
357.   Greg Brock
Bah, 354 , not 345.


2008-07-27 00:40:48
358.   Zak
356 Well, it's been pretty good the last two weeks or so, right? It's a stretch, but he might get to 25 this year.
2008-07-27 00:40:53
359.   bhsportsguy
343 Since I know where LAT hangs out, I would take his statement more seriously than anything Ken Rosenthal says. (Which isn't saying much I know but I had to start somewhere.)

At least I predicted Blake DeWitt would be one going down to AAA.

2008-07-27 00:42:56
360.   Zak
360 Yeah, McCourt is going to give Colletti the Fredo treatment.
2008-07-27 00:44:16
361.   Zak
And by Fredo treatment, I will let the reader decide whether I meant Godfather I or Godfather II.
2008-07-27 00:45:15
362.   Greg Brock
LAT sits there with his movie star looks and his owners box shenanigans, and tops it off by being one of the nicest people I've met. Man, I hate that guy.
2008-07-27 00:50:13
363.   Bob Timmermann
Colletti is going to become the GM in Las Vegas and work with Moe Green?
2008-07-27 00:53:00
364.   Reddog
So many wrong moves and bad hires since McCourt bought the team. Its hard to believe all the bone-headed and expensive moves Colletti has made. If it wasn't for Logan White, we'd really be in sad shape.
2008-07-27 00:53:20
365.   Alex41592
363 - Perhaps McCourt offers Colletti a free massage as well?
2008-07-27 00:53:50
366.   Zak
363 Better than the alternative, no? Good thing we have a AAA affiliate there.
2008-07-27 00:54:22
367.   Greg Brock
Colletti is going to take Johnny Ola to a completely inappropriate show in Cuba?

Is Logan White playing the Tom Hagen role?

2008-07-27 00:54:27
368.   Icaros
Check Colletti's passport for trips to Cuba.
2008-07-27 00:59:00
369.   bhsportsguy
367 I thought there already was a Fredo on the Dodgers?
2008-07-27 01:00:44
370.   Greg Brock
369 That particular person doesn't even qualify as Fredo. Fredo existed. That person does not.

Tommy is Abe Vigoda, right?

2008-07-27 01:02:24
371.   Zak
370 I was thinking Clemenza, but we can go Vigoda.
2008-07-27 01:05:30
372.   Eric Enders
Tommy is Frankie Pentangeli. Obsessed with Italian food and willing to stab anyone in the back.
2008-07-27 01:08:25
373.   Greg Brock
Clemenza was the man.

Lasorda...Not so much.

Ken Rosenthal is The Turk. You just wish he would go away.

2008-07-27 01:08:56
374.   Alex41592
Andruw Jones must be the horses head Ned put in Frank's bed. This is fun.

Larry Bowa has to be Sonny.

2008-07-27 01:09:00
375.   Johnny Nucleo
How does this trade affect Colletti's VORGM?
2008-07-27 01:12:14
376.   Zak
375 Nobody wholeheartedly loves it, and a lot of people hate it, so there's that. As for his VORGM, let's say he didn't lose any further ground.
2008-07-27 01:15:46
377.   Greg Brock
Larry Bowa has to be Sonny


2008-07-27 02:58:02
378.   Greg Brock
When can't miss pitching prospects turn in to Hindenburgian busts...The curious case of John Van Benschoten:

2008-07-27 04:24:01
379.   dzzrtRatt

"In fact, it might be the best deal Colletti has ever made, because the Dodgers don't have to pay Blake anything to play third base, the Indians paying his entire $6.1-million salary.

"I wondered how that conversation went when Colletti went skipping into the Parking Lot Attendant's office and told FrankMcCourt he had just acquired a guy who won't have to be paid.

"'Anything else?' Colletti said while turning to the other reporters.

"What's more important than that to the Parking Lot Attendant? That's why Angel Berroa is still here. The Royals are paying his $4.75-million salary, and now with Blake, that's two of the 25 players on the Dodgers' roster whom McCourt doesn't have to pay."

I wonder if Colletti is working off Jones' salary with almost $11 mil in free players. That would remove some of the sting of DFA'ing him.

2008-07-27 04:32:06
380.   Eric Enders
378 It's pretty typical of the Pirates to take a guy who led the NCAA in hitting home runs, turn him into a pitcher, and have him become (quite literally) the worst pitcher in the history of baseball.

The scouting director who oversaw most of those disastrous Pirates drafts was Ed Creech, the same guy who wrecked the Dodger farm system before Logan White was hired. I'm amazed he was able to get another job after his tenure with the Dodgers.

Now he works for the Giants. [Rubs hands together with glee.]

2008-07-27 04:40:23
381.   Eric Enders
In Creech's three years with the Dodgers his three top picks were Jason Repko, Ben Diggins, and Bryan Pilkington.

Repko is the only player he ever drafted who got more than a cup of coffee with the Dodgers. Otherwise, the most notable players he picked were Abercrombie, Victorino, Hanrahan, Thurston, Koyie Hill, and Edwin Jackson, the last of whom was the only player in the Dodgers' 2001 draft to play so much as a single game in the major leagues for anybody.

2008-07-27 05:38:12
382.   Marty
I thought Creech was a character in Saved by the Bell.
2008-07-27 07:05:33
383.   Ken Noe
Random a.m. thoughts after reading the papers;

1. If Torre's job was to "heal the clubhouse," he's not doing a good job with the outfield.

2. Management's divisions sound pretty much like Ned vs. everybody else. Thus it should be easy to fix the divided voice" problem. (I do wonder where Ng is in all of this).

3. Ned's stated reasons for getting Blake are just inane, PR speak--which is what you would expect.

4. I doubt that the "cash-flow" problems are much more than McCourt tired of Ned wasting his money. This could mean Ng/White moving Pierre this winter as well as letting big contracts walk.

5. We'll have more reason to swear if Jones plays today and this week. It's good that the press is finally willing to question Torre as well as Ned.

2008-07-27 07:21:38
384.   Eric Stephen
I wish I was there to see a beach ball being popped.

On a lighter note, I thought this quote from Lowe was amusing in it's inaccuracy:

"I consider my tenure to be a failure. We've only won one playoff game."

Dodger playoff wins, 2005-2007: 0

I shudder to think what Lowe thinks of his tenure now.

2008-07-27 07:33:16
385.   silverwidow
384 The Times recap says "We haven't won one playoff game."
2008-07-27 07:40:46
386.   herchyzer
308 . ChicagoDodger
295 . I don't get your point.

With the exception of Blake propelling the Dodgers to playoffs and playoff success, what of the rest of your post would be different had they not even bothered to acquire Blake?

These are a couple of changes, I think positive, that the Blake aquisition may have precipitated.

1) DeWitt's in the minors working out at second base. Many of us wanted that.

2) LaRoche's role for this season is more firmly defined as utility man. With any creativity on the part of Torre he can be found enough at-bats in a slightly less pressure filled environment to both avoid becoming rusty and to get more used to the big leagues, eased in, so to speak.

3) If all of that works out as it might then infield roles going into NEXT season might well be clearer than they would have been had we continued as we were.

4) The offense IS improved, I think. It's a little baseless to claim that LaRoche would likely as performed in the third base lineup slot as well as Blake is likely to. The outfield is a fairly separate issue which involves Torre doing the right thing. We could end up a decent playoff team, I think.

Question: If all that transpires that nicely will we judge this "typical" Colletti move less harshly than we have retrospectively judged the ones by which Baez and Hendrickson were aquired? Or is he just the proverbial blind squirrel?

2008-07-27 07:40:52
387.   Eric Stephen
Diamond Leung either made an error in:

a) shorthand; or
b) fact checking

2008-07-27 07:59:31
388.   D4P
The latest FJM installment begins thusly:

Dodger Fans, Rest Easy. There's a steady hand at the helm of your ship. A hand that wears a cowboy hat. A hand that also wears snakeskin boots. Ned's hand.

An excerpt:

What happens when a team attains such a dangerously high gaminess quotient? Will Juan Pierre grow a thick, Baron Davis-style beard to prove that he's more of a gamer than Blake? What if Jeff Kent shoots himself in the foot with a crossbow just so he can play through the pain of a crossbow wound and be hailed as the gamiest Dodger of all? What if Nomar turns himself into a 5'6" white guy, and then Broxton transforms himself into Brett Favre in retaliation, and then Hong-Chih Kuo tops them all by becoming the ultimate gamer: a 5'6" Brett Favre?

2008-07-27 08:01:16
389.   Jon Weisman
You know, we got swept in 2006, but we were tied in the seventh inning of Game 1 and leading in the sixth inning of Game 3. Little and the bullpen...
2008-07-27 08:17:13
390.   Bobblehead
Taking my little guy to Autograph Day today.

Any tips on how it works and how to have the best experience with it?


2008-07-27 08:18:22
391.   Andrew Shimmin
It's a little baseless to claim that LaRoche would likely as performed in the third base lineup slot as well as Blake is likely to.

It's based on something other than what's happened, but it's not based on nothing. Blake is beating his preseason projections by 80+ OPS points. His hitting at about his 75% PECOTA projection. Most of the people who think that LaRoche would be better than Blake for the rest of the season expect that Blake will be falling off his first half pace. Some expect he'll be falling well off.

People who expect LaRoche would have outperformed Blake for the rest of the year are also likely to be disposed to giving no (or nearly no) credence to LaRoche's 59 ABs, because they do not represent a useful sample. The bases for the LaRoche projections are the same as they were in March. That's problematic, given his broken hand, but there's not a more defensible jumping off point I can see.

2008-07-27 08:29:49
392.   herchyzer
391 . I base my baselessness statement on the fact that all of Andy's relevant stats come from the minors. I'm thinking that while that may be used to predict long-term major league success, perhaps, if done carefully, it's unlikely to predict much about how he'd do this season. Anyway, that's what I think. Gotta go. Can't 'ave no more Dodger Thoughts today. Take care, all. Hersh.
2008-07-27 08:36:17
393.   Suffering Bruin
Who's embarrassed? I am.

I've been posting this morning thinking I had the thread all to myself. I did--the previous thread.

I'm going to hide my head in shame now.

2008-07-27 08:38:00
394.   Andrew Shimmin
That's a position that can be defended. I expect it's true that the predictive value of projections based mostly on minor league numbers are more volatile than those of major league only players. That could mean that LaRochites should be less sure of their predictions (though I'm not sure I've yet seen one say that his position is unassailable) but it's still not baseless.

Not that any of this matters. Barring an injury, LaRoche isn't going to play much for the Dodgers this year. So, we'll never know. If he doesn't get sent to Boston this week, we'll get to argue next year whether it was the kid glove treatment that allowed him to breakout in 2009. How Joe Torre took a broken, destitute prospect and turned him into a big league third baseman. Hallowed be his name.

2008-07-27 08:39:58
395.   Andrew Shimmin
393- NPUT means: New Post Up Top.
2008-07-27 08:42:21
396.   Jon Weisman

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