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And to Think I Used the Word 'Pissed' Three Times on Sunday
2003-08-25 06:12
by Jon Weisman

So I walk into the men's room at Dodger Stadium, like I've done many times in the past 30-odd years, and what do I see that I've never seen before.

(Tantalizing lead-in, huh?)

An ad for, framed on the wall like a diploma.

What an institution for higher learning Dodger Stadium has become.

There were several other frames, judiciously placed above the sink, above the trash cans, above the trough. Another had a Sportsline ad, while several carried your basic "Your Ad Here!" pitch.

My ad there? Right there? Think of the possibilities ...

Dodger Thoughts: So Good, You'll Pee in Your Pants
Dodger Thoughts: We Really Let It Flow
Urine the Know with Dodger Thoughts

Think those sound bad? Considering the home team was about to lose its second straight game to the Mets, thanks to two errors on the same play, one seems cordially invited by these signs to comment about the piss-poor Dodgers.

Well, the Dodgers got a gift when Milwaukee swept Philadelphia last week. They have now too generously given much of that gift back, but still somehow trail in the wild card by only three games. So no one outside of the Atlanta Braves or the mourning San Francisco Giants has much more to feel free and easy about than the Dodgers do.

But I have to say, when you're a team trying to prove deserving of the October spotlight, it seems more than a little pathetic that providing income-generating bathroom reading material has grabbed any share of your time and energy. Hardly the biggest desecration of Dodger Stadium, but most certainly the tackiest.

Not well-hung, my Dodger friends. Not well-hung.

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