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The Pivotal Play
2008-07-29 07:33
by Jon Weisman

Russell Martin shouted at Hiroki Kuroda to throw to first base on the one-out, fourth-inning comebacker with a runner on third and another runner having broken for second, but Kuroda didn't hear him, Ken Gurnick notes at Unfortunately, as the replays showed, Martin didn't point to first base.

If only Dodger fans were tamer.

"I yelled, 'One, one, one,'" said catcher Russell Martin, instructing Kuroda to throw to first base. "With the crowd, it's hard to communicate. If he doesn't hear the defenders yell, 'Going,' he's taught to turn around and fire [to second base]. The pitcher usually sees a runner breaking, unless it's a late break and that's what happened."

Kuroda threw to second, where John Bowker had already rounded the base. Everyone was safe, and the bases were loaded. After that, despite a strikeout of the sub-.200-hitting Omar Vizquel (who had singled and scored in the previous inning), the roof fell in:

  • Sub-.100-hitting pitcher Kevin Correia singled right past Kuroda on a 1-2 pitch for two runs.

  • Fred Lewis drove in another with his feet, barely beating out an infield grounder despite a valiant effort by Angel Berroa, playing in place of the injured Nomar Garciaparra.

  • Jose Castillo singled in Correia on a sinking liner to right field that Andre Ethier appeared to catch but was ruled a trap.

  • Randy Winn singled to center to give San Francisco a 7-0 lead.

    It was a Murphy's Law inning, and yet the Dodgers still almost came back and won. In a game that saw struggling hitters Mark Sweeney and Andruw Jones each get pinch-hit RBIs, that saw Omar Vizquel flail at a grounder Jeff Kent-style, they cut the deficit to one. And then, Kent hit a fly ball to the deepest part of the ballfield, but it just wouldn't go out. And that was that.

    * * *

    The print edition of the Times sports section today had no advertising. That's the first time I've ever noticed that happening.

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    2008-07-29 07:53:23
    1.   D4P
    The Times it is a' changin'.
    2008-07-29 07:53:52
    2.   JoeyP
    Per Tony Jackson re Nomar:

    He has a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee.

    Sounds like a serious injury, especially with a guy like Nomar.

    2008-07-29 07:54:57
    3.   Scanman33
    Was a crowd of 40,000 really THAT loud because of a dribbler back to the mound? I think that one's on Martin.
    2008-07-29 08:00:06
    4.   ibleedbloo
    3 40,000? There were no were there were more than 28,000 in the was dead.

    I was at the game and haven't seen any of the replays, was Either's trap a catch? His body language indicated to me that he thought he made a catch.

    Also, was that Torre's 1st ejection as a Dodger? It was really lackluster. Seemed to be just for show. Not that I need a Lou Pinella type outburst, but Torre seemed to have to really work at getting thrown out. Someone should teach him the magic words to get tossed; maybe save him some time.

    2008-07-29 08:12:43
    5.   Eric Stephen
    I saw about 5 replays of Ethier's would-be catch, and I still can't tell whether or not he caught it. I think part of the outfielder's job is to sell that catch even if you know you didn't catch it, and Ethier seemed to do a good job of that.
    2008-07-29 08:12:50
    6.   Jon Weisman
    3 - Yeah, my second paragraph is slightly sarcastic.
    2008-07-29 08:14:46
    7.   regfairfield
    I thought it clearly bounced, but I guess I was wrong.

    Is FSN doing something at the National Sports Grill in Torrance, or did I dream that?

    2008-07-29 08:19:48
    8.   Eric Stephen
    Jason Johnson tonight will become the 10th Dodger pitcher to start a game this season. No NL team has used more than 10 starters this year, but 7 of the other 15 teams have used 10.

    Last season, 11 different Dodger pitchers started.

    2008-07-29 08:20:58
    9.   MC Safety
    22 LAT'd. Scareduck:

    I wouldn't say we pounded Correia. Those errors by Castillo and Vizquel got our rally kick started. Take out those plays, and he proabably has a quality start. The middle of our order went like 2-16 or something.

    2008-07-29 08:23:43
    10.   tethier
    2 I'm no doctor, but I thought the same thing. I hope they don't wait 3 or 4 games, down a player, only to eventually disable Nomar. Or, worse yet, trade LaRoche for Jack Wilson.
    2008-07-29 08:30:28
    11.   Gen3Blue
    It was appalling how effective Correia was against our main guys when it counted.
    I wonder if Kuroda is hurt or just having a run of bad luck, but he is getting hit much more than usual for him.
    2008-07-29 08:30:51
    12.   D4P
    I have to think the Pirates would trade Wilson for LaRoche straight up, which makes me think the Dodgers haven't made that offer. Or at least, if they have, McCourt nixed it for financial reasons.
    2008-07-29 08:31:26
    13.   underdog
    2 He has the least serious kind of knee sprain you can have, a grade 1 sprain, which means he could be out for only 5-7 days. But with Nomar you never know, and even still they might be better off calling someone up or they'll have some depth issues for these pivotal series.
    2008-07-29 08:33:19
    14.   Eric Stephen
    Point of positivity: Matt Cain has never beaten the Dodgers. In 7 career starts, Cain is 0-4 with a 5.30 ERA.
    2008-07-29 08:34:06
    15.   tethier
    12 I'm not which is sadder. McCourt all of a sudden being so tight-fisted, or, that the Dodgers would do a LaRoche for Wilson trade.
    2008-07-29 08:35:41
    16.   tethier
    14 Or, to be negative - maybe he's due.
    2008-07-29 08:42:21
    17.   Scanman33
    15-After watching Furcal, Schmidt, Jones, Pierre, Garciaparra, Kent, Loaiza eat up $71 million, you can't fault McCourt for cutting Ned's allowance off.
    2008-07-29 08:42:37
    18.   MC Safety
    I think this McCourt is tight fisted thing is just a message to Coletti.

    But I also wonder if it's not just another jab through the press from John Henry.

    2008-07-29 08:43:13
    19.   blue22
    12 - I think Pittsburgh would eat the $3M or so Wilson is owed this year to get LaRoche in return.

    Maybe it's Ned's hands that are tied from trading anyone of consequence.

    2008-07-29 08:43:14
    20.   Disabled List
    Ken Arneson has a really good post up at Bronx Banter about his first and last visit to Yankee Stadium.
    2008-07-29 08:45:35
    21.   Alex41592
    Andre Ethier vs. Matt Cain:

    10 for 16 with a walk.

    However, all are singles.

    2008-07-29 08:47:25
    22.   tethier
    17 No, but it might be a little penny-wise and pound-foolish.
    2008-07-29 08:50:30
    23.   underdog
    17 He cut his allowance off but I heard he did finally let him have a cell phone and a TV in his room -- which he can keep only if he's good.
    2008-07-29 08:51:38
    24.   tethier
    21 Given that, why not shake up the order a little:


    2008-07-29 08:55:48
    25.   underdog
    From MLBTradeRumors, comes this new tidbit (regarding a player I'm too biased in favor of to think clearly about, having followed his career from UCSB through the majors and always liking him, but boy I bet he'd be expensive in more ways than one):

    >>From Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger:

    "The Dodgers continue to look everywhere for a shortstop, and tons of names have come up in connection with their search. They don't seem likely to land the Pirates' Jack Wilson, but they're scouring other organizations for options, having touched base with Toronto about John McDonald, the Yankees about Alberto Gonzales, the Twins about Adam Everett and even the Rangers about Michael Young, though it's unclear whether or why Young would be available."

    Young is new to the discussion. The 31 year-old shortstop is hitting .298/.345/.421 in 469 plate appearances this year. His five-year, $80MM extension was signed in March of '07 but doesn't kick in until next year. Even if the Rangers would listen on Young, could the Dodgers take on such a contract?<<

    2008-07-29 08:56:16
    26.   D4P
    why not shake up the order a little

    Because Kent is a beteran who deserves respect, and his beteran presence is needed in the cleanup spot.

    And I'm not even trying to be funny. It's just the way it is.

    2008-07-29 08:56:55
    27.   Scanman33
    23-Ned texting Neal Huntington: totally lame owner took my money away...anywayz i still heart wilson LOL u want ALR? txt me back. NC

    2008-07-29 08:57:03
    28.   blue22
    25 - And we have a new contender for the title "worst possible acquisition".
    2008-07-29 08:57:17
    29.   regfairfield
    25 They could, but there's no way we're dumb enough to do it.
    2008-07-29 08:57:21
    30.   Eric Stephen
    Kent has never batted lower than 5th in his 3½ years as a Dodger, and hasn't even batted 5th since 2006.
    2008-07-29 08:58:56
    31.   Greg Brock
    25 I saw that earlier. The Young contract is mind-bogglingly stupid, and no, he is not coming here.

    And Hu could outhit McDonald and Everett with both eyes tied behind his back.

    2008-07-29 08:59:29
    32.   Scanman33
    25-Young fractured his finger last night.

    So he'd fit right in.

    2008-07-29 08:59:58
    33.   D4P
    I appreciate that Ned has essentially adopted the "throw a bunch of relievers against the wall in spring training and keep the ones that stick" approach to building a bullpen, but I reject this approach to finding a shortstop.

    I don't think it's too much to ask for your GM be able to tell who's good and who isn't without having to acquire them first.

    2008-07-29 09:00:29
    34.   underdog
    31 I agree about Hu over those guys, and that Young's contract is ridiculous so there's no way it will happen unless the Dodgers can unload some of their own big contracts, which is highly unlikely. I sure do like Young though...
    2008-07-29 09:01:04
    35.   Michael Green
    I'll also add that I am a fan of umpires, just as Walter O'Malley was. But last night, Greg Gibson showed what's wrong with some of the younger ones. Blake had gone into the dugout. He didn't need to run him.
    2008-07-29 09:01:10
    36.   underdog
    And I just saw that about Young's finger. Well, perfect!

    Never mind.

    Or, maybe he'd be cheaper to acquire now!

    2008-07-29 09:01:49
    37.   Scanman33
    32-Wow, I made it sound like Young has just one finger.
    2008-07-29 09:03:03
    38.   Eric Stephen
    Blake was shouting at him from the dugout though, and used the magic word of "fertilizer" (cleaned up by Vin Scully), which was easy to see on replay. Crossing the curse word threshold will get you ejected almost every time.
    2008-07-29 09:03:12
    39.   underdog
    Young is estimated to be out for 5-7 days, actually, so he could be back before Nomar!
    2008-07-29 09:03:28
    40.   D4P
    Also made it sound like the injury was self-inflicted.
    2008-07-29 09:03:34
    41.   blue22
    34 - A mid-30s second baseman about to start making $16M a year who has had eqa's the last 3 years of .269, .269, and .270. And will take a nice package of young pitching to get him.

    I'm a UCSB alum too, but I have my limits.

    2008-07-29 09:05:29
    42.   Scanman33
    41-But he's clutch in All-Star games. You can't put a price on that.
    2008-07-29 09:05:32
    43.   Rob M
    Ethier caught that ball. It did appear to bounce, but it bounced off the web of his glove, which was on the ground, into the palm of his glove. It's an easy call for the ump to miss because it all happened so fast. Bad break.
    2008-07-29 09:07:05
    44.   regfairfield
    26 Kent is the third unluckiest hitter in the NL according to PrOPS. It makes sense to keep hitting him high in the order since the hits should start falling.
    2008-07-29 09:07:27
    45.   underdog
    41 I don't think 31 qualifies as mid 30s, and he's having a very good year, but like I said I'm not completely rational about him. ;-) I think he's still very, very good but I agree his contract is ridiculous. Which hasn't stopped the Dodgers before, but with all the other money they're wasting, no way does it happen.
    2008-07-29 09:08:46
    46.   Eric Stephen
    Nicollette Sheridan, who still looks great at 45 BTW, threw out the first pitch last night at Dodger Stadium seemingly dressed to be picked from the audience Price is Right style. (SFW)

    2008-07-29 09:09:29
    47.   underdog
    43 I was thinking this could be one type of play they could add to the replay idea -- I still hate the idea of replays in baseball because it's slow enough already but to have plays like that confirmed, plays that would effect the result of the game, it would be nice to have a backup.
    2008-07-29 09:09:37
    48.   jasonungar07
    We have a manager that values a .290 OBP from leadoff and a .703 OPS from 4 hole. SS won't matter.
    2008-07-29 09:10:14
    49.   blue22
    45 - He's 31 now, but he has a 5-year contract that kicks in next year.
    2008-07-29 09:11:14
    50.   D4P
    Jeff Kent's FB% is at a career low, and GB% is at a career high.

    First of all, why might that be?

    Second, that doesn't bode well for a guy who really needs HRs to bolster his OPS.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-07-29 09:11:19
    51.   regfairfield
    He also can't play defense. There's not too much difference between Young and Nomar once you adjust for park factor.
    2008-07-29 09:11:27
    52.   underdog
    49 - Ah, yeah, the contract is a killer, the length of it more than anything would probably kill the Dodgers' interest. (Or McCourt's, at least.)
    2008-07-29 09:12:09
    53.   regfairfield
    50 Hopefully, a change in approach since he realizes he doesn't have as much power. More ground balls mean more singles.
    2008-07-29 09:12:51
    54.   underdog
    51 He's a MUCH better second baseman than he is a SS, and hmm, the Dodgers will need a 2nd baseman next year... Just sayin'. Again, I don't think it should happen, but...
    2008-07-29 09:13:09
    55.   Greg Brock
    Nicollette Sheridan, who still looks great at 45 BTW

    I'd post the Catherine Helmond picture from Brazil, but people who haven't seen it probably wouldn't like that very much.

    2008-07-29 09:14:38
    56.   D4P
    Doesn't sound like what we'd want from a "cleanup hitter"...
    2008-07-29 09:15:31
    57.   regfairfield
    54 It'd be hard for him not to be.
    2008-07-29 09:16:27
    58.   Scanman33
    46-How do I point something out without violating Rule 1?
    2008-07-29 09:16:50
    59.   regfairfield
    Kent's predicted line is .297/.346/.460. On this team, that's a masher.
    2008-07-29 09:17:36
    60.   D4P
    What are those predictions based on...?
    2008-07-29 09:18:10
    61.   Eric Stephen
    Kent's prOPS (I found it on Hardball Times!) is .806 (.297/.346/.460), which would give Kent roughly a 107 OPS+ right now and would make my bet with ToyCannon winnable (I said Kent would have a 110 OPS+ this year).
    2008-07-29 09:19:46
    62.   regfairfield
    For comparisons sake, Dodgers PrOPS leaders

    Nomar: .953
    Martin: .858
    LaRoche: .840
    Blake (with Cleveland): .834
    Ethier: .827
    Kent: .806
    Kemp: .766
    Loney: .764
    Pierre: .720
    DeWitt: .719
    Berroa: .678
    Jones: .609

    2008-07-29 09:20:36
    63.   regfairfield
    60 Batted ball data.
    2008-07-29 09:20:57
    64.   Eric Stephen
    How do I point something out without violating Rule 1?

    Try to think like Lew Alcindor when the NCAA banned the slam dunk. Develop the hook shot of language, if you will.

    2008-07-29 09:23:12
    65.   Rob M
    Joe Posnanski's blog post on pixifoods today is well worth a read.
    2008-07-29 09:23:38
    66.   D4P
    Batted ball data

    You mean fb, gb, ld?

    If so, the obvious concern with such an approach is that as a player loses power, each given type of batted ball will presumably be less likely to result in a hit. Flyballs will be caught instead of being doubles and HRs, line drives won't be moving as fast and will thus be easier to snare, and groundballs will be less likely to make it past fielders into the outfield.

    Thus, it's entirely reasonable that two players (one young and strong, one old and weak) could have the exact same batted ball data, but have vastly different results.

    2008-07-29 09:24:12
    67.   Eric Stephen
    A Google image search is a frightening thing.
    2008-07-29 09:25:56
    68.   Scanman33
    64-A humped animal's foot digit.
    2008-07-29 09:31:08
    69.   underdog
    68 Well done!
    2008-07-29 09:32:32
    70.   regfairfield
    66 It makes sense, but it actually doesn't play out that way. If it were true, the unlucky list would be populated by aging players and the lucky list would be filled up with mashers. Here's the top 10 for both

    Unlucky: Adam Dunn, Freddy Sanchez, Jeff Kent, Khalil Greene, Ryan Howard, Carlos Delgado, Jeff Francouer, Todd Helton, Ken Griffey, Joey Votto

    Lucky: Lance Berkman, Fred Lewis, Matt Holliday, Ryan Braun, James Loney, Dan Uggla, Conor Jackson, Xavier Nady, Aaron Rowand, J.J. Hardy

    The lucky list is actually much less extreme than the unlucky one. Only four players are exceeding their real OPS by more than .055.

    2008-07-29 09:35:44
    71.   D4P
    I also wonder about defensive shifts. Do the unlucky guys typically hit to one part of the field, while the lucky guys spray the ball?
    2008-07-29 09:37:31
    72.   regfairfield
    71 I'll leave that one up to you.
    2008-07-29 09:38:38
    73.   D4P
    But I have more important things to be working on...
    2008-07-29 09:39:41
    74.   Jim Hitchcock
    Bad, Andre, bad...always argue a blown call, even if you think the game is lost.
    2008-07-29 09:43:34
    75.   fanerman
    74 Andre's been conditioned to not complain when being treated unfairly. He just stores up the anger until one day he'll burst and turn into The Hulk.
    2008-07-29 09:44:53
    76.   SG6
    74 - yes, if the call was made correctly (he did catch it), the bleeding stops at 5 runs, no?
    2008-07-29 09:45:59
    77.   D4P
    Ump: You didn't catch that.

    Andre: Yes I did.

    Ump: Oh, OK. I'll change the call.

    2008-07-29 09:46:44
    78.   Tripon
    Apparently, Casey Blake has history with the ump who thrown him out last night.

    Apparently, that wasn't enough restraint for first base umpire Greg Gibson's liking, as he took it upon himself to run Blake. The third baseman burst out of the dugout to exchange words with Gibson (who, it turns out, drop kicked him once in the minors). Joe Torre followed to take up his player's case and in the end, both found themselves watching the final frame on television.

    2008-07-29 09:46:47
    79.   fanerman
    Yeah, you really think the umps would change their mind?
    2008-07-29 09:47:20
    80.   fanerman
    78 Gibson drop-kicked Blake?
    2008-07-29 09:49:25
    81.   Jon Weisman
    From ITD:

    "Delwyn Young, one of the most talkative and funniest guys on the team, will be chatting with all of you today at 2 p.m. PT. As some of you know, during the last web chat with Matt Kemp, DY was in the room and cracking jokes the whole time, so someone asked if he would chat the next time around...voila."

    2008-07-29 09:50:22
    82.   Bob Timmermann
    "Delwyn isn't funny how your oblique won't feel better until September 1?"
    2008-07-29 09:53:08
    83.   Greg Brock
    Delwyn, think you could hit .094?
    2008-07-29 09:54:24
    84.   fanerman
    83 The bar has been raised, unfortunately. .106. That one doubled raised Mr. Sweeney's OPS by .040 points.
    2008-07-29 09:54:43
    85.   Tripon
    80 Apparently so, although I'm trying to see if the L.A. Times Dodgers blogger is being funny.
    2008-07-29 09:55:09
    86.   Eric Stephen
    Delwyn, which Del Taco hot sauce is better, Del Scorcho or Del Inferno?
    2008-07-29 09:56:25
    87.   Bob Timmermann
    Wasn't last night Blake's first ejection in the big leagues?
    2008-07-29 09:57:40
    88.   Eric Stephen
    The bar has been raised, unfortunately

    I don't mean to pick on you, fanerman, but I think its pointless to root against Sweeney in the hopes that he would be benched or released. That simply won't happen; Sweeney is here until the end of the year, so why not root for him to do well?

    However, if you were rooting for him to finish under .100 for purely historical reasons, I'm all for that. :)

    2008-07-29 09:58:41
    89.   Jim Hitchcock
    55 Uh, you mean the stretched face one?
    2008-07-29 09:59:33
    90.   Jim Hitchcock
    77 Yeah, good point :)
    2008-07-29 10:00:24
    91.   Greg Brock
    89 I do!

    However, if you were rooting for him to finish under .100 for purely historical reasons, I'm all for that.

    I won't speak for fanerman, but I am!

    2008-07-29 10:01:35
    92.   fanerman
    88 Hey man, I'm rooting for history!

    I also don't believe that Sweeney has cost the team very much in terms of wins anyway, being a pinch-hitter and all, so I'm not terribly bitter.

    2008-07-29 10:02:34
    93.   fanerman
    Well it's nice to know we're all on the same page.
    2008-07-29 10:03:36
    94.   Greg Brock
    93 Some things are bigger than wins or losses.
    2008-07-29 10:03:36
    95.   Eric Stephen
    That's cool. You're allowed, since you have a quote on the sidebar and all! :)
    2008-07-29 10:07:09
    96.   D4P
    Milton Bradley is OPSing 1.257 at home this year.
    2008-07-29 10:13:54
    97.   Bob Timmermann
    The lone alumnus of my university who serves in the U.S. Senate got indicted according to the New York Times.

    Or say the tubes! Tubes!

    2008-07-29 10:18:00
    98.   Greg Brock
    97 U-C-L-A Fight Fight Fight!
    2008-07-29 10:18:33
    99.   Bob Timmermann
    Will the gentleman yield the floor?
    2008-07-29 10:19:39
    100.   SG6
    77 - of course not. They rarely ever change their minds. But if Torre is going to get tossed over a check swing that really didn't have much impact, I'd prefer to see him challenge a blown catch call.

    Maybe the umps huddle and reconsider? Maybe another ump saw it as a clean catch? Why not try?

    Curious if MLB employs same strategy as NBA - mailing video proof of blown calls to umps. Just as kind of an FYI to them.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-07-29 10:19:47
    101.   cargill06
    dan (nyc): rob, have we seen the last of (the good) dontrelle willis?

    Rob Neyer: I think he has an operation, and eventually comes back as the highest-paid LOOGY ever.

    I've heard this LOOGY term here too, please explain.

    2008-07-29 10:19:55
    102.   Andrew Shimmin
    97- Pff. It's a Martha Stewart indictment. I am not impressed.
    2008-07-29 10:19:58
    103.   Greg Brock
    99 I yield the balance of my time to the gentleman at the library.
    2008-07-29 10:20:44
    104.   Greg Brock


    2008-07-29 10:20:55
    105.   Andrew Shimmin
    If another ump saw the catch as clean, wouldn't he say something about it?
    2008-07-29 10:22:26
    106.   Bob Timmermann
    If you were really Ted Stevens, you would have just yelled back at me,
    "NO! I WON'T!"
    2008-07-29 10:22:46
    107.   Eric Stephen
    Some of the mystery behind the Elias free agent rankings (the ones used to determine Type A & B free agents) is revealed!

    If you don't think I'm spending part of today figuring out whether or not Casey Blake will be a Type A, you're crazy.

    I found this link via Nick Piecoro, the informative D-Backs beat writer for the Arizona Republic. He reported that the D-Backs expect Hudson and Lyon to be Type A and Juan Cruz to be Type B this offseason.

    2008-07-29 10:26:08
    108.   wronghanded
    105 The only time another umpire will intervene is if a manager confronts the ump and asks for help, if the umpire is not 100% certain of his call, he will discuss the play with the next closest umpire.
    2008-07-29 10:26:11
    109.   fanerman
    107 Go! Go! Go!
    2008-07-29 10:26:54
    110.   Greg Brock
    I can think of another NL West team that could really use Orlando Hudson.
    2008-07-29 10:27:59
    111.   regfairfield
    107 I'm surprised that on base is on there.
    2008-07-29 10:28:58
    112.   regfairfield
    110 Us?
    2008-07-29 10:29:56
    113.   Greg Brock
    112 I'm thinking of something blue. Something bluuuuuuuuuuuuue.

    Yes, us.

    2008-07-29 10:30:19
    114.   underdog
    107 Lowe's definitely Type A, so at the very least the Dodgers will have Type A and Type B compensation in the draft next year which ain't too shabby. (And that doesn't count Furcal. Hrm.)


    Ted Stevens went to UCLA?

    {violate rules 1 and 5 quietly to self}

    2008-07-29 10:33:21
    115.   delias man
    Is there any way that they do the right thing and DL Nomar for 15 and just bring up Hu? I am so nervous about this deadline, that the game results are almost secondary this week.
    2008-07-29 10:34:36
    116.   regfairfield
    113 I think "all of them" is the correct answer.

    114 I'd actually be surprised if Furcal made type B. He's being compared against third basemen and he's only had one good month in the last two years. And again, "should we offer Casey Blake arbitration" is a real question.

    2008-07-29 10:34:46
    117.   The Blue Legend

    Dodgers interested in Manny...very interesting. This one could have some legs.

    2008-07-29 10:35:19
    118.   Eric Stephen
    If you weren't already in the Eric Stephen Memorial HOF, that UHF reference just clinched your induction!
    2008-07-29 10:36:57
    119.   Eric Stephen
    According to that link, players are first given a score based upon their rank within their own position. Then the players are grouped (2B, 3B, and SS for instance) with their scores already intact.
    2008-07-29 10:37:18
    120.   wronghanded
    Today we're teaching poodles to fly!
    2008-07-29 10:42:24
    121.   Greg Brock
    118 Can I put that on my CV?
    2008-07-29 10:44:10
    122.   Bob Timmermann
    Eric Stephen is already dead?


    2008-07-29 10:44:44
    123.   Bob Timmermann
    Things I never expected to read on a postcard from my 9-year old niece:
    "We went to the Reichstag today!"
    2008-07-29 10:45:14
    124.   delias man
    51 how does park factor effect infielders range?
    2008-07-29 10:46:09
    125.   Greg Brock
    122 I laid off the memorial joke.

    And you killed it, metaphorically speaking.

    2008-07-29 10:46:13
    126.   Icaros

    He's only dead on the inside, as are we all.

    2008-07-29 10:47:11
    127.   regfairfield
    124 I meant offensively.
    2008-07-29 10:48:39
    128.   Scanman33
    117-"Dodgers interested in Manny"

    How can we be sure they aren't talking about Manny Delcarmen?

    2008-07-29 10:49:31
    129.   Tripon
    127 Just wondering, what is Kent's defensive numbers now?
    2008-07-29 10:49:50
    130.   underdog
    He put himself on his own obelisk.
    2008-07-29 10:51:34
    131.   underdog
    Take a deep breath and then just remember folks:

    2008-07-29 10:52:30
    132.   regfairfield
    129 29th best second baseman in baseball according to +/-.
    2008-07-29 10:53:34
    133.   underdog
    From MLBTR (and it's Ken Robothal, so take it fwiw):
    >>Ken Rosenthal says the Angels and D'Backs are competing for Teixeira. The Halos would like to expand the deal to include a lefty reliever like Will Ohman or Mike Gonzalez. Joe Saunders and Ervin Santana are off-limits, but Casey Kotchman and Juan Rivera can be had. Not sure why Rivera would appeal to the Braves, since he's a free agent after the season.<<
    2008-07-29 10:53:35
    134.   KG16
    132 - you mean the Dodgers aren't the only team with a statue playing second base?
    2008-07-29 10:54:56
    135.   Wilbert Robinson
    Paul Byrd?
    2008-07-29 10:55:01
    136.   KG16
    133 - So, do we want the Angels or D'Backs to get Big Tex?
    2008-07-29 10:55:07
    137.   Jon Weisman
    Irrelevant NPUT
    2008-07-29 10:55:09
    138.   Eric Stephen
    Reg, I think Furcal is a lock for Type B status. Based on a quick & dirty look at the numbers, among 65 MLB SS, Furcal is currently:

    20th in PA
    16th in BA
    14th in OBP
    22nd in HR
    24th in RBI

    I have no idea where he ranks on F% or total chances, but for sake of argument let's assume he's 20th in both.

    Furcal will drop in the counting stats rankings but not by much. If we assume a drop of 10 spots in each ranking (PA, HR, RBI, chances), Furcal's score would be roughly ~59 or 60.

    Last year, the lowest Type B 2B/3B/SS was Rickie Weeks, with a score of 55.952. I think Furcal will beat that score. He'll be one of the lower Type Bs, but he'll still be a Type B.

    P.S. - I'm not dead

    2008-07-29 11:02:05
    139.   delias man
    127 I am never sure with the stats around here.
    2008-07-29 11:03:59
    140.   Kevin Lewis
    In my opinion Casey deserved to be tossed based on the way he handled both calls. Shouting an obscenity from the dugout doesn't help the situation, and patting the umpire on the shoulder doesn't help (although I love how Vin called that "being a veteran"...I found it sort of condescending like, "that's okay, maybe you will get the call right next time" :)

    Kemp's at bat with Pierre on second was disappointing. That is one instance where Matt needs to go up there thinking about advancing the runner to third. I think Matt has improved a lot this year, but situational hitting is still not his biggest strong suit, imo.

    2008-07-29 11:05:19
    141.   ToyCannon
    Revenue - Neutral trades.
    Yea baby, a whole new world has opened up where we can deal our youth for someone else's overpaid veteran and get the team to eat the contract by throwing in our extra's kids.
    Santana - 2 Million
    Lambo - 4.5 Million
    McDonald - 2.75 Million
    DeWitt - 3.8 Million
    LaRoche - 7.5 Million
    Hu - 2 Million
    DeJesus - 3.75 Million
    Kershaw - priceless
    2008-07-29 11:20:56
    142.   sporky
    From DT's favorite misinformed rumor-monger on Fox' payroll:

    >>The Padres plan to ask right-hander Greg Maddux one more time if he would consider a trade to a team that isn't on the west coast. Maddux holds a full no-trade clause and wants to remain in the west to stay close to his family. The Dodgers, perhaps the only team to which Maddux would approve a trade, have not shown interest.<<

    2008-07-29 11:46:17
    143.   Kevin Lewis
    everyone okay after the quake
    2008-07-29 11:53:29
    144.   GoBears
    Just a little rolling here in West LA.

    Mag 5.8, centered 2 miles SW of Chino Hills.

    Here's the USGS link:

    2008-07-29 15:13:39
    145.   Mike De Leon
    That was fun, biggest one I've felt in a while. I'm in Carbon Canyon so was almost at the epicenter. Felt even larger than the Northridge quake but I was living in Ventura at the time.

    Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.