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Woo Who?
2003-07-31 15:26
by Jon Weisman

The relevancy of this entry will self-destruct in four hours (as of 9 a.m.).

Dan Evans, in today's Orange County Register:

"We're definitely buyers right now, without any question whatsoever,'' Evans said from Los Angeles. "We're out there trying to improve our club and if the right thing is there, we'll do the deal. We're definitely out there. We're being aggressive."
I don't disagree with anything Evans said except the first sentence.

Improve the club? Yes. Look for the right thing? Yes.

Definitely buyers, without any question?

Here's a question. Why?

The Dodgers are five games out of a playoff spot. Reason to buy.

The Dodgers have played .303 ball (10-23) since June 21. Reason to sell.

I don't know how you can be resolved to go only in one direction.

Is the issue simply that the Dodgers, with the best, deepest pitching in baseball, don't have anything to sell? No team is desparate enough to overpay the Dodgers for anything?

I don't believe that the answers to those questions can be unequivocally affirmative.

I'm all for making a commitment, having a vision. But I fear a commitment made out of desperation.

If there is a great buyer's deal to be made, make it. But the choices should not just be 1) shop for the present or 2) do nothing. When your team has a winning percentage of .509 with two months left in the season, everything should be on the table.

P.S.: Wednesday, I commented that the Dodgers should be in on the action if the Reds are going to give players away, as they did reliever Scott Williamson. But for God's sake, guys like Aaron Boone may have their upsides, but be damn careful about getting in a bidding war for guys like Aaron Boone with teams like the New York Yankees. Jay Jaffe at The Futility Infielder has the East Coast look at a potential Boonedoggle.

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