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The Departed
2003-06-27 08:07
by Jon Weisman

Got this letter from Terry yesterday:

Hello Jon,
I noticed your reference to Jesse Orosco in today's blog entry, and it made me curious to see how the pitchers Dan Evans has parted with have fared. With the possible exception of (the deal involving) Ricardo Rodriguez, who should get an "incomplete" for his first full season with the Indians, Evans appears to have done a nice job of "knowing when to fold 'em."
I fretted when he bid adieu to Chan Ho, but it was apparently the right move. Same for Baldwin, Adams, Daal, et al. I'm not sure how Matt Herges is doing, nor even which team is his home these days. (San Diego?)
Of course, one might argue that with Baldwin, Mulholland and Trombley, it was Evans' fault that they were Dodgers in the first place. (In Evans' partial defense, at least Baldwin was, um, serviceable as a starter and cheap in terms of prospects.)
And for what it's worth, I believe Evans will eventually grab an economy model acquisition (in terms of prospect costs) like Rafael Palmeiro or Roberto Alomar instead of the luxury class selections like Mike Lowell. In a few days, Jeremy Giambi might end up on the bench (and on the Red Sox' nickel) as well.

This doesn't directly deal with the issues Terry raises, but it does give me an excuse to put together a list I've been meaning to put together: Just how are recent ex-Dodgers doing in 2003? The intention of this first attempt at a boxed chart is to include all ex-Dodgers since Dan Evans officially became General Manager on October 3, 2001.

(MLEQA is a player's major-league equivalent average, as calculated by Baseball Prospectus - .260 being the average average.)

Ex-Dodger Batter TeamTransactionPlate AppearancesMLEQA
Gary SheffieldAtlantaPerez/Jordan/Brown trade309 .344
Jeff RebouletPittsburghUnsigned92 .301
Tyler HoustonPhiladelphiaUnsigned38 .291
Eric KarrosChicagoT.Hundley/C. Hermansen trade169 .289
Marquis GrissomPhiladelphiaUnsigned299 .286
Dave HansenSan DiegoUnsigned90 .282
Mark GrudzielanekChicagoT.Hundley/C. Hermansen trade305 .254
Luke AllenCol. Springs (AAA)Jason Romano trade275 .214
Tom GoodwinChicago Released87 .207
Jorge NunezCharlotte (AAA)G. Mota/W. Ruan trade207 .157
Chad KreuterTexasUnsigned21 .124
Hiram BocachicaDetroitT. Farmer/J. Frasor trade22 .000
Ex-Dodger Pitcher TeamTransactionInnings PitchedERA
Matt HergesSan DiegoG. Mota/W. Ruan trade37.2 2.87
Terry AdamsPhiladelphiaUnsigned37.2 3.11
Terry MulhollandClevelandPaul Shuey trade43 3.56
Ricardo RodriguezClevelandPaul Shuey trade80 5.40
Omar DaalBaltimoreUnsigned83 5.75
Giovanni CarraraSeattleReleased 296.83
Chan Ho ParkTexasUnsigned29.2 7.58
Jesse OroscoSan DiegoUnsigned21 8.57
Ben DigginsMilwaukeeT. Houston/B. Mallette trade24 8.63
Luke ProkopecCincinnatiC. Izturis/P. Quantrill trade0 ----
Eric JungeScranton (AAA)Omar Daal trade47 3.06
Lance CaraccioliBuffalo (AAA)Jolbert Cabrera trade43.2 4.95
Chad RickettsNashville (AAA)C. Izturis/P. Quantrill trade3.2 12.27
Francisco CrucetaAkron (AA)Paul Shuey trade75 3.60
Christian BridenbaughNot foundDave Roberts trade---- ----
Jesus CorderoNot foundOmar Daal trade---- ----
Nial HughesNot foundDave Roberts trade---- ----

So, whom do you miss?

On the offensive side, well, you miss Sheffield's bat if not his attitude. Looking at things this season, had Sheffield never previously been a Dodger, you would probably trade Brian Jordan and Odalis Perez for him. But I still don't regret the trade that happened - Sheffield just made it harder to enjoy the team, and Perez may yield quality for years.

Reboulet and Houston are contributing in small parts, but I doubt anyone misses them. Grissom has done great. Karros has done well in Chicago, but since the Dodger offensive weakness is against right-handed pitching, I'd still rather have even the aging McGriff. Grudzielanek, as you can see, is really not having that wondrous a season. Jolbert Cabrera is filling his role just fine. Hansen is someone you might miss a lot, actually.

On the mound, there's very little to regret losing. Mainly, it still looks like the Dodgers gave up too much for Paul Shuey. Even though Shuey is having an outstanding year, the Dodgers gave up a lot of potential to shore up an area where they are now Marianas Trench deep. If I were the Dodgers, I'd strongly consider moving Shuey with his value high to get some prospects back.

Beyond that, though, there were some great trades in acquiring Guillermo Mota/Wilkin Ruan, Paul Quantrill/Cesar Izturis, and Dave Roberts.

(I don't know why there is so much space in between the charts. Can anyone help me with that?)

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