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Good Times
2008-08-02 17:27
by Jon Weisman

Josh Rawitch of Inside the Dodgers points us to a photo gallery from today's gathering of 1980s Blue Crewers.

* * *

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Comments (524)
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2008-08-02 17:33:53
1.   Greg Brock
And DT had a reporter on the scene!

I'm sure he'll check in later.

2008-08-02 17:37:28
2.   southbaydodger
How horrible is our outfield defensively in Left and Center with this lineup? Got to be one of the worst in the majors...
2008-08-02 17:39:59
3.   Tripon
Diamond has a Manny quote!

It appeared last night that Manny Ramirez jogged in letting a ball roll toward the wall and center fielder Andruw Jones throw it back in for a triple, but Ramirez denied he was dogging it.

"That's a double," Ramirez said. "I'm not going to catch that. Who do you think, I am, Pierre? I don't run that fast."

Manager Joe Torre had this to say...

"By the time I got up and looked, it looked like he was (hustling)."

Diamond also has an interview with Manny.

2008-08-02 17:40:57
4.   trainwreck
It's nice to see that they let Steve Sax out of prison.
2008-08-02 17:42:59
5.   underdog
Oh well, Bob, I tried. Your Facebook status is in vain.
2008-08-02 17:43:12
6.   natepurcell
Clayton has had two really good starts in a row. Turning the corner???
2008-08-02 17:43:47
7.   Bob Hendley
Mike Davis, the man who made Kirk Gibson (who remembers game tying dingers, let alone who was on-deck when a game ends).
2008-08-02 17:43:56
8.   Marty
Wow, I wouldn't have recognized Bob Welch.
2008-08-02 17:44:08
9.   bigcpa
Jay Jaffe weighs in on LaRoche...

Matt (SF, CA): As a Dodgers fan, are you sad to see LaRoche go? It seemed like he could have had a Dodgers career if he wasn't hurt at the beginning of the year.

Jay Jaffe: As I said in yesterday's roundtable, I'm actually happy for LaRoche, because he deserves to be playing in the majors, in an organization that can appreciate his talent. I predict he'll be raking long after Ned Colletti is nothing more than a textbook example of awful general managing, in a chapter with the Gord Ashes, Dave Littlefields and Chuck LaMars of the world.

2008-08-02 17:44:48
10.   Greg Brock
8 He's paying for it now.
2008-08-02 17:44:59
11.   Bob Hendley
6 - That was really lost in last night whatever.
2008-08-02 17:45:19
12.   underdog
A picture of Jack Fimple!

And, wow, Bobby Castillo must have been 50 when he pitched for the Dodgers judging by his picture from today.

2008-08-02 17:46:00
13.   Alex41592
From Torre's pregame:

Didn't admit to having a problem to the Manny/Jones 'triple'.

Thinks Duncan saved Loney last night by taking the bullet.

Pierre will play center "TONIGHT". He wants to see what it looks like and we'll go from there.

He's not burying Ethier and wants to get a feel for what's going on here. He wants to play Kemp. Ethier gives us punch off the bench. He's going to play but he wants to see this first.

Could Ethier play center? Possibly. He did it in spring. But, he'll play right.

Nothing ever materialized on the shortstop market.

Furcal could come back next month and it's a 'possibility'. It would be wrong to count on him to come back.

Was yesterday the last time you'll see Andruw Jones? No. He'll come in for defense in center for Pierre with a lead. He won't defense Manny unless he makes him uncomfortable.

Torre is frustrated with Andruw. He's working but can't relax in the game. Hitting coaches is working with him but it's not translating into the game. He'll be coming off the bench. Torre talked to Jones the other day and it's understood based off his performance.

On Jones being done for this season: He hopes not. He can't give up on him and will continue to work with him.

Kuroda has been working with Honeycutt on his breaking stuff.

Penny will throw 70-75 pitches tonight.

On Cory Wade: He's worked to stay here. He's not bothered by what inning he pitches. He has that effective offspeed stuff. Keeps the batter off balance.

On Manny wanting to be here next season: He hopes so. But, that's after day one. Torre said the same thing on day one. Torre likes it here a lot.

On Kent batting 6th: Based on right handed pitcher and we'll see what it looks like.

2008-08-02 17:46:19
14.   Greg Brock
Bobby Welch was my favorite pitcher. My little heart was crushed when he got traded.
2008-08-02 17:47:57
15.   underdog
Yeah, Bob Welch doesn't look that healthy these days.

Always liked him.

2008-08-02 17:49:07
16.   bigcpa
Deep Thoughts from Manny... "You got to read a book first so you can judge a person."
2008-08-02 17:49:09
17.   natepurcell

totally. The dude has an ERA+ of 110 as a 20 year old...

2008-08-02 17:50:15
18.   Bob Hendley
Pierre will play center "TONIGHT". He wants to see what it looks like and we'll go from there.

Ah Joe, the fellow who signed him up to play there for five years went to the market the first chance he got and gambled $36 million on a replacement. Take a hint.

2008-08-02 17:50:31
19.   Marty
I remember thinking when Welch said he quit drinking because he was drinking a six-pack a day, gee that doesn't seem like a lot. But I was doing a lot of "experimenting" then.
2008-08-02 17:50:42
20.   Vishal
5 dude, bob's on facebook?
2008-08-02 17:51:23
21.   underdog
13 That was useful. Thanks for posting.


Off topic, but on reviewing Best in Show, I still love it, but I literally can't watch the Parker Posey couple storyline, have to fast forward through those scenes. They were just too much... Even as "villain." Still some classic moments in the movie, though.

2008-08-02 17:51:35
22.   Tripon
10 Ned's paying for that gaudy 0-3 with a walk that Andy had today?
2008-08-02 17:51:44
24.   Deuce
Joe, we've seen what it looks like and it's not pretty.
2008-08-02 17:52:26
25.   natepurcell
from a nypost article...

The Dodgers made it clear that they would not include outfielders Andre Ethier or Matt Kemp. But the Pirates were OK if they could get a low-level pitcher Bryan Morris, but especially third baseman Andy LaRoche. The Dodgers had all but made LaRoche an untouchable in the past. But the shine on him had come off. The current major league staff wondered if he would ever really hit for the power promised and there were enough injury/off-the-field concerns to make LaRoche available in this package, especially since the Red Sox were paying the freight on Ramirez.

2008-08-02 17:52:37
26.   Eric Enders
19 IIRC, Welch tells a story in his book about drinking something like 40 beers in one day on Thanksgiving 1979.

Those pictures are a little sad. Some of those guys have aged more than one might expect.

2008-08-02 17:52:55
27.   underdog
20 Yep, he's hep to what the kids are up to these days.
2008-08-02 17:53:16
28.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Where's Mike Marshall, the gimpy slugger?
2008-08-02 17:53:22
29.   trainwreck
I think they are the funniest couple, because they are just yuppie scum.
2008-08-02 17:54:09
30.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
26 - Wade Boggs laughs at Bob Welch's beer drinking.
2008-08-02 17:55:38
31.   Gagne55
13 "He won't defense Manny unless he makes him uncomfortable"

I'm still trying to figue out what that means.

2008-08-02 17:56:12
32.   Greg Brock
22 I was talking to Marty about Bobby Welch.
2008-08-02 17:57:00
33.   Vishal
27 i'm totally adding him.
2008-08-02 17:57:22
34.   Bob Hendley
Mike Mussina, 20 game winner?
2008-08-02 17:59:03
35.   Vishal
31 my best surmise is that it means he won't take manny out of the game for defensive purposes unless what he sees from manny is atrocious enough.


2008-08-02 17:59:15
36.   Tripon
31 Torre makes unwanted advances towards Manny?
2008-08-02 18:00:01
37.   Icaros
Bobby Welch was my favorite pitcher. My little heart was crushed when he got traded.

Same here. I remember my mom dropping me off at middle school while hearing the news on the radio. I cried like a little girl. Actually, I kind of looked like a little girl back then, too.

2008-08-02 18:00:13
38.   Greg Brock
He wants to see what it looks like and we'll go from there.

There are many problems. "Insufficient data" is not among them.

2008-08-02 18:03:35
39.   Sagehen
29 I like the description of how they meet: their eyes met from coffee houses on opposite corners of the street.
2008-08-02 18:06:19
40.   Icaros

Wasn't it actually at Starbucks on opposite sides of the street, and then one day each went to the other's Starbucks?

2008-08-02 18:07:16
41.   Gagne55
33 I wonder if he'll be like "who is this guy?"
2008-08-02 18:08:50
42.   underdog
39/40 - That's classic. That's my favorite scene with them - that and the first when they're in therapy with the dog. I agree, they're a great satire of yuppie scum, but they're just so intolerable and just too exaggerated for my taste. Plus I love Parker Posey too much to see her playing somebody so awful.

Oh well, I could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about.

2008-08-02 18:09:23
43.   natepurcell
On the support he got from the left-field pavilion: All the Mexicans, West Wide. *Flashes hand signal*


2008-08-02 18:09:23
44.   Deuce
Let me get this straight. We gave Pierre a 5-year deal to come and be our centerfielder (apparently without scouting him to see if he could play the position). After a 162 game trial (which he failed) we gave Jones $36 million to take his place. After a 100 game trial (he failed it) we're putting the original guy back out there. Isn't Matt Kemp on this team? Making $400,000 as compared to $26 million combined for the other two.
2008-08-02 18:10:36
45.   natepurcell
question to the masses..

would you take Manny for 3 more years or the two draft picks?

2008-08-02 18:11:53
46.   Icaros
Another question for the masses:

Do you think the Pirates would have just given us Jason Bay for LaRoche, Morris, and Ethier?

2008-08-02 18:13:24
47.   Gagne55
46 Yes. And less than that, as Boston's prospect they got wasn't as good as Ethier.
2008-08-02 18:14:16
48.   Gagne55
45 Depends on how much Manny asks for...
2008-08-02 18:14:28
49.   JoeyP
When Pierre starts in CF:

A. He leads off, making the offense worse.
B. He plays over Ethier, making the offense worse.
C. He plays CF, forcing Kemp to RF, making the defense worse.

One bad dscision can really hurt a baseball team in all facets.

2008-08-02 18:14:55
50.   Vishal
41 i doubt it. i've met bob before.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-02 18:15:35
51.   JoeyP
46--Bay hit a 3 run homer tonight for the Red Sox.
2008-08-02 18:15:36
52.   Zak
46 In a heartbeat. However the Dodgers don't make that trade.
2008-08-02 18:16:07
53.   natepurcell

Lets say, its 3 years 55 mil

Manny for 3 yrs 55 mil or 2 draft picks?

2008-08-02 18:16:18
54.   Icaros

I thought they got two prospects from Boston. So instead of four prospects, they could have three prospects and one proven Major Leaguer.

2008-08-02 18:16:51
55.   Zak
44 I know what you are saying. About 15-20 times, the same point has been made. It would be very appreciated if people don't just keep repeating themselves. Thanks, and sorry for picking on your post. It's really not meant for you personally.
2008-08-02 18:17:40
56.   Tripon
54 And then they had to trade Eithier to somebody else in two years. They were looking for guys they could control for 5-6 years. Not a guy already in the league for 2-3 years.
2008-08-02 18:17:42
57.   Icaros
Would people here have liked Bay for those three, or do they like getting Manny for Morris, LaRoche better?

Remember, Bay is signed next year for pretty cheap.

2008-08-02 18:18:10
58.   JoeyP
53--How much would the payroll increase by?

Or is signing Manny the only thing the Dodgers would be able to do this fall?

Paying that much for Manny's 36-39yrs seems awfully dangerous in the post roid era.

2008-08-02 18:18:28
59.   Vishal
57 yes. a thousand times yes.
2008-08-02 18:18:41
60.   bigcpa
45 Yes if it forces mgmt's hand to deal Pierre. Manny/Kemp/Ethier. Give McDonald a shot at #5 starter. Give Blake a 2-yr Bill Mueller deal. Furcal/Hu up the middle.


2008-08-02 18:19:00
61.   Icaros
And then they had to trade Eithier to somebody else in two years.

Maybe not. What if they actually became a good team in two years?

2008-08-02 18:19:07
62.   Greg Brock
If you recall, I wanted to go get Jason Bay a long time ago.

Alas, my advice to the front office is rarely heeded.

2008-08-02 18:19:27
63.   Zak
53 If we can trade Pierre, I'd take Manny.
2008-08-02 18:19:36
64.   JoeyP
57--I'd have taken Bay for those 3, rather than 2 months of Manny.

Plus, Manny's a free agent anyways.
Dodgers could have signed him in the off-season especially since Bay has a low contract for 2009.

2008-08-02 18:19:43
65.   Deuce
45 Manny, to avoid this headline in 3 yrs. "Dodgers trade 2 top prospects to Red Sox for Jason Varitek."

"He knows how to handle a pitching staff and plays the game the right way," said GM Ned Colletti. Colletti indicated the Dodgers would move C Russell Martin to solve their longstanding problem at 3B.

2008-08-02 18:19:50
66.   Vishal
59 yes i would have preferred bay, i mean.
2008-08-02 18:20:29
67.   bigcpa
57 You're assuming Colletti has heard of Bay. Theo probably just told him what the Pirates wanted and Ned never asked what Boston was getting.
2008-08-02 18:22:44
68.   Icaros

No, I'm assuming Colletti was never born. It goes down easier that way.

2008-08-02 18:22:44
69.   bcg60
Bob Welch was always one of my favorites. He has changed a lot in looks. Even though he was a flake, I kind of liked Mike Marshall. I remember when he was dating Belinda of the Go Go's. I didn't see him anywhere in the pictures from the event at Dodger Stadium.

Here's to hoping Torre will come to his senses before it's too late and play Ethier, Kemp and Manny as the every day outfield. I'm not holding my breath though.

2008-08-02 18:24:42
70.   Icaros
Ethier, Morris, DeWitt for Bay would've been really awesome.
2008-08-02 18:25:26
71.   Greg Brock
I wish that I taught physics, just so I could show this in my classroom:

2008-08-02 18:26:57
72.   Zak
69 I think within two weeks, we'll be at Kemp, Manny, Ethier. Pierre will stuggle in CF and it will be painfully obvious.
2008-08-02 18:27:19
73.   Marty
I'm guessing Marshall hurt himself on the way to Dodger Stadium and couldn't make it.
2008-08-02 18:28:00
74.   D4P
Rafael Nadal will become the world's #1 ranked tennis player on August 18.
2008-08-02 18:30:40
75.   bcg60
72 - Hope you're right.
73 - Good one. He was fun to watch when healthy, but he was a delicate flower, wasn't he?
2008-08-02 18:33:10
76.   Marty
71 That was awesome.
2008-08-02 18:33:42
77.   Bob Hendley
71 - In my day, teachers did whatever they wanted and we liked it (when awake).
2008-08-02 18:34:00
78.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Greg Brock, you teach? I teach second grade, I'll find a way to throw it in.
2008-08-02 18:35:30
79.   bigcpa
My alternate universe lineup:

some SS

That lineup scores like 1,000 runs and is under control till like 2013 or so.

2008-08-02 18:35:39
80.   Icaros
I went to the SF Aloha Festival in the Presidio this afternoon. Anyone know the significance of which side of her head a girl's hair flower is on?

I'm told right or left means spoken for or single, but my friends didn't know for sure.

2008-08-02 18:36:17
81.   Bob Hendley
72 - However he performs in CF, he will hustle and that is what Joe will see. And Joe will be happy.
2008-08-02 18:36:50
82.   Greg Brock
76 I know!

77 We're better now!

78 I do! Scary, I know.

2008-08-02 18:38:50
83.   D4P
Girls without flowers are not virgins.
2008-08-02 18:39:31
84.   Icaros
I think the guy in the red jacket is Bob. First time seeing him dance.
2008-08-02 18:39:58
85.   Marty
80 You've kicked the Filipina fetish?
2008-08-02 18:41:50
86.   Zak
71 That was really cool. Thanks. I'm going to sound dumb and ask if the collidor they are showing in that video, is that the one that was referenced in the Angels and Demons book by Dan Brown?
2008-08-02 18:42:19
87.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Andruw has been painfully obvious and Torre still hasn't taken notice.

Up to this year I always believed that the most talented - especially the clearly more talented- player would play no matter the salary. This has been a sad year for me.

2008-08-02 18:43:01
88.   Icaros

There were some elderly virgins there, then.


Absolutely not. There were plenty of them at this event. It was for Pacific Islanders in general.

2008-08-02 18:43:19
89.   Greg Brock
86 This is the new one that goes online and destroys the universe later this year.

Can't wait!

2008-08-02 18:43:50
90.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Did Manny just say he knew Martin from Arizona on FSN?
2008-08-02 18:44:47
91.   Bob Hendley
84 - Its cuz he finds this particular collider to be super.
2008-08-02 18:45:03
92.   Marty
Ya don't need a LHC to spot the black hole in our lineup. Know what am sayin?
2008-08-02 18:45:26
93.   silverwidow
Wow, 3 more hits for DeJesus tonight.

He has that #1 prospect vibe right about now.

2008-08-02 18:45:43
94.   Tripon
What the heck is Patrick O'Neal is wearing?
2008-08-02 18:47:59
95.   bcg60
90 - He did and Ethier mentioned in an interview last night that he knew him from working out in AZ during the off season. Ethier's good friends with Dustin Pedroia from when they played together at Arizona State and I guess all of them worked out at the same facility this past off season.
2008-08-02 18:48:05
96.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Am I supposed to be excited about Argentine soccer?
2008-08-02 18:48:57
97.   Who Is Karim Garcia
95 Thank you. Cool to know.
2008-08-02 18:52:10
98.   KG16
how do you have a Robin Hood show and kill off Maid Marian? There is something so very wrong with that.
2008-08-02 18:52:45
99.   Greg Brock
Somebody asked Kirk Gibson is there are any players in the game that remind him of himself.

His answer...Matt Kemp!


2008-08-02 18:54:32
100.   KG16
99 - nice.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-02 18:54:51
101.   Zak
The last ten posts have included mention of LHC, elderly virgins, Argentine soccer, Robin Hood, Patrick O'Neil's headgear and working out in Arizona. Gotta love DT. Something for everyone.
2008-08-02 18:55:31
102.   ToyCannon
The photo gallery looks like a walking commercial for "hair color for men". Walt and Keith must be proud of their work.
2008-08-02 18:55:33
103.   Johnny Nucleo
71 I enjoyed that, and I think if "Physics Dr" is lurking around here somewhere, he'd enjoy it too.
2008-08-02 18:56:39
104.   bigcpa
Looks like we will dodge Lincecum, Sabathia and Sheets in the coming weeks. Milwaukee series lines up Parra, Bush, Suppan.
2008-08-02 18:57:33
105.   Tripon
Aww, they moved Chris Young down in the lineup. No more easy out at the top of the order for the Dodgers.
2008-08-02 18:58:21
106.   ToyCannon
2 doubles, a triple, and a home run in the last two games. He keeps that up he will destroy his punch and judy image.
2008-08-02 18:58:26
107.   Bob Hendley
96 - Since the crisis (which one?) not quite what it used to be on the pitch, but quite something culturally. Lived there for several years and found amazing pageantry in the stands for games, lifelong allegiance handed down from generation to generation with a person's club helping to define who they are. Most fervent fans following the minor teams. I guess pretty typical for soccer.
2008-08-02 19:02:42
109.   KG16
so, how long before Jones and Pierre end up on waivers? and then what happens once they clear?
2008-08-02 19:03:35
110.   Tripon

And Bowden wanted us to give him DeJesus for Jon Runch, the punk.

2008-08-02 19:04:01
111.   Gen3Blue
Yeah--1st pick Martin is out for the year.

If Manny wants to retire a Dodger, I hope he has the good grace to do it after the 2009 season.

2008-08-02 19:04:42
112.   Physics DR
71 103

Very enjoyable.

I am about 1/2 mile from the LHC as I write. Yes, it's early

Big noise coming soon after 20 years.

Then retirement

Go Dodgers

2008-08-02 19:04:44
113.   Bob Hendley
109 - Predict something close to never (or maybe Druw next May).
2008-08-02 19:06:49
114.   Gen3Blue
109 It looks like Jones and Pierre are to play going regularly until their contract run out. And then possibly be renewed.
2008-08-02 19:09:05
115.   Vishal
93 nobody [messes with] dejesus.
2008-08-02 19:09:26
116.   Icaros
Gibby doing the fist pump again is awesome.
2008-08-02 19:09:49
117.   Bob Hendley
First time that I have gotten the pre-game on Who are those three guys in suits and what is it that they do?
2008-08-02 19:10:16
118.   KG16
hmmm, Keith Law seems to think both will clear waivers and that Jones might actually get traded.

2008-08-02 19:10:58
119.   whodat807
Love Kirk Gibson. I'd have loved to be there and hear the ovation the fans gave him.
2008-08-02 19:11:14
120.   KG16
116 - too bad he's doing it in the wrong uniform...
2008-08-02 19:13:06
121.   Sam DC
I like baseball and all, but I'll confess whenever I stop and actually look at what they're doing in the X Games, it really blows my mind.
2008-08-02 19:13:47
122.   KG16
117 - Steve "Psycho" Lyons (who is famous for dropping his pants at first base after reaching on an infield single), Kevin Kennedy (who once use to manage the Red Sox, and who will tell you every chance he gets), and I forget the other guy's name.

As for what they do, well, nothing really.

2008-08-02 19:14:33
123.   underdog
Hiroki does realize he'll probably be banished to the bullpen if he stinks again tonight, right?
2008-08-02 19:15:20
124.   Bob Hendley
118 - Who would want Druw? JP is fine as a 4th outfielder (if that were ever to happen) and Pee Wee won't be back until September.
2008-08-02 19:15:26
125.   Tripon
Oh man, Kuroda's already sweating like a pig.
2008-08-02 19:16:01
126.   Gen3Blue
Kuroda feels this is an excellent time to not throw to the plate with the stuff he has after his injury.
2008-08-02 19:16:10
127.   Andrew Shimmin
Didn't he drop his pants after trying to reach second on a dropped third strike?

2008-08-02 19:16:31
128.   underdog
Terrific play by Loney.
2008-08-02 19:16:36
129.   Tripon
124 Maybe the Braves would like him back on the cheap.
2008-08-02 19:16:40
130.   KG16
nice diving stop by Weird Game James
2008-08-02 19:17:12
131.   Andrew Shimmin
Also, he's a DT commenter, so I should shut up. Though he only dropped in the once, I think.
2008-08-02 19:17:49
132.   Bob Hendley
They don't like him wandering so far, but no way Kenty gets even close to that one.
2008-08-02 19:18:14
133.   KG16
127 - you're probably right. I like to believe Lyons never played professional baseball.
2008-08-02 19:19:13
134.   bcg60
118 - Would be great if it were true. A girl can only dream...
2008-08-02 19:19:55
135.   KG16
131 , 133 - d'oh
2008-08-02 19:22:15
136.   Zak
Kuroda inspires no confidence in me. I am willing to bet that we will hear a Kuroda-has-been-pitching-with-a-hurt-shoulder story before Sept 1.
2008-08-02 19:23:09
137.   Tripon
I'll be surprised if Kuroda makes it past the five innings. He really looked tired in the first inning.
2008-08-02 19:23:42
138.   Andrew Shimmin
Colletti threw in half of this year's Northwest Arkansas Naturals rotation when he dumped Odalis. Wonder what he'd throw in to get Jones off the books.
2008-08-02 19:23:54
139.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-02 19:24:10
140.   Bob Hendley
127 - Sounds more like a move of someone trying to make it to home.
2008-08-02 19:24:11
141.   KG16
that should have been a bunt double for Pierre
2008-08-02 19:24:18
142.   Andrew Shimmin
Wow. That really was foul.
2008-08-02 19:24:47
143.   trainwreck
Scrappy doo!
2008-08-02 19:25:06
144.   Gen3Blue
Oh man we are lost. Even the umps like that gamer hustle
2008-08-02 19:25:12
145.   lukemccain
It looked like the edge of the ball was still on the line.
2008-08-02 19:25:16
146.   KG16
Juan Pierre, making things happen
2008-08-02 19:25:19
147.   underdog
Huh. That looked like it rolled foul. Maybe it touched the magic left field line wall first.
2008-08-02 19:25:23
148.   MonkeyBlue
Pierre! is pretty fast.
2008-08-02 19:25:45
149.   Rob M
Juan has just earned a lot of future starts, for better or worse.
2008-08-02 19:26:06
150.   KG16
Maybe Pierre was thinking, "Hey, they do this to me all the time, maybe I should try it"
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-02 19:27:12
151.   underdog
Hah. Skechers introduces new Magic and Bird sneakers. Talk about going retro - and looking cheesy while they're at it.
2008-08-02 19:27:31
152.   Jon Weisman
108 - Instead of reprinting someone else's entire blog post without identifying the writer, could you instead provide a link and at most a snippet of the post? Thanks.

2008-08-02 19:28:24
153.   underdog
Wow. The Dodgers' 86 runs in the first inning this year is tops in the majors. Who would've guessed that?
2008-08-02 19:28:35
154.   Tripon
152 My bad.
2008-08-02 19:28:57
155.   Zak
Manny time
2008-08-02 19:29:00
156.   KG16
make that 88 first inning runs
2008-08-02 19:29:01
157.   Rob M
2008-08-02 19:29:06
158.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Manny being Manny.
2008-08-02 19:29:11
159.   Andrew Shimmin
That was not a line drive to right field.

I feel lied to.

2008-08-02 19:29:14
160.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-02 19:29:23
161.   Indiana Jon
Manny being Manny!
2008-08-02 19:29:42
162.   underdog


Very nice.

2008-08-02 19:29:46
163.   trainwreck
I am guessing that was a HR.
2008-08-02 19:29:56
164.   Bob Hendley
Oh my!
2008-08-02 19:29:57
165.   KG16
Curtain Call!
2008-08-02 19:30:46
166.   whodat807
MANNY! I haven't been that excited for a homer in a while.
2008-08-02 19:31:05
167.   underdog
156 Tee hee.
2008-08-02 19:31:33
168.   Indiana Jon
163 Lucky guess.
2008-08-02 19:31:52
169.   underdog
163 No Gameday, at least?
2008-08-02 19:32:13
170.   larry slimfast
i was kinda hoping for a ball off pierre's (insert body part) in foul territory... but i'll take that
2008-08-02 19:32:38
171.   Andrew Shimmin
I officially hate the Foundation for a Better Life. I've never heard of it. I don't know what it does. But I'm against it.
2008-08-02 19:32:42
172.   micktissue
Vin: "99 goes 90 four times"
2008-08-02 19:32:53
173.   trainwreck
Takes awhile for it to update what is going on.
2008-08-02 19:33:06
174.   Tripon
Petit threw like er, 6 pitches in the first inning. I'm guessing Torre doesn't care about working the pitcher tonight.
2008-08-02 19:33:58
175.   lukemccain
It's so nice to finally have a premiere player!
2008-08-02 19:34:05
176.   Bob Hendley
Jeez, with that, all of JP's baserunning antics went to waste.
2008-08-02 19:34:37
177.   whodat807
174 Yeah, well, one of those pitches landed in the center field bleachers. I think Torre's happy with how the first inning went.
2008-08-02 19:34:43
178.   PalmdaleSteve1
Andruw pay attention, that's how you do it.
2008-08-02 19:34:53
179.   Zak
Our scrappy is better than your scrappy.
2008-08-02 19:35:31
180.   underdog
173 Ah. That's sometimes a good sign. When there's a long pause when your team's batting. :-)
2008-08-02 19:36:17
181.   whodat807
What is going on?
2008-08-02 19:36:50
182.   Vishal
180 but then sometimes it's a funky baserunning play where your guys get tagged out in succession and no runs score.
2008-08-02 19:37:03
183.   Zak
Maybe Andruw can be our team's offical arguer. He can go get kicked out of every game in a new humorous way every night. Some nights there should be a costume involved.
2008-08-02 19:37:24
184.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Is this the NBA all of a sudden? A makeup call for Pierre's foul ball bunt?
2008-08-02 19:37:48
185.   Tripon
Well, Romero's out. Twice. He's out twice.
2008-08-02 19:38:06
186.   underdog
There's a delay because they're ruling that on Romero's bunt it actually hit his bat a second time when he started running and therefore it's called a foul ball, and he gets to keep hitting. 1-2 count. That's just weird.
2008-08-02 19:38:21
187.   KG16
174 - I think all five guys saw first pitch strikes. Patience is about hitting good pitches, if it happens to be the first pitch, just make sure you hammer it - like Manny and Bison did.
2008-08-02 19:38:30
188.   Tripon
Looks like Kuroda settled down.
2008-08-02 19:38:38
189.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Quick inning.
2008-08-02 19:39:00
190.   trainwreck
I thought that was Bowa's job?
2008-08-02 19:39:08
191.   underdog
And then Torre argued mildly, to no avail, and there we are. He's out -- again.

183 That's a genius idea. Maybe Cirque Du Soleil can be involved.

2008-08-02 19:39:25
192.   trainwreck
2008-08-02 19:39:34
193.   Tripon
186 I always thought that if you bunt, and it hits the bat again, its an automatic out. Or is that only when you foul it?
2008-08-02 19:39:40
194.   Andrew Shimmin
Philip Anschutz is responsible for making me (and whoever else) listen to Wind Beneath My Wings. He doesn't want you to know this, and the website's ICANN registry is out of the Caymen Islands, for some reason. But wikipedia sees through that.
2008-08-02 19:41:15
195.   Strike4
Gee you don't see too many umpires wearing glasses like Derryl Cousins behind home plate. Maybe some wear contact lenses.
2008-08-02 19:41:31
196.   therickdaddy
Wow! I could get used to that!
2008-08-02 19:41:44
197.   KG16
Kent, Blake, Berroa starting the second inning. This is when I'd go get Dodger Dogs and beer if I were at the stadium.

Speaking of going to a game, for our friends up north, how difficult is it to get tickets to Giants-Dodgers at Phone Co Park on the day of the game?

2008-08-02 19:41:55
198.   Zak
193 Not if you are still in the batter's box.
2008-08-02 19:42:57
199.   Vishal
"lifted to left center and deep, back goes young, a-wayyy back, manny's being manny!"

vin never fails to bring a smile to my face.

2008-08-02 19:43:23
200.   Bob Hendley
193 - He was still in the box and it was fair. How about if Martin was in a position to have catch it and Romo had reached out to hit it again? Bob?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-02 19:43:24
201.   MonkeyBlue
Casey making Neddy proud!
2008-08-02 19:43:35
202.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-08-02 19:43:37
203.   KG16
Tonight, Ned Colletti is starting to look like a genius. Pierre, Manny, Blake all score on home runs by Manny and Blake.
2008-08-02 19:43:38
204.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Casey being Casey.
2008-08-02 19:43:45
205.   Tripon
Oh Vin, you so silly. You know the only reason the crowd is so big today is because of Manny. Not because the team is in some silly playoff race.

And wooooooooooooooooo, Casey Blake homers.

2008-08-02 19:43:50
206.   trainwreck
Looks like another jack.

Another person here must have sold their soul to the Devil.

2008-08-02 19:44:00
207.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Berroa being Berroa.
2008-08-02 19:44:04
208.   underdog
Well Ned must be enjoying this game so far.

But I am too!

Home run for Zoot the Muppet!

2008-08-02 19:44:09
209.   Icaros
It's the Ned Colletti Show!
2008-08-02 19:44:19
210.   MSarg29
with that homer by casey, Colletti has now gotten the golden seal of approval from Plaschke.
2008-08-02 19:44:22
211.   Bob Hendley
Its catching.
2008-08-02 19:45:01
212.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kuroda being Kuroda.
2008-08-02 19:45:39
213.   Ken Noe
TO: Dodger Thoughts
FROM: Ned Colletti

Why so serious?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

2008-08-02 19:45:52
214.   hernari

You know if Pierre hits a homer this game, I'll buy into the soul / devil theory.

2008-08-02 19:46:11
215.   underdog
Damn, I should just stop typing. I feel like my posts are coming by way of Western Union telegram and are redundant by the time they appear.

197 For Giants-Dodgers games in the Bonds days it was harder - though still possible - to get day of game tickets, especially at the park. I would imagine now, even for an LA series, it would be pretty do-able.

2008-08-02 19:46:44
216.   Vishal
212 i thought the hope is that the rest of the team will all start being manny, too.
2008-08-02 19:46:52
217.   larry slimfast
if you think about it, berroa is lucky to be hitting .200
2008-08-02 19:47:12
218.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Pierre walk!
2008-08-02 19:47:34
219.   Tripon
Flyout by JP.
2008-08-02 19:48:19
220.   trainwreck
6 pitches for Pierre?!!

I must have never woken up this morning.

2008-08-02 19:48:33
221.   whodat807
Juan being Juan
2008-08-02 19:50:27
222.   Brian Y
Just watching our team, I have to wonder how good we may have been had Raffy not gotten injured and Andruw v.08 had been pre-2007 Andruw. I don't even worry about Penny, Kent's age, etc. I just think of all that could've been.
2008-08-02 19:51:25
223.   KG16

To: Ned Colletti
From: Dodger Thoughts
RE: Why So Serious?

Andruw Jones. Mark Sweeney. Gary Bennett.

2008-08-02 19:52:21
224.   underdog
222 Never mind Andruw, even, if they hadn't lost Furcal early they would've scored more runs this season, period. Don't know how many games difference he would make but would guess 2-3...

Wow, the balls are jumping out of the park tonight. Time for the sun to go down. C'mon sun!

2008-08-02 19:53:33
225.   Ken Noe
223 MEMO
TO: Dodger Thoughts
FROM: Ned Colletti

I just want to watch the world burn.

2008-08-02 19:53:36
226.   underdog
Penny hit 98 tonight in OKC and pitched fairly well, sounds like.
2008-08-02 19:53:43
227.   Tripon
224 I think the HRs are due to the quality of the pitchers than the placement of the sun.
2008-08-02 19:54:50
228.   Strike4
At tomorrow's game I'll be sitting a few rows above where Manny's ball landed. If he goes a little higher, look nearby for a father and son in a white and a gray DT shirt.
2008-08-02 19:54:54
229.   milkshakeballa
Kemp Martin Manny due up.....

God, sounds nice!

2008-08-02 19:55:01
230.   MonkeyBlue
226. That's good! hopefully no set backs.
2008-08-02 19:55:34
231.   underdog
4.0IP 6H 2ER 2R 1BB 4K for Penny. Not bad for a rehab start.
2008-08-02 19:56:46
232.   Vishal
montero being manny.
2008-08-02 19:56:59
233.   underdog
Hu had two hits in the game, too, in the Hu Watch.
2008-08-02 19:57:58
234.   Gen3Blue
I don't mean to put down Kuroda. He is a pitcher all the way. If he doesn't have his good stuff he does the best he can with what he has. I just get the feeling he doesn't have much at the moment.
2008-08-02 20:00:23
235.   Tripon
Manny was hustling!
2008-08-02 20:00:37
236.   milkshakeballa
How is Mcdonald doing so far? Any chance he gets game action in LA?
2008-08-02 20:03:25
237.   Who Is Karim Garcia
my trivia guesses.... Ruth, Aaron, McGriff and Bonds.
2008-08-02 20:05:29
238.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Good play by Hiroki.... could've been disastrous
2008-08-02 20:06:24
239.   KG16
237 - Mays?
2008-08-02 20:07:03
240.   MonkeyBlue
Hiro looking good.
2008-08-02 20:07:04
241.   JimNasium
2008-08-02 20:07:24
242.   Tripon
Kuroda looks great now. I thought he was gassed in the first inning, but he looks like he can get to the 7th hopefully.
2008-08-02 20:09:56
243.   MonkeyBlue
Damn it Action Jackson!
2008-08-02 20:11:32
244.   MonkeyBlue
Kent need to rest... for the whole season.
2008-08-02 20:11:48
245.   Who Is Karim Garcia
McGriff only did it 13 years. Missed 14 by 1 homer. Good call on Mays.
2008-08-02 20:11:50
246.   Tripon
Casey Blake mashes the ball again.
2008-08-02 20:12:32
247.   larry slimfast
casey blake, i dub thee acceptable
2008-08-02 20:12:43
248.   Jacob Burch
Treasure this, Angel.
2008-08-02 20:13:34
249.   KG16
245 - I just figured since he was fourth on the all time list, it would make sense.
2008-08-02 20:15:00
250.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I wasn't going to say Bonds.... I thought he had a season where he got hurt early and missed it.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-02 20:15:33
251.   KG16
question: should IBBs be subtracted when measuring OBP?
2008-08-02 20:19:05
252.   Who Is Karim Garcia
251 I would say no. Although a player like Berroa is having his OBP padded with the IBB, players like Pujols who get intentionally walked shouldn't be penalized for being a feared hitter and being pitched around.
2008-08-02 20:19:27
253.   MonkeyBlue
Loney is Magical!
2008-08-02 20:19:44
254.   Tripon
Weird Game James does it again!
2008-08-02 20:19:46
255.   KG16
Loney is working on his Gold Glove reel for the voters
2008-08-02 20:19:48
256.   Icaros
Amazing play.
2008-08-02 20:19:49
257.   Vishal
251 no. think of barry; he deserved his ridiculously high OBP.
2008-08-02 20:20:27
258.   Vishal
254 what's this "weird game" business. i understand "big game" is taken, but why does he get "weird"?
2008-08-02 20:21:41
259.   Jacob Burch
258 It comes form an interview online with PeeWee, I believe. Maybe someone else has the "James being James" story that goes with it.
2008-08-02 20:22:28
260.   KG16
252 - but guys are generally intentionally walked because first base is open and the opposing team wants to set up the double play. Even when it's Pujols, that's the usual idea. with runners on first and second, you're going to see most teams take a chance with Pujols. With runners on second and third, they're going to walk him.

It's entirely different than pitching around a guy, where you're not giving him anything to hit, but hoping he'll swing at something and not get all of it.

2008-08-02 20:25:59
261.   whodat807
Hiroki's looking great today. But with his ugly games, it's usually one terrible inning that does him in...
2008-08-02 20:26:20
262.   Andrew Shimmin
I think you'd need a new name for it if it didn't really measure the percentage of time the player reached base safely, any more.
2008-08-02 20:27:34
263.   MonkeyBlue
What the heck Pierre? trying to bunt is so dang obvious!
2008-08-02 20:28:59
264.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Generally they are pitched around or IBB'ed to set up a DP or a FO, but that isn't always the case. Think of the countless times we walked Barry or the times Pujols gets walked simply with 2 down and no one on first.

Even when a player is being walked to set up a DP or a force or to face the weaker batter behind him, I can't see penalizing a player in that situation.

Great question. I'm sure the fine posters on here will convince me.

2008-08-02 20:30:12
265.   CanuckDodger
Why all the compliments for Loney's defensive plays? Don't you guys knows that defensive metrics say he is below average in the field? I think your eyes are deceiving you.
2008-08-02 20:32:36
266.   trainwreck
Canuck, I think I figured out my favorite quote without any swearing.

"How you gonna dance around this one, Julian? Dirtily?"

2008-08-02 20:32:38
267.   Tripon
From the fine folks at the L.A. Times Dodgers blog.

"I feel at home already," responded Manny when I wondered how long it'll take for his situation's newness to wear off and he can feel totally comfortable in L.A. "You're home," insisted a next-locker-over Mark Sweeney (fairly happy go lucky in his own right). Manny smiled, then told Sweeney to give him a hug and the two embraced in front of the lockers.

2008-08-02 20:33:45
268.   MonkeyBlue
8 inning is possible for Hiro.
2008-08-02 20:35:06
269.   Tripon
Also this part.

On a final Manny note, I've never heard a player offer to let a journalist sit in his lap while firing off questions (as you'll hear in the audio). But again, I've never been in a clubhouse featuring Manny Ramirez.

2008-08-02 20:37:42
270.   Jon Weisman
Manny's career OPS is almost his uniform number: .999.
2008-08-02 20:38:07
271.   natepurcell
Manny hits the ball with such ease. Please show Kemp the way!
2008-08-02 20:38:41
272.   Vishal
hmm, a single. manny being juan pierre.
2008-08-02 20:39:20
273.   whodat807
It's been fun watching Manny hit today.
2008-08-02 20:40:22
274.   MonkeyBlue
Loney why????
2008-08-02 20:40:34
275.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Loney being Kemp.
2008-08-02 20:41:05
276.   Andrew Shimmin
Is this going to stop at some point? Seems like every time there's more than one base runner, the trailer gets himself killed for no reason.
2008-08-02 20:41:10
277.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kent being fortunate.
2008-08-02 20:41:32
278.   Tripon
272 More like Manny being Russell Martin. Juan Pierre would have uppercut that swing. And another baserunning error in the 6th! ...And then Jeff Kent gets an RBI on a single!


2008-08-02 20:41:43
279.   StolenMonkey86
272 - his career average is .313; he had to do that a few times before. Now a bunt single, that's Manny being Juan.

Actually, that would be embarrassing infield defense.

2008-08-02 20:43:03
280.   Who Is Karim Garcia

It would be a plague of broken legs.

2008-08-02 20:43:41
281.   StolenMonkey86
276 - Maybe we can do more of those fancy over the fence things that Manny did.
2008-08-02 20:44:01
282.   bablue
Blake being Pierre.

What is Loney doing? Why do we always have guys trying to take an extra base when the ball is in the infield? Is it th base coaches or the the players being stupid? Its ridiculous.

2008-08-02 20:44:07
283.   Tripon
What is with this team and the sixth inning?
2008-08-02 20:44:34
284.   micktissue
Isn't that two consecutive nights of Loney making a base running mistake?
2008-08-02 20:44:37
285.   Andrew Shimmin
Are CS figured into Ellias ratings? That might be a good way of knocking himself back to a B.
2008-08-02 20:44:44
286.   Who Is Karim Garcia
With all these players breaking their hands punching walls, what happened to the stories of teams keeping a punching bag halfway up the tunnel for players to get their rage out safely?
2008-08-02 20:45:23
287.   StolenMonkey86
282 - I blame crazy uncle Larry.
2008-08-02 20:46:01
288.   Andrew Shimmin
It was Kemp, yesterday. Martin does the same thing. And while you don't get much chance to see it, since they're never on base, the geezers have been good for a few of their own. It seems like more than a coincidence, but how could it possibly be team policy?
2008-08-02 20:46:06
289.   Who Is Karim Garcia

There was no CS, since Berroa K'ed.

2008-08-02 20:46:41
290.   Icaros

It was actually a called strike three at the plate, so no CS for Bob's cat.

2008-08-02 20:47:19
291.   Andrew Shimmin
289- Right. Blake's CS was robbed from him by an overzealous Berroa K. I'm just thinking about the future.
2008-08-02 20:47:19
292.   Tripon
I bet Berroa becomes a Type-F.
2008-08-02 20:48:21
293.   Icaros
I'm just thinking about the future.

That'll get you down.

2008-08-02 20:48:39
294.   Andrew Shimmin
Kemp was the lead runner, though, yesterday. That I'm content to blame him for without reservation. It's the trailing runner who's usually getting himself in a pickle.
2008-08-02 20:48:51
295.   eusmus
292 I think that means you have to give the team that signs him a draft pick.
2008-08-02 20:49:25
296.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Andruw would be Type K. That nets us another year of bellyachin' and rule 1 violations.
2008-08-02 20:49:28
297.   MonkeyBlue
Blake was pretty slow with that throw.
2008-08-02 20:49:30
298.   Icaros
That DP attempt looked amatuer.
2008-08-02 20:49:40
299.   Vishal
279 oh, i was being deliberately fatuous.
2008-08-02 20:50:03
300.   Andrew Shimmin
That would have been funny.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-02 20:50:03
301.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Manny being Andruw.
2008-08-02 20:50:24
302.   Tripon
Manny hustled on that play!
2008-08-02 20:51:00
303.   MonkeyBlue
Man the Snakes are just hacking the ball. They're not even working the count at all.
2008-08-02 20:52:21
304.   Vishal
303 are you complaining?
2008-08-02 20:53:19
305.   Andrew Shimmin
304- He really likes it when Bob predicts that the D'backs will sweep the series.

He's not alone.

2008-08-02 20:54:00
306.   Tripon
Kuroda's still in the game? Think they'll allow him to finish the whole game?
2008-08-02 20:55:13
307.   Tripon
Kuroda gets a walk! And Pierre's at bat.
2008-08-02 20:55:24
308.   MonkeyBlue
Kuroda walks! now its your turn Pierre!
2008-08-02 20:57:24
309.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Me and my brother just drafted people surnamed "Jones" that we'd rather have than Andruw. Here are the results.


Round 1: James Earl Jones
Round 2: Indiana Jones
Round 3: Marion Jones

Round 1: Jenny Jones
Round 2: Tommy Lee Jones
Round 3: Adam "Pac-Man" Jones

Who do you think got the better of the draft?

2008-08-02 20:58:18
310.   Vishal
does pierre seriously try to bunt every time he goes to the plate? it's like he goes up there to bunt first, and if that doesn't work out, then okay, i GUESS i can try swinging away....
2008-08-02 20:58:39
311.   trainwreck
Definitely you.
2008-08-02 20:58:50
312.   Tripon
Whoa, Pierre's actually working the pitcher.
2008-08-02 20:59:22
313.   Who Is Karim Garcia

His bunting prowess sets up his slappiness. Yes, it's a word.

2008-08-02 20:59:22
314.   Penguin
Pierre is also one of the tougher guys in the league to walk
2008-08-02 21:00:06
315.   bcg60
The consistent Juan for 4 we all know and "love."
2008-08-02 21:01:08
316.   Tripon
315 He actually did what he was supposed to. Tiring out the pitcher with constant hacks.
2008-08-02 21:02:01
317.   Vishal
313 i want to give him some slappiness in the face every time he tries to bunt.

309 not even close; you by a mile. i can't even imagine a better 1-2 of joneses than indiana and james earl.

2008-08-02 21:02:26
318.   Hollywood Joe
I wish we could somehow plant electrodes on JP and give him an electric jolt everytime he hits a fly ball

...maybe a little shock for swinging at ball 4 too

2008-08-02 21:02:46
319.   natepurcell
Look like Kemp's hitting streak is over :(
2008-08-02 21:04:10
320.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Martin being Slappy McPopup.
2008-08-02 21:04:10
321.   natepurcell
What is Kuroda doing!?!? There are two outs man!
2008-08-02 21:04:29
322.   Vishal
317 maybe norah and john paul. or, or.... davy jones.
2008-08-02 21:05:43
323.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Thanks. I just traded Indiana for Roy Jones Jr. and a Jones to be Jones'ed later.

We're setting up a 5x5 roto league. Spots still available.

2008-08-02 21:06:17
324.   Tripon
Yikes! What the heck Kuroda!
2008-08-02 21:06:44
325.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kuroda being Kemp.
2008-08-02 21:06:59
326.   underdog
They're trying to tire out our pitcher at 2nd base.
2008-08-02 21:07:09
327.   Vishal
2008-08-02 21:08:14
328.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kuroda should be at third on that flyball that CoJack couldnt reach.
2008-08-02 21:08:47
329.   natepurcell
Manny even looks awesome while striking out swinging.
2008-08-02 21:09:02
330.   underdog
Oh well.
2008-08-02 21:11:10
331.   Tripon
Hope Kuroda can finish.
2008-08-02 21:11:10
332.   underdog
309 I can't believe your bro would take Adam Pacman over Ed Too Tall, but he may be too young.
2008-08-02 21:12:59
333.   Tripon
Small sample size to be sure, but it looks like we don't have to worry about guys walking Manny just to get to the guy behind him. They're going to pitch to Manny.
2008-08-02 21:13:13
334.   bablue

You're brother. He got Pac-Man. (Cowboys fan)

2008-08-02 21:13:53
335.   Tripon
Error on Kent. Error number 100,000,000,000. Actually, his 9th error, but who's counting.
2008-08-02 21:13:55
336.   underdog
Gun it comin' off the line Kuroda
Never gonna stop, give it up.
Ma-ma-ma-my Kuroda!
2008-08-02 21:13:58
337.   bablue
Kent being Kent.
2008-08-02 21:15:07
338.   Who Is Karim Garcia

PacMan's Value Over Replacement Jones (VORJ) is through the roof.

2008-08-02 21:15:18
339.   Tripon
Argh. Kuroda's out.
2008-08-02 21:16:04
340.   bablue
Yeah, Kuroda really deserved to get yanked here. They really hit the ball hard Joe. Sheesh.
2008-08-02 21:16:19
341.   underdog
Uh oh. Tying run at the plate. And that's it for Kuroda.

Hong Chi!

Let's Guo Dodgers!

2008-08-02 21:17:16
342.   KG16
340 - got to go to the pen in the 8th with the tying run at the plate. i'm a huge fan of the CG, but the win is more important.
2008-08-02 21:17:38
343.   Icaros
Taiwanese Assassin coming in to clean up the mess Kent left in his adult briefs.
2008-08-02 21:17:42
344.   underdog
I have no problem with him coming out after throwing just under 100 pitches and HCK coming in. It certainly wasn't his fault there are two runners on, that's for sure. But I wouldn't let him go much longer than this anyway.
2008-08-02 21:18:31
345.   KG16
anyone with recommendations for a good place to stay in Pacifica? I'd like to go the b&b route, but i'm not finding anything. currently leaning toward the holiday inn right on the beach.
2008-08-02 21:18:34
346.   Jacob Burch
that 35:1 K:BB ratio against LHP is just silly.
2008-08-02 21:18:57
347.   underdog
Taiwanese Assassin. That's awesome. Copyright that.
2008-08-02 21:19:30
348.   Jacob Burch
LH. Ignore the Pitcher part of the equation. Remains Silly.
2008-08-02 21:20:17
349.   KG16
2008-08-02 21:20:21
350.   Jacob Burch
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-02 21:20:32
351.   Tripon
76 Left handers against Kuo, with one walk, and 36 Ks.
2008-08-02 21:20:33
352.   Jacob Burch
2008-08-02 21:20:41
353.   FirstMohican
309 - I would've picked Indiana Jones #1, the Mr. Jones (from the Counting Crows song) #2
2008-08-02 21:20:55
354.   milkshakeballa
DO the DOdgers try to turn Kuo into a starter this off-season or keep him in the pen?
2008-08-02 21:21:41
355.   Icaros

I'm collecting trademarks this week like trophy wives.

2008-08-02 21:21:46
356.   KG16
354 - they should try to stretch him out to be a starter again. seems like a waste to have him in the pen, especially if Broxton is going to be the closer.
2008-08-02 21:21:48
357.   MonkeyBlue
I love Kuo!
2008-08-02 21:22:38
358.   underdog
345 Haven't stayed there but heard good things about the Best Western Lighthouse Inn in Pacifica.
2008-08-02 21:22:53
359.   bcg60
354 - Just my opinion, but I would keep him in the pen due to his past arm issues and he's done such a great job in the pen.
2008-08-02 21:23:02
360.   Jacob Burch
356 I'd say its up to him--if he found some additional comfort in the relief role, no reason to nix a bad thing.
2008-08-02 21:23:38
361.   Jacob Burch
Nix a good thing. My essays are doomed.
2008-08-02 21:24:51
362.   Tripon
Loney gets a hit!
2008-08-02 21:25:11
363.   whodat807
That was an incredible shot of Dodger Stadium they opened with.
2008-08-02 21:25:37
364.   Tripon
Jeff Kent gets lucky!
2008-08-02 21:25:58
365.   Jacob Burch
Kent being fortunate x2
2008-08-02 21:26:12
366.   KG16
358 - checked them out, already sold out for the weekend.
2008-08-02 21:26:26
367.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Kent gets PO'ed.
2008-08-02 21:26:36
368.   Jacob Burch
Kent's missed fist-pump of Andruw Jones seems so fitting for some reason.
2008-08-02 21:26:52
369.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Heh, you're right.

2008-08-02 21:26:53
370.   underdog
Yeah, I would try him as a starter again next year. For this season, I have no problem having him as a lights-out reliever, especially with Saito out.
2008-08-02 21:29:05
371.   Tripon
Ouch, DP by Casey Blake.
2008-08-02 21:29:26
372.   underdog
366 KG:
2008-08-02 21:29:33
373.   micktissue
Vin: "Ozuna or later, he usually shows up in the 9th inning"
2008-08-02 21:29:34
374.   bablue

I know, I was just being snarky because of Kent's error. It was the right call.

2008-08-02 21:29:58
375.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Just awful.... a TWENTY TWO game plan so I can get World Baseball Classic tickets? Horrendous, I say!
2008-08-02 21:30:37
376.   Brent Knapp
Anyone know of a good place to stay in the Santa Cruz area? or any recommendations on nice cities to stay in that area nearby?
2008-08-02 21:31:19
377.   bablue
According to Vin, Berroa is a glove-man. News to me, although he has looked good in Dodger-blue. Apparently, that was not the case in Royals-blue.
2008-08-02 21:31:48
378.   Andrew Shimmin
Kent's books are balancing out. He came into the game with a BABIP seventy-five points lower than what it ought to have been.
2008-08-02 21:32:18
379.   Penguin
we should see Ethier and Jones as defensive replacements here
2008-08-02 21:32:27
380.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Is there zero interest in Felipe Lopez?
2008-08-02 21:33:17
381.   bablue
Wow, Torre didn't use the closer in a "save situation". I'm very impressed.
2008-08-02 21:34:52
382.   KG16
372 - gracias.
2008-08-02 21:36:25
383.   Tripon
Chan Ho Park is up in the bullpen.
2008-08-02 21:36:29
384.   MonkeyBlue
Come on Kuo.... making me nervous.
2008-08-02 21:39:05
385.   underdog
Whatever Honeycutt said to him seemed like good advice.
2008-08-02 21:39:22
386.   Tripon
Two out!
2008-08-02 21:40:26
387.   Tripon

Honeycutt: "Come on! Manny's always gonna be Manny. You got to be "Kuo being Kuo."

2008-08-02 21:40:45
388.   Hallux Valgus
376 Whenever I'm in that area, I stay in Capitola. I honestly have no idea what the names of any places are, but there's a swell hotel right on the water, and a restaurant that has $10 lobster and good margaritas and a guy with a synthesizer who plays Eagles songs.
2008-08-02 21:41:48
389.   Icaros
Kuo's mechanics are so smooth and effortless. It's hard to see how he's been so prone to arm injury.
2008-08-02 21:41:55
390.   das411
Oooo let's have fun with 380 , I'll go first:

"Is there zero interest in Barry Bonds?"

and why does Dodger closer Jon Broxton look much smaller and more lefthanded than I've been lead to believe by all you DTers?

2008-08-02 21:42:25
391.   MonkeyBlue
Oh boy
2008-08-02 21:42:28
392.   KG16
372 - the sea breeze looks interesting.
2008-08-02 21:42:29
393.   Tripon
Torre pulls Kuo after he gives up a run.
2008-08-02 21:43:10
394.   Johnny Nucleo
Gameday's down for the moment. What's going on?
2008-08-02 21:43:14
395.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday froze. What's happening?
2008-08-02 21:43:29
396.   milkshakeballa
um where is broxton? he only threw 6 pitches yesterday i believe
2008-08-02 21:43:29
397.   Icaros
What's wrong with Broxton?
2008-08-02 21:43:33
398.   Penguin
is Broxton not available tonight?
2008-08-02 21:44:06
399.   Icaros
I leave Kuo in over HR-prone CHP. Righties be damned.
2008-08-02 21:44:07
400.   underdog
385 ...or not.

Hrm, why not Broxton here?

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-02 21:44:43
401.   Johnny Nucleo
Where's the Beef?
2008-08-02 21:45:22
402.   underdog
For Gameday-frozen, Kuo gave up a single on a 3-2 pitch, scored a run. Two outs. Park in.

Fingers and toes are crossed. Prayer beads are out.

2008-08-02 21:45:22
403.   StolenMonkey86
K is for Kuo :)
2008-08-02 21:45:34
404.   NorCal-Dodger
Day game tomorrow, JOe managing tonight's game for tomorrow? That's why no Brox?
2008-08-02 21:45:44
405.   whodat807
Kuo allowed a single, and got pulled for Chan Ho. 2 outs, 4-2.

Gotta say, not a big fan of this move. Why wasn't Broxton up? I love Chan Ho, but he's always been a guy who's allowed a few long balls.

2008-08-02 21:45:57
406.   Tripon
Park gets the force out and the Save!
2008-08-02 21:46:05
407.   Vishal
who cares where broxton is, if kuo's doing fine. give el toro the night off.
2008-08-02 21:46:07
408.   MonkeyBlue
Thank you Mr. Park!
2008-08-02 21:46:19
409.   Sagehen
402 Thank you, Underdog. You have saved the day.

I really need to get cable.

2008-08-02 21:46:29
410.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday said swinging K for Tracy, Jackson on 2nd, 1 out. I don't know what to believe
2008-08-02 21:46:55
411.   Johnny Nucleo
Torre's bullpen management drives me bonkers.
2008-08-02 21:47:00
412.   underdog
Whew, that was close at 2nd.

We win!

Does Park get a save?

Good game for Kuroda.

2008-08-02 21:47:08
413.   Vishal
meh, that's why it was frozen? how pointless.
2008-08-02 21:47:48
414.   whodat807
Whew. Nice day for our pitching staff's Asian contingent!
2008-08-02 21:47:56
415.   KG16
411 - as opposed to Jim Tracy's bullpen management?
2008-08-02 21:48:13
416.   das411
So does Kuo still get an (H) in the boxscore tomorrow?

Ahhh and there's the Randy Newman and the "Goodnight, everybody," how did people ever survive before

2008-08-02 21:49:03
417.   KG16
Manny's eyes are reeeeeeeeeeeeeally red on my HD screen.
2008-08-02 21:51:10
418.   underdog
I recommend queuing up a Futurama DVD and taking the rest of the night off.

Well, that's what I'm going to do anyway. Cheers!

2008-08-02 21:51:20
419.   KG16
reading some of the stuff about the Manny trade, I'm coming to the conclusion that Scott Boras is not a good agent, in the sense that he does not act in the best interests of his clients all the time.
2008-08-02 21:51:28
420.   Sagehen
The bullpen ERA being what it is, I'm not going to criticize Torre's bullpen management, at least not when Proctor's not available.

Ned should give him one less pitcher, though, since Troncosco and Beimel never get enough work. (Send down T, keep B)

2008-08-02 21:52:02
421.   Andrew Shimmin
Lot of trouble counting rows from the post game crew.
2008-08-02 21:53:46
422.   KG16
421 - yeah, are there even 30 rows in the pavilion?
2008-08-02 21:54:33
423.   Tripon
419 Oh, most definitely. Boris thinks he can get the most money for his guy, but he tends to misread the mood of the room a lot for a guy who tends to get the most dollar for his services, like the A-Rod situation last year, and then Kenny Rogers firing him because he tried to shop him around when he just wanted to pitch for the Tigers.
2008-08-02 21:55:30
424.   whodat807
What's our record now? Baseball Tonight has us at 54-55, but I think we're back at .500 after tonight, no?
2008-08-02 21:56:42
425.   Sharkie
This may explain why they think JP gets on base a lot.
2008-08-02 22:00:34
426.   natepurcell

Mets and Yankees would be the biggest competitors for Manny.

But, I don't really know if Manny would go to New York, its a bigger media circus than Boston.

I think Manny stays!

2008-08-02 22:00:54
427.   whodat807
On Baseball Tonight, they're doing a pointless but fun fluff piece, ranking the all-time three top players for each franchise. For the Dodgers, for my money, it'd be Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, and Duke Snider. Any thoughts?
2008-08-02 22:03:05
428.   Andrew Shimmin
The record is 55-55, now. It wants to be as much like Russ Martin as possible. Just like everybody else.
2008-08-02 22:06:20
429.   be2ween
427 Koufax, Robinson, Valenzuela. REPRESENT!
2008-08-02 22:07:22
430.   Zak
Manny is hilarious. "I just got lucky" and he does sound like he wants to remain a Dodger, although with Boras as agent, it is unlikely.

Whether you like the trade or not, there is no denying that he brings excitement to the park. Economically this has already been a good trade for the Dodgers. Hopefully it carries over to the field.

Finally, it was good to see D. Young in the dugout. I haven't seen him for a while. I hope they can find a way to keep him, but his long-term Dodgers prospects seem bleak.

2008-08-02 22:18:53
431.   Kilgore Trout
It obviously comes as a surprise to no one that Old School Joe is going with Pierre over Ethier.

Does anyone know of a method for estimating how many runs a team is likely to lose by starting a 646 OPS player over a 781 OPS player over 52 games?

2008-08-02 22:19:56
432.   berkowit28
426 What "I want to stay" means is "...if you meet my terms". It's clear that he wanted out of his existing contract with the Red Sox, which had two years of club options, because this year is his best chance to get one of those "if you want me for next year, you have to pay for a lot of extra years past my prime, at prime rates" contracts that agents can get for the best players. If the Dodgers want to go for one of those contracts - where we probably get two great years and are then stuck with two more years of a declining vet past his prime, that we know all too well, we probably get first dibs. Or a chance at competing for dibs, at any rate.
2008-08-02 22:21:34
433.   Deuce
427 Hard to leave out Piazza.
2008-08-02 22:25:50
434.   Zak
Casey Blake keeps referring to the Dodgers as "These guys" instead of "We". Could mean nothing, but I don't get the feeling that he sees himself as anything more than a rental here.
2008-08-02 22:29:38
435.   Tripon
434 Its okay, We'll take the two draft picks as Type A Casey Blake goes back to the Indians.
2008-08-02 22:30:06
436.   underdog
Tony Jackson to the rescue:

"You're probably wondering about Jonathan Broxton, who wasn't brought in even though the Dodgers entered the ninth with a save situation and even though Hong-Chih Kuo couldn't get through that inning. Turns out Broxton has a bit of a tired arm. Although he had pitched last night, he hadn't pitched for several days in a row. But Torre surmised that it might be because he HAS warmed up several times in recent days."

2008-08-02 22:30:50
437.   Andrew Shimmin
There me be a team willing to give up its first round pick for Blake, but I cannot imagine it's the Indians.
2008-08-02 22:31:36
438.   Deuce
Just as impressive as the HR to me was Manny busting it to go from first to third. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Red Sox Manny would have jogged into second and kept the uniform clean.
2008-08-02 22:32:25
439.   Tripon
The Dodgers-D'Backs game is the 1st story off of Sportscenter.
2008-08-02 22:32:41
440.   underdog
437 - I thought if they're one of the 15 worst teams they don't forfeit their first rounder to sign a Type A? Or is that wrong?
2008-08-02 22:37:31
441.   Andrew Shimmin
They'd lose their second round pick, you're right. Still.
2008-08-02 22:39:43
442.   KG16
427 - no love for Drysdale? Or Campy?

The problem with something like this in baseball is that there's a handful of teams that have 140 years of history, and there's a lot of players that can fill that role.

2008-08-02 22:43:27
443.   milkshakeballa
He publicly stated said he is probably going to go back and finish his career in CLE. But if he keeps it up, we won't mind! I don't know why people had a problem with that trade. Blake isn't a typical PVL scrub that COlletti usually targets. He is a good pick up.
2008-08-02 22:46:58
444.   whodat807
442 Plenty of love for Campanella and Drysdale. Just a tiny bit of love more for Snider though. It's fun to think about. I could definitely change my mind on Snider (Koufax and Robinson are set in stone, in my opinion) after some debate...

I think having a long history makes it more interesting. Trying to choose between Carl Crawford and an aging Wade Boggs for the Rays probably isn't nearly as compelling.

2008-08-02 22:51:20
445.   Zak
443 I don't mind the Blake trade either. And I don't want us to resign him. But it's funny that he refers to them in the third person.
2008-08-02 23:01:57
446.   Vishal
Blake isn't a typical PVL scrub that Colletti usually targets.

how is he not?? he's 35 years old and his career numbers are: .266/.336/.446 for an OPS of .782. that's a career OPS+ of 106. he's a slightly above league average player, to say nothing of where he ranks at 3rd base, which is generally a premium offensive position. and we traded away two decent players to rent this guy for two months?

2008-08-02 23:06:53
447.   Xeifrank
Nice win tonight. I missed the game. I turned it on in the top of the 9th and got to see Guo nearly get/blow a save. Any word on any of the starters resting tomorrow? Will Martin catch Johnson? Jones in the lineup vs the lefty Davis?
vr, Xei
2008-08-02 23:10:58
448.   preacherroe
Nate Purcell, What is the prospect ceiling of Thomas Giles, Drew Locke, Matthew Sartor and Brent Leach?
2008-08-02 23:18:05
449.   milkshakeballa
PVL's that Colletti target are over the hill and suck with the Dodgers.

Blake is hitting like 340 playing good D with the DOdgers and was actually a good pick up.

thats how!!! :)

2008-08-02 23:22:18
450.   Alex41592
Absolutely incredible moment on the Manny HR. Just a great night to be in the stadium.

Pierre is 11 for 26 lifetime against Doug Davis. Throw the exact same lineup out there tomorrow.

Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-08-02 23:24:49
451.   Reddog

I'd go with Zach Wheat, Drysdale and Koufax.

2008-08-02 23:25:27
452.   MonkeyBlue
450. I think Kent is going to sit though.
2008-08-02 23:31:45
453.   Alex41592
452 - Torre was originally going to sit Kent tomorrow, but Kent missed Thursday so it would not surprise me to see him in there tomorrow. Especially with Monday off.
2008-08-02 23:40:53
454.   Brian Y
427. I'm going with Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax, and Tommy Lasorda. I can't think of 3 players who personify the Dodgers more.

If I could choose Vin Scully I would have because he is a Dodger if ever there was one.

2008-08-02 23:41:37
455.   Brian Y
Oh wait, they said players...not Dodgers....nevermind lol
2008-08-02 23:47:48
456.   dzzrtRatt
For those in SoCal who watch the Dodgers on Prime Ticket, they are at the point in the replay right now where Manny's about to hit his first-inning homer.
2008-08-02 23:53:42
457.   dzzrtRatt
Wow, it is almost moving to watch Russell Martin slapping hands with Manny after the home run. Martin has this (fertilizer)-eating grin on his face. He can't believe he's playing on the same team as this guy, and it looks like he's thinking about all the other people who wouldn't believe it either.
2008-08-02 23:57:37
458.   Dodgers49
Manny on LA: 'I want to stay here'

>> "I've already made $160 million," he said. "I like it here. I'm looking for peace. I want to stay here. At the end of the season, if the Dodgers want me to end my career here, we'll sit down and talk. Time will tell." <<

2008-08-03 00:02:54
459.   bhsportsguy
I don't know if any other DTers was at today's luncheon but I was there and I will write more in depth about later but let's just say that it was better run than the 70's luncheon and certainly because it being the decade of the last 2 World Series winners, it was quite an event though much more focused on the 1988 series than the 1981 series.

Anyway, more about that later.

The announced crowd was a little more than 54,000 and I would say there was at least 50,000 in the park if not more. I was telling my friend after the game that I think the Dodgers may make an extra $500K this weekend on the count of the Manny deal.

They already have Ramirez t-shirts on sale with the no. 99 printed on them.

I cannot remember the last time when someone came up in the first inning and the crowd was so excited. And when Manny hit that ball, the crowd was just exploded.

Kuroda had his pitches working tonight, I have seen him pitch some good games at home and this was similar where guys were missing his fast ball or just hitting little ground balls.

Casey Blake has had a really good first week as a Dodger.

I saw Broxton during batting practice standing in the outfield with the rest of the pitchers so when he did come in, I thought it was for the reason that Tony Jackson reported in his blog.

I hope the Dodgers can pull out a win tomorrow and then hit the road.

2008-08-03 00:14:38
460.   Gagne55
458 I've read that too. It sounds kinda absurd. Knowing after two days that you love the place?
2008-08-03 00:32:32
461.   Louis in SF
Don't know if anyone has seen it yet, but in the Sunday LAT, there is a practical solution to the Andru Jones situation. It is not DFAing, since that won't happen, basically it is Jones being sent to the minors with his personal hitting coach until Sept 1, where he would be brought back up. Ned and Scott Boras have been asked about it, so has Torre, but no answers yet. Hope it happens it would sure be a help to the club.
2008-08-03 01:00:51
462.   sporky
From the Daily News writeup:

>>Honeycutt chats with his pitchers regularly, and he appreciated Broxton's honesty about his tired arm.

"No one needs to be a hero," Honeycutt said. "It's too early to do that. If he's not 100 percent he could possibly not help the team later. He's not going to say anything unless he needs it."<<


2008-08-03 01:13:53
463.   Bob Timmermann
The sight of Jack Fimple sent bhsportsguy's grammar in to the dumper.
2008-08-03 01:35:28
464.   PDH5204
446 It might all work out okay. My vision for 09:

Furcal [steals 40]
Kemp [steals 50]
Hudson [hits .285-.295/.355-.370]

Pee Wee
-some PVL who might hit for some power [Pee Wee can serve as the "we just need a single" PH]
-IF 1
-IF 2



Nomar pays for Orlando, Manny partly pays for himself [the extra income not realized if he's not here], Lowe's and Kent's money goes for Sabathia and if there's any left over, for Manny too. Given his history and his stated desire to stay, Raffy should be happy with a repeat deal. And what with the extra income and all, and over some years, the team "accepts" sunken cost and so goodbye to Andruw. And if the team can find a super INF 1, who puts the U in Utility player by playing 2B, 3B, and SS, then there's the option of no INF 2 and instead another pitcher.

2008-08-03 02:23:40
465.   bhsportsguy
463 And Mike Davis, together for just one day.
2008-08-03 03:12:44
466.   milkshakeballa
2009 Dodgers + Salaries
2009 Title: Defending October

SS Furcal (1 yr/14.5 mil)
CF Kemp (4.5 mil/arb)
C Martin (6.5 mil/arb)
LF Manny (3 yrs/60 mil)
1B Loney (4 mil/arb)
RF Ethier (3 mil/arb)
2B Hudson (4 yrs/32 mil)
3B DeWitt (1 mil/arb)

OF/2B D Young(1 mil/arb)
OF Pierre (10 mil)
C Ardoin/PVL (1 mil)
OF Jones (17 mil)
Berroa (Free)

ACE Sabathia (6 yrs/100 mil)
ACE Billingsley (5 mil/arb)
ACE Kershaw (1 mil/arb)
SP Penny (8.75 mil)
SP Kuroda (15 mil)

Sammy (1 yrs/4 mil)
Brox (3 mil/arb)
Kuo (2 yrs/5 mil)
Wade (1 mil/arb)
Beimel (2 yrs/4 mil)
Johnson (1 mil)


151.75 million



Obviously can't sign Hudson. If they can somehow get rid of Pierre and Jones, they could easily sign both Manny and CC. WIll never happen though. Those two contracts sitting on the bench along with Kuroda's 15 mil due next year in the #5 spot do not look good. Not using your resources very efficiently when your own farm has past up those positions.

Also I have no clue about arbitrations out there. Those are just some random #'s. Please correct me if something is really wrong.

2008-08-03 04:00:52
467.   natepurcell

The young players are not going to be making that much. All of them except maybe Martin are all going to be under 1 million.

2008-08-03 04:36:06
468.   Michael D
I wonder how cheap Nomar would sign for. He clearly would rather play here than anywhere else. I can't imagine after all his injuries there will be a lot of interest in him. So I wonder if he'd come back on the cheap with the understanding he'd be a utility guy. He can still hit a little, and he can be a backup plan in case Dewitt falters again next year. He shouldn't be a starter, but I think there is a place on the team for him next year if he's willing to accept it.

As for Manny I wonder if he'd back down on the whole not picking up his options and would just settle for us picking up both options at the same time.

2008-08-03 04:42:14
469.   Michael D

You can knock like 20 million off your payroll based on how much you overshot the young players. If we decide to not bring back Sammy, we got around a $120 million payroll with what you got there.

2008-08-03 04:56:10
470.   Jacob Burch
You're also missing Dodger Albatross #43423: Jason Schmidt.
2008-08-03 06:11:28
471.   Disabled List
461 FTA: "He has no business taking at-bats from Andre Ethier, the Dodgers' other backup outfielder. If the Dodgers really need a fifth outfielder who can serve as a defensive replacement for Ramirez or Juan Pierre, then Jason Repko is a phone call away."

I'm almost starting to hope the Dodgers trade Ethier this offseason, so he can have a chance at a normal career, like LaRoche.

2008-08-03 06:47:32
472.   Ken Noe
466 If it's in Boras's interests to keep Manny in LA, he'll find a way to move Jones along elsewhere with all of his remaining salary. Otherwise not.
2008-08-03 07:17:12
473.   Ken Noe
Bob Nightengale: McCourt made the Manny deal all by himself, without Colletti:

2008-08-03 07:47:30
474.   Brian Y
473. I can honestly say that I am not surprised at all. But I doubt that Ned didn't know that Frank was working on it either. Maybe everyone was working on deals with other clubs and Frank only approved of his deal. Too many variables to just think McCourt went over Ned's head and just did his job.
2008-08-03 07:59:51
475.   Brian Y
Also, if Ned didn't have anything to do with the deal....why, after Manny arrived in LA, did he put his arm around Ned and go for a walk with him. And also, McCourt publicly has thanked Ned for getting the trade done. Who would be the one to even tell anyone that it was McCourt and not Ned? Do you think that Frank would verify information like that? I just don't see it.
2008-08-03 08:13:37
476.   Ken Noe
474 475 I haven't a clue, but playing devil's advocate: Nightengale could easily have gotten that information from the Sox, the Pirates, or various agents. We've read that Ned's early offers included Ethier and perhaps Kemp, they fell through, and the Marlins deal almost happened. McCourt obviously wanted Manny and now had another chance. Maybe he just grabbed the phone. White's much-discussed comments could mean that he was right there at Frank's side, winning another power play. Why cover it up? That one's easy, to prevent more stories of Dodger dysfunction. Again, that's just speculation, but it makes sense.
2008-08-03 08:29:41
477.   rockmrete
I got the impression that McCourt was the driving force behind the Manny deal. I'm sure Ned was involved, but mostly on the logistical aspects of the trade.

McCourt also went over Neds head to get Torre.

Ned is TOAST

2008-08-03 08:30:49
478.   goofus
So now Manny wants to stay here; I can live with that if we can afford him. How much money will we have next year? Can we afford both Manny and CC? And maybe Blake if we can get him for $8 to $10 million? Jones is a sunk cost, we pay him for sitting on the bench (bad idea) or we DFA him and he stinks up some other team while we pay him... We can probably trade Pierre and save half his salary. Ethier and DY are the reserve outfielders. Nomar has to go, can't even trust his health as a pinch hitter. We go cheap with Hu and "HuEver" up the middle. Can we afford that? I know Frank would like it.
2008-08-03 08:34:54
479.   Andrew Shimmin
Colletti has a pretty sweet job. The boss does his work, but still pays him (and it's a big check). Company phone. Lots of travel opportunities. He can sit in his office all day, shoe shopping on eBay and looking at lolcats.

Pretty sweet. It's only too bad it can't last forever.

2008-08-03 08:36:32
480.   D4P
How does Ned's job compare to yours...?
2008-08-03 08:37:47
481.   Andrew Shimmin
480- You think some of my hostility might be envy? Could be.
2008-08-03 08:50:20
482.   D4P
Actually, I was just trying to trick you into revealing details about your occupation. Assuming you have one, that is.
2008-08-03 08:53:31
483.   Andrew Shimmin
I sell shoes on eBay. 479 was really just a guerrilla marketing tactic.
2008-08-03 08:58:55
484.   D4P
And you only accept check or money order.
2008-08-03 09:01:24
485.   rockmrete
Is Ned a low ball bidder for your shoes, or does he bid high like for our PVLs
2008-08-03 09:19:49
486.   Marty
A long time ago a bunch of friends of mine saw some once-famous guy (I can't even remember who it was) doing a wok infomercial. So "selling woks" became the catch-phrase around my campfire for anyone who's job/celebrity status had taken a drastic turn for the worse.

I think Ned's going to be selling woks pretty soon.

2008-08-03 09:21:39
487.   Brian Y
Would any of you trade our scraps...Andruw AND Pierre for Zito + $25M? I think that would bring Zito's value down to 5Yrs $65M. Then we could probably get rid of him after a few months if we chipped in another $10M or so relegating him to a $10M player rather than a $18M player which he isn't. I guess I just don't see Pierre's worth when he is going to be making the additional $31M in the next 3 years.
2008-08-03 09:25:35
488.   Brian Y
I would throw Schmidt into the conversation as well since he is in the last year of his albatross contract as well. But I am pretty sure we are stuck with him. But I think our insurance covers parts of his salary from what I remember.
2008-08-03 09:26:47
489.   goofus
You have only to look to Andruw to see Pierre's value...
2008-08-03 09:27:36
490.   Daniel Zappala
Forgive me this one time, I have been away too long so I don't know if anyone has mentioned this -- when Ethier's name has been mentioned in the Manny trade, I read it as quite possible that the original deal was LaRoche + Ethier, the Dodgers balked, and it ended up as LaRoche + Morris. I find that plausible, since the Dodgers want Ethier as insurance in case Manny leaves after 2 months. It is possible the Dodgers won this deal, and that it was the Red Sox and Pirates who gave in.
2008-08-03 09:29:04
491.   goofus
488 Give him to Ned as a going away present when he triumphantly returns to the Giants, the greatest con man of all time...
2008-08-03 09:29:34
492.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm prepared to offer Colletti a job in my make believe eBay shoe store. He'd work on commission. It sounds like a step down, but I have the biggest pretend shoe store west of the Mississippi, and I promise not to sell his shoes behind his back. So, really: lateral move.
2008-08-03 09:31:23
493.   Brian Y
490. I really don't see any losers in this deal. Boston was eager to unload Manny and they see that as a net positive, giving up Hansen and Moss for Bay was good as well. It's just when you look at Manny, Moss, and Hansen for Bay that the deal may look bad for them. The Pirates did very well in my eyes. 3 Major League quality players and a former 1st Rd Pitcher for 1yr and 2 months of Bay. And the Dodgers did well for what they wanted this year. If Manny doesn't re-sign and LaRoche flourishes then it could look bad for us considering how this year turns out for us.
2008-08-03 09:33:15
494.   Daniel Zappala
493 My main argument is with those who are assuming it was Ethier + Morris at first and then the Dodgers caved and substituted LaRoche.
2008-08-03 09:36:06
495.   D4P
What kind of employee discount would Ned get on make believe women's snakeskin cowboy boots?
2008-08-03 09:37:25
496.   Brian Y
494. Obviously both the Pirates and Sox caved as the deal was in it's 11th hour. They took all they could and Boston likely made up for the difference considering what they gave up.
2008-08-03 09:43:16
497.   Andrew Shimmin
495- No employee discounts. This ain't a Macy's, pal. No benefits, either. And if I get wind of a RWDSU organizer sniffing around, I'm shutting the whole thing down.

There could be a company picnic with softball game. I wouldn't go to that one, either, but it might still be nice for him.

2008-08-03 09:48:44
498.   Tripon
472 If it's in Boras's interests to keep Manny in LA, he'll find a way to move Jones along elsewhere with all of his remaining salary. Otherwise not.

In the Shakin post, Boras mentions that he envisions a Dodger outfield of Manny in left, and Jones in center. Boras hasn't given up on Andruw Jones playing for the Dodgers, for better or worse.

2008-08-03 10:01:24
499.   goofus
498 Does Andruw have an opt-out clause ala JD Drew? I wish,...
2008-08-03 10:05:53
500.   goofus
Andruw and $12 mil to the Padres for Maddux; for $10 mil they get him 2 months this season plus all of next. Compared to their outfielders, he doesn't look too bad... I'd give them another $5 mil if they'd take Pierre too.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-08-03 10:07:30
501.   Icaros
Wow, just read about the existence of a Verne Troyer (Mini Me) "home video tape." That's a scarier thought than a lineup of 9 Juan Pierres.
2008-08-03 10:27:56
502.   Icaros
501 cleared the room, and I completely understand. Sorry.
2008-08-03 10:29:00
503.   KG16
A very strange comment from the Angels-Yankees game. "there was a lot of talk that A-Rod's power numbers would suffer coming to this stadium [Yankee Stadium], because he has a lot of power the other way."

Thinking about that hurts my brain.

2008-08-03 10:30:48
504.   Icaros

That's like saying a RH hitter will see a drop in doubles going to Fenway because he pulls a lot of fly balls.

2008-08-03 10:44:18
505.   jasonungar07
Torre this is the time to bench Pierre. You can even say you wish you didn't have to and that you value his game but he needs to get on base. I mean even for Pierre he really is playing poorly.

.265 /.298 /.295 /.593 from leadoff.
In 57 games h has 25 runs scored.
And 26 steals for those who think they mean something.

2008-08-03 10:55:56
506.   Tripon
Torre's problem with Pierre is he thinks he has Ichiro, when in reality he has Ichiro's used jockstrap.

Also, I looked at Juan Pierre's stats and was surprised that he was called up to the majors after only two years in the minors in the Rockies system. He was only 20 when he was called up. No wonder he didn't learn how to walk, and never seem to make the most of his limited abilities, he was fast tracked to the majors.

2008-08-03 10:57:43
507.   Bumsrap
Dangerously close to NPUT but is there any interest from DTers to swap Andre Ethier for Conner Jackson assuming Jackson would play outfield or third base and not first for the Dodgers? Why, to return young men to their hometowns.

Would AZ trade Drew for Pedroia for the same reason--to return Pedroia to his home town and reunite the the Drew brothers?

2008-08-03 11:02:40
508.   KG16
506 - Pierre played low A at the age of 20. He debuted in the majors at 22. spent two years playing college ball.
2008-08-03 11:03:56
509.   KG16
507 - no and no.

Remember two guys that came home to LA to play for the Dodgers in the mid 90s, guys by the names of Daryl Strawberry and Eric Davis.

Doesn't always work out well.

2008-08-03 11:04:34
510.   Bumsrap
I would be comfortable with DeWitt, DeJesus, Hu, and Abreu being the competitors for ss, 2b, 3b next year.

I would like to remove the distraction of any competition for playing time that would exist if Nomar and Kent were to be re-signed.

2008-08-03 11:05:01
511.   KG16
509 - actually, I think the Snakes would trade Drew for Pedoria because Pedoria is better than Drew. I don't think Boston makes that deal for the same reason.
2008-08-03 11:05:48
512.   Bumsrap
509 - Speaking of small sample sizes...
2008-08-03 11:08:00
513.   Bumsrap
511 - I usually enjoy considering the main names in a trade idea and leave the balancing to the GMs to make it agreeable for both teams.
2008-08-03 11:08:58
514.   KG16
512 - examples, not sample size. There's a difference. there are plenty of examples of guys "going home" and then having terrible runs, for whatever reason.
2008-08-03 11:26:12
515.   underdog
I never like the idea of trading within the division and thing GMs generally feel the same way. Sometimes there's a good fit or low risk, and certainly Jackson is a good player but, eh...

501 That's disturbing. Btw, I wonder if Mike Myers will ever make another movie without him in it? He's still under the impression that you can "put a 'midget' in a movie and get instant laughs!"

2008-08-03 11:26:29
516.   larry slimfast
id take conner jackson for ethier in a second but it ain't gonna happen. i doubt kemp and mcdonald would get conner jackson...
2008-08-03 11:26:56
517.   underdog
Think, not 'thing,' darnit. I need coffee and advil. One too many headed soccer balls in game this morning.
2008-08-03 11:27:55
518.   underdog
I like Jackson too, but "i doubt kemp and mcdonald would get conner jackson..." Are you kidding?
2008-08-03 11:29:32
519.   underdog
Sorry that sounded snarkier than I meant...
And I realize we probably overvalue Kemp here but not by much. He's a potential 5 tool superstar. Jackson's a very good player. Plus a potential future #3-4 starter... Nah.

Will be interesting to see what sort of waiver wire, post-deadline deals are worked out or attempted this month.

2008-08-03 11:29:46
520.   Greg Brock
Dude, "midget" is not the preferred nomenclature.

"Little person" or "Dwarf," Dude.

Also, when it comes to Mike Myers, the midget is not the issue.

2008-08-03 11:30:24
521.   Tripon
Kemp and McDonald would get Connor Jackson, but it wouldn't be worth it for the Dodgers. The Dodgers and the D'Backs wouldn't do a straight one to one swap for each other even if it made perfect sense for each team.(It doesn't at the moment.) Jackson's the better, more polished player, but he's already 26, and hitting arbitration. Kemp's still raw, and makes mental mistake, but he's only 23, and doesn't hit arbitration until 2010.
2008-08-03 11:32:13
522.   Jon Weisman
2008-08-03 11:32:46
523.   Greg Brock
Rocco Baldelli is coming back. And he's still only 26!

Poor guy.

2008-08-03 11:34:20
524.   underdog
520 - I know, I put it in quotes because I was trying to personify the mentality that thinks it's hilarious to have an actor of short stature in a movie. (Er, I don't think "dwarf" is correct either, amigo.) But you're right, Myers has other issues. Like thinking The Love Guru would be funny. In any way.

By the way, an actor of short stature who is so good that he's no longer just getting roles because he fits that is Peter Dinklage. Great actor. Now no one cares what his height is. Or less than they did. Maybe he'll open up some doors.

2008-08-03 11:42:02
525.   larry slimfast
to be fair here these are away stats. the overall stats are even more in jackson's favor

c. jackson away '08 .309/.405/.489
m. kemp away '08 .302/.369/.473

conor jackson is 3 years older but can play 3rd base.

perhaps mcdonald is too much but no, i'm not kidding. kemp wouldn't get him and ethier would be laughed at.

2008-08-03 16:20:52
526.   Who Is Karim Garcia
Stuck the landing.

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