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Gibson Meets Bison
2008-08-05 16:22
by Jon Weisman

The Dodgers' 1980s reunion Saturday was attended by Dodger Thoughts commenter BHSportsguy. Here's two of several anecdotes he passed along - these regarding Kirk Gibson, who was in town as an Arizona Diamondbacks coach:

He expressed that he always has had a warm spot for the organization and the fans and today, respects them as a competitor. He was reminded of how the fans can raise the level of excitement when Manny came up in the ninth inning the previous night. He also told a story that when he first came up with the Tigers, they would talk about and show highlights of the 1968 championship team and he was sick of it and knew that the only way to stop it was to create a new memory to talk about. So this past winter, he was working out in Arizona with Orlando Hudson and Matt Kemp, and Hudson and Gibson were asking Matt if ever got tired of seeing the Gibson home run. Matt told him yes. So he told Matt, "Well, do something about it." He did not add what he thought about Matt as a player but I guess he might have done that somewhere else this weekend.

I wonder if Hudson added something like, "Yeah, Matt - do something about it. Come on! Oh, wait ..."

Gibson went through that fateful night, on how Mitch Poole told Tommy that Gibson thought he could hit. Lasorda told his side of story and then Gibson proceeded to talk about the at-bat. He repeated that the story about the scouting report on Eck's throwing a backdoor slider on 3-2 pitch to a left-handed hitter was true and he has the scouting report to prove it. (Tim Leary also said he has the same report when asked what his favorite memory as a Dodger was, he did not say it was his pinch hit, it was Gibson's homer.) Gibson said there was no way he could have hit a fastball that night.

* * *

Dodgers at Cardinals, 5:15 p.m.

Comments (879)
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2008-08-05 16:33:58
1.   KG16
the 3-2 backdoor slider is such a fun little fact. Eck has gone on record as saying that it can't be true because he had never gone 3-2 to a lefty that season.

wouldn't it be something if that moment we all have burned into our heads is the result of a mistake scouting report?

2008-08-05 16:35:40
2.   scareduck
Do something about it. Oh, and while you're at it, take out the trash. Without moving the trash cans. Or maybe you should move them. God, it's so confusing!
2008-08-05 16:37:29
3.   KG16
you know, when you think about it, "do something about it" is an interesting piece of advice from a coach of a division rival.

So, if Torre were to announce at season's end that he's hanging it up (hypothetical question), and we had a choice between Mattingly and Gibson as manager, who'd everyone around here choose?

2008-08-05 16:38:04
4.   underdog
I have to wonder if Orlando Hudson and Kemp will be teammates next year...
2008-08-05 16:38:31
5.   Jon Weisman
3 - Is Torey Luvullo still around?
2008-08-05 16:38:51
6.   underdog
3 As much as I love Gibby, I'd probably choose Mattingly. I just feel as a manager I'd trust him more with managerial decisions. Would love to have Gibson on the staff, though.
2008-08-05 16:40:05
7.   Zak
With Gibby, I'd have an irrational fear that his managerial career would diminish his one great memory. I would actually prefer not to deal with him everyday.
2008-08-05 16:40:16
8.   KG16
5 - according to wikipedia, he's managing the Buffalo Bison, Cleveland's AAA team.
2008-08-05 16:40:57
9.   PDH5204
Jon, according to this:

Manny's bat weighs 32oz, so v = -.42(32) + 75, or 61.56 mph. Barry's bat speed is claimed to have been very nearly 70 mph.

2008-08-05 16:41:15
10.   Dane Bramage
Coincidence? - I think not!
2008-08-05 16:41:21
11.   Eric Stephen
That's the stuff legends are made of! I think it only adds to the legend if the scouting report was false. Everything collided at once in order for that moment to happen, including guessing right even though the Dodgers (presumably) were wrong.

I can still picture Gibson stepping out of the box when it was 3-2. I imagine Mel Didier was yelling at his TV with the same news watching the game. Meanwhile, Eck is on the mound thinking "he'll never see this one coming."

I imagine Gibson and the Dodgers as Jeannie Bueller just around the corner in the kitchen, while Eckersley and the A's were Principal Rooney. Both sides were overconfident based on their information.

I'm just glad the Dodgers were able to run upstairs before the Athletics hit the ground after being kicked in the face repeatedly.

2008-08-05 16:41:59
12.   silverwidow
If rain interrupts Billingsley's start, BY NO MEANS, should he return to the game. You have to protect the ace at all costs.
2008-08-05 16:42:02
13.   bhsportsguy
Kirk Gibson is the only person outside of Vin Scully and Sandy Koufax who Tommy Lasorda would take a back seat for.

In a way, it's unfair how life works out, Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Bill Russell, and certainly Fernando Valenzuela were more important to the organization.

And from a career achievement perspective, a player like Bill Madlock, who won 4 batting titles and was a member of a World Series winning team himself had a career of note.

But no one who was ther can deny that in that one at-bat (and certainly highlighting a great year), Gibson, while not ascending to the heights of Koufax, Robinson, Campanella and Drysdale, is probably as beloved a Dodger and maybe even more so than those that I grew up.

Sometimes it is all about the moments, those random occurences where if he had struck out, no one would talking about his MVP season but we all know he didn't and I believe even if this new era of Dodgers can win it all, Gibby's moment will always remain No. 1 in the hearts of LA Dodger fans everywhere.

2008-08-05 16:42:04
14.   Eric Stephen
Nice handle.
2008-08-05 16:43:45
15.   KG16
9 - perhaps my math skills have diminished, but based on your formula, Barry's bat weight would have to be 12 ounces.

(70-75)/-.42... or am I miscalculating?

2008-08-05 16:45:07
16.   Fan since 59
5 Be careful what you wish for.
I think Torre will be back but I would prefer Gibson over Mattingly just because of his history with the team. But I wonder if Gibson's personality would go over well with today's players. We don't have to look much farther than our current third base coach to find a fiery leader whose players eventually tuned him out, both in San Diego and Philadelphia.
2008-08-05 16:48:58
17.   KG16
16 - totally hypothetical, barring illness or injury, I fully expect Torre to be manager next year. There's a difference between being competitive and being a jerk. Gibson has always struck me as the first, while Bowa the second. But Bowa's playing days were before I was conscious of baseball, so I don't know how that translates.
2008-08-05 16:51:33
18.   Jon Weisman
13 - Would you say Fernando has a bit of Koufax in him in terms of wanting to avoid the spotlight, at least at times?
2008-08-05 16:52:22
19.   PDH5204
9 Sorry, almost forgot, but the same presumably good authority has this equation as the bat speed equation for 10 year old little leaguers, so you can calculate the little one's bat speed at the appropriate time:

(m + 28)(v + 12.8) = 2728

In choosing the little one's bat weight, here's a handy guide from the same authority:

Junior League Baseball (13-17 yrs)
Height/3 + 1
Little League Baseball (11-12 yrs)
Weight/18 + 16
Little League Baseball (9-10 yrs)
Height/3 + 4
Little League Baseball (7-8 yrs)
Age*2 + 4

height is in inches, weight in pounds, and age in years.

2008-08-05 16:55:23
20.   Jon Weisman
9 - Sorry, so where did that leave us in terms of calculating a power-hitter's distance off a tee?
2008-08-05 16:56:07
21.   bhsportsguy
13 Well, I will say that people who collect Dodger autographs, signed bats, etc. will say that Fernando does not do a lot public appearances and it is really difficult to get something signed.

They were rather disappointed that he did stay to sign things after the lunch.

So in his way, I suppose so but I am not someone who goes to a lot of these things so my comment was more about how Gibson's appearence just excited the crowd and afterwards, it almost seemed anti-climatic despite the presence of Lasorda, Valenzuela, Garvey, Cey, Russell, Welch, Monday, Reuss, etc.

2008-08-05 17:01:55
22.   larry slimfast
no haircut for manny! it makes me nervous.
2008-08-05 17:05:01
23.   Jon Weisman
Diamond has more quotes from Torre to vex the masses.
2008-08-05 17:05:02
24.   scareduck
Apologize if this has already come out, but Dan Haren signed a 4-year, $44.75M extension with the Snakes with a team option for 2013.

2008-08-05 17:05:33
25.   D4P
no haircut for manny!

I think the Dodgers should pay Beimel monetary compensation.

2008-08-05 17:06:26
26.   Humma Kavula
To: Charlie

From: Humma

In re: Manny's hair, vis-a-vis the local dog trainer.

Dear Chazz:

Nobody cares about what the L.A. Times writes about anything, least of all their opinions on Manny's hair.

2008-08-05 17:08:04
27.   D4P
Those comments are vexing.

"Every day I say something to (Ethier) about patience, giving me some time, and he's been fine with it," Torre said.

"I can't give you an argument against Ethier. I can just give you an argument for Juan (Pierre). The job for us when (Rafael) Furcal went down and the quality of at-bats and the speed he gives us."

What is Ethier supposed to waiting for? At what point in time is Torre supposedly going to replace Manny, Pierre, or Kemp with Andre?

2008-08-05 17:08:22
28.   StolenMonkey86
I'm just excited to see that our 3 best outfielders are starting tonight?
2008-08-05 17:08:58
29.   Humma Kavula
I am also terribly, terribly vexed.
2008-08-05 17:09:24
30.   StolenMonkey86
I'm so excited that the only sentence-ending punctuation mark I'll use all night will be a question mark, warranted or not?
2008-08-05 17:10:40
31.   Bob Timmermann
Jose Vidro has been DFA'd.

Don't everybody snap him up at once!

2008-08-05 17:10:49
32.   StolenMonkey86
25 - I think the official line will be that Beimel can grow his hair out once he joins the 500 HR or 3000 strikeout club.
2008-08-05 17:10:51
33.   Humma Kavula
Hey Stolen Monkey -- I think it's cheating if you're just going to use a question mark, whether or not its warranted. I think you should phrase all posts in the form of a question.
2008-08-05 17:11:25
34.   StolenMonkey86
Why can't I concetrate on being consistent?
2008-08-05 17:11:25
35.   Greg Brock
"Give me some time"

How about no? How about you play the best players.

I really do not like Joe Torre very much.

2008-08-05 17:11:35
36.   PDH5204
15 Barry's bat weight is reported to have also been 32 mph. Your math is in error because the equation is not like your more normal or regular equation, i.e., we have x = weight of bat measured in ounces but yet we end up with miles per hour, with none of the other values expressed as anything other than constants. That's the problem with trying to work the thing "backwards". Tom will understand this, but the equation is more or less the equation for the best fit line on the graph of the measured data, with bat speed as one axis and bat weight the other.
2008-08-05 17:13:30
37.   Greg Brock
I'm watiting for Jon to write a blog post like this one:

2008-08-05 17:14:18
38.   ToyCannon
Evidently big slow hitters always felt the little burners were better players then themselves. Maybe Joey idolized Sonny Jackson during their brief stay together.
2008-08-05 17:15:01
39.   silverwidow
Chad has a chance to bring his ERA to below 3 for the first time EVER (not counting when it was 0.00).
2008-08-05 17:15:04
40.   GMac In The 909
I'm going to enjoy Ethier playing today and pretend I didn't see that spin from Torre.
2008-08-05 17:16:50
41.   Greg Brock
Carpenter's silly curveball is fun to watch.
2008-08-05 17:17:07
42.   Alex41592
Andy LaRoche is out until at least Friday per Rotoworld.
2008-08-05 17:17:44
43.   Paul S
Prior apologies if already mentioned,
but the LaRoche coach is sidelined again, poor guy:

Andy LaRoche had X-rays on his right thumb after Monday night's game, which came back negative.
The bad news is that it's the same thumb that suffered the torn ligament in spring training. He hurt it on a check swing and immediately felt pain. He says it's "not serious," but the team hasn't ruled out another ligament issue. He'll undergo more tests today.
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

2008-08-05 17:18:24
44.   Jim Hitchcock
33 Dodger Thoughts Jeopardy?
2008-08-05 17:18:37
45.   Gen3Blue
Hey, whats with the enlightened line-up.
I can only hope it works in very small samples.
2008-08-05 17:18:48
46.   ToyCannon
Not that I believe in jinxes but if I did, that comment has the look of a jinx.
2008-08-05 17:18:54
47.   Humma Kavula
Too bad, Bison. Get 'em next time!
2008-08-05 17:19:00
48.   D4P
Poor Andy. Hopefully he'll come back full strength next season.
2008-08-05 17:19:53
49.   Humma Kavula
2008-08-05 17:20:28
50.   Greg Brock
46 He'll hang it, Manny will bang it.

Book it.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-05 17:20:31
51.   Bob Timmermann
Billingsley's career ERA was 0.00 for the first four innings of his career.
2008-08-05 17:20:57
52.   Greg Brock
Wait for it...
2008-08-05 17:21:46
53.   scareduck
Easy as 1-2-3, simple as do-re-me, A-B-C, baby you and me.
2008-08-05 17:22:02
54.   Alex41592
Josh Hamilton is not impressed with Andy Pettitte.
2008-08-05 17:23:56
55.   scareduck
37 - don't hold yer breath.
2008-08-05 17:24:28
56.   D4P
Izturis batting 9th...Heh.
2008-08-05 17:26:15
57.   Eric Enders
39 Billingsley was under 3.00 for one batter on June 21, 2007.
2008-08-05 17:26:17
58.   Greg Brock
Sweet, we held Pujols to a single.
2008-08-05 17:27:14
59.   Tripon
If the national league had a DH, LaRussa would let the pitcher hit and DH for Izturis.
2008-08-05 17:28:22
60.   Alex41592
This centerfield camera is bothering me.
2008-08-05 17:29:08
61.   Rob M
Looking at Pujols' career numbers gameday is just crazy. 1.041 OPS, .333 AVG., 303 HR at age 28. Damn.
2008-08-05 17:30:08
62.   Tripon
61 You mean Pujols is 34 years old right?
2008-08-05 17:30:08
63.   Eric Enders
Cardinals announcers already mocking Martin's Gold Glove.

Actually, I'm surprised they didn't start in the top of the first. Ever since that happened, they treat Martin like he slept with their wives.

2008-08-05 17:31:55
64.   scareduck
63 - ever since what happened?
2008-08-05 17:32:23
65.   Jacob Burch
64 Martin winning the GG over Yadier.
2008-08-05 17:32:43
66.   Rob M
I think he's referring to Russ stealing Yadier's gold glove.
2008-08-05 17:32:46
67.   Eric Enders
64 Ever since Martin won the Gold Glove over their precious Yadier.
2008-08-05 17:33:52
68.   Humma Kavula
And regfairfield, seeing Manny's AVG drop below .600, says the trade isn't worth it.

Just kidding around, reg!

2008-08-05 17:34:07
69.   Bob Timmermann
The theft was metaphorical.
2008-08-05 17:34:10
70.   Alex41592
64 - Ever since Martin slept with one of their wives.
2008-08-05 17:35:50
71.   Bob Timmermann
Yadier Molina probably would have won the Gold Glove last year if he hadn't been hurt as much as he was.
2008-08-05 17:36:16
72.   D4P
Letting Kent swing 3-0...? Hmmm.
2008-08-05 17:36:51
73.   Humma Kavula
Patience, fellas. Patience.
2008-08-05 17:38:27
74.   Bob Hendley
Those were quite some black clouds they just showed.
2008-08-05 17:39:08
75.   Gen3Blue
Carpenter 51-19 with the Cardinals. Isn't that unheard of? The other day I seemed to see some pitchers I thought were very good with .500 records for mediocre teams. Of course I guess the Cardinals of a few years ago were very good. Still--shouldn't we make him throw some pitches?
2008-08-05 17:39:31
76.   Paul S
72 Kent gives Bowa his signs.
2008-08-05 17:39:42
77.   Greg Brock
It doesn't get much more petty than whining over a gold glove.

In the land of meaningless awards, it's the meaninglessest.

2008-08-05 17:40:37
78.   Jacob Burch
71 Although Charles Johnson did win one with less than 100 games played, if I remember right. But it's a silly award to have sour grapes about.
2008-08-05 17:40:45
79.   StolenMonkey86
72 - he's cagey. After he retires, he'll ride a motorcycle in a cage at the circus.
2008-08-05 17:41:03
80.   Bob Timmermann
I'm taking my Best Statkeeper Trophy from my 8th grade CYO team and going home.
2008-08-05 17:41:13
81.   Humma Kavula
I'm sure Eric will let us know if the Cards announcers mock Yadier's hitting.

If they want to continue to mock Russ's GG, we can always talk about his silver slugger.

2008-08-05 17:41:48
82.   scareduck
The Beav singles.
2008-08-05 17:43:10
83.   Greg Brock
Mather Increases his average.
2008-08-05 17:44:06
84.   D4P
The Beav aka Lowell.
2008-08-05 17:44:08
85.   Eric Enders
How it it that Mather hasn't been dubbed "Cotton" yet?
2008-08-05 17:44:21
86.   Alex41592
2008-08-05 17:45:01
87.   Greg Brock
And we've covered all the Mather bases.

Good work, everybody.

2008-08-05 17:45:09
88.   Paul S
Yadier freaks me out a little, with the waxed eyebrows and all. Must've picked that up from Edmonds.
2008-08-05 17:45:56
89.   Humma Kavula

To: Steve Lyons

From: Humma

In re: Word choice


I can think of a lot of words to describe Izturis's prowess as a hitter. "Pesky" is not one of those words.

Yours in faith,


2008-08-05 17:46:03
90.   Icaros
Good thing we got to the SS spot in the order.
2008-08-05 17:46:43
91.   StolenMonkey86
Pitch counts after 2:

Billingsley 30
Carpenter 22

This could be a quick game

2008-08-05 17:47:46
92.   Ken Noe
85 I support Increase.
2008-08-05 17:49:31
93.   Humma Kavula

To: The Dodgers

From: Humma

In re: Redundancy


I refer you to my previous post 73 .

Best always,


P.S. Nice hit, Billsy.

2008-08-05 17:49:37
94.   Alex41592
Bills gets on for Kemp.
2008-08-05 17:49:50
95.   Tripon
Izutris proves he should be hitting 9th.
2008-08-05 17:51:41
96.   Greg Brock
92 I'm marrying the first gal that will let me name my child Increase.

Increase McNown Brock.

2008-08-05 17:51:57
97.   Greg Brock
The Third
2008-08-05 17:51:57
98.   alex 7
did anyone watch Kent's incredibly slow jog with 2 outs on Blake's fly ball? It was un-veteranny.
2008-08-05 17:52:07
99.   Gagne55
Izturis > Berroa, so don't bash the guy.
2008-08-05 17:52:42
100.   PDH5204
20 y = yo + voy – ½ gt2

y = 0

yo = ball height on tee, say, 4ft

voy = sin45 x 61.56mph, or 52.381620999mph
[you need to convert miles per hour to feet per second]

g = -32.2 feet per second squared

Solving for t:

t = the square root of (y-yo-voy/.5g)


x = vxo x t

vxo = cos45 x 61.56mph = 32.33882164284mph
[you again need to convert this to feet per second]

The seconds will cancel leaving you with feet traveled in the horizontal direction.

As I said initially, you can fudge with the angle at which the ball is struck to find max distance.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-05 17:53:30
101.   D4P
Torre allowed Ethier to rust.
2008-08-05 17:54:55
102.   Alex41592
Fernando Tatis is carrying the Mets tonight.
2008-08-05 17:55:20
103.   Bob Timmermann
I prefer the fluky:

Cotton Barnes Timmermann

2008-08-05 17:55:33
104.   Greg Brock
Because he got shelled, Charlie.
2008-08-05 17:55:36
105.   Tripon
99 An order of chicken feet, and Chow Fun > Berroa.
2008-08-05 17:55:38
106.   Humma Kavula
Nice spear.
2008-08-05 17:56:44
107.   Eric Enders
Billingsley's ERA is now 2.99.
2008-08-05 17:57:18
108.   Humma Kavula
My friend almost named her kid Cotton. If the kid had been born a boy, the name would have been Cotton.

But it was a girl.

So she named her Honor.

She says, "I secretly wish I had a Revolutionary War family."

2008-08-05 17:57:20
109.   ToyCannon
When do we start lamenting the loss of Tatis? Is he going to have a brief Rueben Sierra rebirth?
2008-08-05 17:57:55
110.   Greg Brock
The mere mention of John Barnes makes my day.
2008-08-05 17:58:52
111.   Bob Timmermann
I believe you have the honors of starting us on a path of "What might have been" with Fernando Tatis.

I think we shall call this condition "David Ross Disease."

2008-08-05 17:59:15
112.   Humma Kavula
109 Chan Ho laments Tatis every day.
2008-08-05 17:59:22
113.   Gagne55
100 Good ole' physics. Weird seeing it in feet rather than meters. Do you really need to approximate the mph to the 10^-11? Wind resistence should give far greater error than that.
2008-08-05 17:59:39
114.   Icaros
If I had a daughter I'd name her Berry.
2008-08-05 18:00:52
115.   Icaros
They put a serious shift on Martin.
2008-08-05 18:01:19
116.   Gagne55
109 ,111 You know the Dodgers passed up drafting Pujols when they had the chance... 13 times!
2008-08-05 18:01:25
117.   Humma Kavula
Going on daughter detail for a bit. See you in an hour, everybody.
2008-08-05 18:02:00
118.   ToyCannon
An outfield of Tatis/Werth/Ross would be killer. Think how many tickets marketing could sell for McCourt with those guys to build the ad program around.
2008-08-05 18:02:23
119.   68elcamino427
A big pat on the back for Mr. Torre!

Andre Ethier! is free for a night.

Of course it's common knowledege amongst the Dodgers coaching staff that it can take upwards of 200 consecutive at bats to see what a player like Ethier can really do.

Do it Joe! Do it now!

2008-08-05 18:02:49
120.   Greg Brock
I hope you booked it.
2008-08-05 18:02:51
121.   Alex41592
Jason Isringhausen would beg to differ with Steiner and Lyons.
2008-08-05 18:03:53
122.   Gagne55
Manny with a hit!
2008-08-05 18:04:20
123.   Alex41592
Three balls hit hard.
2008-08-05 18:04:57
124.   Zak
Who will have a higher ERA for the season at the end of the night? Billz or Carpenter?
2008-08-05 18:04:59
125.   MMSMikey
we never catch any breaks in st louis for whatever reason. i hate it when the dodgers play here.
2008-08-05 18:05:53
126.   das411
WOAH, the second base umpire in the Marlins/Phils game has the most glorious mustache of any umpire i have ever seen!! Does anybody know who this guy is (as the Marlins stall to bring in Lurch Hendrickson to face Roy Hobbs)?
2008-08-05 18:06:37
127.   D4P
2008-08-05 18:06:53
128.   scareduck
Interesting commentary at TBA on the Manny exit as a business strategy by Scott Boras:

2008-08-05 18:07:18
129.   Tripon
What is it with the crazy camera angles?
2008-08-05 18:08:46
130.   scareduck
108 - I do, on my father's side. I think the extent of their participation was loaning the rebels a horse, for which we apparently have a receipt.
2008-08-05 18:09:02
131.   Gen3Blue
Carpenter is on a high, testing out his brand new arm(a year and a half after TJ surgery). But I'm not sure our approach has been great.
2008-08-05 18:09:05
132.   Bob Timmermann
The David Ross Disease Starting Lineup

1B - Wilson Betemit
2B - Travis Denker
SS - Jolbert Cabrera
3B - Willie Aybar
LF - Jayson Werth
CF - Cody Ross
RF - Fernando Tatis
C - Dioner Navarro
SP - Edwin Jackson
RP - Joel Hanrahan

2008-08-05 18:10:17
133.   Icaros

Don't know, but Hee Seop Choi was pulled from doing color on this game for Korean broadcast because of them.

2008-08-05 18:10:24
134.   Alex41592
129 - It's bothering me all to heck. The centerfield camera is too far away and way too high. Zoom in!
2008-08-05 18:11:19
135.   Eric Enders
Loney's missed a lot of those short hops lately.
2008-08-05 18:11:19
136.   D4P
I hate atypical camera angles (not that I'm watching the game). The worst was always Yankee Stadium with the CF camera to the left of the pitcher's mound when looking toward the plate.
2008-08-05 18:12:23
137.   68elcamino427
The Ace of the Staff!
2008-08-05 18:13:12
138.   Icaros

You have to admit, that's a pretty good lineup for a bunch of guys either released or given away for nothing. You could add Shane Victorino, so it doesn't seem like we're only picking on Ned.

2008-08-05 18:14:13
139.   68elcamino427
Good job! Hilarious!

Name that team "The Castaways"!

2008-08-05 18:15:12
140.   Gen3Blue
If Carpenter pitches more than 5 innings, the D's are in big trouble.
2008-08-05 18:17:11
141.   MMSMikey
berroa is awful aint he
2008-08-05 18:17:31
142.   scareduck
132 - how could you have the David Ross Disease Starting Lineup and not have David Ross catching?
2008-08-05 18:18:15
143.   Bob Hendley
Card announcers saying that Carpenter not likely to go more than six tonight.
2008-08-05 18:18:23
144.   Tripon
Gotta wonder how Berroa won the Rookie of the Year when he seems like the typical AAAA player.
2008-08-05 18:18:29
145.   scareduck
141 - but he does all the little things right ...
2008-08-05 18:19:15
146.   alex 7
icaros, thanks for 133 :)
2008-08-05 18:20:06
147.   Alex41592
Carpenter made 67 pitches in his first start back. He's at 51 so far. There is no set pitch count for Carpenter, but it's probably around 80. The Dodgers have been helping him all night long.
2008-08-05 18:20:09
148.   Jacob Burch
Hey guys have you noticed the pitchers bat 8th for the cards? I wonder how long they've done that. Maybe Steve Lyons will tell me.
2008-08-05 18:20:35
149.   D4P
Chad has thrown 43 strikes, 17 balls.
2008-08-05 18:20:52
150.   Greg Brock
Angel Berroa is a terrible hitter. Let's not use him anymore.


Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-05 18:21:18
151.   fordprefect
interesting indeed, not implausible to boot.
2008-08-05 18:21:20
152.   Greg Brock
Right on cue.
2008-08-05 18:21:23
153.   Tripon
145 But none of the big things?

Hey, A hit for Izturis! Maybe he'll move up the lineup to 8th now.

2008-08-05 18:21:36
154.   Alex41592
This is not Berroa's night. Maybe he doesn't like Missouri.
2008-08-05 18:21:36
155.   Wilbert Robinson
The Rockies have won the Livan Hernandez sweepstakes.

2008-08-05 18:21:59
156.   PDH5204
113 Sorry about the beyond the decimel [as it were]. The air isn't the only thing I'm leaving out, as I haven't accounted for backspin and uneven ball surface [seams], and I am also assuming that bat speed = ball speed once struck. Such probably explains my fetish for that which appears beyond the decimel point.

And so, Jon, the above provides a rough approximation of the distance traveled.

2008-08-05 18:22:05
157.   alex 7
the Family Guy no-armed IFer is >> Berroa.

And he hasn't had a hit in ever!

2008-08-05 18:22:30
158.   Bluebleeder87
You know Izzy & Eck are pretty much the same size but I think the only reason Eck gets more credit for making it to the bigs with all those odds against him is because he sells the keepler elf thing a lot better than Izzy.
2008-08-05 18:22:38
159.   MMSMikey
typical. the cards will get a run and win 1-0 it will get called after 5.
2008-08-05 18:22:50
160.   fordprefect
Has anyone been struck by lightning during a baseball game? (Lance Berkman got off the field in a hurry last night @ Wrigley)
2008-08-05 18:23:08
161.   Tripon
Rain delay!
2008-08-05 18:23:11
162.   Eric Enders
Livan Hernandez at Coors Field. What could possibly go wrong?
2008-08-05 18:23:17
163.   Alex41592
And we'll see you in a while.
2008-08-05 18:24:04
164.   Jacob Burch

So, Chan Ho or Kuo to start once the rain delay is off?

And YES! In His Own Words with CHiP, Jeff Kent.

2008-08-05 18:24:28
165.   Bluebleeder87

Seriously man... why not just bring up Hu I've heard he is finally turning the corner & is hitting the ball really well in Vegas.

2008-08-05 18:24:57
166.   Icaros

Not me.

2008-08-05 18:25:10
167.   Alex41592
164 - I've got my money on The Borg.
2008-08-05 18:25:42
168.   fordprefect
Guess I meant players.
2008-08-05 18:25:49
169.   Eric Enders
So does this help the Dodgers or the Cardinals more?

The rain delay makes it a battle of the bullpens, which favors the Dodgers. But it also ensures that our ace will pitch 2/3 of an inning less than theirs.

2008-08-05 18:26:36
170.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume baseball players would benefit from playing in stadiums which have light standards sticking up near the stadium to act as lightning rods.

However, I would not want to try to cheat death by dodging lightning.

2008-08-05 18:26:37
171.   Wilbert Robinson
Because Chin Lung Hu is a career .228 hitter. Berroa is a career .261 so he is better, obv.
2008-08-05 18:28:25
172.   Icaros

Not that I've heard of, but there's always time for a first. JP should do some windsprints in the outfield to stay sharp during the delay.

2008-08-05 18:28:57
173.   fordprefect
Is dodging lightning akin to playing bull poker?
2008-08-05 18:29:17
174.   Eric Enders
Geremi Gonzalez, former Cubs and Rays pitcher, was killed by lightning. However he was on a boat at the time, not playing ball.
2008-08-05 18:30:39
175.   alex 7
Kent talks about doing things that respect the way the game was in the past.

Which of course reminds me of Cobb beating up the fan, guys being afraid of lifting weights, certain colored skins being banned, etc.

2008-08-05 18:32:40
176.   Bob Timmermann
Rain Delay Theater:

Hamlet, the Facebook edition:

2008-08-05 18:33:12
177.   Tripon
Jeff Kent as the manager of the Dodgers. First one to punch Jeff Kent gets a $500,000 bonus.
2008-08-05 18:33:45
178.   Bluebleeder87
Brandon Webb pitching for Zona tonight... we must beat the Cardinals.
2008-08-05 18:33:46
179.   D4P
Any idea how long the delay is supposed to last...?
2008-08-05 18:34:12
180.   scooplew
A question during the rain delay. Perhaps this was covered Sunday, but why didn't Falkenborg get the win when the Dodgers beat Arizona, 9-3? Wasn't he the pitcher of record?
2008-08-05 18:35:13
181.   Wilbert Robinson
Yet, despite his achievements on the field and his antics off it, Caldwell is perhaps best remembered for being struck by lightning whilst playing for the Cleveland Indians against the Philadelphia Athletics in 1919; remarkably, despite being knocked unconscious, he refused to leave the game, having pitched 8.2 innings, and went on to record the final out for the win.

2008-08-05 18:35:56
182.   Bluebleeder87

mother nature usually decides those things D4P.

2008-08-05 18:36:46
183.   Sam DC
133 Bravo!
2008-08-05 18:37:05
184.   Greg Brock
I just don't understand mustaches.
2008-08-05 18:38:40
185.   Eric Enders
180 When the starter fails to go five innings, the win goes to whichever reliever, in the official scorer's judgment, pitched most effectively. Since all the relievers pitched scoreless ball and Wade pitched the longest, it was a fairly easy decision.
2008-08-05 18:40:33
186.   Sam DC
I came in late to the Nats broadcasters talking about when "he would be arriving at Busch stadium" and how happy his old teammates were for him. Not clear if this was about Paul LoDuca or Felipe Lopez.

Or if I misheard the whole thing.

And I assume this was about the Cardinals!

2008-08-05 18:40:40
187.   Alex41592
Diamond says at 6:45 PST they'll try to restart.
2008-08-05 18:43:38
188.   Greg Brock
And we're back.

And so is Billingsley.

2008-08-05 18:44:05
189.   Bob Timmermann
I have asked my contact in the Busch Stadium press box to look into this matter.
2008-08-05 18:45:25
190.   underdog
I was just worried the Cards would sneak in an extra half inning, score a run and then call it. Too bad Chad's done now. At least Carpenter is too.
During the rain delay my g/f "made me" (well not really) watch shows on HGTV about very wealthy people buying property and spending more money to renovate them. Didn't do much for our hopes and dreams.

Now back to baseball!

2008-08-05 18:45:36
191.   Bob Timmermann
If the Cardinals have signed any new players, they aren't telling the writers for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
2008-08-05 18:46:09
192.   underdog
Oh wait, I forgot about this half inning not being over yet. I probably just jinxed it. Sorry everyone!
2008-08-05 18:46:17
193.   Wilbert Robinson
According to the commentors on Viva El Birdos it is Felipe Lopez.
2008-08-05 18:47:45
194.   underdog
Yep, I jinxed it.

Looked like Kemp had a shot at the one... but not easy.

2008-08-05 18:49:06
195.   68elcamino427
Cup check for GG
2008-08-05 18:49:06
196.   underdog
That short rain delay was too short to keep Bills from being held back I guess.
2008-08-05 18:50:05
197.   Alex41592
One run and no Carpenter.
2008-08-05 18:50:42
198.   ucladodger
Baseball is such a funny game. Get ahead of a crappy Adam Kennedy 0-2 and gie up a hit on the next pitch. Get behind 2-0 to the best hitter in the world and end up striking him out for a double play. You just never know...
2008-08-05 18:50:43
199.   Greg Brock
Strike 'em out throw 'em out!
2008-08-05 18:50:44
200.   underdog
Sweeeeet! Nice - strike 'em out, throw 'em out. That could've been a lot worse.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-05 18:50:48
201.   Tripon
DP! Take that RedBirds announcers!
2008-08-05 18:50:54
202.   Bob Timmermann
Brad Ziegler is now up to 34 scoreless innings.
2008-08-05 18:52:27
203.   Greg Brock
I call shenanigans.
2008-08-05 18:52:29
204.   Icaros
This is a heist!
2008-08-05 18:52:41
205.   Alex41592
And another delay. And it's an official game.
2008-08-05 18:53:12
206.   Tripon
If they call this, I would want to shoot somebody. Dodgers shouldn't lose just because the Umps are fools.
2008-08-05 18:53:19
207.   underdog
Oh come on! They planned this, didn't they? Score a run, and then cue the rain. Damn Cardinals...
2008-08-05 18:53:39
208.   Paul S
According to Manny has a better fielding percentage than everyone on the field save Loney, whose .992 wins by .001.
2008-08-05 18:53:45
209.   Bob Timmermann
The game will be resumed. Look at last night's Cubs-Astros game as an example.
2008-08-05 18:55:23
210.   underdog
"It really isn't raining all that hard," sayeth the Cardinal announcers. This better be a quick rain delay.
2008-08-05 18:57:23
211.   scareduck
KABC's other programming is simply awful.
2008-08-05 18:57:59
212.   underdog
Speaking of lightning strikes, I'm feeling fortunate that two of the people I'm going backpacking in the Sierras with in a couple of weeks are quite a bit taller than me. You know, just in case.
2008-08-05 18:58:28
213.   Eric Enders
I went out for a walk, hoping the rain delay would be over by the time I got back. I got to see one pitch before the next delay started.

Who's running this game, the Keystone Kops?

2008-08-05 18:58:42
214.   Tripon
Where's the Before the Bigs, Vin Scully edition? Or did they already made one?
2008-08-05 18:59:03
215.   Alex41592
211 - I agree to the fullest without bringing Rule 5 into the mix. If that's possible.
2008-08-05 18:59:56
216.   D4P
You can now purchase Fremulon Insurance t-shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs.
2008-08-05 19:00:12
217.   underdog
What are the rules about suspending games vs. resuming games? Do they ever resume and finish a rain-shortened game on another day, or if it's official at 5 it's a game and if it's less than 5 they just erase everything and play a DH another day?
2008-08-05 19:01:29
218.   Bob Timmermann
In the minors, game stopped by rain before they're official are suspended.

But in the majors, such a game would be a do-over.

2008-08-05 19:01:52
219.   Gen3Blue
So what happened, the Dodgers blew it and it started raining again. Man I hate this, one game starting Ethier and Kemp, and with that small sample size, this is the losing line-up, unless the weather gets lucky and we get lucky?
2008-08-05 19:02:09
220.   Eric Enders
217 That's sort of like asking about the balk rule or the pope selection process. There are probably only 5 people in the world who understand it and can explain it well. Fortunately, one of them is probably Bob.
2008-08-05 19:03:13
221.   Greg Brock
216 YES. SIR.
2008-08-05 19:03:36
222.   Gen3Blue
5 innings--thats it---isn't it.
2008-08-05 19:03:41
223.   bisonjones
Wow, I just hit the gameday button to get a sense of the dodgers bench hitters. When you look at it all at once, it ain't pretty:

Ardoin: 0 Hr 3 RBI .208 Avg
Jones: 2 Hr 13 RBI .161 Avg
Ozuna: 0 Hr 7 RBI .282 Avg
Pierre: 0 Hr 24 RBI .280 Avg
Sweeney 0 hr 5 RBI .116 Avg

Talk about your power vacuums. Nature must abhor the Dodgers' bench.

2008-08-05 19:03:51
224.   underdog
From the latest radar map, looks like the worst is passed and it might clear very soon. Of course by then these bribed umps may have called it! /paranoia, off
2008-08-05 19:04:57
225.   Greg Brock
Work Ethic Ethier.

Work Ethier? Ethicier?

2008-08-05 19:05:07
226.   underdog
220 Don't the Cardinals also have something to do with the Pope selection process? I smell a papal-weather conspiracy!
2008-08-05 19:07:56
227.   scareduck
218 - I thought they recently changed the rules on those. Don't Rules 4.12(7)-(9) allow the optional suspension of a game outside of regulation?
2008-08-05 19:08:19
228.   Greg Brock
This Ethier thing is depressing. Let's fast-forward to the happy ending where he is chained to the bench.
2008-08-05 19:08:37
229.   scooplew
185 Thanks. I realize we have bigger things to worry about with a second rain delay and a 1-0 deficit, but I still think that Falkenborg got jobbed on Sunday.

It was a judgement call, yes, but Falkenborg did what was asked of him. Johnson had not pitched the requisite five innings to get the win. Falkenborg came in when the Dodgers had the lead, which they never relinquished. As I see it the only exception (below) from the Official Rules of Major League Baseball did not apply:

EXCEPTION: Do not credit a victory to a relief pitcher who is ineffective in a brief appearance, when a succeeding relief pitcher pitches effectively in helping his team maintain the lead. In such cases, credit the succeeding relief pitcher with the victory.

I wonder if this was covered in any post-game story. In the aftermath of Manny's performance, I doubt it. But I bet that Falkenborg was cognizant of it.

2008-08-05 19:09:13
230.   Bob Timmermann
Games in the majors are suspended if:

1) the game is tied when weather forces a stoppage
2) the game is stopped by weather and it's after 1 am
3) there is a power failure or some other non act of God type stoppage
4) the visiting team has tied or gone ahead in the top of an inning that is from the sixth on and the home team hasn't had a chance to bat

This is grossly oversimplified.

If in doubt, a conclave of all cardinals under the age of 80 meet in the Sistine Chapel and cast ballots ...

2008-08-05 19:11:35
231.   Bob Timmermann
(a) A game shall become a suspended game that must be completed at a future date if the game is terminated for any of the following reasons:
(1) A curfew imposed by law;
(2) A time limit permissible under league rules;
(3) Light failure or malfunction of a mechanical field device under control of the home club. (Mechanical field device shall include automatic tarpaulin or water removal equipment);
(4) Darkness, when a law prevents the lights from being turned on;
(5) Weather, if a regulation game is called while an inning is in progress and before the inning is completed, and the visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead, and the home team has not retaken the lead; or
(6) It is a regulation game that is called with the score tied.
2008-08-05 19:12:17
232.   underdog
230 Thanks.

And, yeah, I think that last rule is probably how this game will be decided.

2008-08-05 19:14:50
233.   Doctor
This one is a long long way from being over. I would think at least 2 hrs of rain or more.
2008-08-05 19:15:45
234.   Bob Timmermann
The report from the press box is that it's raining hard and looks to be raining for a while.
2008-08-05 19:16:14
235.   Bob Timmermann
SCY with a 2-run homer to put the D-Backs up 2-0.
2008-08-05 19:16:15
236.   Greg Brock
I would pay a million dollars to know what Manny Ramirez does in the locker room during a rain delay.

On the other hand, maybe not.

2008-08-05 19:16:25
237.   Alex41592
Short Chris Young hits a HR in the third inning. 2-0 AZ. With Webb pitching this will probably be your last update.
2008-08-05 19:17:29
238.   Tripon
236 Perhaps he's getting a haircut?
2008-08-05 19:17:41
239.   das411
Does anybody else vote for 181 as the best use of Make your Own Tinyurl yet?

for anyone who was wondering, tonight's 2B umpire referenced in 126 is:

is that not glorious??

2008-08-05 19:19:12
240.   Doctor

that dopler looks like were about clear....

2008-08-05 19:19:25
241.   Eric Enders
229 Falkenborg did what was asked of him, yes. So did the other pitchers. He doesn't have any more right to the win than the other guys do.

Wade got the win, as he had to under the rules:


10.17 (b) If the pitcher whose team assumes a lead while such pitcher is in the game, or during the inning on offense in which such pitcher is removed from the game, and does not relinquish such lead, is a starting pitcher who has not completed
(1) five innings of a game that lasts six or more innings on defense, or
(2) four innings of a game that lasts five innings on defense,
then the official scorer shall credit as the winning pitcher the relief pitcher, if there is only one relief pitcher, or the relief pitcher who, in the official scorer's judgment was the most effective, if there is more than one relief pitcher.

Rule 10.17(b) Comment: It is the intent of Rule 10.17(b) that a relief pitcher pitch at least one complete inning or pitch when a crucial out is made, within the context of the game (including the score), in order to be credited as the winning pitcher. If the first relief pitcher pitches effectively, the official scorer should not presumptively credit that pitcher with the win, because the rule requires that the win be credited to the pitcher who was the most effective, and a subsequent relief pitcher may have been most effective. The official scorer, in determining which relief pitcher was the most effective, should consider the number of runs, earned runs and base runners given up by each relief pitcher and the context of the game at the time of each relief pitcher's appearance. If two or more relief pitchers were similarly effective, the official scorer should give the presumption to the earlier pitcher as the winning pitcher.

2008-08-05 19:19:44
242.   Bob Timmermann
Homer for one of the David Ross All-Stars and the Rays are romping 8-3.
2008-08-05 19:22:42
243.   underdog
My prediction? (Based on the radar) 40 more minutes before the game resumes.
2008-08-05 19:22:51
244.   Tripon
In the next Spectacular Spider-Man, teenage Peter Parker is scouted by a New York Yankees scout. Will he hang up the webs forever to play for Mr. Steinbrenner?
2008-08-05 19:24:24
245.   Bluebleeder87
any of you guys have suggestions on how to make my microsoft cd player work? I mean it's just SO frustrating...

the thing is only about a year old & it's been giving me trouble for a while now. sigh.

2008-08-05 19:25:44
246.   Icaros

They let Edwin Jackson bat?

2008-08-05 19:25:56
247.   underdog
I hate Cardinal fans even more after reading through the VLB game thread out of boredom.
2008-08-05 19:26:56
248.   underdog
245 Throw it at Bill Gates the next time you see him? That's all that came to mind.
2008-08-05 19:27:50
249.   Bob Timmermann
7:35 pm restart.
2008-08-05 19:28:41
250.   Tripon
Andruw Jones: Before the Bigs is playing now. Perhaps the smartest thing would have been playing a double header tomorrow.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-05 19:29:26
251.   Bluebleeder87

it's like there bagging us to switch to all apple products...

2008-08-05 19:29:49
252.   Icaros

Ask your source how the nachos are.

2008-08-05 19:31:03
253.   Bob Timmermann
If it's St. Louis, everything would be deep-fried.
2008-08-05 19:32:22
254.   Alex41592
FSN Prime is back.
2008-08-05 19:34:01
255.   Humma Kavula
Prime is back... and so is Humma! Though he might have to leave again to help the lovely and talented Mrs. Kavula make some dinner. We will see.

Juan Pierre is batting for Billingsley? Oy.

2008-08-05 19:35:13
256.   Humma Kavula
C'mon, Juan! I've got my crow right here! It's good eatin'! MAKE ME EAT IT!!
2008-08-05 19:35:47
257.   scareduck
245 - any of you guys have suggestions on how to make my microsoft cd player work?

Replace it with a Mac?

2008-08-05 19:36:05
258.   Humma Kavula
and he hits it sixty feet, six inches, and my crow flies away.
2008-08-05 19:36:08
259.   68elcamino427
Juan {cringe} Pierre
2008-08-05 19:38:37
260.   Alex41592
It's fun to poke at Pierre. But, the whole team stinks tonight except Bills. Bad at bats all around.
2008-08-05 19:38:39
261.   underdog
"Even with Manny the Dodgers line-up isn't very good." -- Viva El Birdos commenter.
2008-08-05 19:39:06
262.   Doctor
Sure don't mind Martin, Manny, Loney in the 7th.
2008-08-05 19:39:49
263.   underdog
"Even with Pujols the Cardinals line-up isn't very good." - underdog
2008-08-05 19:40:00
264.   Tripon
Falkenborg has five saves?
2008-08-05 19:40:41
265.   68elcamino427
It's not fun for me - Juan Pierre really makes me {cringe}!
2008-08-05 19:41:47
266.   Alex41592
A think we know what the scouts say to throw to Ludwick.
2008-08-05 19:42:16
267.   Tripon
Steve Lyons, Falkenborg didn't get the victory. Cory Wade did.
2008-08-05 19:42:28
268.   Eric Stephen
Said commenter's uppance will come in the top of the 7th!
2008-08-05 19:43:27
269.   Tripon
2002 World Series, not 2000. Both Lyons and Steiner got this wrong.
2008-08-05 19:44:11
270.   Bluebleeder87
Looks like Falkenborg is Torre's new go to guy these days, sigh.
2008-08-05 19:44:42
271.   underdog
Well I jinxed it so hopefully that Cards' commenter did as well.
2008-08-05 19:44:55
272.   Bluebleeder87
I'm convinced good 'ol Torre doesn't look at #'s all that much.
2008-08-05 19:45:56
273.   Tripon
I don't care if Falkenborg gets abused. Its better if Falkenborg loses his arm than Cory Wade due to misuse.
2008-08-05 19:45:58
274.   Alex41592
I see an Ankiel sighting in our future.
2008-08-05 19:46:35
275.   Greg Brock
Brian Falkencarrara will vulture a win.

Mark my words.

2008-08-05 19:47:15
276.   68elcamino427
Proctor will assume Borg's spot - as soon as he is able.
2008-08-05 19:47:29
277.   Eric Stephen
We don't need another moment here to add to the Ankiel legend.
2008-08-05 19:48:04
278.   Eric Stephen
Beimel comes in to get his customary comebacker, for a 1-2-3 DP.
2008-08-05 19:48:08
279.   Icaros
Was wondering what was taking Torre. You have to remove Borg here.
2008-08-05 19:48:18
280.   Greg Brock
Don't mark my words.
2008-08-05 19:49:14
281.   Bluebleeder87
So Folky pretty much came in messed things up even more & called it a night...
2008-08-05 19:49:37
282.   Bob Timmermann
I have marked Greg Brock's words in indelible ink as well as etched them on tablets.

Furthermore, I put them in a time capsule.

An additional set was shot into space.

2008-08-05 19:49:45
283.   underdog
That's the right move there. Bring in Beimel. We'll see how it actually pans out. But that was a good little delay there to give him more time.
2008-08-05 19:50:07
284.   Greg Brock

{Shakes fist}

2008-08-05 19:50:12
285.   Doctor
absolutely no possible reason for him to be in this game.
2008-08-05 19:50:40
286.   underdog
282 As long as they're not also on an obelisk.
2008-08-05 19:50:42
287.   Eric Stephen
Beimel's grounder magic hasn't been working this year.

Beimel Assists Per 9 IP
2006: 3.21
2007: 2.94
2008: 1.76

2008-08-05 19:51:50
288.   underdog
285 - Well I would use Kuo and Wade every day, but that's also why I'm not a manager. You have to use other guys sometime. Bills wasn't coming back that's for sure.
2008-08-05 19:51:58
289.   Eric Stephen
That was not nice and easy.
2008-08-05 19:52:02
290.   dzzrtRatt
Oh, Beimel. On the butt?
2008-08-05 19:52:05
291.   Tripon
2008-08-05 19:52:09
292.   Greg Brock
Oh dear heavens.
2008-08-05 19:52:21
293.   Alex41592
Good night ladies and gentleman.
2008-08-05 19:52:25
294.   68elcamino427
The bobble-head is on the chopping block.
2008-08-05 19:52:55
295.   MSarg29
Thats probably game
2008-08-05 19:52:58
296.   Bluebleeder87
you know what though, the Cardinals bullpen is pretty bad.
2008-08-05 19:53:22
297.   underdog
Gack. Had him 0-2. That was bad, Joe, bad.
2008-08-05 19:53:43
298.   Tripon
2008-08-05 19:53:47
299.   Eric Stephen
Shades of T-Bone!
2008-08-05 19:53:50
300.   Greg Brock
Shoestring mental mistake!
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2008-08-05 19:53:52
301.   Alex41592
Bison speed.
2008-08-05 19:53:53
302.   Bluebleeder87
Nice athletic catch by our boy Bison. Yes!!
2008-08-05 19:54:03
303.   MSarg29
Great catch by Kemp.
2008-08-05 19:54:09
304.   KG16
Matt Kemp, Centerfielder.
2008-08-05 19:54:20
305.   dzzrtRatt
ESPN Superstar!

Hey Torre, that looks like speed, doesn't it?

2008-08-05 19:54:30
306.   68elcamino427
Bison Speed!
Bison Defense!
Bison Leather!
2008-08-05 19:54:49
307.   Tripon
You know, even with the Rick Anikel beaning, the damage was pretty contained.
2008-08-05 19:54:51
308.   Alex41592
There's the comebacker. Kemp saves the game for now.
2008-08-05 19:55:14
309.   Doctor

Well there are a lot of arms down there in the pen and we didn't play yesterday.... so I don't think its a given that we need Borg in a 1 run game (or really on the team I'd guess if you look at stats).

2008-08-05 19:55:25
310.   Bob Timmermann
Oh, Beimel. On the butt?

Not that there's anything wrong with it...

2008-08-05 19:55:47
311.   Eric Enders
It's actually too bad Kemp caught that. It might have been a double play if he hadn't.
2008-08-05 19:56:11
312.   Bob Timmermann
Beaning means you got hit in the head.

And Rick Ankiel isn't that dumb.

2008-08-05 19:56:24
313.   68elcamino427
The bobble-head is bobb'in!
2008-08-05 19:56:25
314.   alex 7
yikes, the good-night comments made me think Ankiel had hit a 4-run rally-killer. Had to fast-forward my DTV and had a sigh of relief.
2008-08-05 19:56:25
315.   underdog
That could've ended with no runs at all. But it could've been a lot worse, too.

And that's your astute commentary from yours truly. We'll be right back.

2008-08-05 19:57:28
316.   underdog
309 Yah, that last point is really the key question. ;-)
2008-08-05 19:57:46
317.   Icaros

That's a clever way of calling Rick Ankiel a butt-head. Nice work.

2008-08-05 19:57:59
318.   Gagne55
305 Somebody's been taking greenies? ;)
2008-08-05 19:58:13
319.   68elcamino427
Martin - looking all the part of a vetran at the plate.
2008-08-05 20:00:28
320.   Andrew Shimmin
Where are the haters out now?!
2008-08-05 20:00:32
321.   Eric Enders
Martin does the audible Rule 1 violation after striking out better than anyone I've seen.
2008-08-05 20:00:49
322.   68elcamino427
Manny - Staying back with bat speed!
2008-08-05 20:02:18
323.   whodat807
Am delighted I got home in time to catch the Dodger game; am concerned to see us being shut out.

I heard a 'fact' at a pub trivia night that I just think is BS. The question was "What happens to the batter when their ball is caught with an outfielder's hat?" I assumed, it being a catch, that he'd be out. The trivia dude, however, claimed that the showboating is penalized with an automatic triple. That just seems preposterous to me - why wouldn't it be a ground rule double? And why would the defender be penalized at all? He made the catch after all...

Anybody know if this bunk is true?

2008-08-05 20:02:33
324.   Greg Brock
Tonight's Forecast: Frustration
2008-08-05 20:02:35
325.   MSarg29
sure this will be last time Loney hits behind Manny
2008-08-05 20:03:05
326.   dzzrtRatt
It's bunk.
2008-08-05 20:03:39
327.   Greg Brock
323 Automatic triple.

I learned this by throwing my glove at a ball once. Tomfoolery results in a triple.

2008-08-05 20:03:39
328.   Gagne55
Well that was certainly a predictable DP.
2008-08-05 20:03:54
329.   Doctor
How many is that and what's the all time record? I think its going down.
2008-08-05 20:03:59
330.   scooplew
How many DPs has Loney grounded into this year?
2008-08-05 20:04:20
331.   Eric Enders
323 It's true. If you intentionally catch a ball with a piece of equipment other than your glove it's a triple.

The Dodgers once got a walk-off victory this way when a Pirates catcher whose name escapes me at the moment stopped the ball with his mask.

2008-08-05 20:05:26
332.   whodat807

I'm flabbergasted. Though technically, the dude was wrong - it's not a triple, it's a three base penalty. That said, I'm still dubious.

2008-08-05 20:05:47
333.   Eric Enders
By the way, "Anybody know if this bunk is true?" has got to be the most loaded question of all time.
2008-08-05 20:06:06
334.   Icaros

Did you do it to be funny, or were you just pulling out all the stops?

2008-08-05 20:07:24
335.   Wilbert Robinson
Each runner including the batter-runner may, without liability to be put out, advance --

(b) Three bases, if a fielder deliberately touches a fair ball with his cap, mask or any part of his uniform detached from its proper place on his person. The ball is in play and the batter may advance to home base at his peril

2008-08-05 20:07:50
336.   Gagne55
327 Duaner Sanchez hacked Brock's account!
2008-08-05 20:08:33
337.   whodat807
331 327 Ok, you've convinced me.

I feel embarrassed; I loudly objected, said that was ridiculous, and booed. And I vowed to check it on DT.

2008-08-05 20:08:34
338.   Greg Brock
334 We were getting destroyed, and I lost poise on a liner over my head at third and chucked it up there.
2008-08-05 20:09:03
339.   Tripon
Well, Chan Ho Park lost it.
2008-08-05 20:09:03
340.   Icaros
I'm shocked.
2008-08-05 20:09:04
341.   alex 7
dang it, I was about to predict that and claim this was the perfect time for the smoke-jumping Broxton to come in.
2008-08-05 20:09:31
342.   Eric Enders
Angelo Encarnacion was the name of the Pirates catcher who gave the Dodgers a win by violating Rule 7.05 (b).

2008-08-05 20:09:31
343.   Eric Stephen
I almost posted something about how I had the same feeling of dread as the Odalis-Pujols matchup. But I didn't in fear of jinxing Park.
2008-08-05 20:09:40
344.   68elcamino427
Rain Delay = Not Dodgers Forte
2008-08-05 20:09:51
345.   Greg Brock
At least we held him to a two-run homer.
2008-08-05 20:10:16
346.   Gagne55
And by three base penalty, that doesn't mean three extra bases from when the contact is made. The ball remains live and the but the batter may go as far as third without risk of being put out. He may still attempt to go for the inside the park homerun if he desires.
2008-08-05 20:10:25
347.   whodat807
333 Very true. I was bitter - that question was the difference between sweet victory and agonizing defeat. I stand humbled by the knowledge of better men.

Wow, that was a shot.

2008-08-05 20:10:43
348.   overkill94
Damn you, rain!
2008-08-05 20:10:50
349.   underdog
That, too, was predictable.


Chan Ho is starting to revert back to the gopher ball-giving pitcher we feared he'd be at the beginning of the season. Not that there's huge shame in giving up a dinger to Pujols. (Tony Clark is another matter.)

What else is on TV?

2008-08-05 20:11:13
350.   Icaros

Yeah, that's where I was at the one time I hit a batter on purpose.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-05 20:12:15
351.   Eric Enders
What is it with Billingsley and disastrous rain delays?

The Dodgers really got screwed by the weather tonight. Chad should still be in there and Park and Falkenborg would not even have pitched in this game.

2008-08-05 20:12:23
352.   Lexinthedena
Seriously Joe....who didn't see THAT coming.

I want to think of him as a good manager, I really do.

2008-08-05 20:13:09
353.   Eric Stephen
All you need to know about the Mound City:

"Darryl Strawberry is living in the St. Louis area."

(No offense to bobsbrother)

2008-08-05 20:13:11
354.   Greg Brock
Oh well. As with anything, I blame God.
2008-08-05 20:13:46
355.   underdog
351 - Yeah, it's really bum luck. What can you do, though?

Complain to the Pope, I guess.


Chan Ho looked just fine to all the other batters in that inning, at least.

2008-08-05 20:14:12
356.   Jacob Burch
Reminds me of one of my favorite Dugout bits:

LaRussasOnFire: Yeah, hold on a second. Albert, can you bat .500 and hit 80 home runs this season?

Pujol_Junkie: e'yase

LaRussasOnFire: haha, yeah, we're gonna be fine.

2008-08-05 20:14:50
357.   underdog
352 - I don't think I would've left Beimel in there vs. Pujols either. Probably would've brought in Wade, though.
2008-08-05 20:16:20
358.   Doctor
The record is 36 GIDP (Jim Rice). Loney has 20. It will be close.
2008-08-05 20:16:32
359.   68elcamino427
6 outs
5 runs
Let's get it on!
2008-08-05 20:18:08
360.   Greg Brock
I do believe Jeff Kent's slugging percentage is now below .400.
2008-08-05 20:18:40
361.   Eric Stephen
I was looking for the extra-inning Pujols game-ender against Odalis (, and came across this factoid:

Pujols, lifetime against Odalis: .609/.719/1.391, 5 HR, 15 RBI, 14 R in 32 PA!

2008-08-05 20:20:17
362.   68elcamino427
Blake follows the Plan ...
2008-08-05 20:20:50
363.   Eric Stephen
The Pirates have 3 outs left, down at least 2-0.
2008-08-05 20:21:10
364.   regfairfield

"Odalis Perez
His Grud: Albert Pujols
The numbers: .609/.719/1.391 with five homers in 23 at-bats.

We are definitely getting away from the mission here — Pujols is also too great to be a Grud. But I use him here because whenever Pujols would come to the plate to face Perez in Kansas City, it was the responsibility of my Star partner (startner?) Bob Dutton to say: "How do you like this match-up?" And Bob always came through."

2008-08-05 20:21:52
365.   68elcamino427
Mr. Hu ... Paging Mr. Hu ...
2008-08-05 20:22:03
366.   Gagne55
351 Does the pitching really matter when you don't score any runs? Bills gave one run, which was too much for this game.
2008-08-05 20:22:04
367.   underdog

I'm officially done with Berroa today. How about you guys?

2008-08-05 20:22:41
368.   Eric Stephen
Technically that qualifies as plagiarism, since I read that a few weeks ago, but I must have forgotten it since I did a double take when I just saw the numbers again tonight.
2008-08-05 20:23:22
369.   Doctor
I wonder if games like this will make Manny miss Boston.
2008-08-05 20:23:57
370.   underdog
I hate when a Cardinals blog commenter says our lineup isn't any good and then they go out and look like they aren't any good, making him look smart. Let's score some runs, guys! At least, you know, tomorrow, at the worst.

Or did the Cards schedule another disruptive rain delay tomorrow?

2008-08-05 20:24:15
371.   Eric Stephen
I hope the pendulum swing of emotion isn't as volatile the rest of the season.
2008-08-05 20:24:37
372.   Eric Enders
367 I was done with him the moment we signed him. Even then, it appeared almost certain that his all-around performance would be worse than Hu's, and it has been.
2008-08-05 20:25:06
373.   underdog
369 - Dunno. Given how poorly the Red Sox were playing his last games there it's probably not occurring to him.
2008-08-05 20:25:39
374.   Greg Brock
370 But...It's not any good!

Or is this a "I can make fun of my sister but you cannot" type situation?

2008-08-05 20:25:42
375.   underdog
369 - Dunno. Given how poorly the Red Sox were playing his last games there it's probably not occurring to him.
2008-08-05 20:26:07
376.   Eric Enders
Cards annoucers pointing out that Troncoso has never won a major league game. I thought he beat the Diamondbacks?
2008-08-05 20:26:52
377.   Eric Stephen
Wow, we've had a Billingsley and a Mather in this game.
2008-08-05 20:26:54
378.   MMSMikey
need to get martin out of the 3 hole.
2008-08-05 20:27:02
379.   Tripon
Blake's such a statue. He only makes the plays he's expected of him.
2008-08-05 20:27:20
380.   underdog
374 Yes, to the last point.

But it's better than this, even with Berroa, and even with Kent doing nothing these days. The rest of the line-up is pretty agreeable to me. It's better than this.

2008-08-05 20:28:01
381.   Eric Stephen
I came into tonight's broadcast late. Is the Cards' color guy Joe Magrane?
2008-08-05 20:28:58
382.   Tripon
I thought Cory Wade looked a bit funny. It was Romon Transcoso.
2008-08-05 20:29:01
383.   68elcamino427
Too bad Blake loves Cleveland.
2008-08-05 20:29:07
384.   Eric Enders
381 It's 1988 world champion Ricky Horton.
2008-08-05 20:29:31
385.   Eric Stephen
Oooh, it's World Champion Ricky Horton!
2008-08-05 20:30:06
386.   Icaros

I think it's former Dodger Ricky Horton.

2008-08-05 20:30:07
387.   Eric Stephen
Haha, I swear I didn't see your post before posting mine.
2008-08-05 20:30:26
388.   underdog
Here we go! First one of our powerful bench players will come up to PH, and then it's up to Kemp and company. There's still a chance!
2008-08-05 20:31:11
389.   Eric Stephen
[Rubs eyes]
2008-08-05 20:31:14
390.   Tripon
2008-08-05 20:31:17
391.   overkill94
Silver lining!
2008-08-05 20:31:23
392.   alex 7
you have entered the twilight zone.
2008-08-05 20:31:28
393.   MSarg29
Never thought we would see that again.
2008-08-05 20:31:31
394.   68elcamino427
Jones - back to center with you!
2008-08-05 20:31:36
395.   MMSMikey
too bad its 4-0 and not 2-0
2008-08-05 20:31:52
396.   Eric Stephen
It would be pretty great if the dugout gave Andruw the Blake DeWitt treatment after the HR!
2008-08-05 20:31:52
397.   Lefty Supremacist
Did... Did that just happen???
2008-08-05 20:32:03
398.   Greg Brock
I don't know how to feel about that.
2008-08-05 20:32:18
399.   underdog
WHAT THE..?!?!

My MLBTV is broken. It just showed Andruw hitting a home run.

2008-08-05 20:32:37
400.   Tripon
Maybe Juan Pierre knew something about Andruw Jones getting on a hot streak.

Also, Juan Pierre looks bored/unhappy.

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-05 20:33:10
401.   underdog
I guess my sarcasm about the bench in 388 paid off! Or something.
2008-08-05 20:33:14
402.   Eric Stephen
The Cards will pay for their adherence to the save rule. Mark my words, in a less concrete way than Greg Brock's words.
2008-08-05 20:33:16
403.   Eric Enders
382 "I thought Cory Wade looked a bit funny."

While we're on the subject, I'm suggesting "Gandhi" as a nickname for Cory Wade.

2008-08-05 20:33:29
404.   68elcamino427
Mr. Torre knows
2008-08-05 20:33:52
405.   Icaros
I'm sold. Andruw Jones is back!

(sarcasm emoticon here)

2008-08-05 20:33:57
406.   underdog
Or maybe it's just that Ron Villone stinks. But we'll take it.
2008-08-05 20:34:30
407.   jasonungar07
"Ah shucks"-Juan Pierre.
2008-08-05 20:35:17
408.   Tripon
Also, for the Casey Blake back to the Indians speculation. His replacement Andy Marte is batting .083, OPB .120, and his slugging is .125 for a OPS of .245 in his last 6 games. He's hitting .164 for the year. Suffice to say Andy Marte won't be blocking Casey Blake in the offseason.
2008-08-05 20:35:38
409.   MMSMikey
what is kemp looking at on that 0-1 pitch?
2008-08-05 20:35:46
410.   68elcamino427
Jones has recovered from the slow bat virus that he picked up on the China trip.
2008-08-05 20:35:46
411.   overkill94
Matt! That pitch was right down the middle! (strike two I mean)
2008-08-05 20:35:56
412.   Eric Enders
Ricky Horton had a cameo in "Field of Dreams." He's pitching on TV for the Dodgers in the background of one of the scenes.

He's also the Cardinals' official spiritual leader and clubhouse chaplain. I wonder if that interferes with his quasi-journalistic duties.

2008-08-05 20:36:19
413.   Tripon
Charlie Steiner cannot count.
2008-08-05 20:36:46
414.   Alex41592
Webb goes the distance. D'Backs do the predictable.
2008-08-05 20:37:12
415.   Andrew Shimmin
You heard the man, Russ. No rally-killers.
2008-08-05 20:37:27
416.   underdog
There we go! Maybe that will buy Andre another start this week.
2008-08-05 20:38:43
417.   Tripon
416 Doubt it. Only Juan Pierre is allowed to go 1-5 to earn his start.
2008-08-05 20:38:47
418.   Eric Enders
The Cardinals will pay for selecting a Player of the Game before it's over.
2008-08-05 20:38:51
419.   Icaros

Jones bought at least 4 starts with the HR.

2008-08-05 20:39:04
420.   Jacob Burch
Oh baby.
2008-08-05 20:39:15
421.   Alex41592
I'm up. Manny is the tying run.
2008-08-05 20:39:18
422.   Gagne55
Things looked grim for the Dodger Blue
4-1 and getting late
but the fans all stayed because they knew
Manny may come to the plate
2008-08-05 20:39:18
423.   68elcamino427
Martin follows the Plan ...
2008-08-05 20:39:37
424.   overkill94
Do they walk Manny here to set up the double play with Loney?
2008-08-05 20:39:42
425.   Tripon
Unless LaRussa walks Manny.
2008-08-05 20:39:43
426.   MMSMikey
the rally killer is on deck
2008-08-05 20:39:57
427.   underdog
Well, at least they're making this game interesting. (Literally, not in the no-hitter sense.)
2008-08-05 20:40:12
428.   Vishal
i really dislike the cardinals.
2008-08-05 20:40:16
429.   Tripon
Dang it. They're walking Manny.
2008-08-05 20:40:28
430.   KG16
This looks like a pitch around. the intentional unintentional walk
2008-08-05 20:40:46
431.   Alex41592
They're giving Manny nothing. And that was a gift strike 1.
2008-08-05 20:40:48
432.   overkill94
419 Luckily it was off a lefty, so I think we're left with status quo
2008-08-05 20:41:28
433.   KG16
c'mon, hang a curve.
2008-08-05 20:41:41
434.   Tripon
I hate this ump. All balls are strikes.
2008-08-05 20:41:46
435.   overkill94
Geez, nothing but curves and sliders this at-bat
2008-08-05 20:43:13
436.   68elcamino427
Manny's ninth inning strike zone - what's with it Ump?
2008-08-05 20:43:19
437.   Alex41592
Free your mind, Loney. Free your mind.
2008-08-05 20:43:30
438.   Lefty Supremacist
Alright James... They're clearly disrespecting you here. What are you going to do about it?
2008-08-05 20:43:32
439.   Tripon
Come on Loney!
2008-08-05 20:43:40
440.   MSarg29
I'm sick thinking about another double play for Loney
2008-08-05 20:43:44
441.   underdog
Don't do it, James. Please don't do that thing you did earlier.
2008-08-05 20:43:45
442.   Gagne55
Bases loaded for DP Loney
2008-08-05 20:43:55
443.   Eric Stephen
You were saying? (I'm watching on delay and Manny is just coming up).
2008-08-05 20:43:58
444.   Icaros
Get under the ball, James.
2008-08-05 20:43:59
445.   overkill94
Alright Crazy Eyes lift the ball, lift it!
2008-08-05 20:44:32
446.   MollyKnight
I wouldn't pitch to Manny either.

Make 'em pay, James!

2008-08-05 20:44:55
447.   MMSMikey
lift and seperate, james.
2008-08-05 20:45:10
448.   Tripon
2008-08-05 20:45:11
449.   overkill94
That'll work!
2008-08-05 20:45:11
450.   MMSMikey
thats a break
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-08-05 20:45:14
451.   68elcamino427
# 7 James Loney
2008-08-05 20:45:17
452.   Alex41592
2008-08-05 20:45:20
453.   Icaros
Loney being Pierre.
2008-08-05 20:45:21
454.   Lefty Supremacist
Caught a monster break... Now can Blake do it?
2008-08-05 20:45:24
455.   Jacob Burch
What? Is that the nicest fans in the world booing their own player? Huh?
2008-08-05 20:45:35
456.   MSarg29
Hit the heck out of that
2008-08-05 20:45:41
457.   KG16
Weird Game James, coming through.
2008-08-05 20:45:42
458.   underdog
Way to go, James!


2008-08-05 20:45:45
459.   Alex41592
Old man Kent with a chance.
2008-08-05 20:46:03
460.   Tripon
Whoa, Jeff Kent takes a ball.
2008-08-05 20:46:19
461.   underdog
Did you see Molina jumping up and down in anger at Izzy? Heh.
2008-08-05 20:46:21
462.   Gagne55
Good Loney. Leg that out.
2008-08-05 20:46:30
463.   Tripon
2008-08-05 20:46:35
464.   68elcamino427
The Old Man wants to win!
2008-08-05 20:46:39
465.   MollyKnight
2008-08-05 20:46:42
466.   KG16
Hit Parade is on in St Louis.
2008-08-05 20:46:57
467.   Alex41592
One step closer. Damn game should be tied.
2008-08-05 20:47:01
468.   overkill94
Ahhh, gotta love the Cardinals' revolving circus of "closers"
2008-08-05 20:47:06
469.   Greg Brock
He'd have been hosed at the plate no matter what.
2008-08-05 20:47:11
470.   underdog
Old man comes through! Damn they were playing to shallow for Manny to score.
2008-08-05 20:47:17
471.   MSarg29
Kent is probably bitching about Manny not scoring there.
2008-08-05 20:47:40
472.   Tripon
Instead of batting the pitcher 8th, maybe LaRussa should fix his bullpen first.
2008-08-05 20:47:57
473.   MollyKnight
I thought St. Louis fans were supposed to be nice. Those are some Andruw Jones booos for Izzie.
2008-08-05 20:48:21
474.   underdog
Too, not to. I get flustered when I'm reawakened in excitement.

The Greatest Fans in the World™ cheer Izzy's removal. (I would have, too.)

2008-08-05 20:48:33
475.   KG16
472 - best cure for a bad bullpen is a good starting rotation. Just ask the Diamondbacks.
2008-08-05 20:49:16
476.   Greg Brock
Can a brutha just get a deep fly ball?

I'm not greedy.

2008-08-05 20:49:26
477.   Gagne55
Ryan Franklin to close?
2008-08-05 20:49:49
478.   68elcamino427
Casey at the bat!
2008-08-05 20:49:52
479.   Greg Brock
2008-08-05 20:49:56
480.   KG16
2008-08-05 20:49:57
481.   MollyKnight
2008-08-05 20:49:58
482.   Alex41592
2008-08-05 20:50:00
483.   Jacob Burch
We'll take it, Casey.
2008-08-05 20:50:02
484.   MMSMikey
oh my god, that was an awful call by steiner.
2008-08-05 20:50:03
485.   Tripon
Hah! Casey Blake with a flyball!
2008-08-05 20:50:07
486.   overkill94
And Franklin gets the blown save!
2008-08-05 20:50:14
487.   Alex41592
Get up Kuo!
2008-08-05 20:50:21
488.   Sagehen
2008-08-05 20:50:21
489.   claytonkershaw
i was gonna leave to get a pizza to before this started but i made my gf go get not missing this game!
2008-08-05 20:50:21
490.   MonkeyBlue
Yes! tied game baby!
2008-08-05 20:50:30
491.   thinkblue88
2008-08-05 20:50:34
492.   KG16
484 - yes, yes it was.
2008-08-05 20:50:36
493.   Bob Timmermann
St. Louis fans have booing Isringhausen a lot for the past two years. This isn't anything new.
2008-08-05 20:50:46
494.   68elcamino427
Duhh - sign these guys for more time?
2008-08-05 20:50:47
495.   underdog
Yesssss! Tie game.

And the Cards' announcers get positively funereal. I literally had to turn the sound way up just to see if they were still there.

2008-08-05 20:50:51
496.   Eric Stephen
I'm still not live. Kent just got a base hit. 4-3, bases loaded. Out comes Izzy. I hope this isn't a jinx, back in time, before it happens!
2008-08-05 20:50:57
497.   claytonkershaw
hell ya...time to get another run!
2008-08-05 20:51:11
498.   Gagne55
Sweeny ftw?
2008-08-05 20:51:12
499.   underdog
Time for McSweeney's to contribute.
2008-08-05 20:51:45
500.   Alex41592
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-08-05 20:51:53
501.   MMSMikey
2008-08-05 20:52:06
502.   claytonkershaw
damnit...we gotta hold em
2008-08-05 20:52:12
503.   Gagne55
498 guess not
2008-08-05 20:52:16
504.   Tripon
Well, tied game. At least Sweeney hit the ball hard.
2008-08-05 20:52:25
505.   KG16
487 - yeah, Kuo would have been a better choice to hit than Sweeney.

And if it wasn't for Pujols, it'd be 6-4 right now.

2008-08-05 20:52:30
506.   Sagehen
If only the Dodgers had one decent pinchhitter.
2008-08-05 20:52:32
507.   Lefty Supremacist
You know, sometimes I think some force out there, just isn't a Dodgers fan.
2008-08-05 20:52:49
508.   claytonkershaw
im watchiing the game on mlb tv...what did steiner say? or do?
2008-08-05 20:52:52
509.   underdog
484 What did Steiner say?


Darn, thought that liner was gonna get through for a second.

2008-08-05 20:53:18
510.   overkill94
506 Can't fault Sweeney there, he hit it right on the screws
2008-08-05 20:53:19
511.   Jacob Burch
493 That was where my hint of sarcasm comes from--other than giving players undue curtain calls--worse than Manny's second--I've yet to figure out where that aura comes from. They boo as any other stadium does.

Then again, Dodgers fan don't leave all that much earlier than most stadiums (especially any without a great public transport), so I suppose the court of public opinion is rather logical. I just enjoy any chance to point it out.

Can't Fault Mr.Sweeney there.

2008-08-05 20:53:45
512.   KG16
509 - the way he called that fly ball, you'd have thought it was landing in Nebraska.
2008-08-05 20:53:46
513.   underdog
Sounds like Steiner needs to see Hu's optometrist.
2008-08-05 20:53:53
514.   overkill94
Walk Pujols if we get the first two guys out? I say definitely.
2008-08-05 20:54:07
515.   Eric Stephen
OK. I'm live. Folding laundry and patting myself on the back for 402 .

Also, cargill can take a bow, sort of, since Ozuna is now at SS.

2008-08-05 20:54:08
516.   68elcamino427
Sweeney has only Gary Bennett to blame
2008-08-05 20:54:21
517.   Brian Y
I don't think I'm used to the Dodgers being able to come back from a deficit. It feels unnatural now after the past few years. Don't get me wrong, I can and will get used to all of this. I'm still in shock over the Druw HR.
2008-08-05 20:54:23
518.   underdog
Ozuna making his SS debut!
2008-08-05 20:54:30
519.   Bob Timmermann
As the Twilight Zone has taught us "People are the same all over!!!"
2008-08-05 20:55:16
520.   Greg Brock
519 There is one place where everything is better.
2008-08-05 20:55:35
521.   Tripon
509 Steiner keeps on yelling at the top of his lungs with every at bat. Its like getting excited when you're driving out of the parking lot. (...YES! HE JUST TURNED LEFT INTO TRAFFIC! WILL HE MERGE INTO THE LEFT TURN LANE?!)
2008-08-05 20:55:39
522.   overkill94
Dang, how many 0-2 hits/HBP's have we given up tonight?
2008-08-05 20:55:45
523.   KG16
but what is outside the box?
2008-08-05 20:55:56
524.   underdog
Stupid lucky bloops. {mutter}
2008-08-05 20:55:59
525.   Jon Weisman
What is the big deal about an announcer thinking for half a second that a ball is going to go through and then correcting himself?

If you're watching on TV and you were fooled, then it just shows it wasn't that easy to judge. If you weren't fooled, it was a non-event.

Oh, by the way - that was some top of the ninth.

2008-08-05 20:57:22
526.   regfairfield
521 I'd recommend getting MLB.TV so you know what a bad announcer really is.
2008-08-05 20:57:22
527.   Jon Weisman
521 - Except it's not like driving in traffic. It's four runs in the ninth inning to tie the game. He's no Vin, but I still don't see the problem.
2008-08-05 20:57:39
528.   KG16
525 - i thought i'd like him when he came over, but he's just too excitable for me. especially compared to the alternative.
2008-08-05 20:57:59
529.   Tripon
Andruw Jones looks happy with himself.
2008-08-05 20:58:08
530.   Eric Stephen
Man, if that throw had some more on it that would have been a DP.
2008-08-05 20:58:10
531.   Alex41592
Walk Pujols. Thanks a lot Cards.
2008-08-05 20:58:15
532.   overkill94
Nice work Skip, now we're DEFINITELY going to walk Pujols
2008-08-05 20:58:16
533.   Eric Enders
I'm just going to say right now that I don't like Wade facing Pujols. At all. Bring in Broxton, or screw the lefty-righty matchups and bring in Kuo.
2008-08-05 20:58:52
534.   Jacob Burch
528 If the alternative if Vin Scully, there's no doubt. I still would prefer Charlie and Steve to about 70-80% of the other teams I've heard.
2008-08-05 20:58:55
535.   underdog
You gotta walk Pujols here with base open.
2008-08-05 20:58:58
536.   Greg Brock
The unintended consequences of gamerism.
2008-08-05 20:59:11
537.   Sagehen
518 I believe Ozuna came in at short on the 1st, when Berroa was pinchhit for on that day.
2008-08-05 20:59:15
538.   KG16
I'm guessing, as a general rule, when you hit behind Albert Pujols, you don't get a lot of chances to hit into double plays.
2008-08-05 21:00:36
539.   Eric Stephen
That would have been a bizarre DP.
2008-08-05 21:00:42
540.   68elcamino427
Will Blake learn to love LA?
2008-08-05 21:00:43
541.   Paul S
Be happy you live in LA and can see the game. Gameday gets old.
2008-08-05 21:01:03
542.   KG16
replay looked like we had Prince Albert at second.

and wow, nice play by Blake.

2008-08-05 21:01:07
543.   MonkeyBlue
Nice save by Blake!
2008-08-05 21:01:08
544.   underdog
Wow, I thought he caught that. But whew, nice play.
2008-08-05 21:01:20
545.   Tripon
527 He's not Vin, but Steiner should be able to tell if a flyball's a flyball. The guy's the narrator of the story, and he can make the story more or less enjoyable by his words.
2008-08-05 21:02:33
546.   overkill94
Thank you fellow alum!
2008-08-05 21:02:35
547.   Alex41592
Thank you 3-0 swinging!
2008-08-05 21:02:41
548.   Bob Timmermann
I love it when the Busch Stadium organist plays the InBev jingle.
2008-08-05 21:02:44
549.   Tripon
Cory Wade is the best Dodgers ever. Even better than Sandy Koufax.
2008-08-05 21:02:46
550.   68elcamino427
Manny snags the 3-0 pop!
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-08-05 21:02:48
551.   whodat807
This game is going to give me a heart attack.
2008-08-05 21:02:52
552.   underdog
2008-08-05 21:03:05
553.   Gagne55
Thanks for swinging 3-0!!!
2008-08-05 21:04:16
554.   68elcamino427
Anything can happen in a ball game.


2008-08-05 21:04:17
555.   Gagne55
549 rule 6?
2008-08-05 21:04:22
556.   Jon Weisman
A 3-0 popup with the game on the line. Mercy.
2008-08-05 21:04:25
557.   underdog
551 Yeah, but an hour ago we all needed to be brought back from the dead, so I'll take the suspense.
2008-08-05 21:05:29
558.   Eric Stephen
Old Friend Izturis still has the gun.
2008-08-05 21:06:00
559.   Eric Stephen
Time to roam.
2008-08-05 21:06:03
560.   Tripon
Tommy John Surgery should be declared illegal for non pitchers. Stupid Izturis and his gun for an arm. grumble
2008-08-05 21:06:12
561.   whodat807
557 Haha, yes, I'm glad the game has gone the way it's gone. I've had a pretty epically bad day, and a moribund loss would have sent me to sleep a bit despondent, I think.
2008-08-05 21:07:19
562.   Lefty Supremacist
Should Kemp be given the green light against Yadier Molina?
2008-08-05 21:07:23
563.   Tripon
Bison single!
2008-08-05 21:07:25
564.   overkill94
561 Come on boys, hurry it up, I was supposed to leave for the gym 10 minutes ago
2008-08-05 21:08:05
565.   Alex41592
He has the green light. But, I think you hold here.
2008-08-05 21:08:15
566.   KG16
562 - Kemp should be given the green light against Johnny Bench
2008-08-05 21:09:25
567.   Eric Stephen
Silly Cardinals announcers. They think they will have a save situation tomorrow.
2008-08-05 21:09:54
568.   Eric Stephen
Especially now.
2008-08-05 21:09:54
569.   MonkeyBlue
Ethier MY BOY!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-05 21:10:00
570.   overkill94
3.5 Lives!
2008-08-05 21:10:01
571.   KG16
here's something I was thinking about, the way the potential steal alters the pitches that the next batter will see.

We've heard the talk about fastballs vs off speed stuff. But I would also posit that a hitter is more likely to see something up, to make it easier for the catcher to get up and throw.


2008-08-05 21:10:12
572.   Greg Brock
This Ethier guy is good. Let's not play him.
2008-08-05 21:10:21
573.   Lexinthedena
560 lol
2008-08-05 21:10:25
574.   Eric Stephen
I love, love, love watching Kemp run. He always looks like he's running downhill.
2008-08-05 21:10:27
575.   Tripon
Its not due to Manny that the pitchers can't throw strikes, Lyon! But I'll take whatever the Cards can do. Just walk everyone!
2008-08-05 21:10:30
576.   KG16
568 - I thought of that joke, right after I hit submit.
2008-08-05 21:10:33
577.   Alex41592
Ethier singles Ethier to third!
2008-08-05 21:10:49
578.   underdog
Still think we have a weak line-up, Viva El Birdos? Just wondering.

(Er, to jinx proof here -- I mean, I still think it stinks. You know.)

2008-08-05 21:10:55
579.   MollyKnight
You know what I would do to Tony LaRussa right here? Squeeze.

Rip his cold little heart out.

2008-08-05 21:11:07
580.   overkill94
Just a fly ball GG...
2008-08-05 21:11:34
581.   underdog
No DP GG. Please...
2008-08-05 21:11:40
582.   Eric Enders
Martin had better not pull a Loney here.
2008-08-05 21:11:48
583.   Alex41592
Hit and run could be in play here to stay out of the DP.
2008-08-05 21:12:14
584.   madmac
woa, just got back, this is awesome
2008-08-05 21:12:20
585.   Tripon
Well, Russell Martin isn't looking to walk.
2008-08-05 21:12:32
586.   Eric Enders
579 That's brilliant. I wholeheartedly concur.
2008-08-05 21:12:54
587.   Lexinthedena
Russ needs to chill out.
2008-08-05 21:12:57
588.   Eric Stephen
I'm all for Temple of Doom-style punishment for LaRussa!
2008-08-05 21:12:58
589.   whodat807
These Cardinal announcers aren't awful, and I know home announcers tend to favor their teams, but c'mon, try to sound a little less sad! They're practically mumbling.
2008-08-05 21:13:13
590.   overkill94
Russell's swings are freakin' me out, everything's going straight up
2008-08-05 21:13:16
591.   KG16
585 - walk doesn't get the run in, got to put the ball in play. just not on the ground.
2008-08-05 21:13:25
592.   bigcpa
That was a sweet loogie by Jones getting stuck on the net. He can't even do that right.
2008-08-05 21:13:27
593.   Bob Timmermann
Meanwhile in Anaheim, Chris Waters of Baltimore has shut out the Angels on one hit through 8 innings in his major league debut.
2008-08-05 21:13:39
594.   Paul S
Gameday is getting old. Be glad you can watch this thing on the ol' tube.
2008-08-05 21:14:15
595.   MonkeyBlue
MARTIN!??? Why?
2008-08-05 21:14:22
596.   overkill94
Ugh, Russell has not been good in these situations lately
2008-08-05 21:14:45
597.   Tripon
Ouch. Hopefully Manny can bring it in!
2008-08-05 21:14:54
598.   Eric Stephen
Loney might finish the season with 100 RBI!
2008-08-05 21:14:56
599.   Lefty Supremacist
Martin has been looking bad lately.
2008-08-05 21:15:05
600.   KG16
Ok, Bison, on the third toss, steal home.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2008-08-05 21:15:06
601.   overkill94
No respect for Crazy Eyes! Make 'em pay big fella!
2008-08-05 21:15:23
602.   Gagne55
IBB for Manny
2008-08-05 21:15:31
603.   Bob Timmermann
David Ross wouldn't have struck out in that situation.

Paul Bako wouldn't have struck out either.

2008-08-05 21:15:31
604.   underdog
Boooooo the IBB!!

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

2008-08-05 21:15:38
605.   Tripon
Samson can't show off his power.
2008-08-05 21:15:41
606.   Eric Stephen
Wow, he's almost 28. Better late than never though. Good for him.
2008-08-05 21:16:04
607.   KG16
603 - nor Navarro.
2008-08-05 21:16:13
608.   Lefty Supremacist
Loney just looked at the grand salami pitch. :(
2008-08-05 21:16:16
609.   Eric Enders
I don't know what the numbers say, but it sure seems like Martin has been horrendous all year at getting runners home from third with less than two outs.
2008-08-05 21:16:18
610.   underdog
599 Didn't Martin hit a key single in that 9th inning rally? How soon we forget.
2008-08-05 21:16:31
611.   MMSMikey
martin isnt a 3 hitter.
2008-08-05 21:16:56
612.   Greg Brock
2008-08-05 21:17:00
613.   Eric Stephen
Ohhhhhhhhhh so close.
2008-08-05 21:17:02
614.   Tripon
Argh. Thought it was going to drop in for a sec.
2008-08-05 21:17:19
615.   Lexinthedena
Bad luck for Loney.

Freakin` Russ:(

2008-08-05 21:17:25
616.   Gagne55
600 I've always thought about that. Soft lob, a few feet away from the plate, not paying that close of attention to the runner...
2008-08-05 21:17:26
617.   MonkeyBlue
Well what a wasted opportunity. Good job Martin with that awful at bat.
2008-08-05 21:17:35
618.   Icaros

I agree.

2008-08-05 21:18:00
619.   underdog
Darn! I thought that one was gonna fall in for sure.

Maybe I need to see Hu and Steiner's optometrist.

2008-08-05 21:18:00
620.   MMSMikey
can put this inning on russ. cant even put a ball in play.
2008-08-05 21:18:12
621.   KG16
Martin has a tendency, I've noticed, to swing from his heels and for the fences. usually it's only once an at bat, but it sure seemed like he was doing it on every swing that last time.
2008-08-05 21:18:48
622.   Bob Timmermann
Toby Hall would have hit a home run.
2008-08-05 21:18:57
623.   regfairfield
Russ this year:

High leverage: .878 OPS
Medium: .933
Low: .683

2008-08-05 21:19:02
624.   Lefty Supremacist

I don't mean just this game, but in the past week or so, he hasn't walked much and strikeouts are up.

2008-08-05 21:19:41
625.   Fallout
It's time to bat Kent 3rd.
2008-08-05 21:19:42
626.   Jon Weisman
'Tis a mercurial bunch tonight.

Martin has a .819 OPS with RISP this year.

2008-08-05 21:19:44
627.   Eric Stephen
I don't know what the numbers say, but it sure seems like Martin has been horrendous all year at getting runners home from third with less than two outs.

Coming into tonight, 9 for 27 with 7 walks and a SF. .333/.457/.333 (all singles), 15 RBI

2008-08-05 21:19:57
628.   Greg Brock
Chad Kreuter would have choked.
2008-08-05 21:20:02
629.   KG16
what are the odds we see Kup pinch hit in the 11th if a runner gets on?
2008-08-05 21:20:31
630.   Bob Timmermann
Coming into the game, Martin was 9 for 27 with a runner on 3rd and less than 2 outs.
2008-08-05 21:20:31
631.   Jon Weisman
609 - .790 OPS with runners on third and less than two out.
2008-08-05 21:20:36
632.   Tripon
Is this Cory Wade's third inning? Yikes. Torre's going to kill his arm.
2008-08-05 21:20:36
633.   nick
Je pense que Martin est un peu fatiguee....
2008-08-05 21:21:04
634.   KG16
629 - that should say "Kuo", not "Kup"
2008-08-05 21:21:06
635.   regfairfield
Russ has just kind of stunk in general lately (.647 OPS, three extra base hits in his last 100 PA), but I think he's earned himself some leeway.
2008-08-05 21:22:01
636.   Alex41592
627 , 630 , 631 - Ok, there is another way to say it. Who's got it? :)
2008-08-05 21:22:07
637.   Bob Timmermann
Sherrill came into start the ninth for the Orioles, so Andy Van Hekken will keep his status of being the last rookie pitcher to debut with a shutout.
2008-08-05 21:22:11
638.   Jon Weisman
629 - Good, I'd say. Problem is after Broxton, Kuo is the only non-starter reliever. But there was that off day yesterday.
2008-08-05 21:22:36
639.   Icaros
I must be remembering all 18 of the outs.
2008-08-05 21:23:25
640.   Jon Weisman
632 - He's thrown 24 pitches through that Miles single.
2008-08-05 21:23:26
641.   underdog
So basically people were wrong in their assumptions about Martin and hitting with RISP and now need to go stand in the corner and write "I will not doubt the Golden God" a hundred times in their composition books.
2008-08-05 21:23:43
642.   Tripon
638 Shouldn't we see Jason Johnson? No point of Torre trying to save him.
2008-08-05 21:23:52
643.   Lefty Supremacist
Uhh... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Berroa out of the game?
2008-08-05 21:24:02
644.   KG16
638 - the bright side is, Kuo can pinch hit and then stay in and pitch.
2008-08-05 21:24:06
645.   Eric Enders
Thinking ahead a bit... is Jason Johnson available tonight since he's no longer in the rotation? Probably not, I guess... one day's rest.

I expect Kuo could go one inning at the most.

2008-08-05 21:24:35
646.   scareduck
Drive home and suddenly the Dodgers make it interesting.
2008-08-05 21:24:58
647.   Tripon
640 Ah okay, that sounds a lot better. Still, its a lot of innings for a reliever. I just hope Wade can make it to the 11th.
2008-08-05 21:24:58
648.   Tripon
640 Ah okay, that sounds a lot better. Still, its a lot of innings for a reliever. I just hope Wade can make it to the 11th.
2008-08-05 21:25:32
649.   Eric Enders
The Cards' announcers believe they have found the answer to their bullpen problems: Make their best starting pitcher (Wainwright) the closer instead.
2008-08-05 21:25:37
650.   Tripon
Argh! Kent!
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2008-08-05 21:25:42
651.   Eric Stephen
The inning ending groundout to 2B didn't end the inning.
2008-08-05 21:25:47
652.   scareduck
Berroa woulda had that one. :-)
2008-08-05 21:25:49
653.   Lefty Supremacist
Jeff Kent makes me a sad panda. :(
2008-08-05 21:25:49
654.   Icaros
God, Jeff.
2008-08-05 21:25:54
655.   scareduck
Berroa woulda had that one. :-)
2008-08-05 21:26:26
656.   Zak
645 I would think that Lowe would be available before Johnson.

Man, Slo' Mo' Kent let another one through.

2008-08-05 21:26:29
657.   underdog
Can we still trade for Huston Street? Like, tonight...
2008-08-05 21:26:37
658.   twerp
Anyone know what kind of pitch Druw hit out? FB? Or did he actually manage to connect with a breaking ball?
2008-08-05 21:27:11
659.   KG16
649 - i like the logic. i think they took the same critical thinking class as some of my ex-girlfriends
2008-08-05 21:27:20
660.   Eric Stephen
I don't know if its the camera angle but Wade's curveball seems extra loopy tonight. Kind of a cool angle.
2008-08-05 21:27:21
661.   Jacob Burch
Great first two pitches by Cory Wade. So proud he wears my DT Uniform number.
2008-08-05 21:27:24
662.   Greg Brock
Pasta Diving Kent.
2008-08-05 21:27:25
663.   scareduck
Kent makes up for his earlier lack of range.
2008-08-05 21:27:26
664.   Alex41592
651 - Now, it did.
2008-08-05 21:27:35
665.   Bob Timmermann
While using Wainwright as the closer in the long run is a bad idea, it worked out pretty well for the Redbirds in 2006 when they tried that.
2008-08-05 21:27:36
666.   Tripon
Oh, that was frigging amazing! Wade's just the man.
2008-08-05 21:27:37
667.   Zak
I know the name is reserved for Kemp, but Cory Wade is the reliever made of nails.
2008-08-05 21:27:50
668.   68elcamino427
Ha! The Old Man picks himself up!
2008-08-05 21:28:14
669.   underdog

Well, if the Dodgers don't win this game, I hope it goes really long at least just to make Cardinal fans miserable. Er, but my first choice would be the Dodgers winning.

2008-08-05 21:28:38
670.   whodat807
Druw hit a homerun?! I missed our first run, but assumed it had been singled in. Man, I'd have liked to see him hit it out - it's like missing a lunar eclipse.
2008-08-05 21:28:56
671.   skybluestoday

Between the rain delays and the deficit in runs, I just gave up. I went down to the Farmers Market with my sis and got some dinner. Come back, and it's a nail-biter...

Ah, baseball...

2008-08-05 21:29:10
672.   KG16
wow, the redbirds have left 12 tonight. that's nice.
2008-08-05 21:29:10
673.   Alex41592
Old Man Kent is going to put some hurt into this ball.
2008-08-05 21:29:27
674.   Lefty Supremacist
WHy does Steiner still think Berroa is still in the game?
2008-08-05 21:30:03
675.   Jon Weisman
Lowe is tomorrow's scheduled starter. I would think Kuroda would be the starter on call.
2008-08-05 21:30:26
676.   Eric Enders
665 I understand that Wainwright would be a good closer. That's not really the point.

Russell Martin would be a tremendous backup catcher. That doesn't mean he should be one.

2008-08-05 21:30:46
677.   Tripon
657 A's Manager Bob Geren said Saturday that he's taking Huston Street out of the full-time closer's role for the time being, leaving open the question of whom he'll send out to protect leads on a daily basis.

2008-08-05 21:30:55
678.   KG16
Loney to pitch, Lowe to first?

Or is that too Lasordaesque?

2008-08-05 21:30:59
679.   Jon Weisman
Who replaced Pee Wee as emergency catcher?
2008-08-05 21:31:14
680.   whodat807
Wade has been incredible of late. This performance reminds me of that crucial game Park had earlier this year, pitching multiple innings in extras, holding on for the win. Seems like Torre has been using Wade in situations Park was used in when he was on.
2008-08-05 21:31:26
681.   Zak
675 With the off day Monday, wouldn't Kuroda just pitch tomorrow on normal rest and Lowe today. Especially since Lowe has releived before.
2008-08-05 21:31:30
682.   underdog
Can we call up Hu or DeWitt? Like, tonight... Crank up the ol' teleportation device.
2008-08-05 21:32:22
683.   KG16
Huh, that's something you wouldn't expect...
2008-08-05 21:32:33
684.   Zak
I'm guessing there are no more pinch hitters, but he can't possibly be coming out to pitch again.
2008-08-05 21:32:54
685.   Jon Weisman
681 - It's possible. We kind of have to be there to know. It really depends on the kind of work they did this afternoon.
2008-08-05 21:33:07
686.   underdog
This ump has created a special Wide Strike Zone for Relief Pitchers Batting.
2008-08-05 21:33:15
687.   Jon Weisman
Don't swing, Cory.
2008-08-05 21:33:19
688.   KG16
Wade works the count after falling behind 0-2
2008-08-05 21:33:40
689.   Eric Enders
679 Danny Ardoin.
2008-08-05 21:33:52
690.   KG16
I'd love a Cory Wade batting gloveless home run.
2008-08-05 21:33:59
691.   Lefty Supremacist
Cory Wade - Superman.
2008-08-05 21:33:59
692.   Tripon
He walked Cory! He walked Cory!
2008-08-05 21:34:01
693.   Jacob Burch
2008-08-05 21:34:02
694.   Alex41592
2008-08-05 21:34:02
695.   Zak
687 Good call.
2008-08-05 21:34:02
696.   thinkblue88
Cory "Walk Machine" Wade
2008-08-05 21:34:04
697.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-05 21:34:08
698.   Lexinthedena
way to go Wade!
2008-08-05 21:34:11
699.   KG16
or that.
2008-08-05 21:34:19
700.   scareduck
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2008-08-05 21:34:22
701.   Jon Weisman
Yes. Now, of course, you have to send him.
2008-08-05 21:34:39
702.   68elcamino427
Wade with the Eye and follows the Plan ...
2008-08-05 21:34:48
703.   Jon Weisman
689 - After Ardoin.
2008-08-05 21:34:57
704.   underdog

I {{heart}} Cory Wade.

The Cards' pitcher should be embarrassed, too.

2008-08-05 21:35:13
705.   KG16
701 - of course.

so, does Cory Wade's next plate appearance count as his first major league at bat?

2008-08-05 21:35:49
706.   68elcamino427
Dreams of Oz are fading tonight.
2008-08-05 21:36:10
707.   Greg Brock
I can't believe I missed Posnanski's essay on Stan Musial. It's great (duh).

2008-08-05 21:36:14
708.   underdog
700 Heh.

But Ozuna did what a pitcher normally would've done. Weak grounder.

Ah well. If they can survive one more half inning they'll have real hitters coming up again.

2008-08-05 21:36:16
709.   KG16
Ozuna's nickname should be Khan, because it's easier to yell than Ozuna
2008-08-05 21:36:21
710.   Eric Enders
They're holding him on. That's hilarious.
2008-08-05 21:36:23
711.   Jon Weisman
"The 23-year old McDonald, who was 5-3 with a 3.19 earned-run average in double-A Jacksonville, will make three starts for Las Vegas and spend the final two weeks of the Pacific Coast League in the bullpen, according to Assistant General Manager DeJon Watson. By pitching out of the bullpen, Watson said, McDonald will be able to conserve his arm for a potential September call-up."

2008-08-05 21:36:30
712.   scareduck
706 - I saw Wicked last week. Does that count?
2008-08-05 21:37:08
713.   Zak
Is Brox available tonight or still has tired arm?
2008-08-05 21:37:39
714.   Jon Weisman
Johnson's in - they're sadly saving Broxton for a save opp.
2008-08-05 21:37:52
715.   Eric Stephen
That brings up a good point. Announcers referring to a "first major league AB" before the fact assume the player has no patience.

I don't like Johnson having to face Pujols. Saving Broxton for a save that might not come?

Don't make 402 come back to haunt me.

2008-08-05 21:38:03
716.   Icaros

I think he's on "save only" detail.

2008-08-05 21:38:05
717.   Tripon
Well, it is Jason Johnson.
2008-08-05 21:38:30
718.   Lefty Supremacist
Kent really, really makes me a sad panda.
2008-08-05 21:38:33
719.   Eric Enders
713 He was warming up Sunday (unwisely, probably) which means he's likely available for tonight.
2008-08-05 21:38:43
720.   Tripon
Kent's killing me.
2008-08-05 21:38:45
721.   Icaros
2008-08-05 21:38:52
722.   Kevin Lewis
Well, it is nice to join you all tonight.

These FSN midwest announcers are making me appreciate Vin a lot.

2008-08-05 21:39:04
723.   Zak
I'm hardly a pessimist, but this one has me feeling all queasy now.
2008-08-05 21:39:14
724.   bigcpa
The Johnson appearance has an Aaron Sele mop-up feel to it. Are we trying to win this game or not Joe??
2008-08-05 21:39:19
725.   Eric Stephen
Ricky Horton has been begging for a HR for a few innings now. Give back the ring, Ricky.
2008-08-05 21:39:26
726.   underdog
This one could be over in a second.
2008-08-05 21:39:40
727.   68elcamino427
Old Man going to the right is no longer happening
2008-08-05 21:39:43
728.   Greg Brock
It's what the smart managers do.
2008-08-05 21:39:46
729.   Eric Enders
I don't want to be accused of second-guessing so I'm just going to say before it happens that this was a bad move.
2008-08-05 21:40:05
730.   Kevin Lewis
I am afraid. For the Dodgers and for Jason's psyche
2008-08-05 21:40:40
731.   Zak
When Albert gets ready to swing, I cringe.
2008-08-05 21:40:58
732.   Alex41592
It's like they're daring Pujols to hit it out.
2008-08-05 21:41:08
733.   scareduck
730 - Meh. Johnson is a short-timer, and the Dodgers are on the road.
2008-08-05 21:41:22
734.   thinkblue88
Sigh of Relief.
2008-08-05 21:41:28
735.   Tripon
Johnson used his vet experience to make Pujols pop up.
2008-08-05 21:41:28
736.   Lexinthedena
Johnson just ate Alberts lunch.
2008-08-05 21:41:30
737.   Lefty Supremacist
Beautiful, JJ, BEAUTIFUL.
2008-08-05 21:41:32
738.   68elcamino427
2008-08-05 21:41:32
739.   Alex41592
Jason Johnson just made Pujols look like a fool. I just wrote that.
2008-08-05 21:41:33
740.   Greg Brock
Wow, feeble hack from Pujols.
2008-08-05 21:41:38
741.   bigcpa
That was within Kent's UZR area.
2008-08-05 21:41:43
742.   Eric Stephen
What a pitch! After ripping the ball twice, Albert meekly pops to 2B.

BTW, Cardinals need to stop hitting it to Kent.

2008-08-05 21:41:54
743.   KG16
732 - as long as you throw good strikes, I see no reason to go after every hitter.
2008-08-05 21:42:17
744.   Eric Enders
The STL guys have just invoked the name Odalis Perez.
2008-08-05 21:42:24
745.   underdog
Yay! Well done JJJ. I didn't think you had it in you.

Still 2 more outs to go before prolonging this eternal game.

2008-08-05 21:42:49
746.   Eric Stephen
Luckily they didn't say it three times fast in succession.
2008-08-05 21:42:56
747.   KG16
744 - what's it mean when the other team does it? I know what it means when we do it, and it is not good.
2008-08-05 21:43:25
748.   KG16
746 - that only works if you're looking at a mirror
2008-08-05 21:43:27
749.   hernari
What I want to know is did Albert hustle down the first base line on his pop up?
2008-08-05 21:43:53
750.   Lefty Supremacist
Show/Hide Comments 751-800
2008-08-05 21:43:54
751.   Tripon
Well, game over.
2008-08-05 21:43:56
752.   scareduck
2008-08-05 21:44:01
753.   thinkblue88
2008-08-05 21:44:01
754.   Eric Stephen
2008-08-05 21:44:04
755.   Greg Brock
Good thing we saved Broxton.
2008-08-05 21:44:05
756.   hernari
What I want to know is did Albert hustle down the first base line on his pop up?
2008-08-05 21:44:06
757.   Alex41592
Well at least it's over.
2008-08-05 21:44:13
758.   Jacob Burch
I hate baseball
2008-08-05 21:44:13
759.   68elcamino427
See ya ball
2008-08-05 21:44:20
760.   Lexinthedena
God I hate the Cards.
2008-08-05 21:44:29
761.   Zak
Sadly that half inning had a sense of inevitability about it.
2008-08-05 21:44:51
762.   underdog
Or not.

Agony prolonged only one more batter.

Well, that was fun guys -- until it wasn't.

2008-08-05 21:44:55
763.   bigcpa
OK so the guy who threw 87 pitches Sunday can pitch but Broxton and Kuo were unavailable. I want answers.
2008-08-05 21:44:55
764.   LAbits
Cardinals HR leader there.
2008-08-05 21:45:02
765.   MonkeyBlue
Such disappointment.
2008-08-05 21:45:22
766.   Zak
Let the Torre bashing begin.
2008-08-05 21:45:45
767.   scareduck
761 - the whole game's outcome was inevitable once the Dodgers failed to push across the go-ahead run. They are on the road, by the way.
2008-08-05 21:45:51
768.   Eric Stephen
We should have listened to Molly. The Cards may have still won, but Tony LaRussa's heart would be strewn across the dugout floor.
2008-08-05 21:46:03
769.   Eric Enders
729 Thanks for nothing, Torre.
2008-08-05 21:46:20
770.   Reddog
Why didn't Torre use Hong Chih Kuo?
2008-08-05 21:46:26
771.   underdog
That game just seemed doomed from early on. Even though we came back. The Dodgers seem to always lose rain delayed games. And games in St. Louis. Plus they had to go against the Pope's wishes. If they'd won it would've been miraculous.
2008-08-05 21:46:59
772.   LogikReader
Great effort tonight, but the result is so frustrating! How do the Cardinals keep beating us in St Louis?


2008-08-05 21:47:14
773.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
This makes me very worried for Broxton's health.
2008-08-05 21:47:51
774.   Lexinthedena
755 Chan-Ho to face Pujols, saving did this guy win rings?
2008-08-05 21:47:52
775.   underdog
I though Broxton still had a tired arm and they were hoping to not use him today? Or did I hallucinate that. It's possible, it seems like 12 hours ago the game started.
2008-08-05 21:48:19
776.   alex 7
I didn't realize JJ had just pitched Sunday.

Without ranting, I simply want some media members to do their job and make Torre uncomfortable with this, in the hopes that next time he'll at least consider the correct percentage play.

2008-08-05 21:49:21
777.   Greg Brock
774 He had three trillion dollars and Tony Fernandez broke a bone.
2008-08-05 21:49:31
778.   Zak
Awesome to watch Cory Wade tonight. And good for Andruw. How great would it be if he can put together a .950 last couple of months?

I will rarely criticize Torre, but bringing in Johnson was very very strange to me. Almost anyone else left makes more sense.

2008-08-05 21:50:17
779.   68elcamino427
Fun game tonight. Great ninth inning rally.

Now the Dodgers get some food, get some sleep, and go after the Birds again tomorrow.

2008-08-05 21:50:34
780.   Eric Enders
770 Kuo has been worked to death lately. I don't question his non-use. Broxton's is a different matter.

If Broxton was also unavailable, then
(a) Torre probably screwed up by having him warm up on Sunday, and
(b) Derek Lowe tonight and James McDonald later this week would have been a better move than a worn-out Jason Johnson. Every game matters now. They matter too much to just punt them away.

My feeling is that Broxton was almost certainly available but was stupidly not used.

2008-08-05 21:51:23
781.   Uncle Miltie
I'd love to see us dump Mark Sweeney and pick up Jose Vidro. Vidro is hitting .340/.354/.489 since the all star break and could give Jeff Kent a breather every once in a while. This is probably unrealistic because Ned has some weird fascination with Sweeney and the veteran leadership that he provides. Isn't Sweeney the one who called out the young guys for underachieving, despite hitting around .100?
2008-08-05 21:52:51
782.   Zak
780 I really pictured it as Lowe tonight, Kershaw and Kuroda on 4 days rest. Penny, Lowe and Billz on the weekend. I thought Lowe could go 2-3 innings tonight.
2008-08-05 21:54:06
783.   LogikReader
Well it's a tough game, but this made me feel better.

I had NO idea Oingo Boingo did this. Very cool... but very.... them.

2008-08-05 21:55:12
784.   Zak
782 Maybe Torre thought it wasn't worth screwing with the rotation for this one game, especially since it does not guarantee us a win anyway. And giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe Kuo and Brox were unavailable. Still, Johnson out there does not sit with me.
2008-08-05 21:58:02
785.   alex 7
this one game counts just as much as THAT one game in late September. No guarantee, but play the most reasonable odds. It was the middle of the lineup. If it was 8-9-1, I'd understand. But come on, vs the heart of the Cardinals lineup?
2008-08-05 21:58:29
786.   KG16
i'd love to stick around for the post-mortem, but i've got some work that i brought home that i should probably get to.
2008-08-05 21:58:57
787.   Tripon
Maybe Jason Johnson is getting sent down tomorrow, so Torre didn't care to burn him. Bring up Hu and Penny, and DFA Sweeney, and JJJ.
2008-08-05 21:59:02
788.   Bob Timmermann
Having Jose Vidro give Jeff Kent a breather doesn't work on so many levels. He can't hit or field now.
2008-08-05 21:59:28
789.   Alex41592
There are many variables at play here. The rain screwed everything up. Kuo probably was unavailable and perhaps Torre was saving Broxton for a save or not. But, above all of that we had chances to win the game and didn't do it. I'm not jumping around blaming Torre for this loss. Just go get them tomorrow and remember Joel Pineiro is on the mound tomorrow. Chin up.
2008-08-05 21:59:34
790.   regfairfield
Remember how Torre used Jeff Weaver in the World Series instead of Mariano?

Same logic, he managed by the book, no one will criticize him.

2008-08-05 22:00:29
791.   alex 7
120 posts from now we can shift to lamenting Russell's at bat. But not yet :)
2008-08-05 22:00:44
792.   Tripon
Lets not try to pick up Seattle's scraps.
2008-08-05 22:01:49
793.   Alex41592
Manny vs. Piniero:

11 for 26 with 3 HR's and 3 walks.


2008-08-05 22:01:57
794.   Zak
The key really is the availibility of Kuo and Brox. I will give Torre the benefit of doubt and assume that using them would not have been a good move, health wise. About using Lowe, like I said in 782 , I can certainly understand why he would not want to.
2008-08-05 22:02:31
795.   Zak
793 He's Manny's Odalis.
2008-08-05 22:05:55
796.   Jon Weisman
Clearly, you want Torre to use Broxton before Johnson. Just as clearly, you want to wait until we get Broxton's health report before we judge Torre.
2008-08-05 22:07:48
797.   Greg Brock
I'll preemptively judge Torre for benching Ethier tomorrow and reserve judgment on Broxton.
2008-08-05 22:09:55
798.   Zak
All this would be a lot easier if AZ didn't have a cakewalk of a week. At least no Haren and Webb for 3 days. What happened?! I thought we had an arrangement where AZ loses on nights when we lose.
2008-08-05 22:10:43
799.   jtrichey
I can't believe everybody missed this, but Broxton did warm up at the tail end of that 4 run top of the 9th. Torre clearly was saving him for the save that never came. So to really pile on, he lost an extra inning game without using his 2 best relievers, one of whom warmed up therefore possibly making that reliever not available later in the series.
2008-08-05 22:11:14
800.   Alex41592
Nick Swisher hits the walk off against Zumaya and gets shaving cream in the face by old friend Toby Hall.
Show/Hide Comments 801-850
2008-08-05 22:11:56
801.   68elcamino427
Torre has learned not to toy with the starters because of rain delays.

The Billingsley experiment did not work out at the start of the season.

And tonight's starter was ... ?

2008-08-05 22:13:31
802.   Eric Enders
796 Torre's clearly to blame for something, though. If Broxton was unavailable tonight, then that condemns Torre for having him warm up in the bullpen in meaningless circumstances on Sunday.
2008-08-05 22:13:57
803.   Jon Weisman
799 - Well then ...
2008-08-05 22:14:35
804.   Jon Weisman
802 - I think he's to blame for a lot of things, Eric. Just was waiting to see if this one should be added or not.
2008-08-05 22:15:36
805.   Alex41592
Is it possible warming him up in the ninth made him unavailable?
2008-08-05 22:19:19
806.   Greg Brock
Why didn't we just hire the book?

I'm sure it would have been cheaper. Even if it was a college textbook.

2008-08-05 22:19:28
807.   68elcamino427
It's not going away, said Joe Torre
2008-08-05 22:26:56
808.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
807 - Context? Or would you like us to guess?
2008-08-05 22:36:24
809.   KG16
808 , 807 - in order my guesses are:

1. Nomar's soreness
2. Furcal's soreness
3. Plaschke
4. Manny's hair

2008-08-05 22:37:16
810.   KG16
806 - I don't know, I spent a lot of money on law school case books.
2008-08-05 22:43:43
811.   Eric Stephen
I just heard Mike Shannon's radio call of Ludwick's HR. Ugh.
2008-08-05 22:43:46
812.   Tripon
Textbooks are made by the devil. You want to update a textbook after a couple of years? Just release a new CD with the new revised edition for $20 bucks. Most schools have computers anyway, and we should move away from over $100 textbooks before they become a weapon of mass frustration.
2008-08-05 22:44:11
813.   LogikReader
Gosh, so much bitterness tonight! I don't know. When you add it all up, it'll be close to the end, but as of now I have to think it's the Dbacks division to lose (especially, as you said, with that schedule!).
2008-08-05 22:46:21
814.   Bob Timmermann
TJ Simers is not a member of the Juan Pierre Marching and Chowder Society.
2008-08-05 22:48:01
815.   Bob Timmermann
I did not use the word "odious" in casual conversation today.

I apologize.

2008-08-05 22:51:21
816.   KG16
815 - but did you have the opportunity?
2008-08-05 22:51:42
817.   Greg Brock
I guess the Joe Torre quote in 807 will forever remain one of life's great mysteries.

Like what happened to DB Cooper, or the identity of Jack the Ripper.

2008-08-05 22:52:31
818.   Bob Timmermann
DB Cooper and Jack the Ripper are actually the same evil force. In the future, they will look like John Fiedler.
2008-08-05 22:52:48
819.   LogikReader

5. My headache from all the times we lose to the Cardinals.

I know we're better than a .500 team. I cannot figure this out!

2008-08-05 22:52:54
820.   KG16
812 - books will never go away. i thought that they might, but there is something special about them. the feel, the smell, the weight. plus, i don't like the idea of having to print all the stuff on the CD.
2008-08-05 22:53:23
821.   Tripon
The thought of Andruw Jones, and Manny Rameriez hanging out scares me. Both on and off the field. And makes you wonder if Scott Boris will do everything in his power to keep both Jones and Manny here so he can sell the Dodgers of having two power bats in the outfield.
2008-08-05 22:56:30
822.   larry slimfast
DY's oblique strain is what Torre was actually talking about. I assume most knew that and I just missed the joke.
2008-08-05 22:56:44
823.   Tripon
820 I rather print out a couple of pages, (Or a whole section I guess) and pay a couple of dollars in printing fees than pay another $100 for a new textbook. And its not like you can't read off a computer screen. However, we as a society needs something better than Adobe. Its the ugly fat cousin to the usable computer applications.
2008-08-05 22:56:53
824.   Bob Timmermann
Books may be replaced one day, but I will wager significant sums of money that CDs will never be the medium that wins out.

CDs have had about 15 years to try to make headway in replacing the book. They have not done so.

A technology like the Kindle is more likely to win out. Except it would be unlike the Kindle and not be hard to read.

2008-08-05 23:02:39
825.   Tripon
824 Textbook companies has put a lot of dollars in websites supporting textbook use. Perhaps, they should put their main focus on the websites, but that would entail actually hiring competent web designers...

And I'm not against all textbooks. I'm against textbooks that update a couple of years, and don't significantly revise and edit over previous editions.

2008-08-05 23:02:39
826.   jasonungar07

"That's definitely the biggest move since I've been here," said Penny, who is in his fourth season in Los Angeles. "It's going to help us probably win the division. One guy can't win the division, but we've got that legitimate power guy now -- and he hits for average."


2008-08-05 23:03:51
827.   ToyCannon
Blake DeWitt playing 2nd base tonight. Garate with another excellent outing.

Keep giving me hope Andruw, keep giving me hope. Spitting through a wire fence six inches of front of you is never a good idea.

2008-08-05 23:06:13
828.   Greg Brock
827 Do you really think Jones could outperform Ethier from here on out?

I'm not being snarky.

It's sad that I have to say that.

2008-08-05 23:10:39
829.   regfairfield
Do you want to see Garrett Anderson roaming left next year?
2008-08-05 23:10:42
830.   Louis in SF
Check out the TJ Simmers article, somebody finally calls out JP concerning his comments on the Manny signing. Sadly I don't think it will have any impact on Joe's lineups.
2008-08-05 23:12:18
831.   Bob Timmermann
I must learn to be less oblique.
2008-08-05 23:12:48
832.   Greg Brock
829 Um...No?

I'll go with "No."

2008-08-05 23:13:17
833.   Tripon
Who's more vicious, The Boston media, or T.J. Simers?
2008-08-05 23:16:48
834.   jasonungar07
Do you really think Jones could outperform Ethier from here on out?


the question should be:

Do you really think Jones could outperform Pierre from here on out?

2008-08-05 23:18:51
835.   Greg Brock
I never got the impression Simers was vicious. He calls people bums and jerks, but it's usually with a wink. He's more like WC Fields, at least to me.

The real answer here is Mike Lupica.

2008-08-05 23:21:59
836.   jasonungar07
I actually am one of the few that like Simers in general. I guess I take him more in a mocking tone then a truly mean spirited one. Plus he called out Plaschke.
2008-08-05 23:23:17
837.   Bob Timmermann
If Dick Young were still alive ....

I would be guilty of violations of Rules 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8 every single day.

I still don't understand what I was supposed to find admirable about him.

I know we're not supposed to speak ill of the dead.

But please ... just this once... please.

2008-08-05 23:24:03
838.   KG16
I'd go with Stephen A. Smith. But Lupica is also a good choice.

I have fun, sometimes, imagining LaRussa as an attorney rather than a major league manager. Then I remember what a friend in law school said about him when I mentioned the law degree, "Yeah, from Florida State." My friend is a Reds fan.

2008-08-05 23:24:49
839.   Tripon
835 I was somewhat joking about Simers, although his latest piece reads like he's being serious in his condemning of Juan Pierre.

Simers was an agent for a little while, imagine if he represented Manny.

2008-08-05 23:29:21
840.   Greg Brock
Stephen A. Smith is just a buffoon. I don't think he really wants to hurt anybody, he's just outraged guy being outraged at things that aren't outrageous.

Mike Lupica is a small man. A petty, know-it-all jerk that writes something mean and then looks admirably at his prose. "I sure stuck it to that guy" as he leans back in his chair and chuckles. The guy at the sports bar that argues loudly, always incorrectly, always passionately.

Sorry you got stuffed in a locker, man. Not my fault. Lighten up.

2008-08-05 23:33:05
841.   Zak
If AZ stick to a 5 man rotation, the Dodgers miss both Haren and Webb in the series at the end of this month. We just have to stay within 3 entering that series and I'll take our chances from then on. But damn, Philly and Brewers and two more in St. Louis! It'll be good if we're within 3 by then.
2008-08-05 23:37:40
842.   trainwreck
Stephen A. Smith is a creation, much like Dick Vitale. When they both started appearing on ESPN neither one of them was anywhere as near animated as they are now. They both just became caricature's of themselves.

What makes Stephen A. Smith so terrible aside from his personality, is that he knows absolutely nothing about sports. He once covered the NBA draft and it was so obvious he did not know any of the prospects aside from Oden and Durant and he probably did not even see those guys play. He is the epitome of what is wrong with modern sports-writing.

2008-08-05 23:41:50
843.   Tripon
The hour that ESPN radio gave Stephan A. Smith for a national show was... odd to say the least. Odder that they replaced him with Scott Van Pelt.
2008-08-05 23:44:00
844.   trainwreck
I don't listen to the radio, but Scott Van Pelt definitely comes off as a pretty funny guy on Sportscenter. Not surprised they gave him his own radio show.
2008-08-05 23:44:55
845.   Tripon
844 The odd part is that they gave a guy with no radio experience his own national show. Sure, its only a hour, but it reeks of favoritism.
2008-08-05 23:46:06
846.   trainwreck
Of course, I could just like the fact that he quotes Flight of the Conchords, Tenacious D, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force a lot.
2008-08-05 23:49:29
847.   bigcpa
The verdict is in from the game wrap...

Jonathan Broxton was being saved for a save situation.

2008-08-05 23:51:07
848.   Greg Brock
847 Well there you go. Now we know.
2008-08-05 23:53:44
849.   trainwreck
Come on, Manny. Drive Joe into retirement.
2008-08-05 23:57:27
850.   Tripon
If Torre retires this offseason, Grady Little will come back.
Show/Hide Comments 851-900
2008-08-06 00:00:07
851.   Alex41592
Ok, so we know Broxton was being saved. Doesn't change the line drive caught by Pujols in the 9th. Or Martin's at bat in the 10th. Or Loney's line drive that didn't fall in. You can play the what if game all over the place with this game.

I agree Broxton should have been used in the 11th with the heart of the lineup coming up. But, it would have been great to see him in the 9th or 10th with a chance to save it. It didn't work out that way.

2008-08-06 00:03:49
852.   Alex41592
In addition, if Broxton pitches the 11th and got through it would he have come out for the 12th? Do you really want him pitching two innings after complaining of a tired arm?
2008-08-06 00:06:31
853.   Eric Stephen
That's the point. Broxton had a much better chance of getting the game to the 12th than a journeyman pitcher that threw 81 pitches only two days before.

Using Broxton wouldn't have guaranteed a Dodger win. But it would have given them a much, much better chance than JJJ.

2008-08-06 00:07:17
854.   Greg Brock
851 None of those things were a result of poor management. Players make outs. It happens.

Leaving your best pitcher in the pen because it wasn't a save situation? Worry about the save when you have a lead.

He's just Robomanager 3000. At four million per.

2008-08-06 00:12:33
855.   Jacob Burch
854 I think even Robo Manager brings in the closer after the 10th or so inning. I should boot up MLB on my Xbox and see.

That game took a couple hours off my day where I just had to punch things. So how are the rest of you doing.

2008-08-06 00:12:58
856.   Alex41592
852 - Yes, a better chance to extend the game one inning. And we'll never know what would have happened in the 11th with Broxton. Or anything thereafter. But who closes the game assuming we take the lead later on? Too many what ifs. It's a tough loss, but a complicated one too.
2008-08-06 00:13:00
857.   Eric Stephen
Count me as a huge SVP fan as well.
2008-08-06 00:14:12
858.   regfairfield
856 Who closes the game when the game's over because Jason Johnson blew it?
2008-08-06 00:15:08
859.   Greg Brock
856 I don't know whether Manny Ramirez will strike out or not, but I'd still rather have him hit than Angel Berroa.
2008-08-06 00:15:26
860.   Alex41592
The rain really screwed everything up and it means little to us now but Broxton and Kuo should be good to go tomorrow night. That'll mean much more at 5 p.m tomorrow. Not so much tonight.
2008-08-06 00:15:54
861.   Greg Brock
Andrew's was better than mine. By far.
2008-08-06 00:20:04
862.   regfairfield
Whoever invents a legal stimulant that will actually make you want to program instead of just being a brain dead zombie will be a millionaire.
2008-08-06 00:31:49
863.   overkill94
856 All available relievers should be used up before you go to the starting pitchers. The hitters themselves get tired as the innings go by so it's easier to have one of your starters close in the 14th than it is to have them eat innings in the 12th.

Let's just hope Lowe can throw one of his classic games and save the bullpen and that the offense can wake up before the 9th inning!

2008-08-06 00:47:41
864.   Zak
Since I gave Torre the benefit of the doubt earlier, I will now say this. Torre screwed up. If Brox is available, you cannot bring in Johnson in that spot. I'm not a fan of bringing him in, period. You should go to someone like Lowe or something. But definitely bad management as far as not using Broxton, especially also if as reported, he was warming up already.
2008-08-06 00:47:55
865.   Greg Brock
Whoever invents a legal stimulant that will actually make you want to program instead of just being a brain dead zombie will be a millionaire.

2008-08-06 00:53:11
866.   bhsportsguy
My hunch is that Johnson was the designated long man if this game went on and on since the pitcher's spot came was due up 8th at that point in the game.

Now since everyone has Kevin Kennedy on their side (did you know he managed in the major leagues?), I won't say that your opinion on this is not right but its hard for me to place the loss on a pitcher in the 11th inning when there were several plays prior to that could have decided the game.

2008-08-06 00:57:11
867.   Greg Brock
its hard for me to place the loss on a pitcher in the 11th inning

I don't think anybody is placing the loss on Jason Johnson. He did what Jason Johnson does, that being "Not being good."

We're blaming the loss on Jason Johnson being on the bump in the first place.

2008-08-06 01:09:08
868.   bhsportsguy
Since Jason Johnson doesn't have a career ERA of 9, I assume he could go through one inning and not give up a run, this time he couldn't.

From what I read earlier, I didn't see anyone asking for Broxton in the bottom of the 9th when the Dodgers had all the momentum and were do the send up the top of the lineup again?

2008-08-06 01:22:02
869.   Neal Pollack
I watched the game on TIVO delay, and because of the rain delay, my four hours ran out in the bottom of the 9th. But instead of coming here to see how it had ended, I did some busy work and watched the replay. As soon as Jason Johnson appeared, I knew the replay was over. With Kuo in the pen, capable of going two-plus innings, I just find the appearance of Johnson to be inexcusable. This is the first loss this season that can be attributed DIRECTLY to mismanagement (other than just plain bad lineups). Seriously, Joe. Wrong call.
2008-08-06 01:35:44
870.   PDH5204

Re, fireman versus closer, see comment 1 here:

Someone [not me] should write a piece on the phenomenon of how the construct/ideology changes.

2008-08-06 01:39:22
871.   Greg Brock
868 So Broxton should have been left in the pen.
2008-08-06 01:45:22
872.   Neal Pollack
You always should have your best players on the field, if at all possible...that was horrible mismanagement. Kuo in the 11th would have at least given us a fighting chance.
2008-08-06 05:19:17
873.   D4P
If you could "start a franchise" with any current Dodger player, who would it be?

I think I'd probably choose Chad Billingsley.

2008-08-06 05:55:21
874.   Travis08
Remember, this is the same manager who put Jeff Weaver, who had a 5.99 ERA AND who hadn't pitched in a month, in to pitch the 11th inning of game 4 of the 2003 World Series. Then he left him in for the 12th. With Mariano Rivera in the bullpen.

2008-08-06 05:59:25
875.   D4P
It's almost as if Joe Torre isn't worth multiple millions of dollars more per year than other managers.
2008-08-06 06:30:05
876.   Doctor
I hate to see a piece with that tone, but, ummm... thank you TJ Simers.
2008-08-06 06:38:57
877.   Eric Stephen
866 ,868
Johnson could have been the long man after Broxton was used. It's hard to defend the use of a rested Jason Johnson in that spot. But using JJJ -- before Broxton or even Kuo -- two days removed from 81 pitches is a dumb decision. Not a 100% cause for the loss, but a dumb and costly decision nonetheless.
2008-08-06 06:55:54
878.   larry slimfast
865 Good stuff that Provigil. I partake everyday.
2008-08-06 07:02:44
879.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.

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