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Lowe Point
2008-08-06 18:42
by Jon Weisman

Tonight, Derek Lowe became the first starting pitcher in Los Angeles Dodger history to allow at least 13 hits in a start of fewer than four innings.

Lowe pitched his second 13-hitter as a Dodger. Ken Howell holds the Los Angeles record for a game by allowing 15 hits.

Comments (296)
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2008-08-06 18:45:47
1.   Tripon
"Pitched" implies that he was actually pitching. More like Lowe was just throwing garbage.
2008-08-06 18:46:19
2.   Eric Enders
429 "With last night's game, Matt Kemp is now listed as the CF on the Dodger's b-r page, not Andruw Jones. And with today's shot, Manny now has as many Dodger HRs as Jones."

Shortstop is really going to go down to the wire. Furcal, Berroa, Nomar, and Hu all have a shot at being listed as the starting SS by season's end.

2008-08-06 18:47:11
3.   Eric Stephen
Plus, I'll update BH's stat from last night:

Andruw, RISP: 5 for 55, 13 walks
Manny, RISP: 4 for 5, HR, 2 walks

Sadly, Manny is about to come up with 0 in scoring position. Although technically, he is in scoring position from the batter's box. :)

2008-08-06 18:47:20
4.   Alex41592
Who's the last pitcher to throw 100 strikes in a game?
2008-08-06 18:48:11
5.   Eric Stephen
By the way, it's a little jarring to compile a post as comments are closed, only to hit submit and see "you do not have permission to post on this server." :)
2008-08-06 18:48:32
6.   nofatmike
I think you can put a lot of the hits upon the brilliant Dodger infield.
2008-08-06 18:49:47
7.   Tripon
Berroa's a pumpkin. Can we call up Hu now?
2008-08-06 18:49:53
8.   Marty
Hey Derek, we got you the veteran bat you've been pining for. Time to step up.
2008-08-06 18:50:40
9.   Eric Stephen
Randy Johnson threw 102 strikes (149 total pitches) on 7/31/02.
2008-08-06 18:50:51
10.   blue22
Hey I'm at Shea watching the Mets stink it up. Always fun to watch NYers suffer, even if it is against the Pads.
2008-08-06 18:51:05
11.   ToyCannon
Just checking in but it is kind of funny that Lowe set the hit record in a game chat about no - hitters.
2008-08-06 18:51:10
12.   scareduck
I am reminded of Christina Kahrl's comments upon the Blake trade:

This is going to make Derek Lowe, Hiroki Kuroda, Chad Billingsley, and Brad Penny, who all have ground ball to fly ball rates over 1.5, extremely unhappy. Casey Blake gives the Dodgers quite possibly the worst defensive infield in baseball, and that doesn't seem wise when your four best pitchers are all ground ball pitchers.

2008-08-06 18:51:14
13.   Alex41592
9 - Thanks.
2008-08-06 18:51:50
14.   CanuckDodger
James McDonald tonight:

6.0 IP, 2 H's, 1 HR, 2 BB, 10 K's

2008-08-06 18:51:53
15.   regfairfield
12 Those were mine.
2008-08-06 18:51:59
16.   El Lay Dave
11 Irony!
2008-08-06 18:52:23
17.   Jon Weisman
5 - sorry :(
2008-08-06 18:52:38
18.   Tripon

Heh! But Blake isn't our problem.

2008-08-06 18:52:50
19.   Marty
15 You're Cristina Kahrl?
2008-08-06 18:52:57
20.   Eric Stephen
Kenny Howell's 14-hit record is still intact!
2008-08-06 18:53:19
21.   Eric Enders
4 The last Dodger to do it was Hershiser, in the last game of the 1989 season, right before wrecking his arm. He threw 169 pitches, 108 strikes.

Thanks, Lasorda.

2008-08-06 18:53:51
22.   scareduck
18 - no? Wasn't one of the balls a smash grounder hit down the third base line?

19 - No.

2008-08-06 18:54:03
23.   D4P
Does the G/F ratio tell you the ratio of groundouts to flyouts, or does it include all batted balls?
2008-08-06 18:54:23
24.   regfairfield
19 Living a double life is hard.
2008-08-06 18:54:29
25.   underdog
14 Nice!

Yeah Lowe was awful tonight. What can you do? He has games like that. As D4P pointed out, quite a few hits were also ground balls that just found holes. On the other hand, he was also crushed more than his fair share of times. Not one of his best.

2008-08-06 18:54:35
26.   El Lay Dave
15 But you're not "Andrew Shimmin"
2008-08-06 18:54:40
27.   Eric Enders
12 , 15 Can Billingsley really be considered a ground ball pitcher?
2008-08-06 18:54:47
28.   scareduck
19 - ... but I quoted her rather extensively at that link. Not everyone has a BPro subscription.
2008-08-06 18:54:48
29.   regfairfield
23 All batted balls.
2008-08-06 18:54:52
30.   Tripon
What does the defensive metrics say about Casey Blake now?
2008-08-06 18:55:27
31.   jdbeauchamp
I was this (holding my fingers very close together) close to attending this Schrutefest of a series.

So close.

Joel Pineiro?

2008-08-06 18:56:13
32.   Alex41592
21 - Why in the heck would Lasorda have Hershiser throw 11 innings (169 pitches) in an absolutely meaningless game. That's just over the top stupid.
2008-08-06 18:56:27
33.   scareduck
27 - Billingsley has a 1.43 G/F ratio, a bit lower than when Kahrl wrote that piece, but I would say he's a groundball pitcher.
2008-08-06 18:56:33
34.   trainwreck
Let's see if Albert can hit for the cycle by the 6th inning.
2008-08-06 18:56:51
35.   D4P
2008-08-06 18:57:07
36.   regfairfield
33 Rob, I wrote that. Really.

ESPN has him at 1.60 right now.

2008-08-06 18:58:01
37.   Eric Enders
Torre could help out Pujols' quest by inserting Pierre in right field.
2008-08-06 18:58:18
38.   Eric Stephen
The only reason I can think is Lasorda wanted to get Orel the win so he could even his record at 15-15 (even though he was great in 1989).

That, or Lasorda was an arm shredder.

2008-08-06 18:59:04
39.   Johnny Nucleo
Ouch, just got back. I liked it better when the score was 3-3.
2008-08-06 19:00:14
40.   larry slimfast
21 How many pitchers would be Hall of Famers if it were not for Lasorda? I got 3 off the top of my head.
2008-08-06 19:00:17
41.   ucladodger
And another broken bat hit for the new greatest player ever.
2008-08-06 19:00:21
42.   MJW101
Lowe is going to have a number of games like this with the lead-glove infield Ned has collected.

It is interesting to note that the experiment with the "kids" is over, with Martin/Loney /Kemp the only survivors. Ned did not waste much time filling the team up with PVLs again.

Unfortunately, it looks like the high water mark for the 2008 Dodgers was back when they were tied with AZ for a game or two.

It would have made more sense (!) for Ned to have included an OF (Ethier probably) instead of an IF (LaRoche) in the Manny trade. Now they have three unhappy OFers and will lose one (Young probably) when Young comes off the DL.

Ned could not have been thinking much about the future since third base will now be a sucking wound for the forseeable future.

2008-08-06 19:01:10
43.   underdog
Cruel in-game headline on home page: "Dodgers tee off on Cardinals in second inning"
2008-08-06 19:01:39
44.   El Lay Dave
Pineiro's GO/FO this game is 11/5.
2008-08-06 19:02:34
45.   underdog
Hey, tip of the hat to Troncoso, some terrific mop-up work.
2008-08-06 19:02:40
46.   Eric Stephen
Who else besides Fernando & Orel? I'll probably feel stupid for forgetting.
2008-08-06 19:03:04
47.   Tripon
42 Two words.

Blake DeWitt.

Seriously, the Andy LaRoche sad fest needs to end. Its getting to almost Brett Farve-ian like proportions. He's gone, and a Pirate. We all need to move on. Please, for my sanity. For your sanity. For the sanity of the Planet.

2008-08-06 19:03:43
48.   Eric Stephen
Young will be here until at least the end of the year. He won't come off the DL until rosters expand September 1.
2008-08-06 19:04:10
49.   El Lay Dave
46 Lucille I?
2008-08-06 19:04:10
50.   Eric Enders
During those last days of the 1989 season, Lasorda kept gradually increasing the number of innings thrown by his starter.

Fernando 4 2/3
Hershiser 7
Wetteland 7
Ramon 8 2/3
Belcher 9
Hershiser 11

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-06 19:04:31
51.   underdog
It's amazing how a brief trip to St Louis can make everyone so deeply, darkly negative. St Louis is always terrible; almost nothing good ever happens there. The season isn't over because of these couple of games. Lowe pitched badly today. He'll be back for his next start.
2008-08-06 19:06:03
52.   El Lay Dave
40 Plus one that will be having gotten away from Lasorda who would never have made him a starter.
2008-08-06 19:06:20
53.   Eric Enders
47 Exaggerate much?
2008-08-06 19:06:55
54.   Alex41592
Druw sighting.
2008-08-06 19:07:46
55.   Eric Enders
That's twice in a row he's hit the ball hard. A Dodger career high, probably.
2008-08-06 19:08:11
56.   Alex41592
Kemp could easily be 4 for 4 tonight.
2008-08-06 19:08:22
57.   Tripon
53 Sure, but its getting annoying to keep on reading how Andy LaRoche would have been a major improvement over what we currently have. Andy LaRoche isn't a savior, and Casey Blake isn't our problem.

If we really want to upgrade our infield, its at SS, and 2nd. Not at 3rd.

2008-08-06 19:08:23
58.   El Lay Dave
Berroa on an XBH tear! For him.
2008-08-06 19:09:28
59.   68elcamino427

what's the low-down


the beat-down


2008-08-06 19:09:54
60.   underdog
The BISON. Roams free.
2008-08-06 19:09:57
61.   Johnny Nucleo
42 I think there's a lot of hyperbole in what you just wrote there. We've been the best team in the NL over the past month or so. This is hardly a time to be talking about the "high water point" of the season being past us.
2008-08-06 19:10:09
62.   underdog
Darn it, Andre. Back to the bench with you, probably. Sigh.
2008-08-06 19:10:29
63.   El Lay Dave
With a four-run lead, I think that throw should go to second base.
2008-08-06 19:10:34
64.   Eric Enders
57 Not many have been arguing that Casey Blake is a problem overall. His defense specifically may be a problem for Derek Lowe specifically, but that's been about the extent of the complaining, and even then it's a very small minority that's espousing that viewpoint.
2008-08-06 19:11:05
65.   larry slimfast
It is my opinion that Ramon Martinez could have pitched more effectively for much longer considering his brothers health until he got reasonably old enough to have problems. Ramon threw a lot in '90 and '91 when he was in his erly 20's.
2008-08-06 19:11:43
66.   Eric Enders
59 The low-down is essentially that Lowe-down pitches were nowhere to be seen.
2008-08-06 19:11:48
67.   JoeyP
Theh most demoralizing thing about these losses is that Manny's hitting .600 & the Dodgers are only 2-3.
2008-08-06 19:12:09
68.   El Lay Dave
64 That small minority would be leather fetishists?
2008-08-06 19:12:53
69.   underdog
Pineiro threw a lot of strikes today so you tip your hat to him there, I guess, but it would've been nice to work his pitch count up a bit more. 10 pitches an inning? Not good.
2008-08-06 19:13:28
70.   silverwidow
I just got home. Anyone mention J-Mac's 10 strikeout debut for Vegas?


2008-08-06 19:13:32
71.   El Lay Dave
65 Ah, then I guessed right in 49
2008-08-06 19:13:41
72.   JoeyP
We've been the best team in the NL over the past month or so.

By what measure?

2008-08-06 19:13:58
73.   regfairfield
72 Record.
2008-08-06 19:14:16
74.   El Lay Dave
70 See 14 . And I agree with you.
2008-08-06 19:15:00
75.   Tripon
70 Bring McDonald up as soon as possible.
2008-08-06 19:16:57
76.   El Lay Dave
My ride is here; time to enjoy the comeback on the radio.
2008-08-06 19:17:23
77.   JoeyP
47--If Dewitt was better, people wouldnt miss LaRoche. But Dewitt sucked for the most part of his time in LA. Maybe he'll get better, but if he's the Dodger 3rd basemen at any time in the future they are going to have a big hole.

Hopefully Dewitt can learn to play 2b effectively.

2008-08-06 19:18:28
78.   Eric Stephen
With Penny taking Johnson's roster spot, there's not really a place for McDonald yet. Let him get a few more starts in at AAA, on a regular rotation, then bring him up for bullpen work in or near September.
2008-08-06 19:20:22
79.   Tripon
77 See, I don't get that. You think DeWitt would be bad at 3rd base because he's not hitting, but you wouldn't mind seeing him at 2nd base? DeWitt still has to hit at any future position to stay in the major leagues, and he's only 22. I'm not ready to give up on DeWitt yet, and if he does move to 2nd, where are we going to put Hu and DeJesus? Do we make one of them a 3rd baseman?
2008-08-06 19:20:56
80.   regfairfield
79 The average second baseman is a much worse hitter than the average third baseman.
2008-08-06 19:22:07
81.   Eric Enders
78 "there's not really a place for McDonald yet."

Three words: Fal. Ken. Borg.

2008-08-06 19:22:09
82.   JoeyP

On July 6th, the team was 43-45.

On August 6th, looks like the team will be 56-57.

1 game over .500 cant be the best record in the NL during the last month? Can it?

2008-08-06 19:22:41
83.   ucladodger

His pitch count doesnt matter when you are spraying line drives all over the field. He's not a good pitcher and was not a good pitcher tonight. He easily could have given up 6-7 runs and been out of the game early.

2008-08-06 19:22:56
84.   underdog
I think that's fair. DeWitt is younger and less experienced than LaRoche. I still miss LaRoche and think he may have a bigger upside than DeWitt but think on the other hand it's way too early to judge with any kind of finality what DeWitt will do or won't do. He went from AA to the majors and predictably hit a wall. That doesn't mean he won't be any good. Again, I wish we'd have ALR for the future but am pretty confident DeWitt, whom a lot of scouts like, will end up being pretty solid.

That said, we'll probably need a 2nd baseman next year, too.

Okay, I'm off to a late soccer game. Hope I get to hear about the Dodgers valiant comeback effort when I return.

2008-08-06 19:23:47
85.   MJW101
When Lowe pitches maybe they should go with 5 IFers. If the ball is hit directly at Blake and Kent they will usually pick it up, however, they have very little range. Kemp can play CF and RF simultaneously.

Playing Hu at SS would help the defense and probably not hurt the offense anymore than Berroa is currently doing.

2008-08-06 19:24:17
86.   Eric Stephen
The idea is that 2B is less of an offensive position than 2B, so DeWitt's offense would be more acceptable there instead of the hot corner.

MLB numbers, 2008

The thought would be it's easier to find a 3B that can hit than a 2B can hit.

Also, I don't think anyone's giving up on DeWitt. He just might not be ready until later 2009, or possibly 2010.

2008-08-06 19:25:21
87.   Eric Stephen
I can't believe I forgot the Borg!

I'll be in the corner, hanging my head in shame for a bit. Hey, where's that dunce cap, anyway?

2008-08-06 19:25:58
88.   Alex41592
IBB to Izturis? Really?
2008-08-06 19:26:06
89.   Eric Stephen
Jeez, I forgot the labels:

2B - .276/.337/.411
3B - .266/.336/.437

2008-08-06 19:26:50
90.   ucladodger
Another line drive shot for a hit....or a bleeder off fo the end of the bat.
2008-08-06 19:27:54
91.   Eric Enders
Beimel's good luck all season is starting to catch up to him a little bit.
2008-08-06 19:28:05
92.   Alex41592
You walk Izzy intentionally and you deserve a big giant rally.
2008-08-06 19:28:07
93.   68elcamino427
I've got a laundry basket containing over 50 wiffle balls in the back yard - just so you know.
2008-08-06 19:29:09
94.   Alex41592
We're almost in double grand slam territory with Pujols.
2008-08-06 19:31:20
95.   Tripon
86 80 But DeWitt still has to hit for a decent average no matter what position he plays in the majors to stay up, if he can field 3rd base well enough, we should leave him there. And yes, 3rd base is a traditional power position but we should worry less which positions are giving us the power numbers, and ask which players are.

Moving DeWitt to 2nd just blocks Hu and DeJesus .

2008-08-06 19:33:40
96.   Alex41592
That's Martin being Martin. This pulling off and swinging for the fences is not him.
2008-08-06 19:34:36
97.   JoeyP
Hu/DeJesus are shortstops.
They shouldnt be playing 2b either.
2008-08-06 19:34:41
98.   Alex41592
For those who are Olympic junkies or insomniacs or both here is the schedule for all events and where you'll find them on T.V. Soccer has already begun.

2008-08-06 19:36:25
99.   Tripon
97 One of them will have too unless one or both are traded away.
2008-08-06 19:36:54
100.   68elcamino427
#7 James Loney
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-06 19:37:27
101.   KG16
89 - I hate to say it, but those numbers don't really look all that different.
2008-08-06 19:38:40
102.   Eric Stephen
More power at 3B.
2008-08-06 19:39:58
103.   KG16
102 - not much, though. what's .025 in slugging percentage over a season, a couple of doubles instead of singles?
2008-08-06 19:40:13
104.   Tripon
Blake being Blake.
2008-08-06 19:40:26
105.   thinkblue88
The Power of the Beard!!!!!!!!
2008-08-06 19:40:29
106.   68elcamino427
Casey at the bat again!
2008-08-06 19:40:34
107.   KG16
Casey Blake being a ballplayer. in the good way.
2008-08-06 19:40:37
108.   Alex41592
Casey Blake is good at baseball. Gamer indeed.
2008-08-06 19:40:38
109.   Eric Stephen
Someone check the Cards press box for rope and sharp objects!
2008-08-06 19:40:45
110.   larry slimfast
Considering the state of the Dodger infield next season and Russell's apparent season-streching decline, I wonder if it might not be wise to really consider Martin at 2nd base next season. Traditionally, he wouldn't have as much value at 3rd but he seems he could have some at 2nd... that is, if his knees are not already destroyed.

I don't know what catchers are available but it might be an easier way to make um... progress.

Good job Blake, another comeback???

2008-08-06 19:41:00
111.   ucladodger
Blake has been tremendous for us since the trade. If only Lowe was semi-bad tonight instead of completely dreadful.
2008-08-06 19:41:09
112.   Alex41592
Old Man Kent should have a bat in his hand.
2008-08-06 19:41:36
113.   68elcamino427
Manny - coaching the young Loney in the dugout ...
2008-08-06 19:43:05
114.   Tripon
Swenney is up.
2008-08-06 19:44:06
115.   Eric Stephen
About 16-18 total bases over a whole season.
2008-08-06 19:44:17
116.   68elcamino427
Sweeney - the moment of truth

This time it's for real

2008-08-06 19:45:43
117.   KG16
110 - I really think Martin is taking a little too much on himself at the plate. Like I've said, I've seen a lot of at bats where he's swinging from his heels and for the fences, that is trouble long run because he's giving up strikes that either wouldn't be called strikes or missing hits that he would otherwise get. He's not playing within himself, as they say.

This is meant to be constructive criticism of the Golden God, who I want to be the Dodger's catcher for a very long time and have a nice big LA on the hat on his plaque in Cooperstown.

2008-08-06 19:46:20
118.   trainwreck
Why is there a delay?
2008-08-06 19:47:19
119.   Eric Stephen
Why is Torre so mad about losing Sweeney? They're trying to help us! :)
2008-08-06 19:47:34
120.   KG16
115 - hmmm, with a .010 difference in batting average, 17 bases is pretty impressive but still not what I would call "major"

LaRussa and Torre are showing why they get paid the big bucks.

2008-08-06 19:47:48
121.   Jacob Burch
It's times like these that I realize where Baseball opponents get their ammo.
2008-08-06 19:48:30
122.   JoeyP
This is a real unnecessary delay.
Torre go back in the dugout.
2008-08-06 19:48:48
123.   larry slimfast
something about sweeney not being announced and torre sending up kent after pulling sweeney. basically it seems like torre and larussa are bickering over some picky rules and the umps won't make a decision.
2008-08-06 19:48:57
124.   jdbeauchamp
Someone is getting beaned or glove-checked for Larussa's impertinence.
2008-08-06 19:49:12
125.   Alex41592
It's like watching C-SPAN.
2008-08-06 19:49:17
126.   Jacob Burch
From what I can gather, Torre thought La Russa made a motion to replace a pitcher, so he made an official switch at the batter. The pitcher was not changed, but perhaps the batter was, and now Joe cannot switch if Tony does decide to or not to switch the pitcher for his advantage.
2008-08-06 19:49:26
127.   Tripon
This is as much as LuRussa's fault as Torre. Of course this is going to end with a ground out to 2nd.
2008-08-06 19:49:37
128.   trainwreck
Thank you.
2008-08-06 19:50:17
129.   68elcamino427
{rain delay}
2008-08-06 19:50:20
130.   MonkeyBlue
WTF heck they just ruined the Dodgers offensive flow. UGH!!!!!!!
2008-08-06 19:50:36
131.   KG16
looks like it's Old Man Kent, with a pitching change.

10 minutes to determine.

2008-08-06 19:50:40
132.   trainwreck
Thanks too.
2008-08-06 19:50:41
133.   thinkblue88
I hate LaRussa.
All this for a damn pitching change.
2008-08-06 19:50:57
134.   Eric Stephen
I would love to see this protest over Sweeney's use upheld!

Actually, I'd like to see it withdrawn because of a Dodger win, but still.

2008-08-06 19:50:59
135.   Andrew Shimmin
How does nobody get thrown out with all this? I would have ejected at least six people, possibly an umpire or two, too.
2008-08-06 19:51:08
136.   Neal Pollack
Baseball geniuses at work.
2008-08-06 19:51:34
137.   KG16
127 - karmic retribution requires Kent to hit the ball to Chicago.
2008-08-06 19:51:36
138.   Jacob Burch
I thought I lip-read Joe say something like "No, he was standing/talking with me--" unsure if there are official rules on someone leaving the dugout making him an official batter on deck.
2008-08-06 19:51:50
139.   Alex41592
In the end it's the difference between Sweeney facing Villone in the 7th spot or the 9th spot.
2008-08-06 19:51:54
140.   skybluestoday
One of the wackier moments I have witnessed in a baseball game.

Which is saying a lot.

2008-08-06 19:52:04
141.   larry slimfast
130 i'm pretty sure sweeney would have done that anyway.
2008-08-06 19:53:14
142.   Greg Brock
That was a lot of managing.
2008-08-06 19:53:42
143.   ucladodger
2008-08-06 19:53:49
144.   KG16
Sweeney was announced and is now unavailable, Dodgers playing under protest.
2008-08-06 19:53:52
145.   Alex41592
Game under protest.
2008-08-06 19:53:54
146.   Eric Stephen
The only thing missing was Angel Hernandez. I bet Hernandez would argue with himself.
2008-08-06 19:54:03
147.   Tripon
Dodgers just protested the game. Torre got what he wanted. That and Kent's strike out.
2008-08-06 19:54:27
148.   MonkeyBlue
Crappy call.
2008-08-06 19:54:27
149.   trainwreck
Awesome, three pitches.
2008-08-06 19:55:41
150.   KG16
148 - if it's "close enough to be a ball", it's close enough to be a strike and you have to swing with two strikes, protect the zone.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-06 19:55:54
151.   Alex41592
BTW, Martin will be out of the lineup tomorrow.
2008-08-06 19:56:02
152.   Eric Stephen
No need to worry, Pierre leads off the 9th!
2008-08-06 19:56:06
153.   ucladodger

Looked pretty decent to me. Umpire has a huge zone. It would be amazing to win this game via protest.

2008-08-06 19:56:59
154.   Tripon
Jeff Kent is your new 2nd baseman.
2008-08-06 19:57:20
155.   larry slimfast
142 if they'd only do that when evaluating players. wait, what does that mean that i just said? i give up.
2008-08-06 19:57:57
156.   Alex41592
Chan Ho vs. Pujols. Again. Excellent.
2008-08-06 19:59:56
157.   Eric Stephen
All things considered, that was an acceptable job against Pujols. :)
2008-08-06 19:59:58
158.   larry slimfast
2008-08-06 20:00:37
159.   D4P
In all protested games, the decision of the League President shall be final. Even if it is held that the protested decision violated the rules, no replay of the game will be ordered unless, in the opinion of the League President, the violation adversely affected the protesting team's chances of winning the game.

Probability the League President opines that losing Sweeney adversely affect the Dodgers's chances of winning the game = a very small number.

2008-08-06 20:01:52
160.   Tripon
Jeff Kent shows he's 400000000 years old. 8D
2008-08-06 20:01:52
161.   68elcamino427
Pierre - pout'in salty in the dugout.
2008-08-06 20:02:32
162.   Tripon
161 Pierre should be playing everyday. In Triple A.
2008-08-06 20:04:00
163.   larry slimfast
162 for the giants
2008-08-06 20:04:04
164.   Alex41592
Pierre, Kemp, Ethier.
2008-08-06 20:04:12
165.   Tripon
Didn't Park caught that without a bounce? Or did it bounce in front of him?
2008-08-06 20:04:50
166.   Eric Stephen
I imagined that being delivered by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and it was hilarious.
2008-08-06 20:05:01
167.   Jacob Burch
I wonder what would have happened if it had gone in the other order--kent, sweeney, meaning we have no real second basemen to take Jeff/Pablo's spot.
2008-08-06 20:05:42
168.   Ken Noe
MLB Trade Rumors: Maddux has cleared waivers, FWIW.
2008-08-06 20:06:06
169.   Eric Stephen
It would have been interesting, but I don't think Torre would ever pull Kent back for Sweeney.
2008-08-06 20:06:31
170.   Tripon
167 Blake moves to 2nd, and Martin to 3rd. With Ardoin catching? Thats what they did in an earlier game.
2008-08-06 20:07:31
171.   Tripon
168 Gammons talked about it. The Dodgers demanded that the Padres pay most of Maddux's salaries, and the Dodgers weren't offering any good prospects in exchange. The Padres balked.
2008-08-06 20:07:42
172.   D4P
Pierre can take a pitch.

So can I, for that matter.

2008-08-06 20:07:44
173.   Eric Stephen
Nice job, JP.
2008-08-06 20:07:45
174.   Jacob Burch
2008-08-06 20:07:50
175.   Tripon
...Dude. Pierre walked.
2008-08-06 20:07:52
176.   Alex41592
WOW. Nice job Juan.
2008-08-06 20:08:00
177.   KG16
Pierre draws a walk!
2008-08-06 20:09:05
178.   Ken Noe
So I guess Ethier sits tomorrow unless he gets a big hit here.
2008-08-06 20:09:10
179.   ucladodger
C'mon Matt. Terrible at bat.
2008-08-06 20:09:21
180.   jdbeauchamp
Pierre's speed is clearly slumping.
2008-08-06 20:09:39
181.   Alex41592
That's just bad Matt.
2008-08-06 20:10:03
182.   Eric Stephen
not a good swing, Andre.
2008-08-06 20:10:18
183.   Humma Kavula
Come on, Andre. Get on here.
2008-08-06 20:10:35
184.   Humma Kavula
2008-08-06 20:10:35
185.   ucladodger
And Ethier will never play again.
2008-08-06 20:10:43
186.   Eric Stephen
If Martin gets on, its tied.
2008-08-06 20:11:05
187.   D4P
Dishonest at bats.
2008-08-06 20:11:21
188.   Humma Kavula
Martin needs to be Martin-like and not Jones-like here. Get. on. base.
2008-08-06 20:11:27
189.   Eric Stephen
Step into that one, Russ!!!
2008-08-06 20:12:11
190.   larry slimfast
patience... cue whistle
2008-08-06 20:12:30
191.   ucladodger
i hate the cardinals.
2008-08-06 20:12:33
192.   larry slimfast
didn't work
2008-08-06 20:12:46
193.   JoeyP
The games played toll is hitting Martin hard.
2008-08-06 20:12:56
194.   KG16
191 - ditto
2008-08-06 20:12:56
195.   Humma Kavula
"Indifference is a nice way of saying I don't care." - Steve Lyons.

"Nothing ever good ever came out of St. Louis." - Humma Kavula.

2008-08-06 20:13:00
196.   Tripon
Normally, six runs wins us a game.
2008-08-06 20:14:09
197.   Eric Stephen
Well, baseball sucked tonight, but it could be worse.

I could be watching "America's Favorite Dog".

2008-08-06 20:14:13
198.   jdbeauchamp
Couldn't the French have kept St. Louis?

I guess the Belgians own it now.

2008-08-06 20:15:51
199.   Alex41592
I was not expecting Pierre to impress me the most in that inning. One more game left in St. Louis! And then three in Frisco.
2008-08-06 20:16:34
200.   ucladodger
And tomorrow former scrub but current Cardinal great Kyle Lohse will shut us down for 7 innings.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-06 20:17:02
201.   Eric Stephen
Dodgers are now 31-3 when scoring 6 runs.
2008-08-06 20:23:07
202.   Tripon
Maybe we should bat Manny 3rd, and Kemp 4th.
2008-08-06 20:28:17
203.   Louis in SF
McDonald pitched tonight in New Orleans and in 6 innings struck out 10 and gave up 1 run. Old friend of Joe Torre's Sturtze got the save.
2008-08-06 20:29:26
204.   Tripon
203 So Dodgers are going to send down Falkenborg for his old friend Sturtze?
2008-08-06 20:34:49
205.   Tripon
With Andre Either in the lineup, and Matt Kemp on the top, we scored six runs. Wonder if Juan still gets a start.
2008-08-06 20:39:08
206.   Johnny Nucleo
82 JoeyP, from June 16 (Dodgers 31-38) to Aug. 3 (56-55) Dodgers 25-17 record over that span was best in NL, believe it or not.
2008-08-06 20:48:18
207.   LogikReader
I have a theory that Derek Lowe pitches really terribly in hot weather. Prior to tonight, the most earned runs he gave up in a start this year was May 18th vs the Angels.

Game time temperature? 94 degrees.

Granted, the temperature tonight was a mere 83 degrees.

2008-08-06 20:49:08
208.   LogikReader

Oops! Lowe gave up 7 runs in that start.

2008-08-06 20:49:24
209.   Alex41592
Finally some real news about Brett Favre:

Brett Favre has been traded to the New York Jets.

2008-08-06 20:55:12
210.   KG16
207 - perhaps higher humidity makes it more difficult for the ball to sink, much the way thinner air makes breaking balls break less.

209 - Broadway Brett. The ESPN-hype machine is going to be out of control.

2008-08-06 20:57:01
211.   dzzrtRatt
So now I'm rooting for Chad Pennington.

If ESPN likes it, I don't. If ESPN liked chocolate, I would hate it.

2008-08-06 20:58:51
212.   Greg Brock
209 Any news on how the financial markets are handling this?

I can't begin to imagine what this will do to the price of oil.

2008-08-06 21:01:02
213.   Tripon
Brett Favre goes 4-12, retires and mentions that he should have taken the Packers $20 million to stay retired in 2008.
2008-08-06 21:01:47
214.   KG16
212 - predictions of a drunken stupor on Wall St tomorrow. It is unclear if this is because of Bret Favre playing for the Jets, or you know, everything else.
2008-08-06 21:04:55
215.   bhsportsguy
Now watching Eight Men Out.
2008-08-06 21:06:28
216.   Tripon
Considering all the mutual funds money is getting out of the crude oil market after realizing that constantly flooding a future commodity market such as the energy market screwed with other markets they have more assets in such as stocks in companies that rely heavily on cheapish energy... This system is pretty whacked.
2008-08-06 21:14:33
217.   natepurcell
for all of you that do the corporate, cubicle do you do it? I've been doing it for 3 days and I already want to commit suicide in the break room.
2008-08-06 21:16:11
218.   Greg Brock
217 It's called being an adult.

I don't know why I ever wanted to be one.

2008-08-06 21:16:59
219.   Tripon
218 Because being a kid sucks more. A 9PM curlew? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
2008-08-06 21:18:33
220.   Tripon
219 curfew, not curlew.
2008-08-06 21:18:39
221.   bhsportsguy
217 I told you that last week.

Well, except for the killing yourself part.

2008-08-06 21:20:23
222.   natepurcell
Can I just get paid to watch Dodger games? There is already enough suffering in that.
2008-08-06 21:21:55
223.   natepurcell

Can I just stay in college...til at least 30?

2008-08-06 21:24:48
224.   Greg Brock
223 You can do that. Lots of people do that!

I wish I had "become and academic."

2008-08-06 21:25:18
225.   Eric Stephen
Nate, does your employer block Dodger Thoughts? If not, turn that frown upside down!
2008-08-06 21:25:19
226.   Greg Brock
An academic. Pardon me.
2008-08-06 21:25:56
227.   Eric Stephen
You'll never be an academic now!
2008-08-06 21:26:39
228.   bhsportsguy
223 I thought you were going to grad school?
2008-08-06 21:27:46
229.   trainwreck
Yeah, I wish I did not graduate on time. That was a mistake.
2008-08-06 21:28:58
230.   Tripon
College would be a lot cooler if it wasn't so expensive.
2008-08-06 21:32:04
231.   tjdub
215 Me too. DTV channel 255 (MGM HD) in case anyone wants to know.
2008-08-06 21:32:30
232.   Greg Brock
227 Spelling doesn't count in history!
2008-08-06 21:35:02
233.   JoeyP
217--I started in a cube & moved to an office.

It gets better.

As long as DT isnt blocked, just enjoy having a comfortable computer desk job.

2008-08-06 21:35:36
234.   Alex41592
222 - I'm two weeks away from that fantasy becoming a reality. It probably won't hit me until Sundays when I go to watch football.
2008-08-06 21:36:33
235.   Greg Brock
On the other hand, Office Space is going to mean a lot, lot more to you now.

I wasn't always a teacher, you know.

2008-08-06 21:39:41
236.   Tripon
235 All copiers should be shot and hanged on a wall.
2008-08-06 21:40:41
237.   Eric Stephen
Nate must just have a case of the Mondays.
2008-08-06 21:41:03
238.   trainwreck
My only office experience was temping and that was great, because they had such low expectations that I would have all this free time to just walk around San Francisco or go to the bar down the street, which had Boddington's on tap.
2008-08-06 21:43:58
239.   Greg Brock
236 This man speaks the truth.

I would also add that no, I did not get your fax. Becuase fax machines, to my knowledge, have never worked once in the history of the world.

2008-08-06 21:50:12
240.   Greg Brock
Getting ready for Y2K was pretty great, though.


2008-08-06 21:54:58
241.   Kevin Lewis
No joke. I wish I could take our office copier out to a field with a couple of bats. Every other day it is breaking down, and the technician keeps telling us it is fixed. The problem is tray 1, tray 1, I tell you.
2008-08-06 21:57:24
242.   Daniel Zappala
We have an excellent copier at work that also scans documents. Works great. We also have a working fax machine. I must be in the technology utopia.
2008-08-06 21:58:30
243.   Daniel Zappala
I should have said it scans and emails them to me. When you've marked up an 80-page document for a student who works mostly from home, it sure is handy to scan it in to a PDF and email it.
2008-08-06 21:58:52
244.   bhsportsguy
Anyone who has spent one day in a office would like to take a bat to a piece of office equipment and smash into itsy bitsy pieces.
2008-08-06 21:58:58
245.   tjdub
Our copier works great. Fax machine too. Of course in five years the air conditioning has never worked properly for three days in a row and my office with its east facing windows is 85 degrees most afternoons. Good times.
2008-08-06 22:03:17
246.   tjdub
west facing
2008-08-06 22:25:24
247.   Eric Stephen
Sometimes its not just the equipment, but the co-workers as well! :)
2008-08-06 22:30:01
248.   underdog
Yay! I come home to Office Thoughts! Much better than St Louis Is a Baseball Abyss Thoughts.

Nate, just get a dotcom job. Long hours at times, some stress, but you get to be online all day and get paid for it, and it's fun. There's also an adult online vendor in our office building if you want me to drop off a resume for you. Not adult in the sense of "I hate being an adult" but "Behind the curtains, wink wink nudge nudge" sense. Just say the word.

Okay, off to soak my hurty body in a tub and read a comic book. Who said being an adult is never any fun?

2008-08-06 22:31:25
249.   underdog
As one who uses a Mac at home I can say I pretty much spend some time every day wanting to take a bat to my Windows machine at work.
2008-08-06 22:32:15
250.   underdog
PS: Jeez, what are the Jets doing?

New unhappy campers (taking the reigns from Aaron Rodgers): Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-06 22:38:44
251.   trainwreck
Well Chad is been getting it down on guile alone the last few years and Kellen Clemens is well, Kellen Clemens.
2008-08-06 22:39:02
252.   trainwreck
2008-08-06 22:39:39
253.   trainwreck

Aww, just forget that damn sentence. I need a drink.

2008-08-06 22:41:09
254.   Eric Stephen
Favre has found a new Pac-10 QB to thwart. I do like the creative draft pick escalation in the trade (mostly just because its different):

if Favre takes 50 percent of total snaps with the Jets in 2008, the fourth rounder becomes a third-round pick. If he gets 70 percent of the snaps and the Jets make the playoffs, it becomes a second-round pick; and if he gets 80 percent of snaps and the Jets make the Super Bowl, it becomes a first-round pick

2008-08-06 22:42:50
255.   Tripon

"The mechanics of diminutive Tim Lincecum" 7 pages on his life, and how he throws.

2008-08-06 22:46:25
256.   Eric Stephen
I'm going to go out on a limb and say Ryan Ludwick doesn't HR tomorrow.

Back to Office Space, I admire Lawrence's ambition in what he would do with $1 million.

2008-08-06 22:47:28
257.   trainwreck
I like how they took a movie about working in an office and gave it one of the best soundtracks ever.
2008-08-06 22:47:33
258.   Slipstream
250 Chad will be gone soon.
2008-08-06 22:52:11
259.   natepurcell
I actually have been sitting on DT the last couple of days but I haven't posted anything.

baby steps.

2008-08-06 22:53:07
260.   regfairfield
217 I'm still not sure. Work is a sad, sad thing.
2008-08-06 22:54:05
261.   regfairfield
Find the closest El Torito and abuse their happy hour is my best advice.
2008-08-06 22:55:51
262.   Tripon
256 Lawerence (Diedrich Bader) is going to voice Batman in the new Brave and the Bold cartoon. Basically a DC universe spanning series that isn't going to worry about creating or contradicting its own continuity.
2008-08-06 22:56:17
263.   Eric Stephen
Taco Tuesdays! Delicious 99¢ tacos combined with discounted drinks. What better post-work combo is there?
2008-08-06 22:57:42
264.   Eric Stephen
For a split second I forgot we were talking about the Jets, and I thought you were speaking of Billingsley. Whew.
2008-08-06 22:58:09
265.   regfairfield
263 Nothing even comes close. Two legit margaritas and two tacos for 10 bucks can't be beat.
2008-08-06 22:58:22
266.   natepurcell

I'm right in oldtown scottsdale so within one mile of my work and apt (i live one mile to work) there are like 9740970560 bars/places with excellent happy hours.

I've been too exhausted to do that but I'm sure it will eventually start happening.

2008-08-06 23:00:14
267.   Eric Stephen
Sorry for another Favre tidbit, but if the Jets subsequently trade him to the Vikings, they would owe the Packers three 1st round draft picks.
2008-08-06 23:01:10
268.   natepurcell

wow, green bay really...really do not want him to become a Viking.

2008-08-06 23:01:40
269.   regfairfield
266 Then I also would find the guy whose weekend stories are something other than "sometimes it's good to have a quiet weekend" and hang out with him.
2008-08-06 23:01:42
270.   Eric Stephen
Scottsdale, huh? Does that mean no DT picnic for you?

I have a feeling we'll be pouring a lot of 40s at Elysian Park for all the missing homeys.

2008-08-06 23:03:21
271.   trainwreck
You, sir, have inspired me to go El Torrito.

I will taste the difference.

2008-08-06 23:04:03
272.   natepurcell

Don't worry, a lot of my buddies moved up here and are within close proximity...weekends will be awesome.


Yeah, I can't make it, pour a 40 and chug another one for me.

2008-08-06 23:04:24
273.   trainwreck
Make mine a Steel Reserve.
2008-08-06 23:06:53
274.   old dodger fan
Speaking of Football
Men's Olympic Football starts in 3 hours.
2008-08-06 23:08:49
275.   regfairfield
272 I just hope you haven't had to say "sorry man, I have to work tomorrow" when one of your buddies suggests something awesome.
2008-08-06 23:12:44
276.   natepurcell

I turned down meeting a girl out tonight with that excuse.

And that said, I am going to bed. Please haunt my dreams.

2008-08-06 23:15:33
277.   regfairfield
276 Hate to say it, you're life's over. Just buy a polo shirt with your company logo on it and accept it.
2008-08-06 23:17:42
278.   Eric Stephen
Just buy a polo shirt with your company logo on it and accept it

Ha! I'm totally wearing my company polo tomorrow (1 of 2 I own!). It was free though.

2008-08-06 23:29:06
279.   bhsportsguy
The world has spun off its axis.,0,575874.column

2008-08-06 23:31:48
280.   bhsportsguy
270 There will be no pouring of 40s, bottles or cans of anything alcoholic at the DT picnic. Its against LA Parks and Rec rules and regulations.


But I will be happy to buy you a beer at the game.

2008-08-06 23:33:07
281.   Eric Stephen
An excerpt:

PIERRE WAS not in the lineup, so I checked to see if he was bellyaching again. "I've got nothing," Pierre said, which pretty much explains why Torre isn't playing him.

I generally don't like Simers, but I have to admit sometimes he comes up with some funny lines.

2008-08-06 23:34:15
282.   Eric Stephen
I meant 40s in symbolic nature only.
2008-08-06 23:34:29
283.   bhsportsguy
276 If Nate is wearing a short sleeve shirt and a tie, that should work well at the happy hour gatherings.
2008-08-06 23:38:15
284.   trainwreck
No booze at parks, no lap dances at strip clubs.

What's your problem, Los Angeles?

2008-08-06 23:42:22
285.   Eric Stephen
However, its OK to get lap dances at parks and booze at strip clubs. Or as I call it, August 16!! :)
2008-08-07 00:02:08
286.   trainwreck
Well, we know Eric S. will be having a good time at the picnic.
2008-08-07 00:08:05
287.   Dodgers49
I know Torre prefers to have the fastest guy in his lineup leading off. But frankly, I'd prefer to see Matt Kemp bat behind Manny. When Manny is on 1st with less than two out and slowpokes Loney or Kent is at the plate I tend to expect a double play on any ball they hit on the ground.
2008-08-07 00:21:04
288.   jasonungar07
I agree 49 but that just might lead to bad stuff right now. I'm gonna let that one be and hope one of the other guys (Blake?) can get it done.
2008-08-07 00:22:12
289.   jasonungar07
Not mentioning what that bad stuff is should be a rule.
2008-08-07 00:27:34
290.   Alex41592
This is very encouraging about Furcal coming back from Dylan Hernandez of the L.A Times, this is just a small piece so check out the rest:

"They're definitely the No. 1 choice," Paul Kinzer said.

Kinzer lamented the back injury to Furcal, which required surgery, postponed talks of an extension and most likely lowered his price tag. Furcal is in the final year of a three-year, $39-million deal.

"This wasn't their fault or our fault that this happened," Kinzer said. "If this hadn't happened, we probably would have something done by now."

Kinzer said he would like to get Furcal re-signed with the Dodgers by then.

"If we get a fair offer, we'll have something done by then," he said. "He's not necessarily saying he has to test the market.",0,4325209.story

2008-08-07 00:43:18
291.   xaphor
"I'd like to just go away for a few months, work hard and start over, but I can't do that."

Anyone else hear a Bob the Builder chorus of "Yes You Can!" while reading this Jones quote in the Simmers piece?

2008-08-07 01:12:53
292.   trainwreck
I would be happy to have Furcal back.
2008-08-07 04:35:14
293.   D4P
I would be happy to have Furcal back

...but not Furcal's back.

PS: Office jobs suck. Stay in school, kids.

2008-08-07 07:20:43
294.   JoeyP
Nothing more than a 1yr deal for Furcal. DeJesus deserves his chance at SS.
2008-08-07 07:32:55
295.   CanuckDodger
294 -- You're only saying that because DeJesus walked four times last night, in five plate appearances (in his only official AB he singled).:)
2008-08-07 07:33:56
296.   Jon Weisman

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