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August 9 Game Chat
2008-08-09 17:19
by Jon Weisman
Comments (567)
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2008-08-09 17:28:50
1.   thinkblue88
Braves up 2-0 early vs. Dbacks
2008-08-09 17:33:02
2.   Alex41592
Careful, game actually starts at 6:05 you might miss Manny :)
2008-08-09 17:43:22
3.   thinkblue88
Yeah, Go Dodgers!!!


2008-08-09 17:57:27
4.   Tripon
prediction: Kent and Manny homer tonight.
2008-08-09 17:58:20
5.   Daniel Zappala
Nothing finer than the Angels blowing out the Yankees, sending them farther back in the standings while padding a first place lead. Except maybe the Dodgers beating the Yankees in the WS some year.
2008-08-09 17:58:21
6.   MonkeyBlue
Prediction: 7 shut out innings for Hiro-san.
2008-08-09 18:08:25
7.   Gagne55
What is up with the early start? I like it, but it's weird.
2008-08-09 18:18:33
8.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I feel bad for Aaron Rowand.
2008-08-09 18:19:40
9.   Gagne55
8 Because he is a good player on a not good team?
2008-08-09 18:25:11
10.   Greg Brock
This is like watching invisible baseball.
2008-08-09 18:25:49
11.   scareduck
Hiya, kids.

5 - I wouldn't mind seeing an Angels/Dodgers World Series.

2008-08-09 18:26:32
12.   D4P
It's not as if Rowand had reason to believe he was signing with a good team.
2008-08-09 18:26:34
13.   scareduck
7 - They do the same thing for Saturday night games at Angel Stadium.
2008-08-09 18:27:48
14.   Bob Hendley
I am thinking, these are not my father's Gnats and then Bonds in the booth says he misses being with these guys and I wonder who he knows on the team.
2008-08-09 18:28:08
15.   scareduck
6 - one down, six to go.
2008-08-09 18:28:39
16.   Johnson
14 Well, he did mention what a great guy "Scott" Rowand is...
2008-08-09 18:28:59
17.   Gagne55
Looks like it's Good Kuroda tonight.
2008-08-09 18:29:52
18.   whodat807
Do they really need to keep the camera on Barry at all times? I'd like to watch the game, not watch Barry pretend like he's not bitter about the way the last 12 months have gone for him.
2008-08-09 18:30:17
19.   Gagne55
15 And then 2 more inning of rule 9 being in effect?
2008-08-09 18:30:30
20.   UVaDodger
2-1 Braves after 4
2008-08-09 18:33:39
21.   Bob Hendley
Jeez, Bonds even misses Kent.
2008-08-09 18:33:45
22.   Gagne55
Manny with a solid at bat and a single
2008-08-09 18:34:07
23.   scareduck
Is there anything to the rumor that they're going to do a Manny-dreds wig giveaway at Dodger Stadium soon?
2008-08-09 18:34:10
24.   whodat807
Nice at bat for Manny.
2008-08-09 18:34:13
25.   Gagne55
21 I miss Bonds. :(
2008-08-09 18:35:42
26.   Indiana Jon
Wow, Barry just picked the Dodgers to win the west.
2008-08-09 18:36:14
27.   whodat807
This ump's strike out gesture looks like kung fu.
2008-08-09 18:36:43
28.   scareduck
26 - red meat for the crowd.
2008-08-09 18:36:48
29.   Bob Hendley
25 - and there you go, I was wondering when someone would admit that.
2008-08-09 18:37:11
30.   Gagne55
C'mon Blake. Drive these runs in.
2008-08-09 18:38:09
31.   sporky
This is my first game in over a week. Please, please, please win!
2008-08-09 18:42:29
32.   whodat807
You gotta be kidding me, that went right off his knuckles.
2008-08-09 18:43:00
33.   Gagne55
HBP on an 0-2 count!
2008-08-09 18:43:03
34.   thinkblue88
2008-08-09 18:43:07
35.   sporky
2008-08-09 18:43:51
36.   Bob Hendley
16 - His daughter thinks Rowand's stance is funny. I heard that there is a game actually going on.
2008-08-09 18:43:57
37.   whodat807
2008-08-09 18:44:46
38.   scareduck
C'mon, Bison.
2008-08-09 18:44:55
39.   Gagne55
Kuroda helps his own cause!
2008-08-09 18:44:55
40.   whodat807
So is this Barry Bonds interview hour, or is this a baseball game? How long are they gonna be talking to him? They barely touched on Kuroda's basehit. grumble
2008-08-09 18:45:13
41.   Linkmeister
This is beyond annoying. Bad enough I don't get this game on Prime Ticket, but now the radio station that ALWAYS has the weekend Giants games on doesn't have this game. It's giving me ESPN Radio's Game Night instead. All-Favre All the Time.
2008-08-09 18:45:30
42.   xaphor
Hiroki taimurihitto!
2008-08-09 18:45:31
43.   scareduck
"Let's go Dodg-ants." The funny chants they do have at this park!
2008-08-09 18:45:43
44.   sporky
36 As do I. The squat is a bit much.
2008-08-09 18:46:21
45.   MMSMikey
c'mon matty, you need to stop taking those inside fastballs.
2008-08-09 18:48:29
46.   Indiana Jon
Is it normal to lob Rule 1 violations at the screen when Barry is being interviewed or is that something I should seek help for?
2008-08-09 18:51:04
47.   thinkblue88
AZ takes the lead, 3-2.
2008-08-09 18:52:59
48.   Indiana Jon
Poor girl dropped her pizza.
2008-08-09 18:54:02
49.   Johnson
Barry just knocked some girl's pizza to the ground in the stands. She was OK with it because he's Barry Bonds, but he'd better buy her another slice.
2008-08-09 18:54:14
50.   sporky
Room service loney.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-09 18:54:23
51.   MonkeyBlue
Really nice DP! for Angel.
2008-08-09 18:55:16
52.   ucladodger

That wasnt his problem. No reason to swing at a pitch you cant do anything with. He fouled off 2 absolute cookies in his 2 abs (the first pitch of each one) that needed to be hammered. He just missed on both.

2008-08-09 18:57:29
53.   sporky
Bengie Molina: 5'11"? 210lb? Ha!
2008-08-09 18:57:52
54.   scareduck
Well. I fell asleep before Kuroda drove in the game's only run, and I had to run out to get my laundry before my pants wrinkled just as Berroa turned the DP.

Anything else I missed? Sheesh.

2008-08-09 18:58:03
55.   Bob Hendley
The Bums are about the only team that might have been able to get away with signing Bonds. You know, in the longtime tradition of each team trying to screw the other. Yeah, Ned could have...oh wait. Nevermind.
2008-08-09 18:58:50
56.   scareduck
53 - 511 lb, 210 cm, maybe.
2008-08-09 19:00:14
57.   Vishal
25 i don't miss losing to the giants.
2008-08-09 19:01:05
58.   sporky
Manny, back at .500.
2008-08-09 19:01:05
59.   Vishal
53 i was remarking last night that andruw jones is still listed at 210 lbs. that seems about 30 lbs off to me.
2008-08-09 19:01:13
60.   MonkeyBlue
Manny smoked that ball... no pun intended.
2008-08-09 19:01:19
61.   ucladodger
That man is amazing.
2008-08-09 19:01:38
62.   scareduck
It's so disappointing to see Manny only hitting singles. Where's the power production, dammit?
2008-08-09 19:02:20
63.   scareduck
"Loss of input signal"? Whiskey tango foxtrot?

Ah, back to normal.

2008-08-09 19:02:23
64.   sporky
Yay Braves!
2008-08-09 19:04:11
65.   Vishal
62 is his 1.000 slugging percentage not high enough for you, rob?
2008-08-09 19:05:01
66.   scareduck
65 - I was being sarcastic.
2008-08-09 19:06:15
67.   Greg Brock
This strike zone is a might bit liberal.


2008-08-09 19:06:33
68.   MonkeyBlue
Nobody is hitting with RISP beside Kuroda. Freaking pathetic so far.
2008-08-09 19:07:21
69.   sporky
I might have better luck rooting for Atlanta. Haren is out after 5.1 IP.
2008-08-09 19:07:24
70.   D4P
Are you west coasters getting Michael Phelps right now...?
2008-08-09 19:07:40
71.   Vishal
66 ah. not over the top enough for me, i guess. i needed a juan pierre comparison or something, then i would've gotten it. anyway, my bad :)
2008-08-09 19:08:29
72.   sporky
Bases loaded, one out for ATL.
2008-08-09 19:08:49
73.   Greg Brock
70 Negative. No Olympics until 8:00.
2008-08-09 19:09:35
74.   Johnson
70 No, we're delayed 3 hours.
2008-08-09 19:10:37
75.   D4P
OK, I won't give any spoilers.
2008-08-09 19:10:53
76.   whodat807
Man that was an incredible race. Set your Tivo, it was fun.
2008-08-09 19:11:04
77.   sporky
Bases loaded HBP. 5-3 ATL.
2008-08-09 19:12:03
78.   scareduck
5-3 Braves on a hit batter. Chop chop.
2008-08-09 19:12:28
79.   Greg Brock
70 Your ellipses indicates something, though. Something...worthy of interest.

Damnit, now you've ruined everything with your ellipses. Must. Not. Investigate.

2008-08-09 19:13:59
80.   sporky
How is it possible that the Dodgers always seem to miss Lincecum?
2008-08-09 19:14:59
81.   sporky
And how many ball parks have female PAs?
2008-08-09 19:15:21
82.   ucladodger
And this is what giving up a hit to a pitcher on an 0-2 count will do to you. Thats what killed Kuroda last time, too.
2008-08-09 19:16:41
83.   D4P
A gold, silver, and bronze medal were each given away...
2008-08-09 19:17:14
84.   scareduck
81 - IIRC the Giants are the only one.
2008-08-09 19:17:35
85.   whodat807
If Kuroda finishes strong, is he still a contender for the ROY? Or does Soto have that locked up?
2008-08-09 19:20:09
86.   scareduck
Crazy play that plates two in Zona, with three scoring on McCann's RBI single with the bags juiced. 8-3 Braves.
2008-08-09 19:20:28
87.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
In Phoenix, O-Dog just got hurt when he jammed his left wrist into the big body of Brian McCann. Looks bad.
2008-08-09 19:21:16
88.   whodat807
Brett Butler! I loved him when he was a Dodger.
2008-08-09 19:21:21
89.   Vishal
79 google news is your friend
2008-08-09 19:22:01
90.   sporky
Just for fun, what do you think the odds are of Manny, Hudson and/or Sabathia signing with the Dodgers?
2008-08-09 19:22:25
91.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
And McCann just shook up Mark Reynolds on a slide!
2008-08-09 19:23:26
92.   sporky
89 I couldn't resist. AAAGH.
2008-08-09 19:23:44
93.   Greg Brock
As long as Orlando Hudson is ready for spring training, that's all that matters.
2008-08-09 19:29:35
94.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Love them 7-pitch innings.
2008-08-09 19:30:41
95.   scareduck
90 - Hard to say. The Yankees have a ton of payroll coming off the books (Giambi for starters) and will no longer be subject to payroll taxes thanks to their ridiculous, publicly-financed stadium. I could easily see them breaking the bank to sew up all three, though I wonder whether Cashman would go for Manny. Mark Teixeira and C.C. Sabathia, though, would very likely end up in pinstripes.
2008-08-09 19:31:18
96.   scareduck
95 - Translated, I could easily see the Yanks hitting the $250M payroll level next year.
2008-08-09 19:32:46
97.   MonkeyBlue
Triple for baby face!
2008-08-09 19:32:52
98.   scareduck
3-bagger for Ethier!
2008-08-09 19:33:57
99.   68elcamino427
Triple! Andre 2 for 3 tonight!
2008-08-09 19:34:10
100.   Greg Brock
Andre, all unnecessary slides on triples should be head first.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-09 19:34:14
101.   scareduck
Starting to remind me superficially of this game:
2008-08-09 19:34:55
102.   MonkeyBlue
Time for Manny to bring in the bacon.
2008-08-09 19:35:08
103.   68elcamino427
Old Man follows the plan.
2008-08-09 19:37:02
104.   sporky
95 Even Hudson? I think the Dodgers have a better chance of signing Sabathia, but that may be because I do think he wants to stay in the NL.
2008-08-09 19:37:08
105.   scareduck
102 - when did Ethier get the nickname "Bacon"?
2008-08-09 19:38:19
106.   sporky
That sucked.
2008-08-09 19:38:24
107.   scareduck
My, but that was disappointing.
2008-08-09 19:38:34
108.   MonkeyBlue
What the heck??? Wow.
2008-08-09 19:38:43
109.   thinkblue88
2008-08-09 19:39:04
110.   Bluebleeder87

is it a sign?

2008-08-09 19:39:09
111.   Greg Brock
You guessed...poorly.
2008-08-09 19:39:15
112.   scareduck
104 - it's amazing what a salve a few million a year can be. Of course, players for the Yankees end up getting a pretty sizeable haircut due to state income taxes.
2008-08-09 19:39:27
113.   sporky
In a race between Kent and a Molina, there are no winners.
2008-08-09 19:40:20
114.   68elcamino427
The Old Man is Running?

Time for another Bigelow green tea and a reality check.

2008-08-09 19:41:46
115.   scareduck
114 - Looks like I picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue.
2008-08-09 19:42:19
116.   sporky
May the Giants' offense be Dodgerian.
2008-08-09 19:43:04
117.   scareduck
116 - before or after Manny/Blake?
2008-08-09 19:43:29
118.   68elcamino427
Ha! Yes - and I tried to quit smoking and drinking today too!
2008-08-09 19:43:31
119.   sporky
I should clarify: sub-pre-Manny/Blake.
2008-08-09 19:44:23
120.   sporky
That works, too.
2008-08-09 19:44:35
121.   Greg Brock
Robot. Made. Of. Nails.
2008-08-09 19:44:38
122.   68elcamino427
Bison Gun!
2008-08-09 19:44:38
123.   thinkblue88


2008-08-09 19:44:39
124.   scareduck
Flyball DP! Sporky, you got your wish.
2008-08-09 19:44:40
125.   Johnson
Robot Made Of NAILS!
2008-08-09 19:44:46
126.   MonkeyBlue
OUT BY A MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-09 19:44:50
127.   Bluebleeder87
2008-08-09 19:45:37
128.   sporky
While I'm at it, I want a CDMA iPhone.
2008-08-09 19:45:40
129.   Disabled List
I was really hoping this lineup would produce more than one run through the first five innings. And the one run was an RBI by Kuroda. Ugh.

My high expectations have once again run into LaRochian disappointment.

2008-08-09 19:46:18
130.   68elcamino427
Kemp to Martin - YER OUT!!!
2008-08-09 19:46:48
131.   scareduck
9-4 Braves, bottom of the 7th, one out, nobody on.
2008-08-09 19:48:37
132.   68elcamino427
Wow - Has the word gotten around that Loney is going to take the first pitch or what?
2008-08-09 19:48:38
133.   sporky
Correia will not make it out of the 6th.
2008-08-09 19:49:06
134.   Bluebleeder87
I just finished doing an oil change on my car, I gotta tell you it's not always fun doing the work but it's ALWAYS fun completed the task.

plus I save good money also.

2008-08-09 19:51:03
135.   68elcamino427
Yeah, bet you saved about fifty bucks. Good job!
2008-08-09 19:51:27
136.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
134 - Because I have zero mechanical aptitude, I consider paying $30 or so to be a wise quarterly investment.
2008-08-09 19:51:45
137.   ucladodger
2 hideous swings by Manny and Russ. Really bad.
2008-08-09 19:51:55
138.   thinkblue88

Man those are some ugly hacks.

2008-08-09 19:52:17
139.   scareduck
Not a great throw but essentially a missed wave tag by Vizquel.
2008-08-09 19:52:50
140.   Bluebleeder87
I don't like that hit & run thing by Torre.
2008-08-09 19:53:14
141.   scareduck
136 - I used to do it for myself but the skinned knuckles and burned fingers just weren't worth it. Anybody want to buy a slightly used Jeepers Creeper?
2008-08-09 19:53:43
142.   sporky
How do you dispose of the oil?
2008-08-09 19:53:49
143.   Johnson
Maybe we shouldn't be sending slow runners from first on 3-2 counts with less than two out. I'd rather take the chance of the GIDP than get nailed on a K,2-6 DP.
2008-08-09 19:54:14
144.   Fallout
If the Giants were going somewhere, I think Vizquel would have buried his nose in that tag attempt.
2008-08-09 19:55:11
145.   scareduck
142 - lots of places will take it. I used to take mine to Pep Boys.
2008-08-09 19:55:23
146.   Bluebleeder87
in 6 seasons Correia's ERA is at 4.32
2008-08-09 19:55:38
147.   68elcamino427
Flower bed?

Storm drain?


So politically incorrect.

2008-08-09 19:55:53
148.   sporky
145 Good to know. Thanks.
2008-08-09 19:57:23
149.   scareduck
148 - don't tell me you change your own oil, too. That would make you, like, teh awesome, especially for a femme.
2008-08-09 19:57:23
150.   68elcamino427
Kuroda's bat has a pristine appearance.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-09 19:57:50
151.   Bluebleeder87

You take it to your local auto parts store... I didn't know this but you gotta change the screw every other oil change.

2008-08-09 19:59:18
152.   Disabled List
The Dodgers' best lineup of the year has scored only one run against a lousy Giants pitcher, and I just saw a mouse in my kitchen.

I am not pleased with either of these developments.

2008-08-09 19:59:51
153.   Bluebleeder87
11-4 Atlanta 8th inning.
2008-08-09 20:00:16
154.   scareduck
152 - why is your computer in your kitchen?
2008-08-09 20:00:37
155.   sporky
149 I don't, but it's largely because I don't know how to dispose of the used oil.
2008-08-09 20:00:53
156.   Bluebleeder87
1st place is with in reach you guys!


2008-08-09 20:01:23
157.   sporky
155 But I built my own PC and sewed my own quilt!
2008-08-09 20:01:24
158.   Krebstar
151 Is that a joke over my head or something? Or are you really saying you replace your drain bolt every other change?
2008-08-09 20:03:17
159.   scareduck
157 - I killed me a b'ar when I was only three.

Or something like that.

2008-08-09 20:03:23
160.   Disabled List
154 I have a Manhattan apartment. The living room and kitchen are one and the same.
2008-08-09 20:03:23
161.   Bluebleeder87
I wonder if Vinnie eats special foods to stay as sharp as he does...
2008-08-09 20:03:53
162.   scareduck
158 - that sounds hokey to me, too.
2008-08-09 20:04:33
163.   scareduck
160 - Beach or NYC? If the latter, where do you put your knees when you sleep?
2008-08-09 20:04:33
164.   sporky
I don't like Dave Roberts.
2008-08-09 20:04:35
165.   Bluebleeder87

That's what the dude told me.

2008-08-09 20:05:04
166.   Andrew Shimmin
Clean shaven Dave Roberts looks weird.
2008-08-09 20:05:37
167.   Bluebleeder87
I have to abide.
2008-08-09 20:05:58
168.   sporky
Déja vu?
2008-08-09 20:06:07
169.   scareduck
Squeeze play.
2008-08-09 20:06:47
170.   scareduck
165 - what kind of a car do you have?
2008-08-09 20:06:52
171.   Bluebleeder87
it will be quite impressive if Kuroda gets out of this one.
2008-08-09 20:06:58
172.   Fallout
Do you mean the drain plug?
2008-08-09 20:07:17
173.   Greg Brock
166 Yes, he does. Very weird.
2008-08-09 20:07:19
174.   scareduck
169 - so obvious even *I* saw it coming.
2008-08-09 20:07:49
175.   Bluebleeder87

Acura 3.2S (2003)

2008-08-09 20:08:20
176.   MonkeyBlue
Ugh the Dodgers lucky tonight.
2008-08-09 20:08:25
177.   Greg Brock
2008-08-09 20:08:30
178.   scareduck
A comedy of errors. WP K.
2008-08-09 20:08:58
179.   Bluebleeder87
that's not that bad, hopefully we get a DP out of it.
2008-08-09 20:09:13
180.   xaphor
Good repair shops will usualy replce the washer after each oil change. It is not neccessary but can help prevent leakage.
2008-08-09 20:09:35
181.   sporky
2008-08-09 20:09:56
182.   scareduck
Still 11-4 Snakes after eight.
2008-08-09 20:10:38
183.   MonkeyBlue
That should be out 3. My prediction is done.
2008-08-09 20:10:41
184.   sporky
181 ^2
2008-08-09 20:11:04
185.   scareduck
180 - note washer, not drain plug.
2008-08-09 20:12:03
186.   thinkblue88
I used to work at the Wal Mart auto shop and we used to change the washer all the time. If it was necessary, we would change the plug too.
2008-08-09 20:12:05
187.   Disabled List
163 NYC. Thankfully, I have enough space to lie flat when I sleep.

I used to think the "impossibly-small Manhattan apartment" thing was just a well-worn gag, like the line about Dodger fans arriving late/leaving early, etc. But I've actually seen apartments in my neighborhood where twin-size beds do not fit in the bedrooms, the kitchen sink doubles as the bathroom sink, and the toilet is wedged into the closet. And the rent is north of $2000 a month.

I don't think you find conditions like that in Manhattan Beach.

2008-08-09 20:12:17
188.   Greg Brock
Come on. There are two out. Get the guy at the plate.
2008-08-09 20:12:46
189.   Andrew Shimmin
If you fill a pillowcase with them, drain plugs can be a good substitute for door knobs or nickle rolls.
2008-08-09 20:13:55
190.   D4P
Is there a worse "cleanup hitter" in the league than Bengie Molina...?
2008-08-09 20:14:20
191.   scareduck
This inning is teh suck.
2008-08-09 20:14:32
192.   Bluebleeder87
Why didn't Kent just throw to 1st base, Molina was running for crying out loud!
2008-08-09 20:14:38
193.   Greg Brock
Kent must have forgotten who was running to first.
2008-08-09 20:14:49
194.   sporky
190 Kent, until very recently...?
2008-08-09 20:17:15
195.   scareduck
That Chevron car has illegal red lights for turn signals.
2008-08-09 20:19:29
196.   Fallout
If Berroa wasn't late to the bag then he'd been out at 2nd.
2008-08-09 20:20:49
197.   Fallout
Man. He was just under both of those FBs.
2008-08-09 20:21:38
198.   scareduck
Long swing by Kemp there.
2008-08-09 20:21:43
199.   sporky
This team has such a bipolar offense.
2008-08-09 20:22:53
200.   Greg Brock
Ethier hits sooooo many warning track oppo fly balls.

Just a little bit stronger, man! Weight room!

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-09 20:23:09
201.   Nathan L
hey all im new, but GO DODGERS
2008-08-09 20:23:34
202.   scareduck
199 - yeah. I prefer my teams to have a CMOS offense.
2008-08-09 20:25:09
203.   Andrew Shimmin
201- Hello. How often do you change your drain plug?
2008-08-09 20:25:16
204.   scareduck
Beet LA. Huh. Must be vegetarian expats.
2008-08-09 20:26:27
205.   Greg Brock
Wow, nice poise, Billy Sadler.

Don't throw a parade or anything.

2008-08-09 20:26:28
206.   sporky
Reign it in, sir.
2008-08-09 20:26:47
207.   scareduck
11-4 final in Arizona.
2008-08-09 20:26:51
208.   ucladodger
That was bush league right there.
2008-08-09 20:27:16
209.   Nathan L
Wow, the pitcher needs to realize he plays on a terrible team and is also terrible
2008-08-09 20:27:22
210.   Fallout
203 Andrew Shimmin
Getting too personal too early.
2008-08-09 20:27:34
211.   silverwidow
That guy is a real loon.
2008-08-09 20:28:12
212.   Andrew Shimmin
If I struck out Manny, I'd have business cards indicating that I had made. And they'd be sweet.
2008-08-09 20:28:12
213.   Bluebleeder87
Manny will adapt & if they throw him that slider again he'll go yard or get a hit.
2008-08-09 20:28:42
214.   Nathan L
Kuroda should give a little chin music to bowker
2008-08-09 20:29:28
215.   sporky
212 I'd get a tattoo to memorialize the event, but I'm not a major league pitcher.
2008-08-09 20:29:50
216.   Andrew Shimmin
210- I don't like to brag, but I'm pretty sure mine is stock. It was a simpler time, when people were allowed to make things with lead in them. I've made contingency plans to change it, but, as yet my car has not been attacked by a sniper.
2008-08-09 20:30:54
217.   Andrew Shimmin
Sporky's hard core. I'd only get a tattoo if I struck out Andy LaRoche. But it would be a frowny face emoticon tattoo.
2008-08-09 20:31:08
218.   thinkblue88


2008-08-09 20:31:09
219.   MonkeyBlue
Kemp! Cannon ARM!!!!
2008-08-09 20:31:12
220.   scareduck
Stupid, stupid, stupid baserunning by Vizquel.

Thank you.

2008-08-09 20:31:13
221.   Bluebleeder87
2 assists OH BABY!!
2008-08-09 20:31:15
222.   sporky
I thought the Dodgers held the patent on foolish baserunning.
2008-08-09 20:31:16
223.   Greg Brock
That's why you bean kids in Little League.

They have to learn!

Oh, and robot made of nails.

2008-08-09 20:31:20
224.   silverwidow
Kemp has a five star arm.
2008-08-09 20:31:25
225.   ucladodger
Bison is turning into a damn good Cfer. Now if he would just punish one of those belt high fastballs he has seen tonight.
2008-08-09 20:31:36
226.   Johnson
That's right, keep running on Matt Kemp. It'll work eventually.
2008-08-09 20:31:53
227.   Andrew Shimmin
Is pro boxing more crooked than Olympic boxing?
2008-08-09 20:32:40
228.   scareduck
217 - a week or two ago, I saw a guy at an Angels game who had a tattoo of his infant son on his rather meaty bicep. I have to wonder what his son will think of that when he's, say, 14.
2008-08-09 20:32:46
229.   Fallout
That's what I mean by burying your nose in a tag. Good job Kent.
2008-08-09 20:33:23
230.   Greg Brock
227 Different kinds of crookedness.

It all depends on what kind of crookedness you prefer.

2008-08-09 20:34:09
231.   Andrew Shimmin
If the bicep is still meaty enough, I bet he keeps his opinion to himself.
2008-08-09 20:35:32
232.   Tripon
Think we can do a Aaron Rowand for Juan Pierre? They're both center fielders, and JP knows how to lead off.
2008-08-09 20:35:44
233.   sporky
What, no celebration?
2008-08-09 20:36:09
234.   MonkeyBlue
Somebody punch the guy in the face.
2008-08-09 20:36:16
235.   Andrew Shimmin
I watched so much women's soccer this morning, that I actually saw a goal! It was quite a thing.
2008-08-09 20:36:16
236.   Bluebleeder87
I think that's a 1st for martin, striking out 3 times.
2008-08-09 20:36:40
237.   ucladodger
One of the worst games of his career for Russ. He has been pretty poor since the break.
2008-08-09 20:36:47
238.   Greg Brock
233 He went with the Derek Jeter smirk this time. He's versatile.
2008-08-09 20:37:17
239.   D4P
Martin now OPSing .793
2008-08-09 20:37:57
240.   scareduck
234 - They're going to host a party on the mound with a tent and everything. I hear they're even gonna have hors d'oeuvres with stuff on little sticks, and fruity cocktails with parasols sticking out of them.
2008-08-09 20:38:39
241.   sporky
He's a talentless K-Rod.
2008-08-09 20:41:00
242.   ucladodger
Manny being Manny
2008-08-09 20:42:08
243.   sporky
Did the 4x100 IM final already air on the west coast?
2008-08-09 20:42:28
244.   Bluebleeder87
I bet the Snakes are watching this one.
2008-08-09 20:42:46
245.   Tripon
Casey Blake being ranged fielder.
2008-08-09 20:42:49
246.   MonkeyBlue
Nice play for Blake.
2008-08-09 20:42:51
247.   scareduck
Nice play by Blake to get the force.
2008-08-09 20:43:03
248.   Andrew Shimmin
Stone-hands Blake lucks his way into another good defensive play.
2008-08-09 20:43:06
249.   68elcamino427
Blak with the D!
2008-08-09 20:43:43
250.   Greg Brock
243 I've got some dude wreckin' shop on the pommel horse.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-09 20:44:16
251.   scareduck
248 - sarcastic?
2008-08-09 20:44:16
252.   ucladodger
And Kuo is not in because....
2008-08-09 20:44:47
253.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-09 20:45:12
254.   dodgers82
Will we ever get to first place?
2008-08-09 20:45:12
255.   sporky
If Bengie is 5'11", I'm the sovereign prince of Liechtenstein.
2008-08-09 20:45:22
256.   Bluebleeder87
Kemp should have kept that in his pocket.

Nice move my Torre to walk Aurilia.

2008-08-09 20:45:33
257.   68elcamino427
Put one of the other Old Men on for the DP.
2008-08-09 20:45:50
258.   Greg Brock
This is high leverage, Joe. Just so you know. If you don't.
2008-08-09 20:46:06
259.   ucladodger
Torre being Torre
2008-08-09 20:46:16
260.   dodgers82
Molina is slow but he has the power..ughh!!! NO!!!!
2008-08-09 20:46:34
261.   sporky
Vin is enjoying this a little too much.
2008-08-09 20:46:44
262.   Greg Brock
Fear the Bison.
2008-08-09 20:46:47
263.   Bluebleeder87
uh, perfect throw.
2008-08-09 20:46:48
264.   ucladodger
What a freaking gun
2008-08-09 20:46:49
265.   Andrew Shimmin
251- Actually, no. But if he keeps being a jerk about catching things, and not throwing the ball into the stands, I may have to knock it off.
2008-08-09 20:46:50
266.   thinkblue88
They are learning....damn!
2008-08-09 20:46:53
267.   MonkeyBlue
Everybody afraid of Kemp cannon.
2008-08-09 20:46:54
268.   scareduck
Another run saved by Kemp. Beautiful.
2008-08-09 20:46:57
269.   68elcamino427
2008-08-09 20:47:07
270.   dodgers82
Bison with the ARM!!! Feelin' lucky Winnie?
2008-08-09 20:47:14
271.   xaphor
Bison the Intimidator keeps it even.
2008-08-09 20:47:17
272.   arborial
that last guy on the pommel horse was amazing
2008-08-09 20:47:27
273.   Fallout
I think Kemp's arm is loose.
2008-08-09 20:47:41
274.   scareduck
"Molina fails to come through, and he's been a big RBI man for the Giants." Vinnie, you could have omitted "RBI" and "for the Giants" and still be right.
2008-08-09 20:47:49
275.   dodgers82
267, i like the sound of that!! haha!
2008-08-09 20:48:00
276.   MonkeyBlue
Good time to put Kuo, but its too late for that now.
2008-08-09 20:48:43
277.   D4P
The Giant lineup has one player OPSing over .800: Fred Lewis, at .801
2008-08-09 20:48:52
278.   Nathan L
beautiful pitch kuroda one more please!!
2008-08-09 20:48:53
279.   Bluebleeder87
oh man, Kuroda got away with that one, wow
2008-08-09 20:48:59
280.   dodgers82
Letter high FB, who agrees?
2008-08-09 20:49:10
281.   sporky
2008-08-09 20:49:26
282.   Nathan L
2008-08-09 20:49:27
283.   Tripon
2008-08-09 20:49:28
284.   thinkblue88


2008-08-09 20:49:30
285.   ucladodger
Amazing job by Hiroki. I apologize to Torre.
2008-08-09 20:49:32
286.   68elcamino427
Kuroda bears down!
2008-08-09 20:49:41
287.   Bluebleeder87
that pitch was beautifully.
2008-08-09 20:49:47
288.   dodgers82
If that giants' kid showed emotion, why not Kool'Roda, g'head
2008-08-09 20:49:54
289.   silverwidow
I wanted Kuroda to point to the sky.
2008-08-09 20:49:56
290.   MonkeyBlue
WOOOOOO!!! Kuroda pitching in the clutch!
2008-08-09 20:49:58
291.   skybluestoday
2008-08-09 20:50:08
292.   xaphor
Hiroki sutorakkuauto!
2008-08-09 20:50:18
293.   scareduck
In Soviet Russia, bears Kuroda you.
2008-08-09 20:50:35
294.   Greg Brock
Should have gone with the biggest Eckersley fist pump in history right there.
2008-08-09 20:50:46
295.   Bluebleeder87
o.k. we gotta score here.
2008-08-09 20:51:35
296.   MonkeyBlue
295. I've been saying that in every inning
2008-08-09 20:51:42
297.   JJ42
I like how Russ finished off his series of signs with a fist pump before Kuroda delivered the pitch!
2008-08-09 20:51:45
298.   Bluebleeder87

a moon walk would have been more impressive.

2008-08-09 20:51:49
299.   scareduck
I Juanna Be Sedated.
2008-08-09 20:52:13
300.   MonkeyBlue
Sweeney and Pierre back to back! what a dangerous combo!
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-09 20:52:29
301.   dodgers82
Pierre, "stick it" to the giants!!!
2008-08-09 20:52:48
302.   68elcamino427
2008-08-09 20:52:50
303.   scareduck
... and Juan is still teh suck.
2008-08-09 20:53:19
304.   scareduck
Oh, my, so the Dodgers are playing all their .000 OBP players in one inning. Great idea, Joe.
2008-08-09 20:53:51
305.   Johnson
Can Sweeney make two outs so Kemp can lead off in the 10th?
2008-08-09 20:53:53
306.   thinkblue88
It was cool to hear the excitement from Vinny in that inning.
2008-08-09 20:54:41
307.   sporky
Is Ozuna going to play SS?
2008-08-09 20:54:48
308.   underdog
Slappy McInPlayOut(s).

Well, whatever happens, it's good to see Kuroda pitching well again, even if it's against the Giants.

Let's do this!

2008-08-09 20:54:49
309.   Bluebleeder87
I don't think Sweeney can hit home runs anymore.
2008-08-09 20:54:51
310.   68elcamino427
C'mon Sweeney

This time it's for real

2008-08-09 20:54:54
311.   Tripon
We're not going to get that Sweeney line, are we?
2008-08-09 20:54:56
312.   scareduck
The Apocalypse is coming. Sweeney singles.
2008-08-09 20:55:01
313.   MonkeyBlue
Woooo! Sweeney with a hit.
2008-08-09 20:55:02
314.   Bluebleeder87
that hit was nice though.
2008-08-09 20:55:06
315.   capdodger
Hmm... this seems like the classic "let the pitcher, take him out next inning"-situation.
2008-08-09 20:55:22
316.   sporky
Brian Wilson is the pitcher/douche that crosses his arms after a save, right?
2008-08-09 20:55:36
317.   dodgers82
Manny should donate some hair to Sweeney.
2008-08-09 20:56:05
318.   dodgers82
wow, that was close!
2008-08-09 20:56:45
319.   capdodger
Or is Sweeny pinch-hitting for Kuroda?

Gameday has Kuroda hi....

There it goes. There's the pinch-hitter. Stupid gameday.

2008-08-09 20:57:32
320.   sporky
Warning track ugh.
2008-08-09 20:57:37
321.   MonkeyBlue
So many deep flys tonight.
2008-08-09 20:57:43
322.   ucladodger
Just missed for like the 3rd time tonight for Kemp.
2008-08-09 20:57:52
323.   thinkblue88

Well it was a great defensive game so far.

2008-08-09 20:58:16
324.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
316 - No, he sings "Little Deuce Coupe."
2008-08-09 20:58:49
325.   dodgers82
"Dear god can we please score, Love Eric" oh, was that out loud?
2008-08-09 21:03:06
326.   thinkblue88
2008-08-09 21:03:14
327.   Bluebleeder87
that thing looked fair to me...

the umps should huddle up.

2008-08-09 21:03:14
328.   68elcamino427
ball hit the line
2008-08-09 21:03:16
329.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-09 21:03:17
330.   Tripon
Did it hit the chalk?
2008-08-09 21:03:17
331.   Greg Brock
Meh. Bad call.
2008-08-09 21:03:23
332.   Andrew Shimmin
Well, that's a shame.
2008-08-09 21:03:33
333.   Who Is Karim Garcia
My brother just said that Ethier reminds him of Ricky Ledee. I'm going to kick his ass.
2008-08-09 21:03:50
334.   MonkeyBlue
Ump is freaking blind.
2008-08-09 21:03:52
335.   Bluebleeder87
It was fair.
2008-08-09 21:04:16
336.   ucladodger
as an um[ire, how in the world do you miss that call?
2008-08-09 21:04:18
337.   Tripon
Maybe Eithier should lead off. He's working the count like a real lead off hitter does.
2008-08-09 21:04:18
338.   scareduck
330 - looked fair to me.
2008-08-09 21:04:40
339.   sporky
Can't they just see if there's chalk on the ball?
2008-08-09 21:04:42
340.   Bluebleeder87

Give 'em a Charley for me.

2008-08-09 21:04:53
341.   dodgers82
i think that ump must be cockeyed or something cuz from anyone'a view that was FAIR!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-09 21:05:34
342.   thinkblue88
Well it was a great AB by 3.5.
2008-08-09 21:05:37
343.   Tripon
Maybe we should hire people under 50 to be umpires.
2008-08-09 21:05:38
344.   dodgers82
2008-08-09 21:05:42
345.   Bluebleeder87
if Kuo comes in I have full confidence he'll get the job done.
2008-08-09 21:06:05
346.   Greg Brock
339 I'm pretty sure that's paint, and the play is over. Foul ball. Not much you can do except get a hit the next pitch.


2008-08-09 21:06:45
347.   Bluebleeder87

or at least check there vision every so often.

2008-08-09 21:07:44
348.   Landonkk
I've watched just about every Dodger game this season and as far as I am concerned that was the worst call I've seen an umpire make this season.
2008-08-09 21:09:07
349.   68elcamino427
Kuroda did a great job tonight.
2008-08-09 21:10:26
350.   Tripon
347 Can't wait for Instant reply.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-09 21:10:50
351.   Bluebleeder87
Greg Brock were can I buy wiffle balls & bats?

or is somebody gonna bring 'em.

2008-08-09 21:11:02
352.   Nathan L
for those who dont know Orlando Hudson is out for year
2008-08-09 21:11:24
353.   Bluebleeder87
Nice stress free inning by Kuo.
2008-08-09 21:11:29
354.   scareduck
The Dodgers and Giants are headed for extras, and I ... I am headed for the gym. Night, all.
2008-08-09 21:11:33
355.   Icaros

I don't think replay would work for a play like that. If the ump stops the action, you can't restart.

2008-08-09 21:12:00
356.   Bluebleeder87
It's K-U-O-t-o-m-a-t-i-c.
2008-08-09 21:12:49
357.   Greg Brock
351 Any sporting goods store should have them. Toys R us as well.

Make sure they are within wiffle standards. That's very important.

2008-08-09 21:12:59
358.   Daniel Zappala
I would bet you could find a wiffle bat and ball at Walmart.
2008-08-09 21:12:59
359.   MonkeyBlue
Very disappointing at Kuo for not getting K outs.
2008-08-09 21:13:30
360.   capdodger
350 How would IR help on a call like that? What do you do with the runners when the video overturns it?
2008-08-09 21:14:07
361.   Fallout
355 Icaros
They would just put the players back to where they were and blow a whistle to continue.
2008-08-09 21:14:28
362.   Bluebleeder87
2008-08-09 21:14:36
363.   Greg Brock
Well done, old man.
2008-08-09 21:14:37
364.   Tripon
2008-08-09 21:14:37
365.   thinkblue88
Jeff Kent.


2008-08-09 21:14:38
366.   skybluestoday
Oh my!!!!
2008-08-09 21:14:41
367.   68elcamino427
Kent! You crazy Old Man!
2008-08-09 21:14:43
368.   Johnson
Everything old is young again!
2008-08-09 21:14:50
369.   dodgers82
2008-08-09 21:14:51
370.   MonkeyBlue
The old man can hit!!!!!!
2008-08-09 21:14:52
371.   scareduck
Well, I haven't left yet.

That was certainly fun.

2008-08-09 21:14:57
372.   silverwidow
Kent biatch.
2008-08-09 21:15:10
373.   capdodger
Twist that knife, Jeff. Twist it good.
2008-08-09 21:15:14
374.   Bluebleeder87
WOW, that thing went half way up the bleachers.
2008-08-09 21:15:32
375.   Daniel Zappala
Kuo has got to be one of the nicest surprises this season.
2008-08-09 21:15:47
376.   Fallout
Kent power.
2008-08-09 21:16:15
377.   dodgers82
that thing was hit so almost tapped a hole in that coke bottle
2008-08-09 21:16:25
378.   Disabled List
I hate when there's an delay. I saw you guys whooping it up for Kent before I saw him hit the dinger.
2008-08-09 21:16:31
379.   thinkblue88
Manny being Manny!!
2008-08-09 21:16:33
380.   MonkeyBlue
Heh, 3 singles for Manny.
2008-08-09 21:16:38
381.   68elcamino427
Manny! Single!
2008-08-09 21:16:53
382.   Bob Hendley
Kuroda, Kemp, Kuo, Kent.
2008-08-09 21:18:02
383.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Loney was robbed.
2008-08-09 21:18:26
384.   Icaros

If you're serious, I'd rather the blown call then have to see that.

2008-08-09 21:18:32
385.   dodgers82
Manny cant run, or did he just run towards second "boston style"?
2008-08-09 21:18:42
386.   Icaros
2008-08-09 21:18:50
387.   68elcamino427
Let's go Russ
2008-08-09 21:19:04
388.   Jon Weisman
I just want to point out that Kuo threw eight pitches in the ninth inning, and the first batter due up in the 10th is a lefty.
2008-08-09 21:19:42
389.   dodgers82
there is something missing in the crowd...oh yeah that dreadful "BEAT L.A." chant!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-09 21:19:43
390.   capdodger
361 Ah... Women's lacrosse style.
2008-08-09 21:20:06
391.   Bluebleeder87
are you gonna show up Icaros
2008-08-09 21:20:32
392.   kachang
Krukow and Kuiper are speculating that Kent's stare into the Giants dugout while rounding third was a message to their reliever Sadler...looking at Kent's expression while sitting in the dugout, I don't doubt it.
2008-08-09 21:21:03
393.   Gen3Blue
Often, when it is this tight I have trouble watching. But because I had to miss most of this game (sitting duties) I am enjoying it, and have resolved to watch and enjoy, win or lose!

Hey, these SF announcers think Loney has speed!

2008-08-09 21:21:10
394.   ucladodger
Freakin Torre and his hit and run. Way to totally ruin that AB by Russ. He had to swing at 2 balls. Hit and run on a 2-0 count is so idiotic I can't even express how bad it is.
2008-08-09 21:21:19
395.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
388 - Joe Torre wonders what you're getting at.
2008-08-09 21:21:25
396.   MonkeyBlue
392. I like that.
2008-08-09 21:21:42
397.   Tripon
They're disrespecting Andruw Jones!
2008-08-09 21:22:09
398.   Gen3Blue
How far the mighty have fallen.
2008-08-09 21:22:45
399.   dodgers82
there is that smurck from jones.....
2008-08-09 21:22:51
400.   MonkeyBlue
Why did they boo Jones?
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-09 21:23:05
401.   Icaros

Nah, I couldn't get up for the travel. Will miss it, though. If I had the power of teleportation, it'd be a no-brainer.

2008-08-09 21:23:15
402.   Disabled List
Pure disrespect here. Can't say I blame them.
2008-08-09 21:23:34
403.   Greg Brock
400 Because there are a lot of Dodgers fans at the game.
2008-08-09 21:24:26
404.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
388 - Moot now.
2008-08-09 21:24:28
405.   Bluebleeder87
everything away for A.Jones
2008-08-09 21:24:31
406.   Icaros


2008-08-09 21:25:15
407.   Gen3Blue
Could Kuo please go another inning?
2008-08-09 21:25:25
408.   MonkeyBlue
When you don't expect nothing for Andruw. You won't be disappoint.
2008-08-09 21:25:38
409.   Tripon
I'm not sure about that last strike. But oh well. BRING IN BROX-TON.
2008-08-09 21:25:51
410.   Sam NYC
388 Yup, and I just want to point out that Kuo is a better hitter
2008-08-09 21:25:55
411.   68elcamino427
Classic Kent Home Run!
2008-08-09 21:26:23
412.   Bob Hendley
Coming into the game, for August Kent hitting .360/.385/.440
2008-08-09 21:26:29
413.   Greg Brock

Somebody on BBTF mentioned Dale Murphy as a comparable collapse for Andruw Jones. I don't even think Dale Murphy fell off this big of a cliff.

2008-08-09 21:26:58
414.   Sam NYC
That made no sense at all. None at all.
2008-08-09 21:26:59
415.   Bluebleeder87
it's understandable, I just wanted K you with a ball I'm gonna end up buying at Toys R' us.
2008-08-09 21:27:49
416.   Bluebleeder87
415 for 401
2008-08-09 21:28:36
417.   Gen3Blue
388 Jon, you couldn't make a better point, and this is the kind of missed oppurtunity that has mad me livid this year.
2008-08-09 21:29:19
418.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
413 - That was me, I think, and I was mostly going for the "Braves CF suddenly tanking" thing.
2008-08-09 21:29:29
419.   thinkblue88
Them Rays are pretty good...
2008-08-09 21:29:33
420.   Greg Brock
2008-08-09 21:29:37
421.   Icaros

Whatever, I'm the Wiffle-Ball King of the Bay. I even built my own field in the backyard when I was a kid.

2008-08-09 21:29:44
423.   Bluebleeder87
pesky Roberts. agh!
2008-08-09 21:29:47
424.   Krebstar
The ghost of Dave Roberts won't leave me be!
2008-08-09 21:30:15
425.   Gen3Blue
417 made, I mean--but mad is also appropriate
2008-08-09 21:30:20
426.   Greg Brock
416 You don't get to pitch, man. We'll all get dominated.
2008-08-09 21:30:48
427.   MonkeyBlue
I hate Roberts.
2008-08-09 21:31:19
428.   Sam NYC
Broxton's gonna blow this.
2008-08-09 21:31:37
429.   Bluebleeder87
There is no enteligencia behind Broxton's pitching...

Here hit it or try too.

2008-08-09 21:32:08
430.   Who Is Karim Garcia

Are you referring to Andruw or Joe?

BTW, that physics video you posted a few days ago is an internet phenomenon. It's everywhere I look all of a sudden.

2008-08-09 21:32:12
431.   Jon Weisman
422 - That's not allowed, Tripon.
2008-08-09 21:32:36
432.   MonkeyBlue
Broxton WHY? is there something wrong with this guy?
2008-08-09 21:32:42
433.   Bluebleeder87
Rats. honestly I feel bad for Broxton, I just really like the dude.
2008-08-09 21:32:56
434.   sporky
2008-08-09 21:32:58
435.   Andrew Shimmin
432- His left fielder is a hump.
2008-08-09 21:32:59
436.   Greg Brock
Kuo/Lefty and turning Wynn around would have been nice.

I loathe Joe Torre.

2008-08-09 21:33:03
437.   Tripon
431 Sorry, my bad.
2008-08-09 21:33:25
438.   68elcamino427
Is this the aspect of Manny's D that we should fear?
2008-08-09 21:33:32
439.   ryu
Broxton Blows
2008-08-09 21:33:40
440.   Gen3Blue
This is Torrie thru and thru. He has such a definite style.
2008-08-09 21:34:28
441.   Greg Brock
430 Remember where you saw it first. Geek cred.
2008-08-09 21:34:52
442.   Who Is Karim Garcia
I'm going to my room.
2008-08-09 21:34:56
443.   Bluebleeder87
That's what happens. The snakes must be loving this.
2008-08-09 21:35:11
444.   MonkeyBlue
Sigh... nice meltdown for Broxton.
2008-08-09 21:35:21
445.   dodgers82
2008-08-09 21:35:23
446.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Broxton is a Brain-Dead Heaver.
Long ago, some veteran Dodger coined that for John Wetteland.
2008-08-09 21:35:28
447.   Greg Brock
Absolutely loathe.
2008-08-09 21:35:42
448.   Tripon
Well, I'm depressed.
2008-08-09 21:35:43
449.   Who Is Karim Garcia
This is why I drink.
2008-08-09 21:35:46
450.   Jon Weisman
You guys are talking about Broxton like he's Danys Baez. He deserves way better than that from those of you doing so.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-08-09 21:35:52
451.   Krebstar
Yakety Sax
2008-08-09 21:35:56
452.   Bluebleeder87

which physics video? I wanna see.

2008-08-09 21:35:58
453.   sporky
449 This game is sobering.
2008-08-09 21:37:26
454.   Jon Weisman
47 2/3 innings, 54 baserunners, 57 strikeouts. If you don't like that, you're not being reasonable.
2008-08-09 21:37:34
455.   capdodger
Ummm..... for those of us on Gameday: What happened? Did Broxton throw a tailing fastball to first, or did he throw to the wrong base?
2008-08-09 21:37:48
456.   Bluebleeder87
I've already prepared my mind for the loss...
2008-08-09 21:38:06
457.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-09 21:38:10
458.   Greg Brock
I sense a wonderful post about conventional wisdom and Joe Torre coming from the philosopher king.

Take your base.

2008-08-09 21:38:15
459.   thinkblue88
Bases loaded. The batter was hit.
2008-08-09 21:38:31
460.   dodgers82
2008-08-09 21:38:42
461.   Tripon
Broxton doesn't have it tonight, why isn't he being pulled for a guy like Wade?
2008-08-09 21:38:43
462.   Andrew Shimmin
455- He threw home. If Russ could have held on, it would have been an out.
2008-08-09 21:38:52
463.   Jon Weisman
455 - He had no play at first, so he threw home and threw in the dirt.
2008-08-09 21:39:21
464.   Bluebleeder87
is Broxton arm o.k. it looks like he is draging it or something.

maybe he is tired or something.

2008-08-09 21:39:47
465.   Jon Weisman
458 - No need to repeat myself.
2008-08-09 21:39:48
466.   sporky
A pox on Dave Roberts.
2008-08-09 21:39:59
467.   capdodger
459 No. The batter before that: Burris.
2008-08-09 21:40:13
468.   Sam NYC
454 Good pitcher, but not a closer.
2008-08-09 21:40:51
469.   Bluebleeder87
The Snakes are loving this (ugh!!) I can picture them now.
2008-08-09 21:40:59
470.   Greg Brock
465 Yeah, I guess that's our job.
2008-08-09 21:41:00
471.   capdodger
462 463 Thank you very much.
2008-08-09 21:41:03
472.   Icaros
Glad I didn't go to this game.
2008-08-09 21:41:06
473.   jtrichey
Hey all, Jones hit for Kuo and though with our bench it's debateable, basically you have to put a hitter up there to try and get more. If the inning would have ended sooner (dang Manny Ramirez) I bet we would have seen Kuo for the 10th.
2008-08-09 21:41:21
474.   Tripon
462 Hard to hold on a ball when Dave Roberts sticks his foot right into his glove.
2008-08-09 21:41:34
475.   Andrew Shimmin
The Snakes are watching women's beach volleyball, I bet.
2008-08-09 21:41:40
476.   Bluebleeder87
2008-08-09 21:41:44
477.   MonkeyBlue
Can't believe Molina chased that.
2008-08-09 21:42:00
478.   thinkblue88

I believe in you Broxton! Let's do this!

2008-08-09 21:42:02
479.   Tommy Naccarato
97 MPH. So much for a bad arm
2008-08-09 21:42:12
480.   Jon Weisman
468 - If you want to list all the ninth inning saves that he has blown that weren't the fault of a complete team defensive lapse, I can assure you it won't take you long at all.
2008-08-09 21:42:24
481.   Andrew Shimmin
474- It wasn't Martin's fault. If Martin doesn't make the play, that's a pretty fair case that the play was unmake-able.
2008-08-09 21:42:30
482.   Tripon
473 Bat Ardoin for Kuo, and then have him catch in the 9th inning.
2008-08-09 21:42:57
483.   jtrichey
And the "Broxton is not a closer" junk is pure silliness. He had been perfect since Saito went down until tonight.
2008-08-09 21:43:14
484.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The D-Backs' collective mind is not paying attention to what's happening in SF. The focus is O-Dog's wrist.
2008-08-09 21:44:08
485.   Greg Brock
Michael Phelps time.


2008-08-09 21:44:11
486.   Tripon
Well, this sucks.
2008-08-09 21:44:14
487.   thinkblue88

Get 'em next time Ox.

2008-08-09 21:44:19
488.   dodgers82
ONCE AGAIN..............THEY ARE THE GIANTS FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-09 21:44:23
489.   Andrew Shimmin
484- I'm sure his wrists are quite lovely, but I'd still put my money on women in bikinis for attention catching.
2008-08-09 21:44:24
490.   MonkeyBlue
I'm gonna cried now. I blame this on the offense tonight.
2008-08-09 21:44:37
491.   Bluebleeder87
half game back...

It's o.k. lets suit up & show up tomorrow.

2008-08-09 21:45:06
492.   Andrew Shimmin
Oops. Looks like volleyball is over. More men's gymnastics. I find fault with this programming.
2008-08-09 21:45:10
493.   Jon Weisman
488 - Could you please release your Caps Lock key?
2008-08-09 21:45:22
494.   Xeifrank
Giants win the penant!
Giants win the penant!
Well, now they are only 40 games out. :)
vr, Xei
2008-08-09 21:45:30
495.   Disabled List
This was the most frustrating game of the season so far.
2008-08-09 21:46:00
496.   Gilberto Reyes
Not second guessing the defensive alignment, but that ball is an inning ending DP if the infield is back. Tough loss.
2008-08-09 21:46:01
497.   Bluebleeder87

your probably right, it's all good man, it's just kind of frustrating. letting out some steam that's all.

2008-08-09 21:46:58
499.   Alex41592
Man, we were THIS close.
2008-08-09 21:48:27
500.   Bluebleeder87

I was thinking the same thing, oh well.

Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2008-08-09 21:48:55
501.   Paul S
2008-08-09 21:48:59
502.   Xeifrank
Was that last hit a double play with the infield back?
vr, Xei
2008-08-09 21:49:32
503.   Xeifrank
502. Guess it was. ;)
vr, Xei
2008-08-09 21:52:27
504.   Fallout
495 Disabled List
Maybe not. It was toward the hole.
2008-08-09 21:52:29
505.   dodgers82
488, sorry i was showing my emotions, heck everyone is doin it. haha!
2008-08-09 21:52:29
506.   regfairfield
Our defense is bad.
2008-08-09 21:53:32
507.   Chiron Brown
496 I thought the same thing. Why is the infield up with one out and the bases loaded?

It doesn't help that Torre gave away three outs with the hit and run. This team isn't good enough to give away an inning per game.

2008-08-09 21:54:51
508.   Gilberto Reyes
All the attacks on Broxton here are ridiculous. He has been doing very well in Saito's absence so far. We can all be frustrated without blaming him for tonight's loss.
2008-08-09 21:55:01
509.   Gen3Blue
Let's face it. Joe Torre is a nice guy.(like some of our other leaders). But he has his leadoff guy, and he has his closer.
Kuo only threw a few pitches and was a lefty. This guy has a very low on base percentage? Come on, baseball isn't supposed to be rocket science! And if I didn't stay dumb, how would I get baseball people and writers to still like me? Sure, anyone with half a brain could have won this game, but I doubt they could have been lovable.

Well, I at least enjoyed seeing a bit of it.

2008-08-09 21:56:50
510.   The Saul
I didn't cry when me own father was hung for stealing a pig, but I'll cry now.
2008-08-09 21:57:57
511.   Sam NYC
I know that this site isn't the place for "closer mentality" talk, but I know what I've seen. Broxton melted down last year in the middle of the pennant race and I've seen him melt down in enough important games not to come to the conclusion that he is a talented pitcher but he just doesn't do that well under pressure. Some people just don't respond well to it, and I think Broxton is one of those guys. I'm not trying to fight about it because no one wants him to do well more than me. And I don't mean to beat up on the kid because I really like him. I know you will disagree and I understand why you will. I'm entitled to my opinion though. And I knew he was going to blow it after his first three pitches.
2008-08-09 21:59:23
512.   regfairfield
511 They guy gave up one clean hit and has been nails before this.
2008-08-09 21:59:23
513.   Bluebleeder87

it was a standard hit towards 2nd base, easy DP but the infield was drawn in.

2008-08-09 22:00:29
514.   Gen3Blue
Hey, Broxton has great stuff and he keeps getting better. But anyone can see that when he gets put in a big situation, some of the time he has trouble getting it over.
Anytime in the majors you can't throw strikes, its a roll of the dice. I personally wish he had taken the time to pursue starting a while longer.But if he is lucky he may end up a closer, and if not he will certainly make middle reliever, which is a guaranteed pay day anyway, if not on the same grand scale.
2008-08-09 22:00:58
515.   regfairfield
Broxton career ERA in save situations: 2.97
Non save: 3.01
2008-08-09 22:01:00
516.   MMSMikey
the bottom line is, it should of come down to broxton having to save this game. kevin correa is a 2 pitch pitcher, and a clone of brett tomko, we absolutely have to score more than 1 run in 6 innings off a guy like that. russell martin did a terrible job on defense tonight, with his pitch call to the batter broxton ended up hitting, 4 pitches in a row he called inside fastball when a slider down and away would have struck him out easily. I hate to bad mouth russell but he needs to sit down with donny baseball and look at some tape, hes trying to pull everything.
2008-08-09 22:01:51
517.   Tripon
Broxton is our closer tonight, and I wouldn't be scared to see him again tomorrow night. BUT, he didn't have it tonight, and should have been pulled when he hit the batter for somebody like Cory Wade.

Hopefully we'll win tomorrow, and the D'Backs lose to the suddenly best team in the NL East Braves.

2008-08-09 22:02:40
518.   regfairfield
517 Pitchers require warmup time.
2008-08-09 22:02:51
519.   Jon Weisman
511 - Again, what are your examples?
2008-08-09 22:03:21
520.   Pedro Astacio
Does anyone really want to see Kuo as closer? This could just be my Asian pride speaking but he seems to have the stuff and the mentality.
2008-08-09 22:04:59
521.   Bluebleeder87

home many innings for each thing?

I like Broxton a lot man, I'm sure he'll do better, isn't this his first blown save? he'll be fine.

2008-08-09 22:05:09
522.   Andrew Kachaturian
Broxton's got fierce stuff, has great numbers, but for some reason doesn't inspire me with games on the line. I know he's done a good job in these situations for the most part, so I'm not sure what it is. I think maybe we all expect perfection from him because we know that he's capable of so much.

Despite not really having it tonight, I think there was a real chance of getting out of that inning if they went for the double play. It seems like lately, Kent has just missed a number of crucial plays.

Painful loss tonight.

2008-08-09 22:05:12
523.   regfairfield
520 At least until he blows a save.
2008-08-09 22:05:55
524.   Jon Weisman
These are Broxton's career splits.

2008-08-09 22:06:18
525.   Andrew Shimmin
If Pierre had stayed in the game after his PH and replaced Manny, the Dodgers would have won. Or in a parallel dimension where Manny isn't a hump, they could have won, too. But maybe we'd all have lizard tongues and it would rain doughnuts in that dimension. No free lunches.
2008-08-09 22:07:46
526.   Bluebleeder87

Your asking me? [looks around] yeah I think he is Kuolified.

2008-08-09 22:08:17
527.   regfairfield
Actually that was misleading because it includes hold situations too.

In his career Broxton has been much better in the eighth than in the ninth, but has been even better than that in extras.

2008-08-09 22:08:46
528.   Andrew Shimmin
Apparently this Phelps fellow is good at swimming.
2008-08-09 22:09:14
529.   Greg Brock
2008-08-09 22:09:20
530.   Gen3Blue
If you really want to quantify something, look at the early counts Broxton had tonight. I don't even have any idea what they actually are, but I just trust that the inability to get a strike or two early is the whole key to most pitching.
2008-08-09 22:11:35
531.   Bluebleeder87
Why don't we use a one two punch (tag team) of Kuo & Broxton?

like one time we'll use Broxton & the other time we'll use Kuo.

2008-08-09 22:12:46
532.   sporky
Phelps is a god.
2008-08-09 22:13:48
533.   Bob Hendley
Given the traditional way that Torre uses his closer, perhaps not having Kuo in that slot means that he gets into more high leverage situations.
2008-08-09 22:16:17
534.   ucladodger
Again, tonight was a combination blown save for the Dodgers. Broxton wasnt sharp, Martin called a hideous inning, and the defense sucked. i'll try to break it down hitter by hitter.

Roberts- Ahead with 2 stikes, why call for a fastball on the outside corner? He's a guy trying to make contact and that pitch allows him the most time to get the bat on the ball. Silly, silly call by Russ who gets extremely fastball happy with Broxton on the hill. Throw him soemthing in the dirt or try to burn him inside. He doesnt have the bat speed to pull Brox's fastball.

Winn- Any regular left fielder makes that play. Manny turned 2 fly balls into hits and this one cost us. Terrible jump. No idea why Andruw didnt stay in the game and move Andre to left. Brain dead move by Torre that might have cost the team the game and will go unnoticed.

Buriss- just bad luck. Little chopper that is an out if there isnt a guy on 3rd base.

Thats really all there was, and the blame should be shared equally. For a while I've been critical of Russ' pitch selection with Broxton, and it showed tonight. And Manny should never be in left field in the last 2 innings when we have a lead. Never.

2008-08-09 22:17:34
535.   Gen3Blue
I take back 530 at least to some extent. I checked it out and it wasn't as much bad control as I thought. Brox mostly just didn't have it tonight.
2008-08-09 22:17:36
536.   Fallout
513 Bluebleeder87
it was a standard hit towards 2nd base...
Kent took two steps and dove to his left. If he was playing back for the DP he would have been playing close to the bag...not at his regular position. He may have fielded it but may not have gotten two.
2008-08-09 22:19:22
537.   sporky
Hopefully Billingsley gets a CG win, so there'll be no repeat of this debate tomorrow.
2008-08-09 22:20:35
538.   sporky
Broxton's blown save really, really sucked, but what's more embarrassing is the fact that KEVIN CORREIA shut down the Dodgers.
2008-08-09 22:21:20
539.   Gen3Blue
There is a lot to what 3M says in 516.
2008-08-09 22:22:01
540.   Bill Crain
When Ethier made the last out in the ninth the Dodgers had 4 outfielders still in the lineup. Torre could have left Juan in center and moved Kemp to right. That would have put the pitcher in the spot that hits last, the conventional move. I notice he didn't.

It didn't matter in the end, but I wonder if Joe was thinking defense.

2008-08-09 22:25:03
541.   ucladodger

He had another chance when Andruw hit in the 10th. Its a no-brainer to get Manny out of the field with a 1 run lead. He's the worst outfielder in the game and he showed it there. His value is all at the plate and if his bat doesnt matter in a certain situation (ie tonight), he cannot be in the game.

2008-08-09 22:26:46
542.   ucladodger

So true, sporky. I cant count the number of 89-90 mph elt high fastballs that we didnt crush. Add to that Manny and Russ chasing 3-2 sliders nowhere near the plate, and it really hurts. The game never should have come downt o Broxton pitching or extra innings.

2008-08-09 22:28:19
543.   Fallout
The Dodgers started their "best offense" (available) and only scored 2 runs. That's the problem.
2008-08-09 22:31:14
544.   Bill Crain
Maybe he just wasn't paying attention?
2008-08-09 22:31:56
545.   Alex41592
How do you remove Manny for defense in the 10th when Jones has PH for the pitcher and we have only Ardoin on the bench? You have to leave Manny in the game. We had a legitimate shot to move into first place all alone tonight. Not the "if the D'Backs lose today and we win" stuff. It was right there for us to take and we let it get away. That's the problem and that hurts more than any micromanaging. You have to win these games.
2008-08-09 22:32:54
546.   Andrew Shimmin
Why wasn't Phelps racing in this last one? Based on twenty minutes of watching swimming, I think he could have taken Park.
2008-08-09 22:35:37
547.   ucladodger

He hit for the pitcher. You leave Andruw in the 8 spot and put Broxton in the 4 spot for Manny. Put Druw in center, Kemp in right, Dre in left.

2008-08-09 22:37:54
548.   underdog
Well, that was poopy. I watched the last inning online while also watching DVDs*. I'm glad I had something else to get my mind off Broxton's blown save.

Icaros, Vishal, Jacob, I'm glad we were at last night's game and not this one, but sorry to anyone who was there (sorry Louis) for the bitter end and hope tomorrow is better.

These things happen. Best thing to do is move on quickly, and get a win tomorrow.

(* King Corn and The Bank Job, both very worth renting in their own ways.)

2008-08-09 22:38:54
549.   Alex41592
545 - No, I know that. It wasn't gonna happen with nobody on the bench. You're not going to move up the pitchers spot with an empty bench if the game continues you have Ardoin instead of Manny in the #4 spot.
2008-08-09 22:39:29
550.   Alex41592
549 was meant for 547
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2008-08-09 22:40:27
551.   Alex41592
547 - I'd be in total agreement with you under different circumstances.
2008-08-09 22:40:57
552.   Xeifrank
Guo never really started getting high leverage situations until right before Saito went down. It took more than half the season for Torre to use (arguably) their best pitcher in a way that he actually made a difference to a win/loss. I would still like to see Guo as a starter, but understand that now with Saito out that he is needed in the pen. He is being used much better now, I have to admit, but when it comes to personnel usage, Joe Torre lugs around a 500lb gorilla. It takes forever for the guy to "get it". And like an astute poster pointed out the other day, just because most other managers are just as bad, doesn't mean we can't hope for something better.
vr, Xei
2008-08-09 22:42:18
553.   underdog
So Broxton was 6 of 6 in his first 6 save opportunities filling in for Saito and then he blows this one and he's terrible? (And he was bad tonight, no doubt about that.) I don't get the throw him under the bus mentality. And I agree, it shouldn't have come to him in the 10th, there were many other moments they could've blown it open. Corriea's not a really good pitcher but from what I did see on TV today he threw some very good pitches, too. Whatever, it happens.

Michael Phelps, he's good at swimming.

2008-08-09 22:46:36
554.   underdog
John Lindsey quietly hit his 24th homer of the season for Vegas tonight.
2008-08-09 22:46:40
555.   ucladodger

I could not care less about the bench in the circumstance. With a 1 run lead in extra innings, I do whatever i can to protect that lead. The bench doesnt matter if you win the game. With Roberts/Winn/Burriss/Ochoa coming up, I do everything i can to improve my defense because those guys put the ball in play and are not home run threats. Most like you win the game, and if by chance the game is tied you still have Kemp/Ethier/Kent (i believe) coming up. Taking out Manny in that situation benefits the team more than leaving him in, no doubt about that.

2008-08-09 22:47:21
556.   jet
This was a team loss: Broxton certainly; Torre on xanax, leaving Ramirez out there, taking out Kuo; our inability to hit Correia, all this and more commented on here ad nauseum, but 511 does have a point. I saw all those games last September as well, and I've seen virtually all of Broxton's appearances this year: the kid does have a problem with pressure. Career splits don't tell the whole story, i.e. inherited runners. Relief pitchers ERA's can be a very misleading stat. Broxton will grow (hopefully psychologically, or else I'll need a wider screen tv), the problem is Torre won't.
2008-08-09 22:47:36
557.   Dodgers49
534 No idea why Andruw didnt stay in the game and move Andre to left. Brain dead move by Torre that might have cost the team the game and will go unnoticed.

Torre stated the night Manny arrived that he would not be replacing Manny for defense late in games unless Manny made him uncomfortable. Well, maybe Torre is now feeling sufficiently uncomfortable. We'll just have to wait and see what happens at the next opportunity.

What I found puzzling about Torre's statement was the fact that he has been watching Manny play left field for Boston for years. Why would he need more evidence?

2008-08-09 22:55:12
558.   Andrew Shimmin
You know who else is a choke artist? Katie Hoff. Never loses the race outside of the Olympics, never wins it at the Olympics.

It's like she just didn't want to be there.

2008-08-09 22:59:41
559.   Jon Weisman
556 - Still waiting for examples. What are all these appearances this year in which he has caved to pressure? What are "all those games last September"? What does that mean, and can you tell me that they didn't have more to do with a tired arm than his head?

New post up top.

2008-08-09 23:00:34
560.   Kevin Lewis
Great points. The chopper by Burris is the epitome of baseball sometimes, just bad luck. What can you do on that play? I was surprised we even had a chance to get Roberts at the plate.
2008-08-09 23:01:04
561.   whodat807
558 To be fair, both the first and second place winners beat the previous world record. It's not like she lost against the same level of competition she faces outside the Olympics.
2008-08-09 23:01:06
562.   LAT

Pineapple Express= Stupid. Not funny. Lame. Trarded.

Plus, it begs the questions: (1) how many times can Seth Rogen play the same role; and (2) can he do anything else?

2008-08-09 23:04:56
563.   Andrew Shimmin
561- I was being Plaschke. Pay no attention to me.
2008-08-09 23:05:47
564.   ToyCannon
Russel Martin with a 638 OPS since the all-star game and his BABIP at .328 is higher so he's not hitting into bad luck.

Brian McCann on the other hand has been a beast. The conversation about who the best catcher in the NL is should be a short one this winter.

2008-08-09 23:07:03
565.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-08-09 23:07:54
566.   jet
559 Just a quick answer: his last three appearances were all shaky. The liberal 'Save' stat is not always a reflection of how well a closer closes. And yes, it doesn't help a young pitcher's psyche to have an erratic defense behind him. Also, I'm not so sure he's that tired. Or should be. Before the appearance in the last St. Louis game, he had six days off. And frankly, even though I made a (feeble) joke before, maybe if he were in better shape, he wouldn't fatigue as quickly as he seems to do.
2008-08-09 23:24:10
567.   LAT
USA Network showing Woman's Doubles Badmition. What could be better than that?
2008-08-09 23:25:30
568.   LAT
. . . and Singapore mops the floor with Team USA.
2008-08-09 23:29:58
569.   Dodger Tony
This was a far worse emotional loss than harmful one, as the status Kuo didn't change (I like that). However, I found myself having that familiar Dodger ominous solar plexus aggravated dread feeling quite early in the game. Having watched a zillion games played by the Blue, I have a certain interior feel for their process, which seems to buckle at movement beyond their comfort zon at just around hoverville .500. They had body language which indicated that they were not ready to assume the stand alone position. Eyes wide in that familiar deer in the headlights, Jim Tracy look we've all grown accustomed to. No doubt they will continue to ascend and eventually transcend the division, yet that doesn't help these distressing vomitous loses to the hated ones in front of you know who in the bay of cheaters. My day ends badly though I am grateful for the game itelf. Uggh. Tomorrow is another day, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace till the last weekend with the Black and Orange again. Oh my.

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