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The Game
2003-04-08 06:20
by Jon Weisman

In attending to our daughter and our stomachs, my wife and I didnÕt pay attention to every pitch much better than we paid attention to the first one. But we were fortunate to see what was almost the play of the year for the Dodgers - a backhanded stab of a grounder up the middle by second baseman Alex Cora, who made a backhand flip in the same motion to shortstop Cesar Izturis, who wheeled and fired to first baseman Fred McGriff for ... a near out.

And so went the game.

Two key decisions in this game, as far as IÕm concerned - one by each manager. Kevin Brown pitched well but was losing his edge in the sixth inning, and barely got out of the inning unscored upon. No doubt tempted by the fact that BrownÕs spot was due up third in the bottom of the seventh, Jim Tracy sent Brown out to pitch the top of the seventh. Brown gave up a home run to Chad Moeller, and then was replaced anyway. This isnÕt a hindsight criticism - even though he was facing the bottom of the Arizona order, it was hard to imagine that Brown wouldnÕt get into trouble in the seventh inning, necessitating a call to the bullpen anyway.

The second move came moments later, when Bob Brenly had Matt Williams pinch-hit for Tony Womack. IÕm no big Matt Williams fan - and even less of a Bob Brenly fan, but I am someone who believes that Womack doesnÕt belong in the starting lineup, and Brenly picked as good a time as any to realize it, even for a moment. Williams singled and scored the second Arizona run.

Our heralded 25th man, Ron Coomer, came up for his first at-bat of the season with a chance to win the game for the Dodgers in the 11th inning. I couldnÕt help wondering who would win in this high-profile moment - my instincts about CoomerÕs lack of value, or my tendency to have to eat crow.

Turns out, just hot dog, pretzel, peanuts and Krispy Kreme on Monday - but no crow.

WouldnÕt it be funny - even as a joke - if they had crow on the concession stand menu?

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