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Can We Get Tommy John Surgery on the Offense - Stat?
2003-04-05 14:19
by Jon Weisman

IÕve read more than once that Darren Dreifort had a wicked pitching motion that made him vulnerable to the kinds of injuries that heÕs had.

Last night, his motion looked smooth to me. So either thatÕs progress, or I just donÕt know what to look for.

His game was similar to the Tommy John game I wrote about Friday, wasnÕt it? A little shaky, but mostly effective until finally giving up a three-run inning.

You probably came away from FridayÕs loss more worried about the Dodger offense than the Dodger pitching. Me too.

DoesnÕt it seem like every year, we hear the Dodgers are going to manufacture runs by playing little ball? And doesnÕt it seem like every year, weÕre watching the opposition do it?

The Dodgers struggle to get within a run of the Padres, and then in the bottom of the eighth inning, San Diego uses a double and two bunts - one by ex-Dodger minor leaguer Shane Victorino - to get a run in. Easily.

Frankly, IÕve been wondering what makes mediocre offensive teams like the Dodgers think they would be any better at manufacturing runs than they are at buying them retail. If theyÕre not good enough build an above-average OPS, what makes them think that they can execute a fairly difficult play, the hit-and-run?

Are the Angels able to manufacture runs because they are really committed to it and not just paying lip service to the idea, or because theyÕre just better hitters?

Either way, it seems safe to continue saying that itÕs going to be another inconsistent year at the plate for the Dodgers.

(It could be worse. After five games, the Detroit Tigers have four runs and 19 hits, an average of 0.8 runs and 4.8 hits per game.)

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