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'In the Deep Freeze ...'
2008-08-13 09:40
by Jon Weisman

Keith Thursby of The Daily Mirror at the Times finds a story from 50 years ago today looking at the Dodger minor leaguers. Quoting Dodger minor league system head Fresco Thompson:

"You know, it's a strange thing. Most people regard the Dodgers as a bunch of doddering veterans who are only a couple of jumps shy of collecting their Social Security checks each month. Actually, that's not the case.

"People think of our ball club in terms of Pee Wee Reese, Carl Furillo, Duke Snider, Carl Erskine and the like. But you take those men out and we've got the youngest club in the National League. Gil Hodges is only 34. He ought to be right at the peak of his career. Instead, he's having his worst season in baseball and folks think he's a fugitive from a wheel chair.

"Otherwise, we have a young team. Men like Charlie Neal, Don Zimmer, Dick Gray, Joe Pignatano, John Roseboro, Gino Cimoli, Don Drysdale, Danny McDevittt, Stan Williams.

"In the deep freeze we've got Tom La Sorda, who has won 16 for Montreal, including three shutouts. … For infield bolstering we have George Anderson in Montreal, who has made six straight all-league teams.

"We need outfield reinforcements and should get them from Don Demeter, Solly Drake, John Glenn, Ron Fairly, Don Miles, Tommy Davis and the fabulous Frank Howard, the 6-foot, 5 1/2-inch All-American basketball player from Ohio State."

* * *

Larry Bowa chatted online Tuesday with Dodger fans - at length and on a variety of topics, I'd say. One revelation that perplexed me is that he definitely feels like taking more chances on the bases when the Dodgers are winning:

Gob_Bluth: Coach Bowa, what factors go into you deciding whether to "send" a player home?

Bowa: The score is very indicative of whether you'll be more or less aggressive. If you're ahead, you'll take more chance to add on or if you're behind, you'll have to be more conservative. ...

4ublue: Why do you send some runners like Loney the other night when it looked to all of us like he would be out with an average good throw?

Bowa: When you're up four runs and you try to add on there, if we were behind or tied, the situation would have been different. I'll do that again if we're up four or five runs. It took a perfect throw to get him.

Regarding the Loney example, I think the questioner is correct - a typical throw was what retired Loney. More to the point, with Casey Blake on deck and one out, why would Bowa feel the compulsion to get that run in? Even though the Dodgers were winning - especially because they were winning - what's the urgency?

Considering the Dodgers gave away leads in the previous two games, considering there were six innings of baseball remaining against a tough offensive team, Bowa is all too cavalier in this respect.

Update: I need to clarify what I wrote. It's not that I think that you can't take more chances when you are winning. It's that I think winning doesn't justify taking ridiculous chances.

* * *

James McDonald threw his second straight 10-strikeout victory for Las Vegas (though somehow he is getting only one groundout for every five outs in the air) and remains an option for a pre-September callup to bolster the Dodger pitching staff.

* * *

  • Joe Posnanski debates whether or not to go see Bruce Springsteen the night his Beijing-to-Kansas City travels end.

  • Comments (324)
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    2008-08-13 10:24:48
    1.   Tripon
    Larry Bowa's chat is up.

    dante892: Who do you think is the ideal starting three outfielders on this team?

    Bowa: Joe's going to go with the hot hand. Obviously Kemp and Manny are starting every day with an occasional day off, but he's just going to mix and match with the rest.

    I haven't seen much of Kemp or Manny sitting much lately.

    2008-08-13 10:26:03
    2.   Tripon
    Oops. That shows me not to read the topic post in advance.
    2008-08-13 10:28:57
    3.   cargill06
    This really means nothing, just playing with numners.

    If we win both those games in SF we're 62-57, and 31-19 in our last 50 games (.620), meaning in our last 43 games if we could play at a .651 clip we'd sneak into 90 wins. Which would mean we finished our last 93 games at 59-34, which would be a 103 win team for a full season.

    2008-08-13 10:32:19
    4.   Xeifrank
    I think what Bowa said actually makes sense. He may not have done a good job of putting forth his argument in the most convincing fashion, but when you are losing, outs are more important than when you are ahead. It doesn't mean you do something dumb like send a runner home who has very little chance of scoring, but it means that you are more conservative when you are behind (especially by more than 1 run), because you can less afford to give up outs. And obviously there are more factors than just the score when deciding to send a runner home, like how close are you to the black-hole part of the lineup etc...
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 10:34:30
    5.   ToyCannon
    Fresco didn't think enough of 22 year old Sandy Koufax to even mention him as one of the young guys.
    2008-08-13 10:36:23
    6.   Greg Brock
    In the deep freeze we've got Tom La Sorda

    Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer > Unfrozen Tom Lasorda.

    2008-08-13 10:37:00
    7.   Jon Weisman
    4 - I agree that outs are more important when you are behind, but I also don't think you use that as an excuse to justify a situation where you have no business sending a runner home.

    He did mention those other factors in his chat - I only posted an excerpt.

    2008-08-13 10:40:27
    8.   Greg Brock
    4 Or whether the outfielder has the ball before the runner has touched third base....
    2008-08-13 10:40:46
    9.   Kevin Lewis
    I may not agree with sending Loney in that situation, but I see his reasoning. How many times do we see a throw off the mark and think "oh, he had that"? I am always amazed at how easily an outfielder can turn a "routine" throw to home into something way off the plate.

    OT: The wife and I are sitting in Loge tonight. Any recommendations on the food down there?

    2008-08-13 10:41:36
    10.   Zak
    I think I am ok with Bowa's reasoning as far as being more aggressive when up a few runs as opposed to being conservative when behind.

    Of course, the world will end now that I agree with Larry Bowa.

    By the way, and I know and understand that I am in the deep minority here, but I don't have a problem with sending Loney there. It did take a better than average throw, the Dodgers were up a few runs and you want to put the onus on the RF there. Werth made a good throw and nailed Loney, but I would have wanted him to send Loney there.

    The point that the Dodgers gave away leads in the past two games should have no bearing on the decision to send him there.

    2008-08-13 10:43:05
    11.   Bob Timmermann
    Question for people attending the picnic tomorrow:

    I have written up a trivia quiz? Would people want an oral quiz or a written quiz?

    There will be prizes!

    2008-08-13 10:44:27
    12.   silverwidow
    My current top 3:

    1. James McDonald -- Best SP in the system, bar none. His flyball tendencies are worrisome since he doesn't have a plus fastball, but his secondary offerings (curve and change) will miss plenty of bats.

    2. Scott Elbert -- Higher ceiling than McDonald if he returns to form as a starter. But he's looking more and more like a late inning bullpen guy.

    3. Ivan DeJesus Jr. -- Lack of power and possible move to 2B hurt his value. Plate discipline is great and he's still young enough to develop extra base pop down the road.

    2008-08-13 10:45:42
    13.   Bob Timmermann
    I mean the picnic on Saturday.
    2008-08-13 10:46:16
    14.   cargill06
    11 the picnic is on a thursday??
    2008-08-13 10:46:38
    15.   Kevin Lewis

    Oh man, now I need to study. And, the picnic is on Thursday now?

    2008-08-13 10:46:58
    16.   Eric Stephen
    An oral quiz could get confusing with so many people there.

    An Orel quiz would be cool though.

    2008-08-13 10:48:56
    17.   Daniel Zappala
    11 Sorry, but you're not allowed to give a test unless you've been properly certified as a teacher. The LAUSD, Pasadena City College, and CalTech would like to speak with you.
    2008-08-13 10:49:20
    18.   Greg Brock
    I'll bring the scantrons and number two pencils.
    2008-08-13 10:50:46
    19.   D4P
    Do you have your own personal travel scantron reader machine thingy?
    2008-08-13 10:50:53
    20.   twerp
    From last thread:

    147 "Every time I see a small, private plane flying nearby, I look up and think, "I wonder if that plane is going to crash." It seems like it happens all the time, but I've never seen one myself."

    Actually, stats show private planes are safer than driving a car, tho it seems like that shouldn't be the case. There are strict requirements on maintenance, and not nearly as many idiots fly planes as drive cars.

    When a small plane crashes and maybe kills someone, it's news and widely reported bc it's unusual. When car crashes kill folks, that hardly makes the news bc it's unfortunately too common.

    154 "He would be looking for a baby with good plate discipline first of all."

    Would that be the discipline not to break the plates by throwing them on the floor or smashing them against the highchair? ;)

    2008-08-13 10:52:53
    21.   Greg Brock
    Don't worry, Bob. LAUSD will file a complaint against you in the next three to six months, after they fill out the appropriate twelve page complaint form. From there, it will be routed to complaint processing, on the twenty-fifth floor.
    2008-08-13 10:53:22
    22.   CanuckDodger
    12 -- Elbert, DeJesus, McDonald is the order in which I line them up. Elbert is relieving right now, but I don't think you can infer from that that he is going to be a reliever long term. Until I hear otherwise, I am assuming the Dodgers are just playing it conservative with Elbert. He throws harder than McDonald and has the higher ceiling.
    2008-08-13 10:55:38
    23.   Daniel Zappala
    21 Somehow I think of LAUSD as being glacially slow when figuring out how to pay people correctly, or deciding whether to change textbooks, but lighting quick when penalizing someone who does something wrong.
    2008-08-13 10:56:21
    24.   Deuce
    Besides the score, hopefully Bowa is also considering:

    -the speed of the runner
    -the arm of the outfielder
    -who's on deck
    -how many outs there are

    It usually hurts me to hear Bowa speak, but I think he's done a decent job as 3B coach. Loved his helmet spike last night after Martin scored.

    2008-08-13 10:57:55
    25.   Jon Weisman
    Farewell, 7-foot-7 Sandy Allen:,0,4344970.story

    2008-08-13 10:58:49
    26.   Greg Brock
    23 They're pretty good at shuffling horrible teachers from school to school or hiding them on the payroll. Let's give credit where credit is due.
    2008-08-13 10:59:10
    27.   ToyCannon
    Only 7 of those 17 names he mentioned went on to help the Dodgers in any meaningful way.

    Conversely after the 2005 season if we mentioned the young players on the Dodgers and in the minors who we expected to be a major part of the teams future we would have mentioned:
    From the Big Club:
    Izturis(25), Werth(26), Navarro(21), Perez(25), Repko(24),Aybar(22), E Jackson(21), Cody Ross(24), Choi(26)
    D Young(23), Loney(21), Abreu(20), Guzman(20), LaRoche(21), Martin(22), Billingsley(20), Broxton(21), Orenduff(22), Miller(20), Kuo(23)

    Nice return really. Werth, Navarro, Ross, Aybar, E Jackson are all starting and producing for other teams.

    Izzy is still a starting Major League SS. LaRoche is now a starting Major League 3rd baseman.

    Perez, Guzman, Repko, Orenduff, and Miller look like washouts.

    To early to tell on Abreu.

    I didn't mention Milton because Milton had burned his bridges by then and had no future with the team.

    2008-08-13 11:02:12
    28.   Jon Weisman
    24 - Are people only reading the excerpt that I post and not clicking to read the full thing?
    2008-08-13 11:03:58
    29.   Deuce
    26 A teacher myself but sometimes question the wisdom of tenure.
    2008-08-13 11:04:05
    30.   ToyCannon
    Love LAUSD. On Aug 2nd we got a 5 minute call from the Union representative telling us hard they have worked with LAUSD to solve the payroll snafu. On Aug 5th my wife received two identical checks for her Aug Deposit. What is the pool on how long it takes for LAUSD to ask for their money back?
    2008-08-13 11:06:06
    31.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm guessing that her name may come up the next time the Dodgers play Arizona and Johnson or Rauch pitch.
    2008-08-13 11:06:15
    32.   Xeifrank
    I wonder if Torre has given any thoughts to giving Ramon Troncoso a more prominent role in the bullpen. He has put up some great numbers (9.72 K/9, 2.33 FIP, 0 HRs in 25IP). I think it's about time he was promoted up the depth chart ahead of atleast Wade and Park (Park for sure). My bullpen depth chart would be (Guo, Broxton, Troncoso, Beimel, Wade, Park/Johnson). I know Guo will never pass up Broxton, but he's been the better of the two pitchers over the past calender year.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 11:06:28
    33.   LoneStar7
    I got a glimpse of the new manny dreads last night, they look pretty funny, especially because the majority of people wearing them were white 12 year old boys
    2008-08-13 11:07:54
    34.   ToyCannon
    There is a suburb in Sacramento where everyone owns small planes and the garages and streets have been modified for them. It is quite interesting to see the level of the street signs.
    From what I understand they are all commercial pilots and they fly their personal planes to the main airports for work.
    2008-08-13 11:08:20
    35.   Greg Brock

    August 15th: The district calls to set up an appointment to discuss the payroll mistake.

    August 17th: The district realizes you've received two checks, and cancels both.

    August 19th: The district sets up an appointment to discuss the cancellation of both checks.

    August 21th: The district confuses "Tuttle" and "Buttle" and kidnaps you in your sleep.

    2008-08-13 11:09:18
    36.   Deuce
    28 Thanks for the reminder. Went and read the entire chat.
    2008-08-13 11:10:19
    37.   ToyCannon
    The beauty of direct deposit is they can't do that, but if they could, that is an excellent scenario.
    2008-08-13 11:15:49
    38.   Zak
    35 One of my favorite MASH episodes was about where Hawkeye was collecting payroll checks for Captain Tuttle. They had to fake his death at the end which had a hilarious speech at the end by Frank and Henry.
    2008-08-13 11:16:26
    39.   underdog
    For some reason the first thought that occurred to me when I read the above article about the 1958 Dodgers was... "Don Zimmer was young once?" I can never get past that fact. I just thought he was born looking like Popeye.


    Rats, I forgot to send the Fathead cardboard cutout of myself to Jon in time for the picnic before I go. It was going to have some pithy pre-programmed recorded phrases and witty jokes to make at random intervals, almost like having the real thing there! Ah well.

    2008-08-13 11:18:55
    40.   underdog
    38 Oh my God, that is my favorite MASH episode. I will watch that one anytime it's rerun. "We can all be comforted by the thought that he's not really gone, there's a little Tuttle left in all of us... in fact you might say that all of us together made up Tuttle."
    2008-08-13 11:20:32
    41.   Zak
    I know Guo will never pass up Broxton, but he's been the better of the two pitchers over the past calender year.

    I think you are very good with stats, so I hate disagreeing with you, but hasn't Kuo pitched in a lot of games where the Dodgers were either up or down by more than a couple of runs? Also, he has pitched early enough in games where he has had to face bad hitters and pitchers on the other teams, correct? Also, how do you find out what each of them has done in high leverage situations?

    I love Kuo and I can see clearly his peripheral stats are great and he's had a wonderful year. It also would be very hard for me to say that he has been better than Broxton this year. I will exclude last September from my question although I know you've included Broxton's performance from then.

    2008-08-13 11:25:28
    42.   silverwidow
    22 Elbert is relieving right now, but I don't think you can infer from that that he is going to be a reliever long term.

    When Colletti traded Meloan, he brought up Elbert's name with Troncoso and Wade as guys that were higher on the food chain. I don't know if that classifies him as a reliever long term, but his stuff would definitely fit well there.

    If, like you said, they're just being cautious, then he's a frontline starter in the making.

    2008-08-13 11:25:35
    43.   Zak
    40 Yeah that one is one of my all time faves. I guess if I had to pick one, it would be the one where there is an unexploded bomb in the compound and Hawkeye has to diffuse it based on instructions Radar got from the Navy. Hilarious.
    2008-08-13 11:26:55
    44.   Zak
    43 Now that I think about it, it was Henry giving the instructions on how to diffuse it.
    2008-08-13 11:31:19
    45.   Xeifrank
    41. Fair point(s), thanks for the non TV related reply. :) Yes, it's true that Broxton has been used in higher leverage situations than Guo this year and that Guo has made a couple of starts (earlier in the year). Starting in general, is more difficult than pitching in relief, so I think that would cancel out any benefit from facing more pitchers. While, Broxton has pitched in higher leverage situations this year, he has had his full share of trouble converting those high leverage situations into wins (WPA 0.47), while Guo has done a tremendous job of keeping the Dodgers in games they trailed in, allowing them to make comebacks (WPA 1.83). Broxton is very good and so is Guo, but I have no problem saying that Guo has been the better pitcher over the past calender year (but not by a landslide). Amazingly, Guo's walk rate has been much better than Broxton's. I am still conditioned to squirm a little bit every time Guo pitches from his bouts of wildness in the previous years, but this year he has been rock solid.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 11:31:31
    46.   underdog
    Since Elbert is not on the 40 man, he won't get a September call-up, but I bet we see him with the big club sometime next year.

    Who do people think the Dodgers will lose/let go via Rule 5 next year? (If anyone.)

    43 I love that one, too. "And that should put you right in the heart of downtown Berlin."

    2008-08-13 11:34:52
    47.   Zak
    45 I think we're basically in agreement. I love what Kuo has done this year, and have no problem using him any situation. Not to be dismissed lightly is that he has absolutely killed lefties this year. Something like 40% of lefties PAs have been strike outs.
    2008-08-13 11:50:35
    48.   Greg Brock
    Laszlo Cseh is going to be a splendid Bond villain.
    2008-08-13 11:53:30
    49.   Bob Timmermann
    I have discovered today from a patron inquiry that the tourism slogan for the greater Meridian, Mississippi area (Lauderdale County) is "A Better Longitude on Fun."
    2008-08-13 11:54:34
    50.   underdog
    48 "A Hungarian reporter told me that Cseh had spent two months deep down in the dumps after last year's world championships when he realised how unstoppable Phelps was and that all his work was targeted towards trying to be the next best."

    Poor guy. Always the bridesmaid...

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2008-08-13 12:01:33
    51.   Bluebleeder87
    11 13

    I don't know if you did that on purpose but it gave me a chuckle Bob. :o)

    2008-08-13 12:13:11
    52.   Kevin Lewis
    Are most of the sports writers for the LA times really snide in their writing style? I just read the article on the Chinese gymnasts by Helen Elliot, and it just seems there is a more professional way to write about the age topic
    2008-08-13 12:22:23
    53.   Jon Weisman
    52 - I wouldn't say Helene has much of a history of being snide.
    2008-08-13 12:23:23
    54.   jujibee
    34. What? I think I would've at least heard about this beeing that I live there, and I haven't heard about this at all. What is the city?
    2008-08-13 12:25:55
    55.   Daniel Zappala
    49 The Chamber of Commerce was obviously given a wide latitude when entrusted with this important task.
    2008-08-13 12:27:54
    56.   ibleedbloo
    I can't find a schedule for the 2008 post season; anyone know where/if one is available? I'm planning a Vegas trip for 10/17 but I can't take the chance of missing a NLCS or World Series home game. Comparing to last year, a home game for the team with home field advantage NLCS would have been played that weekend (if necessary).

    What's the chance we would have home field in the second round? The Cubs, Brewers, and Phils/Marlins/Mets are all likely to have better records than us, but if we play the Wild Card in the NLCS, would we have the home field advantage?

    2008-08-13 12:35:10
    57.   Bluebleeder87
    I was just talking to my friend & he was really impressed with how many metals the host country had, I was like I'll be more impressed when they produce a star baseball player but that's just me.
    2008-08-13 12:38:19
    58.   Xeifrank
    57. Did you tell him that China was favored (beforehand) to win more gold "medals" than the US, and a toss up in the overall medal count? We need a good showing in the track n field events.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 12:40:02
    59.   D4P
    "We" who...?
    2008-08-13 12:40:19
    60.   Xeifrank
    56. I would think the Wild Card is always on the road, until possibly the W.S., if they won the all-star game. Are you planning on attending these games, or just watching on TV, because Vegas is a great place to watch sports on TV.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 12:40:57
    61.   Xeifrank
    59. USA. I assumed most of us were US Americans.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 12:50:05
    62.   D4P
    Thought you might have been identifying with China.
    2008-08-13 12:54:29
    63.   ibleedbloo
    60 I don't want to miss a Dodger home game. A road game would be great to watch at one of the sports books. My trip would include a concert, which I'm sure that I could probebly ebay so I may just grab the concert tickets and wait on the hotel.

    If the season ended today (except the Dodgers in front of the Dbacks), we would play the Cubs and the Phils would get the Brewers. If both the Dodgers and Brewers advanced (which is what I would put my money on) games 6 and 7 would be played on or around that weekend.

    2008-08-13 12:56:16
    64.   Dodgers49
    0 James McDonald threw his second straight 10-strikeout victory for Las Vegas

    Actually, it wasn't a victory. :-) The Las Vegas bullpen coughed up four runs in the bottom of the 9th to give it away.

    2008-08-13 12:57:01
    65.   El Lay Dave
    Bowa on batting behind Manny: ...but Joe right now likes to have a left-hander behind him.

    I thought Torre's choice was primarily based on the handedness of the opposing starter, such that if a RHP pitches around Manny he has to face a LHB, and vice-versa.

    2008-08-13 13:01:03
    66.   Dodgers49
    28 24 - Are people only reading the excerpt that I post and not clicking to read the full thing?

    But isn't that what most here do? :-)

    2008-08-13 13:01:07
    67.   Bluebleeder87

    I know there working on it & if it happens it could be pretty special.

    2008-08-13 13:01:17
    68.   El Lay Dave
    63 Isn't the second-round home-field advantage determined solely on record? What are the odds that the Dodgers will have a better record than anyone other playoff participant AND get to the second round AND get to game 6, thus conflicting with your Vegas trip?
    2008-08-13 13:05:16
    69.   ibleedbloo
    I was under the impression that the Wild Card never had home field (except for World Series depending on all star game results). I may be wrong, can anyone lend some knowledge?
    2008-08-13 13:05:32
    70.   Dodgers49
    Not sure if anyone mentioned this last night but I thought Russell Martin took one for the team. In other words, it appeared to me he made very little effort to move his foot out of the way of that pitch in the bottom of the 9th.
    2008-08-13 13:07:28
    71.   Gagne55
    68 No. It's by seeding not record. (And the WC is alway the #4 seed)
    2008-08-13 13:10:19
    72.   Bob Hendley
    0 - Recent posts on what McDonald has been doing have been exciting and in, theory, I would like to see him as well. But, what would a pre-September call up entail and how would you use him? I assume that Wade is OK, so is there space in the pen and how much work would he get? Assuming, again, that Penny is alright, how would he be used as a starter? A couple of threads ago, someone pointed out that we won't have too many days off in the coming weeks and that he could start one. Perhaps it could be called up for one game and either Berroa or Osuna are DFA'd. Then McDonald could be sent back down with Hu coming up. Would there be a cost to that in terms of him losing options? I just hate to seem him sitting around in the Bigs not getting work.
    2008-08-13 13:10:40
    73.   Ken Noe
    As a professor in its employ, I'm compelled to point out that the 27 member Auburn national team is doing pretty well right now in the medal count (6), which ties AU at eleventh with Germany. Thanks to Fred Bousquet, Kirsty Coventry, Margaret Hoelzer, and others, we hope to pass Britain, Japan, and North Korea tonight.
    2008-08-13 13:13:27
    74.   68elcamino427
    Re: Broxton - Kuo-Guo

    Is the real key for both of these guys just the basic - Make the Leadoff Batter be an out - Keep the Leadoff Batter off the bases?

    2008-08-13 13:13:42
    75.   Gagne55
    Playoff fomat:
    1st round:
    If wild card in best record in same division
    {WC @ #2 seed
    #3 seed @ #1seed}
    {WC @ #1seed
    #3 seed @ #2 seed}
    Championship round
    If wildcard is alive
    {WC @ remaining divison winner
    bette record has homefield}
    2008-08-13 13:13:57
    76.   regfairfield
    72 He wouldn't lose any options. Now that Penny's here it's kind of a moot point but he was probably a better option than Jason Johnson or Eric Stults.
    2008-08-13 13:15:06
    77.   silverwidow
    72 If McDonald comes up, it will be for the rest of the season. No more minor league ball after Labor Day.
    2008-08-13 13:15:39
    78.   68elcamino427
    Poor performance by Penny = the arrival of McDonald?
    2008-08-13 13:16:10
    79.   regfairfield
    74 Yeah, but that's true of any pitcher. There's a much bigger difference in expected runs scored between 0 and 1 outs than other situations.
    2008-08-13 13:17:01
    80.   68elcamino427
    I am ready for a modest three game win streak.
    2008-08-13 13:21:02
    81.   silverwidow
    75 I would change the playoff format to seed all four teams according to record and expand the Division Series to Best of 7.
    2008-08-13 13:21:12
    82.   Bob Hendley
    73 - Mmmh...any potential conflicts, like we see around here in fantasy/real baseball? Chinese athletes attending Auburn? D4P might have to continue asking just who "we" is.
    2008-08-13 13:23:10
    83.   El Lay Dave
    I must say that I like Larry Bowa a little better reading the chat.

    The young players have been very receptive.... and listen to suggestions.

    If you offer five [suggestions] and they take two, that's fine. But it's got to feel comfortable to the player.

    You can't say, "Do this because I did it this way." It doesn't work that way.

    2008-08-13 13:24:34
    84.   Bob Hendley
    7 - But Jon was talking about a pre-September call up and it wasn't clear to me how you could get space on the roster for him to either just make one start or sit around in the bullpen.

    I have my eye on M. Sweeney, but that's just me.

    2008-08-13 13:25:14
    85.   Bob Hendley
    84 - that was for 77.
    2008-08-13 13:28:33
    86.   El Lay Dave
    80 Considering the Phillies came in 64-52, that might not be all that modest.
    2008-08-13 13:29:17
    87.   evenatriple
    9 about food in the loge level, it's still pretty much old school in loge, although next year we are supposed to get the upgrade treatment. There is a frozen yogurt stand on the 3rd base side, and my 5 year old and I always stop there. For a while it was one of the few bargains in park, but the McCourts must have noticed it recently as the prices just went up to the same wallet-emptying level as the other food stands. Otherwise it's the usual Dodger dogs. Somewhere on the team's website I believe you can find a map that has all the food stands in the park.
    2008-08-13 13:30:27
    88.   El Lay Dave
    76 The scenario proposed in 72 was up and back down in August (for one start). That doesn't use up an option? Is there a minimum stay in the majors required? Must include a Saturday night?
    2008-08-13 13:30:54
    89.   Dodgers49
    I was expecting Pitit and Davies to pitch the last two game for the D-Backs in Colorado. But they took advantage of Monday's off day to bypass Pitit. Too bad. :-) I figured we'd pick up two games on them over the next couple of days by sweeping the Phillies.
    2008-08-13 13:31:03
    90.   regfairfield
    88 If you're on the 40 man and play in the minors, you've already burned the option.
    2008-08-13 13:31:34
    91.   Xeifrank
    81. I'm just glad that the baseball playoff format is nothing like the BCS.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 13:31:59
    92.   ToyCannon
    Are you going to the picnic?

    Who is organizing this shindig? BHSPORTSGUY?

    Volleyball equip, badminton equip, bongs, food breakdown, scooters, dodgeball, mallets, bluebleeder ball, radar gun for BlueBleeder, frisbee's, frisbee dog, ants, bee's. Who's bringing this stuff or is it all BWTHYG.

    2008-08-13 13:33:42
    93.   natepurcell

    trainwreck has the bongs covered.

    2008-08-13 13:33:56
    94.   ToyCannon
    Not true. On the 3rd base entrance they have a solid barbecue area they installed last year.
    2008-08-13 13:35:33
    95.   underdog
    83 I thought his responses were really good, too, for the most part, and for once the questions weren't all insipid. I have to admit, though, that I cracked up at this re: the helmets for base coaches rule: "I think the helmet rule, they're trying to protect that, but if you position your body in the right way and take the blow in the back, you can recover from that. It's the ones where you lose sight of the ball that they're really concerned about."

    So it's just all about where you get hit with the ball then, turn and get hit on the back or behind and you're good! Who needs helmets?

    2008-08-13 13:35:38
    96.   ToyCannon
    Why should record matter with the unbalanced schedule?
    2008-08-13 13:36:49
    97.   Bob Hendley
    The picnic seems to be gearing up to be a very competitive affair, what with the wiffle ball game (and Bleeder's vow to strike out the Murderer's Row of DT commentators), the expected bake-off, and now Bob's quiz (with prizes, no less). It's scary to think what sort of competition might be developed around the cardboard underdog.
    2008-08-13 13:36:59
    98.   ToyCannon
    Evidently Bowa has already taken a few to the back of the head. That is twisted logic for sure.
    2008-08-13 13:39:16
    99.   Bob Timmermann
    Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan in the emergency room:

    "Honey, I forgot to position my body in the right way and take the bullet in the right place...."

    2008-08-13 13:39:27
    100.   Marty
    I'll be bringing potato salad and curry-peanut salad.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2008-08-13 13:40:08
    101.   ToyCannon
    If Bob asks questions like who pitched the most complete games from 1941 - 1946 for the Brooklyn Dodgers we should give him a DT wedgie.
    2008-08-13 13:40:12
    102.   regfairfield
    79 Yeah, I'll be there for a bit at least.
    2008-08-13 13:42:08
    103.   silverwidow
    96 A weak division champion shouldn't get priority over a superior wild card team.
    2008-08-13 13:42:43
    104.   Bob Timmermann
    There are no Brooklyn questions.
    2008-08-13 13:42:46
    105.   Xeifrank
    Are you guys going to wear name tags to the picnic?
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 13:44:12
    106.   ToyCannon
    I'll be going to the wiffle ball cages to prepare myself for the BlueBleeder vow but I expect it to have little impact on the outcome.
    2008-08-13 13:45:22
    107.   Kevin Lewis

    I for one am not planning on any cook off. If I had the energy, I would make tip-tip, but I will probably just bring some leftovers for myself.

    But, I will have energy for whiffle ball.

    Lex, do you want to carpool?

    2008-08-13 13:45:41
    108.   ToyCannon
    In an unbalanced schedule I'd agree but with an unbalanced schedule how can you determine that a team with the superior record is the superior team?
    2008-08-13 13:45:55
    109.   Kevin Lewis
    tri-tip, not "tip-tip"

    see: energy problem

    2008-08-13 13:46:37
    110.   ToyCannon
    Never had tip tip. Is that waiter talk?
    2008-08-13 13:47:18
    111.   preacherroe
    If Wade needs downtime, how about Brent Leach from Jacksonville? He has been a pretty effective relief pitcher the last couple of years.
    2008-08-13 13:47:45
    112.   Eric Stephen
    I haven't found an official schedule (game by game), but we won't really know which specific series the Dodgers fall into yet anyway. But here are the dates of the start of each round:

    Division Series - Oct 1 (Wed)
    LCS - Oct 9 (Thu)
    World Series - Oct 22 (Wed)

    The two LCS are staggered by one day, so the series will be:

    LCS1: Thu-Fri-Sun-Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat
    LCS2: Fri-Sat-Mon-Tue-Thu-Sat-Sun

    October 17 is a second Friday of the LCS, and only one game (Game 6 of LCS1) is scheduled on that day. The only way you miss a home game that weekend is if it's Game 6 or 7 and the Dodgers have home field.

    World Series will be Wed-Thu-Sat-Sun-Mon-Wed-Thu

    2008-08-13 13:47:49
    113.   Xeifrank
    108. You would have to use this...

    vr, Xei

    2008-08-13 13:49:13
    114.   ToyCannon
    He didn't even pitch last year and after his initial success this year has not really been dominating.
    Elbert might be able to really help this team in Sept in a setup role.
    2008-08-13 13:50:08
    115.   ToyCannon
    Yea, I can see the powers that be consulting BP for how they should seed the playoffs.
    2008-08-13 13:51:18
    116.   silverwidow
    108 Because baseball uses a universal format to determine its playoff teams (W-L %), might as well apply the same logic to the seeding.
    2008-08-13 13:51:30
    117.   Eric Stephen
    I'll bring an ice chest full of soda and water, and some chips and dip.
    2008-08-13 13:51:41
    118.   Xeifrank
    115. haha, but you asked. :)
    It's better than having bowl games.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 13:52:58
    119.   Xeifrank
    117. At first I thought you wrote "ice packs", which still might be a good idea, along with a first aid kit for the whiffle ball game. :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 13:53:44
    120.   Kevin Lewis
    Okay, now I feel like I should bring something. Hmmmm.
    2008-08-13 13:53:50
    121.   Eric Stephen
    Since Icaros isn't coming, I want to know if I'm traveling the farthest to join the shindig Saturday. Anyone coming from farther than 110 or so miles?
    2008-08-13 13:54:06
    122.   regfairfield
    119 Don't joke, I got a pretty big welt from getting hit by a whiffle ball.

    Of course, the guy can throw a baseball in the low 90s.

    2008-08-13 13:56:46
    123.   Eric Stephen
    I would think throwing a wiffle ball for a pitcher that can throw 90, would do some damage.
    2008-08-13 13:57:15
    124.   Xeifrank
    122. Are you guys planning on playing fast pitch or slow pitch whiffle ball? They sell those trick whiffle balls at k-mart, that can break 10 feet.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 13:57:37
    125.   Wen
    32 , 74
    I hate to tread rule 5 territory, but Romanization can be a very touchy issue to the Taiwanese. If you are not telling all the Jorges out there to change their name or the English to drop the "u" in labour, please be more sensitive and respect the way Kuo spells his name. Many Taiwanese do take serious offense.

    Thank you.

    2008-08-13 13:59:50
    126.   Bob Hendley
    122 123 - Jeez, you guys are writing your own scouting report for Bleeder!

    Bust these guys inside.

    2008-08-13 14:00:28
    127.   Eric Stephen
    You mean Wiffle® brand balls? The kind with holes on only one side? I only recognize those when playing wiffle ball; any other ball is inferior! :)
    2008-08-13 14:00:44
    128.   Xeifrank
    125. This is an old subject, best not to go there. :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 14:00:52
    129.   D4P
    ice chest full of soda

    You mean, pop...?

    2008-08-13 14:01:34
    130.   Eric Stephen
    I meant damage to the guy's arm after throwing the ball.
    2008-08-13 14:01:51
    131.   Bob Hendley
    Uh oh.
    2008-08-13 14:02:42
    132.   Xeifrank
    131. Yeah, I'm biting my lip on this one. :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 14:03:18
    133.   ToyCannon
    I'll bring my Barry Bonds elbow guard.
    2008-08-13 14:04:01
    134.   Bob Hendley
    132 - Seen any good TV shows lately?
    2008-08-13 14:06:05
    135.   Xeifrank
    134. Oh, you guys are killing me! :)
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 14:06:40
    136.   Jon Weisman
    125 -

    A thread dedicated to this topic. If anyone wants to further discuss, they are free to go there with my blessing.

    2008-08-13 14:08:50
    137.   El Lay Dave
    125 You probably have no idea how funny that is, or why.

    There have been extensive Pinyin / Wade-Gilles discussion here in the past.

    2008-08-13 14:09:27
    138.   underdog
    Well, what do you think Xei? What're your top 5 favorite episodes of MASH?
    2008-08-13 14:11:31
    139.   Wen
    It's offensive. Not funny at all. At least not to us Taiwanese. I'll just leave it at that.

    Feel free to delete my posts if they violate rule 5. I'd think that every time you spell Kuo as Guo, there's a rule 5 violation, though.

    2008-08-13 14:11:36
    140.   bhsportsguy
    Just to clarify the issue of options (which is pretty hazy to me).

    The following Dodgers on the 40-man roster have used options this year.

    Pitchers: Alvarez, Brazoban, McDonald, Miller, Orenduff, Stults, Troncoso, Wade and Kershaw.

    Catchers: May

    Infielders: Dewitt, Hu

    Outfielders: Paul, Repko

    Tony Abreu has not been optioned this year since he has spent the whole season on the major league disabled list. Abreu does receive service time and his major league salary.

    An option is used when at any time a player who is on the 40-man roster has spent time that season in the minor leagues and not on the active 25-man roster. It does not matter how many times that player goes up and down, it only counts as one option for the year.

    2008-08-13 14:12:39
    141.   Wen
    You have no idea how I have gone through the entire thread without finding it funny.
    2008-08-13 14:15:09
    142.   Zak
    I browsed the post Jon that linked to, and I didn't see any mention of this, but didn't Kuo himself come out and say that he doesn't mind either Kuo or Guo and if people wanted to write Kuo, he was ok with it. To me, unless I imagined this, that is enough. If he does not find it offensive and I am not going out of my way to offend someone, then I don't really care how high someone's horse is.
    2008-08-13 14:16:56
    143.   Xeifrank
    I believe Jon asked for the discussion of a certain subject to take place on a different thread than this...
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 14:18:33
    144.   Jon Weisman
    143 - Yes, just seems like it would make sense to take the opportunity to move over there.
    2008-08-13 14:19:56
    146.   Bob Hendley
    140 - Thanks.
    2008-08-13 14:20:24
    147.   silverwidow
    Abreu is going to get buried on the depth chart in 2009 (most likely spend the entire year in AAA).
    2008-08-13 14:20:49
    148.   unlazy4sports
    142 I believe Kuo was asked how he would like his last name pronounced, not how it was spelled, and he said it didn't matter.
    2008-08-13 14:20:53
    149.   Tripon

    ESPN has a Molly Knight article about Manny's first hours after the trade deadline. Scroll down to near the bottom, after the Pudge article, and before the Dunn article.

    2008-08-13 14:28:33
    150.   underdog
    149 Your story turned out great, Molly! I was only disappointed that the was no mention/explanation of who has the job of torching the front of Manny's helmet?
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2008-08-13 14:30:13
    151.   Zak
    149 Molly, if you're reading this, that was a very enjoyable read.
    2008-08-13 14:34:30
    153.   ToyCannon
    We will probably give him away so he can join the Werth/Ross/Victorino group that we love to bring up while lapping our spilled milk.
    2008-08-13 14:35:16
    154.   Jon Weisman
    Wen, I'm not trying to dismiss your concerns. I just thought it would be best to discuss them as part of the larger discussion. I am no expert here, and this historically has been a very complicated conversation.
    2008-08-13 14:37:37
    155.   El Lay Dave
    149 "When Manny spots jersey No. 99 hanging in his locker, he asks what happened to No. 28. No one is sure if he's kidding."
    2008-08-13 14:37:52
    156.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm going to bring some Jayson Werth brand spilled milk to the picnic.
    2008-08-13 14:39:25
    157.   Bob Hendley
    Has anyone ever worn number "76" and then tried to get money from the oil company?
    2008-08-13 14:40:01
    158.   Tripon
    Tony Aberu has to get healthy first. And its not as if we have room for him, where exactly would you play him? 2nd? 3rd? SS? Where would you play DeWitt, DeJesus, or DeHu?
    2008-08-13 14:41:10
    159.   ToyCannon
    Why does Manny have a personal barber? What does he do?
    2008-08-13 14:41:11
    160.   silverwidow
    A co-worker saw Manny this afternoon at Ralphs in Pasadena (Lake Ave).
    2008-08-13 14:42:06
    161.   Eric Stephen
    Be careful holding that bottle. It's real brittle.
    2008-08-13 14:44:16
    162.   Marty
    The last time I went to that Ralphs someone was stealing the tires off the car next to mine.
    2008-08-13 14:44:31
    163.   ToyCannon
    When healthy I'd expect him to compete and win the starting job as our 2nd baseman in 2009 or at worse be our utility infielder.
    2008-08-13 14:44:34
    164.   Terry A
    Hey, I'm not sure I've ever been deleted before.

    I'm somebody!

    {/Navin Johnson}

    2008-08-13 14:44:46
    165.   Bob Timmermann
    I have a bottle of Shane Victorino Brand Spilled Milk that someone took from me for nothing, but then gave it back, and then somebody else took it again.
    2008-08-13 14:45:20
    166.   Eric Stephen
    Manny is probably a big fan of the Boars Head deli meats.
    2008-08-13 14:45:29
    167.   ToyCannon
    Only if it is in a blue carton. Outside of the blue carton it is very flexible.
    2008-08-13 14:46:48
    168.   Tripon
    Joel Hanrahan laughs at your milkshake. HE DRINKS IT ALL UP.
    2008-08-13 14:48:01
    169.   Kevin Lewis

    And that is why I walk to that Ralphs

    2008-08-13 14:48:09
    170.   Jon Weisman
    164 - Happens to all of us. Including me.
    2008-08-13 14:48:15
    171.   Eric Stephen
    A couple of years ago I was out of my regular milk so I used by David Ross Soy Milk© for a short while. It tasted nasty and rotten, so I got rid of it.

    But every once in a while at Bristol Farms, I taste a sample of DRSM, and it tastes really good, almost to the point of me wishing I still had it.

    Then I remember how awful it tasted.

    2008-08-13 14:49:57
    172.   Terry A
    170 - Self-deletion sounds like a cry for help. Is there anything you want to tell us, Jon? Anything you need to get off your chest?
    2008-08-13 14:51:45
    173.   Marty
    I used to go to that Ralphs a lot when I lived on Villa and Catalina. 15 years ago, it was a pretty depressing store.
    2008-08-13 14:54:17
    174.   Bob Hendley
    Bob might think about bringing that certain blue spray bottle to the picnic.
    2008-08-13 14:55:22
    175.   Humma Kavula
    Anyone else for some Joel Guzman spilled milk?

    Joel the Destroyer... of your gastrointestinal tract!

    2008-08-13 14:57:06
    176.   Bob Timmermann
    I've deleted my own comments.

    There was one late night when Greg Brock and I argued long and hard and pointlessly into the night about the merits and demerits of Karl Dorrell.

    Basically, Greg Brock wanted Dorrell shot on sight and I was willing to wait until dawn.

    The animosity flowed like the Mississippi River at a flood stage.

    2008-08-13 14:58:18
    177.   El Lay Dave
    I thought Lake Ave was all gentrified by now, sort of like Brand Blvd in Glendale.
    2008-08-13 14:58:56
    178.   okdodge
    I was going to bring some Pedro Pasta to the picnic. I the traded the pasta for some Delino Dogs, I'm pretty sure I got a pretty sweet deal.
    2008-08-13 14:59:10
    179.   bhsportsguy
    176 The Rays are reportedly (San Jose Mercury News) interested in Rich Aurellia.

    Bob will watch Extra Innings coverage to see if they tell us the story about Rich's pre-baseball work history.

    2008-08-13 14:59:22
    180.   Eric Stephen
    There hasn't been any talk of Cory Dunlap spilled milk, mostly because he was an oval teen and wasn't quik enough.
    2008-08-13 15:00:09
    181.   El Lay Dave
    176 It's a new day now, so are you both back on the same page?
    2008-08-13 15:00:33
    182.   bhsportsguy
    I think that Ralphs is across the street from some Italian restaurant that always advertises itself as having the best pizza in Pasadena.

    In all the years I have gone to Pasadena, I have never eaten there.

    2008-08-13 15:01:13
    183.   bhsportsguy
    181 Well there is still that whole Whig issue.
    2008-08-13 15:01:15
    184.   Kevin Lewis

    Just remodeled it. I was lost for a month or so in there.

    Wow, I just ate an amazing peach.

    2008-08-13 15:02:29
    185.   Marty
    182 I think you are speaking of Avanti Restaurant on Lake and Union. It's a Spago-ish type of pizza. Not bad, but not memorable.
    2008-08-13 15:03:06
    186.   Eric Stephen
    Manny has reached the 50 PA mark, and currently sports the highest OPS+ in Dodger history (256).

    The estate of Pop Corkhill did not approve of the Manny trade.

    2008-08-13 15:03:13
    187.   El Lay Dave
    180 Have you already started in on Saturday's 40s?
    2008-08-13 15:04:21
    188.   silverwidow
    Even though I'm on Fair Oaks, I still go to the Mako Bowl (near Lake) occasionally for lunch. Good teriyaki!
    2008-08-13 15:06:31
    189.   oshea2002
    Anybody on here live in Denver and planning on going to the Snakes / Rocks game tonight?
    2008-08-13 15:07:16
    190.   Eric Stephen
    We're going to run sprints? What is this, the DT scouting combine? :)

    Actually, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    2008-08-13 15:07:27
    191.   gibsonhobbs88
    Will it be best to just bring a sub sandwich to this picnic or is a grill going to be fired up if I brought a pack of turkey dogs? I'll bring a bag of pretzels or chips for everyone to munch but probably enjoy a small fruit salad in the cooler myself along with any protein I may have. I'll bring snapple tea or fruit juice or water as I don't drink Coke or Pepsi anymore.

    I may have a few unsold tickets on the reserved level for the game that night-section 27 Row J if I don't sell them off by Friday. I'll give an advisory on Friday afternoon.

    2008-08-13 15:07:53
    192.   Kevin Lewis
    Avanti Pizza
    2008-08-13 15:08:48
    193.   Tripon
    Looking at the 1st round of the 1993 draft, you gotta wonder how Manny fell to the 13th spot to the Indians.
    2008-08-13 15:08:56
    194.   cargill06
    If anyone went to the game last night, and has an extra Beimel bobblehead they'd like to sell, please contact me. My E-Mail is

    This will be my last time asking, just wanted to give it another chance to be viewed.

    2008-08-13 15:10:32
    195.   Kevin Lewis

    I was thinking the same thing

    2008-08-13 15:11:01
    196.   Marty
    Lunch places in Pasadena I recommend:

    ~Fredo's Philly Cheese Steaks on Lake just north of Orange Grove
    ~Tonny's Mexican Rest. on Orange Grove just west of Lake
    ~Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles on Lake
    ~La Estrella Tacos on Fair Oaks
    ~Lee's Hoagie House on Colorado west of Sierra Madre
    ~Europane on Colorado east of Lake

    2008-08-13 15:11:30
    197.   mintxcore
    When I worked at Borders in Boston, Manny used to come in all the time and buy hot rod pimped out car magazines.

    I also saw Alex Cora there once and felt starstruck. Then I felt embarrassed.

    2008-08-13 15:14:23
    198.   Eric Stephen
    Now I remember what you are talking about! Sadly I cannot bring them due to the strict non-alcohol policy of the LA Parks & Recreation Department. Plus I don't want to face the wrath of BHsportsguy.
    2008-08-13 15:14:26
    199.   D4P
    Manny used to come in all the time and buy hot rod pimped out car magazines

    And here we thought Manny and Kent wouldn't get along...

    2008-08-13 15:15:11
    200.   Kevin Lewis

    I would add Chaquita Bonita to that list. I have heard that I need to try Tonny's, but I have not made it up there

    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2008-08-13 15:15:40
    201.   silverwidow
    196 Barney's Pub on Colorado
    2008-08-13 15:16:19
    202.   Kevin Lewis
    Dang it: Chiquita
    2008-08-13 15:16:53
    203.   Greg Brock
    Basically, Greg Brock wanted Dorrell shot on sight and I was willing to wait until dawn.

    Dark, dark days indeed.

    2008-08-13 15:17:34
    204.   njr
    If I'm feeling inspired friday night maybe I'll make some dodger blue cupcakes. How many people are we expecting?

    My mom (LOB) can't come. She's very sad about it. But it's ok-- I'm a much better baker.

    I was reading comments while watching the gymnastics last night. Greg Brock really stuck the knife in and twisted it around. Made watching that poor girl's life fall apart that much more visceral. Ouch.

    Anyone else reading Andre's food blog? I'm getting a real kick out of it.

    2008-08-13 15:18:04
    205.   silverwidow
    Also Carmine's in South Pas.
    2008-08-13 15:18:07
    206.   Marty
    203 You have no idea how dark it's going to get. Norm Chow is still on the USC payroll. Bwa-ha-ha-ha.
    2008-08-13 15:18:26
    207.   Kevin Lewis
    I gotta say, I am a fan of Brits for dinner in Pasadena. Especially if you go on the Tuesday/Thursday special. Two 3 course dinners for 17.70
    2008-08-13 15:18:53
    208.   Marty
    Carmines is the old Lasorda's restaurant space. I can't go there.
    2008-08-13 15:19:19
    209.   KG16
    it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to make the picnic. i was kind of hoping to, but it's just not going to work out.

    somewhat related, it appears that my annual pilgrimage to the Stadium will be for the Sunday game against the Giants next month.

    2008-08-13 15:20:20
    210.   delias man
    194 there are already almost 50 on ebay now. I bet you can get for around $10 if you don't get an offer.
    2008-08-13 15:20:32
    211.   El Lay Dave
    I wonder where my last meal in Pasadena was. Burger Continental? The Chronicle?
    2008-08-13 15:23:09
    212.   El Lay Dave
    198 Glad you remember, because I couldn't find those comments. The latter is far more formidable and likely than the former.
    2008-08-13 15:23:25
    213.   Marty
    Ooh, I fogot Pie N Burger. Overpriced, but very good.
    2008-08-13 15:23:54
    214.   Humma Kavula
    If you can't get what you want at Europane, try Lovebirds Cafe across the street. I liked their Thanksgiving Dinner sandwich.
    2008-08-13 15:24:37
    215.   silverwidow
    My favorite Italian place is probably Petrillo's (not to be confused with Mama Petrillo's) in San Gabriel. They have the very best bread baskets (there's even a charge if you want more than one). Their pizza is pretty good, too.
    2008-08-13 15:24:50
    216.   Marty
    At Europane it's all about the egg salad.
    2008-08-13 15:26:31
    217.   gibsonhobbs88
    195,191 - Subs or dogs? What is the going trend on the menu?
    2008-08-13 15:31:28
    218.   gibsonhobbs88
    Oh BTW to BHsportsguy regarding the previous posts when you were rerring to the first high fives, Sweet Lou Johnson at the 60's luncheon was laying claim to the first high five given. he saw a photo of himself entering the dugout after homering in the 65 Series and he signed it for me, "The First One". A humorous sidenote to the High Five legend.
    2008-08-13 15:32:06
    219.   Wen
    Shouldn't johnny24's post at the end of the thread be enough to alert people how sensitive this issue is and why it might be best to spell Kuo's name the way he does it?

    If that's not enough, if a Taiwanese saying that it can be offensive could be considered as being "on her high horse," I don't really think any further discussion would make it less a joking matter here. It might be a fun discussion to you, but little things like this, little things like making seemingly innocent advances on others (such as the Chinese deliberately change the spelling of Taiwanese names to potentially legitimatize political claims on Taiwan) or taking such matters lightly, have very real and often times dire consequences to us. I am not laughing.

    But enough of my rant. Please carry on with your other discussions. They are a lot less depressing and I'd much rather thinking about baseball now.

    2008-08-13 15:34:55
    220.   oshea2002
    213 - Pie and Burger is really overpriced, but indeed good. My favorite place in Pasadena is Tops. Greasy, but good.
    2008-08-13 15:35:11
    221.   DodgerBlueBruce
    197 If Manny was to drop his Hot Rod pimped out car magazine,
    Alex Cora would catch it.
    2008-08-13 15:37:06
    222.   El Lay Dave
    209 "i was kind of hoping to" - What? It wasn't full-fledged desire? Too bad it doesn't work out, you'll be missed.
    2008-08-13 15:38:56
    223.   Tripon
    Wonder why manny wouldn't just order a subscription.
    2008-08-13 15:39:15
    224.   silverwidow
    220 I like the Topps Jr. pastrami in Alhambra.
    2008-08-13 15:39:50
    225.   Jon Weisman
    219 - I find nothing fun about this discussion. In fact, I'm fairly well concerned about the fact that I have two people who seem equally offended by different spellings. What exactly am I supposed to do? This has certainly gone beyond the scope of my expertise.

    Is there any other option other than for us to agree to disagree?

    2008-08-13 15:42:02
    226.   Tripon
    Does this season even matter? I mean, to me, it looks like whatever NL East team makes the playoffs is toast in the 1st round. The Cubs, Brewers, and Dodgers are clearly the class of the league. Whatever East teams winds up winning the division, I can't see them making it any farther than the NLDS.

    I love that somehow other team fans think the Dodgers are the class of the league. Its just... odd.

    2008-08-13 15:42:52
    227.   UVaDodger
    223 Just Manny being not so thrifty.
    2008-08-13 15:44:16
    228.   Jon Weisman
    225 - To add onto that point, there is one person here who spells the name with a G. Your preferred spelling is being by the writer of this blog and 99.9 percent of the commenters. I think that may have to be sufficient.
    2008-08-13 15:49:45
    229.   Alex41592
    Hey, so there's like a game tonight. It's about three hours before gametime. Do we have a lineup?
    2008-08-13 15:53:07
    230.   Jon Weisman

    Is it possible that Alyssa is sincerely suggesting that each Dodger fan donate $10 each time they attend a game to help the McCourts keep Manny in L.A. next season?

    Or is this just her way of saying she likes him, and it's not meant to be taken literally at all?

    I'm not saying she expects this to happen at all, but she seems to have put enough thought into it to leave me wondering.

    2008-08-13 15:53:44
    231.   arborial
    last time I was in the Ralphs on Lake a young man walked out and was immediately stopped by three employees. the young man calmly handed over four energy drinks stuffed in his pants and walked away, no questions asked.

    On another note, what was Aurelia's pre-baseball work history?

    2008-08-13 15:54:26
    232.   Eric Stephen
    Dodgers oust Marty Reed as roving pitching instructor, per Tony Jackson:

    ...the biggest reason behind this was apparently the fact that the Dodgers' minor-league pitchers at all four of the club's full-season affiliates were walking way too many batters, and apparently Marty became the fall guy for that.

    2008-08-13 15:55:59
    233.   Xeifrank
    225/228. Just to set the record straight, and I have done so many other times. I am not offended by the spelling of Guo's name with a 'K'. I just wanted to point out that his name was being butchered (not only the Guo part). Please don't pigeon hole me into a group that thinks the spelling with a K is offensive. For me, it's more of a personal thing. Vishal was the only person who correctly guessed why.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 15:56:31
    234.   Jon Weisman
    232 - FWIW, Gurnick had that yesterday.
    2008-08-13 15:56:32
    235.   GoBears
    226 It helps to exaggerate the quality of your current opponent if they've just beaten you twice in a row. I'll grant you that I like the Dodgers better now with Pierre and Jones sitting and Ramirez and Ethier playing, but I'd take the top 6 in Philly's lineup against anyone. Philly's biggest problem is rotation depth, but that's less important in the playoffs. The bullpen is actually pretty good, right?
    2008-08-13 15:56:49
    236.   cargill06
    I don't know what's crazier about post 230 , what she is suggesting, or that Jon is reading Alyssa's blog.
    2008-08-13 15:56:52
    237.   Daniel Zappala
    Best news of the day: the open source Artistic License has been upheld in court:

    2008-08-13 15:59:08
    238.   Jon Weisman
    233 - Xeifrank, I'm not trying to pigeon-hole anyone. Give me a break.

    Meanwhile, if you're not offended by spelling it with a K, and someone else is offended by you spelling it with a G, then why don't you switch?

    2008-08-13 15:59:42
    239.   Jon Weisman
    236 - The latter isn't crazy at all, since it's a widely read Dodger blog (when she posts, that is).
    2008-08-13 16:00:54
    240.   trainwreck
    Why is Alyssa wearing Yankees gear in her picture on a Dodger blog?

    Granted, I am not complaining about the lack of skin the shirt covers.

    2008-08-13 16:03:11
    241.   unlazy4sports
    233 If that's the case, may I suggest when you type "Guo", use the quotation around it so it won't seem like you're intentionally spelling Kuo's name with a "G". This way, you can get your point across on how the name may sound similar to while not mispelling a man's name in print.
    2008-08-13 16:04:00
    242.   Xeifrank
    238. You said "I'm fairly well concerned about the fact that I have two people who seem equally offended by different spellings"

    And I said, I am not offended. Atleast nowhere near the level of the other person. Xei

    2008-08-13 16:05:58
    243.   scareduck
    The team puts "Kuo" on the back of his jersey with the player's consent. That settles it as far as I'm concerned.
    2008-08-13 16:05:59
    244.   Greg Brock
    Let's hope Mike Sheshefski can lead our boys to victory tonight.
    2008-08-13 16:07:03
    245.   Xeifrank
    243. What is there to be settled?
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 16:09:02
    246.   scareduck
    Dunno if this has come up before, but Padres claim Falkenborg off waivers.
    2008-08-13 16:09:13
    247.   jujibee
    Why can't we just call him Hong? A lot of people call Billingsley by his first name. Either way, I agree with Jon that this topic has it's own post and that's where the argument should be.
    2008-08-13 16:11:03
    248.   GoBears
    233 But Xiefrank, do you see that, after all the previous discussions, the overwhelming evidence is that the correct spelling (romanization) is with a "K" (since we're reading, not listening) and now that the use of the "G" DOES offend at least one person? In my book, one's freedom to do whatever one wants ends at the point that it offends another. You have said that the "K" doesn't offend you, and I have seen no one else claim that it offends them (including the pitcher himself), so Jon really doesn't have a dilemma, and I would ask you to reconsider your crusade. You're legally free to express yourself, but if it gets in the way of the conversation in what is, after all, a community of sorts, why insist?

    Wen, I gather you're relatively new to DodgerThoughts (welcome!) so you didn't know about the previous thread (not to mention a dozen other versions of this debate that have raged here). So when you brought it up again, completely earnestly, a lot of people thought "oh no, here we go again" precisely because it WAS NOT a fun conversation (although I think we all appreciated Ken Arneson's primer). Nobody meant to dismiss you. If you can find a way to accept that Xiefrank's spelling is really about trying to more closely approximate what he sees as the correct pronunciation, and be assured that he doesn't intend to offend or make a political statement with it, then perhaps we can move on.

    2008-08-13 16:11:21
    249.   Xeifrank
    247. I agree that replies belong in the other thread and I wish Jon enforced his own intentions and followed his own advice.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 16:11:47
    250.   Xeifrank
    248. Wrong thread!
    vr, Xei
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2008-08-13 16:12:04
    251.   GMac In The 909
    230 For every home game remaining, we should pass around a collection basket at the stadium. You know, like the collection baskets at church.

    "So please, give all you can. Now, we appreciate the kind that jingles, but we'd rather get the kind that folds."

    2008-08-13 16:12:18
    252.   ToyCannon
    While Chad Durbin and Romero have been excellent. I would love to face them in the playoffs with a game on the line.
    2008-08-13 16:13:04
    253.   larry slimfast
    244 that's krooshawooski to you bud lite drinkers.
    2008-08-13 16:13:30
    254.   KG16
    222 - believe me, i won't be missed that much. plus, it adds to the mystery of who i actually am, or something.
    2008-08-13 16:13:56
    255.   Eric Stephen
    "That boy is good!"
    2008-08-13 16:14:43
    256.   trainwreck
    It has been so hot here. When is the next ice age supposed to happen?
    2008-08-13 16:14:48
    257.   Tripon
    246 Does this set up an awesome Maddux-Falkenborg trade?
    2008-08-13 16:15:35
    258.   El Lay Dave
    219 When I used the word "joke" it was in reference to the comically extensive linguistic (not political) discussions that would ensue in many threads; the one Jon (and I) linked to was the culmination of that activity. As someone whose direct ancestors on one side of the family tree spent many years fleeing home after home, first from the Japanese Occupation and then the Communist Revolution, before ending up in Taiwan and the U.S., I do have at least some sensitivity to the Chinese political situation, and I know that THAT is no joking matter.

    And now I will dance back away from (or back over if I misjudged the distance) the Rule 5 line.

    2008-08-13 16:16:49
    259.   KG16
    253 - is bud lite good for anything other than battering and/or frying various kinds of meat? i mean, people actually drink it?
    2008-08-13 16:18:23
    260.   scareduck
    237 - I saw that. The legal precedent for the GPL being upheld has been set. This would no doubt annoy Bill Gates if he were still running Microsoft.
    2008-08-13 16:18:47
    261.   trainwreck
    Beer pong, because what is the point of using good or heavy beers for that.
    2008-08-13 16:20:21
    262.   KG16
    261 - ah yes, beer pong.
    2008-08-13 16:22:31
    263.   El Lay Dave
    246 Padres want to assimilate the Borg?
    2008-08-13 16:22:52
    264.   bhsportsguy
    261 I wonder what today's practice will reveal?

    Milton Knox did look good the day I saw him.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to report on the scrimmage as I will busy with DT picnic duties and going to game.

    2008-08-13 16:22:58
    265.   Tripon
    Bud Lite is the opiate of the masses. Because you know, Opium just costs too much now.
    2008-08-13 16:26:14
    266.   trainwreck
    Apparently, Nate Chandler is now in a boot. So another offensive linemen hurt.

    How much will Tennessee crush us by?

    2008-08-13 16:28:17
    267.   ImprobableImpossible
    I thought it was the trash.
    2008-08-13 16:30:03
    268.   Tripon
    263 So you're not worried about Falkenborg going on a 1000 scoreless inning streak.
    2008-08-13 16:30:12
    269.   Jon Weisman
    242 - I think it is disengenuous for you to suggest that you haven't expressed offense at the notion of "Kuo," whether in one form or another.

    I feel that my intent was clear that I was trying to protect your right to express yourself rather than pigeonhole you as one thing or another. However, if my literal words were wrong, I apologize.

    2008-08-13 16:30:25
    270.   scareduck
    263 - and have, if Rotoworld is to be believed. They changed his team identity to Padres.
    2008-08-13 16:32:51
    271.   bhsportsguy
    Marty Reed started his job in 2006 and its true, at almost every advanced level (High A, Double A and Triple A) for the past 3 years, the minor league teams were at or near the top of leading their league in walks.

    The rest of the story is that those teams were also among the league leaders in 2005 (when Rick Honeycutt was the coordinator) but nonetheless if the organization wants a certain philosophy taught, 3 years is enough time to see if they are showing some progress. It appears that they were not.

    2008-08-13 16:33:02
    272.   Kevin Lewis
    Don't the Dodgers collect their $10 donation every night in beer sales? I mean, come on, how many of those blue swirly light cups have I seen filled with "premium" beer.
    2008-08-13 16:35:36
    273.   Xeifrank
    269. Really, I have not been offended. I may have been a little more in the beginning, but I thought this had died down. I believe I am misunderstood on the issue, really only Vishal knows the whole story, and I prefer to keep it like that. I just wish you would've enforced your request to take the topic to the other thread, and after you and others responded and made mention to me, I had to defend my honour. :)
    I will continue to spell it with a 'G', but it is in no way meant to offend the great people of Taiwan. That's all I have to say about this on this thread.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 16:37:10
    274.   Bob Timmermann
    My head hurts after reading this thread.
    2008-08-13 16:37:59
    275.   Kevin Lewis

    I need a rubric for it

    Lineup out yet?

    2008-08-13 16:38:29
    276.   El Lay Dave
    270 Diamond Leung reporting it also on his blog.

    272 How many of the those blue premium light cups have you seen filled with swilly beer, as well?

    2008-08-13 16:38:45
    277.   Kevin Lewis
    disregard my botched citation of my own comment
    2008-08-13 16:39:28
    278.   Greg Brock
    274 It's like some form of torture. Like if little drops of water kept hitting your forehead over and over.

    The name escapes me.

    2008-08-13 16:39:52
    279.   trainwreck
    That's what happens when you bring up Karl Dorrell.
    2008-08-13 16:40:47
    280.   Alex41592
    278 -
    2008-08-13 16:41:06
    281.   Xeifrank
    279. haha, you guys are pretty funny.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 16:41:20
    282.   Tripon
    Karl Dorrell was the best thing to happen to USC. I mean UCLA. ...No, I mean USC.
    2008-08-13 16:42:34
    283.   Greg Brock
    280 Get your foot off my joke!
    2008-08-13 16:43:11
    284.   Kevin Lewis
    Man, this thread is making me look forward to the picnic more and more.

    Can we get some sort of a cheat sheet for screen names and actual names? With headshots would be even better.

    2008-08-13 16:44:15
    285.   Jon Weisman
    273 - The time for keeping it confined to the other topic passed, as too many comments took place here.

    You seem to want to have it both ways - staying above the fray, even as you're a principal actor in it.

    Yes, the topic had died down. But it came back, and it has a new aspect to it.

    I will not force you at this time to spell the name with a K, but I will ask you again, if you know it is offending someone to use a G, and you don't mind seeing it with a K, why won't you adjust?

    2008-08-13 16:44:34
    286.   trainwreck
    I wish I was going to the picnic. I would bust out my chicken curry.
    2008-08-13 16:44:47
    287.   Bob Timmermann
    I try for the most innocuous thing I can think of to post during all this and I get jumped on.

    I have no side in this debate. I don't want to have a side in this debate. I am just confused.

    Very confused.

    2008-08-13 16:46:54
    288.   Alex41592
    I'm begging for a lineup.
    2008-08-13 16:48:08
    289.   trainwreck
    How about a horrific video of a weightlifter dislocating his elbow to break the tension.

    Not for the faint of heart. The announcers plead with them to stop replaying it, but they just keep doing it and from multiple angles.

    2008-08-13 16:48:30
    290.   Bob Timmermann
    The Giants have DFA'd Jose Castillo. And optioned John Bowker and Steve Holm.

    Say hello to Travis Ishikawa, Pablo Sandoval, and Ryan Rohlinger.

    Sandoval will be the backup catcher to Bengie Molina.

    2008-08-13 16:49:18
    291.   Alex41592
    289 - I feel better after watching that. Thank you.
    2008-08-13 16:49:23
    292.   Jon Weisman
    287 - Think how I feel.
    2008-08-13 16:49:52
    293.   Bob Timmermann
    A Sweeney has been placed on the DL.

    Today's injured Sweeney is Ryan.

    2008-08-13 16:50:15
    294.   ImprobableImpossible
    So yeah, about Bruce Springsteen. Isn't he great?
    2008-08-13 16:50:51
    295.   Johnny Nucleo
    Brian Falkenborg deja vu: This is the second time he has been let go by the Dodgers and claimed by the Padres.
    2008-08-13 16:52:02
    296.   Brent Knapp
    Can't we can come up with a symbol that represents the pitcher, like The artist formerly known as Prince did. I suggest "+_+" which, incidentally looks like a happy face.
    2008-08-13 16:52:30
    297.   Kevin Lewis

    I feel sick

    2008-08-13 16:52:47
    298.   overkill94
    I think the only true solution is to trade Kuo, then we can all get along!

    Oh, wait...

    2008-08-13 16:54:00
    299.   KG16
    289 - I'm usually not very faint of heart, but i was very quick to ctrl-w on that. good gawd that's bad stuff.
    2008-08-13 16:54:30
    300.   Kevin Lewis
    This is a pretty late lineup, correct?
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2008-08-13 16:55:27
    301.   Alex41592
    I blame Torre for ALL of this.
    2008-08-13 16:55:38
    302.   ImprobableImpossible
    How about we just complain about the lineup before it actually arrives?

    "Oh, what's Torre thinking? I can't believe Nomar is hitting ahead of (whoever is hitting eighth)!"

    2008-08-13 16:55:44
    303.   Xeifrank
    285. I will bite my lip on this one too.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 16:56:38
    304.   therickdaddy
    Why are people offended at the spelling of a name? You can spell my name wrong all day for all I care. :)

    By the way, I have a bobblehead for sale for $15. If you're interested just write me

    Now let's pray Penny can miraculously throw 95 again.

    2008-08-13 16:58:19
    305.   BlueCrew Bruin
    289 Oh wow. That reminded me of the Napolean McCallum knee injury years ago. The announcers kept going on about how horrific it was and how no one needed to see that ever again...all while slow motion replays were being shown over and over.

    Do the olympics always have people come out to cover up an injured athelete like that? I don't think I've seen that before.

    2008-08-13 16:59:38
    306.   Harold M Johnson
    Let's just all agree to call him 郭泓志
    2008-08-13 17:02:54
    307.   Jim Hitchcock
    289 When I dislocated my elbow, I cut through my main artery and lost well over a quart and a half of blood. Not to mention ruining a perfectly good shirt.

    If only I had a video of that, I would have something to show the grandkids some day. Oh, wait, I'd have to have kids first...

    2008-08-13 17:03:55
    308.   Xeifrank
    Rangers are trying hard to spot the Red Sox another early 10 run lead.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 17:06:16
    309.   trainwreck
    Nippert's on the Rangers? What deal am I totally forgetting?
    2008-08-13 17:06:32
    310.   Tripon
    FSN Prime is showing a rerun of last night's Kershaw's start right now.
    2008-08-13 17:07:15
    311.   Xeifrank
    308. Sorry BoSox, the Mets beat you to it.
    vr, Xei
    2008-08-13 17:07:37
    312.   StolenMonkey86
    263 - The Padres have lowered their shields.
    2008-08-13 17:08:55
    313.   Jon Weisman
    Tonight's lineup:

    Kemp, CF
    Ethier, RF
    Kent, 2B
    Ramirez, LF
    Loney, 1B
    Blake, 3B
    Garciaparra, SS
    Martin, C
    Penny, P

    2008-08-13 17:09:14
    314.   Alex41592
    309 - I had no idea either I thought he was hurt. On March 28, 2008, he was traded to the Texas Rangers for José Marté.
    2008-08-13 17:09:43
    315.   Humma Kavula
    Wow, 302 got it.
    2008-08-13 17:09:56
    316.   Harold M Johnson
    Awesome lineup. Obviously I don't want to see Martin in the 8 hole, because he's a better hitter then that, but this is the most solid top-to-bottom lineup we've put out there in awhile!
    2008-08-13 17:10:01
    317.   Alex41592
    313 - Oh thank goodness. And it's a beautiful lineup.
    2008-08-13 17:10:48
    318.   Greg Brock
    313 Wow.
    2008-08-13 17:11:00
    319.   Humma Kavula
    315 Oh, and also, this lineup receives the Humma Kavula Seal of Approval.
    2008-08-13 17:11:03
    320.   Howard Fox
    now if Martin will stop swinging for the fences, this could be a pretty potent lineup
    2008-08-13 17:12:19
    321.   trainwreck
    Well, I don't even know who that is.
    2008-08-13 17:12:49
    322.   silverwidow
    Nomar looked like he didn't have any business swinging the bat yesterday. He should be 8th.
    2008-08-13 17:12:58
    323.   Tripon
    I don't know anyone who can complain about Martin batting 8th. Actually this would be a time to use LaRussa's crazy antics of batting the pitcher 8th, and have a high OBP guy like Martin batting 9th, and have Marting Kemp, and Ethier batting back to back to back.
    2008-08-13 17:13:33
    324.   StolenMonkey86
    Martin's last start batting 8th was Sept 30, 2006.

    Martin batted 7th in the 2007 All-Star game. Chase Utley batted 8th. That's the genius of Tony LaRussa.

    2008-08-13 17:13:40
    325.   Jon Weisman
    Game thread is open.
    2008-08-13 17:15:05
    326.   Greg Brock
    "I don't know anyone who can complain about Martin batting 8th."

    Hi. Nice to meet you.

    Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.