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Who the Hell Knows?
2003-03-28 07:36
by Jon Weisman

Today was the day I was going to do season predictions, but thereÕs just no point. IÕve got no idea whatÕs going to happen. I donÕt know if teams have ever seemed closer together to me, and there more Ifs and ?s than I know what to do with.

Can the addition of Hideki Matsui help the Yankees overcome the mediocre defense that the Angels exposed last fall, and hold off the luckless Red Sox? IÕm starting to doubt that, but I have no idea.

Can the White Sox leapfrog the Twins? Tell me first if former Hall-of-Fame lock Frank Thomas has anything left.

What will win out with the Angels - the boost of having John Lackey and Francisco Rodriguez for an entire season, or the bad omens of injuries to Troy Glaus and Jarrod Washburn in March?

Will my theory about the Phillies - good players, self-destructive manager - be proven with a weaker Braves team winning their division?

Can the Cubs make a move under intense scrutiny behind a great young pitching staff and Dusty Baker - with you know who also playing significant roles?

NL West? The Giants are probably the favorites, because of lineup weakness and rotation uncertainties with the Diamondbacks and Dodgers. But is there a bigger Òwhat if?Ó than Los Angeles?

The way I see it, eight teams in the American League and nine teams in the National League have clear shots at playoff berths - and thatÕs without guessing at this yearÕs version of the out-of-nowhere team like the Angels. As far as IÕm concerned, itÕs all too close to call. If I had better ideas, I'd share them. But instead, I'm just gonna sit back, without the pressure of expectations, and enjoy it all.

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