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Penny and Wade Go To Disabled List
2008-08-14 15:48
by Jon Weisman

Phillies at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Tonight's Lineup
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jeff Kent, 2B
Manny Ramirez, LF
James Loney, 1B
Russell Martin, C
Nomar Garciaparra, SS
Casey Blake, 3B
Hiroki Kuroda, P
Dodger pitcher Brad Penny is heading back to the disabled list with a diagnosis of right shoulder inflammation - and he's being joined there for the same reason by reliever Cory Wade. Wade's placement will be dated retroactive to August 9.

Eric Stults has been called up to take Penny's spot on the roster, and his Stults' alphabetical-order buddy Tanyon Sturtze had his contract purchased to take Wade's position on the active roster - as well as the 40th spot on the 40-man roster. Those of us eager to see James McDonald will have to wait.

Stults had a 4.69 ERA with 21 strikeouts in 23 innings since returning to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. Sturtze had a combined 4.38 ERA this season with Jacksonville and Las Vegas, with 39 strikeouts in 51 1/3 innings.

Update: From Matt Hurst of the Press-Enterprise ...

Manager Joe Torre said that Penny "didn't feel right. He didn't say anything about pain, he just didn't have the freedom he'd like to have."

Wade, who was 2-1 with a 2.56 ERA in 40 games, has a shoulder, that Torre said "has been nagging him. He tried the other day to throw a curveball and it was bothering him."

* * *

Beat writer David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News had this to say about Dodger Stadium this week:

Another gorgeous day here at Chavez Ravine. Was just talking with Phils PR man Greg Casterioto, and I think we both agree that this is the best park in the majors. I still haven't been to Wrigley, but I can't imagine it touches this. The weather is perfect, the scenery - mountains rising in the background, palm trees in the goreground (sic)- is beautiful. Walk to your car and you overlook the city skyline. The field is immaculate. It's amazing this place was built in 1962. It feels a lot newer.

* * *

Because CC Sabathia pitched Wednesday, he won't be scheduled to appear during the Brewers' weekend visit to Los Angeles. Sabathia, who homered while striking out 10 Dodgers as a Cleveland Indian on June 21, has a 1.55 ERA (280 ERA+) and 60 strikeouts in 64 innings since being traded to Milwaukee.

Update: Phillies reliever Chad Durbin blogged about pitching against the Dodgers (link via Baseball Musings):

This West Coast trip hasn't treated me (personally) or the Phillies very well so far! I've blown two saves/leads in two nights and, in turn, have put us in a tie with the Mets for first place in the National League East.

Baseball will humble you and teach you. It isn't the failure that defines your character, it is the way you handle the failure. Bouncing back is something we're all seeing on a global level right now watching the Olympics. The one thing I can guarantee is that I will put everything I have out there each time I pitch — sometimes it won't be enough, but at least I can look myself in the mirror after competing. This is a performance league and getting back to performing well is a process of much importance.

That said, the addition of Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake has certainly changed the level of pressure for some of the talented young players in the Dodgers lineup.

The players hitting in the 7 and 8 holes were being asked to hit 3, 4 or 5 just a month or so ago. Confidence is high in Dodgertown. We play 162 games for a reason, the season will play itself out and weathering these storms is part of it. ...

Comments (532)
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2008-08-14 17:09:49
1.   thinkblue88
Another 3-run homer for Ortiz!
2008-08-14 17:09:50
2.   KG16
Is it safe to say that Brad Penny's career as a Dodger is over?
2008-08-14 17:10:58
3.   Alex41592
A real shame about Wade. Penny didn't look right at all from his first pitch in S.F. Maddux coming...?
2008-08-14 17:13:05
4.   Eric Enders
2 Unless he has a labrum tear, the option will be exercised.
2008-08-14 17:13:25
5.   trainwreck
Not at all. I expect us to pick up his option.
2008-08-14 17:13:44
6.   Jon Weisman
Marty, truly sorry you won't make it.
2008-08-14 17:15:59
7.   Sam DC
Wash Times on the Belliard thing.

2008-08-14 17:16:25
8.   Tripon
Annnnnnnnnnd, this would be a good time to call the Padres for Greg Maddux.
2008-08-14 17:18:09
9.   Sam DC
6 I can hear Jon's stomach rumbling all the way out here in DC.
2008-08-14 17:18:35
10.   Tripon

Apparently, David Murphy never had to use the restrooms at Dodgers Stadium.

2008-08-14 17:19:11
11.   Jim Hitchcock
6 Marty, in fitting with the theme of the last post, could always wear an eyepatch!
2008-08-14 17:20:56
12.   Andrew Shimmin
D4P's first day as a debate coach. (NSFW)

2008-08-14 17:22:21
13.   bigcpa
With the off-day Monday we can skip Penny's next start. Then the remaining slots are:

8/23 @ Philly
8/28 @ Washington
9/2 vs SD
9/8 @ SD
9/14 @ Col
9/19 SF
9/25 SD

So 2 scary starts and 5 gimmes. I say keep it in-house.

2008-08-14 17:24:07
14.   Tripon
13 When are games against the Padres always gimmies? Padres tend to great every Dodgers-Padres game as if its a playoff game.
2008-08-14 17:28:29
15.   Alex41592
12 - I like Maddux in all of those games. Maybe not in Philly, but that's going to be rough for most.
2008-08-14 17:28:46
16.   Alex41592
15 meant for 13
2008-08-14 17:31:58
17.   Jon Weisman
Update to this post above.
2008-08-14 17:32:23
18.   Tripon

Giants got a new owner. May he preside over many years of losing seasons.

2008-08-14 17:34:43
19.   MonkeyBlue
Damn sucks to hear about Wade going to the DL.
2008-08-14 17:35:49
20.   Alex41592
Aramis Ramirez injured sliding into home plate. Could be the dreaded oblique.
2008-08-14 17:36:16
21.   MMSMikey
penny has a bad case of whiplash to go along with the sore shoulder.
2008-08-14 17:37:36
22.   Marty
Well, if it clears up by Saturday, I'll try to drop by. But I won't make anything to be on the safe side.
2008-08-14 17:38:37
23.   Tripon
Alex Smith is out as 49ers Starting QB.

Former UC Davis starting QB Patrick O'Sullivan becomes the starting 49ers QB.

And in Green Bay Aaron Rodgers is laughing.

2008-08-14 17:39:23
24.   arbfuldodger
18 LOL looks like scareduck gave Sabean a promotion to owner
2008-08-14 17:41:18
25.   Tripon
J.T. O'Sullivan, not Patrick Sullivan.
2008-08-14 17:41:45
26.   trainwreck
I am laughing far more than Rodgers.
2008-08-14 17:43:27
27.   bhsportsguy
13 I think you are off one game from September 2nd:

If they take every opportunity to keep everyone on 4 days rest between starts:

1. 8/23 @ Philadelphia
2. 8/28 @ Washington D.C.
3. 9/2 San Diego
4. 9/9 @ San Diego
5. 9/16 @ Pittsburgh
6. 9/21 San Francisco
7. 9/27 @ San Francisco

The games after 9/2 would mean that the Dodgers would move the starter who pitched the day after (for instance the 9/3 starter) to the day before that start since an off day would create the extra day of rest.

2008-08-14 17:48:04
28.   TheBigGrabowski
Free James McDonald
2008-08-14 17:48:08
29.   Tripon
Shaquille O'Neal's wife, Shaunie, says the couple has reconciled and that their pending divorce has been withdrawn and that the marriage is back on.
The fantasy implications here are magnificent. Well, not really. But maybe getting the love of his life back will help to rejuvenate Shaq's NBA career. But even a miracle like this probably isn't enough to get the big man to hit a few more free throws.

So, does Kobe get credit for this too? Or does Shaq just asks him how his er, that taste?

2008-08-14 17:50:57
30.   scareduck
Yay! I was diagnosed with a labrum tear. So I get to find out first hand all about what pitchers go through when they're rehabbing this injury. (Yes, surgery remains an option.)
2008-08-14 17:51:35
31.   ToyCannon
Tampa rolls out 8 pitchers but snags the victory as Willie Aybar and Navarro play key roles in victory.
2008-08-14 17:54:03
32.   Jon Weisman
2 - Is there anything to indicate that an offseason of rest won't heal Penny? I'm asking.
2008-08-14 17:54:24
33.   Jon Weisman
30 - Oooh ... sorry to hear that, Rob.
2008-08-14 17:56:10
34.   Jimmyv11
The phillies releiver really touches on what the Manny trade has meant for the young guys. Less pressure, I mean look at Kemp and the hitting streak he had! That has too be a large increase from his second longest hit streak. Ethier is not much of a surprise when a good hitter now bats with a great hitter. And then Loney and Martin tailing the end? please. I for one would like to see Maddux wearing Dodger blue again.
2008-08-14 17:56:53
35.   scareduck
33 - thanks. I'm okay as long as I don't try to lift my arm over my shoulder.
2008-08-14 17:57:06
36.   ToyCannon
James Adkins with a one hitter after 7 innings for Jacksonville.
2008-08-14 17:58:16
37.   ToyCannon
No high fives for Rob at the picnic.
2008-08-14 17:58:19
38.   bhsportsguy
35 You can always resort to throwin g like Kent Teckulve.
2008-08-14 18:00:28
39.   scareduck
Did anybody else notice the White Sox had a four-consecutive-homers game against the Royals earlier today?

2008-08-14 18:01:10
40.   scareduck
38 - fortunately, it's my non-pitching (left) arm.
2008-08-14 18:02:52
41.   bhsportsguy
Did anyone see Rollins compare Phillies' fans to the Best Baseball Fans in America.

Actually, its funny that no player ever says anything good (or bad) about Dodger fans. And I mean players from other teams.

2008-08-14 18:03:52
42.   wronghanded
35 I am on the same boat, tore it in '01 while playing some independant ball and never had it repaired surgically. If you choose to go the rehab route, you'll slowly start regaining your range of motion but you can expect pain just about anytime you want to throw. My fastball went from about 88 MPH to 60, even 7 years later. It's really kind of frustrating especially since I want to be able to play a proper game of catch with my kids one day.
2008-08-14 18:04:23
43.   Tripon
Tony Jackson reports that Manny has cut his hair. Sort of.
2008-08-14 18:06:00
44.   Alex41592
41 - Rollins would be a good fit in St. Louis. But, there's the little matter of being signed through 2010 (2011 club option).
2008-08-14 18:06:14
45.   Tripon

So does the Press Enterprise! Hopefully Samson doesn't lose his power, and becomes !Samson.

2008-08-14 18:06:48
46.   Alex41592
Benches clear in Atlanta. No punches.
2008-08-14 18:06:57
47.   Jon Weisman
39 - Yeah, that got touched on earlier. I'm trying to ignore it because it simply wasn't as special to me as 4+1.
2008-08-14 18:07:23
48.   Tripon
41 I think most players appreciate that fans in L.A. aren't living and dying with them day in and day out.
2008-08-14 18:08:20
49.   larry slimfast
32 2005 suggests he could have at least a good 1st half... but he will be 4 years older.
2008-08-14 18:11:46
50.   Alex41592
I just want to ask because I'm avoiding some websites tonight. Will this be an Olympic spoiler free thread?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2008-08-14 18:13:03
51.   Jon Weisman
No Olympic results to be posted here until they air on the West Coast.
2008-08-14 18:15:46
52.   bhsportsguy
Tony Jackson says in his blog that Torre is indicating that Jason Johnson or Eric Stults will pitch on Tuesday night.
2008-08-14 18:22:54
53.   trainwreck
Joe, it is 2008, let the man have long hair.
2008-08-14 18:25:57
54.   Tripon
2008-08-14 18:38:08
55.   scareduck
54 - LOL!
2008-08-14 18:39:18
56.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
7 - Belliard banter:
Right now, he's hitting 237/340/442/782 in 224 at-bats for an OPS+ of 104. This is his best season since 2005.
For a backup second baseman, I like that power off the bench.
2008-08-14 18:50:45
59.   larry slimfast
Have you guys noticed that Manny Ramirez is almost the complete antithesis of Juan Pierre? Slow, decent arm, hit's the ball hard, strikes out, walks, long hair, a bit heavy, hat fits, isn't annoying about what he's good at, isn't afraid to tick people off, baggy pants, etc.

It's quite amusing to think about.

The similarities are kinda fun too.

2008-08-14 18:53:05
60.   The Trolley Dodger
40 Sounds nasty. Heal fast, Rob.
2008-08-14 18:54:08
61.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
58 - Imus nods in approval.
2008-08-14 18:54:16
62.   Rob M
59 They BOTH wear their pants baggy.
2008-08-14 18:54:43
63.   Disabled List
Manny not being Juan.
2008-08-14 18:59:10
64.   larry slimfast
62 well the way the wear their baggy pants... juan is all circus clown and manny's all soccer mom.
2008-08-14 19:03:15
65.   Alex41592
51 - Cool. Ok, thanks.

Notes from Torre's pregame:

Brad got a cortisone shot.

In the next day or so they'll decide whether to skip Penny's spot.

Just because we don't face Sabathia or Sheets means we're going to win ballgames. But, personality wise it makes it less stressful, but we have to go out and play the game.

Sturtze is a competitor. He's come a long way since spring training, but still is not where he was in N.Y (velocity wise). Pitched yesterday in Vegas so may not be available.

Manny has been joking with Torre that his hits have been because of the hair. Torre says if that were true he would have snuck into his apartment in Boston and shaved it off. It's his ability. But, if he goes 0 for 5, Manny will hassle him (jokingly). After the game last night Manny came up to Torre and said, "Good double switch." He praises Manny's work ethic. Manny doesn't take the ability for granted and works very hard.

Jeff is being the hitter he is and not going out of his zone. Before he was a little impatient because they didn't have to pitch to him. With Manny behind him Kent is getting the pitches and not missing them.

Kershaw was able to work on things in the minors and is certainly not afraid to compete. He's very intelligent.

Having guys in the bullpen who can pitch the middle innings well are very valuable. He praises Johnson and Park's work last night.

2008-08-14 19:09:36
66.   Alex41592
We were all asleep at the wheel. Mark Kotsay has hit for the cycle.
2008-08-14 19:10:28
67.   Eric Stephen
Mark Kotsay has hit for the cycle against the Cubs.

This is not an alert.

2008-08-14 19:11:32
68.   alex 7
On the Phillies' broadcast, one of the Keys to Victory is..."avoid being swept". Awesome.
2008-08-14 19:11:59
69.   D4P
1. Do we stand down once the cycle has been achieved?
2. What if we never stood up in the first place?
2008-08-14 19:13:13
70.   Gagne55
Tanyon Sturtze. I haven't heard that name in a long time. I remember he was the Yankee's best reliever outside of Gordon and Mo that one year. Yankee fans said Torre killed him arm though. And then I hadn't seen his name in a few years. And he's back now.
2008-08-14 19:13:25
71.   The Trolley Dodger
69 I would suggest a solemn clearing of the throat and a knowing nod.
2008-08-14 19:13:50
72.   trainwreck
You have to stay in a crouched position.
2008-08-14 19:13:55
73.   alex 7
Blake is above-average over at 3rd.
2008-08-14 19:14:48
74.   larry slimfast
Wow, our infield is old and weird.
2008-08-14 19:15:14
75.   Alex41592
7 pitch opening inning for Kuroda.
2008-08-14 19:16:03
76.   SevenNineSixtyFive
64 - I thought I read somewhere that Pierre wears his pants the way he does as a tribute to the Negro Leagues. Don't have time to track down a source for that right now - but I always thought it was a cool gesture, if true, regardless of how good his game may or may not be. So circus clown may not quite be apt.
2008-08-14 19:16:17
77.   Ken Noe
What color alert do we use when a cycle is missed? Perhaps gray would suffice.
2008-08-14 19:18:47
79.   Gagne55
70 I just checked baseball-reference and, Sturtze was the third best reliever for the 2005, but was still terrible. Sturtze pitched fewer games and innings than Gordon or Mo (yet I still remember Yankee fans being being worried about overuse).
2008-08-14 19:19:29
80.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
78 - That's another thing Vin's said this season that shocked me because, you know, saying it was Vin.
The other: "Linkin Park."
2008-08-14 19:20:11
81.   Jacob Burch
I have no idea where the "Aye" count is, but I believe its 15 or so. But I'll be there.

If any of those in attendance has/ends up getting a spare ticket to that night's game I would love to go, but otherwise I'd be sitting by myself--and I'm not sure if the $15+ticket is worth such a lonely venture.

2008-08-14 19:22:53
82.   Gagne55
80 I like Linkin Park
2008-08-14 19:24:16
83.   larry slimfast
76 It was a joke. I appreciate JP's appreciation of history. He does, however, look a bit goofy... as in - don't take it too seriously... and also as in - have fun like they used to.
2008-08-14 19:24:48
84.   bhsportsguy
81 I think I know of one if you don't mind slumming with some other DTers.
2008-08-14 19:24:48
85.   Jacob Burch
I knew Vin would make a comment ont he Stultz/Sturtze dual call up and their names, but wasn't sure how he'd handle it. I'd say he hit it out of the park.
2008-08-14 19:24:50
86.   Gen3Blue
73 Above average at what?
2008-08-14 19:25:38
87.   scareduck
Cubs beat the Braves 11-7, sweeping the season series. This is the only time this has happened in history.
2008-08-14 19:25:45
88.   Jacob Burch
81 jacobburch at gmail dot com if you could forward me the details--this will be two weeks in a row of DT baseball games from me. I'll probably collapse of something from it, but it'll be worth it.
2008-08-14 19:27:01
89.   scareduck
70 - Tanyon Sturtze. I haven't heard that name in a long time.

It's not like it's Obi-Wan Kenobi.

2008-08-14 19:28:40
90.   Gagne55
87 Orly? the Cubs and Braves are the two franchises remaining from the original National League in 1876. Are you sure you don't mean Atlanta Braves?
2008-08-14 19:30:16
91.   Gagne55
Looks like it's Good Kuroda tonight!
2008-08-14 19:30:50
92.   Jacob Burch
2008-08-14 19:31:00
93.   larry slimfast
Another Triple!
2008-08-14 19:31:07
94.   bhsportsguy
88 I have forwarded the e-mail address to the person who will get you the information.
2008-08-14 19:31:36
95.   unlazy4sports
wow, 6th triple for Loney!?
2008-08-14 19:31:55
96.   Gagne55
89 You can't win. If you score a run off me I'll become more powerful than you could imagine.
2008-08-14 19:32:06
97.   scareduck
90 - That's what the wife said, and I'm assuming she was listening to the Braves announcers.
2008-08-14 19:33:08
98.   Lexinthedena
Aye will be at the picnic on Sat.

What a dumb play by Jenkins.

Vin toeing a dangerous line when speaking of Myers and his pugilistic prowess:)

2008-08-14 19:33:59
99.   Gagne55
Martin failed to drive in the runner at third with less than 2 outs. :(
2008-08-14 19:34:25
100.   D4P
Other than Kuroda, the lowest OPS in our lineup is .753
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2008-08-14 19:35:24
101.   D4P
Nomar kills the rally.
2008-08-14 19:35:43
102.   Gagne55
0-2 count, runner on third, weak grounder to second base. Now that is situational hitting. :)
2008-08-14 19:37:26
103.   SortaLaSorda
Why not James McDonald? Most everyone has seen Stults; they haven't seen McDonald. Might be worth a few wins before everyone gets wise to him--which might be the difference this year. For sure when the rosters are expanded though, right?
2008-08-14 19:37:33
104.   fanerman
For a slow guy, James Loney sure gets a lot of triples.
2008-08-14 19:37:49
105.   Gagne55
101 What? He got the run home. What Nomar did was a positive event.
2008-08-14 19:38:20
106.   alex 7
gen3blue, just saw Blake make a nice play at 3rd last inning. I feared the worst after hearing some descriptions of his defense by fans and defensive-metrics, but so far he has outperformed the expectations of most of us.
2008-08-14 19:39:03
107.   Lexinthedena
103 While I want to see J-Mac....Stults is the one who deserves to be back in the rotation.
2008-08-14 19:39:26
108.   larry slimfast
That's the spirit, Nomah!
2008-08-14 19:40:36
109.   D4P
But if a homerun kills a rally, surely an RBI-groundout does as well...
2008-08-14 19:40:59
110.   Michael D
Looks like Nomar can play defense.
2008-08-14 19:40:59
111.   MonkeyBlue
HOLY CRAP NOMAR!!!!!! Looking like his old self.
2008-08-14 19:41:08
112.   Eric Stephen
A Garcia-pair-a great plays that inning!
2008-08-14 19:41:12
113.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
98 - "Brett, when did you stop beating your wife?"
2008-08-14 19:41:28
114.   Gagne55
9 up 9 down :)
2008-08-14 19:42:17
115.   whodat807
That was a Raffy-impersonation. I'm enjoying Nomar at short a whole lot more than I did Berroa.
2008-08-14 19:42:24
116.   scareduck
90 - I just confirmed it against the Retrosheet database.

The Cubs have been on the other end of season sweeps by the Braves four years: 1897, 1898, 1997, and 2005.

2008-08-14 19:42:25
117.   Gen3Blue
The Dodgers up and down pitching usually ends up near the top of the league. If they ran out a line-up like the last two nights its pretty obvious they would win about 95 games.
2008-08-14 19:42:27
118.   D4P
Kuroda working on a no-bear-downer thus far.
2008-08-14 19:42:55
119.   Sam DC
Phelps/Lochte a couple mins away (east coast feed).
2008-08-14 19:43:02
120.   ImprobableImpossible
Why are they showing 1998 Red Sox highlights on Prime Ticket?
2008-08-14 19:43:54
121.   larry slimfast
I like this team.
2008-08-14 19:44:07
122.   Sam DC
Spoiler warning remains in effect.
2008-08-14 19:44:30
123.   Gagne55
109 Nomar decreased the chance of future runs being scored in that inning in part because he gaurenteed a run scored that inning. Also because he made an out. Yes the rally ended, but it also produced something. I've seen way to many leadoff triples wasted to not appreciate the RBI groundout
2008-08-14 19:44:30
124.   The Dude Abides
2008-08-14 19:44:50
125.   Jon Weisman
A reminder: quoting someone violating rule 1, even as a euphemism, does not give you the excuse to violate rule 1.
2008-08-14 19:45:36
126.   Gagne55
Nomar tied a record with three assists in an inning.
2008-08-14 19:45:37
127.   whodat807
123 I think he was joking...
2008-08-14 19:45:57
128.   Jon Weisman
123 - You're taking him too literally.
2008-08-14 19:47:58
129.   Michael D
I'm not liking this whole Brett Myers not sucking against us thing.
2008-08-14 19:50:44
130.   Gagne55
I figured it was a joke but responded anyway. Besides this brings up the reason that the RBI should not be completely overlooked. What Nomar did was a positive event, but his batting OBP and slugging went down with it. Where he got got credit is in the RBI department.
2008-08-14 19:50:44
131.   The Dude Abides
No wonder the Reds beat the Bucs today. Yahoo box score shows the Bucs only playing five guys. Hard to cover the whole field that way.
2008-08-14 19:52:19
132.   Gen3Blue
Uh-oh. At the rate of pitches per inning, Myers is going to throw 9 innings. Maybe we can still beat him.
2008-08-14 19:54:28
133.   Gen3Blue
Ok Vin--now the Phils our 2 for 30 whatever.
2008-08-14 19:54:58
134.   StolenMonkey86
Chase Utley wanted to make the game boring
2008-08-14 19:57:34
135.   MonkeyBlue
2008-08-14 19:58:33
136.   Gagne55
135 Hiro the Hero?
2008-08-14 20:03:25
137.   StolenMonkey86
Gameday says pitch 1 to manny was in the other batters box.
2008-08-14 20:03:51
138.   MonkeyBlue
136. Our hero! not some time stopping hero.
2008-08-14 20:07:17
139.   scareduck
138 - no matter where you go, there you are.
2008-08-14 20:07:35
140.   StolenMonkey86
There's a crazy-eyed rabbit on the loose.
2008-08-14 20:07:35
141.   fanerman
Sloney gets a triple and stolen base in the same game.
2008-08-14 20:07:41
142.   larry slimfast
125 First and most importantly I apologize for 78 . I understand and will be more careful. I certainly was not making an excuse for breaking Rule One. I just wasn't considering it. I appreciate and even support that post's deletion.

Your Rule One enforcement often comes across ambiguously... for me anyway. I understand you can't always be aware but some obvious euphemisms or other offensive terms slip by consistently. I ask the following with all sincerity. Is it the "Seven Words" we are not to refer to through anything less than a 2nd degree of reference? Is it some other formula? Or is it just at your whim? which is indeed your deserved right.

It's all interesting to me to be honest.

2008-08-14 20:07:53
143.   Gen3Blue
What is this running Loney thing? If it's a busted hit and run I guess it makes a small amount of sense.
2008-08-14 20:09:45
144.   StolenMonkey86
142 - I always figured it was around the G/PG borderline.
2008-08-14 20:11:20
145.   Gen3Blue
Wow, Myers is good tonight, 7K in four innings. And this is a good line-up.
2008-08-14 20:15:31
146.   scareduck
Your mid-inning intermission musical interlude:

2008-08-14 20:15:38
147.   Jon Weisman
142 - I understand. There should be no cursing or euphemisms for cursing. The rest is subjective.

If I'm unable to delete something right away, don't assume that it's okay.

2008-08-14 20:18:28
148.   KG16
anyone else hold their breathe there when Nomar ran kind of funny past the bag?
2008-08-14 20:19:22
149.   scareduck
148 - I wouldn't be surprised if Nomar turned into glass shards and the groundskeepers had to sweep him up.
2008-08-14 20:19:51
150.   MonkeyBlue
Looks to be a really fast game.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2008-08-14 20:20:14
151.   larry slimfast
147 Thank you. I try not to assume, that's why I ask.

Sometimes when Vin makes a funny pop culture reference, I can't help myself.

2008-08-14 20:21:17
152.   kguy
I'm not opposed for Nomar to swing and wait until the ball lands fair before gingerly jogging to first.
2008-08-14 20:23:00
153.   Sam DC
Mary Lou Retton and Nadia Comanece are both in attendance at the gymnastics tonight.
2008-08-14 20:25:27
154.   larry slimfast
Is Nadia still hot?
2008-08-14 20:26:03
155.   Disabled List
NBC and the announcers are so frustrated with the slow reporting of the gymnastics scores, that they're using a camera to peer over the shoulders of the judges and look at their computers while the scores are being entered.

Talk about impatient.

2008-08-14 20:27:18
156.   Alex41592
This is a great game so far.
2008-08-14 20:27:41
157.   scareduck
154 - apparently so:

2008-08-14 20:27:58
158.   KG16
huh, the Dodgers were the first to use the infamous day-night doubleheader arrangement. go figure.
2008-08-14 20:29:00
159.   Tripon
Hey, this game is like the other Dodgers game the Dodgers played before they were the Manny Dodgers. Its a throwback Dodgers game featuring the 2008 Dodgers before they became the second half 2008 Dodgers.
2008-08-14 20:29:16
160.   larry slimfast
157 404'd! oh no!
2008-08-14 20:30:54
161.   KG16
160 -
2008-08-14 20:30:56
162.   Greg Brock
Bison power.
2008-08-14 20:30:59
163.   Alex41592
2008-08-14 20:31:03
164.   MonkeyBlue
Bison power! regained!
2008-08-14 20:31:09
165.   scareduck
RMON goes yard!
2008-08-14 20:31:12
166.   KG16
Robot Made of Nails.


2008-08-14 20:31:14
167.   TheBigGrabowski
2008-08-14 20:31:15
168.   Tripon
2008-08-14 20:32:01
169.   thinkblue88
freakin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-08-14 20:32:20
170.   Andrew Shimmin
She has photos on her website. Number of people I recognize in these shots: 0

2008-08-14 20:32:21
171.   whodat807
Oh Matt Kemp, how I love you so...
2008-08-14 20:32:44
172.   Andrew Shimmin
KG beat me by a mile.
2008-08-14 20:33:11
173.   KG16
172 - country mile.
2008-08-14 20:33:21
174.   Eric Stephen
Nice try. We know you recognize Bart Conner.

(BTW, excellent YouTube debate video earlier)

2008-08-14 20:33:31
175.   larry slimfast
160 I gotta go now.
2008-08-14 20:34:09
176.   Tripon
Kent is old and cannot out run a slow roller to 3rd for a single.
2008-08-14 20:35:00
177.   Tripon
If Manny still had the leg long dreads, then that flyball would have been a HR.
2008-08-14 20:35:12
178.   MonkeyBlue
Dang didn't make Meyers work this inning.
2008-08-14 20:35:56
179.   larry slimfast
Vin said Kemp's ceiling was "the Sistine Chapel."
2008-08-14 20:36:14
180.   Eric Stephen
Kemp made him work.
2008-08-14 20:36:32
181.   whodat807
"Fans saw that with their hearts, not with their eyes...."

Yep. I was about to type MANNY BEING MANNY before being brought back to reality.

2008-08-14 20:36:32
182.   Alex41592
Half an inch from an extra 50 feet.
2008-08-14 20:37:55
183.   Eric Stephen
Here's a word of advice for you young kids out there: if you are trying to avoid Olympic news of events that have not yet aired on your local broadcast, and you want to check the Dodgers box score, DON'T go to the front page of Yahoo Sports first!
2008-08-14 20:38:08
184.   Tripon
Manny bobbled that double ball. Luckily Werth couldn't captalize it and Manny was able to throw the ball back to limit the double to a double.
2008-08-14 20:39:17
185.   Andrew Shimmin
Or Drudge.

Really, just lock it down. DT only. It's not like you're missing out on much. Maybe a lolcat or two, if you already know the url.

2008-08-14 20:42:19
186.   scareduck
2008-08-14 20:42:32
187.   Andrew Shimmin
This is Olympic spoiler safe, too. But it raises deep philosophical questions. If you're a rat, and the only things you know how to do are eat, expel waste, reproduce, and sleep, and then you wake up with a robot body that can do zero of those things, wouldn't that make you, to the extent it's possible for a rat to be, completely crazy? Does the world need crazy rat robots?

2008-08-14 20:43:35
188.   fanerman
165 RMON sounds a lot like Raul MONdesi.
2008-08-14 20:43:35
189.   Tripon
Its odd seeing the Phillies play small ball. This is supposed to be a high powered offense right?
2008-08-14 20:43:35
190.   Tripon
Its odd seeing the Phillies play small ball. This is supposed to be a high powered offense right?
2008-08-14 20:44:12
191.   The Dude Abides
I can't remember if the discussion was on this site or not, but that bobble illustrated one example for the weaker fielding outfielders to play LF. A bobble by the RF in the same situation and the runner goes to 3B on the play.
2008-08-14 20:44:24
192.   KG16
Crazy Rat Robots was the name of my band in college.

If you know, I were to have had a band in college.

2008-08-14 20:45:15
193.   StolenMonkey86
189, 190 - I feel like there's a clever line that I can make about Werth hitting a double, but it escapes me.
2008-08-14 20:45:30
194.   Greg Brock
187 I saw that on io9 earlier. Color me unimpressed.

Willard didn't need Frankenrats. He just commanded rats, and they obeyed.

2008-08-14 20:48:51
195.   MonkeyBlue
Wow bad call from the ump. Pitch was high.
2008-08-14 20:49:17
196.   Alex41592
Um, yeah no sir. Just a bit high.
2008-08-14 20:50:21
197.   Jon Weisman
Steve Carell and Tina Fey are set to play a married couple in "Date Night," a 20th Century Fox comedy to be directed by Shawn Levy.

2008-08-14 20:52:22
198.   scareduck
This game has dropped Myers' ERA to under 5.00 for the first time since May 3.
2008-08-14 20:53:23
199.   larry slimfast
The make some of those robot rats in the basement of the psych building on campus at Vandy. Very few are allowed down there. They get PETA threats sometimes.
2008-08-14 20:53:27
200.   StolenMonkey86
197 - Is Tina Fey ready to have 100 kids?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2008-08-14 20:54:10
201.   Alex41592
Casey! Big run.
2008-08-14 20:54:12
202.   MonkeyBlue
Clutch hitting for Blake.
2008-08-14 20:54:14
203.   Tripon
Imagine that! Getting production from out 8th hitter!
2008-08-14 20:54:20
204.   scareduck
2008-08-14 20:55:30
205.   KG16
Martin's steal of second leads to the third run of the game. sweet.
2008-08-14 20:55:37
206.   scareduck
198 - not anymore.
2008-08-14 20:55:41
207.   MonkeyBlue
I don't really like the Dodgers taking out Hiro for Sweeneny.
2008-08-14 20:57:03
208.   Tripon
What happens when a runner is thrown out at say, 2nd base when there's a pitch hitter and that out ends the inning. Does that pitch hitter get another at bat when they come back to the plate? Or is that PH burned?
2008-08-14 20:57:19
209.   scareduck
Sweeney gets on base. This feels strange.
2008-08-14 20:57:42
210.   Alex41592
Charlie Manuel is leaving Myers out there.
2008-08-14 20:58:01
211.   scareduck
208 - I believe they are burned only when they are announced, or if they enter the batter's box.
2008-08-14 20:58:31
212.   Tripon
210 Payback for arguing back at him for Myers last start against Pittsburg.
2008-08-14 20:58:31
213.   larry slimfast
208 - he's burnedc unless they make a double switch.
2008-08-14 20:58:53
214.   KG16
208 - the pinch hitter either stays in the game in the line up spot that he was in, or he gets replaced. if it is the pitcher's spot, my guess would be a double switch with the 8th hitter. the spot in the order is the thing.
2008-08-14 20:59:05
215.   Alex41592
208 - Burned. Because you have to replace the hitter with a pitcher. But, you can always double switch.
2008-08-14 21:00:37
216.   bhsportsguy
Tina Fey's TV boss is in talks to be in a romantic comedy with Meryl Streep.

2008-08-14 21:01:23
217.   Gagne55
Go to the most recent Bronx Banner thread for comments on Tanyon Sturtze
2008-08-14 21:01:53
218.   Alex41592
Kuo is in.
2008-08-14 21:02:19
219.   Johnny Nucleo
Now pitching: He Who Must Not Be Named.
2008-08-14 21:03:33
220.   MonkeyBlue
Nomar playing really good D.
2008-08-14 21:03:54
221.   Gagne55
219 The Dodgers signed Voldemort?
2008-08-14 21:04:16
222.   LoneStar7
fabulous fielding by low rider tonight
2008-08-14 21:04:52
223.   scareduck
215 - but he didn't say whether the batter was a pitcher.
2008-08-14 21:04:55
224.   Alex41592
Oh, what a 1-1 pitch by Kuo.
2008-08-14 21:05:22
225.   Tripon
Voldemort is a sissy. Now if the Dodgers signed Hermione Granger, I'd be more interested. Because er, yeah.
2008-08-14 21:06:59
226.   scareduck
225 - Alyssa Milano?
2008-08-14 21:07:08
227.   fanerman
225 She's the brightest witch of her generation. And... yeah. That, too.
2008-08-14 21:07:17
228.   MonkeyBlue
Damn Chase is going to bat in the ninth now. Unless Shane GIDP.
2008-08-14 21:07:21
229.   Tripon

ESPN has your dread locks story.

2008-08-14 21:08:18
230.   StolenMonkey86
Judging by gameday's location of ball 4, Mr. Joyce needs to concetrate on his consistency.
2008-08-14 21:08:24
231.   Gagne55
225 Because she's hot?
2008-08-14 21:08:48
232.   The Dude Abides
Me after that 3-2 pitch was called ball four:


2008-08-14 21:09:18
233.   Gagne55
2008-08-14 21:09:53
234.   Gagne55
three pinch hitters in one inning
2008-08-14 21:10:32
235.   MonkeyBlue
I <3 Kuo.
2008-08-14 21:10:42
236.   LoneStar7
are you kidding me, blown away
2008-08-14 21:10:48
237.   Greg Brock
2008-08-14 21:10:49
238.   Gagne55
Good morning good afternoon good night
2008-08-14 21:10:52
239.   fanerman
229 Joe Torre: "We'll continue to monitor it."
2008-08-14 21:11:07
240.   Alex41592
Tough call for the ninth. Utley will be up. Howard could be up. Kuo for the save?
2008-08-14 21:11:21
241.   Johnny Nucleo
Pretty good inning for er, "Voldemort".
2008-08-14 21:11:42
242.   bhsportsguy
I would be more comfortable if you talked about Alyssa Milano rather than someone who can't drive yet in California or the UK.
2008-08-14 21:12:41
243.   StolenMonkey86
238 - Hi Truman!
2008-08-14 21:13:32
244.   LoneStar7
237 epic!
2008-08-14 21:13:36
245.   Tripon
242 Emma Watson's 18. Sure I'm 23, and its still a bit skezzy, but she's still 18.
2008-08-14 21:13:42
246.   The Dude Abides
If the Dodgers don't score some runs this inning, I'd favor leaving our terrific Taiwanese twirler in the game.
2008-08-14 21:14:03
247.   Alex41592
Emma Watson is 18. Chris Hansen stand down.
2008-08-14 21:14:27
248.   whodat807
225 I'm just going to go and say it: Hermione (or the chick who plays her) is smokin'.
2008-08-14 21:15:01
249.   Tripon
237 That is familiar.
2008-08-14 21:15:11
250.   Gagne55
Emma Watson is 18
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2008-08-14 21:15:27
251.   fanerman
I try not to care too much about celebs. I refer to her as Hermione and not Emma Watson. Hermione is hotter in the movies than in the books. I don't mind too much.
2008-08-14 21:15:31
252.   MonkeyBlue
Hustle double for Ethier.
2008-08-14 21:15:51
253.   Alex41592
Just as nice as a shot to the gap for Ethier.
2008-08-14 21:16:25
254.   KG16
By the way, is Alyssa Milano going to the DT Picnic, because then I'd have to change my plans.
2008-08-14 21:16:38
255.   Tripon
242 And Alyssa Milano never did it for me, I hate the Charmed series with a passion not seen since my hatred for Dawson's Creek.
2008-08-14 21:17:21
256.   Alex41592
Professional at bat for Kent.
2008-08-14 21:17:48
257.   MonkeyBlue
Make them pay Loney.
2008-08-14 21:18:14
258.   Andrew Shimmin
255- She was terrific in Hugo Pool.
2008-08-14 21:18:38
259.   bhsportsguy
2008-08-14 21:18:52
260.   whodat807
255 I saw "Embrace of the Vampire" or something when I was in my early teens, and though it was a truly awful movie, it firmly established Alyssa Milano as a stone cold hottie in my eyes.
2008-08-14 21:19:18
261.   sporky
I feel obligated to mention how hot Christian Bale is.
2008-08-14 21:20:18
262.   whodat807
I love having a slugger that strikes fear in opposing managers' hearts.
2008-08-14 21:20:23
263.   MonkeyBlue
Damn it Loney.
2008-08-14 21:20:28
264.   Alex41592
BTW, Manny was 4 for 4 with 2 HR's against Eyre.
2008-08-14 21:20:51
265.   fanerman
261 Not a Harry Potter fan? Or Ron?
2008-08-14 21:20:56
266.   larry slimfast
Emma Watson is going to have a tough life.
2008-08-14 21:21:00
267.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
261 - It's a big tent at DT.
2008-08-14 21:21:18
268.   Tripon
258 She may have been, but Charmed is from the same network that had Angel and Buffy. Charmed just couldn't hold a candle to both of them and somehow it lasted longer than both series. Especially Angel, how the heck did Charmed get renewed over Angel? The 5th season of Angel rocked! ...Er, yeah. Just ignore this rant.

P.S. Amy Acker was smoking hot.

2008-08-14 21:21:46
269.   StolenMonkey86
263 - at least he didn't GIDP. Inning still going
2008-08-14 21:21:55
270.   Alex41592
If Martin can get on Nomar owns Scott Eyre.
2008-08-14 21:22:23
271.   Gagne55
266 Because she was a child actress?
2008-08-14 21:23:08
272.   MonkeyBlue
269. Still a bad at-bat.
2008-08-14 21:23:56
273.   sporky
The only characters I can recall from the HP movies: Harry, Ron, Dumbledore, Snape and Hagrid. I don't think any of them are in the same hemisphere as 'hot'.
2008-08-14 21:23:58
274.   larry slimfast
271 That's one of the reasons.
2008-08-14 21:24:05
275.   Alex41592
51,000 plus on a Thursday night with no giveaway is very impressive.
2008-08-14 21:24:17
276.   sporky
The only -male- characters
2008-08-14 21:24:45
277.   sporky
2008-08-14 21:24:53
278.   The Dude Abides
I'm wondering why Joe didn't have Pierre run for Manny. If he believes in the "distraction" theory, maybe Eyre could have been distracted enough to groove one.
2008-08-14 21:24:54
279.   fanerman
276 What?! If I were female, I'd go for Harry Potter....
2008-08-14 21:25:04
280.   Greg Brock
I really wish fans would watch the outfielders. Calm down.
2008-08-14 21:25:05
281.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
I hope this pitcher has a sister named Jane.
2008-08-14 21:26:02
282.   The Dude Abides
Now I'm hoping that our lefty relief ace starts the 9th.
2008-08-14 21:26:10
283.   sporky
279 I probably would if I were part of the Miley Cyrus target demographic.
2008-08-14 21:26:12
284.   whodat807
Any DTers in Washington? I really want to catch a game when the Dodgers come to town next Thursday, and have no friends here that like baseball...
2008-08-14 21:26:36
285.   Gagne55
I've been told before that I look like Harry Potter
2008-08-14 21:27:06
286.   MonkeyBlue
wow, Kuo is pitching.
2008-08-14 21:27:25
287.   bhsportsguy
The two inning save again.
2008-08-14 21:27:25
288.   Gagne55
Voldemort retakes the mound.
2008-08-14 21:27:34
289.   Tripon
278 Manny was on first. Even if Pierre took his shoes off, takes the first base bag from the ground, and throws it at a lady, Pierre still couldn't steal second with Ethier at 2nd.
2008-08-14 21:27:58
290.   TheBigGrabowski
Is Torre going to let Kuo try to get the two inning save or bring in Broxton after a batter?
2008-08-14 21:28:46
291.   The Dude Abides
Ethier was on third after Kent's fly out.
2008-08-14 21:28:53
292.   bhsportsguy
289 I thought Ethier went to 3rd on Kent's fly ball.
2008-08-14 21:29:40
293.   Andrew Shimmin
What was the final disposition on the Christian Bale mother thing? Did he actually smack her around or was it really just a verbal assault (as somebody was speculating) charge?
2008-08-14 21:29:58
294.   Alex41592
Kuo is in because of Mr. Utley and possibly Mr. Howard.
2008-08-14 21:30:30
295.   larry slimfast
289 - Ethier was at third but I dig what you're saying.
2008-08-14 21:30:54
296.   Tripon
Oh. Well, then Torre just thinks Pierre is a silly little man then. Or Torre doesn't think Manny needs to be replaced defensively that much. He's not horrible outside of balls that get caught under the LH wall.
2008-08-14 21:31:04
297.   Alex41592
I hope most realize how impressive this 4 game sweep is.
2008-08-14 21:31:05
298.   fanerman
283 Fair enough. Christian Bale is a pretty good looking guy. Except for that whole family fiasco.
2008-08-14 21:31:11
299.   sporky
2008-08-14 21:31:18
300.   The Dude Abides
it was verbal only.

And the Phillies are spent.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2008-08-14 21:31:24
301.   MonkeyBlue
I love Kuo! SWEEP!!!!!
2008-08-14 21:31:44
302.   Lexinthedena
Did Torre stumble across some common sense juice 4 games ago?
2008-08-14 21:32:10
303.   bhsportsguy

Nice going. I mean really nice going. The Dodgers knocked the Phillies out of first place.

2008-08-14 21:32:21
304.   Alex41592
Kuroda-Kuo! Amazing! And that's a four game sweep of the formerly N.L East leading Phillies. Why formerly? Because of the co-West leading Dodgers, that's why.
2008-08-14 21:32:24
305.   fanerman
2008-08-14 21:32:50
306.   sporky
3 games over .500!
2008-08-14 21:33:09
307.   Johnny Nucleo
Career save #1.
2008-08-14 21:33:32
308.   Xeifrank
Best Dodger relief pitcher gets the save. Did someone hit Torre in the head with a mallet or something? Wonder why he has suddenly come to his senses in so many aspects of personnel management?
vr, Xei
2008-08-14 21:33:35
309.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Last time the Dodgers were 3 games above .500 - May 23.
2008-08-14 21:34:16
310.   Sub4Era
Kuroda did well, we scraped runs across, and swept a reasonably good team. Things are looking up!
2008-08-14 21:35:28
311.   lakerican
308 Maybe August has something to do with it...
2008-08-14 21:35:41
312.   Sam DC
284 I am in DC but afraid I'm likely to miss the Dodgers' series.
2008-08-14 21:36:02
313.   Tripon
Bring on the Brewers! The Brewers are hot, but they just lost to the Padres earlier today, and we miss C.C. and Sheets. We should be able to take at least two out of three, and maybe sweep the series as we throw out Bills, Lowe, and Kershaw at them.
2008-08-14 21:36:18
314.   KG16
so, at what point do we start following not only what the Snakes are doing, but what the Mets are doing?

And is there a consensus yet on whether the Cubs or Brewers would be a better match up?

2008-08-14 21:37:15
315.   fanerman
Russell Martin: Did you know, sir? Then?
Joe Torre: Did I know that I just managed the most dangerous Taiwanese reliever of all time? No.

Cue the Hedwig Theme...

2008-08-14 21:37:31
316.   bhsportsguy
I think the issue with Kuo is that he will use him if he hasn't thrown a lot of pitchers in the 8th and then rest him for 1 or 2 days.
2008-08-14 21:37:47
317.   Tripon
314 Brewers because we get to start the series at Dodgers Stadium.
2008-08-14 21:38:51
318.   gpellamjr
308 He is just trying to distract us, so we don't notice that Sturtze was called up.
2008-08-14 21:39:06
319.   Johnny Nucleo
Is this the high point of the season so far? This is certainly a different Dodger team than the one that scored 3 runs against the Braves in an entire 3-game series back in May. Things look really good right now.
2008-08-14 21:39:42
320.   Xeifrank
Ryan Braun is questionable for tomorrow nights game.
vr, Xei
2008-08-14 21:40:05
321.   lakerican

I think Torre is beginning to show he is more intelligent than what you folks give him credit for...

2008-08-14 21:40:37
322.   Xeifrank
Dodgers Magic Number: 42
vr, Xei
2008-08-14 21:42:06
323.   Tripon
322 What, do the Dodgers have 42 games left?
2008-08-14 21:42:13
324.   Alex41592
Laynce Nix was batting third for the Brewers today.
2008-08-14 21:44:32
325.   KG16
watching the commercial for My Own Worst Enemy, I have to say, the new Camero looks a lot like the current Mustang. There's something not quite right about that.
2008-08-14 21:45:17
326.   Gagne55
323 Only if they have to play a one game playoff.
2008-08-14 21:46:26
327.   Alex41592

Braun is OUT for tomorrow night. Could be back Saturday.

2008-08-14 21:46:39
328.   Xeifrank
323. They have one less game than that. They need one Arizona loss. vr, Xei
2008-08-14 21:48:10
329.   KG16
328 - I'd prefer that the Dodgers win the next 21 and the Diamondbacks lose the next 21.
2008-08-14 21:49:09
330.   Lexinthedena
322 42 will always be the Dodgers magic number.
2008-08-14 21:51:16
331.   schoffle

Forgive me for not being impressed that our $4 Million dollar manager just figured out what most posters here have known for months.

2008-08-14 21:52:21
332.   sporky
331 To his credit, it only took him 5 months!
2008-08-14 21:53:05
333.   Johnny Nucleo
Game score of 76 for Kuroda, his 3rd-best start of the year next to his two shutouts.
2008-08-14 21:53:52
334.   lakerican
I don't know what's the deal with Sturtze, he will be only the long reliever man. The serious decision Torre has to make is who will be the 5th starter; Stults or JJohnson. I think the decision will come to which one will pitch better a 6th inning...
2008-08-14 21:54:20
335.   Dodgers49
Rogowski helps Suns rally to beat Biscuits

>> Elbert (3-1) had another strong showing since joining the Suns in early June after spending the first two months of the season in extended training. He was there to regain his form and complete his rehabilitation from shoulder surgery he had the previous season.

Elbert could be called up to the Los Angeles Dodgers when major-league rosters expand in September. <<

2008-08-14 22:00:29
336.   Lexinthedena
331 I'm relieved, not impressed. His Bigelow tea commercial on the other hand, THAT was impressive.
2008-08-14 22:03:24
337.   Tripon
Parker - because the Dodgers have a better core of pitchers (many signed in free agency), an elite catcher, and a FO that uses money to cover up for extremely flawed free agent signings: Nomar, Andruw Jones, Juan Pierre, etc..

We don't really use money to cover our flaws...

2008-08-14 22:03:27
338.   StolenMonkey86
284 I'm around DC, and I'm planning on the Tuesday night game.
2008-08-14 22:16:14
339.   Eric Stephen
By the way, I'm not happy that we didn't get to more than 15 in the Picnic thread. I was waiting for hours to shout "Bingo" once someone posted "Aye 16"! :)
2008-08-14 22:26:04
340.   Lexinthedena
339 I posted that I'll be there in this knock yourself out...


2008-08-14 22:30:32
341.   Andrew Shimmin
2008-08-14 22:31:40
342.   Andrew Shimmin
339- I totally stole your joke, and there's nothing you can do about it. And I don't even get the joke, so it's not like I'm profiting from the theft! In your face.
2008-08-14 22:38:25
343.   whodat807
338 Want to go together? I don't want to miss these new look Dodgers, but have never once in my life gone to a ball game alone. My email's andjlee at gmail.
2008-08-14 22:39:22
344.   Andrew Shimmin
Costas is wearing a pair of monk strap shoes. Bold.
2008-08-14 22:46:15
345.   UVaDodger
344 Well, Heyman just recommended him for the commisioner post, over George W. Of course, that was with the caveat that no one could be better than Selig. So he's gotta feel pretty good about that. And he's Bob freaking Costas. He can wear whatever he wants, and stare you right in the belt-buckle if you question him.
2008-08-14 22:46:24
346.   Greg Brock
344 I often get the impression you are an impeccably dressed man.

You would probably be outraged by my endless supply of cargo shorts and novelty t-shirts.

2008-08-14 22:48:41
347.   Eric Enders
I'm on board the cargo shorts and novelty t-shirt train.

I also have a fedora, but I only wear it while playing cards.

2008-08-14 22:48:44
348.   UVaDodger
345 Which reminds me, where dd Heyman get those picks for commish from? Was there any source other than his last opium binge?
2008-08-14 22:49:20
349.   Alex41592
Phelps is up.
2008-08-14 22:49:58
350.   Bob Timmermann
Matt LaPorta, not ready for prime time.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2008-08-14 22:52:01
351.   trainwreck
How many Lebowski shirts do you have?
2008-08-14 22:53:09
352.   MollyKnight
OK. I'll try this again, since yesterday I was premature:

Did we really just sweep the Phillies? For real?

Like, what?

2008-08-14 22:55:01
353.   Greg Brock
351 Three. The "Achiever" shirt (which I am wearing), "I can get you a toe" from Lebowskifest, and the Japanese baseball t-shirt.

I have lots of t-shirts. Two FotC shirts, even!

352 We did!

2008-08-14 22:55:03
354.   Eric Enders
352 For real this time. [high five]
2008-08-14 22:56:13
355.   Eric Enders
I'm a little disappointed to find that Brock doesn't own the "I Don't Roll On Shabbas" shirt.
2008-08-14 22:56:25
356.   trainwreck
Whoomp! There it is!

Whoomp! There it is!

2008-08-14 22:57:09
357.   trainwreck
That's the one Lebowski shirt I own.
2008-08-14 22:57:18
358.   Greg Brock
355 Four Lebowski shirts would just be ridiculous.
2008-08-14 22:58:20
359.   Bob Timmermann
A pair of tied games on Cold War Day in the Olympic baseball tournament. USA and Cuba are 2-2 in the 7th. Taiwan and China are 3-3 in the 6th.

Canada-Korea and Netherlands-Japan are lacking in geopolitical intrigue.

2008-08-14 23:01:26
360.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm curious about clothing, and how people come to dress the way they do, but I'm not one of those dandies who attaches moral significance to the subject. There are, what, a hundred million men in this country? Ninety some odd million of them put on shoes with laces this morning. Eighty percent of the rest went with loafers or sandals or unlaced boots. Then there's the tiny minority who went with a monk strap. Among them, Bob Costas.

Was he trying to say something with his shoes? Are monk straps his silent protest against the occupation of Tibet?

2008-08-14 23:01:53
361.   Greg Brock
Rebecci Soni looks like Mel from FotC. Prettier, though.
2008-08-14 23:02:19
362.   Lexinthedena
My teen-aged brother dressed as the Dude last year when we went to a midnight showing of Lebowski at the Rialto.

If I get a dog, I will name him Donnie, so that when he barks too loud, I can say...

2008-08-14 23:03:36
363.   Eric Enders
362 Alternatively, you could get a pit bull and name him Jesus.
2008-08-14 23:06:53
364.   Eric Enders
This just in: Brad Penny is a twerp.

Dylan Hernandez: Asked why he took another turn in the rotation, Penny replied, "I want to pitch, you know. You get paid to pitch."

2008-08-14 23:07:25
365.   KG16
argh - so I go to all the trouble of stealing this rather cool camera from my folks (supacam) and now, after taking several pictures and video, I find that it is not Mac compatible. My MacBook doesn't even want to recognize it when plugged in to allow me to pull the pics and video.


2008-08-14 23:08:29
366.   Alex41592
Someone on Cuba just hit the ball REAL far.
2008-08-14 23:09:42
367.   sporky
364 Someone needs to smack his mohawked head.
2008-08-14 23:10:35
368.   trainwreck
And all this time I thought we paid him to hit.
2008-08-14 23:14:38
369.   Greg Brock
Shawn Johnson seems like a little gymnastics robot.
2008-08-14 23:20:18
370.   dzzrtRatt
*302. Lexinthedena
Did Torre stumble across some common sense juice 4 games ago?*

Wouldn't Yankee fans say that's Torre's history? Dither around with different lineup combinations for four months, then get focused the last two months.

It's the kind of habit a manager would get into if his GM keeps restocking the roster every season and throughout the season. He manages like he doesn't know anything about the players and can't know anything until he sees them play, a lot.

So, you're right, he came to the right answer after trying all the wrong ones. At least he recognized what was right in front of his face.

2008-08-14 23:22:27
371.   Jacob Burch
Is this thread Olympic spoiler free? I do love to play the spoiler.
2008-08-14 23:26:52
372.   Greg Brock
371 Once it hits the West Coast, all bets are off.

Only Linkmeister gets hosed now.

2008-08-14 23:31:54
373.   Jacob Burch
372 I have eastern feeds, so I shall wait on hosing you all =)
2008-08-14 23:33:11
374.   Jacob Burch
Are you not picnicing this weekend Greg? or did I miss your sign up.
2008-08-14 23:33:57
375.   xaphor
359 Crazy tie-game rule currently in action for China v Taiwan.
2008-08-14 23:35:12
376.   Bob Timmermann
Free baseball in Beijing!
2008-08-14 23:45:29
377.   Greg Brock
374 Aye! I'll be there.
2008-08-14 23:48:22
378.   berkowit28
376 So who pays for baseball in Beijing?
2008-08-14 23:48:41
379.   The Dude Abides
Tonight's victory really tied the whole series together.
2008-08-14 23:52:01
380.   Andrew Shimmin
Now something has to happen.
2008-08-14 23:52:40
381.   Andrew Shimmin
Not what I was hoping for.
2008-08-14 23:56:46
382.   Bob Timmermann
Freaky baseball time in Beijing!
2008-08-14 23:57:10
383.   Eric Stephen
Shimmin, the hilarious Bingo joke (only possibly made better if screamed by Ralph Lawler) came about because the range of numbers under the "I" on a bingo card is 16-30.
2008-08-14 23:57:33
384.   Linkmeister
372 I've got an NYT RSS feed on my blog; I regularly get Olympic results I'd rather not know. I'm used to it.

Since MNF is now live out here rather than tape-delayed I no longer have to hide from news for four hours every Monday afternoon. Truth be told, though, I'll bet I haven't watched a Monday Night Football game in five years.

2008-08-14 23:57:48
385.   Bob Timmermann
From the play-by-play writer for

"I guess I'll be staying with the game, though I'm not sure what we're about to be seeing still qualifies as baseball."

2008-08-14 23:59:08
386.   Greg Brock
Nessun Dorma is like the opera version of Stairway to Heaven.
2008-08-14 23:59:22
387.   Linkmeister
Vin said the last time the Dodgers swept a four-game set from the Phillies was 1962, and went on to tell us what happened to the Dodgers that year. I cussed.

But was that the year the Phillies were so bad (he told us they finished 7th) they had a 23-game losing streak?

2008-08-15 00:00:12
388.   milkshakeballa
what happened to baseball in beijing?
2008-08-15 00:01:48
389.   Bob Timmermann
China beat Taiwan 8-7 in 12 innings. The Taiwanese took a 7-3 lead in the top of the 12th and blew it.

Who lost China? I demand a Congressional hearing!

2008-08-15 00:01:58
390.   xaphor
China v Taiwan finsihed in high style, USA v Cuba just about to get its freak on, top of the 11th.
2008-08-15 00:03:10
391.   Bob Timmermann
Cuba opted to start the 11th with the 8 and 9 guys on base and had the leadoff guy start the inning. He sacrificed.
2008-08-15 00:03:15
392.   xaphor
Cuba starts off bunting. Somewhere Jim Tracy smiles.
2008-08-15 00:04:03
393.   Bob Timmermann
And Enriquez singles home both runners and moves up to second on the throw. 5-3 Cuba with one out in 11th. Jeff Stevens on the mound.
2008-08-15 00:05:04
394.   Linkmeister
Answering my own question, the Phils lost 23 straight in 1961.

Boy were they awful. 47-107 that year.

2008-08-15 00:05:53
395.   Greg Brock
Weird. Lightning all over the place in August with nothing but clear days all week.

Maybe it's like Poltergeist.

2008-08-15 00:06:01
396.   Andrew Shimmin
383- If the letters only occur in certain numerical ranges, what's the point of having letters?
2008-08-15 00:07:13
397.   Bob Timmermann
The is pleading for Davey Johnson to put Mike Koplove in the game.

This could be a reason why baseball in the Olympics has problems.

2008-08-15 00:07:50
398.   Bob Timmermann
Double play ends the inning. We go to the bottom of the 11th: Cuba 5, USA 3.
2008-08-15 00:10:51
399.   trainwreck
I'm just getting terrible heat, even at flippin night time.
2008-08-15 00:12:30
400.   Andrew Shimmin
Nix is not a super terrific bunter.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2008-08-15 00:12:32
401.   Bob Timmermann
Davey Johnson opted for the bunt to start the 11th and Jayson Nix and bunted the ball back off of his face and knocked himself out of the game.
2008-08-15 00:12:55
402.   KG16
397 - how is it that Davey Johnson is allowed near baseball diamonds? I propose commuting Pete Rose's sentence onto Johnson and allowing Rose back into baseball.
2008-08-15 00:14:41
403.   Bob Timmermann
Old Friend Terry Tiffee up with a chance to tie the game!
2008-08-15 00:14:56
404.   Andrew Shimmin
Terry Tiffee represents the winning run!
2008-08-15 00:15:55
405.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob thinks Tiffee has zero power. Prove him wrong, old friend.
2008-08-15 00:16:59
406.   Bob Timmermann
Sac fly for Tiffee. 5-4 with two outs.
2008-08-15 00:17:06
407.   Andrew Shimmin
Good job by the production crew, keeping the play at third off camera.
2008-08-15 00:18:32
408.   Andrew Shimmin
Baseball is the worst.
2008-08-15 00:18:44
409.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Brown fouls out to end the game. Cuba wins 5-4.
2008-08-15 00:19:35
410.   xaphor
It's a clean sweep for the red menace tonight.
2008-08-15 00:20:11
411.   milkshakeballa
um what is up with all this lightning?
2008-08-15 00:23:16
412.   Andrew Shimmin
Whenever I see lightning, I assume there's a volcano erupting somewhere close by. My advice is running very fast.
2008-08-15 00:25:19
413.   Greg Brock
The NBC gymnastics crew is calling shenanigans.
2008-08-15 00:27:26
414.   MonkeyBlue
I'm seeing a lot of lightning too. I thinking of shutting down my electronics just to be safe.
2008-08-15 00:32:30
415.   Andrew Shimmin
Is the gymnasticizing done, after this?
2008-08-15 00:34:52
416.   Greg Brock
I think they still have to do the individual apparatus.

Enough with all of this lightning!

2008-08-15 00:35:21
417.   bhsportsguy
415 They have the individual skills competition Friday and Saturday nights.
2008-08-15 00:36:31
418.   Andrew Shimmin
Are the going to start running at some point? I remember lots of running games in previous Olympics. Plus the throwing things ones; those are my favorite. Javelins and shot puts, and whatnot.
2008-08-15 00:38:01
419.   Andrew Shimmin
Is deep-voice guy John Tesh?
2008-08-15 00:38:34
420.   Greg Brock
Track and field is always late. Near the end.

I like the pole vault. So much potential.

2008-08-15 00:39:23
421.   Greg Brock
419 Al Trautwig!
2008-08-15 00:40:43
422.   bhsportsguy
418 I think they start shot putting tomorrow.
2008-08-15 00:42:03
423.   Andrew Shimmin
If they crossed the pole vault with jousting, that'd be my favorite. Or if team fencing was what it sounds like it ought to be, that could be my favorite, too.
2008-08-15 00:42:35
424.   bhsportsguy
Lots of dancing, not enough tumbling.
2008-08-15 00:45:38
425.   Greg Brock
Yang Yilin has the most Children of the Corn smile ever.
2008-08-15 00:47:03
426.   Andrew Shimmin
I'd bet all of that jumping upside down stuff hurts. Even if you weigh sixty pounds. Having to smile after it is unfair.
2008-08-15 00:48:05
427.   Andrew Shimmin
All of the camermen are named BOB.
2008-08-15 01:03:32
428.   Greg Brock
I wanna party with Bela Karolyi. Dude gets after it.
2008-08-15 01:19:47
429.   bhsportsguy
Its not an Adam Dunn move but Dylan Hernandez of the Times reports that the Dodgers may have claimed Belliard to block the D-Backs from filling their 2B hole.
2008-08-15 01:49:15
430.   LoneStar7
411 I think the baseball Gods are mad Manny didn't get a hit tonight, that was my first thought, right before nuclear lightening or a foreign air strike.

If I had a camera just now on my drive back down PCH I'd definitely be in national geographic, the lightening was out of control.

2008-08-15 05:53:47
431.   StolenMonkey86
The highlight reel has Nomar making a throw from the hole to get the out. It also highlights James Loney's stretchability.
2008-08-15 05:56:18
432.   StolenMonkey86
FWIW (which is not much in a small sample), Nomar has a Rate2 of 110 at short this year.
2008-08-15 06:39:51
433.   Marty
Engineer Bill is dead. I'm going to drink a glass of milk in his honor.
2008-08-15 06:53:17
434.   Bluebleeder87
depending on how bad Penny's shoulder injury is he should feel miles better with the cortisone shot.
2008-08-15 06:55:20
435.   Ken Noe
429 In contrast, Rosenthal (according to a cashier in the gift shop?) says no, they want him, probably to replace Ozuna. Snakes didn't put a claim on Belliard anyway.

2008-08-15 07:46:28
436.   cargill06
A sweep would put us 4.5 GB of a wild card spot.
2008-08-15 07:48:13
437.   Jim Hitchcock
433 Engineer Bill? Noooooooo!

Will Sheriff John preside at the funeral?

2008-08-15 07:50:44
438.   bhsportsguy
According to the NY Times, Gerrit Cole, high school right hand pitcher, has decided not to sign with the Yankees and go to UCLA instead.

Let's wait about 13 hours to see if that happens.

2008-08-15 07:53:20
439.   Jim Hitchcock
No, wait. Sheriff John shuffled the mortal coil
aways back.
2008-08-15 07:58:06
440.   Bob Timmermann
Please don't tell Sheriff John he's really dead. I've been working on this "Sixth Sense" style film project with him for a while.
2008-08-15 08:00:12
441.   Jim Hitchcock
Thanks, Bob...glad I'm wrong.
2008-08-15 08:04:57
442.   Jim Hitchcock
Anyway, talked to my old friend & co-worker Corey Fielder today. She agreed to feed her nephew Prince 6 or 7 plates of pregame pasta today.

That should cut down his chances of an inside the park home run significantly.

2008-08-15 08:07:22
443.   twerp
This may have been mentioned, but the Dodger lineup now has future HOF players in the 3 and 4 holes. What a concept!

One is past his prime, and the other may be. But still.

I also should give Torre credit for his handlng of Kuo lately--along with other smarter personnel moves--since I've been fairly critical of him earlier.

Also, maybe good for a smile--Joe Biddle of the Tennessean, in a preview column for Titans/Raiders preseason game, talking about the Raiders' O-line===

"While the Rams' offensive line was marshmallow-like, the Raiders' line is as nasty as a bus station sirloin."

Not bad.

2008-08-15 08:19:32
444.   Disabled List
I didn't even realize that the Astros are now 62-59, same as the D-Backs and Dodgers. Amazing what an 8-game winning streak can do for a team. Here's hoping they extend that streak this weekend against the Snakes.

Of course, the Dodgers could've been on their own 8-game winning streak right now, if not for those two damn games in SF last weekend. ARGH.

I really need to get over that.

2008-08-15 08:23:09
445.   Eric Stephen
but the Dodger lineup now has future HOF players in the 3 and 4 holes

The 1955 club had HOF in the 2-3-4 spots (Reese, Snider, Campanella).

On quick glance, the closest Dodger team I can remember with 2 potential HOF in the 3-4 spots was the 1991 club, with Strawberry 3rd & Murray 4th. But of course Strawberry let his career burn and didn't make the HOF he seemed destined to join.

Maybe Don Sutton should have batted 3rd in 1972 since Frank Robinson was the cleanup hitter! :)

2008-08-15 08:25:16
446.   Disabled List
445 Where did Jackie Robinson bat in that lineup?
2008-08-15 08:28:36
447.   El Lay Dave
I'm happy that Sheriff John continues to put another candle on his birthday cake.
2008-08-15 08:30:29
448.   Eric Stephen
446 ,447
Mostly 6th or 7th. He was hurt a lot that year. Hodges and Furillo jumped around a lot between 4-5-6. Hell of a lineup.
2008-08-15 08:35:22
449.   Jon Weisman
Earl Pomerantz argues for the superiority of Canadian football over American:

2008-08-15 08:36:49
450.   El Lay Dave
448 Didn't young Koufax start four or five times in '55? It's possible they had a starting lineup with five HOFers in it.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2008-08-15 08:54:21
451.   D4P
His reasons.

1. CFL field is longer and wider
2. CFL end zone is deeper
3. No "fair catch", no touchbacks, and you can choose to punt a received punt during the same play
4. Three downs instead of four

I'm not opposed to CFL being better than NFL, but I don't know that these reasons are very compelling. The first two suffer from the same problem, which is that there has to be some limit on the size of the field, such that bigger is not necessarily better. At some point, the field gets "too big", and it's not clear whether the CFL has passed that point or not.

The other two reasons are really just a matter of preference. I don't see a clear advantage either way.

2008-08-15 08:55:53
452.   Eric Stephen
Two of Koufax's five starts featured the 5 HOFers. And 6 retired Dodger numbers (7 if you want to count Alston).
2008-08-15 09:00:45
453.   Bumsrap
450 - And none of them were rentals.
2008-08-15 09:06:07
454.   delias man
The only thing I would find better is that you have to bring it out of the endzone. I hate kneeling down for a touchback.
2008-08-15 09:06:21
455.   Tripon
Manny won't be a rental once he signs with the Dodgers in the offseason. More like an expensive lease.
2008-08-15 09:07:31
456.   D4P
Hard to imagine signing Manny while keeping Pierre, Jones, Ethier, and Kemp. Something's gotta give.
2008-08-15 09:09:05
457.   Tripon
456 Dodgers have to cut their losses and send Pierre, and Jones out on the farm.
2008-08-15 09:09:57
458.   ImprobableImpossible
Public service announcement:

Jayson Stark
Live chat
10 a.m.
Let him have it

2008-08-15 09:12:32
459.   Daniel Zappala
I enjoyed reading the lightning thoughts. I never realized how loud lightning could be until I moved to Utah. More frequent lightning storms means a greater chance to be near a strike when it occurs. Once while I was driving near my house, a bolt struck less than a block away. It sounded like a bomb had hit and scared me out of my wits. I'm staying indoors from now on.
2008-08-15 09:18:23
460.   UVaDodger
459 Last Summer I was driving from Sioux City, South Dakota to Lincoln, Nebraska. The entire drive I was in a huge lightning storm . Absolutely wild, and as a California boy, not something I was prepared for. Really neat though. Lit up like the day when the flashes came
2008-08-15 09:18:52
461.   Jim Hitchcock
459 When I was a wee lad, I was at a YMCA camp at Camp Fawnskin near Big Bear when a bolt struck a tree about 30 yards away.

My ears are still ringing.

2008-08-15 09:19:07
462.   Bob Timmermann
But in Canadian football, you really don't have to run back a kick from the end zone, you can just opt to give the other team a single and then take the ball at the 25 (or 35 I'm not sure).

One of the lamest CFL rules is that if a play ends in the final seconds of a quarter and the clock is still running, the offense is guaranteed another play even if the clock expires before they get off the snap.

2008-08-15 09:31:17
463.   CanuckDodger
In Canadian football, the football itself has a white stripe circling each end of the ball. That is not quite the sum of my knowledge of football, but it is close.:)

CFL vs NFL has been a subject of controversy in Canada in recent days, because the Buffalo Bills are playing an exhibition game in Toronto. Some people think -- or possibly just hope -- the NFL is testing the Toronto market for its suitability to have an NFL franchise. CFL fans are really getting upset about this, because they think the NFL expanding into Canada would endanger the CFL.

2008-08-15 09:33:07
464.   Bob Timmermann
Don't forget that the CFL team in Baltimore gave a young Paul DePodesta his start in pro sports.
2008-08-15 09:33:23
465.   Kevin Lewis
I hate watching games end when a team takes a knee. I know there is strategy in timeout selection, but I still hate it.
2008-08-15 09:33:53
466.   Greg Brock
I have two friends who played college football up in Canada, and they always say the exciting rules differences really aren't all that exciting. They much prefer American football.
2008-08-15 09:34:39
467.   Ken Noe
456 457 McCourt will want Manny, guranteed. Kemp and Ethier are cheap for now. Jones and Manny have the same agent in Boras. Say buh-bye to Pierre and half his salary.
2008-08-15 09:37:42
468.   Tripon
467 And once Ethier hits FA, we can call up Lambo and enjoy the MANRAM, and ANDLAM for a season or two.
2008-08-15 09:40:11
469.   Xeifrank
459. Biggest thunderstorms I've ever been in in my life were both in southern Utah. One in Zion Natl Park while hiking "The Narrows", and one on Hwy 15 near St George. We had to get off the freeway, as golf ball sized hail was pelting our car. A small flash flood was rushing down the road as we got off the freeway, and we had to hightail it to a gas station parking lot.
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 09:42:42
470.   Xeifrank
Arena football is better than both the CFL and NFL, because they have a smaller field, you can return missed kicks off of a tall screen and wide receivers can getting a sprinting start. vr, Xei

ps - I don't really think Arena Football is all that interesting.

2008-08-15 09:44:53
471.   Xeifrank
I am just waiting for "American style" football to become an Olympic sport. If the US was to field a football dream team every four years, I wonder how many years/decades/centuries it would take for some other country to defeat us?
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 09:46:32
472.   Daniel Zappala
469 You have my respect for hiking the Narrows. On my list of things to do with my kids sometime.
2008-08-15 09:46:40
473.   KG16
463 - I was under the impression the CFL was already endangered when they contracted half the league a few years ago.

464 - you mean the Baltimore franchise that use to wear a horse head on its helmets without having an official nickname/mascot?

2008-08-15 09:50:03
474.   MC Safety
Stupid Darvocet/tooth. Made me miss the lightning!
2008-08-15 09:52:40
475.   Kevin Lewis
Has anyone seen more on the context of the wrestler that threw down his medal?
2008-08-15 09:54:42
476.   regfairfield
467 I don't think any team would want three years of Pierre at half his salary any more. He's having issues putting up Juan Pierre numbers now.
2008-08-15 09:56:03
477.   D4P
Does Pierre's "trade value" go up, down, or remain the same with him sitting on the bench?
2008-08-15 09:56:06
478.   Xeifrank
472. It was the greatest hike I've ever done in my life. Just a very unique environment to be hiking in. Two huge red rocked cliffs on each side, a narrow slot canyon to hike in, and you are wading in the Virgin River the whole time, while walking on what seems like slippery cannon balls. :)
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 09:59:14
479.   Tripon
476 The Giants would like his game.
2008-08-15 09:59:14
480.   Xeifrank
476. The Dodgers would probably have to pay around $6mil of his $9mil per year to unload him for nothing, even more than that to get anything back in return imho. Of course, Colletti Inc., could always try to find another sucker, but I think most other teams have caught on to Juan's skillset or lack there of.
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 10:00:34
481.   dzzrtRatt
476 So, what do you do when you have a player demand a trade, as Pierre surely will if he's relegated to the bench permanantly, and nobody wants him?

I have to assume there is some price at which a team will take him. But that team might not be of any interest to Pierre if it won't start him.

Can we sell him to Japan?

2008-08-15 10:01:09
482.   regfairfield
479 They've already got Rowand and Lewis.
2008-08-15 10:02:15
483.   ToyCannon
I'd like them to drop all team sports that consist of more then 2 active players at a time and anything that involves judging.

Anything Syncho should be banned to the Circus.

Many hanger on admin/judges would need to find real work. I hate seeing the parade of nations and see more admin people then athletes. Actually I hate seeing the admin people. The parade should be for the athletes and coaches and maybe throw in some models. But that is it.

2008-08-15 10:02:52
484.   KG16
481 - I think you suck it up and designate him for assignment.
2008-08-15 10:06:44
485.   regfairfield
484 That doesn't solve the payroll flexibility issue. We need some money freed up, especially if we're re-signing Manny.
2008-08-15 10:09:12
486.   Tripon
471 There's already an American Football World Cup played in Japan every couple of years. The Japanese started it, and dominated the sport. Then the U.S. decided to field a team made up of ex college seniors who couldn't make the NFL, CFL, or AFL team, and who graduated six months before the cup was held or they were ineligible to play in the World Cup. The U.S. won and crushed every team it played, including defending team Japan.

2008-08-15 10:09:56
487.   D4P
What evidence is there to suggest that we need some money freed up...?
2008-08-15 10:11:24
488.   KG16
485 - then you say, "We're the Los Angeles Dodgers, we draw 4 million fans a year and sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of merchandise every year, we don't need to worry about a few extra million in the payroll."

Otherwise, yeah, I don't know.

2008-08-15 10:11:32
489.   Tripon
485 Manny pays for his salary with all the potential promotional stuff he can do. You DFA Juan Pierre because he pouts when he's not starting, and to force Torre not to juggle the lineup with a guy who limited skill sets hurts a team.
2008-08-15 10:11:39
490.   Tripon
485 Manny pays for his salary with all the potential promotional stuff he can do. You DFA Juan Pierre because he pouts when he's not starting, and to force Torre not to juggle the lineup with a guy who limited skill sets hurts a team.
2008-08-15 10:14:48
491.   ToyCannon
If we can sell Santana to get Blake for free, surely we can package DeJesus with Pierre, Lambo with Jones, McDonald with Schmidt to free up salary.
It kills two birds with one stone. No one will be blocked and Ned will have plenty of money to try his luck again without the pressure of playing any kids because we won't have any.
2008-08-15 10:15:22
492.   silverwidow
Deadline day is here for the 2008 draft.

Pedro Alvarez, Buster Posey, etc. - you're on the clock.

2008-08-15 10:16:57
493.   GMac In The 909
458 I've got a guy on the other line about some white walls; I'll talk to Jayson later.
2008-08-15 10:17:23
494.   Tripon
At least the Dodgers can sign their draft picks.
2008-08-15 10:22:10
495.   Eric Stephen
...except Kyle Blair last year.
2008-08-15 10:24:19
496.   Jim Hitchcock
479 Yeah, that's all we need...for JP to go all Dave Roberts on us :)
2008-08-15 10:27:06
497.   Jim Hitchcock
481 Can we sell him to Japan?

I doubt it. See Kyle Kendrick.

2008-08-15 10:28:04
498.   Bob Timmermann
Or Kevin Millar.
2008-08-15 10:29:31
499.   regfairfield
487 When we have five gigantic holes next year and Manny eats up a gigantic portion of the free money.

If we sign Manny to a not massively backloaded contract we're looking at something like

Russell Martin: ~6,000,000
James Loney: ~500,000
Ivan DeJesus: ~400,000
Chin-Lung Hu: ~400,000
Blake DeWitt: ~420,000
Manny Ramirez: ~22,000,000
Matt Kemp: ~500,000
Andre Ethier: ~2,500,000

Chad Billingsley: ~500,000
Brad Penny: 9,250,000
Hiroki Kuroda: 10,000,000
Clayton Kershaw: ~420,000
James McDonald: ~400,000

Andruw Jones: 17,100,000
Juan Pierre: 10,000,000
Tony Abreu: ~420,000
Delwyn Young: ~420,000
Backup Catcher: ~800,000

Takashi Saito: ~5,000,000
Jonathan Broxton: ~2,000,000
Scott Proctor: ~1,500,000
Hong-Chih Kuo: ~1,500,000
Corey Wade: ~420,000
Ramon Troncoso: ~420,000
Eric Stutls: ~420,000

Jason Schmidt: 16,000,000
Rafael Furcal: 4,000,000
Nomar Garciaparra: 1,250,000
Esteban Loaiza: 375,000

=114.975 million

It's possible that this can go about 15 million lower if we let go of Penny, Saito, and Proctor and I overestimated arbitration, but if we let go of those guys, it's just more holes that need to be filled.

Basically, if we want to re-sign Manny and be a competitive team, some salary has to go.

2008-08-15 10:32:31
500.   silverwidow
499 Kuo is not arb eligible.
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2008-08-15 10:33:25
501.   D4P
Basically, if we want to re-sign Manny and be a competitive team, some salary has to go

You seem to have some maximum payroll value in mind above which McCourt will not/cannot go. What is that value, and where does it come from?

2008-08-15 10:34:09
502.   regfairfield
500 You're right, he's at 2.11 years after this.
2008-08-15 10:34:48
503.   Eric Stephen
Minor quibble: Kuo won't be arbitration eligible next year. He'll be at 2 years, 114 days service time.
2008-08-15 10:34:55
504.   regfairfield
501 We're at around 120 million now and McCourt refuses to add a dime, so I'm thinking the ceiling is somewhere close to there. I could be wrong though.
2008-08-15 10:35:31
505.   Eric Stephen
I'm slow today.
2008-08-15 10:37:00
506.   silverwidow
Proctor will be non-tendered.
2008-08-15 10:38:41
507.   regfairfield
But even with those minor gains, the point still stands that that team probably isn't a great one, and we don't have a ton of budget to improve it.
2008-08-15 10:40:21
508.   jujibee
It's pretty bad when you look at those projections and see 43 million tied up in Jones/pierre/Schmidt. I knew it was tied up there, but it feels different, more disgusting, to actually see it on the screen with what everyone else makes. Does insurance cover any of Schmidt's contract?
2008-08-15 10:40:29
509.   delias man
I wonder if they do have a firm line for the budget that Schmidt is blocking Sabathia.
2008-08-15 10:40:40
510.   Tripon
Proctor will become the pitching coach.
2008-08-15 10:42:02
511.   rockmrete

You may be right about the 120m max,

But could it be that McCourt is just tired of Ned wasting his money.

Can you imagine the kind of talent we could have, had someone other than Ned spent the money he has spent since he got here.

2008-08-15 10:42:04
512.   MC Safety
So basically CC and Manny in Dodger Blue in 2009 is a pipe dream.


2008-08-15 10:48:03
513.   natepurcell
i dont believe martin will get 6 mil first year.
2008-08-15 10:49:48
514.   regfairfield
512 You could always backload the contracts, but handing those guys 30 million plus a year as our core becomes arbitration eligible seems like a bad idea.
2008-08-15 10:50:36
515.   silverwidow
CC + infield upgrades > Manny
2008-08-15 10:51:32
516.   regfairfield
515 I agree, but the more do rags sold the less likely I think it is that it happens.
2008-08-15 10:55:08
517.   MollyKnight
$43M on Schmidt, Jones, and Pierre.

Someone put me out of my misery.

2008-08-15 10:58:35
518.   Eric Stephen
Jones' salary won't look so bad when he wins 2009 Comeback Player of the Year. :)
2008-08-15 10:59:20
519.   D4P
$43M on Schmidt, Jones, and Pierre

Team Payrolls:

Tampa Bay: $43 million
Florida: $22 million

2008-08-15 11:00:02
520.   Ken Noe
While it's easy for Dodger fans to focus on Ned's incompetence, he is hardly unique. There are other old school GMs out there who would consider Pierre a bargain at half the salary or more. For example, I can see him in Astros' brick and sand right now.
2008-08-15 11:00:08
521.   D4P
when he wins 2009 Comeback Player of the Year OPSing .650

2008-08-15 11:00:27
522.   Xeifrank
Q: If DePodesta were still GM and had tied up this much salary in injuries and non performers, would he still be employed by the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The fact that the Dodgers have so many young cheap players under their control (Jacksonville 5 + Guo + Kershaw et al) is really saving Colletti's job. And he had almost nothing (Ethier) to do with those players, besides not trading them for PVL.
vr, Xei

2008-08-15 11:01:34
523.   Ken Noe
517 Hang in Molly, we'll be free of Schmidt and Jones in a little over a year. Probably Ned-free this fall, too.
2008-08-15 11:05:05
524.   Marty
Unfortunately, if we didn't have Ned around the last couple years doesn't necessarily mean we wouldn't still have Pierre, Schmidt or Jones.
2008-08-15 11:07:12
525.   bhsportsguy
522 Ever hear of Carl Pavano or how about the 1 billion plus spent by the Yankees in the last 5 years.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) when you take over a business you get both the good and the bad left from the guy who had it before you. And often you get to reap the credit if things go well even if you had not a whole lot to do it.

2008-08-15 11:07:21
526.   ssjames
Since we are talking about Ned's preference for veterans, how many of this year's Dodgers have made at least one all-star game and who are they?
2008-08-15 11:09:02
527.   Eric Stephen
I am always confused about the Jacksonville Five. Broxton wasn't included, right? IIRC, it was Martin, Loney, LaRoche, Billingsley, and Guzman. Sometimes Kemp is also attributed to be a member, but I don't think that was the case.
2008-08-15 11:11:24
528.   Eric Stephen
how many of this year's Dodgers have made at least one all-star game and who are they


Martin, Kent, Andruw, Furcal, Nomar, Manny, Lowe, Penny, Saito, Park, and Loaiza

2008-08-15 11:13:14
529.   D4P
Ned loves him some former All-Stars. Said fetish is pretty much the only reason Lance Carter was ever a Dodger.
2008-08-15 11:13:45
530.   ssjames
528 12 if you count Schmidt who has not actually pitched for them this year.
2008-08-15 11:13:59
531.   Bluebleeder87
Some dude here at work was asking me if we have the best record since the all-break. I gave him an honest "I don't know" I'm sure we're one of the best though right?
2008-08-15 11:14:27
532.   Jon Weisman
2008-08-15 11:14:53
533.   Xeifrank
526. And there goes one of Bob's picnic trivia questions. :)
vr, Xei
2008-08-15 11:17:34
534.   Bluebleeder87
527 from what I've heard MK came out of no where, meaning he wasn't much of a prospect.
2008-08-15 11:17:59
535.   JayB
Prediction: McCourt makes a half-a**, or half-hearted attempt, in re-signing Manny just to save face, but in the end will let him walk. I think that because of budget restraints, and the need to fill various vacancies in the off season, that a Manny signing would be bad decision.

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